Chapter 22 Tug Of War

Chapter 22

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Bella smiled. Her eyes were still closed. She could feel Logan’s lips kissing, along her bare back. He was throbbing against her rear. He’d a hand planted, along one of her breast. Logan threw the covers off them. He rolled Bella over. She nibbled upon her lower lip. He continued to kiss along her body. Bella felt him entering her. He moved the kissing to her lips. His tongue rolled along hers. He moaned into her mouth, sending a lustful vibration. He took his time, going gentler than usual. Logan took his entire length, moving practically all the way out. Just as he got to the tip of his dick, he’d thrust his way again. Bella could hardly breathe. The sensation was so intense.

Logan intertwined his fingers, with hers. He had them pinned down, to the pillow beneath her. He says something that totally floors her. He’s said it many times, but not during sex. He leans into her ear… very softly…

“I love you, Bella darlin’.”

Logan kisses her again, before she can utter a word. Logan felt the warmth as she released.

“Good girl…” He encouraged tenderly.

Within a few more strokes, Logan let out a finishing moan.

They held each other for a few more moments. Bella ran her fingers along his chest and abs. Logan kissed her forehead.

“I want yah to take Marie with yah. Go to town and get you a dress. I already put my card in yer purse.”

“You dug through my purse?!” She mocks as though mortified.

She feels him chuckling.

“I sure did. I found all yer boyfriends’ numbers too and took my claws to them.”

“Now why would you go and do that. Now I have to start all over Logan!”

He shakes his head.


She laughs and crawls over him. She overlaps him. He playfully pops her on the rear.

“I have money Logan.”

“I don’t doubt that. But I’m a pain in the ass, so you don’t have a choice.”

He rolls her back over and makes his way off the bed. Logan sits in his recliner in the buff. He lights his cigar. Bella giggles a bit as her head, rest on her elbow.

“You want some breakfast?”

“Sure.” He says with a shrug.

Bella puts on her silk white robe. She heads to the kitchen and starts some eggs, bacon, and toast. She also starts them some coffee. They both turn, to the knock at the door.

“I better get that…” Bella says noting, Logan was still in the buff.


Logan hears this and narrows his eyes. He grabs his black robe puts it on. Bella steps outside, the look on Xavier’s face had her startled.

“Is something wrong?”

Xavier had tears forming in his eyes. He took Bella’s hand.

“It’s Scott…”

That pit feeling came over her.

“What do you mean Professor?”

“Jean has done, the unthinkable.”
“What would Jean, have to do with Scott?”

“He came to her; he wanted to set some matters straight. Jean didn’t take to what he’d to say.”

Bella felt ill.


Xavier nodded.

“It did not end well for Scott.”

The area around Bella spun around. Her entire body felt overheated. Her face was on fire. She’d remembered the last conversation, she had with Scott.

“No… Xavier please…” She covered her mouth as he shut his eyes. He squeezed her hand tighter.

“NO!” She came to her knees at Xavier’s wheelchair.

Logan stepped out seeing Bella’s faced buried, into the arm of Xavier’s wheelchair. Xavier’s hand ran gently along, the back of Bella’s head. Logan had heard from inside. Bella came up her face was vibrant red. Tears continued to pour. She ground her teeth together. Bella rushed back into their room.

“Stop her!” Xavier said in a panicked state.

Logan turned back the room.

“You cannot let her go!”

Logan rushed into the room.

Bella already had her jeans on. She was placing her boots on.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“I’m taking the bitch, down that’s what!”

“Ah, no yer not!”

“The hell I’m not!”

“He didn’t listen! Dammit! He didn’t listen to a damn word, I said! He still went back to her! Why! Why would he do that?!”

Bella punched at the wall. Her fist drove right through it.

“Dammit Bella darlin’.” He grabbed hold of her.

“Let me go!”
“No! Deal with it!”

“Dammit Logan!” She hit against his chest.

