Chapter 11 I Don’t Wanna Believe

Chapter 11 – I Don’t Wanna Believe

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This chapter and the story throughout will contain some bisexual and homosexual situations. If you have an issue with that back out or skip the scenes altogether!

“Is it just me or are you avoiding everyone?” Dizzy questioned as Bella was finishing the final touches on her car.

She knew she couldn’t get past border check without painting the car and putting a new license plate on it. The Canadian police were sure to have it pegged. She only hoped they didn’t have her pegged in general. Then again that was the beauty of tinted windows. And it worked before, in the sense of everyone thinking she was a man for so long.

“Hey, I’m talking to you.”

“I’m well aware.” Bella murmured.

Dizzy shook her head on this.

“You should be in there… with him.”

“He needs some time with his kid. You know… without me hovering about. Besides, I got a shitload of work to do before we hit the border tomorrow.”

“Jesus, Bella…”

Bella stopped what she was doing and looked over.


“You’re doing it again, aren’t you?!”

“Doing what exactly?”

“Shutting down!”

Bella wiped the paint off her hands then tossed the rag onto the ground.

“Like I said… I’m busy.”

Unbelievable… You go all out in order to save his son and the minute he gets him back you turn into a fucking hermit!”

“Excuse me?!”

“You heard me!”

“Jesus Christ, Dizzy. Can you not see how much shit I have to do?! And it’s like I said, Jackson needs some one on one with that boy. I’m not about to get in the way of that.”

“Still… It wouldn’t hurt to show some sort of…”

“OF WHAT, DIZZY?! Are you really going to stand there and give ME fucking relationship advice? I’m doing the best I can. I don’t know shit about babies and I sure as hell don’t know anything about being a parental figure to that kid! I can barely handle my cousins as it is!”

“You’re kidding me, right? You’re kickass with Ellie and Kenny. They adore you!”

Dizzy tilted her head and observed Bella’s mannerisms more closely.

“You’re scared…”

“Scared?!” Bella scoffed.

“Of getting attached…”

Bella rolled her eyes on this and went back to work on the car.

“I’m right, aren’t I?! You’re afraid of getting close to that boy, in the sense of Jax ripping your heart out again.”

“Thank you, Dr. Phil. How about we move on to commercial now?”

“Bella… Jax is well past that point. He’s not about to fuck this up. So get your ass in there and enjoy yourself for once. Quit coming up with excuses. All you’re doing is punishing yourself.”

Bella lifted the car with the jack and rolled on under it.

“Fine! Have it your way, pain in the ass.”

Dizzy marched off and Bella sighed amongst herself.

Bella wouldn’t admit it. But Dizzy was dead on. All she could picture was giving Jax her all, which included that of Abel. Only to have Jax yank that right out from under her. She had no real pull to Abel, other than being Jax’s old lady. She feared the outcome of getting too attached. Losing Jax would be hard enough. You add a child into the mix and the mere idea had her ill. But there wasn’t much she could do about the situation. She was in too deep to make a run for it now. She had to let her guard down and believe that Jackson Teller was a man of his word.

When Bella woke the following morning Jax had Abel in his arms and they were sound asleep.


Bella looked to the time and quietly snuck out of the bed so she wouldn’t disturb them. She headed into the bathroom and got the shower started. When she stepped into the shower that’s when everything truly hit. Everything from Jax cheating, to Abel’s recent kidnapping and her newest discovery… the arranged marriage her own parents set up. Bella’s hands balled up into fists and she punched at the shower wall. Tears streamed on down her face and she found it hard to breathe.

“I can’t… I can’t do this.” Bella uttered over in over.

“Can’t do what, Bella baby?”

Bella jumped and let out a gasp of surprise, before snapping her head that direction.

This. What happens when you’ve had your fill and think it time to move on? How do I this? How do I let you and Abel in, knowing what you’re capable of?! I love you, Jackson but…”

Jax entered the shower fully clothed and hugged her.

“Bella darlin’, all I can do is prove to you that I mean business. You’re it for me. I need you to see that and I will do whatever it takes to get you there. Just give me that chance. Let me give you what you’ve always needed. I can do this. Abel and I aren’t going anywhere. But I know it’s up to me to show you that. And I will… Just give me time.”

“ME?!” Bella questioned as Jax strapped Abel into his car seat.

Jax nodded and kissed the top of his son’s head.

“Jackson, I don’t know anything about babies!” She uttered with a touch of panic.

Opie overheard this and was dying of laughter. Bella cut her uncle a look of hell.

“You’ve taken care of Ellie and Kenny.” Her uncle reminded.

“That’s different.”


“They weren’t in diapers for one thing!”

“You’ll be just fine, darlin’.” Jax said with a genuine smile.


“Bella, I can’t think of anyone I trust more, outside of my mother.”

Bella looked to Abel and sighed.

“Besides, think of this as the perfect time to bond. You’ve quite a drive ahead of you.”

“You make it sound as if you’re not tagging along.”

“Op and I got a little somethin’ to take care of first. We’ll be about a day or so behind you.”


“Relax. You’ll do just fine. You’ll see.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about.”

Jax cupped her chin then looked her in the eyes.

“Bella baby, you got this. Alright?”

“What if I put too much formula in his bottle, feed him at the wrong time, or put his diaper on backwards?!”

“Then you’ll be starting out just like I did.” Jax said with a smile.


Jax shut the door then handed Abel’s diaper bag over. If anything… Jax felt as if he owed her and Abel this. He kept her shut out of that part of his life.  These were two people he’d die for and without batting an eye on it. Yet they were estranged and through no fault other than his own.  He’d do whatever he could to make up for it. This was just the start. He knew Bella doubted herself. But after everything she’d done in order to help him get Abel back; he knew without a shadow of a doubt that his son was in good hands.

“What if I break your baby?!”

Opie laughed yet again and Bella flipped him off.

“You won’t. I trust you. Besides, he’s not a toaster.” Jax did his best to reassure and kissed her.

“I’ll see you both back in Charming.” He handed Bella the key to his place.

Dizzy was having a giggle fit as she hopped into her car. Bella sent her a ‘look’.

“Love you!” Jax hollered as he and the others headed on out.

Bella looked into the backseat and groaned.

“What am I going to do with a baby?!”



Tig looked over but cleared his throat. They’d been on the road for a little over three hours now and Tig was bored out of his mind. The thrill of driving Derk’s race car had died down. He missed his bike. But this was better than  that fucking rental car Clay had him driving on the way to Port Angeles. That car was gas guzzler for one thing and what Tig referred to as an old lady car. He was relieved when Clay told him to switch out and he’d find a way of getting the car back to the rental place.

“Your junk out of commission or what?”

“My what?!”

You know…”

Derk followed Tig’s gaze and reared back in disbelief.

“Dude, are you checking out my crotch?!”

Tig shrugged then popped a cigarette into his mouth.

“So how’d that come about anyhow?”

“Why do you care?” Derk bitterly uttered.

Tig narrowed his eyes on this. He offered Derk a cigarette. Derk drew back an uneasy breath but grabbed one from the pack. Tig handed his zippo over.

“Thanks…” Derk said as he took a drag.

“No prob.”

Derk seemed a little choked up however as he gazing out the window. His hand trembled as he smoked that cigarette.

“Are you scared of me?!” Tig questioned and Derk rolled his eyes.

Derk’s cellphone rang and he cleared his throat before answering.


“Please tell me Clay lived up to his word and that you’re okay.”

“I’m fine.”          

Bella drew back a breath of relief.

“Who picked you up?”

Derk glanced Tig’s direction.

“Some guy named Tig.”

“You’re kidding…”


“Jesus. Watch your back around that one. He’s sketchy.”

“So I’ve noticed…”

Tig gathered this offended look as he picked up on both ends of the conversation.

“How are you feeling?”


“I bet. Just so you know that little fucker isn’t getting off that easy. Wraith has her ways… He’ll get what’s coming to him.”

“Not even worth it. Trust me. I’m used to it.”

“You shouldn’t have to be. Your sexual preference doesn’t define you.”

“Yeah well try telling my old man that. Like I said… No big deal. Isn’t the first time and it sure as hell won’t be the last.”

“I’m sorry, Derk.”

“Don’t be. I’m only sorry I caused you so much trouble. I should be there… helping you.”

“We’re good. In fact, I’m heading back to Charming.”

“Already? So you got the baby back?!

“Yes and yes! I’ll see you in a couple days or so.”

 “That’s so cool. I knew if anyone could do it… It’d be you!”

“It wasn’t me, Derk. It was us as a whole, even you.”

Derk finished his cigarette then flicked it out the window.



“Thank you.”


“Giving me another chance. I know I don’t deserve it.”

“Knock that shit off. We’re fine. Just focus on getting better, alright? You’ll be back to sucking dick and eating pussy in no time!”

She teased and Derk managed to laugh.

“If only…” He uttered.

“You’ll find someone. Everyone deserves some sort of lovin’. Take care, Derk. I’ll see you soon.”


Tig handed a tissue over as Derk got a little teary eyed.

“You alright there?”

Derk nodded but seemed somewhat embarrassed.

“Sounds like you got yourself one hell of a boss.”

“That she is…” Derk shook his head in shame.

“Thought she was a lying bitch at first… I didn’t leave the greatest impression and here I am. Fucking up, yet again. I’m just glad your friend got his baby back.”

Tig nodded in agreement.

“So how’s that work exactly?”

“How’s what work?”

