Chapter 8 Rise

Chapter 8 – Rise

I do not own SOA or Twilight. I do claim the original character known as Dizzy.

                Opie reared back as he found his niece and Jax in Abel’s bedroom. She had her head in Jax’s lap and was sound asleep. Jax was leaning against the crib, smoking a cigarette and had a bottle of Jack in hand. Opie wanted to rip into him, but after recent events… He hadn’t the heart.

“You alright?”

Jax didn’t answer and downed some of the whiskey.

“She wouldn’t leave…” Jax hinted with a gesture towards Bella.

Opie gave a nod of understanding then hunkered down. He brushed his niece’s hair back and gave her a bit of a shake.

“Uncle Op?” She tiredly called and he nodded.

“Why don’t you make a pot of coffee? Time to sober up.” He suggested.

Bella rose but once she remembered where she was… She looked to her uncle with slight fear in her eyes.

“Don’t… please.” She whispered.

“Bell, I think we’re long past that point… I can’t tell you what to do, but I won’t lie either. I think this is a BIG mistake.”

Jax let out a miserable laugh and took that whiskey past the label. Bella was quick to yank it out of his hold. “Dammit Jackson, I said no more!” She snapped and the rest of the Sons were poking their heads in now.

Opie sighed and took his niece by the arm. He led her out of the room and into the hallway.

Now… is not the time. He’s hurting and not thinking clearly. Are you willing to get hurt, all over again?!”

“Jesus, we didn’t fuck!”

This had the Sons looking their direction now and Opie rolled his eyes.

“He needed someone. So I was here. It’s as simple as that.”

“So you’re not…”

“His fucking kid is missing. Do you really think his only concern is getting laid?!” Bella hissed and broke out of her uncle’s hold.

Opie recoiled on this.

“I’m going to get to that coffee now.”


“Don’t. Just… Look, you’re his best friend. Quit concerning yourself with me, and act like it!”

“She’s got a point…” Piney whispered.

“Shut it, pops.” Opie murmured and went on to check on Jax.

“You alright?” Chibs questioned with concern.

Bella looked over as she was reaching for the coffee on the top shelf, but looked to be in agony.

“I’m fine.”

“I got it.” He offered and brought it down.

“Patch that up yourself?” He questioned as to the area on her waist.

“Jackson did.” She said with a quivery lip and was doing her best to focus on making the coffee.

Chibs placed a hand along hers.

“I got it, lass.”

“Hey…”  Clay called.

She looked over and he signaled for her to follow him. The young woman looked to the president in question, but followed. Clay shut the door behind them.

“First off, I want to thank you.”


“Being there for my son.”

Bella gave a simple nod as she wasn’t sure what to say.

“I hear you have a meeting with Agent Stahl today?”


“Alright. What all has Jax told you?”

“What do you mean?”

“About our business, sweetheart.”

“I don’t know anything your business. All I know is what I walked in on.”

“Sack tells me you prevented Cameron from taking that blade to my grandson.”

Bella recoiled in memory and Clay cupped her chin.

“We might’ve gotten off on the wrong foot.”

“You think?” Bella witted in return and Clay managed to smile.

“Look, be honest. Tell them everything you know; whatever it takes to get my grandson back. But if Jax has let you in on anything deeper… be leery of what you say.”

“Like I said, I don’t know your business and you don’t know mine. It might be for the best.”

“Maybe…” Clay uttered in a peculiar way.

Bella tilted her head on this. Clay opened the door and just as she was to step out…

“Word of my grandson’s kidnapping is NOT to get back to my wife. Got it?”

Bella stopped and regarded the man in wonder.

“Why wouldn’t you want her to know?”

“I need her to stay in hiding, where she’s safe and sound. She finds out about Abel. She’ll find her way back to Charming and wind up getting herself arrested. That’s the LAST thing anyone needs. So I mean it. Keep that trap of yours shut.”

“Ah… and there he is. Had me worried. I thought the asshole left the building for a moment.”

Clay shook his head but managed to chuckle.

“Watch yourself, girlie.”

The house phone rang and Bella took it upon herself to answer.

