Chapter 14 Killing The Fly

Chapter 14 – Killing The Fly

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“Well hello, crypt keeper…” Bella lifted her head as she was at the fridge, drinking orange juice, from the container.

She used her hip to shut the refrigerator door and Dizzy wrinkled her nose.

“Have you even showered?!”

Bella rolled her eyes and finished off the orange juice.

“What if a certain blue-eyed biker shows up?” Dizzy asked as Bella tossed the empty carton into the trashcan.

This had Bella looking to the time.

“At two in the morning…?”

“You never know…”

Bella’s stomach growled and Dizzy nodded in observation.

“I bet you’re starving. You’ve been out for a couple days, at least.”

“Wait… What?!”

“That’s right… Nothing was waking you. Had one hell of a storm last night and you slept right through it. And I thought you were a light sleeper.”

“I am…”

“Well not for the past thirty to forty hours…”

“Please tell me you’re ready for the race tonight.”

“I’ll be ready.”

“I hope so. Lot of money going into this one…”


“Yep. Word of Wraith entering the races has spread. It’s going to be one hell of a gathering.”

“And Speedster…?”

“No one knows of her whereabouts… Well almost no one.” Dizzy said with a smirk.

“Good. That’s how it stays.”

“You got it, boss!”

“Alright. I’m gonna shower and head out for a bit.”

“At two in the morning?!” Dizzy mocked in terror.

Bella shook her head and headed on up the stairs.

“Make sure you shave your legs and your pits!!!”

“Jackson prefers me all nat-ur-al…” Bella taunted in return.

“Oh so European?!”

“You know it!”

“Damn… You’re so lucky!” Dizzy teased and Bella laughed.


“…fuck…” Bella groaned as the hot water hit against her tattoo.

She’d forgotten all about it and was quick to change the temp. She let out a breath of relief once the cold water hit. But as she stood there recent events came to play. The young woman let out a miserable laugh as she went on to scrub herself down. Clay’s words repeated in that head of hers, along with that smug holier than thou look of his. She wanted nothing more than to wipe that smile off his fucking face. After shampooing and much needed ‘girlie’ maintenance, Bella stepped on out of the shower. She wiped the steam off the mirror and nodded amongst herself. Tonight would be Wraith’s big night. Only she wasn’t looking as forward to it. She had hopes of cleaning this shit up. Only now… she hadn’t a clue on how to go about that. The Russians were sure to keep tabs on not only Wraith, but her crew and surrounding racers. That wasn’t the vision she wanted when it came to Wraith. She wanted Wraith to be given a second chance; to be reborn – as to her wiping the slate clean comment. She couldn’t do that with Mr. Putlova breathing down her neck, much less Clay Morrow.

“Preparing for war already?” Dizzy asked as Bella placed those holsters on and was loading herself up.

“We all should…” Bella uttered and tossed one of her handhelds over.

“I have a gun.” Dizzy said as she looked the one Bella had tossed her.

“I know but it sucks. I need to know that you’re in good hands and you’re not with that piece of shit.”

Wait isn’t this…”

Bella nodded and went to put her boots on.

“Bella… He gave this to YOU.”

“And he’d want you to have it…”

“I can’t…” Dizzy went to hand the gun back and Bella pushed it away.

“It’s yours, Dizzy.” Bella kissed her forehead and started to walk away.

“I slept with Kip.”


Dizzy closed her eyes and let out this guilt-ridden sigh. Bella tilted her head as Dizzy ran her fingers along the necklace around her neck.

“It wasn’t something I planned. But… it happened.”


“Yeah you know… The SAMCRO prospect.”

“You mean Half-Sack?!”

“Yeah… him. It started off innocent. He came to me and wanted to know if I’d train him. Told me he was done with SAMCRO and had turned in his prospect cut. Well, while you were in your little coma… He came by. We did some work on the GT-R and next thing you know… We’re sitting at the bar, having a few drinks, talking, and… well…”

Bella swallowed back as Dizzy started to cry.

“I’m so sorry…” Dizzy sobbed and Bella darted on over.

Dizzy cried into her shoulder as Bella hugged her.

“Dizzy, you haven’t anything to be sorry for.”

“The hell I don’t! We had something. It didn’t last long… but it was there all the same.”

“Dizzy, I think Dom would understand. He’d want you to be happy. And it’s like you said… You two were together, for such a short time. I know it doesn’t seem right or fair even. But you’ve done nothing wrong. We’re human. This shit happens.”

Bella lowered her arms then she took a step back.

“So Kip, huh?”

Dizzy sort of smiled and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.


“I thought Half-Sack was his real name!” Bella teased and Dizzy managed to laugh.

Bella sent her a wink and hugged her once again.

“Follow your heart and you can’t go wrong. If Kip’s the one, so be it. If not… well the right one will come around, eventually. Don’t beat yourself up over this. I mean it, Dizzy. Dom would HATE that.”

Bella drew back a breath and wiped Dizzy’s tears away.

“I love you. You know that, right?! You’re more than just a friend. You’re my sister and I don’t need blood in order to tell me that.”

“I love you too.”

Bella smiled.

“He hurts you and I’ll have a new dummy for target practice.”

“I’ll let him know.”

Don’t. It’s more fun this way.” Bella taunted and Dizzy had a good laugh at this.

“That’s my girl.”

“Always. I’ll see you tonight, at the race.”

“It’s a date.”

When Bella entered the garage she looked upon the GT-R then back to the Harley. She chewed on her bottom lip in thought and headed for the Harley.

“I’ll be back for you… Promise.” She said to the GT-R on her way out.

Bella had herself a good two hour drive, before heading back to Charming city limits. Jax was right… It was just the therapy she needed. She entered Charming with a clearer head and determination. That determination however led her to the Morrow house…

Bella eyed the house as she parked the Harley. She zipped up her leather jacket and put on her leather gloves. It was still an hour until sunrise. So she looked around the area, before approaching the house. Thanks to Dominique teaching her all there was to know about breaking and entering; Bella hadn’t any trouble climbing over the fence and picking the patio door. Bella brought her gun out and cautiously made her way inside. Bella used the nightlight coming from the kitchen to make her way around. She had started towards the bedroom, when she spotted Clay in his recliner. He was sound asleep and his gun was set on the table beside him. Bella took it upon herself to pocket that gun. She sat on the couch, with her gun aimed at the president’s head and merely waited.

