Chapter 36 – Baptized

Chapter 36 – Baptized

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A few days later… 

“Easy babe…” Jax said as he helped his wife onto the toilet.

He lifted the back of her gown before she sat down. This had become routine for them. Bella couldn’t bend her knee, so it made things difficult when getting around. Jax had been there every step of the way. The only time he left the hospital was to get them some clothes and other necessities. Bella’s cell phone rang and Jax answered it as she was doing her business.


“I need to speak to Mrs. Bella Teller?”

Jax narrowed his eyes as the man had a thick Italian accent. He handed the phone over but laughed at Bella’s reaction since she was still on the toilet.


“Ah, how’s my Belladonna today?”


“Is this a bad time?” He asked as to the apprehensive pitch in her voice.

“Depends on the call.”

“My father has agreed to your husband’s terms and would like to meet.”  

Bella let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Aristide. I’m afraid I won’t be making it to the meeting, but my husband and his boys will be there.”

“And miss your beautiful face?” The Italian pouted.

Jax could hear every word and wasn’t too thrilled to hear his wife being flirted with.

“I’m a bit grounded at the moment.”


“Motorcycle accident.”

“Belladonna! Where are you?!”

“St. Thomas Hospital.”

“On my way.”

“That’s not…” Bella started to say how that wasn’t necessary but the man hung up.

Jax had this unamused look about him, and Bella giggled.

“Mind helping me up?”

Jax nodded and helped Bella to the sink so she could wash up. Bella frowned when she regarded herself in the mirror.

“I look terrible.” She said and ran her fingers through her boyish hair.

“You look great, always do, gorgeous.” And he meant it.

Tara wanted to show Bella at her worst. But all Jax could see was how beautiful she was, even with the butchered hair. Jax wrapped his arms around her waist then rested his head against her shoulder as they looked into the mirror.

“So this Italian, he someone I need to worry about?” Jax teased while kissing her neck.

“Definitely.” She taunted in return, and Jax sighed.

“So he’s next on my list.”

“Not a very long list now, is it?”

Jax chuckled in thought.

“I’m sure I’ll be making a new one.”

“Yeah well killing the son of an Italian mobster isn’t something to aim for.”

“I don’t care who he is. He touches what’s mine, and we’ll be having more than words.”

“Who knew you could be so jealous?”

Jax carefully spun her about then lifted her onto the counter. A heated kiss followed this.

“Call it whatever you want, sweetness.”

Bella laughed as Jax went on to sign her cast. He drew the SAMCRO logo then put property of Jackson Teller beneath it.


Jax chuckled then shrugged his shoulders.

“You should get that on your ass or a tramp stamp even.” He further taunted.

Bella closed her eyes and looked to be shaking something off.

“Need another hit?”


“Alright. I’ll have the nurse hook you back up.” He said as he helped Bella on down the counter and back to bed.

“Jackson…” She called as he went to exit the room.

“You don’t have to stay here… I know you got other things to do.” She said as they’d been here for a total of three days.

“I believe I made myself perfectly clear; I’m not leaving you. Besides, doc says you’ll be out in just a day or two.” Jax said before strutting on out of the room.

It wasn’t long after he left that Bella heard a knock at the door. She was quick to adjust her gown and the covers.

“Come in.” She called, and Aristide entered the room.

The man put a hand to his heart.

“Belladonna…” He groaned.

“You should’ve called me.”

“We’re not that close.”

“You truly are a cruel woman.” The man said with a smile.

“What happened to that beautiful hair of yours?”

Chibs had come by with some flowers from him and the boys and saw that the door was open. He happened to hear the other man and welcomed himself inside figuring Bella could use the help if he were unwanted company. The Scot raised his brows as Aristide handed Bella a dozen assorted colored roses. Chibs frowned as he looked at the flowers he and the Sons hand chipped in on, they looked cheap in comparison.

Aristide sat at Bella’s bedside and combed his fingers through her hair.

“Thank God it grows back.”

Bella rolled her eyes and knocked his hand away. It was during this that she took notice of Chibs.

“Hey!” She called with a true beam about her.

“Hey there lass, sorry if I’m interruptin’ your door was open.” The Scot said as he set her flowers down.

“Those are beautiful.” She remarked, and Chibs smiled.

“From us boys… thought ye could use some cheerin’ up.”

He cleared his throat then handed over the teddy bear Opie, and the kids had got her. Bella laughed and hugged it.

“Yer uncle and the kids…” He murmured with a shrug.

“They’ll be by later tanight.”

“You said nothing about my roses…” Aristide chided but with a smile.

“You know why…” Bella hinted with frustration.

“So this must be your husband.” Aristide came to his feet then offered his hand in greeting.

“Not her husband, a good thing in yer case. Ye might wanna think twice before gettin’ so handsy with the little lass.” Chibs warned.

Jax entered the room at this point. He saw the flowers, the two men, and the teddy bear, whereas he was empty-handed.

“Oh come on…” He groaned in misery.

He was going to get her something but after the nurse put her IV back in.

“Can’t leave you alone, can I?”

Chibs chuckled at Jax’s words but went on to hug him.

“So you’re the lucky man…” Aristide corrected and shook Jax’s hand.

