Chapter 4 Your Forgiveness

Chapter 4 – Your Forgiveness

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A few months later… (All will be explained throughout the chapters…)

“Shit!” Jax hollered as he and the boys were chasing after the getaway car.

“Take the tires out!” Clay shouted and went on to fire.

“About time!” The president yelled as the car spun out of control

SAMCRO had been dealing with this particular driver for a couple months now. In fact, they’d taken a lot of heat over this group, specifically. The car came to a screeching halt as it was slammed into a bridge. The passengers were quick to hop out and were firing in return. The Sons took cover and it became a literal stand-off. The driver was last to step out.

“OH FUCK!” Opie shouted as the driver had an AK-47 in hand.

That wasn’t the only thing that stunned the boys. After all this time, they thought they were dealing with a man. But this was no man. It was a woman and she was decked out in full leather attire. She wore a black helmet and leather face mask. She took that AK-47 and shout at the Sons tires. Every now and then they’d fire back and she and the others would take cover.


“That’s kind of hot.” Tig uttered and Bobby laughed in reponse.

“Hot, until she takes one of your balls.”

“I’m somehow okay with this…” Tig said looking to be in awe.

Jax went to say something on this as well, but reared back as one of her crew shot at him. The woman grabbed the one responsible then took her knee to his crotch. She gave him a direct order and the man was quick to apologize then obliged. The driver shook her head as she tossed the AK-47 aside. She brought out a handgun instead then pointed it Jax’s direction. He tilted his head as he had his aimed in return.

“YOU WANNA DO THIS?!” He shouted and the driver nodded.

Clay shook his head and took a shot. The driver was hit in the arm and she was quick to fire as well.

“JACKIE BOY!!!” Chibs hollered.

Jax looked to his leg then back to the woman.


The driver did a slight bow afterward. But the boys reared back as she picked up the AK-47 and went on to take out her own crew.

“What the…” Clay murmured afterward.

Just as the Sons were to gun her ass down, she stepped out in front of an oncoming car. Clay had his boys stand down knowing they’d end up hitting the driver instead. The driver slammed on his brakes.  She held him at gunpoint then forced the older man out of the car. She hopped on in and took off.

“Dammit!” Jax snapped as Chibs was helping him to his feet.

Chibs looked to the area in thought.

“What?!” Jax uttered taking notice.

“Why the leg?”

Jax shrugged on this.

“She could’ve taken ye out if she wanted, but chose not ta. Then she kills her own crew?!”

Jax narrowed his eyes in thought as well.

“Hey…” Juice called as he went on to show them the money in the trunk.

“Bet the bitch didn’t plan on that one…” Clay muttered.

Chibs had this offbeat look about him and Jax nodded as if in silent conversation.

“Doesn’t make sense.” The Scot whispered.

“What’s that?” Opie asked.

“Why would she go through all that trouble and only to leave this behind?” Chibs stated.

“Maybe payback? You know there’s gotta be a bigger honcho she answers to.” Jax replied as Chibs tended to his leg.

“Yeah well whoever she is… She just signed her own death certificate, if that’s the case.” Opie murmured as he and the boys were loading up the cash from the bank robbery.

“Wraith…” Jax murmured and the Sons looked over.

“They call her Wraith…”

“Well speak of the devil…” The Latino uttered and the woman walked over and decked the shit out of him.

She grabbed him by the collar afterward.

“This makes the third time… Why was SAMCRO involved, again?!” She roared, but a group of men pried her off him.

The guy wiped the blood off his busted lip and laughed.

“Leave us.” He demanded and the others looked to the man with concern.

“I SAID LEAVE US!” He shouted and the men were quick to disperse.

The woman stared him down as he went on to shut the garage door. He walked on over then removed her helmet. He tilted his head as he looked her over.

“My men… Where are they?” He sang with a wide grin.

“Answer the question.” The woman hissed.

“You first…”

“Back on highway 41.”

“And what are they doing there?”

“Putting on their best roadkill impression?” The woman witted and the man nodded in response.

He circled her like that of a vulture then came to a stop.

“And who put them there?”

“What did you think would happen? You promised…”

“That I did. But I can’t control what your Grandfather’s precious club does.”

“No. But you can control your men, Diablo. I made it clear no shots were to be fired and what did they do…?”

