Chapter 13 The Light

Chapter 13 – The Light 

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“Come on…” Jax uttered as Bella was looking to the tires on her car.

Opie and Piney had gone about their way and Dizzy had some sort of plans involving Half-Sack. Bella and Jax rather raised their brows on this but didn’t question it, as Dizzy seemed to be in a hurry for whatever reason. Bella however took notice of how Half-Sack wasn’t wearing his prospect cut anymore. From her understanding…  He and Clay had a knock out drag out over Gemma sneaking out of the safe house and getting herself arrested. Naturally, Clay blamed him, rather than that of his old lady. Half-Sack had been bitter as it was when it came to the SAMCRO president. This all went back to when Clay sent Cherry aka Rita to Belfast, Ireland. Cherry had come to Charming in attempts to become Half-Sack’s old lady. Only Clay had been hitting that as well and Gemma found out. It’s against the rules for sweet butts aka out of town Crow Eaters to show up on SAMCRO territory, much less around the old ladies. All of this was done in order to punish Half-Sack. Clay blamed HIM for Cherry showing up. He also blamed him for having fucked her in the first place as he was getting back at Half-Sack for checking out his wife.

Bella lifted her eyes and Jax nodded towards his truck.

“Abel’s in daycare. I don’t wanna leave him too long since I just got him back. Thought we could grab a bite to eat then I gotta hit the store and grab a few things he needs.”


“I know… You got things to take care of. But what’s a couple hours? Can you give me that? Please?”

Bella thought back to what Chibs had said about Tara. This had her cringing on the inside.

“Yeah. I can spare that.”

“Thank you.”

Jax opened the passenger side door and gestured for her to hop on in.

“I’ll help you change those out once we get back.”

Not that she needed it but this was his way of soaking up whatever time he could. He knew it would take a few trial and errors before he and Bella figured it out. Things were still a bit raw between them and he could see that ‘look’ in her eyes from time to time. The girl was on edge and wasn’t sure what to trust or how to feel. Not that he blamed her. This was of his own making.

Jax let out a miserable laugh however as Bella had turned the radio on and the last cd he played was still inside. Bella raised her brows as she listened to the lyrics. She swore that Jax had a full on blush going. This was a side of Jax she’d never seen before.

“Want to explain that one?”

“I think the song explains itself, darlin’.”

Bella narrowed her eyes but smiled as she shook her head. The song was Lips of an Angel by Hinder and he had it on repeat. He hadn’t bothered with his cd player since their break up.

“Is Jackson Teller blushing?”

Jax rolled his eyes as the truck kicked to life.

“You’re like a closet hopeless romantic, aren’t you?!”

“Bella baby…”


“Shut those angelic lips of yours.”

Bella had a good laugh at this.

Jax cleared his throat and changed out the cd.

“Hey, I was digging that!”

“Oh I bet you were…” He muttered under his breath.

Bella laughed as Jax pulled her into his lap. The couple across the way had been eyeing them down, something fierce and Jax had had enough. He grabbed a fistful of Bella’s hair and ran his hand along her ass.

“Disgusting…” The woman uttered looking downright appalled.

The man she was sitting with nodded in agreement. Jax bucked his hips about and kissed all down Bella’s neck.

“You should say something…” the woman said and the man sighed.

Jax looked over and cocked a brow.

“He isn’t going to say a damn thing, darlin’. You know why?”

The woman gathered this baffled appearance and Jax continued…

“Because he’s rocking one hell of a hard on and has been the entire time. And don’t pretend you weren’t enjoying the view yourself. Instead of acting like couple prudes maybe you should take care of business yourselves.”

Bella covered her mouth in shock but broke into a fit of giggles. She couldn’t believe Jackson Teller said that! Jax went on to throw down the tip, along with what they owed. He helped Bella out of his lap and stole a fry off the woman’s late, before sending her a wink on the way out. Bella’s laughter continued, all the way to the truck. Jax smiled as he had that sense of déjà vu. This… Was just the way things used to be. They were so at ease with one another and it came so naturally. Jax felt as if the weight of the world was off his shoulders when he was around Bella and for the first time he felt like that all over again. And he knew without a shadow of a doubt that she felt the same way.  She was back to her old self. He only hoped that would shine through more and more.

“God I love you…” Jax said with that heavy headed feeling and backed her up against the truck.

Bella smiled and draped her arms around his neck.

“I love you too.”

“I missed this. I missed us.” He said as if in agony.

Jax lifted her up off the ground and had her legs wrap around him. Bella let out a bit of a moan as he anxiously kissed her. Jax reached over and unlocked the door as he continued. He kept a good hold on her as he took a few steps back and opened the door. From there, he stuffed her inside and was quick to climb on in. The moment he entered the truck, he unfastened his belt, unzipped his pants, and fully exposed himself. Bella licked her lips gathering the hint and that alone had him throbbing with desire. Jax hit the road and did his best to concentrate as Bella took him to the hilt. First red light they hit Jax grabbed a fistful of her hair and thrust.

“Suck it, sweet thang.”

Jax gritted his teeth once the light turned green. He hit the gas but threw his head back and continued in satisfying that primal need of his. He knew she could handle it as this was something they used to do often. He truly meant it when he said she gave the best head. He wasn’t sure if his girl even had a gag reflex and she was known to orgasm just from sucking him off. There was just something about it that drove her mad with lust.

“FUUUUUCKKK!” Jax growled as he was on the verge of cumming.

“Chug that shit down!” He said as he came, just before stopping at another light.

Bella swallowed it down then licked him clean after. Jax had this shit ass grin about him and shook his head once she came up.

“You should’ve done THAT back there…” He hinted and Bella died of laughter.

“Could you imagine? I think that woman would have killed over from a stroke.”

“Worth it.”

“That’s horrible.”

Jax shrugged.

“Hey, they could’ve minded their own business but chose not to. Why should we feel bad?”




“Panties wet?” He taunted knowing damn well they were.

He could smell it and it had him hard all over again.

“Wouldn’t you like to know…?” She taunted but Jax kept that tidbit of knowledge to himself.

Jax pulled up to the grocery store and Bella followed him inside. He went on to grab some diapers, wipes, and more formula; only this time he was eyeing the bottles of baby food as well.

“Think he’s ready for that?” He asked as he picked up the mashed potatoes.

“He seems to be. It would keep him fuller that’s for certain. You can always talk to his pediatrician and see what they say.”

“End to my sleepless nights…” Jax said with a grin.


“I’ll try a couple for now and see how he does. Maybe set up an appointment sometime next week.”

“Jax?” They heard and turned that direction.

Jax’s smile was quick to fade as it was Tara.

“Hey…,” he said but went back to looking at the baby food.

“I take it you got Abel back?”

He gave a simple nod.

“That’s great!”


“And you…?”

This had him glancing her direction once again.

“I mean… How are you doing?”

“I’m good. Real good!” He said with a warm smile Bella’s direction.

“I see…”

Bella was doing her best to keep herself in check. But all she could think about was that last phone call where Tara had tried to pin as a rat. If Bella hadn’t taken the phone when she did, that would’ve been a whole different conversation. It wasn’t so much Jax’s reaction that Bella feared. She knew he wouldn’t fall for it but it was that of the other Sons. Bella wouldn’t put it past Clay to believe that shit; as to her reason for keeping that part of the conversation to herself.

“I’m glad that Abel is back safe and sound.”

“Thanks to Bella.” Jax made clear and Tara rather reared back.


