Chapter 5 Dating Logan’s Way

Chapter 5

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Date night… (same day after training session)

Logan finished his water and was toweling the sweat off his forehead. He leaned back in his recliner and shut his eyes for a moment. When he heard Bella enter the room again he cocked an eye open. Immediately, he came to attention and sat up in the chair. Bella looks to him oddly.

“What’s with you?”

He takes in a breath. She was wearing a form fitting black mini dress. His jaw drops as she bends over slipping on a black high heel shoe. The black of the dress was lace that stopped just at the slope of her back. Holy hell… He thought not taking his eyes off her. Logan couldn’t even move for a solid minute.

“Never seen yah in a dress before.” He tilts his head giving her the once, twice, thrice over…


He blinks a few times and rises from his chair. In a trance like state Logan heads to the shower. He takes another look back and Bella giggles as he runs into the bookcase.

“You alright there?”

‘Yep! Great!” He says with a bit of a shrilling pitch to his voice. He clears his throat and walks around the bookcase and heads on to the shower.

She grins and steps out of the room deciding to wait outside for Logan.

“Oh mon dieu ! Logan est un chanceux salaud!” Gambit mouths as she steps out.

Rogue smacks Bobby in the back of the head as he too was staring.

“Wow you clean up good sug!”

Bella blushes as they’re all chilling out against the building.

“Um thanks…”

Gambit gives her the nod. She shakes her head. Scott pulls up on his bike and he too gives Bella the once over. He sighs amongst himself and shakes his head. He was beginning to feel cursed when it came to women. Both women he found attraction to wanted nothing to do with him. He made his way over and stopped just before he made his way inside.

“You look really nice Bella.”

“Thank you Scott.”

He smiles and heads inside wishing he could kick himself.

Rogue, Kitty, and Jubilee pull Bella to the side away from the boys. She looks to them bewildered.

“We were just wondering…”

Rogue starts to say with a blush.


“Well we had a few questions.” Jubilee says with a giggle.

Bella grins on how they were acting.

“What’s with you guys?”

Kitty sighs.

“They want to know how big he is.’

Bella quickly covers her mouth to keep from dying in laughter and sheer disbelief. All she kept thinking was what Logan wouldn’t give to be hearing this conversation.

“Um… say what now?” She knew damn well what they meant, but she still couldn’t believe they were asking her this.

“Come on Bella it’s only fair.” Rogue says squeezing her black gloved hand around Bella’s.

Bella blushes and looks around. She sighs in thought.

“I’m sure he could put any guy here to shame.” She whispers feeling rather wrong about this.

“I knew it!”

Bella’s eyes widen and she softly hits Jubilee on the arm.

‘Jesus guys keep it down. I’d die if he walked out and heard this.”

“We hate you!”

Kitty laughs at Rogue’s comment.

“Um ok…”

“Do you know how many girls; hell even teachers would die at a shot with Logan?”

“Um… no… but then I’m new and all. I wouldn’t doubt your word though. Besides, aren’t you dating Bobby?” Bella looks over to the boys.

“He’s cute…” She says with a shrug.

Rogue looks over.


“How old are you anyhow?”

“Rogue!” Kitty scolds.

“What I’m just curious. I didn’t mean it rudely as it sounded. I’m really not a rude person I just..”

Bella smiles.

“I’m 16.”


Bella grabs her gut in laughter.

“Come on do I really look 16? I mean how old are ya’ll?”

“The three of us are 17.”

Bella nods.

“That’s about what I figured. I’m 19.

Rogue starts to count on her fingers as though she’s doing the math.

“Please don’t do that…” Bella says with a wince.

“Oh sorry…”

“It’s cool. But seriously, you all need to realize that age to Logan is something different. No on here seems to be taking in the factor of what sort of life he’s lived. Logan and I don’t concern ourselves with the issue. We really wish others wouldn’t as well. Just put yourself in Logan’s place. If anything I’m sure he just wants to live for the moment while he can. Everything else passes right by him. Logan doesn’t think like most men do. Age isn’t what defines our relationship. There is more to our relationship.”

