Chapter 10 Bombshell

Chapter 10

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Day one

Ms. Isabella Marie Swan,

We will be arriving soon. I do hope you’ve put some more thought into your decision. Perhaps you’re wondering why it is I’ve written. I’ve something in which to offer you. Something I couldn’t very well do over the phone. This is something, which may even prove to cause a bit of a stir amongst my own; mainly speaking of my newest Mr. Edward Masen Cullen. He does not know I’ve written nor does he know of my fullest intentions.

If I’m to be perfectly honest my dear… The spot in which I wish to offer you is by my side. I mean that directly. As a Volturi Queen it is where you belong after all. I’m sure this might cause you some concern in that of which pertains to Mr. Cullen. Let it be known that as my Queen Alice and Edward’s fate falls into none other than your hands. You would be as my equal it is the only way I see it. I will be expecting your answer once we arrive. Let it be known if you still wish to join Mr. Cullen’s side instead and still serve as Volturi. My heart maybe somewhat broken, but I will respect your decision. I’d be honored to have you join our cause no matter the terms.

Enthusiastically awaiting our little visit…


Logan lights his cigar as he reads the letter.

“A Queen huh?” He utters taking a long drag off his cigar.

He looks over as the class is doing their laps. Rogue and Bella were high fiving one another about something.

“Has she read this yet?” Logan questions Scott.

“No, Xavier thought it might be wise if you read it first.”

“So let me get this straight…”

Logan looks to the seal seeing how it was already broken before he even read it. He knew Bella hadn’t even seen it yet.

“Xavier took it upon himself to open and read something that was intended for Bella. He has you then myself read it before Bella ever got the chance.”

Scott sighs.

“Actually, it was Jean that received the letter first.”
“So Jean opened it then handed it to Xavier. That in which he handed off to you. Then you hand it off to me. Now I’m about to hand it off to Bella. Then she will know that yet again everyone’s gone behind her back.”

“You really wish her to become this man’s new Queen.”

Logan cocks a brow Scott’s way. Logan starts laughing.

“Sure why not?! Let’s let the lil lady decide shall we?”

Scott grabs Logan’s wrist as he’s about to hand it off to Bella.

“What are you doing Logan?!”

“Now I know you weren’t just born yesterday.” Logan hints looking to Scott’s hand severely. Scott immediately drops his hold.

“You do realize what could happen if she reads that?”

“Sure I do. She’ll become a Queen!” He declares as if he’s not a care in the world.

Scott looks on with apprehension. Bella reads the letter. He looks to be explaining something to her. She looks to Scott shaking her head. She then hands the letter back to Logan and starts laughing. Scott shakes his head on this. Logan does a slight bow before her. Bella looks to be laughing still as she began to run with the group again.

Logan makes his way back over.

“Tell Jean I wish to see her after school today.”


Logan walks away and calls to his students.

Scott mumbles under his breath and exits the gym.

They line up.

“Alright like I said last week we’re gonna be bumping things up.” Logan looks to each of his students.

“Kitty and Rogue, Jubilee and Bobby, Kurt and Remy, Angel and Bella… that’s yer partners for the day.”

They nod and team up. Logan notices how Bella looks to Angel’s wings wide eyed. Angel laughs as she pokes at them. Bella jumps a bit as he flares his wings about. Bella clears her throat dropping down her hand.


Angel smiles and nods.

“Follow me.”

They follow Logan to the training field outside.

“No hospitalizations or killings. This is merely practice. This is so you all can come into touch with your gift. Peter and I will be watching each of you closely. If you are told to something you had better do it. This is something I do not take lightly. Now get started.”

“Are there any rules?” Remy puts out there.

“Those were the rules.”

Remy smiles genuinely. Peter and Logan nod to one another and watch as each of the students begin to set up. Half way through Logan looks over and winces. Angel hand Bella in his grasps hovering throughout the air. He flapped around showing off. Logan grumbled under his breath. Bella had a panicked look about her face. To Logan’s surprise however, Bella managed to maneuver her body by kicking up her legs. She wrapped them around Angel’s neck causing her entire body to flip around. She and Angel came tumbling to the ground. She quickly brought her knees back against her chest as she came down. Just before Angel could land on her; she swung out her feet at full force. Angel went spiraling back into the air. She quickly rolled over as he came back down aiming right for her. Angel missed and she rolled back over yet again over him. She formed her claws holding them to his neck.

