Chapter 7 The Leap

Chapter 7

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“There’s just something’s that would be easier to discuss in person dad.” She clears her throat her nerves getting the best of her.

“Also there’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

Charlie sighs as if he already knows.

“Let me guess you already got yourself a boyfriend?”

Bella softly laughs.

“Um yeah…”

“Jesus kid.”

“Dad please…”

“So what his name?”

“Logan Howlett.”

“And how do you spell that.”

“Dad! You’re not going to run a background check on him!”

“Hmm, well does he treat you right at least?”

“Yes he does.”

“How old is he?”

“Oh like just a couple centuries or so…”

“Funny Bells.”

“I thought so.”

“So what’s he look like.”
“Um well he’s about 6 ft tall, …

She doesn’t hear Logan enter the room as she starts her description. He was getting dressed after coming out of the shower.

“He’s got sleeved tattoos, a shaved head with a red star right on top, he’s beefy and a biker.”


“Are you serious?”

“Don’t you think I’d know what my own boyfriend looks like dad?”

Charlie sighs.

“Would it make you feel better if I said he was a total fem that had a fetish for anything pink?”


“Yes dad?”

She covers her mouth to keep from laughing.

“Is something wrong?”

“Hmm… How was that last name spelled again.”

“Dad I’m serious NO background checks give the guy a break! Look I’ll see you Saturday.”

“Ok Bells I’ll see ya then.”

“Oh and dad…”
“Yes Bells?”
“I think we’re having twins!”

“JESUS BELLS! Are you trying to kill me?!”

“What you’re not ready to be grandpa Charlie?”

“I swear to God kid.”

Bella laughs.

“Bye dad!”

He sighs.

“Love you kiddo.”

“Love you too.”

Bella hangs up the phone and Logan clears his throat.

“I don’t know who I feel worse for me or yer old man.”

Bella laughs.

“Just getting everything out there now.”

“So yah want him to hate me before I even get there?”

“Nope just want him to be thankful; it’s not near the description I gave.”

“Huh… rather clever when yah think about it.”

Logan looks around the room.

“So where we gonna put the twins?”

“They can sleep in Xavier’s office. He’s got more than enough room for a couple cribs.”

“Well you just got it all mapped out don’t yah lil darlin’.”

He grabs his clipboard.

“Yah ready?”

She nods and follows him out.

“Alright time to bump things up a bit.” Logan cuts Bella this apologetic glance.

She looks to him confused. Logan sighs.

“Remy make sure the doors are locked and all the blinds are closed.”

The students each look lost.

“Have a seat.”

Logan paces the area a bit as if in thought.

“Yah all need to know something. It seems we have a potential threat to the school. It could take a couple weeks to a month for this to take place. But it’s only right that yah know what we might be facing.”

Bella takes in a breath and looks to the floor. Logan hated doing this to her, but he felt the students had the right to know; what they might be facing. Besides, it wasn’t her doing nor her fault. It was that little shit Edward’s.

“Bella darlin’ come here.”

She lifts her head back up. He wiggles his finger in encouragement. Once she makes her way down Logan pecks her on the lips.

“We’re in this together ok.”

She nods nervously. Logan wraps his arms around her waist. Something he never does during class. He usually kept things pretty professional; expect for a few hidden smacks on the ass or something like that. Not today. He rests his head on her shoulder.

“First of all, I just want you all to know that none of this is personally Bella’s fault. Any of you that truly know me, know that I’m a man of my word. Bella never came to this school with any intentions of putting anyone in danger. In fact she hadn’t even a clue what was to come. In a way we still aren’t quite sure what is. Yah should know that Bella was betrayed and in one of the worst ways. This is someone that had claimed and still claims to love her. This is all an act of revenge because; she let it be known she was done with that life. That she’s moved on. Because of her decision, they’ve reported her to someone higher up that seeks her harm. Now when I say harm it could go two ways. Yah need to know first thing’s first. We’re dealing with none other than vampires. Vampires that Bella described to have abilities much like ours. Vampires alone are fast, ruthless, and blood thirsty sons of bitches. So that should give yah an idea of what’s to come.”

