Chapter 10 Back From The Dead

Chapter 10 – Back From The Dead

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 “We’ll catch up with you later.” Opie called before following Bella to the cemetery.

Jax gave a simple nod and waved them off as he and the others headed on out.

Opie thought back to last night as he pulled up behind his niece. It was one thing after another and Jacob Black entering the picture had him on edge. Something about the boy’s mannerisms and the way he acted around Bella, reminded him of Edward Cullen. The last boyfriend she had and the very one who’s life he took. The more he thought on this, the more he wanted the fucker dead. He’d plans of taking care of that matter first thing, on the way back. He was more than certain Jax would be on board and they could handle this, just the two of them, without Bella’s knowledge. Bella stepped out of her car and had flowers for Angela and Charlie in hand.

She lay some beside Angela’s grave first. Opie placed a soothing hand along her shoulder as she teared up a bit. After a couple minutes, she rose and made her way to the chief’s. She set his favorite flowers down and that’s when they heard the roaring of a truck. They snapped their heads that direction, only to find themselves blocked in. They had no way out of the cemetery or to their vehicles.

“Shit…” Bella uttered as a slew of cars entered the area.

“What’s this shit?” Her uncle questioned as one of the Quileute’s hopped out of the truck.

“I’ll handle it…”

Bella started that way and Opie grabbed ahold of her arm then pulled her towards him.

“Nah… Not happening. You’re staying right here, beside me.”

“Uncle Op…”

“I mean it, Bell. Right here.” He said as if dealing with an unruly child.

Bella sighed but did as her uncle wished. She rolled her eyes however as an all too familiar van parked right in the middle of the other tribe members. Sam Uley and a very beat up Jacob Black exited the van then opened the side door. They lowered the wheelchair ramp and Billy Black wheeled himself out.

“Bella…” He called with a simple nod.

“Billy…” She responded but with a curled lip.

“You want to tell me what this is about?” She asked.

“I think you know the answer to that already.”


Billy sighed and wheeled himself in a little closer. Opie kept a protective hold on her and Jacob rolled his eyes taking notice.

“Your father and I had a deal.”

Bella narrowed her eyes on this. Billy handed some sort of document over and Bella read it then broke into a fit of laughter.

“You’re fucking kidding me, right? An arranged marriage?!”

Opie reared back and looked the contract over himself. Sure enough both Renee and Charlie had signed off on it.

“WHAT IN THE FUCK?!” Bella shouted and went to rip up the contract, only to have Billy yank it out of her hold.

“YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN FUCKING MIND!” Opie hollered whilst pointing to the man in the wheelchair.

“My niece isn’t marrying that piece of shit! I’ll take that hunk of metal you’re sittin’ on and shove it right on up your ass, dipshit!”

“You got that right. And I can’t believe you went as far as to forge my mother and father’s name! That’s bullshit and you know it. Charlie would’ve never signed off on something like that!”

“It’s been notarized and recorded that they were there in person.”

“YOU LIE!” Bella roared.


“He was waiting for the right time.”

“Right time?!”

“We needed Mr. Cullen out of the picture first.” But as he said this he pointed to the age requirement of the contract.

Jacob needed to be eighteen in order for this contract to be valid. And his birthday was just a couple days ago. But she also read where if she denied Jacob this union. The house and everything in it would belong to that of the tribe.

“Just what game are you trying to play?! I mean seriously?! You bring this to my attention, NOW?! Jacob and I have known each other since we were children! Don’t you think I have some sort of say in this?!”

“We were hoping for things to come a bit more naturally. You two certainly started off that way. But Mr. Cullen entered the picture and your father hoped it was a mere phase.”

“A mere phase?! That I started dating?! I’m not some sort of property in need of claiming! Just how sick are you motherfuckers? I was a child when you made these arrangements! Not to mention how fucking barbaric this is. You are aware of what century it is, right?!”

Bella was shaking all over she was so angry.

This… Isn’t happening. For one thing, I’m already WITH someone.”

“Married?” Billy questioned and Bella sort of laughed.


“Then you’re free to marry still. We should get to the ceremony tonight.”

“The fuck you will.” Opie growled.

“If Bella doesn’t come with us and unite the Swan name with the Blacks, she will lose everything.” Billy made clear and Bella laughed.

“Fine. Take it. Take everything you son of a bitch! I don’t want it!” Bella pointed to Jacob.

“You knew, didn’t you?! All this time and you never said shit about it! That’s the reason behind everything! Such as the REAL reason behind thinking I OWED you! GODDAMMIT!”

Bella gritted her teeth.

“Take the house. Take whatever’s inside. Hell, take the motherfucking truck even. In fact, I’ll have my uncle and my man take it apart and send it to your sorry ass, piece by piece! You can put it back together yourself! I don’t owe you or your tribe SHIT! So you can hop into your cars and GO FUCK YOURSELVES, EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!”

“Bella, we can contest this.” Opie stated and Bella shook her head.

“No. I’m done. Done with this tribe. Done with this town. Hell, I’m done with Charlie and Renee. FUCK ALL OF YOU!”

Bella brought her out her gun and aimed it at Billy.


Opie retrieved his gun as well and had it on Jacob.

“And I’ll join her, starting with him first…” He made clear.

Billy sighed and shook his head.

“There’s no need for that.”

“THE FUCK THERE ISN’T!” Opie growled and fired a warning shot.

The Quileute’s got the message and were quick to head back to their vehicles. Just as soon as they left Bella pivoted around and fired several rounds into her father’s grave.

