Chapter 18 Damn Espionage

Chapter 18

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Victor Creed was not aware that Logan had his memories back… All of them. He knew damn well everything his brother had ever done to others and him personally. He also knew he had raped and killed Silverfox. Now here his brother stood before him. Offering him booze, cigars, and a place by his side. He wanted Logan to help lead an army. To be the brothers they were always meant to be. Logan nauseatingly listened to his brother’s side of things and to what he had to offer. Only due to the fact it was like witnessing a train wreck. You know you should look away and part of you wants to. Yet, you just can’t fathom what’s before you so you stand there and watch like a babbling idiot. That’s the position Logan was in at the moment.

He now knew why that other base had existed. Those were his brother’s men as well. Victor had plans to dominate the world through this army. He was doing his best to convince Logan that they should wipe out the world with anything “underneath” them. That they had superiority and they needed to prove themselves. Another words… his brother had turned into a nice little dictator. He now understood why he and Omega Red had a disagreement. That was how Omega Red thought as well. He could only imagine what having two dictators in one room trying to rule it all; would do. There’s always one dying to outdo the other. Even if that means death upon the other as well. Which is what Logan eventually learned. Omega Red’s betrayal had gotten back to his brother. He and Lady Deathstrike put an end to his existence by literally ripping him apart. Which was something Logan knew not to be an easy task. Like he and his brother. Omega Red had healing abilities and his body was damn near indestructible. He was sure it took both of them and his brother’s entire army. Only what had Logan unnerved was his mention of a “new” army. So if these men weren’t who he was referring to… Then who was he talking about?

He was soon to have his answer. Victor motions him over and Logan follows him and Lady Deathstrike into another room. A huge lab; filled with tanks. The lab being ran by scientists. They were in their white lab coats creating away. Logan found himself in the middle of none other than clones. And these clones where none other than Edward and Alice Cullen. The very vampires in which he and Bella and come here to find. They were to burn the bodies and rid of any chance of them being brought back. Logan could just imagine the look on his fiancé’s face if she saw this. She’d wanted to hurry and rid of the bodies so she’d never have to see or deal with them again. So there was no chance of them returning. Now they were merely being lined up and created like a production line at a factory. These clones were in these tanks filled with some sort of chemicals. They were merely waiting to be reborn. The original bodies lay in the middle of the room in metal tanks. Only instead of upright they a lay across like tubs. They too lay in some sort of chemicals and had tubes running from their bodies. He’d wondered how since he knew they were nothing more than marble. They’d been put together completely.

Logan made his way over and began to scan them over for himself. He could see where their bodies had been reattached. He felt as though he were witnessing a very horrible Frankenstein science fiction flick. The only difference was there were over twenty of these things already completed. A group of vampires in which his brother had hopes in controlling. That wasn’t the worst part. He was creating more. This entire room was filled of these tubes. They were literally being grown as though they were merely plants. He took in a breath. The urge grew heavy to hurriedly destroy everything in his path. He knew however, he was greatly outnumbered. Even as powerful as he was he didn’t stand a chance. Especially, if these fucking things suddenly came to life! With the men that his brother already had lined up; at this base. The amount of firepower, grenades and other masses of destruction. Logan was purely FUCKED. There was only one way to go about this. Kill time… And see what happened. Deep down he knew if he didn’t return soon. Bella would be breaking down the doors and with reinforcements. Yet, the mere thought also had him ill. That was something he knew he’d have to get over. He didn’t like the idea of her being put in harm’s way. She was a full-fledged X-Men now. Logan knew he’d have to get over some things about that. Instead of thinking of the worst scenarios; he wanted to take pride in the fact that his soon to be wife was now his equal. That she too followed in the same footsteps. However, he peered over upon his brother as he lit a cigar. If that motherfucker laid one fucking hand on his girl he’d rip his god damn dick off and make him eat it! That wasn’t a lie either. After everything Victor had done. He was tired of the games. He wanted nothing more than to end his brother’s very existence.

