Chapter 3 Within The Shadows of Wolverine

Chapter 3

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Bella puts on her headphones and heads to the practice area outside. She was determined to learn how to control her ability. Especially, after Jean’s little stunt yesterday. She knew already the bitch had it out for her. She’d never say anything to Logan out of respect. Bella however, wasn’t a fool. Obviously, Jean had something for Logan. Bella wasn’t petty enough to play the game with her though. She’d better things to concern herself with.

She called and checked in with Charlie before she left the building. She hadn’t the heart yet to tell him the truth. That and she wasn’t quite sure how her father would take it. Not just the mutant thing, but the mere fact that she was pretty sure Logan was about her father’s age. She grinned in thought on how the day would go where she introduced the two of them. She turned up the music and placed her jacket up on a tree. Disturbed blared in her ears as she closed her eyes. She cleared her mind of everything.

She felt the energy rising within her core. Bella begin to try and push it out in various ways. She opened her eyes and watched curiously as the energy flowed from her hands. Slight alarm rose within her as she was able to move it around. It never touched her skin just hovered directly over her. She thought of Wolverine’s claws and they formed. She softly laughed in thought. However, she began to realize she could morph the energy into other things as well. She thought of a sword and the claws began to transform into a blade. She narrowed her eyes and thought of an orb again. She looked towards one of the targets a few feet away from her. She moved her hands closer together the blue orb spun around. She pushed from within her core the orb slowly began to move that direction. An odd sense of pride came about her. She began to wonder just how fast and far she could make it travel. She takes in a breath and focus’s even more. She thinks of the orb moving at a greater pace and sure enough the amount of speed she thinks about is the faster it goes. A grin comes about her face as she sends it out full force. The wooden target ahead blast apart into several pieces.


She laughs shaking her head.

“What the hell?”

She swallows back looking to her hands. She starts trying different shapes and weapons. Damn near everything she could think of morphed before her. At one point she thinks of a spear. She eyes another target and sends the spear flying across the way.

“Now that is pretty fucking awesome!”

Logan watches curiously from a distance. He takes a drag off his cigar and leans against a nearby tree.

“Well I’ll be damned.” He utters to himself.

He tilts his head as Bella fires off several rounds of energy towards the wooden targets. Yet, again the claws come out. A prideful grin came about his face as he watched her slice and dice other nearby targets. At one point she even spun around and took down one of the dummies by jamming the claws into its gut.

“Well hell lil darlin’…”

Logan’s about to go join her when Bella groans out. He narrows his eyes as she bows over. She reaches to her temples. She quickly grabs her jacket and takes off. He discreetly follows from a distance. Bella heads right for Jean’s class room, but she’s not there. So she tries banging on Jean’s door. Logan notices she keeps reaching to her head off and on looking as though she’s in pain. That and her nose was bleeding again. She grits her teeth and storms into Xavier’s office.

“WHERE IS SHE?!” He hears Bella demand. Logan wondered what the hell was going on.

“Whom Ms. Swan?”

“You know damn well…”
Bella growls out again.

“Do we have a problem?”

“Damn right we have a problem. When I agreed to stay join you. I never agreed to being Jean’s puppet Xavier!”

“I can assure you Ms. Swan that Jean has your best interest in heart.”

“Does she now? Didn’t I tell you and Scott that I didn’t like being pushed around! There are boundaries being pushed Xavier. Perhaps its time you pay closer attention to those around you!”

She makes her way back to Jean’s room and she uses a wave of energy to bust down the door.

“OH SHIT!” Logan utters in shock as Jean’s tossed into the hallway. Bella comes stepping out her boots crushing the debris from the door. She points directly at Jean as she’s laying up against he wall.


Bella storms off and Logan jumps hearing her door slam. Jean looks directly at him. She shakes her head.

“She’s bad news Logan. She doesn’t belong here.”

Logan shakes his head on this.

“Now if that little darlin’s pissed at ya it’s for a good reason. So whattaya do Jean? Yah don’t even know her yet yer already giving her hell.”

“Come on Logan can’t you see she’s lying.”

Logan cocks a brow on this.

“If it’s one thing I know. That girl isn’t a liar. So if she says yer doin’ something to her then yer doin’ something.”

“Who you going to trust some slutty 19 year old girl you picked up a bar? Or me someone that’s been your friend for a few years now.”

