Chapter 25 No Place Like Home

Chapter 25

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“Logan, that tickles!”
He laughs, but continues to run his fingers along her tummy.

“Yer sure showin’ now, the bump is getting slightly bigger darlin’.”

He leans down and kisses her tummy. She giggles as his whiskers rub against her. Bella runs her fingers through his hair.

“Hmmm…” He looks over to the time.

“We overslept too late for breakfast.”

Bella shrugs and stretches about the bed. Logan rises and throws on some black shorts.

“Yah want something on the grill?”

“Sure that sounds good.”

He nods and heads to the bathroom before making some burgers on the grill. Bella popped open a bag of chips and popped one in her mouth. She danced around waiting for Logan to be done in the bathroom. He died out in laughter as she practically sprinted right past him.

“Something wrong?” He taunts.


Logan started the grill out on the patio at the hotel they were staying in. They had the perfect view of the beach from where they were. They also could walk right on over it if they so desired. He wanted Bella to be to relax and not worry about anything for once. Bella stepped out in her bikini with just a white tank top over it. She was pulling her hair up into a ponytail. She smiled as they took in the view.

“It looks like one of those posters, you’d see at one of those vacation package places.”
He grins.

“Actually it does.”

She runs her hands along his bare back and kisses his shoulders.


Logan takes her hands and wraps them around his chest. He could feel her pressed up against his back. He knew they’d never want to leave once it came time. This was the most peace they’d had since they’d first met. He was beginning to wonder what it even felt like anymore.

Once he got the grill good and going he sat down. He pulled her into his lap. Logan tried not to think about everything that had taken place. He ran his hand along her belly in thought. He wondered what Xavier meant about their son. It was clear he too already had a mutant ability, but what was it exactly. What did Xavier mean he healed the darkness? That was the only way to save her? He leaned back in wonderment. He looped his fingers of his other hand along the ends of his wife’s hair. The way Xavier made it sound was that his wife and his son’s abilities became one against Jean. That still didn’t make sense to him though. Why would it make her revert back? So what she was a 17 year old girl stuck in the body of a freaking thirty something year old. He raised his brows realizing he never even knew Jean’s actual age. In fact there were a lot of things he never truly paid attention to. He was beginning to see it was more of a sexual attraction than anything else. With Bella in the picture now? He could feel the dramatic difference between the two women.

He just wasn’t so sure how his wife was going to take the news.

“You alright Logan baby?””

He smiled and pecked her on the neck.

“Just fine lil darlin’.”

He looked over to his meat on the grill. He rose up and sat his wife down in the chair. He flipped the patties. Bella got up from her seat to gather some paper plates and drinks. She gasped back and froze. Logan quickly turned with alarm. Bella put a hand to her tummy. She started laughing.

“I can’t believe it Logan! He just kicked!”

Logan’s eyes widened. He rushed over and put a hand to her stomach. He lowered his brows and sure enough he too felt it.

“Holy shit.”

“Do they kick that early?!”

“Hell if I know.”

She smiled.
“Guess he’s like his dad, already trying to show off.”

Logan chuckles in thought.

“Yah maybe right.”

Logan felt the movement again.

“Little stinker.” He utters softly as if in awe.

“Um your burgers Logan baby.”

He turns back and hurries back over flipping them again.
“Eh, yah like them with a bit a crisp right?”

Bella giggles a bit.
“Sure just adds character!” She calls back as she heads inside to gather what they needed.

“Yah liked me for some damn reason. I’ll never understand.”

“Um yeah, I think we should leave out the whole bar part, when we tell our son how we met.”

Logan snorts in laughter.

“Aw, come on now…”

“I’m just saying. I don’t want our son growing up thinking he can be a pimp or something.”

Logan does that cocking of the brow thing.


Bella bites her lower lip and nods.

“Hmmm… Bella darlin’ I’m no pimp. I’m a predator there’s a huge difference. I eat pimps for breakfast.”

“That’s really gross. What do you call it pimp o’s or pimpies?”

“I think yer slightly disturbed.”

“I married you didn’t I?”

“Yah got me there! Only further proof that I’m correct.”

