Chapter 16 Stand By Me

Chapter 16 – Stand By Me

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Jax woke to find Bella sprawled out along his chest. He ran a soothing hand along her back and kissed along her shoulder. She let out a bit of a moan in her sleep and Jax smiled as he continued with that trail of kisses. It wasn’t long before he had her humping him. Jax licked her earlobe.

“Hmmm… How ‘bout a morning ride, darlin’?” He whispered as he pulled her panties to the side and welcomed himself on in.

“I’m really tired, Jackson.” She cruelly teased.

This had the man shaking his head as he moved her about him.

“Are you now…?”

She nodded against his chest and Jax popped her on the rear.

“I’ll do all the work.” He uttered behind gritted teeth.

She was unbelievably tight and he knew that was just another cruel tease of hers. Bella had a way of flexing those muscles below and she felt like a damn virgin whenever she did that.

“God damn baby, you’re gonna make me blow my load quick.”

Bella giggled and he smacked that ass once again.

“You like being punished, don’t you…?” He uttered seductively.

When she wouldn’t answer he rolled her over then pinned her wrists down. He kept up the pace as his eyes were on hers.

“I’m gonna pull out and shoot this load into your mouth. You’re gonna be a good girl and swallow it down, right?!”

Bella nodded as she had this had this kittenish look about her. Jax gave a few more deep thrust, before pulling out. He arched over her and gave his cock a couple strokes before cumming into her mouth. That was something he couldn’t get enough of back in the day. There was just something about seeing his cum in her mouth and having it spill out the sides. Bella did as told and swallowed it down. He observed as she went on to lick the remains off her lips.

“Fuck… I love that.” He muttered under his breath.

Jax kissed along her abdomen then worked his way up along her perky breasts and took his time worshipping them. Bella chewed on that bottom lip of hers as he had his fingers at work as well. She grabbed a fistful of his hair and arched back as she gushed all along his fingers and bed.

“One more time…” he ordered and Bella looked to him wide-eyed.

He chuckled then went back to pumping those fingers. Bella bit into his pillow and let out this orgasmic cry as she came.

“Never had a girl cum the way you do.”

It was true. He’d heard of squirters. Hell, he’d seen them on pornos and at Cara Cara plenty of times. But even with his share of porn stars, he’d never had one that came like that. His old lady could put those girls to shame. The mere idea had him hard all over again. Selfish as it was… He didn’t want anyone seeing this side of her. She was HIS and no one was touching what belonged to him. He didn’t care how barbaric that made him sound. That’s just how things were. But on that same note… he knew things would have to change. Bella wasn’t like other women and after everything he’d put her through…

Jax knew he had a long ways to go when it came to earning her trust. He might’ve put a ring on it but that didn’t mean shit. Not until he proved himself and got her down the actual aisle, even then it would be a constant battle, but a battle he was well and ready for.

“I know I’ve said it before but still it blows me away. If I had a way of hooking you up to an IV… I’d be willing to keep score of how much I can get you off.”

Bella snorted and Jax sent her a wink. They cranked their heads towards the bedroom door however as they could hear Abel crying.

“I got it. You might wanna shower. You’re a fucking mess.” He taunted as he put his boxers on.

He chuckled as Bella threw a pillow at him on the way out.

“Hey, little man.” Jax greeted and Abel smiled behind his tears.

Jax smiled in response and lifted him out of the crib.

“You ready to see Grandma?”

Abel nodded as his father placed him onto the changing table.

“I know she’s ready to see you.”

Jax undid his diaper and reared back in disgust.

“I see you ate more solids yesterday.”

Jax held his breath as he changed his son. Abel giggled at his father’s funny expressions.

“Yeah. Yeah. Laugh it up. Won’t be so funny when it’s you on the other end of the spectrum.”

“You expecting Abel to change your diapers one day?” He heard as Bella was standing at the doorway, in one of his robes.

Jax cranked his head that direction.

“Thought you were taking a shower…”

“I was going to but you’re out of hot water…”

“Oh shit. Bet the water heater’s acting up again. I’ll get it fixed. Sorry darlin’. It won’t take too long.”

“All good.”

Abel let out this happy coo then reached for Bella.

“Hey buddy.” She said and made her way over.

“Oh man what is that?” She uttered and pinched her nose shut.

“That was his diaper.”

“Jesus… What did you eat, Abel?!”

“Whatever you fed him yesterday.”

“I don’t remember feeding him raw sewage!”

Jax chuckled and placed the dirty diaper into a plastic bag.

“I’ll get this out of the house and get that heater going.”

Bella nodded and scooped Abel up. She gave him a raspberry and he broke into a fit of giggles.

“I say we try some waffles.”

“No.” Abel said but with a giggle.

“No?!” She questioned behind a gasp.

He nodded and Bella acted like she was offended.

“No waffles?!”

Abel nodded once again and Bella sighed.

“But you looove waffles.”

“No.” Abel said with a wide grin.


Bella carried him to the fridge and opened it. She grabbed an apple then handed it over.

“How about this apple?”

“No!” He said before handing it back.

“Hooow about… this!”

She handed him a pickle. He looked to it with confusion. Bella waited as Jax was making his way from the utility room. Abel placed the pickle into his mouth and wrinkled his nose. He took the pickle out of his mouth, looked to it then placed it back into his mouth. He shook his head then handed it back.

“No?” Bella questioned and Abel nodded with a bit of a shudder.


