Chapter 4 Closure

Chapter 4

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“First off, you should know your father has me listed as Executor of his estate. In his will, it’s stated that all property and money are to be left to you…they are yours to do as you wish.” Billy then motioned towards Jacob, “Go get the check out of my dresser.”

“Check?” Bella muttered under her breath.

The room seemed to spin around on her. She hadn’t expected this at all. For some reason, the thought never occurred to her. Before long, Jake returned and handed her a check for forty grand. Her jaw dropped.

“What the…”
“That was everything your father had in savings and his checking account at the bank. It includes the thirty he was to give you on your wedding day…”

Bella flinched on this.

“It was yours to do whatever you wanted with. Such as going to college, or to help with a house, or even raising a family later on.”

“Dad was going to just shell out thirty grand? Just like that? Because I was getting married?!”

Billy drew back a breath on this.

“He’d been putting that money away for some time, Bella. He just wanted to know you were going to be taken care of, and wanted you to be happy. He felt like it wasn’t enough. The house itself is worth a good hundred grand… maybe more. You got the two trucks, also and whatever else is inside the house. You’re basically set. If you choose to sell, that is.”
“Or you could move back…” Jake threw out there.

Billy smiled, “Yes… We’d most certainly love to have you back.”

Bella swallowed back on this. She didn’t want to hurt their feelings, but there was no way in hell she’d ever move back to Forks. The memories alone made her feel as though she were visiting Silent Hill. The gloomy weather and ghost town effect only added to that eerie feeling.

“Even if I wanted to move back, we know Sam and Paul would never allow it.”
“It’s not up to them.” Jake sternly voiced.

“Well, it doesn’t matter… I’m not moving back.”

He drew back a breath of frustration, “And why not? It’d be a great chance to start over. You know we’d have your back Bella!”
“Jake, you don’t understand! I can’t move back. I don’t want to.”

The young man bitterly glanced upon Remy, “Let me guess… another man tying you down? When will you ever learn?!”

“Jacob Black!” Bella scolded in disbelief. “That is absolutely none of your business. And he’s different.”
“Is he now?” Jake questioned. He then tossed a look Remy’s way, “How old are you, anyhow?”

Bella shot straight up.

“If that’s how you’re going to act… then I’m going!”

“Come on now, Bella! Don’t be like that…”
Remy came to his feet and gently sat her back down. She gazed upon him with confusion. Remy looked to the shifters, “Why don’t de four of us have a nice chat outside? Let de lady and Mr. Black talk?”

“Remy…” Bella called out, slightly panicked.

“Relax, Mon Amour… We’re just going ta get to know one another better, dat’s all.”

Jake rolled his eyes as Remy pecked her on the cheek before leading the boys out of the house.

Billy nodded once they were gone.

“He seems more genuine…” Billy hinted in comparison to Edward.

Bella nodded.

“I suppose the real question is; would Charlie approve?”

She sort of laughed on the irony of this question. “Probably not at first…” she admitted and Billy nodded in agreement.

“But, I do feel if he ever had the chance to get to know him, he would’ve eventually…”

“Honest enough answer for me.”

The four men stood outside the house. Jacob kept eyeing Remy off and on.
“So what’s in this for you?”

The Cajun cocked a brow the Quileute’s way, “Excuse me?”
“Come on, man! Look at you and look at her! You’re like what, twice her age? You’re not even in the same league!”

“Says de boy dat can’t afford a shirt and only wears de cut off shorts.”

“At least people can understand what I’m saying.”

“Give it a rest Jake…” Quil muttered, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Yeah man, what if Bella hears you?” Embry added. He then looked to Gambit a certain way, “How’d you do that, anyhow?”

“And what would dat be?”

“That thing you did… when you cut Paul’s tail off. Which was fucking awesome, by the way!”
“Yeah, it was!” Quil said, high fiving Embry.

Jake rolled his eyes as though he was completely annoyed. “He’s a mutant… like Bella.”

Remy narrowed his eyes on Jacob’s words.

“I looked it up, not long after the wedding massacre…”Jake stated with a shrug.

“A mutant?” Embry inquired.

“Yeah, you know… those guys you see on TV. The ones where you see postings about how they’re not allowed in certain areas. There’s even a post here at the local bar about it.”
Really?” Embry asked.