“Aristide D’amico.”

“Jackson Teller.”

“Just the man I needed to talk to!” Aristide said with a wink Bella’s direction.

“How bout we take this outside, my wife needs her rest,” Jax said as the nurse went on to get Bella situated.

“Behave…” Bella said, and Jax cocked a brow at this.

“Not you, him,” Bella said while pointing to Aristide.

“But of course…” Aristide said mockingly.

“Aristide, I’m begging you. Just keep the deal we promised and be on your way.”

Aristide looked somewhat insulted by her words and Bella sighed. She waited until the nurse left the room.

“I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and my crew. But after this I’m done, I need you to understand that.”

Aristide pulled the door to. He looked to the boys then back to Bella.

“This was no motorcycle accident, was it?”

Chibs and Jax shared the same apprehensive look.

“What kind of trouble are you in?”

“I’m not in trouble.”

“Don’t lie. You know I’m a man of my word Belladonna if I need to ruffle some feathers, tell me.”

Chibs patted Jax’s back as he could feel the dagger behind the Italian’s words.

“I just need you to do what you promised to do.”

“And that’s it?”


“Okay, I’ll take care of it tonight. I’ll have these fine men follow me on out.”

“Thank you,” Bella said and was quick to wipe a stray tear from her eye.

“They’re in good hands. I give you my word.” The Italian swore.

“They better be, Aristide. You always said I could turn to you. Please don’t let me down. I need to be free.”

“Then I shall give you that freedom, and even though it hurts, I will make myself scarce.” Aristide looked to Jax but with a nod of respect.

“Not sure how you did it, but you did. That earns my respect. This woman isn’t one to just settle down with anyone and believe me when I say she’s had her share of wishful suitors.”

“Aristide…” She warned with a flushed face.

“Just being honest. Take care of yourself, Belladonna. I’ll take care of your boys, and you’ll never see me again.”

Aristide looked to Jax for permission.

“May I?”

Jax nodded but kept a close eye on the Italian as he went and hugged Bella goodbye.

“Han would be proud. He always hoped you’d get out.” Aristide whispered.

“Don’t know how you pulled it off. Still, I wish you would’ve come to me. I hadn’t a clue you were in this much trouble. Grow that beautiful hair back, keep that husband of yours in check, and raise that kid to be just as bravura as you are.” He muttered something in Italian, before kissing her hand, and exiting the room.

“If you suspect anything, call Dizzy. But I believe he’s a man of his word. He hasn’t given me any reason to believe otherwise, and Han had a lot of respect for Aristide.”

“Will do darlin’,” Jax said then pecked her on the cheek.

Jax was first to head out. Bella took Chibs by the hand and gave it a little squeeze.

“Look after him for me.”

“Aye, I will.” Chibs sincerely put and squeezed her hand in return.

“I know what you’re thinking, and the answer’s no. I never had anything with your wife.” Aristide confirmed as Chibs and Jax followed him into the parking lot.

“Wouldn’t matter if you did…” Jax made clear, and Aristide chuckled.

“Not a green-eyed man?”

“Never said that. I just know what I’m capable of.”

Chibs grimaced on Jax’s subtle threat.

“Hmm, I see why she with you, kindred spirits.”

“You could say that.”

“Alright, meet me at the Blue Moon.”

“The strip club?” Jax questioned in disbelief.

“Is there a problem?”

“You want us ta meet ya at a gay strip club?” Chibs reiterated.

“It’s a good way of keeping on the down low.”

“Well that oughta make Trager happy,” Chibs added with a smirk.

Jax chuckled in thought as the Italian sped away.

“Ye think that whole thing with Bella is a cover-up?” Chibs teased.

“Man, do I hope so. That would be fucking hilarious.”

“Right?! Then ye could tell her it would’ve never worked out with Aristide because she hadn’t sprouted a twelve-inch cock.”

Jax frowned in thought, and Chibs chuckled at his reaction.

“Could never let her in short skirts again…”

“Uncle Op?” Bella called.

The man rubbed his eyes as he came to.

“How long have you been here?”

Opie looked at the time.

“Couple hours or so…” He said with a shrug.

“How’d it go?”

“We’re out, Bell.”

Bella sat up on this, and her uncle smiled.

“We’re finally out! Your friend kept his word, and everything went smoothly, like it never even happened.”

Bella reached over, and Opie laughed as she hugged him.

“Thank God, it’s over.”

“That’s right. So now the only thing you need to focus on is getting better. How you feeling anyway, kid?”

“Okay…” She said with a shrug.

“You look like you’re in pain.”

“I had them lower my dosage. Don’t want to run the risk during my pregnancy. Doc says I should be fine, but it’s not me I’m worried about.”

Opie nodded in perfect understanding.

“They gonna give you something else?”

“Yeah. They wrote me a prescription to take home tomorrow.”

Opie reared back on this.

“You’re going home tomorrow?”

“In the morning, just found out. They didn’t see any sense in keeping me around. Said I should be fine as long as I show up to rehab and have someone around for the next couple weeks or so. He doesn’t want me on my own, just yet.”