Jax reached to his gut in laughter.

“That would be his first word…”

“No this and that. Right, Abel?!”

Abel nodded as Bella placed him into his highchair.

“Coffee?” Jax offered as he was getting a pot ready.


“The usual?”

“You know it.”

Bella brought out a waffle iron out from one of the cabinets and Jax looked to it perplexed.


“I have a waffle maker?”

“Apparently so… spotted it yesterday”


He wasn’t about to bring that up but wondered if it was one from his and Wendy’s marriage. He never used that shit. So the man hadn’t a clue what all was buried within those cabinets. Leave it to Bella to organize everything and find things he hadn’t seen in years or even knew he had. Jax had never felt more at home. Just seeing that ring on his old lady’s finger and the way she interacted with his son. It didn’t matter where they were. Bella and Abel were home to him. This is what he’d been missing all along. This right here was the very reason Wendy and Tara never filled that void. No matter how hard he tried to make things work, something always seemed off.  Not this time.

“Would daddy like some waffles too?”

“You calling me daddy now?” He taunted and Bella raised her brows on this.

“Is that what you’re into?”

“Not sure.” Jax uttered with a shrug.

“Well I’m not calling you master if that’s where you’re going with this.”

Jax nodded and strutted on over.

“You may call me lord and master.” He affirmed.

“Oh may I?”

“Absolutely, and while you’re on your knees worshipping me…” He uttered with a cocky grin.

“How bout I call you Prince Charming and leave it at that.”

“All about the fairy tale, darlin’.”

“Or I could call you G-Man…”


“Nevermind… I’d hate to boost your ego more than it already is.”

Jax tilted his head on this.

“Look at you… You’re dying to know what that means aren’t you?”

“It’s because I always hit your G-spot. Isn’t it?!”

“Jackson!” Bella scolded behind a snort.

“I’m right, aren’t I?!”


“Oh come on! I totally hit it, everytime!”

“I’m not denying that. I’m only saying that’s not what it stands for.”

She looked to Abel.

“Daddy’s all brawn and no brain.”

Abel giggled and Bella mixed the batter to the waffles.

“Called me daddy again…”




“Just sayin’…”

“No da-ee!”

Bella and Jax froze on this. They looked over and Abel had this genuine beam to him.

“Did he just…” Jax uttered looking to be in shock.

Bella smiled and went on to lift Abel out of the high chair. She pointed to Jax.

“That’s right. That’s daddy.”

Jax swallowed back once he realized what she’d done. Yet again this girl blew him away and the man hadn’t any words.

“No da-ee!” Abel repeated and pointed upon his father is if to scold him.

Bella laughed and kissed Abel on the cheek.

“That’s right. Keep him in line!”

Jax hadn’t expected the knot within his throat as he looked to his son.

“Jackson?” Bella called with concern.

Jax cleared his throat then pecked them both on the forehead.

“I’m gonna check on that water now…”

Bella nodded but pondered if she’d said or done something wrong.  She placed Abel back into his highchair and went on to get his breakfast ready. Once the young woman had him settled, she checked on Jax. He was in the bathroom running her a bath.

“Water’s good now.” He said and gestured for her to climb on in.

“I’ll finish breakfast.”



“Did I say something wrong?”

“Why would you think that?”

“You just seem a little off…” “Bella baby, you never cease to amaze me.”

Bella narrowed her eyes in question.

“I can’t believe you got Abel to say that.”

Bella smiled once she realized where he was going with this.

“Thank you. That meant the world to me.”

Jax was a little choked up as he removed the robe she had on. He exited the bathroom then shut the door behind him.

“Are we here to see Derk?” Bella questioned as Jax pulled into the hospital parking lot.

“Derk?!” He questioned in incomprehension.

“I take that as a no.”

“Shit… I never told you that about my mother.”

“What about her?”

Jax went on to explain what all took place, everything from Gemma’s release, to her ending up in the hospital.


Bella knew Gemma had made it through trial and was released. But she hadn’t a clue that she was in the hospital.

“Right?! So what’s Derk doing here?”

Bella revealed the truth behind that as well and Jax recoiled.

“I hadn’t a clue. I’m sorry.”

“Guess we should’ve conversed more…”

“We had a lot going on…”

Bella drew back a breath on this. Jax hadn’t a clue when it came to Wraith and what she’d been pulling behind the scenes. There was a touch of guilt behind that but she wasn’t sure how he’d take the news. President or not…  Clay was family, family she herself tortured and shot. The thought alone gave her heart that pitfall feeling. How would he react once she came clean?! Bella knew she had to at some point. But now? Well now wasn’t the time. She had Clay right where she wanted and she couldn’t afford to get Jax involved. Besides, this was between her and Clay. This was nothing more than a territorial dispute and “Wraith” needed to prove herself.

“You alright?” Jax questioned with concern.

“Yeah… Just a lot on my mind.”

“I’m right there with you, baby. Let’s just take a deep breath and do whatever we can to get past all this.”

Bella nodded in agreement but looked to her engagement ring in thought.

“Should I pocket this for now?”

“Whattya mean?”

“Well it’s a little more than obvious… your mother hates me.”

“She doesn’t hate you. It’s like you called it that day. She’s testing you. Don’t let her. Just be yourself and you’ll see. “

Wendy and Tara… now that was a different story. Gemma hated Wendy, for obvious reasons, such as nearly getting her grandson killed. And Tara… Well it was a little deeper than that. Gemma welcomed the doc, with open arms, once she saw how head over heels her son was. But Gemma was first to see Tara for whom she really was and she pretty much called it. Everything she said Tara would do… Well Tara most certainly did.

