Chapter 30 – Bring Me To Life

Chapter 30 – Bring Me To Life

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Tig flipped through one of the tattoo books as Opie waited for Georgie. The moment Georgie entered the room; he let out a nervous laugh.

“Come on man; I thought we were good…”

This had Opie narrowing his eyes in question.

“Good?!” He asked, and George looked around the parlor.

“Yeah you know, that favor I did for your niece… She said all would be forgiven.”

“Right…” Opie muttered as it was all coming together now.

Bella must’ve seen Georgie about that teacher gig. Georgie acted as if Opie were a part of that somehow. Knowing his niece, she had him fooled into believing as such. This had Opie grinning in thought. That grin, however, made Georgie uneasy.

“Oh fuck…,” the tattooist whispered.

“You want another favor, don’t you?!”

Opie nodded, and Tig chuckled as Georgie groaned like that of a child.

“Nah man, we’re done. My debt’s all paid up.”

Tig regarded Opie with a hint of a smirk. Opie gave no warning whatsoever; he reached over the counter then grabbed Georgie by the collar.

“Hey!” The other artist hollered.

Tig was quick to withdrawal his gun.

“A and B conversation C your way out!” He snapped with his gun aimed the man’s direction.

Opie cut Tig a look, and Tig shrugged.


“That’s what you’re going with?!”

“Well yeah…” Tig murmured with a shrug.

Opie laughed then went on to jerk Georgie over the counter. Georgie swallowed back, as Opie was right in his face and staring him down.

“Your debt is paid when I say it is.” Opie made clear.

“But your niece…”

“I don’t care what she said. It was my niece you fucked over. So as long as she needs something, you’re gonna give it.”

“But she’s dead.” Georgie stupidly remarked, and this had Opie socking him in the gut.

“You think I don’t know that?!” Opie shouted directly after.

Opie dragged Georgie into one of the back rooms. Tig stayed behind and went on to lock up the shop. He put up the closed sign and was keeping an eye out.

“Someone’s out to give my niece a bad rap, and I won’t have her name tarnished, not even in the afterlife. So I want you to FIX IT!”

“And just how do you expect me to do that?!”

Opie stuffed the files into Georgie’s arms then forced him into a chair. He went on to tell Georgie what he wanted on those records and made it clear they needed to be legit. Georgie put on his reading glasses and went on to read everything over. He shook his head in disbelief.

“Jesus… They were going to put that on her?!” He hinted as to Donna’s murder.

The president nodded, and Georgie seemed somewhat sympathetic.

“I’m sorry, man. I hadn’t a clue.”

“Just get this shit done. I need those files in twenty-four hours.”

“No can do, man.”

Opie curled his lip on this and was about to sock Georgie another one. Georgie was quick to dodge out of the way and held up both hands.

“Dude! I’m serious! Something like this will take a good two to three days, at least! You want these fucking legit, right?!”

Opie nodded, and Georgie sighed.

“Then you gotta give me that, man.”

“Goddammit…” Opie muttered seeing as how pressed for time they were already.

“Look, I’ll head home and get started right away. I’ll call you just as soon as I’m done. But it’s not happening in no twenty-four hours.”

Opie pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Fine. Just get it done and that’s another thing, not a word of this to anyone. I mean it Georgie, those files and everything I just told you stays between us. If it doesn’t…”

“You’ll hunt me down, and I’ll be drawn and quartered.” Georgie miserably uttered, in memory and Opie smiled.

“That’s right!” Opie said then went on to give Georgie a playful slap on the cheek.

Opie started to exit the room, and Georgie called to him. The president craned his neck and Georgie sighed.

“I’m sorry, about your niece I mean. I know what she meant to you.”

Opie hadn’t anything to say on that, so he gave a simple nod, before heading on out the door.

“Bella…” Jax called as he was out in the wilderness looking for her.

She had gone to the bathroom, but that was a little over half an hour ago, and he was starting to worry. Jax damn near jumped out of his skin, when Bob seemed to appear, from out of nowhere. He stood before Jax, and they merely stared one another down.

“I will shot you,” Jax warned feeling somewhat threatened.

The lynx blinked a couple of times then started walking. Jax narrowed his eyes however as the area the lynx headed for had this unusual looking figure in the snow. It wasn’t until the lynx lay down beside it that Jax realized it was his old lady. The man’s heart hit the pit of his stomach, and he took off running, as fast as he could.

“Bella baby!” He called after seeing that she had passed out.

Jax shook his head. He knew he should’ve gone with her, but Bella being her stubborn self, insisted otherwise. She didn’t want to burden him, no matter how much he made it clear that she was no such thing. Jax was quick to scoop her up then rushed on back to the church. He could hear Bob following behind. Jax laid her down on the stage then stripped Bella of her clothes. They were soaking wet, so he had to hurry and get her dried off. Once Jax finished, Jax, placed the flannel blankets Opie had given them on top of her. He undressed, but rolled his eyes, as Bob was looking on, from one of the pews. He hadn’t realized the little bastard had snuck his way past when Jax went to shut the church door.

“Guess I owe you one, but that doesn’t mean I won’t put a bullet in you, eventually.”

Jax reared back as he could’ve sworn the damn lynx was smiling at him.

“Fucker…” The outlaw murmured while crawling under the covers.

He wrapped his arms around his old lady and was doing whatever he could to get her body temperature up.

“Come on, baby…” He whispered as she was cold to the touch.

Thankfully, Jax’s body was naturally warm. The only exception was the pond. His nuts shriveled up to nothing when it came to that fucking pond. Right now he was just fine. He only hoped that would help Bella in her case. It didn’t help that she was the complete opposite. Bella hated the cold, and her body didn’t handle it very well. He wondered just how in the hell she made it in Forks, of all places, especially considering how she grew up in Phoenix.

“Jackson…?” The young woman whispered, once she finally came too.

Jax brushed her hair back with his fingers then shook his head as if to scold her.

“I told you I needed to go with you.”

Bella pulled a particular face on this and Jax sighed.

“When are you going to learn that it’s okay to count on me?! I’m not exactly worthless you know!”

“I never thought that.”

