Chapter 9 Right Here In My Arms

Chapter 9 – Right Here In My Arms

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Jax woke to find Bella lying across his chest. Jax was so tired he had passed out, the moment he hit the bed and fully clothed. He hadn’t a clue that Bella had stayed behind. He was surprised to see her in this very room, considering… He ran his fingers through her hair and found himself breathing her in. She still gave him that heady feeling. He went on to caress whatever part of her he could reach. Bella let out a soft moan and Jax rolled her over. He kissed her then pulled her panties to the side. She was wearing one of his SAMCRO shirts and for whatever reason… that only added to the mood. Bella opened her eyes once he began to thrust.

He gritted his teeth as Bella wrapped her arms and legs around him. Those old feelings returned and Jax found himself pulling at her hair and in a heated kiss. Wraith, Speedster, Bella what have you… She might’ve been a natural born leader, but when it came to the bedroom or Jax in general. She was submissive as fuck and Jax couldn’t get enough. And at the moment… It’s just what he needed. No other woman gave him that. Then again, he’d never had a woman he wanted to dominate as much as he did Bella. As for Tara? Sex with her was as basic as you could get. She was a bedroom only kind of woman. Whereas Bella? When he truly got her going… She hadn’t any issue fucking, right where they were. One of his favorites? Were all the times they’d pull over on his bike and go at it like rabbits. Jax removed her arms from around his neck then pinned her wrists down. Normally, they were a lot more vocal. But they were an emotional mess. It wasn’t just about dominating her. He wanted to truly feel her – to be inside her and make love, just as they used to. He lifted his eyes but didn’t break stride as Bella shed a few tears. He understood because he was on the verge himself. He put his forehead to hers and a few managed to trickle on down his face to hers.

“Call to me…” He pleaded with a cracking voice.

Please. I need to hear it.”

His name fled from those sweet lips and Jax threw his head back in a finish. Bella wrapped herself around him as he rested his head against her shoulder and had himself a good cry. After a few minutes Jax rolled over and grabbed a cigarette. His eyes were blood shot and his hand trembled as he lit that cigarette.

“Can I have one of those?”

He nodded and handed his over. He started another one and Bella ran her fingers along his Abel tattoo.

“You didn’t have that before…” She hinted and he nodded.

“Wanted him near me somehow…” Jax cleared his throat and flicked his ashes into a nearby ashtray.

“I’m glad you’re here.”

“Nowhere else I’d rather be.” Bella finished that cigarette then leaned into Jax’s ear, as she put it out in the ashtray.

“Cheat me on like you did the doc… And I’ll stab you with a sharp piece of ice. That way the evidence melts away.”


On this note… She headed for the shower and Jax managed laugh.

“Damn. My baby’s smart.” He uttered as if full of pride.

“Jesus, Mia!” Bella scolded as she and Happy were on the clubhouse couch and naked as a jaybird.

Bella was quick to throw Happy’s cut over Mia’s ass and Happy cocked a brow at this.

“I was diggin’ the view.” He tiredly murmured.

“I bet you were!”

Mia rolled over and Bella shook her head. She grabbed a pillow then tossed it over, covering her breasts.

“Did you take the time to air out at least?!” Bella cruelly hinted and Mia let out a yawn.

Happy ignored this and went on to kiss along Mia’s neck.

“Oh dear god…” Bella murmured and was quick to shield her eyes, as he was becoming aroused all over again.

“I think she wants to join.” Happy teased and Bella threw another pillow but at his face this time.

Bella cursed under her breath then headed over to the bar. Where she grabbed herself a bottle of water then headed outside. The young woman let out a sigh of sheer annoyance as there was a couple passed out on her car. Bella turned on the water house and sprayed them awake.

“You better hope to GOD there isn’t a dent in my motherfucking car!” She threatened as it was the prospect known as Kozik and one of her phantom’s by the name of Kelly.

They were quick to get dressed and headed for the clubhouse.

“I said alliance! I never said anything about breeding!” Bella bitched as she was checking her car over.

Bella looked over to Dizzy passed out in her car. Bella walked on over and opened the door.

“Dizzy?” Bella called and Dizzy opened her eyes.


“You alright, hun?”

“What time is it?” She questioned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

“We got thirty minutes, tops.”

“SHIT!” Dizzy hollered as she shot up.

“You have got to be kidding…” Bella murmured as the sheriff and Agent Stahl pulled into the SAMCRO parking lot.

“What’s going on?” Dizzy asked as Bella was making her way over to Agent Stahl’s car.

“You lost?” Bella taunted once the agent stepped out.

“No. I don’t believe so. That pretty biker of yours around?”

“What’s it to you?”

“Come on, baby. Don’t be jealous. I hadn’t a clue you were here!”

Bella took notice of the sheriff rolling his eyes. The agent stuffed something into her hands and Bella looked it over.

“You’re kidding… Now is not the time for that shit. Can’t you find something better to do?”

“I don’t know… You tell me. You and your crew got something I need to know about? You know… I find it rather interesting that you’re all here. SAMCRO and the Speedster’s precious street racers, all under one roof, isn’t that sweet?”

Opie and Piney pulled up and just in time to catch wind of this. Agent Stahl yanked the search warrant out of Bella’s hold and was marching towards the clubhouse doors. Bella gritted her teeth and grabbed the agent by the arm, stopping her.

“You can’t do this. Not today…”

“Oh? And why not?” The agent challenged as the deputy grabbed ahold of Bella and jerked her back towards him.

“Because…” Bella damn near growled.

“Cuff her…” Agent Stahl ordered with a dismissive shrug.

“WHAT?!” Bella snapped.

“Just to make certain you stay out of trouble, Trouble.”

David brought Bella up against his car and went on to cuff her.

“WHAT IN THE FUCK?!” Opie shouted and rushed on over.

“Ohhhh no you don’t. You stay put!” Agent Stahl said and with her gun aimed Opie’s direction.

Bella looked to the gates in absolute horror as a swarm of police were making their way in. Jax had stepped out of the clubhouse by this point. He reared back seeing as how David had Bella up against his squad car and cuffed. David leaned into Bella’s ear.

“You must be the one Tara mentioned.”

Bella snapped her head back and David gave a simple nod.

“Talk about a downgrade…” He murmured with a look of downright disgust.

“Well I know whose dick she’s on now.” Bella fired in return.

“So how do you feel about her keeping tabs on the ex?” Bella added and David was quick to spin her around.

“Excuse me?!”

“Oh… did she not tell you?” Bella said whilst putting on this innocent front.

“Tell me what?” The deputy hissed.

“That she called wondering how Jackson was doing…”

“Easy…” The sheriff warned as David spun her back around then slammed her up against the car.

“HEY!” Opie, Jax, and Piney shouted in warning.

Bella died of laughter and Wayne sighed. He reached over and gently took Bella by the arm. He led her away from David and seated her at one of the picnic tables.

“Are the cuffs really necessary?” Jax questioned.

“Not my call. As you can see… THIS is way over my jurisdiction.”

“I’m okay. In fact, I was going to see about keeping these. Could be fun…” Bella hinted with a grin and Jax chuckled.

“Hell, I’m game baby.”

“Things I don’t need to know.” The sheriff muttered.

The police went on to gather Bella’s crew and the Sons. They forced them onto the ground and were keeping watch as Agent Stahl and her team searched the clubhouse.  A couple hours passed before Agent Stahl and her men finished. Bella wondered what they were looking for. Surely, they weren’t dumb enough to think that the boys would hide the guns here, in plain sight. Agent Stahl seemed pissed as she was the one to remove Bella’s cuffs.


“Oh sweetheart, I’m never satisfied.”

“Well that’s gotta suck. But that certainly explains the whole female butch thing you got going. And considering your job title, I bet you’re dry as fuck.”