“Yeah. She went out and beyond. I owe her everything.”

Damn Jackson, stick that knife in a little deeper. Bella thought whilst resisting the urge to smugly grin the doc’s direction.

Tara looked to Bella.

“Thank you. You haven’t a clue what Abel means to him.”

I believe you have that backwards… Bella bitterly thought.

“Don’t worry the three of us are good. You should get back to David.” Jax made clear.

Bella bit down on that bottom lip of hers. The look on Tara’s face was priceless. Tara nodded gathering the hint and was quick to walk away.

“Damn Jackson… You really know how to burn a woman.”

“Only the ones that have it comin’, darlin’.”

“And I want to remove Tara Knowles from the list and add Bella Swan as one of the emergency contacts and pickup.” Jax made clear as he was talking to one of the caretakers.

“Do we have a valid ID?”

Jax looked over as Bella was holding Abel and playing with one of the other kids.

“I’ll check.”

The caretaker nodded as Jax made his way over to Bella.

“Hey… You got your driver’s license on you?”

“Um yeah…”

“Can I see it?”

“Um sure…” Bella said looking somewhat confused.

Bella dug into her purse and handed it over.

“Thanks darlin’.”

She nodded but observed as he headed on back. Bella reared back once she caught wind of him handing her ID over. The little boy she was talking to however took her by the hand.

“I want to show you something!”


The little boy nodded as he went on to show Bella his artwork from this morning.

“See?! That’s my mommy, daddy, and my sister!” He pointed to one of the younger girls then back to the picture.

“And you know that is?” He pointed to the stick figure that was his mother.

She had a big round tummy.


“Another baby sister! I said I wanted a brother and you know what they give me?! Another girl!”

Jax overheard this and laughed as the little boy threw his hands in the air exaggeratingly.

“Well little sisters aren’t so bad.”

“Do you have one?”

“No. But I always wanted one.”

“Yeah but one, right?”

Bella laughed and hunkered down to the boy’s level.

“You know the cool thing about being the big brother of two little sisters?”


“You get to be the hero in their eyes. Because you won’t let anything happen to them and they will love you forever.”

The boy looked to his sister in thought.

“Yeah I can be like that.”

“Right on.” Bella said and gave the boy a fist bump.

“Do you have any brothers?”

“No. I’m an only child.”

“Well that’s no fun.”


Jax laughed once again.

“You should tell your parents to give you a brother or sister.”

Jax rather grimaced on this.

“I should! Shouldn’t I?! I’ll get right to that!”

The boy giggled and Bella rose.

“It was nice meeting you Isaac.”

“Yeah I know. Are you taking your baby home now?”

Jax raised his brows and merely observed. Bella looked to Abel then back to the boy.

“Yes. We’re taking him home.”

“I bet you’re a nice mommy like mine! Some babies don’t have very nice mommies.”

Bella smiled and waved the little boy off.

“Bye! I will color you a picture for next time!” He called as they headed out the door.

“So you want to tell me what that was about?”

Jax shifted gears and looked over.


“Handing my license over like that?”

“Protocol…” Jax murmured with a shrug.


“Yeah… you know for emergencies or pickup.”

“Wait… What?”

Jax drew back a breath on this.

“My mother’s in jail and there’s a very good chance she could wind up in prison. I need someone I can count on, in case I can’t pick Abel up for whatever reason.”

“So you picked me?”

“Well you are my old lady, right?”

“Well yeah but…”

“Bella, you’re thinking too much on this.”

“Am I?”

“Okay…” Jax pulled over and looked her in the eyes.

“So the problem?”

Bella looked into the back where Abel was and sighed.

“Dammit Bella, what does it take? I’m not that same man anymore. I’m not fucking this up! I wouldn’t push you to be in his life if that were the case.”

“You did it with Tara…” She cruelly put but flinched on her own words.

Jax gritted his teeth and slapped his hands against the steering wheel.

“I didn’t push Tara to do SHIT! She’s the one that welcomed herself into OUR lives! When shit hit the fan I did whatever I could to give her that out, BEFORE Abel got too attached. You don’t get it. Tara isn’t like you are with him. She never was! You’ve known Abel for such a short time and I can already see the connection; something Tara and Abel NEVER had! So please… I really need you to understand that!”

Bella turned back around and lowered her head. Jax pinched the bridge of his nose as Opie’s words came to mind, yet again.

“You’re right… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’ll take you off the list tomorrow.”


“Bella, it’s okay. I should’ve asked first and I know that. I’m sorry.”

“No. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have thrown Tara in your face like that.”

“Yeah well… I get why you did it. I know this isn’t going to be easy. I’m willing to fight for this, baby. But need you to be just as willing. We won’t get anywhere if you keep fighting me every step of the way.”

“I can help you with Abel, Jackson. I don’t have a problem with that. Just don’t go painting me as this mother figure, because I suck at it.”

“Bella, what you’ve done in a short time has proved that you are by far more maternal than most mothers out there. It isn’t just about how you take care of him. It’s about what you’re willing to do for him. Can’t you see that?”

“Hey baby…” Gemma greeted as she picked up the phone.

“Hey…” Jax replied and Gemma placed a hand along the glass separating them.

“You know orange isn’t really your color…” Jax teased and his mother half laughed.

“I tried to tell them that.”

“I’m sorry, mom. We’ll get you out of here. I promise. When’s the next trial?”


“Alright. I’ll be there.”

“You just worry about my grandbaby. I’ll be fine.” As she said this she looked towards Bella and Abel who were sitting on a bench behind Jax.

“How’s that going?”

“Good actually. It’ll take us sometime to rebuild but we’re getting there.”

“That’s good baby.”

“Yeah well… it would help if my mother was a little more supportive…”

“I’m plenty supportive.”

“Come on, mom. Don’t give me that shit. You know damn well what I’m talking about. Cut her some slack. If you knew half of what she’s been through already you wouldn’t be pulling that shit. You invited her over as a thank you for saving my son. Then you do one-eighty and fucking attack her. Why?!”

Gemma sighed.

“I just want to make certain my babies are in good hands. That’s all.”

“You could’ve gone about that a little differently. Abel and I are fine. Bella… Mom if it hadn’t been for her, Abel would’ve ended up in Ireland somewhere. And God knows what would’ve become of him then. She saved my son. So please take that into consideration when dealing with her.”

“You’re right. I’ll do that.”

“How ‘bout now? Talk to her. Tell her you’re sorry and actually mean it. She means something to me and I won’t have you running her off.”

Gemma pulled a face on this and Jax let out a miserable laugh. He shook his head.

“Nevermind…” He bitterly scoffed and went to hang up the phone.


Jax lifted his eyes and Gemma nodded towards Bella.

“Put her on…”

“Are you sure?”


“Play nice…” He warned and Gemma sighed.

“I’ll play nice…” She mocked.

“And that’s another thing… I don’t want Tara dealing with Abel anymore. She’s not my old lady. I can’t believe you had her pick him up knowing where we stood now.”

“I had my reasons.”

“Next time you call me and see what I have to say first.”

Jax came to his feet and headed over to where Bella and Abel were. He took Abel into his arms and signaled for Bella to head on over. Bella had this puzzled look about her but sit down and put the phone to her ear.

“Hey sweetheart.”

“Whiplash again? Do you take pills for that shit?” Bella witted with a frown and Gemma smiled.

“They don’t make pills for what I got.”


“Look, I owe you another apology of sorts.”

