Chapter 17 I Hate Family Reunions

Chapter 17

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“That’s another thing. Yer not to use yer abilities until I give the ok.”

She looks to Logan puzzled.

“Bella darlin’, yah gotta trust me.”

She sighs, but nods in agreement.

Bella adjust her wrists as her arms were beginning to go numb. She reached up with her fingers; trying to feel what exactly she was dealing with. She felt cold metal. She shook her head in thought.

Bella turned back to Logan. They had him locked down even more than she was. They lifted their heads to the sound of a squeaky door opening. Logan looks over to Bella once more.

“Remember not a word.”

She nods and swallows back nervously; as a group of men walk down the hallway. They head right for Logan’s cell. One of them grabs Logan roughly by the roots of his hair. They force him back. The impulse to scream out or to try and break free with her gift was heavy. She fought to keep it all at bay. They spoke in Russian and to Bella’s surprise Logan spoke back damn near fluently. She hadn’t’ a clue he could even speak Russian. Bella gasped back as they began beating on him. One of the men turned his head her direction.

Logan gritted his teeth and spoke again. Bella wished she knew what they were saying. The man laughed and exited Logan’s cell. He then made his way to Bella’s. He walked up to her and roughly cupped her chin. Logan squirmed about in the chains as he looked over. The man beheld her and spoke harshly. He then spit in her face. Bella flinched and turned her head. His grasp along her chin became tighter. He said something else. He then laughed and smacked her across the face. Logan growled out. Yet again he began a conversation. Logan growled during most of it.

“Speak…” The man demanded Bella.

She shook her head. The man looked back to Logan. They began to talk again. Logan grew more temperamental as the conversation picked up. Without warning the man socked Bella in the gut. The wind was knocked out of her. Bella’s eyes watered as she fought to breathe. Logan’s claws popped out. He yelled on top of his lungs in Russian. All Bella could make out was mute. Logan was doing his best to convince him that she was a mute. The man forced her chin back up. He shook his head and eventually left the cell locking it back up. However, they drag off with Logan. Bella’s heart raced. She grew frightful of what they might be doing to him.

Bella looked around realizing they weren’t the only prisoners. There were others. What caught her attention the most was the son and father straight across from her. The man held his son as they sat in the cell. The boy looked to be about 11 or 12. He was a scrawny blond haired boy. The father was tall and had a residing hairline and midnight hair. He looked to be in his thirties or so. The rest of the prisoners were men and women. She couldn’t believe they had a boy in here.

Logan was dragged into a room. He could hear Omega Red arguing with someone in another room. He could only pick up his voice though. Omega Red came storming into the room not long after. He immediately drives his carbonadium tendrils through Logan’s shoulders and lifts him up off the ground. He knocks him up against the wall.

“I wish nothing more than to see you die a horrible, excruciating, death.” His Russian accent was thick behind his words.

“However, there’s someone I wish to suffer even more. By keeping you alive it’s the perfect revenge. If you survive this. I will hunt you down myself later. “

Omega Red cuts his attention back to Bella.

“And who do we have here?”

He sends one of his tendrils through the space of the cell. He forces Bella to face him.

“Such a pretty little thing aren’t you?” He looks back to Logan.

“I see nothing’s changed. I wonder what he’ll do to her. Once he gets his hands on her? Will she have the same fate as Silverfox?”

Logan breaks through one of his cuffs and wraps his hand around Omega Red’s throat.

“We could do this all day. Truth of the matter is I got better places to be.”

He yanks out of Logan’s hold. To Bella’ and Logan’s surprise; he leaves the room. Leaving Logan’s cell door open. Logan wasn’t sure he liked where this was going. It was too easy. It was never like Omega Red to simply back down and walk away. He looks to Bella in thought. He felt damn near ill. Logan knew Omega Red was talking about his brother. So where was the bastard? Logan wanted nothing more than to get the fuck out of here now. Logan gritted his teeth as he began to break through the carbonadium chains. The only thing Omega Red knew could even hold Logan, but even they weren’t strong enough to keep him bond for very long. The veins along body spread about as he struggled to bringing his entire weight against the cuffs. He used his free hand to reach out to one of the bars of the cell. As his hand grasped around it he jerked his entire body forward and the chains began to snap. As he was freed he came down to one knee. He was covered in sweat.

