Chapter 27 Join Me In Death

Chapter 27 – Join Me In Death

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“Bella baby…” Jax called as he heard someone outside.

Bella was still pretty out of it and nothing seemed to stir her. Jax nodded amongst himself and draped his hoodie over her. The church itself was so cold they had fog coming out of their mouths. Jax grabbed his gun then headed towards the entrance.

“You wanna open the fucking door? My hands are full.”

Jax sighed but smiled as he opened the door. He gave a mere nod as Opie stepped inside. He had a water cooler in hand and there were a couple backpacks on top. Opie sat the water cooler on top of one of the pews. He tossed the red backpack over and Jax caught it.

“That one’s yours. Loaded you up with whatever you might need.”

“Uncle Op?” Bella tiredly called.

“Hey kid…”

Opie grabbed the blue backpack and made his way over.

“How you feeling?”


Opie nodded and handed the bag over.

“This one’s yours. Don’t lose it.”

“Thank you.”

Opie kissed the top of her head then squatted down to her level.

“You need to keep hydrated. Get that ecstasy out of your system. You don’t want that shit coming up if something happens…”

“How did you know about that?”

Her uncle made a gesture Jax’s way.

“But I never told him…”

“Wasn’t that hard to figure out. I knew he drugged you…” Jax uttered as he was digging through the cooler.

They had mustard, bologna, cheese, beer, sodas, and water. There was a tray separated from the ice that had cookies, chips, tomatoes, pickles, carrots, oranges, and apples. Jax tossed Opie a bottle of water. Opie opened it then handed it to his niece.

“Who packed this?”


“He forgot the bread.”

“He did?”

“Yeah… He put all the fixings for sandwiches but no bread.”

“Huh… that’s strange. Must’ve slipped his mind.”

Jax sighed as if disappointed. He shut the cooler and Opie headed back out. He returned with a few blankets and clothes.

“It isn’t much but it’ll keep you warm at least. Chibs says there’s a pond; good size one too, heading east. He thinks it’s a good hour or so walk. But that’d give you guys a place to clean up, or get more water if needed.”

“Any news yet…?”

Opie cleared his throat on this.

“Bodies were found. The Russians have the decoys ID’d as you guys. So everything went as planned. Everything was cleaned up by the time the sheriff’s department arrived.” He hinted as to the Russians making it look like your typical “wreck”.

“Good deal.”

“We’ll make the funeral arrangements in a few days.”

“That’s so creepy…”

They heard Bella mutter.

“We’re going to have marked graves and everything?”

“Gotta make it believable.”

“Still… Not so sure how I feel about seeing my own grave.”

“Better to walk over your own grave, right?” Opie said and Bella recoiled.

“Look, it won’t be for long. And just so you know these plots… they cost a pretty penny.”

Jax tilted his head on this.

“Side by side. I figured if this were the real deal that’s how you guys would want it. So I’d save those plots for the future.”

“You think I wanna be buried next to him?!” Bella teased and Jax shook his head.

“You’re right… I’ll bury him somewhere in Mexico.”

“Thank you!”

“Funny…” Jax murmured.

Bella came to her feet but Opie was quick to brace her against him.

“Hey…” he said with concern as she wasn’t looking so well.

Jax looked over and sighed.

“She’s gonna have a rough time of it today…” He hinted as to being drugged last night.

Opie sat her back down then helped her with that bottle of water.

“I got another case in the truck. Oh, and Chibs’s medical bag is in there. He wanted you guys to hang on to it, just in case.” Opie uttered and Jax headed on out to get them.

Bella’s lips were chapped and she was snowy white.

“You need something in that stomach of yours.” Opie murmured.

“I’m fine…” Bella said and Opie shook his head.

“Look, I want you to take it easy, drink lots of water, and eat something.”

Opie averted his eyes as the top to Bella’s dress was hanging off her breast. He took off his jacket then handed it over.

“Put that on and get yourself dressed. You gotta be freezin’. I’ll step out.”

Bella blushed once she caught wind of her exposure. Of all the things… She thought and felt like she’d die. She was too embarrassed to even comment. Bella was quick to put that jacket on and waited until her uncle was out of the church to get dressed. She was thankful to see one of her hoodies and a good pair of blue jeans. She and Jax had enough clothes for three days each. But they’d have to make those last. Bella figured they could keep them clean at the pond, from time to time. That way they didn’t have to wear dirty clothes the entire time.

“Everything alright?” Jax asked as Opie pulled the church doors shut behind him.

“She’s getting dressed.”

Jax nodded and Opie stole a drag off his cigarette.

“That reminds me…” He uttered and headed back to the truck.

“Damn near forgot.” He said as he tossed Jax a couple cartons.

“You got some fluid in the bag for your Zippos.”

“Thanks, bro.”

“Take care of her.”

“I will. I promise.” Jax sighed in thought.


“Looks like we’re postponing those wedding plans.”

“We’ll see…” Opie said with a shrug.

Jax handed something over and Opie reared back once he saw what it was.

“Why are you giving me this?”

“Because you’re president now.”


“Just hear me out, alright?”

Opie sighed and looked back to the patch.

“We’re talking a month or two… And if we’re going to sell this whole death bit, we gotta make it seem real as fuck. That means SAMCRO needs a president. I want you at the gavel. You choose whoever you want as VP and sergeant and get them voted in. Because let’s face it, you will be legit running things while I’m gone. Just remember what we talked about. I trust you, Op. I know you can do this.”

Opie looked as if he had his doubts and Jax placed his hands along his shoulders.

“Look at me…”

The VP lifted his eyes.

“You got this. Now I want you to tell me you got this.”

“I got this.” Jax nodded then gave him a playful slap on the cheek.

“That’s right. You do.”

