Chapter 21 The Wonder That is Bella Swan

Chapter 21

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Bella stands in front of the mirror; in the buff. She runs her hands along her belly. She leaned against the wall and shut her eyes. Panic rather rose within her. Mixed thoughts ran through her mind.

How would she protect a child through everything; she and Logan faced? What if she was a terrible mother? What would Charlie say? They weren’t even married yet, but she was pregnant?! They had used protection. She was on birth control! Bella’s heart raced. She swallowed back nervously. Had she skipped a couple pills? She reaches over pulling the drawer out; where she kept them. She counted them over and over. All were in check. She hadn’t missed a single day.

That’s what she’d meant. When she asked, how’d this happened. That’s what she meant. So there was the one percent chance… Did Logan have freaking super sperm or something? She gripped the counter. Bella took in a deep breath. She wondered how far along she was. Bella started her bath. She poured some bubble bath into the tub. Once it was filled with nice soothing warm water. She climbed inside. She sunk into the tub and dunked her entire body under. After she came back up she leaned back.

Other concerns played out. She thought about her and Logan’s future. If they both didn’t age; what would that mean for their child? Would they have to watch as their child grew old… She winced not wanting to think; about the full terms to all this. But the thoughts hit anyhow. Her body became restless. She decidedly finished up her bath. She drained the tub and made her way out. Bella grabbed a blue towel and dried herself off. She then wrapped it around her body. Tried as she might she did her best to push the thoughts away. Logan was happy. Shouldn’t she be? What was wrong with her? She felt like a terrible person.

Bella stepped out of the bathroom; after she brushed her hair and teeth. She opened their closet and just stared at it for a moment. She looked around. Where the hell would they put a baby?! Sure they’d made jokes about it. But this was nothing more than like a dorm room; with all the tiny essentials, needed for everyday living. This was no place to raise a child. They didn’t even have room for a crib! Yet, again her heart kicked up. That slight panic thing hit. She bowled over leaning against the closet wall. She focused on trying to breathe.

Logan stepped into the room. He saw Bella looking as though she was about to freak out.

“Yah alright?”

She nodded, but looked downright pale.

“Yah don’t look so good.”

“Gee thanks!”

He smirks shaking his head.

“Yah know what I mean.”

She grabs a t shirt and black sweat pants. Logan watches as she goes commando. The knowledge had him a bit aroused. She pulls her hair up into a ponytail. Bella then puts on some socks and heads into the kitchen.

Logan struts up behind her and kisses her neck. He then clasps something around it. She narrows her eyes as she looks down. He clears his throat. Bella runs her fingers along the diamond sapphire necklace. It was shaped like a round bomb. The middle was sapphire and diamonds surrounded it.

“Merry Christmas my lil Bombshell.” He whispered.

Her jaw dropped a bit as she merely gawked upon it. She turns around facing him.

“Did you have this made?”

He shrugged and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. She covered her mouth as she looked to the back. It was white gold and there was an engraving that said Love, Your Wolverine in real tiny italic letters.

“Logan baby…” She uttered with a gasp.

“Do yah like it?”

“I love it… It’s gorgeous and perfect.”

He grins and takes a plunge off his beer.

“Good, cause I’d not a clue what ta get yah.”

Bella kisses him on the lips.

“Seriously, it’s like the best present ever.”

He sits down his beer on the counter. Beads of moisture ran down the bottle; onto the counter. She grabbed a coaster and placed it beneath the bottle.

“I’m glad you like it.”

“I got you something too. Only it’s nowhere near extravagant.”

She makes her way to the tree and grabs the package; wrapped in silver wrapping paper. She hands the box to Logan. She watches his reaction curiously; as he opens it. He cocks a brow and opens the cigar box. His eyebrows suddenly rise. He brings the box of cigars up to his nose and inhales. He closes his eyes in a practical buzz.

“Now who in the world; did yah kill to get these?”

Bella smiles.

“That’s my little secret.”

“Hell… real Cuban cigars. Not sure how yah got them, but thank you darlin’.”

He kissed her cheek and took one out. She giggled as he snipped it; in preparation, to smoke.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist.”

“You’d be right. I can’t remember the last time; I had a pure Cuban cigar. Girl after my own heart! Fraid’ yah know me too well.”

He lights it up and takes in a good drag.

