Chapter 19 The Wolverine and His Bombshell

Chapter 19

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Bella waits until a group of guards walk past. She joins the group keeping her head down. Her nerves were getting to her. She prayed she could pull this off. She was nowhere near as witty as Logan when it came to these things. Bella patiently followed them inside. Apparently, she arrived just in time for them to switch out. Other guards were heading out. She continued to follow the other group. She hadn’t a clue exactly where she was to go. She was winging it best she could. Sure enough she knew she must’ve fucked up. The other guards turned to her. They tilted their heads. She took in a breath. A menacing smile however, formed on her face. Still she kept her head down. One of the men slowly approached her. He made some sort of demand in Russian.

When she didn’t answer he lowered the hood to her snowsuit. She lifted her head. They all aimed their guns upon her. She held up a grenade with the pin taken out.
“Oops…” She uttered and quickly rolled it along the floor towards their feet.

She used her shield to rapidly somersault her body back. She hastily took cover. Ok so she was nowhere near as quiet as Logan. Clearly, not as crafty; she thinks with a shrug. However, none of them knew where she was now as she hid herself inside one of the vents. She quickly slid the vent shut. She watched as men ran right past her. She covered her mouth to mask her heavy breath. She shut her eyes trying to calm down. She wondered how Logan kept so chill during these situations. Decidedly, she crawled throughout the vent. She tried to see through some of the rooms as she crawled past. It was hard to make out anything. She rolled her eyes as the men were scattered all over the place now looking for her.

“Great…” She whispered.

Logan’s going to kick your ass for being so stupid. She miserably leaned back. She wanted till they were past the area she was in. Once she was in the clear; she began to crawl again. Bella found a vent leading to another area. She brought her hood back down. She slid the vent open. She carefully looked around before dropping down. There was one guard further up with his back to her. She quickly ducked off into a corner. She hadn’t realized just how big this base was. Most of them were run down or just temporary stations; not this one. This one looked new and certainly more modernized. Still the guard kept his back to her. She needed where he was. Bella crouched down and began to sneak up on him. Once she was directly behind him. She quickly wrapped her hand around his mouth and slit his throat. Her eyes widen as she realized what she’d done. She’d gone full on assassin style on the guy. She covered her mouth in shock. Bella promptly dragged him back into the corner doing her best to hide his body. She propped him up against the corner. She did her best to make him look “lively”.

Afterword, she quickly took over his post. She looked around. There were six more soldiers about the area. She also noticed a woman in a black bodysuit. She was walking around with a man in some sort of lab coat. She wondered where the hell they were keeping Logan. Bella decided to follow the woman and see what she could find out. Tactfully as possible she made her way around. She’s about to head into the room in which the woman went.

She hears someone laughing.

“You smell just like him…”

She freezes and slowly turns.

The man before her was tall, husky, he’d the same chops as Logan, and he had fangs much like that of a cat. Bella tilts her head studying him. He approaches her and breathes her in.

“Hmm, interesting…”

He takes it upon himself to lower her hood.

“Now why are you here? I take it you’re the one responsible for killing my men.”

He circles her; his eyes never leaving her.

“Why do you carry the scent of my brother?”

Bella narrows her eyes. She watches his every move. He brings his hand up about to touch her face. Her claws appear and she holds them to his throat.

“That’s close enough…” She warns.

He chuckles.

“Ah, the similarities…”

He curiously puts a finger to the energy claws and jumps back a bit. He half growls shaking it off as it sliced his finger off.

“What are you an idiot?” She remarks.

Her eyes widen though as he heals right before her eyes. She takes in an irritated breath.

“Great… This ought to be interesting…” She mutters sizing him up now.

However, she quickly gets shoved into another room. The door is slammed shut. She turns to see Logan looking upon her through the window. She looks to him confused. He gives a simple nod and vanishes.

“What the…”
She reaches for the door handle; only to feel another presence about the room. Bella turns around to see the woman from earlier. They eye one another. Bella watches in disbelief as she sends out a set of her own claws only they were much longer, sharper and they extended from her fingers.

“Shit…” Bella muttered.

“So I’m guessing foe?”

The woman says nothing as she dives right for her. Bombshell quickly has her shield flip her into the air. She appears behind the woman. She plunges her claws into her back. The woman turns as Bombshell sees her healing as well.

“OH COME THE FUCK ON!” Bombshell growls.

She’s sent airborne across the room. The woman leaps over her and Bombshell dodges her penetrating hits. The both of the roll along the floor trying to outdo the other with their sharp jabs.