“Neither do I, I’m sure Jax feels the same. I imagine Gemma’s foaming at the mouth to help you out.”

“You sure about that?”

“She only mentioned it a half a million times.”


“Oh yeah. Not sure how you did it, but that woman adores you. Trust me, that’s not easy to do.”

“So I’ve heard.”

“You should’ve heard the way she went off when she found out about Tara. Had Tig looking all over the place. I hadn’t a clue what to think. I’m sorry. I didn’t take the threat as seriously as I should have. I figured you and Tara just had some sort of run in. I hadn’t a clue… I’m sorry, and I’m even sorrier it took me this long to apologize. I just.”

“Uncle Op, please just…”

“Let it be…” They heard, and Bella smiled upon the familiar voice.

They turned towards the hospital door, and Jax gave a simple nod.

“Right darlin’?”

“That’s right. Let’s just be.”

“We’re out… supplies are gone.” Jax said, and Bella nodded.

“He told me.”

“We did it, babe. We couldn’t have done without you or your Phantoms. I can’t thank you enough; you helped me live out my father’s legacy. I’m forever grateful, and I’ll never forget that, just as how I’ll never forget the day you came into my life or the day you saved my son. I can’t wait to take you home and start our lives.”

Jax looked at Opie after he said this.

“And thank you.”


“Yeah… I can’t believe you handed her off like that!” Jax teased, and Opie rolled his eyes.

“Watch yourself, Teller.”

“It looks just like my hair!” Bella happily remarked, and Dizzy smiled.

“That was the goal.”

“Thank you.”

“Not a prob, but I think you looked beautiful either way.”

“Now you sound like Jackson.”

“Well, what can I say? The man has exceptional taste!”

Bella smiled as Dizzy helped her get ready. She couldn’t wear her usual blue jeans, due to her cast. So Dizzy brought a few dresses to choose from.

“So which one?” Dizzy asked as she held the dresses up against her.

Bella tilted her head and pointed to the simple black one.

“I knew you’d pick that one.”

“Not going to prom, Dizzy. Just going home.”


Once Dizzy finished, she spun Bella around and let her look into the mirror.

“There’s my girl,” Dizzy said in awe and Bella got a little emotional.

The wig Dizzy had gotten was perfect, and the makeup she used covered the bruises Tara had left behind.

“It’s perfect.”

“See?! How good am I?!”

“The best!”

“Alright, you two have fun. I got some races to set up.”

Bella had this guilty look about her and Dizzy sighed.

“None of that. I got your back.”  Dizzy said as she grabbed the duffle bag with the Wraith outfit.

Bella took her by the hand before she headed off.

“Please be careful. Don’t make me regret this decision.”

“I will and you won’t. I’ll make you proud, boss.”

Bella handed her helmet over as well.

“Take care of my crew, Wraith.”

“Like blood and it’s an honor.” Dizzy sincerely put before skipping off.

Bella regarded herself in the mirror once again. She couldn’t believe her racing days were over. She wanted to put her Wraith days behind her, but that never meant racing altogether. She couldn’t imagine going without that thrill again. But it was out of her hands, and it was what it was. But she thought about her husband and Abel, then placed a hand along her stomach and smiled. The tradeoff was better than any race she could imagine. She had her days of sheer adrenaline, more than she ever wanted. It was time to slow things a bit and focus on what really mattered and what she always wanted.

“Hey, darlin’.” She heard and caught his reflection in the mirror.

“Hey yourself.”

The president smiled then made his way over.

“Damn…” He uttered once he got a good look at her.

“That a wig?”

“Yeah…” She said looking somewhat embarrassed.

“Looks just like your actual hair. Can’t tell the difference.” He said in awe and ran his fingers through it.

“You look great, babe.”

Jax cleared his throat however and handed her a dozen black roses.

“So sweet of you, roses to match my soul!”

Jax died of laughter.

“Not quite what I was thinking but okay…” Bella gave him a playful punch on the arm.

“Actually, I was thinking what would a reaper get his girl…” Jax said with a wink and Bella smiled.

“Pretty smooth, Jackson. I love them thank you.”

He nodded but pulled something else out from his cut. Bella narrowed her eyes as he handed it over.

“Chocolates? That seems a bit too cliché for you.” She teased but went on to open the box.

Bella laughed so hard she snorted.

“Bullets?! You got me bullets?”

“Yeah… you wanna keep that down?” He whispered with a smirk and Bella was quick to close the box.

“Didn’t think you were the chocolates kind of girl.”

“I’m not. This is great. You’re just full of surprises.”

“I do try,”  Jax said as he handed her crutches over.

He grabbed her things, and they headed on out the door…

“You’re sure quiet… a little too quiet. Something up?”

“I handed my helmet over to Dizzy.”

Jax swallowed his eggs then sipped on his coffee.

“Is that you wanted?”

“Yeah. We knew it was coming.”

“But you weren’t ready.”

Bella nodded.

“I’m sorry. Tara, she had no right… taking that away from you.”

“Thought we agreed to put that behind us.”

“We did, and we are, but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it. You can’t hold it all in Bella, nor do I expect you to. This has to be eating you alive. Everything she did…” Jax trailed off as he thought back to when he first entered that basement and thought his wife was dead; even now it sent him chills.