“Such as?” Gambit sneaks behind them and Bella jumps.

“Ugh seriously!”

“I am being serious ma belle . So what defines your relationship?”

Bella winks at the girls. She knew Gambit couldn’t see the wink. Logan however, steps out just in time. Bella twirls around and puts her hand to Gambit’s chest.

“Sex… Remy … we have lots of sex. I’m talking hours on end mind numbing sex!” She pats him on the chest.

The girls die in laughter and Logan raises his brows at this. He clears his throat and Bella turns. Her entire face gets a nice red hue to it. She shuts her eyes for a moment.

“Great…” She pinches the bridge of her nose and clears her throat.

Logan grins shaking his head.

Bella nods, but quickly turns back to Gambit.

“I’m so going to kill you.” She harshly whispers.

“You already have ma belle… Have a good time.”

She looks to Gambit oddly realizing he wasn’t being sarcastic. He took her hand and kissed it before walking away. Logan shook his head on this. Logan reaches for her hand. Rogue however, yanks her back.

“I want to know everything!” She whispers in Bella’s ear.

Bella softly laughs.

“I’m sure you do my pervy friend.”

Rogue’s eyes widen. As Logan and Bobby cut her and Bella a glance on this. Rogue blushes and covers her face.

“You’re too funny.” Bella says and take’s Logan’s hand.

The student’s look on as Logan opens the truck door for Bella. They watch as they drive away.

“That’s gotta be the craziest thing… I’ve ever seen.” Bobby says.

“Yep…” Rogue says as Bobby wraps his arms around her.

He grins however and looks around. He then whispers…

“So are you really a perv?”


He chuckles.

“Someone’s looking hot.”

Logan had his hair tamer and slicked back to the side. He was wearing a pair of black blue jeans, black dress shirt, and his boots. A look she hadn’t quite seen before.

He shifts gears. He fights the urge to smirk. He clears his throat and turns at a light.

“So you and Remy seemed to have a nice little conversation back there.”

“Oh that’s nothing you should have heard what the girls were asking me.”

“And what would that be?”

She blushes in thought.

“You really don’t want to know.”

“That bad?”

“Or that good…” She says with a blushing smirk.

Logan pulls up to a roadhouse outside of town.

“I knew it!”


“That you were either like bar and grill or roadhouse kind of guy. You fit the bill.”

“Fraid so. Did you want to go somewhere else?”


He nods and gets out. He walks over and opens the door for her. Logan caught the hint of black panty line as she got out of the truck. He shook his head in thought. He never imagined when he first met Bella that she’d become his mate. He never knew that happened. Then again he was one of a kind as well. He’d nothing to compare to. He’d had sex with numerous women not that he’d ever mouth off about that to Bella. But never once did it turn out to be a situation like this. He now understood why he didn’t want Jean after all. Even he was completely baffled by the fact that he’d turned her down. He’d wanted Jean Grey in a bad way. Now all he could think about was Bella. Every decision he made now he thought of her first. He wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Logan led her inside. He let it be known he wanted a more private corner booth. The hostess nodded and led them to one. After they’re seated Bella looks around there was a small dance floor off to the side of the bar. A live band was playing some sort of honky tonk music; Bella wasn’t familiar with. In fact none of this was. She found it refreshing though. She couldn’t believe how different the two men were. For the first time ever she began to realize just how BORING Edward was. She never dreamed she’d ever think such a thing.

“I’ve a confession to make.”

“And what’s that?” He put his arm around her and breathes her in; kissing her shoulder.

“Well make that two.”

He laughs.

“Spill it.”

“I’ve never listened to country music and I’ve never been in roadhouse.”

“I figured…” He leans into her ear.

“When we first met you were virgin Bella darlin’ and we fixed that.”

Her jaw drops and she elbows him. He softly laughs.