“Then let me help you!”

“I was going to the bathroom.” She defended looking somewhat embarrassed.

“So…?! We’re getting married, Bella. I mean fuck… I’ve seen you throw up and take a piss. It’s not even a big deal.”

Bella frowned in thought, and Jax chuckled.

“I’ve heard you belch too. You’ve yet to let one rip, but it’s gonna happen!”

“No, it won’t!” She said, looking downright mortified and Jax died of laughter.

“Okay fine, so you don’t fart. I better not ever hear ya do it then!”

Bella managed to laugh, and Jax chuckled as well.

“You really are something else. It’s just me, babe. I’m marrying you for a reason. We’re gonna see each other at our best and worst. That’s in the vows.”

Jax held her even closer, as she was shivering.

“Besides, if you don’t break wind eventually, you’ll explode, and that shit will be all over the place.”

Bella elbowed the hell out of him, and Jax let out a painful grunt.

“So we’ve moved onto domestic abuse. Good to know.”

“I’ll show you abuse…” Bella muttered, and Jax cocked a brow at this.

“Will you now…?!” He challenged then rolled her on top of him.

“Well go on darlin’… abuse me.” He said as he had her straddling him.

“Ye’ve gotta be shite’n me.” Chibs murmured after he got off the phone with Opie.

“What?” Greg questioned, and Chibs let out a frustrated sigh.

“Says we can’t do shit for a couple more days.”

“What?!” Happy spat as they were already scoping out the house.

Jimmy raised his brows overhearing this. Chibs gritted his teeth, before slugging him one.

“We can’t get the damn files until then.”

“So what are we supposed to do with him?!” Greg questioned while pointing to Jimmy.

“Ye just let me worry on that.” Chibs uttered with a sly grin.

“Aye now Filip, dontcha think ye’ve got your point across?” Jimmy smarted, before spitting blood, onto the back of the van seat.

Happy curled his lip on this. The Son grabbed Jimmy, by the back of his neck then he forced his face up against the seat.

“Ya can lick that shit up now.”

Jimmy looked to Chibs and Chibs gave a mere nod.

“Well go on; give that leather a good bath.”

Greg chuckled, while Jimmy licked the blood off the seat.

“That’s a good little Irish Setter.” Chibs scoffed with a wide grin.

After everything Jimmy had put him and his family through, Chibs was eating this up. He was nowhere near done. Jimmy would pay, dearly. Chibs had thought about going back to Ireland if he ever settled things with Jimmy. But that was a long time ago, and the Scot couldn’t imagine life without SAMCRO. That and he didn’t know how to deal with Fiona now after knowing the truth. His daughter meant the world to him, but after everything he’d been through, he wasn’t so sure going back was the greatest idea. It’s like he told Jax, he hadn’t that luxury. Fiona and Kerrianne just didn’t see Chibs the way Bella and Abel saw Jax. It hurt, but it is what it is, and Chibs couldn’t hold on to that resentment. It’d eat him alive if he did. He learned to let go a long time ago. Of course, that didn’t mean that he had forgiven Jimmy, not even a little. It was because of Jimmy that he lost everything. The Sons were all he had left.

Chibs licked his lips then made this odd clicking sound with his tongue. The others said nothing as he put the van into drive and headed on out of the area. They couldn’t afford to be made, and there wasn’t shit they could do now. They’d have to come back when Opie was good and ready. Chibs only hoped that Stahl or the Irish didn’t catch on to this anytime soon. The Kings would be looking for Jimmy. He hadn’t any doubt that they’d call and check in; wondering why Jimmy wasn’t returning their calls. But as they were heading back to the clubhouse, Chibs wondered how Jax and Bella were doing. He thought back to how he and Jax left things and sighed amongst himself. Often enough the Scot thought of that boy like the son he always wanted but never had. He just never imagined that Jax would accuse him of such things. Sure he had a thing for his old lady, but he’d never take it any further than that. Chibs loved that boy more than life itself, and he’d put Jax before anyone else. He’d always felt that way. Perhaps that was the pull when it came to Bella. Chibs saw what Jax saw and that had him just as smitten. Maybe they were more alike than he ever realized. Chibs and Jax vowed their lives to this club and their families and even though Fiona and Kerrianne weren’t with him. That was the vow in itself. He wanted them to be happy and if life in Ireland, without him did that then so be it. He wasn’t about to complicate things. They were living two different lives, and things would never be the same again.

“If I hear ya bitchin’ about that goddamn video game one more time, I’m gonna take my boot right up your ass!” Piney scolded as he was getting onto Kenny.

“There’s nothing to do here!” Kenny huffed then folded his arms across his chest.

“Use your imagination kid! Hell, take your sister outside and go play or something!”

“Go play?!” Kenny repeated looking downright offended by this.

“We don’t “go play”.”

“Look, kid, I don’t give a shit what you do. Just as long as you stay where you’re supposed to and get out of my fucking sight for a bit. You two are driving me up the fucking wall. All that bitchin’, you sound just like your dad when he was your age.”

Dizzy giggled after walking in on this. Piney looked over and nodded her direction.

“You wanna take these two brats off my fucking hands? Been at this for a few days now!” He bitterly put, and Dizzy smiled.

“I’m sure I can come up with something to keep them busy.”

Piney cocked a brow on this.

“For real?”

“Sure, why not. I’m good with kids.”

“Thank the fucking Lord above.” Piney pecked her on the cheek and grabbed his jacket.

“Where you going?”

“To get a fucking drink.”

Dizzy laughed as he strutted on out. She looked back and shrugged upon the Winston kids.

“So you wanna build a snowman?” She asked, and Kenny rolled his eyes.

“What do I look like? Five?!”

“No, but if you talk that way to me again, I’ll smack you hard enough to give you a permanent five-year-old mentality.” Dizzy put but with a friendly smile and Ellie snorted.

Kenny sighed but followed suit as Dizzy and Ellie put on their coats and gloves.

“When’s our cousin coming back?” Kenny asked once they were outside.


“That’s what everyone keeps saying…” Ellie groaned, and Kenny nodded in agreement.

