Chapter 4 Training Wolverine’s Way

Chapter 4

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“He won’t want you now.”

Edward smiles as he has his hands upon her shoulders.

“You’re cold, undead; you’ll have to live off blood for survival.”

He twirls her around and takes her hand. He leads her down the hallway of the mansion. Bella screams out in horror. All around her lay the bodies of the students.

“ROGUE!” She promptly fell to her knees.

Bella brought her up to her chest.

“Rogue please…”

She then turned to see Bobby.



Edward continued to watch as she crawled amongst the floor discovering bodies.


She crawled over checking his pulse. He looks directly at her and points down another hallway. Bella turns that direction. She sees Logan on his knees holding Jean. Tears were streaming down his face. She gasped out and came to her feet.

“Why…?” Logan questioned behind gritted teeth.

“She was right you know. You don’t belong here! Scott should have never brought you here! LOOK AROUND! LOOK WHAT YOU’VE CAUSED!”

He lays Jean down and comes to his feet.

“IT’S YOUR FAULT!” Bella shrieks out and looks down seeing he’s pierced his claws into her gut.

“Logan?!” She drops down to her knees as he looks upon her with hatred.


Logan catches her before she hits the ground. He brings her back up on the bed. He hurriedly cuts on the lamp. Her nose was bleeding again. He rubs the sleep from his eyes. Then quickly reaches over and grabs some tissues from the nightstand.

He hands her the tissues and Bella flinches and scoots away from him. He looks to her oddly.

“It’s just me…” He says softly with concern.

Bella catches her breath and looks down. She lifts up her tank top. She swallows back and hops off the bed. She stumbles around rushing to the bathroom. Bella cuts on the light and looks into the mirror. Blood streamed from her nostrils all the way down her neck and face.

“Fuck…” She whispered still slightly panicked.

She cut on the sink. She began to scrub her face and neck. Bella jumped as she made out Logan from the corner of her eye. He was leaning against the doorway with his arms folded about his chest.

“Yah alright?”

She nodded and dried off her face.

“You always have nosebleeds like that?”

“No… Just when I get these headaches.”

Logan slowly approaches her. He runs his hands along her shoulders.

“Must’ve been some nightmare.”

She shuddered in thought and she gripped the bathroom counter tightly. Logan kisses along her shoulder.

“Do yah need anything?”

She closes her eyes for a moment and shakes her head.

“I’m just going to get me a glass of water. I’ll be fine.”

Bella heads into the kitchen and pours her a glass. Her heart rate was finally coming down. She took in a deep breath and leaned against the counter. Logan opened the fridge and popped open a couple of beers.

Bella softly giggles as he hands her one.

“It’s 3 am Logan.”

He shrugs.

“We don’t have class for another four hours or so. Besides it’ll calm your nerves.”

Bella takes a pull from her beer. Logan picks her up and sits her on the counter. Bella runs her fingers through his hair as he rests his head against her chest.

“I don’t want to keep you up Logan.”

He lifts his head back up.

“Yer not. Believe me, I know about night terrors. They suck.”

Bella smiles.

“I remember that now actually.”

He sighs.

“Yeah, not my finest moment. I’m just glad I didn’t hurt yah.” He thinks about the time he damn near killed Rogue. He felt ill in thought of harming Bella the same way. Unlike Rogue, Bella wouldn’t be able to find a way to heal himself. He still remembered the way it felt when Rogue drained his healing source from him. That totally sucked. Yet, he was glad she had. Or she’d have died. That poor girl was scared out of her mind. That he couldn’t stand to have on his conscience.

Bella takes his hand in thought. She runs her fingers along his knuckles.

“Does it hurt? You know when they come out?”

He nods.


“It literally rips the flesh off my knuckles. So yeah it’s no cakewalk.”

Bella grimaced. She continued to run her fingers along the area in thought. He places his hands along her knees. They polish off their beers and Logan tosses them into the silver bin. He kisses her forehead and lifts her back down.

“Let’s see if yah can sleep now.”