“You know… The whole pussy and cock bit? That really a thing? Or do you prefer one over another?”

“Jesus…” Derk groaned.

“Come on, man. It’s just a question.”

“Sure it is. Let me guess… Your president put you up to this? That’s the whole reason behind you offering me a ride, right?! To shove it in a little deeper.”

“Deeper, huh?” Tig uttered with raised brows.

Derk let out a miserable laugh.

“Whatever man… Poke fun at the queer.”

“I thought you weren’t a queer if you dug a little bit of both…” Derk started to smart off at this but realized Tig was dead serious.

“Wait… you?”

Tig shrugged and looked to be in thought. He stopped at an intersection and waited for the light.

“Name me one person that doesn’t like a big ass cock when watching a porno? You add a little pussy and some big ass tits and damn… Can’t think of anything better. Hell, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.”

Derk regarded Tig in disbelief.

“Doesn’t that go AGAINST your MC?”


“Thinking about hard cocks?”

“Does it?”

“Sure sounded like it.”

“Hm… How bout you tell me who went ballistic on your nutsack…”

“That Rat guy.”

“The prospect?!”

“Is there more than one Rat?”

“Not that I’m aware of.”

“Then that’d be the one.”

“So how’s that come about exactly?”

“Why are you so interested in this?!”

“Dunno. I’m bored and need something to kill the time. I highly doubt you wanna suck my dick.”

Tig looked over but was quick to rear back.

Hello…” He uttered in such a way.

Derk pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Well I guess that answers my first question. Look at thing! Is it Hulking out?”

“Dude… please. Stop.”

“Can I see it?!”

“What the fuck, man?!”

“Just a quick looksee…. That’s gotta be painful!”

“It is. So can we talk about something else?!”

“Fine. But AFTER you show me.” Tig pulled into the nearest rest stop and Derk looked to him in downright disbelief.

Tig put Derk’s car in park and rested his hand against Derk’s seat as he waited. Tig himself wasn’t sure what came over him. But something about this guy had him all kinds of riled up. He was the spitting image of Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp’s love child, if they had one. And Tig as much as he loved women… He found himself wanting to hit that, something fierce.


“I’m not showing you my junk, man!”

“But you promised!”

“No I didn’t!”

“Okay. Fine. You didn’t but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to see it.”

“Why?! I’m all beat up down there!”

“Exactly! I wanna see how that shit works. It’s impressive you can even get hard!”

Derk looked around the area and shook his head.

“If I show you will you leave me the fuck alone?”


Derk drew back an uneasy breath and went on to unfasten his pants. Tig let out a disappointed sigh.


“You’re soft.”

“Well yeah!”

“I wanted to see it when it was hard. That doesn’t count!”

Tig tilted his head however and got a good look.

“Damn that looks painful as fuck!”

“Yeah well imagine keeping a hard on through that shit!” Derk went to tuck himself away but snapped Tig a look.

“What are you doing?”

Tig didn’t answer and went on to fondle him. Derk leaned back and Tig smiled as he bucked off the seat a bit.

“There we go!”

Tig moved his hand and nodded.

“Nice! I’m a little envious. You got a big damn cock! Look at that thing. I’m sure some of that’s the swelling still… Damn.”

Derk’s jaw dropped as he looked over to see Tig pleasuring himself. He wasn’t sure what to say and just sat there as Tig finished.

“What in the fuck was that?” Derk questioned afterward.

Tig said nothing on it as he sent him a wink then cleaned up after.

Bella pulled over as Abel started to cry. She looked into the backseat.

“You alright there, buddy?”

Abel’s bottom lip quivered and Bella sighed.

“Dammit, Jackson…” She whispered but dug into the diaper back in search of something to calm him down.

Bella pulled out one of Abel’s stuffed animals.

“Look! A bunny!”

She handed the bunny over and he threw it down.

“Um okay… so no bunny.”

She tried a pacifier next but with same outcome.

“Okay… So you’re like VERY unhappy and I totally suck at this.”

Bella unfastened her seatbelt, grabbed the diaper bag then climbed into the backseat.

“Let’s see…” She murmured whilst digging into the bag.

It was then the smell hit. She lifted her eyes and covered her mouth and nose.

“Please tell me that isn’t you.”

Abel kicked his feet about and Bella cringed.

“Okay. Okay. I can do this.”

She reached over and got him out of the car seat.

“Just a little poo…” She trailed off as it was leaking out of his onesie and onto her leather seats.

“Okay so… a lot. A whole lot of poopy.” She held him at arm’s length and wrinkled her nose in disgust.

After a couple times of gagging and cursing Jax’s name under her breath; she finally managed to get it cleaned up. Abel stopped crying and Bella drew back a breath of relief.

“I’m so sorry, Abel. I’m terrible at this. What was he thinking?! Leaving his poor defenseless baby with ME?!”

She managed to smile however as Abel handed his bottle over.

“Got any vodka in that thing?”

He giggled and Bella’s heart skipped a beat.

Damn… You really are a spitting image of your father.”

“Think she’s pulling her hair out yet?”

Jax chuckled in thought.

“I can’t believe you dumped Abel on her like that.”

“I didn’t dump him…” Jax uttered looking somewhat offended.

“You know what I mean… You two just got your shit together and you’re already shoving the whole baby thing in her face.”

“Baby thing?!”

“Yeah… I mean I get it. Trust me. But you need to keep in mind that Bella’s a lot younger than you and this is all new to her. You might wanna tame it down a bit… that’s all.”

“First off that baby… is my son. And I meant nothing by it, Op. Out of everyone there… she’s the only one I trusted. I mean sure the guys are good with him but for three whole days? I need to know that my son is in good hands.”

“He is. But that doesn’t change what you’re really doing.”

“And what would that be?” Jax challenged and polished off his beer.

“Come on, Jackson. It’s the same bullshit you pulled with Wendy and Tara. And now you’re doing it with my niece. I get wanting a mother figure for your son. But focus on the actual relationship first. It wasn’t that long ago you were cheating on her. As for Abel… ease him into the picture rather than making it feel like an obligation.”

Jax wanted to argue this but knew he couldn’t. Opie had a point. Jax tossed the tip onto the table and shook his head.

“The thought never even occurred to me…” Jax admitted in defeat.

“I know… That’s why I’m telling you rather than calling you out on it.”

“Jesus…” Jax muttered feeling like a complete dickhead.

He never saw it the way Opie did and now he was certain that’s how his old lady saw it. But that was never his intention. He truly wanted the two to bond. He had no hidden agenda. But when he thought back to Wendy and Tara, he knew Opie was making a valid point and Jax was pissed with himself.

“Hey… It’s cool. Just tame it down once we get to Charming. You don’t want her thinking that Abel’s the only reason you’re keeping her around. Don’t make the same mistakes you made with Tara. Make time for your son but take a step back when it comes to Bella entering that picture. Pay attention. She’ll let you know when SHE’S ready.”

Jax nodded and Opie patted him on the back.


The VP glanced towards the bikes in thought.


“Alright. Let’s get this over with.”

At a bar somewhere around Portland…

“Easy…” Tig uttered as he helped a very drunk Derk into the car.

Tig originally did this with somewhat ill intentions. He’d hopes of taking advantage of this hot stud’s vulnerable and drunken state. Not so much rape but a regrettable night, at least on Derk’s side of things. Not that he wanted him to regret it. But with Tig’s luck that’s how things usually went and he truly believed that was the only way into this guy’s pants. But what happened next wasn’t something Tig Trager expected and even he had too big of a heart to take advantage of the situation. What he saw was very off-putting and it had his heart sinking to the pit of his stomach. He lifted Derk’s shirt in order to get a better look and recoiled.  Someone had tattooed faggot across his abdomen and in big bold letters. Tig swallowed back as Derk caught him looking.

“Sorry…” Tig murmured and was quick to lower his shirt.

“Old man…” Derk said behind a miserable laugh.

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope. Caught me with my pants down and taking right up the ass. Didn’t handle it very well.”

“I should say not!”

“Bought me a hooker that same night. Wanted me to prove I was HIS by getting it up for some random bitch. And I could’ve if the woman had ever heard of a toothbrush and fucking grooming. You wanna talk about bush. Damn woman had an afro down there.”

Tig curled his lip in disgust and Derk laughed.

“It was pretty bad…”

“Hey…” Tig called as Derk pinched his eyes shut and started to cry.

“Fucking bastard… Told me I wasn’t his son. That my mother must’ve got knocked up by some pansy ass motherfucker. Kicked me out and all I had were the clothes on my back. After a month or two of being homeless… I ran into Han and the Speedster.”


“You know… Wraith. I showed them what I could do and they took me in, no questions asked. About the only family I know. Funny right? Considering Wraith can’t stand my sorry ass.

“Not how it sounded on the phone.”

Derk shrugged and closed his eyes. Tig shut his door and made his way around. Once he was inside, Derk looked his direction.

“Do the Sons know about you?”


“Yeah. You know…”

“Not gay.” Tig made clear and started the car.

Derk had a good laugh at this.


“I’m not.” Tig reiterated.

“Sure. Neither am I.”

“Titties make you hard?”

“Well yeah.”

“Then you’re not gay.”

“What if cocks make me harder?”

“Still not gay…” Tig murmured with a shrug.

“Then what am I?”

“Somewhere in the middle. Bi-curious, right?”


“Then quit focusing on that bullshit your homophobic father says and live for yourself. If you feel the need to titty fuck someone, do it. You wanna rub your cock against another man’s what’s stopping you?

