Chapter 12 Nature’s A Bitch!

Chapter 12

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Bella’s managed to make the climb that lead to the cave. The sun was already setting. She quickly gathered what sticks and branches she could around the area. It was getting dark making it hard to see. She froze as she hears the sounds of wolves howling from a distance. She picked up the pace carrying whatever she could. She made her way to the cave and bent down shoving what she’d in her hand first. Bella hated the idea of going in there blinded. Yet she hadn’t a choice. She sucked it up and crawled through. Once she got inside she realized just big it truly was. She came to her feet in surprise. However, as the sun continued to go down. She found it harder to see. Bella unzipped her snowsuit a bit. She took in a deep breath. She then lowered her hood. Once she made her way deeper inside she sat off to into a corner her back to the entrance. From there she began to set up her hopes for a fire. She made her little teepee with the sticks and finished setting up. Now came the hard part. Getting it to fucking start. Her head swayed about a bit. She swallowed back her lips were chapped severely. She looked back towards the entrance the sun had gone completely down. She was going at this completely blind now.

She sighed in thought. Bella shut her eyes for a moment. An orb appeared and hovered over the area she was working. It wouldn’t last though. She was already weary and it was soaking up all energy she had left to keep that orb intact. Her eyes continued to bat as she desperately tried to get the fire started. Her hands were becoming raw at the attempt. The orb started to fade as her eyes grew heavier. Her eyes widened though as she saw a small flicker begin and smoke rose into the air. She quickly bent down and began to blow as she continued to rub the sticks about the tinder. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as it slowly, but surely began to spread.

The orb vanished. Bella undid the gloves part to her suit. She put her bare hands to the fire. She closed her eyes as the warmth began to course through her. She wearily laid her head against the wall of the cave.

“Anything yet?”

“No Logan…She’s a hard one to break through.”

Xavier sighs and unplugs from the cerebro.

“I will keep trying.”

Logan nods and takes out a cigar. He reaches to the door. Xavier twirls around in his chair.

“There’s not a doubt in my mind that we will find her.”

Logan nods again and steps outside. The students were already waiting outside the door. Logan shook his head. They all lowered theirs in disappointment. Logan headed to their room. He hadn’t slept at all. There was just no way he could. Nor did he want to. The entire school had damn near been up all night burning the bodies of the Volturi. He hadn’t a clue where to begin in search for Bella.

He looked to his phone in thought. He thought of her friends and father back home. Logan rubbed his face. He didn’t know whether to make that call or not. Part of him felt if he did he’d already given up. He’d pulled that shit with her once before. He wasn’t about to let her down all over again. Wherever she was; Logan knew she was alive. She was a fighter that’s how she’d go down. That was also what he feared the most. He just hoped to find her before the fight was too much to bear. Unlike Logan, Bella hadn’t a healing factor. He knew the only reason he still lived was that alone. Logan had been in numerous situations where he knows without a shadow of a doubt he should have died.

Bella’s head moves against the hard wall of the cave. Her body ached all over. Bella felt something cold and wet running along her face. She went to tiredly wipe it off only to feel something hit against her hand. She forced her eyes open and froze. She immediately held her breath. The nose of a giant polar bear was pressed right up against her cheek as it breathed her in. Bella’s heart raced and she swallowed back nervously. She stayed completely still as it began sniff throughout her entire body. It’s massive paw began to make a digging motion at her snowsuit. Where the trail mix and jerky were.

She shut her eyes again temporarily trying to gather her senses. She felt she were about to have a full-fledged heart attack. She grits her teeth as the bear’s claws started to dig into her snow suit. It wanted whatever was in her pocket. However, Bella was starving and she knew it could take a while for her to find some food. She wasn’t about to merely give it up. No she was going to have to set her grounds and now. Bella sent out her wave of energy sending the bear soaring back away from her. Then she promptly came to her feet with her own set of claws. She locked eyes with the bear. The polar bear grew furious. Bella forced herself not to flinch when it bellowed out a nice roar her direction. She instantly held up her claws in warning. The polar bear paced the area directly in front of her. Slowly, it had begun to approach her again. Bella kept still and a watchful eye. It began to breathe her in at a safer distance. It shook it’s head a patch of fog escaping it’s mouth as it huffed out bitterly.