Agent Stahl tilted her head on this. Stahl went to say something but David and Wayne were quick to put a stop to it. As for the Sons and the Phantoms? They were dying of laughter. Once they cleared out, Jax regarded Bella with concern.

“What was that about?” She whispered.

“They were looking for scrip…”


“I’ll explain later. We gotta hit the road. We’re running behind as it is.”


“Are you sure about this?” Jax questioned once again and Bella smiled.

“Couldn’t keep me away if you tried.”

Jax caressed the area of her scars then kissed her forhead.


Piney made his way over and looked to his granddaughter.

“I’m staying behind with the prospects. Don’t travel so well these days. Besides, someone’s gotta look after the fort while everyone’s away.”

Bella smiled and hugged him.

“Be safe.”

“You too.”

“Oh and Bell?”

She pivoted back around as she was headed to her car.

“Try to keep the attitude to a minimum, meaning no crazy outburst. Clay won’t take kindly to it.”

“I’ll do my best gramps.”

“I’ll keep her in check.” Jax said with a smirk.

“Sure you will…”

“Just follow us.” Jax uttered as he opened the car door for her.

She nodded and climbed on in.

“And the border?”

“We won’t get there for a couple days, at least. We’ll have to stop somewhere in Oregon and rest up. We’ll figure it out from there.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Drive safe.”

Bella snorted on this.

“Whatever you say, Jackson.”

He chuckled then shut the car door.

“She alright?” Opie asked as he was getting on his bike.

“Yeah. Got that Winston blood going.”

“Good deal.”

The Sons headed on out and the Phantoms followed.

After a twelve hour drive with stops only for gas and to use the bathroom, they finally arrived in Oregon. Those twelve hours however would’ve been fourteen, if it hadn’t been for Bella’s usage of a police scanner. They were able to speed their way throughout most of the smaller towns. The Phantoms followed the Sons into a Hooter’s parking lot.

“Yay wings!” Dizzy announced as she hopped out of her car.

Bella laughed.

“Looks like you can finally get you a shirt too!”

“Right?! You should get one too! We’ll be Hooter twinsies!”

Jax raised his brows as he was making his way over.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing you in a shirt…” He said whilst wiggling his brows.

Opie overheard this and smacked him in the back of the head.


“Be nice…” Bella warned and Opie shook his head.

“Oh believe me… that was me being nice.”

“Uncle Op…” she hissed and he rolled his eyes.

“We might see about sitting at a different table.” Bella taunted.

“Right?” Jax whispered and wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they headed inside.

The hostess led the group of eleven to their tables. Dizzy, Jax, Bella, and Opie ended up at one table, while Clay, Happy, Mia, Chibs, and Bobby ended up at another. The rest of Bella’s group was scattered about.

Dizzy asked their waitress for a couple shirts then Jax ordered a round of beer for the table.

“What?” Bella questioned as her uncle was looking to her in a peculiar way.

“Were you really working at strip club?”

Dizzy covered her mouth in laughter and Jax reared back on this.

“And if I was…” Bella playfully challenged.

Opie frowned as the waitress was handing their beers over.

“You can relax, Uncle Op. I think you know where the money’s coming from…”

“Yeah well. Not so sure how I feel about that either.”

“Are you saying you were better off thinking I was an entertainer?”

Okay… We can stop this conversation now.”

Bella giggled and looked to the menu. Meanwhile, Jax was getting rather tight below the belt. All he could think about was Bella swinging about a pole, in nothing but a thong.

“You alright there?” Bella asked and Jax cleared his throat.

“Yep!” He said in a rather high-pitched tone and Bella laughed once she discovered his issue below.

He said nothing on it and gave a mere wink. Jax was thankful to be sitting next to Bella and not that of Op at that very moment. Talk about awkward…

“Thought we could stop by the old house on the way.” Opie said and Bella lifted her eyes on this.

“We’ll be passing through anyhow. Might as well, for old time sake.”

“That’d be nice.” Bella said but with this look of melancholy.

“We don’t have to…” Opie whispered taking notice.

“No. I want to. Maybe we have a barbeque. Dad always liked his barbeques.”

Opie smiled.

“That he did. We could probably crash there as well. Not a lot of room. But it’d save on money.”

“We’ll figure it out.”

“When was the last time you were there?” Opie curiously asked.

“I hadn’t been to Forks since Arizona…” Bella took a pull off her beer and Opie cleared his throat.


“Don’t be. I’d like to see the old house again and visit dad.”

“Too bad Renee wanted to be buried in Jacksonville.”

“Yeah well… She wasn’t about to leave Phil, even in death.” Bella said with a touch of resentment.

“You heard from him?”

“No. Then again, he still blames me for what took place. We were never that close to begin with.”

“You wanna talk about night and day. I can’t believe your mother went from a cop to a fucking dud.”

Bella laughed.

“Come now, he had that awesome baseball career to look forward to.”

“Doesn’t he sell insurance now?”

“Yeah that happened not long after their move to Jacksonville.”

Opie chuckled and leaned back in thought.

“Man… Good ole Phil.”

“Yeah… Good ole Phil.” Bella murmured then took another pull off her beer.

“Ever decided what you’re going to do with the place?”

“No. I mean would I do with it?”

“Sell it I guess. Could make you a good chunk of change.”

“I guess…”

Jax waved the waitress over and she brought them another round of beers. Then went ahead and took their orders.

“Damn…” Dizzy said with a nod towards Happy and Mia.

Bella cranked her head that direction and sighed as Mia was in his lap and they were practically fucking.

“Yeah that happened…”

“She moves fast.”

Jax looked that direction as well and chuckled.

“That might be more Happy’s doing…” He admitted knowing that when Happy had his eyes set on something he usually achieved that.

“Happy?!” Bella questioned with a grin.

“His name is Happy?!”

“Yep. Happy Lowman!”

“That’s awesome. I bet he’s really happy now!”

“I imagine he is…” Jax murmured and Bella elbowed him.

“What?! I was agreeing!” He said with a smirk.

“Sure you were…”

Jax wrapped his arm around her then leaned into her ear.

“That would be us… If “Uncle Op” wasn’t staring a hole in me.”

Bella laughed and Jax inconspicuously ran a hand up along her thigh. His cellphone rang during this and Jax looked to the phone in question, once he saw who it was.

“Tara?” He answered looking somewhere between puzzled and slightly annoyed.

This had Opie and Bella looking upon Jax in question.

“Just hold on… What are you talking about?”

“Jesus, Tara. That’s what you called about? To bitch about something David did?!”

Bella jumped as Jax slapped his hand against the table.

“Don’t you even bring her into this. Whatever problems you and David are having is between the two of you. That has NOTHING to do with us.”

“She didn’t lie… I was there when you called.”

“Is that a threat?!” This had everyone snapping a look Jax’s direction.

“My son is missing and all you can focus on is what YOU’RE going through? I could give a shit about David or your boss for that matter. You’re not my old lady anymore. If you need to bitch about something find someone else!”

“Tara, if you come anywhere near her. I will raise hell.”

Bella had a good laugh at this and Jax raised his brows as Bella took the phone from his hold.

“Jax, I don’t know how to tell you this… But Bella ratted.”

Bella closed her eyes and nodded amongst herself.

“Did I?!”

The line went silent for a moment. Bella excused herself from the table and headed outside.

“Do you have proof of that?”

“Agent Stahl does.”

“Just what game are we playing here? Are you that thirsty for revenge? You know what happens to rats…”

“I can’t believe you told David that I was checking in on Jax!”

“Is that what this is about?!”

Tara went on this wild rant and Bella drew back a breath.

“Tara, I’m going to say this once and one time only.  Don’t Fuck With Me! Got it?!”


