Chapter 31 Invincible

Chapter 31 – Invincible

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“That’s your plan?” Happy questioned and Tig nodded.

“I take it our prez doesn’t know.”

Tig cringed in thought.

“Nah man… He’d kill us. Then Jax would dig us up, bring us back to life, and kill us again.”

“A little dramatic, don’t you think?!”

“No, just not stupid. We can’t use the old lady as bait, Trager.”

“What choice do we got?! If Stahl thinks she’s still alive, that’ll get her snooping pretty damn quick.”

“Great, you’re suicidal.”

“Fine then, tell me your plan.”

“Don’t got one.” Happy murmured with a shrug.

“Sooo, mine’s pretty much it.”

“We’ll come up with something else. I happen to enjoy my life.”

“Too late. I already set up the evidence.”

“You what?!”

“I gave Stahl reason to believe Bella’s alive.”

Tig had witnessed Stahl visiting the cemetery off and on. So he used his wits and laid the same flowers Bella would on her aunt’s grave, for whatever reason that little detail was in Stahl’s notes. That’s how much of a stalker she was when it came to Bella. She had a long list of Bella’s habits, among other things no fed should know. That was Jax’s reason for planting those pictures as well. It wasn’t that much of a stretch when it came to Stahl. She most certainly had her stalker moments.

“Oh yeah, you’re a dead man, and you’re dragging me down with you!”

“No one will even know. We’ll have the bitch gunned down before anything gets out. You know Stahl isn’t about to call that one in. She’s gonna grab a couple of agents, but after she’s certain she’s onto something. By then, we’ll have them outgunned and numbered. Come on, Hap. We can do this. I wouldn’t risk the old lady’s life if I had any doubts.”

Happy shook his head in thought.

“So Bella and Jax are playing dead, but we’re gonna have the old lady rise from the grave and all while turning her into a drug runner?”

“Sure, why not?” Tig said but with a touch of nerves to his voice.

“And the Irishman?”

“Op’s got that one taken care of. All we have to worry about is setting the bait. Jimmy and the clients aren’t enough. We have to throw Stahl that extra bone. Then we give her something to chase.”

“And how are we going to do that exactly?”

“I gotta make a couple calls. Why don’t you go to Cara Cara and find us a Bella?”

Happy raised his brows on this.

“Come on man; we can do this.”

“Guess we’re about to find out, sergeant.”

Tig watched as Happy hopped onto his bike and headed to Cara Cara. The sergeant leaned against the van and waited for this friend of Derk’s. Derk was the only other one to know of Tig’s plan. He too fought it at first and thought it a death sentence. But the more Tig went on about it, the more he was able to convince Derk that nothing would truly come of it and no one would even know that Bella was brought into it. Derk wanted to make certain of that, so he had a good friend of the Phantoms meeting with Tig. In fact, this was a test. This guy was in the running as a potential Phantom. Derk let him know if he did everything Tig and Happy requested and kept his boss safe in the process, he’d put in a good word to Wraith. The guy was a big fan and went out his way whenever he could. He’d do whatever it took to earn his stripes. Derk hated going behind Dizzy and Bella’s backs on this, but like that of Tig, if anyone knew they were using Bella as bait, they’d be gunned down before they could even go over the details of the plan.

Tig tilted his head as someone in a purple Nissan pulled into the SAMCRO parking lot. Tig treated him like a customer and waved him on into the garage. He grabbed a clipboard and was discreetly going over the plans. The sergeant acted as if he was giving the guy the rundown on what was wrong with his car. The street racer simply nodded but was taking mental notes of everything the Son said. Once he had the gist of what was to go down, they shook hands then parted ways. It wasn’t long after that Happy sent Tig a picture of “his” Bella. Tig looked on rather impressed as Happy even had her dressed like Bella.

“Nice…” Tig murmured.

“Good?” Happy added and Tig responded with a simple “yep”.

“Alright later.”

Tig nodded knowing that meant they were on now. The Son had been keeping an eye on Stahl, by Opie’s request as to why the president knew he could handle this. Tig damn near knew everything about Stahl. So much so, he knew where she got her morning coffee, her favorite places to eat, and that she was bisexual. The Son looked at the time in thought. She was meeting a woman at one of the local bar and grills tonight. That’s where they’d set up the scene. Tig grinned in thought. He could only imagine the look on Stahl’s face when she sees ‘Bella Swan’ enter that bar. Whereas Happy and Derk had their doubts, Tig knew his plan was foolproof. He had this, and he wanted to prove as such. No harm would come to Bella, nor would the truth behind her and Jax. Tig would die before letting that happen.

“Jesus Christ…” Jax muttered after seeing the barn for himself.

It was then that Derk revealed what happened to the prospects keeping watch. Jax pinched his eyes shut then pressed his hands together in a prayer-like fashion. Bella ran a comforting hand along his back.

“I’m sorry.” She said, and Jax nodded.

That made three. Three since they’d gone into hiding. Jax knew it wasn’t his or Opie’s fault. These things were out of their control, but still… there was that twinge of guilt. Bella and Derk gave Jax a few moments to himself as he thought about the prospects whose lives were taken.  Jax hunkered down at one point, and Bella knew he was saying a silent prayer on their behalf.  This had Bella thinking back to when they lost Dominque, and it wasn’t long after they lost Han. Bella left the boys to the barn as she went on to inspect the outside. She was careful not to step on any of the footprints or tread marks. The young woman headed into a nearby pasture and was looking for anything the Sons might’ve missed. She was a good ten feet from the church when she picked up on more footprints; only these were boots, not just any boots, but cowboy boots. This had her heading further out as she followed the other prints. It must’ve rained the day they left these as they were good and indented into the ground. She wondered why they weren’t around the barn itself but just a few feet away. Had they switched footwear? Were they trying to hide their prints?! She thought as she walked throughout the pasture. Bella hadn’t realized how far out she was until she heard a man’s voice. It wasn’t one she recognized, so she was quick to hunker down.

Her heart was going ninety to nothing as she caught wind of the man. He was just a few feet away, and he had a shotgun in hand. He was yelling at someone back by the old vacant house. The house itself was boarded up, but men were coming out of it. It wasn’t like her uncle not to check out the house. In fact, she was pretty sure he would’ve done that right after the barn. So what were these guys up to and why were they in that house. Did they have something to do with the Sons missing supplies? Bella remained quiet and merely observed as the men loaded up into a couple of trucks. She memorized one of their license plates and waited until they drove away. Once she was sure the coast was clear, she headed for the house itself.

“She set up?” Tig questioned when Happy entered the van.

Happy nodded, and they listened in as Happy had the porn star bugged. This way they could feed her the lines and make certain she was in good hands.

“So…” Tig murmured, and Happy glanced his direction.

“You fuck her?”

Happy shrugged and sat beside Tig as they were keeping surveillance.

“You did, didn’t you?!”

“Why does it matter to you?”

“Well was this before or after…”

“After what?”

“You had her looking like the boss man’s old lady?” Tig uttered with a smirk.

“Wouldn’t you like to know…” Happy taunted in return.

“Oh come on, bro. I have to know.”

“I can you hear you…” The porn star reminded and both men cringed.

Tig cleared his throat on this and Happy half laughed.

“How we doin’, doll?”

“Okay so far, nothing yet.”

“He’ll be here, so will she,” Tig reassured.

She’s already here.”

“Has she spotted you?”

“Not yet…”

“Good. Let’s keep it that way until he gets here. Keep a low profile and don’t let her see your actual face.”

“You got it, sweetheart.”

Tig reared back as Happy pulled a burrito out from his cut.

“Awww, where’d you get that?!”

Happy gestured towards the bar and grill with his burrito then took a bite of it.

“Ever think that maybe I wanted one?”

“Why would I?” Happy witted and Tig frowned.

“…asshole…” Tig muttered under his breath.

“He’s here.” The porn star said, and this had Happy and  Tig’s fullest attention.

“Alright baby, here’s whatcha gotta say and do…”

Tig and Happy walked her through the entire process with aces. Not only did she manage to get Stahl’s attention, but she was able to sell what Tig was going for. Happy regarded Tig with raised brows.


“I can’t believe you pulled that off.”

“Yeah well, we’re not in the clear just yet. We gotta see if she’ll follow her out.”

Happy nodded and pulled his hoodie up over his head and headed into the front of the van. He used a pair of binoculars to keep an eye out. He observed as the porn star and the street racer headed outside the bar.

“Slower steps…” Happy murmured.

“Got it…” The young woman whispered.

The street racer performed his part of the act flawlessly. He wrote something down then handed it to their Bella. She stuffed the paper into her pocket, and the man headed off.

“Didn’t you say he’s a prospect of the Phantoms?” Happy asked and Tig nodded.

“He’s good.”

“Right?” Tig uttered in agreement.

This guy knew his shit and even used the right slang and code Stahl would be looking for.

“Agent resting-bitch-face is out and tailing you.” Happy warned.

The girl did just as she was supposed to and paid no attention. She hopped into the car the Phantoms had let the Sons borrow. Tig was thankful that no questions were asked and Dizzy just handed the keys over and let it known that there better not be a scratch on it when they get it back. He vowed as such then went about his way.

“We’re on!” Happy eagerly announced and Tig chuckled.

“I knew the bitch couldn’t resist!” He said then crawled into the front with Happy.

They high fived one another before starting the van. Happy kept his distance as Stahl was tailing “Bella,” and they were tailing Stahl.

Everything went just as Tig had hoped. Stahl followed their Bella to the client’s house. Little did she know that she was being watched as well. She was far too focused on ‘Bella’ to take notice of anything else around her. Still, the boys kept their distance and played it safe. Stahl went on to take pictures and merely observed as ‘Bella’ knocked on the client’s door. They looked to be in deep conversation. But truth of the matter? The porn star was asking about her “lost dog” as Tig advised her to say. They only had to make it look as if she was there making a deal. They kept it short and sweet, so there wasn’t any chance of raising suspicions. Agent Stahl followed their Bella to a rundown motel and was keeping watch from there.