“Damn…” He utters looking to it.

He closes the box. He then makes his way over to his recliner. He pats his lap for her to sit.

“Hmm…” He half moaned as they looked to the tree.

Logan runs a hand along her belly.

“Ta think this time next year; we’ll have a little squirt in the picture.”

Bella nods, but Logan noticed the apprehensive look on her face.

“Something the matter?”

Bella shakes her head and leans back against him. He takes another drag off his cigar and puts it down in the ash tray.

“What is it?”
“It’s nothing.”

“Now, I know yah better than that and yer heart rate is tellin’ me differently. So spill it out darlin’.”

“Just let it go Logan.”

“Nah, I wanna know what’s wrong. Yah’ve been like this since; we found out yer preggers.”

She shuts her eyes for a moment. Logan sighs.

“Are yah not happy about the baby?”

She looks down now; hot tears forming in her eyes.


She rose up from his lap and paces the room a bit.

“Talk to me would yah?”

“Aren’t you the least bit concerned about all this?”

He shrugs.

“Well, sure I am.”

“You sure don’t show it.”

He sighs and leans over. He places his elbows on his knees.

“Darlin’, all I can tell yah; is sure I’m nervous as hell. I even have my doubts; as to what kind of father, I might be. But when yah’ve lived as long as I have. Yah learn to take things as they come. This is a bridge I’ve never had the pleasure of crossing. Now I know yah, and I can tell yah want the baby. So what’s really going through that noggin’ of yours?”

“Where will we fit a crib? We aren’t even married yet?! What will Charlie say? What about this war Xavier speaks of? What if we have to watch as our child grows old and dies before our time?! How do we protect our baby Logan?:

He nods upon the mouth full; that left her lips. He felt an anxiety attack coming on. He knew he had to get her to calm down. Her heart was racing something fierce.

“Now calm down and listen ta me. We can find somewhere else to live or even build on. We can also speed up the marriage. Frankly, I wanted to be married sooner anyhow. So I’ve no issue with that whatsoever. There is also not a doubt in my mind; that you’re going to be a wonderful mother, Bella. As to everything else… we merely take that bridge as it comes. I ain’t gonna let anything happen to our child. Yah’ve my word on that lil darlin’. Sometimes it’s just about the leap of faith. Yah just gotta take it one day at a time and let it play out.”

He wiggles his finger for her to return to him. She makes her way over and he pulls her back into his lap.
“Now, I love yah and I don’t want yah worrying on this. Let me take care of things ok? I’ll even set up the wedding. I got this. We’re gonna be fine. We’ve made it this far and I ain’t about to give up. Neither are yah.”

She wraps her hands around his neck.

“So you like the idea of being a father?” She questions curiously.

He shrugs.

“I’d never had the option; to give it much thought. Like I said before, I never stayed in one place long enough; to even think about such things. Sure, it crossed my mind a few times. But that’s all it was. I knew not to get to in depth in the idea. My life was never cut out; for any of the such. Now that it’s here though. Yeah, I’d like to be a father. Lord knows, I don’t deserve the option. But I’m gonna do my damnest to take care of yah and our child. Through all the hell I’ve faced. It’d be a nice change of pace; to have a family of my own. I never even knew the meaning of the words settling down. That just wasn’t ever an option for me. Even now, I now yah and I will have some battles in order to make this work. We don’t have what others; would deem to be a normal life. But that doesn’t mean, we have to live in complete misery now either.”

Logan breathes her in again. A smile forms on his face. His hold on her becomes tighter. Part of him felt as though he were on cloud nine. Before long Bella’s fallen asleep. He looked over to the time to see they’d been up most of the night. It was already three am. He kept one arm around her and finished his cigar.

Bella laughed; as she watched the other students out in the snow. They had a huge snowball fight going on. Poor Rogue was being picked on the most. She was covered from head to toe in snow.

Kurt, Bobby, and Remy all aimed for her now. Even through Bella’s enjoyment on watching them have a good time. She’d put a hand upon her belly in thought. She couldn’t help, but to think about how sad it was that it was Christmas. Yet, this was how the students were spending it. They had no loved ones here to visit. Only some of the students did. Either they got to go home or their family members were here. However, her particular group of friends; not a one of them had a single visitor.

