Chapter 11 World’s Apart

Chapter 11

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Her entire body shivers violently as the cold air stirs her awake. Like a blur his face comes to. His cold skin was pressed up against hers like a giant bolder weighing her down. He was kissing along her neck and shoulders. Her eyes widen as she was starting to realize what was truly happening. She and Edward were both in the nude and in a red sleeping bag! She jumps and starts to roll out from under him. He shakes his head and pins her wrists down. He looks her in the eyes.

“Don’t fight it. I’m going to give you everything you wanted Bella. I’m not going to hold back anymore. I’m going to make love to you; just like you always wanted.” He moans out a bit closing his eyes. Whilst, he sickeningly throbs against her.

“You haven’t a clue just how bad I want you Bella. I’ve always wanted you.” He leans into her ear.

“This is what you always wanted. I should have never turned you down. I plan to make up for that. Then just as you had requested; I’m going to turn you. We can be together Bella. I can make this work.”

“Edward… you got five seconds to get that puny little excuse for a cock off my damn pelvis!”

He looks to her in shock.


“One… Two…”

“This is what you wanted remember…?”

“Four… Five…”

Edward cries out in horror as she takes her claws to his junk.

Bella hurriedly looks for some clothes. She realized they were in some sort of winterized tent. She looks over to see her clothes beside a smoky gray snow suit and black snow boots. As quickly as possible she gets dressed. She gets the snow suit on and she steps into the boots. She places a couple of bottle waters into the pockets of the suit. Bella grabs a bag of trail mix and jerky they had set out.

“Bella…” He whines.

She had half the mind to laugh.

“Serves you right.” She utters and grabs another bottle of water.

She begins to down it. Her mind was going into overdrive. Something within her told her to prepare and fast.

“What did you just do to me Bella?!”

“Sorry I don’t associate with rapists and murderers.”

She grabs Edward by the roots of his hair and drags him out of the tent. Her heart literally sinks as she looks around. Snow… miles and miles of snow, cliffs and mountains all around them.

“Where the fuck are we Edward?”
She grits her teeth.

“YOU TELL ME!” She says holding her energy katana right at his throat.

Bella suddenly gets snatched back in a head snapping position.

“Hello Alice…”

“Let him go Bella.” She articulates in that small voice of hers.

Bella half laughs and moves the katana away from his throat. She heaves Edward to the ground.

“Fighting your brother’s battles?”

Alice drops her hold and helps Edward to his feet. Alice hands him a set of clothes.

“Charming…” Bella scoffs as Edward struggles to get dressed.

“You do realize those are none other than your funeral clothes. I won’t allow you live.”

“BELLA! How could you say that! You don’t mean that.”

“Oh hush your mouth you demented version of Tinkerbell. Love the new eye color by the way.”

Alice’s jaw drops.

“He’s right you have changed.”

Bella shrugs.

“Touché’. So where are we?”

Alice doesn’t answer and Edward’s buttoning his shirt.

“You’re certain you still can’t see anything?” Edward questions Alice.

Alice looks upon Bella and sighs.

“No… I haven’t since…”

Bella narrows her eyes curiously upon Alice.

“Are you saying your visions aren’t working?”

Alice rolls her eyes.

“My visions work just fine. I just can’t see.”
“ALICE!” Edward hisses in warning.

“Or what you’re going to kill Alice too?”

They both cut Bella a glimpse of disbelief.

“That’s right I know everything…” She softly laughs and crosses her arms.

Alice and Edward exchange glances. Bella paces the area in thought.

“Wait… you can’t see me can you? That’s why you did this! This isn’t Aro’s idea this was you two! Ohhh I bet Aro is soooooooooo PISSED right about now! Let me guess you milked your way through damn near shitting yourself each time he asked my next move. You never knew what my next move would be now did you Alice? But you claimed to…”

Edward sneers at Bella.

“Oh shut up you pompous ass!”

He begins to circle Bella like a vulture does its prey. Her claws come out and she looks to Edward.

“You want me so bad! COME GET ME!”

He clenches his jaw and appears before her. He then picks her up by the throat.

“You will show me some respect. If you do not I will end here Bella Swan!”

