Chapter 24 A Memorial, Beatdown, And A Honeymoon?

Chapter 24

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Bella moans out in her sleep. She opens her eyes to see Logan hovering over her. He was kissing along her neck. She could feel his rock hard cock already inside her. Grunts escape his lips as he grips the pillow beneath her. She ran her hands along his back and kissed his lips. Vibrations filled her mouth as he continued to moan out. He went from her mouth to her breasts. His hot breath drove her into oblivion. His wet tongue rolled along her nipples. He took turns sucking on them and teasingly scraped his teeth across them.

“Logan baby…” She cooed.

He lifted his eyes her direction. She was biting into her pillow and panting. The mere sight had him throbbing even more intensely. He grew more dynamic in his movements. He leaned into her ear.

“I’m gonna come all over those fucking sexy tits of yers.” He uttered breathlessly in that gruff sexy tone of his.

She came hardcore at his words. He cocked a brow on this. He hurriedly pulled himself out trying to keep from coming already. He grabbed himself and began to jerk himself off. Bella rubbed her legs together in complete lust as he went off like a fire hose. Thick white come shot out and landed all over her breasts. He had noticed the way she rubbed her thighs together. He spread her legs and placed his fingers inside.

“Come for me again lil darlin’.”

He growled out as she saturated his fingers. It made his dick bob about even though he’d already came. Logan couldn’t stop fingering her. He loved the visual it was giving him. The way she continued to ruin their bed sheets.

“Fuck that’s so hot.”

He continued and she squirmed around with sensitivity.
“Logan please.”

He grinned.

“What do you want?” He hissed in a hinting matter.

“Fuck…” She groans not able to finish that reply.

He gave a simple nod. Logan threw the covers off the both of them. He flipped her around and slammed himself back inside her. He drove himself inside her as she was on her hands and knees.

“GOD DAMN!” He practically shouted as she continued to flood him.

“Logan… keep fucking me.”

His eyes grew wild with desire.

“Fuck yeah Bella darlin’, don’t stop keep coming for me. God it feels good.”

He reached around groping her breasts. Bella screams out into her pillow. The buildup returns. Logan ground his teeth together as the hot liquid escaped him and filled his wife to the brim. Once he pulled out he helped her roll over. He kissed her lips once again. They both lay back trying to catch their breath.

Bella crawled over him and went to shower. She looked to her wedding ring in thought. She smiled and scrubbed her hair. Logan reached over and grabbed one of his cigars. He lit and twirled his wedding band about his finger. Bella had it special made it was gold with the X-Men symbol cut into it. He took off the ring taking a closer look. He swallowed back and rose up. He smiled seeing it had something engraved into it. To the husband of my dreams- Bombshell. Logan takes in a breath. His heart rather melted. He hadn’t even known anything about the ring or what it looked like. She had made it clear she wanted to surprise him. He treasured it.

Logan took a couple more drags off his cigar. He then decided to join Bella in the shower. Logan however, pulled back the curtain. Bella was lying down. She was snowy white.

“Hey…” He uttered with alarm.

“I’m ok just felt a bit of faint.”

Logan nods, but feels her forehead.

“Put your arms around my neck darlin’.”

She does and he scoops her up. He places her on the counter and helps dry her off. Her color started to come back some.

“Maybe we should go see Hank before the funeral. I don’t want you flying out if you’re too sick.”

Charlie had already headed back home. Emmett and Jasper decided to stay a bit longer. It was clear that Jasper and Rogue were really hitting it off. She frowns. Logan smiles and kisses her forehead. He helps her down and watches closely as she finishes getting ready. Once she’s seated down he hurriedly showers and then shaves. He didn’t want to leave her alone for too long if she was having faint spells.

When he’s done he steps out in his suit. Bella was stepping into her heels.
“Yah were supposed to be resting.”

“I’m fine Logan baby. I drank some orange juice.” She says with a shrug.

She makes her way over and straightens his tie.

“This seems so weird. A wedding then funeral the very next day?”

Logan clears his throat.

“That’s no lie. It wouldn’t be the first in my existence though.”

She runs her hands along his chest.

“I can only imagine…”

Logan wraps his arms around her. He holds her for a bit.

“We better get to Hank before he heads out as well.”

She sighs as he takes her hand and leads her towards Hank’s office. He was going over some lab work. He too was already dressed for the funeral. He smiles and looks over.
“I was just thinking about you my dear.”

She smiles as he takes her hand and pats it.

“She’s having some fainting spells.”

Hank nods.

“It could be a bit of morning sickness, but we’ll check it out.”

