Chapter 27 Don’t Mess With The Howletts!

Chapter 27

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Bella rolls over as she hears James crying. Logan places a hand upon her shoulder.

“I got it darlin’ go back to sleep.”

He pecked her on the forehead and went to check on his son. Bella smiled as she could hear Logan on the baby monitor.

“Hey there… I got yah squirt.”

Logan scooped James up and rocked him.


Logan changed his wet diaper. Still that didn’t fully tame James’s cries.
“Ah… yer hungry… Yah just want to keep yer momma up all night don’t yah? Well so do I, but fer a different reason.”

Bella giggles to herself. Logan cocked a brow hearing this on his end. He clears his throat.

“Did yah know yer momma drools in her sleep. I mean she damn near drowns me!”

Her jaw drops. Bella scrambles out of the bed and he could hear her feet pattering along the wooden floor to James’s room. He turns around innocently.
“Thought you went back to sleep.”

She scowls his direction and reaches for James.
“I do not drool and quit cussing in front of our son!”

“I didn’t curse and yah should lower yer voice! Yah were snooping yah pesky woman.”

Bella half laughs.

“Logan you’re such an ass.”

She quickly covers her mouth and cuts their son a guilty look. Logan dies in laughter, but not so much at her reaction. Their son had his hand on her tank top. It was pulled down and he was nursing.

“Strong little booger. He knows what he wants.”

Bella smiles and kisses James’s head. He made soft sounds as he continued to nurse. They both laughed as they could hear him swallowing.

“Fraid I couldn’t help him there then.”

Logan wraps his arms around her as she feeds their son. He moved her hair away from the crevice of her neck. He kissed along her neck and rests his head along her shoulder.

“I got it now Logan baby.”
“Nah, we’re in this together. Yah losing sleep so will I.”

“Now don’t argue with me. Yah won’t win.”

Before long James’s falls asleep while nursing. Bella was concerned he’d spit up so she gently tried to burp him as he slept. Once she felt satisfied he’d be ok, she lay him down. Bella watched as he slept for a few minutes. Logan ran his hands along her shoulders.

She turned around and leaned into Logan’s chest. He held her in silence. They could sense one another there was no need for words. Her eyes however were growing heavy as they held one another. Logan picked her up and carried her to bed. She snuggled up against him in the bed and fell into a deep sleep. Once morning came they woke again to James crying.

Bella tiredly came to her feet. She headed into his room and picked him up. She changed his diaper and sat down in the wooden rocking chair afterword. James began to nurse as she rocked him. Bella leaned back and shut her eyes as she continued to rock him. Without even thinking she was humming Garth Brook’s Make You Feel My Love as she rocked him. Logan grinned as he lay in the bed and heard this. This only made it official that he’d fully corrupted his wife.

Once James’s was done eating she got him dressed and brought him into the room. Logan rose up in the bed and held out his arms. Even the preemie clothes were a tad too big on their son, Logan noticed as Bella placed him into his arms.

He kissed his son’s forehead and gently caressed his cheeks.

“Why don’t yah to take a bath I got him.”

Bella nodded and kissed both their cheeks. Logan smiled and rose from the bed. His son’s tiny hand wrapped around his index finger. Logan started him and Bella some coffee as he held James.

James slept off and on throughout the day. Around lunchtime they heard a knock on the door. Bella answered it as she had James in her arms.

“Well I’ll be damned.”

Bella smiled with pride.

“Come on in…” She stepped aside Logan came to his feet as Jasper, Rogue, and Emmett walked in.
“I had to tell them.” Rogue stated.
“I can see that.”

Logan shook their hands.

“May I?” Jasper asked.

Bella looked to him and Emmett cautiously.

“Come on now darlin’ we’re not gonna eat your baby.” Jasper said with that thick drawl of his.

Emmett softly chuckled.

“Yeah we’re not into the whole BLT thing.”
“BLT?” Bella questioned.

“That’s so wrong Em.” Jasper said behind laughter as Bella handed James off.

“Baby Lettuce Tomato.”
Bella’s jaw dropped and she hit Emmett on the arm.

“That’s not funny!”

Only she and Logan were laughing.

