Chapter 16 Bear Necessities

Chapter 16

I do not own Marvel or Twilight. Please read and then review… Sorry for the late update. I meant to update yesterday. A friend of mine was in a horrible car accident and that’s my first priority. She’s ok thankfully. Ironically, this is one of her fav stories. While she’s in the hospital she had me promise; I’d post so she’d have something to read. For you Joann (Love you girl!). Get well soon.

Bella sits at the bar sipping at a beer. She was waiting for Logan. They’d plans to head out first thing in the morning for Russia. Logan suggested they have a night to indulge first. He wasn’t sure how long it may take to find the Cullen’s bodies and get back. He’d prepared just in case and had Peter take over his classes for this week. She finished her beer and leaned back. The bartender slid her over another.

She felt a hand upon her shoulder, but knew it wasn’t Logan’s.

“My name is Magneto and this is Mystique. I’m the founder of the Brotherhood of Mutants…”

“First off, remove your hand. Secondly, go fuck yourself.”

Logan chuckles to himself as he walks in hearing this; deja vu playing in his mind. Magneto and Mystique go to say something else. However, Logan puts a hand upon Magneto’s shoulder.

“I believe she made it pretty clear Maggie.”

Magneto smiles.

“Ah, yes the Wolverine. How are we these days?”

Bella twirls around in her bar stool. Mystique winks her direction. Bella sips from her beer. She tilts her head.

“I didn’t realize it was that kind of bar.”

They look to Bella oddly. Logan takes notice of the way Bella looks to Mystique.

“You’re like naked…”

Magneto raises a brow upon Bella.

“Tell me what are you seeing?”

“That’s enough out!” Logan points to the door.

“Perhaps we’ll meet again. Do tell Rogue I said hello.”

Logan lets out a growl as they leave the bar.

“Who the hell was that?”

“Bad news… you don’t want to deal with that group darlin’.”

“What did he mean by telling Rogue hello?”

Logan sighs.

“Let’s just say that Rogue had a few issues when she first came to the academy. She ran away the night I damn near killed her. She felt guilty about putting me in a temporary coma; trying to heal herself through me. She went off with the Brotherhood for a bit.”

Bella finishes her beer.

“Let me guess the bad guys?”

Logan nods.

“Only they don’t see themselves as such. Magneto truly believes his way is what’s best. Humans are the enemy. They’re not to be trusted.”

“Well he sounds like a real peach. Wish I hadn’t turned him down now.”

Bella looks to Logan.

“How would they know about me?”

“That’s what I was wondering to be honest. There’s a lot of history there. Especially, dated back to him and Xavier.”

Logan sits down and orders a beer. He lights a cigar and tells Bella a bit of the history.

“And he’s allowed to live because?”

Logan chuckles.

“You got me.” He grumbles and takes a drag off his cigar.

Logan looks to Bella in thought.

“So what were yah seeing when you looked upon the woman?”

“Some naked blue chick with really nappy red hair.”

“So you can see through shapeshifters?”


“That was Mystique. She wasn’t in her true form. Yet you were seeing her as though she were.”

Bella looks to Logan puzzled.


“That’s what we call mutants that can take the form of another being.”

“What did you see?” She questions curiously.

“A blonde with horrible taste in clothing.”

“Yeah that’s so not what I saw.”

“Seems we just keep learning more and more about yah.”

She notices the look on his face.

“You don’t seem too thrilled about that.”

“It’s not that. I just don’t want yer gift catching the wrong kind of attention.”
“Seems a bit too late for that.”

“Yah just need to watch your back. These fuckers have no problem acting as though yer best friend; in order to get what they want. He’s one of them. He’ll brown nose the living hell out of yah. If that don’t work then he’ll go at it a different approach.”
“Such as with Rogue?”

He nods.

“No offense towards Rogue, but I’m not that easy to manipulate.”

Logan grins.

“I’ve noticed.”

“You play?” Bella motions towards the pool tables.

He shrugs looking that direction.