“Yah can do what yah want. I’m not letting go. Are yah trying to end up like Scott darlin’? Because that’s something, I can’t handle… ” He said more softly. “I wanted to deal with the bitch too, remember darlin’? It’s because of you, I didn’t go. Yah need to take yer own advice. Yah didn’t want me and Scott dealing with her. Yah sure as hell have no business, dealing with her as well. Yer stayin’ right here lil darlin’.”

His hold got tighter. He let her get it out. She cried against him. Her body went limp, at one point as he got a better hold of her. Logan brought her down along with him. He sat on the floor, against the wall. He didn’t drop his hold.

“I did this…” She says softly.

“He went to her, because of me…”

“Don’t yah even go blaming yerself. He made his choice. Yah weren’t responsible for his actions.”

They heard another knock and someone peeked their head in. Logan and Bella turned to the familiar face.


He smiled, but looked concern.

“You alright?”

She nodded and wiped her face.

“If this is a bad time…” He hinted.

“Just give us a few minutes…” Logan said politely.

Jasper nodded.

“Take your time. Em and I will be in the lounge, darlin’.”

“Ok…” Bella said softly.

He nodded and pulled their door shut, before he left. Bella looked to Logan.

“How do we do the wedding now?”

“We’ll find a way. We’re not canceling, it’s too soon. Yer dad’s flying out in tomorrow.”

Bella sighs.

“Just let me worry about it ok. Go be with yer friends. I’m gonna shower and get ready.”

He kisses her forehead. Truth of the matter, Logan was pissed off with Scott. Now he wasn’t so heartless, to not feel anything, about his death. But the mere fact, that Bella was blaming herself. It had him wondering; just what the hell? They had talked about last? What would Scott have said to Bella, to make her feel that way? He knew how Scott felt about his fiancé. He wouldn’t put it past Scott. To cause her some sort of guilt, about her unrequited feelings. Dead or not, that’d just piss Logan off.

Logan scrubbed down his hair, in thought. Bella still needed to get a dress. He had already got him a tux. That and he had already prepared everything else. Logan had hired professionals, to come fix up the garden of the mansion. This was where Logan, wanted it all to take place. The wedding colors he and Bella decided on were blue and yellow. They’d keep it mostly blue with light yellow, here and there.

Bella gives both vampires a warm welcoming hug.

“You look beautiful as always darlin’.”
“Thanks, Jasper.”

Bella sits between them in the lounge.

“So you’re really gonna do it huh?”
“What’s that?”
“Getting hitched.”

“Well I’ll be damned.” He sighs and leans back.

Emmett looks over to his brother and chuckles. Jasper rolls his eyes.

“Shut your trap Em.”
“What?” Bella questioned.

“Oh, nothing…” Emmett said and patted her on the back.

“He’s just really happy for you.”

Jasper rolls his eyes.

Bella’s mind was elsewhere. Not only did Scott burn a hole, through her mind. But there was something else, she’d to come clean about. She came to her feet and stood before the boys.

“There’s something I need to tell, you both.”

They lower their brows, in wonder.

Bella takes in a breath. She begins to pace the area, directly in front of them. She began her story about everything that took place. Bella wanted them, to fully understand. Once she was finished. Jasper and Emmett cut her a guilty expression.

“Bella, I hadn’t a clue, you were going through all that. I’m so sorry…” Jasper said looking ill.

He’d pinched the bridge of his nose.

“None of this was either of your faults, Jazz.”

Emmett sighs.

“They were our responsibility, not that of your fiancé or yourself. Not that of children either.” Emmett adds looking around, to some of the students.

“I can’t believe the Volturi, came here.” Emmett said in thought.

“Everyone survived…” Bella hinted.

“That doesn’t matter. If anything, we should have been here helping.”

“Both of you stop that now.”

“Edward…” Jasper hissed harshly.

His eyes went dark; as he thought about the little bastard. Bella sighed and sat back down.