A smile appeared on his face.

“I believe you got me.”

She grins and the claws disappear. She comes to her feet and helps Angel up. They shake hands. This was what Logan wanted to see out of his students. Angel and Bella were the perfect example.

“Ya’ll two take a break now. Good job.”

They nod. Bella heads to the bleachers. Angel heads to the locker room. Logan watched the other students as Bella wiped the sweat from her body with a towel. When she knew only Logan was looking. She quickly flashed him. He damn near tripped in disbelief.

“Holy hell.” He uttered and he heard her giggling as she took a sip of her water.

He tried to focus again. All he could think about now though was how badly he wanted to suck on those tits. He’d then take her to the girls showers and have his way with her. He could always send her to his office… He smirked in thought. He had an office in which he never used in one of the rooms connected to the gym. He could count on one hand how many times he’d used it.

Meanwhile, Bella was focused on the other students. She was taking the opportunity to learn of their abilities and how they fought. Her eyes widen as Kurt aka Nightcrawler teleported at one point. He then appeared behind Remy and got a good blow in. She shook her head in thought. Kitty was zipping through objects as if there was nothing there. Rogue had discovered she could hover off the ground a little now. Bella took in each and everyone’s mannerisms, their weaknesses, and strengths.

Logan called her back over and had her sparing against Rogue a bit before class was about to be over. Angel took on Kitty once he returned. The idea was to spread them amongst everyone throughout the week. Before long class had been dismissed. She was about to head out for her and Logan’s usual practice.

Logan had his arms folded about his chest. She reached for the double doors leading out.

“Ah, nah yah don’t; in my office now.”

She turned back slowly.

“You have an office?”

He resisted the urge to grin. He merely nods and heads that direction. Once she steps inside he slams the door behind them and locks it.

“Whattaya think yer doing?!”

She looks to him confused.

“Yah can’t be flashing me during class!” He barked demandingly.

She narrows her eyes.
“I mean it Bella!”

She shrugs and sits on top of his desk looking around.

“Ok fine, I’ll never flash you during class again.” She kicks her legs about as if bored.

He sighs realizing she wasn’t buying it. He tried though. She knew him too well.

“I can’t even make yah break a sweat can I?”

“You could always try…” She challenges.

He immediately rubbed himself through his gray workout sweats. Logan made his way over. He took himself out and lowered her head in a hinting matter. He closed his eyes as her mouth went to work. He’d still been thinking about this weekend in her bedroom.
“Keep going…” He encouraged enjoying himself a bit longer.

He then took off her top. He sucked on her breasts and slid down her sweatpants. Logan worked his way down returning the favor. It didn’t take long Bella damn near came at his touch. He placed his fingers inside and watched her drip all over the desk. Logan went more forcefully. Bella wasn’t stopping anytime soon. He used the essences on his hand to lubricate himself. He drove himself inside her.

Something came over him as he watched her lying back on his desk.

“Yah like misbehaving in my class?”

Bella’s eyes widened on this.

“That’s right lil darlin’.” He drove himself harder.

“Next time I might just march over there and take you right there in front of everyone!” He smirked vainly as Bella plainly came unglued. She began to squirm off the table with her hips.

“Logan…” She cried out with the sensitivity.

He kept going.

“Fuck Bella you’ve no idea just how hot you are! I damn near came my pants when you did that!” He confirmed as he shot his load.

He didn’t move once he was done he just gazed upon her.

“What the hell are you doing to me?!”

She just smiles and runs her fingers through the roots of his hair.

“I’m serious Bella.” He sighs and bends down kissing along her thighs and torso.

He then brings her back up and kisses her lips.

“This is insane.” He expresses softly.

“Insane?” She questioned softly.

“At times you’re damn near overwhelming.”

“Good or bad?” She asks sounding a bit concerned.

“All good… trust me darlin’. All very good.”

She smiles and wraps her arms around his neck. Logan brings her closer into him. He sighs and pulls back after a couple minutes.

“Yah ready?”

She nods. They both fix their clothes and head out to the training field.

“Today’s our last day to train out here. Tomorrow I’m taking yah to the danger room.”

“Danger room?”
“You’ll see.”

They set up like usual. Bella comes up from doing her pushups.

“No punches today. This week’s about getting that gift of yours under control. Seeing what you can and can’t get away with. We’re gonna start out small and work our way up. Basically, what you were doing in class today only a bit more oomph to it.”