“Wakey wakey… eggs and bakey.” Bella uttered as Clay came to.

He jumped at the sight of her then reached for his gun.

“Sorry… Finders keepers.” Bella said while waving his gun about then pocketed it once again.

“So… I thought we could have us a little chat. One on one, without the drama of others. You see Clay… I can be reasonable. I had EVERY opportunity to put a bullet in your head, yet refrained. And believe me when I say I’m just as good as you are about covering my tracks. If it wasn’t for Abel and Jax, I would’ve killed you, without hesitation. Other than their connection… You’re just another face to me. Why lose any sleep over your departure?! I mean hell… From the sounds of things, I might be doing everyone a favor.”

“Kill me and you’ll end up dealing with Putlova on your own.”

“Is that your selling point? Because that one sucks. Try something else. I mean this is your life we’re talking about. Make me feel you Clay? Tell me why you deserve to live? What difference could YOU possibly make in this world?”

“I don’t have to answer to you.”

“Is that so?”

He nodded and lit up one of his cigars.

“But I have to answer to you, right? You know… The woman with a gun to your head.”

“You’re not going to shoot me.”

“And why is that?”

“Because you need me and know it.”

“Do I now…?! Let’s see… You die and that makes who president? And I’m certain Jackson has what it takes to get out from under the Russians and the IRA!”

“And are you willing to risk his life in order prove that? That’s a lot of pressure for one person, one as young as my stepson. Think about it… I die. Jackson becomes president. Now it’s up to him… getting out. And who becomes the FIRST target when it comes to the mafia or the IRA?!

“Don’t you try that reverse psychology bullshit on me! I know what you’re really doing! The difference? Jackson will find a way out. Whereas you?! Well you plan on getting comfy. You’re bathing in green, just the way you like it. Fuck everyone else and what they have to say about it, even that of your own family. I get it… You could give a rat’s ass what happens to me. I’m just your stepson’s old lady. But have you even considered how this could backfire on the ones you care about?! Such as the club, your wife, Jackson, and your grandson?! Or do you even fucking care?!”

“You wanna give me a lesson on life decisions? The one that’s gone out in beyond in putting herself in danger?! You’re a walking, ticking, time bomb and everyone around you is soon to go up in flames. Admit it… I did you a favor. They would’ve killed you otherwise. This buys us some more time.”

Bella had a good laugh at this.

“You want me to believe that you had MY best interest at heart?!”

“Damn straight.” He said whilst taking a drag off his cigar.

“If anything happens to you… My stepson will fall apart, all over again. We can’t have that. Jax needs to be on top of his game. I don’t have time to sit and watch as he has himself a pity party.”

“Hm. Tell me Mr. Morrow… How did you get in touch with Mr. Putlova? I never gave you that number. Hell, I never had it. So you obviously had some sort of connection with the Russians. You know, before shit went down.”

When Clay wouldn’t answer Bella gave a simple nod and fired, barely missing his heart. Clay’s eyes widened in downright shock and Bella smiled.

“You might want to apply some pressure on that. Now I can help you… IF you answer my questions and I’d do so promptly. You see… You have a good fifteen, maybe twenty minutes before you bleed to death. But I can prevent that if you do as I tell you.”


“Oh you don’t know the half of it! Should I take out a kneecap next?”

“I’ll have my boys hunt your ass down and torture you to death.”

“You mean half your boys… Whereas my ENTIRE TEAM WILL BE ON YOUR ASS, LIKE WHITE ON RICE! And I can PROMISE you that my uncle, gramps, and your wonderful VP will take MY side. So let’s try this again! SHALL WE?!”

Clay looked down in a panic and Bella gave a simple nod.

“Help me… and I’ll help you.”

“Fine!” Clay barked and Bella cocked a brow on this.

“Maybe you should try being a little nicer… your life is in my hands after all.”

Clay gritted his teeth on this and Bella smiled as she waited.

Alright… Whatever you want. Just hurry it up!” Clay murmured as he was growing weaker by the moment.

“I thought you’d see things my way…”

“Easy there, big fella…” Clay narrowed his eyes as he looked over and saw “Wraith” sitting at his bedside.

Her Phantoms were leaning against the wall behind her.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures and believe me when I say I’ve been there! Lucky for you.”

Clay let out a painful grunt as she slapped her hand against a freshly done Phantom tattoo. The tattoo was about one inch in size and it was right above the bullet wound.

“That’s gotta be sensitive.”

The president shook his head in disbelief.

“Eric did that beauty.” She pointed his direction and Eric gave a simple nod.

“Thought you could use an eye opener. After all… You went out your way to mark your territory and now… I’m marking MINE. Sucks when someone screws you over, doesn’t it?!”

Clay let out a growl on this and Wraith smiled.

“Easy now… You wouldn’t want to piss my Phantoms off, now would you?”

Clay lifted his eyes a certain direction as one of them cleared their throats. Derk sent him a flirtatious wink then blew him a kiss.

“Ohhh, I think he likes you. You might wanna check your anal cavity once we leave and make certain he didn’t mark his territory as well.”

The president reached for Wraith’s gun and she blocked the attempt. She climbed into his lap and pressed her gun into his crotch. Then she leaned into his ear.

“You like that… Hm? You like the way my gun feels against your cock? That queer enough for you?! You should feel me when I go off!”

Clay raised his hands in a truce and Bella gave his cheek a playful slap. She hopped on down then paced the area before him.

“You know Uncle Op… He sure taught me a lot growing up.”

Derk forced Clay’s head back and to Clay’s great surprise… Half-Sack stuffed some pills into his mouth and made him swallow. The old prospect sent him a rueful glare afterward and Clay closed his eyes in realization. Sack was one of them now.

