Chapter 8 The Truth

Chapter 8

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Both Logan and Bella were on edge the entire flight to Washington. Neither had, hardly said a word to one another. Bella laid against his shoulder during most the flight. Logan laid back and tried to catch some sleep on the way. However, it was one of the few times he found he couldn’t. He kissed the top of Bella’s head. They made the announcement they were to land a few moments. Bella rose up from his shoulder. They glanced upon one another with the same look of apprehension. They hadn’t a clue how this visit was to go.

Charlie had offered to pick them up. On the contrary, Bella requested that her truck be waiting there instead. He argued against it at first. He didn’t understand her reasoning. All Bella knew was she didn’t want Charlie meeting Logan for the first time in an airport. There was no telling how Charlie would truly react. After the plane landed they gathered their bags. Bella looked upon Logan once more.

“You ready?”

“Hell no.”

She grins and pecks him on the lips.


He sighs and follows her outside. She tosses one of the bags into the back of her truck. He places the others inside. He pats the truck.

“I remember this ole thing.”

“Easy Logan… Watch who you’re calling old now.”

He shakes his head and grumbles under his breath. He hops in the truck. She laughs as she starts the truck.

“You’re so cute when you’re angry.” She continues to taunt.

“I’ve no problem spanking yer ass lil darlin’.”

She hits the highway and rolls down the window.

“That could be kinky.”

He half chuckles.

“You truly are something else.”

Bella turned on the radio knowing that they had a bit of a drive ahead still. Logan cocks a brow.

“What is this crap?” He questions.

She narrows her eyes in thought. She presses the eject button to the truck.

“MOTHERFUCKER!” She growls and tosses the Debussy CD outside.

Thus, making the very first time Logan’s ever heard her say that.

“Fucking asshole fucking with my truck; he knows better! No one touches my truck!”

She continues on with a slew of profanities down the road. Logan wasn’t sure what just happened, but he was damn near afraid to say anything. Bella goes to lower her visor and a picture falls into her lap. Logan looks to it peculiarly. It was a picture of her and Edward. He grabbed it shaking his head. It looked to be some sort of prom picture. Bella pulls over. She braces Logan back with her hand as she slams on the brakes. She puts the truck into park. Bella flings her seatbelt off her and furiously hops out. Logan shakes his head. He takes it upon himself to dig through her glove compartment. Sure enough there was some sort of mixed CD inside and what looked to be a very expensive heart shaped diamond necklace. The necklace made the ring Logan had given her look like nothing. That pissed him the fuck off something fierce. He wondered if this was something he’d given her just now or when they were dating.

“Little shit.” Logan grumbled.

After a few more minutes Bella jumped back in. Logan showed her the CD and necklace. He didn’t want to, but felt wrong about hiding it. She starts laughing.

“Oh my God! Just toss them out the window.”
“Even the diamond?”

“Especially the diamond it’s nothing, but trash!”

He shrugs and tosses them both out. He wasn’t about to argue. Even he wasn’t dumb enough to push Bella when she was this pissed. She peels back out onto the highway. Logan wished he knew what to say or do to help. Nothing came to mind though. Bella reached over and tried the radio yet again.

Logan looked around once they entered the city limits of Forks. He couldn’t get over how small the tow was. Yet he was curious about the town she’d grown up in.

Bella pulls up to the house. Logan looks upon the squad car in front of it. They both look upon one another. Bella goes to say something, but Charlie’s already making his way outside. She takes in a breath.

“Well here we go…”

Logan looked over to the man and it was just as he feared. They were damn near the same age. He rubbed his face in thought. Bella encouragingly patted his leg. She stepped out of the truck. Logan stepped out and grabbed their things.

“Hey kiddo!” Charlie wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead.

He then placed his hands upon Bella’s shoulders.

“You look different somehow. You been working out kid?”

“Dad…” She looked to be blushing.

Nevertheless, Charlie raised his head and looked directly upon Logan. Logan nodded his way. The urge to light a cigar hit. Yet, he refrained Logan didn’t need to add to the situation.

“And who do we have here?”

Bella turns towards Logan with a smile.

“That’s Logan Howlett dad.”

Charlie’s eyebrows raised immediately. He even looks to be stumbling back a bit.

“The tattooed bald guy?”