“Save it. Don’t want it. This makes what… your third, maybe fourth, since we’ve met? I’m good.”

“Just hold up, will you?”


“Because this is what Jax wants…”

“And you suddenly care about what he wants?”

“I’ve always cared.”

“Funny. You sure as hell don’t show it.”

“Damn… He’s right. You are different. Got your head held high, ready to bark whenever needed… Is there some bite to go with that?”

“You want to find out?”

Gemma smiled and leaned back in her chair.

“So when’s the wedding?”


“Oh, it’s going to happen and soon. I might as well start referring to you as my daughter.”

“I don’t want to be your daughter.”

“Well tough.”

Bella peered back looking to Jax and shook her head.

“It’s a good thing you’re hot!” Jax reared back on this and Gemma raised her brows.

Bella looked back over to Gemma.

“Something tells me we’re not about to bake cookies and crotchet together.”

“I don’t crotchet.”

“Good. You’d probably used the sticks to stab someone’s heart out.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere. Perhaps there is hope for us after all.”


“Alright, my time’s almost up. Put Jax back on and tell him I want to see that grandbaby.”


“That the last one?” Jax questioned as Bella was screwing in the bolts.


“Awesome! We got that knocked out pretty fast.”


Bella smiled as Abel was in his car seat beside them and sawing logs.

“I can’t believe this is all yours…” Jax murmured as he looked around the garage.

“It isn’t really mine. It’s Han’s.” She said with a shrug and Jax recoiled.

The subject had been touched off and on but he’d forgotten to tell her what Han had said.

“Bella, I talked to Han before he left.”

Bella lifted her eyes as she put away her tools.

“You did?”

“Yeah and he made it clear that he was leaving all of this to you. Said you were the sister he always wanted but never had.”

“Han wouldn’t leave all this to me. That doesn’t make sense. Hell, he let me know he was done when it came to me.”

“He only said those things in order to keep you safe. He never wanted to kick you out. That killed him, Bella. Han thinks the world of you. He meant what he said. This is all yours.”

Bella looked around in thought.

“Jackson, that car over there is worth half a mill and this house alone is triple that. No way in HELL he’d leave all this to me. That would be insane.”

“Don’t believe me… ask Dizzy.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s more like Han was having a moment or something and spout out a bunch of shit he didn’t mean, out of guilt, and because he was leaving. Trust me; he’s going to want all this back. Besides, what use would I have? I know nothing about being a goddamn millionaire and I’m not so sure I want to. It’s a bit much if you ask me.”

Bella narrowed her eyes in thought.

“I mean could you imagine?”

“Could be nice… You wouldn’t have to struggle. Hell with that kind of money… You could kick back and do whatever you wanted.”

“But that’s not who I am.”

“So what are you going to do then?”

“Nothing. It’s not mine.”

“But if you find out otherwise?”

“Then I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. But for now… everything stays intact.”

“You ever drive that…?” Jax pointed to an orange and black Harley in the far back.

Bella narrowed her eyes and reared back in wonder.

“What the…” She murmured and headed that way.

“That wasn’t here before… How’d?!”

“You sure?”

“Um yeah… Trust me there’s never been a motorcycle here, much less a fucking Harley. You know… this is just like the one I showed you when we…” Bella trailed off once she got a better look.

Wait… This is the bike I showed you!”

Jax smiled on this.


When we were in Santa Cruz… We were heading to the boardwalk when you spotted this bike. You climbed on and made the offhanded remark about how you wish you could afford it. You asked the guy how much he wanted but he wanted too much at the time. I left him my number and asked him to call if he went down on the offer. Well… he called but it was after our break up and when you went missing. Not sure why… But I went and got that fucking bike. It stayed in my garage… until now.”

“I don’t understand. Why would you get this bike?”

“Because there was something in your eyes when you were on it; much like when you’re in that car of yours. It’s like you haven’t a care in the world and that’s what a good drive does for me. Just me and the road and at times that’s the best therapy for the shit we face day in and out. Now I want you to take it for a spin. Take your time and tell me how you feel when you get back.”

Jax tossed her the keys and Bella shook her head then tossed them back.

“I’m sorry but I can’t accept…” Jax placed a finger along her lips.

“Bella, I lied and cheated on you with Tara, even if she was my old lady at the time. To me… YOU were the old lady. You were what I wanted all along. So don’t tell me you can’t accept this, because I’m not giving you a choice. What I did… was pretty fucking shitty. I’m lucky to be given a second chance, one I don’t deserve. Besides, I missed your birthday. You were with Diablo at the time. So consider this an apology of sorts and a happy late as fuck birthday. I don’t care what you have to tell yourself, but I’m not taking no for an answer. And trust me… once you’re a good ten to fifteen miles outside of Charming, with the wind blowing through your hair, all your troubles just melt away. So go and I’ll be here when you get back.”

“Jackson…” Bella uttered in hesitation.

“Get the fuck of here!” Jax ordered as he tossed her helmet over but with a smile.

Bella stopped at the light and took a moment to get used to the bike. She hadn’t drove one in years so it was taking some time to get used to again. By the time she got the hang of it… she was already outside Charming city limits. Bella hit the gas and did just as Jax requested. And he was right… The instant that wind hit, it was just her and the road. Everything else was gone… She was alone with her thoughts and with no one to interrupt them. This had her thinking back to Santa Cruz. This was one their last times together, before the big reveal that wreaked havoc on their relationship. They were there for three nights and four days and it was one of the happiest moments of their entire relationship.

“Well what do you think?” Jax asked as he tossed the luggage onto the floor beside the bed.

“It’s perfect!” Bella said as she was looking to the view from the balcony.

                Jax smiled and strutted on over. He wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head about her shoulder.

“Thought we could hit the boardwalk tomorrow and I got us hooked up with some tickets to the whale watch for Saturday.”


“That’s right. You said you’d never seen one up close so…”

“That’s awesome! But isn’t all of this a bit…”

“Don’t. Just let me do this without questioning everything.”

                Bella let out a hesitant sigh but looked to the view once again. Jax rained kisses along her neck and shoulder.

“I figured it was a step up from the cabin.”

“But I love that cabin.”

Jax chuckled on this.

“I know you do baby. But I wanted to take you somewhere else for a change.” 

                For a change Bella thought as this memory played out. She passed a couple cars and let out a miserable laugh. Gemma was right… The signs were always there but she chose to ignore it.

“You know I don’t care as long as we’re together.”

                Jax ran his hands up along the dress she was wearing. She wore a black bikini underneath and Jax took it upon himself to untie the bottom half and let it drop to the floor. From there, he went on to lift her dress then bent her over the railing. Bella giggled as Jax freed himself and eased his way in.

“What if someone sees us?”

“Let em…” He said behind a moan and went on to thrust.

                Bella gripped that railing and her eyes rolled back as he had her entering the state of oblivion;. something that came so naturally when it came to Jackson Teller. He had a way of making her knees quiver and with this untamed and fierce possession. He had no issue in letting her know that she was his and for whatever reason, Bella ate it up and found herself caving to his every demand.  

She couldn’t explain it even then. But it was still there… that overwhelming need. She wanted to be his and his only. She hadn’t any issue dropping to her fucking knees and giving that man whatever he wanted. As long as he respected her in the end and didn’t play anymore games. The mere idea had her aching below and the ride itself wasn’t helping. The Harley was sending her vibrations and in just the right spot and thoughts of Jackson Teller wasn’t helping by any means. Bella gripped those handle bars and something happened that she doubt even Jax counted on. He sent her out to get her mind off things, not to achieve a fucking orgasm. Bella pulled into the nearest rest stop and parked the bike. She sat there and stared into space for a moment.