Bella looked back to the entrance in thought. Still no sign of Logan… She continued to keep her shield on the infant. The woman breastfed her child as Bella built another fire. She told herself if he didn’t return today. She’d head on out first thing in the morning. She’d lead this group to Scott and have him get them back home safely. She knew the others would soon need something to eat and drink. Thankfully, with the snow around them something to drink wouldn’t be too hard to muster. However, hunting for 14 people now? She knew this was going to suck. If she was going to have them energetic enough to travel back to Scott which was a good few days ahead considering they hadn’t her healing ability. This was going to slow her down significantly. She wanted desperately to get to Logan. But these people…as an X-Men was her first priority. That’s what the Wolverine had taught her and she wasn’t about to let him down. Then again she wasn’t about to leave him behind. She also kept in mind that if they were to leave first thing in the morning she’d have to leave clues. One in the cave and along the trees; indicating she’d taken the prisoners back to Scott for safety. She wouldn’t chance Logan coming back for them and him fearing the worst scenario. However, she dreaded greatly what he may be going through. Logan was a man of his word. So for something to be keeping him away; she knew it had to be big.

Bella looked to the man about Logan’s age. He was shorter than Logan and wider. She looked to the others in thought. She needed more manpower in order to feed this group. She pointed to the man and the other one beside him. He looked to be about Remy’s age. Just a boy, but he was athletic enough she figured he could handle himself. They looked upon her oddly, but followed her out as she motioned them over. She couldn’t go too far. She wasn’t certain how for her shield would reach. The idea was to have the two men head out a bit further out. Whilst she waited patiently for them to herd some sort of prey her direction. She couldn’t chance the child risking the cold. Even in the cave. She wouldn’t chance it.

For the first time ever Bella would have to hunt without her abilities. She’d have to use the knife hidden within her X-Men suit. She prayed to God she could manage this. She thought of the Wolverine and his animalistic nature. She knew that would be the approach she had to take. After three hours they finally managed to herd something her direction. Ironically, another caribou. Which was exactly what they needed in order to feed the entire group. She just knew this was going to suck. The thing was huge and coming right for her. It didn’t even see her as it was running from the two men. Bella quickly leaped out and grabbed it she wrapped her arms around its neck and quickly slit it. As she came down it landed on her and it was heavy as hell. She grunted underneath its mass. She gritted her teeth and began to try and roll out from under it. The two men rushed up and lifted it off her.


They nodded. The younger one looked to Bella with a genuine beam about him.

“How’d you do that?!”

She smiles.

“Honestly, I’m not sure. Just did.”

“That was awesome!”

That was another thing Bella noticed. A few of the prisoners were Russian. The others were clearly Canadian.

“What are your names?”

The one Logan’s age answered first.

“I’m Travis Bloom.”

“Anthony Howard.”

She nods.

“Bella Swan.”

They drag the caribou on the way back.

“Do you happen to have any idea why you were being held captive?”

“No mam not a clue. I wish we did know.”

She sighs.

“So what exactly took place?”

“I don’t know about the women, but us men were taken from one of the rigs.”

“Oil rigs?”

He nods.

“We were merely doing our job when these guys with guns took over. They killed a few of our men then had the rest of us go with them. They never stated why. We were taken back to the base and thrown into cells.”

Bella nods her head in thought.

She turns back to him.

“There were over 40 of us…”

She narrows her eyes.

“What happened to the others?”

“Like I said some of us were killed. The others were taken somewhere else. They didn’t get off where we did.”

She pinches the bridge of her nose with an ill thought.

“So there’s more of you spread about the area?”

He shrugs.

“I haven’t a clue. I just figured it’s something you needed to know.”

She sighs. Their accents were a bit like Logan’s even.

“Any information is useful.” Logan hadn’t left her mind for even a second.

Bella continued to move on, but the fear was hard to ignore.
“Why don’t I do that? You’ve done so much for us already. Allow me to help please.” Travis offers as she was about to skin the animal.

