Chapter 15 Call Me Logan Baby

Chapter 15

Please read and then review. Thank you! I do not own Marvel or Twilight. Author note: Yes Kodiak was for the bear… some weren’t sure where it came from.

Bella shoots up in the bed. Her body was covered in sweat. Her heart raced beyond belief. She looked over to see Logan sound asleep. His arm around her waist. She took in a breath and leaned over kissing his forehead. She quietly made her way out of the bed. Bella made her way to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water. She held the glass for a moment and leaned against the counter. The nightlight flickered about. It made her jumpy feeling as she gazed upon it.

Bella walked over and tightened the bulb. She then pulled out a chair from the table and sat down. She slowly sipped at the water. Her entire body felt anxious. For some reason she felt alert and knew she couldn’t possibly sleep now. She looked to the time it was a couple hours before they had to get up. Bella down her water and got into her training sweats. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Before she left Bella wrote Logan a note in case he woke so he wouldn’t worry. On her way out she locked the door and put her headphones on.

She headed to the training field. Flyleaf blaring in her ears as she dropped down and started her pushups. The memory of Jean’s betrayal hit. Curiosity about where the bitch was came about. That was another thing. She and Logan hadn’t even discussed the issue. She wondered if he even knew Jean was behind what took place. Her teeth grit in thought. The more she thought about the bitch the angrier she grew. Heat flowed through her entire body. Her face was growing red with fury. Bella hopped to her feet. Immediately she started her punches and kicks. Repeatedly, she punched at the bag. She’d then turn and swing with a kick at the dummy behind her. Bella felt her energy coming back to life. It came about coursing through her veins her entire body accepted it’s return. Determination flowed about her.

Something else came about her body as she twirled back for another kick. Bella came off the ground a bit as her shield lifted her. A look of shock came about her face as she was suddenly shot in the air. She came back down and sent out a foot upon the dummy’s sternum. She’d shoved it a foot in the earth. She looked upon the dummy and the embed earth around them. A small giggle left her mouth.

“…shit…” She uttered softly.

Bella looked around in disbelief. She wanted to play with this now and see what all she could do.

She backed up a bit from the training field. She locked into one particular target. Bella couldn’t believe the amount of vigor that flowed through her.

She took off running and halfway in between. She fixated on her shield and like magic a hill of it formed beneath her feet as it carried her over she thought about shooting through the sky and sure enough it sent her sky rocketing she came back down in a spiraling motion and as she did she brought out her claws and took the wooden target out slicing it perfectly right down the middle.

She ran her fingers through her hair in utter shock. She then covered her mouth with one hand and started laughing. Bella took off at a sprint once more. The shield yet again appeared lifting her up. She put more focus into the firing off. She shot a good 10 feet in the hair and as she came back down the shield braced her landing. She giggled again and let it fire her back through the air again. Total bravery came over her as she twirled around in a somersault then came back down. She fell back with her arms spread about the shield flared itself about and caught her as though a net.

She turned to hear clapping.

“Ma belle I must say I’m quite jealous!”


He nods.

“It seems you’ve picked up a few new moves.”

“You could say that.”

She looks around oddly.

“Why are you up so early?”

“I was going to ask you the same thing.”

She shrugs.

“Body was restless.”

He nods again taking off his trench coat. He tosses it to the side. Remy pops his knuckles.

“Kurt won’t stop snoring.”

She laughs.

“Damn room is covered in brimstone. I’ll never get the smell out.”

“Be nice Remy.”

“Let me see that again…” He says in a pleading matter.

Bella takes in a breath. She stands before Remy. He smugly grins as she comes up of the ground hovering over her blue shield. She gives him a nod and she’s shot into the sky. He watches in sheer amazement as she comes down to one knee. The shield brings her down to the ground gently. Remy raises a brow and twirls around with his fighting stick.

“Now let’s see you in action.” He says with a slight bow.

“You just love getting your ass kicked don’t you?”

“It depends on who’s doing the ass kicking.”

He raises back up and quickly slams down his stick and swipes it towards her ankles. She jumps dodging it. Remy digs the stick into the earth and twists around it he let’s go barreling right for her. Her shield appears and she’s shot into the sky. Both come down on one knee eyeing one another. A grin comes about Remy’s face. His eyes glow a reddish hue. He sends his cards flying her direction. Bella brings out her hands in a shoving motion the cards are sent flying back. Remy quickly deflects sending them back at an even faster rate. They denote and send Bella flying back. Remy becomes alarmed at first. He starts to check on her. Bella however, comes up dusting herself off. She shakes a finger upon Remy as if to scold him. He chuckles a bit.

