Chapter 6 Bella’s Territory

Chapter 6

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Logan’s heading down the hallway; when Bella reaches out and grabs ahold of his collar. She shoves him up against the wall of a nearby classroom. She starts kissing him and he hikes up her leg.

“Damn…” He utters once he finally gets a chance to talk.

Which is isn’t long. She grins and opens one of the doors. She drags him by the collar of his shirt. Bella shoves him into a chair at the desk. She straddles him and rips his shirt open. He lets out a growl and eagerly kisses her.

“Fuck…” He moaned she began rocking against him.

Suddenly, his eyes widen. Logan quickly stops her hips from gyrating. She looks to him confused. He sighs and gently cups her chin turning her towards the other chairs. A yelp escapes her lips. She quickly turns to face him covering her mouth. He sighs as Kitty, Jubilee, and Rogue was all sitting there watching them. Their expressions priceless. Bella buried her face into Logan’s shoulder. She could feel him chuckling.

“Shut up!” She muttered and hit him across the chest.

“Aw…” Rogue says with a beam.

“Why’d you stop?” Kitty questions with disappointment.

“This is fun. This is a fun place!” Jubilee says happily.

Logan’s dying and Bella’s continuing to hide her face against his chest.

“I’m serious the moment she got off the jet. She upchucked all over his boots. Bella didn’t even say a word. She merely patted him on the chest and gave Scott a thumbs up.”

Logan’s laughing so hard he’s wiping tears from his eyes.

“Poor Scott.” Kitty says with laughter.

“What I wouldn’t give to have seen that.” Remy commented as he was kicked back against the wall.

“You should have seen the look on Scott’s face.”

“I can only imagine. To think he still asked her out even after that. Must’ve left quite an impression.”

“Yeah all over his boots.” Bobby says with a wrinkled nose.

“Bobby…” His eyes widen as they turn and see Bella leaning against the corner.

“You horses ass! I can’t believe you told him that.”

Bobby jumps up and takes off running outside. She grits her teeth and takes off after him.

Rogue starts laughing.

“I think my man’s about to get beat up by a girl.”

“I think yer right.” Logan says looking out the window as Bella’s chasing after him.

He screams out as she fires a small orb his way.

“SHIT!” He turns back and tosses a snowball at her.

Logan grins shaking his head.

“Aren’t you going to stop them?” Kurt questions watching as well.

“Nah, they’re just playing.” Logan says with a shrug.

However, they both wince as Bella leaps over and pins Bobby down. She punches him in the arm.

“Oww.” Logan and Kurt chorus.

She hops off him and points her finger furiously at him.

“Can you read lips?” Kurt questioned.

“Not really… ” He grins though, hearing all she was saying with a very foul mouth.

Bobby comes back in rubbing his arm.

He looks back to make sure she’s not around.

“Totally worth it…”
He says with a flinch.

Bella grits her teeth as the sweat was burning her eyes.

“Fix that posture!”

He uses foot to spread her legs further apart. He crouches down facing her.

“All the way down. Yer barely even doing a push up.”

“I’m sore you ass!”

He shakes his head.

“Twenty more!”


“Yah heard me cupcake; even yah gotta have some respect; now let’s go.”

She growls out under her breath. Her arms were shaking something fierce.

“Now hop up.”

He holds out his hands and she starts her punches.

“Harder! I can barely feel it!”

He shakes his head.


She stops and bows over trying to catch her breath. He grabs one of her hands and balls it up.

He pats his hand against it.

“Why yah not hitting as hard today?”

She winces as he stretches her hand back out.

“Fuck… why didn’t yah tell me darlin’?”

“I’m fine.”
“No yer not.”

He quickly unwraps her hand.

“I’m beatin the hell out of your knuckles.”

He shakes his head.

“I’m ok.” She yanks her hand back.

“Let’s call it a night. I’ll get yah some actual gloves.”

“I can keep going!”

