Chapter 6 Luck of The Draw

Chapter 6

I do not own Twilight or Marvel.

Bella just sat there rather stunned while Remy went over the X-Men and each of their abilities.

“And you really think I might be kin to Jean and Scott?”

He nodded, just as he pulled up to the academy. He chuckled, seeing that Logan was already waiting beside Gambit’s Harley.

“So, what would they be to me exactly?”

Remy shrugged. “I’m not sure.” he admitted. “It’s somewhat confusing if you think about it…you coming from another dimension and all.”

“That’s so fucking weird… you know.”
“Tell me about it! I’m engaged ta an E.T!”

“Shut up!”

He died in laughter, then opened the door. Logan opened Bella’s door and offered her a hand as she stepped out.
“Well I’ll be damned…” he muttered, gawking at the ring on her finger.

Gambit cut Logan this rather smug look.

“Ya sure about this, darlin’? Ya really gonna get hitched to Gumbo over there?”

She smiled and kissed Logan’s cheek. “Sorry he asked first…” she teased with a shrug.

“Well hell, darlin’! I can get you a damn ring… a better one at that!” Logan taunted as he nodded upon Gambit mockingly.

“Hush it…before I fry up some Canadian bacon! And don’t listen ta him, Mon Amour… You’d end up with a strawberry ring pop and table scraps.”

“You’re getting married?!”

Logan grimaced and Remy sighed as they turned to the familiar voice. Joseph and Remy nodded upon one another.

“Dat I am…”
Rogue nodded, but couldn’t hide the tears. “Excuse me…” she softly said, then took off.

Joseph let out a miserable laugh and twirled his keys about. He nodded amongst himself as he watched Rogue head into the mansion. He offered his hand, however.

“Congratulations, Gambit.”
“Thanks, Joe!”

Logan took a cigar out from his pocket and lit it.

Joseph glanced upon the manor once again, shaking his head. “Think I’ll be going now…”

Remy and Logan watched as he got into his car and peeled on out.

“Damn…” Logan muttered under his breath.

“You got dat right.”

“How you gonna deal with that?” Logan asked in wonder.

Remy shrugged, “Nothin’ ta deal with. I can’t let Rogue hold me back. I gotta get on with my life.”
Logan nodded in complete understanding.

“If anything, Joe’s de one dat’s got it bad.”
“You got that right. To be honest, I think Rogue just dug herself a grave. There won’t be getting out of that one anytime soon.”

“Yep, even Joe has his limits.”
“Ya could see it all over his face. It’s over…”
“I think you may be right.”

“But good on you, Cajun…”

Remy reared back as he took out a smoke and lit it, “For?”

“Not letting all this hold you back. You got a good thing going…even I can see that girl loves you. Not sure why, to be honest. But she does. You deserve some sort of happiness.”
“Wait… are you being nice?”

Logan rolled his eyes, “Don’t let it go to your head, kid. Everyone gets one. But – let it be known… if you fuck it up… I’ll be at the batting cage.”

Gambit chuckled, “You keep dreamin’, Mon Ami.”

“Ya think I’m joking!?”

The Cajun flipped his Canadian friend off and headed on in as well.

Bella reached to her temples, feeling a migraine coming on as Professor Xavier did his best to explain her father’s history with the Summers and the Greys.

“So let me get this straight… my father was created in some sort of laboratory, but in an alternate dimension by this Sinister guy?”
Xavier nodded.

“And Sinister used the genes of Scott Summers and Jean Grey in order to create Nate Grey?”

He nodded once again. “Yes, just as Nathan Summers came from the genetic pool of Scott and Madelyn…”
“The clone Sinister made of Jean?”

“I can see how this can be confusing.”
“It’s coming off as a really bad sci-fi movie.” Bella admitted.

He nodded in agreement and wheeled himself around.