He throws off his sweat shirt.

“Um you can’t be serious.”

He cocks a brow.

“How else you gonna know the amount of damage behind what you do?”
“Logan you don’t understand. I’ve blasted targets into literal shreds.”

“I know. I’ve seen yah.” He says with a shrug.

“Then you realize this is stupid as hell right?”

He doesn’t answer he takes a stance and waits.

“I’m not doing this! You’ve lost your fucking mind!”

“Yah argue with me again and you’re gonna end up doing pushups damn near all night!”

“FINE!” She drops down and starts.

“Whattaya doing?!”

“I’d rather do this! Because I’m not about to use my ability on you!”

“So yer gonna do pushups all night instead.”

“Bet your sweet ass I am.”

“Knock it off!”

“No you knock it off and you can kiss my ass!”

“I mean it Bella get the fuck up!”

She keeps going and he crouches down and jerks her up off the ground.

“Are yah gonna listen to me or not today?!”

Bella shakes her head and turns to a nearby tree. Without warning she sends one of her orbs that direction at great force. It goes right through the tree leaving a perfect hole throughout the tree.

“Now are you going to listen to me?! Or do you want a damn hole in your chest. Personally, I prefer not to see your insides!” She fires back.

He looks to the tree then back to her. He takes in a breath.

“Ok… so we’re gonna need more targets…” He says gruffly.

Bella rolls her eyes.

“That’s about what I thought you ass…”

“What was that?”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about Logan baby…”

He shakes his head knowing damn well what she said.

“Twenty…” He says sternly into her ear.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”



“Don’t make it forty!”

She grits her teeth and her claws come out literally. He nods and pops his out as well.

“Bring it lil darlin’ yah think you can take me on?”

She knocks him for a loop as she comes barreling after him. He blocks and their claws smash up against each other making an odd electric charge like sound. Bella growls out and shoves him back.

“You’re pissing me off!” She warns.

Logan does the wrong thing and chuckles. Bella’s claws vanish. She shakes her head. She turns as if she’s going to walk away. Only she twirls back around and punches him square across the face.

She grabs her sweater and heads on into the building.

Logan rubbed his jaw and watched as she walked away. He lights a cigar and nods.

Bella curses under her breath as she enters the building. Gambit gives her the once over as she was still in her sports bra and sweats. He wiggles his brows and makes his way over. She sighs and decks him across the face as well. Bella keeps walking. She enters her and Logan’s room. She heads straight for the fridge and pops a beer open. She then makes her way to the bathroom.

Bella starts her a bubble bath and gets in once the water is filled. She closes her eyes as she leans back and she sips off her beer. Logan enters the building to see Gambit rubbing his jaw; with that look of having his pride wounded. Logan smirks. He didn’t even have to question it; he already knew.

He headed into the room and peered into the bathroom. He saw her in the tub beer in hand. Logan leans against the doorway.

She sighs feeling his presence.

“Let me guess I owe you fifty now right?”

She downs the rest of her beer and tosses it into the trash. Logan shakes his head and pulls the bathroom door shut. He steps out of his clothes and slides in behind her. He wraps his arms around her waist and kisses along her shoulders.

Bella takes in a breath and leans back against him. He continues to kiss along her. She half laughs.

“Sucking up now?”

He nods.

“Is it working?”

She shrugs.

“Even Wolverine can be in the wrong… My reasoning for being so hard on you; is because yer my mate. I want yah prepared for anything Bella darlin’. Like I’ve told you before; everyone around me I tend to outlive or something else happens. I don’t want to lose you. I love yah too damn much to have yah ripped away from me. So yeah I can be a dick about it. It’s not that I stop caring. It’s the exact opposite it’s because of how I feel. I just start thinking about all the dangers yah may face. My mind gets over loaded as I’m trying to cover it all at once.”

She intertwines her fingers into his.

“I’m no peach either. It’s just at times you start barking those orders and it makes me…”

“Wanna beat the shit outta me?”

She laughs.


“Can’t say I blame yah; might be a good training exercise though. Just me standing there and you waylaying the living hell outta me.”

Bella twirls around facing him.