Logan caught his breath and came to a stand. Some men passed by the doorway seeing Logan’s cell was open. They rushed inside. Bella watched as Logan hid behind the door. The men came in looking around confused. Logan waited till the door swung shut again. With the men’s back to him he sent out his claws. He snuck up behind them and ran his claws through their spine. The other two turned around as the others groaned out. They fired their guns upon Logan. He jumped up and swung along a pipe above the room. He knocked them down and took his claws to their hearts. Logan came back up and turned towards Bella’s cell. He walked up to the cell door and he folded the door back with his bare hands.

Logan ripped the chain down from the ceiling. His eyes grazed upon hers as he broke the cuffs around her wrists. He gently lifted her chin with his fingers.

“Stay close keep in mind what I said.”

She nodded. Logan pecked her on the lips. More men however, bust into the area. Logan and Bella fought back to back. Keeping in mind what Logan said Bella went hand to hand in combat. She managed to kick out one of them men’s firearms. She used it to take out the other three that came in. She then went up to cell of the father and son. Bella fired at the lock. She then opened the cell door releasing them. Logan worked to free the others.

“Thank you, thank you.” The father said taking her into his own.

She nodded. And hurriedly went to free whoever was left. By the time she and Logan were done they had released fifteen prisoners total. Logan began to lead the way out. Bella followed behind the victims to make certain they didn’t have a tail. The man with the boy turns towards Bella.

“I know where an American base is. We will be safe there. My general is expecting me.”

Bella nods.

“Take off yer jacket.” Logan says overhearing this.
“Excuse me?”

“Yer jacket, take it off.”

He nods and he takes it off.

“Where’s your credentials?”

She takes it upon herself to twirl the man around. Checking for herself as well now. He hadn’t a single badge about him. All his patches were gone.

“They ripped them off sir.”

Logan narrows his eyes in thought.

“Who’s the boy?”
“My son.”

“If yer here on base… why’s yer son tagging along?”

The man sighed. He looks to his son.

“They kidnapped him.”
Logan tilts his head about eyeing the man.

“Hmm, yah two right up here with me.”

Logan gave Bella a nod and began to lead them onward. He turned to Bella as they were heading out of the building.

“Stay here… Yah watch after them.” He tossed her a better gun from a nearby rack they passed.

Bella nodded as Logan was in full on soldier mode now. She kept quiet as he requested, still she didn’t understand why he didn’t want her using her abilities. It didn’t make sense. She’d be far more useful if she could. Bella could hear Logan taken out more men outside. Guns were fired. The boy scooted into a corner of the cell. Logan returned peeking into the doorway out. He motioned them over. Bella gathered them and yet, again she stayed behind them.

Bella checked the gun making sure it was ready to go. Bella watched in sheer amazement as Logan took out a few stranglers that came for them. She couldn’t get over how fast he moved. She froze however, as a man snuck up on her. He’d a knife to her throat. She rapidly swung back her elbow at full force. She dived down after the man as he fell back. He flipped her around bringing the knife back towards her. Logan turned back around catching the tail end of the struggle. Bella hopped back up wiping the knife clean with the snow. She then took off the snowsuit and tossed it over for the boy’s father. She pocketed the knife and caught back up. Logan turned with a smirk about his face and kept walking.

“Is she military as well?” The father questioned.

“Even better…” Logan mumbles softly, but keeps truckin’.

“Which way?” Logan questioned the man.

He points.

“Name, branch, class…” Logan demands.

He was picking up a funny heart pattern from this guy. Logan had a sense about these things. He wasn’t so sure he believed this guy’s story.

“Sergeant Michael Northman, U.S Marine.”

And who is your general?

“Sergeant Herbie Valadez…”

Logan took out a cigar and lit it.

“How far out is this base?” Logan questions knowing the sun would be down soon. Some of these victims wouldn’t last more than a few more hours. They hadn’t the proper clothing. He’d been handing out what few snowsuits he could; with each man he took out. Still he’d three that were left without. The boy being one of them.

“On foot? Two maybe three hours tops.”

Logan reared back.

“What?! An American base this close in proximity?” He questioned looking back from where they came from.

“I haven’t a clue sir.”

“Yer a private?”

“Sergeant sir.”

That was another thing Logan caught. When Bella tossed over the snowsuit. The father put it on himself rather than his own son. What father does that? About an hour in and Logan turns back. The boy was struggling to keep up. His eyelashes and brows were covered in frost. Logan turns to the father.

“Give the kid yer damn snowsuit.”

“Yah heard me. Yer his father right?”

He nods.

“Then act like it!”

The man nods and takes off his suit. Logan looks back to see Bella helping one of the women. She was young, pregnant and having a hard time keeping up. The sergeant points to another area.

“Just over that hill.”

“Since when is there a base there?”

