Chapter 34 The Phoenix

Chapter 34 – The Phoenix

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“There’s an old saying that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I don’t believe that. I think the things the things that try to kill you make you angry and sad. Strength comes from the good things. Your family. Your friends. The satisfaction of hard work. These are the things that keep you whole. Those are the things to hold on to when you’re broken.” (Quote taken from Sons of Anarchy)

“Ready?” Opie questioned, and Jax closed his father’s manuscripts.

The outlaw came to his feet, and Opie handed him a smoke.

“Are you?” Jax questioned in return.

“Does she have to go?” Opie damn near pleaded as they looked on from the rooftop.

Bella was waving her Phantoms off in the parking lot below.

“Nothing we say is going to stop her,” Jax said with a sigh of his own.

“Then you had better keep an eye on her.”

“You know I will, Op,” Jax said as he followed Opie back into the clubhouse and out to the SAMCRO parking lot.

Jax drew back a breath then hugged each of his brothers.

“First sign of trouble and I want you two out of town. I mean it.” Opie made clear, and Jax and Bella nodded.

Opie hugged his niece then cupped her chin after.

“Don’t you die on me. I mean it, Bell.”

“Same goes for you.”

“Make certain the old man’s settled before you leave. I want him and the kids to stay put here.”

“Will do.”

“Love you, both of you.” Opie uttered before hopping onto his Harley and joining the others at the gate.

Jax and Bella looked to one another.

“Think they’ll be okay?” Bella asked with a nervous twinge in her voice.

“They’ll be fine,” Jax assured as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder then headed into the clubhouse.

Piney and the kids were sitting at one of the tables, and each of them shared that same solemn look. Bella made her way over then placed a hand on Ellie and Kenny’s shoulders.

“I don’t want you guys stressing out about this. Everything’s going to work out, you’ll see.”

“And if it doesn’t?” Kenny asked.

“It will.” She reassured.

“You don’t know that, neither does he.” Kenny bitterly pointed Jax’s direction, and Jax cocked a brow the kid’s direction.

Ellie and Kenny didn’t know everything about the situation, but they knew enough to know that everyone’s lives were at stake. Opie knew it wouldn’t be right to leave his kids in the dark. Especially considering just how often they were staying at the actual clubhouse now. He wanted them right there, so he’d know they were safe and sound. It had him on edge when they were at school, much less the house or his father’s place. This meant the clubhouse was pretty packed as of late. They had a room set aside with a few cots, blankets, and pillows. This way everyone had a place to sleep. It was because of this that the Winston kids, the Phantoms, and The Sons had bonded. That alone came as a bit of a shock to Bella and Jax. They hadn’t expected any of this, and it was all because of Opie Winston. He made that bond possible and Jax and Bella were forever grateful. Things had been rough between the Phantoms and The Sons thanks to Clay. But Opie and Jax were doing whatever they could to make that up to Wraith and the Phantoms.

“I love you, buddy. But if you ever talk to my husband like that again, I’ll knock you out of that fucking chair.” Bella made clear.

Piney raised his brows in surprise. But he could see it written all over his granddaughter’s face. She was sick and tired of everyone pointing the finger and giving Jax so much hell. Kenny’s jaw dropped, and Ellie giggled.

“I’d shut your mouth, son,” Piney warned with a grin.

Kenny shook his head then up hopped up from the table.

“Whatever man… you wanna die, be my guest. Say hi to mom for me.”

Jax recoiled as Bella looked like the kid slapped her one. Kenny went to storm off, and Bella snatched him by the arm. She jerked him back towards her and Kenny went to pry out of her hold. Jax swallowed back as she went on to wrap her arms around him tightly as she could and was hugging him. The kid gave in and broke down.

“We’re going to lose you and dad!” He cried, and Ellie started sobbing as well.

Piney cleared his throat and went on to console his youngest granddaughter. Bella closed her eyes then kissed the top of Kenny’s head.