“I’ll have you trained in all areas eventually.”

The waitress brings them their beers and they wait for their food. Bella leaned against him and he kissed the top of his head.

“So is this a local you visit often?”

“Since I joined the X-Men yes.” He narrows his eyes in thought.

“You wanna which one of them I met first?”




‘Yep… poor thang’s got some story.”

She listens to Logan’s story about how he met Rogue. How it led him to the mansion even about how he almost killed her.

“And you were asleep?”

He nods.

“Why do you think I freaked out on yah? That night at the hotel. That was my first thought.” He sighs shaking his head.

“I can only imagine how frightened you both were.”

“Yeah I really thought I did the kid in.” He looks to Bella in thought.

“How did yah know?”

“Know what?”

“To pin me down like that? I mean you weren’t screaming or nothing you just took over the situation. I’d never seen such a thing. Most women run Bella or scream in terror. You didn’t even look shaken up at all.”

She shrugs.

“You’re going to think it’s crazy.”

“Try me.”

She sighs not sure how he’d take it.

“I sensed it… I was asleep and sensed something was wrong. When I rolled over to check on you; you still asleep, but your claws were out. I pinned you down and you were shouting at someone in your dreams. You just kept saying no over and over.”

He gazes upon her in thought.



“Nah, I mean I think it’s the mating thing. I’ve been doing that with you lately. Like that night terror you had. Same thing… Something in me became startled I jumped awake and sure enough I look over and you’re falling off the bed.”

“That’s really weird.”

They both laugh.

“I bet you never imagined this… you know that night.”

He shakes his head and takes a pull of his beer.


“Any regrets?”

“Only one.”

“What’s that?”

“That I left yah. I knew then what I wanted. Still I walked away from it.”

Bella lowers her head in thought.

“I almost pulled the sappy sobbing girl crap with you.”

He chuckles.


“Yep.” She says shamefully finishing her beer.

“I almost did that please don’t leave me big ole crocodile tears to make you feel all shitty inside. I wish I was joking.”


Bella laughs blushing all over.

“Ugh, not my finest moment. I embarrassed myself just by having the thoughts.”

“I hadn’t a clue yah didn’t even show it. I thought it was just me.”


He shakes his head.

“I wish you would have.”

She looks to him peculiarly.

“You’re like the only guy I know that would say that.”

“Like I said I was already feeling something I just wasn’t sure what it was. If you had done that. There was no way I could have left yah.”

“Now I want to hit you!”

“Kind of want you to.”

The waitress sits down their food and Logan orders them another round of beer.

“So much for using each other…” She scoffs playfully.


Bella takes a bite of her food and Logan looks to her in thought.

“How long after I left did yah discover your abilities?”

“Within a few days… But I think I always knew to be honest. I’d been struggling with this for a couple years at least. Just never to this magnitude. I’d never been able to act on it. I could just feel it.”

He nods.

“So what finally set it off?”

She grimaces in memory.

“Edward pulled something pretty stupid.”

“Seems like nothing new there…”

“Yeah well he crossed a line. I snapped…”

Logan’s hands became fists at the table.

“He hurt you didn’t he?!”

“Logan…” She looked around as he had raised his voice a bit.

Logan shakes his head and cups her chin.

“Just tell me what he did.” He says more calmly.

“He slapped me.”

Logan growled under his breath.

“I should have ended the little shit in the parking lot.”

“Logan… just let it go. He’s already managed to screw up parts of my life; I’ll never get back. Just don’t let him ruin our date ok.”

Logan closes his eyes for a moment. He wanted to head over to Washington and literally take Edward apart. Logan takes in a breath and downs his second beer. He does his best to cool down. He gives her a nod and kisses her cheek. He did this for her sake. Edward hadn’t a clue just what he was in for the next time Logan saw his face. He was on top of Logan’s shit list. It was bad enough he’d betrayed her, was damn near stalking her, and now Logan finds out the little son of a bitch HIT HER! He was DEAD! It took everything within Logan to stay seated.