“Jackson, your mother will never approve. I don’t think she’ll approve of any woman you’re with. She can’t help herself. She wants to…” Bella trailed off realizing she was about to say something very disrespectful and she didn’t wish to do that, for Jax’s sake.

“Wants to…?”

“Look, I’ll do my best.”

“Do your best?! Bella, there isn’t anything you need to do. This is all on her. Just give her time and she’ll come around.”

“Yeah well something tells me Clay will have a final say in what she thinks of me.”

“I’ll deal with Clay.” Jax uttered in a rather sinister way.

Jax took her hand and kissed the ring.

“You’re not taking that off. That fucker’s glued on, got it?”

Bella nodded.

“If anyone’s got a problem with that… they can deal with me.”

Gemma shot up the moment they entered the room.  Jax chuckled at his mother’s reaction. She held her hands out and motioned them over.

“Let me hold that grandbaby!”

“You got it.” Jax said before handing Abel over.

Gemma hugged her grandbaby then showered him with kisses. Abel giggled and kissed his grandmother’s cheek. Gemma nodded Bella’s direction.

“Get over here you…”

Bella had this apprehensive look about her but made her way over. To her great surprise, Gemma brought her in for a hug then kissed her cheek.

“Thank you.”


“Watching after my boys.” But as she said this she took notice of the engagement ring.

This had Gemma looking to her son in disbelief. He gave a mere nod and a hint of a smile. Gemma took Bella by the hand and got a better look.

“Now that’s different… I like it. Definitely you.

Bella however… was just waiting for Gemma to say something cringeworthily.

“Told you didn’t I…?” The older woman muttered and this had Bella and Jax tilting their heads in question.

“Your memory that poor? I told you you’d become my daughter-in-law here soon, didn’t I?”

Bella thought back on this and nodded.

“That you did.”

“I suppose congratulations are in order. We’ll have to get together and celebrate. My place, I’ll cook.”

Bella sort of laughed.

“I think we’re good.”

Jax narrowed his eyes on this.

“I’m still processing our last gathering…” Bella reminded and Gemma sighed.

“I’ll be good. I promise.”

“Yeah… Something tells me that you and “good” don’t coexist.”

Jax couldn’t help but to laugh and his mother sent him a rebuking glance.

“She has a point.” He muttered with a shrug.

“Hmm… So when’s the big day?”

“We haven’t had a chance to discuss that yet.” Jax admitted.

“I see. You pregnant?”

“MOM!” Jax scolded and Gemma sighed.

“Just a question.”

“Well it wasn’t needed. So knock it off.”

“Sorry no shotgun wedding, this time.” Bella mocked.

“Well damn. I was hoping for another grandbaby.”

“Sorry to disappointment. Think you can wait a couple years, at least? Maybe we’ll have a set of twins or triplets even. That ought to keep you busy.”

“Alright, but I want two girls and one boy. So keep that in mind.”

“You hear that Jax?! You better get those swimmers in order and show them who is boss!” Bella smarted.

“You got it! We’ll keep practicing in the meantime.” Jax muttered with a wink.

“Oh, two to three times a day, at least!” Bella said with an evil grin Gemma’s direction.

“Pffft, underachiever.” Jax mocked and Bella snorted.

“Better get some lube.”

“With the way you gush?!” Jax added.

Gemma rolled her eyes.

“Alright… got the point.” She murmured and Bella smiled.

“Hey, you should be proud. Your son is gifted!”

“She don’t call me G-Man for nothin’.”

Bella cut him a look and Jax shrugged.

“Yeah well you seem to like “daddy” better.” Bella fired back in response.

“OKAY!” Gemma declared causing Bella to break into a fit of laughter.

“Oh Gemma, paybacks a bitch. Hope you’re ready. I won’t be your typical daughter-in-law.”

“Sweetheart, I don’t care what you are, as long as you treat my son and grandson right. You could be the daughter of fucking Lucifer or Hitler himself and I wouldn’t give a damn.”

“Well Opie is my uncle… Then I got Piney for a grandfather. So… you never know.” Bella replied and Gemma smiled.

“Like I said…”

The door to the room opened and everyone looked over. Bella laughed amongst herself as it was Clay. He nodded their direction then entered the room. The president handed his wife a cup of coffee then kissed his grandson on the forehead.

“Jax and Bella are getting married!” Gemma announced and Clay had this stone faced appearance to him.

“Is that so?”

“Thought we could get together and celebrate.” Gemma replied.

“Sounds good, baby.”

“Doesn’t it?” Bella said with a rather menacing smile Clay’s direction.

Jax caught wind of this but hadn’t a clue what all that smile signified.

“Congratulations.” Clay remarked.

“Thank you!” Bella replied and Clay gave a simple nod, before taking a seat at Gemma’s bedside.

Bella pecked Jax on the lips.

“I’m gonna check on Derk.”

Truth of the matter? She had to get out of there. All she could think about was the million one ways she wanted to kill the President of SAMCRO, each of them ending on a very bloody note.

“Alright, darlin’.”

Clay observed as Bella exited the room then nodded Jax’s direction.

“You sure about this, son?”

“Never been surer about anything.” Jax made clear.