“Teller residence.”

“I figured you’d be there.”

Bella looked to the phone like it bit her. Then she whispered into the receiver.


“I just called to see how he was doing…”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“Look, whatever you two got going… That’s no longer my business. But I was in his life, long before YOU ever were. So I have a right to know what’s going on.”

Bella let out this hysterical laugh.

“Oh that’s rich! I tell you what. If you want to know how Jackson’s doing… Why don’t you come by and ask him that yourself? Where was that concern? You know… When you were huddled into a corner and crying like a little bitch, about how FUCKING done you were?! I couldn’t get you up off that floor, no matter what. So why don’t you do what you’re best at and worry about your fucking self?! I got this…”

Bella slammed the phone down and it was then she realized all eyes were on her, including that of a freshly showered Jax. She recoiled and sent Jax an apologetic glance.

“I’m sorry.” She uttered and was quick to hand out the coffee.

Once the boys had their coffee, she darted on out of the room.

Bella was cleaning Abel’s bedroom when Jax entered the room.

“Bella, you don’t have to do that.”

Bella lifted her head as she was picking the cigarette buds up off the floor. Jax hunkered down and placed his hand over hers.

“I got it.”

“Let me help, Jackson.”

“You’ve done enough.”

“Hardly… He got away.”

“Stop that. I won’t have you doing that. You did all you could.”

Jax ran his hand along her waist in reminder.

“Go home. I’ll check in later on…”

He came to his feet then helped Bella up off the floor. He placed a strand of hair behind her ear and wiped a stray tear off her cheek. Jax closed his eyes as she hugged him. He kissed the top of her head then headed on out with the others. Once she had the room to herself, Bella grabbed one of Abel’s stuffed animals then hugged it close as she cried.

“I’m so sorry.”

“So you never met Cameron, before last night?”


Agent Stahl nodded then slid over a picture of Edmond (Cameron Haye’s son).


“And him…”

Bella regarded the picture in slight shock.


Agent Stahl smiled on this.

“And how do you know this pretty boy?”

“He’s a friend of mine.”

“Is he now?”

“Well yeah…  Met him at a few races.” Bella said with a shrug.

“Him and Polly.”


“His girl. She has a thing for Irishmen.”


“Did she now?”

Bella narrowed her eyes on this.

“Did?” Bella questioned and Agent Stahl smiled again.

“I’m sorry to be to be the bearer of bad news. But those two were murdered, just yesterday in fact. And by none other than Gemma Morrow.”

“You’re lying.”

“Am I?”

Bella swallowed back as Agent Stahl went on to show her the pictures. Bella recoiled and pushed the pictures away.

“You don’t happen to know where she is, do you?”

“Not a clue.” Bella said but with a trembling hand.

“Are you alright there?”

“I’m fine…”

“Sorry about your friends. They were a cute couple, really.”

“Are you saying that Abel’s kidnapping had to do with what happened to Edmond and Polly?!”

“I’m afraid so…”

Agent Stahl slid another picture over.


“How about him?”

“Never met the guy.”


“How’s that?”

“Well that’s that one’s (she went on to flash Bella the picture of Polly’s body again) daddy dearest – Ethan Zobelle. He’s in business with some really naughty people.”

“I wouldn’t know anything about that. Like I said we were friends, but we didn’t exactly have sleep overs and braid each other’s hair.”

“That’s a shame.”

“I thought this meeting was about Jackson Teller’s son. You know… the one that’s missing.”

“Right…” Agent Stahl stacked everything into a neat little pile and set it aside.

“So one more time… And from the beginning.”

Bella shook her head on this but did as requested.

When Bella finished, Tara was waiting for her turn in the sheriff’s office. Bella sort of laughed and Tara cut her a dirty look.

“Ohhhh… easy ladies. No cat fights.”

“Oh believe me, she isn’t worth my time or energy.” Bella darkly uttered and Agent Stahl raised her brows on this.

“Well… Your turn!” She said then waved Tara inside.

