Chapter 18 – Believer

Chapter 18 – Believer

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“Not bad…” Bella murmured with a shrug as Kip hopped out of the car.

“Not bad?! He killed it!” Dizzy expressed while giving him a high five.

Bella didn’t comment as she had her arms folded about her chest and was circling the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS. She tilted her head then waved Kip over. She made a gesture towards the passenger door.

“These little scuffs and dings… Can’t have that. We’re Phantoms, for a reason. It has to be as if we were never there. Say the fuzz gets word of our involvement and they come to investigate…” Bella signaled upon the car again.

“That’s the FIRST thing they’re going to notice and BAM! Next thing you know… You’re sitting in the backseat of a police car and you’re more than likely dragging the rest of us right along with you.”

“He’s still learning…”

“All the more reason… He’s grounded, until he gets it down.”

“Grounded?!” Dizzy scoffed.

“These things take time, Dizzy. Even you know that.”

“Can you make it through without scuffs and dings?” Kip challenged and Bella had a good laugh at this.

Dizzy cringed and Kip reared back on this.


“Challenging Bella is never a good thing…” She uttered and Bella looked to be in thought.

She looked to the obstacle course they’d set up for Kip.

“I’ll do you one better. Follow me.”

“Shit…” Dizzy murmured as they followed her into the garage.

Bella headed into the far back and yanked a sheet off one of Han’s old Nissans.

“Check it out.” Bella said as she waved him over.

“And please… be thorough.”

Kip nodded and took his time inspecting the car. Bella patiently waited and Dizzy sent her a look of disapproval.


“You know what…”

“You survived…” Bella reminded with a shrug and Dizzy snorted.


“He’ll be fine. You’ll see.” Bella said with a playful wink.

Kip gave a nod once he finished.

“See any damage?”

“None.” He uttered whilst admiring the orange Nissan Skyline GTR.

“Alright then.” Bella said then grabbed her duffle bag.

She tossed over a Phantom mask and shirt. Kip had this perplexed look about him but didn’t comment as he put them on. Bella placed a shirt over the tank top she was wearing and she too wore a mask.

“Godspeed. You’re going to need it.” Dizzy murmured as she opened the passenger side door and gestured for Kip to climb on in.

He hopped inside and Dizzy shut the door.

“I really like him…” Dizzy whined and Bella laughed.

“Just a little scare, I promise.”


“Is he a Phantom or not?”

“He is…”

“Then he’ll be fine.” She said as she got into the car.

She looked to Kip afterward.

“Rules and I’m stickler for them. I mean it, Kip.”

He nodded.

“First rule, never and I mean NEVER lay on the brake. That’ll get you killed, quick. Second, pay attention, to EVERYTHING around you. If an obstacle comes your way, find a way through or around it. Third and most importantly, don’t get anyone killed, that includes yourself. Got it?!”

Kip nodded and Bella closed her eyes as she slipped into her Wraith persona.

“Music.” She ordered and Kip was quick to oblige.

Bella tilted her head as some sort of techno crap was playing.

“Really?! What in the fuck, Han?!”

Kip chuckled on this and gathered the hint. He changed the channel and kept going until Wraith gave a thumbs up, in approval.

“Forgot to mention there’s a fourth.”

Kip looked to Wraith in question.


“SHIT!” He hollered as she hit the gas and was headed for the highway.

She laughed and shifted gears as they were headed right for Charming. “What are you doing?!” Kip hollered as he assumed they’d be heading out of town. Wraith didn’t answer and kept her focus, as she passed car after car, and ignored every light there was. “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” Kip shouted as he held on for dear life.               Wraith dodged an oncoming eight wheeler and swerved, in order to miss a pedestrian. She maneuvered back onto the road and smiled.

“Oh man…” Kip whimpered as they heard the sirens.

Wraith looked into the rearview mirror. The sheriff and one of his deputies had their lights on and were on the chase. Wraith nodded amongst herself.  Kip reared back as they actually passed SAMCRO on their bikes. Wraith pulled ahead of them and hit a nearby alleyway. She parked the car and turned off the lights. Kip looked to Wraith as if she’d lost her mind but watched as the cops sped on past. Wraith flipped on the lights and headed back out. During which… they passed SAMCRO, yet again. Wraith honked her horn and Jax looked right over. Kip couldn’t help but to laugh as the sheriff and his deputy had to pivot back around and were making their way towards them again. Wraith kept them busy as she passed obstacle, after obstacle. She had the whole town riled up by the time she was done. There was a line of cops following them outside of Charming. Kip looked on with apprehension.

“They’re a little close.”

Wraith nodded and looked into the rearview mirror again. Kip had this nervous twitch about him and went to hit the NOS. Wraith slapped his hand away.

“Not yet.”

“Prison doesn’t sound very fun…”

Wraith snickered and spun the car around.

“SHIIIIIIIIIIIT!” Kip shrieked as they were heading right for the cops.

Kip looked a little green as she got right up on them.


“You scream like a girl. You know that?” Wraith uttered as she looked as if she were headed right for the ditch.

Kip sucked back a breath as she hit that nitrous and kept the car intact, right along that ditch. Once they had a flatter surface, she cut on through the median and was headed the right way. The woman didn’t break stride as she shifted gears and lost the tail they had. After a good twenty minutes out, Wraith killed the NOS and slowed things down a bit. Kip continued in holding his breath and was holding on for dear life. Wraith took notice but kept quiet on the matter. She took a random turn into a wooded area. That area led to a dirt road. It wasn’t until another eleven minutes past that Kip realized this was a secret trail leading back to the penthouse.

Wraith pulled into the garage and the doors shut behind them. Dizzy waved them towards a particular area and Kip jumped as the car started moving. The car was lowered to another level of the garage. Wraith drove through the hidden level and pulled into a darkened space. She parked the car, killed the engine, and tossed the key’s Kip’s direction.

“I owe you a shot for every mark you find.”

Kip nodded and opened the door. Dizzy wrinkled her nose as Kip placed a hand along the car, leaned over, and upchucked.