Bella forms her own fighting stick. He nods and comes at her twirling his about. They make that odd electric sound as they connect. Both blocking one another’s moves. Gambit had more experience in this area though. He was faster and more precise. Bella found herself fighting to keep up with him. She wiped the sweat from her brow as her shield shot her up yet again. Remy too came flying through the sky the both of them slamming into one another each blocking each other. Remy got the upper hand as quickly took his stick and swung it right at behind her knees. They folded out and she lost her concentration. She came down so fast her shield failed to catch her.

“SHIT!” Remy hollered as he rushed to her. They both heard the popping of a knee cap.
“Bella…?” He damn near freaked.

He offered her a hand she took it and flinched at the pain. She hopped around a bit as Remy put an arm around her shoulder. He propped her up against the wall. Bella raised her sweatpants and they grimaced at her knee as it was popped out of place.

“Damn…”Remy said running his fingers through his hair.

He felt horrible. Bella started laughing as she watched his panicked expression.

“How the hell are you laughing ma belle? Doesn’t that hurt?”

She nods.

“Fuck yeah it does.”

He looked upon her as if she were insane.

“Watch…” Bella says softly.

He narrows his eyes looking upon her knee. His eyes widen as he watches it go back into place without even touching it.


She laughs at his reaction.

“Gee thanks!”

“Nah, I meant sick as in awesome!”

He offers her a hand back up.

“Wasn’t the same without ya.”

He says grabbing his trench coat and he heads into the building.

Bella’s already lying down on the bleachers waiting for class. Logan enters the gym seeing her lying down. He was slightly disappointed she wasn’t there when he woke this morning. He really wished she’d get some more sleep. He didn’t expect her in class at all this week. Logan makes his way over and climbs towards where she is. He crouches over her.

She raises her brows as the first thing she sees is his belt buckle.

“Well hello Logan…” She says with a grin.

He bends down the rest of the way and kisses her.

“Yah have a good practice?”
She nods running her hand along his chest. Logan takes her hands lifting her up to her feet.

“I got something new to show you.”

He cocks a brow at this.


He looks around the gym.

“We still got half an hour.” He hints.

She laughs.

“Not that.”

He sighs.


They make their way down the bleachers and she demonstrates her newfound ability in the gym.

“I knew it!”


“Yer definitely a Bombshell.”

“Logan…” She blushes a bit.

He makes his way over.

“Whattaya say to that?”
“To what?”
“Yer new name?”


“Bombshell…” He says wiggling his brows suggestively.
“You want my code name to be something sexually degrading?!”

His eyes widen at this.

“Eh…” He scratches the back of his neck.

“I… well… dammit…”

“Relax Logan I’m just fucking with you. I like it.” She says with a shrug and goes to prance off.

“Why do yah do that? Are yah just plain cruel or something?”

“Actually, I just like seeing you sweat…”

He rushes over and yanks her back.

“We still got 15 minutes…”

“That’s not near enough time…” She taunts.

“Hmm…” He kisses her lips.

Logan picks her up and they start heavily making out. They don’t stop until they hear the clearing of a throat.

They slowly turn seeing that Bobby, Rogue, and Jubilee were already in the gym. Rogue happily waved. Bella giggled a bit and Logan cleared his throat lowering her back down. Jubilee sighs as if disappointed.

“Why do you always stop?!” She smacks Bobby in the back of the head.

“Ow what was that for?”

“That’s for interrupting them!” She scolds and goes to take her seat.

Bella grabs Logan by the collar of his shirt and pecks him on the lips once more. She then takes her seat.

“Ma belle you’re trying to kill me!” Gambit complains putting his hand to the area of his heart. He’d entered to see the finale.

“Watch it bub I’ll have yah doing double the laps!” Logan warns.

The other students enter the gym. Peter’s last to enter and he slams the door shut as the wind catches it. It makes a loud banging sound. Logan notices how Bella flinches and reaches to her chest. She shuts her eyes for a moment.

“Alright lap it up.” Logan says and the students groan out.

They make their way down the bleachers and they run their laps. Logan keeps an extra eye on Bella. He notices halfway through she ducks under the bleachers. He motions for Peter to watch the others. Logan makes his way over. He sees her against the wall bowed over. She sounded like she was having an anxiety attack.