Tig called Opie and let them know that Stahl had taken his bait. Opie didn’t question what that bait was, and Tig found himself relieved. He would’ve had to lie. That wasn’t something he wanted to do. He tried to keep those days behind him and buried with Clay, where they belonged. It was during that call that Opie had to hang up because he had another. It wasn’t long after he called back with news that the files were ready. They needed Happy to keep an eye on Stahl, while Tig went and retrieved those records. Then he had to plant them at Stahl’s place. Those files would clear Bella’s name but set Jimmy up instead. This would lead up to helping the Sons later on as Opie set it up to make it look as if the Russians and the Irish were in a cartel of their own, that being of the drug and gun variety. The records would show the Russians hiring Jimmy behind the kings’ backs and had him doing the runs for their clients when it came to the drug cartel. This would help explain why shit between the Irish and the Russians went down later on. So this was merely Opie’s way of placing the crumbs and going from there. The president was thinking like Jax now, and that was just what they needed. Opie was using Jax’s plan to work with his own. Tig thought it rather ingenious. Jax was right… Opie had come a long way since he first joined the Sons. Then again, everyone had.

Happy hopped on out of the van and hid so that he could keep watch. Tig headed on out knowing he was pressed for time. He had to get to Georgie’s, grab the files, and plant them in Stahl’s house before she made her way back. He only hoped that Stahl would stay put for a bit. Her obsession with Bella was Tig’s only hope.

Tig managed to grab the files and was in the process of planting the evidence when Happy called.

“Bad timing, bro…” The sergeant whispered as he made his way through the apartment.

“You think?!”

The way Happy said this had Tig coming to a halt.

“She’s comin’ your way.”

“You gotta be shitting me.”

Tig’s eyes widened as he heard Stahl unlocking the door.

“…fuck…” Tig whispered as he hung up the phone and hid in Stahl’s kitchen cabinet.

The Son could hear her walking around and talking on the phone. The sergeant tilted his head however as he heard the agent mention Bella’s name. She went on to apologize for leaving all a sudden on her date. It was then that Tig realized her date was another agent. She made it clear that she wanted this kept on the down low but that Bella was still alive. Tig smiled after she brought up the flowers at Donna’s grave and how she had an inkling then. But she saw her at the bar and grill, and that only confirmed her suspicions. Stahl told her significant other to meet her and went on about how they could solve this case together. Together they could bring Bella Swan in and get that justice Stahl had longed for.

There was a knock at the door, however, and Stahl sighed with sheer annoyance before answering it. Tig knew that was Happy’s doing and took advantage of the situation, by sneaking out of the cabinet. He darted into Stahl’s bedroom and snuck on out of the window, where he had entered, to begin with. For an agent, she wasn’t too bright. He had used this window time and time again to sneak into her house.

Tig rushed on back to the van where Happy was already waiting; leaving a frustrated agent behind as there was no one at her door.

“How’d you…” Tig questioned as he had left Happy without a way to get back.

“Bitch was so focused on our Bella; she didn’t see me sneak into the back of her car.”

“You mean you were in the fucking car when you called?!”

Happy nodded with this egotistical grin.

“And they say I’m crazy!”

Happy chuckled then pulled another burrito out from his cut.

“Oh come on, another one?! Are they breeding in there or what?!” Tig asked as that made Happy’s third burrito.

Happy shrugged then took the foil off the burrito. He went to take a bit but froze as Tig was bitching under his breath. Happy nudged him when Stahl came out of the house and was rushing back to her car. She had her phone in hand still. Tig nodded but took a big bite out of Happy’s burrito before putting the van into drive. They stayed a good five to six cars back knowing where she was headed. There was no sense in taking that risk. If she caught wind of them, Tig’s plans would be tossed on out the window, and he hadn’t a backup.

Tig narrowed his eyes however as Happy rolled his window down and tossed the burrito out.


Happy rolled the window back up then folded his arms about his chest.


“You probably gave it herpes or some shit.”


Happy nodded.

“I would’ve eaten that.”

“I know…” Happy uttered.

“You are such a…”

“A…?” Happy challenged and Tig swallowed back.

“A happy asshole…” Tig bitterly muttered, and Happy smiled.

The boys waited a couple of hours before having one of their prospects in disguise meet with their Bella at the motel. They made it look as if the merchandise was being loaded into her car. Stahl yet again took the bait then followed ‘Bella’ back to the house. The rest of the Sons were on their way, and Opie made it clear that Tig and Happy needed to stay put until they got there.

Everything went just as Tig hoped it would. Stahl went on to follow the porn star. The Sons showed up in a matter of minutes.  Chibs went on to knock on the clients’ door. But he was disguised as a bus driver, and they had an actual school bus with them. The clients didn’t think much on it. They opened the door, and the Sons rushed on in. They gunned everyone down and was quick to set up the evidence. Chibs went as far as to plant Jimmy’s ‘jimmy’ in the house itself. The Scot had stuffed the Irishman’s cock into a Tupperware container and had it on ice, just for this very moment. The Sons set it up like there was a scuffle between Jimmy and the clients. They made certain there was a trail of Jimmy’s blood leading from an empty chair and on out the front door. They planted a couple of things from Stahl’s apartment as well. Such as a few strands of her hair and a pen, this would tie everything together. While they set everything up, they had Greg tailing Stahl.  The Sons saved one of the bodies and Opie had Happy grab the keys to one of their vehicles. They loaded that particular body inside and Happy headed on out.

“Take the van and see how Bella and Jax are doing,” Opie ordered, and Tig nodded.

Tig had talked to Derk earlier, and he’d mentioned something about Bella and Jax being on some sort of mission. Derk said something about a motel and how he’d be there. Tig had written down the information with plans of his own.

The Sons wrapped everything up and Tig went about his way. They hopped into the school bus, and Greg gave them the rundown on where they were. Stahl had their Bella pulled over and was walking up to the car when the Sons pulled up in the bus. Opie was first to step out, he removed his ski mask and smiled.

“A little TOO good to be true. Come on, Stahl… She led you out to the fucking boonies.

Stahl narrowed her eyes as the rest of the Sons when on to reveal themselves as well. Each of them had these shit-eating grins. Happy pulled on up beside her car then dragged the body out. He went on to set up his part, and Stahl just stood there in shock.

“No. No. This isn’t happening.” She said with a nervous laugh.

Opie gave a simple nod before gunning her significant other down. Stahl’s jaw dropped, and Opie rolled his eyes. Happy planted the gun on the client then used it to fire a few rounds into Stahl’s car. Chibs dragged Jimmy out from the back of the bus and Opie grabbed Stahl by the arm.

“Let’s go.”

Stahl started to cry and was begging for her life as Opie forced her back into the driver’s seat of her car. He slammed the door then crawled into the backseat. He eyed her down through the rearview mirror.

Truth… Who killed my wife?” Opie questioned, and Stahl cried even harder.

Opie gritted his teeth then put his gun to the back of her head.

“TELL ME!” He roared knowing she knew the truth and had all along.

Stahl let out a breath like she’d been holding it forever. She told Opie about the SAMCRO nomad Clay Morrow had hired. He was meant to take out Opie’s niece as he had the nomad believing Bella was a rat and no one had the heart to do it themselves as she meant a lot to the club. Opie couldn’t believe just how twisted things had gotten. That hit was intended for Bella, but when that didn’t play out the way Clay or Stahl wanted, Stahl made other plans of sabotaging her, by setting Bella up for murder, her own aunt’s at that. So yes, Clay had played a part. But he had intended to kill Bella off. He wanted her out of the picture. She was holding Opie and Jax back, and he needed his boys at their best, Bella was nothing more than a distraction. Stahl and Clay were in cahoots, but not exactly on the same page. That’s what led to Donna’s murder. Clay thought Bella was in that truck. But Stahl knew otherwise and went on with that plan anyhow. She knew because she had been tailing “Bella”, only it wasn’t Bella. And Stahl knew this because she had seen Donna behind the wheel herself, yet she went through with those plans anyhow.

That’s when everything changed. That’s how Stahl played her part in Donna’s murder. All she could think about was setting Bella up, so she had played Clay as well. Clay never had any intention of killing Opie’s wife. So it truly was a shock when Bella walked through those chapel doors. Clay wanted Bella dead, but Stahl wanted Bella to suffer. All of this went back to Polly and Edmond and Gemma’s trial.  Stahl hadn’t let it go and had gotten worse as the days progressed. She didn’t need Clay or Tara to help feed that need for revenge. She could handle this on her own, or so she thought.

Once he had the truth out of her, Opie shot her. It wouldn’t have mattered what she said, she was a dead bitch walking and had been since she came into the picture. Opie closed his eyes as his wife came to mind. He could see her perfectly, and he could’ve sworn he picked up a touch of her perfume even. This had the man opening his eyes as his heart skipped a beat. The man nodded amongst himself realizing it was finally done. It wasn’t Clay or Bella that got his wife killed, no it was Stahl, all along. The bitch had played everyone, from the very beginning.

Opie stepped on out of the agent’s car and nodded Chibs’s direction as the VP had Jimmy up against the school bus. He used his knife to slit his cheeks, just as Jimmy had done his. Then he stabbed him, multiple times. They went on to plant a gun on Jimmy as well. So it made it look as if Stahl had arrested Jimmy for his part in the drug cartel. The Sons made it seem as if Jimmy and the clients had gotten into it and there was a shootout. Stahl and her partner interrupted that shooting and went on to kill everyone else before taking Jimmy into custody. One of the clients chased Stahl down then shot her. They went on to stab Jimmy, and as Jimmy was bleeding to death, he shot the client. This would wrap everything up, and it would look as if Stahl had lost her ever loving mind and took matters into her own hands. That’s what the files were for back at her apartment. It would make it look as if Stahl had been on Jimmy’s tail for some time and that’s what lead up to all this. She wanted that collar, and she wasn’t letting anyone get in her way. So she never called for backup, she never let the sheriff’s office know. She wanted the honor of taking Jimmy down herself.