“You’re certainly not the same fragile girl, from Forks.” Jasper mentions.

Bella half smiles.

“I can’t believe you survived all that. I always knew you were a fighter though. Just something about you Bella, it was always there.”

Bella looked to Jasper oddly.

“Good thing to considering…” Emmett added as well.

Bella felt herself blushing a bit.

“Well Logan also helped me, a great deal. I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

Jasper nodded and patted her on the leg.

“It sounds like you found yourself a good man. It’s not that hard to see, that he’s obviously crazy about you as well.” He hated to admit it, but it was true.

Jasper knew Bella was in good hands. Emmett looked upon his brother. He knew that damn near killed him to say. Jasper had it bad for Bella. Ironically, Remy makes his way inside. He stops dead in his tracks. A smug grin comes about his face. He turns towards Bella and her friends.

“Does Logan know about this?” He taunts.

Bella rolls her eyes.

“Jasper, Emmett this is Remy LeBeau. Remy this is Jasper Whitlock and Emmett McCarty.”

The boys come to their feet and shake Remy’s hand. He nods.

“And how do you both know the lovely lady?”

Jasper raised a brow on this. He was already picking up on it. Emmett couldn’t help, but to laugh. Both Remy and Jasper cut Emmett a look. Bella just looked confused. She hadn’t a clue, how Jasper truly felt about her. He was nowhere near, like Remy about announcing it. Even if they were a lot alike and both Southern boys. Jasper Whitlock was more of a gentleman than Remy LeBeau could ever be.

Rogue was walking down the hallway, entering the lounge as well now. Bella could tell she too had heard the news. It was clear she had been crying. Bella comes to her feet and makes her way over. The girls hug for a moment. Both Remy and Jasper cock a brow. Remy darts a direct look at Jasper, he too was checking Rogue out. He even tilted his head, giving her a second glance over. Remy rolled his eyes. He made his way over and placed his arms around both girls. He winked towards Jasper. Jasper raised his brows on this. It was as if the boys were having a silent pissing contest.

“Who’s your friend?” Jasper inquired with a bit of a vain grin, towards Remy.
Remy shot him a death stare. Jasper fought the urge to chuckle.

“This is Rogue. Rogue these are my friends, from back home Jasper and Emmett.” Bella didn’t introduce her as Marie. Considering, she’d made clear only she and Logan could call her that.

Emmett shook her hand. However, Jasper took her gloved hand and kissed it. Rogue blushed a bit. Remy cleared his throat. Logan had finally made his appearance. He shook their hands. They all took a seat. Logan sat in recliner and had pulled Bella into his lap. He noticed how Jasper and Remy practically had Rogue squished on the sofa as she sat in the middle. Emmett was off to the corner, of the couch looking around. Logan studied the southern boys a bit longer. It began to dawn on him. He found it hilarious. He was also a bit relieved, that the attention wasn’t so much, on Bella now. Even though both boys looked to Bella still off and on…

They talked about the wedding. About the time and plans they had. The boys would stay in one of the extra rooms, they had set up for them. Charlie also had a room set up, for when he came down tomorrow. Logan and Bella had agreed to keep the pregnancy a secret, until after the wedding.

Logan also learned that there was no body to even bury, for Scott. That was how badly things went. There was simply nothing left of the guy. It was as though he vanished. There would be an empty casket during his service. Which they’d set up for the day after the wedding. Logan planned to take Bella on a small honeymoon afterword. He hated to do it that way. There was just no other choice however.

The boys also learned of their recent lost. They paid their condolences. Bella loved the way Logan handled things. He was calm, collected, and respectful. In fact he talked to her friends; as though he’d known them for years himself.

He also talked a bit about the Alice and Edward situation. He’d told his side of things and he even took sympathy, for the brothers as well, about what all had taken place. Bella felt more and more in love with him. She didn’t think it possible. Logan just had a way, of taking matters into his own hands. Once they were done talking. Logan pecked her on the shoulder.