“Jesus kid!”

“Dad!” She snaps back towards him shaking her head.

Logan takes in a breath. He knew this wasn’t going to be easy. Not by any means of the stretch of the imagination. He makes his way over and offers a hand. Charlie grabs Bella’s arm and takes her off to the side. Dammit… Logan thought dropping his hand back down.

“You can’t be serious.”

Logan could make out everything that was being said.

“Dad please… don’t you do this.”

“Me?! That man damn near looks older than me!”

“No he doesn’t!” She fires snidely.

“Watch yourself kiddo!”

“Don’t you even Charlie.”

Oh shit not the first name thing Bella darlin’. Even I find that in bad taste. Yah gotta show some respect. Logan thinks shaking his head.

“Excuse me?!”

“That was totally rude! He was being a gentleman and you turned your back to him! Jesus!”

“That man knows damn well what he’s doing.”

Charlie stops and grabs her hand.

“You’re kidding me! Please tell me this is a joke!”

He taps the ring with his finger. Bella grits her teeth and yanks back.

“IT’S NOT! Now stop it you’re embarrassing the living hell out of me! I mean it dad. We don’t have to do this. I’ll just go back home!”

“This is your home Bells!”

“No it isn’t dad! You haven’t even tried to sit down and talk about this like an adult. You just instantly go all caveman on me! Now knock it off!”

Logan pinches the bridge of his nose.

“I had almost had rather you brought back that Edward kid and I hated the …”

“OK Charlie… Later..”

Bella takes off towards the truck.


She looks back to her father.

“Don’t you even! If you had even an inkling of the truth. You wouldn’t have just said that! You’ve judged this man before you even shook his hand. I never thought I’d take shame in my own father!”

Logan sighs and clears his throat.

“Perhaps we should talk just you and I sir?”

Bella looks to Logan as if he’s nuts. He gives her a nod. Charlie puts his hands upon his hips looking to the ground. He shakes his head and looks back up to Logan.

“Fine, let’s hear it…” He motions for Logan to come on inside.

Bella cuts them both a panicked look. She paces the area as the door is pulled shut. Both men are in the house alone, with Charlie’s guns and Wolverine’s claws. Meanwhile, Bella was trying not to hurl.

Logan looks around. There was no doubt this man loved his daughter. There were damn near pictures everywhere. Each milestone Bella had ever lived the evidence was there. Charlie sighs as he turns back to Logan.

“Have a seat.” He motions towards a wooden dining room table.

Logan nods and pulls out a chair. Charlie heads to the fridge.



Charlie nods and makes his way over. He hands Logan a beer and sits across from him.

“Thank you sir.”
Charlie pops open his beer and takes it to the label. He places it down on the table. He clears his throat.

“Let’s hear it.” He repeats severely.

Logan lets out a nervous chuckle. He takes a plunge off his beer.

“Yes sir…”

Logan knew Bella was going to have to come clean as well. About where she’d been and what she was. So Logan began with the truth. The truth about who James Logan Howlett really was. By the time Logan gave him a bit of a rundown. Charlie merely nodded. He came to his feet and took out the 12 pack of beer he had in his fridge. He slammed it down on the table. He took out another one and offered it to Logan. Then he himself grabbed another he sat back down. He downed an entire beer before speaking. He tossed the empty bottle into a nearby trashcan.

“So you’re a teacher?”

“In a way yes instructor is more like it.”

“And you’re what’s known as a mutant… that doesn’t really age?”

Logan nods.

“And you’re not only engaged to my daughter, but you have some sort of mating bond to her?”

“Yes sir.”

Charlie nods and opens another beer.

“Just how old are you?”

Logan sighs and leans back. He sips off his beer in thought.

“I’m honestly not sure anymore. I’m guessing I’m physically about late 30s? Hell I lost count in actual years I suppose I’m about 133 or something probably even older than that. After so long I stopped counting to be honest Mr. Swan.”


Charlie half laughs though thinking to the phone conversation. He thought about what his daughter said when he’d asked how old.