“Talk to me, babe. Tell me what happened. I get wanting to let it be, but you can’t do that until you get it out.”

Bella stabbed at her waffles with her fork.

“If I tell you everything, will you let it go then?”


Bella drew back a hesitant breath, and Jax reached across the table, taking her hand into his own.

“This isn’t just about me wanting to know. This is about you getting that closure. Tara isn’t here to give you that, so please use me in order to get that. Say what you want to say and don’t hold back.”

Bella took a few more bites of her food then pushed her plate aside. She finished her orange juice and took the pills Gemma had suggested. They seemed to be working much better than the ones Chibs had gotten her. He might’ve been a med, but Gemma had been there, twice, with morning sickness and knew her shit. She also suggested different herbs Bella could drink at night to prevent waking up with it. It didn’t rid of the nausea entirely, but it did keep her from throwing up. The iron Chibs suggested however had worked wonders; Bella was back to her old self, and her energy was back. Of course, her leg was keeping her down at the moment, but she hoped with enough rehab, she’d be back to her old self within a couple of years or so, it wouldn’t happen overnight but she would get there.

Jax scooted on into the booth she was sitting in, as she had to have her leg propped up. He figured it would be easier to talk this way. Bella kept her voice down as she went on to reveal what all took place. She started from when she was on the phone with Abel and went to how Tara was already waiting for her in the room. Jax shook his head but kept quiet as Bella continued. The man’s stomach was in literal knots the more she revealed. He couldn’t believe just how far Tara took things. She apparently had gone mental.

“I won’t lie. At first, I was pissed that she died at your hands. But the more I thought about it… the more it made sense. It had to be you, Jackson. You needed that closure more than anyone. It was in your eyes and voice. You meant it when you said you were done and it broke my heart that you had to go that route. Despite whatever happened between you, I know you loved her.”

“Loved…” He confirmed, and Bella nodded.

“My love for Tara died before you even came into the picture. I just never realized it. All I knew is that I wanted her gone. At first, I’ll admit, it was about keeping her safe. She didn’t belong anywhere near the MC, never did. That just wasn’t Tara. She hated the club from day one. But that’s what I don’t get. She was finally free, just like she always wanted. She even went as far as to abort my child. So why?!  Why would she want me back after all that?!”

“Only Tara could answer that. I honestly think that it took things going south with David for her to realize what she truly lost, but it was too late. Both of you were guilty of playing games. I can’t get over just how toxic that fucking relationship was. It would’ve ended in bloodshed either way, even if I hadn’t come into the picture. It would’ve been till death do you part but at one or the other’s hands.”

“I think you’re right and toxic is one way putting it,” Jax said with a frown.

“I hoped to get one more good race in…” Bella hinted.

“I figured that much,” Jax said before wrapping his arm around her.

“We’ll get you back on your feet, and before you know it, you’ll be back in the game and riding beside me on that Harley of yours as well.”

“Speaking of which… that wasn’t the deal, Jackson.”

“I know it wasn’t, but I gave you that bike. I wasn’t about to wreck yours. Besides, I’ve taken a liking to my old man’s. Think I’ll hold on to it for a bit. Hell, I’m even digging the boots.” Jax said, and Bella smiled.

“Suits you.” She admitted.

“So you dig?” He said while wiggling his brows.

“Oh, I dig.”

“Hmm, I gotta admit I’m digging the dress.”

Jax cleared his throat and ran a teasing hand up along her thigh.

“Jackson…” She scolded once he ran his fingers along the seam of her panties.

“Just so you know… I’m wrecking that first chance I get. The cast only means you can’t run.”

Bella chewed on her bottom lip as he gave a little teaser of what was to come. Once he had her panties good and wet, he pulled her into his lap and kissed her. He wanted her to ‘feel’ him. That and this was his way of letting Tara know that nothing could get in his or Bella’s way. She could’ve shaved Bella bald and engraved “whore” into that head of hears and it wouldn’t change how he felt. Tara was foolish to believe otherwise. She didn’t grasp the depths of his feelings. Tara assumed it had to do with Bella’s youth and looks when that couldn’t be further from the truth. But Jax could see how Tara made that mistake, and that was of his making. He had proved time and time again that it was just about sex. So why would he take any woman seriously? Jax thought back to his old ways and felt nothing but shame. If he could go back in time, he’d kick his own ass, and he would’ve never let that ship sail when it came to Tara Knowles. But there was nothing he could do now. Bella was right; they had to let it be and move on. This was their life, and they had to live it to the fullest. Jax was quick to move his hand as the waitress was making her way back. Bella had a full on blush going, and Jax chuckled.

“Well, you two sure are looking cozy.” The waitress remarked.

“Oh, we are.” Jax murmured as he went on to pay and left her a good tip with it.

“Ready to go home?” He asked.

“Yeah…” Bella said but with this strange look about her.

“What is babe?”

“Just wish we would’ve had the time to find a house, that’s all. But I am coming home with you. I’ll have the Phantoms box up my things and see if they wouldn’t mind bringing them by the house.”