Hours had passed and none of them had really taken notice, of the time.

“Why don’t we all meet up and eat. There’s a bar and grill not too far away.”

“Can I tag along?” Rogue pleaded.

Bella looks to her oddly.

“And why wouldn’t you?”

Rogue blushes a bit and shrugs.

“Just making sure.”

Logan grins. He could tell Rogue practically worshipped Bella. The girl truly idolized her. He found it rather intriguing.

Bella and Rogue sit up front, with Logan. The others hopped into the back. Bella leans into Rogue’s ear with a mischievous grin. She whispers…

“So Remy Or Jasper?”

Rogue looked to her wide eyed. Logan grinned amongst himself. He’d heard damn well what Bella had said.

“Come on I wanna know! Which one… If you could choose?”

“Kodiak…” Rogue says with a blush.

“OH don’t be such a pansy, spit it out.”

Logan nudges Bella.


“Be nice darlin’.”

Bella ignores him and turns back to Rogue.

“I just got dumped remember.”

“All the more reason, Marie come on now. I wanna know!”

Rogue looks to the rearview mirror. This had Logan curious now as well.

“I dunno…” Rogue says with a shrug.

“UUUGGGGHHH, You’re killing me Marie. I’m pregnant, I can’t handle the stress.” Bella utters, doing her best to milk the situation.

Rogue laughs. Logan’s eyes widen… Did Bella not realize what she’d just said? Did Rogue? Shit!

“You’re so full of it Kodiak. Besides, why does it matter to you?”
“Cause I really want to know!”

Rogue and Logan start laughing. Bella folds her arms about her chest, in a pouting matter.

“Yer maturity’s showing.” Logan smarts.

“Yeah, yeah… Old man.” He cocks a brow.

“Don’t make me spank yer rear-end!”

Bella wiggles her brows. Rogue laughs.

“Ya two are too funny.”

Bella leaned back a bit. She felt overheated all a sudden. She closed her eyes for a moment. Her hand went over her tummy.

“Yah, alright darlin’?”

She nodded, but kept her eyes closed.

“Just need some fresh air.”

Logan pulled into the parking lot. He killed the engine and hopped out. He helped Bella out of the car. She was a nice shade of white, pale even for Bella. He braced her up, against the truck.

“Is she alright?” Jasper questioned.

“Yah, ya’ll just go on in. we’ll be right there.” Logan said moving strands of hair from Bella’s face; he parted them behind her ear.

Rogue cut them a concerned look.

“Go on now Marie. She’ll be fine.”

Marie nodded and Remy led her inside. Bella took in a few deep breaths.

“I think I just need something to drink. I just felt hot all a sudden.”

“Hot flashes?” He said with a wink.


He smirked and kissed her forehead. Logan noticed she had beads of sweat, running down her temples. He curiously felt for a temp, but didn’t feel one. It was still winter and below 50 outside.

“Must be hormones, yer sweating lil darlin’. Yah need some water.”

“I feel a little better now.” She says taking another breath. Her color was coming back.

Logan also wondered if this was her morning sickness, about to peek. He hoped she wouldn’t be sick, during their wedding. He placed his arm around her waist and led her on inside. They all sit at a booth. Yet again, Rogue ended up between the two southern boys. Bella fought the urge to giggle. Bella sat between Emmett and Logan. Since Jasper and Emmett didn’t eat they started drinking. Logan also ordered him a beer. Bella got water and Rogue got tea. Remy got a soda, but pouted as he wanted a beer.

“Shut yer trap Gumbo, yer not gettin’ a beer.”

Remy sighed with disappointment. Jasper looked to Bella oddly.

“No beer for you today?”

She shook her head. He raised a brow on this.

“Since when do you turn down beer?”

“Yeah Bella, are you pregnant or something?” Emmett teased.