“Things like how to break a fever, fight infection, and suture myself up when needed…”

Wraith let out a sigh as Dizzy placed some ointment on the area.

“Uncle Op… What can I say? He’s been there. Even when I thought I could go on no longer. He was there to show me otherwise and pushed me forward. And still… he keeps pushing me. I owe that man EVERYTHING! You see… he isn’t just my uncle. He’s the father I never had but wished for.”

An agonizing groan escaped him as she dug her gun into the freshly sewed area.

“Funny, considering how you treat him like the lowest of the totem pole. That man lives and breathes for this club; yet heaven forbid he actually put his family FIRST! You know… You could learn a thing or two from him…”

Half-Sack forced some water down his throat.

“So here’s what you’re going to do. You’re getting out from under the Russians and you’re doing this, without the help of my family and Jackson. If the others wish to be dragged down along with you… that’s not my problem. But you will NOT risk the lives of those I care about. You have a week. If you cannot achieve this, I will aim lower next time. My Phantoms will be keeping an eye and ear out. And that’s another thing… If any of them windup hurt or dead, I’ll kill you, no questions asked. As for your old prospect… He belongs to Wraith now. Therefore he is under MINE and the Phantoms protection. Ka-peesh?”

Clay nodded and Wraith nodded in response.

“Good deal. It was lovely seeing you again, Mr. Morrow. I just know we’re going to be the best of friends! Hell, you never know… We might be family one day!”

“So now what?” Dizzy questioned as Bella hopped onto the Harley.

“Breakfast!” Bella declared and the Phantoms laughed.

“But it’s almost noon…”

“Dizzy, I want breakfast. So that’s what we’re having.”

“You got it, boss!” She replied behind a giggle.

Bella gave a simple nod and the Phantoms followed her out.

“Any of you heard from Clay?” Bobby questioned and the others shook their heads no.

“Thought he’d be here by now…”

Jax shrugged on this and went back to work. He figured Clay was having himself a little tantrum, after the events from yesterday; at least half the club wanted Clay to step down.

“Alright. Crank it up!” He hollered and Opie nodded as he turned the key to the ignition.

Jax tilted his head towards the engine and listened, before giving Opie the thumbs up. Opie nodded and killed the engine.

“All set!” Jax called and wiped his hands clean.

“What’s this?” Opie questioned as Bobby handed him a sticky note.

Since Gemma was in jail Bobby had taken over the books.

“Your niece’s bill.”


This had Jax narrowing his eyes in question as well.

“Yeah… you know for shooting up our bar. That shit doesn’t come cheap, you know.”

“You want Bell to pay us ten grand?!”

“That’s being generous. Besides, she lives in a fucking penthouse. So don’t tell me she hasn’t the means.”

Opie hopped on out of the truck and slapped the sticky note onto Bobby’s cut.

“Not happening.” He made clear and Jax nodded in full agreement.

“Alright. Then your cut goes to the bar.” Bobby uttered and started on out of the garage.

“I wasn’t aware that you were in position to make that call.” Jax challenged.

This had Bobby stopping in his tracks.

“Your old lady had a goddamn meltdown and took it out on SAMCRO property. I think that’s pretty much grounds for EACH of us to have a say. If you weren’t knee deep in that pussy you’d be all for making that whinny little bitch pay!”

“HEY!” Chibs hollered as Jax sailed right for Bobby and shoved him up against the truck they were working on.

He had a firm grip on that cut of his and was eyeing him down.

“Don’t you ever say that shit again. I mean it, brother. Have some fucking respect!”

Opie looked on rather impressed by Jax’s reaction.

Why?! She doesn’t!”

“Clay just handed her off to the wolves; yet you expect her to have some fucking respect when it comes to this club?! Can you not see how jacked up that is?! We were supposed to stand up to these fuckers and get her out of that situation, safe and sound!”

“Just how delusional are ya?! Huh?! You really think that’s how things would’ve gone?!”


Bobby pulled a certain face on this and Jax reared back in acknowledgement. This had the VP curling his lip in downright repugnance.

“Jesus. Clay decided this once the meeting was over, didn’t he? That’s why he had you and Trager stay behind!” Jax spat in disbelief.

“And he managed to get Juice and Kozik on his side of things as well.” Opie declared seeing the defeated look on Bobby’s face.

“So half the club played the other half by going AGAINST what was originally decided in the meeting… UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE! What’s the point in these meetings if no one’s going to stand by them?!”

Bobby broke out of Jax’s hold and Chibs placed a steady hand along Jax’s shoulder.

“The money has to come from somewhere…” Bobby made clear.

“Then take it from my cut. I’ll take on some extra jobs…” Opie uttered and Jax shook his head in disagreement.

“Nah, you gotta a family to take care of. Take it from mine.” Jax affirmed.

“And what about Abel?!” Opie asked.

“Abel and I are fine. You got three mouths to feed. So that’s how this goes. Now I want it dropped and not a word of this gets back to Bella, I mean it.”

Chibs dropped his hold once Bobby exited the garage but he followed him into the office and shut the door behind him.

“I want ye ta take a percentage from my cut as well.”

Bobby sat at the desk and took off his reading glasses.

“Why?! Wasn’t your old lady…”

Chibs gave a simple nod and sat in the chair across from him. He lit up a smoke then took a long drag.

“Yer right… it wasn’t. But it’s my business what I do with my cut. So if I tell ye ta put it towards the bar then that’s what yer gonna do. Don’t make this personal, Bobby. I get that yer all aboot standin’ behind our prez. But there comes a time where ya gotta wake up and think about the bigger picture. Where do ye see SAMCRO if we go aboot things the way we are?”

Bobby leaned back and had a good laugh at this.

“If we go about this Teller’s way… We’ll be dead before the year’s over.”

“And if we stay in bed with the IRA and the Russians… We could end up facing life in prison and with no letters comin’ our way, because we done got everyone we ever cared aboot killed. It’ll be a lonely time for us Sons; the ones that make it anyhow.”

Chibs came to his feet and put his cigarette out on in the ashtray on the desk. He started towards the door and Bobby sighed.