He cups her chin.

“I know yah can, but yer calling a night now.”

She sighs and he wraps his arm around her as they head back inside.

“Why don’t yah run you a bath? I’ll get the first aid kit and fix yah up afterword.”

She nods and heads on into the bathroom.

Logan was furious with himself for letting her knuckles get beat all to hell. Even more so that he kept pushing her only fucking them up more. She wouldn’t heal like he could. She’d have to go about it naturally.

“Yah ass…” He says scolding himself as he prepares the kit.

Logan looks up hearing a knock at the door. He opens the door to see Jean.

“Can we talk?”

He looks back towards the shower where Bella was. Logan shook his head, but stepped outside pulling the door too.

“Look I just came by to apologize.”
“For?” He questioned curiously.

“Everything Logan.” She sighs and paces the area around him.

“I just didn’t expect…”

“Didn’t expect what now Jean?”

She looks to the ground as if in shame.

“I never dreamed you’d turn me down. I mean I finally had the urge to take that step. So you disappear. I break up with Scott in hopes of you returning and that maybe we could build something. What I’m saying is I felt wrong being with Scott; because, I was in love with you.”

Logan pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Yah what?”

She nods.

“And why didn’t yah say anything then?”

Tears stream down her face and Logan sighs.

“Look Jean I’m sorry. I suppose I’m just as much to blame in all this. I rather led you on as well. I just didn’t expect…” He looks back towards his room in thought.


He takes in an uncomfortable breath.

“I’m sorry Jean. I never meant to lead you on or hurt you. I can see now how this is just as much my fault. I just never assumed you’d want me to be honest. Sure we flirted off and on, but you were with Scott. As much hell as I love to give the guy. Even I know he’s a good man Jean. He treats yah right and he loves you. Anyone can see that.”

She cries harder now.


Logan’s one weakness, he hated making women cry no matter the situation. He had too much respect to be making women cry. He also didn’t think he was anything worth crying about. He’d always love and care for Jean. But he wasn’t in love with her not anymore. He’d made his choice he was sticking with it. Jean nods and wipes her eyes. She runs her hands along his chest.

“I don’t know what to tell yah. I…”

Jean quickly presses Logan up against the wall.

“Kiss me Logan…”

Bella and Scott enter the hallway just in time to see the event taking place. Bella’s heart comes to a stop. Scott had flinched like he got slapped. That wasn’t the worst part. Logan was kissing Jean in return. Bella gritted her teeth with complete fury. She reached over and yanked Jean away from Logan’s clutch. She dragged her down the hallway by the roots of her hair.

“Bella!” Scott rushes over.

Bella sends out a wave knocking Scott on his ass. Jean looked to Bella in full on disbelief.

“How are you blocking me?!” Jean shouts.

Bella’s eyes stay locked on to her. It was taking everything within Bella to push Jean out. Her head felt like a tidal wave was crashing through it. Scott rushes over to Logan.

“Hey! You better snap out of it before Bella kills you and Jean!”

“What?” Logan says with misperception.

“Wait… you don’t even realize what happened do you?!”

Logan clears his throat looking around.

“Shit… why would Jean pull something like that?!”

“What the hell’s going on?”

“You and Jean were kissing! Not just any kissing Logan you were making out! Bella and I both saw it!”


“Yeah the girls are about to kill one another!”

Jean continues to try and attack Bella. Bella keeps her focus and eyes on Jean. Bella sends out her spiraling back throughout the hall.

“You can’t overpower me!” Jean yells.

Bella says nothing she keeps walking towards Jean. She picks her up by the collar.

“I’m a shield you BITCH of course I can block you. Logan is MINE! Keep your fucking hands off!”

“Bella…” Logan says as he slowly approaches.

She snarls back at him.

“Don’t you even get me started on you!”

Scott sighs.

“It wasn’t his fault Bella.” Scott says he couldn’t believe he was defending Logan.

