Chapter 33 – The Outlaw Torn

Chapter 33 – The Outlaw Torn

I do not own SOA, Twilight, or anything youtube related. Suicide Bridge is something I put in there. There is no Suicide bridge in Charming, but there is one in California. So I used it for this particular chapter.  

“Jesus…” Opie whispered as he and the boys were looking at the bodies.

This made one of the most gruesome scenes they’d ever stumbled across. It only made it that much more heart-wrenching considering who was behind it. Opie counted seven. Six of them were women, and one was a man. They were in the middle of a scene when Ima opened fire. Judging by the bodies, they had no warning whatsoever. The Sons never imagined something like this… Sure Ima had her bat-shit crazy moments, but killing a few of her own?! This had Opie thinking back to what Tara had done. What in the fuck was wrong with these bitches?!

The Sons told the sheriff and his deputies whatever they knew. It was out of their hands now, and they had no choice but to let Wayne deal with it. Some of these women had families and children of their own. Opie drew back a breath of relief, seeing as how Lyla survived. She took a bullet to the arm, but that was it. Naturally, the young woman was beside herself and sobbing uncontrollably. Opie rushed on over and was doing his best to console her, just as Jax would. Jax was a complete gentleman when it came to these girls, and he wouldn’t like them hurting like this. Lyla was the only one to know the truth behind Bella and Jax, and that was because Opie trusted her enough to let her in on the truth. Like that of Gemma, Lyla was considered one of the SAMCRO mothers. She might not be an old lady, but she took care of the boys and their families. Lyla was one of the few the Sons could always count on when keeping things hush-hush. That and he had been using her for company off and on. Lyla gave him that much-needed release, and she didn’t expect anything in return. They also had something in common; both of them had children and were living the single life. So her company wasn’t always about sex. He didn’t see it going anywhere, considering it didn’t seem like she’d be stopping the porn life anytime soon. Opie just couldn’t deal with that kind of crazy. She was a nice enough girl, and the sex was phenomenal. But he had enough on his plate; an old lady was the last thing he needed, a porn star as an old lady at that.

Chibs was consoling a few of the girls as well. As for Happy and Tig, they were just sitting there as if lost on what to say and do. This came as a shock to every one of them. They had four girls now and three male leads, everyone else was dead. Opie thought back to Jax’s fresh face comment and cringed. Never did they dream of replacing THIS many. Lyla cried into Opie’s chest as they were loading her onto an ambulance. Opie gave her hand a bit of a squeeze before they placed the oxygen mask on her. Lyla removed the mask then lifted her head.

“Take care of my girls.”

“I will.” Opie pledged, and Lyla nodded.

Opie watched as the ambulance drove away. This was a living nightmare. This just didn’t feel real. Opie prayed he’d just wake the fuck up now. But there was no waking up from this. Here they were… The kings would be approaching their door, any minute now and the Sons had this shit to take care of. The Sons stuck around as the bodies were loaded up and taken to the morgue. The sheriff gave his deepest condolences, before wrapping everything up. Once the Sons had the studio to themselves, they went on to clean up. But there wasn’t a single one of them that wasn’t shaken up. Pornstars or not, there was respect to be paid, and the Sons were responsible for these girls. They were under their protection, yet they failed them. Opie’s hands balled up into fists. This isn’t what he wanted Bella and Jax to come home to. It was one thing after another, and there was no fucking calm before the storm. No, it was a full-on storm leading to a motherfucking hurricane.

“So where would a washed-up porn bitch hide?” Bella murmured as she and Jax were in the car with Dizzy.

The other Phantoms were following behind. This had Jax leaning back in thought. Would she be stupid enough to hide in her actual house? Surely not, besides Jax was certain the sheriff was making his way there now.

“She couldn’t have gone too far. If she’s headed out of Charming, we could split up and see who catches her first.”

“Yeah, but how would we know what car to look for?”  Bella asked.

“I’ll find out,” Jax said and went on to call Op.

He knew he was about to get ringed out for this. But he figured it was better him than Bella. But she was right; they couldn’t just sit around and do nothing. Jax would take extra precaution and make certain no one recognized them.

“Hey…” Jax said after Opie answered his phone.

“This shit’s insane.” Opie uttered, and Jax sighed.

“How bad?”

“Seven. Six of our girls and one of our guys.”


“Lyla was shot, but she’ll be okay. She’s heading to the hospital as we speak.”

Opie went on to name the ones that were killed.

“Good God…” Jax whispered in disbelief.

“It’s going to take some time to rebuild. These girls need some TLC.”

“And we’ll give them just that, along with whatever else they need and however much time they need off.”


Jax cleared his throat then looked to his wife.

“Look Op; I need to know what car Ima took off in.”


“Just look outside and see if her car is there or not. If it is I need you to ask the girls if one of theirs is missing.”


Jax waited for Opie’s response as Dizzy had the others on a three-way call. She was letting them know they needed to split up. There were three ways out of town, so she had Derk and Eric take those routes, while Kip kept an eye out in town. Dizzy made it clear that whoever found Ima first was to merely keep tabs on her until they could personally make it there. Eric was somewhat reluctant as he overheard this, but Bella took over in that particular phone call. Dizzy regarded Bella through the rearview mirror.

“I get that you’re pissed and you’d love nothing more than to torture the bitch yourself. But I’m still Wraith, and you are one of my Phantoms. I won’t let you kill her, but I will give you the opportunity to get that much-needed closure.”

There were a few moments of silence.

“Alright,” Eric said.

Bella nodded then handed the phone back to Dizzy.

“She took Lyla’s car.”

“Of course she did…” Jax bitterly remarked.

That bitch had no qualms.

“Jax, tell me you’re at the clubhouse…”

“Okay, I’m at the clubhouse.” The way he said this had Opie beyond livid.

“Goddamit Jackson! Is Bella with you?”

“Yeah, we’re both at the clubhouse!” Jax witted, and Bella chewed on that bottom lip of hers.

She could actually picture the look on her uncle’s face.

“I swear to fucking G…” Before Opie could even finish getting that out, Jax hung up.