She swallowed back a bit. Rogue cut Bella a look. She thought she was joking, in the truck earlier! Her eyes widened. Logan quickly cleared his throat. Remy rather reared back studying Bella now.

“Ah, ma belle, tell me it’s not true.”

Bella pinches the bridge of her nose. She shakes her head, with her eyes closed.

“Well I’ll be damned.” Jasper uttered.

“Thanks Em!” Bella snapped and elbowed him.

He started laughing.

“You’re all knocked up!” He laughed even harder.

“Jesus Em shut up!”

“You’re gonna have a baby?” Rogue says still in shock.

Bella nodded. Logan put his arm around her shoulder.

“Yah Marie, we’re having us a baby.” He said with a genuine beam on his face.

He pecked Bella on the cheek.

Jasper raises his beer in the air.

“Well congratulations darlin’. Both of you!” Jasper nods towards Logan.

Logan nods in return.

“Thank you, Jazz.”

He smiles.

“You know… Rose always thought you’d make a great mother. All the more reason, she hated seeing you with our brother.” Emmett says with a shrug.

“She really thought that?” Bella questions with disbelief.

“Yes hun, I know you always assumed she didn’t like you. It couldn’t have been further from the truth. She thought Edward was robbing you, of whatever potential life you could have had. We all knew Edward was being selfish and controlling when it came to you. But the bastard’s no more now so here, here!”

Bella softly laughs. She covers her mouth, realizing how wrong that was. She shouldn’t laugh about that. The guy was her first love… Yet, he was such a joke to her now that, she even laughed in thought of his death. She swallowed back realizing, just how dark, she’d truly become. Jasper already sensed her emotions through his empathy. So did Logan. Jasper was first to respond.

“Don’t… Bella, he deserved whatever he got. You’ve every right to laugh in my brother’s fucking face and piss all over his grave. You know it’s true. You wanna laugh about then; by all means you deserve that right. I’m just going to laugh along with you. Our brother was a god damn joke. So was my ex-wife. So the way I see it. Laugh it up. You’re not going to offend either of us, I can assure you that.”

“He’s right.” Emmett pats Bella on the leg.

“Jasper and I had discussed this before. Wrong as it was. When you and Edward broke up. We were more upset about losing you, then him. Yet, he was our brother. That was why we hadn’t any issues, staying behind to keep an eye on Charlie.”

“Guys, damn…” She shakes her head fighting the waterworks.

“I don’t even know what to say. I can never thank either of you enough.”
“You don’t have to say anything. We’re just glad to know that you and Charlie are safe now. You should also know that, your old wolf pal is just as well.”

Logan, Remy, and Rogue simply shrug upon one another.

Another thought hits Bella. She clears her throat.

“Carlisle and Esme?”

Jasper and Emmett lock eyes for a moment. Emmett merely nods towards Jasper. Jasper looks back to Bella.

“They are doing fine Bella.”

“So you’ve been in touch with them?”

Jasper smiles.

“Yes, Bella.”

She nods. The waitress comes back, with their food. Remy and Logan talk some more about the battle, with the Volturi with the boys. Jasper died in laughter, when Remy told him about Logan displaying Aro’s death, the way he had.
“What I wouldn’t give to have seen that. Sounds like we missed quite a battle.” He says sounding truly disappointed, they weren’t here to help.

“So the only king left standing, was Marcus?” Emmett questions.

Logan nods.

“Good, they rid of the worst of the trio. Things might pick up for the better. Without his brother’s influence… We shall see I suppose.” Jasper says and takes a plunge off his beer.

Jasper turns to Rogue.

“You sure are quiet.”
She shrugs and picks at a fry.

“Trust me she’s not all that quiet.” Bella taunts winking at Rogue.

Rogue blushes a bit. Logan grins shaking his head.

“I’m just listening. Sometimes that’s what’s best. Besides, I’ve nothing to add in.”

“Sure you do.” Jasper looks her over.

“So do you always eat, with gloves on?”