This is the only way we know… This is how SAMCRO works. Take us out of the cartel and what are we then?”

“A real MC…” Chibs confirmed, before heading on out.

“Hungry?!” Derk taunted as Bella was on her fourth stack of all you can eat pancakes.

She had bacon and hash browns to go with that.

“Fucking starving…” She damn near growled and went back to stuffing her face.

“Yeah well you went how long without eating…?! Three maybe four days?” Dizzy asked and Bella shrugged.

Once she finished, she dapped her face with a napkin then she nodded Kip’s direction.

“So… You’re one of us now?”

He nodded.

“You a spy?!”

“BELLA!” Dizzy scolded then sent him an apologetic glance.

Bella held up a hand shushing Dizzy.

“Answer the question.”

“Of course not!” Half-Sack answered in disbelief.

“You better not be…” Bella uttered then leaned back as she sipped at her coffee.

This had the old prospect on edge as she herself reminded him of a mob boss.

“If you’re in… You’re in. Make me regret it and I won’t kill you. No. I’ll have you begging for mercy, but won’t get it. Do we have an understanding?”



Bella drew back the deepest of breaths then looked to her Phantoms.

“Next time you will come to me, before making a decision such as this. I do the recruiting and that’s that.”

Dizzy’s jaw dropped and Bella came to her feet. She placed her hands along the table then leaned over it.

“You’re my wingman. I’d be lost without you. But these are Wraith’s Phantoms, therefore it should be my decision in the end. Train all them all you want. But they come to me once they’re done. That’s how this works. That goes for all of you. No more of this deciding shit behind my back.” Bella looked to Kip afterward.

“No offense. But I have some anxiety issues when it comes to trust. I don’t appreciate having NO say in this. I have half the mind to send you back to SAMCRO.”

Half-Sack rather cringed on this.

“You can trust me. When it comes to SAMCRO, I’m done. I’m on YOUR side, Wraith. Let me fight for YOUR cause.”

Bella looked to be in thought on this. This had the Phantoms looking to one another. Dizzy had her arms folded about her chest and was pouting.

“Alright. Welcome to the Phantoms, Kip. Don’t let me down.”

“I won’t. I promise.”

“You’re dating one of them, you know…” Dizzy said as Bella was getting ready.

Bella lifted her head on this.

“I understand that you feel betrayed but since when do you have a problem with MY choices?!”

“Dizzy, in all fairness… Jax wasn’t trained to become one of us.”

“No. But you’ve got this whole Romeo and Juliet thing going now. How does that one play out exactly? Are you going for the same tragic ending?”

“Well, I don’t plan on killing myself, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Don’t be a smartass. You know where I’m going with this. So be straight with me!”

“Dizzy, I asked those questions because of recent events and all things considered… It really should be MY decision in the end. That’s not to say I don’t trust you. But how do you know Kip isn’t running that mouth of his and telling Clay everything we do? And… How can we be certain this isn’t some sort of con?!”

“And yet you say you trust me…” Dizzy challenged and Bella zipped up the jacket to her leather outfit.

“I do, more than you’ll never know. It’s everyone else I have an issue with.”

“What about your uncle and gramps?”

“What about them?!”

“You think I can’t see past all this?!” Dizzy questioned and Bella tilted her head on this.

“You can’t push SAMCRO out of your life!”

“You’re right. I can’t. But I can and will go out my way to protect MY crew.”

“I wouldn’t let ANYONE I was skeptical about in! But you’re right, you should have last say. And for that, I’m sorry.”

Bella pinched her eyes shut  as something came to mind.



“I’m no better that fucking president of theirs.”

This had Dizzy rearing back in wonder.

“Um say what now?!”

Should be up to meWraith should have the final say... Jesus Christ.” Bella planted her hands along the GT-R and shook her head.

“We’re a team – US as a whole. It should be OUR decision.”

“You’re right. We are team. But you are Wraith. So in a way… I suppose that makes you our president and I’m the VP!”

“Ugh. Don’t even…”

Dizzy had a good laugh at this.

“Look, just do me a favor and keep an eye on that old prospect. I find it rather convenient that he was all about SAMCRO and now he’s…” Dizzy placed a finger along Bella’s lips shushing her.

“If he betrays you or any of us… I’ll kill him myself. Bella, whether you like it or not SAMCRO is a large part of who you are.”

“I get that. But I’m not about to bow down and suck their president’s dick either.”

“Now there’s an image…” Dizzy uttered in disgust.

“Right?! It’s probably covered in warts and has a misshapen head or something.”

“That would explain why the old lady’s always in a piss poor mood.”

“You noticed that too?!”

“How can you not?! That woman is total bitch face.”

Bella looked to the time.

“I have to go.”

“The others are already there. Everything’s set up to go.”

“Thank you, Dizzy.”

“No prob! Kill em with those tail lights, boss!”

“You know it. Watch your back. That goes for all my Phantoms. Things are about to get ugly and fast. And I’m not just talking about Mr. Putlova… I talking Clay and his little minions. I started a war… But that’s the whole point. I handed Clay the shovel and left him to dig his own grave. SAMCRO is sure to sit back and watch in horror. I hate that it’s come down to this. But they need the rude awakening. Clay isn’t fit to be leader of anything. He lets those morals of his fly right on out the window, while leaving everyone else in the dirt. Well not this time…”

“I’m so hot for you right now…” Dizzy teased and Bella laughed.

“I know…” Bella taunted back.

Derk pulled into the garage with “Wraith’s” newest car. They knew she couldn’t drive the GT-R, not without giving herself away, even with the most recent paint job and license plate change.

“Whose dick did you suck in order to get that?!” Bella asked as it was a Lamborghini Aventador.

Derk raised his brows on this.


“Actually this was already set aside for you.”

Bella drew back an uneasy breath.


Derk nodded and tossed her the keys.

“Mr. Putlova?”

“Not sure actually. The talk was already in town and Cody’s old manager led me to this baby.” He said then pointed to the tail end. It had “Wraith” in gray italics.