Bella slightly jumped as it gave one last good growl. She could have sworn she heard the thing sigh as if disappointed. It merely went to the back of the cave and lay down. Bella’s heart felt as though it’d fly out of her chest. She watched the bear in full on skepticism. It looked upon her for a few more minutes than the great beast shut its eyes. It lay there going to sleep as if it didn’t have a care in the world. Bella took in a breath of relief. She then took out one of her bottle of water’s she drank half of it and put it up. It took major discipline on her part she was so thirsty. She looked towards the entrance of the cave. She figured if nothing else she could find a way to melt some snow. Her stomach growled miserably. She looked to the white hump in the back of the cave.

She couldn’t believe she was sharing shelter with a freaking polar bear! Of course, it’s better that then the alternative. She shuddered in thought of becoming the damn thing’s meal. She could hear the wind whistling outside the cave. The sun was finally up again. Bella needed to eat something. She could barely muster energy she had towards the bear. Her entire body felt like it was swollen with bruises. Her back hurt the most. Bella cautiously made her way out of the cave. She brought up her hood and zipped herself up. The chill hit her like a slap to the face. It was so cold it made her face sting. She fixed her snowsuit making sure she was covered entirely. Bella knew her body needed a bit of recuperating before she could even think about trying to find a way home. She’d need every ounce of energy she could gather. For one thing she still wasn’t quite sure where she was. Ok so polar bears. The artic… Where in the artic? How far away was she from any civilization? First thing first Bella began to gather as much wood and tinder as possible. She made a few trips back and forth to the cave making her a nice little pile. She continued her watch on the sleeping bear. She knew this was going to be interesting by far. Bella would leave the bear alone as long as it left her alone. Nonetheless, the idea of spending a couple days cooped up with something that could rip her to shreds and devour her didn’t seem too kosher. Hitherto, there wasn’t exactly a renters list of places to go to. At this point shelter was shelter. If she had to share it with a savage beast then so be it; just as long as it kept to itself. Once Bella gathered all she thought she’d need. She stepped back outside. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and for that she was thankful. She enjoyed what little sun she could get.

Bella leaned back outside of the cave. She took in the scenery. She’d find it far more appealing if she wasn’t frightened out of her mind. She took out her jerky and stuffed a piece into her mouth. The salt slightly burned as it went down. She welcomed the burning sensation as it made her mouth water. She shut her eyes in thought. Logan pierced through her thoughts something fierce. Bella wanted to break down and cry. She’d never been so scared in her life. She knew Logan had faced these kinds of situations plenty. She just never dreamed she’d be literally walking in his shadows. What she wouldn’t give to have him holding her about now; to feel his warmth just to see his face. Though the jerky felt good amongst her tongue it by far settled her actual hunger.

Bella half laughed and came to her feet. She knew she was going to actually have to hunt if she truly wished to survive. The harsh weather would only eat her alive if she didn’t eat. She put what little was left of the jerky up in her pocket. She sipped at her water and then filled it to the brim with snow. She knew she’d have to melt them again like she had last night. The water kept freezing.

She felt herself trying to fall asleep again. Something about the weather left her feeling lethargic. Bella forced herself to come to her feet. It was time to see what she could find in means of food. Bella also began doing what she could think of to mark certain areas she came across. Not only so she could find her way back, but if someone were to come looking for her. She used the X-Men symbol. She’d been engraving it into the trees and even in the cave. Another way her gift came in handy. She hadn’t a knife on her, but she used it as one instead. The only thing that hurt her about using her energy was it was draining her each time she had to use it. All the more reason she needed to find more means of what she needed. Last thing she needed was to not even have the strength; to use her gift period. Without it she knew she’d be fucked.

Bella began her first hunt… she just prayed she found something.

