Chapter 23 Bells A Ringing

Chapter 23

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Bella rushes up to Charlie. He smiles and grabs hold of her twirling her around. The cab driver drives away. Emmett grabs Charlie’s things for him.

“I didn’t realize you two were already down.”

He shook Jasper and Emmett’s hands.

“Good to see you again Mr. Swan.” Jasper said respectfully.

Bella takes her father’s hand and leads him inside. Most of her friends were in the lounge.

They all perked up as she entered the room with Charlie.

“Charlie these are my friends Marie, Remy, Jubilee, Kitty, Kurt and Bobby. There are more somewhere around here.”

Storm however, was making her way down the hallway.

“And who’s that?” Charlie says a certain way.

Bella’s eyes widen on how her father said this.
“Dad…” She hisses.

“Just a question Bells.”

“That’s Storm.”

Storm heard her name being said. She made her way over. She offered a hand.

“Storm this is my father Charlie.”

He clears his throat.
“Chief Swan.”

Bella turns her head and winces. She couldn’t believe this. Jasper was dying. Kitty and Rogue covered their mouths in laughter. Bella saw Xavier and Hank in the other hallway talking. She grabbed her father’s hand and dragged him that direction. He turned back though giving Storm the once over again.

“DAD!” Bella scolded.

All the guys in the lounge died in laughter. Storm softly laughed and headed on to her room.

“You’ve already met Xavier…”

Charlie nods and shakes his hand.

“And this is Hank.”

“A pleasure…” Hank says earnestly and shakes his hand.

She drags him another direction showing him his room. It was next to Jasper and Emmett’s.

“And here’s where you’ll be staying.”

He looks around.


She laughs.

“I can’t believe you. You seriously need to get a girlfriend!”

“Be nice Bells.”

“You don’t have to make it so obvious. I have to live here you know.”

“I don’t really see what the problem is…” He taunts as Emmett knocks on the door.

He had Charlie’s bags still in hand.

“Thanks Em!” Bella said with a smile.

He nodded and placed Charlie’s things down.

“Thanks son.”

“No prob.”

“So where’s the big guy?”

“You must mean Logan…”

He nods.

“I think he’s still sitting things up. I haven’t really seen him all day.”

“It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding Bells. You should know that. I’m sure he’s hiding.”

She shrugs.

“So how’d the trip go?”

“Good actually slept on most the flight.”

“That’s good you should be well rested then.”

Charlie looks to his daughter oddly.

“Something’s different about you kid.”

She looks to him bewildered.

“You’ve got like a glow to you or something.”

She smiles.

“Well it is my wedding day.”


She swallows back rather nervously.

“Are you thirsty or hungry?”

“I’m good Bells you just do what you need to do. Don’t let me get in your way.”

She kisses his cheek.

“Make yourself at home.”

He nods as she walks out. He takes in a breath and shakes his head.

Once she makes her way back to the lounge. Jubilee, Rogue, and Kitty grab Bella and start dragging her away. She looks to the guys for help. They merely wave her off. They drag her into Storm’s room. Storm smiles with her arms folded about her waist.

“Now what to do with you.”

Bella’s eyes widen. Storm laughs.

“First of all go ahead and get on your dress and shoes. So we know what we’re working with.”

Storm hands her the bag with her dress. Bella nods. She steps into Storm’s bathroom. She gets into her short strapless wedding dress and dark mahogany cowboy boots with the angel wings on them. She was nervous as hell when she picked this out. But to her it screamed Logan Howlett. Once she stepped out she looked to the girls with slight apprehension. Storm blinked a few times.

“My god you have that man pegged to a T.”

Bella smiles and twirls around a bit.

“Wow Kodiak you look hot!”

Bella blushes a bit.
“Well thanks!” She does a slight curtsy.

“I don’t believe we have a whole lot to do. I dig the natural look. I’d even go as far as to say to leave your hair down.”

Storm looks to her in thought. She takes her hand and sits her down.

“We’ll just add a few curls and let it do its own thing!”

After they’re done the girls look to Bella in complete awe.

“You look gorgeous.” Storm uttered.