Diablo drew back the deepest of breaths.

“So you took out five of my guys?”

“They should’ve listened…”

The Latino went on to caress her cheek and the woman recoiled.

“Are you my queen?” He said in such a way and the young woman frowned.

“Not even close.”

He nodded and without warning he popped her one. He grabbed her then forced her up against him.

“Then you haven’t MY permission to kill anyone. You conprehendo?”

When she wouldn’t answer he gave her a good shake.

“ANSWER ME!” He demanded and the woman shoved him back.

He gritted his teeth then body checked her to the ground.  The woman struggled beneath his hold as he went on to pin her down.

“DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!” He shouted then backhanded her.

“…yes…” She growled and he nodded.

He came to his feet then adjusted the sleeves and collar to his suit. He offered her a hand afterward. The young woman reluctantly accepted.

“We could be great together… Think about it. You and I, ruling all of this. Become my equal… Let me give you all of this. This…” He said whilst taking a kerchief from his pocket.

“Well… It doesn’t have to be like this.” He uttered and went on to clean the blood off her busted nose and lip.

“When are you going to let me spoil you, huh?”

The young woman didn’t comment and he sighed with disappointment.

“So… the money?”

One look was all it took and the man let out this hysterical laugh.

“You don’t have the money…”

“Sorry.” She spat and Diablo made a fist and acted as if he was about to hit her, yet again, but refrained.

He pointed upon her instead.

“I need that money.” He made clear.

“And I’ll get it…”

“You better. You got 48 hours and believe me when I say that’s me being generous. I want that money in my hand or…”

“Like I said… I’ll get you the money.” She made clear and he smiled.

“That’s my Wraith. Now grab you a bottle of wine and run yourself a bath. I’ll get Rosita to look at that arm of yours.”

She nodded and he watched as she headed into the house.

“Hey, darlin’.” Jax said with a warm smile and Dizzy hugged him.

“What is it?” He questioned with concern as he could tell she’d been crying.

“It’s Han…” She whispered and dropped her hold.

He narrowed his eyes as she allowed him inside.

“Maybe you could talk some sense into him…”

Jax nodded upon Dominique as he was leaning against the wall, with his arms folded about his chest.

“What’s going on?” He probed and Dominque sighed.

“He’s leaving.”


Dominque nodded then pointed towards Han’s bedroom upstairs.


“Says it’s time. That he never planned on sticking around.”

“So he’s giving up?!”

Before Dominque could even answer that, Jax was heading upstairs.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” He shouted as Han had his suitcases on the bed and was packing.

Han stopped what he was doing and nodded Jax’s direction, but with this baffled look about him.

“Problem?” He asked while folding one of his shirts.

“Yeah… Big one!”

“Umm okay… I’ll bite.”

“I can’t believe you’re just giving up!”

“It’s been six months…”

“So? That don’t mean shit and you know it. She’s out there! Don’t you turn your back to her now!”

“I’m not turning my back! I have something to take care of and I can’t just sit here and wait on a ghost!”

“A ghost?! Jesus, you sound like…”

“Like?” Han challenged and Jax sighed.

The VP was thinking on about how Piney and Opie had pretty much given up as well. But Jax? Never had. In fact, it was because of that that he found about Bella’s friends. He thought back to how those guys shot the rope off her neck. So he went out and beyond, in order to find that car. Once he found it… He talked to some local street racers then found out it belonged to Han and his team. They hadn’t a clue about her disappearance. Mainly because Han had put his foot down and let Dizzy and Dominique know they weren’t to go anywhere near Bella, for her own safety. He knew Diablo would be watching their every move now and waiting for Bella to make an appearance. Only they hadn’t planned on Bella coming up missing from the hospital.

“It doesn’t matter. But you can’t do this… Come on. Imagine how she’s going to take it when she finally turns up and you’re gone?!”

“Why does it matter to you?” Han asked and Jax pinched the bridge of his nose.

“It just does…”

Han stopped what he was doing and walked on over.

“She’s gone. I’m sorry. But it’s time we faced the truth.”

Jax gritted his teeth then snatched Han by the collar of his shirt.


Jax froze as he felt a gun against the back of his head.

“That’s enough.” Dominique warned and Jax dropped his hold.

But his eyes never left Han’s.