“You’re not losing us.”

“Then stay…” Kenny pleaded.

“I can’t. This is my war too.”

“WHY?!” He shouted, and Bella had tears streaming down her face as well now.

She cupped Kenny’s chin then looked him in the eyes.

“Because it’s what you do to protect the ones you love. I won’t stand on the sidelines and watch as everyone around me dies. I’m going out there to keep you and everyone else safe. We win this… and it’s all over. If we sit here and do nothing… we lose, and all that will remain is our ashes and a sad story behind those ashes.”

Ellie made her way over, and Bella was hugging both kids now. She and Piney locked eyes.

“Go on, kid. Do what you gotta do, but come home.” Piney said and corralled the kids.

Bella pecked her grandfather on the cheek and Jax hugged all three of them. Jax and Bella headed into the garage. They pulled the door down and opened the attic space, where their supplies and vests were hidden. Jax went on to get his wife ready first, and as promised, he made certain she was covered from head to toe. It was the only combat-ready suit they had, and it was military issued. Bella regarded Jax in shock as he’d gone all out. He had it spray painted in solid black, with the Phantom logo on it.

“Jackson…” She whispered, and he said nothing as he sent her a wink.

“How much did this set you back?”

“Actually, we’ve had this for a while, but you’re the only one small enough to wear it. Guess it was always meant for you. Funny, considering I got this back when I made my first deal with the Irish. Maybe my father was trying to tell me something.” Jax said with a shrug and finished getting her ready.

Jax went on to hide various weapons and a grenade on her. He went over everything he was doing and where everything was. He handed Bella her helmet afterward.

“Like I said until I say otherwise, this stays on your head.”

“Noted.” She said as Jax placed something around her neck.

Bella narrowed her eyes and looked to the item.

“Saw this and I had to get it. I’ve had it for awhile. I meant to give it to you as a wedding gift, but so much was going on. I forgot I even had it.”

It was a necklace that read: To my wife. I loved you then. I love you still. Always have. Always will. In the center were a man and woman in skeleton form. The man was holding the woman, and the woman was leaning against him. Bella looked at her husband in awe.

“That’s beautiful. Thank you, Jackson.”

Jax smiled then went on to put on his bulletproof vest and knife and gun holster. He too hid various weapons on him. Bella took the sheet off her car then ran her fingers along it. Dizzy had brought it when she and the others grabbed the Sons supplies. They kept it hidden under the sheet. Bella smiled as the Phantoms even had it waxed and all dolled up. But it was the firebird Dizzy put on there that had the street racer in awe. Bella couldn’t believe her crew went all out like this. It meant the world to her.

“Hey, baby…” She whispered, and Jax cocked a brow at this.

“I thought I was your baby!”

“No, you’re my sex toy, big difference.”

Jax looked to be in thought and shrugged.

“Fuck, I’ll take it!”

Bella’s jaw damn near hit the ground however when Jax removed the cover to his ride.

“Your father’s?”

Jax nodded.

“Figured it was time… Besides, if I hadn’t found those manuscripts, we wouldn’t be here right now.”

Bella smiled, and Jax made his way around. He brushed her hair back with his fingers then closed his eyes for a brief moment.

“Together…” He reminded, and Bella nodded.

“I love you, Bella.”

“I love you too, Jackson.”

Jax opened his eyes and nodded.

“Alright, I need you bring Wraith back one last time.”

The young woman nodded and put her helmet on. Jax took both of her hands into his own afterward.

“Keep my girl and our baby safe; I mean it Wraith. My world is in your hands.”

Wraith gave a simple nod then hopped into the Firebird. Jax watched as she headed on out. He nodded amongst himself before following her out.

“So?” Opie asked as Tig and Happy made their way back from scooping out the area.

Tig handed the binoculars over.

“Oh they’re there, Russians haven’t arrived yet.”

“Good deal.”