“Isn’t that a conflict of interest?”

“Conflict of interest?! How so?”

“I think you already know…”

“Well let’s pretend I don’t and you tell me anyhow.”

“She’s Wraith and Wraith has been a problem for us Sons for sometime now.”

“So we’re going to ignore everything else she’s done and just focus on the cons…”

“Those are some pretty significant cons.”

“No they’re not. It’s Bella that should be questioning herself when it comes to me and this club!”

Gemma listened in wondering what the hell happened while she was locked away.

“She can’t be trusted.”

“NEITHER CAN WE!” Jax spat and Clay rolled his eyes.

“Someone care to explain…?” Gemma uttered and Clay and Jax stared one another down.

“What’s going on between you two?”

“Nothing.” Jax stated.

“Doesn’t look like nothing.”

“Well it is.” Jax said in such a way and Clay nodded gathering the hint.

“Bella and I are getting married and that’s that. You can either support my decision or you can keep that trap of yours shut.”

Gemma regarded her son in downright shock as she wasn’t used to Jax telling Clay off like that.

“I’m still your president.”

“This isn’t a club matter. This is personal and you know it. So don’t you sit there and shove your dick and balls in my face and act as if you have say in my PRIVATE life!”

“Derk?” Bella called out in surprise as he was sitting up in the bed and awake.

Derk smiled then waved her over.

“You’re awake…”


“He was supposed to call me.”



Derk looked towards the door. Bella took the hint and propped a chair up against it. She walked on over and Derk cleared his throat.

“Jax and Clay are here…” She whispered in caution and Derk rather sighed.

“Tig’s having to keep in the down low for a bit…”

“Down low?”

“Yeah… Some shit went down between him and the president. He wouldn’t go into detail but let me know he’d come around when he could.”

“So that’s why he didn’t call…”

“I imagine so. Sorry.”

“You’ve nothing to be sorry for. Tig should’ve found a way to inform me, at least.”

“I’m alright.”

“I know you are. But I don’t like you being here all alone.”

“Tig comes by off and on; mostly at night when he knows Clay won’t be around.”

“So he’s sneaking around in order to see you?!”

“In a way… I suppose.”

“Jesus, I knew he’d pull this shit.”

“I think there’s more behind it. He seemed pretty jumpy and acted as if he were watching his back.”

“You think he was threatened?”

“Yes actually, I do.”

“Jesus… What’s with this guy?! Fucking Clay… He acts as if he owns whatever he comes into contact with!”

“My thoughts exactly. Tig was pretty shaken up by whatever took place. He went out his way to assure me that we weren’t over. But made it clear he had some shit to take care of first.”

“So does that mean you two are official?”

Derk smiled in thought.

“I hope so.”

“Official but going about it like high schoolers…”

“Hot right?!”

The way he said this had Bella laughing.

“Oh Derk, you’re hopeless. You know that?

He shrugged on this. Bella took his hand then gave it a little squeeze.

“I’m glad you’re okay. As to your father… He had no right.”

Derk nodded but grew somewhat emotional. Bella took notice and pulled up a chair.

“How’d that come about anyhow? I thought you were staying away from him.”

“I was. But I ran into him in town and he lost his shit. I wanted to avoid whatever was coming so I darted on out of the store. He followed me to the car! It escalated from there. I hadn’t a clue Tig was there.”

“Well it’s a good thing he was. He could’ve killed you, Derk.”

“Trust me I know. That’s been a fear ever since I came out; dying by the old man’s hands.”

And he meant it… Derk’s father had given him nothing but hell ever since. He hadn’t laid a hand on him. Not until that day and it only spiraled from there.

“We won’t let that happen.”

“Why?! Is Wraith going to protect me?” Derk teased and Bella gave him a nod of assurance.

“You’re goddamn right she is.”

“My hero.” He said with a painful grin.

“I thought that was Tig.”

“Don’t tell him that shit. I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“Your secret’s safe with me.”

“Whoa… Is that…” Derk grabbed her hand and looked at the ring on her finger.

“Jax proposed?!”


“That’s awesome! Badass ring!”



“Thank you.”

“You two are going to make fucking beautiful babies.”

“Slow down there…”

Derk laughed in response.

“Just sayin’. You’re both knockouts.”

Bella ran her fingers along her scars in thought.

“Don’t do that.” Derk reached out and lowered her hand.

Jax wasn’t the only one to take notice of Bella’s insecurities when it came to her scars. That was one of the first things Derk noticed when he first joined the Phantoms. He found himself wondering if she even took notice of how many times she went out her way to cover those up. He and Dizzy had this very conversation, more than a handful of times. Both hadn’t a clue how to help when it came to that. Bella just wasn’t one to listen. Yet Derk admired how she wouldn’t do anything to them. It’s like she needed the personal reminder. Close encounters with Death himself…  that does shit to you. Maybe the reminder is what she needed.

“If anything they only add to the appeal.”


“I’m serious. You got this sexy badassery vibe going. I love it!”

“You’re only saying that shit because I’m your boss.” She mocked and Derk chuckled.

He went to smart back on this but there was a knock at the door. Bella was quick to hop up and move the chair. She nodded Derk’s direction and he called for whoever it was to come in. Bella smiled as it was the rest of the Phantoms. She hugged each of them in greeting and Dizzy handed Derk some flowers and a get well balloon.

“You didn’t have to do that.” Derk uttered sounding somewhat choked up.