“Trust me sir I know exactly how this looks. I can put myself in your shoes and know what yer thinkin’. I don’t know quite what to tell yah. I can say it’s not what you think. But yer going to believe what yer gonna believe. Truth of the matter is the obvious is there. However, that is not why I’m marrying yer daughter. The age gap isn’t the appeal. Yer daughter has a bit of an old soul about her. She carries herself differently than other girls her age. I hadn’t a clue how old she was when we first met. All I know was what I felt. I can’t take it back now. I can’t just disregard my feelings and turn my back to her. I’m in deep when it comes to yer daughter. All that being said Bella also has something’s in which she needs to discuss with yah. I truly hope yer understanding with what she has to say. She’s had a hard time of things as of late. Her life has been ten kinds of crazy and she really could use yah in her corner.

“I can imagine so. I in all good conscience, have no clue what to make of any of this. I mean how I do I know you’re even telling the truth?”

Logan shrugs.

“It is what it is. I’ve no way of really proving anything to yah Mr. Swan. All I can tell yah is that I love yer daughter.”

Bella continues to pace around. Her nerves were getting to her something fierce. She’d had half the mind to burst in there and check on the two men. She took in a breath and shut her eyes. Bella’s eyes shot wide open as she felt a hand upon her shoulder. Without even thinking she grabs them by the wrist and tosses them over. She instantly drops down and puts her energy claws to their throat. She gasps out once she recognizes who it is.

“Well hello darlin’.” He speaks with a wince.


He chuckles a bit.

“Last time I checked.”

She swallows back.

“Jasper..” She states more softly.

He nods.

“You going to let me up now? I come in peace Bella hun.”

She nods and the energy vanishes. She helps Jasper to his feet. He tilts his head looking her over.

“I’ll be damned… It really is you. Ms. Bella Swan. Damn, I sure missed you.”

Her bottom lip quivers a bit.

“Awe, now… none of that.”

He wraps his arms around her and twirls her around.

“I can’t believe you’re still here.”

“I’m not the only one…” He hints softly.

She slowly turns to the other leaning against the cab of her truck.


He smiles and gives her a nod as his arms are fold about his chest.

“Hey Bella.”

He drops his arms and opens them. Bella runs up and hugs him. He chuckles a bit, but there seemed to be something different about him. She looked upon him once she pulled back.

“Are you alright?”

Emmett nods and folds his arms back.

“See there you go again; always worrying about everyone else, but yourself.” Jasper remarks.

Bella sighs.

“We’re glad to see you’re doing alright Bella.” Emmett says and kisses her forehead.

“So you’re both…”

Jasper takes in a breath.

“We’re on your side of things Bella. What our brother did was pretty lousy… and that’s not even the half of it. You’re in for some story. Edward’s not even Edward anymore; he’s something else. Something much darker. Look how long are you down for?”

“We have to be back by Monday morning.”

Jasper nods.

“Can you meet us tonight?”

“Um I suppose so.”

“We really have something’s in which we need to discuss.”

Logan comes out to gather Bella at this point. He takes notice of the two men. He shakes his head. Can’t leave her alone for even a second. That lil darlin’ has men beating down the damn door! He half growled under his breath. He witnessed the blondish looking one looking her over as he took her hands. He twirled her around.

“Diggin’ the new look.”

Bella blushed a bit. She was in her blue jeans, ACDC shirt, brown western boots (Logan’s personal doing. He was dying to see her in a pair. To his surprise she actually wore them.) , and of course his old jacket. Her hair was down and flowing in the breeze. The man was struck stupid that was checking her out. Logan could see it all over his face. Immediate lust, the son of a bitch!

“Hmm, who’d have ever thought; and what the hell was that you just pulled? Shit Bella, that was damn near the hottest thing I ever saw. You were kicking ass.”

She laughed.

“It’s a long story Jasper.”

So that’s Jasper. Logan thinks and lights a cigar. He remembered her mentioning something about him. Jasper put an arm around her shoulder.

“Well you can tell us all about it tonight darlin’.”

WHAT THE FUCK DARLIN? THAT’S MY NAME FOR HER YAH ASS! Logan had half the mind to send out his claws and chase these fuckers off. Damn near wanted to start marking his territory. Instead he stomps his way over. Bella smiles upon him. The girl completely clueless just how much attention she attracts.

“Might want to move that hand now bub.”

Jasper rears back a bit as he looks to the man. He drops his hold from Bella. Instead he offers his hand.

“Jasper Whitlock.”

“Logan Howlett.”