“Tunnel…” He witted with a shrug Bella’s direction.

“He’s going to kill us,”  Bella confirmed.

“Sure is. Good thing we got those plots handy.”

“Will have to change mine to Bella Teller.”

“Right?!” Jax murmured then wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“You two are too stinkin’ cute,” Dizzy said.

Bella shook her head in a scolding manner, and Dizzy giggled.

“Just sayin’…”

“I think we’re pretty cute,” Jax said then pecked Bella on the cheek.

He couldn’t help it. Bella just brought out this whole playful side to him, and he felt like he was in fucking high school again. She was the only reason he was keeping focused and calm. All he could think about was those girls and what they must’ve gone through, the sheer amount of horror when Ima opened fire. Jax recoiled but went on to breathe Bella in. It was crazy… the effect she had on him. This man was pissed and wanted to lash out at the fucking world. But this girl truly was his Zen. Knowing she was his wife now, only added to that feeling.

As for Bella, she felt the same when it came to Jax. She hadn’t realized just how much those two months were needed. She felt like her old self again, the girl that asked Jackson Teller to stay the night, yet all they did was hold one another. There was just something about him, it’s like she knew, even then. He was the one. But even with these heartwarming thoughts, Kelly and Eric came to mind. Bella closed her eyes in thought. They didn’t deserve this. They were happy and in love, yet Ima ripped Kelly out of Eric’s life like it was nothing, her little sister, all because she felt the need for revenge. Ima hadn’t any idea what she was in for. Bella meant what she said about Gina; she’d make certain Gina made Ima her bitch.

“GODDAMMIT!” Opie roared on top of his lungs, and everyone glanced his direction.

“Problems boss?” Tig questioned, and Opie shook his head.

“Yeah looks like we should’ve waited to give him that patch back!”

The Sons regarded Opie in question.

“They left the clubhouse, in pursuit of fucking Ima!”

“Shite…” Chibs uttered, and Opie punched one of the porn studio walls.

His phone rang once again, and he damn near made the mistake of calling Jackson Teller out and bitching up a storm, assuming it was him. Thankfully, the other end spoke, before he could.

“Mr. Wintson.” He heard and the man’s Russian accent was thicker than ever.

Opie was quick to gather the Sons’ attention. He put a finger to his lips before replying. The Sons nodded in understanding.

“Mr. Putlova.”

“We’re ready for you and your boys.”

Opie grimaced. He couldn’t believe the timing. NOW?! The Sons picked up on what Mr. Putlova had said and nodded knowing they hadn’t a choice. If they backed out now, that would ruin Jax’s plans. They had no choice but to see this through. “We’ll be there.” The Sons dropped what they were doing and quietly said their apologies, condolences, and goodbyes to the girls. They hugged each of them before taking off. Chibs looked to Opie as they hopped onto their bikes.

“Is this the actual run?!”

“Hell if I know. I thought he said this coming weekend.”

“I remember ye mentionin’ that.”

Opie let out a miserable laugh before starting his bike and heading off.

“That’s the car!” Jax hollered and rose from his seat as he was pointing it out to Dizzy.

Dizzy smiled and shifted gears.

“Brace yourselves.” She warned once she hit the gas.

Bella laughed showing that Wraith side of hers as Dizzy passed car after car until she was right on Ima’s ass.'”Stay on it,” Bella said without even thinking as was in full on Wraith mode.

Jax wasn’t the only one to notice. Bella had that fire in her eyes, but even with that, she had that hand along her stomach, protectively. Dizzy nodded knowing better than to challenge Bella when she reached that point. Bella was already planning just how they were going to do this.

“The Suicide Bridge is coming up ahead. I need you to cut her off.”

“Got it!” Dizzy called.

Bella and Jax slipped their ski masks on then braced for impact, just in case. Bella let the other Phantoms know where they were. Dizzy managed to do as Bella requested. Ima flipped them off thinking they were just some asshole street racers that cut her off. But she gathered this panicked look when Dizzy went on to push her car into the trees up ahead. Jax was first to jump out of the car. He wasted no time. He marched on over and when he couldn’t get her door to open; he punched his way through the window. Bella and Dizzy nodded upon one another as they watched the Son use his knife to cut Ima free from the car itself. Jax dragged her into Dizzy’s car then forced her in between him and Bella. Of course, Ima hadn’t a clue they were even alive. None of the porn stars or Crow Eaters did, aside from Lyla that is.

Ima was having a complete meltdown, as Bella and Jax were holding her down.

“Got it!” Jax said after knocking the bitch out.

“I need you to drive, and  Dizzy needs to get Lyla’s car back to the shop. We can’t leave it here, too risky. The boys and I will fix it later.”

Bella and Jax just couldn’t help themselves. They were natural leaders, and it hit them by instinct. They hadn’t meant to take over. Dizzy didn’t comment and hopped on out without question. She darted on over to Lyla’s car. Bella climbed into the driver’s seat, and before Jax could even blink, she was hauling ass.

“There’s a rest stop thirteen miles out. Stop there, and the others can meet us. No one ever goes to that stop, that’s where that little girl was raped.”


“You weren’t around during that time. The area’s considered cursed and no one, not even tourists will go near it.”

“Jesus…” Bella whispered.

“You sure she’s out?”  She asked.

“Oh yeah, out cold.” The Son said as he held her head up, with a fistful of her hair.

Bella couldn’t help but laugh. They kept quiet on the drive to the rest stop. Once they got there, they waited in silence for the others. They couldn’t take the risk of Ima waking up and picking up on their voices. Derk was first to pull up, and this was followed by Eric and Kip.

Bella stepped on out of the car and was quick to remind them that she and Jax were “dead”. Each of them nodded in understanding. They turned as another car door opened and it was Jax dragging Ima towards Eric. He said nothing and merely held her in place. Bella placed a firm hand on Eric’s shoulder.

“Make certain she doesn’t forget what she did,” Bella whispered into his ear, and Eric nodded in complete understanding.

He knew he couldn’t kill her, no matter how much he wanted to. The more he thought about it, however, the more he realized Jax was right. She’d suffer more if she lived.