He places a hand upon her shoulder and lifts her chin with the other one.

“Why don’t yah go back to the room darlin’? Yah don’t even have to be here.”

Her entire face is red as she fights against the attack.

“Just breathe…” She nods trying to catch her breath.

He breathes in and out as in example. Trying to get her to match her breathing along with his own. He nods as she finally starts to calm down.

“Go back to the room… get some rest.”

She shakes her head.

“I don’t want to go back.”


“Seriously, I’m ok Logan.”

He narrows his eyes as she makes her way out. Bella rejoins the others and starts to run again. Logan pinches the bridge of his nose. He takes in a breath and makes his way back over as well. Once they’re done he has them practice a bit of hand to hand combat. He notices Bella giving Rogue some pointers. He looks over and see’s Kitty and Kurt making out off to a corner. He sighs and makes his way over. He yanks Kurt by the collar of his shirt and tosses him back over. Kitty cuts him this wide eyed look. Logan points towards the area she’s supposed to be. She blushes a bit and takes off.

Rogue had Bella pinned down on the floor. Bella flipped it back around just in time for Logan to turn that direction. Bella gasped out as she had Rogue’s bare wrists in her grasp. Rogue became wide eyed once she realized what was going on. Logan rushed over and yanked Bella off Rogue. Bella reached to her gut as he put her back down.

“Yah alright?”

She nodded.

“That sucked…”

Rogue clamped her hand around her mouth. Not only did she gain some of Bella’s powers leaving Bella temporarily weakened. She now had some of her memories. She now knew everything Bella had gone through in Russia and even a bit of her life before that. Logan led Bella to the bleachers and sat her down.

Rogue rushed over.
“I’m so sorry sug… I…”

“It’s not your fault Rogue. I’ll be ok. I’m getting there already.”

However, Rogue looks to Logan a certain way. He already knew. He sighs shaking his head.

“Marie…” He hints.

She looks back to Bella.


They both look to Rogue oddly.


Rogue laughs.

“Her code name!”

“It’s Bombshell.”

Rogue frowns.

“Who the hell came up with that stupid name?”
Bella covers her mouth in laughter.

“I did!” Logan sneers.

“Oh… well… I like Kodiak.”

“She’s Bombshell now drop it kid!”

They both look to Bella.

“Oh no you don’t… I’m not getting into this mess.”

“Just tell us what yah like darlin’!”

Bella sighs. She didn’t’ care either way. However, Logan had come up with the name first.

“In all fairness Logan had come up with the name Bombshell first.”

Rogue frowns.

“But you can call me Kodiak if you want to I don’t mind…” Bella says in her best “Flower” from Bambi voice.

Rogue laughs.

“Cool so like my own pet name for ya?”

Bella shrugs.

“Am I the only one that can call you that?”



Bella laughs as Rogue practically skips away.

“She’s a weird kid.”

Logan looks to the time and sees it’s time to dismiss. He turns back to Bella though; after class is over. Bella remains on the bleachers. He knew she was waiting for their usual training session.

“Hit the showers Bombshell…” He does his best to hint.

Her eyes widen a bit. He nods with assurance and she heads into the locker room. Logan looks around making sure all the students have left. He makes his way into the girls locker room. A place he realizes he’s never stepped foot in. He tilts his head a bit watching as Bella stripped down by her locker.

Logan thought he’d burst out of his jeans. At one point she bent over giving him the perfect kitty and ass shot. He makes his way over and comes up behind her.

“You’re such a perv. Shame on you Mr. Howlett!”

He presses himself against her and reaches around feeling her breasts. He places a hand on her back letting her know he wants her to stay where she is. Something about this had him riled up beyond belief. He placed his fingers along her lips and teasingly rubbed against them. He could feel the heat coming from her along his fingers. He placed two of them inside and she instantly moaned out. He watched as she soaked his fingers. He then had her lift back up. He pointed to the shower she had already going. Logan starts throwing off clothing as he follows behind her. He steps out of his boots and socks lastly.

He looks over and sees Bella under the shower. The water running down her body. So this is what it looks like to spy on Bella in the locker room. He thought with a grin. He watched as she soaped down.

“You could get fired you know!” She taunts with a grin.

“You should be ashamed of yourself.”

He was growing harder and harder by the moment. He loved the way she spurred him on. She knew damn well what she was doing. She was toying with his mind.

“Spying on a woman half your age!” She says trying not to break.

“Fuck…” He softly uttered as she was driving him mad.