Opie got on his phone and followed through with Jax’s plans. Opie observed through the binoculars as he called Galen. He was letting him know that they were running late because Chibs had wiped out on his motorcycle. Chibs played along in the background and was cursing up a storm. Chibs and Opie were far enough away that the Irish couldn’t hear or see them, as to why the binoculars were needed. The rest of the Sons were in various areas, keeping watch as well. The Russians couldn’t have picked a better place, and the Sons were using this to their advantage. The Sons even managed to spray paint over the original sign. What once read Valley’ s End, now read Dead End in red. The Russians hadn’t taken notice as they drove on through, without so much as batting an eye.

Bella and Jax were seven minutes out, in an abandoned carpark and merely waiting on word from Opie.

Galen bought Opie’s story and told them to get their asses there. The Irish were growing impatient as they wanted to get this deal over with, so they could hurry on back to Belfast. The longer they stayed near Charming, the more the risk, or so they thought, thanks to the Sons setting Jimmy up. The Sons had the Irish believing they were flagged, and that’s just what they wanted them to believe. Then again they were, along with the Russians.

“Hey…” Opie called as they saw the limos off to the distance. Chibs looked over and nodded. He got on his radio and let the others know.

Those limos were headed right for the Irish. The brothers were quick to duck down, and Opie sent the text Bella and Jax were waiting on. Opie knew the Russians couldn’t see them, not without binoculars of their own but that wasn’t a chance he was willing to take. So they stayed down and simply watched as they lay flat as possible but were armed and ready to go, just in case.

“Aye now, what are they doin’ here?!” Galen hollered as one of his men got his attention and pointed out the limos up ahead.

Galen snapped a look towards the other kings, and each of them shrugged like they hadn’t a clue.

“Someone tell me what the fuck is goin’ on!” Galen shouted and had his men gathering their weapons.

Brendan, Peter, and Declan looked downright lost.

“Fuckin’ Jimmy!” Galen spat, and he too grabbed an automatic weapon.

The Sons had the Irish at the same place the Russians had set up for the Sons to meet them. It was an abandoned amusement park. It was rundown, and there was graffiti everywhere, but it was out of sight and more importantly away from Charming, just the way the Sons wanted. There would be no running as the Irish already had their product set out and ready to go, as usual. The Russians were heading there in hopes of having the Sons run for them as well, which meant MORE product was arriving. The area the Irish were in was known as Dante’s Inferno, a ride that featured various thrills such as visual horrors and drop scares. This was the area the Russians had planned on setting up, but the Irish had beat them to it.

Galen got back on his phone and called Opie; only Opie didn’t answer this time. The king went into a full-blown panic as the Russians stepped out of their vehicles and Mr. Putlova was last to step out. His men were quick to keep guard and already had their guns handy as well. Mr. Putlova hadn’t seen the Irish yet, so he hadn’t a clue they were even here.

Galen reared back however as Mr. Putlova had one of his men pulling a van up to where they were. They went on to unload a few supplies and were headed right for the Irish. Galen turned and gave the warning. He and the Kings were quick to take cover.

“Like music to my ears…” Opie said as they could hear the gunfire from where they were.

Chibs chuckled as he was looking on.

“They keep this up, and they’ll all go up in a blaze of glory with all them explosives.”

“That’d be nice. Then we could go on home and get drunk.” Opie muttered in thought.

“Aye, I could use a drink.”

“It’s like a Michael Bay film!” Tig expressed and Happy narrowed his eyes as they were keeping watch at the old Ferris wheel, with Derk.


Tig reared back with that insulted look all over again. Derk chuckled amongst himself.

“You’re fucking kidding me right?”

Happy shrugged and stole Tig’s binoculars so he could look on.

“You don’t watch horror movies, and you don’t know who Michael Bay is?!”

“You know how I feel about my toons.”

“Your what?”

“What are toons?” Greg called over the radio as the Sons, and the Phantoms could hear one another now.