“Dammit. This is a blood car. I guarantee it. Fucking Russians.”

“So what are we going to do…?”

Bella looked around the garage and let out a sigh of frustration.

“I have no choice, just the way he wants it. He’s going to take this as me “owing” him, so he can call forth a favor, soon.”

“Shit.” Dizzy murmured.

“Sorry.” Derk sincerely put and Bella patted him on the back.

“Not your fault.”

“Still… I should’ve known something was up.”

“Honest mistake. Either way I would’ve had no choice but to drive this car. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

Derk nodded and opened the driver’s side door for her. Bella shook her head once she climbed inside.

“This is insane. This makes the GT-R look ghetto in comparison.”

“Right?!” Dizzy murmured looking just as ill.

“This would be a dream come true, for most racers. Me… not so much. I feel nauseas.”

Derk grimaced as Bella was truly living up to her Wraith name. The young woman was pale as a ghost and appeared to be on the brink of a panic attack.

“Wraith…” Derk called with concern.

Please… watch your backs.” She said with a firm grasp around the steering wheel.

Dizzy nodded and handed her helmet over. Bella looked to it like it was a death sentence and put it on. This had her thinking back to when she was under Diablo’s control. Derk swallowed back and shut the door for her. He and Dizzy looked to one another with concern as Bella peeled on out and was headed for the race.

“You came!” Dizzy called in surprise and Jax smiled.

“Of course.”

“Awesome! You’ll know her when you see her…” She hinted and Jax nodded in response.

“So where’s the little cutie?”

“With Donna.”

“Donna… Opie’s wife, right?”

“Yeah. But I think her teenage daughter took over before I left. Ellie’s got a soft spot for Abel.”

“Awe. Well at least you know he’s in good hands.”

“True that.”

“So how’s she doing…?”

Dizzy looked around the area before answering.

“Well okay considering…”

Jax nodded in understanding. He could tell that Dizzy was afraid of saying too much in this crowd.

“And you?” Dizzy asked and Jax rather shrugged.

“Can’t really complain.”

“Can’t or won’t?”

Jax chuckled on this.

“Would you like a shirt?!” Dizzy questioned as she held up an extra Phantom shirt.

“Hell yeah I would!”

The VP couldn’t get over how many street racers were wearing these and all in support of HIS old lady. He felt a strong sense of pride and was quick to swap out shirts. There was a difference however between the actual Phantom shirts and the ones the “fans” wore. The Phantoms, (when on the job) wore a much darker shade and had the in memory of Dom date on them. They wore their Phantom ski masks as well, in order to keep their identities hidden.

“No cut today?”

“Figured it wouldn’t set right in this environment…” He hinted and Dizzy sighed.

“You’re probably right… It won’t always be like this. Wraith will find a way.”

“We BOTH will darlin’.”

Jax nodded upon Half-Sack as he was making his way over.

“Hey stranger…” He called and shook the old prospect’s hand, before bringing him in for a hug.

“Sorry things didn’t work out.” Jax sincerely put and Kip nodded.

“So no hard feelings?” Kip asked seeming to be on edge.

“Nah… Me and you are fine, brother.”

Kip let out a breath of relief then he went on to peck Dizzy on the cheek. Dizzy reached over and grabbed ahold of Jax’s arm however as something caught her eye. She turned it about then covered her mouth in laughter.”

“That is badass!”

The VP had gotten a Phantom tattoo and Bella’s initials were behind it. The Phantom skull itself was almost transparent which Dizzy found rather fitting. That, and she was glad to see that it was Bella’s name and not that of Wraith’s.

“You two are going to give me a cavity.”

“I just hope she digs it.”

“Oh she will, trust me.”

Jax nodded but looked over as the crowd was starting to go nuts. He swallowed back as the Lamborghini parked at the starting line; it was just as Dizzy said, he knew…

“New car…?” He whispered and Dizzy nodded.

“Yeah… You have you know who to thank for that.”

“Jesus.” He muttered knowing damn well what that meant.

“Should’ve seen her face…”

“Oh I can imagine. Fuck.”

“Yeah she said that too.”

They looked over as Wraith revved the engine. Jax chuckled as the crowd went ballistic and was cheering her on. Though there were a few boos here and there and lots of gossip. He drew back an uneasy breath however as she stepped out of the car. She was in full gear, still he felt as if she were a nothing more than a target. Wraith was sure to have her enemies and it wasn’t just that of the Russians. These street racers were known to take shit way too seriously. He spotted a few that were rolling their eyes and talking shit. Jax observed as Wraith met with the other racers and each of them shook hands before the race.

“You alright there?” Dizzy asked as Jax looked to be sweating bullets.

“Yeah. Just never realized how big of a deal these things were. Not so sure I dig all the attention she’s getting.”

“She’ll be fine…” Dizzy whispered in assurance and went on to reveal that she and the other Phantoms were carrying, just in case.

“Besides, these assholes are too money hungry to pull anything right now. They already placed in their bets… It’s AFTER the race we have to concern ourselves with.”

“Not helping…”

“Sorry…” Dizzy said behind a snort.

Wraith hopped into the Lamborghini, with the Speedster in thought. The Speedster would’ve been out there egging them on and waving at everyone in the crowd. But she wasn’t the Speedster anymore. She was Wraith and Wraith was here for one purpose and one only. And despite whatever plans Mr. Putlova and Mr. Morrow had for her… Wraith was her OWN person. She was ready to prove that, once and for all. Wraith was certain to piss a few people off tonight. But tonight wasn’t about the race. No. Wraith had a few tricks up her sleeves; ones that were sure to blow even that of her own crew away. She hadn’t a clue about Jax looking on as well. The gun beginning the race went off and Wraith didn’t budge…

“What is she doing?!” Dizzy hissed as the others were hauling ass and Wraith was still at the finish line revving that engine.

“God dammit! She’s throwing the fucking race.” Dizzy hissed and this had the other Phantoms looking over in shock as well.

“We’re fucking SCREWED! All that money… Gone! What is she thinking?!” Jax heard Dizzy groan as she staggered back and looked to be sick.