Dizzy kissed him on the cheek then sat at the edge of his bed.

“We’re a family. It’s what we do.” Dizzy made clear and Bella sent her a proud smile.

Dizzy nodded as if in silent conversation. But as she did this Bella took notice of Kip standing outside the room. Clay had him backed up against the wall as they were talking. Bella marched her way out of the room then tapped Clay on the shoulder.

“I believe this one belongs to me.” Jax had stepped out of his mother’s room and just in time to catch what was taking place.

“This conversation is between me and Sack. Right, Sack?!”

Bella tilted her head upon her newest Phantom. She could see it in his eyes. Clay was threatening him.

“I believe I warned you about my crew, this one in particular.”

Bella reached around, grabbed Kip by the arm then pulled him behind her, protectively.

“You got something to say? I’m right here.”

Clay pivoted around but looked to Kip.

“You need a woman to fight your battles?”

This had Bella gritting her teeth. Kip went to comment on this, only to have Bella shoot him a look. That one look said it all. Kip didn’t  dare argue and headed into Derk’s room. Once it was just the two of them (or so she thought), she backed Clay against the wall, just he had Derk. The president laughed like it was one big joke. He used his fingers to brush her hair back then leaned into her ear.

“Go ahead, sweetheart. Drop down and give my cock a thorough sucking. That’s all you and your Phantoms are good for anyhow.”

Bella’s entire face flushed over and Clay sent her a menacing wink. Her hands balled up into fists. But she knew this was what Clay was going for. He wanted Bella to take that first swing. There were cameras in this hallway and he wanted something, anything, he could pin on her.

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” She hinted and Clay wiggled his brows.

Jax couldn’t hear what was being said as they were whispering back and forth. But he picked up on Clay’s body language and knew the president of SAMCRO was sexually harassing HIS old lady.

“Talk to me like that again… see where it gets you.” She warned while slapping his hand away.

“Watch it, girlie. After what you did… You ought-a be shittin’ yourself about now. I’ll have you hogtied and fuckin’ gang raped.” The man hadn’t a clue on the irony of his threat.

“And when they’re done… I’ll brand your ass with one of our reapers.”

Now that Jax had picked up on as he snuck up on them.

“You’ll what…?” Jax questioned in downright fury.

Clay had this deer caught in headlights look.

“You wanna have my old lady raped?! Did I hear that right?!”

Gemma had heard this from her room as well. She trolled on out of the hospital bed, placed Abel into his car seat then stepped out of the room.

“ANSWER THE QUESTION! DID YOU, OR DID YOU NOT, JUST THREATEN TO HAVE MY OLD LADY GANG RAPED?!” Jax roared gathering the attention of the entire hospital floor.

To everyone’s surprise, Gemma marched right on up to her husband and socked him across the face. She grabbed ahold of Bella then handed her off to Jax. The woman eyed her husband with absolute hatred. Clay swallowed back and went to say something on this, only to be hit out of left field, as Gemma revealed the truth behind her own kidnapping and rape.

Bella clamped a hand over her mouth in shock. Jax just stood there trying to process what he was hearing. As for Clay… He hadn’t any words and had this pitiful look about him as he looked upon his wife. The president couldn’t believe the irony. He’d just threatened to have what was done to his wife to his future daughter-in-law.

“Mom…” Jax called with a trembling voice.

His mother broke into literal sobs and pointed upon her husband.

“I want you out of the house and you better be gone by the time I’m out of here!” Gemma made clear.

“Gem baby…”

“NO! GET AWAY FROM ME AND MY FAMILY!” Gemma shouted as she was on the verge of a panic attack.

The woman kept those feet firmly planted. Gemma wasn’t letting Clay anywhere near Bella or Jax. Clay curled that lip of his and looked to Bella, as if to say this isn’t over. He stormed on out of the hospital and Gemma spun about and nodded Bella’s direction.

“Are you alright?”

“ME?!” Bella questioned behind tears.

Abel started to cry and Jax headed that way. Bella looked to Gemma as if piecing a puzzle together. Bella waved her Phantoms off as they were looking on from Derk’s doorway.

“It was Polly… Wasn’t it?!” Bella hinted looking flat ill.

Gemma took Bella by the arm then pulled her into the room.

“I saw Polly talking to AJ Weston. I thought it rather odd that she would have anything to do with him. I questioned her about it and she blew it off. She had me believing that AJ was asking her out. We joked about how gross that was.” Bella staggered back and leaned against the wall.

“They raped you that day… Didn’t they?” Bella murmured in horror.

Bella lifted her head and nodded as the confirmation was in Gemma’s eyes.

“You were there to kill Polly. But I don’t understand… How did Stahl get involved in all this and how did Edmond end up caught in the crossfire?”

“Smart girl.” Gemma replied and told her side of the story.

She told the truth word for word. By the time she finished, Jax and Bella were sick to their stomachs. Gemma however… felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted off her shoulders. She’d kept this in for so long. Yet part of her that feared the outcome. The Sons were sure to seek revenge. Gemma told Bella how Polly had set her up and how she fell for it and was lead right into their little trap. Bella grew rather pale as Gemma went on about how these guys were dressed and how they took “turns”. Gemma hadn’t a clue who these men were, not until she spotted AJ in town and recognized the tattoo along his collar bone.

“You should’ve told us.” Jax declared and Gemma sighed.