“Don’t you even defend him! He knew damn well what he was doing! Healing factor or he’s a dead man!”
“Tell her Jean!” Scott yells.

“Tell her the truth! Why are you doing this?!”

“I’m not playing these childish games. You all want this fucking love triangle bullshit then fine! You can both go back to fighting over Ginger.” Bella sends Jean flying back into Logan’s arms.

“I’m done with this shit. I’ve been there done that! I don’t play games. That’s what got me into that whole mess before. You want her so fucking bad take her! The hell with you!”

Logan and Scott start towards Bella. She shakes her head. And sends them both flying back

“Her nose…” Scott says looking to Logan.

Logan narrows his eyes and turns back to Jean. Bella’s head is swaying back and forth a bit as she comes to her knees.


“JEAN!” Scott grabs her by the shoulders.

“Think about what you’re doing! This isn’t you! You could kill Bella!”
The pain is finally lifted. Bella weakly comes to her feet. Logan comes towards her again.

“No! Don’t you even fucking touch…” Her eyes close and her entire body becomes snowy looking.

“NO!” Logan rushes over and picks her up.

He makes certain she’s breathing and has a steady pulse.

“What the fuck did you do Jean?!” He grits his teeth.

Logan hands Bella over to Scott.
“I thought you were my friend! Who the fuck does this?!” He grabs Jean by the collar.

“I CAN’T STAND TO EVEN LOOK AT YAH! YAH GOTTA BE THE MOST COLD HEARTED BITCH I EVER LAY EYES ON! DO YAH EVEN KNOW WHAT YAH’VE DONE! DO YAH!” His claws pop out and she flinches as he sends them through the wall beside her.


“Take her to Hank get her set up. She can’t even stand to look at me now. Not that I can blame her. If she dies or she don’t want me no more I’m done. The hell with yah! All of yah!”

Logan makes his way over as Scott props Bella up better. Logan kisses her forehead. He was having a complete and utter meltdown on the inside.

“I’ll be by to check on her in a bit.”

Scott nods and heads over to Hank’s.
“Logan…” Jean says in a pleading matter.

He doesn’t even give her a second glance he heads straight to his room. Logan slams the door and he trembles all over. He grits his teeth as his claws come out. He starts to destroy everything in his path. He then makes his way to the cabinet and takes out a bottle of whiskey. Logan unscrews the top and throws it on the floor. He downs the bottle down to the label. He thought he was kissing Bella! Jean was using her ability to fuck with his life! To run Bella off. On the way out he picks up his desk and sends it flying across the room.

He peers in through the window of the medical ward. He took in a breath of relief seeing Hank had her stabile now. Scott was holding her hand. He half laughs. This was killing him. He wanted to be the one in there. Logan wanted to be the one looking out for her and holding her. He knew if he went in there at the moment. He’d only make her worse. He’d probably just end up doing her in through stress alone. He knew Bella didn’t want to see his fucking face.

“Maybe it should have been Scott after all lil darlin’.”

He turns back as Storm has a hand upon his shoulder.

“What’s wrong hun?”

He just shakes his head with his arms folded about his chest. He nods towards the window.

“Nothing new… not in the life of Logan. I just keep hurting everyone around me.”
“Why aren’t you in there with her?”

“That girl fucking hates my guts now.”

“I don’t think that’s possible.”

“I didn’t think so either, but it is. Yah should have seen the way Bella looked at me. Like I’d ripped her heart out and ate it. I can’t go in there and see that look on her face again. I just can’t. She’s better off!”
“Logan…” Storm starts to say.

He shakes head and takes off. Storm hears the revving of his bike and squealing of wheels.

“What have you done Jean?” Storm whispers looking through the window at Bella.

He looks up tiredly. He was still holding Bella’s hand. Hank had her set up with some IV’s and some morphine for the pain. Scott rolls his eyes to the sound of her voice.