Bella nibbled on her lower lip a bit. The closer time the more her nerves picked up. The other girls began to get ready as well. By the time they were all done it was half an hour until. Bella’s heart began to race and her stomach was churning. They all turned to a knock on the door. Storm answered it. It was Charlie.

“Is my daughter in here?”

Storm nods and Bella steps out to let the girls finish getting ready. Charlie looks to Bella in shock.

“Wow… Where’s my little girl at?”

She blushes a bit.

“Dad…” She says half embarrassed.

“Seriously, you look beautiful Bells. I can’t believe you’re all grown up. Just doesn’t seem possible.”

Charlie sighs and leads her to a corner of the manor.

“Look about your mother…”
“Dad… you don’t have to do that.”
“I’m sorry Bells… She just hasn’t a clue… That woman never did. That’s where I’m lucky. I got all the time with you kiddo. I got to see all the important milestones in your life, even this one. I…”

He clears his throat. Bella smiles and takes his hand.

“I love you too dad.”

“Jesus kid…”

He hugs her tightly.

“So you’re certain this is it. He’s the one?”

“Dad, I’ve never been more certain in my entire life as I am now.”

He nods and kisses her forehead.

“OK then… I’ll meet you back here in a few minutes.”

She nods in return as her dad heads on outside.

Charlie shakes his head at the keg that was being delivered. He see’s Logan signing for it. He’d a cigar in his mouth. Charlie took in a breath. She goes from Edward Cullen to this? He finds himself thinking. He makes his way over. Logan raises his brows. He quickly puts out his cigar. He clears his throat and offers his hand.

“Charlie.” He says with a respectful nod.


Charlie looks back to the keg as Peter picks it up like it’s nothing. Peter takes it to the area with the refreshments.

“Can’t say I’ve been to many weddings with a keg.” Charlie admits.

Logan half laughs, but doesn’t comment. He wasn’t sure how. Charlie was also surprised by the country music playing in the background. Another thing he never dreamed… that his daughter would ever wear cowboy boots, much less have a country like wedding, if you can even call it that. He wasn’t sure what this was.

“I told Bella I thought it was a bad idea…” Logan says with a grin.

Charlie half laughs.

“I can imagine…”

Charlie was already in his black suit. He put his hands upon his waist. His blazer flared out behind him.

“Just take care of her. That kid’s all I got. So when I hand her off to you. You had better realize just what it is you’re receiving. Do we have an understanding?”

“Yes sir… and I give yah my word. I will give your daughter my all.”

Charlie nods. He pats Logan on the back. Logan chuckles to himself as Charlie grabs him a beer and heads back inside.

Before long everyone began to take their seats.

“You can still back down you know…” Charlie whispers as he takes his daughter’s arm.

She half laughs.

“Nice try dad.”

“Just saying… The option is there. I can take you straight back to Forks!”

She smiles and shakes her head. She takes in one last deep breath as Charlie opens the doors. They head on to the garden. Once they get to the aisle. The wedding music for the entrance starts. Bella look to Charlie as though she’s gonna freak. He chuckles.

“Come on now…”

She nods. It wasn’t your typical wedding march. It was soft and country themed nothing she recognized there were no lyrics. She hadn’t even seen the set up until now. Logan had gone out his way to keep everything secret. The guests sat at white benches that made two rolls. Blue petals were spread amongst the entire area, all over the trees, benches, the ground, and tables. The cake was white with a beautiful blue design. Yellow roses decorated the three tier cake. Streams of golden lights were about the benches, shrubs and trees. The punch looked to be yellow lemonade and it was a fountain with an angel pouring the punch from the pitcher. Logan had literally gone all out. The garden to the academy only added to the beauty. Bella was in absolute disbelief on everything that he’d done.

Once they made their way down. Bella and Logan locked eyes.

Logan couldn’t get over the sight before him. Before him was the dream he never thought he’d live to see. To Logan, Bella was the definition in perfection. Her long strands of hair blew about the breeze. There was a slight chill in the January air. The skies were clear and the sun was out. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. All this seemed to carry her scent right through his nostrils. He shut his eyes momentarily. Thankful, she was still there when he opened them.

