Chapter 29 – Higher Ground

 Chapter 29 – Higher Ground

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“That’s his bike alright.” Tig uttered as he and Happy were looking it over.

“Guess that’s the place.” Happy said with a wave towards the house.

Tig looked to the address on his cellphone just to be certain.


Happy frowned and Tig nodded his direction.

“What’s with you?”

“A little too white…” He hinted as to the neighborhood itself.

Right?! Ever see that movie…”

“What movie?”

“The Colony.”

“Is it scary?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Don’t do scary movies.” Happy uttered with a shrug and Tig reared back on this.

“What the fuck did you just say?!”

Happy didn’t comment and headed towards the door.

“You don’t watch scary movies…?!” He asked as if completely offended by this.

Happy nodded and went to knock on the door, only to have Tig stop him.

Wait… You hear that?”

Both men froze and Happy followed suit as Tig pressed his ear up against the door. This had both men looking to one another wide-eyed. They knew that sound all too well. Without another thought they busted the door down and sure enough there was the deputy, with this deer caught in headlights look. He was rolling up a tarp but it was what was in that tarp that led to what happened next. The Sons withdrew their guns and simultaneously fired.

“Dammit…” Bella murmured as she nicked herself shaving.

Jax lifted his eyes to see Bella pouring some water over the area. He sighed amongst himself. Shaving with cold water and in the cold, was a pain in the ass, even for him.

“Don’t bother…” He said with a shrug.

Bella sent him an strange glance and he chuckled.

“It’s just us… It’s cool if you go all Harry and the Henderson’s on me.”


“Don’t tell me you haven’t seen that.”

“Fraid not.”

“Right… You’re like half my age, still a baby.” He teased.

“Shut up!” She said and tossed a dollop of shaving cream at him.

Jax laughed and told her what the movie was about. Bella reared back looking somewhat offended. This had him laughing all over again.

“Seriously. Don’t worry on it. You can get back to all that when we get home.”

“Sure…” She muttered behind a snort.

Jax narrowed his eyes on this.

“Like you’d want me all hairy.” She added and went back to shaving.

“Bella baby, we’re in a situation that’s completely understandable if you have to forgo some maintenancing. That’s not even an issue for me.”

“So hairy pregnant women fetish…” She taunted and Jax wrinkled his nose.

“Not particularly. But it’s you… so you know, we’re good.”

“So if I was to let my leg and pit hair grow, you’d be a-okay with that?”

Jax nodded.

“Well shit. I could’ve gone without that awhile back.” Bella tossed her razor aside then wiped the shaving cream off her leg.

Jax cocked a brow as she put everything up afterward.

“You have no idea just how relieving that is, never having to shave again.”

This had the man clearing his throat. He leaned back and gawked upon his old lady in disbelief.

“I meant for now…” He whispered and with this offbeat look about him.

“Oh…” Bella said as if disappointed.

Jax reared back and Bella started laughing.

“That’s fucked up!”

She shrugged and stuffed a slice of pickle into her mouth.

“Thought you loved me for what’s inside, not the outside!” She continued in her mockery and Jax nodded.

“Alright, two can play that game. I’ll dye my hair black, shave my face, and go back to being your baby-faced emo boyfriend!”

“Meh, been there done that, thanks but no thanks.”

Jax chuckled but shook his head in thought.

“I can’t even picture you with someone like that.” He admitted.

“Same could be said about you and the doc. Just imagine… If you weren’t a low down dirty cheat, you would’ve been living in some fancy suburban area. Abel would be signed up for one of those expensive private schools, and you’d be wearing ties come Sunday morning, with your nine to five of course.”

“You’ve said something along those lines before.”

“Doesn’t make it any less true. Trust me Jackson, that woman would’ve had you by the balls. You wouldn’t be in Charming, that much is certain.”

“I thought YOU had me by the balls.”

“Oh I do, but they’re in my mouth.” Bella said with a wink.

Jax nodded as if impressed by her response. This was followed by a rather peculiar hum afterward. This woman never ceased to amaze him. The things she said…

“Hey…” He called as she grew awfully pale and was leaning back against one of the pews.

“Not feeling so great…” She murmured and closed her eyes.

It wasn’t long before she clamped a hand over her mouth, shot to her feet, and sprinted on out of the church. Jax followed her out and recoiled as she was upchucking, big time. She had one hand up against a tree and an arm wrapped around her stomach. Bella came to her knees as she continued. Everything she had for lunch was on the ground now. Jax shook his head as he held her hair back. He ran a soothing hand along her back. She mentioned feeling nauseas when she woke up this morning, but felt better after getting some fresh air. Jax knew this must’ve been the morning sickness kicking in. He was surprised it hadn’t sooner. Once she had everything out of her system she lay down. Jax couldn’t get over how pale she was.

“Come on baby, let’s get you back inside. It’s starting to snow.”

Jax got Bella to her feet then helped her inside. He laid her down in one of the pews and was quick to pile those blankets on top of her. He couldn’t believe how hard it was snowing. He went to close the doors to the church and there was already half an inch on the ground.  Jax sighed as “Bob” was at the door and with this pathetic look about him.

“You have got to be kidding. No way, man. You’re a wild animal.”

“So are you but you’re here, in a church nevertheless. It’s a wonder you didn’t go up in flames.” He heard his old lady weakly tease and Jax frowned.


“Let him in. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“He could eat us…”

Bella rolled over and snorted. The lynx took a step towards the church and Jax pointed at him.

“No.” He went to shut the door and a gust of wind hit.

The door flew wide open and Bob darted inside.


Bella giggled as the cat hopped up, by her feet, and curled up into a ball.

Perfect. Just what we need!” Jax bitched and went on to shut the door.

“I guess now isn’t a good time to ask about getting a dog?”

“Dog?” Jax questioned.

“Yeah you know… after we get a house.”

“You want two kids and a dog…?”

“Maybe Bob can join us too!”

“He’d eat the fucking dog.”

“He’s not that big!”

“Bullshit he isn’t. This isn’t some regular housecat, Bella. He’s a predator.”

“Once again, so are you, annnd you said goddammit in church.”

“I’m a little busy at the moment…” Opie said as he was feeding his kids and on the phone with Tig.

“Nah man, we really need you over here.” The way Tig said this had Opie stopping in his tracks.

Kenny looked to his father with concern.

“Dad?” He questioned and Ellie looked over as she was setting the table.

“Alright, on my way.” Opie muttered before hanging up the phone.

“I gotta go.” Opie said but with this apologetic look.

“It’s cool. I got it.” Kenny assured as he took over in cooking the burgers.

Opie kissed the top of their heads then rushed on out the door.

Opie was on his way out of Charming when two black limos flanked him.

“What the…” He uttered as another one pulled up in front and had him pinned in.

They forced him onto the loop and out of town. Opie shook his head knowing damn well who these dipshits were. He patted himself down, in search of his phone, only to have it shot out of his hand, the moment he grabbed it.

“Jesus.” He whispered as Mr. Putlova himself stepped out from one of the limos.

He adjusted his tie and his men were quick to surround Opie. Opie swallowed back as his niece came to mind and everything she endured when it came to this motherfucker. It was almost worth it… Taking him out, right here, knowing he’d be gunned down, directly after. That urge was awfully tempting. But he knew that wouldn’t help anyone if he wound up dead. So he did his best to play it cool, which was no easy task. He knew what these guys were capable of. Opie was escorted off his bike and brought before Mr. Putlova. Mr. Putlova gave a simple nod and signaled for his men to drop their hold. He looked to the patch on Opie’s cut and stuffed a cigar into his mouth.

“Did you receive the flowers?” Mr. Putlova questioned.

Opie narrowed his eyes in question and Mr. Putlova sighed.

“I do believe they were sent under the Love Family.”

The president resisted the urge to roll his eyes. That was HIM?! He remembered those now. The insane amount of white lilies… So many that Opie had to give them away.  He should’ve known it was this psycho. Who sends that many goddamn flowers, to a funeral?! Fucking Russians.

“We received them…” Opie uttered and Mr. Putlova nodded.

“Such the котёнок (kitten), your niece. But she wasn’t to be taken for granted. That котёнок came with claws. I liked that. Hard to replace someone like that. James was nothing more than a disappointment. I certainly have my regrets. I do apologize once again for his behavior.” Mr. Putlova took a long drag off his cigar.

“You know… Your niece never got to that job. We had an agreement and once again, she managed to find a way out. I suppose death is a little more excusable this time round.”

The Russian hummed amongst himself then leaned against one of the limos.

“I turned to her second in command, hoping she’d be just as good as the original. But she’s a stubborn little thing and wouldn’t listen, so I had to rough her up a bit.”

Opie’s eyes went wild on this and Mr. Putlova laughed as his men struggled in order to keep Opie off him.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?!” Opie thundered.

Mr. Putlova held up a hand.

“Ah now, she’s alive. I wouldn’t dishonor Wraith’s memory, by taking out one of her best. But I had to get my point across. You see, this is business. I had to give her something to think about. In the meantime, I thought if I can’t turn to the understudy… Why not the teacher himself?! After all if the rumors are true… She learned everything from you. That’s what I want. I want that fire. Whatever’s in that DNA of yours, I could use it.”

Opie let out a miserable laugh and shook his head.

“I won’t be your next Clay.”

“Good. I was slightly disappointed in Mr. Morrow. He wasn’t as auspicious as he made himself out to be.”

“No, you don’t seem to understand. I’m not that easy to manipulate.”

Mr. Putlova smiled on this.

“Like uncle like niece. Manipulation isn’t in the deck of cards, it never was. All I want is for you and your boys to take over what your niece started. You see, I no longer have a runner, at least not one I can count on.”

“Like I said, I’m not Clay.”

“No. But I doubt you’d frown at twenty percent.”

Opie damn near choked. Clay wasn’t offered near that much.

“Twenty percent?” Opie scoffed.

“Alright. Twenty-three, take it or leave it.”