She sighed in thought. At least she had Charlie. The only reason he wasn’t here was, because they were shorthanded and he had to work.

Bella’s cell went off. She answered it; as she continued to look onto the students.

“Hey kiddo.”

She smiled genuinely.

“Hey dad.”

“I just wanted to call and wish you a Merry Christmas Bells.”

“Thanks dad, Merry Christmas.”

He clears his throat.

“So Logan called…”

Bella narrowed her eyes and looked to her phone strangely.

“Did he?”

Charlie chuckles a bit.

“Yep… He called when, I first got up for work this morning.”

“Huh, I didn’t even know.”

“Yeah, I figured that much. He mentioned me coming to you instead next weekend? That you’re getting married.”

Her eyes widened and she nearly choked; even though she’d nothing in her mouth.

“Um… I guess so.”

Charlie has a good laugh.

“He seemed a bit eager; to get things wrapped up. Any particular reason?” Charlie asked in wonder.

“Eh… not that I know of…” She lied, thankful her father was nowhere near; the lie detector Logan was.

“Hmm, well I just wanted you to know. I’ll be there.”

“Um ok dad.”

“Well I better get back to work. Love ya kiddo.”

“Love you too dad.”

She hung up the phone in a daze. Her hands shook a bit. So next weekend? She’d officially be Isabella Marie Howlett next weekend?

“Holy shit…” She groaned.

The students heard her and came to a full stop.

“What’s that ma belle?” Remy questioned.

“Nothing… and you all should be ashamed, quit pickin’ on my girl!”

Rogue beams at this.

“Yeah, quit picking on me!”

Bobby gets a mischievous look on his face. So do the other two. Bobby forms several snowballs and throws one directly upon Bella.

“What the fuck?!”

They all laugh as it hit her in the chest.

“I swear to God Bobby!”

“That doesn’t surprise me; you fouled mouth woman!”

Her jaw drops at bobby’s words. Remy and Kurt die in laughter.

“Oh shit, Bobby you had better run.”

Bella hovers off the ground; using her shield she quickly molds the perfect snowball. She sends it sailing right for Bobby. He takes off running. Only it hits him right between the shoulder blades. Jubilee comes out with Kitty and they start giggling. Bella and Bobby were in this intense snowball fight.

By the time Logan and Scott step outside. All the students, were going at this snowball war outside. Logan grinned as Bella hit Remy; with a huge one across the shoulder. She then sent Rogue on her shield towards Bobby; who was naturally the victor. For the moment… until Rogue drove in into the earth and shoved a snowball in his face. Bella bowled over in laughter and was catching her breath. Remy tried to sneak up behind her and Bella twirled around ankle swiping him. Jubilee then crammed one in his face as well. The girls high fived one another in victory; as Remy and Bobby were now down.

Bella made her way over to Bobby. She crouched down and playfully slapped his cheek.

“Foul mouthed huh?” She taunts.
Bobby groans out with a nod.

“What’s it like? Being my bitch?”

Logan was having a field day in laughter. Scott smirked shaking his head. She helped Bobby to his feet. Only he’d one last surprise for her; as he came to his feet. He stuffed a snowball into Bella’s hair.

“BOBBY!” She yelled and shoved him back to the ground.

Bobby rolled over in laughter. Bella takes notice of Logan; from the corner of her eye. Another mischievous grin snuck upon her. With her back to him now; she gathered a couple snowballs. With great accuracy, she used her shield; to send them flying right for Logan. They hit him dead on in the chest. He slightly tilted his head and looked down. Scott was laughing at Logan’s reaction. Logan started towards her menacingly. Bella’s eyes widened and she took off running.

She hid behind one of the cars in the parking lot. She quickly made another snowball and was peeking around the corner of the car. She gasped out as she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“You’re fast, but I’m faster.”

He shoves a snowball in her hair as well.

“What is it with the hair?!” She scoffs trying to shake it out.

Logan pins her to the car. He shrugs, but starts kissing her. He hikes up one of her legs. They get into a heated make out session.

“Hmm, I wanna take yah right here against this car…” He pressed his eagerness right up against her.

He half growled as he rubbed against her in longing.

“I didn’t realize snow fights did it for you.”

He grins.

“More like seeing you all wet.” He seductively whispers.