The one that started the race looked to the Lamborghini in confusion. Just as they were to get her attention, they were hit with a cloud of smoke from the exhaust. Everyone’s jaw dropped as that cloud of smoke turned into a deep fiery red hue. Wraith passed car after car, like it was nothing. In fact, the last couple she passed was so surprised by Wraith and her cloud of red exhaust, they veered off the road.

“Shit…” Dizzy uttered as Wraith was still a good three cars behind and the finish line was just a few feet away.

“What the…” Jax murmured as the trunk flew open and a massive fog appeared over the area.

No one could see a thing as they heard the squealing of tires. This was followed by a sudden burst of a bright flashing light. The crowd shield their eyes and everyone grew eerily quiet, as the fog died down. Everyone looked on, in downright shock as fire spread along the road itself and it spelled out Wraith’s name. Wraith herself was parked just a few feet back and stood on top of the car now. She truly looked as though a ghost as there was still a trace of fog in the air and that fire was still a-blazing. Jax tilted his head in marvel as he took notice of the cuffs around her wrists. She stepped over the fire then made her way closer to the crowd. She held her cuffed hands up then used a paperclip to free herself. She threw the cuffs into the air, brought out her hand held, and shot at the chain, breaking the cuffs in half, in midair. Jax swallowed back as fellow street racers seemed to pick up on the meaning behind that and let out a cry of victory.

Mia (in full Phantom disguise) pulled up in one of Diablo’s old cars. She tossed Wraith a bat and a bottle of lighter fluid. Wraith doused the tip of the bat then lit it. From there… She took out the windows. Once the bat was set in full blaze, she hurled it into the front window and hard enough that it landed in the front seat. Wraith bowed – reminding Jax of the day she shot him. The car itself went up in a fiery explosion. Wraith personally handed the first and second place winners their cut. The first place victor shook his head and went to hand his earnings back, only to have Wraith place it into his pocket. The man gave a simple nod then took her hand into his own and lifted it into the air. The crowd went insane and Jax looked over to see Dizzy in literal sobs. Kip had his arm wrapped around her. Wraith hopped back into the Lamborghini. Just as soon as it kicked to life, she spun it back around then hauled ass out of there.

“Now that was one hell of a message…” Jax muttered under his breath.

Wraith shifted gears and headed on out of Charming. It wasn’t long before she hit that two hundred mark. She turned on the radio and rolled the windows down. A true beam hit as she let out this victorious scream and sang along.

(Killing The Fly – Union Underground )

Wraith made certain the coast was clear, before slowing the car down. She slowed it down just enough to unfasten her seatbelt, open the door, and roll on out. The car was sent flying right over a cliff and straight into the ocean.

“Suck on that one, Mr. Putlova.” She muttered as she came to her feet.

She let out a bit of a grunt as she managed to scuff herself up pretty good. She took her helmet off then hobbled on over to the edge. She lit up a smoke and watched as the ocean swallowed the Lamborghini whole. She nodded amongst herself and sat down, with her legs dangling over the edge. Bella held the cigarette in her mouth as she took off her leather jacket. She set it aside then looked to the stars. Her phone sounded and Bella answered.


“You wanna tell me what that was?”

Bella narrowed her eyes in question then flicked her cigarette out into the ocean.

“What was what?”

“Come on, Bella baby. Enough with the games, I was there…”

Bella swallowed back on this.


“As in at the race…”

Bella pinched her eyes shut.

“I had no choice.” She uttered in misery.

“Where are you?”

Bella looked out to sea.

“Let’s see how good your memory is…” She said in a challenging manner.


“Yeah… Let’s that do that.”         

“Alright. I’ll bite.”

“There might’ve been a blanket, one big ass fucking tree, vodka was involved, and there were cliffs across the way.” And on this note she hung up the phone and merely waited.

Twenty minutes passed when she heard the rumble of a familiar bike. Bella smiled amongst herself but stayed put.

“Have we met?”

“Not sure…” She murmured.

“Hmm… Mind if I join you?!”

“Free world.” She uttered with a shrug.

“Is it?!”

“To some more than others, I suppose.” He nodded as he took a seat beside her.

Jax patted himself down as he searched for a light for his smoke. Bella reached over and lit it with her uncle’s zippo.


Bella nodded and Jax looked around the area.

“Some pretty fond memories here…”

“I thought so.”

Jax rather chuckled on this. They’d spent an entire night drinking, eating, and fucking to their heart’s content. The memory was so vivid, Jax felt a little tight below the belt.

“So where’s the car?”

She pointed out to the ocean and Jax looked on in surprise.

“Well shit. Expensive car…”

“Bought with blood money, intended for enslavement, more money, and blood. The more luxurious, the more the danger.”

Jax nodded in full understanding.

“About tonight… I get it. It’s hard not to hate. But you can’t let that define you. Bella baby, you are so much more than that.”

“Wraith’s performance hadn’t anything to do with hate, Jackson.”

“Then what was that?”

“Love. A request for freedom even…?”

Jax looked to be in thought on this.

“Love… Love can offer us freedom.” He acknowledged and Bella nodded in agreement.

“If Wraith can use love to fight her everyday battles… Why can’t Bella?”

Bella regarded Jax in wonder.

“Bella, you and Abel are the most important things to me. I love you both, so much. More than anything or anyone, I always will. Everything I do is for you and Abel. But I get the feeling that it isn’t quite the same when it comes to you or Wraith even.”

“You’re wrong.” Bella avowed.

“Tonight had everything to do with my Phantoms and my family, that includes you and Abel. I did what I did in order to get that message across. I meant it when I said I was done. I will not be a slave and I won’t have my loved ones dragged into this as well. Tonight was about Wraith making a comeback… Something I had planned on doing all along. When your president did what he did… I felt defeated and had let those plans die down. I was ready to hand myself over, just as I did with Diablo. But I thought back and remembered everything. And I found myself thinking… How can I look you or Abel in the eyes knowing what I do when you’re not around? There is a night and day difference between Bella and Wraith. And at times it scares the shit out of me because Wraith tends to bleed over more as of late. I don’t want to lose myself.” Jax took her hand into his own.