Bella exited the sheriff’s department and just as soon as she was in her car, she looked up Ethan Zobelle and found out he owned a business here in Charming. Only when she drove to the destination, she found it to be an old cigar shop, but it was closed. In fact, all the windows were boarded up as well and this looked to of been done recently.

“What the fuck…” Bella uttered in utter confusion.

Bella drew back a breath but retrieved her cellphone. She sent Jax a message letting him know they needed to talk, face to face, ASAP. It was during this she took notice of her aunt and the kids across the street. Bella got out of the car and headed that way.

“Bella!” Ellie happily called and Bella smiled as the girl greeted her with a hug.

Kenny gave a simple nod and Bella sent him a wink.

“Where you headed?” Bella asked.

“To the Pizzaeria. You should join us!” Kenny replied.

“Please?!” Ellie pleaded and Bella smiled.

“If you insist…”

Donna laughed as Bella managed to beat Kenny at another arcade game.

“You’re cheating!”

“No I’m not!”

“You’re totally cheating. Dad can’t even beat me at that.”

“Yeah… Well I beat him any given day of the week.”

“Can you now?” Opie called from behind surprising the three of them.

“Hey, baby.” Donna greeted in surprise.

He nodded and went on to kiss her.

“Thought you were going to be out most of the day.”

“Clay sent everyone home after the meeting. Not much we can do at the moment…” He did his best to hint.

“Can understand that.”

Bella looked to her phone as it buzzed.


Alright… Give me an hour. The penthouse.


Bella nodded amongst herself then pocketed her phone. When she lifted her eyes Opie was stuffing a few quarters into the arcade game. He nodded upon her.


“You’re on, old man.”

Jax was waiting out front when Bella pulled up to the penthouse. He had a backpack on him and was smoking a cigarette. Once she stepped out he made a gesture for her to follow him inside.

“Dizzy around?” He questioned.

“I’m here!”

han's penthouse

(Han’s aka Bella’s penthouse)

She called from upstairs. She had a big smile on her face and Bella recoiled. Dizzy hadn’t a clue what had taken place yet and Bella knew from the look on her face she had the wrong idea.

“It’s about time!” Dizzy said and sat between them.

“Sooo. Details.”

“Dizzy…” Bella uttered looking ill.

“Do you have ANY idea how much convincing it took for Bella to finally make that move?!”

Bella shot up at this and shook her head upon Dizzy.

“Oh come on. All that bullshit of ignoring his calls…”

“DIZZY! Stop. Please.”

“Bella, what’d you’d do? I thought you were going over there to…”

Bella pinched her eyes shut and went on to tell Dizzy how last night actually went.

“Jesus, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I JUST DID!” Bella snapped.

Dizzy pulled a face on this and Bella sighed.

“Look, could you just give us a minute?”

Dizzy nodded but sent Jax an apologetic look.

“I’m so sorry. I can’t even imagine.”

Jax gave a simple nod but handed the bag over.

“What’s this?”

“As requested… but with a little touch of something else.”

Bella narrowed her eyes as Dizzy went on to open the bag. She pulled out a beautiful black urn with Dominque’s name and there was a necklace with wings.  Jax pointed to it.


“Just a little something so you can always have him with you.”

Dizzy’s jaw dropped on this and Bella regarded Jax in absolute shock.

“It’s beautiful! Thank you.” Dizzy cried and pecked him on the cheek.

Bella watched as Dizzy headed into her room, with the urn and necklace in hand.

“Thank you. That meant the world to her.”

“Not a prob.”

Bella leaned against the mantle and folded her arms about her chest.

“She’s like a kid at times… She means well. But I just gotta keep her in line.”

“What did you come by the house for?”

Bella shook her head.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Jax came to his feet.

“It does to me.”

“Jackson, you have more important things to worry about.”

Jax narrowed his eyes as he received a text message. He looked towards the stairs as it came from Dizzy.

She was going to tell you that she loves you…

Jax discreetly cocked a brow on this.

“Everything okay?” Bella questioned and he pocketed his phone.

Jax said nothing and simply hugged her. He cleared his throat as he was getting a little choked up.

“What’d you need to talk about?”

“I hate to dive into all this shit now, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to know a little more about what’s going on.”