“AJ has kids… Cliff and Duke. They attend that private school…” Bella muttered and trailed off as she grabbed a phone book and looked up the name of the school.

“Fairmont!” Bella announced before slamming the phonebook shut.

She looked to Abel in thought and recoiled.

“We don’t have much choice…” Jax whispered as if reading her mind.

“Jesus…” She whispered.

“Bella, just let me and the boys handle this one. Alright?”

“Jackson, they won’t let any of you anywhere near that school.”

Bella drew back a hesitant breath and Jax handed Abel over. She kissed Abel’s cheek and hugged him.

“Me however…”

“Bella…” Jax reprimanded.

“Come on, Jackson… With a blonde wig, a little makeup, some nice heels and a dress. I could pass as a sub.”

No. You’re letting me handle this one and that’s that!”

“Look, just let me do this part. The boys won’t even know they’re being kidnapped. It’ll be like a fucking field trip. If you or the boys do it… You’ll scare the living shit out of them. Just let me do this. Please. You and the boys can do the dirty work from there.”

“Don’t I have say in all this?!” Gemma questioned with apprehension.  She didn’t like the sound of this, not one bit.

“No.” Jax and Bella chorused causing Gemma to raise her brows.

Jax and Bella locked eyes on this.

“I’m doing this.” Bella confirmed.

“God dammit. If you get caught…”

“Trust me… I know. But I won’t. I promise. Set up a meeting with your boys and I’ll come up with something. We can’t do anything until Monday morning anyhow. They’re out on holiday this week.”

“Fine. But don’t do shit without telling me first. I mean it, baby. This is SAMCRO business, not Phantom’s.”

“I can respect that. Just let me help you with this one part. You and the boys can handle the rest.”

Gemma had this stunned appearance as she listened to Bella and Jax. She couldn’t believe how in tune they were. But what had her even more dumbfounded was how Bella was handling this. She was getting right to business and acted as if it were just another day.

“I need to make one thing clear…” Bella said and Jax lifted his head on this.

“I won’t take a child’s life.”

“Bella, that’s not something you have to worry about. Us Sons might be a lot of things but that’s never a concern. We’d find another way if that were the case.”

Bella nodded but looked to “Wraith’s” phone as it sounded. She hit ignore then tucked it back into her pocket.

“If I had known… I would’ve killed Polly myself. I’m sorry, Gemma. Though I’m certain that’s the last thing you want to hear. I’m just not sure what to say. I don’t think anyone is…” Bella said before exiting the room.

Jax sighed and Gemma nodded his direction.

“Is she always like this?!” “You have no idea…”

“You didn’t have that with Tara or Wendy…” Gemma hinted.

Jax looked to his mother in thought.

“I understand now.”

“Understand…?” He questioned.

“Why you acted the way you did when she came up missing. You really meant it when you said she was the one.”

Jax nodded on this.

“I thought she was just another Tara.” Gemma admitted.

“She’s the furthest thing from another Tara. Mom, I really wish you’d get to know her better. She thinks you hate her.”

“Don’t know her well enough to hate or love.”

“Mom, you’re going to love her, like a daughter of your own. I swear on JT’s grave. Just give her a chance, alright? I’m begging you.”

Gemma had never heard her son swear by his father’s grave before. She knew he meant business.

“As for what happened… that’s on us. We made a deal, one that the Aryan brotherhood had a problem with. They wanted to hurt us, by hurting you.” Jax hugged his mother close.

“They will pay, everyone of them.”


The VP cupped his mother’s chin.

“No one and I mean no one hurts my family.”

“Hey…” Dizzy called as Bella was standing outside the hospital smoking a cigarette.

Bella nodded her direction.


“Where do I start?” Bella scoffed in misery.

The cellphone rang once again and Bella hit ignore yet again.

“Is that…?”


“Shouldn’t you answer then?”

“And go against my own message?! Besides, that’s the President of Samcro’s responsibility now, remember?!”


“I know what I’m doing.”

“I hope so. And just so I know… How many of these messages do you plan on sending out? The last one cut us pretty deep, financially speaking. We were depending on that race.”

“You got your cut. Everyone did, right?”

“Well yeah but…”

“Then why does it matter how many races Wraith wins or loses? Don’t get caught up in the green, Dizzy. It’ll become your worst enemy.”

“Where you going?”

“I got something to take care of. If Jax asks… Just tell him I’ll be right back.”

Dizzy reared back as Bella crossed the street then headed into a tattoo parlor a few blocks down.

“See anything you like, sug?”

The man asked as Bella flipped through one of his portfolios.

Maybe…” She replied with a flirtatious smile.

The artist smiled in response and pulled out another portfolio of his.

“These might be more up your alley…”


The man nodded and held his hand out in greeting.

“Name’s Dean as in James Dean.”


Dean sent her a rather smug grin.

“Business is surprisingly slow today. So if you find something you want I’ll give ya a discount.”

The man tilted his head however once he took notice of her scars.

“Wicked scars, baby. How’d you get those?” He asked in admiration.

Bella ignored this and pointed to a particular tattoo. This had the man locking eyes with hers. She gave simple nod and he let out a hesitant sigh before whistling out. The tattoo was a pirate panda and it was holding an anchor. This one was used for code only. No one actually wanted this inked on them.

“Georgie, I think this one’s here for you.”

A man stepped out from of the backrooms and Bella smiled his direction.

“Hello, Georgie…”

“Oh shit!” He hollered and Bella was quick to withdraw her gun and lock the door.

