Chapter 5 Moving Forward

Chapter 5

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“Relax Mon Amour…”

Bella nodded and drew back a breath while the Cajun was kissed along her shoulder.

“Dere’s nobody but us…” he assured as she was gazing into the area where Edward used to keep watch.

Remy laid her back down and brought her up against his chest. “You just let Remy rid of those nightmares.” he murmured and kissed her forehead.



“What did Rogue do to you exactly?”

“Well, she drained me like a sponge.”


He sort of chuckled and cleared his throat, “With just one touch, Rogue can drain you dry, so ta speak. Meaning, she can take your powers and your life along with dat.”

“Take your powers?”

“Yes, as in make them her own.”

“So she has your powers now?”

“Rogue has absorbed a few over the years. Mine included…”

“And is this a permanent thing?”

“It can be. Depending on the one whose power she took and how potent of a hit she got.”

Jesus… and is this something she does willingly?”

“No, Mon Amour. She hasn’t any control. It seems de only one she can truly come into contact with is Joseph. His abilities allow him skin ta skin contact with no side effects.”

“And when she was with you?”

Remy swallowed back on this. “Are you sure you want ta know about dis?”

Bella shrugged, “I’m not threatened by the history you and Rogue share, Remy.”

“Dat’s good… because you shouldn’t be. But – I want ta respect you all de same, Mon Chere.”

“So if you two couldn’t… I mean…”

“You want ta know how we were intimate, right?”

“Well yeah…”

He let out an uncomfortable laugh and drew back the deepest of breaths, “We started off with tiny touches here and there. Within time, I learned dat I could push out my energy. Just enough dat it wouldn’t hurt her but it would protect me. Now when I say protect me… it only protected me from having my powers drained. It still hurt me physically, though. But… it was de only way for us.”

“You must’ve really loved her…”

“I did. But de moment opportunity rose, she ripped my heart out and spat on it. It was as if everything we’d gone through meant nothin’ to her. But Joseph… he’s a good man – treats her right. I have no qualms with him. Even if dere were times I wanted ta hate him. But now… I feel for de man, because I know de truth when it comes ta Rogue. And I wonder if he ever will…”

“And now she wants you back…”

“Mon Belle, dat woman don’t know what de hell she wants. She don’t want me. If she did, she wouldn’t have dumped my ass so many times. We were on and off again to de point I couldn’t even keep count.”

“Maybe they should’ve called her Boomerang instead of Rogue.”

Remy had a good laugh at this. “Oh Mon Amour… Perhaps you are right.”

He ran a hand along the slope of her back.

“So dis bed… it needs breaking in, no?”

“Remy…” she snorted.

“C’Mon I want to hear dese naughty stories of yours. Tell Remy what you did on your lonesome… in dis bed…” he pulled her into his lap, having her straddle him.

He rocked her about him. “Was Mon Belle a bad girl?”

A moan escaped her as he welcomed himself inside.

“Ride dat cock de way you’d play with dat pussy…”

Remy reached over turning on the lamp. He threw the covers off them so he could get the full visual.

“Merde…” he murmured as her eyes were closed and she was arched back.

Her hands ran along her breasts in a sensual manner as she rode that cock of his.

“Dat’s what I’m talkin’ a’bout. So sexy…”

Bella leaned over him and kissed along his neck and licked at his earlobe. His dick pulsed even more at the sensation.

“What is it you want to hear Remy? How I used to rub my clit and soak my fingers?” she taunted.

His eyes widened and he swore his dick got even harder and bigger, somehow. He couldn’t take it anymore. He rolled her over and pulled out.

“Show me!”

Her face flushed over.

He shook his head, putting her hand to her pussy. “Please, Mon Amour!”

Bella looked down to see him stroking the hell out of his cock. That alone had her riled up. She watched him as she started touching herself.

“Mon Dieu! Je n’ai jamais vu une femme plus sexy de ma vie”!” (My God! I’ve never seen a sexier woman in my life!)