He kisses along her neck. Then runs a hand along her crotch. She bites upon her lower lip. Logan picks her up and carries her into the gym. He locks the door. He then carries her to the bleachers. He sits down with her still in his hold. She ends up straddled against him. He swiftly takes off her sweater, tossing it across the gym. His lips automatically latch on; to her milky white breast. Her nipples were erect with desire. He squeezed upon them; as he continued flick his tongue along them. Logan kept sucking on her breast; as he grew harder and harder by the moment. He couldn’t seem to pull away though. They taste and felt so good in his mouth. He placed a hand down her jeans. He began to finger her through her panties. She was already saturating them.

Bella made her way off him; just long enough to step out of her jeans and soaked panties. He already had his cock out and waiting for her. She crawled back into his lap. She unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his body as she rode him. She kissed along his chest. Every once in a while, she’d take her entire tongue; across his chest and up his neck. His eyes would roll back in utter lust. Logan firmly gripped her hips. He’d slam her against him. He’d the rock her back and forth roughly against him.

“That’s right lil darlin’ ride my hard cock.” He growled against her neck.

She gasped out at his words and her movements became more vigorous. He dropped his hold on her and leaned back. He simply watched the show and enjoyed how fucking good it felt. She was beautifully planted right on him, going ninety to nothing. Her breasts bounced about; with each movement made. Her back was arched. He felt like he was being fucked by an angel. At times, he felt Bella was entirely too sexy, to be his. It just didn’t seem real. Hell as of late, with the latest knowledge he truly felt as if this was merely a dream; he’d disappointedly woke from. He never dreamed in a million years, he’d be a father. He also never though;t he’d take that leap and get hitched all over again. He was The Wolverine. This just wasn’t how his life went. It never was. She leaned over and nipped at his neck. Her perfectly molded breasts were pressed up against his bare chest. He gripped her tightly. He moved her about him as the build hit. He was ready to come and hardcore. His teeth ground together his eyes tightly shut. He fired deep within her feeling as though; he’d never stop blowing his load. Bella kissed him again and had her arms around him. Logan ran his hands along her back.

Neither of them moved at first.

“I wanna take yah out tonight. I feel we have something to celebrate…” He hints.

Bella smiled, but kept her head against him.

“Sounds good to me.”

He softly pops her on the rear. He buries his face into her shoulder.

“Since when do you drink from a flask?” Bella questioned Scott.

He shrugged as they watched the snow fall. She sighs and sits beside him; on the stairs to the mansion.

“What’s on your mind Scott?”

“Just trying to wrap my head around something’s; that’s all.”

“And getting wasted on Christmas helps because…”

He chuckles a bit. He offers her a drink.

“I’m good.” She wasn’t ready; to tell anyone just yet.

He nods and takes another swig.

“Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you drink. Well anything other than beer.”

She leans back in thought.

“Scott?” She questions in a whispering matter.

The guy had tears running down his face.

“Hey…” She nudged his shoulder a bit.

She didn’t know Scott could cry. With his ability and all, but sure enough the guy was actually crying.

“What is it?”

He half laughs, shaking his head.

“I just never dreamed… that after all these years this is where I’d be.”

Bella looks upon him in wonder.

“And where is that exactly?”

“Oh come on Bella; even you think I’m a loser.”

She rather rears back and cuts him a certain look.

“I never once thought you were a loser Scott.”

“Well if anything takes the cake. It’s this right here. The only person, I have to talk to is…” He sighs stopping himself.

Bella turns back around, shutting her eyes for a moment.

“I’m sorry Scott.”

“I just don’t understand. What is it you and Jean see in him?”

Bella shook her head.

“He’s…” Scott sighs.

“I mean come on Bella. He wasn’t even there for you; when shit hit the fan. I was the one that was there for you! I’m sick and tired of being the good guy. The one that sits back in the shadows; watching everyone else’s life play out before me. You’re going to marry him. Jean’s joined the Brotherhood and here I am. Alone on Christmas; continuing to stand back in the shadows; as everyone else has some sort of life to live.”

“That’s not necessarily true.”

He looks to her oddly.