Those files would free Bella and the Sons of any suspicions as everything would be on the Irish and the Russians. This would coincide with the Sons plans. This would set up the gun and drug cartel between the Russians and the Irish. This would also fool the kings into why Jimmy came up missing in the first place. Of course, he wouldn’t want them to know he was dealing dirty and behind their backs. So he went into hiding and never returned their calls,  leading to his eventual death, at least that’s what the files would reveal…

“Where the hell is she?!” Jax questioned in a panic.

He and Derk couldn’t find Bella anywhere.

“She couldn’t have gone far.” Derk uttered as they headed into the pasture.

“Goddammit.” Jax murmured as he could tell Bella had been through here.

“That girl just doesn’t think.” He complained while following her trail.

Bella pried one of the boards back and cautiously entered.  She covered her nose as the house smelled like mothballs. It was caked in dirt and cobwebs. There were beer bottles everywhere. Some were empty; others were filled with tobacco spit. Bella wrinkled her nose in disgust. There were a couple hunting knives, so she grabbed one, just for her peace of mind. Bella peeked around one of the corners and was looking into the kitchen. The young woman took her time searching the house. Once she was sure the coast was clear, she let her guard down and started looking for any more clues.

She was searching the bathroom when she heard the floor creak. She froze as whoever it was was standing directly behind her. Bella spun around with the knife in hand.

“WHOA!” Jax hollered as she swung that blade with one hand and was covering her stomach with the other.

Jax dodged the blow and was quick to knock the knife out of her hand.

“Easy baby!”

Bella looked at Jax in shock, and he gave a mere nod.

“Just us…” He said in a soothing voice.

“I’m so sorry! Jesus…”

Bella looked to the knife on the ground and shook her head. Jax, however, was on cloud nine. Sure, his old lady swung a blade his direction, but it was how she went on to protect that baby. He wondered if she even realized what she did.

“I’m alright…” He reassured as Bella was beside herself.

“I could’ve hurt you!”

“But you didn’t. All good. I shouldn’t have startled you like that.”

Jax wasn’t the only one to take notice of Bella’s protective ways. Derk had this shit ass grin on his face, and Bella tilted her head.

“What’s with you?!”

“Nothing…” He murmured with a shrug.

“Then quit looking at me like that!” She snapped, and Derk chuckled.

“Alright my bad…” He mocked, and this reminded Jax of Tig when Derk continued in his laughter but went on to search the place.

“Next time you let me know where you’re off to before going off on your own.” Jax scolded.

Bella sighed, and Jax shook his head.

“Nah… You ain’t pulling that shit. I hadn’t a clue where you were. This isn’t something we can take lightly. We’re out in the open now, Bella. We can’t shrug this off. So you go with me, or not at all, got it?!” Jax was in full on dominating mode, and Bella swallowed back on this. Part of her was turned on; the other was highly annoyed.

“Fine.” She damn near pouted and Jax chuckled amongst himself.

He picked up the knife then handed it back over.

“Great minds…” He murmured as he showed her that he had the other one in hand.

Bella laughed, and Jax sent her a wink.

“Find anything?”

Bella went on to tell him about the boot prints and about the men she suspected they belonged to as they were all cowboys. She mentioned how she saw them coming out of this house. Jax agreed that it wasn’t like Opie not to search the place. Both figured the men must’ve shown up afterward. They discussed their theories on the situation as they did a more thorough search. Jax also agreed with Bella’s assumption on the change of footprints near the barn itself. Rather than cleaning up after themselves, they merely changed their shoes. Jax questioned Bella about the trucks they were driving and the tires in particular. Jax laughed amongst himself and Bella regarded him in wonder.

“So they thought to change their shoes but not to switch out vehicles.” He said then went on to tell her that the tire marks most certainly belonged to a truck, some heavy duty ones like Bella described. Jax was somewhat impressed that she thought to look at the brand of tires. She was undoubtedly the daughter of a cop. Like Jax, she had a keen eye for things like that. Working together on this was their best bet. They needed to solve this and ASAP, before the Russians or the Irish caught wind of their rise from the grave. Jax wasn’t quite ready for that reveal.

The three of them did a thorough search, but nothing really screamed at them. Not that it mattered, what Bella had was more than enough to go on. So they were looking for some ignorant cowboys, and Jax figured they were in this Podunk town outside of Charming. There wasn’t much to it, and the population was less than a thousand. These guys shouldn’t be hard to find. It was more than obvious they were interested in the land when they stumbled across the barn with the weapons. Thankfully, they took it upon themselves to steal the supplies, rather than to call the police. Fucked up as it was… Stealing them was much better for the Sons. If the police got involved, they would’ve been fucked and wouldn’t have a chance at getting those weapons back.

“I have an idea…” Jax muttered, and Derk and Bella glanced his direction.

“Bella, I’m gonna need you to go undercover with me. Derk, if you wouldn’t mind keeping watch…”

“Watch?” Derk questioned.

“You’ll see…” Jax uttered, and Derk and Bella shrugged upon one another as they followed Jax back to the van.

Jax had Derk head into another town and to a country outfitter store. He had Bella tell him what size pants, blouse, and shoes she wore. Jax started to head on out but Bella stopped him.

“What are you doing?!” She hissed, and Jax sighed.

“To get us some clothes.”

“Jackson, we can’t be seen in public!”

“I know that, but we need those clothes.”

Bella looked to Derk, and he nodded.

“Alright, give me the sizes, and I’ll do it.”

Once he had their sizes written down, Derk headed inside. Jax raised his brows as Bella looked to be pouting.

“What’s with you?”

“You’re putting my ass in Wranglers?!”

“You betcha!” Jax uttered with a wide grin.

“Jackson…” She groaned as if in misery.

“Just imagine your tight little ass in a pair of Wranglers.” He said then wiggled his brows.

“Right backathca. You thought those skinny jeans were tight.” She retorted, and Jax chuckled.

“Look at it this way; we can admire each other’s asses,” Jax said then went on to run his hand along hers.

He thought back to how she reacted at the old house, and this had him kissing her tummy. He leaned his head against it and wondered how long it would be before he felt the baby kick. A pang of guilt hit however as Abel came to mind. He was never this attentive when Wendy was carrying. Then again, he was never in love with Wendy and went out his way to avoid her, once she trapped him. Abel, unfortunately, paid the price for that. Jax swore amongst himself that he would make it up to Abel. He’d be there for him, no matter what and he’d be there for his little brother or sister. Jax meant it when he said that old part of him died. He was a new man and had a new outlook on life, and he had Bella to thank for that. He thought of the irony on Derk’s words “scared straight.” That’s most certainly what happened between him and Bella. He damn near lost her forever, and it was because of that that he knew he had to change. He had to make up for the sins of his past, not just for his sake but Abel and Bella’s. They deserved their happy ending, even if that meant walking through hell and back, Jax planned on giving them just that.

A good fifteen minutes passed before Derk exited the store with a couple of bags in hand. Derk made his way to the back of the van. He discreetly slipped them inside. Bella and Jax dug through the bags and were quick to change clothes. Jax swallowed back once his old lady finished.

“God damn…” He whispered.

He’d never seen her in jeans that tight. They looked as if they were painted on. She was wearing a black Jack Daniel’s shirt and brown leather boots with it. Jax had never been into cowgirls before, but he’d be damned if his old lady wasn’t giving him the ultimate in wood right now. Jax struggled to button his shirt as he was gawking at Bella. She hadn’t even noticed the look he was giving her. She was too busy getting ready. She let her hair down and that only added to the effect. What he wouldn’t give to throw her into a pile of hay and have his way with her. Fucking Bella, only she could make him have that sort of fantasy.

“How’s this?” She asked and went on to help Jax with his shirt.

Jax couldn’t muster the words. He ran his fingers along her midriff where her belly was exposed.

“Jackson?” She questioned, and Jax cleared his throat.

“I think you need to hold on to this little number…” he uttered in longing.

Bella regarded Jax in utter surprise. He chuckled at her reaction.

“You’re fucking smoking, baby. Look at you.”

Jax backed her up against the van walls then planted his hands on it so that she couldn’t escape.

“Imma thinkin’ this is a date night outfit. Just you wait…” He uttered with a wide grin.

“Jackson…” She said with a giggle.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.” She complimented while running a hand along his chest.

“Though I do prefer you in your cut.”

“Trust me. I miss the cut too.” He admitted with a sigh.

“You two decent?” Derk called, and both gathered these guilty expressions.

They’d forgotten all about him waiting outside, in the cold.

“Yeah… Sorry, bro!” Jax hollered in return, and Derk hopped back into the driver’s seat.

He did a double take however once he saw Jax and Bella.

“Damn… Suits you, both of you. I’d never know the difference!” Derk had a hard time keeping his eyes off them.

He was having a Tig moment and wondered what it’d be like to watch the two of them fuck. Jax and Bella going at it hot and heavy and in those outfits?! That was a top-selling porno in the works.   Derk turned around and shook his head. She’ll kill you; if she sees your packing wood, you’re dead. Don’t be an asshole! He thought amongst himself then went on to back the van out of the parking lot and hit the road. A solid hour and a half passed before they found the truck they were looking for.

“That it?” Jax questioned as to the license plate.

“Yes!” Bella said as she was peeking out the window.

This had both men staring at her ass, during. The moment Jax took notice of Derk looking as well he smacked him in the back of the head. He shook his head in a scolding matter afterward.