Logan was in all black, he wore a sapphire bola tie around his collar and he wore black square tip boots. His hair was slicked back and parted to the side. He’d even trimmed his chops. Bella already found herself wanting to jump him. She didn’t think that’d go over so well with Charlie right there.

“And who gives this bride away.”

Bella snapped back to reality at the preacher’s words. Charlie takes her hand and places it into Logan’s. He looked Logan in the eyes.

“I do.”
He looked back to his daughter and nodded. Bella swallowed back that emotional pull. It were as if she and Charlie were having a few silent words. She nodded in return and watched as he joined the other guests. She looked back to Logan. He cupped her hand as they both turned back towards the preacher.

“The couple has chosen to do their own vows.”

The tall preacher turned back towards Logan. Bella noticed that Logan actually looked nervous. He cleared his throat. Logan’s deep blue eyes locked with Bella’s newly artic blue eyes. He looks over to the crowd then to Bella.

“Most people in this situation can say that when they first met their significant other. They knew it was love at first sight.”

Bella blushes a bit in thought of the first time they’d met. Logan smiles. He places the wedding band he’d in his pocket half way on her finger.

“When I first met Bella… I hadn’t a clue to be honest. I never dreamed I’d be standing here, on this very day right here taking this very plunge. You lil darlin’ have turned my world upside down, in more ways I never knew possible. Now I don’t have any fancy words for yah. But I damn sure didn’t want to marry yah, using some crappy vows that aren’t from my own heart. Bella, I vow to be yers. I will honor, love, and cherish yah always and when I say always, that’s exactly what I mean. Bella darlin’ if I die tomorrow or any given time. My heart belongs to yah and always will. I might’ve started out as yer mentor and in more ways than one…” He winks just so she sees it.

She softly giggles.

“But lil darlin’ yah’ve taught me so much. Yah’ve taught me to see things in a whole other light. Yah’ve shed some light in this man’s dark existence. For that I can never thank yah enough and I will die giving yah my all. I love yah Bella and I always will. Will you marry this old dog?” She nods and he places the ring the rest of the way on her finger.

Bella had tears running down her cheeks. She hadn’t a clue he was going to say all that. Her heart was galloping damn about to burst from her chest. Bella takes the ring from the bouquet she had in her hand. She places it halfway on her finger. She wipes her face. She takes in a breath.

“Dammit… that was good.” She utters.

Everyone laughs and Logan grins. She hears him whisper. “All very true.”

“Logan… when we first met… I was a wreck, literally. I felt I had no place in this world. I just never seemed to fit in. I was so different from everyone else. I just wanted something anything to call my own. To feel a part of something. Often enough I never felt welcomed into other people’s worlds. There just wasn’t any room for me. Or I found myself running… Then you came along.” She beams a bit.

“I too must admit like you I never thought we’d both be standing here this day. I never dreamed that I’d meet my future husband in a bar.”
She grimaces a bit and looks towards Charlie in the crowd.

“Sorry dad…” He rolls his eyes, but grins.

“I always knew you were a trouble maker…” He taunts from the crowd.

She softly laughs.
“Unfortunately, that’s no lie.” She hears Logan whisper.

“Logan I’ve never felt more at home then I do now. It’s because of you I’ve come to make such wonderful friends that I’ve come to think of like family. Because of you I feel complete like that hole that once resided in my heart has now been filled to the brim. I never dreamed I could love a man the way I love you. You’re not just my lover, Logan you’re my best friend. I’ve learned so much through you. I’ve learned to be a stronger person, I’ve learned to have more drive, I’ve learned to have more faith in myself and others. I couldn’t picture anyone I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. Will you take me as your bride?”
He nods with a melted heart. She places the ring the rest of the way on.

“Is there anyone here that sees why these two shall not wed?”


Logan shakes his head and cuts him a look.

‘Yer not drinkin’ kid yer underage! And shut yer trap!”

The guests laugh. Bella rolls her eyes towards Remy.
“Well on that note… I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Howlett, husband and wife. Mr. James Logan Howlett you may now kiss your bride.”

“About damn time.” He gruffly states.

He wraps an arm around Bella. He pulls her into his chest and eagerly kisses her. Everyone claps and there’s a few whistles. Remy, Emmett, Jasper and Peter were the howlers of course.

