Chapter 1 Luck of the Irish


“Can I help you?”

The young woman drew back a breath and looked around the area.

“Actually, I’m looking for Chibs Telford…”

The man tilted his head and gave the young woman a once over.

“Are you sure?” He uttered with a sly grin.

This had the woman raising her brows. The man took a pull of his beer and waved her on in. Once she was inside he wrapped his arm around her.

“As you can see he’s a little preoccupied.”

The young woman recoiled as the man she was looking for had a woman ‘entertaining’ him.

“Why don’t I keep you company until he’s done?”
She stepped out from under the man’s arm and was heading back towards the club doors.

“Ah now… Where you off to, dollface?
“This was a big mistake…” She said and practically ran out of the building.

The man sighed with disappointment. He finished his beer and headed on over to where Chibs was.
“You got another daughter I don’t know about?”

Chibs narrowed his eyes looking somewhat peeved that he was interrupted.

“Oh I get it… It’s the whole schoolgirl fetish, isn’t it?”
“What are ye blabbin’ on about now, Trager?”

“You had some sweet young thing lookin’ for you.”
Chibs regarded him in question.

“Milky white, pouty lips, honey brown eyes, dark mocha hair? That ring a bell?”

The Scot sprang to his feet and he handed the Crow Eater off to the other MC member.

“Where’d she go?”

Trager wiggled his brows upon the woman that had been entertaining Chibs then pointed towards the club door.

“Shite…” Chibs mouthed as he took off like a bat out of hell.

“Dammit!” The young woman shouted as she hit at the steering wheel.

“Don’t you die on me now! Not here!” She went to turn the key again and the truck merely ticked.


She hopped on out of the truck and popped the hood.

“Do ye need some help now, darlin’?”

She froze at the sound of his voice and closed her eyes for a brief moment.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come.”

“Why don’t ye let me have a look?”
“I got it.”

“Do ye now?”

“Yes. Now please… I’m sure your wife or girlfriend is looking for you.”

The man half laughed but recoiled in thought.

“So ye came all this way and I don’t get so much as a hug or hello?”

She didn’t comment and he sighed.

“Ye came a long ways ta be runnin’ off now.”

The Scot reached over and brushed the young woman’s hair back. He reared back seeing as how she was crying.

“Aye now… What’s wrong, mo ghaol? (mo ghaol – my love)”

He swallowed back as she latched onto him and broke into literal sobs.

“Isabel?” He whispered with concern.

“I’m sorry. Filip, I…” She drew back a quivery breath.

The man knew it was serious when she used his actual name.
“I didn’t know where else to go.”

“Easy now…,” he murmured as he hugged her then kissed the top of her head.

“I done told ye to call if ye ever needed me, didn’t I?”

She nodded.

“Then why don’t ye come inside and we’ll talk about whatever ails ye…”

Chapter 1

I do not own Twilight or SOA. This will have a few events from SOA but mostly AU. Starting around the first and second season and I’m just mixing it up from there.

Chibs escorted the young woman to the bar. Then he motioned the bartender over.

“Whiskey straight up and keep em comin’, couple of chasers too.”

The prospect by the name of Edward Kip Epps aka Half-Sack nodded. Bella’s entire face flushed over as she looked around. The rest of the MC was partying and hardcore. Everywhere she looked there was drinking, smoking, and lots of sex. The Scotsman cleared his throat taking notice of the uncomfortable look on her face.

“Why don’t you ignore those dreadful lads and talk ta me?”

Half-Sack slid their shots and beer over. Chibs grabbed his shot and raised it.
“Come now… Drink up. It’ll ease those nerves of yers.”

“I’m underage, remember?”

“Yer what 20?”
She nodded.

“Yer birthday is in September if I remember correctly?”

She nodded once again.

“Eh that’s only a couple months away, close enough.”

Bella picked up the shot and regarded Chibs in question. He smiled and clanked his glass up against hers.

“Bottoms up.”

The young woman downed her shot and choked back. Chibs reached over and patted her on the back.

“Easy… Chase that shite down.” He said as he handed her beer over.

Bella took a swig and shook her head after. Half-Sack laughed at her reaction.

“Better?” Chibs questioned and she nodded yet again.

“Good deal. Now look at me…”

The young woman’s eyes locked with his.

“Ye know ye can talk ta me so get ta it.”

Half-Sack poured the young woman another shot. She was quick to take it and did as Chibs suggested by chasing it down after.

“My father… He…” she closed her eyes and downed the rest of her beer.

Chibs gestured for Half-Sack to get her another.


“I came home from visiting Angela and found his body…”

This had the man wincing. There was no disguising the shocked appearance on his face.

“I hadn’t realized they were still in the house…,” she went on and drew back a breath.