“How do you mean?”

“Like why Agent Stahl is accusing your mother of killing a couple friends of mine and what is Ethan Zobelle’s connection to all this?”


“Edmond and Polly… Apparently Edmond’s father is behind the kidnapping?”

“How do you know Edmond and Polly?!”

“They were known for taking bets and holding gambling rings at certain races. In fact, they were big clients of mine…”

“Jesus, talk about a small fucking world.”

“Damn straight. Jackson, please tell me your mother isn’t really behind their murder.”

“Not even.”

Jax paced the area a bit but went on to tell her the truth (as far as he knew) behind what all took place.

“So your mother was set up?”


“Good God…”

“That’s why she’s in hiding.”

“And what’s this deal about some guns?”

Jax sat beside her and glanced towards the stairs. He kept his voice down as he went on to tell her about their deal with the Irish.

“So like what Diablo had going with the Russians…”


“Guns… bloody business, Jackson.”

“Trust me. I know.”

“So this Zobelle guy aka Polly’s father was dealing with the heroine business and got another MC involved in his dirty work?”

“Yes. The Mayans.”

“You mean as in Alvarez’s boys.” She uttered with a curled lip.

“That’d be the one.”

“Fuck, I hate that bastard. He and his boys jacked up a few of our cars once. Then he had a few of them do a real number on Han, fucked him up real good.”


“Oh yeah… Us racers have had our run in’s when it comes to the Mayans. They can’t stand us.”

Bella tilted her head as another thought occurred to her.


“Edmond mentioned his father having a place out in Vancouver once. He was drunk and bragging… Hey, Dizzy!”


“Can you come down please?” She called like she was dealing with a child.

Dizzy made her way down.

“You remember when Edmond mentioned his father having a place in Vancouver, right?”

“Oh yeah. He went on and on about all the property he and his father had. Polly had big ole stars in her eyes.”

“Jackson…” Bella uttered with hope in hers.

Jax kissed the hell out of her then got on his phone.

“How do you feel about Canada?” Bella said with a smile Dizzy’s direction.

“I hear they got great flapjacks, yah?”

“I want you to get a crew together, only those you can trust. I mean it, Dizzy. You’re going to bring them to Wraith, not the Speedster. For now… Keep this on the down low. We’re going with SAMCRO.”

“You got it, baby.”

Bella tossed Dizzy’s keys over and Dizzy hurried off.  Once Jax was done with his phone call, he nodded upon Bella.

“Thank you.” He said with fullest sincerity.

“Don’t thank me yet.  But it’s a start… I’ll meet you at the clubhouse.”

He gave a simple nod and took off.

“You’re right… He’s got himself a place in Vancouver. In fact, he was spotted not too far from Vancouver, just yesterday.

Jax drew back a breath of relief and Chibs patted him on the shoulder.

“We’re getting him back, son. How’d you find out about that anyhow?” Clay questioned.

“Bella. Turns out she was friends with Edmond and Polly, before shit went down.”

Huh… Well that’s some crazy luck right there.”


“Bella was friends with Edmond and Polly?!” Opie questioned in disbelief and Jax nodded.


“Well what do you say boys? You in the mood for a little sightseeing? Ready to venture out, eh?”

The boys went back and forth in their Canadian banter, reminding Jax of Dizzy and Bella. This had Jax looking to Opie in thought. Clay slammed the gavel down and the boys went on to plan how they were going to go about this.

“We need to talk.”

Opie narrowed his eyes on this and Jax came to his feet. Piney nodded upon his son in wonder and Opie shrugged.  Opie followed him outside the clubhouse.

“You need to know that things between me and Bella have become a little more official.”

“There is no little. You’re either in or out, Jax. It’s that simple. You’re not going to lead her around, leaving her to wonder.”

“No. I’m not. I’m sorry. I know this makes things between us somewhat awkward, but I can’t ignore how I feel. No matter how much I try and believe, I have. Not just out of respect for you, but because I know I don’t deserve her.”

“No you don’t.” Opie made clear.