“You should know that I’ve requested for Nathan Summers to pay us a visit soon. Your father and his powers were remotely similar. In some aspects, that is. I believe Nathan can help you to some degree…” “And what is he to me again?”

“Well, if Jean and Scott are technically your grandparents, I do believe that would make Nathan your uncle…?”
“I have an uncle?”
“In a way… futuristically speaking… yes. Though, I feel the need to make it clear that Madelyn Pryor was merely a clone and shouldn’t be considered the true genes of Jean Grey. So in a way, Scott is the only true parent of Mr. Nathan Summers. Madelyn might have been a clone, but they were two very different people, entirely.”
“How do you know so much about this?”

Xavier merely took her hand and smiled, “Let’s just say I’ve been doing a lot of homework as of late.”

“He should arrive in a couple days.”

“Does Jean and Scott know about this yet?

Xavier eyed Bella and chuckled.
“Should that concern me?”
“I do believe it’s safe to say that they are most certainly just as surprised by all this.”

“Awesome…” she murmured under her breath.

“And how did your trip go?”

Bella shrugged as she looked out the window of his office, “About as good as it was gonna get.”

“Were you able to tie some loose ends, at least?”
“Yes.” she answered assuredly.

He nodded and wheeled himself back to his desk, “That will certainly take some weight off those shoulders of yours.”

“It has already.”
“Good deal…”

“And I see that you’re now engaged?”

She pivoted about facing him. “Yes sir.”

“Well, it seems congratulations are in order.”
“Thank you.”

“Is there something on your mind?” he asked with slight concern.

She shook her head, “Just a lot to take in, that’s all…”

Bella narrowed her eyes in wonder. Rogue, Jubilee, and Kitty were all standing outside her door as she made her way down the hallway. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes. The words ‘brat pack’ came to mind, causing her to giggle when she approached her door.

“Yes…?” she questioned with a hint of amusement to her voice.

Rogue smiled, but it was so forced Bella saw right past it.

“I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you. I heard about the engagement.”
Bella couldn’t help herself and cut the southern belle a what the fuck look.

“You do realize how profoundly awkward this is right?”

The girls giggled while Jubilee waved a bridal magazine about.

“It’s about to get more awkward.” she announced with a shrug.

“You’re kidding me, right?”
“Nope! Look sug… I feel terrible on how our first encounters went. If you’d allow me… I wish to make amends for my horrible behavior. In fact, I’d like it if we could become friends.”

Bella nodded and gradually drew back the deepest of breaths, “That little stunt you pulled – kissing Remy, nearly ended him!

Bella looked at the group of girls before her, “And it’s more than clear what you and your friends think of me! With all due respect, I don’t see how we could ever be friends. Every time I see your face, I think about what you did to him. As if you hadn’t done enough already! So here’s what I got to say…”

Bella then took the bridal magazine from Jubilee’s hold and shoved it into Rogue’s arms, “You can take your little posse and that bridal mag and shove it up your fucking ass! Ka-peesh?!”

Rogue’s jaw dropped and the four of them turned to the sound of clapping.

Bella reared back in utter disbelief, “Leah?”

She nodded with a grin that went from ear to ear. She made her way over and jerked the bridal mag out from Rogue’s hold.

“I think we got this one…” she said with certain amount of menace.

Bella snorted on the girls’ reaction.

“Get lost…” Leah said, as her eyes flickered in warning.

“Well it’s about fucking time…” the wolf girl muttered as the women scampered off. “I didn’t think you had it in you, Swan…”
Bella smiled. “What brings you here?”

Leah shrugged as she leaned against Bella’s door and flipped through the magazine. “I guess I wanted to make sure you didn’t screw everything up. Mom said you were getting married.”
Bella reared back on this, “How’d she…”
Leah lifted her eyes upon Bella, “This is my mother we’re talking about! She always knows. So, here’s the thing… I’m sticking around to make sure nothing goes south this time round. After that, I’m gone. I owe you one, after all.”