“Yeah, man. These guys are given laws like it’s the days of segregation. Which wouldn’t happen, if they’d keep things intact.”

The card shark tilted his head on this, “Intact?”

“Yeah man, you guys have no issue going around and causing trouble. You do it to yourselves. This need to show off in front of everyone… I bet you never heard of us shifters before. You know why?”

Remy shrugged as if he could care less.

“Because we don’t go around causing trouble everywhere we go, and we keep our shifting abilities hidden. The way it should be.”

“And you think you have us all figured out, right? We’re all de same?”
“I don’t think… I know.”
“Den I suppose dis means you’re just like those other two – dat want to cause Mon Belle harm? Since you’re all de same, right? And dis means you think Belle should obey by dese laws, as well? Seeing as how she too, is nothin’ but trouble? Yet, you say dat you’re her friend? Dat is some friend…”

“He’s got you there bro.”
“Oh, shut up! He’s putting words in my mouth!”

Embry and Quil died in laughter, seeing just how flustered their alpha was getting.

“I see dis for what it is. And all I can tell you is dis… Belle needs a man so dat is what she gets. She don’t need some foolish boy. She done had dat and you see how dat went. If she wanted you in dat way, den she wouldn’t say dat you were her best friend. And trust me when I say she don’t see you dat way…”

An awkward silence came about as the four of them just stood there.

By the time Bella and Billy were done talking, she learned that it was him and Sue Clearwater that had been keeping the house tidy. Bella thought back to Leah and what she’d learned. A twinge of guilt coursed through her. Billy gave her the key to the house and went over all the details.

“Thank you, Billy.”
He smiled and took her, hand patting it gently. “Anytime. Whenever you need something, you just holler.”

Billy escorted her out. They both froze once they got outside, however. Remy was showing off a bit to Quil and Embry. They were in literal awe and found the mutant Gambit to be rather kick ass. As for Jake – he was off to a distance, looking on with utmost aggravation. He truly didn’t get what made Gambit so fucking special. The shifter turned Bella’s direction and started making his way over. Bella smiled on the way Quil and Embry were acting over Remy and the things he could do.

“So now what?”

Bella looked to Jake in question as he asked this. He had his arms folded about his chest with a bitter appearance. “You leave and I never see you again? You’re gonna marry that guy… aren’t you?”

“You can always come see me… but as for this town. Once I leave here, I’m not looking back.”
“So you’re just going to run?”

She shook her head, “I’m done running. I’m moving forward.”
“And in order to do that, you have to leave?”

“This isn’t my home Jake! It never was…”
“Bella, please… reconsider. Just give it some time.”

“Thank you…”
“For what?!” he practically snapped.

“For that day…” she hinted with melancholy.

Jake drew back a breath and pinched his eyes shut, “I wish I could go back… I’d make it different…”
“And how would you do that, Jacob?”
“I’d make sure you saw me instead of ‘through’ me. Even now… just…”
She put a finger to his lips, “You’ll always hold a special place in my heart. Always… But, even if there was a way we could go back… Jake, you and I…”
He sort of laughed. “Yeah, I get it. Just friends… Like acid to my years…” he glanced Remy’s direction, “So tell me Bella…just how ‘friendly’ was that kiss back when we were dealing with the newborns?”
Her jaw dropped and Remy reared back overhearing this.
“You’re such an ass!”

Jake chuckled as she shoved him back. She threw her hands in the air and started towards the Jeep. He continued to laugh as he rushed over and gently grabbed her by the shoulder.

“Come on, Bella! I was just messing around.” He swallowed back as she turned with tears forming in her eyes.

“And your ‘messing around’ could cost me everything,” she hissed.

“You mean he doesn’t know?”
“Of course not. Why would he need to? We weren’t even together and it’s not something I wish to share. With anyone! Ever!”

“So you were ashamed?”

“You’re god damn right I was! I was engaged to someone else! And you tricked me! You had me believing you’d go and off yourself if I didn’t! To this day I can’t believe I fell for it, and I’ve never fully forgiven myself. And I don’t mean for the sake of fucking Edward, or you! But my own! Trust me… I look back at a lot of things and I just can’t believe…” she swallowed back seeing as how Remy had made his way over and was looking upon her with concern.