She lifted her shirt just enough to reveal that she’d been shot. Chibs sprang to his feet and Bella lowered her shirt.

“How’d ye manage ta survive that?!”

“By playing possum, easier said than done.”


“Chibs… these guys. They mean business. They know…” She did her best to hint.

“Dammit darlin’ I told ye. Now didn’t I?!”

Wait… You think I took him back, don’t you?!”

Chibs narrowed his eyes.

“Jesus Chibs… I thought I made myself clear, BEFORE you left. This hasn’t anything to do with HIM, at least not on a personal level. Look, I can’t go into detail. Not here. In fact this is dangerous enough as it is. I’m only here because I need help in starting a new life…”
“New life?”

She sighed and looked around the area once again.

“You know the works… New name, ID, social, get my drift?”

“I can get ye that.”

Bella let out another sigh but of relief.

“Thank you. I promise to be out of your hair just as soon as it’s done.”

“Is that so?”

She nodded.

“I’m sorry to hit you up like this, Chibs. But I hadn’t anywhere else to go.”

He nodded but looked to be in thought.

“Do ye got money… a place ta go?”

“I’m figuring that part out as I go…”
Chibs shook his head.

“Look, if you could get me a DL I can make some quick money.”
“Doing what?”

“It doesn’t matter. I just…” Bella reached to her gut and let out a painful groan.

Chibs tilted his head and reached over lifting her shirt.
“Ye patched this up yourself, didn’t ye?”

“It’s not like I could go to a hospital… Besides I’m fine. It comes and goes.”

“How long ago was this?”
“A couple days ago…” She murmured with a shrug.
“Meaning ye’ve done and got yourself infected! That reaches your bloodstream and yer as good as fucked!”

“CHIBS!” She snapped as he scooped her up and took her to the backroom of the clubhouse.

He laid her down on the bed then retrieved his glasses from his cut and put them on. He went on to examine her more thoroughly.

“Jaysus!” He scoffed after lifting the bandage.

The Scot saw where she’d soldered the wound.

“How’d ye manage that?”

Chibs pulled a certain face on this.

“Did ye get the bullet out, at least?”

“It was a bitch to do, but yes.”
“I can’t believe ye took a hot iron to yer abdomen! How’d ye keep from passin’ the fuck out?!”

“I don’t know, adrenaline maybe? Hell if I know.”

Chibs regarded the woman in absolute disbelief.

“What? It’s not like I had time to sew myself together. I was bleeding out… You know dying from blood loss and all.”

He patted the area with his hand.

“SHIT! THAT FUCKING HURTS!” She shouted, knocking his hand away.

“Yeah well if we don’t get ye some antibiotics yer as good as dead. Ye done and got yourself a fever. Ye should have called me, FIRST THING! I can’t believe ye drove from Washington like this!”

Chibs paced the area and he got on his phone.

“Hey Jackie, got a bit of an issue here. Is Tara around?”

“Think ye can send her my way and stat?”

“I’m fine!” Bella called out.

“Like hell ye are!” He snapped as he hung the phone.


“Yer right… Dying alongside of a road somewhere is much better than coming ta me for help.”

“IT SURE IS!” She fired back and Chibs raised his brows on this.

Bella covered her mouth in laughter. But was quick to groan out as laughing hurt like hell. Chibs sighed and took her hand as he sat at the edge of the bed.

“I meant it when I said I’d be there for ye, whenever ye needed. Don’t ye ever hesitate again. I’m a man of my word and ye know it.”

The young woman nodded but with a quivery lip.

“I really missed you.”

Chibs managed to smile.

“I missed ye too darlin’… even if ye are a righteous pain in me arse.”

“So that’s her?! You didn’t say she was THAT young…” Jax uttered with a smirk.
“Shut it…”

Jax reared back after doing the math.
“So she was what? Eighteen…? Talk about jailbait…”
“Jackie…” Chibs warned and Jax died of laughter.

“Who’d have thought…”

“I didn’t fuck her, Jackie boy…”

“Maybe not from the physical standpoint, but you certainly eye-fucked her…”

“You did this yourself?” Tara questioned as she examined the area.

Bella nodded in response.

“Impressive…” the doctor admitted.

“Thanks… I guess.”

“You work in the medical field I take it?”

“Not exactly…”
Tara narrowed her eyes in question.

“He walked me through it once…” She said pointing towards Chibs.

The Scot lit up a smoke and pointed to the area he had Bella patch up back in Forks.

“How’d that happen?” Jax asked as he looked to old bullet wound on his chest.

“My father shot him…” Bella said with a shrug.

Tara regarded Chibs in disbelief.

“Aye… I had it comin’…,” he said with a wink.

Bella laughed in memory.
“The old man shot you?” Jax whispered and Chibs nodded.