“I’m not even so much mad at you. I mean sure you can be an ass, but that’s to be expected. To be honest I know it’s what I need. Just rather struck me wrong tonight. It’s like I can’t catch a breath and I’m literally drowning. Everytime I turn around I learn something new. People are dying around me. More lives are at stake as well. Those shifters the Volturi killed off… They were just kids Logan. Leah was slightly older than me, but the other two they were just 16 and 17. Then… Rose… Emmett lost his wife. Something I can never fix. Nothing I do will ever bring any of them back. You remember the youngest wolf that was there?”

Logan nods.

“Leah was his sister.”

Bella brings her knees to her chest and rest her head along them.

“I mean I don’t even know what to think anymore. All I know is… I feel more pissed off as the days progress.”

Logan reaches out and takes her hands. He brings her against his chest. He pecks her on the forehead.

“Believe me darlin’ I know that feeling. It’s a second profession of mine…”

Logan hears Jean’s black high heels against the floor as he enters the room. He’s leaning against her desk. His arms folded about his chest. She looks to him in surprise. He tilts his head a certain way and drops the letter onto a nearby desk.

“Wanna explain?”

She picks the letter up and skims through it.

“What exactly am I supposed to explain?”

“Why yah going through my fiancé’s mail?”
“It wasn’t mailed Logan. It was personally delivered.”

He narrows his eyes. He looks to the letter again. To the old fashioned wax stamp that had it sealed shut.

“By who?”

She shrugs.

“Some guy in a black cloak. Never saw his face.”

“You’re telling me someone personally sent this and you hadn’t half the mind to find out who the messenger was?”

“Not my responsibility.” She says sipping at of her red coffee cup.

“But being the first to read this was?”

“The students’s safety is my first priority. So yes Logan I read the letter. Once I saw the potential danger it could cause I took it to Xavier.”

“So yah never once thought to give it to the actual person this was meant to be for?”

“Why would you want her to have that? I mean you do realize she might just decide to take his offer right?”

Logan shrugs.

“Her choice to make; not yours, not mine, not even Xavier’s. This was her letter; her private business. This was never meant to be damn near tossed around the entire school before getting into her hands.”

“Anything else?”

Logan cocks a brow.

“I’m rather busy Logan. I haven’t all day to discuss the drama known as Bella Swan.”

“Woman yah had better heed my warning. Yah back off! Yer never to get into her or my business again. Do yah read me?!”

She nods and starts to grade her papers.

“Loud and clear Logan. Have a good day.”

He shakes his head and slams the door on the way out. Once he’s out of the room; Jean puts down her pen. She leans back and looks out the window.

“You’ll thank me later Logan…” She whispers.

Day 2

Bella laughs as she and Jubilee sit on the bleachers. They’d combined their energy source into a violet looking ball. They were messing with the other students sending it around. They both focused and had the orb sneaking up behind each student as they spared. Bella looked over to Logan with a mischievous grin. His back was turned to them as he was working with Angel on something. Bella focused on making the orb the size of a golfball. She then thought of a safe speed that wouldn’t actually harm Logan. It’d just piss him off.

Bella puts a finger to her lips and sends it flying at his back.

“What the…”

Logan turns looking to his back. Bella and Jubilee look around the gym as if completely innocent. He narrows his eyes looking to each student. Bella takes in a breath once his back is turned again. Jubilee covers her mouth in laughter. Bella grins ear to ear. Forming another golfball size orb. She sends it back only this time he turns just in time his claws pop out and he deflects sending it back. Both girls look to him wide eyed as it comes soaring back their direction. This time he’s the one with the snide grin. Bella shoots out her hand and it spins around. She pushes it out sending it right back.

“Ah, nah yah don’t.”

He deflects again. The entire class looks on to them. She makes the orb slightly bigger now. Yet again she fires away. Logan shakes his head and like a bat to a ball he sends it homerun style both girls leap out of the way. Bella quickly makes it vanish.

Logan shakes his head.

“Back to work smart asses.”

She giggles under her breath and salutes him. Logan shakes his head trying not to smile.

Bella arches back dodging Gambit’s hit. Only he comes back with one immediately after. She puts out her hands and her jaw drops. As she’s able to ricochet his own energy.


She quickly makes her way over. The entire class looks on. Peter and Logan rush over. He grimaces a bit.

“That sucked.”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize I could do that.”

He half laughs as she offers him a hand up. He makes it a point to run his hand along her ass as she does. Bella quickly shoves him right back down. She fires a pea size ball towards his package. His eyes widen as it goes through his pants barely missing his balls.