Bella sits the table outside. She brings Logan a beer and she grabs a bottle of water for herself. She pops her prenatal vitamins Hank had given her. They eat in silence and appreciate the view and sound of the ocean. Logan clears his throat once he’s done.

“So what’d you wanna do? Yah know about the baby.”

“Well I figured we’d keep it.” She smarts.

He grins, but rolls his eyes. She elbows him.

“I saw that.”

“Yer being a smartass.”

“Fine, then enlighten me what do yah mean?!” She mocks playfully.

“Watch it darlin’.”

She takes a sip off her water.

“Well do yah want to keep living at the academy or get our own place?”

“I figured we’d be living at the academy. Wouldn’t that make things a bit easier?”

He shrugs.

“I don’t mind either way. I just want yah both to be comfortable.”

She pecks him on the cheek.

“We’ll figure it all out.”

He nods.

“So yer not one of those naggy wives that freaks out if everything doesn’t go perfectly?”

She laughs.

“I suppose you’ll just have to wait and see!”

He chuckles on this. Bella begins to pick up. Only she starts to do that going pale again. Logan heard her heart rate and turned to her. She was leaning against the counter trying to gather her balance. He scooped her up and carried her to the beach. He figured the cool water would help. She closes her eyes as the waves hit against them. Logan continued to hold her until her color returned. Bella took in a deep breath.

“Ugh, that part sucks.”

He nods and kisses her.
“Sorry darlin’. Look at it this way least yer not upchucking.”

“Ugh, yeah I can do without that.”

They enjoy the beach for a few hours. After they head back they both shower. Bella finishes getting ready. She steps out in her denim shorts and black midriff. Logan wear a white tank top and shorts, he had a rose in his hand. She smiled as had music from the TV playing. Garth Brooks To Make You Feel My Love was playing.

“You never seize to amaze me.” She commented as he handed her the rose.

He merely winks as he twirls her around.

He brings her against his chest.

“You know when I first met you. I honestly never pegged you for half the things you do. You’re not all that tough.”

“Hmmm, I’m still plenty tough. Tough enough to spank yer ass for that mouth of yers.”

She quietly laughs.


He grins and kisses the top of her head.

“I’d have to take yah down lil darlin’ if yah ever spill out my little secrets.”

“I’m shaking in my boots.”

“Yah should be! I’m still the Wolverine yah know.”

“Yep, terrified.”

They grew silent as they finished dancing to the song. His hands ran up her shorts towards the end. He felt the slight curve of her cheeks. Logan began to fervently kiss her. He continued as he backed her up against the bed. He then gently pushed her down on it. Bella scooted back as his kisses moved along to the rest of her body. Slowly he began to undress her. He then threw off his tank and pulled off his shorts. Logan rubbed himself along her slit. He glided right along her wet sex, causing her to become even wetter. He found himself soaked in her juices and he hadn’t even entered her yet.

Bella bit upon her lip as he herd himself inside. Logan took his time; both were quiet and caught up in the moment. They kissed one another as they continued to make love. His speed slightly picked up revealing he was about to come. His hot breathes spread along her neckline. Logan felt her become drenched below. He wasn’t far behind as his dick greatly ached for release. He emptied out everything he had within her. Once he was done he rolled over, but kept his hold on her. Before long they both passed out.

“Damn… look at that chick. Perfect little ass.”

Bella was lying on her stomach reading a book. Logan had gone to the hotel to get them some more towels and water. She heard the guys, but was doing her best to ignore them. Even though that’s not what she wanted to do, she wanted to beat their faces in. It was clear they were drunk. She didn’t want to prove Logan right about how she was nothing, but trouble especially on their honeymoon. The last thing she wanted was her husband to come out and she’s got a pile of men on the ground.

She turns the page to her book doing her best to push it aside and hoped they’d keep walking.

“Fuck wonder what her tits look like with an ass that fine.”

“Come on now babygirl show us what you got.”

She rolled her eyes as she felt one of the five guys hovering over her.

“It would be wise for you all to move along now.” She warns, but with a soft even tone that damn near sounded bored.

They laugh.

“Why don’t you come join us babe? We got plenty of beer.”

“Gee that sounds so tempting. Now move along before you get hurt.”

They laugh again.