“These things take time, you know she’ll come back, just as soon as she can. You have to be patient and trust that we know what we’re doing.”

“They’re going to kill her, aren’t they?!”

Ellie’s bottom lip quivered, and Dizzy shook her head.

“Look at me, kid. If there’s one thing I know about your cousin, is that she can live through literal hell and back. This is a fucking cakewalk in comparison to some of the shit she’s been through. Your cousin isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She’s got a long ass life ahead of her. She’s a fighter; it’s all she knows.”

“That’s what dad says.” Ellie timidly whispered, and Dizzy smiled.

“Then it must be true! Now let’s get to those snowmen. I thought we could make some snow ice cream after then decorate the clubhouse. Kip’s picking up a Christmas tree!”

Kenny managed to laugh, and Dizzy tilted her head.


“Can’t wait to see the look on gramps and dad’s face when they see the clubhouse!” Kenny sarcastically put.

The Sons had never decorated the clubhouse for any holiday. Kenny wanted to see the look on his dad’s face when he walked in and found the clubhouse all festive.

“My thoughts exactly,” Dizzy said with a wicked grin.

“What the…” Opie murmured as he and Tig pulled into the clubhouse parking lot.

The others had arrived before them and were looking on as well. Opie walked on over and regarded the Phantom and SAMCRO snowmen in question. Chibs chuckled at the look on his face.

“Isn’t that one of the prospects cuts?!” He asked as to the snowman with the SAMCRO cut.

“Dirty Phil’s…” Chibs uttered, and Opie shook his head.

The other snowman was decked out in a Phantom t-shirt and beanie. Opie headed into the clubhouse, and the others followed. Each of them froze the moment they walked in. The entire clubhouse was decked out in Christmas decorations, and there was a massive tree, where the strippers usually set up their pole. Opie pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head.

“Jax is going to kill me.” They heard him whisper, and Chibs laughed.

“I don’t’ know. It isn’t so bad. I kind of like it.” Chibs said while picking up one of the ornaments for the tree.

“So we’re just gonna turn the clubhouse into a fucking Macy’s at Christmas?!” Opie bitched, and Ellie stepped out from behind the bar with Kenny.

She had this pouty look about her and Opie cringed.

“Now ye gone and done it.” Chibs teased and patted Opie on the back.

“Shit…” Opie whispered, and Tig recoiled on Opie’s behalf.

“You don’t like it?”

“It’s not that Ellie…” Opie damn near whispered.

“I think it’s pretty. Look, Dizzy even put the fake snow on!”

“You mean Dizzy did this?”

“Yeah! We built the snowmen, and we made snow ice cream too, it was really good.”

“Hm… And where is Dizzy now?”

Ellie pointed towards one of the backrooms. Dizzy was in a meeting with the other Phantoms. Opie gave a simple nod and roughed his kids’ hair up before heading that way. Opie knocked out of respect before entering the room. Dizzy and the others glanced his direction.

“Sorry to interrupt but you and I need to talk, after your meeting.”

Dizzy nodded, and Opie went to step out.

“Actually, if you wouldn’t mind staying.” She said, and Opie pivoted back around.

“Don’t you think we’re in the need to know about now? I mean… what are their plans exactly?”

The others looked on in curiosity as well, and Opie cleared his throat before taking a seat at the table. He looked to each of the Phantoms then leaned back in thought.

“Hey, I get it. But she’s one of ours… making it just as much our business. We want to help, but we can’t do that unless you let us in. Tell us what we need to do.” Dizzy said with this look of desperation.

Opie could see it in her eyes. The girl wasn’t used to leading, and it took some balls walking in his niece’s footsteps. Opie could sympathize, considering. Bella and Jax were natural leaders; maybe that’s why they clicked. Opie felt the very struggle Dizzy had in her eyes. This girl was a mess but knew the Phantoms were counting on her now, much like that of the Sons when it came to him. Opie nodded in understanding and went on to reveal Jax’s plans. This had the Phantoms looking to one another.

“Alright, so where do you need us?” Derk asked, and Opie looked to be in thought.

“Well, we could use an escape plan, just in case,” Opie admitted, and Dizzy tilted her head.

“Planning for things to go south?”

“No, but you never know. It’s best to have a plan b and at times a c.”

“Well, we’re there if you need it.”

“I’ll let Jax know.”

“So what’d you need to talk to me about?” Dizzy questioned, and Opie looked at the others somewhat hesitantly.

Dizzy nodded in understanding.

“Mind giving us a moment alone?” She asked, and the Phantoms headed on out.

Dizzy shut the door behind them.

“I see you’re in the Christmas spirit.” Opie bitterly put.

“Don’t like it?”

“Not for the MC, no.”

Dizzy looked somewhat hurt by his words, but Opie was quick to clear his throat.

“I could use your expertise on something else, however.”


“Yeah… Bella and Jax are supposed to get married on the  nineteenth. I plan on having this shit cleaned up by then. I was hoping you could call Gemma and find out where those decorations they ordered are. I was wondering if you could find a way to get them and set everything up. I’ll handle everything else. I’m just not any good with that décor crap, and you know my niece just as much as I do, if not more. So nothing too flashy but something nice and memorable. Hopefully, these two make it and won’t become another statistic, so let’s treat this like something to actually celebrate.”

“But it is…” Dizzy uttered with a smile.

Opie smiled in return.

“I know.”

“But you’re wondering when he’s going to fuck it all up…”

“It’d kill her.” Opie admitted.

“It would, but I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt.”

Opie thought back to the heartfelt conversation he and Jax had. How he mentioned that Bella was his Donna.


“Then quit worrying so much. Besides, if he hurts her it won’t be just you that’s out for blood.” Dizzy hinted, and Opie chuckled.

“Yeah… I’m sure there will be a long line.”

“True. But they got this, you’ll see.”

Tig chuckled as Chibs was giving Jimmy another beat down. They had him strapped to a chair in the SAMCRO basement. The walls themselves were soundproof, just for these very moments. You couldn’t tell only from looking at the walls, but each of them had foam behind the panels. This was Jax’s idea, but Clay had everyone believing it was his. Jax just went with it at the time and let Clay take the credit. He didn’t care either way, as long as it got done.

