Chapter 13 Only The Strong

Chapter 13

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Scott had dropped Logan off just on the outskirts of the Arctic Circle. He got Logan as close as he could without getting them caught. From there Logan went as quickly as possible. He tried to pick up whatever trail or scent he could. He turned everything off and went into his old soldier mode. Within a few hours; Logan saw the cave from a distance Xavier had seen in Bella’s mind. He couldn’t believe she’d climbed something that steep in order to get to it. The weather didn’t affect Logan like it did Bella. So his plan was to keep trucking no matter what. He knew her life depended on it.

He made it to the cave within another hour. He began to climb just as she had. Once Logan got to the top he looked around. Logan also picked up the scent of the bear. Logan hunched over and made his way inside the cave. Bella’s scent floored him. He knew it wasn’t very long ago she was here. The bear’s scent remained as well, but he was nowhere to be seen. Logan turned his attention to the remains of the last campfire she’d built. He bent down running his fingers along the remaining ashes.

“Thattaya girl.” He whispered impressed she was able to make a fire from scratch. He looked over and saw the X-Men symbol she’d marked onto the wall. That and he saw that she’d left the cave this morning. She wrote down North Star.

He nodded and ran his fingers along the area she figured she’d been sleeping. He shut his eyes for a moment taking in her scent once more. Logan then made his way back out. He began to follow the trace of her scent. He ran throughout the woods seeing the X-Men symbol off and on. He was amazed he couldn’t get over Bella’s sheer wits at the moment. However, the further he went the more flustered he felt. He knew there was nothing past these trees. Sure enough he continues on to see the vast land of nothing ahead of him. It was already dark. He could see just fine though. He felt on edge the entire time.

Logan snarled back as he picked up another scent. Others had been here besides Bella. He narrowed his eyes and crouched down. There was a trail of blood in the snow, Bella’s. He saw where it led back behind him where he’d been walking originally. There were markings of a vehicle of some sort that went straight ahead. He knew now that someone had taken her.

Bella gasps out as a bucket of ice cold water hits her. She quickly scoots back into a corner of the room. She looked too be in some sort of interrogation room. Four men were in the room each with guns. Bella looked down to see she was only in her black tank and panties. The same guy from before got right down in her face and yet again barked out something she could not understand.

“English, please I speak English!”

He smacked her across the face and brought her up by the roots of her hair. They looked to one another in conversation about something. One of the guys nodded and looked to be glancing her over. He laughed and made his way over. Bella recoiled as he ran a hand along her ass. The other man yanked her back. He barked some sort of orders. The man looked disappointed by whatever he said and reached for Bella again.

They continued the argument for a bit. The man then forced her into a wooden chair and they gagged and tied her to the chair. The man stormed out of the room. The other one quickly made his way over. He smiled and lowered the strap to her tank top.

“American women…” He said with laughter and looked down her top.

He wiggled his brows towards the other men. They too started to laugh.

“Please, please!” He mocked.

They laugh again.

Logan ducts down as he come across the base. He takes his time from this point. One little fuck up Bella’s as good as dead. He took in a breath and took note of the surveillance cameras around the area. He was thankful to see it was a small base. In fact from his previous military experience he wasn’t sure why this one was right here.

Logan began to come up with a plan. As the camera moved out of range he quickly tucked and rolled behind one of the vehicles. He quickly snapped the guard’s neck that was guarding beside it. He swiftly begins to take off the guard’s clothes. Logan placed on the snowsuit they were wearing. He grabbed their walkie-talkie and gun as well. He shoved the body underneath the white Hummer and quickly swiped a hand over their tracks as he darted away from another surveillance camera.

Logan continued to move about with a watchful eye and careful ear. He was cautious about taking out too many of their men. The goal was to get close enough then merely blend in as one of their own.

The man reenters the room with someone else. A tall lanky man with a cigar in his mouth. He takes in a drag and blows it right into Bella’s face. Her eyes water from the cloud of smoke. She chokes back behind the clothed gag in her mouth.

“Are you a spy?”

She shakes her head. He cups her chin roughly. He lowers the gag from her mouth.

“You are American?”

She nods.

“What are you doing here American?!”

She swallows back. She starts to answer only she cries out as he puts his cigar to her hand. The man lifts it up and smacks her across the face like the other had. She spits the blood from her mouth on to his face. He takes out his gun and forces it into her mouth. Bella’s brave face was now gone. She sobbed back in fear. They continued to laugh at her. He took out the gun and fired at her feet. She shrieked out.