“But I can’t tell that girl what to do. She’s done made up her mind. I knew that back at the house. She’s her own woman. But I will tell you this much, hurt her again, brother or not, I will kill you.”

“I know you will.”

“Then you best keep that in mind. This is your only warning. And that’s another thing…” Opie glanced towards the clubhouse then back to Jax in thought.

“That road and Crow Eater pussy… comes to an end. Despite what Clay and the others believe, you’re not doing that shit to my niece.”

“You’re right. I won’t. I give you my word. If I’m to do this… I’m all in. I’m going to take care of her, Op.”

“You better.”

“Why do I feel like I’m asking a father’s permission?”

Opie couldn’t help but to smile.

“Because you are. She might as well be my kid. Hell, speaking of which…” He nodded towards Bella as she was pulling into the parking lot.

“Look at me, Jackson.” Opie said as he could still see that pain in Jax’s eyes.

“We’re getting him back. You believe that, right?”

“More today than I did yesterday…”

Opie gave a mere nod then patted him on the cheek.

“We got this.”

Jax walked on over and opened the door for Bella.

“You were right…”

“Awesome! That’s great news, Jackson.”

He shut her door then kissed her on the forehead, considering he knew Opie was watching.

“So what’s the plan? Clay’s figuring that out now. Once everyone can come into agreement, we’ll head on out. The sooner, the better.”


“By the way, I heard what you said… And I think Wraith needs to stay out of this one.” He ran his hand along the wound on her waist.

“I’m fine. Seriously. It’s nothing.” She pulled her hair back in reminder and Jax caressed the area of her scars.

“All the more reason. Bella, we could be getting into some serious shit.”

“Jackson, I lead my own crew and no one tells me what to do, not even you. So suck it up. I’m going.”

“Going where?” Opie piped in and Bella sighed.

“With you guys.”

“Um no you’re not.”

“Apparently, you didn’t hear the part where no one tells me what to do.”

“Actually, I did. But you’re still not going. This is MC business.”

“Are you really going to throw that in my face? This is MC business…” She mocked and headed into the clubhouse.



“Yeah that’s what you get to look forward to! Enjoy! She’s fucking stubborn as hell!”

“Must be a Winston thing…” Jax murmured.

“Let me get this straight. You want me to let your little street racer friends meet here?”


“And why would I do that?”

“Because we’re going with you…”

Clay had a good laugh at this and Bella sat beside him.

“Are you a brother?”


“Then you shouldn’t be sitting in that chair.”

Right… Anyway just hear me out.”

Clay shook his head and came to his feet. He walked on over and yanked the chair out from under her.


The president went on to help her up but brought her up against him.

“You got two minutes to sell whatever it is you’re wanting me to buy.”

“I only need one and I’m not selling anything. All I care about is getting that boy back to Jax. Face it, like it or not. You could use Wraith.”

Clay sneered on this but looked to be in thought.

“Guns, money, power… will only get you so far. Add a little speed to that shit and BAM. Your grandson could be coming home within the next couple days or so. And I’m not asking for a fucking thing in return. So you can let go of me now.”

Clay tilted his head on this but dropped his hold.

“Thanks.” She said and went on to adjust her shirt.

“You his old lady now?”

“Funny, you weren’t so concerned about that when you were manhandling me.”

“What can I say? I have trust issues.”

“Yeah well, I have issues with men that think it’s okay to tower over woman, just because they can.  Look Clay, I’m here because I want to help. And I thought we could talk about this like adults… one leader to another. As for being Jax’s old lady, if he decides that… Then I’d make certain you NEVER treat me like that again. Just imagine if he would’ve walked in… No different from someone messing with your old lady.”

“You got quite a mouth, missy.”

Bella rolled her eyes and started on out the door.

“Alright. We could use the help. We head out first thing in the morning, buttcrack of dawn. If you so much as run a minute late, we’re going without you.”

Bella gave a simple nod and went to exit yet again, only to have Clay stop her.

“I don’t know if you’re legit or not. But I truly hope you’re not just another Tara.”

“If I was another Tara, I wouldn’t be here.” And on this note, she exited the chapel.

“That’s for damn sure…” Clay uttered with a grin.