The doors to the church opened and Bella stepped out.

“That better?” Jax questioned and Bella smiled.


Jax offered her a cigarette then started it for her. Bella handed her uncle his jacket back.

“I better get going.” Opie uttered as he looked to the time.

Wait… How are my Phantoms?”

“They’re good and playing along…”

“Good.” Bella said looking somewhat relieved.

He pocketed the patch then hugged them both.

“You two keep out of sight. I’ll send someone in a couple weeks or so.”

Bella opened her bag and the first thing she saw was a note. It was taped to a package of bread.

Don’t tell Jax you got the bread. Make him suffer.

Love you, kid – Uncle Op 

                Bella snorted amongst herself. Jax had already eaten and he had no bread to go with his bologna. She kept the bread hidden as her own little payback. She dug through her bag to find her gun, knife, some lighter fluid, a backup zippo, flashlight, batteries, a bottle of whiskey, toilet paper, a stack of her old racer magazines, a brush, a couple of cheap razors, toothpaste and brush, and to her great surprise – feminine products. Her anxiety pills however, were nowhere to be found. Bella drew back an uneasy breath on this. Surely, she wouldn’t need them, it was only her and Jax. All of that other shit was behind them, for now.

Jax dug through his bag as well. There was a deck of cards, bottle of whiskey, lighter fluid, backup lighter, flashlight, batteries, couple cheap razors, a few biker magazines, toilet paper, toothpaste and toothbrush, comb, his knife, and gun, along with a box of shells. And to his surprise… Bella’s anxiety pills. He narrowed his eyes as there was a note from Chibs on it.

Don’t let the little lass know you have them, unless she downright needs them. I’m curious… Let me know how she does when I see you again. 

Jax hid the pills within one of the inner zippers and the note to go with it.

“Looks like we could meet at sunset if we wanted!” Bella taunted as she was a couple pews down.

Jax chuckled as she was waving her gun about.

“Could be fun.” Jax murmured with a wink her way.

“I thought so!”

Jax zipped his bag up then made his way over.

“Have you eaten anything yet?”

“Not yet.”

“You really need to. You’re pale as fuck.”

Jax reached over and felt her forehead.

“No fever but you’re awfully clammy.”

“I think I just need a little more shut eye. I’m too nauseas to even think about eating.”

“I figured you might be. He gave you a pretty heavy dose. Op’s right though. You gotta keep hydrated.”

Bella closed her eyes and it wasn’t long before she was out. Jax decided on scooping the area out and seeing what all was around them.

Chibs wasn’t kidding about how secluded this place was. There wasn’t anything for miles. In fact, the nearest road was a good eight miles out. There was no way anyone could see the church, unless they were right up on it. That’s just the way Jax wanted it. He didn’t want to run the risk of anyone spotting them.

“How they holdin’ up?” Chibs asked once Opie returned.

“They’re good.”

The Sons looked to one another in relief.

“Looks like we’re in for church after our shift.”


“Yeah…” Opie took out the patch and discreetly showed it to Chibs.

Chibs seemed just as blown away by this.

“Says we need to make it real. Wants me to wear this… and guess that means you’ll be wearing this one.” Opie tapped his finger along the current patch he was wearing.


“Two months…” Opie reminded.

“A lot can happen…”

“I know. Think you’re up for the challenge?”

“Aye… But who are ye pickin fur yer sergeant?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

Chibs nodded and followed Opie into the office. The Scot shut the door behind him.

“Basically it comes down to who can get the job done.”

Chibs nodded and looked to be in thought.

“We’re really goin’ aboot takin’ these positions, huh?”

“Until Jax rises again…”

“Well ye always got the old man…”



“Nah, he’d put a bullet in my ass and be done, if I even thought about nominating him. Says he’s too damn old to be dealing with that kind of shit and people piss him off.”

Chibs chuckled on this.

“Well Juice sure ain’t ready for that kind of responsibility.”

“So we’re talkin’ Happy or Tig.” Opie murmured in thought.


“So who would you chose, if you were in my position?”

“Why are ye askin’ me?”

“Because you’re about to become my VP and I want to know what you think.”

“Well Happy’s certainly got the balls for it but if I was gonna ta pick someone… I’d say Trager.”

Opie looked to Chibs like he were truly taken back by this.

“Tig’s more than proved himself over the years and look at how he stood up ta Clay. Not only that… but Jackie boy would be dead by now if it wasn’t fur him. So if ye want my honest opinion, I’d have Tig step up to bat and see how he swings for a bit.”

“We know how he swings…” Opie mockingly uttered and Chibs had a good laugh at this.

“Aye, we all have our vices. But I’m not aboot ta judge a man by who he’s fuckin’. We’re livin’ in an age where no one thinks much about gender. Love is love, right?”


Chibs patted Opie on the shoulder.

“Give the lad a chance. I think you’ll be surprised.”

“I wondered where you ran off to…” Bella said after spotting Jax outside the church.

He smiled then waved her over. Once she got there, he put a finger to his lips. Then he pointed to a lynx, just a few feet away. Bella’s jaw dropped as it was just lying there, with it’s tail flicking about.

“It’s beautiful.” Bella whispered.


The lynx looked their direction but didn’t seem bothered by their presence.  In fact, it went on to bathe itself. Bella smiled and Jax wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Pretty peaceful out here.” He uttered while resting his head on her shoulder.

“Yeah it is…”

“We won’t know what to do with no sirens or bullets flying about.”

Bella had a good laugh at this.


“Did you eat something?”

“Yeah.” Bella didn’t tell him that she used the bread her uncle had given her.

Sure, she felt a little guilty. But she was all for giving her man a little hell, after what he pulled. She knew that was her uncle’s way of thinking as well.

“Good deal. Glad you were able to keep somethin’ down.”