She nods she wanted to check on the baby and Jennifer after all. She handed him the knife. He smiles and begins. They were both fine and the shield had stayed intact. Bella took in a breath of relief. However, she looked over and the boy looked to be ill. She crouched over and put a hand upon his forehead. He was lying in a fetal position. She winced as he felt cold to the touch. Meaning hypothermia was setting in. Bella quickly started another fire. She picked up the boy and placed him beside it. She thought about how long he was out in the cold. If she had known the boy’s father would have put the snowsuit on himself. She’d had handed it to the boy instead. Bella got the boy to drink some water. She then took it upon herself to crawl up beside him. She wrapped her arms around him.

“Now you just got sick on purpose; so a beautiful girl would go and cuddle with yah! Pretty clever boy.” One of the Canadian men teased the boy with a wink.

A small smile formed on Gilbert’s face. Even the man that made the joke however, had a bit of a panicked look on his face. Bella continued to do her best to keep the boy warm. After an hour had passed; Travis and Anthony returned with the cut up meat. She was glad to see that they thought to put it on sticks. That would make cooking them that much easier.

The men begin to cook the meat and handed it off to the women first. Travis went to hand her some.

“Everyone else first, including you.”

“I don’t eat unless the ladies eat first. That includes you mam.”

She sighs.

“The boy first.”

He nods and goes to hand the boy a stick of meat. The boy shakes his head. Bella rolls him over checking him over again.

“You really should try to eat.”

He shakes his head again and closes his eyes. Bella put her hands to the fire then to the boy’s face. She wished she could shield the boy as well. Truth of the matter was she was already greatly weakened. She’d been at this for hours straight. She couldn’t afford to break her concentration even for a minute. That baby wouldn’t survive just a few minutes even in the cave. She thought about trying to spread her shield, but the way she felt right now. She feared she’d only pass out. That only screw everyone here. She simply did whatever she could think of to keep the boy warm.

She ate and drank some water from the melted snow. The day seemed to drag. She must’ve looked to that exit a million times in sheer hopes. Once sundown hit she added some branches the men had gathered to the fire. Bella took out her compass in thought. As soon as the sun came up she’d be heading out.

“Do you mind?” She asked Travis in a hinting matter.

“Not at all.”

He took over for a moment in keeping the boy warm. Bella began to leave Logan a clue in the cave. She had a bad feeling though that he’d never see it. Something told her that whatever happened. He wasn’t getting out anytime soon. Once she was done she takes over again. Soon the group fell into a slumber. All, but the mother.

“What is your name Ms?”


Jennifer smiles and looks to her baby.

“I needed a name. Would you mind?”
Bella swallowed back in thought.
“What my name?”

The young woman smiled genuinely.

“Yes I wish to tell my daughter how she got her name one day. About the remarkable, strong, woman that hopefully she’ll grow up to be.”

A knot rather tugged at Bella’s throat.

“I’m not all that remarkable. Trust me…”

Jennifer shakes her head.

“Now that’s a filthy lie Ms.” She says with a playful tone and wink.

“May I call her Bella after you Miss?”

Bella nods not sure what else to say. She felt a sense of pride. Yet, she didn’t understand. She didn’t feel as though she’d done anything that remarkable. Not to be having a child named after her. Now someone naming their child after Logan… That made more sense to her. This however, didn’t a lick. The boy trembled off and on in her hold. He’d often whimper out. Which was a good sign to her… at least he wasn’t in a coma. That’s what she’d been watching out for. That and she checked his body over for any beginnings of frost bite. So far the boy seemed ok in that department.

Before long Jennifer fell asleep as the baby breast fed. Bella looked to the entire group as they slept. She added more branches to the fire. She rolled out from the boy as she needed to pee. She did her best to move around. She knew she’d have to go close to the cave as it was still pitch dark. Bella made her way out and was undoing her X-Men suit. When someone leaped on top of her. They had a knife. Bella didn’t dare break her concentration on the infant. Due to her already weak state. She simply lay in the snow as she was stabbed repeatedly. She did her best to cover herself protectively. Still the man continued to stab through her chest and arms. She rolled over trying to get away. Only she gasped out as she took a hit to the spine. Her eyes instantly watered. She heard whoever it was take off running. Their boots shuffling through the snow. She continued to crawl in agony trying to get back to the cave.