Her eyes start to glisten and her hands go over his wrists.

“Goodbye Edward.” She squeaks out between catching breaths.

He narrows his eyes. Bella unexpectedly has a disc appear she sends it straight for Edward’s neck. Alice screams out in sheer terror. Edward’s head falls to the ground as his body still had a hold of Bella. Bella kicks out her legs and breaks out of the hold. Alice appears behind Bella and she gets the wind socked out of her. Bella comes down on her hands and knees. She desperately fights for a breath. Alice wasn’t done she kicked Bella in the gut.

“Alice…” Bella forced out as she came to a crawl on the ground.

Alice yanks her up by the hair.

“No shit…?” Bella forces out sarcastically.

Alice starts to bend Bella’s neck back. Bella swallowed back nervously. She tried to focus on gathering her energy, but her entire body was in agony. Bella knew she was about to die and at the hands of freaking Alice Cullen! Bella closes her eyes feeling her neck about to give.


Bella feels her core burning a new wave of vigor hit. She cries out in the midst of the pain. Bella sends out the biggest wave of energy she’s ever sent out. She comes down to one knee as she’s set free. “Go fuck yourself!” Bella rumbles brutally.

Immediately after, she feels the ground beneath her starting to vibrate. She turns with wide eyes towards the cliffs. She’d just started an avalanche. She looks back to Alice who’s lying amongst the ground. Bella thought quickly she made her way over and snapped Alice’s head with her bare hands. Once she realized what she’d truly done she grimaced and looked upon her hands. She turned back to the massive bank of snow coming right for her.

Bella took off like a bat out of hell. The snow caught up to her and she fell back as it began to push her downhill. Bella fought to dodge tree’s as she continued to be shoved about. The bank of snow behind her began to cape over Bella. Her body came to a halt as the snow began to pile up on top of her. Fear coursed through her as she could hear it building over her. Her eyes began to bat as she tried her best to stay awake. It was a losing battle…

“BOBBY!” Rogue screamed out as Alec brought him to his knees.

Logan burst into the hallway and yanked Alec up like he was merely a flea. He threw him out the window. Rogue helped Bobby to his feet. Bobby gave Logan a nod of appreciation. He turned to see Colossus and Felix smashing one another through the walls of the school. Logan came up behind Felix and nodded towards Colossus. He thrust his claws into his back and they came out through his chest. Colossus took his head and tossed it aside. Logan however, turned slowly to see someone entering his and Bella’s room. Santiago zipped over and he smashed Logan through the girl’s bathroom. Logan went through three stalls. Water was spraying all over the place as the toilets were now destroyed. Logan rolled his head along his shoulders as he came up. “That all yah got bub?” He dusts himself off and eggs him on. Santiago smiles and rushes at him like a bull. Logan braces himself and grunts out. He lifts Santiago from the ground he smashes his head into one of the mirrors repeatedly. He then throws him against one of the sinks. His boots making a crunching sound against the floor as Logan steps on the glass. He bends down and picks Santiago up once more. He takes his head with his claws and tosses it into the trash with perfect aim. He drops the rest of the body where he stands. He then looks around shaking his head. Logan steps back out of the debris from what once was the girl’s bathroom. He discreetly entered his and Bella’s room where he saw the vampire enter. He watches in the shadows as the man walked around. He was digging through Bella’s things breathing them in as he picked them up.

Remy sent out his blast towards Caius. Caius dodged with a vain grin. Remy’s nevertheless, was twice as vain as NightCrawler teleported behind Caius and sabered his head. Jubilee and Kitty screamed out in pain as Jane brought them to their knees. Rogue quickly turned and took off her gloves. She snuck up behind Jane and put her hands upon her temples.

“Karma Bitch!” Rogue nodded towards Jubilee and Kitty as they came back to their feet.

Alec and Jane looked to Xavier as their heads started to pound. This time they were the ones brought to their knees. Rogue looked upon Xavier as she still had her hands about Jane. He nodded and Rogue dropped her hands. She jumped back wide eyed as Jane dropped dead.

“Take her head now my dear.” Rogue looked to him as if he were nuts.

“She’ll only come back.”