Jax didn’t say a word but was taken back that she’d even consider moving into THAT house with him. He’d kept quiet and helped her into the truck. Bella regarded him in question when he missed the turn for his place and kept on driving.


Jax cleared his throat and continued.

“…okay…” Bella muttered, and he had to refrain from laughing.

When Jax finally pulled up to the house, Bella had this look of utter confusion.

“Where are we?”


Bella reared back, and Jax smiled. He hopped on out of the truck and made his way around. He helped her out of the truck then scooped her up.

“Gotta carry you over the threshold.”

Bella laughed as he strutted on over towards the door.

“You can’t be serious…. This is really ours?!” Bella asked as he went on to unlock the door.

“Yeah baby, it’s ours.”

Bella’s jaw dropped as he carried her inside.

“Jackson…” She whispered in shock.

The entire place was already furnished and ready to go.

“When did you…”

“Wasn’t me, it was Op. He did all this.”

“He what?!”

“Yeah babe, while we were in hiding. He went and set all this up. All I did was mention how I wish could get this house for us. I was going to sign in on the deal, but shit hit the fan before I could. Your uncle took care of everything, gave it to us as a wedding gift. We own this, darlin’.”

Bella couldn’t believe her ears. Her uncle bought and furnished this house, as a fucking wedding gift. Jax had her lean against the bar, and he rushed on back to the truck so that he could get her crutches.

“Ready for the tour?” He asked as he handed her crutches over.

Bella nodded, but still, she had that stunned presence about her. The living room itself was decked out in Phantom, SAMCRO, street racing, and Harley Davidson décor. It was a little bit of everything when it came to Bella and Jax’s taste, and Opie somehow managed to set it up perfectly. The kitchen was the fifties style Bella had mentioned wanting when she was younger. She was blown away that her uncle even remembered that. There was an old Jukebox even. Bella laughed however as there was a note on it. It was from her grandfather.

Can’t say I never gave you anything – Gramps.

Bella got a little choked up once she realized it was her grandfather’s old jukebox. He used to keep it at the clubhouse. The house itself had a decent security system set up, and Bella recognized the work and knew her Phantoms must’ve had a hand in that. Their bedroom was done in red and black with matching furniture as well. The bathroom itself was rather luxurious. Bella shook her head.

“How could he afford this?! My uncle could barely support my cousins when I was living with him!”

Jax cleared his throat and told Bella about Donna’s will and the insurance she left behind, that Bella was part of that will. Bella staggered back and clamped a hand over her mouth.

Jax smiled and gave a simple nod.

“She thought the world of you, we all do.”

Her husband saved the other rooms for last. There two and there was a full bathroom across the way from those two rooms. He opened the first door, and Bella placed a hand over her heart. It was a baby room, done in yellow, and it had Ellie and Kenny’s old crib in it. Opie had refurbished it and painted it white to go with the décor. Jax hugged her as Bella lost all composure and broke into sobs.

“I can’t believe he did this.”

Jax had already seen everything, and he too had the same reaction. He lost it when he saw this and the next room they were about to enter. Only Jax had a little surprise to go with that, as to why he was saving that one for last. He let Bella soak in the baby room before leading her to the last bedroom.

Jax opened the door, and the first thing Bella saw was all the dinosaurs on the walls. She smiled, but that smile turned into sheer shock when she heard…

“Ma-mee! Da-dee!”

Bella snapped her head that direction and saw that Abel was sitting on his bed and kicking his feet about.

“Abel…” She whimpered, and Abel hopped off the bed and ran up to the both of them and hugged them.

Jax knew this was coming as he’d asked his mother to set it up for him. His mother was sitting on the bed as well. She’d been doing whatever she could to keep Abel quiet so that he wouldn’t spoil the surprise. Bella broke into sobs all over again, and Jax himself got all choked up. He scooped Abel up then gave him a big ole bear hug. Abel giggled as Jax tossed him into the air then caught him.

“How you doin’, little man?”

“I is good! Look at my room da-dee. It has dino –wars!”

“It sure does!”

“Do we get ta wive here now?”

“We sure do, son.”

Jax handed Abel over to Bella, but not before making certain she was braced against the wall first. She showered him with hugs and kisses, and Abel giggled.

“Ma-mee, dat tickles!”

Gemma made her way over and hugged her son then pecked him on the cheek.

“It’s good to have my babies back, all my babies,” Gemma said with a nod Bella’s direction.

She went on to hug her as well. Gemma herself got rather emotional.

“I’ll leave you guys to it. But you’re having dinner with me tomorrow night; I won’t take no for an answer.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Bella said, and Gemma smiled.

“Enjoy your new home, you both deserve it.”

Gemma kissed Abel’s cheek then roughed his hair up a bit.

“You be good for mommy and daddy.”

“I will gwanma. Pwomise!”

“Good deal. Love you.”

“Wove you too!”

“Thank you, mom.”  Jax sincerely put and started to walk his mother out back to her car.

Wait… There’s something I wanted to tell you, all of you. I was just waiting for the right moment.” Bella said, and this had Jax and Gemma looking to her in question.

“You two stay put, Abel can you come help me with something?”


Abel took his mother by the hand, and she led him into the kitchen. She dug through the cabinets in hopes of finding what she needed.