“You’re right. You should’ve. But you didn’t and so here we are.”

“He was mine.”

“Keyword – Was… I’m sorry, Tara. At least that’s what I wanted to say when I first found out the truth. Or what little I knew. But you were just as guilty.”


“Yes. You see I have a theory. Just hear me out… You didn’t accept Jax’s proposal because you were conflicted. That confliction having to do with a certain deputy…”

“Excuse me?!”

“Oh Tara… Woman to woman. We don’t continuously turn down our man’s advance, UNLESS we’re already getting it from somewhere else. Which means one thing and one thing only… You’re a fucking two-faced bitch, aren’t you? Yelling at Jackson about how he cheated on YOU?! When you were fucking around on him and LONG before I came into the picture. I don’t owe you shit and neither does he. His son is missing… Yet here you are, making it about yourself. No one cares about YOUR issues. Because the only thing WE’RE focused on is getting Abel back. I gave you that chance, Tara. But you made it perfectly clear you were done. So why don’t you stick to your own words and give Jackson that clean cut he deserves. It’s over. I’m sorry your new man didn’t live up to par. But that gives you no right in playing swap the cock. You made your bed, sleep in it. As for pinning me as a rat… You must be REALLY fucking desperate. What do you think you’ll achieve? I mean honestly? That he’ll believe you? That Jackson will personally gun me down and you two can go back to living crappily ever after?!”


                Bella had a good laugh at this.

“Doctor huh? Let me guess your side job is doing stand-up comedy? You know… when your mouth isn’t filled to the brim with Deputy Jizz.”


“That’s right and don’t you ever forget it. Take care, Tara. Oh and do get that bipolar medication filled. Sounds like you’re hitting an all-time low… Then again, that could just be your whimsical personality!”

Bella hung up the phone and laughed amongst herself.


Bella swallowed back and gradually spun around.

“Something like that…”

“So Tara was cheating as well?”

“I believe so, yes.”

Jax nodded and popped a cigarette into his mouth.

“Makes sense if you think about it. She was too busy with her own skeletons to worry about any of mine. All your phone calls, texts, and voicemails… Hell, I even saved a few pictures of you on my phone. How did she NOT suspect something?” Jax took a long drag then let out this miserable laugh.

“I suppose the same could be said about me. All that time spent with David. I just never pegged her as the type. Then again, every fight we had… She’d end up on that phone crying to him about it. Things like how I never lived up to my promises. Such as the time she had me promise that we would leave Charming and put this MC life behind us.”

Bella snorted on this but was quick to clear her throat. Jax had a brow cocked her direction.

“Sorry. Just couldn’t help but to find that rather humorous. Jackson Teller – straight-up citizen, working a 9 to 5 white collar job, clean cut and driving some sort of minivan. You got the morning carpools and she’s got the afternoon? You pick up knitting as a hobby, because heaven forbid you should ever leave the house outside your 9 to 5…”

Jax frowned in thought.

“A little much don’t you think?”

“Right? Aren’t you glad you didn’t fall into that pit of despair?!”

Jax found himself laughing.

“You’re something else you know that?!”

“So I’m told.”

“Jackson, all relationships require some sort of middle ground or compromise. But anyone that goes out and beyond to change who you are in general, isn’t worth your time. All joking aside… SAMCRO is not only your family but your life. You would’ve ended up resentful and hating EVERYTHING about your life. I can’t believe she had the balls to try and talk into leaving all this behind. That alone was incredibly selfish.”

“She had her reasons at the time… This whole gun cartel. If we can’t find a way out…”

“Trust me I know, more than anyone. But you’ll find a way out, Jackson. You always do. Just as I will when it comes to cleaning up Diablo’s mess. But turning your back, to your family and friends? That’s never an answer. You have stand up and fight. If you don’t… what does that teach Abel?”

Jax couldn’t help but to look upon Bella in complete awe. Women like her just didn’t exist… or so he thought.  Bella however looked to be in thought.

“A little hypocritical coming from someone like me, huh?”

“Not even… You did what you did in order to keep your family safe. You didn’t run, Bella. Trust me. I know all about running. Tara was the queen of that shit. Every time her loyalty was tested. She’d throw the leaving bit in my face.”

“But you made it sound like you couldn’t rid of her…”

Jax took another hit off his smoke then flicked it onto the ground.

“Yeah. After I proposed, ironically. Like I said before… Tara felt as if she owed me. So all of this… Just opened my eyes even more, if you get my drift.”

“More than you realize.”

“You know I should be pissed. But in an odd way… All this crazy shit led me to you. So in a way I should be thanking David for drilling my old lady.”

“That’s so fucked up.”

Jax managed to smile and kissed her.

“You’re right. It is. But it doesn’t make it any less true. Look at me, Bella baby.”

Bella lifted her head and Jax caressed her cheek.

“I’m so sorry. Getting you mixed up in all this… it wasn’t right. But you should know that a part of me wanted to get caught.  Most certainly NOT by you.” Jax let out this nervous laugh.

“What I’m trying to say is… I left all that stuff on my phone for a reason. Not just to be able to hear your voice and see that beautiful smile of yours. It’s like I told you about the hotel that night. How I wanted Tara to find me. Same thing. Part of me felt a little revengeful about it. I wanted Tara to know there was someone out there. Someone that truly got me. Someone that had no problem in telling me how much she loved me. Someone that had a genuine beam about her whenever I came around. Why do you think I took so many pictures of you? I know you hated it. But I couldn’t get enough…”

Jax grabbed his cellphone and went on to show her one of his favorites. It was his current lock screen. Bella was kicked back on his Harley and giggling. He showed her a few more and it was then she took notice of Abel on his home screen. He had on a little baby blue SAMCRO beanie and a big grin on his face. Jax had tons of pictures of the SAMCRO family in general. But an overwhelming amount of her and Abel. She didn’t comment as he deleted a few of Tara here and there.

“Jackson!” She scolded as he had one of Bella in the bath.


Bella let out a snort and was quick to cover her mouth.

“Could you imagine if she would’ve found that one?!”

Jax raised his brows on this. Her jaw dropped as he went on to reveal a whole folder of ones just like this… The worst? Being of her giving him a blow job. Then there was the one where she was clearly tied to one of the hotel beds.

“That’s so wrong. You never let on you had these!”

“Yeah because you would’ve made me delete them. These things are gold!”

He zoomed in on the one of her going down on him and wiggled his brows.

“You always gave the best head.” He muttered and Bella elbowed the shit out of him.


“Serves you right, perv!”

“When it comes to you? Fuck yeah!”

“DAMMIT, CHIBS!”  Bella scolded as he beat her to the bathroom.

She could hear him chuckling as he was taking a piss.

“That’s fucked up! You knew I had to go!”


“This isn’t even your hotel room!”

“Bobby’s takin’ a dump in mine!”

Bella banged on the door until he finished. Once that door opened, she ran on in.

“Well you going to watch or what?!” She snapped as he just stood there and she was dancing before the toilet.

“He’d better not if he knows what’s good for him!” Jax chimed in as he entered the hotel room.

Chibs exited the bathroom but sighed as if truly disappointed.

“Another time, love!” He called and Jax raised his brows on this.

The Scot sent him a playful wink then darted on out of the hotel room.

“So…” Dizzy uttered as she was lying on one of the hotel beds.

“So…?!” Jax questioned and Dizzy smiled.

“Do we farkle or…”


“You know… To see who gets spooning rights tonight!”

The bathroom door opened and Jax looked to the girls in thought.

“If you two wanna spoon. I want argue against it.” He uttered with a smirk.

“I bet.” Bella said and went on to change her shirt.

“Just sayin’…”

“Watch yourself, Jackson.”