Bella sighs.

“I got it from here.”
Logan nods.

Bella starts describing everything she knows about the Volturi and their gifts. She even talks about the other Cullen’s just for her own peace of mind. She hadn’t a clue who the Cullen’s sided with or if the even took part in any of this. She goes into more depth about her and Edward’s relationship. Once she’s done she looks to each student in the room.

“There are no words to describe just how regretful I am about this. I’ve put each of you in danger and I cannot apologize enough.”

Logan shakes his head on this.

“This isn’t your fault Bella darlin’. We both know that. You tried to leave that life behind yah and he just won’t let yah.”

Gambit nods and half laughs.

“I say bring it. These kings sound like a bunch of whiny bitches anyhow.”

Bobby laughs.


“I can’t believe you dated a vampire!” Rogue remarks.

“He must’ve been like really hot.” Jubilee says with a shrug.

Logan rolls his eyes. Bella wrinkles her nose a bit.

“Eh…” She shrugs.

“I wish I could plead insanity or that I was a drunk. Fact of the matter though I was just an idiot girl with a crush. I assumed it was love because, that was my first experience with anything of the sort. I found myself caught up in what I deemed to be a fascinating life. The signs were all around me. I just never choose to pay attention.”

“Ah, I can’t think of a better honor.”

They all look to Gambit.

“Honor?” She questions.

“Fighting in your corner ma belle…”

Bella pinches the bridge of her nose for a moment.

“Is something wrong?” Logan questions with unease.

She looks back over to Gambit.

“He just reminds me of someone.”

Gambit looks to her curiously.

“And who might that be?”

“Just an old friend; If I can even call him that anymore. I no longer know who I can and can’t trust. I truly hope this one isn’t an enemy now if so we could be even more fucked. This guy was a major for the southern army once upon a time. He raised what he referred to as newborns aka first year vampires. Hell that’s what he was created for. His sole purpose was to kill.” She clears her throat. She was thinking of Jasper Whitlock. She truly wished she had a way of knowing what the other Cullen’s were doing and what their thoughts on all this were. In fact Jasper was a bit of Logan and Gambit combined. All three were southern boys same accents each had their own flares about them. She thought about what it’d be like to have them all together in one room. She laughed amongst herself. She could imagine either one of two things. They’d all become drinking buddies or they’d end up killing one another. She just hoped for the first option.

Nevertheless, Bella couldn’t lie though not even to herself. That’d be her one weakness. Facing the Cullen’s if they must. She was truly beginning to see just how big of a mess things had become. She felt ill in thought. She wasn’t sure how she’d handle it if she had to stand against one of them. Edward that was different. She was ready to take him on. There was no respect left there whatsoever. She wouldn’t shed a single tear over him. The moment he threated Logan’s life was the moment she truly stopped giving a damn. Her hands had balled up into fists in thought. She hadn’t’ realized she was pacing around either. Everyone was still looking upon her. Logan gently places a hand upon her shoulder.

Once she realizes what she’s doing. She turns back towards the others.


She takes in a breath.

“That’s about all I suppose. If I can think of anything else I’ll let you know.”

Bella quickly heads to the locker room. She felt as though she was about to lose her shit again. She never dreamed she’d be standing in front of a group of students; explaining why some of them may very well lose their lives. All because of how she had led hers. They were to pay the consequences. She truly did feel like the villain.

Bella turned on one of the sinks and began rubbing some water along her face and neck. She felt overheated. It still didn’t help she had to fight other personal issues. Bella knew it would take her sometime to get the image of Jean and Logan out of her head. It didn’t help that every time she stepped out of Logan’s room the memory hit like a slap in the face. That and she were still a bit hurt about how he handled things afterword.

The other thing that was messing with her was how to tell Charlie about Logan. That and the truth behind where she’s been and who she was. She sits on a bench in the locker room and dried off her face. She then held up a hand. The orb formed and she spun it around. She imagined the look on her father’s face. She closed her hand again and decided to go back out and join the others.