“Remy…” the young woman cried out a she was fingering herself and cumming.

“MERDE!” He hollered out and came across her tummy and breasts.

“Je t’en supplie, épouse-moi”…”(Please marry me) he murmured under his breath as he left a trail of kisses along her leg.

“Something tells me I need to take a lesson in French.” Remy chuckled on this.

“I can give you plenty French lessons, Mon Amour…” he hinted whilst wiggling his brows.

Bella pecked Remy on the cheek before heading out. She was determined in finding Leah today. In fact, she swore to herself she wouldn’t leave until she found a way to help her. So while her man slept, she headed on out. She hadn’t a clue where to even look as she trudged on through the woods. The young woman tried putting herself in Leah’s shoes.

If it were her… she’d wanna stay close to her brother’s place of burial. And if Leah had become one with nature… she could see Leah as a guardian in a way; allowing no one near her brother, even in death. That would explain why she never shifted back to her human state. And if anyone understood what Leah was feeling – it would be Bella.

On that note, she went into Quileute territory and headed towards their neck of the woods. The only problem was not knowing for certain where their cemetery was. She figured it had to be on the reservation, but hadn’t a clue as to where exactly. She just kept walking and looked for any signs that Leah had been in the area. She was beginning to lose hope as a couple of hours passed on by. Bella drew back the deepest of breaths and closed her eyes.

What’s she doing here?!

She’s still the same idiotic girl I remember.

They’re sure to come looking for her. If that happens the pack will end her.

Stupid bitch…


Bella’s eyes flew open and she swiftly pivoted around, then shot out a hand. A yelping sound was heard and Bella tilted her head up, looking the gorgeous silver wolf that was hovering about in the air. The wolf looked down and shook its head, looking confused.

“I’m not here to cause trouble. I’m here to help.”

Does it look like I need your fucking help?

“Yes, actually it does…” Bella answered Leah’s thoughts as she lowered her back down.

The wolf eyed Bella as she paced the area – growling off and on.

“And vampire fetish?! Really?”

The wolf came to a stop and reared back.

How are you doing that?

“I wish I knew… there’s a lot of things about myself I don’t quite understand. But that’s irrelevant at the moment.”

Bella drew back a breath, “But you’re right… about Seth… he’d still be here if it wasn’t for my infatuation with Edward. What was meant to be the happiest day of my life turned out to be my biggest nightmare. If I could go back, I would take the place of my father, mother, step-father, my friends, and Seth. I wouldn’t bat an eye on it. Even now, if there was a way… I’d gladly hand myself over in return for their lives. I’d rather die a thousand deaths then to have any of them die once. I lost everything that day.”

Bella pinched her eyes shut for a moment. “If I had a way… I’d take Seth’s place. It would be me six feet under! But I don’t expect you to believe that. Why would you? In the short time you knew me, all I proved was how entirely selfish I was. I was in love, or so I thought. So in order to have what I wanted… I put this entire town at risk and in the end everyone paid the price.”

As she talked, she inched her way over… closer and closer. Leah let out a growl and stomped her paw into the dirt.

“You’re still Leah Clearwater… inside that wolf is a woman. A woman that deserves to live her life! She can’t do that if you keep her at bay and make these woods her prison. That isn’t what he’d want. If you feel the need to make someone pay… it should be me. Not you…”

Leah bounded over and pinned her to the ground. Bella didn’t move, she just laid there with her eyes locked onto Leah’s. She gave a simple nod. The wolf growled into her face and her claws dug into her shoulders. Still, she didn’t flinch and was like a rock.

He thought the world of you… for whatever reason. Seth thought you hung the moon and stars. Hurting you would only dishonor my brother.

Bella swallowed back on her words.