Both men looked on in surprise.

“I don’t have the money! I’m sorry! I thought you were dead when you never collected!”

“This isn’t about the money.”

“Oh…?” The man uttered as he and Dean had their hands in the air.

“Don’t even think about it…” She warned as Georgie was inching his way towards the back exit.

“You remember my uncle, right?”

Dean regarded his partner in wonder and Georgie flinched in recollection.

“He’s back there?!”

“You know it.” She lied.

“Jesus. Not that crazy son of a bitch!”

“Oh yeah. So if I were you… I’d stay put. Believe me you’d rather deal with me.”

“If you’re not here about the money then what are you here for?”

“I need a couple ID’s, my height, weight, but blue eyes and blonde hair. Don’t care about the name, just keep it American. And I’m gonna need that by Sunday. Oh, and I need to be on the list as a substitute teacher that’s new to Charming.”


“Is that a problem?!”

“No, not at all.”

“Good. Get it done and get it done right. If you can do this… You’ll be free of any debt you owe me.”

“All of it?!”

“That’s right. So don’t let me down, Georgie.”

“I won’t.”

“You better not.”

Bella nodded upon the other tattoo artist.

“Not a word. I mean it. I was never here.” She made clear and Georgie looked to Dean.

“She means it, man. Just be cool.”

Bella smiled on this.

“That’s my boy, Georgie. Make sure good ole Dean stays cool.”

“He will. I give you my word.”

Bella pocketed the gun, unlocked the door then went about her way.

Georgie was someone she and Opie had dealt with together. This was when she first moved to Charming and was working out of her uncle’s garage. She needed some quick cash and Opie brought up the idea. She worked on two of Georgie’s bikes. Only instead of paying her… Georgie and his friends snuck onto Opie’s property and stole the bikes back. This was after she’d done all the hard work. She told her uncle what they pulled and he was more than willing to help with the hunt. He put the fear of God into Georgie and his friends. Bella laughed in memory then headed back to the hospital. When she got there Jax and her Phantoms were waiting for her outside.

“Where’d you go?”

“Had a couple things to take care of…”

“At a tattoo shop?”

Bella cut Dizzy a scolding glance and Dizzy shrugged.

“Jesus, Dizzy…”

“What? I didn’t realize it was a big secret.”

Jax shook his head on this.

“So I wasn’t supposed to know. Gotcha!” Jax uttered with a touch of anger.


“No. You don’t have to tell me shit. So let’s just leave it at that!”

“Someone’s in trouble…” Mia taunted and Bella cut her a ‘look’.

Mia swallowed back and hid behind Dizzy.

“We’re taking shifts until Derk’s release. I don’t care who takes tonight’s but he’s not staying here alone.”

“I can stay.” Kip offered.

“I’ll take tomorrow’s shift.” Eric added and Bella nodded.

“Thank you.”

The guys nodded and Bella sighed as Jax was getting into the truck with his son.

“Keep an eye on Mrs. Morrow too.” But as she said this Bobby and Juice were making their way over.

Bobby ignored her very presence and headed into the building. Juice however stopped and greeted Bella and the Phantoms, before heading inside.

“Jackson…” Bella called as they were headed downtown.

He stared straight ahead while shifting gears.

“Look, I get that you’re used to doing things your own way. But all these secrets… That’s what hurt us in the beginning. I know you’re not going to tell me everything. But I’d appreciate not being left in the dark so much. You put up this wall and I’m tired of climbing over it. I get that you don’t trust me. I just never realized how much, until now.”


“Hold on. I’m not finished.” Jax pulled into a parking lot then parked.

He kept his hand on the steering wheel but looked over.

“I get that I hurt you. Hell, I’m reminded of that every day. But there’s gotta be some sort of balance to all of this. If you keep hiding shit from me… How am I supposed to trust you?!”

“You didn’t just say that shit.”

“I sure did.”

Bella nodded and sort of laughed.

“I didn’t spend the first two months of our relationship LYING!”

“No, but you weren’t exactly forthcoming either. Hell, I found out my best friend was your uncle, AFTER you found out about me and Tara!”

“You really went there…” Bella drew back the deepest of breaths.

“You knew how protective I was of my family and friends. I had my reasons. So don’t give me that shit. I made that abundantly clear and you acted as if you were fine with it then. Then again, I was choking on your fucking COCK most of the time!”

Bella opened the truck door and slammed it shut on the way out. “Dammit.” Jax murmured and looked to his son apologetically before hopping out as well. “Where you going?!” Jax hollered out.

“I’ll walk!”

“The hell you will!”

Jax darted on over and pulled her towards him.

“Just get in the truck and we’ll talk this over!”

“You just compared what I did to what you did and acted as if they were the same fucking thing.  JESUS JACKSON, YOU WERE LIVING TWO DIFFERENT LIVES, WITH TWO DIFFERENT WOMEN!”

Jax closed his eyes on this and nodded.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. Just please, get in the truck.”

Bella recoiled once she realized Abel was still inside. This had her running back to the truck. She hopped into the back and checked him over.

“I’m sorry…” She whispered before getting him out of the car seat.

Jax made his way back and Bella was holding Abel, with that fearful look about her. He planted his hand along the top of the truck and leaned into the doorway.