“Fine…” Dizzy pouted and trolled on out of the bed.

“Where you going?”

“To get my own room. You really think I want to hear all that moaning and heavy breathing tonight? Or better yet… Oh Jackson, ride me like your Harley! Oh god, baby. Yeah!” Dizzy mocked and Bella flipped her off.

“Can’t… You’re an old lady now!”


“Biker slut!”


Dizzy froze. She turned around and had this ‘look’. Bella gave a simple nod but smiled. Dizzy smiled in return then dashed back over and hugged the hell out of her. Meanwhile, Jax just stood there confused as fuck.

“I love you.”

“Love you too, Dizzy.”

Bella gave her a playful pop on the rear on the way out.  She shut the door then locked it up for the night.  “You alright?” Jax questioned as Bella seemed a little blue. She cleared her throat and stepped out of her boots.

“Scrub was her nickname for Dominque. It’s funny… Those two couldn’t’ stand one another at first. Guess they grew on one another. It’s a shame…”

Jax nodded and took a seat at the table. He waved her then pulled her into his lap.

“So you want to let me in on what was going on? You know… This morning, back at the clubhouse?”

“They were looking for scrip as in funds from the gun cartel.”


“Stahl suspects but hasn’t any REAL proof. So she’s grasping at straws.”

“Why would she think you’re dumb enough to keep something like that at the clubhouse?”

Right? We have safe house for all that mess.”



“It’s scary how much our lives mirror one another’s.”

“Oh believe me… I’ve thought that very thing time and time again. I can’t believe you were in bed with fucking Russians.”

“Yeah well, I didn’t have the luxury of Irish lovin’. And that was Diablo, not me.”

“Still… That’s not how the Russians will see it. If they ever find out…”

“I was a runner, nothing more. I never dealt or bought.  That’s just something they will have to come into terms with. I am not Diablo. I run a street-racing team. Now I might be a lot of things… But I don’t deal dirty, Jackson. Not my style. What you saw with Cody… That was nothing more than cleaning house. These guys… They tend to get in over their heads and despite whatever they think. They need someone to cave to. If Wraith can give them that, then so be it. They need guidance.”

Bella took notice of the offbeat look on Jax’s face.

“Something wrong?”

“You just reminded me of something my father said in his manuscripts. Just thought it rather ironic, that’s all.”


“Yeah. I’ll show you sometime…”

“Is this a good or bad ironic.”

Jax brushed her hair back with his fingers.

“My father was trying to patch things up with the club, before he died. He wanted things to go back to the way they once were, before we were dealing guns. He wanted a genuine MC… Not a biker gang.”

Bella nodded in understanding.

“I doubt he dreamed of you ending up with someone like Wraith…” Bella teased and Jax chuckled.

“Oh I could only imagine. That being said however… I think JT would’ve liked you. So you have an edge. But deep down, you’re still my Swan. You have a big heart and no one could ever take that away. Admitting you loved me, even after everything I’d done. That was all the proof I needed. What Diablo had you doing… That was him, not you. And don’t you ever forget that. If it was you… You’d have done a lot more than taken that Cody guy’s life. You’d be a murdering mess about now. I trust you, Bella. Even if I don’t like some of the choices you have to make. That doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t understand. In fact, I’m probably the one person that understands more than anyone else. I think that’s why we click. We get it, when no one else does.  We don’t sit there and judge one another on our daily lives. No. We talk and find a way of working past it. Not everyone can do that. That’s not to say we won’t have our knock out drag outs. I know they’re coming. We both live in these alpha-like roles. We’re headstrong and set in our ways. But I truly believe that’s what makes us work. Tara never understood my reasoning. She’s a brilliant surgeon and can do things I could never imagine doing. That’s part of the reason we reconnected. Sure, there was the tidbit of what went down with the crazy ex. But she saved my son. Foolish as it was… I remembered thinking – Man, she’d make a great mother one day. Then I started picturing what it would be like if Abel had someone like Tara in his life. That and well she was the love of my life, once upon a time. But when it came to how she treated Abel once we made things official. It was night and day in comparison to how she fussed over him in that hospital. Sure, she’d do the basic things he needed. But that was it. She wasn’t one to really love on that kid. I figured it had something to do with Abel not being OURS. I know it’s gotta be hard for ANYONE getting into a relationship and raising a kid that isn’t blood. I thought we could push past it however and Abel would grow on her. I mean he had when it came to everyone else. Hell, the boys can’t get enough of him. Each of them has babysat at one time or another. My son is SAMCRO. If anything, I feel like he’s brought the club closer together. He’s opened not only my eyes but theirs as well. So I expected the same out of Tara. I think that’s where my biggest mistake was made. I kept giving her an out. That right there should’ve opened my eyes. Because with you… All I can think about is keeping you close as possible. My biggest fear, other than losing my son…  Is pushing you away. When I asked you to leave the night my son was taken. It wasn’t because I truly wanted you to leave. I was hurting and I didn’t want you to see me like that. But now that my head is clearer, I think it was needed. Bella, I love you. But I need to make one thing PERFECTLY clear. My son will always come first.” Jax sighed as he thought back to Tara and how she destroyed Abel’s room. To this day that got under his skin. He wished he would’ve made that clear to her as well.

“So if there ever comes a time where…” Bella placed a finger along his lips.

“It won’t and that right there… only makes me love you more. Never lose that, Jackson. Be the best father you can be. Be what you needed as a child.”

“Yes ma’am.” He said with fullest sincerity.

Bella leaned into his chest and Jax kissed the top of her head.

“You never told me much about Abel’s real mother.”

Jax nodded and went on to tell her about Wendy. How she was his ex-wife and a drug addict. That it was because of her that Abel almost died and was born an addict himself. He even admitted that marrying Wendy was a big mistake, in the sense that he never loved her. He was lonely and wanted someone to come home to. It was nothing more than a “sad time-out” as he put it.

“Drug addict, doctor, street racer…” Bella taunted and Jax sort of laughed.

“Yeah well… Let’s just hope that last one sticks.” He uttered then wrapped his arms around her.

“So what’s this about you getting mixed up in some sort of vampire cult? You mentioned the cult ordeal back in the day. But you never went into detail. All you really told me was how they threatened your uncle’s life and how you thought that taking yourself out of the equation would save him. That’s still crazy to me… The whole Uncle Op bit I mean. I’m still wrapping my head around that. Op’s my best friend. Yet here I am, in love with his niece. And I can’t blame him for being pissed. I’d be pissed too. I’m lucky he didn’t kill my sorry ass for what I pulled. Hell, I’m lucky ‘Wraith’ didn’t. You had the chance…”

Bella smiled on this.

“I thought about it… But figured that was the easy way out. Living is much more sufferable, even more so with me as your old lady.”

Jax chuckled on this.

“I have to disagree with that last part.”

“Give it a couple months…  You’ll see.”

“I’ll take whatever hell you dish out, darlin’. It’s better than the alternative. I can’t lose you, not ever again.” He brushed her hair back then kissed along her scars.

This was something Jax took upon himself to do often. He knew by the way Bella kept her hair down that she was insecure about them. Sure, she turned down the idea of plastic surgery. But he understood her reasoning. It only pissed Jax off that the little bastard even put that on her. She’d been through enough. So what if her face and neck were scarred up?! At least she was alive and kicking! To Jax those scares were nothing more than a reminder of what he nearly lost. If anything, he embraced those fucking scars.

“So back to the wannabe vampires…” He softly uttered and Bella nodded.

“I suppose you could say that I had my own Tara…”

“Oh?” He questioned in surprise.

“High school sweetheart… His name was Edward Cullen. First glance… that’s all it took. I just knew he was the one.”

Jax nodded in complete understanding as that’s how hard Tara had hit him back in the day as well.