“Well think about it Scott. Just how many of the students had visitors today? Just how many got to go home. And look at Storm and Hank… They too haven’t any significant other. Now what I’m about to say is going to be harsh, but it’s true and it’s about time; you fucking face reality. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. Learn to make a family of some sort; out of what you have already. No one’s against you. It is you that stands against yourself. You’re the only one standing in the way; of your contentment. The students could have easily done like you Scott. Kept to themselves. Stay locked up in their rooms. But that’s not what they did. They came out here as a family; as a whole. Not a single one of them had a frown on their face. They were having a good time; just being together. You gotta put yourself out there Scott. If you stay in the shadows for too long; you’re only start to blend in. No one’s going to notice you, because you’re not allowing it. Sometimes you gotta take that risk. Just throw yourself out there. See what comes of it. Quit holding on to the past and whatever else, no longer exists.”

Scott looks to Bella and a small smile forms on his face.

“You’re going to make a wonderful mentor someday.”

“Ugh? Me a mentor?” She half laughs.

“I’m serious. You should really consider it. If Logan can pull it off, you sure can.”

“And as to your question earlier… I’m not certain why Jean loved Logan. All I know is why I love him. He’s the only one, I’ve ever truly felt; I can be myself around. Around Logan, I don’t have to hide, walk on eggshells, and I get him. Sure he can be somewhat primeval, a hard ass, mouthy, bad tempered.” She grins in thought.

“But underneath all that, he’s the most loving and wonderful man, I’ve ever met. Perhaps, it’s because of our personal relationship; that I know him better than most. But Logan is nowhere near the bad guy; you make him out to be Scott. I’m sorry for your misfortunes. I really am. Taking it out on Logan though and blaming him. That’s not going to help anyone. I like you Scott, I really do. Truth of the matter is. We’d have never worked out.”

“And why’s that?”

She grins.

“Well you’re a horrible pilot!” She taunts and pats him on the shoulder.

He chuckles a bit.

“It’s not my fault you have a weak stomach.”

“Sure it is!”

They both grin and the snow continued to fall even heavier.

“So what is it exactly; that pushes women such as yourself away?”

“Scott in all fairness, even when we first met; I was still hung up on Logan. It wasn’t even so much you. It was the fact, that I’d met Logan first. Without even realizing it; I was in love with him. No guy would have stood a chance; no matter the conditions. That being said though, I will say this much. You’re certainly attractive, one hell of a brawler even; I’d pick you to be on my team any day. Scott the only real problem I see is that at times you’re too nice. You and Jean weren’t even together. She dumped you for crying out loud. Yet, you still catered to her every need. You continued to follow her around; in some sort of false hope; of rekindling what you had. I can’t speak for all women. But me given in that situation? Huge turn off… I want a man that fights his own battles. That has some sort of pride. A man that tells someone to fuck off; when he’s been pushed too far. Scott, you were being pushed too far. Never once, did you tell that woman to fuck off. Not cool. Sometimes being the nice guy isn’t always best. Not in those given circumstances. You need a backbone and learn to know when to call it quits. You deserve better Scott. You can find someone ten times better than Jean.”

He turns towards Bella.

“She’s already taken…” He says and comes to his feet.

“Scott…” She says uncomfortably.

He stops as he gets to his bike. He turns to her once more. He gets on his bike.

“Where you off to?”

“Taking the advice of a good friend…” He says and revs up his engine.

Bella smiles and waves him off as he drives away.

Bella turns to the sound of a door slamming. She comes to her feet and see’s Bobby rushing inside. She narrows her eyes and makes her way in. He was at Rogue’s door.

“Everything alright?”

He shakes his head looking shaken up. Bella’s eyes widen as Kurt comes in and slams Bobby up against the wall.

“Whoa!” Bella yells and yanks Kurt back off him.

“What’s going on?!” She demands.

Kitty enters the building at this point. Kurt looks back to her as though he’d been slapped. Bella starts to piece it together.

“Kurt, I’m sorry I…” Kitty says.

Kurt shakes his head and lowers it.

“Why would you kiss him?”

Bella’s eyes widen.

“You kissed Bobby?”

She shakes her head.

“He kissed me. I…”

Bella could hear Rogue crying in her room.

“Jesus, Bobby what the hell was you thinking?”

Remy enters the building at this point. He leans against the wall; watching the debacle play out.

“I didn’t mean it I… It’s just frustrating.”
Bella winces at this. She pinches her eyes shut for a moment. She looks back to Rogue’s room.