“You don’t get it… None of you do, you especially.” He said with his finger pointed upon Han.


Dizzy clamped a hand over her mouth in realization and Han sort of laughed.

“And what is it I have exactly?”

“EVERYTHING!” Jax shouted and went on to grab a picture of Bella off Han’s nightstand.

He tossed it over and Han caught it. He looked to the picture then back to Jax. Dizzy placed a hand along Jax’s shoulder then leaned into his ear. Jax lifted his eyes and Han gave a simple nod.

“You mean…”

He nodded and went on to place the picture into one of his suitcases.

“So you and Bella…”

“Never happened…”

“But the way you talked about her and the pictures.”

Han smiled on this.

“I always wanted a little sister.” He said with a shrug.

Dizzy broke into sobs and Han was quick to hug her.

“Sister…” Jax uttered looking awfully pale.

“I thought…”

“Well you thought wrong.  Sure there was a connection… But not the way you assumed.”

Han drew back a breath then nodded upon Dominque.

“Can give us a minute?” He asked while handing Dizzy over.

Dominque nodded and wrapped his arm around Dizzy as he led her out of the room. Han shut the door then leaned against it.

“I can’t believe you spent the last few months thinking that me and Bella… Shit. No wonder you hated me.”

“I didn’t hate you.”

“Come on, Reaper…”

“Okay fine. I hated you.” Jax admitted with a touch of a smirk.

Han nodded and went on to finish packing.

“Well the feeling was mutual, but for a whole other reason. You broke her heart. Not that I can talk… I did a real number on that girl myself.”

Han stopped what he was doing as he was getting a little choked up.

“You know one of the last things I said to her?”

Jax rather shrugged.

“I more or less let that girl know she was no longer family. I didn’t mean a word of it, either. The only reason I said that was to protect her. She had some bad people after her and I’d much rather rip her heart out then to have her…” Han trailed off then placed his hands along the bed and shook his head.

“I knew this would happen. I should’ve turned her away when she first came to me.” Han said and Jax swallowed back as the man started to cry.

“There was just something about her. I mean… This is Bella we’re talking about. You just can’t say no.” Han said with a tearful smile.

“Believe me. I understand that more than anyone.” Jax said as he thought back to their first night together.

“So you truly believe she’s out there?”

“I know she is.”

“Then do me a favor…”

Jax narrowed his eyes in question.

“If you find her… Never let her go. I mean it. Hold her. Tell her what she means to you. And tell her… I’m sorry.” He said then went on to zip his suitcases shut.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Come on, Reaper. I’m the one that got her into this mess in the first place. I guess it wasn’t enough of a lesson when I lost my girl. I had to lose a sister as well. Believe me, I’m done. It’s time to move on. And like I said, I got somethings to take care of.”

“And where are you going?”

“Tokyo, baby!”

“What’s in Tokyo?”

Han didn’t answer as he grabbed a couple of his bags and was headed for the hidden garage. Jax reared back as he followed.

“What the…?”

“Yeah… Pretty cool, huh?”

Jax nodded and looked around in awe.

“I’m going to miss this.” Han said.

“I bet. So what happens to all this once you’re gone?”

“Well I suppose I’ll let Dizzy and Dominque become squatters!” Han said with a grin.

“Squatters…?” Jax said behind a chuckle.

“Why not? No sense in all this going to waste. I have no use for it.” But the way he said this had Jax regarding him in wonder.

“Surely, you must have someone…” Jax hinted.

“I did… but she’s gone now.”

“Your girl?”

“Nah… she was long gone, before I took up residence here.”

“Wait… You mean Bella?!”

“She was about all the real family I had left…” He said with a shrug.

“You’re leaving all this to her?!”

“I suppose you had better find her then, huh?”

Jax reared back taking offense.

“That’s fucked up. I could give a rat’s ass about your fucking penthouse, asshole!”

“Not what I meant…”

Jax recoiled then sent him an apologetic look.

“All good. I know you loved her. But you’re right, you never deserved her. No one did.”

“Quit talking about her like she’s in the past!” Jax scolded and Han nodded.

He hugged Dizzy and Dominque goodbye then looked to Jax.

“Take care, Jackson.” He said and went on to shake his hand.

The three of them watched as Han took off and didn’t look back.