“Just shut up and accept my help! Believe me, it’s a rarity – take it while you can. Judging by the bitchettes I just witnessed, You’re gonna need it. So… what’s the story behind that anyhow?”

“Eh… one of them is the ex the others are her BFF’s.”

The wolf girl wrinkled her nose at some of the dresses in the magazine. “Some of these are a little too…”
“Cullen?” Bella threw out there.

Leah nodded with a smirk. “Exactly…”
“Yeah, I’m leaning towards a blue jean wedding.” Bella teased.

Leah reared back, looking to be in thought. “Joke all you want, but that’s actually not a terrible idea. I mean you are marrying a southerner…”

She flipped through the book once again and flashed Bella one of the dresses. “You could easily have this custom made. Like – have the top or bottom done in denim.”

Bella nodded in thought, “Or leather…”
“Your man dig leather?”
“Oh yeah…”
Leah laughed. “Then leather it is.”
“Simple dress, black leather jacket, and black Harley boots.”
“Well, there you go… We got that part out of way. So now what?”

“Are you sure about this?”

Bella narrowed her eyes, however as Leah suddenly seemed distracted. She followed her gaze and resisted the urge to laugh. Leah had a full on blush going. Bella couldn’t help but to think something along the lines of…So she has a heart after all, something’s gotta be pumping that much blood to her face. She looked down at the girl.

“That’s Logan…” she softly announced.

Leah didn’t budge; she just stood there as if she were in a trance. Logan nodded upon them as he made his way over.

“Who’s yer friend?”
She couldn’t help but to notice how Logan gave Leah the once – twice over.

“This is Leah Clearwater. Leah, this is Logan Howlett.”

He offered his hand and Leah shook it in return.

“Making plans already?” he questioned as he eyed the bridal mag in Leah’s hand.

“Sort of…” Bella replied and he nodded in return.

“So you sticking around for a bit?” Logan questioned, gazing at Leah.

Bella covered her mouth and took a step back out of fear of breaking into a giggle fit. She couldn’t believe how quiet Leah had gotten and the way she was regarding Logan.

Leah merely nodded.

“Guess I’ll be seeing ya, then. You two have fun.”

He walked away and Bella noticed how pale Leah suddenly grew.

“You okay there?”

Leah sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, “Shit…”

“I just fucking imprinted! That’s what!”

Bella’s eyes widened and she snapped a look at Logan as he went off to his room, “OH HIM?!”

Leah nodded.

“I blame you.”
“You imprinted on LOGAN?!”

Leah rolled her eyes.

“Shouldn’t you… well, you know… tell him?”

“If my senses are right when it comes to that one – he’ll figure it out soon enough…” Leah said with a shrug.

“But that’s MY second husband!”

Leah narrowed her eyes on this.

“You’re marrying Remy.”
“I know! He’s my first!”



“So…” Scott said as the three of them regarded one another oddly.

“So…” Bella repeated with a hint of a smile.

Jean and Scott laughed. Scott leaned against the wall and folded his arms about his chest.

“How old are you again?” he asked.



Jean laughed at his reaction.

“Alternate dimension…” Bella reminded.

“Right…” Scott uttered and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Trust me, you two aren’t the only ones weirded out by all this. I’m still having trouble understanding how this is all truly feasible.”

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned is that damn near anything is possible.” Scott stated with a nod.

“Apparently. So… Do I call you Grammy and Papa?” she teased.

Jean just sat there with a wide eyed glare.

Scott died in laughter, then Jean on the back. “She’s joking…” he said with a shrug.

“Am I?” Bella taunted back hoping to relief some of the awkwardness.

“Xavier tells me you’re still having some issues?” Jean threw out there, but her tone was laced with concern.

Bella nodded, “From time to time…”
“Why don’t you and I get together sometime? Maybe I can help?”

Bella shrugged, “Couldn’t hurt…”

“When it comes to things such as control and burning yourself out – Jean would know best.” Scott added.