Bella twisted about, so that she was facing him.

“Think I can have my man back now?”

Jax sent her a puzzled glance.

“Sorry but that makeup… is killing me.”

Jax chuckled as she took him by the hand and led him back into the church. She sat him down at one of the pews then grabbed some sanitizer wipes from Chibs’s medical bag. She used them to clean the makeup off his face.

“There he is…” She whispered in awe.

Jax leaned into the palm of her hand and kissed it.

“That isn’t permanent dye, now is it?” She questioned as to the hair.

“Oh hell no! It’s some sort of spray on shit the girls at Cara Cara had.”

“Thank God…” She murmured and Jax cocked a brow.

“Come on, baby… You know you dig it.”

Bella frowned and he laughed.

“Hmm… What would you do if I decided to keep it like this?” He taunted out of mere amusement.

“I’d wait until you were asleep and dye it back or shave it off even!”

“You’d shave my fuckin’ head?!”

“You’re goddamn right I would. You look ridiculous!”

“Wouldn’t I look more ridiculous bald?”

“Don’t know until we try it, right?! I could shave your balls too to make it match.”

“You aren’t bringing anything sharp around my balls!”

The two died of laughter and Jax pulled her into his lap.

“Jackson?” She called with concern as he flinched back in pain.

“Are you okay?”


Jax leaned back, looking as if he were about to pass out.

“Jackson, you’re hot.”

“Why thank you, darlin’.”

“No, I mean to the touch.”

“Hmm, so are you.”

Bella looked to the area where he had his hand then lifted the hoodie he was wearing. The shirt he wore beneath was caked in dry and fresh blood.

“JACKSON!” She scolded.

They’d forgotten all about the area on his hip.

“I’m fine…” He murmured.

Bella had him lay down. She lifted his shirt then pulled his pants down. Jax wiggled his brows and Bella shook her head.

“Your shirt is stuck to the wound.”

Bella looked down and sighed.

“Leave it to you to pop a boner at a time like this.”

“I told you I’m fine.”

Bella gave no warning and Jax shot up.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” He snapped and Bella had to bite down her lower lip, to keep from laughing.

“I told you… the shirt was stuck. I had to get it off.”

“Jesus, you couldn’t warn me?!”


Jax shook his head in disbelief.

“It’s infected. Why would you let it go this long?!”

“Forgot.” He said with a shrug.

He was so focused on her and everything else going on, he’d forgotten all about the bullet graze.

Bella dug through Chibs’s medical bag and went on to grab whatever they needed. She handed Jax a bottle of whiskey and some Tylenol. Jax chugged the whiskey and let out a growl every now and then, as the alcohol hit.

“Sorry…” She whispered as she was desperate to get the area clean.

Once she finished, she sewed him up.

“Thirty-three…” She whispered after an hour or so passed.


“That’s how many stitches it took.”

Damn… Guess that adds another scar to my list.”

Jax’s eyes batted about as he struggled in order to stay awake.




Jax closed his eyes and was out within seconds. Bella nodded amongst herself then put everything up. She dug through the bag once again, in hopes of finding some sort of antibiotics. But she remembered Chibs saying something about using the rest of it, last time something went down. Bella cringed in thought. Jax really needed those. The area itself was red and swollen. That and she was concerned about the pus she saw when pouring the peroxide over it. She hoped the infection hadn’t spread. Jax jerked about every now and then and his entire body was covered in goosebumps. Bella hopped up and grabbed a couple blankets. She draped them over Jax.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered.

She felt awful for not taking better care of him. The young woman couldn’t believe they’d forgotten all about his wound. Jax just wasn’t one to complain about things like that, so it slipped her mind. She was beyond angry with herself. He could lose his fucking leg, or worse, and it would be all her fault. He would’ve remembered if it had been her. How could she be so fucking careless? She poured some cold water into the palm of her hand then placed it onto his forehead. She did this every fifteen to twenty minutes, in hopes of keeping his fever down. Bella stayed right by his side and administered whatever medicine he could take and kept on that wound. Jax was still out come nightfall. She knew he was in pain. Jax was talking in his sleep and still his body would spasm. Bella was doing everything she could to stay awake. She had a flashlight in hand and was using it to check on him off and on. But she eventually lost that battle…

Jax shot up and was screaming on top of his lungs. He said something about her and Abel and was beside himself. Bella sprang to her feet as she was lying on the floor, beside the pew she had him in. She shined the light on him but gasped out when he reached for his gun. Bella took his hand then slammed it back against the pew. The gun was knocked out of his hold. She seized it then tossed it into the pew behind them. Jax wrapped his hands around her throat then tackled her to the floor.

“I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!” He thundered.

“JACKSON!” She cried as he was choking her.

The flashlight fell out of her hand then rolled onto the floor.

“Jackson, it’s me!”

Jax dropped his hold then reared back.

“Bella…?” He called looking to be in shock.

She just lay there, afraid to even move. Jax hopped to his feet and gawked at his old lady. She was lying on the floor, struggling to catch her breath.

“What the fuck did I do?!” He looked to his hands then to Bella’s throat, where his handprints were.

“Bella baby, I…”

“JACKSON!” She shrieked and used her body to break his fall.

She gritted her teeth then wrapped her arms around him. She rolled him onto the floor then checked him over.

“They took you and Abel…” He said like he was still out of it.

“They took you and made me watch…”

“Jackson baby, you were dreaming.” She whispered.

Seeing him like this was breaking her heart.  This wasn’t something she was used to, not when it came to Jackson Teller. Whatever he dreamed about, had the man completely broken. He sounded so childlike.

“It seemed so real. There was so much blood and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get to you. I had to watch you and Abel die.”

Jax’s fever had spiked again and Bella stripped him down in a panic. She grabbed a bottle of water then poured it all along his body.

