Chapter 26 Black Days

Chapter 26 – Black Days

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Gemma staggered back once Abel and Bella stepped out of the bathroom. Jax smiled while observing his mother’s reaction. She clamped a hand over her mouth and started to cry.

“Gemma?” Bella called with concern.

Gemma shook her head as she fought to gain her composure.

“He’s perfect.” She managed to say and Bella let out a breath of relief.

Gemma hunkered down and waved her grandson over.

“I gotta hug you, sweet boy.”

Abel smiled as Gemma scooped him up and hugged him.

“Who came up with this?!”

Jax pointed to Bella and Gemma looked to her in sheer amazement.

“You did this?”

Bella nodded and Jax chuckled.

“I hadn’t anything to do with it. She thought that up on her own.”

“He looks just like you at that age. And with that cut…” Gemma looked her grandson over once again.

“Baby, you did good.” She said surprising Bella.

“I gotta get a picture.”

As she said this Dizzy grabbed ahold of Bella and dragged her into another room.  Bella regarded Dizzy in question.

“You’re not going in that, are you?” Dizzy said in disapproval.

Bella looked to her jeans and t-shirt in question.


“It’s your first Halloween, as a family!”

“I’m a little old to be dressing up…” Bella scoffed.

“Pfft, I knew you’d pull something dull like that.”

Bella narrowed her eyes as Dizzy retrieved a bag from her backpack. She tossed it over and Bella caught it. She took a peek inside and looked to Dizzy wide eyed.

“I can’t wear that. My future mother-in-law is out there and we’re taking Abel trick or treating.”

“What’s wrong with it…?”

“It’s a little…”

“A little what?”

“Risqué… That would be more fitting if Jackson and I were hitting a club.”

“Then hit one afterward! But either way, you’re wearing this. I bought it for you! And it would be rude to turn down a gift, now wouldn’t it?”

“Dizzy…” Bella hissed.

“Oh stop that. Let loose for once. Have a little fun. Besides, just imagine the look on your man’s face when he sees you in that. He’s gonna stroke right there.”

“Yes, because that’s what I want. For Jackson to kill over.”

“What better way than the ultimate erection?!”

“Dizzy…” Bella uttered behind a snort.

“Just put the damn outfit on and let me fix you up, please?!”

“Fine… I always wanted a mother-in-law that thinks I’m a hoochie.”

“Aw, so glad I could help!”

Jax was kicked back and drinking a beer when Dizzy and Bella stepped into the living room.

“Ho-ly shit…” Jax uttered and spilt beer all over himself as he shot to his feet.

Dizzy giggled at Jax’s reaction. Jax combed his hair back with his fingers and gawked at his old lady. She was in a little orange prison jumpsuit. The belt she wore had a pair of handcuffs attached to it. The jumpsuit itself zipped in the front and it was showing just enough cleavage to fuck with that mind of his. She wore knee high boots with the outfit and left her hair down and free flowing, which only added to the whole effect.

“See… I told you so.” Dizzy whispered and smacked Bella on the ass.

“Dizzy…” Bella scolded with a flushed face.

Gemma entered the room and froze, as she too got a good look.

“I didn’t realize we were filming a porno in the cabin…” Gemma remarked.

“I volunteer as tribute.” Jax muttered then winked Bella’s direction.

“Things I don’t want to know about…”

“I’ll have you know that Jackson and I have never had sex.” Bella mocked.

“Sweetie, if you’re going to lie at least make it believable. That’s like going outside and saying the sky is polka dot.” Gemma declared and Dizzy died of laughter.

“See?! Even she knows you two…” Bella slapped a hand over Dizzy’s mouth.

“Don’t give me a reason to have to wear this behind bars tonight…”

“Hell, if you get arrested in that… I’m robbing a bank or somethin’. I’m joining you somehow.”

“I’m not bailing you two out of anything. So just keep that shit in mind.” His mother made clear.

“Don’t wanna be bailed out…” Jax uttered a certain way and Gemma rolled her eyes.

“Hm, can we take my grandson trick or treating now?!” Gemma impatiently asked.

Dizzy headed off as she was the only one that stayed behind, everyone else was back in Charming. Jax grabbed his keys and they followed him out the door. They hit a neighborhood just a few miles from the cabin. They weren’t taking any chances. They’d reveal the news to Gemma afterward.

“Make sure you say thank you.” Bella reminded after he hit his first house.

“Tay you?” He said looking rather confused as he looked into his bag.

He reached inside and showed his father the candy he’d gotten.

“Pretty cool, huh?”

Abel put it back in his bag and they lead him to another house. Bella couldn’t get over how cute Jax and Abel were side by side. They were dressed just the same. She took a few pictures here and there, while Jax took him around the neighborhood. Some of the parents were giving them dirty looks and one mother went as far as to cover her son’s eyes when they spotted Bella. Gemma laughed in response.

“Look at these repressed suburban bitches.” She muttered under her breath and Bella laughed.


Other than that, everything went well. That was until they came up to a particular house. This was the house of an older couple and the man that lived there had a problem with Jax and Abel, the moment he opened the door.

“Oh come on…” They heard Jax grumble as the man denied Abel any candy and went on to give some to the other trick or treaters.

“That’s not a costume. That’s a future criminal, like his father.” The man scoffed and slammed the door in their faces.

Bella’s entire face lit up and Gemma was quick to take her by the hand.

“Not in front of Abel…” She whispered and Bella sighed.

“Bastard…” Bella muttered.

Gemma wrapped her arm around Bella’s shoulder and led her away from the house. She herself wanted to teach the old prudes a lesson. But knew now wasn’t the time. There were too many children and other parents around. They hit a couple more houses and Abel had had enough. Jax had to carry him the rest of the way back to the truck. It was on the way back to the cabin, the truth came out. Bella handed Gemma the money they gathered, while doing their best to keep their voices low. They didn’t want Abel to hear what they were saying. That would make things even harder if he started to cry.

Gemma teared up a bit but understood and promised to take good care of him. She could tell that this was breaking Jax and Bella’s hearts. Both of them looked to be on the verge of a meltdown. But she herself knew they had no choice.

“Stay at the house and let NO ONE know where you are. I mean, mom.” Jax said as he went on about the rules and what all precautions his mother needed to take.

“I’ll send one of the boys to check on you in a few days.” He said as they pulled up to the cabin.

Bella looked to Abel through the rearview mirror. She’d a knot within the back of her throat as she was doing her best to keep her emotions intact. Jax wasn’t doing any better. He thought back to when Abel was kidnapped and had that heart sinking feeling. He just got him back, or so it felt, and here he was having to send him away. But he’d be damned if he went and got Abel kidnapped again, or worse… killed. The president recoiled in thought. He and Bella stepped out of the truck and went on to help Gemma pack.

“Fill up, first station you hit and don’t turn back. Just head straight to the ranch.”

“Gotcha.” Gemma said behind a few tears.

She forced that smile then hugged and kissed them both. Bella and Jax took their time hugging and kissing Abel goodbye. Abel hadn’t a clue and that’s the way they wanted it. No need to make things harder on Gemma then it was already. Abel was sure to notice something within a few days. So Bella and Jax planned on doing whatever they could to hurry up and fix this. Gemma hit the road and they waved them off with broken hearts. Jax wrapped his arm around Bella then pecked her on the cheek.

“It won’t be long…” He said but more like he was trying to reassure himself that just as much.

Bella leaned into his chest and they had a moment of silence. But it didn’t last long as Bella headed into the cabin. Jax was having himself a smoke, when she came back. She had a trash bag filled  with toilet paper and egg cartons.

“What are you up to?” He questioned with a smirk.

“We’re going to fuck up that asshole’s house. Nobody tells our son he can’t have any fucking Halloween candy.”

Jax raised his brows and placed a hand over his heart as if in awe.

“That is the sweetest thing I ever heard.”

But what had him even more in awe? Was how she referred to Abel as their son.

Jax high fived Bella once they finished stringing the toilet paper around the trees.  After that they went on to egg the cars as well.

“…shit…” Jax uttered as the porch light came on.

Bella giggled as they took off running and hopped into the truck. Jax hurried on out of there, before they were spotted.

“That ought to keep them busy.” Jax said as he rolled down the windows and turned on the radio.

Bella continued to laugh off and on and Jax smiled.

“Open that glove compartment, baby.”

Bella looked to him in question but did as requested. Her jaw dropped as he had a perfectly rolled joint inside.

“Don’t light that shit up yet. We’ll do that back at the cabin.”

“You are aware if we get pulled over…”

“I think pot is the least of our worries…”


“Besides, that’s not even enough to keep us overnight. And with that little getup… I’m damn near tempted.”

Jax reached over and ran his hand up along her thigh.

Fuck…” He muttered under his breath.

He took the turn for the cabin and Bella shut the glove compartment. She looked to the joint in hand.

“You smoke a lot?” She asked out of curiosity.

“Not really.” He said with a shrug.

“Have to be in the mood for it.”


“That was my first time…” Bella admitted and Jax smiled.

“That certainly explains it. You fucking crashed afterward. And I mean crashed… Nothing was waking you up.”

“You planning on taking advantage of me?” She said behind a flirtatious smile.

“Oh yeah…” He uttered and bucked off the seat a bit.

Just the idea of Bella getting all touchy feely with him again, had him riled up.

“Do you even remember how you were…?” He asked.


“Yeah…  You were all over me. Brought me back to the old days, you know before…” Jax trailed off as he didn’t want to ruin the mood.

“Finding out about the other bitch in your life?” Bella finished but with a playful grin.

“Now darlin,’ there’s only been two bitches in my life and you’re not one of them.”

Bella smiled in response. Jax took her hand and kissed it. He pulled up to the cabin and killed the engine.

“I’m not saying you’re not like that now…”

“I know I’m not the same, Jackson. I’m sorry.”

Don’t. I did this.”

Jax pulled her into his lap.

“I hurt you and since then it’s been a world of turmoil. I’m lucky you’re even here. We both know that. I didn’t deserve your forgiveness, never have. I only wish I could go back and take that pain way. You were not the one I wanted to hurt. I loved you, just as much as I do now. Hell, if anything I love you more and more each day. So let’s go into that cabin. Smoke us some pot, drink, and go back in time.” Jax looked at her cleavage and shook his head.