“What you wookin’ for ma-mee?”



“Yep. I need two of them!”

“Otay. We can find dem.”

Bella kept up the search and Abel went on to search the fridge.

“Are these buns?”

“No baby, those are biscuits.”

“Oh…” Abel uttered and put the can back in the fridge.

“Found some!”

Abel smiled as Bella handed the bag over.

“What we doin’ ma-mee?” He said with a sneaky giggle.

“We got a surprise, but will be funny if we tell Grandma and Daddy by putting these in the oven.”

“Otay…” Abel said with a confused shrug.

Bella pointed to a cabinet and had Abel dig for a pan to put the buns on.

“That one is perfect!”

Abel nodded and handed it over. Bella put the buns in and cut the oven light on and set the oven on it’s the lowest setting.

“Okay go get daddy and grandma.”

Abel took off and was calling to them. Gemma and Jax followed Abel into the kitchen, but they too had these puzzled looks about them.

“Ma-mee has buns in the oven,” Abel said with a shrug and pointed.

Bella hadn’t planned on Abel saying that but thought it rather perfect, and it only added to the moment.

“Buns…” Gemma said and tilted her head about.

Bella nodded.

“Buns?” Jax questioned with that perplexed look.

“Buns!” Gemma exclaimed and rushed on over to the oven.

She opened it and let out a bit of squeal.

“TWO BUNS! SHE’S GOT TWO BUNS IN THE OVEN!” Gemma announced with a big ass grin.

Jax staggered back once he gathered what that meant exactly. He combed his fingers through his hair.

“Two?” He said as if out of breath and Bella smiled.


“Twins?!” Jax said with a celebratory chuckle.

“That’s right. I wanted to tell you, but I wanted them to be here too.”

Bella looked to Abel with concern, however.

“Abel?” She called as Abel was still looking to the buns.

“I don’t get it.”

Abel looked to his mother.

“Are we going to eat dem?”

“I hope not!” Gemma remarked.

“Why not?” Abel pouted.

“Ma-mee is cooking dem. We eat them!”

Jax smiled and took his son by the hand. He sat him down on the counter then placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Abel son, mommy’s is having babies. Two babies.”

Abel looked towards his mother, and Bella nodded.


“That’s right.”

“I no get it. I no see no babies.”

Bella made her way over and placed Abel’s hand on her tummy.

“They’re in here baking. Just like those two buns are.”

Abel’s jaw dropped.

“You has wittle babies in there?!”

“She sure does!” Jax said, and Abel shook his head in shock.

“Wow! Dat is… wow. Ma-mee has babies in der!”

“That’s right son. You’re going to be a big brother.”

“I like babies da-dee. I will take care of dem.”

“I know you will.”

“When can I see dem?”

“In just a few more months.”

Abel nodded.

“Otay. I will see dem den!”

Abel looked to his mother however and pointed to her cast.

“Why you got booboo, ma-mee?”

“Mommy was in a little accident buddy. I’m okay. Just have to wear this for a while.”

“It owie?

“Yeah baby, it owies sometimes.”

“I kiss it better?”

Bella smiled.

“I bet that would help!”

Abel giggled as Jax set him down and he kissed his mother’s booboo.

“I take care of you ma-mee. I take care of da-dee too. I is a big boy, like da-dee now!”

“I can see that. You’ve grown so much. I’m proud of you.”



“Can you has a boy baby?”


“So I can plays with him and show him my room.”

“We’ll see how it goes. But you can play with girls too, you know.”

“Yeah but I weally want a boy.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” She said and went on to hand Abel the present she had promised.

“Dis mine?!”

“It sure is…” Bella said, and Abel hugged the stuffed triceratops close.

“I wuv it.”

Bella laughed at her husband’s reaction. She could see that he was still blown away by this.

“I can’t believe we’re having twins…” He whispered while shaking his head but with a certain beam about him.

“Now you know why I was so sick. Those pills and that iron came in handy.”

Jax hugged his wife then lifted her up off the ground and kissed her.

“I love you.” He said as if on cloud nine.

“You should’ve seen her dad. I thought he was going to shit himself! In fact, I’m pretty sure he did!” Kenny said as he was bragging about Bella and how she dealt with Ellie’s abusive boyfriend.

Bella shook her head.

“Way to throw me under the bus…” She muttered under her breath as they were sitting at the table having dinner.

Opie leaned back, and Bella was just waiting for it … She just knew her uncle was about to ring her out for pulling that shit, with a minor, in front of other minors, no doubt. Opie took a sip from his beer then fist bumped his niece. Bella had this stunned look about her and Kenny laughed. Ellie giggled as she stuffed another mouthful of pizza into her mouth.

“Looks like you got your appetite back,” Opie said as Bella was on her third slice.

“Oh yeah, I have to take it slow at times with the nausea, but once I push past it, I can keep my food down. You have no idea how good this is by the way.”

“I bet,” Opie said with a grin.

“You sure you’re not carrying a litter?” Her grandfather witted as Bella reached for yet another slice.

Bella snapped him a look, and Opie laughed.

“I’m eating for three…” She muttered, and this had everyone at the table’s attention.

Bella laughed at their reaction.

