Chapter 1 Baby, Please Don’t Go

Chapter 1 – Baby, Please Don’t Go

I do not own SOA or Twilight. This AU and before Jax had his Abel tat. Mixture of first three seasons doesn’t follow specific timeline.

“Hmmm… Come on, darlin’.”

“Are you begging?” She teased as he pulled her back into the bed.

Jax didn’t answer he rolled the young woman onto her back then kissed her.

“Let’s just stay right here and do nothing but fuck.” He uttered while driving his entire length in.

She let out a bit of a gasp and he smiled.

“Oh you’re feeling me now, aren’t you sweet thang?” He murmured behind a moan and went on to thrust.

“Jackson…” She called with her back arching off the bed.

“God damn…” He whispered whilst shaking his head.

“Cum for me, Bella baby.”

Jax gritted his teeth as he could feel the warmth of her release.

“More!” He demanded and thrust even harder.

She cried out his name yet again and he smiled.

“God, I love it when you call to me like that!”

“Do you now?!” 

Jax froze and locked eyes with the young woman he was fucking.

“Jackson?” She questioned as the other woman was standing at the door looking pissed.

“Shit.” He whispered as he pulled out then rolled on over.

Bella went to cover herself only to have the other woman rush on over and yank her off the bed.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” She shouted as the other woman stuffed her clothes into her arms then pointed towards the door.


“Excuse me?!”


“Tara!” Jax scolded as she had Bella by the hair and was dragging her towards the door.

Bella jerked out of her hold then pivoted back around. She shoved Tara back against the dresser and Jax was quick to step in between the two.

“WHO IS SHE?!” The women chorused whilst pointing to one another and Jax pinched the bridge of his nose.

This had Bella staggering back in realization.

“Oh my god… You’re married.” She whispered with this mortified expression.

“No.” Jax said with his gaze meeting hers.

“Then what is this?”

Jax looked to Tara then back to Bella. Bella let out a miserable laugh.

“You know what… Never mind!” She said before storming on out of the room.

Jax regarded Tara once again but her jaw dropped as he grabbed his pants and chased after the other woman.

“HEY!” He shouted once he was in the parking lot.

The young woman flipped him off as she herself was getting dressed.

“Don’t. Come on, Bella baby. Just hear me out!” He pleaded with a hand along the driver’s side door.

“Don’t go. Please.”

He let out a painful groan as she kneed him in the crotch. Bella opened the door and went to slam it shut, only to have him stop it.


She started the truck and was in attempts to kick him away from the door.

“SHIT!” He hollered as she put the truck in reverse and damn near ran him over on the way out.

Opie and the others had pulled in, just in time to see the truck hauling ass. Jax combed his fingers through his hair then paced the area. He hadn’t taken notice of Opie marching his way over.

“What was that about?”

Jax shook his head and let out a miserable sigh. Before he could even answer, Tara had made her way out of the clubhouse. She walked on over and slapped him. Jax drew back a breath then closed his eyes as Tara hopped into her car and hightailed it out of there as well.

“Jackson… You wanna explain what the HELL that was all about?”

Jax opened his eyes but reared back as Opie had this offbeat look about him.

“Tara found out…”

“Oh, you mean about the sweet thang you had to the side?”

Jax drew back the deepest of breaths and nodded.

“That sweet thang didn’t happen to be driving that red Chevy, now was she?”

“Well yeah…” Jax uttered as if to say duh.

Opie gave a simple nod but socked Jax across the face.


“WHAT THE FUCK IS RIGHT!” Opie roared.


Jax looked to Opie wondering what that had to do with his situation. Opie gave it a minute to process… The VP staggered back in realization and Opie snatched him by the cut. He tossed him across the parking lot and right into Jax’s Harley. Then he walked on over and grabbed a fistful of his hair. He brought him back to his feet then got right in his face.


“HEY!!!” The guys chorused as they were in attempts to pry Opie off of Jax.

“YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! YOU HAVEN’T A CLUE WHAT YOU’VE DONE!” Opie pointed upon Jax as the others kept the two apart.


Jax swallowed back as Opie had actual tears streaming down his face. Tig adjusted Jax’s cut as Opie was eyeing Jax down. Opie kicked at Jax’s bike then he took his cut and threw it on the ground.

“FUCK THIS SHIT!” He hollered then hopped onto his bike.

“Op…” Jax whispered in shock as he took off.


The young woman said nothing as she entered the house, headed into the kitchen, and got some breakfast started.

“Hey… You don’t have to do that, you know.”

“I want to.”

She replied but leaned against the counter looking as if she’d break down, at any given moment.

“What is it?” Her grandfather questioned with concern.


“Come on, Bella. You look like you pulled an all-nighter then you came busting on in here like you…”

“Why are you wearing that…?” Bella questioned after getting a better look.

The man regarded his cut in thought and sighed.

“Well shit…”

“Well shit what? Why are you wearing that?!”