“Why not…”

She hops down from her stool and takes his hand. She leads him to one of the pool tables. He watches curiously as she begins to set it up. Logan reaches over grabbing an ash tray for the table closest to them. He sits down his beer as Bella grabs a cue stick.

“Who goes first?”

“Ladies always first.”

He gestures. Bella nods and starts the break. Once she’s done; Logan looks to the table.

“Did yah leave any for me to hit?”

She laughs.

“Where the hell’d you learn to play like that?”

“Just something I rather picked up on the road.”

Logan looks up as he’s lining up his shot.

“So yah spent our time apart mostly traveling?”

She nods.

“How’d that go?”

“It wasn’t so bad.”

“How’d yah making living if you don’t mind me asking?”

She smiles and points to the pool table.

“It’s all beginning to make perfect sense now.”
“What does?”

“Why yer always in bar fights. Scott told me about yer little adventure…”

Bella blushes a bit.

“Did he now?”

Bella makes her way over taking her turn now.

“Told me yah were stirring up all kinds of trouble.”

“Huh… Well he’s a dirty liar. I’d never…”

She says with a smirk and points to the corner pocket for her eight ball shot.

“That wasn’t even a game. That was a slaughter!”

“You can’t beat me at everything Logan.”
She sets up again.

“How bout you go first this time?”

He nods, but pulls her over towards him. He places his hands in the pockets of her blue jeans and kisses her. Bella places her arms around him. She sits in his spot as he goes to break.

Once they’re done with their game. He cuts her a look.

“Yer kicking my ass. I think it’s time to go.”

She laughs.

“Poor baby.”
He pops her on the butt and flips her over his shoulder.

“I’ll show you baby…” He objects as he carries her out.

They step inside. Bella’s got her arms and legs wrapped around him. They continue to kiss as he tosses his keys onto the table. He reaches back pulling the door to and locking it. Bella’s already unbuttoning his shirt. Her hands run along his chest. She rises up his white tank and tosses it about the room. Logan pulls her blouse over her head and throws it as well. He places her on the table and unfastens her pants. He torments by rubbing himself against her.

“Logan…” She whispers intently.

Logan lays her back in the table and runs a hand along her chest and stomach. He breathes her in and undoes his belt. Once he’s freed himself. Logan pulls her towards him. His eyes automatically close as he guides himself right on in.

“That’s right fuck me Logan baby. Make me come.” She hissed in yearning.

Her hips come off the table in reaction. He firmly grasps them. Logan was so focused on watching her tight little pussy wrapped round his hard as hell dick. He hadn’t even noticed she was playing with her tits. He damn near lost it the moment he looked up.

“Fuck Bella…” He moaned out as she continued.

“Now that I could watch all fucking day!” He growled passionately as he fucked her even harder now.

“Want me to come on them?”

His eyes widened as she shot like a fountain at his words. Logan could barely breathe he was so turned on.

“Please…” She literally begged.

It was official to Logan. Bella hadn’t a clue just how much she truly drove him mad. He felt it the urge to come hit. He quickly pulled out.

“FUCK!” Logan rumbled as she climaxed again just as he pulled out.

Bella squirted all over the table, the floor, and him. Logan gritted his teeth as he stroked his cock and covered her luscious breasts in his come. Bella yet again threw him for a complete loop. She smiled and took her finger and wiped some of it off and sucked it off her finger.

“Holy HELL!”

Bella blushed a bit at his reaction. He helped her back up from the table. She pecked him on the lips as he brought her down. Logan cleaned up her mess with a bit of a vain grin. He couldn’t believe how much he could get her to climax. He’d never known a woman that could get off the way Bella did.

Logan reaches out hitting the alarm. He looks over and see’s Bella’s looking upon him. Her leg was laying along his waist. He ran a hand along her ass. He kissed her forehead.

“We better get ready.”

She groans miserably into his chest. He sits up in the bed and lights one of his cigars. Bella comes to her knees on the bed. She wraps her arms around his chest as he smokes his cigar. Bella kisses his cheek before making her way out of the bed. Bella starts to get ready.

“We’ll have to stop by the lab before we leave.”