He looks to the time.

“We’ve got a few moments to spare. Why don’t we try doing a sonogram?”
Hank gets everything set up. Logan helps Bella into the stir ups.

“We’ll take extra care not to get your dress messy.” Hank assures.

Logan pulls up a chair beside her and sits down. He winks upon his wife and takes her hand..

Hank lubes up her tummy. A genuine beam comes about Hank’s face.

“You’re even further along than I assumed. I’d even go as far as to say you’re a little over 14 weeks.”


Even Logan cocks a brow at this. Hank chuckles a bit.

“Oh and that’s not the only thing I notice.”

They both look to him oddly.

“Would you like to know the sex?”

“You can already tell?” Bella questions looking up to the screen.

“Clear as day. Not bashful that’s for certain.”

Logan grins already knowing.

“It’s a boy isn’t it doc?”

Hank looks to Bella.

“Is it?” She probes.

He nods with a grin about his face.

“Yes a very healthy boy. He’s got a strong heartbeat too. Listen to that…” He turns up the ultrasound.

Bella covers her mouth and tears start to form in her eyes.

“So it’s little Logan?”

Logan chuckles back a bit. He too felt a bit emotional.

“So we’re having us a boy.” Logan utters in disbelief.

He runs his hands along his face. Hank nods and cleans Bella up.

“Everything looks fine from what I can tell. Even with her ability to heal this is the pregnancy itself. There’s not much we can do about that. She will undergo it, just about like any other woman when it comes to being ill off and on. There are some natural remedies I can write down for you if you wish. Other than that just take it easy. Let this one do the worrying for the next 6 to 7 months.”

“Yah heard the doc!”

Bella sighs and they help her down from the bed.

Once they step outside Logan pulls her into a corner. He heatedly kisses her. He caresses her cheek and then rests his forehead against hers. His hands go gently along her belly. Bella still couldn’t believe how Logan was acting about this.

They both turn to see Jasper and Rogue kissing off to another corner. Logan cocked a brow as Jasper had Rogue’s leg hiked up. She was giggling. Logan started to get on to them. Bella looked upon him and quickly covered his mouth.
“Don’t you dare Logan.” She whispered harshly.

She dragged him away from the area. He grumbles under his breath.

“She’s too young.”

Bella softly laughs.

“So am I…” She says in a sultry like tone.

She drags him out of the building by the tie of his shirt. Bella straightened out her black dress, before they got into Logan’s truck. Since there was no body, they were going to have a memorial in honor of Scott. They wait and follow the others and the limos out. They were offered a limo ride, but neither was interested. Bella leans into her husband’s arm.

She shed a few tears as she thought about Scott. She thought about the last conversation they had. She still felt somewhat angry with him. For that she felt guilt as well. The guy wasn’t even here to defend himself. Still, she felt he was foolish in what he’d done. He’d still be here if he hadn’t had pulled what he had. Logan kissed the top of her head as they pulled into the memorial area. They had a tombstone made for him.

The entire academy had shown and a few people neither Logan nor Bella knew. Bella had placed some flowers by his tombstone. Xavier and a few others had a few words to say. Bella couldn’t get over how nice of a little service it was. She felt as though Scott would have liked it.

Logan had his arms around her as a few of them mingled and talked about Scott and shared some memories. Bella reached to her temples though at one point. She looked around the area. Bella lowered her husband’s hands and began to walk around a bit. The pain began, that familiar needle like sensation. Bella tilted her head. She quickly darted towards Xavier. He nodded already knowing.

“Xavier, get the students out…” Bella began to say and she reaches to her head again.
“NO!” Logan roared on top of his lungs. He started towards her.


Gambit nudged Rogue.

“Look at her eyes!”

Bella’s eyes were glowing with that artic hue.

“Shit!” Rogue replied in shock.

“GO!” Bella snapped at the both of them.

They nodded and took cover. Logan lowered his brows taking notice of his wife’s eyes.

“Bella…” He said softly.

Logan was lifted into the air. Bella looked to him in panic. Bella sent her shield Logan’s direction. She looked to him apologetically and sent him soaring back. Bella then took off. Bella landed on top of the limo Jean was in.

“You’re not touching MY HUSBAND! Wasn’t Scott’s life enough you crazy ass bitch?! Have you no fucking heart left enough to care about anyone anymore?!”

Bella punches through the glass. She rips Jean out from the limo. Tears streamed down Bella’s face.

“You haven’t even respect enough for Scott! HOW DARE YOU! HE DIED LOVING YOU! AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY HIM!”