“You had better watch what yah say about that girl Jean! Yeah we’ve been friends for sometime. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna let you go and be disrespectful towards Bella. She hasn’t done a damn thing to deserve the treatment yer giving her! If you’d just get to know her yah might even see yah like the girl! Now are yah going to tell me what’s going on?”

“I don’t owe you squat Logan; because you denied me.”

He looks to Jean like she’s nuts. He grumbles under his breath and walks off.

Logan enters the cafeteria and tilts his head to the side. He sees Bella with a huge grin on her face soaring back against a table. She was wearing a black shirt with a skull on it, her boots, and jacket. An orb was forming in her hand. Gambit’s across the way with a smirk about his face with his own wave of energy about to hit as well. Storm comes up behind Logan and is about to put a stop to the brawl before them. Logan puts a hand up her shoulder.


Bella quickly hops back up and runs across the table. Logan grins as she purposely comes to her knees sliding forward. Her back is arched missing Gambit’s attempt to hit her. She quickly fires off her own round as she comes to her feet on the ground. Gambit flies back and the students clap cheering Bella on. He watches curiously as Bella makes her way over to Gambit. She holds out her hand.

“Twenty bucks, I kicked your ass.”

Gambit rolls his eyes and digs into his pocket. Bella yanks the twenty from his hand and stuffs it into her pocket.


Gambit shakes his head.

“Aw, you gonna cry now Casanova?”

“You know there are such things as sore winners.”

She laughs as Bobby, Kurt, Rogue and Jubilee high five her.

“Serves you right. Ya should have known Bella could kick your ass.” Rogue uttered.

Gambit shakes his head.

“Hmm, perhaps a little one on one just you and I… call it a rematch?”
“You truly think your God’s gift to women don’t you?”

“Nonsense love… just yours.”

Bella wrinkles her nose.

“Not even if you were the last man standing. I’d rather switch teams.”

“So… 7? I say tomorrow. It’s Friday. We could be up all night love.”

“You know for someone that likes to play with cards so much…” She reaches into his trench coat and takes out his deck.

“You never play with a full deck now do you?” She blows the cards into his face using her energy to send them flying rapidly.

“Have fun playing solitaire.”

Bobby laughs.

“She left you with a nice game of 52 pickup.”

Gambit curses under his breath as Bella walks away. She takes a seat beside the girls. Logan sits by Storm and Scott rather hating the situation. Bella was damn near his wife in a way now with the whole mating thing. Yet, here he had to look on from afar. He folded his arms about his chest. Bella picked at a carrot on her plate.

Logan was able to pick up everything being said at their table. Kurt and Bobby had joined the girls. Bella continued to take him by surprise. He looked on with interest as Bella leaned over and whispered something into Kitty’s ear. Kitty blushed a bit then looked upon Kurt. Bella just smiled and shrugged. She then looked to be egging Kitty on. Before long Kitty comes to her feet and walks around the table. She shyly taps Kurt on the shoulder. Kurt looks back and smiles. Kitty offers a hand and leads him outside. Rogue and Bella high five one another.

“I can’t believe you finally got them two hooked up.”

Bella shrugs.

“Seriously, Bella Kitty’s had a crush on Kurt for a while. How’d you manage to make her step up finally?”

“Can’t always wait for the guy to make the first move… Besides it had to be her move first. Someone like Kurt would’ve never made the first move.” Bella hints and Logan knew exactly what she was talking about. She was right he wouldn’t have.

“So anyone caught your eye yet?” Jubilee questions.

Logan saw the look on her face. That little battle going on in that head of hers.

“I’m already dating someone.”

“OH really?!”

The entire table pipes up.

“They go to school here?”

Bella half laughs.

“Eh…” She says with a shrug.

“Come on now. Spill the beans who’s the famous Gambit in competition with?”

“Ugh, that’s so gross. Rather set off my gag reflex.”

They all laugh.

“I mean seriously; what’s with that guy?”

“Come on now Bella. Who’s the lucky guy?”

Bella wasn’t even aware that Logan was in the cafeteria. His eyes never left her.

“I’m not certain I’m at liberty to say at the moment.”

They each looked to her baffled.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s complicated.”