“Oooh this one’s got some mouth doesn’t she boys?”

Bella irritated, put down her book. She turned towards them and lowered her shades, eyeing them.

“You’re about to find out much more about me if one more stupid thing exits that mouth of yours! Now piss off!”

She pushes her shades back up. She grabs her book again and tries again to read it.

“What you reading? Penthouse?”

Logan tilted his head a bit seeing the group of guys. He listened in and watched as he continued that direction. They were supposed to go on a small cruise today, but decided against it because Bella was gradually getting worse with her faint like spells.

He sees one of the guys run a hand along his wife’s ass.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Logan growled as he went at a faster pace now.

Bella hopped up and immediately shoved the guy back.

“DIDN’T I WARN YOU ASSHOLE?!” He hears her yell.

“Shit this bitch is knocked up. Look at that!”

“Damn kinda hot for a pregnant chick though.”
“Yeah she is. You know what that means right boys?”


“She’s easy…”

Logan was a few feet away as Bella began to stumble back. He could sense she still wasn’t feeling very well.

“Dammit.” Logan muttered crossly.

One of the guys caught her and was laughing as his hands were on her breasts. Bella swiftly turned around and decked the guy across the face. Logan quickly grabbed her as he made his way over.

“I got this darlin’.” He said softly even through his rage.

He placed her behind him. He reached over and picked the guy up by the throat.

“That’s my fucking wife dipshit.” Logan tossed him into the water.

The other guys looked to one another bewildered. Logan ankle swiped the others. He leaped on one of them and punched him in the gut. His claws literally came out as he looked to the others.


The promptly scooted back and came to their feet. They couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

Bella covered her mouth in laughter as they were damn near tripping over themselves to get away from Logan. He looked over with raised brows.

“Yer something else…” He uttered and checked her over.

“Well it was kind of funny and I did warn them.” She says with a shrug and lies back down on her towel.

He shakes his head with a grin.

“Yer middle name should be trouble.”
“I showed great restraint on my part Logan baby, trust me.”
“Oh I know yah did.” He handed her a bottle of water.

“I just meant we can’t go anywhere without someone trying to start something. Even when yer keeping yer nose clean yah manage to get into trouble.”

“Not my fault.”

He chuckles.

“That I’ve also noticed. Well a few times…”

“I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. I have you know I’m a perfect angel.”
“Sure yah are with a crooked halo and horns to hold that halo in place.”

“Shut up!” She says with laughter.

“I’m just being honest.”

The rest of the week seemed to fly by for them. Besides that one little ordeal things went rather perfect. They even went snorkeling and a couple of other little side things. He took her to an aquarium as well. When it came time to head back thought Logan grew more apprehensive. He hadn’t a clue how his wife was going to handle the news of Jean Grey and what took place. That and he hadn’t any idea what exactly they’d be coming home to.

On the way back home he began to explain everything best he could. Even he though wasn’t quite sure how it all took place or what exactly it meant. This only made Bella’s pale skin from the hardship of the pregnancy even paler. She said nothing though. She merely nodded which had him a bit concerned. He expected her to have a ton of questions or honestly to be flipping out. They remained silent the rest of the trip back. That is until the cab had pulled up to the academy.

Bella turned to her husband.

“How do I even react to her now?”

“Asking the wrong man darlin’. I’ve been asking myself the same question.”

“Is she here now?”

“I haven’t a clue.”

Bella sighs and pinches her eyes shut for a moment. She takes in a deep breath.

“I’m afraid of killing her. I can’t stand the sight of her.”

“Yer not alone there trust me.” He said with complete honesty.

Logan paid the fair and he grabbed their bags. He could hear his wife’s heart pattern the closer she got to the building.

“Hey I got yer back, whatever you decide. Yah understand that right? I’m not about to make yah do something yah don’t want. This is our life.”

“Logan baby, I’m not about to let Jean be the deciding factor of what we do next.”

He nods in understanding as he opens the door for her. Bella laughs as there was a welcome home banner spread across the lounge when they entered. Logan shook his head with a grin.

“Home sweet home huh?”

Bella however, took in a deep breath. Sure enough Jean was in the hallway talking to Rogue. She froze and looked towards them. Rogue turned back with a smile.