“What I wouldn’t give to be in full pig gear right now. I’d read you your rights, all fucking night…”



“You don’t think I’m cold… Do you?”

Jax reared back as Bella had this fearful look in her eyes.

“Why would you ask me something like that?”

“I don’t want to be another Tara in your life.”

“Oh fuck, that’s not what I meant. Not even close. Bella baby, I only meant that you’re a little more guarded now and I understand why. All I want is to gain back that trust. But I know these things take time. It’ll never be like it was, I’m not that foolish. I suppose my biggest fear is you looking at me one day and having nothing in your eyes. The way you’re looking at me, right now. I can’t lose that. So I need you to tell me if there ever comes a time where those feelings are fading. That way I can fix it, before it’s too late.”

“That won’t happen.”

“You think that now. But marriage has a funny way of testing that. You’re young and haven’t been where I am. I suppose that’s where my fear stems from. This is it for me. I don’t want to dive in to the whole dating and marriage scene again. I’m done. You’re it. And if anything happens to you, or us. I’m still done. It ends with you. Because I’m giving you my all. My heart and soul, they’re yours. And I don’t want them back. I’m giving them to you, because you’re the only one I trust with those two things. So don’t take what I said and twist into something else. Because I sure as hell didn’t mean that.  All I want is to make you that happy again. You hadn’t a care in the world and you were always smiling. And knowing the truth behind your past, only adds to those moments, because I made you that happy. I don’t know how but I took all that pain away. And I only know that because of what Op said. He said you were better and happier when you were with me. But I went and ripped it all away when you found out about Tara. I was just another lie your life. And the way you looked at me when you found out… That’s the look I’m talking about. I knew we were done and I knew you hated the very air I breathed. That was one of the scariest moments in my fucking life. The one person, besides Abel I wanted to make happy. The one person that saw me in a different light from everyone else. I took her heart and tore it into pieces. Of course you’re not the same, you never will be. I have no one to blame but myself. But never doubt my feelings for you. I’m not going anywhere, Bella. You’d have to shot my ass and be done, if you wish to rid of me now. You got me and I hope I got you. I want us to get married, add to our little family, and when we’re old and ready. I want us buried side by side.  Because this…” Jax tapped his finger along her engagement ring.

“Might be till death do us part. But I’m not letting you go that easy. It’s like I told you already… I’ll hunt your ass down, even in death. Heaven, hell, don’t matter. They better be ready for me. Because I’m gonna be with my girl, my one and only.”

“Jackson, you make me happy, more than you’ll ever know. But it’s like you said… It’s been one thing after another and we barely have time to breathe, much less think. It’s constant. Don’t give up on me.”

“Never, not in a million years.”

Jax opened the driver’s side door and helped her down. She headed inside and Jax followed. He tilted his head every now and then as he watched her walk. He could make out the curve of her ass with each step she took and it was maddening.

Jax locked everything up behind him. Jax looked to the couch and it was like a sense of déjà vu hitting him. This was their go to when they were seeing one another back in the day. This cabin held a lot of memories for them. Seeing her on that couch and with just the two of them here now… It messed with his mind, but in the best of ways. He felt as if he’d entered some sort of time warp. Jax raised his brows and merely watched as Bella crossed her legs and lit that joint.

“Sexiest damn criminal I ever laid eyes on.” He muttered then strutted on over.

“You are the literal definition of an angel with fucking horns.” Jax took a drag off the joint then blew it into her mouth, like he did the other day.

He couldn’t get over how sexy that was, watching her inhale it; in that little outfit, nevertheless. He truly felt as if he were on the set of a porno. Bella ran her hands along him, just as she did that day and Jax was eating it up. For every hit he took, he kissed a part of her body. It was then that Jax realized it wasn’t just her that was letting go. Sadly, he too had changed. Maybe this was something they needed, not so much the weed, no. But time… Time as in letting everything go and just being them. No Wraith, Phantoms, or SAMCRO business, just Jax and Bella. Jax kept it in mind to start making that time. Maybe it would bring back what they once had, before he fucked everything up. Jax laid her down and kept quiet as he hovered over her and shared that joint.

“Just enough innocence to keep me in line, sweet thang. But that bad girl side makes me want to do ungodly things to you…” He said as he took the last hit and put the joint out into a nearby ashtray.

Jax unzipped her outfit and had her breasts exposed.

“Hmm… no bra. You really are a bad girl.” He uttered in full on lust.

“You know, I fucking hate cops. But what I wouldn’t give to be one right now.” Jax slid his hand up along the prison jumpsuit. He teased her by running his fingers along her panties.

“I’d pull you over and have you arrested for that joint you’ve been smoking. Your only way out… is to make me one hell of a deal.”

Jax raised his brows as this was spurring her on.

“Is that what you want, lil darlin’? You want to be punished?” Jax had this heady feeling and nothing was stopping him.

Everything he said he could see playing out in that head of his. He was just going with whatever came to mind. He had her so worked up that her panties were already soaked. Jax breathed her in and this caused his eyes to roll back. He licked the crotch area of that little outfit and moaned.

“I think it’s time I gave you that strip search. I gotta make certain you’re not hiding anything.”

This made a first for Jax. He’d been with plenty of women. But never did he go all out with the whole role play fantasy. He wasn’t kidding. If he had the means, he’d find him a fucking uniform and car. He’d give her the real deal and then some. Leave it to Bella to make Jax want to be a pig for a day. And only because he wanted to play… Jax removed her little jailbird outfit and just gawked at her for a moment.

“So fucking sexy.” He muttered under his breath.

She was still a little cut up and bruised but so was he. For whatever reason, that only added to the whole prison girl thing. He found it a bit of a turn on. Not that he liked that she’d been through that shit. Jax kissed along those areas and even licked a few. He went on with that “search” by slipping a couple fingers inside.

“Hmm… Nothing yet, but you could be hiding something…” He moved his fingers about and gave her a more thorough search.

“Tight little thing aren’t you?”

Jax removed his fingers and sighed.

“I’m not very convinced… I think deeper penetration is on order.” Normally, he’d feel corny as fuck saying some shit like that. But his old lady was in another world at the moment and he wanted to keep her there. Her hands were all over him and she was arching that back of hers and moaning up a storm.

Jax placed himself inside then took his time teasing her.

“Something wrong…?” He asked as she gave him that ‘look’.

He continued in this slow and steady, torturous pumping. Bella gritted her teeth and was desperate to more friction off him.

“Say it… I want to hear you say it.” He ordered.

Jax grabbed her wrists then pinned her down. He looked her right in the eyes.

“I’ll give it, after you tell me how fucking bad you want it.”

“FUCK ME JACKSON!” She said behind a growl of her own.

Jax smiled and thrust with everything he had. Sure he was sore as fuck and he knew she was as well. But the weed seemed to help in bringing the pleasure with the pain. He observed her body language and made certain he wasn’t hurting her. One look however said it all… Jax didn’t break stride and kept on going. He might as well buy a new fucking couch, he thought but with a massive grin. He had his girl flooding this one. She was clearly just as backed up as he was and he himself had already came. But he was nowhere near done. He wanted that cum of his oozing out of her. Just the thought of it running on down her legs drove him mad.

“Don’t you even think about stopping. Keep cumming. Ruin this fucking couch!” He demanded and Bella gasped back as she came yet again.

She looked to Jax in downright shock and he chuckled.

“God I love the way your body calls to mine. You’re putty in my hands.”

This right here was the way things used to be. They’d have these marathons then they’d hold one another for hours on end. They wouldn’t leave the cabin or hotel, depending on where they were. Jax hated the moments where he had to leave. He’d lie and tell her that he had to go to work. Of course there were times he went straight to work. But she hadn’t a clue he had a woman and child to come home to. To this very day he felt like the lowest of scum of the earth for betraying her trust like that. That’s how he knew he could never hurt her like that again. Jax threw his head back in a finish and the both of them were covered in sweat. He rolled on over and pulled her into his arms.

“You’re keeping that outfit… Just so you know.”

Bella giggled in response and Jax kissed her forehead. It wasn’t long before Bella was out. Jax however couldn’t sleep. He kept thinking about that phone conversation with James and how she’d be working for Mr. Putlova when they got back. He carefully inched his way off the couch. He draped a blanket over her then kicked back on the recliner. She looked so innocent when she slept. She truly looked like that of an angel he thought as he had himself a smoke. And tried as he might… he couldn’t get those thoughts out of his head. Was this the last night they’d spend together? Jax shook his head as he came to his feet. He hated this feeling. He told his girl to have some faith in him. But Jax wasn’t so sure he had that much faith in himself. Could he achieve this and keep everyone alive? What would happen to Bella if Mr. Putlova caught wind of what Jax was up to? It could cost Bella her life. She’d be of no use to him and everyone knew what happened when you were of no use to the Russians. Jax recoiled in thought. Then he had this James guy to worry about… Someone from her past. Someone that raped and killed her best friend and made her watch as he did it. He made it clear that he’d make her his. Jax’s hand balled up into a fist as he finished that cigarette. Jax had every intention of beating James to the punch and making him HIS. He’d regret the day he even looked Bella’s direction.

Bella called Jackson’s name out in her sleep then curled up into a ball. Jax walked on over. He kissed his fingers then brought those fingers against her lips. After this he headed outside for some fresh air.

“Jackson?” Bella called as she entered the kitchen.

Jax nodded her direction then went on to flip the omelets he was making.

“Those smell really good…”

He chuckled as she welcomed herself to a plate of bacon.

“Coffee’s ready if you wanna pour us a cup.”


There was just something about this cabin. It put them more at ease and it truly felt like the old days. Jax raised his brows as Bella pecked him on the cheek before getting to that coffee. He reached out and took her hand into his own.

“You feel it too, don’t you?”

“Yeah…” She said with a smile.

“I missed this.”

“Me too.”

Jax let go of her hand then placed the omelets onto a plate.

“Once a month, we come here. Just me and you, I mean baby. I want this time back.”

“I’m game.”

Bella sipped at her coffee and got rather emotional. Jax looked over with concern.

“I didn’t realize just how different things were…” She admitted.