Opie drew back the deepest of breaths. This right here is what Jax wanted. He wanted that deal. That deal would take the heat off his old lady. He and Opie were in agreement there. However, it was supposed to be Jax standing here, making the deal, not Opie. But shit happens and Opie was biting that bullet now. He only hoped that Jax knew what he was doing. Two cartels, at once… That was some bloody business and if EITHER party found out about the other, the Sons would be FUCKED. But if they pulled this off and played one against the other, it would be a glorious bloodbath, and the Sons would simply clean up after them, leaving no one behind. They’d be free, for the first time, in over a decade or two. They didn’t know what that kind of freedom was like. But the closer they got to that freedom, the more Opie could actually taste it. This was something Donna always wanted. That was the real reason behind her hating on the MC so much. The cartel put them right in the spotlight and it was just a matter of time. Two things would come of this… Life in prison, or stuffed into a pine box.

Opie swallowed back in thought. He’d rather this be on him than that of Bella or her Phantoms. This was something he and the Sons needed to handle. The Phantoms weren’t used to dealing dirty, not this dirty anyhow. They were about racing and gambling, that is until Diablo showed up and it wasn’t long before Mr. Putlova took the bastard’s place. This right here is what Wraith was fighting for. She put her life on the line, in order to get out from men like Mr. Putlova. All she wanted to do was race, it was that simple. Opie knew her Phantoms felt the same. They were just kids, they never asked for this. But that’s why Diablo fixated on Bella in particular and it was no different this time round. The Phantoms were running illegal races and using illegal methods, in order to race. These men knew this and were using that to their advantage. That was the price of being the best; everyone wanted something out of you.

“Twenty-five.”  Opie muttered and Mr. Putlova cocked a brow.

“Hmmm… Getting a little stingy now, aren’t we?!”

“Putting OUR asses on the line, you bet your ass we are!”

Mr. Putlova had a good laugh at this.

“I tell you what. Let’s just go with the twenty-three and see if you can earn your stripes from there. You know what they say… Actions speak louder than words. So let’s get to that first.”

“Alright, no deal.”

The president started towards his Harley and Mr. Putlova had his men drag him back. He had on a set of brass knuckles and Opie curled his lip on this.

“You’ve got to be kidding.” He uttered, just before getting decked.

The others had him restrained as Mr. Putlova laid into him. Opie’s vision started to blur and he was brought to his knees. Mr. Putlova grabbed a fistful of Opie’s hair and forced his head back.

“I tried being civil. You see Mr. Winston, there are two things I cannot stand. Those two things are rebellion and greed. I didn’t think you had it in you, that certainly isn’t a trait your lovely niece carried. She never was about the money. Then again, she wasn’t given much choice. You however, were. Yet you chose the road to gluttony, while making a mockery of my twenty-three percent.  No one would take better care of you and your boys. You know this Mr. Winston. Don’t be a fool, take the deal, or live to regret it. Twenty was generous and my ONLY reason for offering that was out of respect for your loved ones. I can only imagine what you and your family must be going through. You see, I have a heart, despite what you might’ve heard. I’ve given you plenty of time to mourn. But it’s back to business now. I will give you no more than twenty-four hours. Talk amongst your boys and see what they have to say. Do be sure to get my point across, sell it however you must. I need you and your boys this weekend. Big run coming… it would be foolish to miss out on such a great opportunity. Just imagine what you could do with that money. You could send those beautiful children of yours to college.” Just the mention of his kids had Opie gritting his teeth.

“You’d be set for life, each and everyone of you, and you’d have ME to thank! Now isn’t that a wonderful partnership. Just think of me as the godfather, I take care of my own, never forget that Mr. Winston.”

“Is that why my niece died, because you were taking such good care of her?!” Opie spat knowing he had to play the game.

This of course earned him another beat down. Only this time it was enough to put him on his ass. Once they finished, they brought him to his feet. Mr. Putlova tilted his head and sighed.

“I do believe I made my apologies and sent my condolences already. Let’s not dwell in the past. I would’ve taken care of her, if she had let me. But she was rash and acted out. It’s a shame. But it is what it is. Think of this as something to look back on. We can learn from this. Fighting one another, will only lead to more blood and more lives. So let’s not test the waters and get the job done. It’s a win-win, Mr. Winston.”

Mr. Putlova called everyone off and Opie watched as they loaded up and headed off.

“Still not answering?” Happy questioned and Tig sighed.

He decided on calling the VP instead.

“Not like him.” Happy murmured as he wrapped David’s body in Tara’s comforter.

Both were overly emotion and were a little lost on what to do next. They had the body of a brother and a deputy on their hands. Both wondered just where the fuck Tara was. It was more than obvious she was long gone. There were clothes scattered all along her bedroom, a clear sign that she was in a hurry when she left. Happy looked around the room in thought. Had the doc been behind this after all? Did she kill Juice and had the deputy walked in on it?! That would certainly explain things. But what was her motive? Why would she kill Juice? These thoughts ran through that mind of his, while Tig was talking to Chibs on the phone. The sergeant hung up before long then nodded Happy’s direction.

“On his way.”

Happy nodded  in response then went back to his investigating. Tig narrowed his eyes on this.

“What’s up?”

“How well did you know the doc?”

“Not too well, why?”

“Imma thinkin’ there’s more to this.”


Happy pointed to the closet. The hangers were all messed up and tangled, there were clothes on the floor, and the drawers to the dresser were still out. There wasn’t a suitcase in sight.

“Damn…” Tig murmured.

“I think she did it.”

“You mean like she killed Juice?”

Happy nodded and Tig was getting choked up all over again. He cleared his throat and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

“But why?! Why Juice?!”

Happy shrugged and Tig went on to search the rest of the house.

Bingo!” He called after a solid six minutes.

Happy looked over and Tig entered the room, with the pills in hand.

“Damn…” Happy trailed off and was looking to the prescriptions in disbelief.

“Right?! Brother really dodged a bullet with that one.”

Happy shook his head in thought.

Opie let out a growl as he struggled to keep his bike balanced. He’d just got through checking on his kids and dropped them off, at the clubhouse, with the old man. He wasn’t about to take that risk. The drive ahead of him was going to be hell. His knees were banged up and his vision was still a bit on the blurry side. He had no choice but to wing this. The boys needed him. The man felt torn however as Dizzy and the Phantoms needed him as well. He could only imagine what they were going through and how they were handling the situation. He cringed as he thought back to what Mr. Putlova said. There’s no telling what they did to that girl. Opie kept it in mind to call Half-Sack, once he got to Tara’s. Still, he wondered what the fuck was going on. The way Tig sounded on that phone… Opie did his best NOT to rush to assumptions. But he couldn’t help but to think the worst. Did something happen to Juice and on HIS watch?!

“Try the crackers…” Jax suggested as Bella hadn’t been able to keep anything down.

Her stomach was so empty Jax could hear it growling from where he was. The morning sickness pills didn’t seem to be working. Bella could barely stand at times and she remained pasty. Jax didn’t remember Wendy being this sick. Was this normal? He pondered. Bella acted as if it were no big deal and was just dealing. So maybe it was…

Jax raised his brows as the lynx was curled up in her lap now. He couldn’t get over how fucking tame that thing was around her. In fact, if he hadn’t known any better he would’ve sworn the damn cat could sense her distress and was trying to help in his own way.  He imagined Bob was keeping her pretty warm, with that thick coat of his. Jax had never heard anything purr so fucking loud. Jax put down the Count of Monte Cristo and grabbed the What to Expect When Expecting book. He flipped through it hoping to find something about morning sickness. He lifted his eyes and smiled however as Bella was reading his copy of The Outsiders. She herself looked over and laughed.

“I think we got this backwards.” She teased.

“Right?!” He said but went back to reading.

Bella continued to laugh and picked at a cracker.

“Those helping any?”

“A little…” She muttered with a shrug.

“So what part you at?” He curiously asked.

“Darry just hit Ponyboy and he took off…”

“Ah, so you’re just getting to the good stuff.”

“Good stuff?”

“Oh yeah, shit just got real. You’ll see.”

Bella lowered the book and looked to Jax in amazement.

“What?” He questioned taking notice.

“You’re like a mixture of Ponyboy and Johnny.”


“Yeah. Their mannerisms… They’re a lot like yours. I think that’s what drew you in. You saw yourself in the characters.”

“Never thought about it…” He uttered with a shrug.

“Just dug the story, that’s all.”

“Admit it. This is you and the Sons. Uncle Op is Darry, Tig is Dally, and Happy well…”

Bella flipped through the book and Jax laughed.

“Nah Dally is Happy and Two Bit is Tig!” Jax corrected and Bella laughed in thought.

“Okay, I’ll give you that one.”

And you’re a lot like Sodapop too.”

“Really?” Jax questioned in mere curiosity.

“Yeah. I see a lot of you in those three.”


“You and Opie seem to hold the thread when it comes to the Sons. I suppose that’s why I see you as Sodapop and Uncle Op as Darry.”

“And Chibs?”

Bella hadn’t brought him up on purpose. She figured that would be a sore subject.

“Not sure…” She said rather dismissively.

“He’s Johnny.” He said taking Bella by surprise.

“I might have a touch of Johnny’s personality but he sounds more like Chibs. Even I can see where I’d be Ponyboy or Sodapop in this scenario. Always looking to Op or Chibs for advice, even as prez. I suppose that’s why they’re my main guys.”

“But you and Chibs…”

“Hell… That’ll pass. That isn’t the first fight we’ve had and it won’t be the last. Shit, Op and I have had literal knock out drag outs and look at us. We’re fine. That shit happens. We’re an MC, there’s bound to be some fighting. I doubt you and your Phantoms get along all the time.”

Bella snorted in thought of all the times her and Dizzy were at each other’s throats.

“Fraid you got me there.”

“See?! That shit happens, even more so when you’re the one leading it all.”

“True that.”

Jax had that look of awe again.

“You really get it, more than anyone. You know what it means to put yourself out there and have everyone counting on you. It’s like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. It’s enough to make even the sanest of us insane. I’ve certainly had my moments. And I’m not proud of myself on how I handled Chibs either. I know he didn’t deserve that. He was only looking out for you. It’s just…” Jax sighed feeling like a complete dick.

“You’re my old lady and I didn’t know how to deal when I thought you told him about the pregnancy first. Knowing he’s got it bad for you didn’t help matters. I might be a little too possessive. I’d say I’m sorry, but that’d be a lie.” He said with a smirk.

“I haven’t any issue in telling someone to fuck off, even if it’s another brother. And believe me when I say you’re the only one I’ve ever felt that way about. I don’t want men hanging all over you. I suppose that’s why I’m walking the line when it comes to you. Just the mere idea, fuck. I would’ve killed him…”

Bella and Jax sighed. He couldn’t believe what he was admitting to. He was nothing more than a fucking hypocrite. But he couldn’t help himself.