There is nothing you or anyone else can do. I’ve made my choice. This is where I belong. I’m not going back. There is nothing for me back in La Push. And I’m tired of being Sam’s bitch. Do you have any idea how humiliating it is… following him around after all these years… having to hear the other’s thoughts? They find me pathetic… they pity me! And it only grew worse when Seth died. The voices… the thoughts… THEY WOULDN’T STOP! Poor Leah this, poor Leah that. What is she going to do now? I can’t believe she’s still following Sam. It must be so hard on her after losing Seth. It’s too bad she can’t find a mate of her own. WHY IN THE FUCK WOULD I EVER GO BACK TO THAT? LEAH CLEARWATER IS DEAD!

“Then leave… What’s keeping you here?”

Bella gritted her teeth as the claws dug deeper into her flesh.


“So, that’s it? You’re gonna waste away in these woods watching after your dead brother?”


She grunted out as Leah had her massive paw against her face and forced into the dirt.

Leave before the others find out you’re here… or worse, you bring the fucking cold ones back!

“They’re dead…”

The wolf narrowed her eyes on this.

Who’s dead?

“The cold ones… all of them… They won’t be coming back.”

You’re lying!

Bella reversed the pin.

“I have no reason to lie to you, Leah!”


“No… she… isn’t!”

The wolf let out a yelp as Bella popped her in the snout.

“You’re not the only one hurting dammit!”

She grabbed Leah by the fur of her neck and was shaking her.

“Every morning, every night, and multiple times a day, I think about it! It never goes away! No matter what I do, it’s there! Every single time I look in the motherfucking mirror, the reminder of what I’ve done is there! Leah isn’t dead; she’s just pussing out! She’s afraid to face the truth! She’s afraid of moving on because she doesn’t deem it fair to her brother…the one she failed to protect.”

What would you know!

“You can’t hide from me! I’m in your head. Perhaps we’re more alike than I ever realized. This – what you’re feeling right now? It is what I feel every fucking day! I failed them. ALL OF THEM! SETH INCLUDED! So don’t even begin to ask me that!”

Bella put her hands to Leah’s head. She closed her eyes and the wolf let out a whimper. Bella grunted out as Leah pinned her back down, but she didn’t drop her hold. The wolf let out a howl as her body began to morph.


Bella ignored her cry and continued.

Leah cried out as her body shifted from wolf to human.

Bella then put her forehead to hers, “Seth wants you to live…”

At this, Bella rolled Leah off her and she came to her feet. She took a set of clothes out from a bag she had brought with her. She tossed them over.

“And you should live… because it’s what you deserve. You didn’t kill Seth and neither did I. I get that you’re all determined to make me pay, but believe me when I say no one can make me pay more than I’ve made myself already. I can’t keep doing this! NEITHER CAN YOU! Look at us! They’re still winning. Right now! The Cullens; the Volturi… they’re all done for. Yet – here we are, Leah! We are still letting them get the upper hand. I’ve got a man that wants to marry me. And …”

Bella sucked back a quivery breath.

“I won’t do it… I won’t. And it’s not because of the most obvious of reasons… Dad… he loved your mother. It took him forever to admit his feelings, out of fear of disrespecting your father. Harry was one of his best friends. Yet, he’d fallen for Sue after his passing. Dad damn near drank himself to death – out of guilt alone. It was me that encouraged him to take that chance. Dad was going to propose that night…”

Leah shot a look upon Bella as she fastened the pants Bella had given her. Bella nodded.

“That’s right… We would’ve been family. The five of us… But my own wedding plans rather put a damper on that. He was so nervous, yet excited – all the same. He showed me the ring he picked out.”

Bella drew back another breath and tossed over the box. Leah narrowed her eyes and opened the box. Tears streamed down her face.

“Keep it… It was meant for her, anyhow. I know he’d want your mother to have it.”

Leah nodded, holding it to her heart. Bella nodded in return and started to walk away.


She froze, pivoting back around.

“The chief would want his daughter to live as well. Something to think about…”

Bella gave a simple nod.

“Good luck, Leah… I truly hope you find yourself.”


Remy reared back in wonder as Bella came up to the porch. He’d been waiting for her, wondering where she’d ran off to.