Jimmy had made the mistake of smarting off to Chibs about Kerrianne. He made some sort of sexual remark about her and mentioned how she wasn’t blood to him, so it made it okay. Chibs lost all composure and was waylaying the hell out of him. Chibs was spilling out a slew Scottish profanities as well, and it took Tig to pull him off. “Sorry man, but we need him alive.” Tig reminded, and Chibs curled his lip on this.

Tig gave him a brotherly pat on the back and Chibs spit in Jimmy’s face.

“Ye mention Fi or Keri again, and I’ll take that pathetic cock of yers and cram it right on up yer arse.”

Jimmy rolled his eyes, and half laughed.

“Takin’ it a little personal, aren’t ya?!”

Opie shook his head in disbelief. The nerve of this guy… Here he was outnumbered and getting the shit beat out of him. Still, when it came to the Scot, he couldn’t help himself. Jimmy acted as if he was going to live through this. But Opie knew better. He knew that look. Chibs was done with Jimmy once they got what they needed out of him. Jimmy was the bait and Stahl would be the one to take that bait. That’s why they needed the files. They needed Georgie to make those as legit as possible to the ones Stahl had on Bella. Only they were going to reword a few things here and there and change up a few names.

Opie knew this was something Stahl had done behind the other agents’ backs. She wanted that medal all to herself. The one that said I got revenge and I put that bitch back in her place. Opie hadn’t any doubt that she would’ve come after the Sons and the Phantoms once she had Bella behind bars. What Stahl had done was highly illegal, even for an agent. Opie couldn’t believe she’d gone as far as to investigate Bella’s past. She must’ve gone as far as to visit Washington herself. Opie wondered if she went as far as to break into his brother-in-law’s house. Granted he was dead now, but the mere idea had him boiling. He could only imagine how his niece would take that news if she ever found out. Stahl was unstable as fuck, making this all the more necessary. If they didn’t do something and quick, someone was going to end up hurt if not dead. Then again, that already happened. Polly and Edmond were fine examples of that and Gemma was the one to pay the price. If it hadn’t been for Bella, Gemma would be facing about twenty-five years, if not life.

Opie stood before Jimmy now and went over their plans for him. Jimmy shook his head and looked at Chibs.

“Nah… Ya know what would become of me if I betray the kings.”

“Not our problem,” Chibs said with a menacing wink.

“Aye, but it is. Ya think they won’t come lookin’ fur me, Filip?! They’re gonna wonder why I’m not answerin’. I’ve missed a couple calls already. That’s gonna have them flyin’ down ta see what’s goin’ on eventually.”

“And you’ll be dead by then,” Opie said, and Chibs nodded in agreement.

“He’s right. We’ll have yer head on a pike, and they are more than welcome to pluck it off and cry themselves a fuckin’ river, but I doubt they will. Somethin’ tells me you won’t be missed.”

“And what about our girls, huh? How will ye explain whatcha did?”

“They’re better off without ye!”

“Are you sure about that? Are you willin’ ta put that to the test ole friend? You wanna be the one to rip their hearts out?!”

“THEY DONE RIPPED MY HEART OUT, YEARS AGO YE FUCKIN’ PRICK.” The president looked to his VP with concern as the Scot staggered back on his own words.

“Well now…” Jimmy trailed off and with this shitty grin about him.

“Tell us how ya really feel. It’s okay Filip, at least ya can finally admit it.”

Chibs snapped Jimmy a look, and Jimmy smiled once again.

“They might’ve started out lovin’ ya. But they’d die fur me, and that’s the part that rips your wee heart out, isn’t it? I’ll always come first, always have. So go on… be the one that sends them my head. See where it gets ya!”

Chibs gave a mere nod before taking his blade and castrating Jimmy.

“WHOOOA!!!” The other guys hollered, and Chibs sent the Irishmen a look of utter and complete hell. Jimmy looked at his crotch in a panic and was going into hysterics.

“I’ll take your advice and send Fi the only part that ever mattered, ya prick!”

The Sons looked on in shock as Chibs went on to solder the wound, using his lighter and knife.

“I’m hungry. I say we fire up the grill and make some dogs!” Tig announced, and Opie curled his lip in disgust.

“Fine corndogs, who cares. Let’s eat something!”

Happy nodded and looked Tig’s direction.

“I could eat.” He said with a shrug.

“Ye know what old Jackie boy would say to that.” Chibs uttered, and Opie chuckled.

“You’re all very unbalanced individuals.” They chorused behind laughter.


Jax handed the book over as it was Bella’s time to read. They were taking turns reading Macbeth to one another. They were huddled up in the blankets and Bob was at their feet. Jax lit up a smoke as Bella read. The lynx lifted his head and eyed Jax down. Bella giggled once she took notice.

“I think he wants you to put the cigarette out.”

“Hell no. He can suck it up.”

Jax blew a perfect ring the lynx’s direction.

“That’s so mean.”

“Ah, he’s fine.”

Bella died of laughter when the lynx let out this huff of sheer annoyance.

“Oh come on… you’re warm thanks to us. So piss off!”

“You really have a way with animals.” Bella teased, and Jax laughed.

“I happen to love animals; just don’t care to become this one’s meal.”

“If he was going to attack, he would’ve already.”

“Maybe he’s like a fucking vulture and just waiting for us to starve to death.”

Bella petted the top of the lynx’s head and smiled.

“Oh yeah… He’s definitely waiting.” She taunted.

“You shouldn’t be petting him like that.”

“Why not?”

“Because he might bite.”

Jax rolled his eyes as Bob leaned into the palm her of her hand. Still, he seemed to be staring Jax down. Jax shook his head. It’s like the damn thing could understand every word he said and was fucking with him now. Jax ignored this and went on to finish his cigarette. Bella went back to reading and Jax had her sitting between his legs now. Bella leaned against his chest and turned the page. Jax closed his eyes and was breathing her in as she read. He was anxious to get home, he wanted to see his son more than anything, and he missed the boys. But he couldn’t help but wonder if things between him and Bella would go back to the way they were. The way things had been since she discovered the truth about Tara and his son. Things had been tense off and on, and he knew there were times she questioned if he was who he claimed to be now. And he hadn’t any doubt that she feared that man would make a comeback one day. But Jax had long since buried the bastard, and nothing was bringing him back. He was done with all that bullshit and moving forward. He wouldn’t walk in Clay’s footsteps, no. He wanted to honor his father and do what JT could never achieve. Jax wanted to live for the club and his family and make a better life for each of them.