“Then why yah laughing darlin’?” Logan questioned.

“I just can’t believe he said that! About our baby!”

Rogue was giggling too.

“Sure is a cute little fella.” Jasper said as he carefully held him.

“I can’t get over how small he is.” Jasper admits.

“I told ya he was like a little doll.”

“Well it seems you were right Marie darlin’…”

Bella’s eyes widened. Rogue blushes a bit noticing Bella’s reaction to Jasper calling her by her real name.

“I’ll be damned…” Bella whispers.

Rogue shrugs. Jasper was too mesmerized by the baby to notice anything. Logan however took notice of this as well. His wife’s reaction had him laughing. Emmett also caught this. He put his arm around Bella and whispered something about how Jasper was planning on asking Rogue to marry him after graduation. Honestly she thought that was a bit too soon. Then again she thought about how fast she and Logan moved about their relationship. She certainly had no room to talk. That and honestly Bella had never been happier than she was now. She truly hoped for the same for the both of them.

“No freaking way…” Bella clamped her hand over her mouth as everyone turned to face her.

Emmett sighed.

“You haven’t changed all that much scatterbrain!”

“Oh shut up Em! You just caught me flat footed and blind as a damn bat.”

Jasper, Logan and Rogue cut Bella a certain look.
“You’ve been hanging around us southern folk for too long.” Rogue admits.

Bella back traces on what she said.

“Oh no I’ve turned into a hick! Dammit Logan! This is your fault!”

Jasper and Logan have a good laugh at this. Jasper gives his brother a chance to hold James.

“You two made one hell of a cute baby.” Emmett declares.

“Thanks Em!”

Bella noticed how Jasper wrapped his arms around Rogue’s waist. It was just the way Logan did with her. She smiled in thought. There was another knock. Emmett was closest to the door so he reached over and opened it. Charlie stepped on inside. He looked around as if in complete surprise.

“So this is your home now?”

Bella nodded. Charlie nodded towards Jasper and Emmett. Emmett handed James off to Charlie. Charlie looked around as he held James.

“It’s a nice little home you got here Bells.”
“Thanks dad.”

Bella showed Charlie the baby room.

“Wow. Now we never had anything that nice for you, shamefully.”
“Not that I’d remember it anyhow dad.”

He laughed.

“That’s very true.” Charlie clears his throat.

“Look kid I wanted to talk about with you first. See what you thought.”
“About what dad?” Bella ask as she makes James’s crib up.

“I was thinking about trying to get a transfer here.”

Bella stops in her tracks and turns to him.

“You mean as in working here in New York?”

Charlie nods.
“But only if you’re cool with that. I don’t want you thinking I’m trying to get into yours and Logan’s business. It’s just I’d like to see you and James more and it’d…”

Bella kisses Charlie’s cheek.

“Dad I’d love for you to move down here. You don’t know how much that’d mean to me if you could.”

Charlie smiles.

“But I thought you were all about Forks dad?”

“Things change Bells. I don’t really have much holding me to that town now. Everything I want is right here. I’d like to see my grandson grow up and be a part of the milestones in your lives.”

“You’d really do that?”

Charlie nods.

“I just wanted to ask how you felt about it first before I start looking into some of the departments around here.” Charlie sighs.

“Have you called your mother?”

Bella half laughs.

“Why would I care what she thinks dad?”

“That’s up to you. I just figured you might want to at least try.”

Bella flinches and grips the edge of the crib.

“She’s the one that wanted nothing to do with me dad not the other way around. I was the one that tried for so long. I just got tired of being burned.”

“So what happened Bells? That day…”

She shut her eyes knowing damn well what day he was referring to.

“Dad please… just let it go.”

“Bells please it’s been years now I just would like to know what exactly went wrong between the two of you.”

Bella took James and placed him in his crib. She looked to her son in thought.

“Just talk to me.”
“What is it exactly you want to hear dad? I mean you think you want to know, but trust me you don’t!”

Logan narrowed his eyes and turned that direction. Jasper, Rogue, and Emmett heard Bella as well.

“If you’d only give me a chance… Maybe I could understand.”