“If it had been me catching you in bed with another man, I’d have put a bullet in his head. I wouldn’t care how much you screamed and cried. I would’ve ended his life, without question.”

“Why his?” She curiously asked.

Jax lowered his head and sort of laughed.

“Because you would’ve suffered more that way. How fucked up is that shit?!”

“Pretty fucked up.” Bella said with a smile of her own.

“But I get it. I wanted you dead, for my own peace of mind. If you were out of the picture then I wouldn’t be tempted to take you back. That would’ve given me this false sense of pride, knowing I took care of business when you fucked me over.”

“But you couldn’t…”

“Exactly. So I fucked up your leg instead.”

Jax had a good laugh at this.

“That you did.”

Bella looked to the scar on her arm where Clay had shot her.

“How do we even begin when we tell our story? Just imagine the look on our children’s faces.”

Jax leaned back and smiled in thought.

“It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure.”

“I could just see it now… You see that scar on your father’s leg? I did that!”

Jax chuckled once again.

“We’ll tell the best bedtime stories!” He added with wide grin.

“That we will.”

Bob hopped on down and scratched at the door. Jax reared back at this.

“I think he needs to go.”

“Go where?!”

“You know… potty…”

Jax rolled his eyes.

“Once again, he’s not a pet Bella.”

Jax opened the door and Bob took off.

“Man, look at all that snow! That’s gotta be a good five inches now!”

Bella came to her feet and poked her head out.

“That’s crazy!”

“Right?! And it’s still coming down pretty hard. Think it’s snowing in Charming?”

“Maybe. I hope it’s snowing at the ranch. I bet Abel would get a kick out of that!”

“Right?! He’s never seen snow before.”

Bella stepped on out and grabbed a handful of snow. She smiled just before making a snow ball and throwing it Jax’s direction.

“HEY!” He hollered and retaliated.

Bella laughed and quickly ducked behind a tree.

“Might need to get another fire going here soon.” He said while looking to their usual spot.

He was just about to comment on needing more wood when he got pegged by another snowball. Jax walked away acting as if he was going to gather more wood. Bella went on to get the fire started and Jax snuck up behind her.

“Jackson!” She scolded as he tackled her to the ground and smashed a snowball into her hair.

He went on to shove more snow on top of her. Bella squirmed about and he pinned her wrists down.

“Damn…” He whispered as she hadn’t a bra on and her nipples were poking through her sweater.

Bella giggled as she could feel him pulsating against her.

“I thought he’d be hiding…” She hinted as to the cold.

“Oh no… You got his attention.”

Jax gave them a couple playful nips and that only made them more erect.

“Fuck, you’re gonna poke through if we’re not careful!” He teased and Bella laughed.

“Well you’re not helping.”

Jax nodded and to her great surprise, he unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his pants. He took his hoodie off then placed it beneath her. He wasted no time in taking her pants off and fucking her right there, in the snow. Jax himself couldn’t believe how hard he was. But there was just something about that little sweater. It had him all kinds of worked up. He licked and teased those nipples and thrust with everything he had. It seemed to be snowing even harder now and that only added to the moment. Bella lifted her sweater and Jax lost all composure. He let out this deep grunt and threw his head back in a finish. Bella giggled at his reaction.

“What in the fuck was that?!” He said and Bella chewed on that bottom lip of hers.

“You had me cumming like some pubescent teenage boy!”

Come to think of it, they were going at it like a couple teenagers. There wasn’t much else to do, other than read, talk, and play cards. The record so far was five in one day. Wrong as it was… there was something strangely arousing about fucking in a church. Having his old lady naked, in one of those pews, or in that confessional booth was highly erotic. If he could get her in one of those little Catholic skirts, he’d be done for. He shook his head at his own thoughts then pulled out.

“Perv…” Jax muttered as Bob was making his way over now.

The cat tilted his head and watched as the two adjusted their clothing. Bella went to hand Jax his hoodie back.

“Put it on. It’ll keep you warmer than that jacket of yours.”

“Then you’ll be cold.”

“I’m actually pretty good right now. Once we get this fire going, I’ll be even better. Just put it on, darlin’.”

Jax put on his leather gloves and went in search of more wood. Bella got the fire started and Bob joined her as she warmed her hands.

“You really are strange, you know that?”

Bob lay down and stared at the fire. Bella reached over and petted the top of his head.

“He’ll warm up to you… He just thinks he’s all tough but he’s complete goo on the inside.”

“Jaysus…” Chibs whispered after looking to the bodies.

Tig gave his shoulder a bit of a squeeze as Chibs broke down and had himself a good cry.

“Juicy boy…” he cried and Tig swallowed back as Chibs was inconsolable.

The Scot came to his knees and the Sons gave their VP some space. A few minutes had passed when he cranked his head their direction.

“Any word on Op?”

“Nah man, he should’ve been here over an hour ago.” Tig replied.


“His phone goes straight to voicemail.”

Chibs cleared his throat and forced himself to snap out of it. He came to his feet knowing they were looking to him on what to do next.

“Alright, well we can’t stay here. This is risky enough, ye should’ve cleaned this shite up then went about yer way. Ye’ve done stayed too long. I hope no one saw ye enterin’ the fuckin’ house.” Chibs scolded knowing they knew better.

And they did, but the death of a brother threw them off their game. Even Chibs was having a hard time concentrating.

Happy and Tig looked to one another and shrugged. Happy darted outside then pulled the van into the garage. Tig and Chibs went on to carry the bodies into the garage and were loading them up, when they heard someone pull into the driveway.

“That better be our prez or we’re fucked!” Chibs muttered and Tig went to check it out.

“It’s him!”


Tig rushed back into the house and was quick to welcome Opie inside.

“Whoa… What happened to you?!”

Opie didn’t comment and went on to question Tig instead. Tig sighed and had Opie follow him into the garage. One look from Chibs said it all. Opie staggered back and looked to the Sons in disbelief.

“No man… no. This shit isn’t happening! Don’t you tell me he’s fucking dead! Not Juice! NOT HIM!”

Chibs closed his eyes and Opie pinched his shut. Tig once again revealed what they believed to be the truth. Opie opened his eyes and Happy nodded in agreement.

“So this was Tara’s doing?!”

“We think so.” Happy softly stated and Opie gritted his teeth after Happy tossed the pills over.

Chibs looked to the pills as well and recoiled.

“Jaysus Christ.”

“So I led him in to the den of a complete and total psychopath… FUCK!” Opie took off his cut and threw it down.

He punched at one of the walls and he did this until his knuckles were raw.  Chibs swallowed back then made his way over. Tears were streaming down the president’s face and Chibs placed a soothing hand along his shoulder.

“I gotta tell Jackson…” He whispered as if completely destroyed.

Chibs was quick to hug it out and the other two cringed, as Opie went on to blame himself. He mentioned how he should’ve killed Tara himself and been done. Nothing they said seemed to put the man at ease. Opie put everything on himself and wouldn’t hear the others out. The guilt was so heavy; Opie was blind to anything they had to say.

“Bella?!” Jax called with concern as his old lady was bawling her eyes out.

He hopped up when she didn’t respond.

“Hey…” He called once again and sat beside her.

“Why didn’t you tell me he was going to die?!” Bella sobbed and Jax chuckled.

This earned him a punch on the arm and he laughed even harder. Bella threw the book down and Jax raised his brows, as she went on a rant about Johnny dying.

“They went through all that and he dies?!” She snapped and Jax chewed on that inner cheek of his as he was trying not to laugh, again.

The ending had him pretty upset as well when he first read it, but he hadn’t expected her reaction. This girl acted as if she knew the characters, personally.

“Did you even finish the book?”

“NO! Why would I want to now?!”

Jax lost the battle and was laughing all over again.

“It’s not funny! You didn’t even warn me!”

“I didn’t think you’d get so upset…”

Jax came to his feet, picked up the book then handed it back over.

“Finish it.”

Bella frowned and Jax insisted.

“Come on, baby. Finish the damn book before you call it quits.”

“Fine!” She grumbled.

Bella opened the book and went back to reading. Jax could hear her stomach growling the entire time. Poor girl couldn’t hold anything down, anything other than crackers. Even at that, she could only handful a few here and there. Jax grabbed his bottle of whiskey then went back to reading Bella’s pregnancy book. Something he never dreamed of doing, but all this had his curiosity. For whatever reason, Bella hadn’t picked it up since the first time she saw it. He figured she had her reasons.

They were in their own little worlds when they heard someone pull up to the church. Jax gestured for Bella to hide in the confessional booth. This was their usual protocol whenever they heard someone or something outside. Bella hid and Jax got in his spot. This way when the door opened, he’d be behind it, gun in hand. This had him on edge. They weren’t expecting anyone and it was almost sunset. In fact, it was getting rather dark in the church itself.

“It’s me…” They heard in an all too familiar voice.

Bella stepped out of the booth and they exchanged glances on this. Jax opened the doors and Opie nodded their direction before stepping inside. The man’s lip and nose were busted open and one of his eyes was swollen shut.

“Uncle Op!” Bella rushed on over with tears in her eyes.

He said nothing as he sat her down at one of the pews. He took off his jacket then sat beside her.

“What happened to you, brother?” Jax questioned.

“I fucked up, big time.” Opie uttered in such a way.

Jax thickly swallowed wondering where this was going.

“Whatever it is, I’m sure we can fix it.”

“Nah man, we can’t fix this. This is on me and there’s no going back.”

Bella recoiled. She knew that look all too well.

“Who?” She whispered and just as Jax was about to ask that very thing.

Opie told them about the funeral and how Wendy and Tara showed up. He left out the part about Wendy wanting custody of Abel, for now. But he told them about Tara’s meltdown and how she acted at the funeral itself. How it went from there to Opie having Juice escort her on out of town and back home. He had Juice keeping an eye on her from there. He cleared his throat as he continued. Both were in absolute shock when he got to the part where Tig and Happy walked in on the deputy rolling Juice’s body up in a tarp. Opie told Jax about Happy’s theory. He mentioned the pills Tara had and Jax just sat there. He didn’t even blink. Opie sighed amongst himself.

“I hadn’t a clue, or I would’ve never…” Opie trailed off then pinched his eyes shut.