“I won’t let you.”

“It isn’t up to you or anyone else, Jackson. This is something I have to do. I have to know when to draw that line, to know when Bella and Wraith are needed. You and Abel need me, not Wraith. The Phantoms and SAMCRO need Wraith, not Bella.”

Jax nodded in full understanding. He himself had gone through that very ordeal when it came to the club and his son. Abel needed a father, not the VP of SAMCRO.

“Once again… We’re so much alike. Hell, I’m willin’ to bet we’re fucking soul mates, kindred spirits even.”

Bella sort of laughed and Jax shook his head.

“I’m serious, darlin’. I know it came about in a rather fucked manner… But I don’t regret what I did.”


“Just hear me out, before you go all medieval on me. Now, I regret not telling you the truth. But I DON’T regret having met you and how things played out from there. If anything, I should’ve ended things with Tara, after THAT first night. Even then I knew… We didn’t have sex that night, yet if I felt this connection and a strange sense of comfort. Fuck, all I did was hold you and it was like losing my virginity all over again. There was just something about that night. And the way you looked at me… with those big brown eyes. God, you were so sweet, even now it kills me. When you asked me to stay, there was just something in your voice. Something I’d been needing. And for the first time, in a long time… I felt needed. I hadn’t felt that in a long ass time. That’s when I knew I was fucked. Hell, I would’ve done whatever the fuck you wanted and NOTHING about that has changed. All you have to do is look at me that way and I’m fucking gone!”

“Anything?” Bella challenged and Jax chuckled.


“So if I told you to kill so and so…”

“Consider it done!”

Bella snorted on this.

“I would. It’s that simple. You really don’t get it… I’ve never felt this way about anyone. Sure, I killed a fed for Tara. But if she had come to me and ask me to kill him, or some random person. I would’ve asked her a million one questions, before I even agreed to such a thing. But with you… Hell, just give me a name and that’s that.”

“That’s not necessarily a good thing, Jackson.”

“You’re wrong. You see… THAT’S how much trust I have when it comes to you. I know if you were to ask me such a thing… that this person obviously has it coming. You wouldn’t come to me, unless it was a last resort. I know you darlin’ and that’s what has me sooo on edge. I WANT you to come to me. I want you to let me be the man I’m supposed to be and take care of you. Now I won’t lie… Seeing you in the front line… That’s one hell of a turn on but at the same time… It scares the LIVING SHIT out of me. I want at that front line but with you behind me. It’s my job to keep you and Abel safe, NOT the other way around.”

“We’re at that line, together, and with Abel behind US. That’s how this works. We’re a team and we have each other’s backs and do whatever it takes to keep Abel safe.”

“And you say you suck at this whole mother thing…” Jax uttered with a wide grin.

“What can I say? I’m better with a gun than at the oven.”

“So if you ever take my son to the park you’ll be the one woman hiding a gun, in a holster, somewhere up along your thigh?”

“You know it!”

“Fuck… There is something strangely arousing about that.”

“It’s funny you mentioned the park by the way…”


“I was going to see if you wouldn’t mind Abel staying with me, instead of the daycare tomorrow.”

Jax’s heart skipped a beat on this and he cranked his head her direction.


“Well yeah… If that’s okay. I don’t have any plans and I figured…”

“He’d love that!” Jax interrupted and Bella smiled.

“Only if you feel comfortable.”

“Bella, there’s no one I trust more. I know he’ll be in good hands.”


“I’ll bring him by before I head to the shop.”

“Actually he might be more comfortable at your place. The penthouse is a bit much, don’t you think?”

“Up to you… I’m fine either way.”

“Has he been swimming yet?”

“Only in a wading pool.”

Bella looked to be in thought.

“Alright. We’ll try the penthouse. If he seems uncomfortable I’ll head to your place.”

“Sounds good.”

“How’s he doing on solids?”

“Great actually! He hardly takes the bottle now and he’s sleeping much better at night.”

“That’s great, Jackson.”



“I forgot all about his appointment tomorrow.”


“Yeah. I was going to meet with his pediatrician and let her know how Abel was doing on solids. But I’ll have to reschedule because Mom has another trial around that time.”

“Well… Why don’t I take him? Just give me his insurance info and write down whatever you need the pediatrician to know.”

“Bella, I can’t put you out like that. Watching Abel is one thing. Running errands like that is another.”

“Pfft… What errand? It’s a doctor’s appointment and I’m watching him anyhow. Hell, I’ll put him in another sugar coma afterward.” She teased and Jax smiled.

The words were on the tip of his tongue and he fought them tooth and nail as Opie’s words replayed in that head of his.

“Is something wrong?”

Jax cleared his throat and looked out to sea.

“Not at all…” But as he said this Jax knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

It was time he and Opie had another ‘talk’. One he knew was sure to raise hell, but he couldn’t control the way he felt.

“How bout I offer you one of two rides…”

Bella raised her brows on this.

“Two rides?!”

“Yeah. One on my Harley and you can ride me once we get to the house…”

“Oh I can… Can I?!”

“Absolutely. All night long, darlin’.”

“I’ll have to look at my schedule and…” Jax placed a firm hand over her mouth.

“Bella baby, get on the fucking bike.”

Bella giggled as Jax scooped her up off the bike and flung her over his shoulder. He carried her into the house and headed right for the bedroom. Then he flipped on the light and tossed her onto the bed.

Jax couldn’t get out of his clothes fast enough, as he thought back to that little show she put on as Wraith. Even then he was hard as hell. He’d never seen anything like that before. Wraith was the literal definition of a fucking badass bitch. And something about the mere idea of dominating BOTH women drove Jax to the brink of madness. He closed his eyes for a moment as that wave of euphoria hit him.

“Jackson?” Bella called with concern.