Logan snarled back. He hated that word. He never dreamed that’d be the term used for their relationship. Bella grabs her tray and comes to a stand. She dumped out the contents. He knew she was about to find out he was there. She’d have to pass by his table on the way out. He’d had enough of this! Sure enough she becomes startled seeing him sitting there with Storm and Scott. He nods towards her and wiggles his finger for her to come to him.

She cuts him a concerned look, but makes her way over. Logan didn’t give a shit what anyone thought. If they had a fucking problem he’d gladly take Bella and hit the fucking road. Her eyes widen as he pulled her into his lap. The entire cafeteria grew silent as Logan kissed her.

The student’s jaws dropped.

“I knew it!” Rogue harshly whispered.

The other students looked to Rogue confused.

Scott rolled his eyes and got up from the table bitterly. Storm however, had a smirk about her face. Gambit enters the cafeteria with Angel. The look on his face priceless. Logan comes to his feet and continues kissing her as he carries her out of the cafeteria. Each person looking to one another trying to figure out if what they saw really just happened.

Once they were outside he had her pinned up against the building.
“It’s complicated?!” He questions gruffly pressing himself against her.

She blushes a bit.

“What was I supposed to say?”

“That you’re with the Wolverine! Get yer point across darlin’ that we don’t give a fuck.”

“I just thought…”
“Yah thought what?”
“I just wanted to respect the life you’ve created here Logan. I…”

He shakes his head. He kisses her again.

“No more holding back.” He says throbbing against her.

Bella gets a mischievous look about her face.

“So… how does this work in P.E tomorrow morning? I mean… Am I the sleazy student out to ruin your career…”

“Ah, fuck you keep talking like that lil darlin’ I’m gonna take you right here!”

She laughs.

“Time to be ourselves. Yah hear me?”

She nods and Logan places her back down.

“That’s another thing. You’re moving in with me tonight. No more of this separate room bullshit. I dare Chuckles or anyone else to stand against me on this. I’ve been around long enough to know that when ya got something good ya fight for it Bella darlin’. I’m not about to let anyone stand in my way. Neither should you. We stand together on this. That’s all that matters.”

Bella’s cell rings and he locks his fingers within the loops on her jeans. Something he does often. She grins as he presses against her.



“Oh my God! This makes twice now I’ve blocked you!”
“Bella please you need to hear me out.”

Logan had enough of his shit. He grabs the phone.

“Look bub yer not wanted. Now leave her the hell alone. Believe me you don’t want me hunting yer ass down! You won’t walk away this time round I guarantee yah.”

Edward sighs.

“Look she needs to know that they’re coming for her.”
Logan narrows his eyes.

“Who yah talking about?”

“Just tell her I’m sorry I had no choice. It was the only way.”

“What the hell did you do?!”

“What is best. We both know how this will play out if she stays with you. I had to take measures into my own hands. In the long run she’ll be better off. She was never meant to be yours!”

Logan’s teeth grind together.

“Tell her not to be afraid. No harm will come to her. They are simply going to apprehend her. I will fix this mess myself. The mess that YOU caused! You had no business marking her! She was an innocent girl! Now look what you’ve done!”

Logan chuckles.

“No one’s getting near her especially you yah little shit.”

Logan crushes the phone with his bare hand.

“I’ll buy yah another one.”

“Um sure…”

Bella says as he tosses the phone like it were nothing more than a balled up piece of paper.

“So who’s he talking about?”


“He says someone’s coming for yah?”

Bella swallows back and shakes her head in disbelief. Logan nods his head.

“Who is it darlin’?”

She half laughs and pinches the bridge of her nose.

“He’s reported me…That’s what this is. Edward’s betrayed me by going in front of the Volturi.”

“The who?”

“Remember that vampire king I told you about?”

Logan nods.

“Well there are three of these guys running this entire vampire kingdom in Italy. When I was dating Edward…” Bella sighs feeling ill that she was about to have to admit this to Logan.

“I’d agreed to be turned…”
“Yah what?!”

“It was at a time I thought Edward was the one. It is against the rules for a human to be associated with or to know of a vampire’s existence. We’re nothing more than sheep and they’re the wolves. They came to visit once when we were dating. They found out I knew their secret. They were going to kill me on the spot drain me to the last drop. However, Edward’s sister Alice showed them a vision in which I would become one of them. That my existence wouldn’t pose a threat after all. Like Xavier and Jean. Aro and Edward they too could not read me. Aro sought me as an immediate threat. Anyone with abilities of the mind didn’t affect me. So instead of having the threat “removed” they thought it better if I became one of them. Edward and I however, both knew they’d try to get me to join their cause. They wanted to see what sort of vampire I’d become.”