“I failed you and him…”

“You didn’t fail anyone, because I should’ve been there. This is on me!” Jax corrected and Bella shook her head in disagreement.

“This isn’t on either one of you. Clinically insane, or not, this is on Tara!”

This had both men looking to Bella.

“Oh come on… She just using that lunatic bullshit as a fucking crutch. Face it; the doc’s always had a dark side to her. She just did a good job keeping it hidden, that’s all. Let’s not disguise this for what it really is. She’ll killed Juice, it doesn’t matter the reason. She knew what she was doing when she took his life. She used a fucking knife for crying out loud and stabbed him repeatedly. Taking his life was her intention.”

“Bell’s right… I saw the warning signs myself. Tara… She has this way of fooling everyone, that sweet and innocent act of hers… She’s nowhere near as innocent as she wants everyone to believe. You haven’t a clue, Jax. The shit she used to say… To other women, crazy stuff like that. Tara’s always had a very possessive nature, when it comes to you.”

Jax wished Opie wouldn’t have used that term, considering he told his old lady he was possessive when it came to her.

Possessive? ! Then why dump me so fucking much?!”

Bella shook her head in thought.

“That was her way of gaining some sort of control…” She said surprising them both.

“Let me guess, she always put the blame on you. You did something to trigger the dumping and you’d take her back whenever she was good and ready.”

Jax recoiled as every bit of that was true.

“Jesus…” He muttered feeling incredibly foolish.

“Sorry Jackson, just calling it like it was. It didn’t’ matter if you were with her, or not. According to Tara, you belong to her, it’s that simple.”

“That certainly explains why she freaked out when I finally moved on.”

Bella nodded in agreement.

“She never saw it coming…” She whispered as to Tara thinking Jax would always take her back.

Jax lost all composure however as he thought about Juice.

“Fuck! I should’ve seen the signs myself. Hell, I’m lucky she didn’t kill you!” He said with a nod Bella’s direction.

“She can try…” Bella darkly muttered.

That was her Wraith side kicking in. She wanted nothing more than to put that bitch in her place, once and for all. She figured a good haunting ought to do the trick. Tara thought she was dead, right?

“Hey… Are you alright?” Opie questioned as he took notice of how pale and sickly his niece was.

“I’m fine…”

Jax cringed on the inside. He hadn’t thought about how Op would take that news. But he couldn’t focus on that now. A brother was dead and at the hands of his ex. Jax gritted his teeth in thought. He’d plans of making the bitch suffer as it was, but it was even MORE personal now. Tara hadn’t a clue what she was in for now. Mentally deranged, or not, Jax was done. Jax came to his feet and checked the bullets in his gun.

“Watch after her…” He said and started towards the door.

Opie was quick to place a hand along his shoulder.

“And just where do you think you’re going?!”

“To find Tara.”

“No you’re not.” Opie declared and Jax let out a scoff-like laugh.

He started walking once again and Opie jerked him back and forced him into one of the pews.

“You’re staying right here.”

“Am I now?”

“You do this… And you’ll ruin EVERYTHING. Someone will see you and all of this will have been for NOTHING! You’re not pulling that shit! You’re smarter than that!”

“I have my ways…” Jax hinted and Opie shook his head no.

“I’m telling you as your president, to stay put!”

Jax reared back in disbelief.

“As MY president?!”

“That’s right?! You wanted me to wear the patch, right?!”

Jax closed his eyes and Opie gave a simple nod.

“You’re not my prez, or my VP right now. So you have NO choice but to hear me out on this. You walk out that door and I’ll have your fucking ass! Tara isn’t worth you and Bella being found out about! Besides, the boys and I need a little more time before you go and make that big reveal. We gotta handle Stahl first, once that’s over and done, we’ll deal with the other shitfest!”

Opie started to say something else but froze. He was eyeing something in one of the pews. He headed that way and picked it up.

“What in the hell is this?!”

Bella and Jax shared that deer caught in headlights look.

“That’s strange… Not sure how that got here.” Bella stammered.

“You don’t, huh?”

Bella nodded and Opie picked up something else, something that was hanging out of her backpack.

“I’m guessing you don’t know how these got here either…” He said while holding the bottle of prenatal vitamins.

“Nope.” Bella muttered under her breath.

Opie shook his head in disbelief.

“So the two of you thought NOW would be a GREAT time to get knocked up?!”

“You guys did the packing…” Jax reminded and Opie snapped a look his direction.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“There was a lack of contraception, if you get my drift.”

“Oh so this is our fault?!”

“In a way…” Jax smarted.

“So it’s our fault you two fuck like rabbits?!”

“No but you knew this and still… there was lacking.”

“Ever heard of pulling out?!” Opie barked in response and Bella’s entire face turned beet red.

“Oh yeah that one’s fun too!” Jax witted and Opie curled his lip on this.

“Can we not focus on that and worry about what we’re going to do?!” Bella questioned.

“About the baby?!” Opie questioned as if going in to hysterics.

“NO! ABOUT JUICE, TARA, AND ALL THAT OTHER SHIT!” Bella crossly corrected.

Opie recoiled once he saw the look on his niece’s face.


Don’t. We have more important things to focus on.”

“Don’t know about that… Babies are kind of a big deal, especially when they’re still cooking and the mother’s life is on the line.”

“When is it not?” Bella uttered and both men looked to one another.

“And you never told us why you’re all beat up. Who did this?” Bella probed but her eyes started to roll back.

“Hey!” Jax called and darted on over.

He cupped her chin and was checking her over.

“I’m fine. Just a little dizzy.” She said while fighting to keep her eyes open.

The young woman wanted to talk to her uncle about what happened to him. But her body just wasn’t having it. She kept having these tired spells and there wasn’t anything she could do about it once they hit.

“Then you need to lie down and chill.”

Opie grabbed a bottle of water and handed it over.

“Morning sickness?” He questioned.

“More like all day sickness.” Jax corrected with a frown.

“She can’t hold a fucking thing down and can barely walk at times. That shit normal?!”

“Oh yeah… Donna was pretty sick when she was pregnant with Ellie. It wasn’t as bad with Kenny for some reason, but Donna was damn near bedridden when it came to Ellie.”

“Shit…” Jax murmured whilst looking to Bella.

Bella wanted to say something on this but her eyes came to a close and she was out, within a matter of seconds.

“She does that…” Jax whispered and Opie nodded.

“Yeah. I’m sure she’s gonna sleep a lot these next few months.”

Jax placed the blankets over her then popped a cigarette into his mouth.

“I can’t believe he’s dead…” Jax sadly murmured.

“Me and you both.”

“And at Tara’s hands… I never dreamed…” Jax lifted his eyes in thought.

“Why didn’t you tell me about Tara?! The signs…”

“I tried, remember? But you’d defend Tara, no matter what she did. There was no getting through to you. You were blind and wouldn’t listen to what me, or your mother had to say. We saw the crazy, a long time ago.”

Jax thought back and remembered the few times they confronted him about Tara.


He remembered how irate he’d get. He always thought it was because Tara was so different, at least in comparison to Wendy. Wendy grew up around the Sons and there was a time she was considered family. Tara just wasn’t old lady material, at least not when it came to an MC. She was a doctor and way out of his league, at least that’s how he used to feel. His mother tried to warn him. She even told him that Tara’s only reason for coming back was to use him. Tara always came around when it was convenient for her. This all led back to her needing protection from that ex of hers, the fed he killed. When Jax brought this to Tara’s attention, she denied it. Gemma and Tara were at each other’s throats, constantly. Wendy and Gemma had their moments as well, but it was nothing like Tara. It’s like his mother just knew, from the very beginning. Gemma gave Bella a little hell at first and seemed to be testing the waters. But something must’ve happened, because it seemed as if his mother had backed off, quite a bit.

“I should’ve listened.” The way Jax said this had Opie looking to him like he was that same kid all over again.

Jax was in love and he truly believed Tara to be the one. He’d go on and on about how he was going to marry her one day. It ripped his heart out when she left and Opie was there for all the times she dumped him. Opie never understood Jax’s reasoning when it came to Tara. Jax looked towards his old lady and like he were reading Opie’s mind…

“I never thought someone like Tara could ever look at me like that. This girl had the highest GPA of the fucking school and was going places. All it took was batting those eyes of hers and I was gone.” Jax shook his head in memory.

“I’d been with plenty of women. I mean hell I lost my virginity when I was thirteen! How fucked up is that shit?!”

“I always hated you for that…” Opie admitted and Jax laughed as he took another swig off that whiskey.

“Crow Eater. Your babysitter wasn’t so bad either.” Jax uttered with a wink and Opie rolled his eyes.

“Yeah well don’t let my niece hear that shit.”

Jax nodded in thought but the way he kept looking at Bella had Opie sighing amongst himself. He never looked at anyone that way, not even Tara.

“I’m not hiding anything from her.” Jax made clear.

“We get each other. We might not agree but we get it. I never had that with anyone. That’s how I know this time’s different. As long as I stay true to who I am, at this very moment, I know Bella isn’t going anywhere. Whereas Tara… She always had one foot out the door and used that in order to get whatever she wanted. Bella’s right. Tara had all control. She wanted to shape and mold me and she damn near pulled it off. I can’t believe I thought about leaving the MC and Charming altogether. I was going to take Abel and hit the fucking road, because she had me believing that was the right thing to do. We were making plans to keep Abel away from my mother as well.”

Opie recoiled in thought. Gemma would’ve hunted the bitch down herself.

“If I had stayed with Tara, I would’ve turned my back to everyone in Charming. My life would’ve been all about Tara and what she needed. She would’ve pushed the “leaving”  bit in my face, over and over, until I was the perfect husband. I can’t believe I didn’t see that shit coming! Bella truly has her pegged. That’s some scary ass shit brother.”

“Bell’s got a way of reading others, always has. Whatever she says, I’d take to heart. Nine times out of ten she’s right.”

“I’ve noticed. But we’re not about to tell her that shit!”

Opie chuckled on this.