Bella exited the chapel to see one of the prospects by the name of Kozik and Tig beating the shit out of one another. Bella regarded Jax in question and he sent her a wink.

“They gotta prove whose dick is bigger.”

“Oh well… I’ll leave you to it…”

“Where you going?”

“To find Wraith…”

Jax raised his brows on this.

“She going to shoot my ass again?”

“That depends. Are you going to give her another reason?” She taunted on the way out.

“That the last of em?” Clay uttered and Dizzy gave him the thumbs up.

“Thank God.” He murmured and went on to shut the gates.

He reared back however as “Wraith” grabbed ahold of Dizzy and gave her a good shake.

“Cody… You brought me fucking Cody?!”

“Well technically I brought you Cody and Mia. They’re kind of a packaged deal.”

Wraith shook her head on this.

“I said someone we can trust.”

“Well we can trust Mia…”

“And what do you want me to do with Cody?”

“I don’t know. I thought maybe you could layeth the smack down like you always wanted to do.”

Wraith regarded Cody in thought and Dizzy made a gesture towards Mia. The girl had a freshly blackened eye and busted lip.

“You’re kidding. You’d think he’d learn.” She snapped over the roaring of the racer’s engines.

Dizzy giggled amongst herself as Bella aka Wraith at the moment walked on over and without warning slammed Cody’s face into his own car.

“DAMN!” Happy (Clay’s newest SAMCRO member) hollered.

“Shit!” Opie went to intervene and Piney stopped him.

“We gotta stand back on this one, son. These are her people. You show her up… And they lose respect.”

Opie frowned on this.

“He’s right…” Jax uttered.“We gotta let Wraith do her own thing.”

Wraith looked to Mia as the young woman had a hand clamped over her mouth in surprise.

“DIDN’T I TELL YOU THE NEXT TIME HE TOOK HIS FISTS TO YOU TO PUT A FUCKING BULLET IN HIS HEAD?!” Wraith shouted and this had Opie looking to Jax with raised brows.


Wait… Speedster?!” Mia called out and Wraith gave a mere nod.

The entire area grew quiet on this. The street racers gawked upon Wraith in disbelief. She dragged Cody into the middle of the parking lot. She then took off her helmet and face mask, revealing herself. Jax raised his brows as there were gasps and gossiping of literal shock.

“Wraith’s a man!” One of the racers challenged and Bella nodded towards him.

“Is he now?”

“Yeah! Wraith’s always been a man, everyone knows that.”

“Well shit. Guess I better grow that dick out.”

Jax had this disgusted look about him and Tig shrugged.

“Could be hot. Tits… pussy… cock… The works.”

“Whatever you say, Trager.”

“You can’t just disappear as the Speedster then come back and refer to yourself as Wraith.”

Bella looked to Cody as he started laughing.

“He’s right. Face it. You don’t exist without being someone’s bitch. First it was Han then it was Diablo.”

Cody used the back of his hand to wipe the blood off his busted nose and lip. Then he spat into Bella’s face. “How bout you become my bitch next?” Bella was quick to run a blade through Cody’s stomach. She didn’t bat an eye as she went on to twist that blade afterward. Cody had this stunned look about him as he came to one knee then lay down. Silence filled the area as Bella went on to wipe the knife (she’d kept hidden up her sleeve) clean. She cranked her head towards the other racers.

“Anyone else wish to challenge me?”

Opie shook his head in disapproval and headed into the clubhouse. Piney patted Jax on the shoulder.

“How are YOU going to handle this?”

“Not sure…” Jax admitted.

“If I can’t trust you then you don’t belong here. And if you don’t belong here… then you’ve seen too much. And I’M the one that decides if you’ve seen too much. If you’re a stitch… That falls back on the rest of us and we will take you out, one by one. And when I say we…” Bella made a gesture towards Dizzy, Mia, and SAMCRO.

The three that Dizzy gathered looked to one another and gave a mere nod. Bella however walked up to the one giving her so much grief.

“If you ever call me out like that again…” The man let out a bit of a surprised yelp as Bella fired a gun through the loose end of his jeans and right beneath his balls.