“Can I borrow that?” Eric asked with a nod towards Jax’s knife.

Jax took it out of the holster then handed over. Ima gasped out then screamed once she came too. Jax gritted his teeth and held the bitch back with all he had as Eric left his little “reminder”, something she’d see and feel every day.  The Phantom cupped her chin as he ran that blade across the left side of her face and on down her neck. He made certain it was enough to scar her for life. Nothing said your porn days were over like jacking up the bitch’s face. Eric looked at Bella as if gathering her permission to talk. Bella gave a simple nod and motioned for him to go on.

The man had tears streaming down his face as he held that blade against Ima’s throat.

“I’m taking you to the sheriff’s office, and you’re going to admit what you did. We have it on video, so you can’t deny it. If anyone asks what happened to your face, you did it to yourself because you couldn’t believe what you had done. You will plead guilty and take whatever sentence they give you. Do we have an understanding?!”

When she wouldn’t answer Eric pressed that blade even deeper.

“We know people Ima… All I have to do is say the word, and you’ll be shanked. If you value your life, then I suggest you do everything you’re told.  Now tell me you will.” Eric demanded.

“I’ll do whatever you tell me! I promise!” Ima cried.

Bella couldn’t be prouder as Eric put this bitch in her place. It was no more than she deserved. Eric handed Jax his knife back then forced Ima into his car.

“I’ll catch up with you guys later.”

Jax and the Phantoms nodded as Eric took off with Ima in his possession. They waited until they were out of sight then removed their masks.

“Think he’ll go with it or end up putting a bullet in her head after all?!” Jax asked.

“He’ll get her there, and she’ll fess up.” Bella darkly uttered.

“Shit… Mom wasn’t joking…” Jax said, and this had Bella, Derk, and Kip looking to him in question.

“You really did buy out the jury, didn’t you?!”

Bella swallowed back on this and Derk, and Kip laughed.

“And you’re going to bribe the guards, aren’t you?”

Bella rather shrugged then started back towards the car. Jax reached over and took her by the hand, pulling her back towards him.

“Just who the fuck did I marry?!” He said but in a jesting manner.

“Wouldn’t you like to know…”

“Fuck… You’re like the female version of the fucking godfather!”

“Not quite.” She thought with a frown as Mr. Putlova came to mind.

“I take care of my own Jackson, that includes your mother.” She made clear, and Jax smiled.

He never had an old lady that would do that for his mother. His mother had made some passing remark to him about Bella buying the jury, and he thought Gemma was pulling his leg like she was known for. She was bragging about Bella and how good she was for him. He just figured that was his mother’s way of saying she was better than Tara and Wendy put together. He hadn’t realized she was dead serious.

“I didn’t think it was possible to love you more, but I sure as hell do. Goddamn…  Seriously, just who the fuck are you?!”

“She’s Wraith,” Derk said in admiration.

“She sure is,” Kip said in agreement.

Jax drew back a breath on this. He wanted to say more about that but knew they needed to head back. They put their ski masks back on then hit the road once again.

The boys were on edge, as they entered the Jelly Bean Lounge (strip club), where Mr. Putlova was at. Jax was right about these fuckers. What was the deal with Russians and fucking strippers?! They were nothing but horsemeat in thongs.  Opie hated this place, but Tig and Happy couldn’t have been happier. They spotted Mr. Putlova off to the side of the stage. He had a couple “bodyguards” with him. The moment he saw Opie, he came to his feet and welcomed him with a handshake.

“Mr. Winston, how are you this fine evening?”

“Been better…” Opie admitted with a shrug, and Mr.  Putlova had him and the others take a seat.

“What’s with the bitter faces?” He asked while studying each of the Sons.

“Someone gunned down our girls,” Opie admitted figuring he’d hear about it soon anyhow.

“Your girls?”

“Cara Cara…”

“The porn studio?!”


“Oh wow, big fan!”

I bet… Opie bitterly thought.

“Hmmm, and who gunned these lovely ladies down?”

“Not sure…” Opie lied as he didn’t wish to give too much away.

“And this happened today?”


“You don’t think I had something to do with it, now do you?”

“We wouldn’t be sitting here if we did.” Opie made clear.

Mr. Putlova chuckled in thought.

“I doubt you would, but had to ask.”

Mr. Putlova took out his cell phone, and with no warning whatsoever, he called someone to check up on Opie’s story. Chibs gritted his teeth in realization, and Opie forced the Scot back down. Mr.    Putlova looked on as if slightly amused by Chibs’s reaction. Once he finished that particular conversation, he hung up.

“Story checks out. You have my condolences. However, I do need that run made. Being the considerate man I am, I’ll give you thirty-two hours to deal with this issue. Business is business after all.”

“Thirty-two hours?!” Opie scoffed in disbelief.

“Thirty sound better?” Mr. Putlova cruelly hinted.

“We can do thirty-two…” Opie said but like he was swallowing shards of glass.

“That’s what I figured.”

Mr. Putlova waved one of the waitresses over then ordered a couple rounds for the table. He sent her on her way after but not before smacking her on the ass.

“Hmmm… I’d like to see her on stage, or on my dick, whichever.”

Mr. Putlova looked to Chibs after he said this.

“Make it happen.”

“Excuse me?!” Chibs sneered, and Mr. Putlova leaned back.

The Russian stuffed a cigar into his mouth.

“I don’t like your attitude much. I’m guessing you’re Irish?”

“Scottish.” Chibs corrected with gritted teeth.

“Same difference.”

“Not really.” Chibs corrected once again.

Opie recoiled on this. Chibs HATED that shit. Not that Opie could blame him it was outright disrespectful. Mr. Putlova was testing the Sons however and wanted to see if they truly would jump when told. Mr. Putlova lit that cigar of his then regarded the Scot, challengingly.

“I want ye ta go and get me some of that fine pussy.” Mr. Putlova mocked in Chibs’s Scottish tongue.

Chibs’s hands balled up into fists and Opie could hear his teeth grinding together.

“Well go on, don’t be shy. Earn those thirty- two hours and I’ll let you go.”