“It’s been there for a few years now sir.”
That was another thing. If this guy was a sergeant for the U.S Marines. Why wasn’t he questioning Logan just as much? Shouldn’t he be just as suspicious? Wasn’t he trained to take all precautions? He’s thinking about these things when the ground beneath them starts to shake. Logan darts his head Bella’s direction. Logan hears another sound and looks to the ground again. It started to crack around their feet.

He hadn’t realized because of the snow they were on a patch of ice. He looked to the others trying to come up with a plan. The ice cracked around Bella and the other women. Bella looked to Logan in panic. She felt the ice begin to shift. She turned in thought and did the only thing she could think of. Bella placed the pregnant woman into the other one’s arms. Bella shoved them back just as she fell through.

“FUCK!” Logan went to go to her aid only each step he took the ice continued to crack.

Bella came back up sucking in a breath. Her lips were blue and she reached to the surface. Logan heaved the others to safety. He looked to Bella as the ice around her kept cracking as she fought to get out of the water. Logan nodded and took off sprinting across the ice. He came to a stop a few feet away he accurately slid across and he swiftly yanked Bella out of the water. They continued to slide until they landed in a patch of snow. Logan scanned her over.

“Yah alright?”
She nodded. Logan waited a bit as he hovered over her. Her body was a pale violet hue. She shivered violently as her teeth chattered.

“Give it a minute.” He hinted.

He blew a warm breath along her face and kept his body over hers. After a few more moments her color returned. Logan took in a breath of relief. He pressed his forehead against hers.

“That was my fault. I should’ve been paying more attention.”

He helped Bella to her feet. They made their way back to the others.

“Her water broke.”

Logan and Bella froze at the mere words.


Logan snaps at the sergeant.

“Just over there.”

“She can’t have that baby out here!”

The man nods and starts to lead the way. Logan tapers his eyes once more watching the man. Bella starts to follow and Logan stops her.


Logan had a bad feeling. He looked around with desperation.

“Yah see that cave over there?”

She nodded.

“It’s ok to talk now Bella. I only said not to back there so they wouldn’t try torturing yah for information. Same thing with yer gift… the trick is to make them think yer defenseless. Then unleash the hell catching them completely offguard. I want you to lead this group to shelter immediately.”

“But Logan.”

“I mean it Bella darlin’ go on. I’ll follow this man. If where he’s leading us some where safe then I’ll return for you.”

“And if not?!”

He puts his hands upon her cheeks and kisses her forehead.

“Go on now that’s an order Bombshell!”

She takes in a breath.

“Fine!” She barks bitterly and starts to lead them away.

Logan shut his eyes for a moment. There was just no way he could risk her or anyone else’s life. This guy was lying about something and he knew it. There was one other test. Logan called out to the man.

“Why don’t yah let the boy go with my partner? The pregnant woman can no longer travel.”

The man looks to the boy. The boy however, cuts Logan this certain look. Logan nodded as it was all starting to come together.

“The boy stays with me.”

“She’ll take good care of him I assure yah.”

The boy strangely starts to inch towards Logan. Logan already knew, but didn’t voice it. He didn’t want the boy getting hurt.

“Yer old man and I will come back for yah shortly.”

Logan says eyeing the “father”. The boy nods and takes Bella’s hand. She and Logan lock eyes once more before parting ways.

Logan continues to follow the man. When they make their way closer to the hill. The man rushes out. Logan shakes his head as the man signals out; once he’s on top.

“I fucking knew it…”

Multiple tanks and men came over the hill. They were being led by no other than Sabretooth aka Victor Creed.

Bella gathers the others into the cave. The cave was wider than the last one she was in. However, it was shorter in length. Everyone had to stay hunched over. Bella promptly begin to start a fire. The other older woman that looked to be in her early fifties; helped with the pregnant woman. She was trying to get her to breathe properly. Bella looked over once she got the fire built.

“We really gonna let some damn woman lead us?”

Bella snaps a look to the burly man that was complaining. Another man about Logan’s age turned to him.
“Dude, shut the fuck up. They just saved our asses. Have some damn respect.”

“She barely looks old enough to drive! Hell can you even drive?”

“Sure I can… I can drive my foot plum up your ass and make you sleep outside!”

The boy and man Logan’s age start to laugh. He rolls his eyes.

“Watch yourself it’s awfully cold. Your eyes could get stuck.” Bella utters.

She makes her way to the pregnant woman.

“Do you know how far apart your contractions are?”

She shakes her head. Tears were streaming down this woman’s face. Bella didn’t blame her. She’d be scared to give birth in this setting as well. The climate alone was a death sentence to be bringing any infant into.