“What in the fuck…,” she muttered under her breath then looked to the crotch area of her jeans.

“Really, Bella? That’s what does it for you?!” She scolded herself but with a blush.


Bella shook her head and hit the road once again; only this time she headed back to Charming.

“So…?” Jax questioned after she pulled into the garage.

She climbed off the bike and tossed her helmet over.

“Had an orgasm…” She said with a shrug and headed inside.

Jax sort of laughed but narrowed his eyes.

Wait… what?!” He called and followed her inside.

“Did you say what I think you said?”

“Well… What is it you think I said, Jackson?”

“That you had an orgasm.”

“Then you’d be correct!”

“Ho-ly shit! You fucking came? From a bike ride?”

Bella nodded and Jax reared back as she headed up the stairs and hopped into the shower.

“Shit! I’ve been doing it wrong all these years!”

Bella overheard this and died of laughter.

“I can teach you if you want…” She hollered back and Jax got this massive beam about him.

“Will you?!”

“Alright. I gotta head on out. I’ll see you after the meeting…” He hinted and Bella recoiled in thought.

“Hey, everything’s going to be just fine. I promise.”

“I hope so.”

Jax got Abel situated then he pecked Bella on the cheek.

“It will. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about.”

“Everyone’s going to be just fine. Let Wraith handle things the way she does and we’ll be right there. You won’t be able to see us but we’ll be there all the same. Get in touch with your Phantoms and let them know the drill. Just remind them that whatever they do… to keep out of sight and out of mind. We can’t afford to raise any suspicions.”

“Got it.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Take care of yourself. I mean it darlin’.”


Jax gave a simple nod and headed on out.

“Come on… One more, baby! You earned it!” Dizzy hollered as she was standing on the bar of the penthouse.

Bella laughed as her Phantoms looked on.

“Alright, but last one of the night!” She said before downing the shot.

“WOOHOO!” Dizzy hollered and had herself a shot as well.

“Easy…” Bella said as she braced Dizzy against her, in order to keep her from falling.

“MY HERO!” Dizzy said and the Phantoms laughed as Bella had Dizzy in her hold.

Bella rolled her eyes then let Dizzy drop to the floor.


“We got business to discuss…” Bella reminded.

“Ohhh man, come on… Can’t it wait?!”

“Dizzy, I really need you to sober up for a good five minutes, at least.”

“Fine!” Dizzy groaned rather childlike and Derk helped Dizzy to her feet.

Bella propped herself up on the bar and whistled out, gathering everyone’s attention. She signaled for Mia to kill the music. Bella drew back a breath as she herself was somewhat tipsy. But she had to get to this, before she forgot the reason behind the gathering in the first place. The Phantoms only assumed this was a celebration in honor of saving Jackson Teller’s son. Through no fault of Bella’s. They made that assumption themselves. Bella crossed her legs once she had everyone’s attention.

“Alright. So here’s the deal…”

Bella went on to explain the situation with Mr. Putlova and how the Sons had offered their assistance in getting Wraith of this. Bella let them know where she needed them exactly and how things SHOULD play out from there. When finished… The Phantoms raised their bottles and glasses to her.

“You got it, boss!” Derk called and Bella nodded.

“Alright then. Let’s do this. Time to get out of Russian lovin’!”

“Yeah and time get yourself some All American Badboy Lovin’!” Dizzy taunted and Bella laughed.

“Got that covered already!” Bella announced and Dizzy, Mia, and Kelly hooted out and drank to that.

Bella hopped on down as the doorbell rang. She reared back however after she answered it.

“You lost?” She taunted and Tig Trager smiled.

“Not quite…” He nodded a certain way and Bella cranked her head that direction.

Derk had this struck stupid look about him and Tig sent him a wink.

He went to step inside and Bella placed a firm hand along his chest.

“Oh no you don’t… I might be Jackson’s old lady but I won’t have you boys harassing my crew.”

“Look doll, the only harassing I wanna do is of the biblical sense if you get my drift. Well if the bible wasn’t so against that.”

Bella narrowed her eyes as Tig pushed his way past. Her jaw dropped as Derk locked lips with Tig’s. It wasn’t like Tig to miss out on one of SAMCRO’s gatherings. But he had an “ache” that only Derk could appease and the biker couldn’t get the street racer out of his mind. That felt so strange to someone like Trager. He could’ve had whatever pussy he wanted back at that clubhouse. But all he could think about was Derk’s tight little ass and the way he moaned during

“What the…” Bella muttered under her breath and went to close the door only to have Half-Sack stop her.

“And you’re here because…”

Half-Sack pointed to Dizzy and Bella stepped aside. Bella sort of laughed as Dizzy led him into the garage.

“What in the flying fuck is happening to my Phantoms?! Hell… myself included.”

Bella grabbed a bottle of whiskey from Han’s bar and headed outside so she could have a few minutes to herself.

“Hey…” She called as one of her Phantoms was outside and keeping to himself.

Something she took notice of when it came to this particular one. His name was Eric. He nodded her direction and went back to scribbling in that drawing pad of his.

“Damn… that’s really good.”


“Party’s in there though.”

Eric shrugged and flipped the page in his sketchbook.

“Kelly wanted a tattoo. It’s her first so I wanted to give her a few things to choose from.”

“She doesn’t know what she wants?”

“She has an idea… So I’m going with that.”

“Um okay… So you’re a tattoo artist?”


“Huh…” Bella took a plunge off that whiskey and looked to the sky in thought.

She observed in silence as Eric went on to draw a few more ideas. By the time he finished… Bella had taken that whiskey to the label.

“Think you can fit me in after her?”

“Sure! What do you have in mind?!”

She told him and he went on to sketch out her idea.

“Damn. That’s perfect.” She uttered in awe.

“You sure?”

“Oh yeah. Let’s do it!”

“Cool. Let me show Kelly my ideas and while she’s deciding I’ll go ahead and do yours.”

“You sure?”

“Yep. Trust me it’ll take her awhile to go through this.”

“How bout that ride home…?” Ima questioned and ran a hand along Jax’s chest.

“My son’s in the truck.”

“You know that don’t bother me. I can help you with Abel.”

Jax narrowed his eyes and looked to the clubhouse where they were having one of their gatherings. There were strippers, Cara Cara girls, Crow Eaters, the works… Only Jax wasn’t in the mood and he wasn’t about to expose his son to all that. Ima went on to press herself against him and Jax clamped a hand over her mouth as she started to kiss him.

“Yeah well… It would bother me and I don’t want you touching my son.”

Ima frowned and got all pouty like.

“And that’s another thing. You best not pull that shit in front of my old lady. Got it?”

It wasn’t like Jax to be so demanding about something like that. But he knew it wouldn’t take much to send Bella over the edge and he wouldn’t put it past Ima to pull some shit like that. She tried it time and time again with Tara. Only for whatever reason… it didn’t bother him as much. The mere idea of her pulling something like that around Bella however…. Was enough to have that man seeing red. He meant it when he said he wasn’t going to fuck this up. For someone like fucking Ima, especially! She was only good one thing and one thing only. Pussy. Ima would NEVER become an old lady, no matter how much she wished it. No one took her seriously and they never would. She’d hopes of becoming Jax’s old lady and had for sometime. Jax was well aware, as to his reason for taking advantage of this a handful of times. He didn’t feel an ounce of guilt, in the sense of how Ima put herself out there. The girl hadn’t a clue and was thick as they came.