“Hmmm… And what would your president say to that?”

Tig narrowed his eyes in question.

“How would he feel about you rubbing one out like you did earlier?”

“Doesn’t matter what he or anyone else thinks.”

“So you’re going to tell him?”

“Why would I? Isn’t that my business?”

“I suppose…”

“You’re putting way too much thought into this. Just live for the moment.”

“Ok… But what happens the day your MC walks in on you choking on some cock?!”

“Why are you offering?”

“Sounds really nice but I’m afraid I’m still in remission.”

“Well… I’m not.” Tig hinted with a wide grin.

“Answer the question.”

“What question?”

“What happens…? When the day comes?”

“Jesus. Why does it matter?!”

“Because I kind of dig you and thought… well you know… That we could see more of one another. But I don’t wanna complicate things.”

“You dig me, huh?”

“Not sure why…” Derk murmured.

“You’re drunk and horny. It’ll pass. Trust me. Don’t read so much into what happened. We’re stuck in this car with nothing else to do.”


“Get some sleep.”

“K…” Derk cleared his throat however and glanced out the window.

“Wanna hummer?”

This had Tig veering off the road and slamming on the brakes.

“Look at you all dressed up and with no place to go!” Bella said and Abel giggled.

“Alright. Let’s see how this formula mix goes…”

Abel chewed on his big toe as Bella read the instructions. She nodded amongst herself and went on to fix Abel a bottle. She zapped it in the hotel microwave and “orally” tested the temp after.

“Yeah… That was a really bad idea…” She said with a shudder and was quick to rinse her mouth out.

Bella looked to Abel in thought.

“How do you drink this crap?! It’s god awful!”

Bella dug in the bag in hopes of there being something else to feed him. But the formula was it.

“So gross. Sorry Abel.”

She lifted him out of the car seat and sat at the hotel table.

“Well you don’t seem to mind it.” She murmured as he fed like it was nothing.

Bella smiled as he let out tiny grunts off and on.

“Man. You really were hungry, weren’t you?!” She said after holding up the empty bottle.

“So do I give you more or…” Bella grimaced as he reached for the empty bottle and started to cry.

“Okay. I’ll get you some more. Hold on.”

Bella placed Abel back into the car seat. He screamed bloody murder as she went and got that other bottle ready. Yet again she tested the bottle “orally”.



Abel continued to cry as Bella shook the bottle and was waiting for it to cool down.

“Alright. I got your…” Bella paused however as she looked over and Abel’s face was beet red and he seemed to be ‘concentrating’.

“Oh no… Not again.” Bella groaned and sure enough she heard that dreadful sound.

Right… Why does your father hate me?”

“This the place?” Jax asked and Opie gave a simple nod.

“Man what a dump. What’s with the fucking tarp on the roof?”

“Hell if know… Too lazy to fix it maybe?”

Jax hopped on out and Opie joined him.

“Are they even here?” He uttered and Opie shrugged.

“Hell if I know. But this is the place. Billy and Charlie were pretty tight back in the day.” Opie said but with a frown.

“So fucked up…” Jax muttered as he thought back to the arranged marriage.

“Right? Makes me wonder how that conversation went exactly.”

Jax couldn’t imagine such a thing. He thought his family was fucked up. But to sit there and actually agree to having your daughter married off like that? This had Jax wondering if money was involved. Had the Swans owed the tribe money? Or the Blacks personally? This had him looking to Opie in thought. Just as he was to bring this up…

“What are you two doing here?”

They snapped their heads that direction. Jax smiled seeing as how it was Jacob Black. He was making his way over from the garage. This guy had some nerve. Jax found himself thinking. Girl aims a fucking gun at him and tells him to get lost; after making it abundantly clear that she wanted NOTHING to do with him. Yet he and his entire tribe were going out their way in order to blackmail Bella into this ridiculous marriage.

“Your uncle here?” Opie questioned and Jacob shrugged.

“What’s it to you?”

Opie sighed as if jaded. He grabbed Jacob and shoved him towards Jax. Jax was quick to grab a fistful of Jacob’s hair then brought his blade up against his throat. He nodded upon Opie and they welcomed themselves into the house. Jax placed Jacob into a chair and Opie scanned the house for Billy.

Jax pulled up a chair and sat right across Jacob.

“So you wanna marry my old lady, huh?”

Jacob rolled his eyes and Jax gritted his teeth.

“Answer the question.”

“I don’t have to tell you shit…”

“Is that so?”


Jax nodded and without warning, he hopped up and slammed Jacob’s face into the dining room table. He leaned into his ear afterward.

“How ‘bout you answer that question now…” He demanded behind a growl.

When he wouldn’t answer, Jax twirled him about so that he was facing him.

“Do. You. Want. To. Marry. My. Old. Lady?!”

Jacob let out this obnoxious laugh then he socked Jax across the face. Jax raised his brows and used the back of his hand to wipe the blood from his busted lip.

“Bella isn’t your old lady. She belongs to ME! I hit that, waaay before you came into the picture. And I will again only next time… I’ll get her nice and knocked up. I know Bella… She’ll stay put after that. She can’t bear the idea of a child being separated from their father, like she was for so long. It’s engrained into her. So you don’t stand a FUCKING CHANCE, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIIIT!”

Jacob let out a painful groan and Jax sent him a wink.

“Well fuck… looks like I just ruined your plans.”

The Quileute looked down and downright shock filled him. Jax wrapped a hand around the back of Jacob’s throat then twisted the blade further into his crotch, before ripping it back out.

“There’s only one future for rapists fucks like you…  Bella can call it what she wants but between us guys. You know what you did was none other than rape. Why else would she have no recollection? There was a reason behind getting her so fucking wasted. You waited until she passed the fuck out, didn’t you?! DIDN’T YOU?! YOU SICK FUUUUUUCKKKKKK! YOU RAPED MY GIRL AND YOU KNOW IT! THAT WAS THE ONLY WAY INTO HER FUCKING PANTS AND YOU WERE THAT DETERMINED!” Jax roared then shoved him onto the ground.

He grabbed one of the dining room chairs and beat the living hell out of Jacob. He did this with the vision of Bella’s unconscious body and this motherfucker having his way with her. Jax let out a howl of downright fury as he took one of the legs and drove it into Jacob’s abdomen. Opie had entered the room with Billy at this point. Billy was strapped to his wheelchair and with a grenade in his mouth. Tears streamed down his face as he watched Jax give that final blow to the head.

“Going out your way to fuck my niece over… BIG MISTAKE.” Opie whispered into Billy’s ear.

“She’s getting the house and everything in it. If she doesn’t… I will bring my friends and we’ll show them the same kind of mercy Jax is showing your nephew. We will literally FUCK EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!”

Opie took the contract, lit it with his zippo, then he tossed it into the sink. He made Billy watch as it burned into nothing but ashes. Once he finished he nodded upon Jax.

“Show this motherfucker what happens when you fuck with my family!”

Jax sent Billy this crazed smile. He propped Jacob’s body up against him then he slit his throat. Opie held up a picture of Seth Clearwater.

“Come anywhere near my niece again and this little punk is next. And we’ll just keep on going until we’ve wiped out your entire tribe. It ends here or so help me GOD I will make you regret the very day you signed that contract. I’m talking about putting EACH of your boys in a fucking wheelchair then we’ll take your women and kill them. Watch how your fucking Quileute tribe flourishes from there, asshole!

Jax dared not to say a word. Opie was too far gone and he truly meant every word at this point. That had Jax somewhat nervous in the sense of knowing what would happen to HIM if he ever hurt Bella. Not that he planned to. Still, Opie scared the shit out of anyone that crossed him, even that of Jackson Teller.

Opie forced Billy to sign off on giving the property BACK to Bella. Opie gave a simple nod once he checked everything over. Jax raised his brows as Opie pulled the pin from the grenade. He sent Billy a menacing wink directly after.

“SHIT!” Jax hollered and was quick to grab Opie and they darted on out of the house.

Opie broke into a fit of laughter and Jax reared back as he was waiting for the “explosion”.

“How much you wanna bet he fucking shit himself?!” Opie uttered and Jax smiled.

“Jesus Christ, Op! You could’ve let me in on what you were about to pull!”

“Now where’s the fun in that?! You’re fucking my niece. That gives me the right to make you fucking sweat.”

Chibs tilted his head as Bella opened the hotel door.

“Ye alright, lass?”

“I’ll have to tell Jackson this isn’t going to work out between us.” Bella murmured but half teasingly.

Chibs peeked into the room to see Abel lying on the bed. He had on a single sock and his diaper was on backwards. As for Bella she had spit up all in her hair and leather jacket. Her eyes were bloodshot and she was a nervous wreck. Chibs looked to the time and saw that it was nine am. Meaning she’d been up all night with Abel. He said nothing on it as he welcomed himself inside. The Scot picked Abel up and went on to fix his diaper. Bella cringed once she realized it was backwards.

“Oh my god! I knew I’d wind up doing that! I totally suck at this!”

Chibs looked over and Bella seemed to be on the verge of tears.

“How can I have a relationship with Jackson if I can’t even take care of his kid?!”

“Easy, lass. No one’s expectin’ ye to know this. Ye didn’t start out at day one. Why don’t ye go on and shower? I’ll take the wee one fur a bit and let ye get some rest.”

“I’m going to make a terrible mother!”

“Aye now… None of that. Yer doin’ better than I did startin’ out that’s fur damn sure. Ye should’ve seen me with Keri.”