“Please what do you want?!”

“What was that you did out there!? You killed five of my men!”

“Out of defense! They came after me first. I’m not a spy. I’m not a threat. I was forced here against my will. I promise. Just let me get back to America.”

He puts his cigar to her once again.

Logan gritted his teeth as he could hear her being tortured from outside the building. Still he had to keep with the plan. He had to be patient. Hang on darlin’. He thought feeling ill in thought of what they might be doing to her.

“You’re lying! American Bitch now tell me why you’re here?! Why did you kill my men?!”

Logan heard everything that was being said it took all will not to bust down the damn doors. He wanted to rape these guys with his claws! They had it coming!

“I’m telling you the truth. They came after me first! I merely defended myself!”

“One more chance to come clean. Tell me what you did to my men! Tell me who you are!”

She nods.

“My name is Bella Swan. I’m from America. I’m sorry about your men, but like I said it was self-defense.”

“But you killed my men without a weapon. HOW?!”

Bella wasn’t about to expose the academy or any of the such. Even though she was certain mutants were global anyhow. She just wasn’t about to take that risk. She knew she was dead anyway. She’d killed their men. No way was she walking away from this. They would merely torture her then shoot her.

Bella sighs she felt her body giving out on her. She wasn’t sure how much more she could endure.

“I’m a witch…” She sighs and wearily laughs.

“And you’ve all been hexed you dumb fucks.”

Logan cocked a brow at this and shrugged.

They nod to one another. They untie her and yank her out of the chair. They drag her by the hair back outside. Logan came to attention as he saw them dragging her out. Just as he planned he was already acting as though one of the guards.

The air was so cold it burned her flesh as it hit. The snow beneath her back felt like fire as they continued to drag her across the ground. One of the other men swiftly kicked her in the gut. Logan fought not to snap at that very moment. The man lifts her up and twirls her around to face the others. He rips her tank top and tosses it to the ground. Logan’s jaw clenched tightly as they started making fun of the size of her breast in Russian. The man then forced her back against him. Logan could pick up Bella’s heart rate it was skyrocketing.

They shoved her towards a wooden pole. They tied a blindfold around her eyes. Bella felt herself being forced up and her hands were tied behind her back.

Little was Bella aware that Logan was the one tying her hands. He deliberately made them loose; enough to yank her away when ready.

Through her absolute terror and behind her tears Bella starts laughing hysterically. They each look to one another confused. Logan swallows back on this looking over to her as well.

“Any last words American spy?”

Bella nods with one person in her mind. If she’s gonna die she might as well do it right.


“And what would those words be?”

“I wish I could see your faces. When he fucks you all severely.” She utters faintly.

“He?” The man questions.

Logan sees the smile form on her face.

“You’ll see…” She says damn near demonically. Logan himself had a grin on his face under his hood

Logan also heard one more thing.

“I’m sorry I let you down Wolverine.” She says faintly and completely heartbroken.

Enough to send Logan chills.

Yah never let me down Bella darlin’. Is what he wanted to tell her.

The men start to cock their chambers. Logan pretends to be checking her over once more. He breathes her in and looks upon her once more. He waits until the other men have left the area. He leans into her ear, but pretends to be roughing her up a bit by pulling at her hair.

“Fall flat in 15… Bella darlin’.”

He felt her body reacting to his voice. That’s right lil darlin’ Wolverine’s here. Logan turned and began to walk away. Once he makes his way to the men; Bella got to her countdown. She dropped flat to the ground and Logan’s claws came out. He took out four men before they even realized what was truly going on. The others aimed their guns and Logan swiftly knocked them out of their hands. With one twirling motion he’d spilt their throats. Logan looked back to the towers one of the men was shooting at Bella. He quickly grabbed a grenade off one of the dead men. Logan pulled out the pin with his teeth. He tossed it over. “Fire in the hole…” He called out without looking back.

Logan rushed back over to Bella and snatched her up off the ground. Logan quickly scanned her over thankful she hadn’t been shot. Logan lifts the blindfold from her face and tosses it aside. Their eyes lock for a split second. He cups her cheeks and nods. Logan quickly steps out of his snowsuit and hurriedly places it on Bella. The guy that was hands on with Bella comes right for them. Logan places Bella behind him and he grabs the guy. Logan’s claws retract and he starts beating the shit out of him. Punching and kicking whatever part of him he can reach. Logan the tosses him up into the air. He sends out his claws. One set going through the man’s balls the other through his spine as he comes down. He tosses him into the oncoming guards knocking them down.