“Ok.” She says and heads to the bathroom.

After they get ready and pack them each a backpack. They head to the lab first. Hank smiles warmly and takes Bella’s hand.

“It’s time Bombshell got her own suit.” Hank says.

He leads her to a clear display case. Logan watches her reaction as Hank hits the light to the case. Inside was a black X-Men suit much like Wolverine’s only instead of the black with the yellow lining. Hers was black with blue lining. It had gloves and boots to match.

“That’s mine?”

He nods and opens the case.

“That’s like freakin’ awesome.”

Both men chuckle.

“Thank you Hank!”

She pecks him on the cheek.

“If I’d have known I’d get that reaction. I’d have made you a suit when you first arrived my dear.”

“Easy doc.”

Hank winks at Bella.
“There’s a room over there so you can try it on.”

Bella heads that direction.

“So how’s she adjusting?”

Logan gives him the run down to her new abilities. He also tells him about how she can see through shapeshifters. Hank gets a genuine beam to his face.


They both pause as Bella steps out. Hank softly chuckles and pats Logan on the shoulder. Logan swallows back a bit.

“Suits you very well Ms. Swan.”


Logan meanwhile was stunned.

“You alright there?” Bella questioned.

He nods. He’d seen her in a suit before. But this one specifically fit her body and was made just for her. It hit Logan across the face and screamed out SEX. All he could think about was taking her back to their room now.

“So Russia huh?”

She nods. He sighs. His eyes widen though as she turns around. Hank laughs out loud as Logan tilts his head about checking her ass out.

“Fuck…” He utters.

“You sir have your hands full.”

Logan nods in full agreement.

“That’s for certain. Hmm…” He stands there for a moment trying to think.

“You ready?”

Bella nods. Scott goes to help her into the jet. Logan shoves him back and takes over. Scott shakes his head and sighs bitterly. Logan flips him off once he gets Bella inside. Once they’re all in. Logan gives Bella the run down. Since she had no experience in parachuting. She’d be going with Logan.

“You going to get sick on me again?” Scott says before he takes off.

“Ever get the stench out of those boots?”
He shakes his head. She grins.

“That’s about what it thought.”

He shrugs and prepares for takeoff. Bella sighs and leans back. She closes her eyes. Logan pats her on the shoulder.

“Yer gonna do fine.”
“That’s what he said last time. Then I gave his boots a nice polish.”

Logan chuckles.

Once it came time Logan taps her on the shoulder again.

“Alright time for yah to climb aboard.” He pats his lap.

She turns to him wide eyed.

“Come on now yah can trust me. I ain’t gonna drop yah!”

She takes back a nervous breath. Scott looks back.

“Need to deploy now.”

Logan nods. Bella unstraps her belt and Logan reaches over helping. He sits her down and straps her to him. He gets a good hold on her. He gives Scott a thumbs up. Scott nods and Bella screams out as the seat’s ejected.

She looks down in a panic. Logan gets a firmer hold as he releases them from the seat. A small yelp leaves Bella’s mouth as their legs come down. She watches as the seat comes plummeting down beneath them. Their bodies jostle a bit as he sends out the shoot. She covers her mouth as the start to come down. That nausea feeling hitting big time. Bella would die of humiliation if she upchucked on Logan. Scott was one thing, but Logan hell no! Once they safely landed and he unclasped her. She took off and puked by a tree. Logan died in laughter. She flipped him off. Bella then reached into her pocket and grabbed a pack of gum.

“See you came prepared this time.”

She nodded and stuffed four pieces of gum into her mouth.
“Yah look like a chipmunk.”

She shrugged.

“It’s either that or foul breath.”

Bella looked around.

“We gotta travel on foot for a bit.” He hints.

Bella nods as Logan detaches the parachute. He buries it into the snow. He starts to cover their tracks. He then leads the way; whilst Bella does her damnest to remember every detail she could think of. A few hours in and Bella points out one of her marks. Logan runs his fingers along it. It was starting to snow. Bella realized the way they came in was closer to the cave. Alice and Edward were much further ahead.

“Logan…” He turns towards her.