“Me girl…”

“You have a daughter?!”

“Aye…” Chibs said with warm smile and sat on the edge of the bed, whilst rocking Abel.

“How old?”


“Oh wow.”

“She resides in Ireland with her mother.”


“Long story there, darlin’.”

“Oh… Sorry.”

“Don’t be. I’ll tell ye sometime. Just know that yer doin’ fine. Don’t beat yerself up over not knowin’ what ta do. We’ve all be there, Jackie boy fur certain. Now go on. I’ll bring him back in a few hours or so.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Now what did I say aboot that?”

“Right… Imma going!”

He chuckled and grabbed the diaper bag.



“Thank you.”

He pecked her on the cheek then headed on out of the room.


                If you’re reading this that means something must’ve happened and I’m no longer in your life. That also means the truth has come out. That truth having to do with the arranged marriage your mother, Billy, and I set up. Something I always feared but deep down… knew it was needed. Needed – in the sense of knowing that you’re in good hands and will be taken care of. Jacob and the tribe can give you that. He’s your childhood friend, Bella. Someone your mother and I can trust and someone we know will always have your back. He loves you. He’s loved you from day one. I know you don’t share these feelings but give it time and you will. He’s your best friend for a reason. Don’t ever forget that.



                 Opie rolled his eyes then handed Jax the letter. Jax reared back after reading it. The more Opie thought on everything, the angrier he became. After everything that went down between Charlie and Renee, you’d think they’d fucking know better. All that bitching Renee did about being stuck with Charlie in that small fucking town. Then they go and do the unthinkable?! How can you sit there and make arrangements for your child’s future like that? And furthermore… Why wasn’t he let in on this? Bella had every reason to feel betrayed. Opie knew she’d never see Charlie and Renee in the same light again. Nothing like having your childhood ripped out from under you and in the sense of being lied to day by day. Weren’t the fights and horrible divorce enough? Bella was traumatized enough thanks to Renee. You add Charlie’s betrayal into the mix and Opie wondered how Bella kept from losing her shit altogether.

“What in the ever living fuck? Was your sister fucking high?”

Opie thought back to little Bella Swan. He didn’t get it. How can you look into those big brown eyes think of her as nothing BUT a mistake? He couldn’t stand it when Renee would go on one of her rants.

I’m stuck with Charlie, stuck in this pathetic town, and all because HE wanted a child. I never wanted Bella, Opie! I was happy with the way things were!

 Only she wasn’t. Opie’s sister was never happy with anything. She always found something to complain about. But once she married Charlie, that’s all it ever was. Complaints, one after another. And up until now, Opie rather liked Charlie and didn’t think he was all that bad. Sure, he was a cop but still. He was by far better than Phil and most certainly treated her better. Opie had never let Bella in on that but Phil had been fucking around on Renee towards the end. She’d called him a couple times drunk and crying. Opie never had the heart but it was on the tip of his tongue, every time. You should’ve stayed with Charlie but you were bored. Bored… being the wife of a cop, chief of police at that, and bored with being a mother to a brilliant little girl. It was because of Bella that Opie ended up wanting kids of his own. He couldn’t get enough time with his niece. He adored her from day one. As to why he hated the distance between them. So whatever time he got, he ate up.

“Hell, I’m starting to think she wasn’t high enough.”

“Right?! Who sets up an arranged marriage, in this day and age?”

“My scatterbrained sister and her deranged cop of a husband apparently. If Renee wasn’t already dead I’d kill her myself. I can’t believe this fuckass crazy shit!”

“So they never once let you in on it?”

“Hell no! I would’ve come unglued! No way would I’ve let them get away with that shit!”

“I can’t even imagine that… Bella forced into marriage?”

“She’d have killed him first week, guaranfuckingteed. My niece doesn’t play games. Charlie and Renee…  I don’t get what the fuck was going through their heads. All that mention of keeping her safe and being in good hands…”

“With a rapist?” Jax spat with a curled lip.


“Charlie was just as thick headed as fucking Renee. I just never realized how bad until now.” Opie uttered as he loaded up another box of valuables.

He didn’t care what Bella said. Opie and Jax got a U-Haul and were loading up everything they could, including that of their bikes since they had to drive the U-Haul back home. He wasn’t about to let those Quileute fuckers take what rightfully belonged to his niece. Not a chance in hell. He’d sell the house himself and give Bella the money. That way she could wash her hands of it and have herself a nice stack of cash. He knew she was done when it came to this town. He didn’t blame her, not one bit.

Jax smiled as he ran into a picture of Bella and Opie. She looked no older than five and he was giving her a piggy-back ride. Opie chuckled once Jax showed him the picture.

“Crazy about you even then…” Jax murmured.

“Look at smile…,” the VP uttered in awe.

“She was a cute kid that’s for damn sure. Followed me around constantly. Every time I’d look up she’d be in that garage watching my every move. Once she hit that ten year mark I figured I might as well teach her a thing or two; she was in there so much. By the time she was sixteen… Girl knew more about mechanics than any of those fucktards she went to school with. Bella’s a fucking genius…” The way Opie said this had Jax’s fullest attention.

“That’s right. Top of her class, fucking straight A student, honors… you name it. Bella fucking had it going on. You should’ve seen this kid’s science fair projects. Those other kids didn’t stand a chance. First place, every year… Until she moved here that is. Then that fucking Edward kid blew her out of the water. Fuck, I hated that smug little bastard. I never understand Bella’s appeal to him. This guy’s ego made up for whatever he lacked in size.”

“That bad, huh?”

“Oh yeah…  Complete opposite of what she was. And I honestly think THAT was the ONLY appeal. Bella… She always was one to think down on herself for being so different. Whereas other girls her age were into boy bands and getting their nails and shit like that done… Bella was constantly reading, anything from that Shakespeare and Jane Austen crap to mechanics and motorcycle magazines. I got her a couple subscriptions for her fifteenth birthday. Thought Renee would lose her shit. She kept going on about how she had a daughter and not a son.”

“Really?!” Jax questioned with a grin.

For whatever reason Jax rather adored that about her.

“Oh yeah… Bella’s mind was all over the place. She could give a rat’s ass about the newest fashion and the popular boy at school. So you can imagine my shock when this Edward guy entered the picture. Bella would be in her torn up blue jeans and those black Converse she always wore. And this kid shows up in shit you’d see on the covers of GQ or something. Seeing those two together was like waiting for a train wreck. It wasn’t just the way they looked as a couple. It was how forced it felt and that was mostly on Bella. For whatever reason she went out and beyond to fit in come her Sophomore year. This guy had her changing how she dressed, talked, and acted… Before long, she had no interest in joining me in the garage during her visits. She kept to herself and had this strange group of friends – that creepy family of his. I swore they were incest loving bastards too. Like that fucking cult… They dressed and acted alike. They were posh ass motherfuckers that truly thought themselves above everyone else. That goddamn Alice bitch- the middle sister had Bella wearing dresses and fucking heels. Anytime she caught her in something other than the latest fashion she’d jump down Bella’s throat and tell her that was no way for a lady to dress. I couldn’t believe the shit my niece endured and all in order to impress that fucking Edward kid. But he made her happy for whatever reason. Told me she loved him and they were making plans to get married once they graduated from high school. But that last year they were together… I hardly recognized her. That girl wasn’t my niece. It was as if someone took over her body.”

Jax nodded as he thought back to Bella’s story about the LSD and the cult. Jax took it upon himself to let Opie in on the truth behind that. He felt the need to make him understand that she truly wasn’t herself and why.

“Jesus… He was slipping Bella drugs?!”

Jax nodded once again.

God…” Opie leaned against the wall in thought.

“That makes sense when I look back on it. Bella was pretty much a zombie. I should’ve known something was up. I should’ve looked into it. I could’ve done something, anything. Damn…”

“I think we all have our moments…”

Opie lifted his eyes on this.

“You know… Losing yourself. I know I did with Tara. I broke my back trying to make her happy. I had to learn the hard way. Tara was responsible for her own happiness, just as I was. It didn’t matter how much I changed or went out my way to fit into her world. Bottom line… I never fit into her world, just as she hadn’t when it came to mine. Tara was never meant to become an old lady, much less SAMCRO. Everything felt so forced… it’s like you said about Bella when it came to fitting into that Edward guy’s world. You can’t force these things; especially, things that weren’t meant to be in the first place. With Tara, everything was so out of place. Nothing truly felt right, even on our best of days. But Bella enters the picture and it’s like I’m opening my eyes for the first time. Sure, I fucked up in how I went about it. But I knew… That first night. I just knew. She was it. I could picture her in my future. She fit in so easily. Whereas Tara… I couldn’t squeeze her in. No matter how much I tried, it never made sense. I just couldn’t picture her sitting at my mother’s table in five years to come with the rest of the SAMCRO family. She stuck out like a sore thumb the few times we did get together. She was so miserable and I could see it written all over her face. She never smiled and when she did it was so fake. As for Bella? And that was before I even found out about you being her uncle. I could picture it sooo easily. I could see her and my mother genuinely laughing together. There were wedding rings and another child in the picture.  Hell, we haven’t had an official gathering yet. But for whatever reason… I know Bella will feel right at home. This is her family. We are family.”

Opie looked to his own wedding band in thought.

“Just do me a favor…”

“What’s that?”