“All my doing… But I’m gonna make up for it. That’s why I want us to keep that promise. Once a month, no matter what we come here for a night, at least.”

“I can do that.”

“During the summer, I’d like for Abel to spend sometime here as well. I loved it when I was little. Camping out back with the old man. We’d fish in the morning.” Jax said with a smile.

“Those memories were pretty rare… I guess that’s why I hold on to them. Clay came into the picture and the old man was pretty much kicked to the curb.”

Bella shook her head in thought.

“What was your mother thinking?”

“I haven’t a clue. But I can see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice when she talks about JT. She has her regrets.”

Bella handed his cup of coffee over.

“Thanks darlin’.”

Bella nodded and sat at the dining room table.

“Didn’t you say that JT and Clay were best friends?”

Jax nodded.

“I can’t even imagine. How could Clay look him in the eyes…?”

“That’s what I’d like to know. Then again, there was a lot of bs in the club around that time. Everyone had their secrets and it wasn’t really a brotherhood.”

“Well there’s big difference now.”

Jax tilted his head on this.

“Ever since you took over as president… Things have changed, for the better, just as you said it would.”

“Still a long ways to go…” Jax uttered as he placed a forkful of omelet into his mouth.

“Yeah, but you’re halfway there.”

“Thank you and thanks for the titty shot!”

Bella reared back then looked down as Jax pointed. Bella snorted and retied her robe.

“Should’ve left it as it was…” He murmured with a shrug.

They froze however as that familiar ringtone sounded. Jax leaned back with a frown as Bella answered the phone.

“What do you want?”

“Now is that anyway to talk to your man, my little ballerina?”

Jax’s hands balled up into fists as he heard this. Bella went to step outside but Jax stopped her. He pulled her into his lap and listened in on the conversation.

“You’re not my man.”

“Hm, we’ll just see about that. I see that you haven’t come home yet…”

“Been a little busy.”

“Well I hope you’re able to wrap things up soon. We have plans tonight, remember?”


“I said I’d find you. But you’re making that awfully difficult. I told you I’m a romantic. Makes it hard to surprise you if I have to call ahead of time.”

“Was never one for surprises.”

“Oh believe me… This one’s to die for.”

                Jax swallowed back on how James said this.

“Let’s just say I found a way to go back in time. We can start over, darlin’. But first’s things first…” 

“And what would that be?”

“You need to break things off with the other rooster. You see I’m a very jealous man and I’m not much for sharing.”

“Funny, considering how you didn’t seem to mind back in the day.”

“Things are different now. I want you all to myself. So be a good girl and do as you’re told. I don’t want to see this biker by your side anymore. And ditch the ring, you won’t be needing it.”

“I’m not dumping him.”

“Dump him… Or I’ll do it for you.”

                Bella hopped to her feet on this.

“You’re not touching him!”

“Then you had better do what you’re told. Hurry home, love. I miss your lovely face.”

“You want me to come home?” Bella hissed in such a way.

“That’s right, baby.”

“Fine. I’ll come home.”

“Ah now… no need to be ugly about it.”

“Oh this isn’t ugly. You haven’t seen me ugly, not yet. We’ll just see how tonight goes.”

“Hmmm… I’m looking forward to it.”

James hung up and Bella rushed in order to get ready. Jax pinched the bridge of his nose.

Already starting… He bitterly thought. He hoped they could enjoy a nice breakfast at least. But it looked like they were diving right on into the deep end. He heard the shower start and Jax dumped the food into the trash. He hadn’t an appetite now and he doubt his old lady did. This guy had some fucking nerve. Jax rinsed everything off and got dressed. Bella stepped out in just a towel and Jax tossed one of his SAMCRO shirts over and a pair of his sweatpants. Neither of them said a word as they got dressed and headed on out. They were about halfway to Charming when Jax pulled over. He took Bella’s hand into his own then looked her in the eyes, as he took off the engagement ring.  He pocketed it and Bella had tears streaming down her face.

“This isn’t over, not by a long shot. But I’ll be damned if he goes and hurts you because you’re wearing this.”

“Don’t take my ring, Jackson…” She pleaded and Jax closed his eyes on this.

“Bella baby, he’s working for the Russians.”

“But I’m not marrying James! This is fucking bullshit!”

“No you’re not and he’s not about to fuck you either. I’ll find you. Wherever he takes you tonight, I’m gonna be there.”

“They’ll be keeping watch.”

“Something tells me they’re not keeping that much of an eye on James. This is obviously someone in their circle of trust or they wouldn’t let him alone with you.”

Jax cleared his throat in thought.

“So here’s the plan. This is someone that damn near watches your every move. You’re going to break up with me at the clubhouse. I’m talking rip my fucking heart out. Say some real shit too, baby. Make Uncle Op and Gramps believe that shit themselves. We have to sell this. Because I’ll be damned if he goes and does the unthinkable.”

“It’s your life I have to worry about, not mine!” She argued and Jax nodded.

“You heard what he said.”

“I’ll be fine.”

Bella shook her head and looked out the window. Jax knew this was breaking her heart. And it was killing him just as much. First Abel and his mother, now his old lady?

“It’s not real but only we will know that.”

“And what would be my reason for dumping you?”

“Do you really need one?”

Bella regarded him in question.

“Come on, darlin’. I said make it real. There are plenty of things you could legit dump my ass for and we both know that!”

Bella still had this look of bewilderment. Jax shook his head. He hated bringing all this shit up, but he knew it would help her think of a valid argument.

“We always got Tara. In fact, I haven’t told you that she set you up as the rat and she was the actual rat this entire time. Oh and get this… she skipped town. I haven’t a clue where the fuck she is. Turns out Kozik, Rat, and Clay knew about Tara and they never said a fucking word. Tara wanted you dead and she thought the best way of going about that was to turn us Sons against you. If that didn’t work, at least you’d be facing major time in prison. But she didn’t think about the fact that she ratted on SAMCRO and not just you. So she’s in some deep fucking shit if we ever find her. Oh, and I was thinking about turning the porn biz into an actual escort service. That would bring in more girls and actual clients, meaning more money.”

Bella reared back on this and Jax nodded. He hadn’t told her that he and Opie had a big fight about that. It was because of Opie that Jax turned that Nero guy’s offer down. Opie hadn’t any issue in reminding Jax about Bella and how she wouldn’t put up with that shit. Bella hadn’t a clue that the meeting even took place, because Opie made Jax promise that he’d never be stupid enough to bring it up. But he decided to leave that all out for now.

“Are you trying to give me a legit reason to fucking dump you?!” She thundered in disbelief.

“Please tell me you’re joking.”

“Nope, I meet with this Nero guy next week.”

“Escort…” Bella sort of laughed.

“Fancy way of saying prostitutes. I guess that would make you a fucking pimp, right?”

Jax recoiled on the inside. This wasn’t fake now. Bella was truly pissed. But it’s what he needed. She was thinking too much with her heart and not her head. He hated how he was going about this. But she wasn’t about to sell it. He needed to make it more real. He only prayed that the dumping didn’t become the real thing. His heart sank in thought.

“It’s just money…”

“No, Jackson. These are women’s lives you’re talking about. They’re safe behind those walls. But you start sending them out to random men or clients, as you call them and they will end up raped, if not fucking killed! As for Tara… I knew the bitch was a fucking rat. But I hadn’t any proof. I told her that shit myself! So I’m not even surprised. It’s a shame you guys let her skip town!”

And now he was glad he followed Opie’s advice on that one. Opie wasn’t joking when he said his niece would dump his sorry ass and be done. Opie truly meant it. Jax was too close to the picture and had a Clay moment of only seeing the dollar signs. But he was glad he turned down the offer now. No amount of money was worth losing her.

“Yeah… I think I got my reason now.” She damn near growled.

Jax gave a simple nod and hit the road again. Bella didn’t as much as look at him. He’d let her in on the truth after he dealt with this James fucker. He knew the truth would still get him into some trouble, but it was better than having her believe that he was going through with this business arrangement anyhow. He hadn’t seen her this mad with him in quite sometime. This sucked, considering the amazing night they had last night.

Jax was on edge as he pulled into the SAMCRO parking lot. He wanted this to seem real alright, but he wasn’t so sure how real things were about to get. Things were tense the entire drive back. But this was how Jax did things. Like Bella mentioned before, he’s a planner. And he couldn’t afford NOT to sell this. Bella hopped on out of the truck. Jax climbed on out as well. His stomach was in literal knots as Bella was cutting him daggers. But he had to get this going…

“Don’t take it so personal. It’s business, SAMCRO’s at that.”

This naturally caught the attention of the guys as they were working in the garage. Opie nodded Chibs’s direction.

“That doesn’t look so good…” He muttered and Chibs nodded in agreement.

“This coming from the man that said we were in this together. That you weren’t keeping anything from me!”

Okay, that one was real as fuck and Jax knew it. He never meant to actually keep the escort meeting from her. That was Opie’s doing as they made a pact to keep it to themselves. But shit was about to get real and he knew he’d have to make Opie believe this shit too.

“You’re one to talk. Just how many times have you kept shit from me? You and your fucking Phantoms?!”

Bella let out miserable laugh.

“I haven’t kept shit from you since we vowed not to do that anymore. But clearly, it was one sided. First this shit with Tara being the goddamn rat and your MC letting her skip town, like it’s nothing. If I had been the actual rat, like I was accused of being. I would’ve been killed, on the spot. It wouldn’t matter that your VP is my uncle or that my gramps is one of the original nine. Rules are rules, right? It’s a wonder I didn’t end up dead back then! But this whole escort ordeal… no. I’m not down with that and I will never be. You want to get yourself knee deep in pussy and money then be my guest. But I won’t stand by and watch as you take your MC down with you. Getting out of guns and into the escort business is one of the stupidest fucking things I’ve ever heard. That’s not cleaning shit up. That’s swapping one demon for another. Only this time, you’re playing with women’s lives. Women that count on you and your MC for protection. You say these girls are family to you. No they’re not. They’re dollar signs with fishnet stockings. I know I said I’d have your back. But I can’t, not this time. You made this deal behind my back and didn’t care what I thought at the time. So good luck with that. You’re on your own, Jackson. Save that ring for someone that truly gets you. I’m not her.”