Chibs couldn’t believe the nerve of this man. This brought him back to his days in Ireland and what Jimmy had done. Chibs half laughed but came to his feet. This was exactly what Mr. Putlova wanted. He wanted to make the Sons feel as though they were backed into a corner. He wanted them humiliated, and he wanted that reminder…  They belonged to him now.  Mr. Putlova watched as Chibs made his way over to the waitress. But little did Mr. Putlova know just how much influence the Sons had themselves.

“A little of yer time lass?” Chibs asked as the young woman was making rounds.

She stopped and smiled his direction.

“Is something wrong?” She asked thinking this had something to do with the drinks she’d served them.

“Not at all.” Chibs was putting on the charm thick as he could.

He had the waitress follow him to the bar where they could talk more privately.

“So here’s the deal, love. Just smile and go along with whatever I say. You see that lump of lard that’s sittin’ with us?”

The woman nodded.

“I’m gonna need ye ta do us a little favor. That lump of lard just so happens ta be interested in a dance, and Imma figurin’ he’s gonna wanna fuck ye as well.”

“Please tell me you’re joking…” She said while doing her best to keep that smile.

“Wish I were lass.”

“Surely you don’t expect…”

Chibs closed his eyes for a moment. The Sons knew this girl. She was sweet on the eyes, but she was no one’s toy, she made that clear a time or two, as to why she never was seen on that pole. Her ass being used as a pin cushion was enough.

“I’d owe ye one. Whatever ye want darlin’.” Chibs felt like a complete douchebag.

Never did he ever ask this of a woman. Jax had back in the day, but not him. He just didn’t have it in him to pull that shit with the ladies. Chibs’s heart was going ninety to nothing. He hadn’t realized just how uncomfortable something like this would make him. He wondered how Jax convinced these girls to do something like this. And they always did it with a smile on their face.

“Whatever I want?”


The waitress bit down on her lower lip. Wrong as it was this reminded Chibs of Jax’s old lady. That was a habit of hers. But he was quick to shake that out of his head as he’d made the boy a promise and he planned on sticking to that.

Chibs narrowed his eyes as the woman grew incredibly shy and seemed to be blushing.

“You alright?” He asked with concern.

“Yeah… it’s just.”


“You do realize the only reason I work at this shitty job is in hopes of seeing you?”

The Scot raised his brows in disbelief.

“Yer shite’n me.”

“Oh no… You don’t come by anymore. Thought something happened to you. But I heard about Jax and that girl of his and understood. I’m so sorry.” She said with a hand over her heart.

Chibs got a better look at the blue-eyed redhead, and this had him hating the situation even more. This girl just admitted to keeping this “shitty” job because of him and here he was about to sell her out, like some goddamn prostitute. Chibs stood up in defeat; he just couldn’t do it. He’d much rather take whatever punishment the Russian had for him. The young woman, however, took him by the hand and gave it a slight squeeze.

“You don’t strike me as the type to ask me something like that. What kind of trouble are you boys in?”

“Lots…” Chibs surprisingly admitted.

The girl drew back a breath then looked at Mr.  Putlova.

“Alright, I’ll do it.”

“Nah, lass. We’ll figure it out.”

“Just tell him he gets one free ride, and that’s it.” Chibs could hear the nervousness in her voice, but the girl stood tall.

“I can’t do that now, love.”

“Why? Because I admitted to taking a liking to you?”

Chibs let out a miserable laugh, considering he’d love to see where this would go if given a chance. He had his eyes on her off and on when he and the boys came here regularly.

“That’s right. If I’m gonna take ye out someday, I’d like ta know I didn’t get ye filled with Russian jizz, first.” He said with a wink, but this was killing him.

“Oh, I didn’t mean I’d have sex with him. I meant free ride, as in lap dance. I can get him off without all that.”

“He’s gonna want the whole package,”  The Scot warned.

“He won’t even last that long.”

The way she said this had Chibs laughing.

“Aye, yer probably right.”

The waitress handed Chibs another round of drinks, seeing as how Mr. Putlova looked rather anxious. Chibs handed those drinks out, while this girl took Mr. Putlova by the hand and lead him into the VIP room. The Sons had their rounds, and within a matter of minutes, the girl exited the room and was adjusting her breasts. She nodded Chibs’s direction and whispered “ you owe me a date” as she walked past. Opie and Tig caught wind of this but hadn’t time to even remark on it. Mr.  Putlova came out, and there was no hiding the stain on his pants, proving the girl knew what she was doing. The Russian had this massive grin on his face.

“Have a good night, boys.  I do believe we’re done here. See you in thirty-two hours starting…” Mr. Putlova looked at the time.


Wayne shot to his feet when Ima entered the sheriff’s department. He saw someone drive off directly after but they left so fast he didn’t catch who it was. The sheriff was blown away as Ima went on to make her plea and held out her hands so he could cuff her. His deputies were quick to read Ima her rights and let her confess. Ima admitted to shooting those girls and her sister. She told the sheriff that Opie Winston had fired her and she had a mental breakdown. Eric gave her the rundown on the drive over. She was to say whatever he told her to say and not a word extra or less said he’d find out, otherwise. Ima was frightened for her life, as to why she was leaving town in the first place. She knew the Sons would be after her, but for some reason, it never occurred to her that the Phantoms would be too. So she had two of Charming’s most powerful forces on her ass. And she knew they’d be watching her, like a hawk. Eric meant it when he said they’d have her shanked, between the Phantoms and the Sons, that could be easily arranged. The mere idea had her obeying everything Eric said. That and she never meant to kill her sister. She wanted to scare Kelly and didn’t think it would be life-threatening. Ima was angry and lost control of the situation. Seeing one of those younger bitches in one of HER scenes didn’t help that frame of mind of hers. Sure, Opie had told her to stay away, but she couldn’t help herself. She wanted to prove Cara Cara was lost without her. She truly believed SHE was the breadwinner, in comparison. But seeing as how no one seemed to miss her and that particular film was going on, without her…  It only made her realize just how replaceable she truly was. Opie was right; no missed her. So she’d make them miss her.  At least that was her last thought before she opened fire.