“Yeah first time will do that…”

Kip lifted his head on this and Dizzy sent him an apologetic, yet rather kittenish smile.

“I hate her too.”

“No you don’t.” Wraith derided as she stepped out of the car.

“Are you sure about that?!”

“Clean up the car.” She ordered and Dizzy mocked Wraith under her breath.

Kip managed to laugh as Wraith smacked Dizzy in the back of the head, but kept walking.

“I don’t get it… How?!” Kip muttered while he and Dizzy was looking the car over.

“Not a single scratch!”

“Don’t call her Wraith for nothing.”


“Sorry. Guess you’re not getting that shot after all.”

Kip shook his head and Dizzy sighed.

“Ready to call it quits now?”

Kip reared back on this.


“That was a test, my half nut wonder.”

“I know it was.”

“You should see the look on your face.”

“Dizzy, this isn’t any worse than what the guys put me through. Trust me; Wraith is a godsend in comparison to what I used to deal with. Besides, at least she has her reasons. I might’ve pissed myself back there but I know why she did it.”

Dizzy smiled and Kip caressed her cheek.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m in for the long haul. I trust Wraith and feel more at home, more than I ever did with the Sons.”

“Wish she could’ve heard that.”

“Oh, no question about it. That was fucking Wraith alright.” Jax scoffed and Chibs chuckled.

“You’re having a field day with this, aren’t you?!”

“Aye now Jackie, even ye have ta admit that was some wild goose chase she had goin’.”

“Yeah well, Opie’s about to bust her fuckin’ door down.” Jax stated as he got on his cellphone, in order to warn her, in advance.

Yes?” Bella answered rather cutesy like.

This had the VP rolling his eyes but with a smirk.

“Just wanted to warn you that Uncle Op didn’t take well to your little joy ride this evening.”

“Is that so?”

“He said something about kicking your little ass and took off. So you might wanna…”

Jax narrowed his eyes as he heard someone banging on her door.

“Sec…” Bella said and went to answer it.

A nervous laugh escaped her, “Uncle Op!” Jax cringed on her behalf.

“What in the livin’ FUCK, Bell?!” Opie roared and Chibs raised his brows as he overheard this as well.

“Sorry Jackson, something’s come up. I’ll have to call you back.”

Jax sighed as she hung up.

“That didn’t sound good…” Chibs uttered as he popped a cigarette into his mouth.

“Nope. Sure didn’t.”

“Is something wrong?” Bella taunted as he welcomed himself inside.

Opie shook his head then pointed upon her.

“What was that shit?!”

“Phantom business.”

“Phantom business?!” He sneered and Bella nodded.

“I thought you were cleaning things up.”

“I am.”

“Didn’t look like it.”

“I was training one of my crew.”


Bella nodded and plopped down on the couch. Opie regarded his niece in downright disbelief. She picked up a racing magazine and was flipping through it. This had the man marching right on over. He snatched that magazine out from her hold then he threw across the room.

“Feel better?!” She barked and Opie let out a low growl.

“I want you to quit.”

“Excuse me?!”

“You heard me. You’re done and you’re coming home. Room hasn’t been touched. So pack your shit and let’s go.”

“Not happening.”


“I’m a grown woman!”


“You’re right… Maybe I should be more like you.  You know… find some worthless piece of shit to bow down to. I’ll make THAT my life’s purpose, because that’s so much more noble than what I stand for, right?!”

Opie gritted his teeth on this and Bella nodded.

“You will die under that patch of his. Hell, that’s what EACH of you vowed to. So don’t you fucking stand there patronize me!”

“That’s not what I was doing.”

“Then what were you were you doing exactly?! Because this whole caveman routine of yours… It might work on Donna and the kids but it sure as hell won’t work on me. I love you, old man. But you have to let me live my own life. I need to make my own decisions and I need you to trust in what I’m doing! You have your MC to worry about and I have my crew. I can’t play this little tug-of-war game you and Jackson created. I’m not leaving my Phantoms and I’m not putting that helmet away anytime soon. This is who I am!”

Opie pinched his eyes shut.

“You talk about Jackson and his responsibilities to the club. Yet you ignore Wraith’s and what she stands for. Why is it so different?! I don’t understand.”

Opie opened his eyes and Bella swallowed back as he had the beginning of tears in his eyes.

“It’s different because I’m losing that girl. You know… The one that used to ask me a million one questions about what I was doing in the garage. I can’t remember the last time we hung out like that. I suppose in some ways I thought of you as more mine than my sister’s kid. I know that’s crazy. But you’re the reason I pushed for kids in the first place. I wanted my own little Bell. But I ended up with a son that can’t stand me half the time. He shows absolutely NO interest in motorcycles or cars in general. My daughter acts as if she’s embarrassed to even be seen with me in public and when we’re home, she keeps to herself. I’ve tried opening up to those kids, but they want no part in it. Hell, I’m just a fucking annoyance; to my own wife even! But not you… At least that’s how things used to be.” Opie shook his head, realizing what he’d said about his own wife and children.

“I shouldn’t have said that shit…” He uttered in defeat and sat in one of the recliners.

“You’re not losing me…” Opie lifted his head on this and Bella smiled.

“That’s not even possible. Everything you ever taught me… is in here.” She pointed to her head.

“How the fuck do you think I survive so much? That’s you, not me. I wouldn’t know shit if it wasn’t for you.”

“I didn’t teach you how to race.”

“No. But you taught me all about mechanics and how to shoot a gun. Hell, Charlie was a cop and he never even took me to a shooting range. He wouldn’t even let me handle a gun. Then again, he hadn’t a clue that you’d even taught me anything about them.”

“So I turned you into a criminal?”

Bella snorted on this and Opie managed to laugh as well. He rubbed his face then let out this miserable sigh.

“Am I really a criminal?”

“Depends on what day…” Opie mocked and Bella laughed.

“I suppose you got me there. It’s not like you can talk.”

“True… But this isn’t the life I wanted for you.”

“I’m sorry. But it wasn’t about what YOU wanted for me. This is my life and I have to live it how I see fit.”