“And who are you exactly?” Jasper hints.

“He’s my fiancé.”

The blonde’s jaw drops.


That’s right bub. Logan thinks smugly.

“Did you say fiancé?”

Bella nods with a smile. Logan looks to the other man the burlier one. He makes his way over and he too offers a hand.

“Emmett McCarty.”

Logan nods and shakes his hand. Jasper noticed the odd look Bella was giving them.

“We no longer follow the Cullen name. We haven’t since… well since we found out what our brother pulled with you.”

They turn to see Charlie peeking out the door.

“Everything alright?” He calls.

“Um yeah, dad we’ll be right there.”

He nods and heads back in.

“Look we better let ya’ll go on about your business.” Jasper looks Bella in the eyes.

“You have no idea just how glad we are to see that you’re ok. Why don’t we meet at the pub? Say around eightish?”

Bella looks to Logan. He shrugs.

“Um sure we’ll meet you there.”

“Alright we’ve much to discuss. You take care darlin’.”

“You too.”

Emmett nods towards them and they both take off. Bella still felt there was something off about Emmett. He just didn’t seem himself. That and she was curious as to where the others were.

“Always the southern boys…” Logan hints.


“I can’t leave yah alone for five seconds.”

Bella laughs.

“Trust me it’s just Jasper.”

Yeah well the kid has a boner for you. Damn near popping out of his pants. Even Logan noticed the disappointment in Jasper; hearing she was engaged.

Logan puts out his cigar before they head back inside. Bella cut them both a bit of a nervous look. She sat down on the couch and chewed on her bottom lip. Something Logan found incredibly sexy. Now wasn’t the time to be thinking with his dick though. Out of respect for Charlie; Logan sat in a recliner instead of directly beside Bella. He knew this was hard enough as it was. No need to push his luck.

Charlie takes a seat in the other brown recliner across from Logan; cattycorner from Bella.

“So Logan tells me you got something else you need to talk to me about.”

Bella looks to both men as if they’ve totally lost their minds. She rubs her forehead for a second.

“Um wait… what just happened?”

Charlie sighs.

“It’s all good now kid. We talked it out. I’m not gonna push you any further on the issue. Just letting it go from here.”

She nods looking floored.

“It’s your turn…” Logan hints.

Bella shut her eyes for a moment.

“K…” She mutters.

From there Bella tells her side of things. Logan and Bella however, don’t dare go into detail about the actual events of how they first hooked up. They rather worked around it. She also didn’t give away the truth about Edward or Jake. She didn’t want her father in any sort of danger. She feared if he learned the truth that could only put in him harm’s way. She couldn’t have that on her conscience. It was hard enough telling him she was a mutant and everything that consisted of.

Of course once she’s done she looks upon her struck stupid father. There are a few minutes of complete silence. He pinches the bridge of his nose and shuts his eyes.

“So you’re telling me you’re both mutants?”

Bella nods.

“Come on now kid! How the hell am I supposed to believe…”

Bella sighs and holds out her hand. An orb appears as it hovers. Bella has it spin around and she sends it around the room back over her hand.

“Huh…” Charlie says shaking his head.

Bella smiles and has the orb form into a small throwing knife. She sends it into Charlie’s dart board right in the bullseye. Logan cuts her a warning glare. She shrugs and softly laughs.

“So what do you believe now dad?”

“I believe I need another 12 pack.”

“How about a keg?” Bella declares with a grin.

Charlie nods staring at the dart board as the blade disappears, but the evidence where the hit took place was still there. He come to his feet and makes his way to the dart board. He runs his fingers curiously over the bullseye.

“Well I’ll be damned.”

Charlie sighs and sits back in his recliner.

“So about the twins…” Charlie starts to say.

Logan cocks a brow. Bella dies in laughter.

“So we’re gonna have drinks with yer ex’s vampire brothers?”

Bella nods.

“Just checkin’.” Logan says with exasperation.

“I thought my life was fucking insane.”

Bella grins.

“Oh it still is.”

Bella pulls into the pub.

“Hmm.” Logan grumbles as they step out of the truck.

Emmett and Jasper were already waiting outside. They both nod towards Bella and Logan.

They follow the boys inside and find a private booth in which to sit. Logan orders the table a round of beers. Bella looks to Jasper and Emmett.