“The hell with you, Charlie…”

Bella started towards her car and Opie stopped her.

“Bella…” He called with concern.

“Abel needs us…” She reminded and Opie nodded as she pried out of his hold and got into her car.

Opie cursed under his breath, hopped onto his Harley, and followed her out.

Bella shifted gears and used the back her hand to wipe her tears. The more she thought on everything, the more it made sense. Things such as Charlie going out his way to convince Bella to spend more time with Jacob. He’d go out his way to invite Jacob over and was doing everything within his power to push Bella that direction. Bella punched at her steering wheel and screamed amongst herself. She had never felt so betrayed. Her own mother and father?! What in the fuck were they thinking and why was it so important to them?! Bella did her best to push all that aside, for now. She knew she couldn’t let all of this weigh her down. Not when Jax needed her. Now was not the time for a mental breakdown. But she was on the verge of one. Her nerves were shot and she had all this pent up anger. Bella reached over and turned on the radio. She laughed as No Doubt’s Just A Girl was playing. She turned up the volume, rolled the windows down, and sang along.

A couple hours had passed when Jax and the others pulled into a gas station. They filled up then waited for Opie and Bella who weren’t too far behind. Bella was first to pull up to one of the pumps. She stepped out and went on to gas up the car. Jax made his way over and pecked her on the cheek.

“You alright?” He questioned taking notice of her bloodshot eyes.

She gave a simple nod and headed inside. Opie pulled up on the other side and Jax nodded his direction.

“What’s up?” He asked as Opie looked beyond pissed.

Opie went on to tell Jax about the little incident back at the cemetery.

“What in the fuck…?!” Jax sputtered in disbelief.

“Hello?” Bella answered as she was in the woman’s bathroom.

“Hey…” Derk called on the other end.

“Hey… How you holding up?”

“I’m okay.”

“You sure?”

“Yep. Doc’s releasing me tomorrow.”

“That’s great, Derk. I’ll see what I can do about getting you a ride back to Charming.”

“And my car?”

“You just let me worry on it.” She said whilst exiting the bathroom.

“I’m not letting you drive. Not a chance in hell.”

“I’m sorry. Guess I’m pretty useless, huh?”

Derk, it’s fine. Really. Shit happens. Just hold on and I’ll send someone your way.” 

Clay overheard this as he was at the register and she was passing by. He followed her out as she hung up.

“Hey.” He called and Bella stopped in her tracks.

“Your friend need a ride home?”

“Yeah…” She said feeling a bit on edge.

“Derk, right?”

“That’s the one.”

“I’ll send someone his way.”

“You don’t have to do that. I’ll find someone.”

“I got it.”

Bella drew back a hesitant breath.

“No offense, but how can I trust that nothing will happen to him? You’ve made it clear what you think of my crew.”

“Scout’s honor.”

“Now that’s laughable.”

“What is?”

You as a boy scout. More like the bully stealing their lunch money.”

Clay couldn’t help but to grin on this.

“You’d be correct!”

Bella nodded and started walking again.

“Thanks but no thanks. I’ll find someone.”

“I’ll send one of my best men out. He’ll even take him to dinner.”

Bella came to a halt yet again.

“And how does this benefit you?”

“You’re doing my son favor. I figured it’s time I did you one. So quit thinkin’ so much on it, sweetheart. Not everyone’s out for blood.”

“Could’ve fooled me.” She muttered under her breath and hopped back into her car.

Jax looked on from afar. He wanted to talk about what happened but knew they hadn’t the time. They had to hit the road again and haul ass from there. Clay leaned into Bella’s window.

“Once you get to the border. You’re to get in the furthest lane to the left. When they ask the reason for your visit… You’re going to say family reunion.”

Bella nodded in understanding and watched as Clay walked away. She took out her cellphone and let Derk know that someone from SAMCRO would be coming for him. He let out a miserable laugh and Bella did her best to reassure him. Still even she felt on edge about the whole ordeal. But she had to put her trust somewhere when it came to the Sons. For Jax’s sake, more than her own…

Bella let out a breath of relief as everyone made it through border check. She and the Phantoms followed the Sons. They followed them to what seemed like the middle of nowhere, only another group of bikers pulled up. Bella narrowed her eyes realizing it was another chapter of the Sons, SAMONT. They came all the way from Ontario and it was them that set up the border exchange. Clay hopped off his bike and shook hands with the president of SAMONT. The VP nodded upon Jax and Jax nodded in return.

“We got a cabin aboot twelve miles out. Should suit yer needs for a few days, eh?” The SAMONT president stated.


“Sounds good.” Clay replied and the president nodded.

“Who are yer racer friends?”

Clay looked to Bella then back to the SAMONT prez.

“Heard of Wraith?”


Clay chuckled.

“That’s Wraith.” He pointed to Bella as she was in her car still.

“And those…” He made a gesture towards the other cars.

“Are her Phantoms.”

“Phantoms, eh?”

“It seems so.”

“Hm… Well follow me!”


They followed SAMONT to the massive cabin. The cabin belonged to the SAMONT president himself.

“Make yourselves at home and stay for however long ya need. Sorry we can’t be of more assistance but we have our own conflict to deal with.”

Clay nodded in understanding and the two shook hands once again.

“Take care, brother. I hope ya get that grandson of yers back.”

“Me too. Thanks again.”

“No prob! Call if ya need anything!”

“Will do.”

SAMONT headed on out and Bella gestured for her crew to go ahead and park. The Sons parked their bikes as well and everyone headed into the cabin.