She and Logan locked eyes for a moment. He and Peter were talking. The boys were sparing and the girls were lined up working on their chin ups. He pointed Bella towards the chin up bar. She nodded with a grimace and made her way over. After Logan and Peter were done talking Peter went with the boys. Logan joined the girls.

“Ok now Marie drop down.”

Marie was just dangling on the bar not going anywhere anytime soon.

“Come here darlin’.”

He pats the bar with his hand. Bella cuts him a nervous look. He gives her a wink and steps aside. Bella takes in a breath and reaches to the bar. She firmly grasps it she curls her ankles the way he’d taught her. Then brought herself up. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she brought herself up with not even an issue. She did ten perfect chin ups. Logan had a smug smirk about his face and he nodded with approval. When she came down he popped her on the butt.

“Good job, now teach the others.”


“Yah heard me.” He said and walked off joining Peter and the boys.

“Logan!” She hissed.

He kept walking.

“Ass…” She uttered.

She looked back to the girls.

“You’re all going to hate me.”

The girls each look to her confused.

“Why would we hate you?” Jubilee questions.
Bella grins and shakes her head.

“Drop down and I’ll show you why…”

Logan interestedly looked over off and on. Even Peter watched how Bella was working with the girls.

“She’s not bad.”

Logan nods.

“Think we’ll get them prepared in time for what’s to come?”

“We both know there’s no true preparation.”


“Well I’ll be damned…”

Logan looks over and see’s Bella positioning Rogue on the chin up bar. Rogue had managed three pull ups before dropping down.

“Guess they needed a woman’s touch.”

“Yah maybe right.”

Before Logan dismissed the class he explained how Peter was going to help in getting them prepared. This hadn’t been Logan’s plan. But he knew if the doors were about to be busted down any day now. These kids needed to know a lot more than just how to do a pull up. They needed to know how to get in touch with their abilities. That’s what this week was about. Getting them confident enough with their bodies; so that their gifts weren’t an issue. Next week, he’d take it the next step. He would go against Xavier’s rules. He’d have them sparing and WITH their abilities. He’d take full responsibility for whatever came of it. He just knew he couldn’t leave these kids defenseless. At the rate he was currently going. If they got attacked right now… More than likely nearly his entire class would die. It doesn’t matter the power behind your gift. If you don’t know how to use it or truly come into touch with it. Then it’s no use to you whatsoever. Logan tried to push his personal feelings aside on this. However, he looked to each one of his students; praying all to hell that he didn’t lose one. When it came to the kids Logan was an entire different person. He’d die for each one even the little shit Remy. Besides, even he knew if he were in his position. He’d be trying damn near everything to score with Bella as well. She was the hottest girl at the academy. That and she was older than the other students; making her all the more appealing to a 17 year old boy. Thus, proved Logan all the luckier and he knew it. It wasn’t just about her looks though. She also had the most fight in here. He never knew of a woman that put herself out there like that. Such as the other day when her knuckles were practically bare meat. She kept the drive. Most women would be crying or cave in. NO it was Bella that was pushing Logan to let her continue.

That’s the sort of person Logan had the highest respect for. Granted, he didn’t let her. He knew she had what it took the moment she said it. Bella was going to be one hell of an X-Men. He felt even more prideful on the fact that she was his. Not just his lover, but knowing he’s the one that helped build her when she was at her weakest point. He could already see a huge difference. Not just in how her body was developing, but in how she carried herself now.

Peter laughs as Bella popped Jubilee on the butt; when she finally mustered a chin up.

“Now that has student of Wolverine written all over it.”

Logan chuckled and shook his head.

Jubilee looked back to Bella in shock and rubbed her butt. Bella was already working with Kitty as Jubilee went back in line. They both died in laughter though as they overheard Kitty. She’d managed two pull ups. Kitty looked back to Bella.

“How come I didn’t get a spanking?!”

Logan had reached to his gut in laughter. The look on Bella’s face he’d wished he had a camera.

“Um… next time?” Bella said with a shrug.

“Did I not do them right?!”

“Um… you did great Kitty.”
“Then what makes Jubilee so special?”