“Because he’s SAMCRO and so was I…”

Bella looked over to see her uncle standing at the door. He nodded her direction then cleared his throat.

“Wait… what?”

“I told you it was nonsense trying to keep it from her…”

“Oh trust me; you don’t know the half of it…” Opie said whilst eyeing his niece a certain way.

“Have a seat.” He said while pulling a chair out for her.

Bella turned off the oven then sat at the dining room table. Her uncle and grandfather joined her. Opie lit up a smoke then leaned back in his chair.

“So where were you this morning?

“You’re kidding me, right?” She hissed with a flushed face.

“Just answer the question…”

Bella shook her head then came to her feet.

“I’m not doing this. It’s obvious you already know! Let me guess, you want to drill me about the dos and don’ts, when the two of you couldn’t be straight with me to begin with. I mean Jesus! I’ve been in Charming for a little over three months now and THIS is how I find out?! Talk about fucking ironic!”

“Keeping it from you was no easy task but we had our reasons.” Opie said and Piney sent him a look of absolute hell.

“He means HE had his reasons. I never wanted to keep it from you in the first place! So don’t bring me into this!”

“But you could’ve come clean all the same…” Bella muttered and pushed her chair in.

“Must be a club thing… lying.”

Bella grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

“Just hold up and hear me out!”

“Why? So you can make up more lies to cover the lie you got caught in. I’ve had my fill, LITERALLY. So thanks, but no thanks.”

“This was your mother’s idea. She didn’t want your father to know, for obvious reasons.”

“But it would’ve made our family reunions a little more interesting…” Piney tossed in with a smirk.

“Pops…” Opie scolded and Piney chuckled.

“Well I for one am glad the cat is out of the bag! So quit being so dramatic and sit your ass down, princess.”

Opie sent his father another glare and Piney sighed.

“Now what?!”

“That’s the last thing she needs…” Opie hinted and Piney reared back in wonder.

“Just cut her some slack. She’s had a rough start as it is.”

Opie pushed the chair back with his boot then patted it hintingly.

“Come on, Bell.”

“And what is it you want me to say exactly?”

“Whatever you feel like… get it out.”

“Get it out, huh?”

He nodded and Bella sort of laughed as she exited the house.

“Dammit…” Opie uttered and Piney sighed.

“Why do I get the feeling there’s more to all this?”

“You remember that guy she was all gah gah about?”


“Well you’ll never believe who it was…”

“Try me…”

“Jackson Teller.”

“Jesus…” Jax muttered after seeing what Tara had done to his son’s bedroom.

She destroyed whatever she could get her hands on. He shook his head wondering why she took it out on Abel’s room of all things. The rest of the house was still intact and that got under his skin, in ways he didn’t understand, but it was there all the same. Abel hadn’t anything to do with this. In fact, Bella hadn’t a clue he even existed. This was between HIM and Tara. He headed into the bedroom where Tara was currently packing. He leaned against the doorway and nodded her direction.

“David’s on his way…” She said in a threatening manner.

Jax couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Of course he is…” He bitterly uttered.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“Well for starters… You know I’d never lay my hands on you. So having him around… is a little uncalled for. Then again, he’s ALWAYS around.” He cruelly hinted.

Jax was saying and doing things he wouldn’t normally say or do, but he’d just about enough. And as of now? Good riddance was what came to mind when it came to Tara Knowles, something he never dreamed of feeling. This was the love of his life, or so he thought. But it wasn’t until now that he realized he was far more concerned with that of the OTHER woman than that of his actual old lady. He just never imagined he’d get that attached. It started out as a simple one night stand (sort of) and he’d hopes of Tara walking in on them, then. This was AFTER she turned his proposal down. Jax tried breaking it off then but Tara insisted they make it work anyhow and continued living under the same roof. He kept telling himself that he was going to end things with Bella, but couldn’t. She had a way of pulling him in and he craved whatever time they had. It was the simple things… Such as the way she laughed and smiled. The way she said his name… Jackson. She never called him Jax. But he didn’t mind, not one bit. Her voice alone got him riled up, in ways he didn’t quite understand. Then there were things like the way she smelled and felt in his arms. She had a way of making him forget about EVERYTHING. And that was the problem… Tara didn’t come to mind, even once while fucking her. That alone was a strange feeling, as Tara used to be ALL he could think about. It didn’t matter who he was fucking only one face came to mind and one only, Tara’s. Only now… all he could think about was Bella. And it was enough… Enough as in he didn’t want anyone else. And by anyone? That included Tara.

“At least someone is…” She said in such a way.

Jax raised his brows on this.

“So… I’m guessing that’s the reason behind you staying at the clubhouse so much? You got yourself a new toy?”

“It isn’t like that…”


He nodded.

“Then what is it like, Jax? Tell me!”

“You don’t wanna hear that…” He said knowing the truth would only rip her heart out, more than he had already.

“Actually, I do…”

“Tara… Just leave it be.”