Jax staggered back as he “played” along. But still, he wondered how much of this was real coming from her end. He’d be sick if this was legit. He couldn’t concern himself with that right now. He had to keep this going.

Jax paced the area then he pointed to Bella with gritted teeth.

“So you’re running, is that what you’re saying? AFTER EVERYTHING, YOU’RE FUCKING RUNNING?!”

“No Jackson, I’m not running. I prefer to leave with my head held high. I said I’d marry Jackson Teller. I never said I’d marry a pimp running an escort service. That’s not a man. That’s a boy whose lost his way and let greed take over. I feel for Abel, having you to look up to. And what sickens me most… You had that boy calling me mommy, when you knew I’d never stand for this. I knew you’d rip my heart out. I just never dreamed you’d take Abel down with you. Such an asshole thing to do. Enjoy that green, Jackson. It defines you now. Congrats, on becoming the next Clay Morrow.”

Bella looked to her uncle and he sighed as he tossed her the keys to his truck. There was no disguising those tears as she took off.  The Sons looked to their president in disbelief.

“Did ye really go and make some sort of escort service deal?” Chibs questioned and Jax looked to Opie.

“You’re kidding… We discussed this and I thought we came to a mutual decision.”

“I never said yay or nay. You asked me to hear you out and that’s what I did.”

“Jesus fucking Christ, Jackson! How can you be so stupid?! I told you what it would do to your relationship. She’s right. This one’s on you, bro. Just when I thought you finally had your head out of your ass. To think… I defended your sorry ass when you were self-wallowing. Well you can go back to that wallowing.”

Chibs was shaking his head as well.

“When were ye gonna bring this up to the rest of us?”

“I needed to see what Nero said before making that vote.”

“Nero?” Chibs questioned.

“He manages that fucking escort service outside of Charming. Jax wanted to go into business with him and see about getting the girls out of porn and into the escort business instead. But this was months ago, I hadn’t a clue he was still considering it!”

“That’s quite a change. I wonder what our girls would have to say to that?” Chibs scoffed.

Jax gave a simple nod.

“I was president last time I checked.”

This had Juice rearing back as he couldn’t believe how Clay-like that sounded.

“Damn…” Juice whispered and Jax caught wind of this.

“You got a problem with that?”

“Aye now Jackie boy, I’d tread lightly. I don’t think yer winnin’ anyone over on this one. Why don’t ye take the day off? Think aboot what yer doin’ and find a way to get that girl of yours back.”

“Nah, she don’t want him back. And I’m not so sure I want her taking him back…” Opie spat and headed into the clubhouse.

“Each of you will be thinking differently once we get out of guns. We’re gonna need that money.”

Jax wanted to vomit at his own words. That was the old Jax talking. And he hated that son of a bitch with a passion. That was the Jax that ripped his girl’s heart out and was following in Clay Morrow’s path. Jax never wanted to see that son of a bitch again. But he had no choice but to invite him back, in order to make this believable.

Each of the Sons looked to their president in shame. He said nothing on it and hit the road.

“Ye wanna talk aboot a complete 180. They were fine and now they’ve done broken up?!” Chibs scoffed in downright shock.

“Guess that gives you the chance to swoop on in…” Happy taunted.

This had Juice looking to the both of them in question.

“What’s that mean?” He curiously asked.

Chibs cut Happy a look of utter hell. Had he made it that fucking obvious?! Happy kept on working, like it was nothing.

“Nothing.” He uttered and chucked a wrench at Happy.

“Fuck man!” Happy bitched as it hit him on the leg.

“Say some shite like that again and ye and I are gonna have more than words, brother. That’s not something ye go and joke about. I love that, kid. And I’d never betray him or this club like that. I made an oath to him and this club and despite how Clay might’ve run things. I consider myself old school. I’m a brother through and through, to each and everyone of ye lowdown dirty fuckers!”

“Who are you trying to convince? Me or you?” Happy questioned and Chibs flipped him off.

Happy chuckled amongst himself and that’s when Chibs realized that Happy had been fucking with him. The Scot let his own emotions get the best of him and took what Happy said to heart. He was pissed with himself, but said nothing on it. Juice looked confused as ever but got back to work.

Jax took Bella’s engagement ring out from his pocket. He looked to it feeling somewhat broken at the moment. He told her he’d be wherever this James guy took her. So he had to live up to his word now. He’d focus on fixing this mess, once he dealt with James. For now, he had to find out whatever he could about vampires or vampire cults. Something he never dreamed of doing. This felt so bizarre. Then again, his and Bella’s lives were nothing but… Jax headed into one of the local bars and asked a few of the employees about any rumors of a vampire cult near Charming. After that phone call, he hadn’t any doubt that’s what James meant. He was going to make Bella relive that night. So he had to find out whatever he could about “local” vampires. The mere idea had him rolling his eyes. This was just as lame as it sounded. And the people he questioned looked to Jax like he’d lost his fucking mind. No one knew a thing… At least not until he hit the local pub, where he and the boys usually met with the kings about the cartel. It was an Irish pub just on the outskirts of Charming. The bartender was very knowledgeable in this particular cult. He mentioned something about an infamous bar by the name of O-Neg.

Jax had seen this place before but had never been inside. He always wondered why the place was called O-Neg and now it made perfect sense. This bartender went on and on about how this bar catered to all vampiric fantasies. In fact, it was so intense that you had to sign a waiver, just to get inside. They truly gave you the full experience. Anywhere from feeding, sex, and the drinks had some sort of vampiric like name. And it was more or less hinted that they did drugs and the girls prostituted themselves out. When Jax asked the bartender why this place hadn’t been shut down, the bartender shrugged. The local sheriff’s department and any other law enforcement usually turned their noses to something like this. This bar was just as ignored as the red light district by the projects. It was almost like an unspoken rule. If they don’t see it, it wasn’t happening. That and from the sounds of things the law actually went out their way to avoid this place. Jax wondered if the Russians owned this particular bar. Russians and their strippers… He thought with a scowl. He wouldn’t put it past those fuckers to be running some sort of joint like this. They were crazy ass fuckers to begin with. They were just as sex hungry as they were blood. If the mafia owned this particular establishment that explained everything. Even the law itself had loved ones at home and that’s the first threat the Russians went to and it wasn’t so much a threat as much as it was a promise. No one was safe if you crossed their path. It didn’t matter if you wore a badge or not. That’s how serious this shit was. And now his girl was probably on her way to this particular bar. She’d be facing James and these Russian fuckers on her own. The thought was enough to send a chill up his spine.

Would he even make it there in time?! And what would he walk in on exactly. He thought back to Opie’s story. About how these guys drugged her and raped her friend. Jax hadn’t a drink yet he stumbled on out the bar like he was drunk. The more he thought on the possibilities, the sicker he felt. He climbed onto his bike and thought of a way to enter this bar, discreetly as possible. The last thing Bella needed was for Jax to give her away. But in order to get into this bar… He’d have to fit in. That meant he had to put up the bike and dress the part. A fucking Emo Jackson Teller? The mere thought had him curling his lip in disgust. This was some fucking bullshit. He’d pulled off his share of disguises before. But this one took the cake, he’d much rather dress like a fucking woman. That and he had no idea how to even go about being ’emo’.

Jax let out a low growl as he called the one person he could think of.

“Yes boss?”

“Trager, I need your help…”

Tig shook his head once his president revealed the truth.

“Jesus… And you’re going in there, alone?”

“What choice do I have?”

“Well for starters, tell the others. That way they know you’re not a dick after all.”

“I am dick. We both know that.”

“No you’re not. You’re just a man backed into a corner and you think the only way about this is to go about it alone.”

“If we all go in there, she’s as good as dead.”

Tig sighed in thought.

“She hates me.” Tig narrowed his eyes as Jax was losing it, big time.

“I had to make it seem real. I promised that I’d never hurt her like that again.Yet I turn right around and do it anyway.”

“Are you drunk?” Tig questioned with concern as Jax’s words were slurring together.

“I wish.”

Tig planted his hands along Jax’s face and looked him over.

“You’re making yourself sick.”

“Tig, the more you jab away the more the danger she’s in. Can we wrap this shit up?!”

Tig drew back the deepest of breaths.

“Alright. Let’s get you emo’d up…” Tig said but with a bad feeling.

By the time Tig finished. Jax had black hair, fingernails, eyeliner, massacre, and eye shadow on. Tig had him put on a black hoodie and black skinny jeans.

“What the fuck?” Jax said as he grabbed his balls.

“What are these women’s jeans?!”

“No. Those are Raphael’s.”

“Our porn star?”


“With the nine inch cock?!”

“That’d be the one.”

“BULLSHIT! Look at my goddamn balls!” Jax made the mistake of saying and Tig tilted his head.

“On second thought… forget I said that shit!” Jax tested the jeans out and shook his head.

“How in the flying fuck am I supposed to walk in these? Bella and I were planning on having another child one day!”

“That’s if she lets you out of the doghouse…” Tig muttered and Jax sent him a look of hell.

“I’m just sayin’. It’s fucking Wraith. She’s not one to…”

“Trust me, I know.”

Jax looked to the time.

“I gotta go.”

“Alright. Just promise to call if you need anything.”

Jax gave a simple nod and Tig stopped him as he was heading out of Cara Cara.

“Don’t die and stuff, okay?”

“I’ll do my best.”

Tig hugged the hell out of him and watched as Jax went about his way. Just as soon as Jax was out of sight he took out his cellphone.

“Sorry boss, you can kick my ass for this later…” Tig whispered amongst himself then called the VP.

Bella shook her head as she did a walkthrough of the penthouse. She picked up one of Han’s broken vases and sighed.

“Sorry Han…” She whispered amongst herself.

The Phantoms were at one of the amateur races as Derk and Kip were up tonight. Bella wished she could be there but couldn’t take that chance now that she’d been made. That and she couldn’t get her and Jax’s “fake” fight out of her head. If he truly was about to run escort service, that would surely be the end of their relationship. Everything she said was on point and from the heart. And the way he reacted, had her on edge. That didn’t feel very fake. It wasn’t from her end. It truly was over if he had gone that much off the deep end. When did Jackson become so fucking selfish? And how dare he bring his son into this mess. That pang tugged at her heart and Bella leaned against the wall as she looked to the mess the Russians had left behind. Abel and that sweet smile of his entered her mind and Bella broke into sobs.