Kitty looked disappointed and got back in line. Bella noticed the boys staring her direction. She shook her head and flipped them off.

“Hands full indeed.”


Logan looks to the time and dismisses the class. He gives Bella the hinted nod. She waves off the girls and joins him outside. He tosses her some new gloves. They were actual X-Men gloves heavy duty ones he knew she couldn’t burst through.

“Cool… never seen these.”

“Yeah, I stole them from Hank’s office.”

Bella laughs.

“That’s so wrong.”

“What? It’s not he’s ever gonna use them.”

She takes off her gray sweat shirt. She puts on the gloves. Bella drops down beginning their session like Logan had taught her. He folds his arms about his chest watching the clouds rolling in. It was lightning further back. He knew it’d be pouring down soon enough.

He tossed off his sweat shirt. He noticed that Bella’s arms no longer trembled with her pushups. Her form was also perfect. In fact it seemed Bella was actually a fast learner. Like usual she hopped up after her last flank. Logan braced himself for the punches. Thunder rolled about as the storm grew closer. His jaw clenched at the blows he was receiving. Deep down he knew part of this was her anger towards what took place this weekend. He could see it in her eyes. The pain was still there. He couldn’t blame her either. He himself was still pissed off, but not with her. Not in the least bit. If anything he felt like she shouldn’t have been so easy to forgive him. He didn’t deserve it. He might not have kissed Jean willingly. But turning his back the way he had was really shitty. Even he knew that. That was one of the dumbest fucking things he’d ever done and he knew it. He wanted his ass beaten! If anything he wished she’d knock him the fuck out. Then kick him once he was down.

He fixed his stance as it was time for her kicks now. Sure enough it began to rain; neither commented on it. If anything it felt good once it hit. They were both sweltering. The ground beneath them became mud as the rain continued to pour. Bella sent a roundhouse his direction as he went to block she fell back sliding in the mud.

“Shit! Yah alright?” He called over the thunder.

She gave a thumbs up, but just lay there for a bit. Logan grinned shaking his head.

“Yer gonna get muddy.”

She shrugged. He bent down to offer her a hand up. She swiped his ankle and brought him down as well. Bella laughed then hopped back up.

“Oh no yah don’t.” He arched back up off the ground.

He came at her full force knocking her back down. He braced his other hand against her back so it wouldn’t hurt. They locked eyes for a moment. The ground beneath them shook with the impact of the storm. He moved the hair away from her face as it was falling out of her ponytail.

“Let’s just do it.”

“Do it?” She questions with a giggle.

He chuckles realizing how it sounded. That’s not exactly what he meant. His nerves were getting the best of him. Logan clears his throat and takes out something from the pocket of his sweatpants.

“I mean this…” He flashes her a ring.

Her eyes widen.

“We’re already mated Bella darlin’. I know it we haven’t been together very long, but this is what I want. Honestly, I never thought I’d ever put the option out there again. I can’t even believe I’m doing this. Yet, lately it’s all I can think about. Bella I want to marry you!”

She covers her mouth for a moment taking in everything he’d just said.

“You gonna talk to me lil darlin’ or yah gonna keep making me panic over here?!”

She moves her hand.

“Did you really just propose?!”

“Yah damn right I did now are yah gonna say yes or not?!”

Her heart was racing something fierce. She couldn’t believe this was happening. Honestly, she really never figured he’d want to marry again. She truly thought they’d just stay together as mates. She’d never expect him to take that leap again. But here he was Bella couldn’t have been in more awe. She knew this wasn’t like him. She flashed back to the feral looking man at the bar then back to the one crouched over her. He was sopping wet looking upon her with full on desperation. One of the first times she could honestly say he had puppy dog eyes. She couldn’t believe it. She swallowed back and nodded.

“I sure hope that’s a yes.”

She nervously laughed. She took in a breath.

“It’s a yes you old mutt…”

He genuinely smiles and slides the diamond gold band upon her finger.

“Perfect fit.” He says kissing it.

“Yah alright there?” He questions concerned.