“I thought you and Tara broke up…”

“I’m not talking about Tara. You’ll find out soon enough. Just do yourself a favor and find someone else to entertain. Things are different now. I’m done.”

Jax climbed into the truck leaving a dumbstruck Ima behind.

Jax had put Abel to bed and grabbed himself a beer when Bella called. He regarded the phone in surprise as it was four in the morning.

“Bella?” He answered with concern as it wasn’t like her to EVER call this late.

“Hey…” She said sounding a bit off.

“Hey baby… You alright?”

“Yeah… I think. I might’ve done something stupid.”


“Yeah… Like I had A LOT to drink and well…”

“What is it baby?”

This had Jax on edge as he wasn’t used to this coming from her.

Did this have something to do with the Russians?! He thought in fear. How would he get there in time if that were the case?

“Don’t be mad…”

“Why would I be mad?”

“Because… I may or may not have gotten a tattoo.”

Jax let out a breath of relief.

“That’s what you’re freaking out about?!”

“It may or may not have your initials and be something SAMCRO related.”

Jax combed his fingers through his hair and leaned against the kitchen counter as he took a plunge off his beer.

“Oh…?” He questioned after.

“Yeah… I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. Whiskey… fucks with your head, you know…”

“So you think it’s a mistake?”

“Well isn’t it?”

Jax grimaced as her words were slurring together.

“Please tell me you’re at home.”

“I am.”

“Good. Just stay there and sleep it off.”

“But what about the tat?!” She said in a childlike mannerism.

“I tell you what, darlin’. You send me a picture and I’ll tell you what I think, alright?”

“Okie dokie!”

Jax covered his mouth to keep from laughing. This was such a rare side of Bella. It wasn’t like her to drunk dial him but something about it had him all warm and tingly; even more so considering she’d gotten a fucking tattoo and with his initials. Jax finished his beer as he waited for the picture. The moment it came through he placed a hand over the area of his heart.

(Thank you Sylvia for the tat idea)

“Damn…” He uttered and swallowed back rather thickly.

He’d never seen anything so incredibly sexy. The tat was on her back and just beneath her neckline. It was a crow and part of the wings scattered off into branches of a tree and she’d the initials J.T right between the wing and tail of the crow. He had planned on replying with a mere text but after seeing THAT he had to call her.

“Hey…” She answered sounding somewhat nervous.

“God damn baby. Don’t you even think about touching that. It’s perfect and I can’t wait to see it in person.”

“You sure?”

“Absolutely. Now get some sleep. You got a long day ahead of you.”



“Please don’t make me regret this…” She hinted and sounded to be on the verge of tears.

Jax recoiled wishing he was there to ease that fear.

“I won’t. I give you my word. As for the tat… it wasn’t a mistake. It was obviously something you put a lot of thought into or you wouldn’t have done it in the first place.” Jax didn’t give her the chance to argue as he hung up.

“Hey…” Bella let out a miserable groan as she rolled over.

She used her arm to shield the sunlight from her eyes. Tig hunkered down and offered a hand.

“Got a penthouse but you choose to sleep outside?” He taunted as he helped Bella to her feet.

“Nice tat!” Tig declared as he spun her around to get a better look.

She was in a tank top and the tat was sealed off with saran wrap. Tig took it upon himself to remove the wrap.

“You might wanna get that cleaned up and add some more ointment.”

Bella nodded but stumbled about and Tig was quick to break her fall.


Tig reared back as a bottle of whiskey fell from her grasp.

“Looks like you had a fun night…”

“What time is it?” She asked as she picked up the bottle and had herself a good swig.

Tig looked to the time on his cell phone.


“Shit…” Bella groaned and started towards the house.

She stopped halfway there and upchucked.

“Damn…” Tig uttered with a curled lip.

Bella leaned against Dizzy’s car and half laughed.

“I got two hours… Two fucking hours.” She drank some more of the whiskey and Tig inched his way over.

“How ‘bout you let me have the rest of that?”

Bella was so drunk she was hiccupping. Tig pried the bottle out of her hold then he wrapped his arm around her.

“Let’s get you cleaned up and ready for business, dollface”

Derk hopped up the moment Tig entered the penthouse with Bella.

“What happened?!”  Derk questioned in alarm, as he went on to help Tig get his boss up the stairs.

“She’s wasted as fuck that’s what.”

Jesus.” Derk whispered.

“Call Jax. I’ll get her cleaned up.” Derk said and Tig nodded.

“No! Don’t even think about it! I’ll be fine. Just get me some coffee started and I’ll get my act together. Jax has more important things to worry about.”

Tig narrowed his eyes on this and Derk sighed.

“He’d want to know…”

“That his old lady got shitfaced? I highly doubt that…”

Tig shook his head rather conflicted on what to do. But that desperate look in her eyes had him deciding against calling Jax. So he helped Derk in getting her situated instead. Tig ran her a bath and Derk did his best to be respectful as he stripped her down to her underwear.

“I had a dream about this once…” Tig taunted and Bella flipped him off.

Derk scooped her up then lifted her into the tub. He went on to dunk her beneath the surface and Bella shot up with a gasp.

“That’s fucking cold!”

“Yeah but you’re awake now, aren’t ya!” Tig said with a smirk.

Derk placed everything she needed within reach and they left her to it.

“Holler if you need anything…” Derk made clear and Tig wiggled his brows.

“Like a hot ass threesome!” Tig added and Derk shot him a look.

“What? She’s hot. And you clearly agree…” Tig said as he pointed out the wood Derk had going.

“Dude…” Derk muttered looking downright mortified.

Bella pinched her eyes shut on this.

“Out. Both of you.”

“Sorry!” Derk uttered and shook his head as if to scold Tig.

He pulled the bathroom door to and they headed on down the stairs. Derk got some coffee started and Tig pressed himself against him.

“Admit it… The two of us fucking your boss would be hot.”

“Is that all you think about?” Derk whispered and Tig went on to fondle him.

Derk let out an involuntary moan and Tig chuckled.

“And your VP would end us both.”

“That he would.” He agreed and Derk handed him a cup of coffee.


“Just keep it down, will you? She’s got enough on her plate. She doesn’t need the two of us acting like some perverted assholes.”

“But we are…”

Derk looked towards the stairs as Tig sipped at his coffee.

“She’s not normally like this…”

“Not one to judge. Just let her get it out of her system. We all have our days…” Tig set his coffee down and plugged a nearby blender into the wall.

“What are you doing?” Derk asked as Tig started to blend whatever he could find.

“We want her sober, right?”

“Sober. Not violently ill!” Derk spat as Tig went on to add more shit.

So far he’d put in raw eggs, ginger ale, Tabasco sauce and a cayenne jalapeno.

“You’re going to kill my boss!”

“Nah…,” He said as he threw in some pickle juice as well.

“She’ll be right as rain in no time!” He called over the humming of the blender.

After half an hour or so, Bella made her way down. She had her Wraith attire on and her hair was still damp as she left it down. Tig poured the contents of the blender into a cup then handed it over. Bella regarded Tig and the cup in question.

“Drink up, you’ll be sober in no time!”

“Or dead…” Derk murmured as Bella went to breathe it in.

Tig was quick to place a clothespin onto her nose. He eased the cup towards her mouth then tipped it on back.