“Tara and I were inseparable. But I can look back now and see how that was just her way of keeping an eye on me. I always thought it was because of how deeply we felt for one another. I craved that. After losing my father and Thomas, it was a lonely time and I welcomed whatever I could get. Tara just happened to enter my life after all that shit and I ate it up. Our lives were nothing but a series of bad choices. I thought she was the one and yes, I’d get pissed with anyone that told me differently. You and mom… Fuck.  You were just being the friend I needed and mom was just looking out for me. You saw Tara for the train wreck she was and all I could see was this stupid fairytale. So the girl next door fell for the criminal. I wanted that girl. I wanted to prove I could have her. We could have any Crow Eater or porn star we wanted. But after so long, even that becomes monotonous. It doesn’t matter how many you invite into your bed. At the end of the day, it was just a good lay, nothing more. And that was the problem, I wanted more…”

Opie nodded in understanding.

“You wanted what I had with Donna.” Opie sadly uttered and Jax nodded.

“Once Donna entered my life I was done.”

“Yeah you were… Clay couldn’t get you to fuck any of those girls, no matter how hard he tried.” Jax said but with this look of pride.

“That’s how I knew brother… Seeing you like that, made me want what you had. I wanted someone that would make me think. I wanted to know what that feeling was like. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find it. I cheated on Wendy and Tara how many times?!”

Opie shook his head but looked to his niece with concern. Brother or not, he’d kill Jax if he ever pulled some shit like that.

“No man… not happening. That’s what I’m trying to tell you.” Opie knew Jax was getting shitfaced, as he kept chugging that whiskey.

He decided it might be best to have Jax follow him outside. He didn’t want to run the risk of his niece over hearing this stuff. There were somethings that needed to stay between brothers.

“Bella is my Donna. She’s the only one to ever make me think twice. With Wendy and Tara I kept making excuses as to why it was okay. I was hurting and even their comfort didn’t take the edge off.” Jax got a little choked up and was looking to the sky now.

“There was a time I hated you. You had it all… The wife, the kids, the club… You even had an old man that gave a damn. All I had was a broken family, a dead father and brother, and endless women that never seemed to satisfy.”

“Not everything is about sex…” Opie stated.

“I can’t believe I’m agreeing with that shit!”

Opie had a good laugh at this and took a swig of that whiskey as well.

“When she came up missing… It’s like my dick fucking died. I lost interest, altogether. Our usual girls would come on to me and I was numb. Even strip clubs seemed depressing.”

Opie had this certain beam about him and Jax reared back on this.


“You’re right. You have what I had with Donna. That shit’s not going anywhere. Your player days are over.” Opie sighed at the look Jax gave him.

“Ima…” The president shook his head in thought.

“I kept the bitch on all fours and facing away from me, so I could think about Donna.” Opie admitted with a cringe.

“I just wanted to feel my wife again.”

Jax swallowed back on this.

“I’m telling you… You’ll never be the same. That shit’s deep and it takes you by the balls. Why do you think they call it pussy-whipped?! The bitch kept talking and I kept finding ways of shutting her up. Even her perfume got on my fucking nerves, because it wasn’t Donna’s brand. It doesn’t matter who you fuck… That one face is what comes to mind. Even if the bitch is riding you… You just end up looking at her from the tits down.”

Jax didn’t comment but was thinking about how much he missed this. This was how he and Op used to be. They’d shoot the shit and talk for hours on end. But after fucking his niece over, that seemed to die. Not that he blamed Op, he understood his reasoning.

“I can’t believe we’re having this conversation.” Opie spat and Jax chuckled.

“I just want you to know I’m going to take care of them. I mean it, Op. I’m not that same guy anymore. All that shit’s in the past, where it belongs. This club and my family that’s what I live for and all I’ll ever live for.”

“I hope so. This is all new to Bella. She’s going to need your support. You can’t be the way you were with Wendy. I mean it, Jax. Don’t you do that to her. Be there. There might be times you have to put your family BEFORE the club.”

“I know.”

“You know Chibs and I will have your back on that one. We get it. Family comes first, always will.”

Opie drew back a breath then looked to the church in thought.

“She’s scared.”

Jax lifted his eyes on Opie’s words.

“I know.”

“Can’t blame her either. All this shit you guys are facing… Her main focus is going to be that kid now. That’s how she is. She’ll break her back making certain nothing happens. I bet that’s a little relieving, in your case. The president hinted as to Wendy damn near killing Abel.

“You’ve no idea… And I won’t let her. I’ll break mine first.”

“I know you will. You two are in for one hell of a ride. She’s great with the kids. Ellie and Kenny love her. She’ll make a kickass mom.” Opie said and Jax smiled.

“I know she will.”

“By the way… You need to know that I had to take matters into my own hands, when it came to Wendy.”


“You know… Aside from my niece, you really do have the WORST taste in women.”

Jax sighed on this.

“The whole funeral ordeal was a goddamn disaster. Sad, considering everyone thought it to be fucking real! Tara with her goddamn meltdown and fucking Wendy with her threat.”

Threat? What threat?!”

“Bitch had the nerve to pull this whole “I want custody of Abel” bullshit.”

“At my fucking funeral?!”

“Oh yeah.”

“Hell no!”

“That’s about what I said.”

“What in the fuck?! It’s a good thing my mother wasn’t there!”

“Believe me I thought that same thing. Gemma would’ve dug another grave, right there!”

This had both men laughing in thought.

“I set her up, Jax…” Opie admitted and with this shameful look about him.

“What do you mean?”

“I thought the bitch was full of shit. But a letter showed up at your mother’s office. Normally, I leave that shit be, but I saw the name and remembered her threat. So I opened it and sure enough… It was Wendy letting your mother know that she had lawyered up and would be settling the issue of Abel in court. I grabbed Tig and Happy, went to the bitch’s apartment, and drove a fucking syringe through her arm. I knew she wouldn’t gain custody if there were drugs in her system.”

Jax looked to Opie in shock and Opie sighed.

“I know… I’m sorry, Jax. I just…”

“Did what I would’ve done.”

Opie tilted his head on this.

“I would’ve done the same thing Op. Trust me. Wendy isn’t going anywhere near my son. Gaining custody is out of the fucking question. I’ll make it look like an accident if I have to.”

“I figured that much.”

“You did good, Op. I’m just surprised you took it that far. Hell, you used to accuse me of going off the deep end when I pulled shit like that.”

“Yeah well. The gavel does shit to you, even more so when you’re in your brother’s place. I knew I had to do right by you.”

Jax recoiled on this.

“It’s a good feeling, Jackson. Or it was…” Opie shook his head as Juice came to mind.

“He died on my watch. I was supposed to take care of them, the way you would. Poor bastard was there for over six weeks. It didn’t even occur to me that he needed a break, not until it was too late!”

“It would’ve been one of the others, if not Juice.” Jax uttered and both men recoiled in thought.

“Happy…” The president whispered in such a way.


“Happy was supposed to take his place. It would’ve been him.”

“Either way… Any of us Sons would’ve been caught off guard. None of us expected that out of Tara, even now I’m having a hard time processing it. She couldn’t deal with that crazy ex of hers, but she killed a brother, like it was nothing! I mean what in the actual FUCK?!”

Opie nodded in agreement. He went on to tell Jax about Jimmy O and how he was in town. He told him about the meeting they’d had, not long ago. Jimmy seemed to be keeping an eye on things as he was still in Charming, last they heard.

“Won’t be long before the kings arrive.”  Jax affirmed.

“We’ll have everything handled by then.”

“I hope so. We can’t focus on anything else once Bella and I rise from the grave.”

“I know. That’s why it’s important that you stay put. I know I fucked up with Tara. But I got this. Just let me prove it.”

“I never had any doubts, brother. What happened to Juice, could’ve happened to anyone. Like I said, no one expected that out of Tara. That being said… If you got some time. I think we should go over those plans…”

“All ears. Just let me have one of the boys check on the Phantoms first.”

Jax reared back in question and Opie sighed.

“I’ll explain after we talk about those plans.”

“Everythin’ alright?” The Scot questioned after Kip opened the door.

Kip shook his head no and went on to tell them what happened. The Phantoms were at a bar, celebrating one of their wins. When they exited the bar a black limo pulled up and Dizzy was sent rolling out from one of the back doors. The Russians had done a real number on her. Tig and Chibs recoiled on this and Kip welcomed them inside. They followed him up the stairs. They entered Dizzy’s room, to find the other Phantoms at her bedside.

“Jaysus…” Chibs muttered and rushed to her side.

Tig nodded Derk’s direction as off to a corner of the room. Each of the Phantoms looked like they hadn’t slept in days. To Tig’s great surprise, Derk grabbed ahold of him and broke down. Tig swallowed back and simply held him. With Kip’s permission, Chibs checked Dizzy over. He was impressed on how well the Phantoms handled this. They had her bandaged up and were tending to the bruises and various scrapes along her body. Chibs gave her something for the pain then left her to Kip’s care. Chibs went on to hug him and told Kip if he needed anything to call, no matter the time of day. Kip thanked him profusely.

“How long’s she been out?” Chibs questioned.

“A few hours.”

“She was supposed to join us at the bar, but never showed. We figured she was setting up our next race.” Kelly admitted.

“They want her to take Bella’s place as Wraith…” Kip declared and this had the Sons looking to one another.

“They want Dizzy doing the races and the runs, now that Bella’s “dead”.”

“We’re not letting that happen.” Kelly made clear and the Phantoms nodded in agreement.

“She’s right. We’re fighting this. I know Clay made some sort of deal with the Russians but that’s not what we’re about. Han brought us together as a family. He was never about this and that’s what Wraith was working so hard to fix. She never wanted this. We might run some illegal shit, but guns and blood, that’s not us. We race. That’s it. We want things back to the way they were, before Diablo ever entered the picture.” Derk made clear.

“Aye and we’ll help ye get there.” Chibs reassured.

“You can’t tell Bella…” Derk said and the others nodded in agreement.

“Dizzy made us promise. If Bella finds out what they did… She’ll come out of hiding. We can’t have that.”

“Agreed. We won’t mention it.” Chibs gave his word and the Phantoms looked to one another as if lost on what to say or do next.

“They won’t kill her. They’ll torture her, until she wishes she was dead.” Derk said breaking the silence and everyone nodded once again.

“Aye. They’ll do the same to ole Jackie boy. We’re not aboot ta let anythin’ happen ta them. Alright?! Bella and Jax are in good hands.”

Tried as they might the Sons couldn’t hide their own despair.

“Did something happen?” Kip questioned.

Chibs drew back the deepest of breaths and went to reveal the truth about Juice. Kip got a little choked up himself and he too was just as shocked at Tara being behind it.

“This doesn’t leave this room. I mean it.” Chibs made clear and the Phantoms nodded in understanding.