He opened his eyes and strolled on over. It wasn’t until he loomed over her that he realized just how scraped up she was. He kissed the areas and each kiss was a promise, ones he intended to keep. There was no need to voice them. He said it all with his eyes and as he peeled off those tight leather pants. Jax reached over and grabbed his knife from the nightstand. He used it to cut through that little tank top of hers. He left the leather jacket on as there was something about that particular image that had him all worked up. Bella let out this coo-like moan as he licked and sucked at her nipples. Jax got a stable hold as he rolled on over and had her straddling him.

“Nice and slow, darlin’.” He uttered and showed her the pace he had in mind.

This was the way he preferred it when she was on top –  a show he never wanted to end. She was so incredibly sexy. He loved the way her body moved, the way she closed her eyes, and moaned like she was in another world. Jax took his time caressing whatever he could reach.

Bella was on the verge of cumming when she arched back. Jax got a firm hold around her waist and rocked her about him even harder. This was right where he wanted her. Once he got her going… She really got going and he couldn’t get enough. Jax let out a bit of a growl and smacked her on the rear.

“Fuckin’ ride me, Bella baby!” He ordered and he could feel her tighten as she hit another intense orgasm.

“Harder!” He hollered and spanked her once again.

Bella let out this lustful cry and Jax pulled her towards him. He greeted her with an open-mouth kiss and had a fistful of her hair in his grasp. Jax tugged at that hair and Bella rode about, in this wild and reckless mannerism. This had Jax reminiscing to their wildest nights. The sex crazed man brought her to all fours then he used the bedsheets to tie her wrists to the headboard. He went on to grab her hair, yet again, and was back to pumping. Jax’s eyes rolled into the back of his skull as he had this girl coming in waves. He was never more thankful to know that side of them still existed. His name fled from her lips and Jax let out a moan of release. Jax raised his brows as he pulled out and a massive string followed.

“…fuck…” he uttered as it dripped onto his bedsheets.

If she hadn’t been on birth control… He would’ve knocked her up with that one. The VP amusingly thought. Jax cocked a brow as he went on to play with her pussy, just long enough to watch his semen oozing out of her. Something about that was strangely erotic. For whatever reason it never occurred to him until now. All the Crow Eaters, strippers, porn stars, and other random women… He never took the time to truly appreciate the simplest things. Then again… It was fucking, nothing more. So once he got off he was basically done. Sadly, it was that way with Tara as well. Sure, he took the time to hold her and let her know what she meant to him. But he never took the time to truly admire her. With Bella, it was engrained into him. He wanted to soak her up, in every which way he could. Jax set her free then he had her lying on her back. Bella ran her fingers along his newest tattoo.

“When’d you get that?”

“Eh, a day or two ago…” He murmured with a shrug and lit up a smoke.

He handed it over then started another one. Bella propped her head up against the headboard and gawked at the tat on his arm.

“Something wrong?”

“You’re really that sure of us, aren’t you…?”


Bella sort of smiled.

“Just you wait, darlin’. Fifteen years later, we’ll still be truckin’. I just know it.”

Bella drew back an uncertain breath but nodded.

“You don’t look very happy about that.”

“That’s not it, Jackson. If it works out… I’ll be over the moon. It’s everything else…”

Jax nodded in understanding.

“We’re going to fight this, Bella baby. All the way and together. We will make that fifteen year mark.”

“I hope so. Got your name on my back and all now.”

“Right?!” Jax said with a playful wink.

“Honestly?!” He uttered after clearing his throat.

“I never thought about getting a woman’s name on me.” He admitted and Bella tilted her head on this.

“I always told myself I’d never do that. Now my son, sure. Your children – that’s forever. But relationships?! They come and go. But not us, darlin’. What we have is just as permanent as this fucking ink. If I had ANY doubt about that… I wouldn’t have had this done. And I know you feel the same… You put a lot of thought into yours. That means a lot to me.”

He placed a gentle hand along her shoulder and had her lift up off the headboard.

“God… I love that.” He said as he took her jacket off and ran his fingers along the crow.

“How did SAMCRO react to yours?”

“Happy did mine actually…”


“Yep and I don’t think anyone paid any real attention.”

“You used my initials…” She murmured in thought.

“Well yeah… Wraith leads the Phantoms.” He uttered and tapped his finger along the phantom skull.

“But YOU’RE my old lady.” Jax said while tapping his finger along the area of her heart.

Bella put her cigarette out into a nearby ashtray then curled up against him. Jax kissed the top of her head.

“Why don’t you sleep in. I’ll bring Abel by come morning. You can decide on what to do from there.”

She nodded but was out within the matter of seconds. Jax smiled and closed his eyes as he held her.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 14 Killing The Fly”

  1. one hell of a chapter to read way thrilling, cant help but think people are going to get hurt or die before the club wakes up about clay being bad for them

  2. Well talk about starting off a chapter with a bang lol not only did bella go after clay which she had every right to do. she took out that beautiful car at the same time. damn that care was wicked… as for Derk… oh my god his old man makes clay look like an angel. holy shit. and then to see that side of Tig… he just made himself a good guy in my eyes. damn. so protective of his lover. don’t blame him and damn Derks old man i hope gets what he deserves and then some. a shit storm is gonna happen when Bella finds out

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    Probably a good thing Gemma’s in jail or she would have been Hurricane Gemma trying to pull hair, punch noses, and all that other shit she does. Bella would have had to shoot her.

    I don’t care if it is a Lamborghini, Bella’s going to drive a car she hasn’t worked on herself?

    Nothing like a little suspense, eh? I guess maybe Bella worked on it a little.

    Helluva show at the race. She didn’t need to win, just make a point. Dropping the car in the ocean … let’s hope the point gets across.

    She thinks the Russians won’t be annoyed about that? Maybe she shouldn’t have Abel with her. The Ruskies are sure to show up.

  6. I was wondering when Bella would make the first move. And she did not disappoint. I bet Clay did not see that coming. lol Bella can be a bitch when she wants to. And that’s a good thing, considering all the mess she’s gotten herself into.

    That was a beautiful message that Bella passed. I just hope Bella and the Phantoms are ready to deal with the consequences of that, because I’m sure the Russians will not let it go.

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