“Everything alright, Mon Chere?”

She nodded, “Let’s just go… Please…”

“I’m so sorry…” Bella said as they were heading back to Forks.

“Whatever for, Mon Amour?”
She shook her head and her entire face was flushed over. “I can’t even begin to imagine what you think of me…”

Remy couldn’t believe what he was hearing, nor could he believe what he was seeing. Why was she so upset? She acted as if she’d personally done something to him. Sure, he was a bit jealous to find out she’d kissed that boy. But that was a long time ago. Why would it concern him now?

He pulled over and put the jeep into park.

“Why do you do dese things to yourself, Mon Chere? You have nothing ta be feelin’ guilt over. Dat was before de man of your dreams entered your life. So no more… dis guilt. It’s a waste of energy, no? And he ain’t worth de time of Mon Belle. So, don’t give it ta him. Just let it go… Breathe – be free… Dat is why we came here… so you can leave dis behind you. But, in de healthy way.”

She nodded and Remy took her hand brought it to his lips. “A wise and beautiful lady once told me dat our past doesn’t define who we are. And a very charming and handsome man said she should take her own advice, no?”

Bella smiled and shook her head.

“Hmmm… so where to now, Mon Amour?”
“I suppose the florist, then the cemetery…”

He nodded and headed that way, while she gave directions.

After getting a few flowers, they arrived at the cemetery. Remy helped Bella gather the flowers. She headed towards the graves her friends and various others that had attended the wedding that day. The young woman hadn’t the heart to count the death toll. It seemed as though the only true survivors were the shifters, minus Seth Clearwater, who was buried on the reservation. Bella laid a single yellow rose on each of their gravesites. By the time she got to Angela’s tombstone, her hand shook unmercifully. She swallowed back and closed her eyes for a brief moment. Her hand rested along the tombstone as she lay another rose down. She then peered over the direction of her father’s grave. Bella knew her mother and Phil were probably buried back in Phoenix, considering her mother’s feelings about Forks.

Flashes of her friends from school hit. She remembered meeting Eric Yorkie, first. How he’d offered her a tour of the school, then she recalled how disappointed Angela was when Bella made it clear she didn’t want to be on the front page of the school paper. Each of them were innocent. They had no clue Bella had been dating a vampire – one that would be the death of them all – Jessica, Kevin, Eric, Mike, Lauren, and numerous others.

“I’m so sorry…” Remy heard her whisper as she sat at Angela Webber’s grave.

He hated seeing the look of absolute torment on her face, but it was the only way he knew to help her. Remy would walk her through each moment of sheer hell. As she walked towards her father’s grave, the ground beneath her began to feel as though she were walking through quicksand. And it was clearly going over her head as she found it hard to even move or breathe. She eyed the name on the tombstone and her knees buckled. Remy darted over and quickly kept her from face planting. Her flesh was snowy white and her cheeks were rosy red.

“Mon Amour?” he called out, bracing her against him. She gasped back as tears fled down her face.

“This fucking sucks!” she cried and Remy nodded.

“Each of them were robbed of their lives! I will never see them again! EVER!”

Remy caressed her cheek as he moved a strand of hair from her eyes, “Dat isn’t what I believe, Mon Chere. We will see our loved ones again… someday.”

“I just want to see him again. I love him so much.”
“I know dat. And so does your old man. I believe he sees you now and wishes he could be here for you.”
“So, what… God and Heaven? Is that what you’re hinting at?”

Remy sort of laughed.

“Maybe…” he said with a shrug. “But to be honest… I haven’t the faintest. Did you know I’m Cajun Catholic? Or at least, I was raised as such.”

“Through the guild?!” Bella questioned in surprise.

He smiled and wiped her tears away, “Yes, Mon Amour, even sinners need somethin’ ta believe in. I was raised ta believe dat dere are no real goodbyes. Such as if anything was to happen ta me. I know I’d be finding my way back to you, somehow. If nothing else, I would spend de afterlife waitin’.

“Remy…” she scolded, as if he were full of shit.