Eric looked over as he and Greg were keeping watch at one of the smaller broken down rides.

“I think he means cartoons.”


“Great, bullets are flying, and they are talking about Michael Bay and cartoons.” Dizzy murmured, and Kip chuckled.

“Never a dull day.”

“You got that right.” She said as they were keeping watch at the old carousel.


“Alright quiet everyone…” Opie murmured as the shooting came to a sudden halt.

Mr. Putlova had given the signal first and had what was left of his men stand down. The Russian laughed in realization.

“I do believe we’ve been set up.”

The Kings looked to one another as they were taking cover.

“Oh, those Sons… crafty sons of bitches.” The Russian spat.

“I take it they had business with you as well?” Mr. Putlova asked as he used his foot to roll one of his men’s bodies over.

He shook his head seeing as how there were bodies everywhere. Irish and Russian blood was spilled amongst these old amusement park grounds.

“We’re on…” Opie called over the radio, and everyone left their posts.

“Aye, and have for years,” Galen responded.

Mr. Putlova raised his brows in revelation.

“Huh… interesting. They made no mention of that. Then again, neither did Jimmy when it came to your boys.”

Mr. Putlova reached to his gut in laughter.

“We were had. It seems as though we lacked in communication and now we’ve given them just what they wanted. We’re outnumbered, Mr. O’ Shay.”

Opie cringed as they overheard this. He knew where this was going, and that was something Jax had also planned for but hoped it wouldn’t come to that. Mr. Putlova had every means of talking the Irish into joining them in hunting the Sons down. Only Opie prayed that Jax’s element of surprise would work in their favor. Jax doubted either party had a clue that the Sons were even there and had been watching, the entire time, and were merely waiting. They needed that element of surprise; it was the only way. Just before Mr.  Putlova could get his point across; the clearing of a throat was heard.

This had the kings and Mr. Putlova looking that direction. Opie gave a simple nod, and Mr.  Putlova gave the Sons and the Phantoms a little golf clap. Each of them was in their respectable attire and was heavily armed.

Chibs and Opie rounded up the rest of the Irish and had them exit Dante’s Inferno. Everyone else had their guns aimed and ready to go and were keeping an eye out. One false move, that’s all it’d take. They’d make Swiss cheese of these assholes and with the way Jax had it set up. The supplies wouldn’t be in the way now. They could open fire, without the concern of going up in flames. Just as Mr. Putlova and the kings thought this was the big reveal, the roaring of a motorcycle was heard. This was followed by the familiar hum of an engine. The Sons and Phantoms kept their guard but created a gap, just enough to allow them through. Opie ordered the Irish and the Russians to put their guns down. When no one agreed to this… A sudden, yet all too familiar fog spread throughout the area. This was followed by the revving of an engine. The Sons and The Phantoms were quick to take advantage of this and went on to disarm everyone, by force. Mr. Putlova, however, was focused on that particular car.

“Can’t be…” He muttered amongst himself.

That feminine figure appeared, within the fog and once that fog died down; the man on the motorcycle gave the order she’d been waiting for. He did this while taking off his own full-faced SAMCRO helmet.

“Well go on show em, sweetness!”  

Mr. Putlova staggered back at their reveal. Wraith tossed her helmet over, and it rolled towards Mr. Putlova’s feet. His jaw dropped as Chibs, Tig, and Opie grabbed three of the kings, forced them to their knees then slit their throats. Galen looked on in absolute horror, and Jax sent the king a cruel smile, as Opie and Chibs ripped their Velcro patches off. Jax pointed to his president patch.

“Shitting yourself?! I would be.” Jax uttered with that smirk of his.

The Phantoms and the Sons worked together in bringing the others to their knees. They kicked their weapons out from their reach. Wraith never broke contact with Mr. Putlova. Her eyes stayed glued to his. This made a first for Mr. Putlova. He wasn’t used to being on the receiving end of fear.