Travis had thought he heard something and went to check it out. He could make out the amount of blood in the snow. The moon shined enough that he could make Bella out. She was lying right in the center of the bloody show. She was crawling on her hands and knees.

“Come on now lady; don’t you go dying on us! We need you!”

He quickly scoops her up. He crawls into the cave with her in his hold. He rushes her by the fire.

“I apologize.” He says ahead of time and undoes her suit. He lifts up her tank top checking her over.

His eyes widen, but not because of her nudity. He watched thrown completely off as he witnessed her healing right before his very eyes. He put a finger to one of the areas he’d seen. It was completely healed over now. Bella blinks a few times through the pain as the process continues. She takes in a breath. She reaches over lowering her tank top back down.

“Sorry…” He says looking embarrassed now and clearing his throat.

She nods and zips herself back up.

“Truly you are something…” He says shaking his head.

“Just don’t tell my fiancé you got a free show. He might not take kindly to that.” She decided to tease seeing how flustered the man seemed.

He let out a nervous laugh.

“I’m sure he wouldn’t. I’m guessing your partner from earlier is your fiancé? The big guy?”

She smiles.

“Yes sir that’d be him.”

“Lucky man.”
“No, I’m the lucky one…”

He looks to her in thought.

“You must be one of them.”

“Them?” She questions.

“A mutant…”

She nods. He smiles a bit.

“I feel like a jackass.” He sighs lowering his head in shame.

“I used to think you were all nothing, but bad news. I had voted against mutant rights.” He pinches the bridge of his nose.

Bella softly laughs.

“Well I suppose I can see where you possibly think that. But no we’re not all the same. That’s like saying you’re all the same.” She wrinkled her nose a bit.

This conversation in general felt odd to her.

“Yes I do see where I might have stereotyped now.” He grimaces and rubs his face tiredly.

Bella looked towards the entrance.

“Sun will be up soon.”

She also knew damn well who attacked her. She gritted her teeth in thought. Bella decidedly rolled the boy back over. She shook him in hopes of stirring him awake. He was very pale. His temp had dropped even more. His eyes opened for just a few seconds then closed once again.

“We must go.”
Travis nods.

“I’ve a friend waiting for us. I will lead you to him. From there he will aid you in getting back home.”
“Let me guess you will be searching for your fiancé?”

“Yes sir.”

He smiles.

“Then we had better head on.”

She nods in return and they gather everyone. Once everyone’s outside prepared to begin their journey; Bella looks around once more. Hoping for some sort of sign. Still nothing of Logan. She and Travis cover up the blood marks from last night.

“I’ll take him.” Travis offers as she had Gilbert in her hold.

Bella looks to the boy once more. She agrees only because she knew if they were attacked. They’d need her promptly. She had to keep her sense about and more than ever she had to keep that shield on the infant. The snow had melted in some parts where they walked. She could see luscious green grass beneath their feet. Thus, proving they weren’t as close to the circle now. Still she didn’t want to take any chances. Yet again she grabbed a walking stick.

It also didn’t take long for her surprise guest from last night to arrive. She looked around. He hadn’t realized he’d been spotted. He was stalking them. The look on his face priceless. She could tell he wondered how she was still alive. She motioned for the others to continue on. She had Travis lead the way. She pretended she had to use the bathroom. Only she had her blade tucked into the sleeve of her X-Men suit. She went to squat only perfecting her act. She smiled hearing the snow slouching amongst his steps towards her. His shadow casted over her. She waited until she saw his shadow hunched over.

Bella quickly fell to the ground and twirled around bringing up her blade. She looked him in the eyes as she twisted the blade; with one swift motion. She then kicked him off her. She kept the blade in her hand as it was yanked out of his heart. Blood squirted across her suit and in her face. Something that use to make her queasy. She didn’t even bat an eye at. She was too fucking pissed. She wiped the knife clean and put it back up. She looked around for a place to hide the body.