“FUCK!” Jax shouted as he was freezing.

“Sorry. But I have to cool you down.”

Bella stuffed the pills into his mouth then propped his head up.

“Swallow and drink as much of this as you can.”

Jax nodded and did as requested. She handed another bottle of water over and started redressing his wound.

“I it got, baby.” He murmured and went to take over.

Bella slapped his hand away.

“No, I got it. So stop that!”

Jax raised his brows as Bella forced him back down and finished.

“You’re the submissive…” Jax reminded with a slur.

Bella snorted on this.

“It wouldn’t kill you to let me take over for once. And what’s that have to do with this?”

“It should be me taking care of you, not the other way around.” He damn near growled but was drifting in and out.

Bella glanced over and could see it written all over his face. He absolutely hated this. Come to think of it Jax was never one that liked being taken care of. But she didn’t get it… Jax mentioned the whole submissive thing because he liked taking care of her, in and out of the bedroom. That was the whole reason behind wanting to be her DOM in the first place. Jax couldn’t explain it, not even to himself. But there was just something about taking over and being the one to call the shots.

“Didn’t you tell me there was nothing wrong with needing help?”

Jax rolled his eyes on this.

“That’s right. So don’t be a dick.”

It took a while but once she got his fever down, Jax picked up the flashlight and shined it along her neck. His marks were right along the scars Diablo had left behind. Jax shook his head in thought. Of all the things he swore he’d never do… He’d never laid a hand on any woman he’d been with. Sure, he was out of it at the time, but that didn’t make him feel any better. If anything, that only caused him more concern. What if he did it again?! He could’ve killed Bella and all because of a fucking night terror?! And since when does he have fucking night terrors?! That was Bella’s thing, not his. Bella… she had every reason to flip the fuck out. She’d been dealing with shit like this, since she was little. All the more reason he wanted to take care of her. It’s what she deserved and what he wanted for her. Hell, if he had the means he’d spoil her, like a motherfucking princess. He didn’t care what anyone said about it either. He loved making her blush and how flustered she’d get when he took care of her like that. That itself was proof enough that he was the ONLY man to ever treat her like that. And that’s the way he liked things. So yes, he wasn’t too pleased right now. Though he did like having her hands all over him. That part was nice… and knowing she actually gave a damn. He thought back to when she thought he was dead. The way she pumped at his chest and was breathing into his mouth. He could feel her tears trickling down his face. Jax reached out and ran his fingers along the marks on her neck.

“Bella, I’d never hurt you like that…”

Bella stopped what she was doing and looked over.

“I know you wouldn’t. It was the fever. It made you delirious. But I think we got it down now. We have to be careful, Jackson.” She said but as to HIS health, not hers.

Bella cleared her throat then dried him off.

“Guess this isn’t so bad… Though I do wish you were in one of those little nurse outfits.”

“Only you, Jackson.”

“Only I what?”

“Would think about sex at a time like this.”

“Because it’s you…” He murmured and took her by the hand.

“C’mere.” He said and had her straddling him.

“You need to rest.” Bella reprimanded and Jax brought her against him.

“Yeah well, I’m freezing. Least you could do is keep me warm.” He taunted with a grin.

“Jackson!” She scolded as he planted his hands along her ass.

He chuckled and got a tighter hold.

“Let’s just lay here…” He mumbled then closed his eyes.

“You’re impossible…”

“Yeah, but you love me all the same.”

“Always…” She whispered from the depths of her heart.

The Sons looked to one another then back to Opie Winston. Opie just stared at the president patch as he stood behind the chair to the gavel itself. He wasn’t about to take that seat, not until each of the Sons were in agreement.

“Two months…” Tig muttered under his breath.

“Ya sure this isn’t permanent? Cause it’s startin’ to feel like it might be.” Happy added.

The others nodded in agreement. Chibs however cleared his throat then looked to Opie respectfully.

“If Jackie Boy trust Op ta run things while he’s dead then so should we.”

“Do you have to use that term…?” Tig whispered with a grimace.

Chibs cranked his head that direction.

“I don’t like it anymore than ye do. But Jackie gave us an order, and that’s what we need ta be focusin’ on.”

Opie nodded in agreement.

“He’s right. We have to show him that we can handle things. We can’t afford to fall apart now. If anything, now’s a good time to get our heads out our asses and keep that vision of JT’s alive. It’s what Jackson would’ve wanted.”

Tig wasn’t the only one having issues with using Jax and Bella’s names in the actual past tense. But the Sons understood why they were doing this. They had to get into the habit, now. They couldn’t afford to let anything slip. Jax would have their asses if the truth came out. That would put not only him and Bella in danger, but Gemma and Abel as well.

Piney cleared his throat and was first to speak up.

“Are you sure you can handle being prez?” He challenged and Opie let out a miserable laugh.

Leave it to the old man to call him out first. The jackass just couldn’t help himself. Opie knew where he was going with this however and part of him couldn’t blame him.

“You’ve been in and out, how many times?” Piney pointed out.

“That was back when Clay was running the show. Things are different now. I’m not going anywhere.”

“You say that now. But what happens when things get a little heated with the Russians and the Irish?”

“Come on, pops.”

“Don’t pops me, Harry. I’m asking you as a brother, a Son, and one of the original fucking nine, what happens when things get to be too much? Are ya going to run, like you’re known for, or are you going to pull up them big boy britches of yours and do what fucking needs to be done?!”

Opie shook his head and looked to his father in disbelief.

“I say as a brother and talking to an original nine…  You need to shut the hell up and sit down, before you fall down!”

Piney looked rather pissed at first but broke into a smile.

“Better…” He muttered his breath then took a seat.

Opie gave a simple nod.