“ON it boss!”

Rogue shrieks out as Gambit smashes his energy stick across her neck snapping it in half. Gambit smiles and picks up her head. Rogue immediately grabs on to Bobby as he passes by. She buries her face into his shoulder. Bobby rolls his eyes at Gambit.

“Leave her alone Remy.”

He laughs and tosses Jane’s head to the side. Gambit looks around.

“So where’s my future woman at?”


“Ma Belle of course? You’d think she’d be slaying these thing left and right.”

“You’d think…” Bobby says in confusion himself now as well.

He hadn’t thought about it until Gambit said something. She didn’t seem like the type to back away from a fight. Rogue lifts up from his shoulder and cuts the boys a worried expression.

Kitty bows over as Reneta socks her in the gut. She stumbles back through the wall behind her. Reneta looks around confused. Suddenly, a hand appears out of the wall. Kitty slams her head into the wall and Nightcrawler finishes her off. Kitty gives him a high five. Yet, her eyes widen as he smacks her on the butt.

Angel flies through the hallway with Corin. Bobby twirls around and freezes Corin in his grasp. Angel nods and drops him as he smashes into a million pieces on the floor.

“Huh I always did love the ice capades.” Remy wits as he slides around on the floor slamming into another Volturi guard.

Storm sends her bolts throughout the hallway directed upon the remaining Volturi members they fall to their knees.

“Surrender to us now or we shall make sure no more of you are in existence!” She demands her eyes glowing white. Storms gorgeous locks of white flowed along her body as she hovered off the ground.

“We have you out numbered we’ve taken the life of one of your kings already!” She rolls Caius’s head amongst the remaining member’s feet.

“Yours will be next!”

They each look to one another and quickly take their leave.

Logan raises a brow as he continues to watch the vampire walk about the room. He was merely making himself at home. He picked up a pair of Bella’s panties and sniffed him. The claws came back out and Logan growled. The man quickly turned around.

“Ah… and what do we have here?” The man says in an irritating high pitched voice.

“The name is Death.”

The man tilts his head about.

“Death?” The vampire says and appears in front of Logan. He shoves him up against the wall.

“Where’s my queen to be?”

Logan grinds his teeth together and flips the pin.

“The girl isn’t yours to claim. SHE’S MINE! Now I want to know where they took her and now!”

Aro narrows his eyes. He begins to read Logan.

“WHAT?!” Aro derides.

“I’ve been betrayed!”

Logan cocks a brow.

“What the fuck are yah going on about?!”

“It seems, I truly do not know where the gentile signorais is after all!”

“What do you mean you don’t know?! She’s what you came for isn’t it?!”

“Mr. Edward Cullen was never part of the plan.”

Logan sighs with full on irritation.

“Well that means one thing.”
“What’s that?”

“You’re no use to me then.”

Logan sends his claws repeatedly into the vampire’s torso. He then grabs the vampire by the locks of his hair. He drags him out of the room and down the hallway. Whatever remaining Volturi were left or injured around the school. Logan put Aro on display for all to see. He lifted him into the air.

Logan looks to each of his students.

“Who are we?!”

They each look upon Logan. Gambit and Bobby grin.


“You can all be ex men, but I’m still very much a man.” Gambit mumbles so that only Bobby can hear.

Bobby smacks Gambit in the back of the head.

Logan nods and he tosses Aro into the air as he comes back down; Logan kicks out Aro’s back and takes his head. He holds it up in the air.


Bella’s eyes shoot open. She sucks back a breath. All she sees is white. She suddenly remembers where she is. Desperately, she sends out her claws and starts to break her way out of the snow; she’s enclosed in. Once she finally sees the blue sky; Bella reaches out and starts to move the snow out from around her. She tries to raise up, but she’s still buried too deep her legs aren’t budging. She was beyond freezing and she knew the sun would be coming down soon. If she didn’t find shelter she’d die. Bella continued to dig her way out. After what seemed like forever she finally was able to break a leg away. She brought it up to her chest and began to maneuver her body in a way to bring out her other leg. She swallowed back as she got it free. She manages to climb out and looks around. She knew she only had an hour or two. The sun would be down. Even the snow suit wouldn’t be enough to keep her from the weather at night. It was already dropping. She dusted the snow off from her hood and she brought up the zipper covering her face more. Her face was already burning from the cold air and it made her eyes water.