“I didn’t know vampires drank.”

Jasper smugly grins.

“Well we don’t eat what else is there to do?”

“Right…” Bella says with a grin and takes a pull from her beer.

“Aren’t you underage darlin’?”

Logan snaps him a look. Bella looks to Jasper.

“Touché…” She says raising her bottle.

Emmett chuckles.

“She has a point.”

Jasper nods.

“I suppose she does.”

Bella leans back in thought.

“So where are the others?”

Jasper and Emmett cut each other a look.

“Couple more drinks. Believe me you’re gonna need em.”

Bella looked to the boys in wonder.

“Um ok…”

Emmett had that odd look about his face again. His massive hand clasped around the beer bottle.

“Em?” Bella reached out and put a hand upon his arm.

“You’re kind of scaring me big fella what’s going on?”

Jasper slides another beer over.

“Take my advice.”

Logan wasn’t sure he liked where this was going. The big guy looked as though he was about to go off the deep end. Bella finishes off her beer and starts the other. Her eyes never leaving Emmett. Logan could see the anxiety in her eyes. Something big had gone down. After Jasper feels Bella’s had enough to calm her nerves; he begins their story.

“All that remains of us here in Washington is Emmett and I. We’d our own reasons for staying behind. Two main ones… One was of course the hopes of your return. Two was in order to protect your father. “

Bella takes in a breath.

“My father?”

“Yes Bella. Edward had made such threats the pertained to your father even Jacob.”

Bella’s heart stopped beating then literally dropped in her chest.

“He what?!” She said with gritted teeth.

“Like I said he’s not our brother anymore. He’s literally snapped Bella. Edward cannot be trusted he’s very dangerous. You cannot trust him for even a split second. He needs to be taken down and when I say taken down…”

“He needs to fucking perish.” Emmett fires and Bella jumps at his words.

Logan narrowed his eyes and put an arm around Bella. Emmett’s hand was balled up into a fist at the table. His eyes were stone cold and black. Bella was right… Something was wrong with Emmett McCarty. She just hadn’t a clue.

“Em?” She inquiries softly.

Jasper shuts his eyes for a moment. He reaches over and takes Bella’s hand.

“Darlin… Rosalie…”

Emmett raises from the table and bolts off into the bathroom. Jasper sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Rosalie’s dead.”


Logan and Jasper look around the bar.

“Shh…” Jasper warns quietly.

“I need you to keep calm and listen to everything I have to tell you. Bella please it’s important. Your life and those of others depends on it.”

Bella shuts her eyes and reaches to her heart. She polishes off her other beer. The beginnings of tears were glistening in her eyes.


The room spun around on Bella.

“Wait… are you saying?”

Jasper nods.

“No! you’re fucking around! Please tell me you are Jasper!”

Jasper shakes his head looking ill.
“I wish I was.”

“Edward took Rosalie’s life?”

Jasper nods again looking bleak.

“Why? Why would he do that! His own sister?!”

Logan’s hold got slightly tighter. Bella’s breathing became more erratic.

“Emmett came in just in time to catch the end of what was taking place. They’d been fighting off and on about the situation.”

“Situation… Situation as in me? Me being the situation?!”

Jasper shakes his head.

“Now I want you to stop that and now. None of this is your doing or fault! You hear me!” Jasper says sternly.

Logan hands her another beer.

“Drink.” Jasper whispers.

She sucks back a breath trying to keep her cool.

“Rose had been defending your cause. She had some fine points to make on your behalf. Edward didn’t like what she had to say. This was an argument that had been going on for a few days. Well it finally escalated when Edward threatened to use your father as leverage in order to get you back.”

“Rosalie became unglued. He’d popped of his last threat on the situation to her. She went to gather Carlisle and tell him what Edward had said. Edward realized what she was about to do. Emmett witnessed Edward snapping Rosalie’s neck. He then looked back to a traumatized Emmett. Emmett couldn’t believe what he’d just witnessed. He froze in time literally. Emmett went into shock. Edward took off with her head. We hadn’t seen him since. Once Emmett came to; he took off in hopes of finding Edward. He was going to end his life to avenge Rose’s. Only he never found him. He returned. Only to find out we’d both been betrayed by the other Cullen’s. That of which my very own wife…”

Bella turned pale.