Bella nodded, but eyed Jean Grey. She wasn’t sure what to trust or what to think. Rogue hugged the daylights outta Bella.

“Hey Marie.”

She hugged Logan afterword. Jean looked to Bella like a scared stray kitten. Bella turned her eyes away from Jean and headed into her and Logan’s room. She and Logan began to unpack and get things situated.

“Whattaya thinking about?” Logan questioned as she loaded their dirty clothes into the hamper.

“How not to kill her?”
He chuckles.

“That’s about what I figured.”

After she’s done with the dirty laundry, Bella washes her hands. She leans against the counter.

“How do we trust that she turn out the same in the future all over again?”
“Maybe you should talk to Xavier.”

“With all due respect even Xavier doesn’t know everything. He didn’t even see Jean becoming what she had. I’m just not sure what to feel about all this.”
“I wish I knew what to tell yah darlin’ fact is I’m just as clueless.”

“Only one way to find out.”
“What’s that?”

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

At this she exits the room. Logan sighs in frustration. He lights a cigar and shakes his head.

“I should have killed the bitch anyhow, dammit.”

“So you’re telling me she no longer has her powers?”

Xavier nods and places his pen down at his desk.

“How is that possible?”

“Something about you and the child’s powers combined. It erased nearly everything about Jean Grey.”

Bella put her hands upon her stomach in thought.

“You’ve got quite a powerful little tike in there. ” Xavier says with a beam.

“I’m not so sure how to feel about that.”

“Proud I’d say.”

“Xavier we both know what happens to the mutants with…”
Xavier reaches to his temples and wheels back a bit from his desk.

“What is it?”

“The war I had foreseen due to the darkness with Jean Grey is now gone. You and the unborn child have prevented this. There is no more malicious intentions residing within her heart. If anything there is only fear and that of a young teenage girl. She is very confused and afraid. I believe you’re the key to helping her.”

“You’ve every right not to trust this. I understand where you are coming from. However, out of all my mutants you have the most heart and compassion. You are capable of helping this young girl. Only keep in mind she is human now. She is no longer a mutant.”

“I’m afraid I’m not near as nice as you assume professor.”

Xavier taps his forehead with his index finger.

“You’ve been letting me in as of late. You have grown trust in me. I have seen what lies beneath. You should have more faith in yourself. I can honestly say I’ve never seen a mind quite like yours. It’s fascinating. I do believe I understand Logan’s infatuation.”

Bella finds herself blushing a bit.

“I owe you tremendously; we could’ve lost many lives. Because of you the war has been prevented. For now we are at peace.”
“I did nothing special and from the sounds of it, it was our baby more than it was myself.”

“Correction… I can read the child as well. It feeds off you. You’re positive outlook on life is what the child is already adapting to. That is why young James chose what he had. Interesting, the mind of a child that isn’t even fully developed. He thinks in pictures rather than words. He can observe things we cannot, even if he’s still within the womb. He sees things through his mother’s eyes. It’s beyond intriguing. What’s even more fascinating is his love. He’s grown quite fond of you and very protective. That is why he reacted and so powerfully. The idea of his mother being in harm’s way or any sort of negative vibe disturbs him.”


Xavier smiles.

“You will name him after his father. Only you will both call him James. You’ve already been considering it, only you have not told your husband yet.

“OK that’s downright creepy.”

Xavier softly chuckles.

“Might I make a suggestion?”

“Shoot…” She utters with a shrug as she looks to his knick knacks about his office.

“Why don’t you go talk to Jean for yourself? I can see you do not fully trust what I’ve to say on the matter. Perhaps, it is time you see for yourself. Take measures into your own hands on what to believe.”

“Do I hafta?” She says rather childlike, but with a playful smirk to her face.

Xavier smiles in return. Bella sighs and exits his office.

Bella apprehensively approaches Jean as she was sitting in the lounge. She sits across from her.

Jean looks to her strangely. Bella full on sighs. She couldn’t believe she was doing this or had to!

“Bella Swan…” She introduces herself.

Still there was resentment in her voice as she introduced herself.

“Jean Grey…” The woman nervously replies.

Bella tilted her head somewhat. Logan curiously watched from a corner of the hallway discreetly.