“Leave it be?! NO! I won’t! I want to know what was going through that head of yours and why you reacted the way you did when you got caught!”

Jax swallowed back on this.

“Jesus, Jax. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re more concerned over the Crow Eating Whore than you are me!”

“She’s not a Crow Eater or a whore for that matter.”

Tara winced back and Jax sighed.

“Look that was the first I’d ever brought her to the clubhouse. I got caught up in the moment and wasn’t thinking.”

“First?! As in…”

Jax recoiled but nodded. Tara staggered back in shock.

“I’m sorry, Tara. I…”


Jax drew back the deepest of breaths.

“A little over two months…”

Tara clamped a hand over her mouth.

“I’ll kill the bitch!” She shouted and threw her suitcase across the room.

“Tara, this was ALL my fault. She was innocent and just as hurt by what I’d done. She hadn’t a clue I was with someone else.”

Tara narrowed her eyes and observed his mannerisms more closely.

“Jesus… You have feelings for her, don’t you?!”

Jax pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I never meant to hurt you, or her, for that matter. I was hurting… and I let my selfishness get the best of me. I tried letting you go… but you wouldn’t hear of it and I suppose a part of me wasn’t ready to call it quits, just yet. But I couldn’t help the pull I felt towards her. I can’t explain it, Tara. Hell, I wish I could. All I can tell you is that you and I have been on the fritz for some time now. And I’ve felt this way ever since you turned my proposal down. I mean come on… We live in the same house, sleep in the same bed, but you hardly touch me. And when I show you the slightest amount of affection, you turn your nose to it. So yeah… when Abel spends the night over at Gemma’s, I stay at the clubhouse, because I’m tired of coming home to a ‘roommate’ rather than that of my old lady.”

“And when you’re not there… You’re with her.”

Jax gave a mere nod.

“So this other BITCH gives you everything I don’t. Is that what you’re saying?!”

“Please don’t call her that…”

“I’ll call her whatever the hell I want! SHE’S the other woman, not the other way around. I’m the one taking care of you and Abel!”

Jax shook his head on this.

“Not according to Gemma. She tells me you drop him off every chance you get, sometimes its hours before your shift. As for me? Well, I won’t even go there…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!”

“Come on, Tara… When was the last time you told me you loved me, much less looked me in the eyes, or fucking touched me even!”

“So it’s my fault! Is that what you’re saying?!”

“No. Not at all. I take full responsibility. I should’ve ended it the moment you turned me down. I suppose a small part of me was hoping the Tara Knowles I once knew would make a comeback, if given enough time. But this has been going on for MONTHS and I’m tired. I’m really fucking tired, Tara. I’m tired of feeling like the one person that’s holding you back. When David’s around… You’re this whole other person. I used to make you smile and laugh like that. Hell, you used to look at me in such a way that sent me fucking chills. Now you look at me as if I’m the one person you can’t stand. At times, I wonder if your only reason for sticking around is because you feel like you owe me. All of this goes back to that one night and you know damn well what I’m referring to. I think you’re not willing to admit that was all a big mistake. But I did the dirty work, took care of business, and here we are. Not that I have any regrets. If I could go back, I’d kill the motherfucker all over again. The only thing I would change… Is thinking that I saw that spark in your eyes again. Clearly, I was wrong. It was just the one time, in the heat of the moment, and you’ve felt obligated ever since. So here we are… I hurt you and hurt someone else in the process. That was never my intention and I cannot apologize enough. Karma…” Jax muttered and let out this miserable laugh.

“I had it coming… Damn, did I have it coming.” He said with Bella in mind.

“Everything alright?” David questioned as he’d welcomed himself inside.

Jax rolled his eyes but pecked Tara on the cheek.

“I’ve just given you every reason to leave and never look back. Take it. I’m not holding you back, not anymore. Good luck, Tara. I hope you get the happy ending you were looking for.”

(Be a good sport by leaving your comment/review or a simple ‘like’, if you dug the chapter. FYI I do NOT condone cheating. Just keep in mind this is SOA and it’s more or less a Jax Teller redemption story. Dedicated to 4padfoot.)




17 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Baby, Please Don’t Go”

  1. You won’t believe the pressure I had in my chest when I saw this I wanted to explode!!! OMG Tara and Bella I thought there was going to be a fight, glad there wasn’t shame on you jax for cheating but it was necessary for him to be with Bella:) ALSO I did not expect opie to be her uncle?!!! Over all I loved this beginning.

  2. Omg how much did I love this! Poor Bella being the other woman and Opie’s niece? I can’t get enough of this. Loved it.

  3. Oh man. I feel so bad for Bella. That’s gotta make her feel like shit. Too many lies all around.

    And can I just say thank you? I’ve been looking for more Jax/Bella stuff out there, but the pairing’s sorely lacking. I’d write my own, but then I’d have to binge SOA. That should tell you how good your other SOA/Twi stories are- you got hooked on them and I’ve really only seen one or two SOA episodes. Lol. 👏

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