“Honestly… at this point, I’ll take whatever help I can get.”
Jean drew back a breath.

“I understand that feeling. It can be scary… That fear of losing control and fearing that you’ll hurt others in the process.”

Bella nodded and sat in one of the chairs of the classroom they were in, “I think what frightens me most is when I give in and find myself taking pleasure in what I can do.”

Jean and Scott exchanged certain looks on that.

“Pleasure?” Jean inquired, making her way over. “I’m not judging by no means. Just curious as to what you mean exactly.”

Bella drew back a breath and had a look of misery about her, “Like on my wedding day… I look back on it. What I did to that vampire… I feel no shame or remorse. All I keep thinking is how she deserved it. And if it wasn’t for Remy…” she trailed off thinking back to the shifters back in Forks.

“I’d have taken a couple more lives, without batting an eye. It’s like I go into this mode and I’m in a different place. Everything else seems to fade and all I can focus on is the anger. But at that wedding it was a mixture of things. Shock, perhaps? Fear, even? I’m not even sure… there was so much happening at once. But, I never once felt guilt over what I did. I don’t believe I ever will. And that’s what frightens me the most. That shouldn’t be a normal reaction, but then again, I can’t control how I feel. I feel justified, on the other hand – that it’s not enough. That’s why I was so upset with Remy’s decision.”

“When he dealt with the Cullens and Volutri himself; I felt robbed of that vindication and closure. And even now, I know that those thoughts are wrong. I shouldn’t have them. But they were there.”
“Were, as in no longer?” Jean probed.

Bella nodded, “Yeah… I suppose. Maybe Remy was right… about going back home.”
“Those thoughts are completely normal. And considering the life you took and the situation, I believe anyone would feel the way you do. It would only become an issue if you felt justification in taking innocent lives.”

“Is that something that’s crossed your mind?” Scott added to Jean’s assessment.

Jean put up a hand and shook her head upon Scott.

“No! Of course not!”

Scott nodded but didn’t look quite convinced.

“I think I should go now…” Bella then came to her feet and walked out of the room.

Jean sighed cutting her husband a look of hell, “You pushed her too far.”
“I wasn’t meaning to. We have a right to be concerned… she just admitted she took pleasure in taking lives, Jean!”
“It was the one life! Given the circumstances, I can’t truly say I blame her.”

“Jesus, Jean…”

“And you’re going to stand there and tell me you’ve never felt the same?”

“No one should ever take pleasure in taking a life – no matter the situation.”
“That family murdered all her friends and family! A family she put all her trust and love in! How do you not see justification in that?”
“When did you become so cryptic?”


He sighed, “We just need to make certain she knows what we X-Men are truly about.”
“You think Logan and Remy haven’t told her this much already?”
“Maybe it needs to come from family as well.”
“Very well… you go first, Gramps.”

Scott sighed, but chuckled as he wrapped his arms around Jean. “Look… I’m sorry. I’m just concerned, that’s all. This girl is one hell of a powerhouse. Just keep that in mind when you’re training her.”
“Will do… and you keep in mind that she is indeed; family. So let’s try not pushing her away.”

Bella opened the door to her room and froze in shock. She then quickly shut the door while her entire body flushed over.
“What’s with you, Mon Chere?” Remy asked, as he came around the corner heading to his room.

She quickly covered his mouth and he chuckled against her hand.

“You look as though you’ve seen a ghost?” he muttered against it.

“More like I just walked in on a scene of Animal Kingdom.”

He raised his brows quizzically, “How’s dat?”

“Let’s just say my friend and yours are currently getting it on.”
He reared back in wonder.

“In my room; up against the wall…”

He smirked on this, “I like dat position.”
“Remy…” she scolded with a giggle.

“Guess dat means you’re staying with me tonight!” he picked her up and flipped her over his shoulder.