The young woman shook her head once she pulled up to the residence. It took her a bit to find out where he lived, but here she was. Doing something she never imagined she’d do. But she hadn’t a choice. Sure, she’d left that money on purpose. As she felt like it was the least she could do. But now… she knew if she didn’t get that money back… Diablo would take it out on her friends or family. The young woman cringed as she thought back to when he had her grandfather targeted. That made the first in her taking an actual life. But if she hadn’t, her Piney would be no more. The life she took? Was one of Diablo’s old clients. Like she… this guy owed Diablo money. Only he hadn’t the means Wraith had when it came to making herself beneficial to Diablo. Bella aka Charming’s “Wraith” was the fastest street racer in the entire state of California, at least that’s what Han claimed.  And so far… She’d proved just this and Han wasn’t the only one to take notice of her impeccable talent. Thanks to Han she could outrace anyone. Dominique was the reason behind her sticky hands and she could pick just about any lock known to mankind. And naturally… Bella already had a thing for adrenaline. It was the only thing that kept her going. But as of late… That adrenaline was eating her alive. Even Wraith had her limits and wasn’t sure how much more she could take. She looked to the house then shook her head. Wraith went into stealth-like mod as she got out of the car. She kept a watchful eye on her surroundings and inched her way over to the house.

Her nerves were getting the best of her as she went on to check the house. Once she was certain the coast was clear, she picked the lock to the front door then used a pair of metal cutting pliers to cut the chain link lock. Something she TRULY hated… As in knowing HE was home. Her heart was going ninety to nothing and she wanted nothing more than to back out and forget this ever happened. But she was already inside and knew if she didn’t have that money when Diablo demanded it. Someone would die. Wraith brought her gun out knowing Jax was usually ready for anything coming his way. Why should she be any different? She knew he’d gun her down, first chance he got. She’d plans of finding the money then hauling ass out of there. That was until she caught wind of something else. Something she hadn’t expected at all. Wraith cranked her head that direction then headed that way. Her heart sank once she spotted the baby within the crib.

“Jesus…” She whispered in downright shock.

The baby opened his eyes and Wraith jumped as he started to cry.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered and found herself picking him up, by instinct.

But by the time she realized what it looked like… it was too late.


Wraith froze then turned towards the doorway. There was Jackson Teller, in nothing but a pair of boxers. His eyes were wild and he had his gun in kill mode.

“Put my son down.”

The young woman cringed on the inside, but aimed her gun at Jax in return.

“The money… Where is it?”

That’s what you came here for?!” Jax hissed and the young woman nodded.

“I need that money.”

“Put him down. Then we’ll talk money…”

Abel started to cry and was reaching for his father.

“Shhh…” The young woman whispered, while was doing her best to console the child.

When she couldn’t achieve this she kept that gun on Jax, but placed Abel back into the crib. It was during this that Jax caught wind of something. Something that had staggering back and looking to this woman in a whole new light.

“The money…” She reminded and he nodded.

“It isn’t here.”

The woman shook her head on this.

“Then I need to know where it is.”

She’d half a mind to point the gun at his son, but hadn’t the heart. She just couldn’t do it. She’d never shoot a child to begin with. But just the mere idea of aiming a gun at one made her nauseous, even more so, considering it was HIS.

“I don’t have all night!”

Jax looked to his son then back to the woman. He went on to give her an address and specific instructions from there.

“And how do I know it’ll be there?”

“You don’t. But I know you’ll come looking for me if it’s not there.”

“You got that right.”

Wraith inched her way over to the window. She unlocked it but kept a watchful eye as she crawled on out. She continued in keeping an eye out as she rushed on back to the car. Once she was inside, she hauled ass out of there and to the address Jax had given her.

Jax picked his son up and was checking him over as he grabbed his cellphone. It took a few tries but Juice finally picked up.

“Yeah?” He tiredly answered.

“I need you to do me a favor…”

Jax went on to tell him where to drop the money off etc. Only he made him promise this would stay between him and Jax. Word of this was NOT to get back to Clay or Tig.  As soon as he finished going over everything, he told Juice not to engage the person, to stay put and follow whoever  took the money. He wanted pictures of what they were driving and where they went specifically.

The following morning:

Jax nodded once Juice gave him the information and showed him the pictures.