Jax flinched as Bella was using a pair of tweezers to pluck the glass out of his arm.

“I can’t believe you punched through the window like that.”

Jax shrugged like it was no big deal, but it hurt like hell. He was too angry to think about what he was doing at the time and wasn’t chancing the bitch getting away. He should’ve handled that woman a long time ago. Opie was right to fire her and ban her from all SAMCRO property. Jax kept picturing those girls, however, and the guilt hit, all over again.

“Hey…” He whispered and made Bella stop.


“I got it.” He said feeling as though he didn’t deserve to be fussed over.

Those girls put their trust in the Sons. They were meant to feel protected. This had the man gritting his teeth in thought. He took the tweezers from his wife’s hold and took over.

“STOP THAT!” Bella snapped as the way he was going about it was causing his skin more damage. The flesh was peeling back in certain areas. If he kept at it like this, he’d have scars all up and down his arm.

Bella snatched the tweezers back.

“I said stop!”

She was quick to grab some alcohol then poured it over the area. Jax let out a bit of a growl.  Bella locked eyes with his as she went on to dab the area with a hand towel.

“I’m sorry. I can’t even imagine. I know you cared about those girls.”

Jax pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You know all about loss, so you can imagine.” Jax corrected.

“Kelly didn’t deserve that, neither did our girls. I hope this Gina you mentioned gives Ima the full VIP treatment.”

“Oh, she will. I’ll l handle that, just as soon as I get word of Ima’s sentencing.”

“I never realized just how much of a dark side you have. Not sure if I should be turned on or run.”

“Too late to run, you should’ve done that awhile back.”

Jax managed to laugh. He intertwined his fingers along the loops of her jeans.

“I’ll take whatever you dish baby.”

Bella swallowed back then used her thumbs to wipe his tears. Jax was trying to hold it together, but everything was hitting him at once. Bella said nothing as he buried his face in her chest and had himself a good cry. It wasn’t just about what he lost, but what more he could lose. They hadn’t even dealt with the Russians or the Irish, yet lives were lost, and at the hands of a bitter woman. To top it all off, he missed his son. He wanted to hold him and tell him how much he loved him.

Bella was quiet and let him get it all out. He’d done the same for her time and time again. Despite losing Kelly, it was time to be Jax’s rock. Jax cleared his throat once he got it out of his system. Bella went back to plucking the glass out of his arm, and Jax took a good hit on a bottle of whiskey.

“I’d offer you some…” He hinted with a hand along her tummy.

“Hey now… I’m drinking for two!” She teased, and Jax chuckled.

“Did I just hear that?” Opie spat as he and the others entered the clubhouse.

Bella looked back as she and Jax were at the bar. Jax was sitting on the counter while Bella was in one of the stools. She placed another shard of glass in the bowl she was using.

“Sure did! I figured I should toughen the kid up before they face the real world.”

“Well hell, you might as well start smoking again too.” Opie retorted.

Bella’s eyes widened, and she was quick to clamp a hand over her mouth. She was in such a hurry to get to the sink she knocked the bowl with the shards of glass down, and it shattered across the floor. Bella upchucked in the sink, and the Sons recoiled. Jax hopped on down and was quick to hold her hair back. Opie looked on as Jax ran a soothing hand along her back and was doing what he could to help. Dizzy went on to sweep up the broken glass, and Kip helped.

“Easy…” Jax whispered and had her lay down behind the bar.

“You alright kid?” Opie asked as he peered over.

Bella nodded but was shielding her eyes with her arm.

“Just need a few minutes.”

“She take her iron?” Chibs questioned, and Jax nodded.

“She started them today. Managed to keep an actual meal down too.”

Chibs nodded in thought.

“Give it some time. I imagine she’s been pretty anemic, considerin’ she couldn’t keep anythin’ down. Those pills will help her, and the wee one get whatever they’re losin’ out on. It should also help with her faintin’ spells. Holdin’ somethin’ down is a good sign though.”

Jax helped Bella to her feet once her color returned. He escorted her into the back room and had her lay down.

“Get some rest.”

“I’m sorry.”

Jax reared back on this.


“I’m not much help.”

“The fuck you aren’t. You were badass today and know it. You’re carrying another human, Bella baby. Listen to your body and do what it tells you. If you need to rest then rest. Don’t feel bad about it either, alright?!”

Bella closed her eyes, and Jax pulled the door to.

When Jax returned to the bar, Dizzy was rinsing the sink out with some bleach.

“Thanks,  darlin’.”

“Was she that sick back at the church?”

“Worse,” Jax replied.

“Damn, our poor baby…” Dizzy said with a frown.

“She seems to be doing better since we got back though. I imagine the cold wasn’t helping her any.” Jax admitted.

Dizzy pouted in thought.

“I had no idea she was going through all that.” Jax lifted his eyes to see that Dizzy was on the verge of tears.

“Hey… She’s gonna be just fine.” Jax reassured, and Dizzy laughed.

“I should be encouraging you, not the other way around.”

“Well, she did tell me that the baby was yours.” Jax teased, and Dizzy smiled.

“It sure is! Sorry, Jax, I beat you to the punch.”

“I’m only upset that I wasn’t invited.”
Dizzy socked him on the arm reminding him of his old lady. Jax chuckled.

“You deserved that one.”

He nodded in agreement then downed the rest of his beer.

“Just promise me you won’t be one of those guys…”
Jax narrowed his eyes in question.

“Those guys?”

“Yeah, the one that tears the girl away from her best friend!”

“Now why would I do that?!” He asked feeling somewhat offended.

Something was off about Dizzy, but Jax couldn’t pinpoint what it was. He figured it had to do with them losing Kelly and everything else around them.

“It’s just what some guys do.’
“Well, not this one darlin’ and something tells me if I even tried that shit, she’d put a bullet in my ass.”

“Good,” Dizzy said with a smile.

Dizzy grabbed another beer and started to walk away. Jax, however, reached out and took her by the wrist, stopping her.

“You wanna tell me what this is really about?”

“This is going to sound incredibly petty, but I feel like I’m losing her.”