“Did you win or lose, Mon Chere?!”

She sort of smiled on this. “I’m pretty sure it was a tie.”

He shook his head on this and rushed her inside. He grimaced at the claw marks along her body.

“Mon Dieu… what happened to you?!” She flinched back in pain as he lifted her shirt and took it off.

“Who did dis?” he inquired, with anger rising in his voice.

“Relax…” the young woman softly stated. “It’s not what you’re thinking. I’m fine. I just had to wrap some things up before we left.”

“And dis is your way of doing so?” he questioned in disbelief as he tended to her wounds.

“And how did you handle things in the bayou?” she fired back.

He raised his brows on that. “So you wrestle de wolves and I wrestle de gators. If that doesn’t say meant ta be, Mon Belle. I don’t know what does!”

Bella simply snorted.

“So…” he started to say, then cleared his throat and went back to looking after her wounds.

“What are your plans with de property and your father’s things?”

“I’ll put the house up for sale and go through things, to see what I want to keep. Everything else, I’ll probably give to Billy or whoever else wants it. Then sell or give the rest to charity.”

He nodded.

“Thank you…” she said whilst taking his hand.


“Being my rock…”

“You are your own rock, Belle. Think on it… You are stronger den you think. I’m here because I want ta support someone I love. I will be here for as long as you let me. Hopefully, dat is for a very long time. You know, if you marry me… it would be. I’m just sayin’.”

“You are aware of the divorce rate nowadays, right? We have like a five out of ten chance of ending up a statistic.”

“Divorces are for people who do not love each other, Mon Amour. Are you sayin’ dat you do not love me?” he taunted in return.

“Why do you do that?”

“Do what?” he inquired, putting on an innocent front.

“You’re so full of shit.”

“Mon Chere! Dere you go again, breaking my heart!”



“Shut it!”

That night…

“Can you hand me the soap?” Bella asked as they were showering.

“I’d rather hand you a ring, Mon Belle.”

“Remy…” she murmured with annoyance.

The following evening…

Remy adjusted his blazer and looked into the mirror. He took out the box with the ring, then gave a simple nod. He gazed upon the ring once again. It was never his true intention to propose so soon. But now, he couldn’t think of anything he wanted more and he was determined to make Bella his future wife.

“Dis ought to win de lady over!”

It was a ring he’d bought while she was sorting things out with her father’s belongings. He nodded amongst himself and stepped on out of the bathroom. Remy made his way back to the table. He’d taken Bella to one of the fancier restaurants in Seattle. He had it all planned out and there wasn’t a chance of her turning him down this time. Not with the amorous vibe he’d have going. No, tonight was the night. Or so he’d hoped…

“Mon Belle…” he started to say as she sipped at her wine.

He had this whole romantic speech planned and everything. Only to hear…

“Hey Loca!”

They turned their heads to see who it was and Remy resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He’d seen the wolf boy from a distance, but had truly hoped he’d keep to himself. Why was he in Seattle to begin with? Was he following them?

“You weren’t planning on leaving without saying goodbye were you, now? Billy told me you put the house up for sale and everything.”

“Jake…” Bella hesitantly uttered and pinched the bridge of her nose. “What are you doing here?”

Jake sighed and actually welcomed himself to the table. Remy swore up and down the little shit knew… he managed to time this too perfectly. He was about to earn himself one hell of an ass kicking!

“Relax, Bella. I just wanted…”

“You should go, Jacob. I’ve already said my peace.”

“So that’s it?! You’re just going to write me out of your life? After everything I’ve done for you?”

They both jumped as Remy slammed his fist on the table whilst eyeing the wolf boy down.

“Outside now…”

“Remy…” Bella murmured looking rather embarrassed and slightly alarmed.

“Not to worry, Mon Amour. Just a little man to man talk. Dat is all.”

Remy motioned for Jake to step on out. Once they were outside…

“Where do you live?” Remy questioned, throwing Jake off track.

He cut Remy a baffled look. “La Push…” he murmured as if to say DUH.