“What are you doing in here?”

“I just came to check on her.”


“Relax Scott I’m just doing my job.”
“I mean it Jean you come near this girl and I will personally escort you right back out!”

She sighs and starts to check on Bella’s IV. Scott grabs her hand roughly.

“What did I tell you?!”

“Scott you’re hurting me!”

“That’s nothing compared to what you just did to Logan. If you love him Jean. Then why’d you go and do something like that. If that’s how you love; then I must say. I don’t envy Logan in the least bit. You want to hurt Bella. By doing that however, you just destroyed Logan. I never knew of anyone that could take down Wolverine. Who knew it’d be Phoenix? There’s the door. Don’t let it hit you on the way out.”

Hank looks up from his station.

“It would be wise to follow his advice my dear. You’ve caused enough trouble. I’ve got this under control. She’s in good hands now.”
They both watch as Jean steps out of the area. Scott pinches the bridge of his nose. He hadn’t a clue what to make of anything anymore. This was so far out of Jean’s realm. He felt as though he were dealing with a complete stranger.

“Is that Bella?!” Rogue questions Gambit as they walk past.

They both halt.

“What the hell?” Gambit welcomes himself inside and flashes over.

“What happened?!’

“Long story.” Gambit and Rogue look around.

“Where’s Logan?”

“Good question. He said he’d be here. Haven’t seen his face.”

Rogue and Gambit look to one another confused. The other students come in not long after asking the same questions over and over. Scott wasn’t sure what to tell them. Rogue, Gambit and Jubilee took turns watching over her. Scott however, never left the room. He grew angrier and angrier with Logan as time progressed. Everyone even Xavier had shown his face. Still Logan was nowhere to be found.

Gambit’s caressing her forehead at one point. He took looks to the time and the door.

“Where the fuck is he?” Gambit questions.

“My thoughts exactly.”

“She’s sure to wake up soon…” Gambit hints in thought.

Scott sighs.

“I know…”

Storm does her best to encourage Scott she can take over. So he can at least get some shut eye.

He doesn’t leave.

“It’s not your fault you know.” Storm mentions.

He shakes his head.

“That’s what this is; isn’t it? You feel somehow responsible…”

“Did I not love her enough? Did I not give her all she needed? I’ve been wracking my brain just trying to figure out what exactly went wrong.”
Storm takes his hand.

“You did nothing wrong Scott. These things just happen.”

“I feel like I’m failing her all over again.”
“Why’s that?”

“Cause I think I’m done with her. After what I just witnessed. I’m not even sure I can get back those feelings. I never thought it possible Ororo. But when it comes to Jean I’m numb. I mean how does that happen? How can you be madly in love with someone one moment and…”

She squeezes his hand as he pinches the bridge of his nose.

“And where the fuck is LOGAN? Bella’s sure to wake soon!”

Storm sighs.

“He took off not long ago.”

“He thinks he’d only put Bella in more danger health wise. That she’ll relapse if she sees him.”

“She could relapse if he’s not here! Dammit Logan.”

“He was pretty shaken up Scott. Honestly, I don’t think any of us know how to deal with this situation. Not when it’s one of our own. Jean was wrong. It’s not Bella that poses a threat to this school and the student’s wellbeing. It’s Jean herself that poses the threat. I think even Xavier’s seeing that now. We got to put ourselves in Logan’s position now. Think of how we’d handle losing one of our best friends, and a lover all in one day. He honestly, believes it’s over between him and Bella now Scott. That’s why he didn’t show his face. He doesn’t feel worthy of her.”

“I’ll set her straight. Even I know Logan wouldn’t pull something like this. He might be a lot of things. But he wouldn’t be unfaithful. Bella’s not aware of everything Jean’s capable of when it comes to her gift. I know she must’ve planted something into Logan’s mind. She wanted to hurt Bella by setting him up. Jean just never realized the truth behind it all. She’s hurting him more than she is Bella.”