“Anyone else got a problem?”

Tig raised his hand like he was in school.  Opie looked over.

“Can I get a new chair? This one’s squeaky.” He tested it out and proved this to be true.

Chibs rolled his eyes and forced his hand back down.

“Just take yer seat. No one’s gonna argue against Jackie boy’s word, not while I’m around.”

The meeting ran for a little over an hour. During which, Chibs and Tig had been voted into their rightful roles. This caught Tig by absolute surprise. He never dreamed that Opie would put him up as sergeant, much less that anyone would vote his sorry ass through. He truly believed his days of promotion ended with Clay. Sure, this was just until Jax returned. Still, it was nice knowing that they put that much trust in him. Opie went over few things such as the Phantoms and their involvement, Gemma and Abel, the Russians, and the Irish. He couldn’t go into depth, as he hadn’t a clue what all Jax had planned. That would come about later on. All Opie could do was play along, until Jax was ready to make that big reveal. Just before dismissal, he went over the funeral arrangements and date. The Sons however hadn’t a clue what awaited them…

Couple days later…

Jax rolled over and used his arm to shield his face from the sun. It was shining through the church windows. He narrowed his eyes and looked over seeing that Bella was asleep, on the floor beside him. He shook his head then sat up. The young woman was curled up in the fetal position. The medical bag was right beside her and she’d a flashlight in hand.

She’d spent the past couple days taking care of him. His fever would spike every now and then and would need tending to. She never left his side, nor did she complain. Jax came to his feet and squatted down in thought. He tilted his head as he brushed her hair back with his fingers. The sun was hitting her just right and it gave her this whole angelic look. The church they were in only added to the effect.

“Damn…” Jax muttered under his breath.

He rose then stuffed a cigarette into his mouth. He looked to the blankets on the pew. She went without, in order to keep him warm. This had Jax shaking his head in thought. He grabbed the blankets and placed them on her instead. Then he headed on out as he needed to take a piss. It wasn’t until he emptied his bladder that he realized just how hungry he was. The man hadn’t a decent meal in a couple days, due to him being so sick. He was about to head back inside and make him something, when he spotted the lynx again. He nodded in greeting and the lynx just stood there.

“I feel like we need to come up with a name for you or somethin’.” Jax murmured before flicking his ashes onto the ground.

The lynx let out a tired-like huff and Jax chuckled.

“Me and you both.”

Jax headed on in but froze as he saw Bella sitting at one of the pews. She had this deer caught in headlights look, much like that of when a man gets caught with porn. In fact, he was absolutely certain she was hiding something. He kept his eye on her then made his way over.

“Hey darlin’…” He greeted and Bella gave a simple nod as she chewed and swallowed.

Jax tilted his head and leaned in a little closer. He reached over and took his thumb across her lip were some ‘crumbs’ were.

“That’s strange.”

“Hm?” Bella questioned but with this odd vibe about her.

“It looked as if you had breadcrumbs on your lip. But that couldn’t be possible since Piney forgot the bread.”

“Must’ve been your imagination.” She said with a shrug and sipped at a bottle of water.

“Guess so.”

“How you feeling?” Bella asked and went on to feel his forehead.


Bella let out a breath of relief and checked on his wound.

“Swelling’s down… and there’s no fever in the area itself.” She murmured.

Jax’s attention however was on something else. While she was checking him over, he discreetly looked into her bag. He shook his head once he saw the sandwich and the bread she was hiding, along with the note Opie had left behind. Jax was quick to move his hand and looked away once she sat up.

“I’ll get you some more Tylenol.”

Jax nodded as she went on to dig through the medical bag.

“I’m starving…” He uttered then leaned back in the pew.

“I bet. That’s a good sign though. You hadn’t much of an appetite. I’ll make you a plate.”

“Thanks sweetness.”

Bella handed him a bottle of water and the pills. Then she went and made him that plate. When she handed it over it had the bologna, carrots, sliced tomatoes, and pickles.

“You know it’s really too bad about the bread…” He mumbled and took a bite of the lunch meat.

“I know, right? Leave it to gramps to forget something like that.”

Jax couldn’t believe his girl was going along with this. Fucking Op… He thought. He would pull some shit like that. Asshole. He waited until Bella was distracted then he grabbed the bread and hid it in his bag instead. Two can play that game darlin’… He thought amongst himself.

He left the sandwich however knowing it would fuck with her head if it was still intact but the bag of bread was nowhere to be found. Bella returned to her bag and had this offbeat look about her.

“Something wrong?”

He asked while flipping through one of his magazines. Little did she know that he’d just scarfed two sandwiches down.

“Just misplaced something, that’s all.”

“Oh? What was it? Maybe I can help you find it.”

“Actually… I can’t even remember what it was I was looking for now.”

“Huh… that’s not like you.”

Bella said nothing on it and kicked back in one of the pews. Jax shook his head knowing she was enjoying that sandwich of hers.

“Thought we could hit that pond today. We’re runnin’ low on water and I’m not sure how much longer I can stand my own scent.”

Bella laughed as he smelled one of his pits and wrinkled his nose.

“Are you sure you’re up for that?”

“Oh yeah. I’m feeling a lot better.”

Bella sat up and Jax knew she was swallowing the last bite of that sandwich down. She drank the rest of her water then smoked a cigarette, like it was nothing. Evil little thing… He thought with a smirk.

“Something wrong?” She asked and he shrugged.

“Nope. I say we get going. Don’t want it getting dark before we head back.”


They packed their bags and made certain they had everything they needed.

“Ready?” Jax questioned and Bella scanned the church once again.

“Yep.” She said afterward.

“Good deal. Let’s get to walkin’.”