“Yer clearly wanting a damn spanking!” He half growls in longing.

He comes up behind her and pops her on the rear. He pulls the curtain closed and pops her once more. His hand stays where it is as Bella wraps her arms around his neck. They heatedly start kissing. The warm water ran down both their bodies. Logan picked Bella up and pressed her up against the shower wall. Bella covered her mouth in shock as he lifted her up even higher against the wall. He put his tongue to work. She felt him lapping her up and down. Logan loved the way she tasted. He was finding it hard to stop. He could have easily kept doing this damn near all day. Logan brought her back down placing himself inside her as he did.

He kissed along her neck; scrapping his canines along the crevice of her neck. She let out an excitable gasp.

“Fuck me Logan baby.” She demanded with gritted teeth she clenched along him even tighter below.

He gyrated his hips even more forceful.

“Come for me Bella darlin’. I wanna feel it! Hell I want to fucking smell it!” He rumbled with that animalistic passion behind it.

He leaned into her ear.
“I never want to stop…”

At this Bella literally flooded Logan.

“That’s right darlin’. Let go.”

Logan started to seep with come. A few more strokes was all it took and he fired off like a geyser within her. Bella softly cooed as she felt his warmth filling her.

They continued to kiss one another. He carried her back beneath water. Logan placed her back down. Bella closed her eyes and leaned against him.

“So what were yah like in school darlin’?”

She softly laughs against him.

“Nothing like this.”

He chuckles a bit.

“Well I know yah didn’t screw the coach. Yah were still a virgin.”


“Yes?” He says innocently causing her to laugh.

She sighs.

“I was kind of shy actually. Hmm, I didn’t curse. I was a straight A student. I kept to myself pretty much. Until later events played out. I opened up somewhat.” She clears her throat.

“Ironically, meeting you rather brought out the real me. Something I was always afraid to show. I would merely think certain things; but hardly ever voiced it.” She shrugs.

“That and something about this place… it’s like… I don’t have to hide how I think or who I am. Back in Forks it was like I was constantly walking on eggshells. Everything I did and said I felt as though I wasn’t…” She stops herself not wanting to get too in depth with all that history.

“Wasn’t what darlin’?”

He reaches over cutting off the water.

“It doesn’t matter. That’s all in the past now.”

“Yah can still talk about it. Yer not gonna offend me.”

She sighs.

“I just never realized how much he held me back.”

“Yah mean the vamp?”

“Like I said all in the past.”

He reaches out and hands her a towel. They both start to dry off and get dressed. Once they’re dressed he props her up on the counter.

“When’d yah wanna get married?”

She looks to him in thought.

“It depends I guess do you want a winter, spring, or summer wedding?”

He smiles and pecks her on the lips.

“Darlin’ if I’m being honest. All I care about is marrying you a.s.a.p. Nothing else matters.”

Bella realizes Christmas is on it’s way before long. It was already near the last two weeks of December.

“Where are we getting hitched?”

He shrugs.

She laughs.

“Hmm, let me put some thought into it.”
He nods. He places his fingers through the loops of her jeans.

“When it comes to an actual time… What do you feel about the spring say March or April?”

“As long as it’s not April first I’m game.”

“What’s wrong with April first?” She questions curiously and fixes the collar to his shirt.

“I don’t wanna chance being the fool…” He hints.

“Ugh that’s not even funny.”

“I know it’s not so don’t do it.”

“You actually think I’d stand you up?”

“Even if yah did; I’d only hunt yah down and drag yah back by yer hair. Yer stuck with me now darlin’. No backing out.”

She sighs as if truly disappointed.

“Well that sucks.”

He nods, but kisses along her neck.

“I can only imagine the sheer misery yer in.”

He grins and she hops down from the counter.

“We better go. The younger kids have a class here soon.”

She looks to Logan as another thought hit.

“Where did the younger ones go during the attack?”

“Peter rounded them up in the basement. Hank stayed behind with them. Like I said everyone was fine.”

They head on outside the gym. She takes in a breath.

“And Jean?”

“She’s no longer a concern. She left…”
Bella nods with a bitter look on her face. She half laughs.

“Of course she did…” Logan noted the way her hands balled up into fists.

“I’m telling you now Logan; just so you’re warned. Jean so much as looks at me wrong and I’m going to take her god damn heart and shove it up her ass!”

Logan raises his brows.

“Don’t go easy on her on my account.”

“Yah sure yer ready?”