“This puts the penthouse to shame!” Dizzy declared as she welcomed herself to the bar.

Bella half laughed.

“Yeah well imagine telling that to Han.”

“Fuck Han.”

“Amen to that.”

Dizzy slid a shot over and Bella downed it.

“I could use like four or five more of those.”

“On it boss!”

Bella’s cellphone rang as Dizzy poured her another shot. 


“Whom am I speaking to?”

Bella froze as she recognized that voice all too well. Dizzy took notice and Bella held up a finger.

“Depends… Who are you?”

The man chuckled on the other end.

“Nicely played. You’re a hard woman to get ahold of.”

“I have my reasons.”

“I’m sure. Look, I have a proposition of sorts.”

“Do you now?” Bella uttered and downed that second shot.

“How about a meeting? Say in about thirty?”

“That would be lovely. If I weren’t out of town at the moment…”

“Out of town?”


“Hmmm. And I’m to believe this, because?”

“Do you really want me to pamper you with your insecurities?” Bella fired back and the man let out this obnoxious laugh.

“You know I was impressed when I thought Wraith to be a man. But I do believe I’m more impressed knowing she’s a woman.”

“Well Mr. Putlova, I’m truly flattered.”

Jax overheard this as he sat beside Bella at the bar. Dizzy poured him a shot as well.

“So you do remember…”

“How could I forget?”

“Why don’t you give me a call when you return?”

“May I ask what it is you wish to meet about?”

“I prefer to go over that in person.”

“Of course. We’ll be in touch.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Bella hung up and just sat there for a moment.

“Mr. Putlova. Isn’t that…” Dizzy started to question and Bella gave a simple nod.


“I’ll get it taken care of.”

“On your own?!”


“Um, no!”

“Dizzy, I got this. Just let me handle it.”

“And end up six feet under, no thank you!”

“I’ll be fine. I’ll let him down easy.”

“There is no letting the fucking Russians down!” Dizzy spat.

“Wanna keep it down?!” Bella hissed as a few Sons were looking their direction now.

“Are you in some kind of trouble?” Jax questioned with concern.

“YES!” “No.” Dizzy and Bella chorused.

Bella cut Dizzy a look of hell.

“He’ll kill you if you turn down whatever he offers.”

“Then so be it. I’m not bowing down to a bunch of Russian cocks. I had my fill when it came to Diablo.”

“I’m not expecting you to!”

“Then what would you have me do, huh?! You know… since you’re the fucking genius!”

“Jesus Christ. What’s with you? I’m only trying to help!”

“Well don’t.”

Bella came to her feet and started to walk away. Dizzy let out this miserable laugh.

“That’s right. Form a team but handle everything on your own!” Dizzy shouted.

Bella stopped in her tracks and everyone’s attention was on them now. Bella laughed then spun back around.

“You think I asked for this?!”

“That’s not what I’m saying and you know it!”

“Then mind your fucking business and let me deal with shit the way I deal with shit!”

Dizzy’s jaw dropped on this and Bella started off yet again.

“THE HELL WITH YOU!” Dizzy shouted.

“That’s right! The hell with me!” Bella said in such a way and exited the cabin.

Jax sighed and went on to tell Dizzy about the tribe and what took place.

“Good God… I had no idea.”

He nodded and grabbed the bottle of Canadian whisky. He hopped down but pecked Dizzy on the cheek.

“I wouldn’t take it personal, darlin’. That’s just Bella pushing you away so you don’t wind up getting hurt.”

“Trust me I know… I hate when she pulls that shit!”

Jax couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Me and you both…” He murmured and headed on out as well.

“Drink?” Jax offered as Bella was changing out the NOS in her car.

She took a hit off the whisky and shook her head.


“Just not the same as American…” She said with a wrinkled nose.


“Let me guess… You’re here to give me the being less of a bitch speech?” She said while tightening the gauges.

She wiped her hands clean then slammed the door shut.

“No. Actually, I wanted to see if you were okay.”

Bella narrowed her eyes on this.

“Op told me…” He hinted and Bella recoiled.

“Of course he did.”

“So arranged marriage, huh?”

“Something like that…”

“Well… are you going through with it?” He teased and Bella managed to laugh.

“Sure. Why not?!”

Jax nodded.

“You’re keeping me around as well, right?”

“You know it.”

“Good deal.”

Deep down… Jax was a murderous mess. Jacob hadn’t a clue what awaited him. By the time Jax and Op were done, there’d be nothing left.

“You sure you don’t wanna contest this? You could win.”

“Not even worth it. And why would I want anything of my father’s after knowing the truth. Hell, my entire childhood was nothing more than one big lie.”

Jax nodded in understanding.

“So what’s your plan? You know… with the Russians?”

“Don’t have one.”

“Bella baby…”

“Don’t please. I’ll think of something. I always do. Right now we need to worry about finding this house of Cameron’s. It’s unlisted, naturally. Meaning wherever he is… It’s well hidden. And I imagine it’s under an alias.”

“An alias…” Jax grumbled and Bella nodded.

“I know… But we will find him. In fact, I’m about to head on out and see what I can find out.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“Awesome but the cut stays here.”

“I thought you liked the cut!”

“Oh I do. But where we’re going won’t take kindly to it. Trust me, Jackson. Put on your Sunday’s best and meet me out here.”

“I don’t do Sundays…”

“Neither do I. But what’s one night?”

“Where are we going?”

“I’ll explain on the way but I’m guessing you don’t have a suit. So we better get to that first.”