Bella leaned back in thought.

“What did you want for me?”

Opie shrugged.

“Let me guess… Some tomboy auto mechanic that ran her own shop and called it something like Winston’s Garage the motto being who needs bolts when you got a nut?!”

Opie died of laughter and Bella sent him a playful wink.

“I’m still here and I don’t plan on going anywhere. As for Donna and the kids, they love you. I know they do. But when you live with someone 24/7… shit like that happens. You tend to drive each other crazy and teenagers just have this way of shutting down and keeping to themselves. It’s not a YOU thing. It’s a teenage thing. If you want to connect with Kenny… Ask him about his comic book collection. Take him to that shop on Avenue N. Trust me… The kid will light up, like a Christmas tree. As for Ellie, she’s just shy and still discovering who she is exactly. That and she’s got the hormones working against her.  She’ll come around.”

Opie shook his head on this.


“I’m their father, yet you know more about them than I do.”

“Time to get more involved, Uncle Op. Take a week off. Plan a vacation, get to know your wife, and kids again. Don’t let Clay take that time away from you. You only live once. So make the best of it. They need you. The club will understand, at least the ones that truly matter. Fuck everyone else. I know for a fact that Jackson would encourage it. He knows what family means.”

“What the fuck…” Opie murmured in such a way.


“I came here to give YOU the rundown!”

Bella laughed.

“Reverse psychology can be such a bitch!”

“Ain’t that the fuckin’ truth!”

“And for the record, having you as an old man wouldn’t have been so bad. At least you wouldn’t have set me up in an arranged marriage…”

Opie half laughed and Bella nodded.

“There’s a reason I want YOU to give me away. Sad as it is… Even if Charlie were alive, I’d still want it to be you.”


Bella nodded but teared up a little.

“He hurt me, in ways I never knew possible. You’ve always been there for me. You’re more of a father to me than Charlie ever was.”

“Who in the fuck is cutting onions in here?!” Dizzy announced as she entered the room.

Bella flipped her off but was quick to wipe her face with the back of her hand.

“Don’t be such a cunt.”

Dizzy’s jaw dropped and she looked to Opie.

“Well aren’t you going to wash her mouth out or something?”

“Not enough soap in the world for that mouth…” He fired back and Dizzy laughed.

“Shut up…” Bella murmured.

Jax was at the register picking up the food he and the boys had ordered, when he heard familiar laughter coming from a nearby table. He lowered his shades and reared back, seeing as how it was Opie and Bella. Jax strutted on over and stole a fry off Bella’s plate. He looked to Opie as he chewed and swallowed.

“Thought you were going to “really” let her have it this time…” He quoted mockingly and Opie sighed.

Bella looked to her uncle with raised brows.

“Is that so?”

“Quit being a PIA and eat your food.”

Jax chuckled as Bella tossed a fry at her uncle. The cashier called for Jax, letting him know the food was ready. He nodded that direction and pecked Bella on the cheek.

“We’re heading out tonight. We’ll be back Sunday. Mom’s home and looking after Abel if you want to visit. Oh, and she wants us over Sunday night for dinner.”

Opie looked to Jax rather impressed. Jax was never that thorough with his plans when it came to Wendy or Tara.


“Our engagement party…” He reminded and it was then he realized that he and Bella never got that date Chibs had mentioned.

He kept in mind to make it up to her, somehow.

“Right…” Bella said with a touch of hesitation.

“Hey, she’s keeping her word this time. I promise.”

“Don’t make promises on your mother’s behalf. That could come back to bite you in the ass.”

Jax chuckled on this.

“You’ll see.”

“I’ll be there in ten…” Opie uttered and Jax nodded as he went to grab the food.

“LOVE YOU!” He hollered on the way out.

Bella smiled all dreamy like.

“He could’ve been saying that shit to me you know…” Opie scoffed.

“Anyone heard from Tig?” Clay hollered as everyone else was there and ready to go.

The Sons looked to one another and shook their heads no. Clay rolled his eyes on this but put his helmet on.

“Well we haven’t all night…” He muttered and started his bike.

The others followed. Opie looked to Jax as they were the last ones out.

“Wonder what that’s about…”

“My thoughts exactly.”

“Haven’t seen Tig in a few days now.”

“Me either.”

“God dammit!” Bella snapped and threw the wrench she was using.


“Yeah. I got one day. One! To get this motherfucker race ready and it’s given me nothing but HELL!”

Bella narrowed her eyes however as there was a man was standing next to Dizzy.

“You lost?” She asked and the man smiled.

“Oh yeah, we have a guest by the way!” Dizzy exuberantly put and Bella shook her head, in a scolding manner.

“And you brought him in here…?! I didn’t increase security for nothing!”

Bella wiped the oil off her hands and slammed the hood shut. She sent Dizzy a ‘look’ and Dizzy sighed.

“Just hear him out, will you?”

Dizzy exited the garage and Bella leaned against the Firebird, with sheer annoyance.

“Whatever you’re selling, I’m not buying.”

“Good. Cause I’m not sellin’.”

“You a cop or something?”

The man had a good laugh at this.

“Do I look like a cop?”


“Why not…” The man expressed with a shrug.

“You look like a bouncer. Local gay bar maybe?”

The man raised his brows on this.

“Because you hang out at a lot of gay bars?” The man fired back and Bella nodded with a touch of a grin.

“I’d appreciate it if you’d stay out of my private affairs.”

“Hmmm… I can see why he took you under his wing.”

Bella narrowed her eyes on this and the man nodded. He retrieved something from his leather jacket and handed it over.

“What’s this?”

“Got eyes, dontcha?”

Bella opened the envelope and removed the letter inside.