“This is somethin’ us Sons will be dealing with.”

Chibs narrowed his eyes and looked to be in thought.

“Something on your mind?” Tig questioned taking notice.

“It might be best… gettin’ us Sons and Phantoms under one roof.”

“You mean the clubhouse?”

“Aye. If we don’t, they might do somethin’ worse next time. That’s not ta say ye kids can’t hold yer own, we’ve seen it. But ye’d have more protection this way.”

Without Bella and Dizzy, these kids were fucked and Chibs knew that. They hadn’t a clue how to run things without them. Kip looked to Dizzy then back to Chibs.


“Pack yer bags. Ye might as well stay fur a bit.”

Derk sort of laughed and this had everyone looking to him in question.

“That’s what they wanted…”

Chibs regarded the Phantom in wonder and Derk nodded.

“Wraith and Jax… This right here is what they were fighting for when Clay was prez.”

Chibs smiled in thought.

“Aye. Yer right. Took them dyin’ in order ta get there!” He witted and everyone laughed.

“Guess it’s a good thing we never got around to sending those wedding invitations out.”

They hadn’t realized she was awake. Opie and Jax were kicked back and having a few beers with that whiskey. Jax himself looked somewhat disappointed on this.

“That’s what… about a week or so away?” Her uncle asked and Bella nodded.

“I think we can pull it off.” Opie said with a shrug.


“Just let me handle it.”

Jax raised his brows on this.

“You mean let you handle OUR wedding.”

“Well yeah…”

“That’ll be interesting.”

“You guys got everything picked out and ready to go, right?”

“Yeah but…”

“Then I got it from here. The wedding’s happening, alright? I made you a promise Bell and I’m keeping that promise.” Opie said while looking his niece in the eyes.

“Thank you.” Bella said with a warm smile.

Bella hugged her uncle and he hugged her in return. Jax smiled amongst himself. They truly were like father and daughter.

“I can’t believe you put the cart before the horse!” Opie went on to tease and Bella frowned.

“Shut up…” She murmured and Opie chuckled.

“Leave it to you two to do everything backwards.”

“You’re just mad because this basically makes you a grandfather!”

Jax taunted and Opie snapped him a look of utter hell.

Bella laughed so hard she snorted.

“Grampy Op?” She added and Jax died of laughter.

“Yeah, yeah laugh it up. Just wait until your actual gramps hears about this.”

Bella cringed in thought.

“That’s right. You gotta tell the old bastard. I wanna be there for that shit.”

“Can’t you tell him?!”

“Hell no! It was bad enough when I had to tell him about Kenny!”

Bella leaned against her uncle’s shoulder and kicked back as she sipped at a bottle of water.

“Feeling better?” Jax questioned.

“A little…”

“You need to eat.” He said while handing her vitamins over.

Bella popped a couple into her mouth and swallowed them down. Opie found himself somewhat impressed as Jax went on to make her a plate. He handed it over and Bella had that queasy appearance.

“Try, at least. Take your time. Small bites.”

She nodded and did as Jax requested.  Opie narrowed his eyes as there was a scratching sound at the door.  Jax let out a sigh of mere annoyance.

“He’s cold…” Bella said before taking a bite of her sandwich.

“He’s got a fur coat!” Jax barked but came to his feet.

“Fur coat?!” Opie questioned and Bella giggled.



Opie damn near jumped out of his skin when the lynx came running in.

“WHAT THE…” He said as the lynx jumped onto one of the pews and curled up into a ball.

Jax shut the door and Opie looked to the both of them like they were insane.

“You can blame Chibs for that one.” Jax bitched.


“Yeah. Seems to be a damn pet of his or something. Real soft on the old lady too, the son of a bitch.”

Jax looked to be in thought and tilted his head Opie’s direction.

“So about the bread…”

Opie cocked a brow.

“What about it?”

“That was fucked up, that’s what.”

“Nowhere near as fucked up as making us think you fucking died, so suck it up buttercup!”



“You sounded just like the old man!”

Opie thought back to what he said and sighed.


“You alright?” Derk questioned and Tig nodded as he was on his fifth shot of whiskey.

He downed that shot and slid the empty glass over. Derk sighed as he poured him another shot. Derk was talking to him about fixing up the penthouse for Bella. The Russians had done a real number on their bar especially, but Tig hadn’t heard a word he said.

“Wanna talk about it?” He hinted as to Juice.

Tig lifted his eyes and went on to chug that shot as well.

“Not really.” Tig drunkenly replied.

Tig patted himself down in search of a cigarette and Derk handed one of his over instead. He lit it up and Tig took a nice long drag.

“Thanks doll.”

The Son leaned back then waved the Phantom on over. Derk made his way around the bar and Tig pulled him into his lap.

“I don’t wanna talk.” He uttered, while placing Derk’s hand along his erection.

Derk raised his brows and looked around the clubhouse. Tig nodded towards one of the Crow Eaters.

“Wanna invite her along?”

Derk cranked his head that direction and sighed. He pried himself out of Tig’s hold and this had the Son raising his brows in question.

“Is that what you do when I’m not around?! Have yourself a little pussy?”

Tig half laughed but cleared his throat once he saw that Derk was dead serious.

“I should’ve known…” Derk uttered in this defeated tone.

“God. I’m a fucking idiot…” He added before grabbing his jacket and storming out of the clubhouse.

Tig closed his eyes on this.

“Dammit.” He muttered under his breath.

The Son knew better. He told himself he wouldn’t pull some stupid shit like that, but he couldn’t help himself. Now Derk thought he’d been playing the field all along. Tag grabbed the bottle of whiskey and headed outside.

“Come on baby!” He hollered as Derk was already in his car.

“You gotta stay put, remember?”

Derk ignored this and peeled on out of the SAMCRO parking lot. Tig took a swig off that whiskey and was about to head back inside, but hadn’t the heart. All he could think about was the look on Derk’s face and the potential danger he just put him in. The Russians were still out there somewhere. Tig grumbled under his breath and threw the bottle down. It shattered into a million pieces and they made a crunching sound as Tig stepped over them with his boots.

“Easy baby… damn.” Tig said amongst himself, as Derk blew through a red light, like it was nothing.

Keeping up with him was a living nightmare. Tig was dodging oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

“HEY!” He angrily shouted once they were side by side.

Derk had no choice but to wait as a bunch of high schoolers were crossing the street. Tig hopped off his Harley and horns were blaring behind him. He opened the passenger side door and Derk jumped.

“Tig?” He called in surprise.

He hadn’t taken notice of Tig tailing him. Derk had this embarrassed presence about him as he had been crying. He was quick to wipe his face, with the sleeve of his shirt.

“Come on doll…. You tryin’ to get yourself killed?!”


Horns continued in their blaring and Tig stuck his middle finger out the window. Tig leaned back, looking somewhat amused by all this. He never had anyone get so upset over the likes of him. It was a strange feeling. He wasn’t sure if he dug it or not. But one thing was certain, he wasn’t about to let Derk walk out of his life. The horns grew more persistent and people were shouting at them now.

“Think we can pull up to that bar up ahead and talk this shit out?” Tig questioned.

“That depends…”

Tig looked over and Derk shot him a look of utter hell.

“You gonna pick up a woman while we’re there? Let me guess you wanted a little tag team action?!”

“Wouldn’t be a bad thing…” Tig stupidly remarked and this had the Phantom gritting his teeth.

“You can’t commit to shit, can you?! I get it, trust me I do. I love women too, just as much as you. But I thought…” Derk lowered his head and had that embarrassed look about him all over again.

This only reminded Tig of how young his lover truly was. For whatever reason that had him riled up all over again. He couldn’t help it. Seeing someone act this way about HIM!? It was maddening. He loved it and it made him horny as fuck. All he could think about was taking him, right here. Derk was taken by surprise, when Tig grabbed a fistful of his hair and feverishly kissed him. He leaned into his ear after.

“Be mad… That’s just fine. But don’t accuse me of things you know nothing about. I said what I said thinking that’s something YOU’D be into. I don’t want you getting bored…” Tig couldn’t believe his own words, but it was true. The Crow Eater he pointed out was closer to Derk’s age and at the moment he was only thinking about what would turn him on. Sure, Tig was just as curious and incredibly hard at the thought of having his lover and a Crow Eater sharing the same bed. But for once it wasn’t all about him. He wanted to see just how wild Derk could get. Tig was drunk and not thinking about how Derk would’ve taken it. Tig went to say something else but was quick to jump out of the car, as someone was taking a bat to one of Derk’s taillights.

“HEY!!!” Tig shouted and Derk cringed as he too hopped out of the car.

“You two faggots done messing around?!” The man shouted and waved the bat around.

Tig let out a manic laugh as the guy went on to take out Derk’s other taillight.

“TIG!” Derk shouted as the Son withdrew his gun and pointed it at the man.

Derk rushed out and blocked Tig’s path.

“Not worth it man. Let’s just go!”

Tig had that crazed look in his eyes and Derk recoiled.

Please. Don’t make this night any worse. I’m begging you, let’s just go.”

Tig lowered the gun and Derk let out a breath of relief.

“That’s right… Do what your queer of a bitch says.” The man scoffed and before Tig could even react, Derk beat him to the punch.

Derk grabbed the man then slammed him up against the trunk. He yanked the bat out of his hold then brought it between the man’s legs. Derk leaned into his ear afterward.

“Who’s the bitch now?!”

Tig placed a hand over the area of his heart and was awestruck.

“God damn…” He whispered and thought he’d rip through pants.

Derk seized the man’s wallet and took out a couple bills. He tossed it over subsequently.

“That ought to cover my taillights. Thanks. Now get lost!”

The man was quick to haul ass. Derk said nothing on it as he got into his car and headed for the bar Tig had mentioned. Tig had the biggest grin on his face. He waved the traffic through and followed.

That smile remained when he parked beside him.

“Now where did that come from?!” Tig asked.

“Wraith…” Derk murmured with a shrug.

“Hmmm… Daddy like.”

“Did you just call yourself daddy?!”

“Maybe… That do it for you?”

“Not particularly.”

“You sure?” Tig taunted and backed him up against the car.

“Quit playing around…” Derk grumbled and Tig brushed his hair back with his fingers.

“You don’t mean that.”

“Yes I do.”

Tig cocked a brow as Derk had a hard on from hell and it was pressed up against his.