“Ok fine dad… Mom told me I was nothing more than a mistake. She told me I ruined her life. Because of me she had to marry before she was even ready! She had to move to a small town that she hated! She hated her life once I came into the picture! She told me to my face that things would have been far better off if I was never born! Now you think about it… I’m a mutant… something she doesn’t even know yet. I’m married to another mutant and my son is also a mutant. She’d only have an earful to say about that. All in which I don’t truly care to hear. She’s the one that wrote me out of her life so I did the same. Why would I want to ruin what I have by calling her to have her voice her opinions on how I’ve lived my life? For once I’m content. I don’t want that woman around my son. He will grow up never ever being told such things. He might have not been part of the plan. But he most certainly wasn’t a mistake. If anything he’s a gift.”

“Bells hun I..” Charlie sighs.

“I hadn’t a clue…”
“Well now you do…”

Bella exits the room and quickly makes her way out of the house. Logan nods towards their guests and he follows his wife outside. Bella was leaning against a tree. She quickly wiped her eyes as Logan approached her.

“Yah don’t have to hide with me lil darlin’.”

She shut her eyes and tears fled from them. Logan pulled her into his chest.

“He loves yah. That’s why he pressed yah for the truth. Yah know yer old man wouldn’t want to hurt yah. Now why didn’t yah ever tell me?”

“I never told anyone Logan… A part of me died that day. It’s just not something I wish to think about much less discuss. From that day on I left that part of my life behind.”

She sucks back a breath. Logan took notice of Charlie stepping outside. Logan waved him over. Logan kissed her forehead.

“I’m gonna go check on James.”

She nodded and Logan left Charlie alone with his daughter. He knew this was something they needed to discuss.

“That woman never knew a good thing when it stared her in the face.” Bella hears her father mutter as he comes up behind her.

“She left me then not long after pushed you out of her life as well. Now it’s true Bells that you weren’t exactly planned, but when I learned your mother was pregnant with you. That was one of the best days of my life. That very day I dropped down to one knee and proposed. I knew what I wanted. At the time I was madly in love with your mother. I’d been promoted at work so I knew we’d be fine. I just was never aware how much she hated the town. Your mother always was more of a big city girl. Part of me knew that, but I’d hope with you and me and some traveling off and on. That she’d be fine. That wasn’t the case. As time progressed so did the fights. Now I’d like to go and say I’m surprised she’d even say such things. But I can’t I’d be lying. I always chopped it down to being hormones or when women get that depression type stuff or whatever. Your mother used to spout off something’s pretty close to what you just told me. I’d correct her each time and try to course her in another direction in how to think positively. It’d work, but only for a few days then she’d be ranting and raving about something else. These were all sides of her I’d never seen till after we wed.

The more time progressed the unhappier she grew. I’d hopes that once you were born that would somehow wake her up. That when she first laid eyes on you, she’d realize how wrong she was. Unfortunately, that too didn’t happen.” Charlie pinched his eyes shut.

“I’m so sorry Bells you deserved better you always have. That woman hasn’t a clue just what it is she’s missed out on and continues to miss out on. I’d never intentionally hurt you. That wasn’t why I pressed the issue. I just figured with a grandchild that maybe…”

“Dad… if she didn’t change for me. Why would she change for James’s sake? Trust me I get it and understand. But that part of my life is over. I’ve gone out my way to pretend as though I was adopted or something or that Renee never existed to be honest.”

Charlie half laughs.

“I can see why.”

Charlie sighs and hugs her.

“You were and still are the best thing in my life. I don’t know what I’d do without you kid. I really mean that. I’m so proud of you. You’ve become this remarkable person and mother.”
“Thanks dad.”

He smiles.

“I mean it kiddo. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and how much you mean to me. Corny as it sounds.”

Storm walks past as Charlie was hugging his daughter. He nods towards Storm. Bella caught this and waited till Storm was inside their home.

“Dad…” She hisses.

Charlie clears his throat.

“I just nodded.”
“That’s just so weird.”

“I might be your father Bells, but I’m not dead.”

“It’s not even so much that. It’s just …” She blushes a bit in thought.


“Logan used to date her at one time.”

Charlie cocks a brow at this.

“Your husband dated her?!”