Xavier had called off school until further notice. Instead they each worked in order to rebuild and clean up whatever damage had been left behind. Scott and Logan were out in the jet thinking of where ever they could as to Bella’s where about. Logan knew though that there was a possibility they were merely flying right over her. They stopped at a few regions they could think of and looked around. They even showed her picture to certain locals around the area. Something in Logan told them they weren’t even close. After making their third trip and attempt of the day to find Bella. Logan became frustrated in thought. Then he grew livid at himself. Here they were asking around…

He shook his head. There’s no way she’d be seen in the public eye. He began to think like a vampire. Hell like a deranged psychotic ex vampire boyfriend. If he wanted Bella to himself where no one could ever find them… Where would Logan take her if he were in Edward’s shoes? He snarled back in thought. He’d take her far away. So she couldn’t escape. They knew she had a gift. That could pose a threat and they wouldn’t want her too close to home if she escaped. They’d want time in which to find her again. In fact something within Logan thought… Alaska, Canada? Even with Bella’s gift he hated to even imagine her trying to survive the wilderness. He knew her gift excreted energy. She’d soon grow too weak for it. Bella if not found soon wouldn’t even have the métier to use her ability she’d literally have to survive on instincts alone. All that aside… how was she to survive the weather alone? He grimaced in mere thought. He knew exactly what those nights felt like. Logan knew if she hadn’t found shelter she’d simply freeze to death. That’s if the vampires didn’t take matters into their own hands. Logan kept telling himself over and over. She’s a fighter! Bella’s alive! That and he could sense it.

Bella peered over from a tree. She watched as an artic fox ran by. She couldn’t help, but to think it was the most beautiful things she’d ever seen. It’s fur was milky white. Bella curiously watched as it hunted down a small mouse or something she couldn’t quite tell what it was. The irony was she had something aimed at the fox. However, she stopped. She wasn’t quite sure you could even eat a fox. And the idea of skinning that and eating… Bella was beginning to realize she was too soft. She hated the idea of killing something like that and eating it. She took in a breath. Cows-burgers, Pigs-sausage… Both in which were cute creatures at one time as well. This was no time to be acting like this. Logan would laugh in your face for acting like such a wimp. She scolded herself in thought. She could just imagine him lurking behind her. Watching her lower her energy spear in order to save a single cute furry animal. Whattaya gonna starve yerself darlin’? Survival of the fittest! Yah should be ashamed! She thought in his words and voice. A small smile formed along her lips.

As she turned back around however, something far more appealing stood off to the distance. She nodded to herself and aimed yet again. A small celebration went off in her head as the rabbit was hit dead on! She began to make her way over. Only to get pissed the fuck off. The fox also noticed what had happened. The snide little shit was also heading that direction.

“Ah, no you don’t you fucking little shit!”

She watched as he took off with her meal. She kept waiting for the furry little fuck to flip her off as well. She shook her head and threw her hands in the air.

“I should have eaten you instead you ass!”

It took her a few more hours to even have anything else pass by. It was a caribou a big one too. She held her breath and thought fast knowing it wouldn’t just stand there much longer. Just as the rabbit she sent her spear out only at a greater and faster pace. It charged right through the caribou only it took off running.

“NO!” She yelled heatedly and took off running after it. The snow crunched and sloshed beneath her boots.

Bella continued to run until she found the animal slowing down. It tried with desperation to get away, but it couldn’t. She sighed in thought feeling like a real bitch about now. Bella knew it was the only way though. She never meant to make the animal suffer. Once she came up to it. She lay the animal down and grazed her hands along its snot.

“I’m sorry…”
She said and snapped it’s neck. She shook her head feeling really girlie about now. She was actually crying for the damn thing. Bella felt like a complete idiot. She couldn’t help herself though. Her heart was entirely too big not to feel for the animal. She began to drag the animal back toward the cave. The thing was too heavy to carry. Bella started to laugh at the mere irony… here she was crying over her kill. Nonetheless, she hadn’t even shed a tear over Edward or Alice. She never dreamed that when she first met the Cullen’s it would come down to this. This was bat shit crazy. Bella wasn’t sure what to make of anything anymore.