“I thought Trager was bad…” He whispered, and Derk recoiled.


“What was that?” Bella asked, and Jax looked at Derk somewhat menacingly.

Derk had this deer caught in headlights presence and a look like he was begging Jax not to tell her.

“Nothing darlin’…” Jax said, and Derk gathered this look of relief.

“Look at my old lady like that again, and I’ll have your balls.” Jax made clear, and Derk thickly swallowed.

“Yes, sir.”

Jax walked away but chuckled amongst himself. He just wanted to make him sweat a little. The Son thought a lot of Derk and knew he was one of Bella’s most loyal Phantoms. But he had to give him some hell after that shit.

“Just hang back, and we’ll follow them out,” Jax said as they were parked outside a local feed store.

It seemed like forever, but three men finally piled into the truck.

Derk started the van.

“Keep your distance, don’t scare them off.”

Derk nodded in understanding. They ended up following that particular truck onto a ranch road.

“Stop here. If you go down that road, they’ll know.”

“But how will we find them?”

“Bella and I will handle that. We might be in for a long walk, but we got it.” Jax said then handed Bella her gun. She tucked it into her boot and Jax tucked his into the back of his pants.

Derk looked somewhat hesitant.

“Look, hit that motel we saw coming into town. Get you a room and some sleep. We’ll call if we need anything.” Jax said.

Derk looked at Bella as if needing her final say.

“Go on Derk.”

“Alright, you two be careful.”

“We will,” Jax assured as he opened the van doors.

He helped Bella down, and they headed on down the ranch road.

“So what’s the plan once we find them?”

“Horse bucked us off then took off. I’ll carry you making it look as if you’re hurt. We’ll go from there.”

Jax looked over with concern, however.

“You gonna be alright?” He asked as she was slightly pasty again.

“I’m fine, just hits now and then.”

“Maybe I should’ve had Derk take you to the motel.”

“I’ll be okay, Jackson.”

Jax wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and they kept walking.

“Hmmm, maybe luck is on our side…” He said after twenty minutes of walking.

He pointed to a house off to the distance, and there was the truck. They stayed hidden as they looked on from afar.

“Looks like a couple of them are outside, drinking. There’s no telling how many are in the house.”

Jax scooped her up and had Bella cradled in his arms.

“Play along with whatever I say and do, alright?”

Bella wrapped her arms around him and nodded.

“Something wrong?” Bella asked as they were halfway to the house now.

“Other than you giving me a hard-on from hell, no.”

Bella snorted, and Jax grinned.

“I could get used to seeing you in tight pants.”

“Are you wanting me to go country?”

“Fuck no. Just the pants, though I dig the shirt. Boots are optional.”

Jax nodded upon one of the men as they had their attention now.

“Alright darlin’, showtime. Give me your best.” He whispered, and Bella let out a painful grunt.

She had her face buried in his chest.

“Hey man…” One of the guys hollered and rushed on over.

“You two alright?”

“I’m fine, my girl not so much. Fucking horse bucked us off and did a real number on her ankle.”

“Oh shit.”

Bella found herself rather impressed as Jax went as far as to give himself a Texan accent.

“Mind if we borrow your bathroom? I gotta ice that shit down and borrow a phone so I can get her home.”

“No prob man.”

Jax took notice of the way these guys were eyeing his old lady. Of course, they wanted to help, hot girl like that.


Jax followed them into the house, and one of the guys led them towards a guest bathroom. Jax thanked them once again then headed inside. He propped Bella up on the counter then shut the door. He took off one of her boots and the sock she was wearing. There was a knock on the door and Jax opened it. One of the guys handed him a bucket filled with water and ice. Another handed him a bottle of Jack ironically.

“Nice shirt…” The man uttered with a wink Bella’s way.

Bella smiled his direction, and the man placed a hand over his heart.

“Damn… you’re a real looker.”

The man looked at Jax then back to Bella.

“You two serious?”

Jax couldn’t believe the nerve of this guy. Jax went on to place her foot into the bucket, in hopes that they wouldn’t take notice of her perfectly fine ankle.

“Seems to be,”  Bella said, and the man sighed.

“Sure I can’t change your mind?”

Jax regarded the man through the mirror and nodded.

“A little bold, don’t you think?” Jax surprised himself on this, but he was damn near ready to take his blade to this motherfucker.

The guy laughed then patted Jax on the shoulder.

“Relax, I won’t fuck her, not while you’re here anyhow.”

Jax gritted his teeth, and one of the others smacked this guy in the back of the head.

“Knock it off, Toby.”

(Toby Topher)

This particular one seemed to be the ringleader. He was a much older man. He’d a handlebar mustache and matching salt and pepper hair to go with that. The others stepped aside allowing him into the bathroom. He held his hand out in greeting.

(Jackson Topher)

“Jackson Topher.”

Jax thought of the irony on that.

“Daryl Crow.”

“Crow, huh?”

Jax nodded.

“I like it.” The man said then looked Bella.

“And you beautiful?”

“Molly Brighton.”

“Molly…” the older man repeated.

“Well Molly, please excuse my son’s behavior. I’m still working on his house training.”

Bella laughed in response, and Toby rolled his eyes.

“Alright give them some space…” Mr. Topher uttered and shoed them away.

He nodded upon Jax respectfully then shut the door. Jax and Bella could hear the muffles of them arguing but couldn’t pick up what it was about. Jax sent Bella an apologetic glance and removed her foot from the bucket.

“Sorry…” He said and went on to warm her foot with his hands.

“You doing okay?”

“Yeah just freezing.”

“I imagine.”

Jax glanced towards the door.

“So here’s the deal. I’m gonna see about borrowing that phone. I want you to stay here, but keep that gun of yours close.”

Bella nodded, and Jax headed on out. The guys grew eerily silent the moment he entered the living room, where they were.

“I’m sorry about imposing on you like this. If I could borrow a phone, we’ll be out of your hair.”

“Not imposing at all. You can borrow mine, but you two are more than welcome to stay for a bit. You gotta be freezing. Get yourselves warmed up by the fire. We some burgers firing up on the grill; you’re more than welcome to join us.”

“That sounds good actually.”

“Then there you go.” Mr. Topher handed his phone over.

“No need to keep that blushing bride of yours hidden. I’ll make these sons of bitches behave.”

“Not married yet…” And she’s the furthest thing from a blushing bride… Jackson thought as to how much he corrupted her.

“But you will be soon.” The man uttered, and Jax lifted his head on this.

“Ring on her finger says it all.”

Jax nodded and dialed Derk. He knew he had to sell this.

“Hey, I know you’re busy, but I need a favor,” Jax said then headed on out of the room.

Derk gathered what Jax was going for and went with whatever he said. During this, Jax went on to search for any signs of those supplies. He was a bit on edge considering how outnumbered he and Bella were. These guys were packing too; each of them had some sort of handheld on them. Jax had to be careful not to get caught snooping. These guys were up to no good and Jax wouldn’t put it past them to gun his ass down. He recoiled in thought of what they’d do to his old lady after. He hated these backwoods type of guys. They gave him the fucking creeps. That Deliverance movie came to mind, and he recoiled.

He continued in his fake conversation with Derk and how he needed a ride because Bella had hurt herself. It was during this he stepped out into the backyard. It was fenced off, and there was a cellar entrance. Jax nodded amongst himself figuring that’s where the supplies were. He highly doubted they were in the actual house, or the barn for that matter. These guys couldn’t have had the time to move them, much less sell them, not five years’ worth anyhow. The cellar itself was locked and not just any lock, but some heavy duty master lock. There was no breaking into that one, no. He’d have to shoot his way through, and he couldn’t very well do that, right this moment. That lock, however, told him everything he needed to know. Jax was one hundred percent confident in his assumptions. Thanks to Bella, he found them a lot sooner than if he’d gone on his own. They could’ve had everything moved by then. Jax headed back inside, so not to raise any suspicions. He handed Mr. Topher his phone back then thanked him profusely.

“No prob. Did you get everything squared away?”

“Yeah, he’s wrapping things up at the house.”

“And which house might that be, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Jax knew he was being tested now. These ranchers usually knew one another and by name. He wanted to see if Jax would slip up. Did this mean he was already suspicious, or just being nosy? A small whimper was heard as Bella limped her way into the living area.

“Molly!” Jax scolded and darted on over.

“I told you to stay off that foot!”

Bella had heard what the older man was pulling and knew the distraction was needed.

“We can’t stay Daryl! You know my father will kill me if I’m out all night long!”

Ironically, Opie came to mind and how he reacted when he first found out about them.

“It’s just the one night, darlin’. You’re a grown woman, and we’re getting married. He can’t tell you what to do!”

“Do you want him to kill you too?!”

Jax aka Daryl let out a miserable sigh, and the cowboys laughed in response.

“Guess you better get the little lady home, no lollygagging or the old man will hunt ya down!” Mr. Topher mocked.

“Someone’s not gettin’ laid tonight…” Toby murmured, and Jax rolled his eyes.

“Daryl…” Bella groaned, and Jax resisted the urge to laugh.

She was a little too good at this.

“Alright, we’ll go.” He uttered as if frustrated.

“Thanks for your hospitality,” Jax said as they headed for the door.

“Come back anytime. We’re new around these parts. Would be nice getting to know the neighbors.” Mr. Topher said, and Jax nodded.

There was something about that that had him on edge. This house didn’t seem like the house of a bunch of bachelor cowboys. No. This had an older and more at home feel to it. The smell itself reminded Jax of his grandfather’s place. The antiques within the house had that same feel. Nothing about that house said it belonged to these idiots. He tried picturing just the old man himself, but even that didn’t register. Something was off. Jax just couldn’t quite peg what it was.

Bella took notice of the offbeat look on his face once they exited the house.

“What is it?” She whispered as Jax was carrying her.