Bella let out a bit of a yelp as he smacked her on the ass, on the way out. He thought it rather amusing how she fussed over him. She didn’t leave his side once, but when it came to that bread. She was a conniving little shit. He wasn’t sure if he should be pissed or impressed. Either way, payback was a bitch…

“Look at this, Jackson.” Bella uttered once they arrived at the spot Chibs was referring to.


“Damn…” He said as the view itself was breathtaking.

“Look at how clear the water is…” He pointed and Bella bent down.

She ran her fingers through the pond itself and smiled.

“Too bad it’s cold as fuck.”

“I was afraid of that. This ought to be interesting.” He said as they looked to one another then back to the pond.

Jax tossed over a bottle of soap and gestured towards the pond.

“Ladies first.” He taunted and Bella frowned.

“Are you sure we can’t stink it up for a couple more days?”

Jax chuckled in thought.

“Strip and get that sexy ass of yours in that pond!”  He said with a wink.

Bella bitched under her breath as she undressed. Jax laughed as she stuck her big toe in and shrunk back. She looked to him in a panic.

“Oh hell no!” She said and Jax gave a simple nod as he undressed.

He said nothing as he made his way over. He scooped her up then charged right for the water.

“JACKSON!” She shrieked and was holding onto him for dear life.

Jax himself was cursing up a storm, especially when that water hit his hip. But if he left it up to her, she would’ve stood there and danced around that pond all day. He had to take matters into his own hands. Jax dunked her beneath the surface and he too went under. She cursed his very name once they came up and was hitting at his chest.

He chuckled and grabbed the bottle of soap. The two went on to scrub themselves down. He knew this had to of been one of the fastest either of them had ever washed up. Bella for a change was first to finish. She ran towards the bank and Jax lost it. She had a nice foamy patch of soap along her ass still.

“What?!” She hollered and was quick to wrap a towel around her body.

He couldn’t get a word out as he was laughing too hard. Jax stepped out as well and Bella tossed his towel over.

“Well that sucked balls.” Jax murmured as they were shivering so hard, their teeth were chattering.

Jax pulled Bella into his hold and he wrapped one of the blankets around them.

“Give it a few minutes. We’ll warm up.”

“Yeah or die from hypothermia.” She scoffed behind a shiver.

“Nah, it’s nowhere near freezing. We’re good.” He said and found an area where the sun was hitting just right.

Once they were nice and warm, Jax laid the blanket out. They let the sun hit against their naked bodies.

“Now that feels nice…” Bella uttered and Jax nodded in agreement.

Jax rolled onto his side and ran his fingers along her breasts.

“You know I think I’m runnin’ fever again.”

Bella opened her eyes and had this look of concern. Jax however was smiling, rather mischievously and Bella laughed.

“Is that so?”

“Yeah… But I was thinkin’… There might be a better way to check.”

Jax raised his brows then gestured toward the area that needed ‘attention’.

“So you think that’ll tell me if you’re running fever?” She taunted in return and he nodded.

“Just give it a good lick and see…”

Bella played along and Jax let out a moan. He tilted his head and watched as his cock would disappear then reappear. Once she really got going, he grabbed a fistful of her hair and bucked off the ground.

“Keep going, baby.” He ordered and went on to thrust.

“FUCK!” He hollered as he came in her mouth.

Bella looked up and was licking him clean.

“You wanna talk about backed up…” He mumbled as he was still hard.

“Maybe you should sit on it… Just to make sure…”

“But you’re hurt…” She reminded.

“Fuck that noise. Get over here and ride me like those goddamn race cars of yours!”

“You can’t be serious…” Opie murmured as Tara was last to pull up.

Wendy had already arrived and Opie thought that awkward enough. But for whatever reason, it never even occurred to the Sons that Bobby Munson would arrive at the funeral as well. They had no choice but to play along, as Bobby was part of another chapter now. That and Opie didn’t trust him enough to reveal the truth behind all that mess. Sure, they hated it. Bobby was pretty broken up, more than Opie ever imagined he would be. He even went as far as to say that he regretted how the three of them ended things. Opie didn’t realize how real this would feel. He knew his niece and best friend were alive and well. Still, going through the actual steps fucked with his head. He didn’t get why he felt so fucking emotional. But the moment, they lowered those caskets, he thought he’d fucking lose it.

Chibs placed a hand along his shoulder and gave it a bit of a squeeze.

“Ye alright there?”

Opie cleared his throat and gave a simple nod. They lifted their heads however as Tara cried out and was kicking at Bella’s tombstone. Opie narrowed his eyes and the Sons looked on with raised brows. Tara was three sheets to the wind and calling Bella every name in the book. Anything from whore, to homewrecker, and went as far as to blame her for Jackson Teller’s death. Opie didn’t give it a second thought. He marched on over and grabbed Tara by the hair. He jerked her back against him and Wayne went to intervene. The Sons blocked the sheriff’s path and Wayne sighed. Opie leaned into Tara’s ear and whispered just so she could hear.

“The only “whore” I see around here… is you. That’s my niece you’re spoutin’ off about. If I were you… I’d watch whatever I say or do next. Don’t you come here and disrespect my family that includes Jackson. You don’t know shit, you never did.”

Opie waved Juice over.

“Make sure she gets home, safe and sound.”

Juice nodded and Opie pulled him off to the side.

“Find out where the bitch lives. Don’t let her out of your sight. Jax is gonna want to deal with this one himself.”

“Gotcha.” Juice whispered in response and went on to give Tara a lift.

Tara refused at first and was digging for her keys.

“You’re drunk. He’s taking you home.” Opie made clear.

Truth of the matter? He couldn’t give a rat’s ass if she went and got herself killed. If he had his way, he’d put an end to her himself and be done. But he knew that was something Jax needed to handle himself. He and Tara needed that closure. Only Opie knew that closure would be the end of Tara Knowles. Ex or not, Jax wasn’t about to let a rat walk away. Putting Bella under the bus… That only added fire to the flame. Opie cringed in thought of what Jax might do. Tara hadn’t seen that side of him.