The closer she came to the cave. The more she began to grow unease for her new roommate. She’d a feeling she couldn’t very well just carry this inside and pile it into corner. Not without a good fight on her hands. Last thing she wanted was another fox episode. Bella decidedly threw down the animal at a nearby tree not too far away. She thought it might help if she skinned it here and got it prepared. She only hoped that if maybe she willingly shared. The bear wouldn’t be a dick about it and try to take over her meal completely. She hadn’t the time to prepare and cook it outside. Hunting the thing itself took damn near all day. The sun would be setting again soon.

The thought had Bella rather down in spirits. She was beginning to wonder just how long it would be before she was found. If ever…

“You should get some rest Logan…” Storm says putting a hand along his shoulder.

He merely shrugs. Storm sighs as he heads on outside. Logan heads towards the training field. He takes in a breath and drops down and starts doing pushups. He does this for a solid hour without breaking. He then comes up and does the entire routine he’d set up for Bella. She danced through his mind the entire time. He began to punish himself by extending everything he always had her do. Logan pushed the amount of time by triple. He wanted the hurt, the burn, whatever agony she maybe going through. He didn’t want her going through it alone. Logan did this for hours on end until he finally rolled over on the ground and passed out. For the first time since she’d been gone; Logan slept. He slept in the middle of the field the entire night.

Xavier sighs as he tried yet again to find her. He’d taken Logan’s advice about Canada. She wasn’t there from what he could see. If she was he wasn’t able to break through her shield. He’d try Alaska later. He had grown weary searching for her. The guilt also weighed upon Xavier. He himself felt somewhat responsible for what had taken place. He hadn’t truly realized just how far Jean had taken things. He’d never seen this side of her. Not only that, but Jean had grown more distant with Xavier as of late. That and she were pushing him out from her head as well. After what she’d been pulling with Bella he’d grown curious. But like Bella; Jean also had him blocked. The difference was Jean’s was intentional. Bella’s just seemed to come naturally she wasn’t even aware of anything. Xavier’s fear however, was once he was able to break through; it could severely weaken or even harm Bella. Scott had told him what it had done to Bella when Jean forced her way in. In fact it seemed every time himself or Jean managed to break through it significantly weakened and even caused Bella suffering.

He knew if he did find her. That Logan and Scott would have to be prepared to move and fast. Where ever she was Bella was sure to die; if not found quickly once Xavier made his move. Xavier was doing this to save her. Yet, deep down he knew it could very well also be her very demise.

Yet, again Bella grew angry at herself. She’d already vomited twice from skinning the caribou. The smell and sight itself made her nauseas. She tried her best to keep it back. It was a lost battle as she found herself running away from her potential food and vomiting a few yards away. Losing whatever she had left in her body.

With one hand she leaned against a nearby tree and looked back over to her kill. She looks to the sky and took a deep breath. She did her best to collect herself. That and well Bella wasn’t sure how much longer she could put on this brave act and face. She kept it at bay for now. She had to or she’d lose her mind. Bella went back to her prey and thankfully finished what she’d set out to do without anymore incidents. Now it was about how to keep the meat so no other scavengers would get to it. That and she needed to cook it somehow. It wasn’t like she had pots and pans on her. Bella took off her gloves just long enough to use the snow to get the blood off them. She quickly placed them back on as she felt her hands already growing numb. Last thing she needed was frostbite. Bella began to place the remaining meat in a tree not too far from the cave. She truly hoped it was high enough that her dear new friend wouldn’t get to it; or any others for that matter. She wished she had some sort of wire or string, but she only had nature itself to work with. Bella carried the rest back with her. A giant slab of it just for the roommate and enough for her to hurriedly cook while the bear ate. Dread came over her; the closer she came to the cave. She hadn’t a clue exactly how to go about this. All she knew though was the sun was going down. She couldn’t cook outside. She needed the shelter. Tonight might be about whose boss. If so Bella just hoped she came out on top and that she didn’t just provide her new friend with two meals.