Logan merely held her for a moment after they kissed. She was still a bit emotional. He thought it was cute how teary eyed she was getting. This coming from the tough little Bombshell. He ran a soothing hand along her back.

“I can’t believe we’re married.” He heard her whisper.

“Yeah, sorry darlin’ yer stuck with me now. And we don’t age like no human so yah’ve got a very, very long winding road ahead of yah!”

He feels her giggling against his chest. Once he pulls back he hands her a kerchief from his pocket. He purposely had it just in case of this. She wiped her eyes. Logan took her hand and they walked on down the aisle. They mingled a bit, before having their first dance.

There was a white canopied area set up for dancing. The first song was It’s Your Love By Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Logan escorted her to the dance floor once the song started. She looks to him in sheer awe.

“I can’t believe you did all this.”

“Eh…” He shrugs.
“I hired most of the people to set it up.”

“Still, this is like… perfect…”

He lifts her chin with her fingers.

“That’s what I wanted to hear. I’m glad yah approve.”

She leans into his chest as they continue to dance.

“I love the song too.”

He smiles.

“That wasn’t actually that hard to pick.” He admits.

It was true for Logan too. Something about the lyrics reminded him of her. After the song was over he twirled her around. Another played and the guests then joined in on dance floor. Things tend to get more interesting at least for Rogue… Both Remy and Jasper were offering their hands. She looked to Jubilee in a panic. However… Jubilee looked to Remy a certain way. Something only Storm took notice. It was apparent there was love triangles all about the academy. Jubilee had a crush on Remy. Remy who had a crush on Bella now had one on Rogue. Jasper nevertheless, also had it bad for Rogue now. Kurt and Kitty were already dancing. Charlie was making his way over to Storm.

“Would you like to dance?”

She smiled.

“I’d love to.”

He nods and leads her to the floor.

Logan and Bella were in their own world. They were still dancing and lost within each other. They noticed nothing else around them.

Jasper took it upon himself to take Rogue’s hand. Remy rolled his eyes. He looked over to see Jubilee. She looked as though she was about to cry. She cleared her throat and quickly turned and started to walk away. He looked to her confused. He shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair. He, Bobby and Jubilee sat alone during the dance. Remy didn’t understand why Jubilee looked to be so upset. That and he wanted to punch Jasper’s face in. He wouldn’t doubt if he tried to hog Rogue up all damn night! It was bad enough the girl he wanted was hitched now and knocked up. Now some other guy was moving in on Rogue. He wanted Rogue because she rather reminded him of Bella and he liked the challenge of Rogue’s ability. That and he’d love to shove it in Bobby’s face. The idiot… Rogue was hot and she didn’t deserve what he’d pulled. It wasn’t her fault.

Bobby got up and was about to ask Jubilee to dance. Remy shook his head. He hopped up and rushed over beating him to the punch. By no means was he going to be the only one left. That and Bobby didn’t deserve to dance with Jubilee or anyone for that matter. Remy cut him a rueful glare.

“Would you do me the honor?” He slightly bows and offers her a hand.

He swore she blushed a bit. She nodded and took his hand. Bobby sighed with irritation.

Xavier looked on to the celebration with a smile. He watched as his students and faculty danced. A sense of pride washed over him. He couldn’t have picked a better bride for Logan. He’d never admit it or say a word on it. But he felt Bella did him wonders in comparison to Jean. In fact a lot of things he’d noticed about Logan, he knew to be because of Bella. He couldn’t believe the difference in the type of man he was now in comparison to when they’d first met. Xavier looked to Bella in thought. She was the one… Bella and Logan together would be the ones to save the day when things went down. That time would come sooner than they thought. Xavier could sense it. Dark times were ahead. That’s what made this marriage even more significant. Together they would conquer everything that came their way. They may even be the very last ones standing. He thought to himself.

“Might I cut in.” Logan felt a hand upon his shoulder.

Bella and Logan turned to see Charlie. Logan nodded and stepped aside. Bella smiled as her father twirled her about. This making the first she’d ever danced with her father.

“Well you did it kid. You regretting it yet?”