Bella signaled for him to get into the car. Jax hopped on in and Bella headed for the closest shopping district.

“Damn…” Bella uttered once Jax stepped out of the dressing room.

He cocked a brow and Bella walked on over and adjusted the collar and tie to his suit.

“Looking sharp, Jackson. You damn near pass for a gentlemen.”

“Do I now?”

She nodded and looked to the sales associate.

“We’ll take it and he’s wearing it out.”

The woman nodded and Bella went on to bag his other clothes. Jax went to pay only to have Bella beat him to the punch.

“On me.”


“Jackson, just let me do this.”

He shook his head as she handed the money over.

“Alright my turn.” She said once they exited the shop.

Bella frowned as she looked to the dress shop next door.

“What?” Jax questioned taking notice.

“I hate heels, with a passion.” She muttered under her breath.

He chuckled and followed her inside.

“Ho-ly shit!” Jax howled as Bella stepped out.

She was in a skin tight teal colored dress. She had a full on blush going as she hadn’t expected his reaction.

“You like?”

“Oh yeah…” He shot to his feet and walked on over.

He ran a hand along the exposed part of her back.

Fuck… Think we have time for a dressing room quickie?” He whispered with a smirk.

“Fraid I’ll have to take a raincheck on that one. We’re late as it is.”


Bella looked to the time and sighed.

“I’ll have to finish in the car. Meaning you’re driving. Don’t you crash my baby.”

“I thought I was your baby.”

“Nah… you’re my dirty old man.”

Jax had a good laugh at this.

“Hell, I’ll take it! If that means spanking your ass especially.”

Bella paid for the dress, heels, and earrings. And like that of Jax she wore the dress out. Once they were in the car, she fixed her hair, put on a touch of makeup, perfume, and slid into her heels. Jax couldn’t help but to steal a few glances here and there. The transformation was incredible. Bella was sex on legs, no matter what she wore. But something about that dress had him aching below and to the point where he wasn’t sure he’d make it through the night.

“You alright there?” She asked after putting on a touch of lipstick.

He nodded but lifted off the seat a bit as he ‘adjusted’. Bella opened the glove compartment and grabbed a matching wedding ring set. She took off his Sons rings and stuffed them into the pocket of his suit. She slipped the man’s wedding band onto Jax’s finger.

“Damn. You really do move fast!” He teased and Bella smiled.

“You only wish you were so lucky!” She taunted in return and while putting the other set on.

Yeah I do… He thought amongst himself.

“These were cheap ass rings someone offered when they couldn’t own up to what they owed me.”

“Owed you?”

“I had a side business when working for Diablo.”


“Mechanic… of the discreet variety. You can imagine how us street racers are frowned upon. Makes it rather hard to get your car worked on.”


“If they couldn’t pay for whatever reason. I’d take whatever they had to offer. Guess these came in handy after all. Glad I didn’t pawn them. I doubt I’d get more than a couple hundred anyhow.”

Jax nodded but was awfully confused on what the plan was.

“So you wanna tell me what we’re up to?”

“Yeah but I need you to take the next exit. You’re going to head for the clubhouse that’s five miles out.”

Bella’s cellphone sounded and Bella answered.

“Please tell me we’re on the list…”

“Mr. and Mrs. Woodbury…”

“Alright quick background…”

“Ethan and Karen… American and newlyweds. They own a yacht that was sold to them by the Hayes. Karen is a massage therapist and Ethan is a lawyer.”

“You’re kidding me…”

“Nope. So you better get those hands nice and oiled and Jax better put on his best poker face.”

“Shit… You couldn’t find a couple that was a little more believable?”

“In your cases? No.”

“Well fuck you very much, Mia.”

“You’re welcome!”’

“Jesus…” Bella whispered feeling slightly ill.

That confidence she had was starting to waver. How in the fuck were they going to pull this one off? And if the real Ethan and Karen showed up or were there already… They were fucked.

“You alright?”

“Yeah. But we got a long night ahead of us…”

Bella told Jax what they were getting into exactly and how she “expected” things to play out, if they dealt their cards right. The Hayes family was known for making appearances and they owned a percentage of this clubhouse from what Bella gathered. She highly doubted that Cameron would make an appearance tonight. But she figured they could at least gather enough information that it would lead them to this property he owned.

Jax pulled into the clubhouse parking lot and Bella did one more run through of everything he needed to know. He nodded in understanding then exited the car. He walked around, opened her door then took her by the arm in a gentleman like mannerism.”

“Relax, we got this.” Jax whispered.

“I sure hope so.”

Once they got to the entrance, Jax introduced themselves as Ethan and Karen Woodbury. The man working the door looked them up on the list. To Bella’s relief he stepped aside and allowed them in.

“Jesus…” Jax whispered as this place was enormous and packed.

Each of the guests dressed in the latest fashion, expensive jewelry, things of that nature. One of the servers handed Bella and Jax a glass of champagne.

“Thank you.” Bella said putting on her best front.

The server gave a simple nod and went on to serve the other guests. Bella and Jax sipped at their champagne and gradually made their way throughout the room. They did this while keeping an eye and ear out for anything Hayes related.

“We might have to amp things up a bit.” Bella muttered into her glass of champagne.

Jax nodded in full agreement. He took Bella by surprise as he approached another couple. He introduced himself as Ethan Woodbury and made it sound as if he heard they needed a lawyer. Bella found herself somewhat awestruck. Jax was selling this lawyer bit like nobody’s business. Then again, Jax had a way of drawing people in and was very convincing when he wanted to be.