Apprehensively, she enters the cave. The bear was still asleep. She decided to brave it and cook her meal first. She’d keep the meat meant for the bear on hand. She was surprised it didn’t wake from the scent alone. Bella takes off her gloves her hands were covered in blisters from yesterday’s trial on starting the fire. She narrowed her eyes upon the ring though and ran her fingers along it. The day he proposed replayed in her mind. That bulge formed in her throat as she swallowed back. She forced it away knowing she had to keep her mind clear. She couldn’t let her guard down. The fire was somewhat easier to start this time. Once she got it started she put her back to the wall. She placed her hands over for the warmth. She eyed the bear as it snored about. Bella placed her kabobs of meat over the fire. Her stomached ached horribly from hunger. It growled nearly as loud as the bear’s snoring.

Sure enough just as she’s about done cooking her meal for the night. The bear stirs awake. Its eyes locking with hers. Her heart rate picked up pace. She gave it a simple nod and waited. The bear sniffed the air and came to its feet. It paced about as if not sure how to handle the situation. It was hungry. But Bella could also see it slightly feared her the same way she feared it. Yet, they both dealt with one another out of no other choice. It seemed neither was willing to die anytime soon. It let out a slight growl of frustration and stomped it’s paw about the ground. She shook her head and it watched as Bella took her first bite of food. She jumped a bit as the bear snarled back out her. It was damn near comical. The damn thing wanted to kill her she could see it. She finished swallowing the tough as hell leather like meat. But it was food that’s all that mattered. The bear made a small charge towards her as if it wanted to frighten her. Something came over her and she growled right back at it and her claws came out. The bear roared at her ferociously as if to tell her WELL FUCK YOU TOO! Bella started laughing and tossed over the slab of meat she had for it. The bear looked to her almost untrusting and confused at first. That didn’t last long though as the bear devoured the meat damn near whole. It looked to her in longing for more. She shook her head and held up her empty hands.

The bear paced around some more and she could tell it was looking around to see if she had more lying around somewhere. She continued to watch it carefully as she put her hands back over the fire. The bear sniffed the area around her. Before long it exited the cave. Bella shut her eyes for a moment and leaned back. She unzipped her snow suit a bit and looked along her chest and tummy. Sure enough she was covered in huge ass bruises. She could feel it too damn near every breath she took. The deeper breath she took the more the ache behind it. She rubbed her face with her warmed up hands. Bella groaned out miserably because she needed to pee. She knew that itself was going to be hell. Any amount of toiletry out here was going to be. She damn near feared her urine would freeze the moment it came out. The thought made her softly giggle.

Bella stepped out of her snow suit. She worked quickly to prepare herself in a mere run and go situation. That and she hoped that maybe in an odd sense; she was marking her territory outside the cave. She doubt that’d keep her current roommate at bay, but she hoped it would keep others out at least. Bella looks to the entrance once she’s ready. She knew this was going to suck. But it was either that or pee in the cave. She wasn’t too sure how the bear would take that and she didn’t care to make her temporary home her toilet. Bella headed towards the exit and as rapidly as possible she squatted and went. Ironically, as she was going the bear had returned. It looked to her with a tilted head expression. She nodded towards it feeling awkward. Even if it was just a bear; she was right here taking a damn leak in front of it. Bella finished and kept her eyes locked on to the bear as she darted back into the cave. She wrinkled her nose as the bear dug it’s nose into the area where she’d gone.

“Sick…” She uttered as she quickly got her clothing back on.

She half expected it to go ape shit on her now. After all she was pretty certain this was the bear’s territory before she even arrived. Yet she just clearly marked it. It was odd though the bear merely made a sneezing like sound and shook its head. It came back into the cave and lay down as if nothing even happened. Bella wasn’t sure if this bear was right in the head. Sure she hadn’t much experience with wild animals, but this one sure acted strange for bear like behavior. In most cases Bella should already be dead or mauled up pretty good.

The sun had gone down. Bella’s eyes came to a close.

Logan baby… hey…”

Logan please!”


Logan jumped awake to the sound of her voice. He looked around to realize he was still in the field. He hurriedly came to his feet and made his way to Xavier’s office. His dreams… They felt so real…

“Try Russia!”

Xavier lifted his head from his desk.


Logan nodded with full confidence.

“Next time you go into cerebro Chuckles try the Artic Circle around Russia.”

“Why Russia?”

“Just a sense… Something within me tells me to go there.”