“We did everything together and being separated from him… Well it felt like I couldn’t breathe. That’s how bad he hit me.”

“Jesus, you wanna talk about mirroring one another…” Jax muttered in downright disbelief.

He hadn’t any doubt that he and Bella were soulmates. How else would you explain the coincidences? The way she described her relationship with Edward was the way he defined his with Tara, verbatim. Just being away from Tara, even for a day made him feel insane.

“I suppose that’s how it is with your first love.” Bella said with a shrug.

“I think you’re right. Don’t get me wrong I feel that pull towards you, no doubt. But it’s so different. I’m more at ease around you. If anything, more myself even. With Tara, I was a hot mess.”

“Damn… That was me and Edward to a T. He had this way of making me feel like I needed him for EVERYTHING.  It wasn’t until I came to Charming that I realized just how bad things really were. I look back and can see where he was controlling, cruel, abusive even. Things had to be his way and if they didn’t go his way… He found ways of manipulating me or punishing me, so to speak. Things like taking the battery out of my truck so I couldn’t visit my friends. Or getting me hot and bothered, only to turn me down – as punishment for going against his wishes. He pretty much controlled my life, in the sense of telling me who I could and couldn’t be friends with. But he wasn’t always like that…” Bella drew back a breath and looked to be in thought.

“This is going to sound incredibly lame but just hear me out. This guy could quote every Shakespeare story known to mankind. He knew things that no seventeen year old should know. Edward had an old soul… For whatever reason, that truly appealed to me. He was so different. Often enough, he didn’t strike me as a teenage boy. And the way he carried himself…” Bella’s entire face flushed over knowing how foolish she sounded. But she felt the need to let Jax in. The only way of truly going about that…? Was to tell him things no one else knew.

“Well let’s just say I’m not the only one to take notice of his charismatic ways.  Women flocked to Edward… And I’m talking young and old. There was just something about him that drew them in. But he never seemed to notice, which was nice. He had this way of making me feel like I was the only woman in existence. That couple years we had together… was one of the most romantic times in my life. Edward went out and beyond. But come our third year… Things took a dive. He managed to push everyone, aside from his own family out of my life. It was during this time that Edward had gotten mixed up with this cult. A group that had Edward convinced he was a vampire…” Bella shook her head and sort of laughed.

“You should’ve heard some of the crazy shit that came out of that mouth. Things like how he could sparkle in the sun. How he was a danger to me but couldn’t keep away. I was his personal brand of heroine. This cult… is what made him so controlling, obsessive even. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and he’d be sitting or standing right across from my bed, just staring at me. You want to talk about fucking creep factor. It got to where he was constantly sneaking into my bedroom and going through my shit. He went out his way to try and find something, anything he could argue with me about. To make me feel some sort of guilt. And for the first time in nearly three years… I was scared of him. But my head was clouded by how in love I was. I would endure whatever he dished out, in hopes that this was just a phase and things would go back to the way they used to be. So I fed into this vampire obsession of his and acted as if I believed him. If anything…” She blushed in memory.

“It became a bit of a kink. Foolish I know. But for whatever reason… that’s the only way my mind would truly process what was taking place and the only way I could make it work. By creating some sort of role play. It wasn’t long before we stopped having sex altogether. He claimed he couldn’t, because that’s how much he craved my blood.” Bella closed her eyes on this.

“God, just telling this story makes me feel so fucking stupid. You must think I’m looney toons.”

“Not even… Go on.”

Bella drew back the deepest of breaths.

“Because of this claim… I let him feed from me. Fully giving into this ‘kink’. Only it was the furthest thing from arousing. Once he started, he couldn’t get enough. And he kept wanting to do it. I was so weak. I had to start taking iron on top of a regular vitamin supplement. Then he would complain because he didn’t like the taste. Yeah… I know I need a mental evaluation myself. Trust me, Jackson. I look back and I know how this sounds.  But here’s the kicker… What I didn’t know – Edward had been slipping me LSD and had been, ever since he joined this cult. I hadn’t a clue. I knew I felt strange and not quite myself. But once I made the discovery… I understood why I gave in. It was the acid and not me. It made me believe whatever he was saying. I’d been with him for two years, before he went off the deep end. You see… I felt like I had to make it work. I had to bring him back and I was willing to do whatever it took. Romantic as fuck, right?”

Bella cleared her throat.

“Long story short… Once I found out what he was doing. I turned to one of my friends. I asked him if he would hang around more. I let him know that things between Edward and I were a little rocky. And that I was on the verge of dumping him. This friend of mine… Well he hated Edward with a passion. So he was more than willing to help. Only that made things much worse. He and Edward got into a massive fight. Edward managed to win that fight. He took off with me that night. He took me to these “vampires”> Laurent, James, and Victoria.”

Jax ran a soothing hand along the goosebumps that had formed along her arms.

“They were living in this mansion. Like something you’d see on TV. I’m talking like fucking Lestat and Louis. That kind of mansion. Only there were massive orgies, blood sharing, drinking, booze, drugs, you name it. I freaked out and yelled at him about how insane this was and how I didn’t want to be there. I broke up with him, right there. And told him I wanted nothing to do with him EVER again. I told him to stay away from me and my family. And it’s like he knew how I’d react… Just as I was to leave. James made his way down the stairs. He had my best friend with him. Her name was Angela Webber.”

Jax wiped a tear off her cheek.

“They had her nice and drugged up. And she was there in order to keep me there. Edward knew I’d never turn my back to my family or friends. This cult of vampires got us nice and laced up. All I remember was feeling like I outside, looking in on everything that was taking place. I could see everything. My boyfriend and this Victoria… cutting me open, with a letter opener, and draining my blood then drinking it. While Victoria’s boyfriend and Laurent raped and fed from my best friend. Edward and Victoria were fucking and getting me prepared to join. James let it know that he was next. James… He kept watching me with this grin, while he raped my friend. Angela was so out of it, she couldn’t scream to save her life. Neither of us could. Out of desperation, I pissed myself. That way I had a reason to go to the bathroom. The two of them went back to fucking. Just as I was to exit the room, Angela took her last breath. I don’t know if it was the drugs or a combination of everything. But even as she lay there dead, they didn’t stop. This Laurent and James kept going. I was so out of it… it felt like forever before I finally found the bathroom. I called my uncle because he happened to have been in town that day. And I knew I could always count on him. Uncle Op… He wouldn’t ask questions and he’d get the job done. Whereas Charlie, my father. Well he would’ve gotten himself killed with that officer mentality. Sure, I never knew my uncle was part of an MC. But I knew he was deadly when pushed too far. I’d seen that much. From there, everything was pretty much a blur, other than James pounding at the door and threatening to kill my uncle if I didn’t hurry up. It’s like he knew I’d call him. James… I’d never met him. Yet he knew so much about me, things Edward never knew. So… there were no vampires. All of it was in Edward’s drug addicted head. The LSD was still in my system when I downed that vodka and popped those pills. So that had the doctors assuming I myself was a drug addict.”

“Jesus, baby… It’s a wonder you’re not six feet under!”

“Trust me I know.”

“And your parents? Op told me they were murdered by this same cult?!”

Bella crawled on out of his lap then paced the area.

“I’m going to need some hard liquor for that one.”

“On it…” Jax uttered and reached into one of the bags.

He tossed a bottle of Jack over and Bella took a good hit.

“It wasn’t long after my uncle brought me home from the hospital. He had stayed with me and Charlie that night. My mother was on her way.  The three of them had talked about the situation and thought it best if I went back with my mother to Jacksonville. But that same night I received a phone call. And I wasn’t the only one as my father was already gone. My uncle mentioned something about an issue with my mother and how Charlie had flown out to see about it. My uncle stayed behind to watch after me. The phone call however… Was from James. He let me know he had my mother and if I didn’t show up at my old ballet studio, alone. He’d kill her. So I snuck out of the house and took the first plane out. When I arrive, my mom and dad…”

Bella took another swig but choked back. Jax shot to his feet as Bella broke into uncontrollable sobs.