“Hey…” He softly called as she was in the middle of reading.


“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Jax planted a kiss on her neck.

“Can we be like this?” He questioned, and this had Bella peering back in question.

“You know… when we get back to Charming. I know it won’t be exactly like this. But I missed this. I missed us. This right here, baby. This is the real us before everything went south. I want to look into your eyes and know that you trust me and that I’m not going back to that old way of life. This is it. No matter what goes down, this is who I am. You did that baby. You fucking scared my ass straight. I want you, Abel, and the club. I want it all, and you’re the only one that could ever give me that. You get it, and you get me. You never made me chose between the club or my son. You’ve accepted them as a part of your life and as your family. I want to do the same with your Phantoms. I want that unity. I want what you and I had before you knew about Tara. But I know I don’t deserve that. I’m lucky to have your forgiveness and you in my life period.”


Bella spun around so that she was facing him.

“Despite what you think, you deserve happiness. We all have our fuckups, some more than others. But you’ve long since proven yourself. And this… Even if we’re freezing our asses off and dying for an actual home cooked meal, it’s what we needed. We needed that discovery all over again. It’s not that we fell out of love, but you’re right, there was a lot of tension, and yes, I was second guessing myself. But a lot of that had to do with me. I might’ve been second-guessing you, but I was second guessing myself as well. There were times I wasn’t so sure if I was even worthy enough to be in yours and Abel’s lives.”

“Yeah… I think you have that backward.”

“I’m serious, Jackson.”

“So am I. If anything, I don’t deserve you or Abel. I know this… But I’m not willing to let either of you go.”

“I’m no saint. I hid things from you and after what I did to your son…” Bella cringed in recollection.

“You gave him a mother, Bella.”

“You know what I mean, Jackson.”

“Yes, I do. But we both know you would never hurt him, or any child for that matter. You don’t have it in you, never did. You were full of shit, and I saw past it, even then. You say you’ve forgiven me. Maybe it’s time you forgave yourself.”

Jax caressed her cheek then wrapped his arms around her.

“I know things are about to get really fucking crazy and we won’t have time to breathe, once we get back. But I don’t want to lose this in the process. We need to keep to that oath and take those monthly visits to the cabin.”


“Good deal. I’m holding you to that darlin’.”

“Just get her sniffing around the place. That’s it for now. I gotta get back to Mr. Putlova and let him know we’re in.” Opie looked at the time as he said this.

“And how do we do that?” Tig asked as to Agent Stahl.

“These guys gotta have something on them. You found out what Stahl was pulling, right?”

Tig nodded but seemed somewhat hesitant.

“Hey man, I know you can do this. Just dig up whatever you can find on these guys. Make certain Stahl gets a whiff of it, just enough to catch her interest. I’ll handle everything else.” Opie said while looking Jimmy’s direction.

“Ya really think you’re gettin’ away with this?”

“Oh, I know we are. Don’t underestimate us Sons. When we have our minds set on something, we get it done.”

“The kings won’t believe a word of it.”

“Don’t need them too. This isn’t about them at the moment. This is about getting even. Only it just so happens that Chibs can finally get even as well. Killing two birds with one stone.”

Jimmy was pale as Tig stuffed an icepack into his lap.

“Ya really got a lot of faith in this.” The Irishman weakly scoffed.

“Absolutely.” The president uttered.

“You’re all dead, and ya don’t even know it.” He garbled before passing out.

Chibs chuckled and took a sip off his scotch.

“You sure he’s not gonna die before we even get through with to those plans,” Tig questioned.

“Aye, he’ll be fine. He’s not bleedin’ out or anythin’ now. He probably wishes he would’ve bled ta death, but that’s aboot it.”

“What’s gonna happen when he goes to take a leak?” Tig curiously asked.

“Well, I’m sure nature will find a way…” Chibs uttered with a shrug.

Tig nodded and tilted his head as if he were thinking about it.

“You alright there?” Opie whispered, and Chibs lifted his head.


“So you really gonna send Fiona his dick?”

Chibs chuckled in thought. He downed the rest of his scotch.

“I won’t lie, it’s temptin’.”

Opie nodded in understanding.

“She was in the wrong too, Chibs. We both know that.”

Chibs cleared his throat and stared off into space.

“It’s okay to be angry; anyone would be. She might’ve started out as a victim, but that’s not how it ended.”

The Scot nodded in agreement.

“And now Keri’s followin’ in her footsteps and there ain’t shit I can do about it. They made their choice, and I can’t drag them back ta the states kickin’ and screamin’.  At this point, I’m not so sure I’d want them here anyhow. Things are different now.”

Opie poured the Scot some more scotch. He poured himself a glass as well. He was breathing it in when Piney entered the basement.

“Pops?!” He called as his father was three sheets to the wind and damn near fell coming down the stairs.

Happy and Greg were quick to break his fall and helped him on down.

“What the hell, pops?!” Opie scolded.

Piney reached for the bottle of scotch and Opie snatched out of reach.

“I think you’ve had enough.”

“I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough.” Piney spat and reached for it once again.

“What with you?!”

The others looked on with concern. They’d seen Piney drunk before. Hell, the old man was known for his drunk and disorderly ways. But this was different. Piney was overly emotional and had this look in his eyes.

“Hey…” Chibs softly called as Piney grabbed his son by the cut and got right in his face.

“They’ve been there too long. It’s too long. When are you bringing my granddaughter back boy?!”

Opie swallowed back on this. This wasn’t like Piney at all.

“I’m doing everything I can; you know that. Did something happen?”

“Knock that shit off!”  Piney drunkenly uttered as Opie was checking his father over.

“I SAID KNOCK IT OFF!” He shouted and slugged Opie across the face.