“Only I’ll aim higher next time, got me Derk?”

He nodded and looked as if he’d piss himself.

“Good deal.” She gave him a playful slap across the face.

Bella drew back a breath then sat on the trunk of her car.

“Whatever’s said and done tonight, stays here. But first’s things first.” Bella nodded upon Dizzy and Dizzy opened the back door. She grabbed a bag and handed it to Bella.

Bella went on to retrieve the items one by one then tossed them over.

“You’re here because Han put his trust in you. Now Han might’ve moved on, but I haven’t. I told Dizzy to gather those she trusted most. And I gotta say… I’m impressed.  Well other than that piece of shit… (With a nod towards Cody’s body) But we got that taken care of. Han considered EACH of you family. Now I will NEVER be Han. Just like no one could ever replace Dom. Now I’m putting my trust in each of you just as Han did. All I ask in return… is that you do the same.”

The three looked to the black t-shirts and face masks. On the back of the shirts were the phantom skulls – like that of Dizzy and Bella’s tats, below was Dom’s date of birth and death. The ski masks had that same skull in front.

“Wraith and her phantoms… That was Dom’s doing. So if you put on that shirt and mask… Then you had better do it with pride. Always remember the task in hand. This isn’t just about racing anymore. It’s about cleaning up Diablo’s mess. That includes the bullshit he had going with the Russians. Diablo is dead and Wraith has taken over. This…” Bella held up one of the shirts.“Is what we’re all about. So can I trust you?”

They nodded.

“Can SAMCRO? Because this alliance could go far and do both sides wonders, especially for Charming.”

Wraith’s Phantoms:




Derk (The Jerk)

Bella gave a respectful nod towards Clay and Jax.

“Then I’ll leave the floor to you guys.”

Clay made his way over then leaned into her ear.

“I better not ever regret this.”

“You won’t. You suspect something… Come to me and I’ll deal with it, right away.”

“I’m holding you to that.”

“I’m not here to piss on your territory, Clay. You got a responsibility and so do I. So let’s just put our differences aside. If nothing else… just long enough to get Jax’s son back.”

Bella gave a mere nod and let Jax and Clay tell them about Abel and how they needed help in getting him back. She headed into the clubhouse and straight into the ladies room. Where she washed the blood off her hands and face. When she stepped out, Opie was standing at the door.

“What the hell was that?!”

That was Wraith.”

“No. That was my niece taking a life on SAMCRO grounds.”

“I had no choice.”

“The hell you didn’t. You always have a choice. Why would you want to be something Diablo created? He’s dead. All that’s over with. So why?”

“Wraith is just a name… He gave me that name. But make no mistake that was me under that helmet. Still is…”

“So you take lives now?”

“Don’t you? Doesn’t everyone here?!”

“That’s different.”

“How? All I did was get a much needed point across. Isn’t that what you do? Is that what SAMCRO’s about, earning respect?! I didn’t do anything you wouldn’t do in my shoes. You think I liked what I did?”

“I haven’t a clue. But you were a little too calm for my liking. It’s like it didn’t even faze you.”

“You’re wrong. It does, every time.”

“Then why?”

“Because sometimes you have to do bad things in order to get to the good. That’s what Wraith’s about. She’ll get her hands dirty when no one else will. And right now… That’s what that baby boy needs. He needs people that are willing to do ANYTHING in order to bring him back, safe and sound. “

Opie narrowed his eyes as she shook her head.


“When Cameron had that baby… All I could think about was how that was me. Uncle Op, you should’ve seen the look on Jackson’s face. Walking in to some fucking psycho holding a gun and with his infant son in hand.  I didn’t think about how it looked. Hell, I hadn’t a clue he had a kid. He started to cry and I picked him up out of instinct. He truly thought I was going to hurt his kid. And I’ll never forgive myself for that. So I figure whether that man played me or not. I owe him one, at least in the sense of a father and his child.”

“You don’t owe him anything.”

“And what would you do in his situation? I mean think about it… How can he look at me and willingly refer to me as HIS old lady?! The very woman that more or less held a fucking gun to his kid!”