They both turn to a very confused looking Bella. She rubbed at her temples and looked around. The fluorescent lights were hurting her eyes. Storm took notice and deemed them. They both look to her not sure what to say.

Bella blinks a few times as the memory comes back to play. That painful mien hits and she shoots up in the bed.

Scott takes her hand again.

“We need to talk…”

Storm pulls up a seat as well and they start to explain everything best that they can.

Logan slams down his empty glass. The bartender sighs with irritation and fills it up again to the brim as requested. Logan looks to the shot then to the bottle in the man’s hand. Logan throws down a fifty.

“Give me the damn bottle. I’ll pour my own shots!”

“I can’t do that it’s…”

Logan cuts the man a look of death. The bartender nervously swallows back. He hands the bottle over. Logan lights his cigar.

“Thanks…” He says curtly.

Bella closes her eyes for a moment taking it all in.

“So where is he?!” She says bitterly.

“He took off a few hours ago.”

Bella nods.

“Of course he did.”

Bella rips the IV out from her arm.

“HEY!” Scott forces her back down.

She knocks his hand away from her. She yanks his keys out from his pocket. She rolls off the bed. Storm and Scott look to one another bewildered.

“You really should lay back down Ms. Swan.” Hank says making his way over.

Bella shakes her head and wraps some gauze around the IV area as it gushed with blood. She ripped some tape off with her teeth. Bella sprints towards the door.

“You’re in no shape to go anywhere!” Scott snaps.

She nods, but doesn’t look back.

Scott hears his bike coming to life and he looks to Storm.

“Why do they always steal my bike?”

She smiles and merely shrugs.

Logan polishes off his 6th beer. The bartender sighs and grabs the empty bottle.

“I really think you’ve had enough sir.”

“Less talking more serving. Get me another one.

“I can’t do that.”
“The hell yah can’t.”

“Honestly, how are you even still standing?!” The bartender questions as Logan was damn near done with his bottle of whiskey as well.
“Call it a high tolerance bub now are yah gonna get me that beer or not?”

“Put it on my tab…”

Logan freezes at the familiar voice. Part of him was afraid to even look over. He shut his eyes for a moment. Her scent damn near knocked him for a loop. The bartender looks to her oddly.

“I don’t believe you have a tab.”

Bella tosses the man a five dollar bill. She grabs the beer from his hand and slams it down in front of Logan.


He takes in a breath.

“Unfuckingbelieveable!” She comes back to her feet.

She leans into his ear.

“Enjoy your beer.”

She storms out of the bar. Logan quickly comes to his feet and chases after her. She’s heading towards Scott’s bike.


She stops for a moment, but doesn’t look upon him.

“Look I know ok. I know it wasn’t your fault. But I’m in a real bitchy mood. Not just because, I can’t get the fucking image out of my head. But because, it wasn’t Scott I wanted to see when I woke. What happened between you and Jean you might’ve had no control over. But this right here… this was all on you. Everyone and I mean everyone was there, but the one person that mattered most. You think you ripped out my heart with the kiss. You haven’t a clue just how badly it hurt to wake up and you weren’t even there! It’s like you had already given up. Then to come find you drinking yourself to oblivion…” She shakes her head.

“It’s whatever Logan. I’m tired I’m going home and going to bed.”

She gets on the bike. Logan winces as he’s finally able to see her face. She was literally bawling. Bella starts the bike and peels out of the parking lot. Logan hops on his and follows her back.

After they get back Bella tosses Scott his keys.

“Did you find him?”

She nods, but heads directly to her and Logan’s room slamming the door. Logan enters the building directly after. Scott cuts him a disappointed look and walks away. Logan grumbles under his breath and heads on inside the room.

He walks in to see Bella taking in the mess he’d made. He shuts his eyes feeling like a dick all over again. She doesn’t even say anything. She simply nods and heads to the bathroom. Logan starts picking up best he can; shit was everywhere. Bella comes out before too long in her pj’s. She throws whatever’s on the bed onto the floor.