She grabbed him by the collar. She saw where he’d managed to get a snowsuit after all: a red one. Meaning he probably killed someone in order to get it. A few feet a head Bella saw a patch of ice. She knew beneath that had to be water. Bella dragged the man that direction. She carefully stepped towards the area. She jabbed at it with her stick. From where she stood was solid land. However, right across from her was ice. Only it was some sort of pond. She just hoped it was deep enough to hide his body. She looked around precautious. She then took her blade and began to pierce through the ice. She continuously stabbed through it. Once she was done she looked back to the man. She took off his snowsuit. She then began to dig through the pockets of his jeans. She took out his wallet.

He had a few Russian bills, a license, and another ID. It seemed to be some sort of security card.

“Victor Creed?” She whispered seeing that was who he worked for.

Bella pocketed the security pass. However, she looked back towards the group in thought. She half laughed realizing this guy wasn’t a hostage or a prisoner. He too was a fucking spy! She and Logan were dealing with full on espionage! She growled out. She realized by letting this asshole go the way she did. That the entire group was now in danger! She was certain he had sent others or had others coming right for them now.

She quickly stuffed him into the water. She pushed him down with her hands.

“FUCKING BASTARD!” She growled furiously.

She then rushed back to the group. Bella already knew what was coming. She quickly grabbed the infant and bundled it up in the red snowsuit. She handed it back to the woman. Bella then looked to Travis. She handed him her compass.
“You keep going east. Until you see a man with shades standing by a black jet. His name is Scott. He can be trusted. Tell him that Bombshell needs reinforcements and quickly!”

“DAMMIT GO! All of you now! RUN!”

She turned back to Jennifer.

“I can no longer shield your child.” Bella unzipped Jennifer’s snowsuit. She stuffed the child wrapped within the red snowsuit inside. She zipped it up leaving room for air.

“Keep her bundled up completely and pressed against your chest for warmth. Travis same thing with the boy; to your chest close as possible.”

Five minutes in and Bella turned back as the group had already taken off. Sure enough she was surrounded. She dropped her shield. She had kept it for as long as she could on the infant. It knocked her for a loop as it returned to her. There was one of two things she could do. Fight… or let them take her. She hadn’t a clue exactly where Logan was. So she decided to go with a bit of half and half. This way she’d also deter them away from the group. That and she’d hoped they’d lead her right to Logan. They apprehended her and cuffed her. Just as planned they began to lead her to the base.

Once Bella was certain she could find the area on her own. She used her shield to breakout of her cuffs. With a smile she turned. Each looked upon her with confusion and shock. She gave a simple nod and began to hover. She sent out her claws and shot into the air. She began to take out as many men as possible. She acted quickly before any of them had a chance to escape and give her arrival away. She’d five more left out of 13 men. They continued to fire at her as she shot through the air again. She twirled around creating a bow with five arrows. She sent them spiraling through the air right for them. She came down on one knee. She allowed herself a few moments so her body would heal and so she could catch a breath. She still felt somewhat weak. Bella knew in order to help Logan with whatever he may be facing she had to be at her fullest métier.

She breathed slowly and shut her eyes for a moment. Bella began to feel the healing factor taking over her body. It was slow, but there. As time progressed she began to feel more invigorated. Finally, she came to a full stand. She looked on straight ahead.

“I’m coming Logan baby.” She whispered and trekked onward.

Logan spent the entire time acting as if he were still making up his mind. That he was merely hanging around trying to get the feel for whatever his brother had going. He knew his brother was clueless about him having his memories back. This was hard as hell this little act of Logan’s. He despised the fucking son of a bitch! Yet here he was temporarily having to act as though he’d some sort of feelings for his brother as well. He’d feelings alright… HATRED! And he only saw one color. RED! The color of blood and death. He’d also admantium running through his body now! Victor would not be expecting that at all. Last time he faced his brother he got his ass handed to him. This time he wouldn’t! This time Logan was fucking prepared. Victor Creed would not walk away not this time!

Logan passed by a security area. To his surprise no one was in there. He made his way inside and looked upon the cameras. He narrowed his eyes realizing they were securing the area outside the base. He damn near jumped back though. One of the guards suddenly fell back. They were quickly dragged away. He couldn’t see who did it, but he didn’t have to. A smirk came about his face. He nodded as the guard was soon replaced.

“That’s my girl…” He whispered and quickly made his way out.

He too began to prepare…

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