“You do realize that if she’s in Russia…” Xavier hints.

“Precisely, which is why I’d have to go about this on my own. We both know I’m the only one that can bring her back.”

Xavier narrows his eyes and drops down his pen.

“Very well. You’ve my word I’ll give it my all Logan.”

Logan nods and exits his office.

Bella gets up the next morning. She swore her body felt even sorer than before. Her back popped as she came to a complete stand. She stretched out her arms and legs. She noticed her roommate was gone.

She sighed in thought and looked towards the exit. She dreaded her food would be as well. Bella fixed her suit ready to head out and check for herself. Once she made her way over she was glad to see some of it was still left not much. But enough for at least today; possibly tomorrow. She reached up to one of the chunks of meat she’d hidden in the tree. Only to hear the sound of growling. It came from directly behind her. It wasn’t her new friend either. That wasn’t the worst part. She began to realize she was surrounded.

Bella had to store what energy she had left. She could feel it fading as time progressed. The best thing to back away. If she used up what she had to fight the wolves; she wouldn’t be able to do much else. Bella knew she hadn’t a choice. The climate was ruthless and getting to her. She found herself weaker and weaker as time grew. Bella goes to step aside and give up her rations. She’d hopes to leave and go back to the cave in peace. That’s not even close to what happened.

Bella got slammed down. She covered her face as the wolf bared it’s teeth at her. The wolves were starving. She noticed they were skinnier than usual. Bella also knew that the only times a wolf usually attacks a human is if was hungry or you somehow threatened it. They normally run.

Bella knew she could very well die at the hands of this magnificent animal. Nevertheless, she found it strikingly beautiful. Proving all the more how jacked up Bella truly was. She rolled her eyes in spite herself. Yeah Bella let’s go on about the beautiful creature that wants to take your head!

The wolf let out a terrifying snarling growl sound. That ended with a snapping sound as it clasped it’s jaw tightly. It began to sniff her. Bella could hear the others wandering around her as well. She narrowed her eyes as the wolf started to whimper.

She uncovered her face. The wolf looked confused as it still had her pinned down. He let out a howl. She hadn’t a clue what was going on. It nodded towards the other wolves. Their attention however, went to something else. The wolf crawled off her. Her eyes widen was her new friend was on it’s hind legs it let out a growl directly at the wolves. Bella yelped out and scooted back against a nearby tree as the bear came barreling right for the wolf that had her pinned down.

“Holy shit!” She expressed as the bear began to chase off the pack of wolves.

Her eyes widened as the bear made it’s way back after. She nearly screamed as the bear bit down on the leg of her snow suit and began to drag her towards the cave. What the fuck?! Once it got her back to the cave it began to breathe her in and gently pawing at her. She covered herself protectively. It let out a odd grunting sound and it went back to it’s usual spot and laid down.

Meanwhile, Bella was completely baffled. She hadn’t a clue what just happened. Bella dug through her snow suit and took out the trail mix she’d been saving. She builds another fire and sits one of the bottle waters beside the fire so it could melt enough to drink. Bella ate a couple handfuls of the bag. Through the adventure of what just took place. And the fact that she knew she couldn’t stay in this cave for forever. How else would she ever make it home? Bella began to break down. The fear within her heart was great. She hadn’t a clue where to go. She didn’t even have a compass. She’d have to wing it by looking to the constellations or something. That was the only thing she could think of. The tears only grew worse as she thought of Logan. The mere idea of never seeing him again toyed with her emotions. She pulled her knees to her chest and let out a good cry.

Logan reached to his chest as he walked down the hallway. That odd feeling came over him again. This heavy urge to lose his shit completely. It kept hitting him every now and then like a full on panic attack. He leaned against the wall for a moment. It damn near brought him to his knees.


Rogue questioned as she passed by.
“Are ya alright?”

He shook his head. She nodded and took his hand into her own.

“She’ll be back.”

Rogue’s eyes widened in disbelief as Logan sunk down against the wall. He pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Marie…” He said in a way she’d never heard.

Rogue’s heart sank into the pit of her stomach.

“I can’t fucking breath!” He slurred breathlessly.