Jean punches Bella in the face and sends her flying back. Bella uses her shield to catch herself. She lands in a crouching stance in midair. Jean looks to her in shock.

“That’s right… I’m not so weak anymore Jean… So give me all you got!” Bella declares with a hint of a demonic smile.

Jean tries her hardest to break through Bella’s shield, but nothing’s going through. Bella’s nose begins to bleed. Her eyes come to a close as she spirals up even higher into the air. Both women now hover in the air circling one another.

Logan and Xavier look on in sheer panic.

“Dammit!” Logan growls trying to think of something.

Xavier however, tilts his head. He looks upon Bella a certain way. Xavier reaches to his temples.

“Something’s happened…” Xavier announces.

“Your wife… She’s become stronger than Jean. Jean cannot break through.”

Logan looks up apprehensively. Both women swing at one another. Jean knew now the only way to get a hit in was through physical blows. None of her abilities were working on Bella. Bella’s head continued to pound away. She did her best to ignore it.

Logan punched at the limo as the battle continued. Bella had used her shield to slam Jean up against a tree. In midair Bella came to her knees. She continued to float.

“Dammit Bella darlin’ please…” Logan paced around in a alarm.

“THIS ENDS NOW!” Bella shouts out.

Her body arches back. The shield sends Bells straight up into the air she come back down and aims everything she’s got directly upon Jean. A massive artic light cascades from Bella. It hits Jean dead on. Jean simply floats about, her eyes roll back. Her body begins to lower back down to the ground.
“SHIT!” Logan takes off running that direction.

He shoves a car out of his way. Bella comes tumbling down. Logan catches Bella. Bella leans into his chest and passes out. Logan looks up to see Jean coming back to her feet. She staggered around a bit. She looked frightful and completely lost. Logan growled he placed Bella in Xavier’s lap. Logan took off and grabbed Jean by the roots of her hair. His claws popped out. His eyes were manic. Just as he was about to take his claws to Jean’s heart and end it once and for all…

“NO!” Xavier shouted.

“It is no longer the Jean we know!”

Xavier tilts his head upon Jean. He looks back down to Bella.

“The combined power of your wife and son has wiped Jean Grey of any memory of the X-Men or The Brotherhood.”
Logan shrugs and puts his claws right to her chest. Jean screams out and covers her face in fear.

“PLEASE SIR!” Jean screamed in a childlike manner.



“Because you’d be taking the life of 17 year old Jean Grey, she’s just a child.”

“What the fuck are yah babbling on about?”

Xavier puts his hand upon Bella’s stomach. A smile forms along his face.

“I did not see this coming. Your son has healed Jean Grey. He has rid her head of all darkness. It was the only way he knew how to save her.”

Logan drops his hold on Jean.

“Well son of a bitch!” He bitterly shoves Jean to the ground and growls at her.

She scoots back in utter terror. Jean eyes his claws and continues to back away.

Bella’s eyes bat a bit as she comes to. Bella felt the sun cascading over her body. She looked down to see she was in a navy blue bikini. She shot up and as she heard the sound of waves crashing.

“What the fuck…?”

Bella took off the shades that were on her face.

“Easy Bella darlin’…”

She turns to see Logan beside her. They were both lying on towels.


He smiles.

“Sorry yah were really out of it. Hank strongly suggested we go ahead about our honeymoon. In fact he gave specific orders to get out somewhere yah could relax. He didn’t want yah out of the country though. So I did what I could.”

“Where are we?”

“Florida keys.”

“I’ve my ways…” He says with a shrug.

She looks to see he was in black swimming trunks.

“Holy shit…” She utters and lowers her shades a bit. He was all muscles and mouthwatering.

He looks to her oddly as he sips from a beer.


“Never seen you in swim shorts.”

He chuckles a bit.

“Honestly, I had a hard time with that bikini. When I first put it on yah I think I went into slight shock.” He admits.

“In fact I’d go as far as to say I had a 4 hour boner.”

“Logan!” She playfully scolds.

Bella shuts her eyes though for a moment.

“What happened, Logan?”

He sighs.
“Bella darlin’, we’ll deal with all that when we get back. Right now this is just about yah and I. We’ve only been husband and wife for a couple days. Let’s push all that shit back home away for a bit, ok? We’ll discuss it all later. I promise. For now let’s just let it all go.”

“OK fine… Do you need to see a nurse for that boner issue? You know what they say Logan…”

He smiles and squirts some sunscreen on his hands. He starts rubbing Bella’s body down.

“And what have yah in mind?” He plays along and rubs her down.

He sits behind her and gets her back. Bella breathes in the air.