“Did I hear that right?” Her uncle asked, and Bella nodded.

“Yeah seems like Jax’s “seamen” are working over time.”

Opie choked back on his pizza and Piney smacked his granddaughter in the back of the head.

Kenny and Ellie were laughing uncontrollably. Bella sent her cousins a playful wink. After supper, Bella helped her uncle clean up and do what little dishes there were. Piney was talking to Ellie and Kenny in the garage. Bella dried one off the plates then put it up.

“Thank you…”

Opie narrowed his eyes and glanced his niece’s direction.

“Jackson told me what you and Donna did.”

Opie gave a simple nod and handed her another plate to dry. Bella got a bit teary-eyed as she dried off that plate. Opie cleared his throat taking notice.

“You deserve a nice place to raise your family, Bell. It’s all Donna, and I ever wanted. That penthouse isn’t you, we both know that, and it sure as hell isn’t Jackson.”

Opie raised his brows as Bella hugged him. Opie nodded amongst himself and dried his hands, before hugging her in return.

“Love you kid.”

“Love you too.”

Bella thought back to her father and shook her head. His gift was an arranged marriage, something he planned when she was just a child. But Opie goes and buys her a fucking house, a fully furnished one at that. Bella was never one for material possessions. That wasn’t what this was about.  Opie always felt more like a father to her, even when he was here in Charming and she was back in Forks. She always thought the world of her uncle and couldn’t wait to see him again. Those feelings hadn’t changed, even with everything they’d been through.

“Thought we could visit Donna tomorrow.” Her uncle said.

“I’d like that.”

Opie nodded, and they went back to doing the dishes.

“And where you off to?” Jax questioned as Chibs was all spruced up.

Chibs put his shades on and hopped onto his bike.

“I owe that little lass from the Jelly Bean Lounge a date.” He said with a shrug and Jax chuckled.

“Well now… have fun!”

“Aye, I plan on it.” Chibs uttered with a grin before taking off.

“Hey, boss!” Jax peered back, and Tig was waving him over.

“Stan Miller’s on the phone. Says that property next door is up for sale now. Thought your old lady might wanna look at it.”

“Tell him I’m on my way.”

“Will do!”

Jax headed to Opie’s first where Bella was. When he pulled up to the house, Opie was tossing the football around with the kids. Bella had her leg propped up and was talking to Piney on the porch. Jax joined in with Opie and the kids. He looked to Bella however as he tossed the football Kenny’s direction.

“Mr. Miller called.”


“Yeah. Says that building is up for sale. Thought I could take you to look at it.”

That particular building was the one Bella had in mind for her Asian friend. The one that made the Phantom’s attire and the one that had been robbed numerous times.  Bella came to her feet, and Piney handed her crutches over. Jax helped her on down the stairs of the porch and into the truck.

“This is perfect!” Bella said as she looked around.

Jax and Mr. Miller nodded in agreement.

“She’d have a lot more room, and this is a much better neighborhood.”

Jax loved that look in his wife’s eyes. She enjoyed doing things for other people. Bella went on about where her friend could put certain things, and she’d plans of helping her set up.

“I know the relator. In fact, I just talked to him, not long ago. Says he’s from out of town.” Mr. Miller pointed to the ice cream shop across the way.

“Oh man, ice cream sounds good.”

Mr. Miller cocked a brow on this and Jax was dying of laughter.

“Pregnant…” Jax said with a shrug.

Mr. Miller chuckled.


“Thank you,” Jax said and followed his wife on out the door.

“Wait up!” He hollered.

He was afraid she’d hurt herself the way she was going on those crutches. Jax barely made it in time to open the door for her. He shook his head in a scolding manner.

“What did I tell you about letting me help you?”

Bella shrugged like that of a child, and Jax sighed.

“Pain in the ass…” He muttered but with a gentleman like gesture.

“Thank you!”

“You’re welcome!” He witted in return.

Bella giggled and headed on in.

“Oh look, they have cookie dough!”

“Bella baby, I thought you wanted to find the relator.”

“Right… sorry.”

Bella froze and was looking to a particular man off to the corner of the shop. He was eating ice cream and reading the local paper.

“Mr. Toretto,” Bella called, and the man lowered the paper.

He smiled once he spotted her.

“Miss. Swan.”

“Actually it’s Mrs. Teller now.”

“Is it now?” The man said and came to his feet.

He offered Jax his hand and fully introduced himself.

“Dominic Toretto.”

“Jackson Teller.”

“Ah… so you’re the lucky bastard.”

“Sure am.”

“I take it you’re the one after that property?”  He said with a nod Bella’s direction.

“Yes actually.”

“Thank God. Take it. It holds no real value to me and is a pain in the ass to keep up with.”

“Take it?”

“Fuck yeah, you’d be doing me a favor.” Dominic reached into his pocket and handed over the keys as well as the deed.

“Tell you what. You two follow me to the courthouse, and we’ll get that under your name.”

“It’s not for me…” Bella said, and Dom narrowed his eyes.

“It’s for a friend of mine, an older woman. She runs a business out by the projects, as you can imagine it’s not good for business and it’s a wonder she’s even lived through the sheer amount of shit she’s seen.”