“UM yeah…”
“Well I’m sure he’s dated a lot of women considering how old…”
He chuckles.

“Was it serious?”

“No he said it was more like trying to date a cousin.”

Charlie shrugs.

“Don’t look like any cousin of mine.”

“OH MY GOD I’m so going to pretend I didn’t hear that!”

“Ok…” Charlie says with a grin and heads inside.

“Ugh…” Bella groans and follows.

Charlie cuts Storm a certain look once they’re inside. Bella’s eyes widen and she quickly grabs an apple and chunks at his arm. He rears back and looks to her. Charlie rubs his arm. Logan caught this and was dying in laughter. Bella shakes her head in a scolding matter. Charlie sighs and cuts his daughter this pitiful look. Bella pinches the bridge of her nose and leaves the room throwing her hands into the air.

“My father’s a perv…” Logan heard her mouth off as she checked on James.

Logan wondered what that was about, but soon had his answer. Charlie was escorting Storm out and he could hear Charlie asking her out for coffee. Logan cocked a brow and looked back towards the room Bella was in. Jasper turned to Logan.

“Did you catch wind of that too?”

“Sure did.”

“What?” Emmett asked.

“Looks like my father in law’s trying to score with the English teacher.”

Emmett’s eyes widen and he looks out the window.

“Holy shit.”

“Thank you.”
Bella nods as they start putting away some of Jean’s things.

“No I mean it. For everything…”

Bella smiles.

“You’re welcome Jean. I’m just glad you get a fresh new start. You’re really shaping this place up. It’s nice.”

Jean grins and continues to fix up the apartment.

“I start teaching Monday.”
“Oh that’s wonderful Jean.”

“Yes it is and it’s at the school across the way.”

“Hey even more perfect.”

Jasper and Remy carry in a sofa.

“Where do you want it?” Remy asks Jean.

She points out the area. Logan had a dining room table as he entered next. Naturally he was carrying it in by himself. Jubilee had James out on the patio. She and Rogue were talking with Kitty. Once they were done helping Jean get set up, everyone was piling into the back of Logan’s truck ready to head back. Jubilee handed James over to Logan.

Logan hugged his son close to his chest. His tiny hand was against the area of Logan’s heart. Bella quickly turned as Logan dropped to his knees.

“Logan?!” Bella rushed over as he continued to hold their son, but looked weakened.

Logan held up a hand and just stayed frozen for a moment.

Everyone looked over in a panic. Logan gasped back as images began to play out. His son was trying to tell him something.

It traced back to the day in this parking lot. James recognized this place and remembered his fear. He was showing his father why he was so scared. Logan shut his eyes and paid attention. James was able to read Magneto’s intentions when he placed his hands on his mother. Logan saw where Magneto was planning on trying to get Bella to join the Brotherhood. He would do whatever it took. When that didn’t work, he’d simply kidnap James. Logan was seeing this as if it were really taking place. The visual was so precise it freaked Logan out.

By this point Jasper and Rogue would be married and babysitting for them. Mystique would appear that night in the shape of Bella. She’d take James right out from under them effortless. She’d then bring the child to Magneto. They’d plans to raise the child from there as their own. They’d even try and convince James they were his real parents. However, he also saw the part that frightened James the most. Logan felt his fear and anxiety. The baby started to cry and Bella became alarmed as Logan continued to hold him, but had his eyes shut and was still on his knees beside the truck.

They saw Bella’s death. Bella would lose it once she found out they took their son. She takes off before Logan even has a chance to keep her grounded. From there Bella somehow finds a way to send literally everything she has on James. The shield in fact completely leaves her body and goes to protecting James. This leaves her weakened because of how far away he is. This leaves Bella completely powerless. By the time she finds the Brotherhood and their son. She’s sleep deprived, hungry, dehydrated… But her love keeps her drive and determination to get her son back. Magneto will offer her a place by his side again. She will refuse and fight to get her son back. Only she continues to shield her son. So when the fight breaks out. Bella holds her own best she can. Until Magneto sends several metal pipes through Bella’s body. One of the pipes had gone directly through her heart. He has them melt into her bloodstream afterword. The damage to her body is so significant. Her healing factor doesn’t work fast enough. Logan has tears in his own eyes now as he sees James and Bella reaching out to one another in the vision. James feels his mother dying.