“He had them hanging from the ceiling and gutted them, right there. And his buddies were fucking laughing, like it was the funniest shit ever. After that… he got right in my face and said if I ever told anyone about what I saw… That he’d kill the rest of my family and friends. He let me know he’d be back and when that day came… That I’d become his next Victoria, since my uncle took what was his.”

“Over my dead body…” Jax sneered.

“Don’t even say that…”

“You know what I mean. No one’s taking you away from me. He shows his face around Charming and he’s as good as dead.”

“Jackson, I’m not Tara. I can fight my own battles.”

“I know you’re not. But this isn’t about fighting your own battles. It’s about us working as a team. You’re my old lady now. And even if that weren’t the case… It’s like what you said about Abel. I have your back, just as you have mine, always.” But as he said this… Jax understood “Wraith” more than ever now. With Wraith, Bella had control, something she never had. It was so easy for Jax to see that now. Bella had grown tired of playing the victim.

Bella woke to find Jax tossing and turning in his sleep. He was covered in sweat and calling to his son.

“Jackson…” Bella softly called and shook him awake.

“ABEL!!!” He shouted on top of his lungs and shot up in the bed.

“Jackson…” She called once again.

“It was just a dream.” She whispered as his eyes were wild and his entire body was shaking.

He closed his eyes then patted the nightstand, in search of his smokes.

“I got it.” Bella said and went on to get him one started.

She handed it over and Jax sat in silence as he smoked that cigarette.

“I need some fresh air.” He uttered looking like he was going to be sick.

Bella nodded. He crawled out of bed, slipped his jeans on, then headed outside. The moment he exited that door he planted his hand against one of the posts then upchucked.

“Jackson!” Bella hollered with concern.

He broke into sobs directly after and was punching at that wooden post with everything he had.

“Stop!” She cried as he was tearing his knuckles up.

“Look at me…” He lifted his bloodshot eyes.

“We’re getting Abel back. Nothing is going to happen to that baby. You got me?! I mean it, Jackson.”

Jax nodded but grabbed ahold of her. He hugged her and didn’t let go until he had it out of his system. Clay, Chibs, and Opie had stepped out but gave a simple nod, once they saw Bella taking care of the situation.

It was a seven hour drive from Oregon to Washington. The Phantoms and the Sons fell back and let Opie and Bella lead the way. Bella couldn’t help but to giggle once they pulled up the house. All these Harleys and race cars parked outside the old Swan house. She could only imagine what the new gossip in town would be. Opie narrowed his eyes and nodded her way once she stepped out.

“What are you laughing about?”

“Just picturing the town’s reaction…”

This had Opie grinning as well.

“What’s that Swan girl up to now…” He uttered but wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they headed inside.

Opie knew this wouldn’t be easy. But it was the closure she needed and had for some time. Bella tossed her keys onto the coffee table.

“Everything’s still intact…” She murmured and Opie nodded.

“Looks like it.”

Jax and the others followed them inside. He picked up an old picture of Bella from prom and wiggled his brows.

“Damn…” He said and Bella looked over.

“Can I keep this?!”

“Don’t be a dick. She’s what seventeen there…?” Opie said with a curled lip.

“But it’s her… and legal age.” Jax murmured with a wink Bella’s direction.

Opie rolled his eyes but the moment he wasn’t looking, Jax pocketed the picture. Chibs caught wind of this and chuckled whilst patting Jax on the back. Bella did a walkthrough of the house, saving her and Charlie’s bedroom for last. Jax followed Bella up the stairs and to her old room.

“That’s a whole lot of purple…”


“I never knew that to be your favorite color.”

“It’s not. Charlie just assumed it was and went with it. I never had the heart to tell him otherwise.”

“What is your favorite color?” Jax questioned out of curiosity and was looking to the pictures on her old bulletin.

“Not sure I have one… Never really thought about it.”

He nodded then pointed at another picture of her.

“A knockout even in high school. It’s a good thing I didn’t know you back then. Would’ve gotten myself into a lot of trouble.”

Bella smiled on this.

“Who’s this?” He questioned whilst pointing to the girl beside her.

“That was Angela.”

“Damn. I’m sorry.”

“Me too…”

“And all muscles here?”


Jax nodded and looked about the room.

“So this is where Bella Swan grew up…” He murmured in thought.

“For the most part, my high school years anyhow.”

Jax plopped down on the bed then folded his arms about his chest.

“Yeah so much trouble…” He said with a wide grin.

“What’s that?” Opie piped in as he entered the room.

Bella died of laughter as Jax practically flew off the bed. Opie cut him a ‘look’ and Jax cleared his throat then rubbed the back of his neck. Opie sighed but said nothing on it. He looked to his niece.

“Look, I’m going into town. Thought I’d grab a few things for the barbeque. Clay and Bobby are going with me.


Opie sent Jax another ‘look’ before exiting the room. Bella laughed once he left the room.

“Relax. He isn’t going to kill you.”

“That we know of…”

Bella opened her bedroom closet but froze in place.


She swallowed back but reached to the ballet slippers dangling from the pull chain to the light within. They were her old ones from when she was a child. Bella untied them and brought them down.

“He was here…”




“Not sure. But this… was his doing. I haven’t seen these in years.”

“Anything else out of place?”

“No… But I haven’t checked my father’s bedroom.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“Hey…” He called with concern as they entered the room and she had a hand clamped over mouth and started to cry.

“What is it?!”

“It’s nothing. Everything’s still the same. Sorry. Just… Well I haven’t been in here in a long time. I didn’t expect it to hit me like this.”

Bella ran her fingers along one of her father’s old uniforms.

“Still smells like him…”

Jax nodded in perfect understanding. He remembered going through this very thing when JT died. Bella picked up her father’s old badge and pocketed it. She did this with various things that were sentimental to her.

“Charlie and I… Hell, we were basically strangers when I first came to Forks. My parents’ divorce was pretty ugly.” Bella laughed however and Jax reared back.

“Did you know I ran away once?”

“Did you now?”

“Yep. I was all packed and ready to go. I wanted Aunt Donna and Uncle Op to adopt me.”

“How old were you?”

“Seven maybe eight? I really hurt Charlie with that one. I was a kid and didn’t know any better. But I told him that I wished Donna and Opie were my real parents.”


“Oh yeah. I had my bratty moments.”

“Yeah well some of that seems a little justified, considering.”

“Could you imagine Uncle Op as my legal guardian and me coming to Charming that early in life.”

“Yeah and I’d have been like Tara who?” He said with a wink.

“How old are you?”


“Yeah wouldn’t of happened, considering you’re like nine years older than me! That makes you a dirty old man!”

Jax wrinkled his nose in thought.

“So I was sixteen when all that went down.”


“Yeah let’s not go there. But it does make wonder if we ever met. Opie and I have been tight for years.”

“Was a possibility.”

“Damn my uncle started early in life. That would’ve made him what… eighteen and he and Donna were already married?!”

“He had it bad…” Jax murmured.

“Once he met Donna, he hadn’t eyes for anyone else. That’s what I was trying to tell you that day. Op wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that. He might be a lot of things, especially when it comes to the club. But he loves his family and they will always come first.”

Jax gestured towards a picture of Charlie in his uniform.

“That the old man?”


“Crazy… I can’t believe you’re the daughter of a cop. I honestly thought you were giving me hell the day we first met.”

“Fraid not.”