Remy cuts him a warning look. Jasper narrows his eyes, but ignores him.

“It’s not by choice.” Rogue hints.

He tilts his head a bit.

“It’s my body, it does something to people.”

Bella grimaces in memory of how it felt. Like her life, was being sucked right out of her.

“And what would that be darlin’?”

Remy rolls his eyes.

“I’m poison. If I come into contact with others, I drain their life source. I can also develop their abilities. Such as Kodiak’s and Logan’s.” Rogue cuts Bella a guilty look.
“Don’t Marie…” Bella says with a nod.

Rogue then cuts Logan the same guilty look. He shakes his head upon Rogue.

“Hmm, interesting.”

Jasper looks to her in thought.

“So you can’t touch anyone without killing them?”
“Damn near. They survived, but Logan went into coma…” Rogue recoiled at the memory.

Jasper looks back to Bella and Logan.

“So you’ve both come into skin to skin contact with the lovely lady?”

“Where is this going?” Remy hissed.

Jasper grins.

“Well my friend. I’m curious. You see I am not human nor am I mutant. I am vampire. Therefore, I am already dead. There are no lively veins about us. So you see…”

Jasper gently reaches over. He starts to take off one of Rogue’s gloves. Remy quickly reaches over. He roughly grabs Jasper’s hand.

“You’re not touching her! Not only that, but its suicide. Do you really wish to die?”

“That’s what I’m trying to tell you. I’m already dead. So is my brother…”

Jasper yanks out of Remy’s hold.

He finishes taking off Rogue’s black glove, Bella’s heart races.

“Jazz… be careful…” Bella whispers, not wanting to offend Rogue.

Logan says nothing he watches with full interest. Rogue goes to yank back as Jasper’s about to run his fingers along her bare skin.

“Do not be afraid. It is my choice, if I fall dead then so be it.”

Rogue shakes her head, in disbelief. No one’s ever willingly touched her, not since… The entire table observes. Jasper takes the ends of his fingers and grazes them along Rogue’s hand and up to her elbow. Bella swallows back nervously. She watches Jasper’s skin, but nothing. He didn’t even seem fazed. A smile forms on Jasper’s face. Remy shut his eyes looking ill. Bella noticed this. She cut Remy an apologetic look. He simply shook his head. Jasper took Rogue’s hand and was holding it. He kisses it and places it back down. Rogue looked as though she’d cry. Jasper gave her a wink and placed her glove back on. Remy banged his fist on the table. Logan sighed and shook his head.

Not another word was said. They all finished their drinks and food. Once they were about to leave. Bella pulled Remy to the side as everyone else, went on outside.

“I’m sorry Remy.”

Remy nods, but he looks Bella in the eyes.

“You really think, I’m giving up that easily?” Remy says and he kisses Bella’s forehead.

“You should know me better, sweet belle.”

She smiles shaking her head. She felt spilt down the middle. She cared for both boys the same. Remy and Jasper were both good friends. She hated to see this little battle, for Rogue’s affections play out. Meanwhile, Logan was glad the attention, was now off his fiancé. However, part of him rather hoped, Rogue could fall for Jasper. He felt she’d be happier if so. He’d grown to like Remy somewhat, but he was thinking of what the better alternative, for Rogue was.

Rogue… She was split like Bella… She looked to both men, full confusion filled her. She hated to see the look on Remy’s face. Nevertheless, Rogue hadn’t been touched like that in years. Bella reached back and took Rogue’s hand. If anything, she just wanted her to know, she was there for her. She couldn’t even begin to imagine. Logan took notice of this. He patted Bella’s leg. Logan took pride in the fact, that Bella cared so much about her friends. She truly was one of them now. She fit right in, like the missing piece to a puzzle.

Author note- So who will it be? Jasper Whitlock or Remy Lebeau? Leave in review whoever gets most counts I will choose. Thanks!

Next chapter to be the BIG DAY! YAY!

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