Dom nodded in understanding.

“Alright, tell me your friend’s name, and I’ll get it taken care of.”

“Let me pay you something.”

“Nah, don’t need it. Besides looks like you need that money towards your hospital bill. How’d that happen anyhow?”

“Motorcycle accident…” Bella said, and Dom seemed to be reading her body language.

“Is that so?”


“Huh, so you ride, and you drive.”

“You know it.”

“Hmm… You know it’s too bad about the leg. I would’ve liked to see how you match up against me.”

“Come back again in a couple of years, and we’ll see.”

“I’m holdin’ you to that.”

Dom and Bella shook on this.

“You race?” Dom questioned Jax and Jax half laughed.

“Not exactly. I drink, and I shoot things.”

“Didn’t think so. But I’ve heard all about your MC. You and your boys have cleaned up this town quite a bit. Those Neo-Nazi fuckers are gone, seems like the drugs are too, meth was getting to be a bit of a problem.”

Jax nodded in agreement.

“I gotta admit I wasn’t too crazy about SAMCRO when I first came here, but you guys are alright, remind me of my old crew. We certainly had our ups and downs.”

Dom grabbed his jacket.

“Tell you what, I’ll go get this deed under your friend’s name and have it and the key mailed to her, personally. I’m guessing you wanted this done anonymously?”

Bella reared back in surprise, and Dom chuckled.

“You remind me of someone. She’s insane but with a heart of gold. It was nice seeing you again, Bella.”

Bella handed the key back, and Dom headed on out.

“Hey, darlin’…”

The young woman looked as if she’d seen a ghost and Jax sent her a cruel wink.

“Have a seat.” He said then leaned back.

“You’re dead…” The woman whispered as she sat before Jax.

She looked to the guards in apprehension.

“So I’ve heard…” Jax witted.

“The orange suits you, quite nicely actually.”

The woman lowered her head, and Jax gritted his teeth as he shook his.

“I’m came all this way just to see you. The least you could do is LOOK AT ME!” Jax shouted that last part then slammed his fists against the table they were sitting at.

Bella had bought out the room, so there were no cameras, and the guards ignored whatever was said. Jax only had five minutes, so he wanted to make those five minutes count.

“You killed our girls, and you took your sister’s life. Why?”


“Don’t. You don’t have that luxury anymore. I better not hear my name escape those lips again. I’ll smack the ever living shit out of you if I do. I don’t care if I do time over it. I’d be out in a few days, whereas you’re here for life. Now answer the question.”

“Opie he…”

“Try again.” Jax interrupted.

“I asked why YOU killed our girls and took your sister’s life. I never asked who you were pinning the blame on. We both know who’s to blame in all this. So like I said try again.”

Jax listened to Ima’s rant about how she was fired and brushed aside like she was nothing. She went on about wanting to prove a point. She wanted to prove she was something and would be missed. Jax shook his head as this rant of hers continued. He held up a hand stopping her, once a good three minutes had passed.

“Oh Ima, I was giving you a chance, but you just blew it.” Jax came to his feet and gave a simple nod.

“I do hope Gina is treating you well.”

Ima’s jaw dropped once she realized what that meant and Jax sent her a wicked smile.

“Should’ve never messed with our girls or your sister.”

The guards dragged her off, and a simple text to Bella was all he needed. It wasn’t long after he exited the Stockton that he got a reply.

It’s done.

Good deal.  He replied knowing that meant Bella had Ima shanked.

Gina had let Bella know that Ima was a little too whiny when keeping her company and she was becoming a nuisance, even with the great sex. Gina wanted their permission to put an end to her own suffering. Jax decided he’d be the one to pay that visit and see if Ima had learned anything during her time… apparently she hadn’t.

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 36 – Baptized”

  1. Aristide his concern over his *belladonna* is adorable. even if it is just one sided and yes i think he is either gay or bi. but he is nice i like him alot even if he only showed up in a few chapters. his caring for Bella is true and he probably loves her in his own way. I like that he finally set her *FREE*.

    the house decor well now that is unique and truly one of a kind . and the surprise of Abel waiting in his room was priceless.and i loved how bella told Gemma and Jax about the twins. and then Abel’s reaction.. again adorable. he going to make a good big brother.

    I thought jax might go see ima… and her end was close with the attitude. She had to know that she crossed so many lines that there was no way she was going come back from it even if she did show remorse which she didn’t. so Gina had her fun and then ended it the same way sort of that Ima did the other girls

    The house?? that is a classic. love how Dom owned it and just said take it like bella was part of the family in fact she was since she was with Han…

    Your muse is wonderful. as is the authoress. I know i have another chapter to read but i had to mention: you are one of my favorite writers. *bows*

  2. Astride is a doll! I love him. And bringing Dom back?? Killer. So glad ima is gone for good. Forgot to mention early I LOVE the scene with happy and Eric. It was wonderful to see another side of the silent but deadly man. Now I don’t wanna read the last chapter cuz it’ll be over!

  3. FREE!

    Hot piece, that Italian guy.


    I wish somebody would buy me a house. Paid for, of course.

    … give me a building …

    Ima is toast. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bitch.

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