“That’s not even possible. Bella loves you Dizzy; nothing ’s coming between the two of you, not even me, not that I would anyway.” This felt so awkward to someone like Jackson.

He’d heard of girls having tightknit relationships like this, but seeing that look on Dizzy’s face broke the man’s heart. She wasn’t playing around. Dizzy honestly felt as though Bella was pulling away, for whatever reason.

“How bout you start with why you feel that way, to begin with?” He said and had her sitting beside him at the bar.

Dizzy looked around before answering that.

“I know she’s done…” she whispered in such a way.

Jax cocked a brow at this but didn’t comment and let her continue.

“I’ve seen it on her face and the way she’s been acting since you’ve come back. She’ll always be Wraith, but she’s hanging up the helmet, isn’t she?”

Jax drew back a hesitant breath on this.

“She’s with child now, Dizzy.” He said as if that explained everything.

“No, I pretty sure she was done, before that.”

Jax couldn’t argue this as he remembered what Bella had told her uncle in confidence. But he couldn’t repeat that.

“Even if she were, that’s not to say she’s done with you or the Phantoms. You know you’ll always have a special place in her heart.”

“So she is done.”

“Dizzy…” Jax uncomfortably uttered.

“Now I never said that, so don’t put words in my mouth darlin’. Look, if you really want to know what’s going on, talk to her. She’s your best friend, right?”

“I just didn’t want to add to her problems. The last thing she needs is her whiny brat of a friend bitching about shit that’s probably all in her head. I’m sure I sound like some insecure bitch that needs coddling.”

“Ah now, we all need that reassurance from time to time, and there’s nothing wrong with a little coddling,” Jax said with a smirk.

Dizzy peered back and was looking Kip’s direction. He was talking to Tig and Derk on the couch. But Jax took notice of Opie, and how strange he and the Sons were acting. Did something happen while he and the Phantoms were dealing with Ima?

“I might have to break up with Kip…” Dizzy randomly put, and Jax’s jaw damn near hit the ground.

“Don’t look at me like that, man. That only makes it worse.”

“I thought you two were golden.”

“That’s just it, we are.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“It’s me.” Dizzy drew back a breath then chugged some of the whiskey from the bottle Jax had been drinking from earlier.

“I’m infertile.”

“How’d you find that out?!”

“Well this might sound like too much information, but I stopped having periods. I thought it was due to stress. But things started to get rather painful when Kip and I were… you know. Well, come to find out I had what they call PID (pelvic infection disease). I had no idea. I let it go for so long that by the time they got around to having the surgery, I found out I couldn’t have children.”

“Dizzy, I’m so sorry. Have you told Bella?”

“I haven’t the heart. Let her enjoy her pregnancy. I’ll tell her at a better time. Right now…” Dizzy glanced towards Kip once again.

“I have to do the right thing and let Kip go.”

“What if he doesn’t want to be let go of?”

“It’d be cruel of me to keep going like this. It’d be even crueler to expect him to stick around, knowing there’s no real future with me. I can’t give him what he wants.”

“You don’t know that. You need to talk to him before you go and do something you may end up regretting. You say you want to do the right thing, but you haven’t said anything about what Kip wants. A man that’s truly in love does want a family, but the woman he’s with is just as much family as any children they may or may not have.”

Dizzy covered her face and broke into sobs. Jax wrapped a comforting arm around her.

“I think you may be surprised by what he has to say. Just give it a shot, alright?”

Dizzy nodded, and Jax came to his feet as Opie was waving him and the other Sons over. Jax gave Dizzy a quick peck on the cheek but helped her on down from the bar stool and gave her a slight push Kip’s direction.

“Go.” He said before joining Opie and the others.

“What’s up?” Jax asked as Opie was already heading into the chapel.

Opie shut the door then crossed his arms over his chest.

“You want the bad news or the bad news?”

“I don’t know… surprise me.” Jax witted.

Opie nodded Chibs’s direction.

“Galen just called, and they  wanna meet.”


“Oh, that’s not even the best part…” Opie muttered under his breath.

Jax cocked a brow and Opie went on to tell him about the meeting they had with Mr. Putlova.

“You shitting me!”

“I wish I were.”

“Jesus fucking Christ!”

Jax pulled at his hair then shook his head.


“Yeah well, we got fifteen minutes to get our happy asses to the pub.”

“Motherfucker!” Jax said before punching at one of the walls.

“You sure we’re not being played?!” Jax snapped while looking Chibs’s direction.

“Aye now, if we were we’d know for certain by now.”

“I’m not feeling very convinced. This is just a little too convenient. If they turn the tables on us, WE’RE ALL FUCKED! I’m not just talking about us Sons but our families! We’re all dead if they even catch wind of what we’re up to!”

Chibs sighed not knowing what else to say.

“HEY!” Opie called as Jax grabbed the Scot by the collar.

“Filip, tell me we’re not being played. Tell me my plan is going to work!”

Chibs gritted his teeth and pried Jax’s hands off his cut.

“Aye now Jackie boy, ye know damn well I got what I could out of Jimmy. If he had anythin’ he would’ve told me before I took me blade ta him so don’t ye go and question me on what those sons of bitches are upta. Ye know just as much as I do. If we’re bein’ played then, Jimmy hadn’t any part or awareness, and he was just as much a pawn in all this shite!  I haven’t any control over what the Irish do beyond these walls, and I haven’t any control over the fuckin’ Russians.”

Jax closed his eyes on this. Things between him and Chibs were still raw, to begin with. Jax never did apologize for the way he acted that day. Now here he was at his throat again and all because Chibs was the one that dealt with the Irish. But he was right; this was out of his control. Jax held up his hands in prayer like fashion, and the room grew eerily quiet.

“We gotta go, bro,” Opie whispered with a hand on Jax’s shoulder.

Jax held up a hand.

“I know, and I have to stay put, while all this shit goes on around me. I hate this. I’ve never felt so fucking useless.”

“Aye now Jackie, it’s all part of the plan. Yer part’s comin’ up and it’s the most important part. Ye’d still be back at that church if we didn’t need ye, but the truth of the matter, we can’t tie our fuckin’ shoes without  ya!”