“Next time I won’t miss Casanova.”

Remy goes to stand back up. Logan offers him a hand he goes to take it. Only Logan pops him across the face.

“Dumbass…” Logan utters and walks away.

Peter offers a hand and Remy shakes his head.

“I’m good…”

Peter laughs.

After class Bella follows Logan into another room of the gym. He opens a door to what seemed to be a closet. He tosses her a suit. She looks upon it.

“Is this what the X-Men wear?”

He nods and grabs his own.


He chuckles as she gets into the black X-Men suit. Logan cocks a brow once she’s in hers and she pulls her hair back.

“I’ll be damned…” He says giving her the once over.

He tosses her gloves over. Bella’s eyes however, stay locked onto Logan.

“So… the Wolverine… all decked out and ready to go.”

She bites her lower lip admiring the look.

“Did you say dangerroom or playroom Logan?”

“Playroom?” He questions curiously.

Bella blushes a bit.


He nods and helps her finish zipping up.

His eyes widen a bit as she turns around. He reaches out running his hand along her ass.

“Hmm… this could prove to be a problem.”


He pops her on the butt.

“Guess we’re about to find out.”

Logan sits down at the control panel. Bella looks through the large window to the other room. The lights come on. Logan leans back and looks upon her with his arms folded about.

“Alright… That’s the danger room. Once I get it on the setting I’m putting it. It will go through a series. Starting from easy on up in levels. Since yer just starting out I’m not gonna go too heavy. But since I will be in there with yah I’m not gonna sugar coat it either. It’s crucial yah listen to everything I tell yah. Bella if you do not. Yah could get seriously hurt. These things leave bruises even cuts or far worse if yah let em.”

“Things? What things?”

He smirks.

“Yer about to find out lil darlin’.”

He starts setting up something on the monitor. Once he’s done he flips a switch.

“And we’re on…”

Bella swallows back nervously. He opens the door leading to the dangerroom.

“We’re locked in here until the course is finished. So no trying to wimp out on me and darting for the door.”

“Why would I…”

Bella turns towards the mechanic sound. Her eyes widen as images of men in ski mask come towards them. Holograms that cause damage…

“Start with the basics don’t exert your energy yer gonna need it!”

Bella nods. She follows Logan’s lead as he gives the first punch. She swing’s next and they both start taking out the men left and right. Logan looks over and see’s Bella dodging a blow. He nods in approval as she shoves the enemy back immediately after and decks the enemy. She comes back around with her elbow at another. Logan’s tossing one across the room as Bella gets knocked down. He winches at first and punches through a few of them. Bella waits until the enemy crouches over her in attack she quickly rolls and spins around on her ass flinging out her legs. Throwing off the enemy and she rushes back to her feet.

Logan gives her the heads up motion. More enemies only in blue start to drop down. Bella finds herself surrounded. Her claws appear and she does a sweeping motion taking them all out, but one. Logan pierces his claws into their back. He reaches back grabbing one behind him and he tosses him over his shoulder and comes down bringing his knee into his sternum his claws into his throat.

He looks over and Bella’s pinned to the wall. She grits her teeth and Logan stabs the man in the rib cage. He checks Bella over.

“I’m fine!” He nods.

“Stay close!”

She cuts him a nervous look as machines begin to come out.

“These things have projectiles.” He warns.

“SHIT!” She yells and ducks as something comes flying at her.

“Like I was saying…”
She shakes her head and dodges another blow.

“What are those?!”


“Beanbags?” She half laughs.

“FUCK!” She jumps as one hits her in the leg.

“Gotta move fast those bitches hurt.”

“Gee really?”
She says jumping around rubbing her leg. He shakes his head catching one before it hits her in the face.

“Get yer act together!”

She nods and starts to deflect. Her jaw drops as Logan dives after one of the 6 foot tall looking machines. He punches through its chest and rips out the insides. Bella looks up and sees one soaring through the air coming for her. She thinks of a katana blade. The mechanism lands right on it. She laughs as she quickly rolls out from underneath the robot. Logan hears her laughing and he grins shaking his head. A another robot comes right for Logan as he’s got one pinned down. Bella dives right for it sending both her claws through she shreds it all the way down. She flinches as it sparks in her face. She quickly wipes her cheek where it hit.

Logan yanks her up checking on her. He shakes his head seeing where it hit.

“Yah alright?”

“I’m ok Logan.”