Jax and Bella snapped to attention as they heard a ruckus downstairs. They stopped what they were doing and rushed on down.

“HEY!” Jax shouted as one of Bella’s crew and his were fighting.

They smashed into the coffee table. Jax and Bella were quick to break the two apart. But the moment Bella saw who it was she dragged the man into the kitchen then shoved him up against the counter.

“What in the FUCK was that about?!”

Meanwhile, Jax was drilling into the prospect known as Rat. He was the only one that tagged along. He’d hopes of earning his official patch through this trip. Jax however had wanted Half-Sack to come along instead. Now he found himself wishing that Clay wouldn’t have ignored his request on this. Then again, Clay had it out for Half-Sack. It wasn’t that long ago he sent Cherry aka Rita to Ireland. Half-Sack’s old lady or would’ve been if it weren’t for that. All of this went back to when Cherry came to Charming, in hopes of building something with Half-Sack. Only that broke the rules, in the sense that she was a Crow Eater and road pussy at that. Pussy that Clay had hit and Gemma didn’t take kindly to her showing up in Charming. Clay’s way of dealing with it? Was to make Half-Sack pay. He sent Cherry to Ireland then when it came time to patch the prospect in… Clay denied him that right. All of this in order to teach him a lesson. When it wasn’t the prospect’s fault to begin with. He hadn’t a clue Cherry would show up in Charming. Thanks to Clay, Cherry and Half-Sack never had a chance. Jax himself was rather bummed out about that. He thought Cherry and Kip (aka Half-Sack) made a great couple.

“The guy’s a fucking queer!” Rat hollered and Bella narrowed her eyes as she overheard this.

“What’s he talking about?”

The Phantom known as Derk sighed.

“I’m sorry. I thought he was… you know.”

“So you came onto him?”

“Well yeah… He’s hot.”

“That’s certainly debatable.” Bella murmured whilst looking Rat over.

“Wraith, please don’t kick me out. I meant nothing by it. I know I gave you hell before. But this was an honest mistake. I thought I read something I didn’t.”


Bella closed her eyes and ground her teeth together. She cranked her head Rat’s direction.

“Do that and I’ll take it as an eye for an eye. It as an honest mistake. You didn’t have to fucking attack him.”

“Asshole was looking at my junk!”

“Dude, I totally wasn’t. All I did was compliment his eyes and asked if he wanted some company later.”

Bella pinched her eyes shut for a moment.

“Did anyone else witness this?”

“Sorry… Was a little preoccupied.” Happy murmured as he had Mia in his lap.

“Everyone was pretty much in their own world, sorry baby.” Dizzy said and Bella gave a simple nod.

“Look, it doesn’t matter if you’re after dick or pussy. Just steer clear of one another. No more fighting. I mean it!” Jax made clear.

Chibs leaned into Jax’s ear however and Jax gazed upon Rat then shook his head. Bella’s jaw dropped as he grabbed Rat by the cut, opened the front door then sent him flying across the yard.

“Wraith…” Derk uttered and Bella looked back.

The crotch area of his pants was covered in blood.

“SHIT!” She yelled and was quick to catch him.

“CHIBS!” She shouted in a panic.

The Scot rushed on over and helped her. They laid him on the couch. Chibs apologized ahead of time then went on to see where the bleeding was coming from exactly.

“Fuuuck…” Chibs muttered under his breath and Bella looked to him in question.

“He did a real number on his balls, lass.”

“Oh God…” Bella said as his dick and balls were a nice bluish purple and he was bleeding from both.

“Get some ice.” Bella nodded and hurried off.

Chibs looked to Happy.

“Get my medical bag.”

“On it!”

“I’m not a faggot…” The guy said in such a way.

Chibs lifted his eyes on this.

“I’m bi…”

“Doesn’t matter what ye are. We’ll get ye fixed up.”

Bella returned with the ice and went on to shoe every one of the room. The guy was embarrassed enough as it was.

“What do you need me to do?” Bella questioned and Chibs walked her through assisting him.

She did her best not to pull any disgusted faces for Derk’s sake, but it wasn’t easy.

“Shite! He’s goin’ ta need a hospital, lass.”

“The closest one is fucking Port Angeles!”

“I’ll take him. I can get him there in twenty to thirty minutes, tops.” Dizzy offered.

“Are you sure?

“Yeah. I’ll come up with something along the way.”

Chibs nodded as he and Bella lifted him up off the couch and were carrying him to Dizzy’s car.

“Be safe.” Bella said as Dizzy hopped in.

“Always.” Dizzy said.

Bella nodded and shut the door. Bella peeked into the back as Chibs was getting Derk situated.

“We’ll come for you just as soon as we can. I’ll pay all medical expenses.” Bella made clear.

“No you won’t. Rat will.” Jax made clear.

Bella gave Derk’s hand a slight squeeze.

“I’m so sorry.”

Bella shut the door and waved them off. Jax had Rat by the neck and was forcing him that direction.

“This one owes you an apology…” Jax went on to reveal the truth behind what actually took place.

It was just as Derk said. Only Chibs let it known that the moment it took place Rat took his boot to Derk’s junk, repeatedly. Chibs was too far away to stop it from happening.

“I’m sorry.” Rat said but looked pissed about having to apologize.

Bella gave a simple nod but was quick to pop him one.

“Touch one of my crew again and you and I will be having more than words. Got it?”

When he wouldn’t answer Jax smacked him in the back of the head.

“Got it…” Rat uttered and Bella headed back inside.

“Jesus…” She groaned.

Her father’s carpet and couch were caked in blood now and his coffee table was broken in half.

“Everyone out…” She said in such a way.

“OUUUUT!” She roared and everyone headed outside.

Jax and Chibs exchanged glances on this.

“Disrespect in her father’s house…” Chibs whispered and Jax nodded in understanding.

Opie and the others had pulled up and were quick find out what was going on.

“Jesus Christ!” Opie looked to Rat.

“What the fuck were you thinking?!”

“I think he was thinking he didn’t want his junk looked at, much less get hit on by a cum guzzler.”

Opie snapped Clay a look of hell.


“Yes really.”

“He’s got a point.” Bobby uttered in Clay’s defense.

When Opie entered the house, Bella was scrubbing the blood off the couch and in literal sobs.


Bella didn’t react and kept on scrubbing. Opie swallowed back on this and made his way over. He placed his hand over hers.

“I got it.”

Bella closed her eyes.

“Go outside, grab you a beer, fuck, a cigarette if you need it. I’ll get this taken care of.”

“JAX!” Opie hollered.

Jax entered the house and Opie made a gesture towards Bella.

“Get her out of here.”

Jax escorted her on out of the house. Opie took off his cut and jacket then got to work. After a couple minutes he looked over to see Chibs picking up the mess from the coffee table. The Scot gave a simple nod and Opie nodded in return.

Jax handed Bella a beer and had her helping him with the grill. He figured keeping her busy would get her mind off things.

“We got ribs, hamburgers, hotdogs…” Bobby announced as he made his way over.


Bella lifted her eyes as Jake was making his way over from the woods.

“My uncle said something about the house being alive. I wasn’t sure what he meant. Quite the company you got there…” He said with his eyes fixated on Jax.

“You must be Jacob.” Jax said and waved towards the beer.

“You’re welcome to join us.”

“I’m good.” Jacob uttered but was looking to Bella in disapproval.

“When will you ever learn…?”

“Jake… Don’t.”

Jax narrowed his eyes as he had a flashback to when he first met Bella. He remembered her being on the phone with someone by the name of Jake and she sounded awfully pissed.

“Come on, Bella. It’s been how long? Can’t we talk, at least?”

“Jake…” Bella uttered in hesitance.

“That any way to treat an old friend?”

“Jake, I’m having a really bad day. And you had it right when you said old friend. So why are you here?”