She leaned over and wrapped her arms around him. She was careful not to put her bare skin against his. No one was used to seeing Logan this way. Normally, when he’s upset about something he drinks. Rogue noticed all he’d done as of late was work out and smoke his cigars. He hadn’t touched a drink that she knew of.

The next morning Bella heads out to hunt first thing. Everything she was doing today would be in preparation to leave first thing in the morning. She was determined to find some sort of civilization or anything that’d lead her into Logan’s arms. Since she hadn’t ate anything decent yesterday she found herself even weaker than usual.

She managed to hunt down a rabbit. This time she wasn’t near as queasy or sensitive about it. Once she got it prepared she head back to the cave. The bear was already awake and cleaning itself.

She gave it a nod and sat down. She started her fire and began to cook the meat she’d placed on a stick. She tossed over the remains of the rabbit for the bear. It wasted no time devouring it. A smile came about her face as she twirled her meat about the fire.

“I might actually miss you.” She says softly.

The bear gazed upon her and sat down.

“I’m leaving tomorrow. So I’ll be out of your hair. That also means you’ll have to go back to hunting your own meals.” She taunts with a grin.

After she’s done with the meat she begins to eat it. It was much easier to go down. It even seemed to taste better than that of the caribou.

Bella grabs a stone and begins to write along the cave wall. She puts down the number of days she was here. And which direction she plans to go in the morning.

She downs her bottles of water once they melt she refills them with snow. Bella decides to

Go on to sleep so she’s well prepared for her journey.

Once the sun wakes her in the morning. Bella glances towards the bear once more.

“Later…” She says softly and pulls up her hood and zips herself up.

She says a prayer and finds her another walking stick.

Bella heads out deciding to follow the North Star. Something she was always taught as a child. Bella trudges on in the blistering cold. Her boots crushing away at the snow beneath her feet. She’d been keeping her head down; as the wind stung her eyes. She looks up after a couple hours to see not only are there no more trees about. But she could now see the Arctic Ocean from a distance.

“FUCK!” She says in a full on panic and looks around.

She’d begun to wonder if leaving the cave was such a good idea after all. It was also clear where she was now… She definitely wasn’t in Canada! If anything she was either in or on the outskirts of freaking Russia! She shook her head a full freaking panic attack was hitting her hardcore.

“NO! FUCK!” She growled.

She knew now just how serious the situation truly was. She was an American lost in freaking Russia! Bella came to her knees she hadn’t a clue what to do now! What could she do?! Her head began to pound. She cried out in agony and her nose began to bleed. Bella fell to the ground rolling over in anguish.

Xavier comes out of cerebro and nods towards Scott and Logan. Logan took in a breath of relief.

“Hurry. She doesn’t have long…”

Xavier gives them the best directions he can

They both take off. They discuss the plan on the way. They both knew they couldn’t cross Russia’s boundaries. They’d be shot down immediately. No… Scott was going to have to get Logan close as possible. Logan would have to parachute down and go from there.

Bella woke to feel herself being dragged by the hood of her snowsuit. Her jaw dropped as she saw men in white snowsuits in front of her. Each of them had machine guns. She kicked her legs about squirming to break free her hands clasped around the wrist that was dragging her.

“Let me go!”

She maneuvered her body enough and twirled around knock the man down that was dragging off with her. The man quickly reached over from the ground and put a gun to her forehead. He said something in Russian.


He mouthed off something again and socked her across the face with his handgun. Her head swayed back. Bella had one last upwelling within her. She focused and with all she had Bella sent out her last bit of energy. The men were sent flying back.

Bella took off running not looking back. She wasn’t even sure how she managed running itself. Her body felt completely whipped. Not that it mattered… She froze as a vehicle filled with even more men and guns was coming directly towards her. They stopped and immediately jumped out of the vehicle. They rushed over apprehending her. They slammed her into the ground and cuffed her. Then blindfolded her and dragged her back towards the vehicle.

Scott looked back over at Logan. He gave him a thumbs up. Logan nodded and Scott hit the deploy button. Logan’s seat was ejected and he shot up into the air above them. As Logan came down his parachute deployed…

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