“Wraith… You know I’m your biggest fan. There’s no need for things to…” Mr. Putlova let out a painful grunt as Jax shot him in the thigh.



Jax strutted on over then put his gun to Mr. Putlova’s head.

“On your knees…” He ordered, and Wraith had that wicked grin about her.

Jax gritted his teeth when Mr. Putlova wouldn’t do as Jax requested. Jax nodded Derk’s direction, and Derk headed on over. He kicked the bastard’s knees out from under him.

“Better.” Jax murmured and Derk nodded in response.

Tig sent Derk a flirtatious wink. Then Jax waved Wraith on over.

“Beg. Beg for your life and see what she has to say about it.”

“Wraith…” Mr. Putlova whispered then lowered his head.

Wraith looked at each of his men and witnessed their reaction to this.

“Look at me.” Wraith demanded, and Mr. Putlova lifted his head.

“Now look at your men and tell me what you see.”

Mr. Putlova recoiled on this and Wraith shook her head when he wouldn’t look at them. She used her teeth to remove one of her leather gloves. She reached into one of her pockets then pulled out a set of brass knuckles. They were silver with three skulls in-between the knuckles themselves.


Wraith put them on, and Mr. Putlova sighed.

“Wraith, I could make certain you’re set for life.”

“Money…” She scoffed.

“That’s your answer for everything isn’t it?!”

“Then tell me what you want.”

“What I want…” She repeated in such a way, and Mr.  Putlova nodded.

“Anything. Just name it. You know I have the means.”

“I want you to look at your men.” Wraith reiterated.

Mr. Putlova closed his eyes but finally did as Wraith ordered. After this exchange, he lowered his head again. The young woman looked at his men then back to Mr. Putlova.

“Now strip.”

Mr. Putlova shook his head, and Wraith gave a simple nod before taking those brass knuckles to his face.


The Sons and the Phantoms smiled but didn’t comment. Mr. Putlova went on to take off his blazer then started undoing the buttons on his shirt.

“We haven’t got all day. Hurry it up.”

Mr. Putlova nodded and did as he was told. Once he was down to his boxers, Wraith forced him back to his feet then spun him around so that he was facing his men.

“Now piss yourself.”

Chibs chuckled under his breath as urine trickled on down the Russian’s boxers and legs.

“Now take those off too,” Wraith said after he finished.

The Sons and the Phantoms shared looks of utter disgust as the man had to bend over, in order to get his boxers off.

“Cold?” Wraith cruelly put then tilted her head at the man’s lack of length.

Jax lost all composure and died of laughter.

“It’s like a turtle going back into its shell…” Wraith said with a frown.

“Maybe it took more than one try when he got it circumcised…” Tig murmured, and Wraith nodded.

“I bet he wasn’t half the man his mother was…” Jax added, and Wraith giggled.

“Aye, and he pisses with the seat down.”

“I bet sperm’s a tight squeeze,” Wraith mumbled, and Tig was laughing so hard he started choking.

Wraith grabbed a fistful of Mr. Putlova’s hair then forced his head back.

“Put those…” She pointed to his piss stained underwear.

“In your mouth.”

Jax grabbed a pair of latex gloves from one of his pockets.

“I’ll do the honors.” He said while taking off his leather gloves and putting the latex ones on.

Jax snatched the underwear from Mr. Putlova’s hold.

“Say ahhhh…” Jax said.