“There ya go!”

Bella’s eyes widened and she choked back the second she swallowed.


“Shhhh…” Tig hushed and went on to give her more.

Bella knocked the cup out of his hand then grabbed him by the cut.


Derk covered his mouth in laughter as Tig held up his hands.

“But it took your mind off the hangover, didn’t it?!”

“Hangover? What hangover?! She’s still drunk.” Derk uttered.

“And when have you been close to a corpse’s ass?” Tig witted but was half serious.

Bella rushed over to the sink and went on to spray her mouth down as the pepper was burning the roof of her mouth.

“Fucking asshole.”

“I think you mean your savior…” Tig corrected.

Tig’s cellphone rang and he saw it to be Clay.

“On my way.” He answered.

“You better be. Where are you anyhow?”

“Had a pit stop to make…” This had Derk’s and Bella’s attention.

Tig hung up and Derk raised his brows.

“Pit stop?!” He said looking somewhat offended.

“Come on, doll. Don’t be like that.”

Tig gave him a playful slap on the cheek. This had Bella following Tig on the way out.

“Is this one of those secret I give a fuck but don’t want anyone knowing about it fucks?” She spout out and Tig cocked a brow on this.

“Wait… We fucked?!”

“Don’t be a smartass. You know damn well what I’m referring to.”

Tig started his bike and Bella was quick to kill the engine.

“Don’t you do this. If you’re going to lead him on… Then you best come clean to that club of yours and let them know you enjoy a little dick sucking from time to time.”

“Not you too…” Tig uttered in misery.

“He deserves better.”

“We aren’t that serious, sweetheart. Just a good fuck, nothing else.”

Bella socked Tig across the face and Tig gritted his teeth, as he had to refrain from hitting her in return.

“No. You’re NOT doing this. Stay away from him!”

“And he thought you didn’t give a damn…”


Bella staggered back and she clamped a hand over her mouth as the urge to vomit hit again.

“Why don’t you let me and him worry about where we’re going with this, okay?”

The bike roared to life and Bella threw a wrench at him on the way out.

“What was that about?!”

Bella cranked her head back and Derk shook his head in disapproval.

“I could’ve handled that…”

“He’s using you. You deserve better.”

“Maybe I want to be used.”

Bella reared back and Derk sighed.

“You want to be used…?! As in it’s okay if he fucks around on you, because that’s what he’s going to do. It’s what THEY do.”

“What’s this really about ? MY relationship or YOURS?”

Bella swallowed back on this and Derk gave a simple nod.

“Let me deal with my own issues and you worry about yours.”

“Derk I…”

“I know… You were only looking out for me and I thank you for that. But I’m well aware of where I stand.”

Maybe if I stick it out long enough he’ll open his eyes.”

“And if he doesn’t?”

“I can be patient.”

“Patient enough to watch him fuck around?”

“Who says I won’t be as well?”

“Jesus. Derk, what in the fuck have you gotten yourself into?!”

Derk sort of laughed then drew back the deepest of breaths.

“He’s worth the chance. Trust me… There’s something there. I just gotta wait for him to wake up. That’s all.”

“You’re going to wind up hurt.”

“Probably. But let me worry on it, alright? You worry about this meeting and your old man. I got Tig Trager handled.”

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose.

“You’re right. I shouldn’t have butted in. I’m sorry. It’s your life. All I ask is that you be careful.”

Derk smiled and gave her hand a slight squeeze.

“I will if you will.”

“Alright. I’m gonna head on out and get everything ready. You know the drill. I think Dizzy’s passed out somewhere in there.”

“Actually she and that prospect guy headed out first thing this morning.”

“They did?”


“But her car’s still here…”

“Took one of Han’s.” Derk said with a shrug.

“That’s odd…”

“Thought so too. You go on. I’ll got everything covered here.”


“No prob!” He hollered as he headed back inside.

Bella looked to the GT-R then back to the penthouse.

“Here goes nothing…”

Bella pulled up to the meeting area and stepped on out of the car. This place was a good fifteen minutes outside of Charming and right smack in the middle of nowhere, just the way Mr. Putlova liked it. In fact, Bella hadn’t any doubt that there were a few bodies buried around here somewhere. She kept her helmet on as she took her time scoping out the area. If the Sons were here… Jax wasn’t kidding about making themselves scarce. Bella looked to the time and saw that she had a good twenty minutes before Mr. Putlova’s arrival. Then again, he was known to arrive earlier than expected, as to why she wanted to beat him to the punch for once. Her stomach was in knots as she leaned against the car and waited. Surely enough… five minutes had passed when Mr. Putlova and his men pulled into the area. Bella kept her identity hidden as his men stepped out of the vehicles. Three of them made their way over and escorted her to the black limo. One of them opened the door and gestured for her to climb on in. Once she was inside, they shut the door.

“Wraith, in the flesh!” Mr. Putlova announced and with a smile as he went on to shake her hand.

“It’s an honor!”

Wraith gave a simple nod but zeroed in on the gun he had in hand.

“You’ll have to forgive them. Like pitbulls they are…” He said as his men surrounded the limo.

So… Are we alone? Or should I expect your own group of guard dogs?”

“Do you see anyone about?”

“No. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I’ve seen how you work.”


“Hmmm… Are you wired?”

“Are you?!”

Mr. Putlova laughed but took it upon himself to check. It was during this that he ran into the bulletproof vest.

“Expecting things to get ugly are we?”

“Just a protocol, you can never be too careful.”

Mr. Putlova chuckled amongst himself as he went on to disarm her as well. By the time he finished…  Mr. Putlova had discovered two guns, three knives, and one grenade.

“Busy girl…”

“Something like that.”

“I won’t make you take the helmet off. I can respect your decision to stay disguised.”

“Thank you.”

“But of course. So… I have a proposition of sorts.”

“And that would be?”

“I need you to do a couple runs for me. It’d be just like old times only you’d be working for me, rather than that of Diablo.”

“Runs, huh?”

“Yes. I would make it worth your while.”

“With all due respect Mr. Putlova, I’ve retired from that sort of lifestyle.”



Mr. Putlova had a good laugh at this.

“But you’re still young. You’ve got plenty of years ahead of you before you worry on something like that.”

“I think you know what I mean.”

“Hmmm… I’m afraid so. If money doesn’t peek your interest… What does? I have other means of giving you whatever you wish.”

“I have everything I want but thank you. I must decline your offer and wish you the best in finding someone else.”

“Everything you want… already? At such a young age… you’ve already acquired this?”

“It would seem so.”

“And what if I were to take everything away…?”

“Is that a threat?”

“Just a question.”

“That’s no question and you know it. Threaten me all you want, but it’s not changing my mind.”

“That’s a shame. I really like you Wraith.”

Mr. Putlova got on his cellphone and ordered one of his men back over. The door opened and he gave a simple wave.

“Perhaps there is something we could do to change your mind…?”

Wraith let out a grunt as she was jerked out of the limo and sent rolling about the ground.  Mr. Putlova called out another order and one of the men yanked her up by the arm and dragged her towards one of their cars. They slammed her up against it and went on to remove her helmet. Only she wore one of the Phantom masks beneath. Just as they went to remove that as well… Mr. Putlova received a phone call, one that had him calling his men off. Wraith narrowed her eyes as they dragged her back to the limo. They opened the door and stuffed back inside. Mr. Putlova handed her things back and with a true beam about him.

“It’ll be a pleasure doing business with you…”

“Hold on. I never said…”

He handed the phone over.