Remy nodded, “Where do you want to live?” “In La Push…”

“And what is it you’re hoping to accomplish with de lady? When she has made it clear she doesn’t wish to be anywhere near here? Why would you try and force her into staying?”

“There’d be no need for that. I’d simply convince her that this is home and the best place for her.”

Remy nodded, “So like de vampire boy?”

At that, Remy walked off leaving a confused and rather miffed Jacob Black.

“Are you sure you got everything, Mon Amour?”

Bella nodded as Remy helped her load up the boxes. On the way out of town, she got more flowers and set them at her father’s grave. Remy gave Bella her privacy this time and waited in the truck.

“Trying to sneak on past me I see…”

Bella turned towards the familiar voice and grinned, “Sue…”

The woman smiled as she approached Bella and hugged her close. Bella noticed she was wearing her father’s ring.

“It’s beautiful…” Bella said and cupped her hand getting a better look at it.

“And the perfect fit.”

Bella nodded in agreement. Sue drew back a breath as she glanced towards Charlie’s tombstone.

“I would’ve said yes…” Sue softly acknowledged as she placed some red roses down.

The young woman swallowed back, feeling that knot within the back of her throat.

“He was a good man – your father. He talked about you constantly. He was so proud of you. As I’m sure he still is. Thank you…” Sue said, behind a tearful smile, confusing Bella.

“Thank you?” she questioned in wonder.

“For bringing my little girl back… She’s onto brighter and bigger things now. I suppose I have you to thank for that, as well. Though… I am sad she’s leaving, I’m happy that she’s moving on. It seems as though you are, too. This is a good thing, for the both of you. Get out of this town. Build a new life.”

Sue glanced towards the pickup and nodded upon Remy. He waved in return.

“He’s very handsome…”

Bella smiled, “That he is, but he knows it too.”

Sue had a good laugh. “I can see that. From what I hear, however… he’s a good man.”

Bella looked to her in wonder. “Billy, Quil, and Embry have seemed to take a liking to him. And if Billy says he’s a good man then I will take his word for it.”

“He’s a bit rough around the edges, but a keeper for sure.”

“Then what’s the hold up?”


Sue reached over and brushed a loose strand of hair away from Bella’s face.

“What happened that day… wasn’t your doing. It was HIS. All you did was follow your heart. There is nothing wrong with that. And your heart let you know he was not the one. But it knows what it wants now. Doesn’t it?” She glanced upon Remy once again. “Life has a funny way about things. Do not let the cold one control you, even in death. If you love this man, marry him. Seize the moment while you can.” Sue then kissed the top of Bella’s head and headed back to her car.

Remy reared back once he entered the hotel room. He’d just returned from getting gas and a few other things in town. There were red candles lit all around the room, a twelve pack of beer, bottle of whiskey and a couple of shot glasses on the table, along with rose petals spread about the room.

“Umm… Mon Belle?” he called out as he tossed his keys over and took his trench coat off.

“Do you have a boyfriend I don’t know about?”

He narrowed his eyes as he picked up one of the shot glasses examining it thoroughly. An all too familiar song began to play- one from their first date, A Dangerous Mood by BB King and Joe Crocker. Remy lifted his eyes as the bathroom door swung open. Bella stepped out wearing nothing but a naughty little red number.

“Mon Dieu…” Remy uttered staggering back in shock.

“Like what you see?”

He nodded with a struck stupid presence about him. She made her way over and gave him a slight push. He landed in the chair behind him. The Cajun cocked a brow as she dropped to one knee.

“I like where dis is going…” he murmured.

Bella took something out from her cleavage, “Remy LeBeau will you marry me?” “What?!”

She held out a man’s ring adorned with the ace of spades and the ace clovers. He glanced upon it, then shook his head. Remy ran his fingers through his hair, looking to her in disbelief.

“De man is supposed to ask, Mon Amour. Dis isn’t fair… How many times have I asked you?”