Logan stretches out his body as the alarm goes off. Bella was still snuggled into her pillow. Logan quietly rolls out of the bed. He hits the shower. He opens his eyes once he’s done scrubbing his hair. Bella’s peering into the shower.

“Huh dejavu, I once showered with a drifter at a hotel. Looked an awful lot like you…”

He smirks.

“Did he now?”

“Oh yeah…”

She teases wiggling her brows. Bella gets in and Logan yanks her over.

“Yah and what was this drifter’s name?”

“Hmm James Howlett or something like that…”

He found himself impressed she remembered that.

“Huh… sounds like a jackass.”

“Yeah, he kind of was, but he was hot in sack.”

“Hmm… Might have to hunt him down and kill him.” He says and kisses her before letting her over.

He looks back over and watches as the water runs down her body. He shakes his head knowing they didn’t have time to fool around, but he so wanted to.

“Dammit.” He grumbles under his breath.

“Something wrong?”

He throws on a shirt.

“Other than the fact I’ll have a boner during class? Nope I’m just fine darlin’.”

“A boner!” She mocks in terror.

He finishes dressing as she steps out he tosses her a towel. Logan looks upon her again shaking his head.

“This year is going to be mighty interesting…”

She blushes in thought.

“Want me to drop out?”

“Hell no yah trying to kill me?”

“Just sayin’.”

Bella throws on one of her midriffs and jeans.

“I’m gonna end up trying to screw ya during class I’m afraid.”

“I’m actually ok with that.” She fires back and slips on her boots.

He closes his eyes at this.

“Holy hell…”

He pecks her on the lips and grabs his clip board.

“Don’t be late.”

“Or else?” She taunts with a seductive grin.

He clears his throat and looks upon her once more.

“I’m sure I can come up with some sort of punishment.”

She grins and brushes her hair as she fires back.

“Like spankings?””

Logan’s eyes widen. He quickly leaves shutting the door. Knowing if he hadn’t they’d end up in bed again. That was another thing Logan noticed. He was different somehow. This mating thing made him feel somewhat younger in some aspects. His libido was through the roof. He couldn’t describe it. Bella hears him cursing under his breath as he’s still out in the hallway.

“Oh Logan you’re too fun.” She whispers as she finishes getting ready.

Just as Logan is about to head out to the gym; Xavier wheels himself over.

“In my office Logan. We’re having a staff meeting.”

Logan rolls his eyes. He takes a cigar from his pocket and follows Xavier. Logan steps inside to see Jean aka Phoenix, Scott Cyclops, Dr. Hank McCoy aka Beast, Ororo aka Storm. Logan lights his cigar already having a feeling he knew what this was about. He wasn’t about to be pushed around either. After all there was nothing truly holding him here. Yeah he cared greatly about each person in this room; even more so for the students. When it came to his personal life though that was his business. Logan never was one that liked being told what to do. If anything that drove him away even quicker. If it came down to choosing… he already knew what direction he’d take. He never was one to stay in one place for every long after all.

“I’ve arranged for some of our higher learning honor students to stand in for each of you today. I’ve a feeling this meeting may last longer than anticipated. Normally, I do not call for such meetings during school hours. As you all are aware how serious I take the children’s education. However, it seems we’ve had some issues that need to be discussed. Some that can no longer afford to be overlooked. Let it be known that this is a free room. Everyone here is allowed to state their opinions and how they feel about whatever we discuss. Also whatever we discuss today does not leave this room under any circumstances. Do we have an understanding?”

Everyone, but Logan nods. He wasn’t about to agree to something until he knew the full terms.

“I suppose I’ll start with the most recent one that’s been brought to my attention. It seems one of our faculty has been fraternizing with one of the students. In ways that we each know is against the rules. Each of you should know that is never appropriate under any given circumstances.”

Logan nods and takes a drag off his cigar.