Opie gritted his teeth and returned the blow. He couldn’t help it all that did was bring back some dreadful memories of his childhood. Piney didn’t do it often, but he had his moments of knocking him around as a teenager. Opie vowed to himself that he’d never let his old man pull that shit again.

The Sons pried the two apart. Opie and Piney were eyeing one another down.

“What happened…?” Opie demanded once again, and Piney closed his eyes.

“It’s gone.”

“What’s gone?”


“Dad… What the fuck are you talking about?”

“What do you think I’m talking about son? I’m saying the prospects are dead and we were fucking ransacked!”

“Jaysus,” Chibs muttered under his breath.

The Sons gawked at the original in disbelief, and Opie staggered back and looked as if he were about to pass the fuck out.

“No…” He whispered in absolute horror.

Piney kicked at one of the chairs, and everyone just stood there in shock.

“We’re fucked…” Opie whispered in such a way.

“Bella and Jax are gonna need those fucking graves anyhow!” He added with a roar and stormed on out of the basement.

“Fuck…” Opie whispered as he was scoping the area out himself.

His dad was right. The two prospects keeping watch had been shot, and they were cleaned out. All that was left was a few bullets and a couple of grenades. Opie felt as though he’d vomit. Over five years’ worth, gone. Everything they’d collected for themselves. Everything they needed to take out the Russians and the Irish, gone. Opie leaned against one of the pillars then pinched the bridge of his nose.

He hadn’t any clues to go on. Tried as he might, he couldn’t think of anyone that knew where that stash was. They had everything in a barn and a good hour or so outside of Charming. They’d never had this happen before. The others pulled up on their bikes and joined Opie in his investigation. Happy and Greg went on to deal with the prospect bodies.

Chibs took pictures of the tread marks and footprints around the area, ones that didn’t belong to them or the prospects. They needed Jax, Chibs thought amongst himself. Jax was good at pinpointing these sorts of things. He had a natural flair for it. He could tell you what fucking tires those marks belonged to and what shoe fucking left those imprints. Jax knew his stuff, so much so that he could’ve been a fucking pig if he so wished. Though it was never his thing, Jax was an outlaw through and through. But it was that knowledge that saved their bacon more times than the Scot could ever count. This had him looking to Opie in thought. Opie was good, but not a single one of them had the knowledge Jax did. Opie nodded as if reading his VP’s mind.

“We need him.”


“But we can’t take that risk.”

“We might not have a choice. We need those supplies, and we need to know who took them and why. There’s no tellin’ what we’re in for now.”

“You don’t think it was the Irish or the Russians?” Tig asked, and the president and VP shook their heads no.

“Too sloppy. They wouldn’t have killed those prospects, they would’ve mutilated them then sent us the parts, and they certainly wouldn’t leave any trace of them having been here. We could be dealing with some fucking amateurs that just happened to stumble across the barn and took matters into their own hands.” Opie made clear.

“That’ll be like a needle in a haystack,” Tig remarked, and Opie sighed.

“We have no choice. We need Jackson. I checked out the house as well but nothing.” Opie admitted in defeat.

He’d never felt like more of a fuckup. But he knew this was Jax’s area of expertise, and at this very moment, they needed all the help they could get.

“And what about the little lass?” Chibs questioned as to Bella.

Opie drew back a hesitant breath.

“Might as well bring her along too. We’ll find a way to keep them out of sight and out of mind.”

“Ye sure aboot this?”

“Not even a little, but what choice do we have? Jax knows his shit. We need him.”

Opie sighed in thought.

“I’d send the old man, but he’s fucking plastered, and I need you guys to stick around, just in case. We act just as soon as Georgie calls. Speaking of which, Tig I need you to head on out and do your thing. I’ll call Dizzy and see if she can pick up Jax and Bella.”

“I can send Derk; Dizzy can look after the kids.” Tig uttered in thought.

“Alright, sounds like a plan.”

Tig got on his phone and called Derk.

“Make it fast; my sugar daddy’s on the other line.” Derk teased, and Tig raised his brows on this.

“Is that so?”

“Hmhm.” Derk hummed, and Tig smiled.

“The fuck he is. We both know I’m the sugar daddy.”

This had the Sons looking Tig’s direction.

“Really?!” Opie whispered in disgust and Chibs chuckled.

“I think he meant slut.” Chibs taunted, and Tig frowned.

“Ye can’t afford ta be a sugar daddy!” Chibs further taunted, and Opie died of laughter.

Tig cupped the receiver with his hand and headed on out of the barn. The Sons laughed at his reaction.

“That Trager… He’s somethin’ else.” Chibs uttered with a wide grin.

“Something…” Opie muttered under his breath.

“Why don’t ye call Dizzy and we’ll wrap up the rest,” Chibs said with a touch of concern.

The president looked as if he was on the verge of a panic attack. Not that any of them blamed him. They were about there themselves, but as the president, this was ten times worse. Everything was on Opie’s shoulders. Chibs knew he was taking it even harder, considering he was already turning to Jax. But Chibs would’ve done the same in his situation. They needed to know who had their supplies and ASAP. There was no disguising the fear in their eyes, if word of Bella and Jax came out before the kings made it to Charming, their plans would go up in flames, and each of them would be fucked. Bella and Jax would pay, more than anyone. Chibs recoiled in thought. He and Opie seemed to be in silent conversation. Happy finished with the prospects bodies, and the Sons paid their respects, before loading the bodies into the van. Happy and Tig headed off and the others looked to one another as if lost on where to go and what to do next.

“It’ll be alright.” The VP did his best to reassure.

Opie shook his head.

“You should be wearing this, not me,” Opie said with a nod towards his patch.

“I knew I’d fuck this up.” Opie laughed at the irony of his words.

The last thing he said to Jax was that he had this and to have some faith in him. But he just never imagined this. Setting Stahl up was one thing; Opie knew he could pull that off with flying colors. But he couldn’t juggle this, along with everything he had going already. After losing Bobby to another chapter and Juice dying, they had no choice but to turn to Jax. They were too short, even with Greg entering the picture. Piney was in poor health as of late and couldn’t do as much, as to why they had him handling the supplies, and sticking to the shop.

