Playing With Fire

Jackson Teller gets himself into a veritable shit-storm. Will he be able to truly change his fate? Or will Opie do it for him?

Bella/Jax pairing


Will contain: language, violence, explicit sexual content, abuse, drinking, drugs, smoking.

Genre – action, drama, romance, family, friendship, horror, humor


(I do not own SOA or anything soundtrack related. Nor do I own Twilight.)

Chapter 1 Baby, Please Don’t Go
Chapter 2 In The Air Tonight
Chapter 3 Running Blues
Chapter 4 Your Forgiveness
Chapter 5 Rather Hate Than Hurt
Chapter 6 Daze
Chapter 7 Bittersweet
Chapter 8 Rise
Chapter 9 Right Here In My Arms
Chapter 10 Back From The Dead
Chapter 11 I Don’t Wanna Believe
Chapter 12 The Way of Your World
Chapter 13 The Light
Chapter 14 Killing The Fly
Chapter 15 Crashed
Chapter 16 Stand By Me
Chapter 17 Song On Fire
Chapter 18 – Believer
Chapter 19 – Devil’s Got you Beat
Chapter 20 Supermarket Flowers
Chapter 21 Crazy
Chapter 22 Halo On Fire
Chapter 23 Through It All
Chapter 24 Two Gunslingers
Chapter 25 Castle of Glass
Chapter 26 Black Days
Chapter 27 Join Me In Death


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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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