“Let’s cut to the chase shall we? Let’s not pretend we don’t know who he’s referring to. That’d be me Wheels. The girl is not an actual student. I met this girl before I even started this “teaching gig.” I don’t have to give any one of you a reason for my actions. Nor will I stand here and allow myself or this girl to be talked about as though we’re some sinful skinemax special you all accidently came across. If any of you have a problem. I’ll gladly set yah straight. If yah don’t like it then you had better find yourself a replacement. I don’t just mean in teaching.”

Jean rolls her eyes.

“You wouldn’t turn your back to the X-Men.” She scoffs shrugging her shoulders.

“Then yah don’t know me after all Jean.”

“It’s not about him leaving us. This should be about what makes Logan happy. I for one rather dig the new Logan.” Storm says with a wink his direction.

He smirks and cuts Storm an appreciative nod.

“I must admit I’m with Storm in that department.” Dr. McCoy agrees.

“The girl seems to suit Logan and both make quite a pair.”

“It’s been brought to my attention that it’s just not the concern about your personal relationship, but about concern for the school’s safety as well.”

Jean cuts Logan a guilty expression. She lowers her head. Logan cocks a brow at this.

“It seems there’s also a pose of threat to our school. That allowing the girl to stay here puts our other student’s at risk. There have been threats made in which could very put our students in harm’s way.”

Logan grits his teeth together shaking his head.

“Now hold on Logan… I for one stand behind you on this.”

Jean snaps Xavier a look of shock.

“I personally had Ms. Swan sought out. I’ve invited her into our home and amongst our students. It was I that asked for her to train to become one of us. In hopes that not too far down the line she too will be in this very room helping to make decisions on what is best for this school and our students. Now it has taken a lot of concentration and time on my behalf. I will say this much. I do not deem Ms. Isabella Marie Swan to be any sort of threat to our school. I’ve managed to be in her mind if even for a short while in which to find her. There is nothing that strikes me with such concerns. In fact…” He smiles genuinely.

“Ms. Swan’s got quite the spirit, drive, and heart that is needed in order to become one of us. I stand behind her on this. I do and will not back down on my decision. She personally, is not the threat. However, yes it seems some issues that dwell from her past. May very well come into play and affect us all as a whole. That being said though… What is it we stand for Jean?”

She swallows back and looks to Xavier like a wounded child. She doesn’t answer just sighs.

“We’re to have each other’s backs always. If it were any other student or faculty of ours we wouldn’t question it. So why are we questioning it this time. This is a teaching facility. Each of our students and teachers know what to expect. That is why we’re here after all. We do not turn our backs to our own and Ms. Swan is now one of us. No matter the issues on hand as of late. I firmly stand behind my decision and I will say that I feel within this time next year. She too will stand amongst us as an X-Men. If I didn’t feel so strongly. I wouldn’t have had Scott skipping around the nation trying to find this young lady. She’s an asset we need; the missing piece if I must say.”

“What are you saying exactly?” Jean questions looking to Xavier.

“That we stand and fight behind Ms. Swan of course. She would do the same if it were the other way around. So let’s return the favor shall we?”

“We hardly know her! Lives could be lost!”

“And I’m sure they will be. That doesn’t change my decision. If the doors of the school are busted down. Then we stand together and fight.”

“They’re just children!”

“Children in which are being trained to face such events. Think of it as a training experience.”

“I do not agree!”

“I’m sorry you feel that way.”

“ME TOO! She could get us all killed! The students mainly. She’s merely one! One life in the exchange of what could prove to be many!”

“And what would you suggest Jean?”

“That we do what she wants.”

Logan cuts jean a glance as he takes a drag off his cigar.

“And what would that be.”

“We hand her off so there isn’t a threat. That is where I agree with the girl. I’ve seen it in her mind.”

Logan clenches his jaw tightly. He looks to Jean in a way he’d never thought he would. Not only was he PISSED that she’d still been forcing her way into Bella’s head. But now she was wanting to discard her like mere trash!”

“What…” He says trying not to lose his shit with her.

“She’s right… Even she knows if she gives herself up. There will be fewer consequences. It is the right thing for her to do.”