She nodded trying to keep the knot in her throat from pulling anything stupid. Like fucking crying. You don’t cry when fucking Wolverine proposes to you. Yeah well… Logan reared back a bit.

“Hey… What’s wrong?”

‘Then why yah crying?”

“I’m not!”

“Yeah yah are.”

“Shut up!”

He chuckles.

“So you’re one of those…”

“One of what?!”

“That cries when she’s proposed to.”



“If you don’t shut…”

He kisses her lips shutting her up instead. Her hips come off the ground as Logan rips off her sports bra. He licks and sucks on her breasts; whilst pressing his eagerness against her. Bella literally began to ache for him. Still he continued to tease rubbing his entire length against her. She grew curious about if he’d rip through his sweat pants. She wanted him to. Suddenly she felt her pants being yanked down along with her panties. She fought for a breath as he gave her folds one very good lick. He came back up and already had himself out. He plunged himself instead. Logan damn near came the moment he slipped inside her. She was so inviting, warm, and she practically milked him with each thrust he gave. He felt the pressure becoming more and more intense. He felt her licking the beads of rain from his chest as it continued to pour down on them. Logan felt her climax. Ironically, he followed not far behind just as a bolt of lightning flashed across the sky and the boom hit directly after; causing the ground beneath them to shake yet again. He felt Bella giggling against him. He already knew why too he was thinking the same thing. He kissed her once more before helping her to her feet. Both were covered in mud and completely soaked.

He handed her his sweat shirt covered in mud. But she hadn’t anything else to wear; in which to cover her breasts. From there they headed back and did their best to discreetly head back to their room. Once they entered the room. Bella was giggling all the way to the shower. He just smirked shaking his head.

“Shut the fuck up!” Rogue hisses upon Bella.

Bella narrows her eyes in confusion.

“Um ok…?”

She grabs Bella’s hand at lunch.

“I can’t believe it!”

Bella blushes a bit.

“To be honest neither can I…” Bella whispers.

“That’s gorgeous!” Jubilee says looking over.

Bella nods in agreement admiring it.

“Looks downright expensive.” Rogue comments.

“Rogue!” Kitty scolds.

“I’m just sayin’.”

“NO fucking way!”

Bella almost jumped as he sat across from them. Remy grabbed her hand with full on disappointment.

“Ah, ma belle don’t do it. I can get you a bigger diamond!”

Bella raises her brows on this.

“Why do you gotta make up for something else you’re lacking?”

“Why don’t you come with me and find out?” He says wiggling his brows suggestively.

Logan puts a hand roughly upon Gambit’s shoulder.

“You were saying?”

He squeezes and Gambit grits his teeth together.

“Just talking about how nice the ring is.”
“That’s about what I thought. Now scoot yer ass down Gumbo.” He says sitting beside him.

“Aren’t you supposed to be sitting with old fuckers?”

Logan cocks a brow and slams his fist down on the end of Gambit’s tray. The contents fly right into his face. The girls cover their mouth in laughter.

“So when ya’ll getting hitched?”

Logan and Bella lock eyes for a moment.

“Haven’t really discussed a date Marie.”

“Well are we invited at least?”

Bella laughs.

“Why wouldn’t you be?”

Gambit continues to pout under his breath.

After lunch Bella is heading back to her and Logan’s room. Scott and Jean were arguing in the hallway. They freeze as she enters the building. The three of them cut each other odd glances. Jean however, locks on to the rock on Bella’s finger. She half laughs shaking her head. Bella takes in a breath and starts towards their room again.
“Wait up…” Scott says making his way over.

He noticed Jean eyeing the ring as well. Scott takes her hand looking upon it. He sighs and looks to be in thought.

“Congratulations.” He says and pats her hand gently.

“Thank you.”

He forces a smile.

“Looks good on you Bella.”

They both turn back as they hear Jean’s door slam shut. Logan enters directly after he looks to Scott and rolls his eyes as he still had Bella’s hand in his. Scott clears his throat and drops his hold. Logan waits until she enters the room. He looks to Scott.

“I’ve already had to deal with one of yah. Don’t make me deal with yah one eye!”

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