Logan shakes his head.

“For someone so young you sure have lived some life.”

Bella miserably laughs.

“And I’ve a feeling it’s only going to get much more interesting as time progresses. These things just tend to follow me around.”

Logan clears his throat.

“So yer telling me that a bunch of vampires are coming for yah? Because they want yah to become some sort of blood sucking leech?”

Bella flinches. She looks around in thought; realizing the potential danger she could very well put everyone in.

“What’s on yer mind?”

“Just need to think that’s all.”
“Yah know I won’t let them hurt you right?”

Bella looks around again.

“It’s not myself I’m worried about. They might be vampires, but they tend to have gifts such as we do. Just a imagine a vampire with the abilities of a mutant Logan. This entire school…” She shuts her eyes for a moment.

Bella takes in a breath and begins to walk away.

“Now where yah going?”

“I just need to think.”

He narrows his eyes and watches as she heads back to the mansion.

Bella makes her way to her room. She paces around in thought. She thinks about each Volturi member and their powers. Then there was the one other issue. What side would the Cullen’s be on? Could she even trust them now? The more she thought about Edward’s betrayal the angrier she grew. She knew this was his way of trying to get what he wanted. She couldn’t believe he’d stoop so low. He just put an entire school in danger. Some of them were just children. The fact that Edward had told Aro how to reach her that he actually dialed out the number… She gritted her teeth in thought.

“FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK!” She yelled out in complete and utter misery. She tossed her chair across the room.

She leaned against the wall with one hand. She stormed out of her room and headed out to the nearest pay phone. She called to the Cullen house.


“How long?”



“You wouldn’t have to worry about this if you’d just come home. Come to me Bella.”

Her jaw clenched tightly. Tears begin to form as the anger coursed through her.

“I know what you did Edward. I know of your betrayal. I never knew you were such a lowdown spiteful son of a bitch! You couldn’t get me back so you went and told on me like some little bitch! YOU’RE SUCH A PUSSY! If you wanted a piece of me you should have come and got it yourself! I LITERALLY FUCKING DESPISE YOU! I HOPE I GET TO PERSONALLY KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS! NOW ANSWER THE FUCKING QUESTION; HOW MUCH TIME DO I HAVE?!”

“Why does it even matter Bella? Either way they are coming for you.”

“You haven’t a clue what you’ve just done! Edward you’ve just put other lives at risks not just mine, but that of children!”

“That’s something you should have considered. I did warn you after all did I not.”

She shuts her eyes for a moment as it’s all coming together. The way he was talking. The way he acted. She stumbled back a bit.

“You’re one of them aren’t you?”



“I will be… yes… in fact you and I both will be. That was the deal.”

“Um no it wasn’t. The deal was that I’d be turned after I graduated. We never mentioned joining the Volturi! You know I wouldn’t have ever agreed to that!”

“Not that deal Bella. In order to get you back I had to make another deal.”

“And what deal would that be?”

“That you and I will become Volturi once you are brought back and turned.”

Bella nods.

“Once again how long do I have?”

“Could be a couple weeks to a month.”

“So you just planned my entire future right. And what about Logan? Did you even consider him in all this?”

“Yes I have. In order for you to give me your all. He can no longer be in the picture. Since you now have a mating bond with him. The only way to break it is if he dies. Sorry, but soon you will see. Once he’s out of the picture you will realize I was right. He could never love you the way I do. All that’s there for him is lust. You’re young and beautiful. He’s a savage beast that needs to be taken down.”


“You’re going to die and soon. At my hands!”

Bella slams down the payphone. The area around her spun. She stuffed her hands into her pockets and began to walk to the nearest bar.

Logan shakes his head as he enters the bar. He’d damn near looked for Bella everywhere. He’d begun to fear she took off for good. But no there she was drinking and kicking some guy’s ass at pool. Logan stood back and watched curiously for a few moments.

“She’s a damn con!” The guy complains as Bella pockets the eight ball.