“How was the food?”

“Really good actually.” She admits.

The music slows down a bit.

“Wanna dance?”

Her eyes widen.


He laughs at her reaction.

“I don’t dance.”

“Hmm. Let’s go Bella.”

“Logan seriously, I don’t dance like EVER.”

“Sure yah do.”

She slumps back in the seat.


He drags her on to the dance floor. Bella gives him that deer caught in headlights look. He dies in laughter.

“Shut up!”

“Ah, lil darlin’ yah truly are something else. Yah can bar fight, even be trained by the Wolverine, but yer shakin in yer boots on the mere thought of dancing.”

He wraps his arms around her.


He twirls her around and brings her back towards him.

“You don’t strike me as a man that dances.”

“It depends… You’re an exception. In fact a lot of things about you are.”

She feels her face redden a bit on this. Bella leans against his chest. That heavy butterfly feeling coursed through her. Of course damn near everytime she was around him she felt it. Yet that silly urge to cry also hit. She wasn’t even sure why. She wasn’t upset by no means. If anything she felt more celebratory. Like finally, her life was beginning to make more sense. Logan… just brought out something within her. She felt more at ease, freer, hell and more alive than she ever had before. She swallows it back and wraps her arms around him.

After a couple more dances he pays and leads her out of the bar. Logan gets her inside the truck. He drives them out to the lake. She grins as he parks the truck.

“Make out point?”

He nods and runs his hand along the stirring wheel.

“Have yah told yer old man about us yet?”

“You drove me out here to talk about my dad?”

He sighs. Bella takes in a breath seeing the seriousness in his face.

“No Logan.”

“Are you gonna?”

She nods.

“I gotta admit that’s the one thing that I’m most concerned about. Yer old man’s acceptance. I’ve a feeling he ain’t gonna like me. Can’t say I’d blame him either. If some asshole like me came along trying to steal my daughter…”

“Stop that!”


“Jesus Logan you’re not an asshole.”

“That’s not how yer old man’s gonna see it Bella darlin’. I know exactly what he’s going to think; even what he might say. I can’t even get mad at him if he does because, I know exactly what this looks like.”

“But it’s not and we both know that.”

“That won’t matter the day we have to come clean Bella. He’ll take one look at me and wanna put a gun to my head.”

“So what are you saying Logan?”

Logan sighs.

“I’m saying I think we need to go ahead and get past that fork in the road. It’s a bumpy ride as it is. I’d rather get it over with. What about your mother? What’s she like?”

Bella rolls her eyes.

“I wouldn’t know… at least not anymore.”

“Whattaya mean?”

“She just doesn’t have much to do with me. She hasn’t since I moved in with Charlie. She became fixated in her “new” life. I could give a fuck what she thinks.”

Logan sighs.

“Yeah some parents are complete…”

Bella suddenly looks upon him in a way that alarms him a bit.


He narrows his eyes.

“Were you ever…”

“Ever what?”

“I mean… what about your family? I mean… did you ever have children?”

“Never really stuck around long enough for that darlin’. And you already know about my wife… Don’t have anyone else not worth mentioning anyhow.” He hints. He really didn’t want to go into detail about his psychotic brother.

Bella takes his hand seeing the agony in his face.

“What was she like?”

He looks to her oddly.

“Bella… we don’t have to talk about that yah know. I can’t even imagine what this is like for you.”

“Me?” She says softly.

“You’re the one that’s had to live through all this Logan.”

He sighs.

“Logan your past doesn’t offend me. I know there’s history with other women. I’d be a fool and rather selfish to act as if I’m the only woman there ever was.”

“Just hardly seems fair to yah Bella darlin’.”

She shakes her head and crawls into his lap.

“It’s your past that’s made you who you are now. I know in order for you to settle down with any woman she must’ve been something.”

He nods.

“She was. She was beautiful, clever, had a big heart, and part of me died along with her.”