“Dad…” She says, but behind laughter.

“I just wanted a dance before you go off and disappear.”
“We haven’t cut the cake yet dad.”

“I’m just taking extra precaution.”

He takes in a breath and twirls her around yet again.

“Look Bells, I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. It seems you’ve come along way. You’ve done good for yourself kid.”

She nods.

“Dad… I…”
He nods he already knew without her saying it.

“So you’re making me a young grandpa?”

Her jaw drops. He smiles.

“How’d you…”
“I told you, you were glowing. I’d only seen one other woman glow like that… Your mother, when she was pregnant with you.”

Bella shut her eyes and looked to the floor. Charlie shakes his head on this. He lifts her chin and looks his daughter in the eyes.

“There’s not a doubt in my mind. That you’re going to be a wonderful mother. You’re nothing like your mother. The only thing you two share is genes. Other than that there’s nothing. I’ll personally take credit for how well you turned out. A man couldn’t ask for a better daughter. Just keep me and that little squirt in your life. That’s all I ask.”

Bella hugs the daylights out of her father.

“Thank you.”

“Not freaking out.”

He softly chuckles.

“Oh believe me, I am, all on the inside.”
“Well you’re doing awesome dad!”

He grins.

“I suppose I better hand you back to your husband. He looks lost.”

Bella laughs as they look over. He’s downing a beer looking around. Charlie leads her back to Logan. After another hour of dancing, they cut the cake.

Only without Logan knowing Storm had handed Bella a fire back piece behind her back. Sure enough it came in handy. Logan was feeding Bella a piece of the cake, they’d cut. He goes to shove it in her face. Bella quickly crammed the other one in his. He froze and shook his head. Everyone laughed and was taking pictures. Bella went to take off in laughter. He grabbed her around the waist and shoved an even bigger piece in hers.

“Logan!” She scolded wiping icing off her face.

He dies in laughter.

“That’s so messed up!”

“You did it to me first.”

“You were going to do it to me!”

“I did!”

They both end up laughing. Both get mischievous looks as the guests continue to laugh.

“Whattaya say Bella darlin’ ? It is our day after all.”

She nods at the hint. The both of them grab handfuls of cake and start throwing it at the guests. Making the first wedding anyone knew of where a food fight broke out.

Whilst, everyone was distracted Logan picked Bella up. They snuck off and headed back to their room. They didn’t even bother getting undressed. They both slipped out of their boots and shoes and headed to the shower. Kissing off and on along the way. He picked her up yet again. He reached over and started the shower as he continued to kiss her. Icing and cake went everywhere as the water ran down their bodies. With he still in his suit and she still in her dress. They began to make love in the shower. Logan had her pinned against the shower wall. He lifted up her dress and ripped her panties off. Logan quickly freed himself and drove within her. Her arms locked around his neck as they continued to kiss. The both of them were so riled up it didn’t take long. They both had climaxed. Logan reached over. He cut off the water. He set his wife down. He unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Bella already had his shirt unbuttoned and was taking it off along with his jacket. He finished stepping out of his pants. He led her to the bed.

Logan lay down and placed her on top of him. His hands ran along her breasts and the rest of her body. He moved strands of wet hair from her face. He found himself rock hard again. Just the mere thought that she was now his wife. That Bella was his. A moan escaped his lips as he slid back in. He watched as though she were a goddess riding on top of him.

Bella ran her hands along his chest. This seemed just as surreal to her. The idea that she was making love to her husband now… She was married to freaking Wolverine?! Things like that just don’t happen. She found herself thinking. Bella felt him growing harder and throbbing even heavier. She knew he was about to come again. She wasn’t far behind. His name escaped her lips with one last cry as she gushed around him. He swiftly rolled her over with one quick motion. He had his arms wrapped around her as he gave two good last strokes, thus caused her to climax yet again. Logan pulled out and was dripping everywhere. Bella got this playful look about her face. She reached over and licked him clean. He gripped the headboard during this with sensitivity. Once she was done. He grinned and shook his head.

“I knew I married yah fer a reason!” He smarted and lay down.

Bella softly laughed. The both of them said nothing else. They simply held one another until slumber found them.

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