“Thank you.” Jax said and patted Juice on the back.

“Can I ask you why we’re keeping this on the down low?”

“It’s just a hunch… But I gotta make certain first.”


“Look, just let the others know that I had something to take care of. I’ll be at the shop later on.”

Juice nodded as Jax handed his son over.

“Take the truck and take Abel to Gemma’s.”

Juice regarded Jax in question but did as told.

Jax parked his Harley then looked to the pictures he had Juice send him. He lifted his eyes and nodded towards the mansion in question. Just as Juice had mentioned, it was out in the middle of nowhere and massive. He hadn’t a clue how to go about this, without getting caught. He could see the men keeping watch from afar and there was a gate that required a passcode just to enter. If it had been nighttime, he could’ve easily snuck on over. But there was just no way of going about that in broad daylight.

“Dammit…” He whispered amongst himself.

Just as the VP was to give up and see about this later tonight, he heard a man holler out.


“I’m done…” A woman softly replied and Jax was quick to duck out of sight.

He narrowed his eyes however as he was able to see and hear everything from where he stood, but they couldn’t see him. Bella… He thought with a heavy heart. She was carrying a suitcase and had her purse strapped to her shoulder.

“DONE?!” The man shouted and Bella nodded.

“Nah… You’re not done. Not until I tell you otherwise.”

“I’ve been done! I’ve more than paid off my debt and you know it!”

“That was a million dollar car!”

“And yet you put it in a race!”

“I thought I could trust my driver!” The man fired back.

“Yeah well… Shit happens. Get the fuck over it!”

Jax gritted his teeth as the man grabbed ahold of her then socked her one.

“You walk out those gates and I’ll kill everyone you hold dear and I’ll start with your beloved uncle first!”

“So that’s how you plan on making me your ‘queen’? By making threats?!”

“Oh I don’t make threats…”

Diablo waved one of his men over then nodded upon them.

“Show my precious Wraith what happens when you go against my wishes. I want you to find this Opie Winston and bring me his fucking head!”

The man nodded and went to walk away.

“Diablo…” Bella whimpered and the Latino pivoted back around. He cupped her chin.

“I’m sorry. But how else will you ever learn? I’ve a business trip to tend to. But we can deal with this just as soon as I get back.”

He started to walk away and Bella cried out in such a way.


Diablo stopped in his tracks.

“Look, you want me as your queen, fine. Just don’t do this.”

Jax curled his lip as he could see the cocky grin on Diablo’s face.

“Queen?” He said with a certain beam.

“If that’s what you want. Just leave my uncle out of this.”

“You’ll be my queen…?”

“You want me? You got me. I wrecked the car, not him.”

Jax closed his eyes as it was just as he suspected. Bella… She’d do anything for her family.

“Prove it.” Diablo demanded and Jax recoiled as Bella went on to kiss him.

Diablo heatedly returned the kiss.

“Hmm…” He hummed afterward.

“Very well. We’ll take care of this matter, first thing, when I return.”

Bella nodded but Diablo was quick to bring her against him.

“Sorry lover. Business first, pleasure later. I’ll return in a couple days. But mark my words… If you deny me, I’ll slit his throat and dance in his blood. Got it?!”

Bella nodded and Jax closed his eyes. He couldn’t believe what he was witnessing.

“Just you wait… I’m going to rip you from v to a when I get back.” Diablo said with a wide grin.

And I’ll shove your own dick up your ass. Jax thought as Diablo hopped into a black town car and Bella was forcibly escorted back to the house. Jax stayed put and waited until the car exited the gates then went about its way. After that… He was quick to hop onto his bike then headed straight to Opie’s.

“What the hell are you blabbin’ on about?!” Opie spat as he was fixing the kids some breakfast.

“Come on, Op. I just need you to trust me.”

Opie had a good laugh at this.

“Tried that, remember?”

“Op, just get Piney and follow me to this address!”



Opie slammed the bottle of orange juice down.

“I can’t drop everything I’m doing. As you can see Donna’s out of town and the kids are getting ready for school.”

“Then just as soon as they get on the bus…”

Opie narrowed his eyes on this.

“You gotta trust me.”

“No, I don’t.” Opie made clear and Jax sighed.

“Harry…” He said for the first time in years.