He shook his head on this, “Dese things I do not ever mock about. You do not seem to grasp de way I truly feel a’bout you. I’d wait for you in Hell no matter de torment I must go through. But dese things… I just don’t know for sure. I have an idea; dere is a Heaven, A Hell, only one God and Savior. If dere is anyone dat would know more about dis, though… it would be Kurt Wagner. He is one of the most religious men I’ve ever met. Which is ironic, considering what he is and his family history.”

“And what is he exactly?”

Remy smiled, “Why don’t we go over dat together with de man himself when we get back? Maybe he can help you understand all dis more than I can.”

He took her by the arm and escorted her to her father’s grave.

“Please allow me…” he said and placed the rose down.

“Thank you…” she said behind a quivery voice.

The Cajun nodded and was just about to ask her if she wanted some privacy when a couple of trucks pulled up, blocking the jeep. Sam stepped out of the one in front and nodded upon her.

“After you’ve paid your respects, you’re to leave. And don’t look back. Do I make myself clear?”

Remy cocked a brow upon the alpha, “I do not believe dat is your call.”

“That is where you’re wrong. Everything around here goes through ME FIRST!”

Gambit sort of laughed and took a cigarette out of his trench coat. He lit it and took a nice long drag, “You might be de alpha. But you’re not my alpha. I’m no one’s bitch and neither is she. Now, you’re disrespecting de lady and her time with her loved ones. You best be gettin’ out of here while you can.”

“I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re new here and don’t get how things work.” He glanced toward Bella. “And I highly doubt he knows your history. We don’t need them coming back here. Your presence alone could change that. So you need to wrap this up and get going NOW!”

“I’ll go when I’m ready…” Bella said through gritted teeth.

“I don’t think you heard him!”

She whipped around and there was Paul and the others right in her face.

He shoved her back, knocking her down and within seconds, Remy had Paul against the truck. Remy socked him in the gut. Bella hollered out as Paul shifted. The others grabbed Bella as she went to her man’s defense.

“KNOCK IT OFF!” She shouted and squirmed about in their hold, which was rough enough to leave marks all along her body.

Remy went to attack only to find Sam restraining him. The alpha held him back and let Paul come right at him. Her jaw dropped as Gambit interlocked his fingers and brought his fists down on Paul’s snout. Paul whimpered out and Sam jerked Gambit back and pivoted around, slamming his face into the Jeep. Remy swung back his elbow and quickly twisted around taking his fists to Paul’s sternum. Bella grimaced as one of Paul’s claws struck Remy in the face. She gritted her teeth and broke out of their hold – long enough to send her shield towards Remy in order to get him out of harm’s way. All the while, she took unrelenting hits from the others.

“STOP DAT!” he scolded, seeing what she was doing.

“BELLE, I MEAN IT! DROP IT! COVER YOURSELF!” he shouted heatedly.

“NOOO!” he yelled out, watching as the pack quickly dragged her away, leaving him to Paul and Sam.

The red and black became prominent in Gambit’s eyes. He tilted his head upon the two shifters,

“Dat was big mistake! If I were you… I’d fucking run!”

Bella groaned out as they shoved her back against a tree. Jared popped her across the face but was quick to rear back as her eye was letting off that golden shimmer.

“Ummm… Jared?” One of them called out in alarm when Bella started floating off the ground.

“What the fuck?!”

Each of them shifted and whimpered out in confusion as they paced the area. Bella could feel the power and it was begging to be set free. She raised her hand in the air and Jared was raised off the ground and into the air.

“STOP! PLEASE!” the others pleaded.

Memories of her wedding day came to mind. All that pain… She tilted her head upon the other three with a cold and dark stare. They too, began to rise. “Bella, please don’t! Look, we’re sorry! We’ll leave you alone! We promise!” Brady begged.

Gambit pivoted about and kicked at a nearby gate. He pried off one of the cast iron fence posts and before he even turned back around, he drove it back behind him. Paul whimpered out as Remy slammed the post into the ground with the finial part of it was driven into Paul’s abdomen. He shook his head and went to find Bella, only to have Paul jerk the post out from his stomach, and follow Sam in the hunt. Before Remy could even get to Bella, they leaped over and had him pinned to the ground taking snaps at him. He flung his arms out with that kinetic vigor coursing through him. A small burst spread about the area as he sent the two shifters flying back. Both had their fur burned off and there were severe third degree burns all along the underside of their bodies. He could see where the flesh had burned off and it was nothing but raw muscle left.