“Honey!” He called then waved her over.

“I’d like you to meet Miranda and Joseph Martin. This is my wife Karen.”

Bella smiled and shook their hands.

“Wow. You’re gorgeous and I love that dress.” The wife complimented.

“Why thank you!”

Bella couldn’t help but to look to Jax off and on throughout the night as he’d pretty much taken the reins. Jax was one hell of a con artist. And it was a major turn on for Bella to watch him work. He was so convincing it damn near had her persuaded. He could’ve been a lawyer, no doubt. He most certainly had the wits. Before long, she herself warmed up to the idea and was playing the field.

“Please excuse us. I haven’t danced with my wife tonight.” Jax said as they were starting to gather a bit of a crowd around them.

Each of them wishing to take part in conversation with the Woodbury couple. It seemed like everyone here needed a lawyer or massage therapist. Which was somewhat helpful, but had Jax on edge, in the sense of gathering a little too much attention now. That was never a good thing. So he decided it best to back things up a tad and make themselves seem busy.

“But of course…” One of the men said and shook Jax’s hand then kissed Bella’s before they hit the dancefloor.

“Dancing?” Bella whispered in dreadfulness.

“I’m sure to give us away now.”

Jax narrowed his eyes in question as he led her to the dance floor.

“Two left feet.” She warned and Jax chuckled.

“I doubt I’m any better. We’ll wing it. Besides, we needed an out.”

“Right?” Bella whispered in return.

That and Mr. Holland was taking a little too much interest in you.” Jax muttered with a frown as the guy hadn’t taken his eyes off her throughout the night. Not that Jax could blame him. Bella was beyond stunning. Still, he wanted to knock some sense into the bastard as he wasn’t even hiding it. In fact, he had made a few comments here and there about “Karen’s” impeccable body and lovely smile. Then there were the Wilsons… Who made it clear that they were swingers and interested in Ethan and Karen. They went as far as to give them the name of the hotel they’d be staying at and their room number.

“So you wanna head to that hotel later…?” Jax taunted with a wide grin.

“Ugh, that’s so dirty.”

“Come on… You know you wanna.”

“I didn’t know you had a thing for older women, Jackson.” Bella remarked seeing as how the couple was much older.

“Who said it’s the wife…” He uttered then spun her about.

Bella had a good laugh at this.

“You know… I find it rather interesting that no one really knows where Cameron is…”

“My thoughts exactly. It’s pretty much hearsay.”

“The way he wants it. I’m sure.”


“What?” Bella questioned as Jax was looking upon her a certain way.

“You really are beautiful. You know that?”

He found himself digging the whole marriage ploy. Bella smiled and Jax kissed along her scars. The two ended up in a heated kiss. Only they were interrupted by the clearing of a throat. They looked over to see an older man.

“Ethan Woodbury?”

Jax nodded.

“Cameron Hayes has a business proposition for you.”


“Yes. Unfortunately, he cannot meet with you in person as he is headed out of the country soon. So he wished for me to speak with you in his stead. Something about a boat you were looking at when you bought the yacht?”

“Yes of course!”

“Well if you would come with me we shall get the paperwork started!”


“You two go on. I have to visit the ladies room.”

“Alright darlin’.” Jax said before pecking her on the lips.

Bella had a bad feeling and she knew it was time to wrap things up. She headed on up the stairs and towards the bathrooms. Only she ducked into another room locking the door behind her. Bella retrieved her cellphone and called Mia.

“Blueprints…” She sputtered.


“Come on Mia, we haven’t a lot of time. I think we’ve been made and Jackson could be in trouble. So send me the god damn blueprints. I need to find the office.”

“On it.”

Bella pivoted around however and let out a nervous giggle.


“Let me guess… You already found it.” Mia stated and Bella sighed before hanging up the phone.

She grabbed a chair then propped it up against the doorknob. From there she began her search. She needed to find the records showing Cameron Hayes’s share. If she could find those documents… She would have the addresses to all his properties. This leading them to Abel, if they weren’t headed out of the country already…

Bella dug through the desk drawers first. She used a bobby pin she kept hidden in her hair in order to unjam a couple of locked ones.

“Dammit…” She whispered as there was nothing of any real importance.

She glanced towards a filing cabinet across the way and rolled her eyes.

“You’re really on your A-game tonight. Jesus, Bella.” She scolded herself and darted that direction.

It took her a few minutes but she finally found what she needed. Bella was quick to fold up the information and tucked it into her bra. She froze however as she heard someone jiggling the door handle.

“Shit…” She whispered and quietly shut the drawer.

Bella was quick to move the chair and found a place to hide.

Jax narrowed his eyes as he followed the man into a building. A building in which had an indoor pool and Jacuzzi.

“Right this way, Mr. Woodbury.” The man said and opened another door leading into the pool pump room.

Jax was quick to react as there were two other men waiting for him. He grabbed the man that brought him here and used his body as a human shield. The VP gritted his teeth as the men fired shot after shot. Just as soon as they went to reload, Jax fired the gun he’d hidden on him and managed to take out one of them. The other however… Charged right for Jax and they ended up in the pool. Both fought for the upperhand and were taking jabs at one another.

Fuck…” Jax painfully groaned as the man elbowed the shit out of him. It was hard enough to knock the wind out of him. From there, the man took advantage of the situation and forced Jax’s head into the water. Jax struggled to come up as the man held him down.