What Magneto doesn’t know… The two are linked. James’s love for his mother is so great that he too starts to fade along with her. Logan watches as his wife and son die. Magneto looks down and realizes what he’s done as he holds the lifeless child. He only wanted James because he was the product of two great mutants. He wanted that sort of power within his clutch. He wanted to see what the son of Bombshell and The Wolverine was capable of. He’d never meant to kill the child. The visual was so in depth and it seemed so real. That Logan held his son and literally began to cry along with him.

Bella said softly and reached over. She took James and looked her husband over. Logan continued to stay on his knees. He wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face into Bella’s stomach. The others looked on with confusion and alarm. No one was used to witnessing Logan crying, it’s just something you don’t ever see. James’s cries soon stopped as Bella held him. He soon went to sleep. After a few more minutes Logan came to a stand. His eyes were wild and bloodshot.

“I need to talk to Xavier.”

Bella nodded. She wasn’t certain what to say or do. She just wished she knew what had her son and husband so upset. They both of them were crying and she could sense their pain and fear. She just couldn’t see what her husband had.

After they get to the academy they head straight to Xavier’s office. Logan begins to tell both Xavier and Bella what James had showed him. It was now also clear that their son has more than one mutant ability. Not only was he a healer, but he could also see things about people. Such as why he chose to heal Jean the way he had. Only there was no healing Magneto. Not in that sense. He was too far gone. There was no saving Magneto there was no healing to be done. This was just who he was. With Jean there was confliction and James could sense it. The phoenix side of her was taking over her mind. Her powers were eating her alive and it was too much to bear. Though she might’ve not been wounded in the sense of injury, she was wounded in that of the mind. That’s where the healing was needed. She was mentally instable. If she continued this way her own abilities would become the reason for her demise. Jean would die at her own hands. That wasn’t the case for Magneto. He hated humans and felt they shouldn’t even be in existence. He was all about power and nearly every ounce of him drove on selfish intentions. James might be an infant, but even they know and sense things we do not understand or see ourselves. All James knew was that he was scared and didn’t want his mother getting hurt.

Bella turned ghostly white as Logan told Xavier what he saw. She held James close in disbelief. Once he finished Xavier simply nodded and reached out for the child. Bella handed him over. Xavier held him and put a hand upon his cheek and closed his eyes. Both Logan and Bella waited with anticipation. Xavier smiled after he was done and handed him back to Bella.

“We can prevent this now from happening. Think of it as a good thing. He can show us things before they even take place. We will use the knowledge your son has given us to set Magneto up. He will not be expecting what we will have in store for him.”

One year later…

Logan grunts out as Bella undoes his pants.

“Well fuck Bella darlin’.” He said behind a moan and pulled over as she started going down on him.

He pulled back her hair so he could watch. Her tongue rolled around the tip of his dick lapping up whatever precum he had leaking.

“Hmmm keep going.”

She took her tongue and licked up and down his shaft. He throbbed against her tongue. He could smell her arousal though and it made him ache even more. That and his mouth literally watered. He wanted desperately to taste her.

“Fuck it I’m gonna come in your mouth!”

Bella continued not breaking even for a second.

“FUUUUUUUCK!” He growled as he shot down the back of her throat.

Bella swallowed and cleaned him off. She wiped her mouth once she came up. She’d a grin about her face. He cocked a brow at this.

“We’re far from done!”

He laid her down and slipped her panties out from beneath her short black dress. Logan closed his eyes with sensitivity he was growing hard as a rock again. The scent of her sex was driving him made. He wasted no more time. He buried his tongue deep as he possibly could and tongued her sex thoroughly. Logan lapped up her juices. Bella cried out in sheer ecstasy. Logan gripped her legs and brought her even closer to him. He spread her lips apart and took his entire tongue to her. He couldn’t help, but to stroke himself as he did. Two things that always got him this riled up. They were sucking on her breast and eating her out. Something about it he couldn’t help himself. Her fingers locked within his locks of hair.