My crazy white sister,  

Look, I can’t apologize enough on how things were left between us. You should know that I didn’t mean a word of it. You are family. I would’ve said or done ANYTHING, in order to keep you safe. As to me leaving… I hadn’t a choice. Staying in once place for too long… Well it’s a dangerous game; one that’s proven to get my loved ones killed. We’re a lot alike in that sense. No matter where we go or what we do…Trouble seems to find us. But we’re fighters, babe. We don’t let anyone back us into a corner and tell us how things are. That’s the first thing I noticed about you. That’s why I chose YOU. I know you came to me about getting your aunt’s car out of repo. But you had a gift, one I couldn’t ignore. You’re a different person behind that wheel. You have this glow about you. You made me feel like I was home again. Bella, I can’t thank you enough for giving me that. It might’ve been for a short time, but it felt like a lifetime.

So here’s the part where you get pissed and I’m really sorry, kiddo. You reading this means something happened and I’m no longer in the picture, which sucks because I heard you were getting married. I wanted to surprise you, by being there…  But shit happens.

The house and everything in it is yours, including everything in the garage. And you tell “Wraith” to take care of my old crew. Keep them disciplined but passionate. That’s right… I know. I might not have been there in a physical standpoint but I had my ways of keeping in touch. Now I’ve only got one more thing to say…

Be happy. Trust me… In the end, that’s all that truly matters. Once you get there… Don’t let ANYONE take that away from you. You take that shit to the grave. Make me proud, Bella. 


Your crazy Asian brother  

P.S- I’ll tell Dom you said hello…

                 Bella dumped the contents of the envelope into the palm of her hand and staggered back. There were a couple keys and a pair cufflinks that he wore on the first ‘job’ they ever did together. Bella held those cufflinks close to her heart and broke into sobs.

The man swallowed back and kept quiet.

“I’m sorry.” He sincerely put, once she gathered herself.

Bella placed the items back into the envelope.

“How’d he die?”

“T-boned by some dipshit’s Mercedes. Car went up in flames, before he could get out. I took care of the driver…” The man said with this cold-like stare.

Bella nodded gathering the meaning behind that.

“And you are…”

“Dominic Toretto, but my friends call me Dom.” He said but was looking to the Firebird in thought.

He didn’t take notice of the offbeat look Bella was giving him.

“You really need that ready by tomorrow?”

Bella nodded in response.

“Then we’d better get started…”

“Aye, because he went and kidnapped our VP’s son!” Chibs fired back as the IRA shoved Cameron’s death in SAMCRO’s face.

The boys knew this was coming. The Irish was acting as if SACMRO owed them for what all took place. As far as the Sons were concerned, the IRA was lucky they were still doing business with them. Then again, it wouldn’t be for long, not if Jax had any say in it.

“Perhaps your president should’ve kept his old lady on a shorter leash.” Jimmy taunted and Clay charged right for him.

The boys snatched him back and Jimmy laughed. He nodded Chibs’s direction.

“It’s been nice seein’ ye again, old friend. Perhaps it’s time we swapped old Irish folktales.”

“I’m Scottish, ye prick.”

“Right.” Jimmy uttered behind a chuckle.

“Everything’s accounted for.” Bobby called as he and Rat where checking the supplies over.

“Good doin’ business with ye boys, as always.” Jimmy said and signaled for his men to round everything up and head on out.

Clay waited until he and the boys were alone.

“Let’s get this shit to the warehouse and head on out. We got a long drive ahead of us.”

Jax reared back on this.

“You mean we’re running these arms tonight?!”

“Is that a problem?”

“No. Just wondering what the hurry is.”

“I got some shit to take care of back home.”

“Do you now?” Jax murmured in a challenging mannerism.

“Yeah I do. That alright with you, son?!”

“Depends. You gonna send more men my old lady’s way?”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked on.

“What did you say?”

“You heard me. My old lady was attacked the other night. Ironic, considering how you threatened to have her gang raped.”

Normally, this was something Jax would’ve dealt with, one on one, behind closed doors. But he’d just about enough. There came a time where the truth needed to come out and now was that time. The Sons were in for a rude awakening and Jax was just the one to give it.

Clay looked to his stepson in disbelief and sort of laughed.

“You wanna put me on the spot, VP?”

“Already did.”

Clay nodded and marched his way over. He grabbed Jax by the cut and looked him right in the eyes.

“Whatever happened with your old lady… I took no part in.”

“At least that’s what you say…”

“Watch yourself… You’re on thin ice as it is.”

Everyone was so focused on Jax and Clay; that no one took notice of Opie and the gun he had in hand. The gun went off and Jax snapped his head that direction.

“OP!” Jax hollered as Chibs and Bobby were quick to apprehend him.

Jax turned back around and Clay patted himself down. There was no disguising the shock on his face. Once he realized he was in the clear… He brought his gun out and went to fire in return. Jax was quick to bring that gun against himself instead.

“Gotta go through ME first!”

Clay gritted his teeth and Jax nodded.

“Go on. Do it.”

“Jackie boy…” Chibs called with concern as Clay looked as if he just might.

Jax didn’t so much as bat an eye. In fact, he spread open that cut of his and smiled. Clay lowered his gun and Jax nodded. The president acted as if he were going to walk away but pivoted back around. He took the blunt end of his gun to Jax’s face.

“HEY!” Chibs hollered as Clay swept the VP’s feet out from under him.

Jax hit the ground and Clay put his boot to Jax’s crotch. Jax let out a painful grunt.

“Challenge me again… And I’ll kill you.” Clay made clear.

The president lifted his head on this and nodded Opie’s direction.

“Man up. Put your niece in her place, or I’ll do it for you!”

Clay looked to everyone else.

“Anyone else got a problem?!”  He questioned but was eyeing Chibs, in particular.

Chibs ignored this and helped Jax to his feet. Jax looked to each of the Sons.

“Is this what you want for a president?!”

The VP gritted his teeth when they wouldn’t answer.


The Sons looked to one another then back to Jax. He let out this miserable laugh.

“Alright. I’m out.” He took off his cut then tossed it Clay’s direction.

“Have fun destroying the one thing that held us together.”

“Jackie boy…”

“No. If this is what the MC’s become. I’m done. I love you, each of you. But I have to think of my family.”

Jax hopped onto his bike and the Sons looked to one another in shock as he hit the road. Opie removed his cut as well and handed it to Chibs. He hugged him and Chibs teared up a bit.