“Next time, I use all I have and dere will be nothin’ left! Do you know why de vampires haven’t returned?”

They were in too much pain to answer.

“Because a few of my friends and I got together. We hunted de bastards down! It’s because of us de Cullens and de Volturi are no more. So dis was all nothing but nonsense. De only ones causing trouble around here is dis pathetic excuse for a pack!”

He took off once again and panic set in as he saw Bella hovering about. He knew she had them right where she wanted. He thickly swallowed as he waved his hands about, trying to gather her attention.

“Mon Belle… Dis is not you. You do not want to do dis. Put them down and come ta Remy.”

Her hair was flowing as the energy was so strong. That eye of hers never let up.

“C’mon, let’s run off ta Vegas for a quickie wedding! Mon Chere, you look so hot right now!”

That smirk came over him as he caught her rearing back and losing focus.

“Dat’s right…” he made the simmer down motion.

He wiggled his finger about, “C’mere.”

She brought herself down as the wolves landed with a thud.

“Are you insane?! We can’t get married!”

“And why not?”


“Because why?”

“Because you’re clinically insane, that’s why!”
“Den we make sure dere are conjugal visits in de mental institute you’re signing me up for. All good, Mon Amour!”

He wiggled his brows causing Bella to break and start laughing. They turned to see the pack grabbing Sam and Paul. Just as they were about to hightail it out of there, Bella had one of their trucks hovering about. Remy looked on in utter amazement as she snapped her fingers and the vehicle exploded in thin air.

“FUCK!” Jared shouted.

Remy hurriedly shielded Bella as debris scattered about everywhere.

“And you say dat I am crazy!?”

She shrugged as they all piled into the one truck and took off.

“So…” Remy called out on the way to the Swan house.


“When are you going to make an honest man out of me?”

She snorted at that. “You? An honest man?”

“Be nice, Mon Chere.”

“Then don’t be stupid.”

“Hmm…. But you know what they say…”

He nodded, “If you like somethin’ put de ring on it.”

“Then we’ll find you a nice cock ring at a porn shop on the way home.”

“They make those in platinum? Can we get it inscribed? Wait…” he reared back as it just dawned on him.

“How do you know about de cock ring?!”

She shrugged once again.

“So if I were ta get dis cock ring, you’d marry me?”


“Mon Chere!” he scolded with a sigh. “What does it take?”

“I prefer living in sin.”
“Dere is plenty of sinning between de two of us.”
“Perfect! No need to change anything.”

What started out as a joke was truly starting to ruffle Remy’s feathers. Was she serious? Did she not want to marry him? He didn’t truly mean it, but was rather hurt on how quick she was to turn him down, which felt somewhat silly. But still it hurt, nevertheless… He cleared his throat and took out a cigarette once they got to the house.

“Hey…” he called out as she was about to head inside.

“You do want to get married… one day, right?”
“What the fuck Remy? I swear… you have the worst timing.” she scolded, then quickly took her jacket off and put it to the cut on his face. Both were beat up. The claw mark barely missed Remy’s eye but it was pretty deep. She drew back a breath, “You’re going to need stitches.”
“And you can do dat.” he declared with a shrug and took a hit off his cigarette.

She nodded and started to head into the house. He took her by the hand, stopping her once again.

“Belle… What is dis to you?”
He nodded. “Us…?

She gritted her teeth and threw her jacket down. “You can’t be serious! Do you not remember why I’m here? You truly think I’m ever going to marry anyone, ever again?!”
He raised his brows on that, “So we’re all de same now? Is dat what dis is? You think dat I’m going to hurt de people you love or even you like he did? So dat means we can never get married?!”

“Jesus, Remy! We haven’t been together near long enough to discuss this!”

He shook his head in disagreement. That wasn’t how it felt to him by no means.

“And of all the times, you choose now? Have you forgotten why I’m in this fucking town to begin with?”

Remy drew back a breath with a guilty mien about him, “Belle… I…”
“Don’t. Just…” she uttered as twin tracks of tears trickled down her face. “Why can’t you just accept that I love you?! Why do you need some stupid paper and a ring as proof? Am I not enough?!”