“How could you do this to me?” She cried as she thought back to Jax’s promise and how he wouldn’t tear her away from Abel like that.

But he had to of known that she wouldn’t stay, not with that reveal. She didn’t think that was very fair to her or Abel. How dare he pull this shit?! Bella hadn’t realized just how much Abel meant to her until now. The mere idea of not being in his life was killing her. Even more so at the thought of another woman taking her place one day. She wanted to be Abel’s mother. And Jax pissed that all away… Bella sucked back a painful breath and sunk to the floor.

“And to think… I thought you were faking that little scene.” Bella heard over what sounded like some sort of intercom.

Bella shot up at this and was looking around the room.

“Such a good girl, doing just as you’re told. You deserve something pretty. Why don’t you head downtown to Shelly’s Dresses and More. I’ve got a little something set aside for you. Not to worry it’s paid for. All you have to do is put it on in the dressing room.”

“You bugged my house…”

“Not exactly… Look to your left, darlin’.”

Bella looked over and saw that a desktop had been set up. Bella recoiled as James was on video cam and waving her direction.

“You sure kept me waiting. I don’t like waiting… And using another man’s birthday as the code to the house. Very naughty…” He said with a pouty face.

“Come closer. Let me see that pretty face of yours.”

Bella shook her head in protest and James sighed.

“Come now… No need to be shy. We’re sure to get to know one another, real soon.”

Bella growled under her breath as she made her way over. James leaned back in the chair he was sitting in and really looked her over.

“Hmm… Do put your hair up, as I love seeing that scrumptious neck of yours.  Maybe a little make up to cover those horrendous bruises. Oh, and make sure you wear some black heels. It never dawned on me that you needed shoes.”

“I don’t own any heels.” Bella said behind gritted teeth.

“Knee high boots perhaps?”


“Good deal. Alright, get yourself all dolled up. I’ll give you half an hour. I’ll be waiting…” He said and the screen went black.

That gave her about ten minutes to get ready, as the place he mentioned was a good twenty minutes out. Bella groaned amongst herself and hurried on up the stairs.

Jax welcomed himself to a booth in the far back and simply waited… The atmosphere made him uncomfortable, which was saying a lot, considering the things he’s seen. But that bartender wasn’t lying about the sheer amount of sex, feeding, and drugs. This was like one big horrific orgy. And that alone had Jax on high alert as he was on the lookout for his girl. He’d lose his fucking mind if he saw her in one of those goddamn orgies. Jax rolled his eyes as they even had a live band going. Everything they played had this gothic feel to it. At this point Jax couldn’t tell the difference between Goth or Emo. There seemed to be a mixture of both and they were engrossed into this vampiric fantasy. He saw a few people from town. They were in their usual clothes and diving into all this crazy as well. There were a few “vampires” with “fangs”. These were the ones giving the customers what they wanted. These particular customers had some sort of armbands on. And there was an actual registry area for customers to get their blood drawn and see if they were eligible to live out these fantasies. Jax assumed they were checking for any STD’s and things of that nature. The whole idea made him sick to his stomach.

“New face…” A man called from behind.

Jax chose to ignore this and stayed put. The man leaned over the booth and into Jax’s ear.

“And such a pretty face… Why are you sitting all on your lonesome, buttercup?”

Buttercup?! Jax thought and sipped at his drink before turning around.

“I’m a little on the introvert side.”

“Ah, so you’re shy.”

“Not exactly. Just prefer things from where I’m sitting.”

“Hmm… Sounds a bit dull.”

The man welcomed himself over to Jax’s booth. He waved one of the waitresses over.

“I’ll have an elixir and my new friend here will have…?”

“The guardian.” Jax said as that’s what he ordered before.

He hated pussy ass drinks like this. But figured his usual beer and whiskey would give him away. So he suffered through the vampire piss that tasted like Gatorade and gin. His only reason for choosing it was the name. He hoped it would bring him some luck in achieving that tonight.

“Oh, intriguing…” The man said with a certain beam about him.

The man was dressed rather nice to be in place like this. He wore a black suit and tie and he had the shiniest shoes Jax had ever seen. This was a man is most women would consider attractive, which surprised Jax even more. What was this guy’s deal? That and Jax didn’t appreciate the distraction. He didn’t have time for drinks and small talk. He needed to keep an eye out for his girl. It would be so easy to have her slip right on past. This place was surprisingly packed. Jax never realized just how many people craved this whole vampire fantasy. It creeped him the fuck out. The waitress brought their drinks over and the man insisted that he pay.

“With all due respect I’ll pay for my own drink and I don’t want any company tonight.” Jax did his best to make himself perfectly clear.

But this guy just wasn’t having it. He paid for his drink anyhow then waved the waitress off.

“Name your price…”

“Price?” Jax questioned in utter confusion.

“That’s right. How much should I offer for your company tonight? I’m talking drinks, a little dancing, a night cap. I’ll send you off in a pretty limo come morning.”

Jax reared back in disbelief. Was he seriously being solicited for entertainment purposes? Jax felt a bit odd being on the receiving end of that. He thought back to the escort service he was going to run until Opie knocked him down a few pegs. The man gave a simple nod and leaned back in his seat.

He lit up a cigar and waited for Jax’s reply.

“Don’t swing that way. Sorry.”

“I was afraid of that. But it didn’t hurt to try, right?”

Jax wasn’t sure what to say to that so he kept quiet. Everytime the bar doors opened he’d look to see who entered. The man took notice of this.

“I’m guessing you’re waiting for someone?”

“You could say that…”

“A she, I take it?”

Once again Jax didn’t reply. The man sighed and came to his feet.

“Enjoy your drink, buttercup.”

Jax nodded and the man acted as if he were about to walk away. He took a couple steps however and leaned into Jax’s ear once again.

“Four grand and free drinks for the night… What do you say?”

Jax raised his brows on this.

“You wanna pay me four grand for a date and fuck?”

“That’s right.”

The man was looking Jax over something fierce.

“No one will ever know. You can be as straight as you want after tonight.”

Jax resisted the urge to curl his lip in disgust. This guy was rocking one hell of a hard on.

“Don’t think my buttercup would approve.” Jax uttered but behind a forced smile.

The man smiled in return.

“She doesn’t have to know. We can go someplace else. And there’s a back exit if you’re afraid of her spotting you on the way out.”

This guy was fucking desperate. What Jax didn’t get was why him? Of all the noticeably gay guys in this club, this guy walks up to the straightest motherfucker possible. The strange man dug out a wad of money and went to place it into Jax’s hand. Jax gritted his teeth as he refused the money.

“Look bro, you’re starting to piss me the fuck off. I was being nice but you’ve done tripped up. Take your money and find someone else. I made it clear that I didn’t want any company and I’m sure as hell am not for sale.”

The guy closed his eyes and Jax let out a sneer as this had him even more worked up. The guy pressed himself up against Jax. The president grabbed the guy by the tie then looked him dead in the eyes.

“Fuck off, asshole!”

Bella entered this Shelly’s that James had mentioned. She headed for the register and asked about the dress they were holding. The woman gathered true beam.

“So you’re the lucky girl! I can only imagine how excited you must be. I wish my man would do something that romantic for me.”

The woman handed the dress over and pointed towards the dressing room.

“As promised…” She said and was practically dancing around the register.

This woman hadn’t a clue and she seemed rather scatterbrained. Bella didn’t comment however and headed into the dressing room with the dress. Bella rolled her eyes after she put it on. This was the raciest dress she ever wore in her life. It didn’t leave much to the imagination and even with her being rightfully pissed with him, Jax’s face came to mind. Bella placed a hand along the wall for support. She felt as if she’d pass out at the thought of wearing something like this with another man. She stepped into her boots and stuffed the clothes she had been wearing into the bag. Bella placed her leather jacket over the dress but found herself wishing her jacket was longer. She knew without a shadow of a doubt her ass cheeks would be showing, with each step she took. It would be hard enough keeping her nipples from being exposed. Fucking James… she thought with a scowl. What she wouldn’t give to neuter his sorry ass and watch him bleed to death.  Visions of Angela hit and Bella closed her eyes.

“Do you need some help?” The sales associate called.

Bella forced herself to snap out of it and exited the dressing room.

“I’m fine thank you.”

The woman frowned however and shook her head.

“Why on earth would you keep that dress covered?!”

Bella didn’t answer and went to leave the shop. The woman however stopped her and went on to remove her jacket. Bella stared the woman down and the woman gave an uncomfortable laugh.

“Sorry. Your man told me you’d do this. He made it clear that I needed to make certain you didn’t act like your usual shy self and cover up.”

Bella was boiling on the inside as this woman went on to primp her hair etc…

“Perfect! You’re stunning and just in time!” The woman spun Bella around and pointed towards James as he was waiting outside.

He was kicked back against another expensive race car and in his usual leather jacket and boots.

“You two have a blast. I’m so jealous!”

The woman opened the door and practically shoved Bella outside. Bella lost her footing and James rushed over to catch her.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“I’m fine.” Bella snapped and James smiled.

“Such a moody creature you are.”

James spun Bella around and got a good look at her.

“Now that’s more like it…” He hummed.

“Beautiful. I do wish they wouldn’t have roughed you up. People will assume I did those horrible things to you.”

He took her by the hand then led her towards the passenger side door. He opened the door for her and gestured for her to step inside. Once she was inside he shut the door. Bella looked around the car and shook her head. This was another Russian exclusive. This had her wondering just what all James did for these assholes. Whatever it was… they were taking pretty good care of him. But how did he get involved with them to begin with? And how did he know of her connection? James entered the car and cut on the radio. Bella cringed as it was the same song he had set as her ringtone.

“Where are we going?”

“Ah now, it’s a surprise, remember?”

James hit the road and Bella was doing her best not to have one of her attacks. But the further out they went, the harder that became. What was he planning? What would happen tonight? After a good eighteen minute drive, he pulled into a place known as O-Neg. James parked the car then hopped on out. He walked over and opened her door like a perfect gentleman. He even took her by the hand and escorted her into the bar. Everyone knew James by name and welcomed him with open arms.