“Nah, Jackie boy chose ye for a reason. Ye can’t control what happened here, and ye know it. Ye’ve got us this far, and ye’ll get us even further. Yer the one that came up with the plans for Stahl and Jimmy, not us, not Jackie, but you. We’re gonna see this through. So let’s deal with Stahl and let Jax and Bella handle this one. They’ll be alright.”

“I hope so.”

“You hear that?” Jax questioned, but he looked over to see that Bella was sound asleep.

The man nodded amongst himself and grabbed his gun as he made his way to the door. He tilted his head as he listened. He could hear someone walking around outside. The snow crushed under their feet. Jax drew back a shaky breath as he hadn’t heard a vehicle.

“You guys in there?” He heard and reared back at the somewhat familiar voice.

“Derk…?” He whispered amongst himself before opening the door.

Derk nodded in greeting and Jax looked around the area before welcoming him inside. Derk looked to his boss with concern as she was still out.

“She okay?”

“Oh yeah… just a little tired is all.” Jax wasn’t about to reveal the news, not until Bella was ready.

Derk headed that way and bent down. He gave Bella a bit of a shake and smiled as she came to.


“Hey there… Long time no see.”

Bella smiled then hugged the daylights out of him.

“Missed you too,” Derk whispered.

Jax gave the two their privacy as he headed out and had himself a smoke. He couldn’t help but wonder why Derk was here. He thought it had to do with some Phantom emergency, as to why he gave them their space. Jax walked around the front wondering how Derk got here in the first place. He didn’t see a car.

Derk offered Bella a hand then helped her to her feet.

“You sure you’re alright? You’re looking pretty pale.”

“I’m fine.”

Bella grabbed a bottle of water and downed it.

“Lost some weight…” Derk uttered, and Bella raised her brows on this.

“No! I mean… You’re TOO skinny. You look sick.” He recoiled once he realized how that sounded as well.

“Dammit. I meant…”

“I know what you meant. Chillax.”

“Right…” Derk uttered with a sigh of relief.

“Please tell me my Phantoms are okay.”

“We’re good.”

“So you’re here to tell me good or bad news?”

“I wish it was good.”

Bella nodded and looked to be in thought.

“Go ahead, rip that bandage off.”

Bella sat at one of the pews and Derk stood before her.

“You’d tell me if something was wrong, right?” Derk questioned.

He couldn’t get over how frail she seemed.

“Derk, I’m good alright. Just tell me what’s going on.”

Derk drew back a breath and went on to tell him about what went down with the supplies and how Tig sent him to get Jax and Bella.

“He made it clear that Jax needed to handle this. Said something about some footprints and track marks. The Sons are busy with something else, and from the sounds of things, you two are handling this one on your own. Prez made it clear you two are to stay out of sight and out of mind and to do whatever it takes to disguise yourselves.”

“You’ve got to be shitting me! Just how in the fuck do we do that?”

Derk handed over the duffle bag he had with him. Bella looked to him in question before opening it. She peeked inside to see a couple of Phantom shirts and matching ski masks. There were a couple of new cellphones as well. Opie didn’t send their old ones, knowing they weren’t ready for all that just yet.

“Figured we could get away with hiring a couple “new” guys. No one will know any different.”

“Sure…” Bella scoffed and looked at the shirts.

“I’m not so sure how Jax is going to feel about going undercover as a Phantom,” Bella admitted with a frown.

“If it keeps you two alive… What does it matter?”

Bella let out a nervous laugh.

“Jackson Teller as a street racer?” She mocked, and Derk laughed.

“Who knows…? He might prove to be better than any of us!”

“He wishes…” She muttered with a smile.

“Jackson lives and breathes reaper; he doesn’t know anything else. And he sure as hell won’t answer to me.”

“Actually, you’ll be answering to Dizzy as well.”

Bella sent him a look of disbelief, and he let out a nervous laugh.

“Hey, you two gotta stay buried. If either of you go back to the spotlight, they’ll know. This isn’t something you can toy around with. You and Jax have to play it cool and be the ones taking the orders for once.”

“So I’m answering to fucking Dizzy…” Bella groaned, and Derk chuckled.

“Shut it.”

“Sorry, but you should see the look on your face. It’s like you ate a lemon or something. Think of it like this; you two can take it easy and let everyone else handle the rest.”

“After we find whoever stole the supplies.”

“Well, there’s that.”

“What happens if we don’t find who did it?”

“Haven’t a clue. But it can’t be good.”

“Did hear that right?!” Jax questioned as he picked up on that last part.

He pulled the church door too and walked on over.

“Someone steal your supplies?”

“More like someone stole yours.” Derk made clear, and Jax gathered this look of utter shock.



Bella remained silent as Derk explained the entire ordeal all over again. Jax couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Someone stole SAMCRO’s stash?” He damn near growled and Derk swallowed back as he nodded.

“Son of a bitch…”

Jax laughed after Bella went on to reveal the rest of the plan.

“So I’m a Phantom now?”

“Fraid so…”

“Awesome!” Jax said with this amused grin.

Derk and Bella exchanged glances on this. There wasn’t a trace of sarcasm and Jax was already taking his shirt off and getting into character.

“Do I get to drive those fancy cars and shit too?”

“Hell no!” “Sure!” Bella and Derk chorused.

Bella shot him a look.

“You’ve been demoted, remember?!” Derk taunted, and Bella punched him no the arm.

“The fuck I have. I’m still Wraith.”

“Not at the moment, you’re not. Wraith’s dead and so are you.”

“For fuck’s sake. I don’t know how to be anything else!”

Bella shot to her feet and paced the area.

“Leading you guys is all I know! How do I revert back now?!”

“You weren’t always Wraith or Speedster, for that matter. Think of Dizzy as Han. Go back to that frame of mind. Forget everything you know and learn to count on someone else for once. That goes for both of you!”

Jax and Bella tilted their heads upon Derk. He half laughed and rubbed the back of his neck.

“I’m just trying to help guys. Nobody wants you getting hurt or worse… having to really fill those graves.”

“I’m sorry,” Bella whispered looking slightly ashamed of herself.