Jasper nods.

“When Emmett returned all that was left behind was me. I stayed back in protection of Charlie and Jacob.”
“Doesn’t Jake have the pack?”

“Do you remember the day Edward handed the phone over to Aro?”

Bella nods looking grim.

“What they failed to tell you was the Volturi had some of the wolves from the pack. It was known that if you turned Aro down on the phone their lives were to be taken. Edward and Alice were certain you’d come back.”

“NO! No one even said anything to me!”

Jasper nods.

“It was a test. Aro wanted to see how you truly felt about keeping your word and about Edward. When you stood your ground and voiced you weren’t to be involved. They took the lives of Leah, Jarod and Quil.”

Bella covered her mouth tears streamed down her face.

“This can’t be happening. This isn’t! This…” Logan wrapped his arms around her and Bella cried into his shoulder.

“I’m so sorry Bella. If I had known what was to happen…” Jasper says shaking his head.

“You know I wouldn’t have allowed harm to come to any of your friends. Emmett and I hadn’t a clue. Alice and Edward went behind all our backs on this even Carlisle’s. They planned all this bullshit together. They were desperate to do whatever they could think of to get you to come back.”

Bella looked back to Jasper as she wiped her eyes.

“What of Alice, Esme, and Carlisle then?”

“Alice is now Volturi like Edward. Carlisle and Esme? No one truly knows. Carlisle shut down completely. I could sense him before he and Esme disappeared. The man was completely broken Bella. He didn’t know how to take it when Alice and Edward betrayed not only you, but our coven. Carlisle I think blamed himself. He somehow felt responsible. Yet, he and Esme haven’t been seen since Rose’s funeral.”

Bella shut her eyes the knot in her throat only grew bigger.

“Why would Alice ever follow Edward on this? It doesn’t even make sense.”

Jasper hated the mere question that passed through her lips.

“Bella… because of Alice’s visions… She blamed you for all that took place.”


“Yes my own wife. She went with Edward to report you to the Volturi. Once I got word of this. She’d lost any love or respect I’d had for her. I never realized what a vindictive BITCH that woman was.”

Bella’s jaw drops. Jasper was never one to call women such names.

“She believed in the original vision when it came to you. You were to be Edward’s. When he begged for you back and you turned him down. Alice lost her shit. I’d seen a side of that woman that caused nothing, but humiliation and shame in my heart. I truly saw the real Alice even more so; when I divorced her sorry ass. If anything that even showed just how crazy she was. She went off on me like a bat out of hell. That lil vampire tried to kill my ass. Actually thought she could take on the major! Once I reminded her whose boss. Is when I used my ability to get the truth out of her. I wanted to know once and for all why she came looking for me. I’d always been suspicious of that day. I mean I was the only one of our group that was a feral vampire. I wasn’t brought in by Carlisle nor had anything to do with that mess. I always felt like I didn’t truly belong. I just knew something wasn’t right. I was nothing more than one of Alice’s projects. When I say projects; I mean like how she was with you. You remember how she always wanted to make you over and change how you dressed? She never would leave you alone about it!”

Bella grimaces, but nods.

“Yeah well I was also one of her fucking puppets. I was one of her projects. The goal…? To see if she could tame the feral vampire known none other than Jasper Whitlock. She lied to me and said that she’d a vision where we were meant to be together; that we were to be mates. Only I never once felt the mating ritual take place. I had wondered why. Even after we married I never felt that pull to her. Not the way Emmett had with Rosalie. All of this fucking hogwash she fed me. I believed it because I wanted to. I wanted a place to call my own; a woman in which to love. I wanted something. Something more than what I had. All I ever knew of was killing and making more vampires. That’s what I was created for. I was a ruthless killing machine. Well Alice sought me out and I thought that was the answer to my prayers. My start at a new life… And in a way I suppose it was. In a sick demented way that woman truly did save me. Only… Alice didn’t love me. She was never in love with me. She was in love with the idea of the creation. I was no more than Frankenstein in need of being brought down. Alice took pride in the fact that she’d accomplished such a goal. Whereas, Emmett and Rosalie had an untamed relationship; both couldn’t seem to keep their hands off one another. Alice and or relationship had grown more cold over the years. Honestly, it reminded me of how Edward was with you. How he’d hardly kiss or touch you. How pathetic he was when it came to you. Alice I suppose was my Edward. She always blamed her visions. How they’d affect her. At first I took sympathy. Yet, others seem to forget my ability. I can sense things. She was lying. Alice is about as frigid as they come. Hell if anything; I’d swear her and Edward were more meant for one another…” Jasper sighs and half laughs.