“Love you, brother.”

The Scot nodded as he wasn’t sure what to say to all this. Clay shook his head then looked to the supplies they needed to run tonight. Two men short… This was going to be hell.

“Did ye put the hit on the little lass?” Chibs probed and Clay narrowed his eyes.

“Just answer the question. Did ye put a hit on the VP’s old lady or not?”

“Of course not!”

Chibs nodded but with this conflicted look about him.

“What?! You gonna take off your cut too?!”

“Do I need to?!”

Clay didn’t comment.

“Let’s just get these supplies delivered and we’ll see what happens from there…” The Scot snapped in response.


“Right?” Bella said as she was doing the final touchups.

“Where’d our new friend go?”

“Left a couple hours ago. Said he just passing through and on his way to LA.”

“LA, huh?”

Bella nodded.



“Well, you two spent an awful lot of time together.” Dizzy said as she looked to the time.

“Twelve hours to be exact! Should Jax be worried?”

Bella rolled her eyes on this.

“He was helping me with the Firebird, Dizzy.”

“Sure he was. I wasn’t aware you had a thing for tall, muscled, and bald. Should I give Jax fair warning and tell him to shave his hair?!”



“Shut it.”

Dizzy giggled. Bella crawled out from under the car and wiped her hands down.

“All set.”

“Man…” Dizzy ran her hands along the Firebird in admiration.

“You two really knocked it out!”

“Yeah well the guy’s a fucking genius. Then again, he’s been doing this a lot longer than me.”


“Yeah. Knew Han pretty well too. He talked about his and Han’s old crew. It was nice. It’s really too bad he couldn’t stick around for the race tonight.”

“You’re really smitten, aren’t you?!”

“It’s not like that. Talking to Dominic was like having Han right here with us. Guy’s pretty passionate about his family. Reminds me of Jackson, in that sense.”

Bella leaned against the car in thought.

“I can’t believe he’s gone.”

Dizzy nodded and shared the same look of melancholy.

“Yeah me too…”

“First Dom and now Han.” Bella shook her head in thought.

“I can’t lose anymore of you.”

Dizzy nodded in understanding.

“I mean it, Dizzy. That’s why it’s so important that you do what I say and not question it. I know I can be a bitch, but I have my reasons. I put the safety of my crew – my family, first.”

“But it’s our job to keep YOU safe.”

“Safe. But putting your life on in the line, in order to do so… That was never in the job description. My life isn’t any more valuable than yours. We’re all in this, understood?”

“Whatever you say, boss.”


Dizzy sighed and looked Bella in the eyes.

“This isn’t about protecting you or Wraith. It’s like you said, we’re family. And you bet your sweet ass I’m gonna put my life on the line if it comes down to it.”

“She’s right… It’s what we do.”

“DERK!” Dizzy and Bella chorused.

He smiled as they ran up and hugged him. Tig entered the garage as well and Bella nodded upon him in greeting.

“How you feeling?” Bella asked as she looked her Phantom over.

“Like I want to enter tonight’s race.”


“Come on, Wraith. I need back in.”

“You were never out in the first place. But you need some time.”

“I’ve had more than enough time. Please. I can do this.”

Bella drew back an uneasy breath.

“Alright. But I’ve got my eye on you. If I tell you to pull out then you better fucking pull out!”

Tig raised his brows on this.

“Kind of feel for Jax now…” The biker witted.

Bella snapped him a look and Tig shrugged.

“Just sayin’ that’s gotta suck.”

Tig cleared his throat however and waved her over. She followed him into the house and out to his motorcycle.

“Did you ever find out where the old man lives?”


Bella looked around the area.

“Look, I got a race tonight. Why don’t I call afterward?”

“Sounds good.”


Tig climbed onto his bike and Bella looked to him with unease. His eyes were sunken in and blood shot.


He looked over as he put his shades on.

“Are you alright?”

The man forced a smile.

“I’m just fine, doll face.”

“Well I’m here… If you need to talk.”

Tig swallowed back as he thought back to Clay’s orders.

“Maybe I’ll buy you a drink and take you up on that offer.”

“Make it two drinks.” Bella teased and Tig laughed.

“You got it, baby! Good luck tonight.”


Jax reared back as Opie pulled up in his driveway.  The man hopped off his bike and walked right up to Jax. He was kicked back on the porch having a smoke.

“It’s about time!” Opie announced and Jax had this puzzled mien about him.

Opie sent his best friend a prideful smirk.

“Do you know how long I’ve waited for you to put Clay in his place?! I thought he’d shit himself when you turned your cut in!”

Jax chuckled on this and Opie shook his head with a true beam about him.

“Dad’s done too.”

“Wait… What?!”

“That’s right. I told him what happened and he left his cut on the chapel table. Clay’s gonna lose his shit!”

“Right where we need him… Just give it time. The others will see soon enough.”

“I could kiss you right now.”

“How bout you send your lovely niece instead?”

Opie managed to laugh.

“So we’re really turning this around?”

“That’s the plan.”

“Good. If anyone can do this… It’d be you, Jackson.” Opie sincerely put.

“I hope so.”

“I know so. We’ll be back, before you know it and with you at the gavel. All I ask is not to let it go to your head. That seems to be the SAMCRO curse. That gavel… it’s a loaded weapon. Never forget that.”

“Well it’s a good thing I’ll have my VP to back me up.”

Opie narrowed his eyes on this.


“That’s right. I want you right there with me, brother. I can’t think of anyone I trust more.”

“You know Bobby’s achin’ to get that spot.”

“Yeah well… He’s not getting it.”

“Jax, I don’t know about me being your VP.”

“Why not?!”

“Look at where we’ve been as of late. I mean how many times have I kicked your ass?!”

Jax had a good laugh at this.

“All the more reason. I need that, Op. You’re the one person that can put me back into play. You’re not afraid of telling me how it is and making sure I get the fucking message!”

Opie drew back a hesitant breath on this.

“And what about Chibs?”

“What about him?”

“Isn’t he more deserving of that patch? Think about it, Jax. Chibs has never backed down. He hasn’t taken that cut off and he isn’t afraid to voice his opinions.”