“Remy… Do you want to marry me or not?”

“Well… I don’t know… dis is a pretty big decision.” He starts fanning himself and acting as if he’s gonna start crying, “It’s a lot of pressure!”

She tilted her head with slight annoyance. “Everything’s happening so fast…”

Bella grabbed him by the waist line of his pants. “Look Gumbo, are you going to marry me or not?!”

“Well, I never thought I’d hear those exact words… I’m just glad it’s from someone with less hair.”

“Remy…” She reared back as he reached over and pulled a jewelry box out from his trench coat. He opened it, revealing a ring as well.

“I tell you what, Mon Amour. I’ll marry you, but you gotta marry me first.”

Her jaw dropped. She hadn’t a clue he had a ring already. It was beautiful with black and white diamonds and a white gold band. He took the ring out of the box and then set the box down on the table. Remy took her hand and looked into her eyes.

“So you put dis ring on and I’ll put yours on? Deal?”

She smiled, “You got yourself a deal.”

Remy placed the ring on her finger and kissed it. Bella placed his on as well and both took a moment to admire their rings.

“I suppose we’re breaking tradition…” the Cajun declared with a shrug.

Bella softly laughed and crawled into his lap.

“I love you…” she said and kissed the stitched up area of his eye.

“J’ t’ aime aussi.”

He lowered the straps to her naughty getup and kissed along her bare shoulders. Bella unfastened his pants and teasingly rubbed her hand against his bulge. He sprung on out of his boxers and Bella got this seductive grin to her as she started this little lap dance. Her wet slit taunted that hard cock of his as she moved about him. His hips bucked of the chair a bit as he fought for more friction.

“C’mon now petite renarde.” (little vixen)

A profound moan left his lips as she flaunted her breasts right in his face. He took it as an invitation, flicking his tongue along her nipples as he licked and sucked on them.

“I need dat fucking pussy now, Mon Chere!” He got a firm hold on her hips and rocked her about him.

“Remy!” she cried out once he entered.

He wasted no time, Remy moved her about him eagerly. His lips heatedly met hers and neither was willing to break away.

Remy was first to wake that morning. He had a genuine beam about him as he watched his lover sleep. The Cajun took her hand and kissed the ring finger. He was on cloud nine at the moment. The man couldn’t believe she was truly his fiancé now. The mere idea of her one day sharing his name had him feeling a natural buzz.

He reached over and quickly answered his phone.

Where’s my god damn truck Gumbo?”

“Well hello to you, too!”

“None of that now, coonass. I want my truck back.”

“And you’ll get it. We should be there in a couple days.”

“A couple days?! What the hell did ya do?! Elope or something?”

“Funny you should ask…”

There was a moment of silence.

No… fucking… way… Ya better not even tell me that girl done married yer sorry ass. I’m not buying it.”

“No, but we are engaged…”

“You son of a bitch! How in the hell? I saw her first, dipshit! The girl needs some sense talked into her… So, get yer ass back here and my truck better be in one piece!”

There was another moment of silence.

Let me guess, she had to go and be the man on this one. She proposed, didn’t she?” Remy reared back and looked to the phone as if it bit him.

“Well, I was going to ask if you’d be my best man, but you’d probably go and try to sleep with de bride.”

Logan chuckled on this.

I won’t comment on that one…” Logan taunted in return.

Logan then cleared his throat, “Look, if this is all real and not some bullshit you made up in that head of yours. Then I suppose congratulations are in order. Now don’t you go and screw it up or I just might try and have a go myself.”

“Nah… you’re in de friend zone. You were doomed from de start. Later, dog meat.”


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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere…

Harley's Thought's

Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


My humble stories for your viewing pleasure


the free one


Rickie Bansbach - fanfiction and stuff

Brookie Twiling's Books

Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


♫ fanfiction & creative writing by meekosan

An Awkward Elf

Fanfiction by Cuinawen

Missrissa81's Blog

This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

4Padfoot's Blog

Wordpress Whisperer!

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