“You’re wearing boots…” Jax muttered deadpan like and Chibs looked to his boots.

“Aye, why do ye think that is? I can’t tie my fuckin’ shoes, boy!”

This broke the tension a bit as the Sons were dying of laughter.

“Why didn’t you tell me?! All you told me about was the surgery!” Kip whispered in disbelief as Dizzy made that big reveal.

“I wasn’t sure how…” She admitted, and Kip reached out, lifting her chin with his fingers.

“That isn’t something you hold in, Dizzy. Next time you tell me. I love you, but I think we both agree we’re not even there yet.”

“Yet?” Dizzy teased, and Kip rubbed the back of his neck, uncomfortably.

“Well yeah, it’s not like we’re married.”

“Yet…” Dizzy continued in her taunting.

Kip let out this nervous laugh then pulled her into his lap.

“Is that what you want?”

Dizzy shrugged.

“Come on, babe. Is that what you see for us?”

“Not right now… but maybe one day.”

Kip smiled and kissed her.

“I guess only time will tell.”

“But do you want children, Kip?”

“Well yeah, but that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. I’m sure we can find something else to occupy our time with, and there’ s always adoption, or you know lots of puppies!”

Dizzy snorted at this.

“Hate to interrupt you guys, but we need a favor,” Jax said he was leaning over the couch where Dizzy and Kip were.

“That being?”

Jax handed Dizzy a list.

“Think you and the other Phantoms can gather these supplies for us? We were going to do that tonight, but something’s come up and we can’t.”

Dizzy raised her brows as she looked at the list.

“It’ll take us a bit…”

“As long as they’re here by morning, I don’t care how long it takes you. Just make certain you’re discreet in getting them here.”

“Wait you mean here… as in the clubhouse?” Dizzy harshly whispered.


“You can’t be serious.”

“The kings are here; we haven’t much choice. We need those handy.”

“Gee…” Dizzy muttered.

“Look, if you don’t feel comfortable, I understand. I know what could happen if you’re caught.” Jax hated that he even had to ask. If the Phantoms were caught, they’d be facing some serious time. But Jax wouldn’t let that happen. If it came to that, he’d take the rap. He wouldn’t let them go down for this, not a chance in hell.

“No, we’ll do it. We have our ways.”

“You sure?”


“Thanks,  darlin’.”

Jax went to check on his wife and heard the shower going. He headed that way but cocked a brow once he picked up on her silhouette. He leaned against the doorway and merely observed as she was soaping down and could hear her singing Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar. This was something she used to do back at the cabin. He missed that. There was just something about it; she seemed so at peace when he caught her singing like that. She hadn’t a bad voice either.

The man said nothing as he stripped on down and joined her.

“Jackson!” She scolded as he’d startled her when he pulled the sliding door back.

“Sorry darlin’.”

Bella laughed however as he was rocking a hard-on.

“Something tells me a shower is the last thing on your mind.”

“What was your first clue?” He questioned with a smirk.

Jax pinned her up against the wall then kissed all along her shoulder and neck. He gave her earlobe a bit of a nibble then whispered, “On your knee sweetness, I wanna cum in that sexy mouth of yours.” Bella dropped down, and Jax grabbed a fistful of her hair and went to pumping. He loved seeing his cock disappear then reappear. The girl could take a cock, and that was saying a lot considering he was rather “gifted”. That was the one thing women loved about Jackson Teller; the guy was packing. He even received compliments on how he could’ve been a porn star, if so inclined. Jax fondled her breasts as she went to town. This had him thinking back to how she was when she first went down on him. She had never given a blowjob before, and Jax had to walk her through it. He’d given her plenty of practice, and she most certainly knew what she was doing now. Jax’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as she was running her tongue along his shaft. She could feel him throbbing and knew he was about to blow.

“Goddamn…” He grunted as Bella opened her mouth and let him watch as he filled her mouth to the brim.

The girl knew him too damn well. That was one of his favorite things, watching it ooze on down the sides of her mouth then she’d take her time licking him clean.

“Open that mouth again. I wanna see.”

Bella opened her mouth, and he smiled as she still had a good amount of his jizz.

“Hmmm, now swallow that shit down.”

Bella swallowed then showed him her mouth once again.

“I think you earned yourself an award.” He said with that heady feeling.

Bella was the only woman that could get him this riled up. He found himself wanting to go again and again. That felt so strange to someone that used to go through women the way he did. He never thought he could feel that way about one woman in particular. Jax helped Bella to her feet but spun her about then bent her over. He went on to give her a proper “thank you”.

“Better?” Bella asked as Jax had his arms wrapped around her and they were standing under the warm water.

“Much…” He uttered and held her even tighter.

He was dreading the conversation they were about to get into, but she was in the need to know.

Jax wanted to get on his hands and knees and beg her not to join him like the original plan called for. He wanted to see the look on Mr. Putlova’s face at the reveal. But the more he thought on it, the more it wasn’t worth the risk. Bella was with child now, and they were going to war. He couldn’t help but to think of the worst possible scenarios.

“Is something wrong?”

Jax lifted his head then placed a strand of hair behind her ear. He went on to reveal what all happened while they were dealing with Ima and how Galen (one of the three Irish kings) had called while she was sleeping.

“In one day?!”

“My words exactly.”

“What the fuck? That’s insane!”


“You sure we’re not being set up?!”

“Again my words exactly. You’re not saying or thinking anything I haven’t already.”

Jax reached back and shut the water off. He grabbed them a couple of towels afterward.

“I don’t suppose we could change our plans?” He damn near pleaded.

Bella cut him an odd glance as she toweled off.

“Don’t you think it a little too late for that?”

“No babe, I mean…” Jax drew back a hesitant breath knowing he was about to piss her off.

“I think it should just be me.”

Bella closed her eyes on this.

“I knew you’d say that…”

Jax recoiled as he could hear the disappointment in her voice.

“I was waiting for this conversation to take place. The moment we found out I was pregnant…” She admitted.

“Bella baby…” Jax started to explain himself, and Bella put a single finger to his lips.