Opie lifted his eyes on this.

“I made you a promise.  A little over six months ago, remember? I kept that promise…”

Opie regarded Jax in question and he gave a mere nod.

“Look, feed the kids; get them on the bus, then you and Piney… Meet me at this address. Oh and loaded…”


Jax gave a simple nod as he swiped a piece of bacon off Opie’s plate then headed on out.



“There are some guys here to see you.”

“Tell them to take a number.” She witted as she was underneath one of the cars.

“I think they mean business…”

“Don’t we all?” She smarted once again but was jerked out from beneath.

Bella stared upon the familiar face in shock.

“Crazy thing… WE just got bumped up!”

“Uncle Op…” She whispered and he gave a simple nod.

“What in the FUCK?!” He snapped and Bella grimaced.

She looked around the garage in alarm.

“You can’t be here. That goes for all of you.” She said regarding her grandfather and Jax as well.

“Please. Just forget you ever saw me and move on!”

“Not happening.” Jax was first to say and her uncle and grandfather nodded in agreement.

“You don’t understand.” Bella uttered and actually looked as if she’d pass out.

She braced herself against the car she was working on.

“You have to leave.”

“We’re not going anywhere, not without you.” Opie made clear.

“What’s going on?” One of Diablo’s men asked and Bella sort of laughed.

“You can see yourself out now…” She said in such a way but towards the man.

He raised his brows on this.

“You heard me. I’m the fucking queen, remember? One phone call and Diablo will be all over your ass. Now leave us!”

The man couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Bella lifted her head then looked upon her uncle, grandfather, and ex-lover.


Opie nodded but was quick to grab ahold of her. He wrapped his hand around her mouth then leaned into her ear.

“I’m not leaving you, kid. Not ever again.”

Bella squirmed about in his hold but Opie held on for dear life as Piney and Jax kept him covered on the way out. They shot anyone that so much as got in their way. Bella was in full blown panic once they reached the gates. So much so… that she was in literal hysterics and crying. Opie gritted his teeth as she was putting up quite a fight. But he continued on as Jax opened the door to the van they’d brought instead of their bikes. Opie tossed her inside then hopped on in afterward. Bella went to exit the van only to have her uncle shove her back.

“Bell, I love you. But I don’t have any issue in knocking your ass out if need be. So fucking chill.” Opie made clear and Bella closed her eyes on this.

“You don’t understand.”

“And what is it I don’t understand?”

“You just started a war.”

“So be it…”

“How’d you find me?” Bella asked after a solid five minutes passed.

Opie made a gesture towards Jax and Bella shook her head in disbelief.

“I can’t believe you came to my house and my son, really?” Jax spat.

Bella closed her eyes on this. Opie and Piney shared the same baffled expression.

“I wasn’t going to hurt him…” She whispered in such a way that it actually tugged at Jax’s heartstrings.

“I didn’t know you had a kid… He looks just like you.”

“You were at Jax’s house?” Opie questioned.

Bella ignored this and regarded Jax once again.

“How’d you know…?” She hinted and he pointed upon the scar on her neck.

She narrowed her eyes on this.

“When you placed Abel back into the crib, I saw it and knew…”

“Jesus…” Bella murmured.

“Okay, will someone PLEASE explain what’s going on?!” Piney barked as he was driving the van.

“Tell them…” Jax encouraged and Bella recoiled.

“They need to know.”

Jax rolled his pant leg up in reminder and Bella rolled her eyes.

“You had that coming…”

“NO FUCKING WAY!” Opie shouted.

“You’re fucking Wraith?!”

“The one and only…” She said but was eyeing Jax down.

“How’s the arm?” Jax questioned rather menacingly.

“It’s great. I’m great. Everything’s GREAT!”

“I can’t believe you’re the bitch we’ve been chasing down!” Opie yelled and Bella sighed.

“It’s not what you think.”

“THEN YOU TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS! THIS WHOLE TIME… I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!” He hollered while punching at the van walls.

“Op, they didn’t give her a choice.” Jax defended.


“You’re about to find out…” Bella said looking downright ill.

Jax drew back a breath and went on to reveal what he’d overheard. Bella looked to him in shock and he gave a mere nod.

“How’d you know all that?! Better yet, how’d you find me?!”