“Logan baby… I need a good fucking, now.”

He grinned and teased her with a few more licks first.

“Logan please!”

He heard her suck back a breath and she began to squirm around. She pulled at his hair with frustration. Logan gave one last lick that trailed up her sex, tummy, chest, and neck. He began to kiss her and a moan was released into his mouth. Logan submerged his thick cock deep inside her. Bella felt him throb and swell up even more within her. Logan plowed himself into her so hard the truck was literally rocking. Bella took notice, but didn’t care. She was currently in orgasmic heaven.

“Soak my cock!” Logan demanded with that gruff growl of his.

He felt her let go and nipped at her neck and ear lope.

“Hmm… not good enough. Make me need new fucking truck seats!”

Bella screams out in climax.

“Good fucking god now that’s what I’m talking about!”

She felt so good. She was so wet and tight she was milking his cock. Logan began to come yet again. He didn’t stop until he had every last drop drained into her. Logan kissed her before he pulled out.

Nothing for them had really changed in that area. They still had very wild passionate sex.

They were just coming back from their date night. He’d taken her out to eat and dancing. They were heading to Jasper and Rogue’s to pick up their son. Jasper and Rogue had been married for a few months now and had their own place in New York. Emmett went his own way and was dating a human from California. Jasper and Logan had really hit it off and had become more like brothers over the last year. The four of them hung out constantly. Bella was now teaching at the academy as well. She was currently doing some college courses to get her full degree. In the meantime she worked alongside of her husband. Together they trained the students and helped them adapt to their gifts.

Charlie had a job at one of the departments not too far away. He had moved down here a little over eight months ago and he had his own apartment. He kept an extra room for his grandson for when he kept him, which was like every other weekend or so. Charlie couldn’t get enough of James. Between Jasper, Rogue, and Charlie they always had a babysitter when needed. Storm and Charlie had hit it off and were currently dating.

Renee never knew about her grandson or that her daughter was married. Charlie respected his daughter’s wishes and left it be. Remy and Jub’s were still dating as well. Logan’s cell rang as he and Bella straightened themselves out. He wiggled his brows towards his wife as she grabbed her panties from the floorboard.

“It is time.” He heard Xavier say.

Logan looked to his wife and nodded. James was supposed to spend the night at Jasper and Rogue’s place. However plans had changed. They’d been preparing for this day for over a year now. Xavier had been keeping tabs on Mystique and other members of the Brotherhood since. Magneto could no longer keep his filthy hands off. And just as predicted he had confronted Bella on two different occasions. She turned him down naturally, but played along as if clueless.

Xavier had already warned Jasper and Rogue as well. They began plans at this very moment. Jasper quickly took off with James and rushed him to Charlie’s. They set up the fake baby. Xavier used all his focus to make the “fake” child they’d set up in the playpen seem real. Sure enough like clockwork James’s vision came true. They worked like Alice’s had only his were always dead on. There was no second guessing what their son saw, which made it easier to plan ahead. Bella (Mystique) knocked on the door. Jasper and Rogue greeted her warmly and talked to her just like they would Bella. Rogue even hugged her and asked how she and Logan’s date went.

Mystique in the shape of Bella made her way to the playpen. She picked up the child they had bundled up. She brought it to her chest and grabbed his diaper bag and other things Bella had sent with James.

“He was really good Kodiak! He ate all his supper and played with Jasper for a bit then conked out! We had a lot of fun.”

Mystique smiled and merely nodded. Just as planned Mystique carried the child to the limo Magneto had waiting outside. He was already sitting in the back. He smiled and nodded towards Mystique as she slid on in and changed forms. However, when they looked back up they saw the entire X-Men force and the academy surrounding the limo. Xavier pulled up in his chair and tapped on Magneto’s window.

“Hello old friend were you expecting someone?”

Logan leaped onto the hood of the limo. Bella opened the door to Mystique’s side.

“Want to give my son back now?”

Mystique looked back to Magneto. He sighed as they were beyond outnumbered.

“Go on…”

Mystique handed over the child. Bella grinned and revealed to them that it was fake.

“You really thought you could get away with this? That we’d let you anywhere near our son?”