“Just do whatever he says. I’ll explain later.” Clay uttered.

Mr. Putlova took the phone back and beckoned for his men to escort her back to her car. Once she was inside, Wraith just sat there and watched as the Russians headed on out. It wasn’t long before the Sons pulled up on their bikes, followed by the Phantoms who weren’t far behind.

Wraith stepped out of the car and Clay was first to make his way over.

“We need you to do these runs.”

“Excuse me?!”

“You weren’t getting out. There is no out. So I figure it best of we work for Putlova and you work for us. You won’t have to answer to him but to me. Besides, it’s time you start pulling your weight if you’re going to be an old lady.”

Wraith gritted her teeth and threw her Phantom mask off.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?!” She shouted in downright disbelief.

“I saved your ass is what I did! You won’t have to deal with the mafia anymore!”

Jax and Opie overheard this and Bella was quick to pop Clay across the face.

“I DON’T WORK FOR YOU! I DON’T WORK FOR ANYONE!” She roared and Clay picked her up by her leather jacket.


Bella flung her tiny frame his direction and managed to knock him to the ground.

“HEEEYYY!” Jax and Opie hollered as Clay rolled her over and head butted her.

Jax beat Opie to the punch and dropped down putting Clay in a choke hold. He rolled him off of Bella and Clay jabbed his elbow into his ribcage. The two ended up in a vicious brawl. Opie went to join Jax in the beat down, only to have Happy and Bobby holding him back. Chibs threw his hands in the air and let out a few Scottish profanities. He waved Tig and Juice over and had them help in breaking up the fight.

“Jaysus…” Chibs uttered once they pried Jax off of Clay.

Bella covered her mouth and nose, as they were oozing blood. Jax caught wind of this and almost broke out of their hold as he went to charge for Clay yet again.


“Then put a leash on her and show her who is boss! She’s running around town, making a name for herself. Charming belongs to SAMCRO! Not Wraith and her pathetic queer as fuck Phantoms.”

Tig reared back as Clay said this with a hinting nod Derk’s direction. Derk let out a wretched laugh but the rest of the Phantoms were staring the SAMCRO prez down, something fierce.

“Is that what this is about?! A fucking piss match?!” Jax barked and Clay shook his head.

“This is SAMCRO territory, son. And if you weren’t involved with her… We would’ve run her and her little street racer friends out of town by now!”

Oh really?” Opie piped in and Clay rolled his eyes.

“We’ll deal with this in church…” Jax avowed and went on to check on his old lady.

Dizzy held Bella’s hair back as she was cleaning up in the ladies room. Once she finished, Dizzy handed her some paper towels. Bella winced back as she patted herself down. Dizzy grimaced as Bella’s nose and lip were swollen and starting to bruise. Bella leaned against the wall and closed her eyes.

“I’m tired…”

“So fucking tired…” Bella added with a quivery lip.

Dizzy was quick to hug her. But that hold grew tighter as Bella broke down.

“What in the fuck am I supposed to do now? I just out of this and I’m right back in!”

Dizzy made the mistake of patting her on the back and Bella let out a painful grunt. This had Dizzy taking a step back. Bella took her jacket off and Dizzy looked on in surprise. Before she even had the chance to comment about the tattoo, Bella took her fists to the mirror.

“HEY!” Dizzy scolded and drew her back.

Bella let out this hysteric-like scream and pried out of Dizzy’s hold.

“BELLA!” Dizzy shouted as Bella marched out of the bathroom, gun in hand.

She went on to shoot up the Sons’ bar.

“FUCK!” Derk and Eric hollered in shock and were quick to pin her down.

The Sons ran out of the chapel, guns in hand. The Phantoms took take their leader’s side and aimed theirs at the Sons in return. Jax staggered back in disbelief. He couldn’t believe the train wreck before him. Bella had that same look…  The one she had when she found out about Tara. Only it was directed on Clay and she had her gun pointed his direction. She was uncaged and ready to blow. Opie and Piney exchanged glances on this.

“You gonna shoot me?” Clay challenged.

“I ought to. You fucked me over man… I was out and you just threw me right back in!”

Jax recoiled as Bella was shaking all over. Tears streamed down her face and it was beet red.

“I saved your sorry ass and you know it!”

“No you didn’t. You made a deal. One you couldn’t turn down and now you got what you wanted all along. Me working BENEATH you because you can’t stand the idea of another rooster in the hen house, much less when it’s a FUCKING WOMAN! Well you suck my nonexistent cock, because I won’t answer to you! I’m fucking Wraith, dipshit. It’s time you realize what that means exactly. You wanna compare balls? Is that it?! Well I got the biggest pair you’ve ever seen and I’m about to shove them right down your throat and make you swallow that shit down. You had an ally… But now you just got yourself an enemy. And trust me… I will make you live to regret it.”

Bella looked to her Phantoms.

“Go home. We’re done here.”

“Bella…?” Dizzy called with concern.

“I said we’re done. If you have no place to go the penthouse is open, to each of you. You know the rules.”

Bella started towards the door and Dizzy stopped her.

“Bella, think about this… What do you mean by done?”

Bella regarded Clay once again.

“Meaning the Phantoms will help the Sons no longer. Godspeed Mr. Morrow, you’re going to need it.”

Jax staggered back looking downright ill.

“Bell…” Opie called with that same countenance and Bella closed her eyes for a moment.

“I have no beef with you, gramps, or Jackson. But I have to follow my heart. Please understand that. I love you but I have to think about my crew, our family, and my own morals. I never wanted this. I was free. But your president chose to make me a slave.” And on this note… Bella headed on out the door.

SAMCRO Meeting: 

“Take a seat and let them deal with her little temper tantrum.” Clay spat as Jax was pacing the chapel.




“She was already involved. All I did was insure her life expectancy!”

“The hell you did. Tell me how much did he offer? HUH?! More than the Irish? Less? Tell me Clay… How much is my old lady’s head worth?!”

“Well find out soon enough…” Clay said with a cocky grin and this had Opie shooting to his feet as well.

“Let me guess you want out…  For the billionth time, right?” The president scoffed.

Piney came to his feet as well and pointed upon Clay.

“Don’t you put my son under the bus, in order to take the focus off of what you did! If anyone had pulled that with YOUR grandson or old lady, you would’ve put a bullet in their head, without hesitation.” Piney made clear.

“I tell you this much… If my granddaughter ends up dead over this deal you made. I will have a bullet with your name on it. I don’t care if everyone here guns me down after.”

“I’ll be right there… backing you up!” Jax made clear and Clay regarded his stepson in a sardonic matter.

“Likewise.” Opie added.

Clay had a good laugh at this.

“You do realize they weren’t about to let her walk away? They were ready to do her in.”

“And if we would’ve gone with the plan… none of this would’ve happened! We had it!”

“A war… Against the Russians?! I called foul that day and I still do. That’s a death sentence for us all!”

“You’re right… THIS is much better. We’re already in bed with the Irish! So why not have a little side action going, right? And who better than the Russians?! You just double fucked us!”

Jax took his father’s manuscripts and slammed them down before Clay.

“I once told everyone here that every day was a box. That it was their choice on whether it would be a gift or a coffin. Well you just took it upon yourself to make certain it’s coffins for each and everyone of us, including that of Bella. All you can see is the dollar signs. You’re not thinking about the bigger picture. What about mom? She’s in a jail cell, waiting for us to figure something out. And your grandson? I just got him back and you know we’ll be hearing from IRA soon enough on that whole situation. A situation I was about to call forth a vote on. I wanted OUT of guns! I want out of this LIVING HELL! And you just went and doubled the fucking stakes!”