Logan shakes his head in disbelief.

“What the hell did I ever see in you?!”

She flinches at his words. Scott himself looked disappointed in Jean. He too shook his head.

“You’re honestly suggesting we hand this girl off to a bunch of vampires?! In order to keep others safe? In order to keep peace amongst us? Jesus Jean when is there ever peace amongst us mutants? Isn’t that why we’re here and teaching?! Isn’t this a TEACHING school? What the fuck am I busting my ass for each day I head into that gym? To tell my students to tuck in their tails and run! To become little whiny bitches?! Fuck that! Nah, I’m teaching them to fight! To have each other’s backs always! Now yer all wasting my damn time! I got a class waiting for me.”

Logan reaches for the door. With his back to them he sternly voices…

“That’s another thing… We’re never going to do this again. Next time there’s a meeting and it’s about me or my MATE. She too will be here to voice her concerns and opinions. She too has a fucking mind and feelings. I do not appreciate this being done behind her back. What right do any of us have making decisions without her consent or thoughts on the matters on hand? I know I sure as hell don’t! We’re supposed to be a team right? What the fuck kind of team goes behind another member’s back? Even if she’s not full-fledged X-Men yet, Xavier said so himself. He’s seen it within her! So why we doing this? Huh? One more thing… Not a one of you not even you Wheels are gonna to tell me how to feel about Bella. That is between the two of us. Not a single one of yah have any business judging either of us.” He shakes his head and slams the door on the way out.

“I agree with Logan. That could very well be any of our students. We wouldn’t turn our backs to any of them. So why should Bella be any different?”

“She hasn’t even been here that long! We don’t even know her!”

Storm smiles.

“Then perhaps it’s time we change that. I’m willing to get to know any girl that can make Logan feel the way he does. We all know that man doesn’t EVER put his heart out there like that. Hell I think that’s the most I’ve ever heard him talk. Logan’s just not one to voice his opinion that deeply. We all know that. That and well I’ve seen how he is with Bella. And you all should see just how she is with him. That girl has stars in her eyes.”

Jean closes hers for a moment. Scott takes notice and winces.

“That’s why you’re acting this way isn’t it?” Scott finally puts out there.

“What way?”

He half laughs.

“That’s why you don’t wish to rekindle what we had. You dumped me in hopes to be with Logan. Didn’t you?!” He says looking severely crushed as it’s just dawning on him.

“That’s why you’ve turned down my every attempt to make us work. That also explains why you have such an issue with Bella.” He shakes his head.

“Jesus Jean… Since when are you ever fickle? I thought you were stronger than any of us at least when it came to principals. So Logan turned you down. Is that what this is? It’s personal isn’t it? It doesn’t even actually have anything to do with Bella Swan! This has to do with the fact that you got your pride…”

Scott falls to his knees in agony.

“JEAN!” Storm shouts and goes to help him up.

“What is your deal?!” She snaps.

“This isn’t even like you! Scott’s right! What’s come over you?!”

Xavier looks to Jean.

“Leave us.” He demands.

“Are you alright?” Storm questions checking Scott over.


Storm however; saw the look in his eyes. It was no secret Scott still pined for Jean. Sure he also had something for Bella. He liked Bella’s spirit, drive and he thought she was literal sex on legs. He thought that that the first time he saw her in that bar. His heart nonetheless, still belonged to Jean. It was killing him that his every attempt to win her back hadn’t worked. It hurt even more knowing she was in hopes of somehow gaining Logan’s affections. Scott himself thought of the irony. He remembered when he first met Logan. He was head over heels for his girl! She had been the one that cared for him after all when he first came to the X-Men. Who could blame the guy right? Even Scott knew a good thing when he had it. That’s why he and Logan often enough locked horns. He did see Logan as a threat. He himself often enough saw the little sparks between Jean and Logan. He tried to pretend otherwise, but even he wasn’t that big of a fool. He kept telling himself it was harmless flirtation. Now he knew it to be otherwise. The irony on the other hand, was it was Jean chasing after Logan now. Logan was in love with Bella. Yet Scott was chasing after Jean. He wasn’t about to give up on her. He still had some sort of hope for Jean Grey. He’d die trying to win over her affections once again. But even more so to bring back the girl he first fell in love with. Where was she? Because, this wasn’t her. This was never like Jean! The Jean he knew would have had Bella’s back no matter the circumstances. She believed in higher purpose and having each other’s backs. He’d fight to bring her back.