Jax was still fuming over that asshole when he spotted Bella and James. It took everything within him not to hop up, rush over, and yank her out of that asshole’s arms. James was showing her off to everyone and very hands on. Bella had never looked so uncomfortable. And the dress she was wearing? She might as well be fucking naked. He knew that was James’s doing. Bella would never willingly dress like that unless it was for Jax in private. Damn near every guy she walked past was eye fucking her. James knew it too. He was eating this shit up. He had his arm around her and treated Bella like some sort of fucking trophy wife. Bella was the sexiest woman in this bar, without a doubt. In fact, she was pissing a few of the women off. Jax could hear them talking shit about what she was wearing and there was a lot of jealousy over who she was with. The bitch this and the bitch that and how she was undeserving of James’s affections. Jealousy at its finest. These bitches hadn’t a clue. This guy was rapist and murderer, at that. Yet they were fawning over him like he was The Lord Jesus Christ. Jax popped a cigarette into his mouth and watched as James led Bella to a booth. James had her slide in first. Jax hated that because he knew that meant Bella couldn’t escape if she needed to. And it was more than obvious that was James’s intention. In fact, he had Bella scoot on down into the corner. James left no breathing room and was practically in her lap.

Jax found himself a little relieved however, as he was beginning to fear that James would never show. He’d been here for two hours as it was and had four of those lame ass Guardian drinks so far. What he wouldn’t give for a beer. His entire body tensed up however as James leaned over and whispering something into Bella’s ear. Bella nodded and James smiled. Jax wanted to know what he fucking said. He’d never seen Bella this fucking miserable. She hadn’t any control of the situation and was at James’s misery. Jax did his best to keep discreet but kept an eye on them.  After a couple drinks, James came to his feet and offered his hand. Bella’s dress was so short; Jax could see her black panties as she took James’s hand. James led her to the dance floor.

“So tense…” James uttered and Bella lifted her eyes.

“Relax… All of that is in the past. If I was going to rape you, I would’ve already. I’ve had several opportunities.”

“How noble of you…” Bella spat and James chuckled.

“I do try.”

James dipped her back then spun her about. When he brought her back towards him he roughly kissed her. Bella’s struggled in his hold as she felt something on her tongue. James kept his mouth on hers and forced her to swallow whatever it was. Bella looked to James in a panic afterward.

“What did you give me?”

“Just a little love drug to calm those nerves of yours. Like is I said, you’re too tense.”

“You gave me ecstasy?!”

James clamped a hand over her mouth.

“What did we talk about on the drive here?” He whispered in warning and Bella closed her eyes in defeat.

“That’s right. Be a good ballerina and dance to my tune.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Now that certainly takes me back. I believe that’s what you asked me when I was fucking your friend.”

“You mean raping.”

“Is it rape when she was begging for it? Trust me, that friend of yours wanted it, in a bad fucking way. Just as you’re about to be in about…” James looked to his watch.

“Ten maybe fifteen minutes? I can’t wait.”

“Ah now, don’t cry. I hate when you cry. You get that pretty mascara of yours running everywhere and it takes away from that beautiful face.”

James used his thumb to wipe her tears then licked it clean afterward.

“Hm, they tastes lovely however…”

Bella let out a surprised gasp as James gave no warning and bit down her neck. It was the same area he bit last time.

Jax broke the glass he was drinking from as he caught wind of this. James had his hand up her dress and was drinking her blood. Jax’s heart was going ninety to nothing as he was trying to think of something, anything… He had to get her out of that situation. He had to get her away from James!

“Jesus…” He whispered as Bella was white as a ghost by the time he finished.

James licked his lips clean and kissed her hand in a gentleman like fashion.  A waitress walked by and started to fuss over Jax’s bleeding hand and the broken glass.

“Are you okay?!” She asked as she went on to help him.

The waitress led Jax towards a sink behind the bar and let him wash up. She grabbed a first aid kit and Jax refused the help as he wrapped some paper towels around the area.

“I’m fine, darlin’.”

The waitress blushed in response and Jax sent her one of his usual winks.

“Let me get you another drink at least, on the house!”

“Actually, I think I’m about done for the night.”

“That’s a shame…”

Jax gathered the meaning behind that. He glanced towards the dance floor once again and saw that James was all over his girl.

“On second thought I’ll take that drink after all, if you don’t mind.”


“Thank you.”

The waitress gathered Jax another Guardian and he sipped from it. He headed towards the dance floor. Once he was amongst the crowd, he put his hoodie on. He walked towards the area where James and Bella were. Then acted as if were dancing along to the music as he made his way through. He waited until he was not even an inch away. He was so close he could make out bits and pieces of what they were saying. Jax kept his face hidden. Bella was telling James that she didn’t feel very good. James insisted that she was fine and kept her braced against him as they dance. The girl looked like a goddamn rag doll in his arms; she was so out of it. Jax grabbed a woman that was nearby and acted as if he were about to trip. The glass flung out of his hand and right onto James’s crotch. Jax was quick to blend in with the crowd, so James couldn’t see who it was. He assumed it was the woman, which was Jax’s plan all along. Jax kept on trucking and headed towards another area of the bar. He kept an eye on the situation from where he stood. He could hear James cussing up a storm and demanding to know who that was. He had a nice piss looking stain around the area of  his crotch now. James shook his head and went and sat Bella back down at the booth. Jax nodded amongst himself and headed onto the men’s restroom. He hid in one of the stalls and merely waited…

James entered the bathroom and still he was bitching, as he went to clean the area of his crotch. He was so focused on that, he didn’t take notice of Jax exiting the stall. Not until he heard the door to the bathroom lock. James stopped what he was doing and nodded towards the emo looking guy by the door.

“No need to lock the door.” He waved his hand towards the other stalls and looked to Jax like he was an idiot. Then he went back to scrubbing.

“Jesus…” Opie muttered under his breath, once Tig revealed what Jax was really up to.

“I knew somethin’ didn’t sound right.” Chibs grumbled.

Opie said nothing as he got on his cellphone and called Nero. He asked if Jax had changed his mind about that deal after all. Nero acted as if he were lost. Opie mentioned the “meeting” coming up this weekend and Nero hadn’t a clue what he was talking about. In fact, Nero sounded a little pissed that it was even brought up.

“Your prez turned my offer down, remember? I haven’t talked to him since. So why would I be meeting with him?”

Opie closed his eyes and let out a breath of relief. The VP couldn’t believe that Jax put himself under the bus like that. But he did all this in order to save Bella. Jax didn’t care if everyone hated him. All he cared about was keeping her safe and sound. He’d do whatever it took. So he said whatever he could think off to piss her off and he had to fool the boys, in order to fool his old lady. Each of the Sons looked to one another in apprehension.

“They won’t come out of this alive…” Piney said and Opie nodded in agreement.

“What was he thinking?” Piney added and even though Opie didn’t agree and hated how Jax went about it, he understood.

That was Jax for you. He’d put himself on the line, if it meant saving someone he loved. The Sons were quick to grab their bullet proof vests and some heavy artillery. They hopped into the van then hauled ass.

James let out a surprised grunt as Jax took his face and smashed it against the sink, repeatedly. Jax didn’t let up, until the sink had broken in half and the pipe beneath was now exposed and it was gushing water. Jax forced James up against him and gazed into the mirror. He made him watch as he covered his mouth, bent him over, and rammed that knife up his ass over and over.  Then he spun him around and got right in his face. With his lips practically touching his…

“You like that? Does it make you feel good, darlin’?” Jax mocked and James had this look of utter shock about him.

“That’s right… No one fucks with this rooster.” Jax said before taking James and driving his throat through the busted pipe.

A fountain of blood and water spurted out of the area and Jax nodded amongst himself.

A wave of panic hit when he exited the bathroom and Bella was nowhere in sight.

“…no…” He whispered amongst himself.

He knew he had to hurry and get the hell out of there. The water and blood were sure to spread throughout the entire bar soon and he’d be made. Jax made his way through the crowd and looked to every girl that even resembled Bella. They looked to him like he’d lost his mind but went back to dancing.

“Bella baby…” He practically whimpered.

He froze however as he came to the middle of the dance floor and there she was. In that little dress, dancing like there was no tomorrow. She had everyone’s attention and Jax recoiled. It wasn’t her fault it was the fucking ecstasy. It’s what it did. It gave you this false sense of happiness and arousal and Bella was gone. Jax swallowed back knowing he had no other choice. He charged his way through the crowd, grabbed Bella, and started towards the door.

“What the hell? Get your hands off me!” Bella said and went to pry herself free.

“Hey man, stop getting handsy with the ladies!” A man called out and shoved Jax back.

“It’s me!” Jax said with desperation.

Bella narrowed her eyes in confusion.

“We gotta go, baby!” He hollered over the music.


He nodded and Bella smiled. Jax swallowed back as she hugged the hell out of him.

“Will you take me home? I don’t know how I got here.”

He cringed on this.

“Sure thing, sweetness. Let’s get out of here.”

Bella giggled as he took her by the hand and started towards the door.

“I love you.” She said and Jax hated that she even said that.

That wasn’t HIS girl talking. No. His girl was rightfully pissed with him. This was the drugs talking and she hadn’t a fucking clue what was going on. She was vacant as fuck and that had him on edge.

Just how much did James give her?! Jax managed to get them outside.

“You probably won’t remember a word of this. But you should know I lied.”

“Lied?” She questioned as he was dragging her towards his bike.

He nodded and climbed on.

“I never made that deal, baby! I’m sorry. I had to make you believe I did.”

Jax was in attempts to get her onto the bike when men with guns came pouring out of the bar.

“SHIT!” Jax hollered.

“That’s her! The bitch that killed James!” A woman hollered and Jax’s eyes widened as one of the men fired.

Jax reacted by shoving Bella to the ground. He threw himself on top of her and another shot was heard. Jax couldn’t make out a thing, as he was doing whatever he could to keep Bella covered. He heard the roaring of bikes, squealing tires, and several gunshots followed. The familiar hum of race cars was heard as well and Jax lifted his head ever so slightly. The first one he locked eyes with was Opie. Opie gave a simple nod as the Sons and the Phantoms had the Russians at a standoff.  Once the gunshots came to a stop, Jax rolled Bella over. She had this dazed look about her as he was checking her over.