Don’t. I know what you’re thinking and that’s not what this is. We’re gonna fight. That’s what couples do. And this won’t be the worst of our fights, I assure you.” Jax had to keep in mind their age difference and how Bella hadn’t as much experience as he had when it came to relationships. In a lot of ways, Jax had become her mentor. It was like that in their sex life as well. Jax had taught her quite a few things she hadn’t a clue about. He couldn’t explain it but he rather adored that about her. Wraith or not, Bella still had her innocent moments.

“I was going to tell you, Jackson. But you went into assumptions, before I even had a chance. I didn’t say anything because I couldn’t, not with the audience we had.”

“Audience?! You mean YOUR Phantoms…?!”

“Yes. What I was doing had to do with my plans for AJ’s boys. You made it clear this was SAMCRO business. I wanted to respect that. So I was keeping it hush-hush, until we were alone.”

“Jesus… I’m sorry, baby.”

Jax pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head.

“You’re right. I jumped to conclusions. It’s just at times if feel as if we’re miles apart. You talk about how I had this whole other life and you’re right. I did. But at times… I feel as if you do. I haven’t a clue what all Wraith is up to. Now I know you’d never do anything to hurt me or Abel. That’s not where I’m going with this. I’m worried about you, darlin’. You won’t let me in and I’m damn near busting the door down. My mother was kidnapped and raped… and I hadn’t a clue. She kept that shit to herself and all I kept thinking about… was how you’d pull something like that! You and my mother are a lot alike in that respect. You’d do ANYTHING to keep your loved ones safe, even if that means going through literal hell. I don’t want that for you. I never wanted that for my mother. I’m not Clay. You CAN trust me!”

Bella lifted her head as Jax was in literal sobs.


“They raped her…” He whispered in repulsion and staggered back.

Jax pivoted around and upchucked.

“Jackson!” Bella called with concern and hopped out with Abel in her hold.

Jax had his arms wrapped around his gut and his entire face was fire engine red. He came to his knees and pulled at his hair as everything hit him at once. Bella made her way over and brought Jax against her. He wrapped his arms around her legs and let it out. Bella flipped off any onlookers as she herself was having a good cry. She hated when he hurt like this.

“Da-ee.” Abel cried and was reaching for his father.

Jax lifted his head and cleared his throat. He came to his feet then grabbed ahold of his son. Jax hugged him close then reached over and wiped Bella’s tears with his thumb.

“Let’s get out of here.”

Bella looked to him in question.

“Let’s just get out of Charming, even if for a few hours. We should be celebrating…”

Bella forced a smile on this.

“I know the perfect place…”

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 16 Stand By Me”

  1. You have to feel for jax. Finding out your mother was raped. and then on top of that finding out who and then why she killed who she killed…. and then clay threatening bella with the same… Clay is lucky he is still breathing. for the moment. shit gonna happen bad. but i feel for Gemma. having to reveal what happened and how when clay threatened bells. and then to have the courage to kick out her own husband and then relive it while telling your own son. That is a strong woman. perfect model for Bella to take after i believe. 🙂

  2. I don’t think know I woulda had Bella or Gemma’s restraint. I think something woulda gone down lol. I loved Bella’s badassery with Georgie though. That amused me. And the fight b/t her and Jax? Yeah I wanted to smack him say LET HER EXPLAIN. Excellent job on his breakdown though. He actually held on leave anger than I expected. He’s so often ruled by his emotions. Great work 🙂

  3. Clay is getting way too big for his britches. Needs to be cut down. Je sure doesn’t seem worried enough about Bella, but Gemma just started the cutting.

    And Clay saying that shit where Jax could hear it?

    Glad Gemma told them what happened to her. Kixking Clay out is good.

    Now Bobby needs to get his head out of his ass.

    Lovers’ spats are gonna happen. Hopefully, Bella and Jax survive long enough to have more.

  4. I’m kind of laughing at the irony here… I started rereading this since you updated and somehow I didn’t catch it the first time. I have a pirate panda tattoo, just isn’t holding an anchor. Lol.

    1. LMAO what are the odds?! I was trying to think of something no one would really have, so it could pass as a secret code. I think it’s great that you have that tattoo. This totally made my day. Thank you for telling me about your ink.

  5. The chapter has already started with hot scenes! I loved!

    Abel’s first word, “no.” lol And soon after, ‘Daddy.’ So cute!

    So, G-man?

    Gemma always straight to the point. lol

    Jax and Bella leaving Gemma uncomfortable. hahahaha Well deserved!

    It is funny. Clay saying that Bella has been a problem for the Sons, when in fact he has been causing confusion since Bella came into the picture. Always arranging a reason to start something with her or with anyone related to her.

    Good thing Jax and Gemma saw Clay harassing Bella. So Jax can watch what happens and Gemma can see Clay for what he really is. I doubt she would believe it if she did not see it with her own eyes.

    I loved to see Gemma defending the family. I have to say, she was very strong, for taking the weight of what happened to her for so long. And alone, to top it all off. And see her own husband threatening to do the same for the future daughter-in-law? That sucks!

    I like to see Bella take the initiative, get into the action and get the hell out to solve the problems, instead of waiting like a damsel in distress. That’s what I like about your Bella. She enters the game, she gets on the front line! That’s inspiring! Thank you for that! 😉

    Bella should answer this phone before the Russian does anything against her.

    Poor Jackson! Find out that his mother was raped and witness his old lady being threatened to suffer the same fate … I was wondering when he would break …

    I hope they get revenge on those motherfuckers.

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