“I know you’re in here…”

Bella recoiled as the man had a gun in hand.

“Mrs. Woodbury…” The man whispered behind a chuckle.

It was then that she recognized this man to be Mr. Holland. The one Jax had mentioned.

“Come on, sweet pea. I won’t tell anyone yer secret. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yers, eh?!”

The man looked under the desk and sighed in disappointment.

“Ya see… I’ve met Karen Woodbury and you’re most certainly not her. That woman only wishes she was as stunning. She’s a bit of a dog if ya ask me.”

Bella kept as quiet, as she was in attempts to unlock the window to the curtain she was hiding behind. She let out a surprised gasp however as the man grabbed her and had his hand clamped around her mouth. He flung her back against the desk. Without another thought, Bella kicked her feet out. The impact was enough to send the man through the window. Bella climbed on out, kicked her heels off, and took off like a bat out of hell. She got on her cellphone and let Dizzy know that all nearby airports needed to be kept on watch. After the alert she tried calling Jax, but he wouldn’t pick up.

“Shit…” She muttered as a couple security guards were making their way over.

“Ma’am we need you to come with us.” One of them called out and went on to flash his gun.

Bella sort of laughed.

“I’m good!”

The man got on his radio and reported the incident to surrounding guards.

“Now why’d you do that?” Bella uttered in misery as they had her cornered now.

One of them seized her and dragged her into the pool area. Once they had her inside, they locked everything up.

“You’re kidding me right? A little cliché don’t you think? Let me guess… You’re going to shoot me, dump me into the pool, then have my body discovered by those clowns you Canadians refer to as police?”

The man took off his jacket then rolled his sleeves up. It was then that Bella took notice of Jax’s body in the pool. She let out this horrific scream and started towards him, only to have the man grab ahold of her. He shoved her towards the others.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” Bella shouted with tears streaming down her face.

They brought Bella to her knees and she stared the man down as he put a gun to her forehead.


The young woman jumped however as several gunshots were heard. The men fell to the floor and she lifted her eyes to see Jax climbing out of the pool. He strutted on over and offered his hand.

“Jackson…” She whimpered as he helped her to her feet.

He gave a simple nod and she hugged him.

“I thought…” She cried and Jax kissed her forehead.

Shhh…. I’m okay. I heard them enter the area and thought it best to play possum.”

Bella dropped her hold and forced herself to snap out of it.

“We gotta go.”

They grabbed a couple guns and took off.

Jax looked to Bella with concern as she peeled out of the parking lot. She shifted gears then wiped her face with the back of her hand. Her entire face flushed over once she caught Jax looking her way. She cleared her throat and was doing her best to get her shit together.

“You know it’s kind of funny if think about it…”

“And that would be?”

“You wanted to kill me but now look at you…”

“Don’t be an ass, Jackson. I’ll dump you off in the middle of nowhere and make you walk.”

“Yes ma’am.” He uttered behind a chuckle.

Jax got on his phone and went to alert the boys about the airports only to find out that Bella had beat him to it. Clay let it known that they were spread out and covering every nearby airport they could think of. Bella overheard this but didn’t comment as she was an emotional mess at the moment.  All she could think about was Jax’s dead body. She retrieved the documents with Cameron’s list of properties then handed it over. Jax read it then nodded amongst himself.

“Guess we need to see about this if everyone else has the airports covered. “

Bella shook her head however as she peered into the rearview mirror.


“We got a tail. Buckle up.”

Jax put his seatbelt on and Bella hit the gas.

“Um Bella baby…”

Bella looked over as he pointed to the Canadian police up ahead.

“All good.” She murmured with a shrug.

Jax raised his brows as the police turned on their sirens and were chasing them down as well. Bella didn’t break stride and kept on the gas. Jax was somewhere between slightly panicked and turned the fuck on. He couldn’t get over how chill she was. Bella reached over and turned the radio on. He reared back as she cranked it up then zipped past a couple cars. Bella took the nearest exit then broke into a fit of laughter. She shifted gears then spun the car around.

“Jesus!” Jax shouted as she cut through the freeway median and was heading towards oncoming traffic now.

When he saw what she was going for… he thought it rather ingenious. There was a reason behind “Wraith” being the best and he was seeing it firsthand. The police went on to chase her down but weren’t successful. Whereas they had to slow down in order to dodge oncoming traffic, Bella was very precise and passing vehicle after vehicle, like it was nothing.

Jax was so amazed by how she was handling things that he hadn’t realized they were on the road leading to Cameron’s place. Bella rolled the windows down and adjusted her side mirror.

“You alright over there?”

Jax cleared his throat but nodded.

“You sure?”

“Oh yeah… That was fucking hot!”

Bella regarded Jax in surprise.

“You sure about that? You look terrified.”

“Oh I am, but hard as hell! Hell, I’ve never been so fucking confused!”

Bella had a good laugh at this.

“So you can deal with my crazy?”

“Wouldn’t have you any other way, darlin’. Besides, I think that’s how WE work. Two fuckass crazy people…”

Bella smiled.

“You got that right.”

Bella looked to the address again and pulled over.

“Alright game plan?”

Jax regarded the house up ahead in thought. He brought out his gun and counted the bullets.

“Four. You?”

Bella totaled hers as well.


Jax checked on the spare they had.

“Three.” He murmured.

“You know he’s expecting us. No way word hasn’t gotten back to him.”

“Trust me. I know.”

“And that’s if he’s even there.”

Jax and Bella recoiled in thought.

“Mission Impossible or 007?” She asked and Jax narrowed his eyes.