“I didn’t mean to sound so…”

“Full of yourself?” Derk mocked, and Bella managed to laugh.

“That’s right. Me and that fucking ego.”

Jax and Derk were the ones laughing as that was the furthest thing from the truth.

“Yeah, you really should keep it down a notch,” Jax added and Bella elbowed him.

Bella, however, was looking to Derk in thought.

“What?” He asked taking notice.

“Just ironic that’s all.”

“What is?”

“You were my most troublesome Phantom, now look at you. Climbing on up…” She said with pride, and Derk smiled.

“What can I say?! You scared me straight.”

Bella laughed, and Derk smiled.

“I was wrong about you,” Derk admitted as he and Jax went on to pack everything up.

“And karma was one hell of a bitch when it came around. I’m sorry, Bella.” This made a first for Derk to call her by name.

Bella lifted her eyes on this and Derk gave a simple nod. The Phantom cleared his throat and strapped one of the backpacks on.

“It was you, wasn’t it?”

Bella regarded the Phantom in question.

“You rid of the old man. Not sure how… but you did.”

Bella swallowed back on this. She and Jax exchanged glances as he knew the truth behind that.


“Don’t tell me. It’s probably for the best. Just… well, thank you. I’m finally free.”

“Tig had a hand in it too…” Bella admitted with behind a whisper.

Derk stopped what he was doing, and Bella nodded.

“He loves you, and he’ll do anything for you.”

Derk looked somewhat emotional but headed on out. Jax pecked his old lady on the cheek.

“What was that for?” She asked.

“For being you.” He said before following Derk.

“Ah, I was wondering…” Jax said as he followed Derk a good twenty feet out.

“I wasn’t sure what the protocols were and wanted to be safe,” Derk admitted.

“Nah man, that was smart. My boys sure didn’t think of that.” He admitted with a chuckle.

Jax was surprised to see that Derk was driving the van. The Sons must’ve been desperate. That or Opie was putting a little more faith into the Phantoms. Jax was hoping for the second one. It would sure help him and Bella in the long run. Their relationship had a little bit of a Romeo and Juliet feel when it came to the Phantoms and SAMCRO. Then again, a lot of that had to do with Clay when he was running things. They were doing just fine until he fucked Bella over. Rat and Kozik sure didn’t help matters, neither did Tara. Jax saw red when it came to Tara. He couldn’t believe just how much the bitch fell off the deep end. Opie was right; he should’ve seen it coming, but never did. Juice paid the price. Jax wasn’t kidding when he mentioned being lucky it wasn’t Bella. He hated that a brother had been killed, but it had been Bella… Jax would’ve gone to the ends of this earth to hunt Tara down, and he’d make her suffer in the process, not that she wouldn’t now. Jax would seek revenge on Juice’s behalf, and Tara wouldn’t walk away this time.

Jax’s mind was all over the place as Derk parked closer to the church. He, Derk, and Bella finished loading everything up. All he could think about was the potential danger. They couldn’t afford to be made. But he also knew that Opie was desperate when he had them come out of hiding this soon. That wasn’t the plan. Shit went south and quick and for Opie to risk his own niece’s life that meant the Sons were in hella trouble.

“So what’s wrong with her?” Derk whispered, gathering Jax’s attention.

Bella was in the church, marking certain nothing got left behind. Jax stuffed a cigarette into his mouth and regarded the church in thought.

“Come on man; she can barely stand. Is she sick or what?”

Jax drew back a hesitant breath. He wanted to respect his old lady, but at the same time, he wanted all the protection he could get. If Derk could somehow help with that…

“She’s pregnant…” Jax muttered, and Derk staggered back in shock.

“Don’t let on that you know. Just keep an eye on her for me, alright?”

“Yeah… You got it.”

Jax patted Derk on the back then shut the back doors. Bella gave the thumbs up and went on to lock up the church. Jax looked at Bob as Bella had shoed him on out of the church. The lynx had this pathetic look about him. He was staring at Bella, almost like he knew.

“She’ll visit…” Jax said surprising himself.

He couldn’t get over how sad that lynx looked. Bella peered back and smiled Bob’s direction. She hunkered down and petted him then hugged him goodbye.

“Take care, buddy.”

Bella watched as the lynx took off.

“You ready darlin’?”

Bella peered back once again. Part of her was eager to be back in civilization, but there was another part of her that feared it. Would she and Jax go back to their old ways? Or would they end up in those graves after all? Bella ran a hand along her stomach then glanced Jax’s direction.

“Yeah, I’m ready.”

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  1. Umm can we say who ever took the stash from the son either has brass ones or has a deathwish that will be coming up fast. holy shit. and bob is so adorable.. i kept wait for him to swipe the cigarette out of Jax hand or mouth lol. so they are slowly coming back home. should be very interesting to see the reaction to some that know what is going on. as for chibs doing what he did.. the guy deserved it he pushed him to the point that you don’t want to get him at. Another wicked update. Your muse must be dancing everywhere to help you out on your stories. Update again soon when your muse goes oh oh here is the next scene! Until then. *bows*

  2. I loved it and can’t wait for the next chapter. If it was me I couldn’t leave the lynx I would have taken him with me. I couldn’t have left him behind.

  3. Bless your ever-lovin’ heart for spelling “whoa” correctly.

    Jimmy, that piece of shit, deserved getting his giblets cut off. A man would rather die than have that happen. And now he has to live with it. At least for a little while.

    Stole their shit and killed the prospects!? And Piney went and took time to get drunk instead of telling somebody?

    Bella needs to quit being so stupid and listen
    Almost freezing to death should have taught her a lesson.

    Ego? Yeah, she has some, balking at having to listen to somebody else. The ego she does have tends to show up at the wrong time.

    Bye, Bob. Be a good boy!

  4. Whoa is right! Awesome chapter as always. So who took all the stashed guns? Hope Opie’s plan for Stahl works. And good for Chibs finally giving Jimmy some payback! Chibs really should send Jimmy’s useless ‘appendage’ to Fiona. I feel for Bella I was miserable all day sickness with my second, lost close to 25 pounds first 4 months.

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