Chapter 9 Bringing Out The Wolverine

Chapter 9

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Logan looks around the room in thought as Bella kicks back on her bed. He clears his throat.

“So this is where you used to practice?”

She lifts her head up a bit.


He nods and runs his hand along her purple bedspread.

“You know for preparation of the Wolverine.”

Bella blushes.


He breathes in the room and shakes his head as if trying to shake something off.


“Yer scent is all over the damn place.”

Bella bites upon her lower lip.

“Don’t do that. Yer gonna make me break daddy’s rules.”

Bella shrugs.

“He’s at the office anyway.”
“Yeah and he said he was coming right back.”

“But he’s not here now…”

Logan shakes his head.

“Nah, yer not gonna pull that lil vixen. Get me in trouble with yer old man. Let’s go.”

He reaches over for her hand. His eyes widen as she grabs his belt buckle.

“Whattaya doing?”

She doesn’t answer. Bella undoes his belt and jeans.

“Bella I don’t think…”

He’s caught off-guard as her mouth is around his cock.

“Fuck…”His hips couldn’t help, but to react.

All morals were now out the door for Logan. He looks to her and around the room. Something about knowing this is where teenage Bella grew up; had Logan egged on even more. The idea of screwing her right here in her old room. He wanted to respect Charlie Swan. However, the battle was lost. Her tongue lapped around his pulsating cock. He held her hair up so he could watch.

“That’s a good girl… suck it darlin’.” He said behind gritted teeth.

This made her go even deeper along him. Bella could feel him throbbing against her tongue. She couldn’t help, but to touch herself. Logan took notice as well. Bella’s hand was rubbing against the private part of her jeans. This only made him ache more. He pulled himself out from her mouth.

He unfastened her jeans and pulled them down to her knees. He looked to her in a full on pleading matter. He put her hand back where it was only now it was flesh to flesh.

“I wanna see.”

Logan wanted the image desperately. To know what it looked like when she used to play with herself. Just the idea of her being in this room all by herself. The mere notion had him already stroking himself. Last time he’d asked her to do this she was incredibly shy; this time not so much. Sure she blushed a bit. But the moment she stuck her fingers inside her wet little pussy she came all over her purple bed sheets. Only proving to Logan he wasn’t the only one with the pervy feelings. He never dreamed being in her old room could be so arousing. It was wrong and he knew it. Charlie would have his head if he knew what was going on. At the moment though Logan could fucking care less. He knew what he wanted and he was taking it. Once you let out the Wolverine there is no taking it back. Bella had awoken him with her naughty self. He watched until he could take no more. He made his way over and yanked her over towards him. He then positioned her in a doggie style position. He began fucking her hardcore. So hard that within the first few strokes he’d already started to get off. Bella gushed all over him, herself and the bed sheets. Both had just gotten off as they heard Charlie’s car door.

“Shit…” Logan grumbled and hurriedly made his way out of Bella.

He fixed his jeans and checked himself over. He swiftly made his way out of her room. Bella was giggling under her breath as she swore he nearly fell off the stairs trying to escape. Bella quickly cleaned herself off and put on a clean pair of panties and jeans. She then began to clean up her bed best she could. The entire time she was blushing and giggling. Meanwhile, Logan felt like he was a teenager himself again. He quickly made himself look busy on the couch as he grabbed a magazine and was reading it. Charlie entered the living room and tossed his keys down. He gave Logan an odd look.

“Didn’t realize you were a Home and Garden’s fan?”

Logan shrugs and puts the magazine down. Sue Clearwater had been bringing them by when she and Harry came to visit. Which hadn’t been as much since Leah’s passing. Bella comes down and is pulling her hair back into a ponytail.

“I’m about to head on to bed now.”

Both men looked upon her; neither, knowing how to act around the other.

“Well ok then Bells.”
She hugs her father goodnight. Bella then looks to Logan. Both had that awkward look about their faces. Bella made her way over and kissed his forehead.

“Goodnight Logan.”
“Night darlin’.”

Once she got upstairs Charlie sighed and began to put his badge and gun up.

Bella please just hear me out…”

Bella shook all over with fury. She stared him down as he continued to come closer.

NO! No Edward I can’t believe you killed Rose! I can’t believe you allowed the Volturi to…”

He grits his teeth and grabs Bella by the throat.

You will be MINE!”


She jabs her claws into him and watches as he falls to his knees.

I will watch you die!”

Logan groans out in pain as Bella jolts awake. Her eyes widen as she sees her claws through his chest.

“LOGAN!” She literally shrieked out in terror.

Charlie’s eyes flew open and he darted out of the bed into Bella’s room.
“DAD!” She looked at him in a panic as her claws were in Logan’s chest.

They disappeared and Logan fell back against the wall.

“NOOOOO!” Bella full on panicked as she ripped Logan’s shirt open.