“Something’s not right. No way that house is theirs…”

“I had same feeling.”


“I peeked into one of the back bedrooms, and there was this picture of an elderly couple. There was an afghan on the bed and walker beside it.”

“You don’t think…”

“Not sure. But if that is the case, we better act fast. They don’t plan on staying.”


“It might be best if we don’t go too far. We gotta keep an eye on them.”

Jax looked around in thought.

“I’m sure we can find a way of staking out the place.”

Derk pulled up to the cattle guard in the van. Jax kept up the act, just in case and helped Bella into the inside. Derk took off, but they didn’t go too far. Jax had him pull over just a half a mile or so away.

“Take her back to the motel. I gotta keep an eye on these guys and make certain they don’t go anywhere with those supplies.”


“Bella baby, I want you to go and get some rest. I’ll call you if I need anything, I promise.”

“I’m going with you!”

“Not this time. And don’t even think about arguing with me on this.”

Derk handed the keys to the van and motel over. Bella regarded him in question.

“I’ll go with him.”

Jax looked at Derk in surprise.

“Room’s already paid for. So you don’t have to go to the office. You should be able to get into the room, without being noticed.” Derk made clear.

Bella had this hesitant look about her. Jax smiled then pecked her on the lips.

“Go on. Eat you something then get some sleep. Enjoy a nice warm bed for once.”

Bella had this wounded pup look, and Jax chuckled.

“I’ll be fine, I promise. Now go.”

The young woman watched as Jax and Derk hopped on out of the van then ducked into a nearby pasture. Bella said a small prayer amongst herself then headed to the motel.

Bella entered the room and tossed the keys onto the table. She took off her jacket then started to get undressed. All she could think about was a nice warm shower. It wasn’t until she had her shirt and pants off that she flipped on the light to the room and damn near screamed.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” She hollered and threw the closest thing to her.

“JESUS!” The man hollered.



Tig was spread about the bed, naked, and had a trail of what looked to be strawberry jam going from his chest to his crotch. Bella covered her eyes.

“Is that strawberry?” She groaned in misery.

Tig smiled on this.

“Sure is… his favorite.”

“I just had to ask…”

“Hm… and what’s your favorite?” Tig taunted with a wide grin.

“Oh my god… just get some fucking clothes on! I’m going to shower, and you had better be decent when I get out!”

“Don’t pretend like you didn’t like what you saw!” He called once she shut the bathroom door.

“Do we have any bleach?”


“Yeah… so I can rinse my fucking eyes out!”

“Now that’s just harsh…”

Tig sighed once he heard the shower start.

“Now who’s going to lick this off?” He groaned in misery.

He dipped his finger into the trail and licked it clean. He shrugged and continued…

“Thanks, man, if you hadn’t volunteered she would’ve found a way to convince me.” Jax uttered, and Derk nodded in understanding.

“I got that vibe as well.” The Phantom admitted.

He and Jax were off in a field, just a few feet away from the house the thieves were in. They’d been keeping watch for about an hour now.

“At least it’s not snowing anymore…” Jax murmured.

“Right?! That was some crazy weather. Never seen it snow like that in Charming.”

“Me either.”

“I bet you and Bella were freezing your asses off.”

“There were times… Thankfully, the blankets Opie sent us were flannel and wool.”

“That helps…”

Jax nodded, but they grew quiet as a few of the guys exited the house and were making their way to the truck. They headed on out and a couple more hopped into another vehicle. Jax did the count in his head.



“That leaves three more guys.” Jax sighed knowing he had no choice but to sneak onto the property and make sure those weapons were in that cellar.

“Got a silencer on you?”


“Fuck…” He whispered knowing he had to find a way to break into that lock.

“Alright, just stay put and keep an eye out.” Jax pointed out the area in which he’d be.

“If you see anyone heading that way, shot me a quick text.”

“Got it.”

Jax put his cowboy hat back on and got back into character, just in case, but he hoped to stay out of sight.

Bella hadn’t realized she’d fallen asleep, not until she heard the knock at the door.

“You alright dollface?”

Bella shot up from the tub and was quick to grab a towel.

“Bella?” Tig called once again sounding worried.

“I’m alright. Sorry, I fell asleep.”

“You fell asleep?! In the tub?!”

“Yeah…” She muttered feeling somewhat embarrassed.

That hot bath was just what she needed. She started out with a shower then went on to run her a bath. It felt so good she must’ve passed out. Bella drained the water then stepped on out. Tig raised his brows as Bella stepped out with the towel wrapped around her.

“Are there any extra clothes?” She asked as she didn’t want to sleep in the clothes Derk bought.

“I’ll look…” Tig said but kept staring.

“Watch it, Tiger, I’m not in the mood.”

“Right!” He said and forced himself to snap out of it.

Tig dug into the duffle bag Derk had brought. He tossed over a pair of sweatpants and a Phantom t-shirt.

“Thanks.” She said then darted back into the bathroom.

“The towel would’ve been fine…” Tig trailed off and whispered under his breath “or nothing, which would’ve been good too.”

Bella exited the bathroom once again, only this time she was fully clothed.

“Is there anything to eat?”

“I could order us something…” Tig offered.

“Would you mind? I’m starving.”

“No prob.”

“Pizza, biggest one there is.”

Tig chuckled.

“Gotcha!” Tig went on to order the pizza but looked to Bella with concern.

She was sitting at the edge of the bed and looked to be on the verge of tears.

“You alright there?” He asked once he got off the phone.

“Yeah…” She whispered then wiped a stray tear from her cheek.

Bella cleared her throat and brushed her hair.

“I take it they’re up to something dangerous?”

“You could say that…”

“How dangerous we talking?

“Eight to two…”

“You’re kidding!”

“Wish I was.”

“And why are you here?” Tig asked knowing it wasn’t like Bella not to be there.

“I’m asking myself that very thing. I let them talk me into coming here. But I need to be there.”

“That makes two of us. We need to get out there!”

Tig narrowed his eyes as Bella had this offbeat look about her. She had a hand along her stomach and was looking at the floor.

“You don’t happen to have a bulletproof vest around, do you?”

“Fraid not…”

Bella nodded, but still, she had that ‘look’.

“What’s come over you doll?”

“Nothing. Let’s just eat and get our asses over there.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Bella lay down as they waited for the pizza.

“Damn bed’s all sticky…” She grumbled, and Tig raised his brows on this.

“Why jam?”

“Why not?” He uttered with a wide grin.

Bella got a better look at Tig’s vest and was taken back.


“Seems so.”

“That’s awesome.”

“I thought so.”

Tig tilted his head however as Bella’s eyes closed and she was out within seconds.

He walked on over and draped the covers over her. Even he took notice of how sickly she seemed but thought it was due to stress. She and Jax had been through the ringer as of late. Coming out of hiding, this soon, he was sure didn’t help. Thirty minutes had passed when the delivery guy knocked on the motel door. Tig hopped up and grabbed his gun. He wasn’t taking any chances. He used caution as he opened the door. He stuffed the money through the slit but had his arm hidden.

“Mind laying that down on the ground; I just got out of the shower…”

The delivery guy nodded and placed the pizza down. Tig waited until the guy was gone, he grabbed the pizza then locked up afterward. He sat the box down on the table and looked over to see that Bella was still out. Tig would’ve let her sleep but knew they needed to eat and hurry on out the door. Tig inched his way over and gently shook her. Bella let out a bit of a whimper, and he chuckled.

“Rise and shine princess, your pizza awaits.”

Bella sat up in the bed and Tig nodded.

“I’ll go get us some drinks. I think there’s a machine…” Tig trailed off as Bella clamped a hand over her mouth and took off like a bat out of hell.

He recoiled once he heard her upchucking.

“Okay…” He uttered in wonder.

“You getting sick or somethin’?” He called as he dived on in and had a mouthful of pizza.

He shrugged as he heard her vomit once again. When Bella finally exited the bathroom, her eyes were bloodshot and sunken in.

“You look like shit.” Tig declared, and Bella rolled her eyes.

“Thanks…” She sarcastically replied, and Tig smiled.

“You’re welcome. So what’s wrong with you? Got the flu or something?”

Bella looked at the pizza, and her stomach growled.

“I just want to eat!!!” She cried and was looking to the pizza in longing.

Tig dropped his slice and shot up from the chair he was in. Bella had her face buried in her hands and was in literal sobs. Tig gently patted her on the back. “There, there…” He murmured as he wasn’t sure what to say or do. Since when does this chick cry?! He thought amongst himself.

“Let’s go. Pizza will still be here when we get back.” He said thinking this had to do with her concern for Jax and Derk. She’d feel better once she knows they’re safe and sound. He thought with a shrug and helped Bella to her feet.

“You sure you can handle going out there?” Tig questioned as he felt her forehead for fever.

Bella nodded, and Tig shook his head in doubt.

“Maybe you should stay put, let me handle it.”

“I’ll be fine. I just need some fresh air.”

Tig nodded and helped Bella on out the door. He observed in silence as she leaned against one of the posts and took a deep breath. She did this off and on for a couple of minutes. After gaining her composure, she went and got back into the outfit Derk had bought. Tig tossed her gun and knife over. Bella slipped them into her boot and holster, and they headed on out.

Jax had no choice but to break into the lock, old school. He set the dial to zero, applied full pressure onto the shackle then rotated the dial to the left, towards the ten, he did this until he heard the dial lock. Once he knew it was in the grove, he went through with the rest of the steps and tested various combinations. It took him a bit but he let out a breath of relief and looked around once he finally got it opened. He hated doing it that way. It took him nearly forty minutes. But if he had done it the way he wanted, those guys would be on him like white on rice. Jax removed the lock then headed into the cellar. He was cautious figuring someone might be down here, keeping watch. So he had his gun in hand, ready to pull the trigger if needed.