“Don’t rush things too much… You two need sometime to heal. Don’t go picking out rings, just yet. If you do… give it at least a year or so before you make that date. Trust me, Jax. If you push this… You will run her off.  I know Bella. She scares easy when it comes to matters of the heart and after what you did. She’s going to be on edge. She will question everything, until you give her reason not to. Take your time. Make her see that you truly got this. You’ll know when she’s ready. You’re usually the one to make that call when it comes to settling down. But this time… it needs to be Bella. Don’t fuck this up, Jax. I mean it. You cannot push her. To do so would be a grave mistake. This is your ONE chance. She won’t give you another. So whatever you do… You gotta keep that shit in mind.”

Jax gave a simple nod. He wasn’t about to test Opie on that one. He’d take whatever advice he could get when it came to Bella. And he knew for Opie to give him even that much… was a big deal. This was someone that meant the world to Op. And he’d kill anyone that ripped that girl’s heart out, Jackson Teller included. Jax cleared his throat in thought.


“Hm?” He hummed whilst tossing a few more items into a box.

“How did you kill that Edward fucker?”

Opie got this demonic grin about him.

“I slit his wrists and watched as he went into panic and tried to stop the bleeding. I asked him why he was freaking out. You know… since he was a vampire and all. I told him that it was no big deal that he’d heal. For whatever reason… he wanted me to call 911.” Opie uttered that last part with a shrug and Jax laughed.

“Damn… Don’t fuck with Daddy Op.”

“You got that right…” He declared and Jax sighed gathering that hint.

“I won’t you let you down, Op.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about. Don’t let that Tomboy side fool you. Bella’s still a woman and she wears her heart on her sleeve. You gotta take care of her, Jackson. Because Bella… She’s too busy taking care of everyone else. Bella will NEVER put herself above others. So she needs someone to do that for her. Treat her the way she’s always deserved and not the way she thinks she deserves. There’s a big difference.”

Jax gave a simple nod. This was something he’d thought about himself and it was uncanny just how in tune Opie was when it came to his niece. He had her pegged to a T. The way he talked about her truly was like that of a father rather than that of an uncle. So much so that when that day truly came… Jax felt the need to ask Opie for permission; something that wasn’t like Jax at all. If it had been anyone else he wouldn’t give a flying fuck. He’d marry Bella without batting an eye on it. But it wasn’t just about Opie being his best friend. No. He was entrusting him with someone that truly meant the world to him and Jax would never question it but he did wonder if Opie thought of higher of Bella than that of his own children. That would most certainly suck for Kenny and Ellie. Then again, if you truly think about the connection Bella and Opie have… To Opie…  Bella was his firstborn, in a roundabout way. It was only natural he’d be so protective.  And the more Jax saw of Kenny, Ellie, and Bella together; it was more like that of a sibling bond rather than that of cousins.

“Did ye even sleep?!” Chibs questioned as he answered the door to his hotel room.

“Oh yeah passed out for a couple hours. Thanks!”

“Ye could’ve slept longer.”

“I’m fine. Really.”

“He shouldn’t need ta eat fur another couple hours or so and he’s been changed recently.”

“He’s all blue eyed and bushy tailed now.”

Chibs chuckled.

“Yeah he’s in a better mood.”

“Your doing. I’m sure.”

“Ye’ll get the hang of it. Before long all that kid will be askin’ fur is ye.”

“I doubt that.”

“I’m willin’ ta put money on that, darlin’.”

“That eager to lose money?”

“Aye. So much so I’m offerin’ ta take ye out fur lunch.”

“Lunch?” Bella looked to the time.

Chibs gave a simple nod and went on to pack everything up.

“Ye got yer stuff ready ta go?”


“Alright. I’ll turn the keys in. Ye can follow me out and we’ll hit one of the local restaurants.”

“Aren’t the others joining us?”

“They headed on out.”

“Shit… You stayed behind because of me.”

“Ye got a lot ta learn when it comes ta the club. Yer Jackie boy’s old lady now. That makes ye family.  Not aboot ta leave ye fendin’ fur yerself. Whatever happened ta yer Phantoms?”

Something about this girl had the Scot falling back, just to make certain she was going to be okay. It wasn’t so much about checking up on her taking care of Abel. No. Chibs truly felt as if they owed her one. That and part of him wanted to get to know her better. Chibs had always thought the world of Jax and after the meltdown he had when it came to this girl. That only had Chibs more curious. Sure, Jax had his moments when it came to Tara but nothing like this. Chibs truly feared that if Abel hadn’t been in the picture… Jax would’ve done the unthinkable. That’s how broken up he was and all because of a two month fling… So what was it about her? Besides, the obvious. Sure the girl was a knockout, scars and all. Wrong as it was… Chibs had to put himself in check a couple times in order to keep his filthy hands to himself and to not gawk at her like that of a Cara Cara girl. Girl certainly had the body of a fucking porn star. Only not one of those overly done ones… No. This girl was all natural and that’s what made it even harder to look away. He cleared his throat in thought. Winston family and Jax’s old lady… He reminded himself over and over.

“I had them head on out as well.”


“Didn’t see the point in them sticking around now that we got Abel back.”

Bella placed Abel into the car seat then looked to her cellphone as it rang.


“Hey baby. How’s it going?”

“Well I’m about to go on a lunch date with a couple men.”


“Yep. One’s got deep blue eyes and the other has a sexy Scottish accent!”

“Well sounds like you’ve got an interestin’ day ahead of you.”

“I sure do.”

“Wish my lunch date was a little more interesting…”

“SHUT IT! I’M SEXY AS FUCK!” She heard her uncle holler in the background and Bella snorted.

“Maybe if he shaved or you know… at least tried.” Jax taunted.

“Have you seen my uncle clean shaven?”

“Yeah… He’s more baby-faced than Abel and his idea of a shower is half a can of Axe body spray.”

“Right?! So let’s not go there.”

“Gotcha. Alright, I better go. I just wanted to check in and see how things were going.”

“I didn’t break your baby if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Good deal. I knew you could handle it.”

Bella went to say something about that but Chibs put a finger to his lips then winked her direction. She smiled gathering the hint.

“Yep all good.”

“Alright darlin’. I love you. Give Abel a kiss for me.”

“Will do and love you too.”

Bella hung up and mouthed the words thank you as Chibs hopped onto his bike. He gave a simple nod then had her follow him out.

“You’re kidding.”

“Nope. Ye should’ve seen Jackie Boy holdin’ onta his arse and hoppin around.”

“I wondered how he got that scar.”

“Well now ye know. I don’t think he believed that asshole would shoot literally shoot his sorry arse. That’s what he gets fur flashin’ that moon of his.”

Bella had a good laugh at this.

“That certainly sounds like Jackson. Can’t keep his pants up, no matter the situation.”

Chibs chuckled.

“That’s fur damn sure.”

“Think it’s safe to feed him a little bit of ice cream?” Bella questioned as she propped Abel up on the table and gave him a raspberry.

Abel giggled and she did it once again.

“I’m sure he’ll be just fine.” He uttered with a smile.

“Awesome. You want some ice cream, Abel? Sure beats that nasty formula.”

Chibs waved the waitress over and ordered Abel some vanilla ice cream. Bella covered her mouth in laughter once Abel took that first bite. His eyes got really wide and he actually reared back while looking to the spoon. He opened his mouth hintingly and Bella giggled.

“Oh Abel… I do believe you’ve discovered your first love!” Bella teased and Chibs chuckled.

“Look at him go! He’s eating this shi… I mean stuff up.”

The Scot raised his brows on this.

“I’m trying not to cuss. Easier said than done…” She uttered.

Chibs leaned back and merely observed for a couple minutes. He swallowed back as he was starting to see what Jax was seeing. Her smile and laugh were contagious. This was a side of Bella he hadn’t been acquainted with yet. For whatever reason… He felt more at peace and was truly enjoying himself. So there were two sides to the little lass… He thought amongst himself. Badass bitch one second puddle of fucking goo the next. He wondered what she was like when it was just her and Jax. If she was anything like this right here, he most certainly understood Jax’s reason for being head over heels. What’s not to love? She’s the whole package. You get the good with the bad and what man doesn’t like angel with a set of horns?

“So how’d ye and Jackie boy meet, if ye don’t mind me askin’?”

Bella looked over as she was spooning more ice cream into Abel’s mouth. He kicked his legs about and giggled. Bella responded by tickling him. Chibs saw that as a good sign, in the sense that she and Abel were truly bonding.

“You sure you want to hear about that?” She asked in such a way that had Chibs narrowing his eyes.

“You know… Since it was technically an affair, even if I hadn’t any knowledge.”

“Don’t bother me none…”

“So you and the doc weren’t tight?”

Chibs had a good laugh at this.

“Ah she had her moments of comin’ through when needed. But not so much when it came ta Jackie.”

Oh?” She said already knowing but it was even more apparent when a “brother” pointed it out.

“Aye. Let’s just say she was there for club matters from time ta time, but when Jackie boy truly needed her, on a more personal level. She was too wrapped up in that job of hers. Which isn’t so much a bad thing but it can be when it becomes your crutch.”


“Oh yeah she used that job as an excuse fur everythin’.” Chibs nodded upon Abel.

“With this wee one as well.”

Bella regarded Abel in thought.

“Chibs, I’m not exactly mother material myself.” She admitted with a cringe.

“That maybe… But yer puttin’ yerself out there all the same. Ye could’ve flat out told Jackie no but ye didn’t and here ye are. Feedin’ the little Crow ice cream and havin’ lunch with THIS handsome fella.” He said with a playful wink.