“Truly the woman used the headache excuse only in the vampire sense. She was never in the fucking mood. It only got worse as time progressed. I found myself playing five knuckle shuffle more than I did having sex with my own wife. Whitlock’s not one that likes to be turned down…” He says with a wink.

“Anyone that truly knows me knows this. I’d begun to think things I shouldn’t. Now I’m going to be a gentleman darlin’ about that, but I must say. I damn near cheated on that woman too many times. That’s just not my nature. I’m a faithful man always have been. Something about Alice however, made me feel like a monster. I began to feel fault about my thoughts.” Jasper cuts Logan a certain look.

He rubs his face as if in thought about something else. He softly laughs as if in misery.

“What?” Bella questions.

“Like I said. I’m gonna be a gentlemen.” He leans back folding his arms about his chest.

“So let me get this straight…” Bella takes in a breath.

“Rosalie was killed by Edward. Leah, Jarod, and Quil were killed by the Volturi. My father and Jake are on death watch. The Volturi is about to attack a school of innocent people in order for me to return to Edward and become a vampire. To serve amongst them as Alice and Edward now do. To top things off Carlisle and Esme have left in shame due to these events?”

Bella nods.

“Anyone’s life I haven’t clearly fucked?!”

Jasper and Logan shake their heads on this.

“I knew you’d pull that shit. And don’t you even think about doing what I know you’re thinking about doing.”

“I’ve already set her straight. She’s not pulling that shit. I’ll hogtie her if I must.” Logan mutters.

“And how the fuck do I even live with myself! How many must…”

Jasper slams his fist down on the table.

“This is all on my pussy ass brother! This is his doing! ALL ON HIM! Not a single thing is on you darlin’ you need to get that straight right now!”

“It’s just one life in comparison to dozens! Already four have been taken! FOUR! And others are being threatened as well.”

Bella jumps as Emmett returns banging his fist down on the table.

“My girl didn’t die so you’d go and hand yourself over dammit! If you do that my wife’s death was in vain. She died in your corner. You turning yourself in! NOT HAPPENING!”

The entire bar looks upon the four of them. Logan sighs.

“Perhaps we should take this outside.”

They nod in agreement and head outside. Once they’re outside the three of them stare Bella down.

“Is that what the Wolverine is training you to do? To give up?! I’m not out there busting my ass with yah each day so you can go and give up on me! You’re to be an X-Men WE FIGHT! WE NEVER BACK DOWN! NOT EVER! YOU AND I WILL STAND TOGETHER ON THIS AND FIGHT! The only one that has any sort of claims to you lil darlin’ IS ME!” She flinches as Logan barks at her.


Emmett and Jasper exchange wide eyed glances. Bella looked as though she was about to start bawling. Logan sighed waiting for it. She shocks all three of them

“I’m not deaf you know!”

Logan raises his brows. Emmett cracks a smile and Jasper shakes his head. She curses under her breath.

“Good you can go get me a beer then.”

She cuts Logan a rueful stare. He shrugs his shoulders and winks. Jasper chuckles.

“You all done yelling at me now?”

All three men exchange a glance.

“That depends…” Logan says lighting a cigar.


Emmett laughs shaking his head.

“She’s still Bella.”

“Yeah only more durable and one hell of a foul mouth!” Jasper cracks.

“I take full responsibility on that one.” Logan admits.

Bella drives out to La Push. She parks the truck and they both sit there in thought.

“Yah alright?”
She nods, but she stares out towards the beach. She grips the stirring wheel tightly.

“You’re right.” She says so softly he barely picked it up even with his hearing.

“What would that be Bella darlin’?”

“We fight.” She says and Logan notices something different in her eyes. Something he hadn’t quite seen before.

Tears form in her eyes, but she doesn’t even blink.

“I’m done with the games. I’m tired of being pushed around. It’s time they see just what it is I’ve been holding back.”

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