“Are you alright?” He asked and Bella screamed out his name.

“JACKIE BOY!” Chibs hollered and Opie went into panic mode as he dropped his gun and rushed over.

Jax narrowed his eyes in wonder. Before he could even think about what was going on, Bella was hovered over him and placing her hands along his chest. Jax shook his head knowing damn well what had happened now.  He was quick to retrieve that ring. He grabbed her hand and forced the ring back on.

“We’re not done! I’m sorry, Bella. But I’m not letting you go!” He shouted as blood oozed out of his mouth and his eyes started to roll back.

“JACKSON!” Bella shrieked as he had no pulse.

She pulled at her hair as the drugs were still in effect and her mind was this whirlwind of emotions. She let out this hysteric laugh and smiled.

“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” She yelled and went on to pump at his chest.

“You can’t say some shit like that and fucking die. That’s not how it works, you fucking prick!” She continued in her yelling.

Chibs snapped out of his shock and went on to help. Bella was covered in blood as she kept with the chest compressions. Chibs went on to keep pressure on the area. Bella was giving him full on CPR. She continued to laugh off and on and tears were streaming down her face. To everyone’s surprise, a black limo pulled up and Mr. Putlova stepped out. He looked to the situation then to his men. He gritted his teeth and signaled for his men to lower their weapons.  Bella let out another laugh once she saw him. She eyed him down as she was doing whatever she could to bring Jax back.

“Did my men shoot at you?”

Bella flipped him off in mid chest compression and Mr. Putlova sighed.

“You do realize you were shooting at Wraith, right?” He questioned and each of his men looked to one another in a fluster.

Mr. Putlova walked on over and nodded towards his men.

“Which one?”

The men stepped aside revealing the one that shot Jax, in attempts to shot Bella. Mr. Putlova gave no warning and shot the one responsible. Opie went to shoot Mr. Putlova but Piney stopped him as he nodded towards the other Russians behind them. Opie wiped his face with the back of his hand then lowered his gun.

“Jax…” he whispered amongst himself.

This wasn’t happening Opie thought. Did he just lose his best friend?

“I’m very sorry for your loss.” Mr. Putlova said but rather sardonically.

“I’ll cover this one. But you owe me, Wraith. That was my best racer… I suppose we’re even on that one.” He said with a nod towards Jax.

He looked to everyone else afterward.

“It’d be bad for business if you boys got arrested. I suggest you all get going and leave these two be.  Like I said, I got it covered. It might be best if you play along, unless you want another death on your hands. Let this be a lesson, to you all.”

The Sons and the Phantoms looked to one another. Each of them had these looks of utter defeat. They knew they hadn’t a choice but to get out of dodge. Each of them was carrying and heavy shit. And they were no good to Bella or Jax in prison.

“We’ll meet you there…” Chibs said then he kissed her forehead.

Opie struggled on what to do and the boys had to literally drag him into the van and make him leave. “I’m sorry…” Dizzy called behind tears. Bella nodded amongst herself as everyone cleared out. A van pulled up beside them and men hopped on out. They were quick to place Bella and Jax inside. No words were spoken as they were being rushed to the nearest hospital. Bella was still going at it when a hand was placed over hers. Bella’s eyes widened and Jax kept his eyes closed. She thought it her imagination or the drug at first, as his hand was back at his side. Bella shook her head and went to pump again.

“Could you not do that… it’s starting to smart.” Jax softly whispered.

Jax brought something out between his teeth, revealing the empty blood capsule. Before Bella could even think about what was happening… Jax pushed her back, sprang to his feet, and shot the men, including that of the driver. Bella just stood there in absolute shock. He removed the driver from his seat and took over. Bella fell back as the van hit a small ditch and Jax was in attempts to get it back on the road.

“You alright?!” He called.

Bella curled up into a corner of the van and was staring at Jax, like she was seeing a ghost. Jax sighed once he looked back and saw her. He said nothing as he lifted his hoodie, revealing the bullet proof vest he was wearing.

“But you were bleeding… and you had no pulse.”

Jax tossed over an empty blood bag. It was set to go off at the penetration of a bullet. He cleared his throat.

“The capsule had something in it to slow down my heartrate, that’s why you couldn’t feel a pulse.” That wasn’t intentionally set up for Bella but the Russians, just in case.

“Gonna need your help with this one though…” Jax showed her where he was grazed pretty good along his hip.

Bella just sat there and blinked. Jax nodded amongst himself and said nothing as he got to the destination he had in mind.

“Hold on, darlin’.” He uttered as it was a rather bumpy ride.

The van came to a stop and Jax made his way over. He hunkered down and brushed her hair back with his fingers. Bella decked the shit out of him but passed out directly after.

“Shit…” Jax said as he checked her over.

He shook his head knowing it was a combination the drug, shock, and well… she was still pissed. Even more so now, considering he just made everyone believe he had died. Jax scooped her up then hopped on out of the van. He called Tig and let him know that plan was to be carried out after all.  He apologized and let Tig know he would take all the blame; that this wouldn’t fall back on him.

“Just let the guys know what I need. We haven’t much time. Bella and I are about to go up in flames, so I’m gonna need those bodies, ASAP. I don’t care how you go about it. Just get it done.” He said before hanging up.

Jax sent Tig a text on where he and the boys could find them. These were phones they’d rid of, just as soon as they were done. Jax laid Bella down and sat beside her. He prayed to god no one spotted them, before he could set this up. He had the van hidden in a pretty secluded area, with a lot of trees. He hoped that would buy them the time they needed. It was still pretty dark and it would be for another five to six hours.

“You son of a bitch!” Opie snapped and Jax sighed.

“I can’t believe you pulled that shit!”

Chibs and the others looked just as pissed. In fact, their eyes were blood shot and sunken in. Jax felt like a royal dick for making everyone worry like that. But all of this was for Bella. He couldn’t let her work for that bastard, not now. Not after seeing what James did to her. Jax wouldn’t allow it. So this was how things had to be. Jax explained everything and his reasoning, while they went to work. Opie looked to his niece every now and then, as she was still out.

“Is she going to be alright?”

“Yeah… Fucker gave her ecstasy. She’s just now coming off it. So she’ll be out for a while.”

Opie recoiled on this and Piney sighed as he checked his granddaughter over.

“Did he suffer?”

“You know it.”


Everyone was an emotional mess, but they hadn’t time to act on it. They had to hurry and set everything up and be on their way. If they got caught, everything Jax did would’ve been for nothing. Jax reared back however as Opie snapped a picture of him with his phone.

“What the…”

“Blackmail at its finest. You look like a fucking tool. I don’t even wanna know how you managed to get into those pants. Aren’t those women’s?! And are you wearing makeup and nail polish?!”

Jax rolled his eyes on this.

“Don’t do that. That only adds to it and makes it way too real for me. I don’t ever wanna see you in that shit again. You look like Edward Cullen’s retarded brother.”

“Edward was emo?” Tig asked and Opie managed to laugh.

“His attitude sure was. But no the guy dressed like a total stiff. I mean come on; he’s the only kid I knew that wore dress shoes to fucking school.”

Jax curled his lip in thought. The boys wrapped everything up and were quick to hug it out before they went their separate ways. Chibs however stayed behind a little longer.

“Don’t ye ever pull some shite like that again…” He made clear and Jax tilted his head as they watched the van burn.

Chibs got a little choked up and cleared his throat.

“I thought I lost ye, kid. And ye should’ve seen the little lass’s face, not ta mention your VP’s. Ye killed a part of us today. First that whole bit with the escort service and makin’ us believed ye two were done. Then ye go and fake yer death?! How were ye able ta go about that with the little lass giving ye CPR.”

Jax chuckled in thought.

“Hell, I thought she was going to kill me…” Jax revealed the bruises she left behind and Chibs nodded.

“Serves ye right. Ya jackass.”

Chibs spit at Jax’s feet and Jax sighed.

“I’m sorry.”

“I don’t wanna hear how sorry ye are. Just fix this shite and promise you’ll never pull something like that again.”

Jax nodded and looked to Bella in thought.

“I’m afraid our break up wasn’t so fake after all.”

“Aye, and ye have no one to blame but yerself. Fix it, Jackie! Find a way to get her back in your good graces, or we might as well bury you for reals.”

Chibs hopped onto his bike and hit the road.

The following morning…

Jax lifted his eyes as Bella came to. She reached to her head and was looking around. She hadn’t a clue where they were.


He nodded. He kept quiet however as he was giving her a moment to let everything process.

“You died…” She said behind a quivery lip.

“I watched you die…”

Jax crawled on over and pulled her into his arms.

Theoretically… we both died.”

Jax went on to reveal the truth, behind everything. He even admitted that the bulletproof vest and blood capsule was nothing more than his and Tig’s backup plan, if shit went south. And sure enough it did. Tig was the ONLY one to know that Jax wasn’t really dead. Tig told the Sons everything but that part, as neither of them knew for certain if he was going to use it. And like that of Bella, they needed the Sons to think it was real. Jax figured that Bella could’ve died in that van, because of a struggle that broke out between Mr. Putlova’s boys and her. After all, they just killed her man. That would be reason enough for Bella to go berserk and for shit to hit the fan. The boys set it up so that the van slammed through a tree. It would look as if it caught fire on impact, with Bella, Jax, and Mr. Putlova’s men inside. Opie didn’t disappoint and managed to achieve that part, with flying colors. At this very moment, Jax and Bella were hiding out in an old abandoned church. Chibs had sent them here. It was out in the middle of nowhere and a place he came to often. No one else ever came here. He swore, by his own life that Jax and Bella would be safe. It was forty minutes outside of Charming.

Jax thought back to a favorite book of his when he was younger and smiled.

“Nothing gold can stay. Nature’s first green is gold. Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.” He quoted.

“Robert Frost…” Bella said in a bit of amazement.

“Is that who originally said it?” He asked.

Bella nodded.

“Hm, you ever read The Outsiders?”