“It’s beautiful here.”
“Never visited the keys before?”

“Nope can’t say I have.”

“Hmm, well I think yer going to enjoy it. Or at least I hope so.”

She leans back against his chest once he’s done lotioning her up.

“How long was I out?”

“Damn near 18 hours. Hank insisted everything was fine. He checked yah and the baby over thoroughly. He thinks it was yer way of yer body healing. It went into like hibernation mode while it healed or something.”


“Yeah well it scared the shit out of me.”

“Sorry Logan baby…”

He kisses the crevice of her neck. He wraps his arms around her.

“I’m just glad yer alright, both of yah. But like I said for now we let all that go.”

“Surprisingly warm for January.”

“They don’t get true winter weather here. It’s very rare if so. It’s about 80 right now actually.”

“Feels nice.”

She thinks back though to what Hank said.

“Yes darlin’?”

“How can we be that far along? I only missed one period I’m pretty sure. I was also taking my pills.”

He narrowed his eyes in thought.

“Are yah sure you only skipped one menstrual?”

“Yeah I think and I didn’t miss any pills…”

“Hmm, maybe that’s something else we need to bring to Hank’s attention. It might have to do with yer ability or the baby’s? Not sure how to answer that darlin’ sorry… For now we know everything is good though. So try not to stress over it ok? I promise Hank thoroughly checked yah and the baby over.”

Bella sighs, but starts giggling as she feels Logan popping a boner. He clears his throat.

“Yeah, that bikini’s killing me.”

“Maybe, I should just take it off.”
“Fuck…” He groans and pulsates against her.

He clears his throat.

“I think we need to cool off.” He looks around seeing they weren’t alone.

It wasn’t crowded do to the month it was. Still, he figured it best if he didn’t literally start fucking his wife in broad daylight on the beach. He easily could have though, he wanted to. He comes to his feet and picks her up. He carries her into the water. Bella gasps out as it first hits. He chuckles and lowers her down. He holds her as the waves crash into them.

“The water’s so clear…” Bella states as she looks below. The sand was practically white. Everything was gorgeous.

Logan nods, but takes her with him as he submerges under the water.

“Logan!” She scolds as they come back up.

He chuckles as she elbows him.

“I like yah better all wet.”

She splashes him in the face. Then dunks back fixing her hair away from her face. He wiggles his brows. Bella’s hair had that sexy wild look to it. Beads of the sea water ran down her neck and chest. Her nipples were poking through her bikini top.

“Now that I need a picture of. Yah look like a god damn model.”

Bella shakes her head.


“Nah, I’m serious Bella darlin’. Yah haven’t any idea just how gorgeous yah truly are. It just doesn’t seem possible yer married to this old mutt.”

Bella sighs.

“Logan baby, it’s the other way around…”

“So… yah really think I’m gorgeous?” He taunts.

“Damn straight.” She utters with a grin.

“Huh… I believe that makes a first for any woman to say that.”

Bella laughs and wraps her arms around his neck.

“Hmm…” He moans against her and grazes his fingers along her back.

They get into a heated make out session. Logan stops only to look around. He sees that they’re finally alone. Without another care or thought Logan pulls himself out. He situations Bella’s legs around him. He pulls her bikini to the side. Her eyes widen and she looks around. Logan grins as he places himself inside her. She bites her lower lip a bit. His hands firmly clasps around her waist as he moves her about him.

“Fuck this has to be one of the sexiest things ever…” He groans out as he observes.

Discreetly as possible, which was hard for the both of them. They start fucking in the water.

Both felt a sense of thrill about it. They start kissing again. Logan’s fingers lock within her hair. The mere excitement had him so pent up he wouldn’t last much longer. Bella arched back and Logan lost it. She looked so incredibly sexy when she did that. He felt lightheaded as he got off.

“Shit…” He growled softly.

He pulled himself out and fixed her bikini.

“That we’re definitely doing again. In fact… I say we sneak out and skinny dip.”

“Why I’d never!”
He grins.

“Yah shouldn’t lie, lil darlin’. I know yah too well.”

He tucks himself back in and adjust himself.

“Well before we do any skinny dipping. I need to pee and eat.”

“Yah got the entire ocean right here!” Logan teases.

“You honestly want me to pee right here?”

He shrugs.

“That’s so gross.”

He chuckles.

“Ok fine, I’ll take yah back to the hotel.”

He takes her hand and they head back to their towels.

“So how long we here for?”

“Seven days, I think we both need it. I got it all planned out. Only the first couple days, we’re just going to relax and become beach bums.”

“Sounds good to me.”

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