Logan enters the class to see Peter aka Colossus leading it. He had paired off each of the students and they were doing basic sparing. Meaning no abilities were allowed. They nodded towards one another. He noticed it was Rogue and Kitty, Bobby and Remy, Jubilee and Bella. Jubilee and Bella were using fighting sticks.

“Half my class can’t even muster a simple chin up. Yet yah have them sparing?”

Peter grins.

“They’re a rowdy bunch.”


Peter nods.

“That one in particular.”

He points to Bella with a grin.

“I like her though. She sure put Gambit in his place.

Logan grins.


“I claimed to see nothing of course.” Peter says with a wink.

“They’re all yours. Good luck!”

“Thanks…” Logan half grumbles.

He was beginning to realize that Bella was a bit of a trouble maker. He thinks back to the bar last night and the cafeteria at supper the other day. Of course, when Logan truly thought on it. It was trouble that seemed to find Bella. Only she knew how to take care of trouble.

Logan snuck up behind Bella as she had Jubilee in a pin against the wall with the fighting stick. He gripped her around the waist and rolled her on to the blue mat in the middle of the room. He winked upon her as she came to her feet. She smiled shaking her head. The class dropped what they were doing as Logan came right for her. She used the stick to quickly block his moves. He didn’t give his full strength, but wanted to see just how well she reacted when caught off-guard. He continued to swing until the stick broke against his wrists. Her eyes widened and she quickly threw the remains down. He took a step towards her and she fell back. She gritted her teeth as she landed, but quickly brought up her knees. He was impressed as he came down to pin her back. She flung out her legs blocking him from doing so. She then tucked and rolled away from him. She quickly made her way off the blue mat. She then yanked it out from under him as he came for her again.

“Oops…” She said with a shrug and begins to walk away as he landed on his ass.

The entire class looked on in amazement as the two went about. Logan quickly grabbed her again and pinned her down to the ground.

“Now whattaya gonna do smart ass?”

“What wouldn’t I do?” She whispers so only he can hear.

“Hmm…” Logan closed his eyes for a moment feeling an erection coming on.

He quickly hops off her and helps her to her feet. He was afraid he’d dry hump her in front everyone. He was beginning to truly see what he was in for. Bella was a handful. Yet, he found himself strangely enthralled by the mere idea.

“All right yah hit the showers. Next week things are gonna be taken a step further. And for those that can’t even do a pull up you’ll be staying after school everyday until you get it down!”

Bella cut him a bitter look. That’s right lil darlin’ especially yah! He thought. Every other girl in his class groaned out miserably.

“I suggest yah start working on it.”

Bella looked upon him as if to tell him to go to hell. He fought the urge to laugh. She wasn’t too thrilled with Logan at the moment. Price of being the teach… but it was about to get much worse for her. She was going to be awfully sore this weekend. Bella starts to hit the shower with the other girls.

“Ah, nah yah don’t remember you and I got a date. I suggest you pull that hair back and meet me outside.”

A look of alarm came about her. He nods and heads on out. She takes in a breath and pulls back her hair. Bella timidly makes her way over. One of the few times she rather feels shy around Logan. He could be a very intimidating man; even if you’re in a relationship with him. When he gets that serious tone to his voice you know he means business. That’s what startled her at first. His voice seemed more demanding and deeper than usual. She wondered to herself as she approached him if this was Wolverine now. The one he’d warned her about. So her boyfriend had a split personality what was new right? She thought with a dark sense of humor as she stood before him. He tossed aside his leather jacket. Logan then took off his belt. Which would be incredibly sexy at the moment if she wasn’t damn near pissing herself as to what was to come.