Jax didn’t comment but could tell his wife was growing rather weak. He wanted to help in whatever way he could, without taking the moment away from her. When Mr. Putlova wouldn’t open his mouth, Jax forced it open then crammed the underwear in. He did this until the man started gagging and was choking. Jax brought the Russian to all fours and had his boot to the man’s back. Wraith hadn’t realized her husband was wearing those boots and it took her by complete surprise. She was used to the white teeny shoes he always wore. She found herself wondering if those were his father’s as well. Wraith was so taken back by this that she didn’t take notice of one of the Russians withdrawing a hidden gun. No one did as their focus was on the scene before them. Jax had taken off the latex gloves and tossed them onto the ground. By the time she saw the gun and gathered what was taking place, it was too late. The man fired, and Wraith reacted. She threw herself on top of Jax and shielded his body with her own knowing she was better protected than he was. Opie was first to respond and gunned the man down. This, of course, led to a full-on shootout. Jax grabbed his gun and fired while his wife kept him protected. The Phantoms and the Sons wasted no time in cleaning house. The only ones left standing were Galen and Mr. Putlova. Once everything calmed down Jax rolled his wife over and was checking every inch of her.

“Bella baby…” he whispered in damn near hysterics.

“I’m fine.”

“Why’d you do that?!” He scolded with gritted teeth.

“Because it’s what we do. Besides, I knew I’d be okay, in my bubble wrap.”

Jax shook his head but kissed her forehead. It was then he took notice of the hole in her vest.

“I thought you said you were fine!”

“I am.”

“Nah, that’s gotta hurt like a bitch.” Jax knew what it felt like to get shot while wearing a vest.

It hurt like hell, yet this girl was trying her hardest to play it off and all so she wouldn’t worry everyone else around her. It concerned him mostly because of how low it was. That could’ve hurt the baby. It hit her backside, but kidney level. Opie took notice as well and helped his niece to her feet.

“You alright?”

“I’m fine.” She uttered but could barely stand.

Opie helped Jax to his feet as well, and they both looked to Wraith as if to reprimand her.

“Oh stop it.” She scolded in return causing Chibs to laugh.

Wraith grabbed her knife then sent it flying Mr. Putlova’s direction. Everyone looked on in shock as the blade pierced right on through his throat. She walked on over and placed her boot on his head so that she could retrieve her blade. She used one of the dead Russians shirts to wipe it clean. Jax looked to Galen then wiggled his index finger. The king had this deer caught in headlights look. The Scot rolled his eyes and grabbed the Irishman. He shoved Galen Jax’s direction.

“Let’s be honest; we knew it would come to this eventually. I’m not down for being anyone’s bitch, and neither are my boys. Hell, my wife is a fine example of that as well. Look around you Galen. I want you to die knowing what we were capable of and at my hands. You should’ve listened to my father and not to Clay. The day my father said he wanted out, you should’ve taken heed to his warning. It might not be at his hand but this is my father’s blade, these are my father’s boots, and that’s my father’s bike, and I’m my father’s son.” Jax said before taking JT’s blade to the king’s gut and giving it a good twisted before ripping it back out. He did this over and over again…

“That it?” Jax questioned as everyone worked together in cleaning up after themselves.

They had to stage everything perfectly and make it look like a deal gone wrong, which meant leaving EVERYTHING behind. That made the Sons sick knowing how much everything was worth. But they couldn’t afford to think green. Those days were over and done, and this was their new start, including that of the Phantoms. Once they left this amusement park that would be it. Their days of the cartel were over. All that would be left was making their stash disappear, which was something Wraith would be taking care of, just as soon as they got back to Charming.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 34 The Phoenix”

  1. Once again, I drop everything to read this fantastic story, and I am so happy I did. That was outstanding, awesome really. But I worry about that bullet. Loved this chapter.

  2. Oh my god hell of a chapter. i love it.. another perfect chapter from you and your muse. . I just loved the car that Bella drove.. that is so fitting for her the phoenix rising from the ashes once more… and then Jax doing everything that honors his dad… absolutely perfection. i thought i was going fall out of my chair reading what she did to the russian leader and then what jax did to Galen.. perfect demise for the both of them. I know we are getting close and i am going to miss this story. I hope your muse keeps inspiring you. Update again soon until then *bows*

  3. At last. That goddamn Galen bastard taken out, along with that slimy Russian.

    Yeah. They don’t need to be thinking about green right now. Just keeping drugs out of Charming will give them enough of an adrenalin rush.

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