She put her hand upon the wound.

“Dad what do I do?!”

Charlie was struck stupid for a moment.

“PLEASE HELP ME!” He nodded and rushed out of the room gathering some towels.

Logan shook his head trying to catch his breath so he could talk. Bella was sobbing and freaking out.

He finally gathered the energy to grab her wrist.

“Bella darlin’ I’m alright. I’m already healing.”
Charlie had reentered the room. He tossed her a towel. Bella moved her hand and went to place the towel on the area. She gasped back; Charlie’s eyes widened in full disbelief.

“I told yah I had a healing factor darlin’.”

Bella covered her face getting his blood all over her. She staggered back away from him. Logan sighed.

“No don’t yah go blaming yerself or feeling guilt. I’m fine. Yah were just having another night terror.”

Bella shook her head covering her face still.

“I could have killed you.” She mumbles into her hands.

“Actually it’d take a lot more than that to take me down. Believe me yah weren’t even close.”

Charlie makes his way over and puts a had upon her shoulder. She lifted her head, but scooted away from him.

“Don’t… please… just both of you stay back.”

Charlie shakes his head.

“I’m not walking away from you kid so just deal with it.”

“That could have been you dad! Then what?! You don’t exactly heal! I can’t believe…” She looks back over to Logan.

“I’m so sorry Logan… I…” She covers her face again bringing her knees to her chest.

Logan crawls towards her. He sits beside her and wraps an arm around her shoulder.

“Yah remember when I told yah about Marie?”

She nods.

“Well there yah go; it happens. Everyone’s fine. I’m fine so’s yer old man.”
“And what if it happens again?”
He shrugs and hands her an extra towel Charlie had brought in.

“Then I’ll heal again. NO biggie.”

“Ugh Logan… How can you take this so lightly?! I could have seriously hurt or killed someone.”
“Lil darlin’ you seem to forget who yer talkin’ to… I live in the fear remember? Yah can’t allow it to take yah over. It’ll drag yah down then do yah good. Yah just gotta try and get through it best yah can.”

Charlie sighs and leans against the door. He crosses his arms about his chest.

“I can’t even imagine kiddo. You just need to realize I’m in your corner. Now don’t you go running out of my life now. I need you Bells. And I hope you still need me.”

“You need some help Bells?”

“Nope.” She says as she flips the fried chicken.

So she cooks too? The academy served them three meals a day. So there was never a need to cook. Logan hadn’t a clue. His stomach growled as he sniffed the air. He hadn’t had a good fry chicken in forever it seemed. Bella opened the freezer.


Charlie cut Logan an oh shit look. Bella growls out and grabs a trash bag.

“What did I tell you about these things?! Are you trying to kill yourself!”
“Bells…” He groans and looks over as she’s throwing out his TV dinners.

“I thought we agreed you’d cook on the grill at least!”

Logan wanted to chuckle. The look ok Charlie’s face was priceless.

“Now why you throwing them out?”

“Because it’s crap! All of it UTTER CRAP! You’re not eating that stuff!”

She grumbled out of her breath and stormed outside to throw out the dinners.

“I swear…” Charlie mutters miserably looking to his freezer.

“That damn kid.”

Logan softly laughs.

“When she gets her mind on something…” Logan hints.

“That’s no damn lie.”
Charlie shakes his head and slams his freezer shut.

Bella comes back in and finishes cooking supper. Both men look upon the food as if in mere heaven. Bella laughs at their reactions.
“Looks good darlin’.”
“Thank you.”

“Go on fill your faces.”

Neither waste anytime digging in. Logan couldn’t get over how good the food was.

“Hell if I had known you’d enjoy so much. I’d have cooked for you awhile back.” She says eyeing Logan as he bites down into his piece of chicken.

“I don’t know of a single man on earth that doesn’t enjoy a home cooked meal.”

She smiles and scoops some mash potatoes into her mouth.

“I’ll have to keep that in mind.”
“So you steal my daughter and my home cooked meals?” Charlie scoffs.

Bella laughs.

“Time to find a woman dad.”

“Ugh not that again.”

“I’m just saying…”

“Yeah, yeah…”

Logan wasn’t picking up a word of this. He was still polishing off his plate. Bella smirked as she watched him. The guy was acting as if he’d never eat in his life. Bella gets up and places something else down on the table. Charlie laughs.


“Last time I checked it was.”

She says with a shrug.

“So you spoil me then leave?”

“Yep that’s the idea dad. To torture you.”

They lift their heads as there’s a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it. You two just enjoy.”

Logan however, shook his head eyeing her. She looked to him oddly. He too came to his feet and followed behind her.


He and Logan locked eyes for a moment.

“I’m not here to cause trouble. I promise. I just had to come see for myself.”

“See what for yourself?”

“That you’re ok.”

“I’m fine Jake.”

He shut his eyes for a moment.