The cellar was pitch black, so Jax had no choice but to use the light coming from his cell phone to look around. He shook his head as his assumptions were dead on. There were the Sons supplies, piled onto various tables and chairs.

“Fuckers…” Jax whispered through gritted teeth.

Just what in the hell were they planning on doing with all that?! The only conclusion he could come up with was they had every intention of dealing themselves. But to who? These questions bounced around in that head of his as he made certain everything was still intact. Few things were missing here and there, but most of it was here. Jax was just about to text Derk and let him know the supplies were here when he felt something pressed up against the back of his head.

“I knew ya’d come sneaking around.”

Jax thickly swallowed as he heard the gun cock.

“On your knees.” The voice belonged to none other than Mr. Topher himself.

“I don’t think I stuttered, boy! ON YOUR KNEES!”

Jax let out a miserable laugh but did as Mr. Topher requested. The lights to the cellar came on, and Jax recoiled as there were two more guys. They were having a good laugh at Jax’s expense.  One of those men being Toby (Mr. Topher’s son).

“That was some story you and the little gal came up with.” Mr. Topher uttered.

“You nearly had me… But you see, I recognized the little lady.”

Jax narrowed his eyes at this, and Mr. Topher smiled as he stuffed a cigar into his mouth.

“Little Isabella Marie Swan, daughter of Chief Swan, the motherfucker that had me arrested a few years ago. I faced some serious time, thanks to that son of a bitch. You see my boys, and I had some business in Washington, and the chief just happened to get in our business. I vowed to make his life utter hell, once I was out. I’d start with his little girl and work my way around to his wife and everyone else he ever cared about. Only by the time I got to Forks, the chief was already dead and so was that lovely wife of his. His daughter was nowhere to be found, and by the time one of my boys caught wind of her she was living with that fucking uncle of hers. That SAMCRO guy,  Imma guessin’ you have something to do with that MC as well. Something tells me you’re no cowboy.”

The man walked on over, tossed the cowboy hat off of Jax, then used his blade to remove the shirt he was wearing. Mr. Topher died of laughter once he saw the massive SAMCRO tat on his back.

“Just what I figured, Mr. Jackson Teller… Aren’t you two supposed to be dead? Wasn’t that in the news or was that my imagination? Thought you two went up in flames in that horrible car wreck.”

Jax couldn’t disguise the stunned look on his face.

“Should’ve kept her at home, I might’ve believed ya if it wasn’t for the little lady. Can’t forget a face like that…” Mr. Topher said with a wink towards his son.

Toby smiled.

“So where is she?” Toby asked, and Jax curled his lip on this.

“Come now… I won’t kill her. Just wanna have a little fun, that’s all.”

“I promised my boy a round or two before we slit her throat. But the chief’s demise ruined those plans; you can imagine my son’s disappointment. Having waited all that time, only to find out she’d left town. Heartbreaking to say the least.”

A low growl escaped Jax as Toby was staring him down, somewhat menacingly.

“Just tell us where she is, and we’ll let you live,” Toby said, and Jax shook his head.

“Not happening. You wanna have some fun you can have some fun with me.”

“Well, you’re pretty but not as pretty.” Toby mocked.

“…shit…” Derk whispered after seeing that Jax was in trouble.

He ducked out of sight after peeking into the cellar. He was quick to send Tig a brief message letting him know they were needed. He put his phone away afterward and retrieved his gun. Derk’s hand shook as he entered the cellar. He knew they were outnumbered, and those other guys would arrive any moment now, but he couldn’t leave Jax to die. Bella would never forgive him.

“Back off!” Derk hollered, with his gun aimed at Mr. Topher.

Derk felt like an idiot. They could gun his and Jax’s ass down if they wanted. The look on Jax’s face didn’t help. Even his read “idiot what are you thinking?” Derk felt as if he hadn’t a choice. He’d much rather die, knowing he at least tried to save Jax, rather than Bella show up and only to find her dead fiancée and he’d have to explain how he pussed out and didn’t do shit to help.

The cowboys laughed like it were one big joke.

“I didn’t know you had two girlfriends.” Toby mocked.

“He’s a pretty boy alright.” Mr. Topher uttered then folded his arms about his chest.

“A little too pretty…”

Mr. Topher tilted his head and was looking Derk over.

“How old are you boy?”

Derk didn’t answer, and Mr. Topher sighed.

“You should speak when spoken to, don’t be rude. Now, how old are you son?!”

“I’m not your son.”

“I bet he could pass for eighteen.” Toby murmured.

“Imma thinkin’ the same thing. He’d make Corey pretty damn happy, and that’d get him off our backs.

“He likes em young…”

“I bet he’d do.”

“Alright…” Mr. Topher whistled out, and the sound of car doors followed.

Derk cringed knowing that couldn’t be Bella and Tig. He could feel the others presence as he had that gun aimed at Mr. Topher.

“I want this one wrapped in a big red bow for Corey and this one…” He gestured towards Jackson.

“Keep him alive… but just long enough for the little gal to get here. I have plans for them.”

The men nodded in response, and they were quick to seize Derk. They knocked the gun out of his hand and took him to the ground.

“NO!” Jax hollered as Derk went to defend himself and he was sent one hell of a blow to the face.


Tig parked just before the cattle guard.

“Phantoms are on their way,” Bella said and hung up the phone.

Tig nodded, and they hopped on out of the van. They watched one another’s backs as they headed for the house. Tig couldn’t help but to notice that Bella was a little more on edge than usual, in fact, she seemed a lot more emotional too. He thought back to her little break down about wanting to eat and shrugged amongst himself. She wasn’t acting like her usual self, at all. Maybe she was coming down with something. But she didn’t feel as though she had any fever. Tig kept watch as Bella opened the gate leading to the backyard, where the cellar was.

“Hey, doll…” Tig whispered, and she glanced over.

“How bout you tell me what’s goin’ on? You’re all kinds of jumpy, not like you.”

“Just got a lot on my mind that’s all.”

“Nah, you’re different. I mean where’s that badass side of yours?”

Bella reared back looking somewhat insulted. She shook her head and didn’t answer as she headed into the backyard. Tig sighed but followed suit. Bella froze, just a few inches from the cellar. She looked to Tig then put a finger to her lips. He nodded and made his way to the opposite side of her.

“How stealth are you?” She asked, and Tig grinned like the cat that ate the canary.

“The stealthiest, baby.”

“You better be…” She muttered, and Tig regarded her in question as she went on to hide behind the house instead.

Tig looked around the area and headed that way as well. Bella pointed to the propane tanks.

“I’m going to see about causing a distraction. They’re sure to come running. I need you to take out whoever you can in the process, without being seen. Can you do that?”


Tig watched as Bella headed towards the tanks.

“And she’s back…” He whispered in awe.

Jax’s heart was going ninety to nothing as he spotted his old lady peeking into the cellar earlier. It was a wonder she didn’t get caught. But was a brief second, nothing more, before she vanished. Jax prayed to God she didn’t get caught, especially with these sick-ass deliverance motherfuckers. Jax and Derk were bound to a pole, and their mouths were taped shut. It wasn’t long before an explosion was heard. This had Mr. Topher and his men looking to one another in alarm.

“Well don’t just stand there! Check it out!” Mr. Topher yelled.

A handful of his men darted on out the cellar. All Jax could think about was his girl and how she was out there, somewhere. He hadn’t any doubt that she caused that explosion. Mr. Topher walked on over and had a tank of gas in hand.

“For later…” He sat it beside Jax and with a wink.

“You’ll go out with a blast, just as soon as we get these babies loaded up.” He said while petting one of the Ak-47s.

“I’m guessing these were your supplies?”

Jax pulled a particular face on this, and Mr. Topher laughed.

“That certainly explains everything. Quite the collection you got here. I’d be pissed too. It’s nothing personal.  Finders Keepers… You know how the saying goes. Besides, you won’t be needing them now, not where you’re going.”

Tig discreetly grabbed whoever he could and slit their throats one, by one. As for Bella, she was merely waiting. There was still the one propane tank left. The moment they hit that sweet spot, she set it off. The men hollered out in horror, and Bella smiled as the four of them were set ablaze and dancing around in a panic.

“Four down… four to go.” She muttered, but she hadn’t a clue about the other two.

That made six in all. Bella headed into the cellar, thinking it was just Mr. Topher now. Tig had taken two lives, and he was on his third. Jax and Derk struggled about as they were trying to warn her. Bella had her gun on Mr. Topher when the other two snuck up on her. Jax’s eyes went wild, and he kicked his feet about as one of them knocked the gun out of her hold, Toby grabbed her. Mr. Topher bowled over in laughter.

“Didn’t see that one coming, did you? The look on your face…” He said and made his way over.

“And how are we doing, Ms. Swan?”

Bella looked on in disbelief. She recoiled as Mr. Topher caressed her cheek.

“That’s right… I know all about you. You sure have blossomed over the years.”

Bella gritted her teeth as she could feel Toby’s erection pressed up against her.

“That she has…” he whispered with his lips against her neck.

Jax was going apeshit and trying his hardest to break free.

“Go on… Have your fun then bring her back when you’re done.”

This had Derk and Jax losing it. They watched in absolute fear as the two men dragged Bella out of the cellar. Mr. Topher chuckled then stuffed a wad of dip into his mouth. He walked on over and spit in Jax’s face.

“If she gives him the thrill he’s looking for, he’ll hang onto her for a while. Let’s hope she performs to his expectations.”

Derk and Jax had tears streaming down their face. They were shouting at Mr. Topher, but the duct tape muffled it.

Tig let out a grunt as he used his foot to withdrawal his blade. This asshole gave him one hell of a run. Tig wiped the blood from his busted lip but hadn’t time to catch his breath; he caught wind of the boys dragging Bella towards the house.

“Hold on…” he whispered amongst himself as Bella was putting up one hell of a fight.