“I’ve my ways…” Jax made clear and Bella shook her head.

“And I thought you were done with the club…” Bella uttered upon her uncle.

He didn’t comment as he walked on over and really looked her over.

“Good God…” He whispered once he noticed just how beat up she truly was.

“I’m sorry…” Bella whispered and Opie was quick to hug her.

Jax teared up a bit himself as Bella broke down and was hugging him in return.

“I thought I lost you.”

“I never meant to hurt you or gramps… But I had to do something.”

Opie planted his hands along her face.

“So you escaped the hospital?”

Bella nodded.

“As in you went to this Diablo?”

“If I hadn’t…”

“Jesus, Bell. I can’t believe you just jumped right out of surgery and hightailed it out of there! We would’ve kept you safe! All you had to do was tell us what was going on!”

“It’s not that simple.”

“Sure it is.”

“No. It’s not.”

Bella sighed and sunk to the floor. She leaned back then let out this miserable laugh.

“That AK-47… Well where do you think they got that?”

Opie shrugged on this.

“And that there… is the reason you should take me back.”

“Not happening.”

“You don’t understand. I’m kind of a big deal.”

“Oh trust me… we’ve heard all about Wraith.” Opie scoffed with a frown.

“Have you now?” She challenged and Opie narrowed his eyes.

“I’m talking about things OTHER than illegal street racing and petty crimes like that.”

“Robbing banks isn’t something I’d consider “petty”.” Jax threw out there and Bella sort of laughed.

“I don’t rob banks. I drive and that’s it. In fact, that’s pretty much all I do. I don’t ask questions. Just haul ass and get these assholes to wherever they need to be.”

“And what’s that have to do with the AK-47?” Piney asked whilst thinking of irony on that.

“A run that’s to take place once Diablo returns. Only this isn’t just any run…” Bella drew back an uneasy breath.

“Diablo’s in bed with Russians and I’m talking Bratva.”

“Jesus Christ… You’ve been working for the fucking mafia?!”

“Me? No. Diablo? Yes. And who do I work for?”

“Diablo…” Jax uttered with a sneer.

“Bell, what have you got yourself into?”

Piney pulled into the clubhouse parking lot.

“Like I said, I drive.”

“Drive… as in you transport this shit back and forth?”

“Pretty much…”

This had each of the boys recoiling. It wasn’t any different from what they were doing when it came to the IRA and the gun cartel. They just never imagined that Bella would get herself into something like that. The back doors opened and Juice nodded upon them. Bella’s jaw dropped however as he had Dizzy and Dominque with him. Bella rushed on out and was quick to hug them both.

“What are you doing here?!” She questioned and Dizzy nodded upon Jax.

Bella cranked her head back and he gave a simple nod.

“Where’s Han?”

Dizzy and Dominque recoiled on this.

No… Tell me he’s okay.”

“He’s fine. He’s on his way to Tokyo.” Dominque said with a bitter tone.


“Yeah. Said he had some shit to take care of.”

“I see…” Bella said but Jax took notice of that painful twinge in her eyes.

She looked to her uncle.

“Donna and the kids… They’re not safe.” Bella made clear and Opie nodded.

“I’d take someone with you and a lot of heat.” Bella said with this guilt-ridden expression.

“I’ll go with you.” Piney called and Jax nodded upon Juice.

“Go with them.”

“I’ll go too.” Dominque volunteered and went on to show Bella that he was carrying.

“Be safe. All of you.” Bella pleaded.

Dominque smiled then kissed her forehead.

“Hey…” Piney called as Bella was heading towards the clubhouse.

She stopped then pivoted back around.

“Come here.”

Bella walked on over and Piney hugged her.

“Stay put.” He whispered.

“I mean it. Don’t you do that shit again. You know we’ll do whatever we can to get you out of this situation. You’re not to leave this clubhouse. Got it?”


“Promise me.”

Opie nodded in agreement and Bella closed her eyes for a brief moment.

“Fine. But please hurry…”

He nodded and they were quick to head on out. Dizzy took Bella by the hand then headed into the clubhouse. Jax followed. Once the three of them were inside, there was a moment of uncomfortable silence. Dizzy cleared her throat then looked Jax’s direction.

“Thank you.”

He regarded Dizzy in question.