She took in a breath and swallowed back nervously.

“Alright first things first. You gotta get that upper strength. Your abilities wont’ do yah a damn bit of good if yah can’t even hold up your own weight. So yer gonna drop down and hold yourself in a push up position. I want yer ass kept tucked in, feet firmly in place, and hands flat on the ground.”

Bella nodded and dropped down. Logan walked a complete circle around her. He then crouched down and begin to fix her stance.

“Just like that. Remember how that feels and every time I tell yah to drop down you get in that flanking position and yah hold it until I say. If you drop before I tell yah; you owe me pushups. For each push up you do incorrectly you will start over.”

Shit its freaking war days Wolverine! She thought whilst doing her best to keep herself up. Her arms began to tremble.

“Lock those arms Bella.”

She gritted her teeth trying to keep her body up. Her arms gave out.

“Twenty pushups then back to the position. You will start all over again.”

He stopped her at the 6th pushup.

“Getting sloppy, start over.”

She cursed him under his breath. He cocked a brow as he heard. This just came with the territory though. Something they both would have to work around. He shook his head as she wasn’t coming down enough. He crouched down beside her.

“Hold on now.”

He braced his hands around her back then waist as he fixed her posture.

“Yah feel that?”

She nods.

“That’s where I want yah. Yer only going to do yer back in the way you’re going at it.”

She finally finishes her pushups. She holds her position in her last one. Yet again her arms begin to cave. She falls back down.

“Give me another set and keep yer posture right.”


And here it comes. He knew it would.

“How many times do I have to do this?”

“Until yah can hold yerself up!”

“I can’t it hurts!”

“And that’s just the beginning. We haven’t nowhere near touched the surface. You think this hurts? This is nothing. And I don’t wanna hear that you can’t. That’s bullshit. I’ve seen yah in action. If you can take beat the shit out of guy twice your size then you can hold up yer own damn body weight.”

Her entire body trembled as she held herself up now. Bella was now covered in sweat. It was so bad it soaked through her sweat suit. He had her do a couple more sets.

“Alright back up.”

He locked eyes with her.

“You will do that every day first thing understood?”

She nods; rubbing her arms sorely. He tosses her some sort of wrap.

“Wrap up yer knuckles make sure you do a good job. If not you’re gonna feel it and trust me you think yer sore now…”

Once she’s done he checks them over himself. Last thing he’d want is her breaking her hand.

He nods with approval.

“Alright now you wanted to hit someone right?”

Her eyes widen as he makes the gesture.

“You want me to hit you?!”

“Sure do.”


“How else you gonna learn. Besides you need to work on yer punching. You damn near broke yer hand last night.” He grabs her hand and folds it into a fist.

“Keep yer thumb here and fist firm and when yah punch…” He motions her fist up this chest.

“Just like that. Last thing ya want is to break yer damn hand or wrist punching someone. Yer punching sucks.”

Her jaw drops.

“What are you talking about I kicked that guy’s ass!”

“Yeah cause he was drunk and clearly a pussy.”

Logan knew what he was doing, but she didn’t. He wanted to rile her up. To get her pissed off so she’d give him her all. At the moment though she just thought; Wolverine was being a complete dick.

“Now hit me.”

She didn’t argue this time. Bella popped the shit out of him. In fact it was a good one and he knew it. He gritted his teeth at the impact as she hit across his sternum. He wasn’t about to let her know that. He’d heal and be fine.

“You call that a hit?!”

Her jaw drops.


He shakes his head.

“Just keep swinging until you can get it right!”

She cuts him another go to hell glance.

“What are ya scared?”

She growls out and sends several hits at his chest. However, the very last one she put the most oomph on. She popped him right in the gut. He couldn’t fake that one. He stumbled back a bit choked back.

“Ok good one.”

She grins, but says nothing.

“Ok now we’re gonna get that core burning.” He pats her tummy.