It was a fight itself for Bella to even be on her feet. Everything around her was a blur.

Logan dashes over towards the men as a few fell on their asses. He bonds off the building into the air and he comes down ramming his claws into their necks. One guy fires a gun at Logan’s chest as he comes up. Logan shakes his head. The man watches as he starts to heal before his very eyes. Logan nods and the man looks down to see Logan’s claws in his gut. Logan twists them about as the man falls to his knees. Logan yanks them back out.

He turns back to see Bella directly behind him. Logan could see it in her face. Her body wouldn’t hold up much longer. He could see she fought just to stay awake. Logan promptly picked her up and took off towards the white Hummer. He opens the door stuffing her inside. He quickly rushes over to the driver side. More men were coming from the building. He was wondering how many of those bastards there were. He thought he’d had them all taken out! He looked back to the Hummer in thought. He growled out he couldn’t leave a single one alive and risk getting followed or them calling for backup. He needed that fucking Hummer or Bella would die from the weather alone.

Logan took off in a sprint their direction he soared out with both sets of claws heading right for them. The men were pinned to the building by their throats. Logan snarled back and jerked his claws back out.

Logan looked back over to see one more guy. He shook his head with full on irritation. The man was running like a little chicken shit. Logan quickly made his way back to the Hummer. He lowered the visor and sighed in relief as a set of keys fell into his lap. He put the keys in and the Hummer roared to life. He braced Bella with one hand. He took off towards the bastard that was running.

“Hold on….” Logan said gruffly as he ran the man over.

He then backed up and ran him over again.

He turns back to see Bella’s out cold. He keeps driving and thinks of a place to hide the Hummer until morning. Once Logan’s satisfied with the area; he parks the Hummer and quickly aims the heater at Bella. Her temperature and heart rate was dropping. He unzipped the snowsuit and he put his hands to the heater. He then began warming her hands and face. He cupped her hands into his own and blew warm breathes on them. He lay beside her and took off his shirt. He kept the snowsuit unzipped, but his arms wrapped around her and his chest pressed up against hers. Logan continued to blow warm breathes against her face and ran his hands along her back doing his best to get her temp back up.

That morning he went to wake her so they could start their journey back. Only she wasn’t stirring awake.

“Come on now… I need yah to wake up.”

Logan felt her forehead. Her temp was still below normal. Her heart rate had dropped even more. Bella he realized also had the beginnings of frost bite on the tips of her fingers. The bottom of her feet and a few of her toes made him cringe. The assholes had her out there half naked. Her body got ate up. Logan tried to stir her once more. But she wasn’t about to wake. He rubbed his face feeling anxiety washing over him. He made his way out of the Hummer and begins to do the only thing he knew to do.

Grab Bella and run like he’d never run before. She wasn’t dying! He wouldn’t allow it!

He growled through gritted teeth picking up his stride even more. He’d fucking murder anyone that stood in his way.

Logan ran for two days straight. He didn’t stop for anything not even a breath. He nodded towards Scott as he was already waiting. They hurriedly strapped her in. Logan strapped the oxygen mask on her face. Then he strapped himself behind her. Logan gave the sign once Scott got in. Once they got to the academy. Logan practically leaped out with Bella already in his arms.

He rushed her inside the hospital wing. Hank had already begin setting up. Logan laid her down and Hank began to do what was needed. They stripped her down to her panties. Logan draped a sheet over her breasts. Logan grimaced her body was severely beat up. There wasn’t a place on her that didn’t have some sort of cut, bruising, or frost bite. He paced the area in thought. He looked to Hank. Logan himself stripped down to his briefs. Hank looked to him confused. Logan looked around for another bed. He found one and wheeled it over. He plopped down on it and looked to Hank.

“Transfer my blood into her!”


“NOW! She’s going to lose her damn limbs! You think she wants to wake to no fucking feet!”

Hank winced in thought. He knew Logan was right she was going to lose some fingers as well.


Hank nodded and began the transfusion. Logan’s jaw clenched as Hank drove the needles into Logan’s arms. After things were tamed down and it was taking place; Logan looked over to Bella. He reached over and took her hand. He then looked back to the ceiling

Hank and Logan shoot up though halfway through the transfusion. Bella’s body began to spasm.

“What’s happening?!”

Hank shook his head and rushed over. Hank braced her to keep from moving. Bella’s back arched completely off the bed and as it came back down her heart stopped. Logan looked to the monitor and back to Bella.