“You never gave up and here she is.” Dizzy wiped a stray tear off her cheek.

Bella lifted her eyes on this and Jax drew back the deepest of breaths.

“I didn’t have it in me to give up.”

Dizzy smiled and patted Bella on the leg.

“I’ll give you two a moment.”

Bella was quick to reach out and stop Dizzy.

“We don’t need that.” She said in such a way.

Dizzy tilted her head on this.

“Dizzy, just sit down.”

“You two need to sort things out.”

“There’s nothing to sort out.”

“You could at least thank him…”

Bella came to her feet on this.

“Thank him?”

Dizzy smiled. Bella pulled a certain face on this but looked to Jax.

“Thank you.” She uttered but headed over to the bar.

Jax raised his brows on this. Dizzy pecked him on the cheek then headed on out. Bella rolled her eyes on this. She went on to pour herself a shot. The minute she downed it, she grabbed a beer then glanced Jax’s direction.

“So how’s the baby-mama?”

“I wouldn’t know. She was in rehab last I heard.”

“The doc?!” She questioned looking somewhat surprised.

“Wait… You thought… Tara?”

“Was that her name?” Bella uttered in a resentful manner.

“Yeah. But she isn’t Abel’s mother.”

“Abel…” Bella whispered whilst pouring herself another shot.

“So she wasn’t your wife. But you were together – like common law marriage. The baby isn’t hers, but another woman’s and she’s in rehab?”

He nodded.




Bella twisted the cap off the beer bottle then tossed it into a nearby trash bin. She took a pull off the beer.

“So you went from a drug addict to a doctor?”

“Something like that.” He said and was making his way over.

“And how’s that going by the way?”

“And that would be?” He asked before taking a shot as well.

“The doctor. Did she forgive you?”


“Good. I hope she’s smart and steers clear of you.”

Jax nodded on this.

“I should’ve apologized.” Bella murmured as she thought back to that day.

“I can’t even imagine what she…” Jax caught her off-guard as he hugged her.

The man closed his eyes while breathing her in. Jax lifted her off the ground then placed her onto the counter. He ran his fingers along the scars on her cheek and neck where the rope had cut into her. She recoiled from his touch and Jax took a step back.

“I’m sorry…” He whispered and Bella hopped back down.

Just as she was to walk away he took her by the hand.

“For everything…”

Bella gave a simple nod and Jax pulled her towards him.

“Bella, you need to know…” He brushed her hair back with his fingers.

“I loved you. I loved you then and I love you now.”

“Fuck you, Jackson. FUCK. YOU.”

Jax closed his eyes on this. Bella grabbed the bottle of whiskey then headed outside.

“Bella?” Dizzy called with concern.

Bella was pacing the area and downing that whiskey, like there was no tomorrow.

“Hey!” Dizzy shouted and yanked the bottle out of her hold.

“Don’t you start that shit again!” Dizzy scolded and Bella went to snatch the bottle out of her hold.

Dizzy threw it across the parking lot then grabbed Bella by the collar of her shirt.


Love?! All I can think about is putting a bullet in his FUCKING HEAD!”

“And why is that?!”

Jax had stepped out by this point but froze at the doorway.


Dizzy nodded and Bella shoved her back.


Dizzy hugged her but nodded upon Jax, discreetly. He nodded in response, but said nothing as he headed back inside.

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 4 Your Forgiveness”

  1. Still only gotta semi-clue on what’s goin’ on, but, eh, I’ll deal. Oh, and when Jax stole Opie’s bacon and when he told Bella he loved her and she said ‘Fuck. You’. Yeah, liked those parts best!

  2. one hell of a chapter awesome job. she will so be butting heads with Clay and the queen but if they learn why she did it all to protect her family they might respect her.

  3. The chapter is already full of action !! Uhul!!!! The driver shoots Jax and bows slightly. I think I know who she is! Is Han going to Tokyo? Hmmm, I can already imagine where this will end. This confrontation at Jax’s house was tense. She had no idea of ​​the baby. It makes me angry, knowing everything Jax hid from her. What comforts me is knowing that he wants to fix everything, clearly. The Opie’s reaction to finding out that Bella was Wraith was as far as I’d hoped. He’s freaking out! Wow, now the Russians are thrown into the mix? This is going to suck!

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