Bella managed to laugh.

“I think my biggest fear is Jax seeing that for himself. You have no idea how relieved I am that it was YOU instead of HIM knocking on that hotel door. I would’ve died.”

“Ah now. I know Jackie. He would’ve shrugged it off as he’s been right where ye are. If it hadn’t been fur his mum he’d have been a mess when it comes ta that kid.”

“Yeah well… Jax let it known that his son comes first. Which is something I admire, not every man can say that and genuinely mean it. But he did. And I keep picturing his him finding out that I’m not fucking Carol Brady.”

Chibs frowned on this.

“If it’s one thing I know… Jackie wouldn’t be with you if ye were. He needs someone that can keep up with him and the club but loves his family just as much as they love him. I hate ta say it but we all come in the package, lass. We… as in the club, Jackie’s mum and son… We’re a packaged deal and if ye can accept us then we can accept ye.”

“And my Phantoms?”


“And my uncle?”

This had Chibs rearing back in question.

“Come on Chibs… I’ve seen it and I know you have. That president of yours… Well he hasn’t an ounce of respect when it comes to my uncle. He barely has it when it comes to my gramps. I’m not sure what that’s all about but I thought you were supposed to be tight as in a whole not this whole…”

“Opie’s been in and out for years and that’s had Clay a bit on edge.”

Chibs couldn’t believe he was discussing this shit with an old lady. This was most certainly against MC rules. They’d have his ass for this but the way he saw it? Bella wasn’t just an old lady. Her uncle was SAMCRO and to top it off her grandfather was one of the original nine. She was blood and the VP’s old lady.

“Anytime a member has one foot in and one foot out it causes a bit of a stir within the club, the president even more so. Ye gotta put yerself in Clay’s shoes. I mean hell yer a leader of yer own crew. So imagine what it’s like ta have a member that’s constantly in and out. Yer not sure what ta believe and whether ye can fully trust them or not. That’s not ta say I’m defendin’ Clay but I’m not defendin’ that of yer uncle either.”

Bella nodded in understanding.

“I’m to blame when it comes to that. I’m sorry. I never meant to cause my uncle or the club issues.”

“Ah now… none of that. We all got our vices. And I somehow doubt yer all ta blame.”

Bella nodded once again and decided to break the tension a bit by telling Chibs how she and Jax meet. Even with the knowledge of what Jax had done… Bella spoke of him with utmost love and the girl had stars in her eyes. Chibs was taken back as she had a genuine smile on her face when she spoke of her and Jax’s time together. Sure, there were a few frowns here and there and some tearful moments. But all in all – there was no doubt. This girl truly loved Jackson Teller, with every ounce of her being, even through his flaws. It was so painfully obvious at one point that Chibs took her hand and gave it a bit of a squeeze. She got very emotional about the breakup and how she found out about Tara Knowles.

“Sorry…” She whispered looking somewhat embarrassed.

She went on to wipe Abel’s face clean.

“Ye’ve no reason ta be sorry… Jackie boy could’ve handled things so much differently. He should’ve listed ta his heart rather than that dick of his.”

“I don’t think it was so much his dick as it was the fear of being alone.”

Chibs raised his brows on this.

“Think about it… Coming clean… He knew Tara and I wouldn’t have stuck around after that. That was the reason behind keeping us BOTH around. He’d much rather get caught then to run the risk of losing us both.”

It was then that Chibs finally caught that touch of bitterness.

“I truly believe if Jackson hadn’t met me he would’ve endured that woman’s hell to the point of them damn near killing one another. Talk about toxic…”

“Ye certainly have Jackie Boy pegged. He’s his own worst enemy often enough.”

“Exactly! He can’t help himself. It’s like he knows what should be done; yet he takes the opposite route out of fear.”

“Seems like he’s grabbin’ the bull by the horns now that yer in the picture…”

“I think that has more to do with his son than me.”

Chibs looked to her in question.

“Well think about it. Abel comes into the picture and Jackson goes all out in trying to fix things with the club and his family. The only thing I helped him do was grow a pair when it came to Tara. I only wish he would’ve handled that before I entered the picture. But shit happens…”

“Jackie can handle a gun bein’ pointed at his head. Hell, he’s laughed right down the barrel of one. But ye put a woman in front of that gun and he’s gonna lose his shit. Especially, if it’s someone he cares about. He might not have loved Tara towards the end. But he didn’t wanna be the guy firing that gun.”

Bella tilted her head in thought.

“And what happens the day he’s had enough of me. How will I know?”

“Oh lass… Ye’ll know. Trust me. He’ll try ta let ye down easy, by givin’ ye an out. If ye don’t take it and he’s that determined he’ll go out his way ta run ye off.”

“Such as another woman…” Bella uttered looking ill.

“If anyone’s gonna be tryin’ ta get an out it’ll be ye, not Jackie boy. Ye didn’t see how broken up he was when ye came up missin’. I’d never seen him like that. I hadn’t a clue who he was talkin’ aboot at the time but he let me know he fucked up and that you were the one, the only one. Mentioned how he never had the chance ta tell ye. But it’s always been ye, lass. So don’t ye go and worry about Jackie boy pullin’ somethin’. Because between you and me… Losin’ ye would fuckin’ kill him. So if ye ever decide on wantin’ out; do me a favor and let me know before ye go and let my boy down. That way I can be there ta pick up the pieces.”

“Is that before or after you put a bullet in my head?” Bella teased and Chibs smiled.

“I’d give ye a head start, at least…” He taunted but grew serious for a moment.

“Nah… I like ye ta much fur that shite. Besides, I know Jackie’s got his own skeletons ta deal with, as we all do. So it wouldn’t be right of me ta go and threaten ye like that.”

Bella leaned back and smiled.


“You’re different from others…”

“It’s the accent, isn’t it?”

“Little bit.” Bella teased.

“You seem more kicked back and you have this thing known as morals.”

“Ah now… I have ye fooled. But I’ll let ye keep on thinkin’ that, love.”

To Bella’s great surprise, Chibs went on to tell her about his daughter (Kerrianne) and everything that went down between him, Jimmy O’Phelan, and Chibs’s wife (Fiona).

“So your wife and daughter are playing house with another man? And you’re okay what that?”

“Never said that… Fi made it clear that she and Jimmy were happy tagether.”

“Happy?! Does she have fucking Stockholm syndrome?!”

The look on the Scot’s face had Bella recoiling.

“I’m sorry. That was terrible of me.”

“Yer not sayin’ anythin’ I haven’t thought about already. Not much I can do. They’re content with how things are now. Breaks my heart but what can ye do? I’m not allowed back in Ireland and I’m not aboot ta take me daughter away from the only home she knows. That’d make me no better than Jimmy. I want me girls ta be happy.”

“But what about you?”

“Got me boys. It’s more than what I had when I first came ta the states.” He murmured with a shrug.

Her train of thought was interrupted however as she felt a sticky hand along her arm. Chibs and Bella died of laughter as Abel had ice cream all over his face, neck, and tummy. They hadn’t realized he’d gotten into the bowl while they were talking.

“I think it’s safe ta say he likes it.”

“Right?! I hope I didn’t give him too much.”

“Ah he’s fine. I’m sure he’ll pass out once ye hit the road.”

Bella came to her feet and headed into the ladies room where she got Abel cleaned up. She was in the middle of changing him when he started to nod off.  Chibs reared back as he was sound asleep by the time she came out.

“Ice cream must be the trick.” He uttered.

“That or I put him in diabetic coma and Jax is going to kill me.”

Bella placed him into the car seat and Chibs followed them out. Once she got Abel situated he nodded her direction.

“Our next stop is Oregon. Ye got my number, right?”


Chibs held his hand out and Bella handed her cellphone over. He typed his number in then handed it over. Bella laughed as had his number under Scottish Lovin’.

“Nice background…” He teased as it was Jax and he was in nothing but a pair of boxers.

“I thought so! Would you like a copy? I could send you one!”

Chibs had a good laugh at this.

“I’ll let you know.”


“Alright, lass. I’ll catch up with you later.”

“What the…” Bella murmured as she entered one of the smaller towns in Oregon.

The sheriff had Chibs in handcuffs and was talking to him. She parked behind the sheriff’s car and her jaw dropped as the sheriff socked Chibs right in the gut. Bella was quick to grab Abel and darted on out of the car.

“HEY!” She shouted and the sheriff snapped a look her direction.

“Need something?”


“And that would be?”

“For you to quit manhandling my friend over there.”

The sheriff lowered his shades and gave her the once over. He looked to Chibs then back to Bella.

“Friend, huh?”


“Hmmm…” He hummed and went on to stuff Chibs into the squad car.

“That your kid?” He asked after slamming the door shut.

“Yes.” She replied feeling the need to lie for whatever reason.

“Well why don’t you do yourselves a favor and move along?”

“Not without him.” She said whilst pointing Chib’s direction.

The sheriff tilted his head on this.

“And what is he to you?”

“I believe I made myself clear on that already.”

“Well I’ll let him know of your concern once I lock him up.”

“Lock him up?! FOR WHAT?!”

“You’re interfering with police business. Now move along.”

“Have you read him his Miranda rights? Does he know why he’s being arrested?”

“Go home.”

“Asshole…” Bella muttered and this had the sheriff stopping his tracks.

He walked back over and got right in her face.

“Watch yourself… I haven’t any issue locking you up as well. Baby or not…”

“I haven’t done anything to warrant an arrest and I highly doubt he has.”