The Cajun popped her on the butt before entering his room. Once he had her inside, he laid her down on his bed.

“So… Who has de better ass, Mon Chere? Me or de Wolverine?”


Bella pivoted around as she was heading to her room. “Amora?” she questioned with concern, seeing how the girl looked upset.

Her bottom lip quivered.

“What is it?”

“You didn’t tell me you was leaving!”

“Oh hun, I’m sorry…”

The little girl looked around, her eyes were puffy like she’d been crying.

“I really upset you… didn’t I?”
“It’s not you…” the little girl whispered.

Bella narrowed her eyes in wonder. Amora took her hand and led Bella outside. The young girl looked around, once again. Bella couldn’t help but to think she seemed nervous about something.

“There’s a bad man…”

The woman reared back on the child’s words, “Bad man?”

The little girl nodded, “He won’t go away.”
“And where is this bad man sweetie?”

“I’ll show you…”

The little girl took Bella by the hand and closed her eyes. Bella looked to see they were some sort of forest. “I don’t see anyone Amora…”

“He’s here… he’s everywhere…”

Bella shook her head, seeing no one. She gasped back, however when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She pivoted around and instantly scooped Amora up, backing away. The man before them tilted his head. His crimson eyes bored into Bella’s. The tall and dark haired man took a step towards them.

“You stay away from her!” Bella warned.

The man smiled, “My apologies… It isn’t the girl I wish to speak with. I hadn’t any other way.” His voice was deep and cultured. The man spoke with sophistication.

“Who are you and what is it you want?”

His attention went to the child, “I’m very sorry to have frightened you, little one. That was never my intention.”
“You’re a bad man!” the little girl yelled. “GO AWAY!”

The man drew back a breath, “I’m sorry you feel that way. I understand that I have frightened you. And you seem quite protective of your friend… I can understand why. She seems like a very lovely young woman.”

His gaze met Bella’s once again, “As for whom I am… I’m certain you will figure that out on your own. As for what I want… Well, from the looks of things… you’re already taken.”

Bella swallowed back and gazed upon her ring as he was eyeing it.

“Such a shame…” he took another step towards them.

“Don’t come any closer!” Bella warned and held her hand out.

The man smiled once again, “It isn’t my intention to cause either of you fear. Nor do I wish to harm you. You must believe that.”

Remy and Logan reared back as they walked upon the odd scene before them. Bella was holding Amora and backing away as if frightened by something and trying to protect the child, yet they saw no one.

“Mon Amour…?” Remy called out.

Bella and Amora looked upon one another.

“No. No… not yet… We’ve much to discuss.”

“I haven’t anything to say to you.”

Remy reared back on her words.

“You keep harassing this girl and I’ll hunt you down. Mark my words. Amora… hun, I need you to stop this now.”

Amora nodded and went to stop it, only to end up crying out in pain.

“What in the hell?!” Logan called out and rushed over to them.

“I can’t!” Amora cried out. “He won’t let me.”

“STOP IT!” Bella shouted at the strange man.

Remy hurriedly grabbed Bella and gave her a zap of his kinetic energy. He swiftly caught her and Logan snatched the girl as Bella dropped her hold.

“What was that?!”

“I haven’t any idea.” Remy murmured as he laid Bella down, checking her over.

The little girl gasped back as she came to and realized who had her.

“Easy…” Logan murmured softly.

She nodded and looked towards Bella.

“That bad man did this!”

“Bad man?” Remy and Logan chorused as Bella slowly came to.

“Yeah he’s tells me he wants her!” Amora cried pointing to Bella. “But I won’t let him! NOT EVER!”

Remy and Logan cut each other another baffled look.

“What did this man look like?” Logan questioned the girl in wonder.

Once the child was done describing him, both men pulled a certain face.

“Ya gotta be kidding me!” Logan uttered.

“Sinister…” Remy said with disdain.

“But how? How would he even know?”

Remy shook his head, pondering that himself.

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