Those guys could barely contain her. Tig shook his head as she’d break free every now and then and they’d have to chase her down. Tig was trying to get a clear shot, but feared he’d end up shooting Bella, by mistake. He let out a frustrated sigh and pocketed the gun. Tig stayed hidden and was doing his best to get to her, subtly.

Tig was hiding behind one of their trucks when he peeked around the corner. He did this, just in time to see Bella fling her legs out and kick the guy standing in front of her as the other had her from behind. Tig took out his blade and started that direction; he reared back however as Bella broke out of the other one’s hold and threw her entire weight against them. She retrieved her blade, from seemingly nowhere and was going to town on the guy’s crotch. She stabbed him over and over and over. Tig grabbed the other and held his blade against his throat.

“Not so fast rapey.” He uttered but cringed as Bella wasn’t letting up anytime soon.

The girl was caked in blood, and the guy was clearly dead, but that didn’t stop her. This girl was pissed. Once she saw that Tig had the other captive, she nodded his direction. Tig nodded in return, and Bella dragged the other body towards the cellar. When she got to the stairs, she shoved the body down. The body landed at Mr. Topher’s feet. Bella was quick to shoot the gun out of his hand then marched on over.

“Not sure what history we have exactly, but I just killed your son. Eat that shit for breakfast, you fucking PSYCHO!”

Mr. Topher looked at his son’s body in shock. Bella turned and shot the one Tig had in the head. She pivoted around then bowed Mr. Topher’s direction. This reminded Jax of the time she shot him then bowed directly after, Wraith was officially back, and she was beyond livid.

Bella said nothing as she went on to free Jax and Derk.

“I figured you had a few questions for him, that’s the only reason he’s still standing.”

Tig chuckled on this and Jax gave a simple nod. Derk and Tig were quick to pull Bella aside and let Jax deal with Mr. Topher. Derk thought back to what Jax had said and was checking her over.

“You alright?” He asked, and Bella nodded.

The way Derk was fussing over her had Tig curious.

“What is she knocked up or something?” Tig joked but Derk shot him a look, and  Tig’s jaw dropped.

“I was joking!” He said and with this guilt-ridden expression.

“Why didn’t you tell me! You should’ve stayed at the motel!” Tig expressed, and Bella sighed.

“I’m pregnant not dying.”

“Doesn’t matter. I didn’t want you here, for that very reason!” Jax scolded, and the three of them looked his direction.

Jax had Mr. Topher bound to the pole now. He walked on over and cupped Bella’s chin.

“Are you trying to scare the shit out of me?!” Jax’s hands were shaking, and he was on the verge of tears.


Don’t. Just… FUCK! I swear to GOD, Bella. Why can’t you just listen to me?!”

“Because you’d be dead if I did!”

“Better than the alternative!”

“Nothing even happened!”

“No, but it could’ve! Came pretty damn close, too close!”

“I thought we were in this TOGETHER!” She fired back, and Jax shook his head.

“You’re not wearing a vest or anything!” He hinted as to the baby and Tig recoiled as he thought back to her question at the motel.

It was all coming together now.

“I wasn’t leaving you!”

“But you should have.”

Bella snapped him a look of hell, and Jax rolled his eyes.

“Unbelievable,” Bella muttered.

“I only did what you would’ve done. I won’t leave you; I don’t care what the situation is. I need you, Jackson. I can’t do this shit without you. So suck it up and fucking deal, I’m not going anywhere, and neither are you!” Bella was walking away when he heard her whisper “asshole” under her breath.

“Jesus, get a room. You two are going to give me a cavity.” Tig witted and Derk resisted the urge to laugh.

“Guess that means the honeymoon is over.” He whispered Derk’s direction, and Derk looked to Tig in warning as Jax overheard this.

Both men cleared their throat, and Jax shook his head as he went back to dealing with Mr. Topher. Yelling at her like that… wasn’t Jax’s intention. He wanted to hug the ever living shit out of her and tell her how much he loved her. But that protectiveness got the best of him, and he let his anger get in the way of that. Jax just wanted all this shit over and done. He was tired of risking his family and the club’s lives. It wasn’t right. Bella had made her way back to the cellar and with another body. Once they realized what she was going for, Tig and Derk went and gathered the others. Bella leaned against one of the poles and focused on catching her breath. Mr. Topher was mumbling something against the duct tape, but Jax ignored this and walked on over towards his old lady.

“I’m sorry. I just…”

“I know.” She interrupted, and they locked eyes for a moment.

“Trust me. You’re not thinking anything I’m not already. But I love you, and I’m not leaving you behind, not ever. So I just need you to deal with that the best you can. Please. I can do this. I can keep you and this baby safe.”

Jax knew better than to argue with her. But he’d always feel it was his responsibility to keep them safe, not the other way around. He gave a simple nod then pecked her on the cheek.

“Alright together, as promised. But watch your back, every second counts, and I’d never forgiven myself if I lost you or our baby.”

“Nothing’s happening to this baby.” Bella made clear, and Jax couldn’t help but smile.

He loved her more and more as time progressed. He wouldn’t admit it, for the sake of her and the child’s safety, but seeing his girl in action again was also a major turn on. It was a nice change of pace, being with a woman that could hold her own. He’d forgotten what that felt like, he’d gotten in touch with her innocent side, while in hiding, something he’d been craving. That girl back at the cabin, the one that put all her faith and love into him. He’d always regret ripping her heart out, but Jax knew he’d brought part of her back. Those two months was something they truly needed. They’d discovered each other all over again and learned things they never knew. Nothing would ever tear them apart, not ever again. They were stronger than ever now.

“So how does this asshole know me?” She asked, and Jax drew back a breath before answering.

He told her what Mr. Topher had told him and Bella nodded. Derk, Tig, and Jax looked on as Bella marched on up and ripped the duct tape off his mouth. Part of his mustache came up with it, and Bella looked at the tape, with raised brows.

“Ouch…” She taunted.

Bella rolled her eyes as Mr. Topher was looking to his son’s body and having himself a good cry.

“Oh shut up, you lead him down this path. You lead him to certain death and know it. So don’t you stand there and fucking cry. What father wants this for his son?! That make you proud, having a thieving, murdering, rapist, piece of shit for a son? Guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.”

Bella looked around the cellar in thought.

“So where are they?”

When he wouldn’t answer Bella put her gun against his crotch.

“The bodies… where are they?”

Mr. Topher regarded Bella in complete surprise.

“Like father like daughter…” He bitterly muttered.

“No. I’m nothing like my father.” She made clear as she thought back to the arranged marriage Charlie and Renee set up.

“I’ll prove that, once you tell me where the bodies are.”

Jax lost his patience and drove his blade into Mr. Topher’s knee.


Mr. Topher gestured with a nod towards a barrel, by the bar of the cellar. Jax signaled for Tig to check it out. Tig headed for the barrel and used his knife to open it. He was quick to cover his mouth and nose, and the smell spread across the entire room.

“Oh yeah, they’re in there.” He said and vomited directly after.

Bella closed her eyes.

“You killed them… an innocent couple.”

When she opened her eyes her teeth were ground together.  She cut Mr. Topher free then pointed her blade his direction.

“You want to know how I’m nothing like my father?” She darkly questioned.

“Turn around.”

Mr. Topher tilted his head on this.

“I SAID TURN AROUND!”  She barked.

The man hesitantly turned. Bella nodded amongst herself before driving her knife into his back.

“That’s how… I have no problem stabbing a man in the fucking back, especially cowards like you.”

Each of them turned as there was clapping at the doorway of the cellar. Bella smiled once she saw who it was.

“Nice have to have you back boss!”

Bella dropped what she was doing and darted on over. She hugged Dizzy and the others, one by one.

“I’m guessing we missed the party?” Dizzy said after seeing the body count.

“Afraid so.”

“Guess that means we did too.” Bella heard and snapped her head that direction.

“Uncle Op!”

He smiled then made his way over. The rest of the Sons entered the cellar, along with the Phantoms. Everyone took a few minutes to greet one another and got caught up while they cleaned up and worked fast to load up the Sons supplies. Happy, Chibs, Derk, and Tig worked together in laying the bodies in various areas of the house and cellar itself. Bella and Jax teamed up and gassed everything down. Jax turned on the pilot to the gas stove and looked to the others.

“Go on; I’ll be right there.”

Everyone rushed on out of the house, and it wasn’t long before Jax ran out the front door. He took cover, along with everyone else and the entire house went up in a fiery explosion.

“Nice…” Bella complimented, and Jax chuckled.

“I thought so. Been awhile since we had a good bonfire!”

Opie shot to his feet then helped his niece to hers.

“How you doin’ kid?”

“I’m good.”

“Feelin’ alright?”

“Ugh, would everyone quit asking me that?!”

Opie narrowed his eyes at this.

“Sorry, just that’s all I ever hear now.”

Opie chuckled but hugged her once again. He’d already hugged her back at the cellar but was thankful she was alright. This whole coming out of hiding early had him and everyone else on edge. The Sons looked to the supplies they’d loaded up then back to one another.

“Now how the fuck do we get these back to Charming, unnoticed,” Jax muttered.

“Right?! We’d be better off heading into the sheriff’s office now and turning ourselves in.” The president added.

“We could probably help with that,” Bella said with a nod her Phantoms direction.

“We have more than enough room, what do you say?” Bella asked, and the Phantoms looked to one another as if in silent conversation.

“Don’t see a problem in that.” Dizzy uttered, and Bella nodded.

“Alright, follow Dizzy. We got a place just a few miles away.”

“Okay…” Tig muttered once the Phantoms lead the Sons to their supposed hideout.

“There’s nothing here.” He added as there was nothing but trees for miles and miles.

Dizzy and Bella exchanged smiles on this.

“Good. That’s I want everyone to think.”  Bella said then signaled for Kip to make the big reveal.