During her road trip she’d got the knack for the game. That was how she made some of her survival money.

“Won fair and square boys.”

“Nah, you rigged all this somehow.”

Logan shakes his head as the guy’s friends make their way from the table.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Bella says taking notice as well.

“Every town I swear to God!”

“Every town what?”

“Just forget it I’m not in the mood. Don’t want your money or your whinny little tears. I’m out.”

She grabs her jacket.

“You owe us the money from the last game!”

She half laughs shaking her head.

“You want it you’re gonna have to come get it!”

Logan shakes his head. What are you doing?! The guy comes near Bella. Logan starts to inch his way over just as a precaution. Before any of the guys even Logan have time to think. Bella grabs the guy. She shoves him up against the wall and punches him in the gut. She doesn’t say anything she just keeps swinging. The other guys come to their friend’s defense. Logan comes to hers and tosses the others across the bar. Bella’s still waylaying the one guy. Logan wraps his arms around her waist and drags her out of the bar.

“Let me go!”

“Nah, I can’t let yah kill anyone darlin’.”

She growls out struggling against his hold.


He flips her over his shoulder and starts to carry her back.

“Yah wanna hit someone you can practice on me.”

He carries her into the woods and puts her down.

“I had that you know! I didn’t need your help!”

She paces the area a bit.

“I don’t need anyone’s help! Dammit! I GOT THIS!”

“Do yah now?”

“Could have fooled me darlin’!”

She grits her teeth and he grins as her claws appear.

“I don’t need saving. I can take care of myself.”

“I never said yah did.”

“Then why didn’t you let me take care of those guys myself!”

“Now you had better listen to me Bella darlin’. That shit don’t fly with me. That’s the one thing you need to know. I don’t back down from any fight! Especially, when it involves MY GIRL. You’re MINE! Territorial?! Damn right I am! That’s just how it goes. So yeah as long as you’re with ME and considering we’re mated… we’ll it seems you’ve got some years ahead to learn just who I really am. I’ve been around for quite some time. You’re just going to have to learn how to deal with the way I do things. This man backs down from nothing! This man also doesn’t sit back and let his girl be outnumbered 5 to 1. I know you can kick ass. That’s not the point! The point is… I’m your man! As long as I am I will be in your corner always! Not even you can tell me any different. Now I respect yah and I love yah! But we’re a team the way I see it. You’re not about to face anything alone. That includes men like that and these fucking vampires, even that douchebag ex of yours! So don’t yah even think about trying to run off on me! I know yer scent! I know damn near everything about yah now! I’ll hunt yah down and chain yah up to my bed if I have to! I have no problem setting you straight lil darlin! I know how yah think! You’re not about to leave me! So you can get that out of yer head now! You care more about protecting me and the others at the academy more than yourself! Well you need to know; it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way about anyone! Anyone I’ve ever loved has either gone completely psycho on me or they dying on me! And I’m not about to let either of those things happen to you! I’ll be damned! I will do whatever it takes to keep your humanity intact and you alive and well.”

“And just how do you presume to keep my humanity?”

He smirks.

“Lots and lots of sex Bella darlin’.”

She tries not to bust, but does. He winks and slowly makes his way over.

“Have you ever been mated before?”

“No Bella this makes a first. That’s why I didn’t recognize it when it took place. I mean I felt something like an odd pull and connection with yah, but I honestly, thought it was because, I was allowing myself to get too attached the night we first had sex. Now I have been married before. Like I said I’ve been around for sometime.”

“What happened?”

Logan sighs.

“She was one of the ones that died darlin’.” He says softly.

Bella lowers her head.

“I’m sorry Logan.”

Logan shakes his head and looks upon her.

“People tend to die around me. I outlived most everyone I know.”

They both lock eyes for a moment sharing the same unvoiced thought. She too would age and die one day. She might be a mutant, but she didn’t have Logan’s healing factor or any of the such. Sure she was damn near half his age. Within time though it’d catch up. Neither wanted to think on it. He clears his throat again.

“You’re the real deal… I’m not about to let you walk out on me! You understand me? I’m not the kind of man that goes around saying I love you without fucking meaning it.”

Bella locks her arms around his neck. He closes his eyes breathing her in for a moment.