When you swing I want this constricted. You’re going to work your core and these arms at the same time. He shows her as he does it himself he shows her how his abs. He puts her hand to them so she can feel the difference.

“Yah feel that? That tightness right there is where I want yah when you’re swinging you’ll know if you’re doing it right. It’ll be painful as hell, but yah keep going.”

She gasps out as he rips off her sweat shirt.

“Yah need to be able to see what yer doing and so do I. Now look down.” He puts his own hand upon her bare tummy.


She tightens her core whilst fixing her black sports bra.

“Relax…” He says patting her tummy.

“Feel that?”

She nods. Logan swallows back trying to ignore the sexual tension that was hitting him. He was fucking hard as hell. Here she was covered in sweat and breathless like during sex. He forced it back knowing this wasn’t the time. He needed to buckle down and push that aside for now. Logan just wasn’t used to training someone he wanted to fuck at the same time. He puts her hand to his stomach then back to hers. He wanted to make certain she could feel the difference.

“Alright now…” He positions himself across one of the dummies.

“Pay attention…”

She nods and watches as he sends some criss cross jabs towards the dummy. She too was suffering. She’d never see Logan like this. Granted, she was sore all to hell. She found him intimidating yet fucking hot sexy as hell. He too was covered in sweat. His abs tightened with each blow he gave the dummy. She was tempted to reach out and run her hands along his biceps. She bit her lower lip in thought.

“Alright think you got it?”

She nods.

“Alright then.”

He stands before her and holds out his hands.

“Right.” He motions his left.

“Left.” He motions his right.

This was how he wanted her to swing so she’d get her core good and burning. Sure enough she felt it within the first few hits. She never realized how merely punching could impact her stomach muscles. But it was there and heavy. At one point she had to take a break as her tummy ached at the sensation. It felt as though her muscles were literally tearing apart. In a way they were. They were being rebuilt and would continue as time passed. Once they were done he had her drop down doing planks again. Her arms were so painful though she fell immediately. The urge to help her up and call it a day hit Logan hard. But he couldn’t do that not if he truly wanted her built for survival.

“Get back up.”

“Logan…” She half growled at him.


Bella brought herself back up. Her arms shook the entire time. Nevertheless, she kept herself up. He nodded in approval.

“Alright one lap and yer done.”


He nods and takes off running. She narrows her eyes catching her breath.

“Come on!” He calls out and she shakes her head, but catches up to him.

Once they’re done. He grabs his belt, shirt and jacket. Logan puts them back on. He kept in mind to bring himself actual working out clothes next time. He put a hand to the slope of her back as he led her back to their room. Logan got to the fridge and grabbed them both a bottle of water. Bella was taking the wrap off from her knuckles. She grimaced and looked upon Logan.

“What the hell are you made out of?”

He tiled his head seeing she was bleeding a bit. It’d have been ten times worse if she hadn’t wrapped herself. That’s why he was so stern about making sure she punched properly. People have been known to break their hands when punching Logan.

“Adamantium.” He says with a shrug.

He gathers a bowl of warm salt water.


He smirks.

“Yeah…” She jumps a bit as he pops out his claws.

She swallows down her water. She runs her fingers carefully along the adamantium claws.

“Throughout your body…” She says in thought.

He watches her peculiarly as she continues to look. She even runs her fingers along his knuckles where the flesh had ripped.

“Shit…” She whispers.

He chuckles a bit and he retracts.

“You really are different yah know that.”

“And Wolverine is a dick!” She taunts.

“I warned yah.”

“Hmm.” She finishes her water and she winces as she tosses it in the trash.

Logan sits across from her and he places her hands into the bowl of salt water. She grits her teeth at first as it stings. He clears his throat and starts to rub off the dried blood with his thumbs.

“Maybe a bit more padding next time?”

“You think?”

“Hmm… You did good yah know. First day and all.”

“Didn’t feel like it.”

“Trust me Bella darlin’ yah did.”

And there he was… Logan had returned. He gave her a wink and pecked her on the forehead.

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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