Victor Creed has a good laugh at the situation.


Logan stares him down.

“I should have known…” Victor says shaking his finger upon Logan; as if to merely scold him like an insubordinate child.

“I wish to get to know your pet a little better. We were just getting acquainted Jimmy!”

Victor looks towards the door. Logan shoved her in.

“Come on now, bring her out. Do introduce us!”

“I’ll do no such thing.”

Victor narrows his eyes.

“Do we have a problem brother?”

“Not one I can’t take care of…”

Victor inches towards the door. Logan blocks the way.

“Is this the path you’ve chosen dear brother? You truly wish to stand against me?”

“I always will Victor,” Logan says bringing his claws to bear.

Victor sighs as if merely agitated by the situation.

“Must we do this every time? When will you ever learn?! You can never win!”

Logan for once takes the first dive. He rushes him like a bull and slams him back. Victor laughs.

The Wolverine is let out. Victor’s eyes darken as Sabretooth comes out to play as well. The Wolverine growls out and goes to inject his claws into Sabretooth’s abdomen. His move his blocked as Sabretooth grabs his wrists and forces them back.

“Ah, something new I see. This could be fun brother!”

Wolverine snarls back and whips his body around. He grabs his brother by the collar of his black suit. He slams him deep into the concrete floor beneath them. They too roll around Sabretooth scraps his claws along Wolverine’s face. He grits his teeth and brings up his legs to his chest. He sends his brother sailing across the room. Sabretooth leaps right back up and bounds across the room graceful and feline like.

“Fuck!” Bombshell groans out as the woman digs her claws into Bombshell’s waist.

The woman with the freaky silver eyes begins to move her hand along slicing Bombshell open. Bombshell’s eyes roll back from the pain. She sends out her shield and the woman’s sent hovering directly above Bombshell.

Bombshell has a spear appear just as the woman comes back down. The spear penetrates right through the woman’s sternum. She gasps out as she lands on Bombshell. Bombshell kicks her off. The woman rolls over with a hole through her chest. Bombshell leaps on her and sends several shots to the chest. She raises to her feet and grabs the woman by the hair. She forces her up. Bombshell’s teeth grind together as she has her shield beam them into the air. Bombshell twirls the woman around midair. She focuses her shield onto the woman as she has her spiraling through a wall. Bombshell comes down on one knee. She rushes back into the room not wanting to give this woman the chance to heal. What she didn’t expect was what she was to witness…

Bombshell has her claws out and her boots crunch against the brick debris about the concrete floor. Bombshell’s game is caught off-guard as she sees the clones. Her heart came to a complete stop. The woman drives her nails through Bombshell’s kidneys. Bombshell gasps out and comes to her knees. Her eyes water and she can’t breathe; as the woman continues to twist her way into Bombshell’s kidneys.

“Let me guess you remember?” Sabretooth says with a bark.

He prances around Wolverine like a tiger stalking its prey. He chuckles and gets his brother pinned down. Sabretooth pierces his claws through Wolverine’s throat. Wolverine’s face grows red as he loses oxygen he bleeds out as Sabretooth digs in deeper.

“Just for old time sake brother… I’m gonna take that little pet of yours. I’m gonna fuck her just like Silverfox. I’m going to make her realize just how weak, pathetic and foolish you truly are! Just as Silverfox did. I will be doing you a favor in ending your existence once and for all. Like I should have years ago!”

“YAH WILL NEVER TOUCH HERRRRRRRRRR!” The Wolverine thunders wrathfully.

The Wolverine’s sight becomes crimson red. His body starts to tremble all over. He lets out the deepest of growls. His hand clasp around his brother’s throat. He uses his other hand to propel him and his brother off the floor. They come to a stand. Sabretooth looks to him in disbelief. The Wolverine doesn’t even blink. He starts beating the living shit out of Sabretooth; without even breaking for a breath of air. He stabs his claws repeatedly into Sabretooth. Sabretooth stumbles back. He’s sent through a table. Sabretooth desperately comes for Wolverine. His claws go through Wolverine’s heart. Still he doesn’t blink. He stares his brother down. He grabs his hand forcing his brother’s claws out from his chest. Sabretooth hisses out as Wolverine’s literally breaking his hands as he continues to squeeze and force them back. Wolverine then flips his brother around. He forces him back against him. He yanks his head back at great force. Wolverine jams his claws into his brother’s neck. They slice all the way through.
He swiftly draws his claws out, but in a potent circular motion. His brother’s body lands on the floor. Wolverine holds his head in his hold. He growls again as he continues to see RED! The Wolverine couldn’t break out of his berserker phase. He bangs Victor’s head up against the wall repeatedly. Men rush into the room each with guns.