“We’ll train tomorrow after P.E. Yer a bit too drunk tonight. It’s time to buckle down and get yah in shape. You just need to keep in mind you’ll be dealing with Wolverine and not Logan during that. They’re two different men. I’m gonna be harder on yah than the others, because I want you set up for survival. The only way to do that is to endure a little bit of pain. If you’re to be an X-Men like me one day. I want you fully prepared for what we face. That’s why I’d rather it be me than Storm or Jean as your personal mentor.” He sighs.

“Then I’m taking yah out. Truth of the matter is we could both use the downtime. Get the hell out of this place for a bit.”

“So you’re gonna rough me up then take me out?”

He smirks.

“Sure am darlin’ then I might rough ya up some more when we get back.” He hints.

She softly laughs and leans into his chest. Her arms lock around him. Logan’s hands go around her waist. He feels her kissing along his chest. She starts to unbutton his shirt. He stirs awake below. His body reacts and he softly moans as she starts stroking him through his jeans. Bella unfastens his jeans and opens them enough to reach inside and pull his dick out. It was stiff and warm to the touch. He already had a little precum developing through anxiousness alone. She licked it off and Logan’s hips jarred a bit. He moved her hair away from her face so he could watch. The moon was full tonight and he could see everything she was doing.

“Hmm…” He continued to watch as he throbbed inside her mouth.

Her tongue just like last time went over all the right places. He felt as though he were coated in wet silk and being sucked off by an angel. Hell to him she was. She’d be the closest thing he’d ever came across as anything heavenly that’s for sure. He continued to ache with desire in her mouth. Logan knew he was about to come, but he wasn’t ready to. He gently pulled out of her sexy little mouth. Logan bent her over a nearby tree. He pulled down her blue jeans. He pressed his erection against her ass. He let out a soft growl as he did this. He rubbed himself against her ass a bit more. He then had her bend over just a bit more as he slid into her already drenched sex.

His squeezes her cheeks together and watches himself moving about her.

“That’s right come for me Bella.” He softly demands watching her juices glistening around the shaft of his cock.

“Just keep coming for me! Hell darlin’ I’ll carry yah back!” He says forcefully as he drives himself even harder about her.

“Logan baby…” For some reason that drove him even wilder with pure lust hearing her say that.

She gasps out and she’s caught by surprise as he pops her gently on the butt.

“Fuck…” He moaned out directly after.

He grips her more steadfastly and starts to come. He pulls out once he gets off. However, as Bella turns to fix her pants. Logan’s stroking himself emptying the last of the contents. His eyes widen as she gets a sultry smile and she licks him clean.

“Holy hell!”

She softly laughs.

“You’re going to kill me one day! That’s something I can’t heal from either. Sexual overdrive can’t think of a better way to go.”

Once they pull up their jeans. Logan scoops her up.

“Told yah I’d carry you back.”

“Whatever you say Wolverine.”

He chuckles and shakes his head.

“I’m afraid I know why the mating thing happened.”

“Why’s that?” She asked curiously.
“You’re the only woman that can put up with my shit.”

“I doubt that Logan. You’re a good man.”

“I haven’t always been Bella darlin’ and I still have my moments. I’ve been known to have a temper.”


He chuckles as he continues to carry her back to the academy.

“What’s this temper you speak of?” She continues to taunt.


She smiles and leans deeper into him.

“Well I love you temper and all.”

“Might be singing a different tune tomorrow.”

“Am I going to see war days Logan or boxing Logan.”

“I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.”

Once they get to the doors he places her down. Jean was already cutting them a dirty look. Logan had half the mind to flip her off. He didn’t understand what the hell her deal was. She was talking to one of the students. Logan goes to open the door for Bella.

Jean calls and dismisses the student. Bella gazes upon Jean shaking her head. Jean looks directly too Logan as if Bella weren’t even there.

“Whatever you two got going that’s your business. But this right here isn’t going to fly. Logan you should know better. You two shouldn’t be publically…”

Logan opens the door for Bella. He hands his keys to Bella.

“I’ll be there shortly.”

Bella cuts him a worried glance.

“Go on now…”

She nods and heads on inside.

“I’m not going to have this conversation with you. I’m a grown ass man Jean. You do the math!”

He goes to step inside.

“What has she done to you?!”

He gets a genuine smile about his face.

“Something I never thought possible. Goodnight Jean.”

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