The poor girl was shaking all over.

“Listen ta me, Mon Amour… You are more than enough. If we never get married – then so be it. But dat doesn’t mean I will stop proposing. I’m gonna keep hoping you slip up, give in, and say yes. I used ta be like you… bout marriage. It took me forever ta get the nerve to propose ta Rogue. But for once, I know what it is I want. Dere is no second guessin’ myself. And she is standing right here and I know I fucked up. I don’t think sometimes, Mon Amour and dis is one of those moments. Ta be honest… you make it hard ta think clearly. Dere is just something a’bout you. All I can think a’bout is how I want…”

He took her by the hand and brought it to his lips and with a kiss…

“Dis… right here. Nothin’ else. So yes, Belle. You are more than enough. I will take whatever you have to offer.”
“And what if I’m just not the marrying type?”
He shrugged, “Then we don’t get married. Dat will not change de way I feel about you. But I won’t lie… I do hope you change your mind one day and share my name. But I’m not going anywhere, even if you decide dat’s not in de deck of cards for us. You’re worth it, Mon Amour…”

Bella took him by the hand and lead him inside to the upstairs bathroom.

“Wait here… I’ll be right back.”

He nodded and before long she returned with a bottle of Jack that had been one of Charlie’s, a first aid kit, needle and thread. She couldn’t believe she was about to sew her boyfriend up. Something she’d normally be squeamish about. Bella unscrewed the lid to the whiskey and handed it over. Remy propped himself up on the counter and took a good plunge from the bottle. He watched as she sterilized everything first.

“Does dis mean you’re my nurse now Mon Chere?”

She rolled her eyes, but was grinning. He ran a hand along her ass as she got the needle and thread prepared.

“Close your eye, but not too tight. You want to reduce the scarring as much as possible.”
“Does de lady not like scars?”

Bella shrugged. “Deep breath…” she warned as she drove the needle through his flesh.


She bit her lower lip to keep from laughing.

“Just relax.” she murmured.
He sighed and took another swig.


He nodded and did his best to stay perfectly still as she stitched him up. Once she finished, he gently brought his finger to her scar.

“De same side…” he commented, as if it just dawned on him.

“Yeah well, yours isn’t going to be near as gruesome. So you’re in the clear…”

“Gruesome?” He repeated and reared back. “Dis is not gruesome! Why do you think such a thing?”
“I see it for what it is.”
“And what is dat ,exactly?”

“A death sentence – to those around me, even you…”

“Ah, now I for one couldn’t think of a better way ta go!”

“Remy…” she said with a sigh as she cleansed the area and patted it dry.

He cupped her hand with his own, “You have more control then you think. But if somethin’ were ta happen… it would be worth it, no?”

“You don’t mean that.”

“Now, Mon Chere… I love you, but you will not tell me how I feel. Only I know dis. And I speak de truth. So when I say dere is nothing wrong with dis…” he tapped her scar gently. “And dat you being the death of me is de way ta go, if it so happened. Den dat is what I mean.”

“Fair enough… but I highly doubt that’s how others would see it. Think about it, Remy. My birth father could wipe out an entire realm. And I can kill someone with just the snapping of my fingers. Do you have any idea how fucking scary that is? It’s so strong… I…”

“I do… Maybe not to dis extent, no? But I do know dat feeling.”

She thought back to his story and nodded in understanding.

“I’m right here. Every step of de way…”

Bella took the bottle out from his hand and he chuckled as she took it to the label before handing it back.

“Easy there…” he called out as she choked back a bit.

He hopped down from the counter and swiftly sat her on it.

“Now, your turn!”

(Be a sport and let me know what you think! Thank you Mommy4Thomas for beta’ing this. Gamma Love and A Crow In Search of a Swan are next for updating!)

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere…

Harley's Thought's

Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


My humble stories for your viewing pleasure


the free one


Rickie Bansbach - fanfiction and stuff

Brookie Twiling's Books

Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan

An Awkward Elf

Fanfiction by Cuinawen

Missrissa81's Blog

This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

4Padfoot's Blog

Wordpress Whisperer!

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