Wolverine narrows his eyes. He dropped Victor’s head where he stood. He looked more animalistic than ever before. He motioned for the men to come and get it.

Bombshell forces herself to focus. She was in complete agony as the bitch continued to plummet her way in. Bombshell screams out and her shield is sent throughout the entire room. The glass to the containers that keep the clones shattered. Bombshell has a fighting stick appear and she takes off for the woman. She twirls it around just as she’d seen Gambit do. Her jaw is clenched together tightly. Her heart raced as she propelled herself around the energy stick. she knocked the woman through the wall of the next room. The stick vanished and she now had her claws to the woman. She drove them into her mouth and held her up off the ground.

“One of us has to die eventually bitch! And I gaurenfuckingtee! It’s not going to be ME!”

Bombshell shuts her eyes and sends her energy wave about again. The woman is yet again conducted through another wall. Bombshell comes to a complete halt at the scene around her. There stood The Wolverine; he was covered in blood. He somehow looked even deadlier and bigger to Bombshell. Utter fear came over her as he took out bodies; without even looking at who they were. He grabbed the woman she’d been fighting. The one she had so much trouble with. The one with the fucking heal factor like she and The Wolverine’s. He broke her neck like it was nothing. He then ripped it off her body and tossed it across the room. He grabbed another body and ripped it apart. Bodies were scattered about the room. The Wolverine froze and turned his direction towards her. He flew right for her.

“NO! LOGAN!” She demands frightened out of her mind.

He stopped his claws were actually were touching against her throat. She swallowed back staring into his eyes.

“It’s me Logan baby…” She said more softly.

His eyes widened and he shook his head as if shaking something off. He stumbles back once he realizes what he’d almost done.


“It’s ok Logan…”

He shakes his head again as if lost. He looks around the room. He looks back to Bombshell.

“Did I?”

She gazes upon him concerned.

“You don’t remember?”

He shakes his head again. Bombshell turns her attention back to the familiar body. Only his head was missing. She crouches over it and turns the body over. She grimaces.

“Was he really your brother?”

Wolverine shuts his eyes and nods.

“Jesus, remind me to never get on your bad side… And your brother… well he’s a bit of a dick! Or was…”

She noticed how freaked out Wolverine looked though. He continued to look about the room. They didn’t have much time to react though. They both came to immediate attention as they heard sounds coming from a certain room.

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” Bombshell shouts irately.


Wolverine turns to see more soldiers coming their way. Bombshell turns to see the clones coming from the other direction. The both of them lock eyes realizing just how fucked they were. Enemies now surrounded them. They got back to back. The both of them jumped as the cloned vampires and soldiers began to cancel out one another. The vampires attacked whoever stood in their way. Both sets came right for Bombshell and Wolverine. The clones where nothing more than killing machines.

“HOLD ON!” Bombshell yelled.

She had her shield send her and Wolverine spiraling into the air. The both of them came barreling down with their claws bear. Without another thought they merely began to fight for sheer survival.

“Please tell me yah have reinforcements coming?” Wolverine hollers in mid battle.

Bombshell half laughs.

“Aw, Now where’s the faith Logan baby?!” She fires back.

He grins shaking his head.

“Just thought I’d check Bella darlin’.”

“Look at it like this. I’ll personally hand Cyclops his ass if he doesn’t show up soon!”

“My ears must be burning!”

They both turn as Cyclops, Storm and Beast enter the room.

“Told ya!” Bombshells smarts towards Wolverine.

Bombshell takes off in a sprint towards the middle of the room. The X-Men look to her confused. She sends out both her hands and Wolverine softly chuckles realizing what she’s doing. Bombshell was spreading out the enemies making it easier for the X-Men to single handily deal with each one.

“Yer a fucking genius.”

She shrugs as she flips around taking out three soldiers. Two vampires come up behind her and she whips around driving her claws into their throats. They fall to the ground and Bombshell decapitates them. A vampire runs past however, and yanks Bombshell up off the ground. Wolverine finishes off a couple vampires and takes notice. He goes over and bounds of the wall. He jerks Bombshell back into his hold. He drops her down and Bombshell comes to one knee; as Wolverine snaps the vampire’s neck. Wolverine turns back to see Bombshell fighting with the other X-Men. He nods in approval. There was one thing he wanted to take care of himself though. One he’d wished he had the pleasure of doing so. Wolverine enters the room where the clones originated from. Sure enough the originals were still strapped down. He quickly took care Alice first not even bothering to remove her from the tank. He simply blew her to slivers. Edward… He ripped out of the tank. He snarled back as he stared upon him.