Hank tried some chest compressions. When that didn’t work he tried full on CPR. Hank himself made a growling sound and he rushed over and set up the cardiogenic shock pads. He looked over to Logan.

“You’re gonna feel it too.” He warns.


Logan’s body flies back against the bed as the first wave is sent. He sucks back a breath afterword. He looked back over still nothing on the monitor.

“This isn’t fucking happening! Dammit Bella I swear to god you better NOT DIE ON ME! YOU FUCKING FIGHT! YOU DIDN’T GO THROUGH ALL THAT TO FUCKING DIE NOW DID YOU?!”

Logan’s body soars back again as Hank gives another shot. Logan’s body becomes paralyzed for a few moments. Once he comes too he leans over and pukes all over the floor. His body trembled all over. Hank shook his head as he looked upon Logan.

“I’m sorry…”

Logan’s shook his head in full disbelief.

“NOOOOOOOO!” He rose up and ripped the needles from his arms. He rushed over to her.

Logan picked her up cradling her in his arms.

“Her shield was fighting your healing gift… But I don’t understand because…”

They both turn to hear the heart monitor kick up again.
“Logan…?” Her small voice carries over striking both men dumb momentarily.

Logan drops to his knees with her still in his hold. He pulls her into his chest.

“Don’t yah ever fucking scare me like that again.”

She looked upon him confused. Bella leaned into his chest and closed her eyes. Logan wiped his face with the back of his hand. Hank put a hand upon his shoulder.

“Now what was that?” Hank questioned.

“That’s what I’d like to know.”

Hank returned to the room after running some blood work on Bella. A genuine smile planted on his face. Logan looked to him curiously.

“You might want to come see this.”

He motioned Logan over to a microscope. Logan cocked a brow. He leaned over and kissed Bella’s forehead. He came to his feet and made his way over. He had Logan look inside. Logan shrugged not having a clue what he was looking at.

“So a bunch of cells are going ape shit?” He says with a shrug and looks back to Bella as she softly whimpers out in her sleep.

“Precisely. Do you know what that means?”

Logan shrugs.

Hank smiles and makes his way over to Bella. He grabs a scalpel and is about to put it to Bella’s arm. Logan grabs his arm.

“Whattaya doing doc? I just got her healed up!”

Hank nods.
“I need you to trust me now Logan. After all I am a doctor.”

“Ha… funny…”

Hank cuts into Bella’s arm. Logan grimaces shaking his head.

“Now why’d yah go and do something like that?!”

However, Logan freezes and watches in sheer amazement.

“Oh my stars and garters…”

Logan picked up her arm and ran his fingers along it. Logan looks to Hank then to Bella back in thought.

“Is this what I think it is?”

“To be honest I’m not for certain what all it is. Her DNA is certainly different. It’s lively and everywhere! It’s amazing!”

Logan wasn’t sure what to think.

“So are you saying she’s got my healing factor now?”

He nods.

“Only it’s odd. Something’s new about her. I guess we’re to find out eventually.”
“So if she’s got my healing factor now then why the hell’d she almost die on me?!”

“It is my belief that Bella’s shield took it as a threat at first. So her body was treating it as one. It was defending itself. Without realizing it… killing her. When her body finally realized what it’d done. It tried to make up for it. You’re healing factor and her shield merged together; creating something entirely different that I’ve never seen before. I must admit; I’m quit anxious to see what it might be.”
Logan felt split on how to feel. Part of him damn near wanted to dance on the mere idea. That meant Bella truly was his equal now. However, is that what Bella wanted? Did he just force something on her without meaning to? What if she didn’t want to live like he has? What if she wanted to grow old like everyone else? Logan stumbled back in thought. Did he just pull a fucking Edward Cullen on Bella Swan?! He looked to Hank in a slight panic.

“She might not want this.”

“Why wouldn’t she?”

“Just because I’m cursed with it doesn’t mean she has to be! I didn’t think about what it’d do! I hadn’t a clue. I… ah, fuck…”

“I’m afraid I do not understand. You two are mated and soon to be wed? I couldn’t think of a better gift.” Hank says with a shrug.

“But she didn’t get the choice. Yet again something’s been forced on this girl!”

“I don’t see it that way.”
“You’re not her!”

Hank warmly smiles.

“Something tells me she’s going to be quite intrigued by it.”

“How the hell would you know that?!”

Hank winks upon Bella as she was now awake hearing everything Logan was saying.

“Why don’t you ask Bella for yourself… I’ll give you two a moment.”
Hank gives her hand a squeeze and leaves the room.

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