“I’m sorry Bella. I should’ve done something. I should’ve taken care of Edward myself. If anything when he slapped you.”

Logan made a snapping bark like sound.

“Yah were there?!”

Jake swallows back nervously as he looks upon him.

“Yah let the son of a bitch hit my girl and did nothing about it?!”


Logan grabbed Jake by the collar and tossed him across the yard. Bella gasps out and rushes towards them.

“What kind of a man lets another man hit a woman and just stands there bub?!” Logan says pointing at Jake as he’s down on the ground.

“Logan please…”

She grabs hold of his arm. Bella gasps out as more of the boys appear from the woods.

Sam, Seth, Embry, and Paul… Sam immediately fixated on Bella. Logan let out a full on growl.

“Dammit I told them not to come here!” Jake snaps.

Sam points directly at Bella as he comes closer.

“You got half my pack killed.”

“SAM!” Jake yells.

“Knock it off I told you not to follow me this is my business!”

“Your business is my business now fall back!”

Jake shakes his head.

“Sam come on now knock it off it wasn’t her fault! We both know that.”

Jake makes a whimpering sound and falls to his knees.

“LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU ASS!” Bella yells furiously.

Sam shakes his head and shifts coming right for Bella. Logan immediately yanks Bella back behind him. He pops out his claws bracing himself. Sam whimpers out as Wolverine’s claws puncture through one of his shoulders and his sternum. Wolverine pulls out Sam’s blood dripped off the claws.

“Yah should have known better. I know yah can sense me. None of yah stand a chance. Yer as good as kibble if you yah even try. Yah leave the girl alone. If yah don’t I’ll gladly wrap yer intestines around yer neck and choke yah to death!”

Bella goes to help Jake off his feet. Stupidly, Paul ignore Wolverine’s warning. He slams Bella down. Jake growls out and shifts coming to her defense. However, Wolverine already had Paul by the scruff of his neck.

“Yah just made a big mistake bub. You fucked with my mate. That’s a death sentence! How about I leave yah with a nice parting gift? A little reminder of who’s boss!”

Logan takes Paul against his knee and everyone freezes as they hear the snapping of his back. Bella covers her mouth in shock. Logan tosses him back at the feet of Seth, Embry, and Sam.

“Who’s next?”

Wolverine demands furiously. The others look to one another and whimper in confusion. Seth shakes his head so does Embry. Embry bites down on Sam’s neck and starts to drag him off. Seth drags Paul away. Wolverine turns back to Jake. Jake’s back in his human form he takes a few steps back.

“I oughtta kick your fucking ass! You put her in danger coming here! Get lost you little shit! I mean it!”

Jake looks back to Bella.

“I’m sorry.”

Bella sighs.

“I know you are Jake. But he’s right you should go. It’s not just about me. What if my dad had come out just now? The pack didn’t even try to hide themselves! You can’t come here anymore.”
Jake lowers his head.

“I’m sorry about the others. The matter of the fact though is even you didn’t support me Jake. You too stood against my wishes. You too wanted me to follow what path you deemed right for me. We both have our own lives to live. I’m sorry Jake, but this is where we say goodbye.”

“You don’t mean that!”

“Look me in the eyes Jake. Tell me can you honestly be my friend knowing I’m to marry that man?”

Jake looks to Logan then back to her.


Bella nods.

“That’s about what I figured. I care for you Jake and I always will. You and I however, see things differently. Whereas, I see you as just a friend. You see something more you always will. That is why I can’t continue this with you. This little game you try to play. Granted you’re nothing like Edward and I appreciate that. Still even you can’t take a hint. I’m in love with Logan. Not you. Not Edward or anyone else. That is the man I’m marrying. It doesn’t matter how much you try to pry your way in. I’m not that same naïve girl anymore Jake. In fact that girl is long gone.”

“You’re making a mistake Bella please… deep down you know this isn’t right.”

“Wasn’t it you that said you couldn’t break a mating bond?”

Jake lowers his head.

“He’s just going to end up hurting you! Just like Edward!”

“Watch yourself Jake. It’s time you head on home now.”

Once Jake leaves; Logan turns back to Bella.

“Are yah alright?”

She nods. He picks her up and places her on the hood of her truck. He removes the dirt and leaves from her hair.

“Yah sure? Yah got slammed down pretty good.”

“I’m fine…”

Logan presses his forehead against hers. His hands run along her legs soothingly. Bella wraps her arms around his neck and feverishly kisses him.

“Hmm…” He half moans into her mouth as they continue to kiss.

They both freeze to the sound of Charlie clearing his throat…

They both sit on Logan’s bike for a bit. Her arms still wrapped around his waist. They stared upon the academy.

“Yah ready lil darlin’?”

He feels her giggling against him. He grins and hops off his bike. Logan takes her hand. From there they begin their hellacious week leading up to the Volturi.

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