Bella shook her head no and Jax went on to tell her a little bit of the story. He told her about Ponyboy and his best friend Johnny and what all they went through, when hiding out in an abandoned church. He told her how Johnny recited that poem to Ponyboy and made him promise to stay gold before he died.

“That’s what we need to do, baby. Stay gold…” He uttered and looked to be in thought.

Bella crawled on out of his arms and came to her feet.

“So we’re dead?”

“That’s right, at least until the timing is right. Then we make our grand appearance.”

“And what about Abel and Gemma?”

“The boys got that one covered. All we need to worry about is staying under the radar.”

Bella ran her hands along her arms as she was freezing. Jax hopped up, took off his hoodie then placed it on her.

“One of the boys will stop by tomorrow and bring us a few things. But they can only do that every so often. If they keep coming back it’ll give us away.”

Normally, he would’ve had this planned better. They wouldn’t be stuck in some place without food, water, and a decent place to sleep. But this was truly last minute and they had to go with whatever they could think of. He thought about using the cabin, but knew that ran a risk of being found, as that cabin was under his name. That was one of the few things JT left to him. And there was no way they could stay at a hotel, the Russians had their connections and they’d be found, within the matter of hours, if not minutes. No. They had to go about this like they really died. So that meant a little bit of suffering in the process. They would have to survive on whatever the boys brought them and make it last. Jax figured a couple months or so would make things believable. The boys needed to hold funerals for the both of them and go from there. Once things died down then the boys would show up and they could start making plans from there. Jax knew this was going to be a true test on his and Bella’s relationship. Two months in this church and with just the two of them. But Jax found that a sense of hope. He knew his girl was done when he mentioned that escort service. He looked to the ring on her finger in thought.

“You do remember what I said, right?”


“That escort service… It was a lie, Bella. I never set that meeting up and I turned that guy down, months ago. I was desperate and came up with the one thing I knew would piss you off.”

“Why would you do that?”

“Because I love you. I love you so fucking much, that I’d rather you hate me than to fucking lose you.”

“But you could’ve lost me for real.”

“Yeah, but you’d be alive. You don’t seem to grasp the lengths I will go to. I’ve done told you that I would go to hell and back for you. How is this any different? If I made you and the guys hate me then so be it. As long as there is still life in that heart and I know you’re alive and kicking, that’s all I care about.”

“So you’d willingly live a life without me in it.”

“Now I never said anything about giving up…” Jax said with a smirk.

“You can bet your sweet ass I’d be doing whatever I could to get you back. I don’t care if Mr. Right entered your life. You’ll always be my girl. And I know deep down…  I know I’ll always be your man. No matter how much I piss you off. Besides, a small part of you had to have known I was full of shit. You had to…”

Bella shook her head on this.

“Come on, darlin’. Think about it. I saw that conflicted look in your eyes when I spilled out the beans on that one. You weren’t sure if I was full of shit or not. But it sure sounded like something the old Jackson Teller would pull, so you were quick to pull the trigger and say the hell with you Jackson. And crazy as it sounds… I fucking love you for that. My mother would’ve NEVER stood up to Clay like that. Hell, if anything she backed him up when he went into the cartel. She was just as money hungry as he was. Why do you think my old man got kicked to the curb? I want a woman that’ll fucking tell me when I’m being a low down piece of shit! I want that fear in morning. The one thing that keeps me questioning EVERYTHING! Cause I know if I ever pull some shit like Clay. I’m gonna lose you, baby. And you’d take our fucking kids with you. I know how you work. You don’t play games. So why the fuck should I expect you to? That’s not the woman I’m marrying.”

“You assume that wedding is still on…”

Jax cocked a brow at this.

Don’t. Don’t even... You kept that fucking escort ordeal hidden from me and this was after we promised not to have any more secrets between us. And this is how I find out? When you’re desperate to rid of me, because it might keep me safe?! Not to mention how you never even told me about Tara! Then you go and fake your fucking death? I’m was sitting there, pumping at your chest, and breathing into your mouth, like a goddamn idiot. And I’m guessing that whole spiel with the ring and not being done was just for show?! Jackson Teller’s greatest performance yet! WELL FUCK YOU VERY MUCH, ASSHOLE!”

“Nothing about that was fake. At the time… I truly thought I died. And I don’t mean death by bullet. I mean US! And if that were the case, I wanted to die!”Jax shouted with tears streaming down his face. His entire body was beet red and he was shaking.

“I had to sit there and watch as some other motherfucker had his hands all over you. And with you wearing some goddamn dress that made me want to nut myself. But I couldn’t even think about that shit, because you were with HIM! I know it wasn’t your fault. You hadn’t any control over the situation. But I think I got that feeling you talked about when you found out about Tara. I truly felt like you were cheating on me! Now how fucked up and sick is that shit, right?! Here you are, someone’s potential rape victim and all I kept thinking about was how dare he fucking touch you like that. And why are you wearing THAT dress? It was fucking maddening, because for a brief moment, I was angry with you!”

Jax sucked back a breath, like he’d been holding it forever. Then he punched at one of the walls.

“What’s wrong with me, baby?” He cried and Bella swallowed back the massive knot within her throat.

This wasn’t like him at all. Jax truly was beside himself.

“I’m so sorry for having those thoughts. But I couldn’t stop them. I had no reason to be mad at you. You were miserable and going through utter hell. I could see it on your face. But I was making it all about myself and what I was going through. Seeing another man with you like that… FUCK!”

Bella inched her way over and wrapped her arms around him.

“Those feelings… they’re normal.”

“No they’re not. You don’t have to lie on my behalf. Any normal man in that situation would’ve put his girl first and not be thinking shit like that.”

“Turn those tables, Jackson. Say it was me watching as some other woman did those things to you, even with the knowledge that you weren’t enjoying it… I would’ve have reacted the same way.”

Jax lifted his head on this and Bella smiled.

“I’m sorry, Jackson. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re fucking human!”

Jax managed to laugh and Bella nodded. She took off the engagement ring and handed it back. Jax closed his eyes in defeat. He knew it… He truly fucked up. He’d had his third strike and she was officially done. Could he really blame her?!

“Ask me again.”

He opened his eyes and Bella folded his hand around the ring itself.

“Ask me again…”

Jax cleared his throat on this. He rose to his feet, looked to the ring then back to Bella.

He drew back the deepest of breaths as he dropped down to one knee. He took her hand into his own and locked eyes with hers.

“Bella, will you give this undeserving son of a bitch another chance?”

“That was like one of the worst proposals ever…”

Jax smiled and shook his head.

“You’re fucking cruel, you know that?! Marry me, or I’ll drive you crazy and ask you everyday for the rest of your fucking life, until you finally cave in!”

Jax looked to Bella with concern as she got a rather emotional.

“Look at you… You look like shit. I mean honestly, are you wearing eye shadow and skinny jeans?”

Jax reared back on this and Bella gave a tearful snort.

“They’re called jeggings.” He defended making him feel even lamer now.


“Nevermind…” He said and was cursing Tig’s name under his breath.

“Do you really think I can call the wedding off now? After finding out the truth?! I mean come on, Jackson. You went and dyed your hair and got this whole new makeover. I’ve never been LESS attracted to you!”

“Goddamn…” He uttered in misery and Bella giggled.

“You showed up, like you said you would. Then you went and used yourself as a human shield. Jackson, I’d be a fucking idiot if I didn’t marry you. What man in his right mind would do these things, if he didn’t think it worth it? And I know without a shadow of a doubt, I would’ve done the same for you.”

Jax shook his head but smiled as he placed the ring onto her finger. He kissed it then came to his feet.  He looked around the church in thought.

“What?” Bella said as he had this mischievous look about him.

“Think if we gave our confessions. We’d be forgiven?”

Bella narrowed her eyes wondering where he was going with this. Jax took her by the hand then led her into the confessional booth.

“Tight squeeze… Guess you’ll have to sit in my lap.”

“Jackson…” Bella scolded once she realized where he was going with this.


“We’re in a church.” She harshly whispered.

Jax didn’t comment as he went on to sit down and pulled her into his lap.

“Well go on now… start confessing.”

Bella laughed as he moved her about him, suggestively.

“We can’t do that here…”

“You’re right… This is wrong.” He murmured but pulled her in for a kiss.

“We should stop.” He said and removed the hoodie.

Jax took a moment to appreciate the little number she was wearing. That fucker thought he was going to get a taste of this… Jax thought amongst himself. James had her wearing that dress for his pleasure. Little did he know that Jax would be partaking in that pleasure instead…

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 26 Black Days”

  1. I loved Gemma’s reaction to Abel’s outfit that was priceless. and the old couple got exactly what they deserved god the memories! lol as for fight you had me going oh my god you had it perfect to make me believe that they were done for good and bella was going to have to deal with james on her own… *tricky tricky you are* james deserved everything he got and more from jax. and for them to fake their death to get away from the russians that was wicked. very nice… Now you have me curious what the next chapter is going to bring us.. especially since they are suppose to be *dead*. how your muse is helping you with the words and inspiring you happily Update again soon. like always: Wicked scene… probably my favorite part is when Jax was dressed up emo style!

  2. Holy monkey nuggets batman! Ok I’m glad Gemma actually listened for once and took off with Abel. And I love her costume! And then with Jax and James in the bathroom?? Shite that was awesome. Now that the deaths are faked will everything fall in to place?? One can hope!! I’m glad he turned to Tig though. At least he had one person in on it if things went to shite more than they did. So can’t wait to see where this goes from here! Much love!

  3. This chapter was just – WOW 😮
    I LOVED IT. The outsiders is one of my favorite book/movie also, the way that Johnny and Dallas died tho wasn’t my favorite part 😦 but overall it was still a great book. (Especially sodapop 😍😍)

  4. That whole vampire club from Washington needs to be taken out.

    Ha, James! How do you like it? Up tje ass with a k ife. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

    Shit! I thought Jax was dead.

    They still have some more Russians to take out.

    Can Jax and Bella stand being holed up together like that?

    Now as long as Gemma behaves herself …

  5. Wow that was some crazy chapter! James didn’t suffer enough but glad he’s gone. You really had me believing there for a second that was the end of Jax. Loving this story!

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