Kip nodded and lifted the lid to a nearby sewer. Bella was first to climb on down, and the Sons looked to one another. Jax shrugged and followed. Everyone followed Bella down one of the tunnels and to a door.

“Cleanest sewer I’ve ever fucking seen!” Jax remarked.

“Took us a bit to get there, but we managed,” Bella admitted as they came to a door.

Jax reared back as the door itself needed a code, just to get in.

“Eight, two, seven, zero, three.” She said as she punched it in.

Bella looked to everyone before they entered the area.

“If anyone and I do mean anyone betrays us Phantoms, by taking advantage of this exchange, I’ll kill you myself, Phantom, Son, doesn’t matter, you’re dead, and the alliance will be done.” She sent Jax an apologetic glance on this but had to get her point across.

“Agreed.” He and Opie stated in unison, and the others nodded in agreement.

“Okay, then. You’re welcome to use this, however long you need. As I said, there’s plenty of room. We gave Clay most of our supplies awhile back, but we’ve collected a few things since. Just keep an inventory of yours, and we’ll keep count of ours.”

“You got it.” Jax agreed.

“As you can see security is tighter here.” Bella gestured towards a monitor.

Through that she could check on everything back at the penthouse, without having to drive a couple of hours out, to do so.

“The land itself is under a John Doe basically, something Han himself set up. This area isn’t to be touched and considered private property.” She made clear, and the Sons looked a little more at ease.

Opie looked to the Sons.

“Go ahead and start gathering everything, be quick.”

They nodded and took off.

“Help them.” Bella said, and Dizzy sent her a ‘look’.”

Bella grimaced in realization.

“Sorry bad habit…”

Dizzy had a good laugh at this.

“Don’t be; it’s good to have you back. I never realized just how much you did, or the pressure behind it. I guess we all took advantage of that.” Dizzy admitted, and Opie regarded the young Phantom with the utmost respect.

“Same could be said for Jackson,” Opie admitted gathering Jax’s attention.

“Trust me; I want you to take this patch back. I’d like to go back to my comfy VP chair now.”

Jax shook his head but chuckled.

“We’d be lost without you, both of you.” Dizzy made clear, and Opie nodded in full agreement.

Jax looked at his old lady in thought.

“I don’t know… it seems like you two did a great job without us.”

“He’s right,” Bella said in agreement.

Dizzy and Opie looked to one another and shrugged.

“In fact, I was thinking you two should handle things from here, while and Bella and I step down.”

Bella and Jax laughed as the two shared looks of downright horror.

“Hell no.” Dizzy and Opie chorused making the moment even funnier.

“Bella!” Dizzy hollered, and Jax and Opie were quick to brace her against them.

“Hey!” Jax called as Bella had passed out.

Jax had her cradled in his arms as he laid her down on one of the tables.

“Everything alright?” Chibs called as he’d come in with a duffle bag of their supplies.

“She passed out. She keeps doing that.”

Chibs nodded and headed on over. He went on to check her vitals.

“Has she eaten today?”

“Not much, she throws up damn near anything she eats.”

Bella’s eyes fluttered about as she came to.

“Sounds like she’s anemic, low blood pressure will do it too. But it’s more than likely she’s  sufferin’ from anemia. Ye need ta get ya some iron supplements and start taking them daily, that don’t do it then ye had better see a doc.”

Bella nodded.

“Oh my god… you’re…” Bella was quick to clamp a hand over Dizzy’s mouth.

“Don’t. Not yet.” Bella harshly whispered.

Dizzy got this shit eating grin on her face.

“Dizzy…” Bella pleaded.

“My lips are sealed.” She giggled then skipped off to help the Sons.

“You’re going to have to come out eventually.” Her uncle made clear as he and Jax helped her down from the table.

“I wasn’t aware I was coming out…” Bella witted, and Jax laughed.

Opie rolled his eyes but smiled.

“You know what I mean. We could keep you safer that way.”

“That’s the last thing we need. I don’t want everyone fussing over me. We got other issues to worry about. Everyone needs to keep their head in the game, and not worrying about my uterus.”

“Everyone except for me, right?!” Jax playfully called as she was walking away.

“She’s gonna kick your ass, and I’m  gonna watch,” Opie muttered.

“Aye, my money’s on the lass,” Chibs added and Jax frowned as they went back to unloading.

“That everything?” Jax asked after Happy brought the last duffle bag inside.

He unzipped it and nodded.

“Good deal.”

Bella helped the Sons get everything situated and where they wanted it. They’d been at this for a solid eight hours. Everyone was getting downright exhausted but knew they had to keep going. Everything had to remain here, and nothing could be taken past Charming City limits. Once they finished Tig and Greg went on to take count of all their supplies. Opie and Jax wrote down whatever they called out. The Phantoms made certain their stash was accounted for and kept in another area, away from the Sons ’. They had nowhere near what the Sons had. In fact, the Phantoms were making jokes about it the entire time. Aside from Bella that is, Jax took notice as she was eyeing the sheer amount of guns they had.

“This won’t be for long…”

“That’s not what I’m worried about. It’s how you’re going to rid of those in the first place. This is some collection you’ve got, yet you say you’re getting out.”

“We are.”

“I hope so. Because this doesn’t look like you’re getting out if anything it looks like you’re setting up for business.”

“More like war…” He corrected.

“I think we always knew this day was coming. This is five years’ worth of shit we put back and collected out of the cartel. Things we knew we could get away with and would remain unaccounted for. Some of it, I admit we purchased. Just as I’m sure, you did…” He said with a wave towards the area the Phantom supplies were in.

“More like stole…” Bella corrected as most of this was Diablo’s or what Han himself had left.

“The only thing I ever purchased eight handhelds for my crew. You can imagine how those might be needed, whether we were in business with Diablo or Mr. Putlova himself. These street races aren’t taken very lightly, even if meant to be in fun and good competition. There are a few that take that shit to heart. Every one of my crew has been jumped or had a knife or gun held to them at some point. Hell, Kip learned all about that himself, not too long ago. The second race in fact. Second place didn’t take very kindly to being outdone by a newbie. So Kip was jumped directly after. It took all of us to pry that bastard and his men off of him. Just imagine how they feel, losing to a woman. It’s a man’s world out there. Dizzy and I have been through the ringer when it comes to being reminded of that.”

“Who’d you purchase the handhelds from?”

“Another racer, he saw what my crew was going through and set up a private meeting. Said he was a big fan and offered me one hell of a discount, so I took it.”

Bella went on to show one of the pieces she usually carried. Jax looked it over and found himself somewhat impressed. He hadn’t a clue Bella knew anything about that sort of business. But she damn sure knew her guns.

“I guess what I’m really asking is what happens after? What are you going to do with this stuff once you’re free of the cartels?”

“Same could be asked of you.”

“We haven’t anything close to what you have! Don’t turn this around!”

“I haven’t got that far yet.”

“I thought you always planned ahead.”

“I do, baby. But it’s like you said. This is five years’ worth of shit. That’s gonna take some thinking…”

“I have an idea…”


“That racer I told you about… He’s Italian and in the biz.” Bella kept her voice down and had Jax follow her into a more secluded area.

She shut the door and once again Jax found himself impressed.

“You have an office?!”

“Don’t you?” She teased, and he chuckled.

“Yeah but not this nice.”

Jax cleared his throat and folded his arms over his chest.

“So what biz we talking?”

“His father is the head honcho back in Italy.”

“Wait… You mean the fucking mob?!”

Bella nodded, and Jax let out an uncomfortable laugh.

“You have got to be kidding. You want the fucking Italian mob involved now?”

“Not even a little. But they could help with getting these supplies off our hands. We could cut them one hell of a deal. Hell, you could build yourself a new fucking garage, clubhouse, and porn studio with that kind of money. We’re talking about two to three years’ worth of income, for five years of collecting. I know that sounds like a punch in the gut. But you could take care of your brothers and your family with that kind of money, not to mention washing your hands clean. There wouldn’t be anything left to fall back on you or the Sons. You’d truly be free. But if you hold on to this shit and break free of the cartels then all of that will have been for nothing. This is life, you get caught, and I’ll never see you again, that goes for Abel and our unborn child. Don’t you do that to me. I mean, Jackson. I might’ve forgiven you for Tara. But this isn’t something I can forgive. If you get out from under these cartels but hang on to that shit, it’s just a matter of time. I’m ridding of everything but the jackets and handhelds. Everything’s going to the Italians. I trust them, Jackson. I wouldn’t suggest it otherwise. They won’t reel you in like the others. They’ll pay you and be done.”

Jax rubbed the back of his neck and took a few minutes to himself to think this over.

“I’d have to set up a meeting with the boys.”

“Of course.” She said in understanding.

“You’re one hundred ten percent certain you can trust them?”


“Alright, I’ll see what the boys say.”

“Fair enough.”

The two of them shook on it, and Jax headed on out of her office. She might be his old lady, but at that very moment, they were allies and business partners. He knew when to keep their relationship out of it, as to why he made no mention of the potential danger. She already knew that, no need to point it out. But if she trusted these guys, then he’d put his faith into them as well. He only prayed that Bella knew what she was doing.

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  1. You are scary my dear. I was just getting ready to see what updates i had when i came across my favorite authoress who had just posted her latest chapter of awesomely wicked story. Once again wicked chapter. I had a feeling Bella was going to be recognized when Tig started setting everything up for the agent lol and she fell for it hook line and sinker. and when bella stumbled on to the voices.. i don’t think that was pure accident i have a feeling someone saw her and made sure that they were heard so she would get curious. As for Topher and the others they got exactly what they deserved especially the son. Her maternal instincts kicked into overdrive. Another wickedly fantastic scene. I know the story is going to end soon but still i will enjoy it while you muse works and gives us more. Update again soon until then *bows*

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