“Yeah well, he sure dropped the ball on that one today.”

“Come on, Jax. Chibs’s wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to the club. All of this drama is fucking with him and you know it. I’m sure he’s at a loss for words about now.”

“I get that. But I really needed him to stick his neck out today. I needed all of you. But you’re the one standing here, right now. All that tells me is that I can count on you, more than anyone else. So come on, Op. Let me put you in for the vote, when the time comes.”

“Alright. But I still say Chibs would make a better wing man.”

“They say he’s mysterious and unbeatable.” Dizzy whispered as she and the other Phantoms were checking out Wraith’s newest opponent.

“I hear he’s drop dead gorgeous under that helmet.” Mia expressed all dreamily.

Dizzy reared back on this.

“Aren’t you with that SAMCRO guy? Happy, right?”

“We have an open relationship.” Mia said with a smile.

“Um okay… Whatever floats your boat.”

The guy referred to himself as “Nomad”. His outfit was much like that of Wraith’s; only he wore blue jeans and a black leather jacket, with a full masked helmet. The women were all over him and the man was pretty hands on himself. Eric rolled his eyes as the racer ran his gloved hands up along the groupies’ skirts.

“And I thought Cody was a douchebag.” He murmured and Kelly laughed.


Kip nudged Dizzy as Wraith stepped out of the Firebird. The crowd went nuts and the challenger nodded her direction. Wraith nodded in response but was taken back as this Nomad handed her a single red rose. He did a slight bow afterward then strutted on over to his black Marussia B3. Wraith headed back to her car as well and it wasn’t long before the race started. It’d been a long night already as the amateur races had already taken place. The last ones were always considered the main events and Wraith had no issues making her way back on top. Naturally, this brought forth even more bets on her behalf. If Wraith lost this race tonight, there’d be one angry crowd. She shifted gears with this in mind. Wraith found herself somewhat apprehensive as she wasn’t so sure about this Firebird going up against a fucking Marussia. She hit the first set of NOS and her conversation with Dominic came to mind.

“I live my life a quarter at a time. Nothing else matters; not the mortgage, not the shop, not my team and all their bullshit. For those ten seconds or less, I’m free.” (Quote taken from Fast and Furious Dominic T.)

A true beam came over Wraith as it came time to hit that second NOS.

The Phantoms and Wraith’s fans hollered out in victory as she barely crossed that finish line in time. In fact, the race was so close they had to run a replay on someone’s camcorder; to see if Wraith did indeed cross, before Nomad. Dizzy gave Wraith the thumbs up at the final reveal and Wraith nodded. Keeping up with her mysterious vibe, she left directly after the results.

“WOOOOT! YOU DID IT, BABY!!!” Dizzy hollered as she and the other Phantoms entered the penthouse.

Bella laughed as they had drinks in hand and were setting up for one massive celebration. She took off her leather jacket then tossed it aside. Dizzy darted on over and handed Bella a shot. Mia and Derk went on to hand everyone else one as well. Once everyone had a shot in hand, Dizzy held hers up.

“To tonight’s race. Wraith fucking killed it!”

Bella smiled as the Phantoms drank to this. She downed hers directly after and Dizzy went to pour her another shot.

“Sorry, Dizzy. Not tonight.”

“Not tonight?!” She scoffed and Bella gave a firm nod.

“You guys have fun. I got something to take care of. But first thing’s first…”

Bella grabbed her duffle bag and tossed everyone their cut for the night.

“Thank you. I couldn’t have done this without you guys. Oh, and Kip…”

She handed him an extra wad and he looked to it in question.

“Won your first race. Congrats! Don’t spend that all in one place.”

Kip’s jaw dropped as he’d made a whopping five grand tonight.

“Keep it up.”

Kip nodded in response and Dizzy sent him a glowing smile.

“Told you…” She mouthed and he chuckled.

“Meet me at the bar on 12th.”


                Bella hung up the phone and simply waited. Derk’s father was inside this particular bar. Seemed to be a thing of his… He’d come here, everyday, and stay until closing. He’d exit the bar three sheets to the wind then head on home. A good ten minutes passed before she heard the familiar hum of Tig’s bike. He pulled up beside her and Bella hopped off the Harley Jax had given her.

“Nice…” Tig uttered in admiration.

“Suits you.”

“Thank you.”

Bella looked to the bar in thought.

“So how bout that drink?”


“It could be awhile…”


“He’s in there. Just a waiting game from here. I know you SAMCRO guys hate hearing this shit but I really need you to follow my lead on this. Alright?”

“I happen to like it when a woman takes charge.”

Bella smiled on this.

“Then you’re going to love me.”

Tig placed a hand over his heart as they headed inside. Bella causally nodded the direction where Derk’s father was. He was sitting at the bar and watching the news as he drank his scotch. Tig followed Bella to a booth in the far back. He flagged one of the servers down. Then he ordered them a couple shots a piece and a couple beers to go with that.

“Try not to make it so obvious…” Bella whispered as Tig was eyeing Derk’s father down.

Tig drew back a breath on this and Bella reached over. She took his hand into her own and gave it a bit of a squeeze.

“We’re taking care of this. Alright?”

Tig nodded but with this childlike mannerism.

“Tig, look at me.”

The man lifted his head and Bella looked him in the eyes.

“It ends tonight. I won’t let anything happen to him.”

The server made his way back with their drinks and Tig downed both shots. Bella looked on with concern as he chugged his beer directly after.

“Slow it down…” She whispered and Tig looked to her apologetically.

Bella downed one of her shots then sipped at her beer.

“So I gotta ask…”

Tig looked over and Bella leaned back in thought.

“You and Derk… What is this exactly?”

“Not sure…” Tig admitted.

“Is there going to be some side dick or pussy?”

Tig raised his brows on this.

“Come on, man. I’ve seen how you bikers treat your significant others. And… Well, it seems as if you swing both ways. So seriously, how does that work?”

“Nosey girl, aren’t you?”