“Alice and Edward were past that…” She points to the mountain.”

“You’re kidding me right?”

She shrugs and bites her lip a bit.

“I told you I survived an avalanche.”

“Down that?!” He points back to the mountain.

“Um yeah…”
“Jesus Bella darlin’…” He shakes his head.

He sighs.

“Well I suppose we keep trucking.”

They start towards the mountain. However, Logan freezes a sniffs the air. He starts to look around. They turn to see a bear running right for Bella. Logan growls out and brings out his claws.


Logan looks to Bella oddly. Bella yelps out as the bear leaps on her.

“GET OFF HER!” Logan barks.

“It’s ok Logan…” Bella groans out breathlessly.

“Ugh nice to see you too you big oaf!”

The bear breathes her.

“Ugh enough… I thought you were moody and stuff. What happened to you wanting to bite my face off?”

The bear makes this odd whimpering sound and starts licking her face.

“Hmm…” Logan eyes the bear.

“He’s a fucking male.”


“He probably thinks yer his damn mate.”

“He’s not humping me Logan!”


Bella gasp as it bites down on her X-Men sleeve. It starts to drag off with her.

“See I’m tellin yah! Dammit do I hafta set my claim against a bear?!”

Bella giggles. Logan shakes his head and cocks a brow.

“Yer something else yah know that?!”

That only makes her laugh harder.

“Yer the only damn woman I know; that laughs when a bear is taking off with her.”

Bella comes to her feet and pulls back as the bear tries to tug her his direction.
“No…”She states firmly.

He shakes his head and tugs at her sleeve again.

“No! That’s a bad bear!”

“He looks terrified Bella darlin’.”
She sighs.

“Well what do you suggest?”

“Bear chops…” Logan says popping out his claws.

“Why you already got lamp chops?!” She gestures along her face. “And we’re not killing him Logan.”

Logan rolls his eyes.

“Yah don’t watch it the bear can have yah!”

Bella finally manages to yank out of it’s hold. The bear reaches for her again.

“No!” She demands.

The bear shakes his head.

“I’m not going with you.”

He bares his teeth and growls.


He growls again and looks directly upon Logan.

“Now you had better be nice!”

Logan sighs with irritation. He looks directly upon the bear and lets out his own growl.

The bear whimpers out and pees itself. Bella scowls upon Logan.


“OH come on he’s pissing me off.”

Bella reaches out and pats it on the head.
“Are yah trying to get your arm taken off?! That’s not a damn puppy! He’s a wild animal.”

“I know how to deal with wild animals Logan.”

“Oh really?” He says sarcastically throwing his hands in the air.

“Yeah well I am engaged to one!”

“Hmm… well he’s wasting our time!”

Bella sighs.

“I’ve got to go now. So go home!”

Bella turns towards Logan and starts to walk. The bear takes a few steps towards her.

“Stay!” She commands.

It roars out, but takes a few steps back.

“That’s right now go on home! GET!”

Logan stares it down and nods. The bear makes a puffy air sound and takes off. Logan looks to Bella.
“Are yah crying?”


He chuckles under his breath.

“Yah you are!”

“No I’m not! It’s the fucking snow!”

“Yer so crying over a little ole bear!”

“Shut it Logan!”

Logan chuckles again and starts walking again. Once they get closer to the mountain Logan turns back.

“Yah ready to do some climbing?”

She nods.

He looks to her in thought.

“When yah need a break yah let me know. I know yah have the healing factor now, but yer still gonna feel the cold. Just isn’t as bothersome as before. Do yah already notice a difference in comparison?”

“Huge difference; by this time last round I felt like I was dying.”

“I can only imagine.”

“Honestly Logan, I just want to hurry and get this over with. I don’t want any risk of them returning.”

He nods.

“Then up we go; time to test yer true climbing skills. Once it gets dark we’ll have to break. I doubt you have my night vision.”

“You have night vision?”

He nods.


“You start first; just in case I’d rather have my eye on you.”

Logan looks up the mountain once more.

“Yah see that cliff area?”

She nods.