She then pulls the covers up over her head. Logan sits on the recliner and listens to her crying herself to sleep.

The next morning Bella gets up. She washes her knuckles off under the sink. She looks over to see Logan’s passed out in the recliner. She looked around the room realizing he’d been up all night cleaning. Bella shut her eyes for a moment as yesterday began to replay all over again. The image burned through her mind. The pain of him not being there when she woke. Hot tears ran down her face and anger coursed through her. She wanted to be mad not to fucking cry. She reached over and grabbed a glass so she could get some water. Bella dropped the glass and it shattered across the floor. Thus, striking her last nerve.

“Oh come the fuck on!”

Logan quickly jumped to his feet and looked back to see Bella breaking down.


He grabbed hold of her and propped her on the counter. She was barefoot and glass was everywhere. Logan quickly started pick up the glass.

“Storm told me your reasoning…” He freezes and puts the dustpan on the lid of the trashcan.

“Did you ever stop to think that it’d be the other way around?”

She sighs the tears won’t stop and it’s only adding to her frustration.

“I’m sorry darlin’. I don’t even know how to make amends or where to begin.”

She nods and wipes her eyes.

“I feel like such a bitch too.”
He narrows his eyes.

“I know the truth now, but I’m still pissed at you. It feels so wrong! All I keep thinking about is how I want to yell at you tell you what a fucking bastard you are. I want to pop you one even! But more than anything I want to FUCKING KILL JEAN! You wanna talk about territorial. She hasn’t any idea just what sort of hell she’s raised. You want to go on about how I’m yours!” Bella jabs her finger into his chest.

“Well you’re MINE LOGAN!”

He grits his teeth and shuts his eyes for a moment.

“Fuuuuucccccck…” He growls as if trying to shake something off.

She grabs him by the collar of his shirt and locking eyes with his.

“That’s right! You’re mine you hear me!”

He rips his jeans open and pulls her towards him. Logan rips the crotch area to her pajama shorts. He slams himself inside her. Bella roughly kisses him pulling at his hair.

“Fuck me Logan baby.” He fucks her even harder as she arches back.

He moans against her breasts as he sucks on them. Both of them going at it like feral beasts.

“I’m gonna come baby.”

“Fuck I wanna feel it. Fucking drown me in it darlin’.”

Bella gasps out and Logan looks down to see her spraying around his cock and it’s running down her legs.

“One more time then I’m gonna come too.” He growls with desperation feeling the buildup hitting him fast.

“Fuuuuuuck!” He utters breathlessly feeling her and he erupts directly after.

They obsessively start kissing. Logan rears back and moves strands of hair away from her face. He pecks her on the lips once more.

“There is and will never be anyone else. I mean that! I don’t care how long I live. After you that’s it for me!”

“Nah, I mean it. I can feel it! You’re all I’m gonna EVER fucking want. I’m sorry. I fucked up and I know I did. I shouldn’t have left. It should have been me in there. Not Scott or anyone else Bella darlin’, but me. I let my own fears get in the way. I just wasn’t sure how I’d take it if yah told me yah were done with me for good. I love you and I can’t even begin to make up for what all took place. All I can hope is that yah forgive me. I don’t deserve it though.”

She nods and wraps her arms around his neck. He takes in a deep breath. Logan’s emotions were getting to him hardcore. He wasn’t use to these kinds of feelings. It’d been many years since he’d even had an inkling of what he felt at the moment. He laid Bella on the bed. He lay beside her and pulled the covers over them. He’d already begun kissing her again. Before long they were already making love. They didn’t leave their room until Monday morning.

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  1. Jean is lucky it was Bella she messed with otherwise she would probably be gone.I don’t think she has it in her right now to kill someone but if Jean keeps pushing it the gloves will come off.

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