“Sure you do…”

“Tig… You don’t seem to get it. I thought we were in a committed relationship. But it’s like…”

Tig said nothing as he took Derk by the arm and dragged him back behind the building. Derk’s jaw dropped as Tig had himself exposed and was lubing up. Derk wanted to argue this but was incredibly turned on. Tig smiled knowing that look all too well.  He yanked the Phantom’s pants down, bent him over, and had his way. Once he finished, he spun him back around.

“I’m not cocking my gun for anyone else. It’s up to you on whether you believe that, or not. I don’t do drama, dollface. Not my thing. If I tell you I’m into this then that’s it. If you feel the need invite a woman or another man into our bed then so be it. But let’s just get one thing straight. It’s sex, nothing more. The moment you invite someone into our bed and I’m not around, we’re done.” Tig’s voice trembled as he said this and Derk had this stunned presence about him. But that led to downright shock when Tig handed him a key, not just any key.

“What’s this?”

“Figured as much as we fuck… you might as well move in. That way you can help me with my morning wood problem…”

Tig gave him a playful slap on the cheek then walked away, like it was nothing. Derk just stood there and gawked at that key. Tig was waiting on his bike when Derk finally made his way around. He was adjusting his pants and Tig chuckled amongst himself. Derk started to say something about the key but froze, like he’d seen a ghost.

“Fucked a little too hard?” Tig teased.

“I know that car…” The Phantom whispered in alarm.

The Son narrowed his eyes and looked that direction.

“Shit…” He muttered and the two of them looked around, as if expecting trouble, any minute.

“We gotta bounce!”

Derk nodded in agreement. But just as Tig was to start his bike, he himself came to a halt.

“Nooo. No. No.” Tig muttered and Derk tilted his head in wonder.

“Head on back. I’ll catch up later.” Tig took off his cut then tossed into Derk’s car.


“Just do as I say.”

“Um hell no! What are you fucking doing?!” Derk harshly whispered as Tig headed for the bar doors.

“If they see you…” He hissed and Tig ignored this.

“We’re so dead.” Derk muttered in a panic.

He looked to his car then back to the bar entrance.

“Goddammit Tig!” He bitched and headed inside as well.

Derk cautiously made his way around the bar. That was the last thing he or Tig needed, being spotted. He acted as if he was heading for the bathroom but was searching for Tig. He hadn’t a clue where he went as he’d lost track of him. A hand shot out from one of the booths and Derk became startled as whoever it was forced him into the booth. Tig sent him a wink as he had on a trucker hat and was using a drink menu to cover his face.

“Come here often?” Tig whispered but was quick to cover Derk’s mouth.

He kept the menu up by their faces.

“Three o’clock…” Tig whispered and Derk gradually turned that direction.

“You’ve got to be kidding…” Derk hissed as it was Jimmy O and Mr. Putlova.

Tig snuck a couple snapshots with his phone. He did this while pretending to take selfies with Derk. He sent the photos to Op and Chibs and told them what bar they were at. He left a standby hashtag, meaning he’d get back to them on whatever he could find out.

“Does this mean they know?” Derk whispered.

“Not sure…” Tig admitted and went on to order them a couple drinks so they didn’t look so suspicious.

Derk grew somewhat fidgety and Tig wrapped his arm around him.

“Would you calm down? You’re making me nervous.”


“Maybe we should order this one a Shirley Temple.” Tig taunted and the server smiled Derk’s direction.

“Is that what you want sug?”

Tig raised his brows on the flirtatious pitch she was giving Derk.

“I make one hell of a Shirley Temple!”

Derk chuckled on this.

“Alright humor me.” He challenged and the young woman smiled.

“You got it baby. One Shirley Temple and I’ll even sneak you a couple extra cherries.”

“Nice rack that one…” Tig uttered and Derk nodded in agreement.

“She wants to suck you dry.”

“Tig…” Derk reprimanded but with a grin.

“Just sayin’. Bitch would’ve climbed into your lap if I hadn’t been in the way.”

Wait… Are you jealous?”

“I don’t get jealous.” Tig uttered as they were trying to hear what Jimmy and Mr. Putlova were saying.

But they couldn’t make out much from here. All Tig could really pick up on was some figures as in numbers they had bouncing around. It seemed as if they came into an agreement on something and it ended with the two shaking hands.

“It’s a pleasure doing business with you.” Mr. Putlova said as he came to his feet, adjusted his tie, and shook Jimmy O’s hand.

“Aye, likewise.”

Tig and Derk kept out of sight and to themselves as they listened in.

“You can expect that delivery soon.”

Jimmy gave a mere nod and watched as Mr. Putlova exited the bar. Tig’s cellphone vibrated and ironically it was Chibs and Opie responding to the picture. Both had sent the same text.


Tig sighed on this and the server made her way with their drinks.

“Here you go.”

She looked to Derk in particular.

“Well go on. Give it a try.”

Derk took a sip and was actually impressed.

“Damn… that is good.”

He let Tig have a sip and Tig cocked a brow.

“Alright we’ll give you that one.”

The server smiled and leaned over the table. She had those breasts pressed together and giving them both one hell of a show.

“I’m off in fifteen… You free?”

Derk got this cocky grin and looked to Tig.

“Not sure… am I?”

Tig curled his lip and Derk chuckled.

“I’m flattered, but seeing someone.”

“That’s a shame…”

“I bet…” Tig grumbled.

The server’s jaw dropped once she realized they were together.

“I’m so sorry!” She said and was quick to rise and adjust herself.

“That was very rude of me.”

Tig leaned back and folded his arms about his chest.

“He’s a cutie. You’re a lucky guy.”

“He has his moments…” Tig murmured and Derk actually looked to be blushing.

The server giggled and was quick to be on her way.

“She didn’t look at me once!” Tig complained and Derk laughed.

“Maybe it’s the hat.” Tig frowned and was quick to take it off.

“Great, I probably looked like some sort of ped!”

“You sure did!”

Tig was quick to shush him as Jimmy finished his drink and came to his feet. He threw down a tip and was headed outside.

“How adventurous are you feeling?” Tig questioned.

“Depends… What’s your definition of adventurous?”

Tig chugged his beer down and slid on out of the booth. He left money for the server and Derk followed him out.

“Oh shit!” Derk declared as Tig managed to knock Jimmy out and was stuffing him into the back of Derk’s car.

“Are you infuckingsane?!” The Phantom hissed and was looking around in a panic.

“Just get in the car and go!”

“Go where?!”

“The clubhouse!” Tig replied as if to say ‘duh’.

“Jesus Christ.” Derk bitched but did as Tig requested.

Tig made certain there wasn’t any surveillance or onlookers for that matter, before following Derk back to the clubhouse.

“Hey…” Opie called as he shook Jax awake.

“I gotta jet.”

“Everything alright?” Jax tiredly questioned.

“Not sure… I’ll let you know.”

“Should I be concerned?!”

“Like I said… I’ll let you know.”


“Just focus on staying out of sight, alright?”

Jax nodded and reached over to adjust the blankets on his old lady.

Chibs and the others looked on in surprise as Tig and Derk dragged Jimmy O into the clubhouse.  Tig shoved the Irishman at the Scotsman’s feet and smiled.

“Merry Christmas!”

Chibs cocked a brow on this and Greg the Peg peered over his shoulder. He had gotten word of Jax’s demise and was there to pay his respects. What he hadn’t expected was Chibs putting in a nomination and him getting voted in. Once he was patched in, the truth was revealed. Greg was shocked by everything the Sons had been through and agreed to help them with whatever he could.

“Well he’s fucked…” He uttered and Happy chuckled in response.

Chibs popped his knuckles then grabbed a chair. He forced Jimmy into the chair and cupped his chin.

“Aye now… Careful Filip, you’re treading on unknown territory.”

“Wouldn’t be the first; damn sure won’t be the last. Now ye wanna tell me what that meetin’ was aboot?”

“Meetin’? What meetin?”

Chibs gave a simple nod before slugging Jimmy across the face.

“Ye best get ta talkin’, before I go and give ye scars ta match!”

“Dat ma-mee and da-dee!” Abel squealed as Gemma showed him the pictures.

This had become a nightly routine for them. Gemma adjusted her reading glasses and smiled.

“That’s right baby.”

Abel smiled and kissed a few of the pictures.

“I miss dem.”

“I miss them too baby and I know they miss you so very much.”

Abel’s bottom lip quivered a bit as he looked to one of the three of them.

“Ah now… none of that. You gotta be big, just like daddy.”

Abel nodded and wiped a few tears with his sleeve.

“It won’t be long now. Any day… I promise.”

“Always say dat.”

“I know, but it’s the truth. You’ll see.”

It was just as Jax had said. His mother was doing everything she could to keep Abel busy. She talked about Bella and Jax, constantly. She wanted her grandson to know that they were doing everything within their power to get back to him. She told him they had to make things better and safer, before they could be together again. She’d been working with him on his talking and mannerisms as well. Gemma was rather impressed on how quickly her grandson picked up on these things. He was eager to learn and wanted to know all about his mommy and daddy. Gemma had memory box filled with pictures or art he’d made during their time apart. She’d taken several pictures as well and planned on giving them to Jax once they returned to Charming.

Abel hugged that particular picture and closed his eyes. That seemed to be his favorite. He slept with it every night and he carried it with him all the time. The picture had creases from him handling it so much. Gemma kept it in mind to print him out another copy come morning. She kissed his forehead and they said their usual prayer before bedtime.

“Goodnight sunshine.”

“Nigh, Nigh gwamma.”

Gemma smiled and turned off the light. Abel had been crawling out of the crib as of late, so she had no choice but to let him sleep in her room. This way she could keep an eye on him. Gemma headed into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. She sipped at that wine and looked to the calendar on the fridge in thought. She shook her head as Jax and Bella’s wedding day was approaching. She was beginning to wonder if that wedding was going to take place after all. Bella wouldn’t admit it but Gemma could tell she was looking forward to it. Once Gemma took a couple steps back, Bella went all out in planning that wedding. She picked out the decorations, the cake, and the invitations. Gemma hadn’t much to do with it, other than making certain it got done. Something told her that Bella be would be devastated if they had to forgo their plans. Gemma drew back a breath in thought.