Bella’s tummy was already growling and her throat was parched. She looked to the bottle of water in her suit in thought. She shook her head in discipline and continued on. She looked around desperate for shelter. Along the way she grabbed a good walking stick and used it to help her get around. She began to pocket whatever she could find to help her build a fire later. Any sort of tinder she could find she pocketed. Which wasn’t easy considering how damp everything was from the snow. Bella found a tree that was dying. She began to pick parts of it off. She found herself thankful the suit had multiple pockets. She filled one up to the brim in tinder alone. Bella then began to grab some small sticks and piled them up between her right arm. She couldn’t carry too much, but she grabbed whatever she thought to be useful along the way.

Bella comes to a stop as she sees a cave off to the distance. The problem? It was still a ways off not only that, but she was going to have to climb a bit in order to get there. She half laughed in misery.

Bella sucked in a breath and began that direction. She picked up her stride praying to beat sundown.

Logan looked upon the damage to the school. They were damn near going to have to rebuild the inside. He took in a breath. The students and other teachers had begun to clean up whatever they could. Logan turned to hear one of the students popping off; about how Bella wasn’t here to fight her own battle. He grits his teeth and slams his fist into a locker barely missing their face.

“You had better watch what yah say!”

He turns to see everyone looking upon him. The student took off running. Logan pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Where’s Bella Logan?” Rogue questions with anxiety.

“They took her Marie. The little fucking piece of shit took her…” He utters sounding completely broken.

The students look upon him and each other in total shock. Rogue covers her mouth and tears begin to form in her eyes.

“No…” Bobby sighs and wraps his arms around Rogue.

Gambit grinds his teeth together and punches through one of the nearby walls.

“We fight and they take her anyhow?! How the fuck does that happen?!” He snapped furiously.

Jubilee had begun to cry. Peter put his arm around her.

Gambit shakes his head.

“So this was all completely pointless! WE FOUGHT FOR NOTHING!” He barks and storms out of the building.

Jean jumps as Logan enters the room and slams the door.

“Where were yah Jean? I thought yah were all about defending the students?! I didn’t see yah lend a damn finger in order to help.”

She says nothing. Tears roll down her cheeks as she looks out the window.

“Ah, nah yah don’t. Yah don’t get to cry!”

He yanks the desk out from under her elbows. He tosses it across the room.

“Yah don’t get to fucking CRY!”

He shakes all over.

“YAH DON’T!” He slams his fist into her blackboard.

He reaches over and forces her up to her feet.

“Where Jean?! Where is she?!”

She shakes her head looking to the ground. For the first time ever Logan smacks Jean across the face.

“WHERE!” He grabs her roughly by the shoulders and starts to shake her.


“I don’t know Logan. I swear to you. I don’t have a clue where they took her.”

“Jean… Why? WHY ARE YAH DOING THIS TO ME! WHY!” He growls only yet again the heartache hidden in the rage he’s feeling.

“I want yah to leave. Leave and don’t yah ever show yer face here again! Yah don’t belong here. I’m no Charles Xavier now, but I’m sure he agrees now as well. Yer kind’s not wanted around her. Yer a two faced bitch.”

She winces at his words, but doesn’t argue.

“If yer not gone by morning. I’m gonna kill yah! That’s not a threat. I no longer have anything worth giving a damn for. Yah already killed me Jean. Yah killed me twice now. Only when I’m done with yah; yah won’t be walking away. If she dies… Yah should know I’m gonna come looking for yah. Yah better pray she lives.” He exits the room and Jean falls to her knees in tears.

“Logan…” Xavier says softly.

Logan doesn’t even look up. He keeps walking. He heads straight outside to the training area Bella last was. He paces the area. Logan belts out a yell that the entire academy hears. His arms spread about and his claws pop out the veins to his arms spread about as if they had a mind of their own. Logan’s breaking point had been hit.


Far away, a tiny voice is carried along the arctic wind.


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