Wayne looked on with concern and Chibs nodded his direction.

“Aye now, Juice will make certain the little lass gets home, safe and sound.”

“I hope so…” Wayne hinted and Chibs didn’t comment.

“President, huh?” Wendy uttered and Opie cocked a brow her direction.

Her eyes were sunken in and bloodshot. Then again, it was no secret that she and Tara harbored feelings for Jax.

“Where’s Abel and Gemma?” Wendy questioned and Opie looked around the area before answering.

“We didn’t think good for Abel to be around all this. Gemma’s lookin’ after him.”

Tig had let Gemma in on what was going on, long before the funeral. That was the last thing the Sons needed; Gemma showing up and raising havoc over her “dead” son.

“She missed her son’s funeral?” Wendy questioned a certain way and Opie nodded.

“Jax would’ve put Abel first. We all know that, especially Gemma.”

Wendy looked to be in thought on this.

“I want custody.”

Opie froze on Wendy’s word and looked to her like she was insane.

“Say what…?” He murmured as if merely amused.

“You heard me. I’m his mother. It’s only right. So where is he?”

“Oh hell…” Opie said behind a miserable laugh.

“Of all the times… you pick now. Man, you and Tara… truly are something. This is OUR time to mourn, yet you show up and start makin’ demands? Just how stupid are you? And do you honestly believe Gemma’s going to hand him over, just like that? That’s her fucking grandson and she just lost her son.”

“Jax was my husband and ABEL IS MY SON!” This had the attention of everyone at the funeral and Wendy recoiled once she realized this.

Opie shook his head as she broke into sobs.

“I’m fighting for him. I’m sorry. But I have to do this. I’ve cleaned up and all I want is for Abel to know who his mother is.”

“Why now?”

Wendy reared back on this.

“Why not then? Why is it so important to you now?”

“Because he’s all I got.”

Opie closed his eyes as it took all will not to backhand her.

“That’s your only reason? You’re feeling lonely and want Abel to fill that void for you. Shit. I always knew you were selfish, but this one takes the cake.”

“You know what I mean Opie.”

“Yeah I do… and that only makes it sadder. Abel’s got enough to deal with. He just lost his father. You’re the last thing he needs. If you’re feeling lonely get yourself a dog or a boyfriend; in your case there isn’t much difference.”

Wendy’s jaw dropped on this. That made a first for Opie to ever talk to her like that.

“Don’t you do this. I mean it, Wendy. Not to Abel. That kid has enough on his plate, without you adding to it. Just go home and do whatever it is you do.”

“Much better…” Bella said once Jax’s hair was dry.


Bella nodded and ran her fingers through it. Jax closed his eyes for a moment then leaned into the palm of her hand.

“Guess we better head back here soon.” He said behind a reluctant sigh.

Here they were playing dead. But all he could think about was gaining whatever time they lost. This right here was what he was referring to back at the cabin. It was moments like this, kicking back, like they were they only two in existence. Not that he didn’t miss his son, that couldn’t be further from the truth but this was something he knew they needed. Neither of them had a care in the world at this very instant. Jax forced himself to snap out of it. He hopped to his feet and offered Bella a hand. They got dressed, packed everything up then headed on back.

They were just a few feet away from the church, when Bella let out a surprised yelp. Jax turned back and saw her dancing about, whilst sweeping at her arms and legs.

“You alright?”

“That was a big ass fucking spiderweb I…” Bella shrieked out and fell on her ass as a good sized spider dropped down on was hovering right before her.

Bella was having a complete meltdown and it took everything within Jax’s power not to laugh. This girl has taken lives and has bigger set of balls than most men he knows. But here she was, freaking out, and acting as if that big ole spider was about to end her, right there. Jax walked on over, took out his gun, and shot the spider. He gave a simple nod after.

There. You’ll live another day.” He witted and Bella shot him a go to hell glance.

“You should be thanking me. I just saved you! It’s not every day your man shoots a fucking spider!”

Bella grumbled under her breath and Jax chuckled as he helped her to her feet.  He tilted his head after getting a better observation.

“You have arachnophobia!” He declared and Bella rolled her eyes.

“I’m right, aren’t I? You were scared shitless! Hell, I’ve never seen you act like that!”

“I’m not afraid of spiders. I’m responsible for the death of thousands!” Bella snapped and started walking.

Jax smiled and followed.

“So my little bad ass is scared of something after all…” He continued in his taunting and Bella flipped him off.

Opie shook his head after pulling into the penthouse. Agent Stahl and Deputy Hale were standing outside and they had the Phantoms on the ground and cuffed.

“Jesus.” He whispered and was quick to hop off his bike.

The Phantoms however seemed to be in good spirits and that only added to Opie’s confusion. They looking to one another and laughing. This reminded him of a time he and the boys were getting arrested and he and Jax couldn’t stop laughing.

“What’s going on?” He questioned and Dizzy looked up.

“Oh hey Uncle Op!” She taunted and he raised his brows.

Agent Stahl cocked a brow on this and one of her agents grabbed him by the arm and had him step away from the Phantoms. Opie swallowed back as he thought about the hidden armory and whatever else his niece might’ve had. That would be enough to put her Phantoms away and for quite sometime. Bella would lose her mind if she came back and found her Phantoms behind bars.

“Isn’t that sweet…? Looking after the crew, even after her passing, such a good uncle daddy.” Stahl uttered and Opie rolled his eyes.

He popped a cigarette into his mouth as there were agents coming out of the house now. They had a few canisters of NOS with them. Opie however just kept waiting for those guns. But a good hour had passed and there wasn’t a single one in sight, just a never ending supply of NOS. Stahl had this frustrated look about her.