This girl truly gave a damn when it came to her son. She wasn’t like the others. The others were using him and just so they could fault it in everyone else’s face. Gemma knew her son was a catch and that women were foaming at the mouth, in order to be with him, even if for the one night. But none of them were worthy of his time or energy. Most of them didn’t get that they were being used in return. Aside from Tara, Jax didn’t love a single one of them, that included Wendy. Bella was different. This girl actually had a backbone and she hadn’t any issue in putting people in their place. That’s what her son needed, someone just as strong as he was, someone that truly got him. Gemma didn’t approve of Bella at first. She was just another train wreck entering her son’s life, or so she thought. But the more she saw of their relationship, and the more she herself hung out with Bella, the more she saw what her son saw. Gemma wouldn’t admit it… but she was smitten. No woman was worthy of her son… Not until she came around.

As to Clay… Gemma was numb and had been since the whole rape comment. Gemma had a bad feeling that if her son hadn’t overheard what he had… That Clay would’ve seen that through and Bella would’ve ended up with the same fate as she. She wouldn’t wish that on her worst enemy. That was saying a lot considering how many of them Gemma had. It felt strange… That numbness. She once swore her very life to Clay. She’d have done anything for him, anything, as to why she chose him over JT.  But the more Gemma looked back on everything, the more she wished she could be given a second chance.

She realized that it wasn’t so much Clay, but the money. Gemma finished that glass of wine and shook her head in thought. She thought back to all of JT’s warnings when it came to Clay. She didn’t listen and gave him the cold shoulder towards the end. Gemma was queen and to a new king, why would she look back on someone like JT. He was going to ruin everything. At least that’s what Clay had her and everyone else believing. Towards the end, JT was nothing more than a tragedy. He died alone. Everyone stood against him, just as Clay wanted. JT didn’t deserve that. Everything he did was for his family. Like that of Jax, he didn’t want his son ending up with the same fate. But Gemma was blind and thought JT weak and pathetic at the time. She believed her son would do much better following someone like Clay. Clay got the job done. That’s what Jax needed, someone that wasn’t afraid, someone that wouldn’t cower. Gemma ran her fingers along her scar and shed a few tears on JT’s behalf.

“Forgive me…” She whispered amongst herself.

Eric was sketching some more of his tattoo ideas and going over them with Happy. Happy would comment off and on as Chibs was torturing Jimmy in the background.

“He passed out!” Chibs complained and both men looked over.

“He done passed the fuck out! I always knew he was a fuckin’ marshmallow.” The Scot added before welcoming himself to some scotch at the bar.

Tig walked on over and was messing with Jimmy while he was out. Everyone laughed as he went on to piss on his face and lap. Tig tucked himself away then zipped up afterward. Chibs raised his glass to this and Tig nodded as Chibs downed his scotch. The Phantoms and the Sons looked over as someone came storming into the clubhouse.

“What’s she doin’ here?” Chibs questioned as it was Ima Tite.

“Hell if I know… We didn’t invite any Cara Cara girls.” Tig murmured.

It wasn’t long before someone came bursting in after her. Eric raised his brows as it was Kelly. And she was on a mission… She marched right on up to her sister and grabbed her by the hair. “Oh no… This is far from over. Let’s go!” Ima let out a bit of a yelp and was looking to the Sons for help as her sister dragged her outside. Each of them pretended not to notice and acted busy with something else.

“Did you honestly think you could steal from me, you stupid bitch?! We’re not children anymore, Ima! I actually WORK for that money! I don’t earn it by spreading my legs!”

“You call that work?” Ima scoffed and Kelly shook her head.

“I want my fucking money and NOW!” She hollered and just as Opie pulled up on his Harley.

Ima had this look of relief and was inching her way towards the bike, when Kelly grabbed her once again then slammed her face into one of the junkers. She brought Ima against her and the porn star reached out to Opie. The president gathered the scene before him. He stuffed a cigarette into his mouth then headed into the clubhouse. Kelly laughed and spun her sister around.

“Isn’t it obvious? No one gives a shit!”

Kelly crammed her hand down Ima’s bra and gathered the money she’d stolen.

“Steal from me again and sister or not, I’ll bust a cap in your fucking ass. Got it?!”

Ima rolled her eyes and headed into the clubhouse. She cleaned herself up in the bathroom. But on her way out she saw Eric heading into the men’s room. She smiled amongst herself and adjusted her breasts. Her sister was talking to the other Phantoms and Chibs, when Ima took advantage of the situation and snuck into the men’s room. Eric peered back as he was taking a piss at one of the urinals.

“I’m pretty sure this is the men’s bathroom.”

Ima walked on over and took a good gander at what he was packing. Eric cocked a brow on this.


“Um thanks… I guess.” He said before tucking himself away and going to wash his hands.

He went to exit the bathroom and Ima blocked his way.

“Do you need something?!” He said with slight irritation.

“Actually I was thinking you might need something.”

Eric reared back as Ima exposed her breasts.

“Those are about as fake as that hair of yours. Not feeling it if you get my drift.” Eric went on to reveal that he was soft as fuck.

Ima disgusted him through and through. She was nothing like her sister. Everything about her was fake and to someone like Eric, that was a complete turn off.  Eric pushed her aside and started to exit the bathroom. Ima gritted her teeth then made the mistake of grabbing him and jerking him back towards her. Ima was taken back when he forced her up against the wall.


Ironically, a Son entered the bathroom at this point, not just any Son, but the son. Eric recoiled on what he must’ve overheard. The president eyed the two but said nothing as he went on to take a piss. He could feel their eyes on him as he did his business.

“We don’t want her…” He made clear.

Ima had that stunned look about her. Opie washed his hands then he snatched her up by the arm. He escorted her on out of the clubhouse.

“You’re done.”

Ima’s jaw dropped and the president gave a simple nod.

“Don’t want or need drama in this clubhouse. You’ve had enough warnings.  Now get out of my sight and don’t come back. That means I better not see you behind Cara Cara walls either.”

“You can’t be serious!”

“Do I look like I’m fucking joking?!” Opie snapped in response.

“Cara Cara won’t be SHIT without me and you know it! Why do you think each of you came to me! Every one of you wanted a piece of me! Who will you turn to without me?! It’s not like your dead wife is crawling out of that grave anytime soon!”

He gave no warning whatsoever and socked the living shit out of her. The others froze at the sound of her jaw snapping. Opie grabbed a fistful of her hair then he put his gun to her chin.

“Say some shit like that again and I’ll kill you. I don’t care if I face prison time.”

Opie gave her a swift kick on the ass on the way out then slammed the doors shut. The others started clapping. Tig was kicked back on the couch with his eyes shut. He followed suit but with his eyes still closed…

“So why we clapping?!”

Opie nodded amongst himself as he circled Jimmy. He quietly listened as Chibs and Tig explained the situation and why Jimmy was here in the first place. Jimmy was bound to the chair now and his mouth was duct taped shut. Opie wasn’t sure what to make of this. He knew why Tig did what he did. But he wasn’t so sure that was the smartest idea. If the Irish picked up on Jimmy missing, that could fall back on them and that would blow up in their faces. Everything Jax did would’ve been for nothing. But what’s done was done and Opie had no choice but to go with what they had. He looked to Tig however.

“Next time you need to confirm things with me, before making this rash of a decision.”

“Didn’t have much time to think on it boss.”

The president didn’t comment and looked to the VP.

“So what’d you get out of him?”

Chibs narrowed his eyes and sent Jimmy an evil grin.

“Meetin’ hadn’t anythin’ ta do with us Sons. Seems as if the Russians have some sort of deal goin’ with the Irish, drugs at that.”

This had Op seeing red. That was the one thing the Sons always agreed on. They didn’t want drugs in Charming. That was some gangster shit and they didn’t play like that. Dealing guns was bad enough.

“Drugs…? In our town?”


“Why are they doing this sort of business in our town? Haven’t they got somewhere better to meet?”

“Jimmy says the Irish have some potential buyers set up already.”

“In Charming?!”


“Isn’t that a little too convenient?” Opie hinted and Chibs sighed as he thought the same at first.

This truly sounded like a set up. But it was nothing more than mere coincidence that the Kings happened to meet Mr. Putlova, before Jimmy ever arrived in Charming. So Jimmy was actually here on double business. Opie let out a miserable laugh.

“What are the odds…?”

“I don’t like it.” Tig uttered.

“Too close for comfort. Jax would agree.”

Opie nodded but looked to be in thought. He locked eyes with Chibs.

“You’re certain he’s telling the truth?”

“Aye… I know ole Jimmy pretty well and he hadn’t a clue we were even involved with the Russians. There has been no word of us Sons.”

“Good.” Opie uttered and tilted his head Jimmy’s direction.

“Change of plans… I say we use this to our advantage.”

“Ye mean the Russians?” Chibs questioned.

“No. Stahl.”

This had the Sons fullest attention.

“Jimmy’s going to lead us to these potential clients of theirs. We’ll make it look like a deal gone bad. Tig you’re coming with me. We got a tattoo shop to hit first.” He said with Georgie in mind.

“Tattoo shop?” Tig questioned.

“Yeah some guy Bella and I know works there. We’re gonna need his expertise. Chibs, I want you, Happy, and Greg to find out where these possible clients are. Get to know their schedule and we’ll go from there. Keep out of sight and out of mind. We can’t have the sheriff or his department picking up on this. I’ve got a plan but I can’t have them involved. This has to be Stahl and only Stahl.”

“How are we goin’ ta pull that one off?”

“You’ll see.”

In Memory of Juice aka Juan Ortiz

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 29 – Higher Ground”

  1. Holy shit! everything came to light in this chapter. Poor juice though.. Tara is insane and everyone missed it especially Jax.. don’t know how that happened and then the russians coming after op…. that is a shitstorm waiting to happen too. and Drugs in charming.. ummm lets say NO? Gemma and Abels scene is so adorable.. him missing his momma and daddy… so precious. and You have got to get a kick out of bob lol i think bella just needs to bring him home with them when they do come back to charming lol. something big is going to happen i know it is and your Muse is working overtime for the next scene i bet. well. Can’t wait for the next chapter. hopefully it it will be up soon. until then I hope your muse inspires you with more scenes and ideas for this wicked story. Until then. *bows*

  2. I love the little check in with Gemma and Abel. Nice to see they’re doing alright. And the little bit with Derk and Tig? Perfection. Now what’s the deal with the Russians and Irish. Can’t they just leave charming alone??

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