“What are you a doctor?” The man from earlier scoffs.

“Nope are you?”

He shakes his head.

“Anyone here a doctor or nurse?” Bella questions.

Each person shakes their head. Bella nods and rubs her face in thought. The woman reaches to her stomach and cries out. Bella shakes her head and takes in a breath.

“Alright… Men avert your eyes. You help me get her prepared.”

Bella unzips her X-Men suit.

“What the hell are you doing kid?”

“Watch who you’re calling kid!”

Bella looks to the boy as he rocks back and forth.

“What’s your name?”

“Well Gilbert you’re more than welcome to go warm yourself by the fire. Just be careful.”

He nods and crawls towards it. Bella took off the top of her X-Men suit. Her eyes widened as she already saw the top of the child’s head surfacing.

“Wait don’t push just yet.”

Bella turned towards the men.

“One of you willing to give me the shirt of your back?”

“Use your own! She’s only going to hold us back. We’re better off if she and the child die.”

Bella shuts her eyes for a moment.

“Don’t allow her to push. I’ll be right back.”

The woman nods. Bella makes her way towards the man.

“Outside.” She demands.

He chuckles.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

Bella nods and crawls directly over the man. Her claws appear.

“I said outside.”

The others look to her wide eyed. The boy jumped a bit. She grabs the man by his snow suit and drags him out of the cave.

“Take off your snowsuit and your sweater.”

“Just do it!”

He curses under his breath and tosses them over.

“Thanks… Now start walking.”

“You heard me! You’ve been casted aside; get on out of here!”

“The fuck with you BITCH!”
“Nah, the fuck with you. You just let it be known; that you’re a threat to this group. You should have kept your idiotic mouth shut. That woman and the child will survive. So will the rest of the group. I will make certain of that. However, I can no longer say the same thing about you. Good luck in your journey. Now get the fuck out of my sight.”

“You can’t do this! I’ll freeze to death and you know it!”

“No longer my problem. I don’t take kindly to men like you; as far as I’m concerned one less asshole walking amongst us.”

She starts to head back into the cave. He starts to follow.

“Now I know I made my point clear.” She says with her back turned to him.

“You enter this cave or come near anyone of this group. I won’t even bat an eye when I take your life.”

Once Bella enters the cave she hands the snowsuit to one of them men without. They each look to her in shock.

“Relax I didn’t kill him. That’s not to say the wilderness won’t.”

Bella returns to the woman.

“Alright you ready?”

“You mean?”

“I’m afraid so.”

The woman cries harder. Bella takes her hand.

“We can do this…” She forces a smile through her already wrecked nerves.

“Jimmy! Brother… How are you these days?”

Logan cocks a brow.

“Shut up Victor.”

Victor laughs.

“Come along now. We’ve got much to discuss.”

Logan nods and turns to the betrayer. Without another thought he looks his brother dead in the eyes. He grabs the man and jabs his claws into his gut. He tosses the man at Victor’s feet.

“It would seem so.”

“Now I was going to do that.”

Victor smiles and motions for Logan to follow him. Logan takes in a breath knowing he hadn’t much choice. He wasn’t about to risk getting the others caught. All the more reason he killed the man promptly; before he had a chance to reveal anything.


The woman gritted her teeth and pushed. Bella narrowed her eyes and pressed the woman’s legs back.

“What’s your name?”


“Ok Jennifer; one more good push.” She nodded.

Bella braced the child in her hold. She got a firm, but careful hold on it. Once the woman pushed; the baby fully came out. Bella promptly cut the cord and wrapped it up. She then did one other thing and prayed it worked. Bella created an orb. Only this time not one of destruction. With everything she had within her. She concentrated her entire shield ability onto the child. The entire group looked on in sheer disbelief.

“What are you doing?!” The woman cried in panic.

“Yeah what the hell are you doing?”

Bella ignored them and surrounded the child within the globe. She handed the baby girl off to Jennifer.

“What are you doing to my child?”

“Shielding it from any harm including the weather; it’s the only chance your child has for survival.”

“What are you?”

“Please no more questions. I need to concentrate.”
Bella says as she finishes taking care of the woman. She does her best to clean her up with what little she has. Once she’s done she keeps her focus on the infant. She goes and cleanses her hands in the snow. After she returns the group looks to her in complete awe.
“Woman you must be some kind of saint.”

“Far from it.” Bella softly says.

Bella spends the rest of the night; guarding the child. She doesn’t sleep. She looks to the entrance; often praying for Logan to make his appearance.

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