“Are you sure that’s all there was?” Opie heard her question one of the agents and he nodded.

“That can’t be…” She muttered under her breath and Opie resisted the urge to laugh.

He knew this was the Phantoms doing. They must’ve gotten wind as to Stahl arriving and cleaned house, before she even arrived. And even though the NOS was illegal, it was only illegal if she could prove they were using it. But this was going down much like the sting when Tara had ratted them out and they were searching for script. This was Agent Stahl’s way of looking for anything related to the cartel and since they couldn’t do it through the Sons themselves, she was going through the next best thing, their alliance. They had to be working together after all, right?

Agent Stahl locked eyes with Opie and smiled.

“Well played… This little game of cat and mouse, it won’t last forever. You’re going to screw up and I’ll be there when it happens.”

Opie shrugged like he hadn’t a care in the world.

“At least you can admit to being the pussy in this relationship. That must’ve been hard to swallow.”

“Cute. I see where she got it from. It’s a shame she’s no longer around. I’m going to miss her pretty face, but not as much as you I’m sure.”

Agent Stahl looked to the Phantoms then back to Opie.

“Take them in…” She ordered and David nodded as he and the agents went on to read the Phantoms their rights.

Opie let out a rather sinister-like chuckle. He looked to Dizzy and nodded.

“Tig and I will be there to pick up you up soon.” He said surprising not only that of Dizzy but Derk.

Opie gave a simple nod as he climbed back onto his Harley and headed on out.


“Hm?” He questioned as Bella was searching throughout the entire church.

“You didn’t happen to find a bag of bread, did you?”

Jax licked his finger and turned the page to the magazine he was reading. So he finally got her to cave…

“Eh, I found one earlier but it was all molded. I fed it to the birds.”

“You what?!”

“Not like we could eat it…”

Jax lifted his eyes and observed her reaction.

“That bread wasn’t molded…”

The man reared back and set his magazine down.

Wait… Are you admitting to having bread, this entire time?!”

That deer caught in headlights look returned and Jax nodded. He came to his feet and grabbed his backpack. He tossed it over and Bella narrowed her eyes as she opened it.

“I think we need to cancel those wedding plans…” He taunted with a grin.

“I mean think about it… Our children are going to need bread and you can’t even put that on the table. This relationship is going nowhere fast. Bread…? That’s where I draw the fucking line!”

“It was my fucking bread…” She muttered under her breath and Jax cocked a brow on this.

“You really are something else.”

Bella was stuffing the bread back into HER bag when Jax made his way over. Bella let out a bit of a gasp as he plopped down, bent her over his knee then spanked her.

“Jackson!” She scolded behind a giggle.

“You gonna hide bread from me again?!” He taunted behind another good smack.

“…maybe…” Bella said behind a snort and Jax raised his brows on this.

“Well hell darlin’, if you wanted a good spankin’ all you had to do was say so.”

“What?” Tig questioned once Opie revealed what Agent Stahl was up to.

“Oh hell no. Derk’s too cute for prison…” Tig murmured in thought.

“It won’t even go that far. We’ll have them back tonight, tomorrow at the latest. She wants to rattle the cage and see what she can come up with. But you know the Phantoms aren’t about to talk.”

Tig nodded in agreement.

“I thought she left town…”

“She did. Guess she came back once she heard of their ‘passing’.”

Tig looked to be in thought.

“Something tells me we’re gonna have to rid of this bitch and fast…”

Opie nodded in agreement.

“You and me both.”

“I’m sure we can think of something…” Tig said with a grin.

Opie chuckled.

“Oh, I’m sure we could come up with a list and have our pick.”

“That could be fun!”

“Aye now, what are ye two blabbin’ on aboot?” Chibs uttered as he entered the garage.

“Ways of ending a certain nosey agent.” Opie murmured with a shrug.

“Well ye aren’t havin’ any fun without me!”

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  1. oh that was mean of op to make the bread vanish but then make it so only bella had bread.. i was also wondering what going to happen with jackson’s wounds. nice how bella took charge and healed him up just right with stitches and meds. they had everything they needed for the moment except water.. poor jax before his fever broke.. bella knew and understood i’m glad she didn’t blame him for it. i can only imagine how cold the pond was had to be feed from a fresh spring that came donw from the mountains. and wendy has alot of nerve she gonna be lucky if she isn’t dead when bella comes back from the dead same with jax. update again soon if your muse inspires you with another scene that gives you a chapter until then *bows*

  2. Thanks for another awesome chapter.Didn’t take long for all the rats to come out of their hidey holes once Jax and Bella presumably died.
    Loving this story.

  3. You always come through. I love how Bella took charge and tended to her mans needs. I can’t believe Wendy pulled that crap and wants Able now. Come on now some one needs to glue her mouth shut. And Tara come on now. Showing up drunk?! Does she have no respect. She needs a good ass beat. She’s another case of “Whoop that trick.” I think Bella is the one to do it too.

  4. URGH! I both love and hate updates. YAY UPDATE but then you look for the next button and there IS NO NEXT BUTTON! It’s like diving in to a cold pond.. (get it? hehe)

    Another wonderful job!!!

  5. They got rid of Clay, now they need to get rid of Tara, Wendy, and Stahl.

    Tara should have stayed wherever she went. Now the club is going to know where she lives. Damn fool. Wonder what David thinks of her actions.

    Gonna be a long couple of months. Meanwhile, tje Russians are going to keep looking for Clay. The Irish, too.

      1. There is lots more. For whatever reason my buttons aren’t linked and it won’t let me or my admin link them. She is looking into it. We don’t understand how this happened or why. I’m sorry.

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