“You’re fucking one of my boys. So you bet your goddamn ass I’m nosey.”

Tig smiled on this.

“I’ll be just as invested as he is…”


“Yeah. If he wants to shop around then I will. If he wants to keep things more grounded then I’m game, doll.”

“Fair enough.”

“I’m glad you approve.”

Bella laughed and downed that second shot. She chased it with the beer and Tig cleared his throat. He nodded as Derk’s father was headed for the bathroom. Tig let out an impatient sigh when the man returned but headed back to his usual spot at the bar.

“Relax. You’re making me edgy…”

“Not meaning to.”

“I know but I need you at your best.”

Tig narrowed his eyes on this and Bella took notice.


“You sound just like him…”


“Your old man, that’s who.”

Bella smiled on this.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“You should.”

Tig looked to Derk’s father then back to Bella.

“He put a hit on you.” He randomly put and Bella looked to Tig in wonder.

“Jackson?!” She questioned in mockery.

“Nah, Clay.”

“Shit. You’re drunk.”

“Nope. In fact, I’m the son of a bitch he hired.”

“You’re serious…”

Tig nodded and Bella half laughed.

“Well this is awkward.”


“So do you plan on following through with that?”

“I would’ve taken you out a week ago if that were the case.”

“Good to know.”

“I imagine so.”

“So what are we going to do about this?”

“Let’s take care of the homophobe first. We’ll go from there…”

“Fair enough. As long as you don’t tell me we gotta meet up at sunrise and have ourselves a little standoff. It’s been a really long day and I’m fucking tired. I’d like to sleep in.”

“You and me both, doll. You and me both…” Tig murmured.

Bella narrowed her eyes in thought however.

“So it was Clay that sent those men to the penthouse.”

Tig regarded Bella in query.

“Yeah… these guys came busting in, like they owned the place. Black ski masks, guns, the works. If it hadn’t been for Jackson, I’d be six feet under about now.”

“Jesus…” Tig uttered looking ill.

Tig went to question her about being a rat but his attention was back on Mr. Muller.

“Hey…” He whispered with a nod.

Bella cranked her head back as Derk’s father was paying his tab and heading out.

“Follow my lead…”

Tig nodded. Bella waited until Derk’s father was outside. She came to her feet and giggled in a drunken like way. She grabbed Tig by the collar of his shirt.

“You taking me home or what, baby?!”

Tig raised his brows on this. Bella dragged him towards the bar doors and Tig gathered what she was going for. She wanted the attention off of Derk’s father. So she was creating a scene. This way if any questions arose about Mr. Muller’s disappearance… Everyone would remember the horny, drunk couple that left the bar instead. And Bella was smart enough to know that no one would even think that an importance to mention. Tig picked her up and threw her over his shoulder, in a fireman carry. Bella smacked him on the ass. “MUSH!” She hollered on the way out and a few of the drunks died of laughter.

Once he had her outside, he set her down and shook his head.

“You do realize I’m fucking hard as hell now?”

“Focus, Tiger.”

“Not helping…” He hinted as to her calling him Tiger.

Bella laughed but discreetly signaled Mr. Muller’s direction. Tig cleared his throat and took Bella by the hand. He walked her towards the car parked beside Derk’s father. He was fumbling with his keys when Tig backed Bella up against his car and acted as if he were going to kiss her. Mr. Muller looked over and just in time. Tig reached over and smashed his head against the window, just as he had his son that day.

“Nice!” Bella complimented as she grabbed the keys and was quick to open the door.

Tig stuffed the man inside. They scoped out the area before getting in as well.

“Relax no cameras.” Bella said as Tig looked around in apprehension.

He let out a breath of relief as Bella adjusted the rearview mirror and hit the road.

“I thought we were following him to his place.”

“That was the plan… But it’s not a something I’m willing to risk, since Derk’s out of the hospital now.”

“Right…” Tig uttered as if the thought hadn’t occurred to him.

He cringed in thought of that possible scenario. Derk hadn’t a clue that he and Bella were about to murder his old man. Derk’s father let out an agonizing grunt as he came to.

“Headache?” She smarted and Tig smiled.

He wrapped his arm around Derk’s father and kicked his feet up on the dashboard. Mr. Muller struggled to get out of Tig’s hold but Tig had a death grip on him.

“So Mr. Muller, I thought we’d take you on a little joyride!”

Tig looked to Bella in question as she headed on out of Charming.

“I’m all for running away together, but would you mind if we brought Derk along? He’s grown on me and well I’ve certainly grown on him.” Tig taunted with a wink the old man’s way.

Bella snorted and played along.

“Alright… Derk can be our little pet.”

Tig wiggled his brows on this.

“Woman after my own heart.”

“I do have one stipulation…”

“And what’s that, baby?”

“I get to watch…”

Tig smiled.

“You wanna watch me get freaky with our new pet?!”

“Oh yeah…” Bella eyed Derk’s father through the rearview mirror.

“I wanna watch as you pound that tight little ass.”

Derk’s father went to smack Bella a good one; only to have Tig grab a fistful of his hair and jerk him back. Bella headed for the cliffs, the same ones in which she drove Mr. Putlova’s car over. She parked the car then stepped out. She opened the passenger side door and hauled the man outside. Tig hopped out and Bella nodded upon him as she was holding the man back.

“Go for it…” She uttered rather sinisterly.

Tig nodded and marched on over. Bella held the man up as Tig beat the ever living shit out of him. The man went limp in her hold and Bella dropped him where she stood. She took her boot to his jugular afterward.

“Take a good look. Because our faces are the last thing you’ll ever see. I hope you rot in hell, you homophobic piece of SHIT!”

Bella kicked him across the face and the man rolled over, covering his face.

Tears streamed down her face as she hunkered down. She cupped the man’s chin and forced him to look upon her.

“He’s your son. Whether you agreed with his lifestyle, or not… It didn’t give you the right.”

The man gritted his teeth and spit in Bella’s face. Bella let out a bit of a growl and wiped the blood and spit off with the back of her hand. Tig snatched him up and brought the man against him. He sent him one hell of a jab to the gut.

