Chapter 37 Charming Kind of Life

Chapter 37- Charming Kind of Life (Five years later)


                It’s been awhile since I’ve written. The twins turned five today. Crazy how time flies. Cliché, but true. Abel is going into second grade, and their mother is just as beautiful as the day I first laid eyes on her. Five years, and it feels like a year. Bella’s amazing. I wouldn’t be here without her. I feel as though I have you to thank. I don’t know how you did it, but I know you led Bella my way. Finding those manuscripts wasn’t enough, and you knew that. You gave me that extra nudge, the one I’d been looking for, but didn’t know I needed. Thank you. 

                Bobby’s back. Thought he’d kill us when he found out the truth. I never realized just how much it’d break his heart, but it did. Something about all that made the bond between us stronger than ever, and he sees Bella in this whole new light. 

                Chibs married Joanna, the waitress from The Jelly Bean Lounge, been going on four years now. They have a little boy named Hamish. Cute little thing looks just like Chibs. He’ll be two in October. Hope likes to mother him around and take care of him. She gets that from her mother.

                Tig and Derk are living together and seem content. They have an unusual relationship, but it seems to work for them. They’ve been known to have their share of lovers, of the male and female variety, but always include one another. Not everyone’s cup of tea in a relationship, but if they’re happy then I figure it isn’t anyone’s business. I myself couldn’t imagine sharing Bella with anyone; I guess that shows how much I’ve grown.   

              Opie’s come long ways as well. He has his share of Crow Eaters, from time to time, but he’s let it known that no one could ever take his wife’s place. I happen to sympathize with that. Lord knows if anything happened to Bella, I’d be the same way. No one could ever replace her.  

                Kenny’s engaged and Ellie’s heading off to college. Kenny’s also one of our newest members of the MC. All the more reason… those manuscripts were needed. I don’t want to imagine what that could’ve led to otherwise.

             What we have is a legit MC now. I couldn’t be prouder of my boys. We cleaned that shit up and haven’t looked back since. I never knew what freedom like this could taste like; all I ever saw was the green. You were right, dad. We needed out. I’m only sorry you couldn’t achieve that before Clay had his way. It would’ve been great. Having you around, watching your grandkids grow up, running the MC together. I wish things could’ve gone that direction.You have no idea how much I wish you and Thomas were with us right now. Gunner is the spitting image of Thomas. I won’t lie it hit me hard at first; I keep seeing my lil bro growing right before my eyes. I thought it was being shoved in my face. I never said anything to Bella or anyone for that matter. But mom sees it too, she comments on it now and then. But the way I see it? I’ve been given a second chance. He might be my son, but I can make up for all that time. All that time, Thomas and I lost. I want to give my children that; I want to give them our time. I want them to have everything and more.

                Mom just recently married and to a retired marine named Henry Jones. He’s a biker but doesn’t want any part of the MC. I can respect that. He made it clear he’s a man that likes his freedom, and since his military days, he’s not one that likes following orders or being told what to do. Mom seems happy, happier than she ever was with Clay anyhow.

              Kip married Dizzy. They’ve hired a surrogate mother, and she’s due any day now. Happy is well… still Happy. I don’t figure he’s the settling down type. He and Eric are running a tattoo shop downtown.  It’s just a few blocks from the dojo Stan runs and ironically he was dating Bella’s friend before she passed away from cancer last year. 

                Dizzy and Bella paid their respects to Dominque and took that vacation they once vowed. They spread his ashes there… It wasn’t long after they got back that Dominic Toretto showed up at one of Bella’s races and challenged her, making one of the first Bella lost to in quite some time.  

             You’d be proud, dad. Bella… she managed to clean things up as well. She opened a legal dragstrip and is known as The Phoenix now. Dizzy however still holds the title as Wraith, respectfully. Bella and I go on nightly rides now and then. It’s good having my old lady back on that bike. I never realized just how much I missed those days of riding, side by side. Now I have to admit having her on my bike is even better. There’s just something about it. I guess it’s just a sense of pride as a man. I got someone I want to show off. Five years, that feeling hasn’t changed, and I know it never will.

                I hope you’re looking down on me and everyone else and smiling. You did this dad. It was your inspiration, your words, your desire that brought me here. I’m forever grateful. I know you were there, each and every day, pushing me to be the best I could be. Even when I fell, you kept pushing. I couldn’t have done it without you, or Bella.  

I love you, dad,  


(Be a good sport by leaving your comment/review, or a simple ‘like’ if you dug the story! Thank you and thank you for all your support when writing this story. I had a blast!)


As for you Miss 4padfoot, 

I truly hope you enjoyed as this was a personal gift to you and I hope I did it justice. You have another one coming, as you already know. You’ve been my rock these past couple years, and I don’t know where I’d be without you. Thank you for being you and here’s to many more years of sisterhood.  





24 thoughts on “Chapter 37 Charming Kind of Life”

  1. That is just the perfect way to end this story wow. I’m actually sad to see it end. its an excellent story. I hope your muse inspires you again. Looking forward to reading another story from you. Bye for now. *bows*

  2. What a ride. I mean just wow. Every moment, every detail, every thing about this has been fascinating. I just adore the way you tell a story and don’t let me look away for a moment cuz I just know I’ll miss something and I know I can go back and read it over and over (I think I’m gonna go back and redo shield of anarchy in fact!) Just amazing. I adore u!!

  3. Une superbe histoire que j’ai adorer suivre et j’ai vraiment hâte de te suivre dans la prochaine aventure merci en tout cas pour toutes ses superbe histoire aussi bien les une que les autres passe une bonne soirée et a bientôt

  4. I finally was able to catch up. This was absolutely amazing. But everything you write usually is. Can’t wait to read the rest of altered paths.

  5. Omg! Harley, absolutely loved this story, you had me laughing, crying, whopping out hell yer and cringing at so many times. Don’t think I’ve read a crossover of SOA/Twilight that has done that yet. Thank you!!!!!

  6. This was one of the best stories I have read thank you for posting! Can’t wait to check out your other one’s! Keep up the great work!

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