Bella brought her cellphone out and went to call Jax and let him in on what was taking place; only to have the sheriff knock it out of her hold.

“HEY!” She shouted as he stomped on it with his boot.

It was then she took notice of Chibs’s cellphone. It too was lying on the ground, smashed to pieces, and right beside his bike.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Bella yelled as he cuffed her to him and dragged her towards the squad car.

He opened the driver’s side door and had her climb on in.

“WHAT’S SHE GOT TA DO WITH THIS?!” Chibs hollered and was kicking at the unbreakable glass in the back.

Bella kept a good hold on Abel as the sheriff got into the car. He said nothing on it as he put the car in drive and headed for the sheriff’s office. Abel started to cry and the sheriff snapped Bella a look.

“Shut that kid up!”

“Fuck off!” Bella snapped in response.

“HEY!” Chibs shouted as the sheriff yanked his cuffed hand back and forced her over his direction.

“One more word from you and I’ll take that kid and stuff him into some sort of foster home overnight. Got it?!”

Bella regarded Chibs in downright fear and Chibs shook his head looking lost as to what to do.

The sheriff shoved her back over and Bella was doing her best to calm Abel down.

Bella observed in disbelief as the sheriff went on to lock Chibs away. From there… he cuffed Bella to his desk and made some coffee.

“You’re fucking kidding me, right?” She scoffed.

Chibs shook his head and paced that cell like a caged animal. The only reason for being pulled over? Was the cut he wore. For whatever reason this particular sheriff had it out for anyone Son related. He made that abundantly clear when dealing with Chibs.

“Coffee?” The sheriff offered with a smile Bella’s direction.

“You can take that coffee and shove it right up your ass!” Bella barked and the sheriff raised his brows.

“Now that’s no way for a lady to talk. Especially that of a mother…”

“Save me the spiel on how a lady should act and get to the part about WHY we’re here in the first place!”

“You’re here because you were interfering with police business. He’s here because I don’t take kindly to trouble passing through my town.”

“Trouble?” Bella questioned and the sheriff nodded.

“How is passing through trouble?”

“Because one minute he’s passing through, the next he’s off in one of my bars being a menace to society.”

“A menace?” Bella said behind laughter.

“We were passing through… nothing more. You can’t hold him based on that alone. That’s just you being a prejudice piece of shit and you know it.”

“That mouth is about to get you into a lot of trouble Mrs…”

“Ms. Isabella Marie Swan… Do yourself a favor and look that name up. You’ll find that my father was chief back in Forks, Washington.”

The sheriff took a seat and leaned back.


“Yep. So believe me when I say I know my rights as do I his and you’re breaking all sorts of laws about now.”

“Can you read, Ms. Swan?”

Bella rolled her eyes on this.

“One of the first signs you passed was a law against anything gang related in this town.”

“SAMCRO is not a gang. They’re a motorcycle club.”

“Same difference.”

“Hardly. And even with that stupid rule we haven’t done anything wrong. We would’ve passed on through, without notice if you weren’t being such a righteous dick.”

“Why don’t ye let the lass go on home now? It’s me ye got a problem with.”

“Tried that and she wouldn’t hear of it, remember?”

The sheriff looked her up and chuckled amongst himself.

“Well. Well. Daddy really was chief of police. Hm. And you were a top notch student from the looks of things. Look at that GPA! And you’re clean other than an old suicide risk and a couple speeding tickets. Holy hell 130 in a 55 zone?!”

“130? Pffft I can do better than that!” Bella smarted and Chibs chuckled.

The sheriff lifted his eyes on this.

“I take it you were in that race car of yours?”

Bella shrugged.

“You got it juiced up?”

“I don’t think that’s any of your business.”

“Daughter of a cop should know better. Stuff’s illegal.”

“So is cuffing a woman and child to your desk. But you did it anyhow.”

“Not if it’s for their own safety.”

“How is THIS for our own safety?”

The sheriff pointed to Chibs and Bella gritted her teeth.

“You’re so fucking clueless.”

“Am I? Let me guess… You two were going to meet up at some hotel? Get your freak on. With that poor baby looking on from his car seat?”

Chibs’s entire face lit up in anger and Bella shot to her feet.

“Watch what you say…” She warned and the sheriff smiled.

“Touched a nerve, huh?”

“You can’t do this…” Bella hissed.

“And what would that be exactly?”


“On the contrary… I own this town and do as I damn well please.”


“GET YER HANDS OFF HER!” Chibs shouted as the sheriff had Bella by the arm and up against his chest.

“Think about what you’re doing. Bringing a baby into this… You’re one of us you said so yourself. I see that your father passed away, not long ago. What would he think? Seeing his little girl hooking up with some biker scum. We lock idiots like those away for a reason!”

“I don’t give a flying FUCK what my old man thinks!”

Abel started to cry and Bella cringed. The sheriff reached for him and Bella was quick to block the attempt.

“I can get him cleaned up and changed.” He uttered and tried yet again.

“DON’T YE EVEN THINK ABOOT TOUCHIN’ THE WEE ONE!” Chibs warned and wrapped his hands around the bars.

Bella clung to Abel for dear life and dragged the desk along with her as she backed away from the sheriff.

“NOOOOO!” She shouted and turned facing a corner of the room.

The sheriff rolled his eyes as she kept Abel out of his reach.

“BACK OFFF!” She roared and flung her head back.

The sheriff covered his mouth and nose then looked to his bloodied up hand. He ground his teeth together then he grabbed a fistful of Bella’s hair. He slammed her up against the wall then forced her head back.


He couldn’t stand it. Here he was locked away and watching as Bella was doing her best to keep Abel safe, whilst defending herself at the same time.

“Jaysus…” Chibs whispered in downright horror as Bella forced her hand out of the cuff, by snapping her thumb out of place.

She let out a painful cry but kept a good hold on Abel as the sheriff had her pinned in and she was clawing at his face.

“YOU’RE NOT TOUCHING THIS BABY!” Bella shouted with tears streaming down her face.

“Bella…” Chibs whispered with a sinking heart.

The girl was having a full blown panic attack and had that crazed look in her eyes as she stared the sheriff down. Chibs found it rather fishy that the sheriff was the ONLY one about. Where were his deputies? How was he getting away with all this? The phone to the office rang and the sheriff put a single finger to his lips before answering. He and Bella eyed one another as he went to answer.

“Sheriff’s office…”

The sheriff let out this sigh of sheer annoyance.

“Alright. I’ll be there in five.”

He hung up the phone then waved Bella over.

“Oh hell no. I’m staying right here.” Bella firmly put and the sheriff rolled his eyes.

He marched his way over and Bella ducked out of his way. She inched her way towards Chibs’s cell and Chibs gathered what she was going for. He was quick to grab Abel and Bella flung herself towards the sheriff. He reached for his gun and Bella knocked it out of his hand. Chibs drew back a breath of relief as he was able to squeeze Abel on through the bars. He did his best to console him but regarded Bella and the sheriff in alarm as the two were fighting over that gun. The sheriff almost had it but Bella bent her leg back and kicked it out of reach. Chibs ground his teeth together and lay Abel down as the sheriff took Bella’s head and banged it up against the bars of Chibs’s cell. Bella’s eyes rolled into the back of her skull and she promptly hit the ground. Without another thought Chibs reached on through the bars and grabbed the sheriff. The sheriff wrapped his hands around Chibs’s wrists in attempts to break free but the Scot was far too gone. He took that man against the bars repeatedly and he didn’t stop until he was nothing more than bloody pile of meat. Chibs dropped his hold then went on to retrieve the keys from his pocket.

“SHITE!” Chibs hollered as there was a puddle of blood forming around Bella’s head.

The Scot’s hands trembled as he searched for the right key to his cell.

“Imma comin’, lass. Just hold on!”

Once he found the right key, he swung the door back then hurried on out. He used caution as he propped Bella up and went on to check her over. This girl had the worst fucking luck. He found himself thinking as he snapped her thumb back into place.

“Chibs…” She murmured half out of it.

“Easy…” he whispered with concern.


“He’s fine, love. Just stay with me alright?”

Bella’s eyes started to roll back and Chibs shook his head.

“BELLA!” He scolded and was quick to scoop her up.

Chibs sat her on the sheriff’s desk.


Bella nodded but in a drunken like manner. Chibs was quick to lock everything up and used the sheriff’s phone to call Jax. He had a bad feeling that this was far from over and that he and Bella were about to go to war with whatever was left of this sheriff’s office. He needed the Sons on high alert and on their way over. He would’ve grabbed Bella and Abel and hightailed it but didn’t out of fear that Bella could bleed out and die.

“Hello?” Jax answered sounding somewhat baffled.

“Jackie boy! I need ye and Op at the sheriff’s office. We’re in Cloverdale, Oregon. Got us a sticky situation and Bella and I could be facin’ some serious time if we don’t get the fuck out of dodge!”

“Wait… What?”


Chibs hung up the phone then went on to check on Bella.

Opie narrowed his eyes as Jax was looking to the phone like it bit him.

“What’s up?”

“I haven’t the faintest. But we gotta go. Chibs said he and Bella are in some kind of trouble back in Cloverdale?”

“Trouble?! In Cloverdale? Ain’t that a pop of 245?”

“Something like that.” Jax murmured as they loaded up what they could for now and hauled ass out of there.

“There ye go, lass. Just stay with me.” Chibs uttered as he was using his shirt to stop the bleeding.