“I want you to die knowing I’ll be sharing your son’s bed. I’ll be the one kissing him goodnight and pressing my hard as fuck morning wood against him. And when he starts to go down on me… I’m going to pull that hair of his and look him in the eyes. You see, I don’t have say it… He already knows. So the fuck with you, man!”

Bella swallowed back as this was Tig at his sincerest moment. He stuffed the man back inside and Bella helped in setting everything up. They cleaned up any evidence of them having been in the car itself. Tig gave that final blow and Bella pressed the man’s foot up against the gas. She slammed the door shut directly after and they watched as the man went over the cliffs and straight into the ocean.

Tig reared back as Bella was headed for the wooded area.

“You coming or not?!” She hollered and the man shrugged as he followed.

He looked on rather impressed as Bella had her GTO hidden within the area.

“You didn’t honestly think I’d leave us stranded, now did you?”

Tig chuckled and hopped on in.

“So what now?” Bella asked as they were parked at the bar.

Tig looked to his bike in thought.

“Guess I keep laying low…” He said with a shrug.

“Tig, Clay doesn’t own you. SAMCRO is just as much your family. He can’t keep you away from the club.”

Tig sort of laughed.

“If I don’t follow through with my orders; he’ll kill me.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?”

Tig nodded and Bella shook her head.

“I thought SAMCRO was a brotherhood.”

“Come on, sweetheart. Look at how he’s treated you… and you’re the VP’s old lady. His own stepson… And he put a hit on you, like it was nothing.”

“I don’t get it… If I treated my crew anything like Clay treated you guys, I’d be dead by now. The leader is only as strong as their team. And each of you is falling apart… Now’s the time to take him down. Talk to the others; let them know the truth behind what’s going on. They’re not about to let anything happen to you. Hell, come to mine and Jackson’s engagement party. I know for a fact Clay won’t be there. That would be the perfect time to reveal the truth.”

“At your engagement party?!”

“Well yeah… Why not?!”

“Wouldn’t that take the attention off you two?”

“Pffft, I never wanted the party to begin with. That was Gemma’s doing. I’m not one for making a big spectacle about things, trust me. We’ll be fine.”

“You’re certain Clay won’t be there?”

“Gemma kicked him out.”

Tig regarded Bella in disbelief.

“You didn’t know?”

He shook his head no and Bella went on to tell Tig what Clay had pulled. But it was during this that the guilt hit and hardcore.

“Hey…” Tig whispered with concern.

“I never told Jackson about what I did to Clay. Fuck.”

Bella pinched her eyes shut.

“And I just promised to be more forthcoming… God dammit!” Bella punched at her steering wheel.

Tig reached over and ran a soothing hand along her back.

“Come on, doll. Don’t beat yourself up over it. I’m sure he’ll understand.”

“You don’t get it. Jackson was pretty mad the last time I pulled something like this.”

Tig nodded in thought.

“Then tell him.”

Bella looked over and Tig popped a cigarette into his mouth.

“Go to him. Tell him the truth. Trust me. It’d be better coming from you rather than Clay.

“It’s four in the morning…”

“Doesn’t matter. If Jax sees it’s you knocking on his door at four am, he’s not about to you turn away.”

“He gave me a key actually.”

Tig smiled on this.

“Even better. Butter him up with a nice breakfast. Then you can rip that Band-Aid off.”

Tig pecked her on the cheek then opened his door.

“How you getting the bike back?”

“Can’t have a one night stand if my bike’s missing, now can we?” She hinted and Tig nodded finding himself impressed once again.

“You’ll take me to get it in the morning and by you… I mean Dizzy. Goodnight, Tig.”


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14 thoughts on “Chapter 18 – Believer”

  1. I love that scene out of the Furious movies. oh my god it reminded me of Tokyo drift. when sean was learning to drift. Absolutely perfect! loved the short scene with Dom too. that was wicked. especially when she was in the race and his words came her mind. As for Jax and Op. About damn time. Chibs is going to flip when he finds out his Pres. lied to him. As for the Homophobic of a father that Derk has. Couldn’t of happen to a nicer guy.. that is one person that didn’t need to be around Derk. Bella and Tig set him free. and the words that Tig Said to him is just classic! wicked chapter. kudos to your muse!

  2. So I teared up as soon as I saw that picture of Dominic. Because I knew it was coming and I absolutely hated it. I had a special place in my heart for Hahn, our sweet little Asian. But I am so glad that they finally got that asshole what he deserved. though I am kind of anxious about Ope and Jax and Piney turning in their kuttes. Absolutely love this chapter

  3. Poor Han. Looks like Bella can’t argue about the penthouse anymore.

    Finally! Didn’t think Tig would kill Bella. Glad he told her about Clay.

    What guarantee do they have that Clay won’t show up at Gemma’s?

    And who sent all those guys after Bella? Clay only seems to have Tig.

    Happy to see that Derk’s old man got what was coming to him.

  4. While I’m at it…me thinks you should totally do a Fast & Furious crossover… If anyone could pull it off it would be you. Just sayin. 😁

  5. Hahahahah I could totally imagine half sack poking inside the car.

    Toretto! * -* I love him and everyone else from Fast and Furious. It’s a shame there are few Twilight / Fast and Furious stories. Just like Twilight / Sons of Anarchy. Those few that exist are diamonds. Your stories mostly.

    No!!! Not Han. RIP 😦

    Damn it! Jax and Opie left the Sons. I did not want this to happen, but I do not think there’s any other way, right? Either they go out, or they end up killing Clay and digging their own graves, considering that the other Sons would retaliate. I hope the shit hits the fan soon, so that everything will be settled, at least in relation to Clay, and they will return to the MC. With Jax taking his rightful place on the hammer.

    Poor Tig. I hope he does not ruin this friendship that is forming between him and Bella. And he can get rid of this thing that is being Clay’s bitch.

    Hmm … Who is this nomad?

    Good thing Tig was honest with Bella, about Clay telling him to kill her.

    This damn homophobic got what he deserved. And it was late already.

    I loved this chapter!

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