Bella smiled.

“You know… I always wanted to be a Bond girl.”

“Fuck. I think it’s safe to say that you’d put any Bond girl to shame!”

She put the car back in drive then hid it amongst the tall grass, in a nearby field. Bella and Jax exited the car and quietly pushed the doors to. They got their guns ready and made their way to the two story house up ahead. Jax and Bella stood opposite of one another at the door. Jax reached over and rang the doorbell but was quick to duck out of sight afterward. Just as soon as the door opened, they teamed up and forced their way in. Jax was quick to grab ahold of the woman and wrapped a hand around her mouth. Bella put her gun to the woman’s head.

“Cameron Hayes…” Jax demanded and the woman shook her head and started to cry.

Bella gritted her teeth.

“Five… Four… Three…”

Jax removed his hand.

“The runway! He’s at the runway!”

“Runway?” Bella questioned and Jax recoiled.

“SON OF A BITCH!” He hollered and pulled at his hair in a panic.

Bella staggered back once she realized what that meant.

“As in a private runway?!”

The woman nodded.


When the woman wouldn’t answer, Bella grabbed ahold of her and shook her.


Jax jerked the woman out of Bella’s hold and brought his blade to her throat.

“There was a baby… WHERE IS HE?!”

“The runway!” The woman blubbered looking awfully confused as she spilled the beans.

Bella texted the information to each of her Phantoms followed by…

Ten minutes. Alert the Sons. Don’t be late. We got a plane to catch.

Bella and Jax dashed back out and ran to the car. There were no words as Bella hit the road, yet again. Her heart was going ninety to nothing as she shifted gears and prayed to God they made it in time. As for Jax… The man was a mess. He had his hands in a prayer like fashion and tears were streaming down his face. By the time they got there the plane was already headed down the runway and in preparations to take off.

“Oh no you don’t…” Bella murmured and hit that NOS.

She was on a mission and took that plane head on. Jax took notice of the Phantoms coming in from all sides now. Bella gave a mere nod as they had the plane surrounded and the pilot had no choice BUT to slow down as he hadn’t enough speed to take off. Jax jumped out of the car and made his way to the plane door. Bella parked the car, hopped out, and snuck around making her way beneath the plane itself. She signaled where she wanted her Phantoms and they quietly took their positions. Bella could hear the Sons off to the distance and knew it wouldn’t be long. She narrowed her eyes as another thought occurred to her. Bella headed towards the cargo door. She waved Eric (one of her Phantoms) over. “I need a lift.” He nodded and gave her a boost.

She pocketed her gun, just long enough to get the cargo door open. Once she was inside she gave Eric a thumbs up. Bella brought her gun back out then inched her way towards the ladder. Bella drew back the deepest of breaths before opening the area to the cockpit. The pilot was arguing with Cameron over the radio. He took no notice of Bella entering the area. Bella was quick to take him out then headed into the area where Abel and Cameron were. Cameron paced the aisle with Abel in his hold. Abel was crying and Cameron was trying to shut him up whilst looking out the windows every now and then.

“I miss him too…” Bella said making herself known.

Cameron snapped his head her direction. Bella held her hands up.

Edmond and Polly… They were my friends.”

“YOU LIE!” Cameron shouted and took a shot at her.

The others heard this and that’s when Jax took notice of Bella missing. He nodded upon one of the Phantoms.

“Where is she?!”

“On the plane…”


Bella swallowed back as it barely missed her.

“I have no reason to lie to you. I’m only sorry this is how we came to meet. I was invited to the wedding you know.”

Cameron narrowed his eyes on this and Bella gave a tearful smile.

“April 28th  only they couldn’t decide on Edmond’s hometown or Polly’s. Polly wanted ivory roses but Edmond wanted primrose…

“Because they was his mother’s favorite…” he finished and Bella nodded.

Cameron staggered back on this.

“Look at what you’re doing, Cameron. Is this what Edmond would want?”

Bella tossed her gun onto the floor then kicked it to the side.

“Jackson… He took no part in what happened to Edmond. Yet you decided on punishing him by taking his son. Now you don’t know me from a stranger on the street. I get that. But that baby… he needs his family. You and I both know that. Just how do you plan on explaining this…? You know when he’s older? He’s bound to find out.”

“He won’t. I’m his father now.”

“You can’t replace Edmond.”


Bella swallowed back and tried to think of something, anything, to get Abel back to Jax.

“Alright. What if I offered myself in Abel’s stead?”


“I’m Jackson’s old lady. Do this… And I’ll do whatever you want. If you want to kill me so be it. If you want to whore me out in some Podunk town in Ireland. Fine. Just give that man his son back. Please. I will do whatever you want.”



“Would you give me a son?”

Bella drew back a breath on this.

“If that’s what you want.”

Cameron walked on over and really looked her over.

“How’d you get those scars?”

“Long story… I’ll tell you someday.”

Cameron looked to Abel then to Bella.

“Call them off then I’ll hand him over.”

“I’ll call off everyone but Jackson. And that’s only long enough for him to get his son back.”

“I don’t want him on the plane.”

“Understood. I’ll hand him over.”

“No. I’ll do it.”

“They’ll gun you down.”

“Not if you call them off.”

“Fine… I’ll call them off. You hand Abel over.”

He nodded and Bella made her way to the door. Cameron observed her every move as she opened the door.

“Call everyone off… But you stay put.”

Jax regarded her in question but did as requested. Cameron looked out the windows and observed as everyone spread out and away from the plane. What happened next took everyone by surprise.