“That’s what we’re aiming for. We’ll get some rest there then continue in the morning.”

He watches as she begins. Once she’s up a few feet he begins. They continue until Bella makes her way towards the cliff.

“Hold on.” He calls out.

Logan makes his way directly beside her.

“Gonna need yah to trust me again. Yah can’t make that jump from here.”

He positions himself behind her.

“I’m gonna bond off the mountain. Brace yourself best you can.”

She gasps out as he wraps one arm around her waist. Logan suddenly jolts himself towards another area of the mountain and he then pounces of it and they both soar back. Logan lands on his back. He had a good grip on Bella still as he carefully rolled over.

“We’ll rest here.”

Logan helps her get her backpack off. He then takes his off. Bella grabs her flashlight and digs into her back for her canteen. Bella laughs as Logan take out bottle of Jack. He gives her a wink and offers her some.

“I’m good.”

He shrugs and downs some.

“Keeps yah warmer.”

Bella downs some of her water. She watches as Logan makes a fire out of some materials from his bag.

“Cheater…” She scoffs.

He grins.

“So long did it take yah?”

She shakes her head in thought.

“A couple hours maybe more. My hands took a beating that’s for sure.”
He nods and makes his way over once he gets the fire started. He has Bella lay against the mountain. He lies beside her. He takes in a breath and watches the snow continuing to fall. He knew the fire wouldn’t last, but it was something for now. The main thing they had to take care of was not to fall off the damn cliff. It was just big enough for them to lie side by side and get some rest. Logan rolled over facing her. He wrapped his arms around her. There was no way he’d let her go for the rest of the night. He wouldn’t take any risk. Before long her eyes close. Her breathing slows down. He kisses her forehead as she’s fallen asleep. His hold gets slightly tighter as he too shuts his eyes.

They both wake as the sun begins to rise. Both also caked in snow. Fog formed along their mouths with each breath they took. A chill came over Bella. She lifted herself into a sitting position. Logan carefully rolled onto his back. Drops of snow landed in his eyes. He shut them and rubbed it out. Bella came to her feet and looked up. They still had a bit of a climb ahead.

“I still can’t believe you survived that.” Logan utters softly.

He rids of any evidence they were there. Bella starts to climb again. After another hour or so they make it to the top.

“Shit…” Logan mumbles looking around.

“They could be anywhere.”

“Time to put that nose of yours to use.”
He nods in thought.

“We were a bit further out.” She says taking a few more steps.

Logan follows as she leads the way. However, the closer they get to the area. Logan continues to breathe in the air around them.

“Something wasn’t right…”

He narrows his eyes looking around.

“He could smell “others”. Many of them…”

He quickly rushes over to Bella and yanks her back towards him. He drags her deeper into the woods. They duck back behind a tree. Sure enough a Russian military vehicle pulls up. Bella looks to Logan with slight anxiety. He keeps her pressed up against the tree. They continue to watch discreetly. Logan noticed that they had a certain area completely taped off up ahead. Bella turned to see what he was looking at.

“Oh no…” She whispered.

He looked to her already knowing. Someone else had already discovered the bodies. Not just any someones. These were soldiers. There were at least forty to fifty about the area. There was no way she and Logan were getting through now. Logan couldn’t shake the feeling that these weren’t just any soldiers. He’d enough military experience to know something around here was fishy. Logan began to think of a different approach. That’s when another scent flowed through. He looked to Bella in damn near panic. The sheer irony made him fucking ill. Bella noticed the look on his face.


“We gotta get the fuck out of here and now.” He sternly hissed.

He was about to take her hand and run. Bella screamed out as Logan suddenly had a tendril pierced through his chest. He was lifted into the air.


Bella went to use her shield and she was promptly knocked out…

Bella whispered as she finally came to. The both of them were in some sort of cells. She looked over to see Logan was completely chained up. He looked to have been tortured. Bella hung from chains above the floor.

“Shh…” She heard Logan whisper.

She turned back and he locked eyes with her.

“Just keep quiet whatever happens not a word.”

She nods with great fear coursing through her.

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