“I have to do this, Jackson. I need you to understand that. After everything that bastard put my crew and me through…” Bella trailed off then shook her head.

“Please Jackson, don’t bench me. You promised we’d be in this together and you know I’m not letting ANYTHING happen to our baby. I’ll go out there in fucking bubble wrap if I have to, but don’t make me sit this one out.”

“And I knew that was coming…” Jax said in return.

Jax sighed then put his forehead to hers.

“Look, let me be the one to get you ready. I’ll make certain nothing can pierce through if you’re under fire, and I want you to wear your helmet until I say otherwise.” He felt this way even before he knew she was with child. He’d plans of making certain nothing, and no one could take his girl down.

Bella held out her hand, and Jax tilted his head in question.

“Well, are we going to shake on it or not?!”

He chuckled and gave her hand a firm shake.

“So we have a deal?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good deal. Bubble wrap it is!”

The Sons just sat there and went through all the motions. It was the typical meeting when it came to the Irish, same shit just on a different day. Only the kings had already caught wind of what happened to the Sons’ porn studio and said their commiserations on the matter. Opie took advantage of this opportunity, by letting them know their usual meeting place at the barn had been compromised. The kings had no reason to doubt the Sons, considering how long they’d been doing business with them and after learning about their girls being gunned down, the Irish themselves weren’t willing to take that risk. So they trusted the Sons at their word and agreed to the time and place they’d sit up. Little did they know that the Russians would be meeting them there instead. At least that’s how the Sons prayed it would go, that’s what Jax was counting on. But if their fears came to light the Russians and the Irish knew about one another and were working together in setting up the Sons. That in itself was a scary ass thought. But they couldn’t afford to give into those fears. They had to go through with Jax’s plan and pray that God was in THEIR favor.

The kings, of course, had more questions as to what really happened to Clay Morrow, and the Sons played along with their original story on how Clay was banished, and they hadn’t seen him since.     They went on to ask the Sons about Jimmy, but thankfully things didn’t turn out ugly as Galen admitted to Jimmy doing some side dealing. The kings believed that was the reason behind Jimmy demise. The Irish wanted nothing more than to be done with this deal. They wanted to head back to Ireland, ASAP. Knowing Jimmy had a federal agent on his case, and both bodies were found at the crime scene, had them on edge.

Opie knew the Irish were doing everything within their power to hide that they too were in bed with the Russians, which was highly ironic. Opie couldn’t believe how crazy this was. They were sharing the same beds and crossing the same paths, yet treading lightly, in hopes of one not finding out about the other. The Sons played along and acted just as shocked by Jimmy’s betrayal to the kings and even went on about how they couldn’t believe he was dealing in drugs, and in Charming nevertheless. Opie wondered just how much the kings knew about Jimmy and his deal with the Russians if they even knew anything at all. Had Jimmy lied about the kings’ involvement if so that meant he could’ve ended up on their chopping block as well. But none of that mattered now. Opie managed to set up the whole Stahl and Jimmy ordeal, perfectly. It seemed so legit that no one even thought to question the Sons. This only proved just how shady Jimmy truly was, when the kings didn’t question the details of what took place.

Opie might’ve been older, but this only showed how much he counted on Jackson Teller. He kept that brother of his in mind the entire time and used him as a muse in keeping himself calm under pressure and was doing everything he could to keep that mask on. He couldn’t afford to slip up and show any signs of apprehension. The Sons had to play dumb. Their girls being gunned down helped in making things more believable and the Irish didn’t question what was wrong, in the sense that they knew they were mourning. The meeting went much more smoothly than that of the Russians. Then again, the Irish always assumed they had the Sons’ hook, line, and sinker. All that was thanks to Clay, but at this very moment, that’s exactly what the Sons needed. Just like the Russians they had to make the Irish think the Sons were eating out of the palm of their hand and were completely ignorant to everything else around them.

The Sons left the pub, exhausted as fuck, but with their heads held a little higher. They had much more faith that this plan of Jax’s would go down, without a hitch. In fact, that attitude seemed to spread once they got to the clubhouse. Jax was relieved to see the boys more at peace and in higher hopes with the situation. That put the president more at ease. Could they really pull this off? Jax swallowed back in thought. He looked at every single person in that clubhouse. The man said a silent prayer amongst himself and even prayed for his father’s guidance. He couldn’t lose another one, Son, or Phantom; it didn’t matter. Each of their lives mattered, and that meant something to Jax. Even with their exhaustion the Phantoms and the Sons worked together in hiding the weapons and vests within the clubhouse. Then they had a drink to their alliance and a better future. But who would be there for that future? Jax thought as the night progressed.

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  1. You are on a roll! three chapters within a few days of each other *dances*. Awesomeness! I know the story is getting close but still this story is my first introduction to the *sons* and i couldn’t of asked for a better story. Ima had to know that they would come after here. and they wouldn’t let her go easily or that she wouldn’t suffer for what she did. and damn Eric got some vengeance for Kelly. Ima is scared and scarred for life couldn’t of happened to a better person. I think Jax was caught off guard on just how truly dark Bella can be when it affects people she cares for and people she loves i had a feeling Gemma remark was spot on.. but i wasn’t sure.

    i had a feeling the russians were going to show up at the wrong time and place and pull something like this with only so many hours and that poor girl. She had to be the entertainment for the head guy .. Chibs wants to kill him for that and i love how she said he won’t even last that long.. that is pure *bella* in the making right there. I hope there a scene where her and chibs do get together or that there is a little *after the fact* for her and chibs. Chibs is a sweetheart and deserves to have someone that can be his fiery *bella*

    as for the other run damn they got nailed every which way but loose. so two runs in sync have to divide everything between them and pray everything goes the way its suppose to. I think it will. Once again your muse is the best and has sated my need for your story for the moment. Update again soon i hope. until then *bows*

  2. One thing after another and the shit keeps piling on.

    Ima is doing what she’s told. No shit.

    I knew Bella couldn’t stay away. It’s that martyr complex kicking in. “I have to take care of it because nobody but me can do it.”

    A little bit of Gemma in there.

    She’ll make a great PTA bi … er, mom.

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