“Yeah we’ve met before.”
Jean looks to her puzzled.

“I’ve never met you.”

Bella raises her brows.

“Tell me Jean what do you remember?”

Xavier wheels out of his office at this point.

“It is alright Ms. Grey, you can trust Mrs. Howlett she is here to help you.”

“She looks like she hates me.” The girl in the woman’s body replies.

Bella half laughs, but is quick to clear her throat.

“Might I professor?”

He looks to Bella peculiarly. He nods in silent understanding. Bella starts her own series of testing Jean. She questions her thoroughly, yet respectfully. She also tries pushing her limits somewhat to see if in fact her abilities are truly no more. Bella sees her husband listening in on this.

“Perhaps just one more test?” She waves Logan over.

“Do you know who this man is?”

Jean backs up in fear. She nods. Bella narrows her eyes in wonder.

“He tried to kill me! He had claws coming from his hands!”

Bella tried not to laugh. She took in a breath.

“My husband thought you to be someone else.”


Bella looked upon Jean.

“None of that matters now.”

Bella thought it best she didn’t trudge that all up.

“I think the best thing we could do for her is get her back out there. Perhaps a change of name is in order. A fresh new start in the human world?” Bella suggest.

“And just who the hell is going to do that?”

Bella sheepishly holds up her hand.

“What in the living hell darlin’?”

Bella sighs.

“It’d be beyond cruel just toss her back into society blindfolded.”

“She’d have let you!” He remarks severely.

“Good thing it’s not me in the situation.”

Xavier chuckles somewhat causing Logan to raise a brow.

“Yer both outta yer damn minds. I say let the bitch rot! Let her figure out her own shit. We’re done!”

“She’s not the same person Logan.”
“The hell she isn’t she’s still got the same god damn body and mind. She’s just not near as threatening.”

Bella sighs.

“Then what would you suggest?”
“Did I stutter darlin’? I’ve no desire whatsoever to help that god damn woman. I don’t care about the situation! Because of her I could have lost you and our child!”

Logan gets right in Jean’s face.

“Logan!” Bella yells.

Logan pops out his claws, Jean backs up as though a child and screams out.


Bella gently lowers his hands back down.

“Logan baby…”

His entire body was shaking. A growl escapes his mouth as he ground his teeth together. Bella leads her husband away from Jean. She heads back to their room. Once their inside Bella jumps as he punches a hole through the wall.

“Now this I sure as hell didn’t expect!” He snaps at her.

“Of all the motherfucking things!”

He points directly at his wife.

“You want to help her?! Have you lost your ever loving MIND?! You’re going to help a woman that almost killed you not just once or twice, but three god damn times! She murdered Scott! And didn’t lift a hand to help these students when the Volturi attacked!”

Bella swallowed back nervously. She took in a deep breath.

“I’ve always had yer back lil darlin’! ALWAYS! Only not this time! If yer to do this, yer on yer own!”

She jumps as he storms out of the room and slams the door shut.

Bella nods to herself. She grabs the keys to her truck. She exits the room and bangs on Rogue’s door.

“Let’s go.”

Rogue looks to her oddly.

“Um Kodiak?”

“Come on Marie.”

Rogue shrugs and makes her way out.

“Where we going?”

“Just having us a little girl’s night.”

They enter the lounge to see Jean huddled into the corner of the couch crying. Xavier was doing his best to try and calm her. Bella shook her head and took in a breath.

“You too, let’s go.”

Jean looks to her oddly.

“Come on now I haven’t all damn day.”

Bella heads on out. Jean looks to Xavier with fear in her eyes.

“You can trust her. Go on now.” Xavier says with a warm smile.

Both girls follow Bella out. They get into her personal truck.

“Yer not taking the hubby’s truck?” Rogue questioned concerned.

“He’s gonna need it. He’s in a sulking mood. He’ll be hitting a bar here soon.

Bella slams the truck door and peels out of the parking lot. Logan sighs as he turns that direction. Peter was giving him the rundown of recent events and how PE was going. They both see Bella speeding out of the area.

“Dammit…” Logan grumbles.

“So the honeymoon is officially over.” Peter smarts.

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