More holograms and robots appear from both sides of the room.

“Back to back!”

She nods as they both have out their claws.

“Wait for it…”

They start dashing towards her and Logan.


Both of them start taking out as many as they can. One goes right for Bella’s jugular her eyes widen and she forms a fighting stick with her energy blocking the attack. She grits her teeth holding them back as her back arches. She does a move she’s seen Gambit do. She quickly spins around and sends the stick across the ankles sweeping them to the floor. She grins. She gasps out however; as Logan quickly grabs her he tosses her towards an enemy in the air.


She sends out her claws. A full in beam comes about Logan’s face. He wasn’t sure she’d actually pull it off. She comes down on one knee over the enemy she tucks and rolls. She looks back to him.

“I can’t believe you threw me like that!”

He shrugs and turns back knowing know was the real test. He pulls her back over.

Bella screams out as a huge metal tendrils come sailing right for them. Logan spins her around barely missing the hit. Bella looks over from Logan’s hold.

“What the fuck is that?!”

“That’d be Omega Red.”
“Who?!” She stares at the massive metal creature. He was red and silver, with long wavy blonde hair.

“Focus will yah?!”

She nods.

Logan places her down as the creature retracts the metal tendrils. Logan gestures for her to rush over to the other side.

“Take out the wrists!”

She looks to him as if he’s lost his mind.

“That thing is huge!”

“They only get bigger darlin'”

She gasps back as another tendril is sent out from Omega Red’s wrist.

“Holy shit!” Logan says as Bella just jumps up and starts running up the tendril.

“She’s either infuckingsane or brilliant.”

The other tendril wraps around Logan and starts to squeeze. He sighs with irritation. He was too focused on what she was doing. Let himself get caught off-guard.

“FUCK!” Logan shouts out in full disbelief.

Bella’s tossed into the air once she makes it up towards the wrist. She’s about to get slammed down by the tendril and hardcore. Only she never seizes to amaze him. She comes down with her energy katana and chops of the hand. Omega drops its hold on Logan. He grabs Bella instead as she’s now the main threat. He slams her in the ground.

Logan bonds himself off a nearby wall and he twirls around and sends his claws through the wrist. He then rushes over and plunges them into its throat.

Bella catches her breath as she comes back to her feet. Logan slowly turned around expecting her to be freaking out. Not Bella… She was out of breath bowing over in laughter.

“That was crazy!”

He shakes his head.

“More like yer crazy… I can’t say I’ve known many that laugh after facing the danger room for the first time.”

She wipes the sweat from her brow.

“That felt too real.”

“That’s the point. That’s exactly what this room is for. To get you prepared.”

He puts his hands to his hips for a moment. He looks upon her in thought.

“I actually am stunned. I can’t believe how well yah fought.”

“I didn’t do all that great.”

“The hell you didn’t. I watched ya Bella darlin’. Yah fucking kicked ass. Yer a little bombshell in more ways than one.” He looks to her in thought.

Huh… Bombshell? He narrows his eyes in wonder. He wasn’t so sure yet.

Day 3

The girls shake their heads as the guys continue to have a burping contest at the table. Thus, also makes a first that the teachers are sitting with the students. Something they rather picked since Logan and Bella starting sitting together. So at this table was Hank, Storm, Scott, Logan, Bobby, Rogue, Remy, Kurt, Angel, Peter, Kitty, and Jubilee. The girls wrinkled their noses off and on except for Jubilee who was laughing along with the guys. Logan’s sitting across from Bella and Bella’s in between Rogue and Remy. Everyone at the table literally becomes frozen as the biggest belch is let out. Only it didn’t come from any of the boys.

Logan lifts his brows and looks directly across from him. Bella holds out her hand towards Remy.

“No way…” Remy says.

She motions her hand again.

“There’s just no way that came from you!” Remy complains and digs into his pocket.

Storms dying in laughter along with Jubilee. Rogue and Kitty look disgusted. Scott is shaking his head. Hank doesn’t even seem to notice what took place. The other boys are in complete awe. Meanwhile, Logan’s still staring upon her in disbelief.

She gives Logan a wink as Remy stuffs a ten dollar bill into her hand. Bella rises from the table and goes to empty her tray. Scott peers over to Logan.

“You must be so proud.”

Logan genuinely smiles.

“Damn near almost cried.”

Storm covers her mouth in laughter.