“That’s what I’d like to know.” Opie thundered from behind.

“The old man here too?” Jacob questioned and with a sneer Opie’s direction.

“No. But a simple phone call is all it takes…” Opie murmured.

This had Bella snapping her uncle a look.

Wait… How do you know Jacob?”

Opie didn’t answer and was staring Jacob down. Bella threw her hands up and let out a bit of a growl.

“Fine. We’ll talk, but not here.” She pointed towards their old spot in the woods and Jacob gave a simple nod.

Once they were headed that way, Opie nodded upon Jax.

“Keep on him. He can’t be trusted. If I do it, I’ll kill the motherfucker.”

Jax didn’t so much as question it. He went on to follow them, but was discreet about it.

“They do that?” Jacob questioned while brushing her hair back with his fingers.


“Your little biker gang…”

“They’re not a gang, Jacob.”

“Doesn’t answer my question.”

“You think I’d be hanging around them if that were the case?”

“Dunno. After that whole “vampire” ordeal, nothing would surprise me anymore.”

“Jesus, Jacob. Is that what you came here for?”

“No. Actually, I was just hoping this meant you were coming back.”

“I thought I made myself clear.”

“Yeah well things change and so do people.”

“You’re right. I have changed.”

“I can see that… kind of dig the new look.” He said and went on to circle her.

Bella was quick to slap his hand as he ran it along her ass.

“Not happening…” she hissed.

“Why not? There nothing standing in our way now. We could be together.”

“All of this goes back to you thinking I owe you!”

“Don’t you?!”

“We’ve been through this… THAT hasn’t changed. And if I had known you would act like this… I would’ve dealt with the matter myself!”

Jacob had a good laugh at this.



“And you would’ve ended up dead. Face it, Bella. You’re better off with me. I can keep you safe and so can the tribe. We belong together. Why can’t you see that?! Quit fighting it.”

“First off… I turned to you as a friend, because you told me I could whenever I needed. I hadn’t a clue that you would take that as me owing you… much less as in OFFERING MYSELF TO YOU! Do you have any idea just how FUCKED up that is?”

“You’re ungrateful AS FUCK! You know that? I spent years in your corner, trying to get you to really see me! But you’re oh so willing to look away. Everything was perfect, until you left that morning.”

Bella recoiled on this and Jacob nodded. He reached out and cupped her chin.

“You once told me that you would never give yourself to a man you didn’t have feelings for. So what was that?”

“We were drunk.  And I…”

“YOU WHAT?! I’m so tired of your excuses. Same ole Bella…”

“Same ole Jacob, expecting me to drop trow, the second you see me and all because of a mistake!”





Bella let out a surprised gasp as Jake hauled off and slapped her. The impact was enough to send her head flying back against a tree. By the time he realized his mistake, it was too late. Jax leaped out from seemingly nowhere, tackled him to the ground, and was beating him with every inch of his life.

“JACKSON!” Bella shouted went to pry him off of Jacob, only to have her uncle grab ahold of her.

He shook his head.

“Let him…”

“Uncle Op…”

“He’s doing you solid! Bastard had it coming…”

“He’ll kill him!”


“Not for Jackson! Trust me that would get back to the tribe. That’s not something Jackson needs.”

Opie sighed on this.

Please. Make him stop!”

Opie rolled his eyes but went on to pry Jax off of Jacob. Jax was heavily panting and had that crazed look in his eyes. He kicked at Jacob as Opie was dragging him away. Opie chuckled and Bella sent him a look of disapproval. Opie forced Jacob to his feet then backed him up against a tree.

“We made ourselves PERFECTLY clear. You weren’t to come ANYWHERE near my niece.” Opie grabbed a fistful of Jacob’s long hair and forced him to his knees.

“You want to tell her about your little visit to Charming or should I?”

When Jacob wouldn’t answer Opie socked him one. He forced his head back then spit in his face.

“This fucker came by the house one day and for whatever reason… He had it in mind that I was your new man. It wasn’t until he finished with his little rant that I let him in on the truth. But it was too little too late, considering he had a few choice of names when it came to you in general, pops, Donna, and myself.” Opie turned back then regarded Jacob with an evil grin. He leaned into her ear.

“You called my niece a whore and went on about her spreading her legs. Yet you have the motherfucking balls to chase after her and act as if you have some sort of rights to her. You’re a dead man. Not today. But it’s coming. Now get the fuck out of my face.”

Bella’s hand shook as she had her gun in hand now. She had it aimed Jacob’s direction.

“Go, before I finish the job myself.” She said with tears in her eyes.

“Bella…” Jacob started to plead.

Bella gritted her teeth and fired at the ground, barely missing his foot.

“NOW!” She roared and Jacob was quick to scramble to his feet.

He was tripping over himself. He couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Just as soon as he was out of sight, Bella broke into this hysterical laughter. Chibs snuck up on her and pried the gun from her hold.

“Easy now, lass…”

He cleared his throat and handed her a pill.

“What’s this?”

“Half a valium… Take it, love.”

Bella nodded and to her great surprise… Chibs hugged her.

“I’m sorry and I don’t just mean just fur the piece of shite.” He planted his hands along her face then looked her in the eyes.

“We disrespected yer father and his place. In return, we disrespected ye. I think Jackie boy stands behind me when I say that won’t happen again. If it wasn’t fur ye… We wouldn’t know of Abel’s whereabouts.”

He kissed her forehead then went about his way.

“You can trust him. Chibs wouldn’t give you anything that was going to harm you.” Opie said as she was gawking at the pill.

Bella nodded and popped it into her mouth. After making their way back, her uncle handed another beer over. “No more after that one.”

She nodded in understanding.

“Are you okay?” Bella questioned and Jax shook his head in disbelief.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t think he’d come by.”

“Bella baby, you’ve nothing to be sorry for. It’s been one shit storm after another. Hell, I’m about to ask Chibs for the other half!”

Bella snorted on this and Jax cut her a wink.

“There’s my girl.” He said and held his beer over the area Jacob had hit.

“I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not.”

“I know.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Bella questioned her uncle.

Opie sighed on this.

“I was hoping it was something that wouldn’t have to be brought up. You were going through so much at the time. I didn’t see any reason to add to it.”

“I can’t believe he came by the house. What was he thinking?!”

Bella headed to the bathroom and Jax nodded Opie’s direction.

“Fucker needs a grave and we need an alibi.”

“Right?” Opie uttered with a chuckle.

“Go Bobby!” Bella hollered as he broke into song and was pulling off the perfect Elvis imitation.

He sent her a wink but kept with it.

“I didn’t know he could sing…”

“Plays guitar too.” Jax murmured and kissed along her neck as his arms were wrapped around her waist.

“At least they’re finally getting along…” Jax whispered as SAMCRO and The Phantoms were sitting together and by a fire they’d built in the backyard. They were sharing stories, laughing, and drinking.

Right?! Thought we’d have to bring out the water hose.”

“That could be fun…” Jax cleared his throat however.

It was a struggle keeping his emotions in check; when all he could think about was his son. He wondered what all Abel was going through. Was he scared? Was he getting fed and changed regularly? The more he thought on these things… The tighter his hold on Bella became. He meant it when he said she was his rock. Opie looked over and he too could see it. Jax was on the verge of a meltdown. If it wasn’t for Bella, he would’ve shut down, completely. Opie wasn’t the only one to take notice. Chibs had as well, as to his reason for reaching out to her. He was truly ashamed when it came to the Sons and how they were acting. This was someone that clearly loved Jax and she was going out her way to help them, when she didn’t have to. Especially after everything Jax had put her through. She had every reason to turn her back to him, but didn’t.

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24 thoughts on “Chapter 9 Right Here In My Arms”

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