Logan grins and hops over to Magneto’s side. He rips open the door and grabs him by the throat ripping him out of the limo. His claws pop out and he holds them to his throat. He starts trying to mess with Logan’s adamantium. Logan growls out, but quickly yanks off his helmet and tosses it directly into Xavier’s lap.

“I told yah not to mess with my family didn’t I bub?”

Bella drags Mystique by the hair to the lockdown van they had set up just for this.

“YOU WON’T GET AWAY WITH THIS!” Magneto declared furiously.

Each person there took one step towards him menacingly.

“We just did Maggie. Now you’re in for a long haul. Enjoy life behind glass. You’re going to become the newest attraction. In the little zoo Chuckles made just for you. Looks like you’ve been played.”

He continues to spread the adamantium within Logan’s body. Bella senses her husband’s pain and sends out her shield. Xavier then uses his focus and knocks Magneto out. Logan and Bella lock them up. From there they are taken to their own personal cells where there is no possible way of escape. And they keep Magento away from all things metal. Mystique’s cell had electric currents around the perimeter. So if she took just the wrong step or tried to take the form of someone else in order to trick an attempt at escaping, she’d be sent soaring back with a nice surge of electro currents.

From there Logan and Bella lived in peace. Well for the most part… They still had their duties as X-men and continued to fight alongside of them. However, for once it wasn’t directed right at them. It was a nice change of pace.

“Dada up!”

Logan grinned.

“Up huh?” James nodded and reached out for him.

James reached over and kissed his mother’s cheek as Logan held him.

“Cup!” He pointed.

“Very good!” Bella said proudly and handed him his sippy cup.

“Alright you ready for your story?”
James giggled.

“Mama read!”

Logan laughed. James loved it when Bella read to him. She’s always try and act out the characters with silly voices or something of the such.

“Yah don’t want me to read to yah?”

“No Mama!”

“Yah little brat.”

James giggled again as Logan tickled his waist.

“Fine yer mama will read to yah, but then you better get your butt to sleep squirt.”

Logan changed him and got him into his pj’s as Bella picked out a book. He’d been climbing out of his crib as of late. So they’d just recently got him a toddler’s bed. Bella sat at the edge and patted the bed as Logan placed his son down. Logan folded his arms about his chest. As his son took off running to the bed. He plopped down and laid his head on the pillow.

“Are cups allowed at bedtime?”

James grinned and shook his head. He handed it over to his dad. Bella then began to read. Logan watched his son’s reactions to Bella’s voices. He’d giggle and squeeze down on his stuffed dinosaur. Before long James’s eyes grew heavy. Bella quietly tucked him in as he curled up into his pillow. She kissed his forehead. Logan made his way over and kissed him goodnight as well. He cut off the lamp before he and Bella headed out. They both peeked back once more through the crack of the door.

They both leaned into the doorway. Logan wrapped his arms around his wife’s waist.

“We did good yah know Bella darlin’.”

Bella smiled warmly.

“That we did Logan baby.”

Logan starts chuckling to himself.

“I still can’t believe that little squirt’s first word.”

Bella laughed in memory. They’d taken him to Charlie’s and Charlie was offering him a snack. He turned to Charlie and called him “bub”. That became his name for Charlie as well. Ever since then that became his name for Charlie “bub”. Making Storms nickname for Charlie “bubby” just to mess with him.

“All your fault too Logan!’
“Yeah, yeah… There’s no doubt that there is my son.”

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 27 Don’t Mess With The Howletts!”

  1. Awesome, awesome story hon, as always…I enjoyed reading it very much and can’t wait to read more of your work…thanks hon…bigg huggs. Peggy

  2. That was freakishly awesome! Even though i have an exam tomorrow, i still wanted to read this and i was not disappointed! Great work, i hope you keep this going )and maybe you could do some more crossovers with different fandoms, like Agents of SHIELD). Have a nice day and let there be inspiration for your other stories! Logan+Bella=Lolla

  3. Loved this one too! I’ve been seriously binging on your Work 😁 I loved Logan and Bella together and the family they made with the Xmen! Wonderfully written just like all of your work! Thank you so much for sharing this with us all! So awesome!!

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