She nods and tightens her ponytail. Logan glances towards the danger room. Then back to Bella once more before flipping the switch.

“Good luck.”

Bella gives him a thumbs up and heads inside. The door locks behind her and Logan watches as she goes about the danger room for the first time by herself. Xavier, Storm, and Scott enter the room not long after. Logan looks to Xavier oddly. Xavier merely nods and watches. Logan shrugs his shoulders and goes back to observing. Storm as a genuine beam to her face as she looks on.

Scott’s jaw drops as she uses her new ability for the first time.

“Could she do that before?”

“Nope all new…” Logan says with a prideful smirk.

Bella comes down on one knee. She sends out her energy stick. She twirls it about knocking out five men at once. More drop down from the ceiling. She slams it down sending an energy jolt about the room they fall on their asses. The stick vanishes and sends her claws out as they jump back up coming right for her. Logan chuckles a bit as she waits…

“What is she doing?!” Scott says almost panicked sounding.

Bella keeps her head down and just as their right about her; she uses her shield to flip herself into the air. She comes down in a spiraling motion. They all hold their breath as it looks like she’s about to hit the ground head first. She’s moving so fast her claws make a circular motion as the hologram men drop dead. Her claws vanish she brings down her hands and they land on the shield as it sends her back into the air. She uses her shield to run and she slides across as if running for home base. Her claws slamming into one of the robots that use the projectile beanbags.

She quickly dodges another one as it shoots at her. She circles it cautiously. It fires multiple shots and. She finches as she takes a hit to the face.

Logan shakes his head and Scott grimaces. Bella wipes the blood from her cheek. She does something that shocks even Xavier next. She takes her fist and punches through the metal robot. She takes out the heart area it’s automatic shutdown point. She rips it out and the robot makes this pathetic winding down sound of death. Bella looks down to see her hand looked like shredded cheese.

“I imagine that hurts like a son of a bitch.” Logan utters with a wrinkled nose.

Bella holds her hand to her chest. She hadn’t time to focus on the agony she was in. She turned to the finale. Logan hated to do this to her. Yet, he knew he had to get her over her fears. He hadn’t even given her a clue. He’d been planning this…
“Logan…” Storm says in disbelief.

The gun goes off and Logan takes in a breath. Bella froze.

“Don’t do it darlin’. Snap out of it!”

Scott looks to Logan oddly. Logan bangs his fists on the console.
“He can actually kill you in there!”

“Get her out of there Logan!” Scott bickers.

“She’s gotta learn! She needs to face her fears!”

“Dammit Logan she’s you fiancé. She’s not one of your god damn soldiers. GET HER OUT!”

They each turn as another round of shots is fired.

“FUCK!” Logan snaps and goes to pull the plug.

Bella looks to her arm where she took the hit.

“Wait…” Storm says.

An orb appeared in front of Bella. They watched as she continued to dodge bullets. She kept her focus on the orb not fighting back merely dodging. The sphere continued to grow. Deadpool leaped into the air and landed behind her. He went to fire again and she swiftly twirled around. The sphere broke into tiny looking bullets. Bella let out a bit of a battle cry like sound and the bullets went flying towards Deadpool. He took the hits coming down to his knees. Bella used her shield to propel herself into the air she flipped back landing behind Deadpool. Just as he was about to come back up she took her katana to his head. It landed on the floor.

Xavier nods.

“She’s ready…”

They all look back to him oddly.

“But she hasn’t even been here that long.” Scott argues.

“That maybe. But she’s more advanced than any of our students currently are. She’s more use to us on the force then behind a desk. Get Hank to get her suited up. Next outing she’s to come along.”

“Xavier…” Scott tries again.

“She’s not only a fighter, but a survivor. That’s what we need. I’ve made my decision.”

Bella wipes the sweat from her face as she enters the room. She freezes realizing who all was watching her.


Xavier wheels right up to her. He smiles warmly and takes her hand.

“Welcome to the X-Men Ms. Swan and congratulations. You’ve earned it.”

Logan softly chuckles and twirls around in his chair. Bella cuts him a puzzled look. He merely winks and folds his arms about his chest.

Logan cocks a brow a he hears Rogue, Kitty, and Jubilee talking. They were whispering about some sort of book that had them all riled up. Logan was looking for a book to check out. His attention was gathered though as he heard Rogue mention something about a playroom. He’d remembered Bella making some sort of reference about this. They had his interest now. He paid closer attention as they continue to gossip about the book. Once he learned the name of the book. He went and searched for it.