Jax shook his head and did something he never wanted to do, but knew he hadn’t a choice. The club, his son, and his old lady depended on it.

“I challenge you…”

The room grew quiet and Clay tilted his head in wonder.

“For the gavel.”

Everyone, aside from Clay regarded Jax in utmost surprise. It was a known fact that he never wanted that position. Yet here was challenging his stepfather and with that fierce determination in his eyes.

“I’ll leave the room and you call forth a vote.”

Jax exited the room and the Sons looked to one another. Clay let out a chuckle of mere amusement and leaned back in his seat. He folded his arms about his chest.

“Alright. A vote it is!” He declared as he slammed the gavel down.

Jax waited outside the clubhouse and popped a cigarette into his mouth. He never dreamed that Clay would take things this far. After everything Bella had done for this club… That was the thanks she received?! And how did Clay manage to get ahold of Mr. Putlova? The number was always blocked on Bella’s end. Had he been planning this all along? Even as Jax waited for the outcome of the vote, he knew he wouldn’t get the majority like he needed. But it was time for a rude awakening. It won’t be today… But Jax would find a way to that gavel. He hadn’t a choice now. He’d be damned if Clay let the club sink that low and even more damned if he allowed Clay to push his old lady around.  Jackson Teller was done.

“Aye.” Chibs said with an assured nod.

“Nay…” Juice uttered behind a reluctant sigh.

“Yay.” Opie made clear.

“Second that yay!” Piney threw out.

“Nay.” Bobby said whilst shaking his head.

“Yay.” Happy murmured and Clay looked somewhat baffled by this but didn’t comment.

“Nay.” Kozik affirmed.

Everyone looked to Tig as he was pretty much the deciding factor. Tig for the first time ever looked conflicted. Clay reared back on this and Tig pinched his eyes shut.

“Nay…” he practically whispered and Opie banged his hand down on the table.


Clay shrugged on this and slammed the gavel down as he went against favor of Jax as well. Clay had Tig gather Jax and let him know that it was a no go. Jax nodded knowing that would be the outcome. But he wasn’t giving up, not by a long shot. Clay went on to dismiss, as he had to head on over to the jail for visitation with Gemma. He had Tig follow him out however. Just as he got on his bike… he turned to Tig.

“You wanna tell me what that was about?”


“You hesitated…”

Tig drew back a breath and lit up a smoke.

“Well…” Clay further prompted as he placed his helmet on.

“What can I say…? I got a lot on my mind.” Tig said in such a way, one that had Clay raising his brows in question.

Such as…?”

“You’re late for your visit…” Tig murmured and went to walk away; only to have Clay reach out and stop him.

Tig cocked a brow as Clay had a firm grasp around his arm.

“I had my reasons…” Clay said and looked around the area.

“I talked to the doc the other day…”

“Tara?!” Tig questioned in surprise.

Clay nodded.

“Remember how Stahl came up with that search warrant for the script?”


“Tara let me know that was Bella’s doing. Stahl offered her some sort of deal. Apparently Stahl’s been on more than one ass and Bella made certain hers was covered.”

“Are you saying she ratted?!”

“That’s what it sounds like.”

Nah… I don’t buy it. And if that’s the case… Why haven’t you brought this up to the others?”

“You think the Winstons and Jax are going to believe that? They’ll defend the little cunt, no matter what she says or does. Hell, she killed one of her own crew on OUR territory. We gotta keep an eye on her. First sign of anything suspicious…” Clay made the cut throat gesture and Tig grimaced.

“It’s how it’s gotta be. The club comes first.”

Clay headed on out. Tig just stood there in a daze.

“She here?”

Derk nodded and stepped aside. Dizzy pointed towards the bedroom and Jax gave a simple nod as he headed on up the stairs. He opened the door and damn near staggered back at the sight before him. Bella was in a tank top and panties. Her hair was a mess, she’d gone through half a pack of cigarettes, and she was drinking, yet again.

“Have you even slept?!”

Bella lifted her eyes on this and flicked the ashes off her cigarette into a nearby ashtray. Bella wasn’t really a smoker. She was one of the rare people that smoked on occasion. So seeing her like this…  had the VP wanting to rip his president a new one. This actually reminded Jax of himself, when Abel was kidnapped.  He was a mess and a complete pain in the ass to deal with. Yet she stuck by his side and dealt with his drunkenness and wild as fuck mood swings. She didn’t judge him, not even once. Jax swallowed back in thought.

“Come on, baby. Let’s get you a bath started.”

“I don’t want a bath…” She muttered.

“Then no bath. But you can’t sit there and drink yourself to death.”

“Better way to go then what your president has set up for me… You should go home. Be with your son.”

“Abel’s fine. He’s in daycare.”

“I want you to go.”



“I’m not going anywhere.”

Bella gritted her teeth and grabbed a figurine off the nightstand and threw it at the wall beside him.


Jax shook his head as he could see the lie written all over her face. He shut the door behind him and took off his cut. He tossed it onto a nearby chair and inched his way over.

“I can’t apologize enough for what Clay did. He had no right.”

“I put my trust in him and your club…” She cried.

“I know. I know you did…” Jax sat beside her and went to caress her cheek.

Bella recoiled from his touch and Jax sighed.

“Please look at me…”

When she wouldn’t he cupped her chin and turned her head his direction.

“Clay won’t get away with this. You hear me. I’m going to make this right.”

“How? I’m in, Jackson. There is no pulling out now. If I do… It won’t be me they come after. It’ll be my family then you and Abel… Everyone I care about. Mr. Putlova will let me live just to watch me suffer.”

“I won’t let that happen. I will keep your family safe. As for Abel and I…  We’ll be fine.”

Jax went on to rid of the alcohol then he put the cigarettes up in the nightstand. He pulled the covers back and climbed on in.

“Sleep.” He ordered as he pulled her into his chest.

Bella went to argue this but the moment she felt the warmth of his body, she was out. Jax drew back an uneasy breath and kissed the top of her head. He never imagined that Clay would put them in this situation.

Jax nodded upon Dizzy as he pulled Bella’s door to.

“She’s asleep.”

“About time…” Dizzy whispered and Jax nodded in response.

“I gotta pick up my son. Keep an eye on her, will ya?”

“You got it.”

“Thanks, darlin’.” He said and pecked her on the cheek.

“Jax…” Dizzy called as he was headed down the stairs.

“You do realize that Wraith will kill your president if she doesn’t find a way out this.”

Jax drew back a breath on this but nodded.

“Then your boys will come after her… And that’s when us Phantoms get involved. It doesn’t matter what she says at that point. SAMCRO might be your family. But the Phantoms are Wraith’s and we’ll die for her, each and everyone of us.”

“Dizzy, I’d die a million deaths, in a million different ways, before I let her die.”

“Then we’re on the same page.”

“That we are.”

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 13 The Light”

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    She always claimed to love all her “boys,” but she hurt them the worst. Playing her games to keep her imagined power. Even if Jax has a girlfriend or wife, Gemma would still be “queen mother” and still get whatever respect she has now. Too short sighted to see it.

    I guess she did love her son and Abel, but it was a little twisted. They were a means to an end. She just wants to be queen. Of course, she lost a son, and I don’t know how that feels, but it messed her up.

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