“Wake the fuck up!” He growled.

Wolverine began to shake Edward violently in his hold. He wanted Edward alert. He wanted the little shit to see The Wolverine; before he ended his existence once and for all! He wanted to torture him by ripping him limb from limb. The way it should have been from the beginning. The way Edward should have died! At the hands of James Logan Howlett in that god damned parking lot of the bar; when he first met Bella Swan.

Wolverine stares him down and waits as his eyes finally fly open. He only hoped the little bastard had his memories still. Sure enough Wolverine breaks into a genuine smile. Edward’s eyes widened and his hands clasped around Wolverine’s wrists.

“Well whattaya know bub?!”

Edward looks around in a panic. Wolverine continues to patiently wait. He holds Edward up off the ground. He was still dripping with the chemicals they had him in. He still had holes punctured through where Wolverine ripped out his tubes.

“WHERE IS SHE?!” Edward stupidly demands.

Wolverine nods.


Wolverine nods again. He takes out a cigar and lights it. He takes in a drag as he still holds Edward up with one hand clasped around his throat. He blows the smoke right into his face. He then takes his lit cigar and crams it down Edward’s throat. Edward tries to scream out as it burns his mouth.

“Bitches always swallow…” Wolverine demands; whilst clamping his mouth shut.

He forces one of Edward’s arms back. He breaks it off and tosses it into the tank he was in. He continues to rip off parts of his body piece by piece. He tosses each part in to the tank.


He releases his hold on Edward’s mouth. Edward screeches out as Wolverine conducts his claws right through Edward’s ass. Wolverine grits his teeth and winds his claws even deeper.


Wolverine slams Edward inside the tank head first. He takes out a couple of grenades. Logan drops one into Edward’s tank. He slams the lid shut. He quickly darts out of the room tossing the other grenade into the room. He tucks and rolls behind one of the brick walls. Still the impact sends him flying.

He lands in the room where the X-Men are fighting. Bombshell looks down to her feet seeing Wolverine beat up and covered in soot.

“Having fun yet?” She questions, but looks to him with concern as she offers him a hand up.

“As always…” He says gruffly dusting himself off.

Beast tosses an enemy Bombshell’s way. She takes her energy katana through the soldier’s heart. Wolverine’s eyes widen as she whips back around and slits another one’s throat. She uses her shield to fling herself through the air finishing off the remainder of vampires with one sweep. She comes down and bows over. She took in a breath as she was beginning to run low in vigor. She wipes the sweat off her brow. Bombshell stands back up. She quickly jumps back barely missing one of Cyclop’s heat waves.

“Watch it!” She snaps.


“Oops? That’s what you have to say for yourself?!”

Wolverine just takes a moment to merely watch; how she interacts with the others and fights. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She grabs Cyclops and shoves him back. Cyclops shakes his head.

She goes back to fighting whoever’s left. Storm sends out a few literal strikes of her own. She looks back to Wolverine noticing the way he was watching Bombshell. He too continued to fight. She smiles realizing he was in complete awe. Bombshell directs her shield at Beast. Beast grins as he goes sailing past Wolverine and Storm onto a group of enemies. He swiftly takes them out and looks back to Bombshell. She merely smiles and nods his direction. He gives her a thumbs up. Bombshell starts to walk around doing a complete sweep of the area. She was making sure they had every one.

She checks a couple of rooms thoroughly. She turns back to see Wolverine looking upon her. With one swift motion he scoops her up. He presses her up against a nearby wall. He feverishly kisses her. He grew dense against her in longing.

“All clear…” They turn to see Cyclops peeking into the room.

“Get lost boy scout.” Wolverine barks with irritation.

Cyclops shakes his head and exits the room. Wolverine sighs and lowers Bombshell back down.

“Yah know, I’m just gonna wanna fuck yah every case we have now…”

“Logan Howlett!” She pretends to be appalled.