Jax entered the clubhouse at this point and Bella recoiled.

“It’s like he said, once he realized it was you. He knew you weren’t going to hurt Abel.”

“That doesn’t change what happened.”

“You’re right, it doesn’t.” Jax said then looked to Opie.

“Can you give us a moment?”

Opie sighed but nodded and gave the two their space.

“Bella we hurt one another, big time. No doubt. But that’s all in the past and we can’t keep looking back on it. If we do it’ll eat us alive. This is a new start. So let’s take it. We start by getting my son back. I want him to know you, Bella. I should’ve told you about him. I even thought about it a few times. I wanted to brag about how amazing he is and how much he’s changed my life. But I knew that would only lead back to Tara and everything else I fought so hard to keep from you. Out of utter selfishness. I was afraid of losing you. And ironically, I did. But now that I have that second chance, I’m not letting go. Never again. No matter what shit comes our way. We stick it out. Got me?”

Bella gave him a tearful smile and Jax hugged her.

“I love you.” She said and Jax closed his eyes.

Those were the very words he longed for. With his son missing and all the events beforehand… This had the man breaking down.

“Jackson?!” Bella called with concern.

He took a step back then planted his hands along her face.

“Did I say something wrong?!” She questioned.

“Far from it…”

Bella reached over and used her thumbs to wipe his tears.

“We’re going to find him. I promise.”

Jax gave a mere nod.

“What you did out there… I’m sure whether to thank you or yell at you. I won’t lie, Bella. I’m not so sure how I feel about “Wraith” yet. But knowing you’re still in there, somewhere. I’ll support you, however I can. Just don’t get yourself into something you can’t dig your way out of. And if it ever gets to be too much or if you ever need help with anything, turn to me. That’s what I’m here for. It’s no different than what you’re doing for me. You’ve been my rock, going out and beyond.”

“Jackson, this is your son we’re talking about. Whether we ended up back together, or not; I would’ve found a way to help you. It’s a kid. Not just any kid, but yours. To me… that’s no different than Kenny and Ellie and I’d die for them. Despite whatever heartache you caused me, I never stopped loving you. If anything… It became a love/hate feeling. Part of me wanted you to suffer, but never like this.”

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18 thoughts on “Chapter 8 Rise”

  1. All hell is going to break loose now that they have an idea where Abel is. Jax and bella on the same pages is fucking scary as hell and Bella won’t’ stop until jax has his boy back. take a life only if the ass deserved it. Perfect update. Hope to see another soon enough. Don’t know how you did it but you have gotten me hooked on Jax lol. Looking forward to another or two chapters when you update once more.

    1. Oh, and I love who you have ‘playing’ her phantoms, those actresses/actor (I’m only familiar with the first three) are awesome! (Forgot to put that in the original comment)

  2. Ah Bella love, what are we gonna do with u? Telling off feds and bitch doctors? Killing people of club property? Tsk tsk tsk. Still lovin that her and Jax are getting closer and closer. Makes me happy. Now y’all get ur asses to Canada before he take off for Ireland. Though I wouldn’t mine Bella dishing out some vengeance on Father Ashby lol. Loved it all!

  3. Awesome chapter! So glad they are going after Abel. Loved how Bella told off Tara and Stahl. She’s badass as Wraith, shocked she killed in the SAMCRO compound. And Squee!, she told Jax she loves him!

  4. I am liking this Bella and her being a leader of her own crew. The fact that the guys are struggling is just a tad hypocritical of them considering all they do you would assume they would get it.

  5. Poor Jackson! Hold on, man. You’re going to get your baby back. Damn it, Opie! Hold your mouth. I can not believe Tara had the nerve to call to know how Jax was! I feel that Opie is going to make things difficult for Jax and Bella. Understandable, considering what Jax did to her. It’s strange to see how the characters connect with each other. Bella was friends with Edmond and Polly, who are related to the guy who kidnapped Abel. And Gemma is being accused of killing them both, by none other than the Stahl bitch. Not to mention that MC was doing business with Zobelle, Polly’s father. What a mess! I look forward to seeing how this story unfolds.

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