After he found it he leaned back against the book case and started to flip through it. His eyes widened at first. He couldn’t believe that this was amongst the students reach! Not only that but, he couldn’t believe little Ms. Isabella Swan had read this! At one point he’s reading a sex scene in it and he belts out in full on laughter. The girls turn his direction. He clears his throat and turns his back to them as he continues to flip about the book. He was picking up something’s in which to trip Bella up on. Once he was satisfied and had a few ideas in which to play around with. He pocketed the book in his leather jacket. He made his way to Storm’s classroom.

“Isn’t it you that helps order the books for the student’s library?”

She nods as she’s grading papers. He takes it upon himself to sit on her desk.

“Ever read this one?”

He places the book down on desk. She narrows her eyes and shrugs.

“Can’t say I have.” She picks up the book looking to it curiously.

“Have you?”

He laughs.

“Eh… parts… Some pretty interesting stuff in there. Seems our students are learning quite a bit through this Christian Grey person.”


He chuckles again and pats her desk.

“Yah should read it. After all yah ordered it.”

“Logan you know I don’t have time for such…” She gasp out as she comes across a sex scene in the book.

Storm immediately shoots out of her chair.

“The students are reading this?!”

He nods with a huge grin about his face.

“I wasn’t aware we taught sex education. At least not to that length. Can we even call that Sex Ed? Or is it more like DOM ED?” He continues to taunt Storm as she’s panicking. She rushes out of her room the book in hand.

He grabs his gut in laughter. However, there was one person he was dying to embarrass. He took in a breath and made his way to their room. Bella wasn’t back from talking to Charlie yet. She had been talking to him in the loft about their wedding date.

Logan quickly grabs Bella’s laptop. He begins to type something out.

Ms. Isabella Marie Swan,

Considering our situation; I thought it’d be wise to have a written contract between us. A contract in which has you as my submissive. I being the dominate, naturally… I am after all the alpha Ms. Swan. Once you’ve read through this and have decided to agree to the terms below. I would like for you to sign it. Then we will take it down to have it notarized.

Does the submissive consent to:



Swallowing of Semen

Vaginal Intercourse

Vaginal fisting

Anal intercourse

Anal fisting



Nipple clamps



No urination

No fecal matter

No knives, electric… etc…

Logan continues about the contract and even has areas in which for her to fill in. He chuckles off and on shaking his head. Once he’s done he has it printed out. He waits at the table with a pen next to the contract. He lights a cigar and waits for Bella.

Bella enters the room and tosses her jacket onto the bed. She glances upon Logan. He motions her over with a serious expression. She narrows her eyes and takes a seat where he gestures.

“Bella before we get married; I’m gonna need yah to sign this contract.”

She looks to him bewildered.

“Contract? What contract?”

“Now just read through it and we’ll go from there.”
“You want me to sign a contract? In order to marry you?!”

He clears his throat not breaking character.

“Just look it over Bella.”

“I swear to God Logan if this is a prenup…”

He cocks a brow. Logan hadn’t thought about what it’d look like when he’d had the idea. He takes in a drag. She cut him a hateful glare and looked down to the paper.

He watches her face. She rears back in disbelief and stares at the paper. A blush comes about her face. Bella swallows back and pinches the bridge of her nose.

“How’d you know?” She whispers.

He chuckles.

“I pay more attention than you think darlin’.”

Bella sighs and signs the contract. She slides it over. He reads it and has a good laugh.

Call me Logan baby… xBombshell

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 15 Call Me Logan Baby”

  1. I’m really loving your twilight/superhero crossovers! Sooo entertaining! I just have a quick question though- I was a little confused with the danger room scene. I don’t know if I accidentally missed something or what, but why did Deadpool make her freeze up in the middle of her fight? Logan felt really guilty about not warning her and said she had to face her fears, but when did Deadpool become one of her fears? Did I miss a chapter where Deadpool scared Bella or something?

    Besides that, I seriously love your twi/superhero crossovers. I absolutely love how spirited you make your Bella’s. And you write the male leads so well that I can literally picture them saying their lines up on the silver screen. I think About Italy is actually my favorite (love be me some Clint!), but your X-men stories are really fun to read too. Thanks for sharing them with us all!


    1. It’s been awhile since I wrote this particular story. So I’d honestly have to reread it to see why. LOL sorry. I have a lot of stories and it’s hard to remember certain things like that. Thank you very much for your support on my writing it means a lot.

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This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

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