Bella leans her forehead against his.

“That’s what frightens me the most.”

She looks to him in wonder.

“Please don’t take offense, but you’re a lot alike. It makes me fear losing yah just the same.”

“Why would I take offense?”

“Some women might not like to hear that. It’s one of the things that attracted me to yah though.”

Bella smiles. Logan shakes his head in full disbelief.

“You lil darlin’ are something else. Most women slap the crap out of a guy for saying that kind of shit.”

“You’d just heal anyway. I’d end up hurting my hand instead…” She taunts.

He smirks a bit, but it fades again.

“Back to the old man though… We need to get that squared away.”

“I’ll get it set up.”

He half laughs and lifts his head.

“You’re making the Wolverine a bit too tame for his own good.”

“Um no that’s Logan. Trust me baby Wolverine’s still an ass.” She taunts.



“Whattaya think?” He grips her hips and moves her about him.

He kisses her and entwines his fingers in her hair. Logan promptly lays her down. He raised her dress and grinned. He ran his hand along the lacy black thong. He leans down and breathes her in. Logan could already smell her arousal. He slid her thong off and tossed it into the backseat. He rubbed his hand against his erected self through his jeans.

Bella watched as he undid his pants. The moment he lowered his boxers he popped out with an erection from hell. He cut her this heated animal gaze. He gripped the seats of the truck firmly as he crawled over her. Bella let out this sexy screaming slash moan like sound that only drove his sex drive further. Logan learned something else in that truck. With no one around to hear them Bella let lose. The girl from the hotel was back full throttle. She belted out those vulgar words and moans without a care in the world. She was soaking the seats of his truck. It reeked of sex. The windows began to fog over. Both of them were covered in sweat.

He gritted his teeth as she clawed at his back.

“God, Logan baby you feel so good.” She says as she’s coming against him

His cock throbbed even more so at her words. He ached for release. Logan let out a growling moan as he quickly pulled out. He wanted her to see just how riled up she got him. He looks to her and fires across her tits. Her eyes widen as he keeps stroking himself in a finish. Once he’s done Logan sucks back a breath and leans back against the seat. His eyes are closes as he’s catching his breath.

“Holy fuck…” He hears Bella whisper.

He cocks an eye open her direction and sees her running her fingers along the contents on her breasts. She blushes a bit as she catches him watching her.

“That was pretty hot actually.” She says with a shrug.

He grins and reaches over pulling her into his lap.

“It’s gonna get all over you.” She remarks.

“Don’t care.”

He kisses her lips once more. He then moves her hair away from her face. Logan pulls her into his chest and he leans back in the seat. Neither realize they’d both fallen asleep until the sun rising is what stirs them awake. Logan’s first to wake he gently runs his hands along her back as she’s laying against his chest. She whimpers out a bit.

“Yah gotta wake up darlin’.”

She leans back not knowing her surroundings. Bella yelps as she leans back against the horn and it sounds. Logan laughs.

“It’s not funny!” She says hitting him on the chest, but she too was giggling.

They both look around as Logan helps her fix her dress.

“Think we better head back.” He says with a yawn.

Bella crawls out of his lap.



“I really gotta pee.”

“Nature’s all around us.”

“Um I’ll wait.”

“What yah can’t go in the wild?”

“It’s not that.”

“Then what is it.”

“I don’t want you to.. well you know.”

“Know what?” He says starting the truck.

“To hear and smell it.” She says in a hinting matter with a wrinkled nose.

He cracks up shaking his head.

“Well it’s a little too late for that. I’ve heard yah take a leak plenty.”

“Ugh Logan!”

He continues to grin and turns on the radio.

“Just try not to mark my truck. Yer sex is fine, but I draw the line at urine darlin’.”

“Oh well I’ll be sure to keep that in mind. You know if I ever wanna pee in your truck!”

“Smart ass.” He grumbles.

“Love you too.” She says pecking him on the cheek.

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