“Hey…” Bella looked over but was quick to react as Cameron hurled Abel her direction.

Bella threw her arms out and caught him. Cameron gave a simple nod and shoved her out of the plane.

“NOOOOO!” Jax shouted and braced himself as he broke their fall.

Cameron went to gun them down, only to have SAMCRO and the Phantoms gunning him down first. Jax rolled Bella onto her back and was checking them over. Bella was in literal sobs as she held Abel. She handed him over and Jax breathed him in as he hugged him close. Opie walked on over and helped Bella to her feet.

“You alright?”

“Yeah…” she replied with a quivery voice.


“I damn near got Abel killed. I thought I could talk some sense into him. Jesus…”

“Hey… He’s safe now.”

Bella shook her head on this. She thought back to how Cameron threw Abel like he was nothing more than a rag doll. Bella braced herself against the plane and Opie placed a hand along her shoulder.

“Look Bell…” he said in such a way.

Bella narrowed her eyes as Opie was pointing Jax’s direction. He was in tears but with a genuine beam to him.

“He got his son back. If it hadn’t been for you… There’s no telling where he would’ve ended up.”

“Belfast, Ireland.” Bella sputtered as she thought about the passport she saw on the plane.

“Cameron was using the alias Timothy O’Dell. He had Abel listed as Edmond O’Dell. Everything you need to know is on that plane, third seat to the left.”

Opie nodded and headed that way. Bella gave Jax and the Sons their space as they welcomed Abel back. She nodded upon her Phantoms.

“Thank you.”

They nodded in response. Dizzy however locked eyes with Bella. Bella gestured for her to follow and they kicked back on the runway.

“Storm’s blowing in…” Dizzy murmured and Bella looked to the lightning off to the distance.

“You do realize that man will grovel to your every need now?”

“Not why I did it.”

“I know.”

“About what I said…  Dizzy, I’m sorry. I…”

Dizzy put a single finger to her lips.

“I get it. But you need realize something. I’m here, every step of the way. No matter how much you try pushing me away.”

Bella closed her eyes and nodded. Dizzy’s cellphone rang and she came to her feet and answered. Bella looked to her phone and scrolled through her contacts. She cleared her throat as she hit Han’s number.

Can’t answer my phone right now but you know what to do.

Hey… Bella said as she looked upon the Sons.

Kind of an asshole thing to do, you know. 

I guess you had your reasons.  

I’m sorry I let you down.  Bella pinched the bridge of her nose.

Wherever you are. I hope you’re happy and safe.

Bella hung up and lifted her eyes Jax’s direction.

He waved her over and Bella headed that way.

“Bella, I’d like you to meet my son. Abel this is Bella – your personal angel.”

Hardly…” Bella muttered and Jax shook his head in disagreement.

Jax handed him over and Bella smiled.

“Hey there, Abel…”

“We got him.”

“Thank god…” Tig whispered whilst eyeing Gemma from afar.

“How is he?”

“He’s good.”

“And Jax?”

“Relieved… Look, I need you to do me a favor.”

“Sure sup?”

“Have Sack and the others keep an eye on Gem. I need you in Port Angeles, ASAP.”

“Port Angeles? What’s in Port Angeles?”      

“Well today’s your lucky day!” The nurse called as she entered Derk’s room.

“Looks like you’re going home.”

Derk looked over as Tig Trager from SAMCRO entered the room.

“I hear you got some serious blue balls…”

Derk groaned into his pillow and Tig sent him a wink.

“Get dressed we got a long road ahead of us.”

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 10 Back From The Dead”

  1. thrilling and way exciting to read as always. so glad they got to him before it was too late. hope the sons do take care of that nasty boy jake. and get the tribe to back off. hope she can handle the trouble coming towards her as well. all in all great job as always

  2. I’m glad they didn’t have to go all the way to Ireland to get Abel back.
    It will be interesting to see how them not going to Ireland will potentially change things in the storyline.
    Can’t wait for more!

  3. And here i was just thinking about Jax lol Very nice update. Your muse are really inspiring you within this story. had me scared for a moment when Bella told Cameron anything.. didn’t expect him the shove her and the child out of the plane. I hope your muse is gentle with you yet gets your plenty of ideals for the next chapter. hope everything is well with you. Update again when you have a moment and your muse take a snack break.

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  5. Arranged marriage!?! I’d burn that house to the ground. What the hell could Charlie have been thinking? No WAY would Renee have done that. She must have beem drugged.

    Jacob and Billy need to go. They can burn up with the house. Make it look like they got caught in their own insurance scam fire.

    Low life, scummy fuckers.

    *WHEW* They got the baby back and didn’t have to go to Ireland to do it.

    Bella was lucky it worked.

  6. What the fuck? An arranged marriage? Oh really? What did Charlie and Renee have in mind? Shit, that’s all! Is it wrong of me to ask for the massacre of the tribe? lol Clay wanting to help. Hmmm, I wonder the reason behind it. Man, Murphy’s law acting on Bella’s life in an unusual way. Jax became warm in a suit, but I prefer him in the outfit he usually wears. I love seeing them together in action! I imagined this scene of them trying to stop the plane with one of those songs of the soundtrack of fast and furious. Bella needs to learn to cooperate more with her team. Or she’ll end up killing herself. I know she just wants to protect them, but she can not do it all by herself. She needs the team on her side. Thank God they were able to save Abel. I hope they have a break now, or I feel both of them will freak out. I loved the chapter!

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