He shrugs and scopes her out once more. As she goes to exit the room he smacks her on the ass. She softly laughs, but that quickly comes to a stop as she turns to a certain area. She takes out the ID tag; she took from the guy that was no more than a traitor amongst her group. Wolverine notices the solemn look on her face. She walks up to the metal door and swipes the ID card into the slot beside it. Sure enough he door opens. She and Wolverine turn to one another. She takes in a breath and enters the room.

Wolverine finds a switch and starts to flicker on the lights. Bombshell’s heart sank at the sheer amount of prisoners before them men, women and children. There had to have been damn near 60 of them. She shut her eyes for a moment. She looks to each cell.

“Are any of you from Travis Bloom’s rig?”

A certain group of men leap to attention in one of the cells.

“You’ve seen Travis?!” One of them asks.

A small smile forms on Bella’s face. She takes off her snowsuit revealing her X-Men suit.

“How many of you are there?”

“At least 35 maybe 40…”

Bella takes in a breath of relief.
“Travis and the others are safe and so are you now.”

Another man grips the cell bars next to them.

“What of my fiancé?”

She turns to him.

“I’m sorry?”
“Please Miss she’s pregnant! They took her away from me. They separated us I must know that she and our baby are ok!”

“What’s her name?”

“Jennifer Stanley.”

Bella full on smiles now.

“Sir you’re fiancé is fine. She just gave birth to a healthy baby girl.”

Logan couldn’t believe all this. He was thunderstruck. The way Bella was handling things. He never dreamed… Logan forced himself to snap out of it. They began to release the prisoners. Once they brought them out; the other X-Men looked upon them with disbelief. Beast handed Bella something. She narrowed her eyes and looked it over. It was a file. She grew pale for a moment. She looked up from the file and to the people they’d just saved. They were nothing more than test dummies… Cannon fodder for Victor Creed’s newest soldiers. He’d had it all mapped out. They were kidnapped in order to see just how well his new vampire soldiers did out on the field. Logan looked to Bella oddly. She handed him the file without another word. She and Storm began to lead everyone out. Bella scooped up a little girl doing her best to keep her shielded from the climate.

Logan and Cyclops stayed behind burning the entire place down. They made sure everything would be nothing more than ashes. Beast and Bella began to find whatever vehicles they could. They put as many people as they can fit into the vehicles. They started off with the children first. There were ten children total. Bella couldn’t believe that Logan’s brother was this sadistic. She wondered why he’d never told her about Victor Creed. Storm pulled around with another one. Bella was thankful to see it was some sort of military truck with a trailer. They quickly began to load everyone they could. Once they were done they only had three more left. Logan laughed out loud as Bella had one of the guy’s sit in another one’s lap. She also placed one in Cyclops’s.

“Gee thanks.” He smarted.

She grinned and patted him on the leg.

“You’re welcome!”

One of the other men volunteered to help with the last man.

“Thank you sir.” Bella stated genuinely.

“No thank you, because of you and your team; our crew is still alive.”

Bella nodded and patted him on the back. Logan helped her back down from the trailer.

“What about you two?” Cyclops questioned.

The vehicles were entirely too full. That and they knew it’d take a few days; just to even get everyone home. She and Logan look to one another. He grins

“I know where there’s a cave…” He hints.

Bella softly laughs.

“OH really?”
He nods.

Bella looks to Cyclops

“We’ll see you in a couple days!”


She and Logan nod. Cyclops sighs. They watch as they take off. Logan grabs Bella and flips her over his shoulder. He starts trudging towards the cave.

After a few hours they make it to the cave. The same one she and the group stayed in. She and Logan crawled inside. Logan started a fire. Bella lay down next to it. He looked over watching the fire glowing against her body. All he could think about was the sheer amount of lust he was feeling. He crawled on his hands and knees over her. He unzipped her X-Men suit and slipped it off her. He shredded away her white tank top and the panties she’d worn underneath. He hurriedly freed his steel cock. Logan couldn’t even think about anything else. He was so fucking hard he could no longer wait. He spread her legs. Logan gazed upon her pink lips, but just briefly. He drove himself within her uncontrollably. She felt so good. Bella’s pussy was already damp and ready for him. The intoxicating scent slapped him hardcore. He wanted to bury his face in her sex; she smelled so damn delicious. A soft growl left his lips as he kissed her intensely. He felt her tighten even more around him as he continued to pulsate. Her arms and legs were wrapped around him as he continued to move about. Bella felt the warm fountain of Logan’s release inside her. He slammed himself into her once more at great force; draining himself to the very last drop. He licked her lips teasingly as he leaned back down. Before long they passed out in each other’s arms. Taking a moment to forget everything…

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