Bella heads on to the training field. She takes off her jacket. She was in her blue jeans and black tank top not her usual practice wear. Still she needed something to get the anger out. It kept creeping up on her. She noticed if she kept still for too long. Everything came crashing down in her mind at once. She didn’t want to think. She needed the distraction.

She put her headphones on and started with a baseball size orb. It spun around over her hand she curiously moved her hand about watching it move around. She focused on one of the wooden targets. Bella sent the orb out it not only fired through the target, but hit a couple trees out in the woods.

She takes in a breath in thought. She closes her eyes and holds out both her hands. She pushed the energy straight from her core. Bella opened her eyes and realized she now had an orb the size of a basketball. The biggest she’s made. Bella focus’s keeping it hovering. She walks a complete circle around it. She looks towards the sky. Suddenly she lifts up her hands at great force. The ball shoots into the sky and she makes a separation motion with her hands. The sphere begins to split off and like tiny bullets. A look of determination comes about her face. She twirls her entire body around and sends her hands up higher into the air. She shakes her head though as she feels it fading. The tiny bullets begin to vanish.

Bella comes down on one knee.

“You’re taking too long.”

She looks up to see Jean.

“You’re using up all your energy before you even send it out. You need to move faster.”

“Point noted.” Bella says with a nod coming back to her feet.

“Try again.”

Bella sighs.

“Look I’m not being condescending; just trying to help. This is an area Logan doesn’t truly understand. He can’t help you the way I can. I know all about these things.”

“I got all the help I need Jean, but thank you.”

“Look just let me walk you through the one time and I’ll leave it be. Promise, I just hate to see a great gift like yours go to waste. If you can’t use it properly it’s no use to anyone.”

“I’m already weakened as it is. I could pass out Jean.”

“All the more reason to try again and at a faster pace.”

Bella takes in a breath.

“Fine… Just the one time.”

Jean nods.

Bella closes her eyes and gathers what she needs. She starts over. Her eyes are closed she doesn’t see Jean motioning towards the woods. Two cloaked figures are approaching from behind. Jean looks around.

“Now give it your all Bella!” Jean encourages.

Bella nods and sends it out this time the shards from the sphere fly in all directions.

Bella weakly turns towards Jean. Jean nods and Bella comes to her knees. One of the cloaked figures quickly wraps their hand around her mouth.

“I can only hold off her abilities for so long. She’s very powerful you must keep that in mind when dealing with her. I mean it you can’t let her out of your sight. Hurry take her somewhere far away where no one can ever find her.” Jean hints.

The cloaked figure nods.

“You promise to keep your word?”

They nod.

“My students will be safe?”

“You’ve my word…” The cloaked figure vows and bows before Jean.

Jean nods and takes Bella’s hand she gives it a gentle squeeze. Then the cloaked figure takes off with her.

“I like the black…” Logan says with a shrug.

“What about the yellow and blue?” Hank questions showing him the other X-Men suits.

“I won’t wear it! The blacks the way to go.”

“So black again? Why don’t we…”

Logan suddenly shuts his eyes. He reaches to his heart.

“Are you alright Logan?”

Logan shakes his head and stumbles back a bit.

“Something’s wrong…”

He takes off running out of Hank’s lab area. He runs out towards the training area where he last saw Bella heading off to. He sniffs the air. He snarls back not only was he picking up Bella’s scent, but three others. One he hadn’t a clue who they were. One was Jean Grey! One was Edward Cullen!

The scent was fading. He picked up Bella’s jacket from the tree and looked around. Logan trembled all over. His claws came out and he took off towards the woods.

Logan searched around the woods only to see that they’d set it up. Bella’s blood was spread about the trees and ground. They were purposely throwing him off track. He hadn’t a clue where to head first. Logan snarled back and turned back towards the academy.

Once he made it back he stormed into the building. He busted Jean’s door down. He grabbed her by the throat.

“Where is she?!”


He shakes his head and slams her hard against the wall.


“Logan please I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. I can’t breathe…” She says wrapping her hands around his wrists.

Logan looks her dead in the eyes.

“You had something to do with this and I know it! Your scent was there Jean so was HIS!”

He rises up the jacket he’d given Bella.

“Bella would NEVER leave this behind! Now where did they take her Jean?!”


Logan freezes as they hear the sound of the academy under attack. Jean’s jaw drops.

“No… He told me the students would be safe!”

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