He went on to dig through the drawers for a first aid kit or something along those lines. Bella had a good gash along her temple where her head hit the bar.

“Imma hurryin’ Abel.” He called as Abel continued to cry.

“I’m okay. Please just take care of Abel.”

“He’s fine. You… not so much.”

Bella winced as Chibs got her cleaned up then applied a few butterfly sutures.

“Ye need stitches but that’s the best I can do fur now.”

Bella nodded as he scooped her up and laid her down on one of the cots.

“No goin’ ta sleep. Alright? I’m gonna cuff this son of a bitch and lock him up then see about the wee one.”

“Is he dead?” Bella uttered while looking towards the sheriff’s unconscious body.

“We’ll worry on that later on. I’m not takin’ any chances though.” He said behind a grunt as he dragged the body into the cell next to the one the sheriff had him in.

Chibs cuffed him then locked him away. From there, he made certain Bella was still awake and gathered Abel.

“I have this place on lockdown; until we figure out what we’re gonna do next. For now… I need ye ta focus on stayin’ awake so I’m gonna make us some coffee. Somethin’ tells me we’re in fur a long ass night.”

Bella sipped at her coffee as Chibs paced the area and fed Abel.

“This is crazy…” Bella muttered into her cup.

“Right?!” Chibs scoffed in disbelief.

“Of all the things to run into…”

“Ye know what this reminds me of?”


“First Blood?”

“As in Rambo?!”

“Yeah that fucking sheriff was a whack job and this guy had me pinpointed like that goddamn veteran.”

“I don’t get that…” Bella said and came to her feet.

“Easy…” Chibs stated as she staggered about.

“I’m okay.” She reassured as she regained her balance.

“Something’s off. And we need to find out what it is.” Bella said as she went on to search the building.

“Yeah it’s been what a little over an hour or so… and not a single deputy has walked in.”

“My thoughts exactly. It’s like this asshole is running the entire office himself. Small town or not… something’s amiss.”

Bella narrowed her eyes as she took notice of something else.



“Look…” She pointed to one of the surveillance cameras and Chibs reared back as it had been shot.

“And that one…” She pointed to the one directly behind him.

“What in the…”

Chibs retrieved his things from the sheriff’s desk. He tossed one of his guns over.

“Just in case…” He uttered and Bella nodded as she tucked it into the back of her pants.

Bella opened one of the other doors and peeked into the room.

“What the fuck…” Chibs heard her sputter.

He made his way over and looked on in disbelief. There was a deputy sitting at his desk only he’d been shot multiple times. He had his hand along the phone like he was in attempts to call for help when this took place.

“What in the hell is going on?”

“Haven’t a clue. But I’m afraid we’ll find out before the nights over.”

“Is this one of those call the police on the police situations?” Bella half-witted.

Chibs sort of chuckled.

“I wouldn’t… Not until we know fur certain what’s goin’ on. Are ye sure yer alright?”

Bella nodded as she braced herself along the wall.

“Just doing my best to stay awake.”

“Get yerself another cup of coffee. Load it up with sugar. Yer not passin’ out on me. Ye might not wake up if ye do.”

Bella headed towards the coffee pot and broke into a fit of laughter.


“He isn’t dead.” She murmured as if disappointed.

Chibs reentered the area and shook his head.

“Ye got some explainin’ ta do. Dontcha?!”

The sheriff rolled his eyes and went on to demand that they release him.

“Funny isn’t he, Abel?” Chibs uttered and Abel giggled.

“You’re Jackson’s son alright. Laughing like this is no big deal.” Bella taunted and Chibs chuckled as he handed him over.

“Stay put. Let no one in and no answerin’ the phone. Jackie boy’s on his way.”

“Where are you going?”

“To find out what we’ve got ourselves inta. I won’t be far so holler if ya need me.”

Bella nodded as Chibs got his gun ready and went on to search the building a little more thoroughly.

Bella finished her coffee and did her best to ignore the sheriff’s threats as he was going on a rant. He said whatever came to mind. Bella rocked Abel as he was starting to nod off. She shot the sheriff daggers as he made Abel jump a couple times during her attempts to get him to sleep. She herself jumped however as someone was in attempts to enter the building. When they couldn’t they went on to bang on the glass door and was yelling about killing someone and how things didn’t need to be taken that far… Bella did her best to catch who it was without being spotted herself. Her jaw dropped however as the man wore a cut a lot like that of SAMCRO.  The man was hysterical and beating on the door so hard he was busting his knuckles up and the glass was starting to shatter and blood splattered all over it. Bella let out a gasp as the man managed to punch his way through the glass.

“CHIBS!” Bella shouted in a panic.

Chibs entered the room to find Bella aiming his gun towards the man. She backed herself into a corner and had a protective hold on Abel.

“Greg?!” Chibs called in downright disbelief.


Greg the Peg… Chibs thought amongst himself. He was one of their nomads but what was he doing here?! And in this situation nevertheless…  The man snapped a look the Scot’s direction.

“Telford?! What are you doing here?!”

“I was just aboot ta ask ye the same.”

This Greg person looked towards the sheriff however and lost his shit all over again.


He shouted and Chibs inched his way over to Bella. He had her lower the gun but kept a watchful eye on the nomad. Chibs placed Bella and Abel behind him as the nomad went on to enter the cell the sheriff was in.


Bella let out a gasp as the nomad kicked and hit at this sheriff with everything he had.


The nomad dropped to his knees and covered his face as he was sobbing uncontrollably.  Bella screamed out and Chibs went on to cover her mouth as the nomad took his gun and fired off every round he had.

“Shhh…” Chibs whispered and pecked Abel on the forehead as he was crying.

Chibs locked eyes with Bella.

“Take the wee one outside, love. I’ll handle Gregory.”

Bella nodded as Chibs escorted her to the door and got them out safely.

Chibs took precaution as he snuck up behind the nomad. From there… he disarmed him. He tossed the gun aside and Chibs swallowed back as the nomad grabbed ahold of him and was bawling.

“He killed my Lucy. My brother killed his own wife and kids. And all because she finally come to her senses and was going to leave him. I was taking Lucy and the kids to Charming and wanted to ask Clay about that vote.”

Chibs swallowed back on this and held the man even tighter.

Bella was rocking Abel when she caught wind of something rather strange. She headed towards the dumpster and her jaw dropped. It was indeed a leg like she’d assumed only it was attached to a body and when she looked inside she saw it to be the entirety of the sheriff’s department. Her heart galloped within her chest as she rushed back inside.


He looked over as he was consoling the nomad.

“I just found the others…” She hinted and Chibs recoiled.



“Jaysus Christ…”

Four hours later…

Jax and Opie pulled up to the sheriff’s office then exchanged glances. The place was surrounded by police and the entire building was taped off.

“JESUS!” Jax hollered and leaped out of the U-Haul as it was still going.

Opie peered over as he parked.

“What in the hell?!” He murmured as Bella had a blanket wrapped around her and she was being examined by a paramedic.

Chibs had Abel in his hold and was talking to the police.

“Greg the peg?” Opie muttered under his breath and darted on out the U-Haul.

“BELLA!” Jax called as he made his way over.

“Jesus Christ… What happened to you, baby?” He questioned as he had her chin cupped and was checking her over.

“Long story…”


“He’s fine.” She said and pointed towards Chibs.

Jax had this ill look about him.

“Ma’am, I strongly advice you get seen by a doctor.” The paramedic said and Bella forced a smile.

“Thanks. But I’m okay, really. Go on. I’m sure you got more important things to do.”

The paramedic let out a hesitant sigh and looked to his partner.

“Guess we’re done here.”

Opie and Jax looked on in downright confusion as the police finished their questioning. They apologized for whatever Chibs and Bella had endured and let them know that they were free to go home now. As for the nomad… He was arrested but from the sounds of things it was only temporary; until they had all the proof they needed.

Opie and Jax helped them into the back of the U-Haul. But reared back in unison as Chibs and Bella nodded upon one another then started laughing.

“Are you two okay?” Opie asked and this had the Scot laughing even harder.

“I tell ye what Jackie Boy, ye got yerself one hell of a girl.”

Bella blushed in response and Chibs gave a simple nod.

“I’d be six feet under if it wasn’t fur ye.”

“More like the other way around…” Bella uttered and Chibs shrugged.

“One ta two but who’s keepin’ score?” He taunted and Bella laughed.

“I’ll even that one out eventually.”

“How aboot we steer clear of danger for a bit?”

“Funny.” Bella uttered.

“Alright you two… Are either of you going to tell us just what in the fuck happened?!” Opie spat and Chibs cut him a look.

“Hold onta yer horses. We were havin’ a moment!”

“Moment my ass…” Jax scoffed but with a wink Bella’s direction.

Deep down… Jax felt a little on edge. He could see it written all over Chibs’s face. He was crushing on Bella, hardcore. A rarity for Chibs Telford, but it was there all the same. He did his best to push that foolishness aside. After all… he couldn’t really blame him. Bella just had that way about her. It was bound to happen. He just hadn’t expected it out of Chibs.

Opie and Jax listened in downright horror as Bella and Chibs went on to reveal what all took place; on the drive back to Chibs’s Harley and Bella’s GT-R.

“Where you going?” Derk questioned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

Tig smiled as he peered back from the hotel doorway.

“To get some ice, baby…”

Tig exited the room and Derk covered his face with a pillow and laughed.



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Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


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This site is the cat’s pajamas

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Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

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