“You mean because…” Bella hints feeling ill.

He nods.

“Yet you knew this; when you got into the relationship.”

Bobby sighs and looks to the floor in shame.

“That’s fucked up Bobby! It’s not her fault!”


“Put yourself in her shoes!”
“Then why you sucking face with Kitty?!”

Remy’s eyes widen. Bella looks to Kitty.

“And Marie’s your friend! Both of you should be ashamed!”

Storm and Logan step into the hallway. They were going over lesson plans; for when school started back up.

“It wasn’t Kitty’s fault Bella. I kissed her. She deservingly slapped me.” Bobby sighs.

“She’s in love with you Kurt. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to the both of you.” Bobby looks back to Rogue’s room.

“I’m sorry Bella. I just can’t do this anymore. I get it trust me I do, but I’m still a man.”

Bella’s heart sank; as though she was the one being dumped.

“Don’t tell me you’re sorry! Tell her! You haven’t even the balls; to tell her yourself?! She has feelings you know. You’ve been dating for damn near a year!”

He shakes his head.

“Marie deserves some sort of closure…” Bella says softly and brokenheartedly.

“Are you certain it’s over?” She whispers looking to Bobby desperately.

He nods with tears in his eyes.

“Jesus…” Bella says with a nod.

“Then you had better get your ass in there and properly end it.”

Bella roughly grabs him by the arm. She bangs on Rogue’s door. To everyone’s utter surprise; Remy quickly grabs Bobby out from Bella’s hold. He punches him in the face.

“NO! DAMMIT REMY! NOW WHY’D YOU HAVE TO GO AND DO THAT FOR!” Bella snapped, shoving both boys back away from each other.

Remy shakes his head; as he stares upon Bobby angrily. Bella turns back to see Rogue standing in her doorway now. Remy nods towards Rogue. He shrugs away from Bella and he leaves the area. Bella sighs with confusion. She locks her focus back onto Bobby.

“Be a real man…” She whispers and Bella leads Kitty and Kurt outside.

Bella held Kitty as she started to cry. Kurt sighed.

“I’m sorry, Kurt please I…”

“It’s ok…” He says softly.

Bella gives Kitty one last squeeze.

“I’ll give you both some privacy.”

Kurt nods and waits till Bella leaves. He and Kitty are quick to make up and move on. However, Bella reenters the building. Bobby’s leaving Rogue’s room now. Rogue looked crushed. Bella welcomed herself into Rogue’s room and pulled the door shut. Rogue immediately grabbed hold of Bella. Bella teared up along with her. There were no words. Bella wasn’t even sure what to say. She couldn’t even begin to imagine; being in Rogue’s situation.

She didn’t leave Rogue’s room; until Rogue had cried herself to sleep. Afterword she tucked her in. Bella run her fingers through Rogue’s hair. A few more tears fell for her friend. She glanced upon her once more; then left the room. She quietly pulled the door to. Bella was surprised, to see Remy standing across the way. He nodded towards Bella.

“Is she alright?”

“Not really. It’ll take her sometime. She’s asleep for now.”

He nods again, then starts to walk away. Bella clears her throat.

“You like her don’t you?”

Remy stops in his tracks. He turns with a smug grin.

“Are we jealous, ma belle?”

Bella makes a mocking face of offense.

“Well of course I am!”

He bows before her.

“Good. Suffer…” He says with a vain grin.

She softly laughs as he heads to his room. Bella then leans back against the wall. She closes her eyes for a moment.

“Yer something else yah know that?” She hears his husky voice carrying over.

She covers her mouth; realizing she’d forgotten their date.

“Oh my God. Logan baby, I’m so sorry.”

He shakes his head and makes his way over.

“Don’t… yer friends needed yah. Don’t apologize, Bella darlin’.”

He kisses her forehead.

“Yah ever seem to stop amazing me.”

Bella looked to him completely lost.

“Yah worry about what kind of mother yer gonna be? Hell… Yah got the biggest heart; of damn near anyone I know.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

He softly chuckles.

“I wanted yah to know; that yer vampire friends, Jasper and Emmett are coming down.”

“You mean for the wedding you set up and forgot to tell me about?”

“Eh…” He shrugs.

She looks to Logan as something else occurred to her.


“I still have haven’t told them about Edward and Alice.”

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