“He didn’t take a likin’ ta me kissin’ his daughter.”
“Well yeah, you pervy old bastard.”

“And he was the town sheriff…” Chibs added.

“Okay, so you were a pervert and an idiot…”Jax mocked with a chuckle.

“Worth it…” Chibs whispered just loud enough for Jax to hear.

“I should hope so.”

Bella winced as Tara stuck her with a syringe.

“That’ll get her through the night, but she’s going to need more.”

“Think you can get some from the hospital?” Jax questioned and Tara nodded.

“I’m sure I can figure something out.”

“Thank you.” Bella said with sincerity.

Tara nodded in response.

“Thanks doc.” Chibs added as well.

“Didn’t do much…” Tara said with a shrug.
“But ye gave her what she needed.”

“Annnnd she’s out…” Jax announced as Bella’s eyes came to a close.

“I got it from here. Thanks, brother.” Chibs said as he hugged them both.

“Don’t mention it. Glad we could help. Let us know if you need anything else.”
“Will do.”

Jax smiled and he grabbed Tara’s medical bag on the way out. Chibs pulled the door to then locked it behind him. He looked on over and shook his head.

“Tha mi ann an trioblaid a-nis… (I’m in trouble now)” He muttered under his breath.

When Bella finally came to, she saw that Chibs had fallen asleep in the recliner across the way.

The young woman sighed amongst herself. She rolled on out of the bed and headed into the bathroom. Where she did her business and freshened up a bit. As she was drying off her face she looked into the mirror.

“What are you doing?” She hissed as she threw the towel down.

The image of her father came to mind. And all she could think about was how that could wind up being Filip Telford now. The mere thought had her staggering back and she’d that pitfall feeling in her gut. Bella exited the bathroom and was quick to put on her shoes. She headed out of the room and grimaced as she made her way through the half-naked women and MC members. Each of them was passed out and in very awkward positions. She grabbed her keys off the island to the bar and darted on out of the clubhouse. Bella hopped into the truck, placed the key into the ignition, turned it, nothing, yet again.

“Don’t. Just don’t. We can’t stay. So quit acting like a little bitch and fucking start already!”

She tried once again only this time she stepped on the gas. The truck roared to life and she laughed amongst herself.
“Thatta girl.”

But just as she put the truck in reverse, the entire thing shook and smoke was rising from the hood.

“You have got to be joking…” Bella hissed as she killed the engine and hopped back out.

When she opened the hood the engine was on fire.

“WHOA!” She heard someone holler.

They grabbed ahold of her and just in time as the entire front went up in flames.

“SHIT!” Bella shouted.

“I think your truck has officially retired.” The man uttered with a chuckle.

Bella looked back seeing it to be Jax. He scurried into the clubhouse and returned with a couple of fire extinguishers. He handed one over and got started with the other. Bella sighed as she helped to put out the fire. Once they finished she frowned at the sight.

“My dad got me that truck…” Jax heard her say with a heartbroken mien.

“Maybe he’s trying to tell you something…”

“Yeah… That I need a new truck.”

Jax laughed in response.

“Maybe…” Jax said offering her a smoke.

“I’m good.”

He nodded and lit one up.

“Sorry about the hunk of charcoaled metal parked outside your clubhouse.”

“Not our first, won’t be our last.”

Bella winced as something else came to mind.

“What?” Jax questioned taking notice.

“My purse was in there…”

She inched her way over and peeked inside.

“GOD DAMMMIT!” She growled and kicked at the truck.

“FUCK! That’s still hot by the way.”
“Well darlin’, I imagine so…”

“Unfuckingbelieveable…,” she groaned then paced the area, looking lost.

“If you need a ride somewhere I can help with that.”

“Like out of state?” Bella questioned with a snort.

Jax reared back on this.

“About what I thought… Thanks for the offer though. I’ll figure something out.”

Jax tilted his head as she started walking towards the gate.

“Where’s she off to?” Tig questioned as he had just exited the clubhouse.

“Hell if know…” Jax answered with a shrug.

“She won’t get too far.”
“Think we should bring it to Chibs attention?”

“Might be best.” Jax said with a hint of a smirk.

“Ugh, come on…” Bella groaned as she was hitchhiking down the road.

It hadn’t been long when she heard the familiar roar of a motorcycle. She peered over her shoulder and shook her head in disapproval.

“Go home, Filip!” She called out and went back to hitchhiking.

He pulled up beside her and snatched her right off the road.

“CHIBS!” She hollered as he took off and was heading back towards the clubhouse.

When he pulled into the parking lot, Bella climbed on off the bike and Chibs jumped off, chasing after her. Once he had her within reach he flipped her over his shoulder and popped her right on the ass.

“Ye just knock that shite right off!” He scolded and proceeded in smacking her rear yet again.

Tig raised his brows and Jax died of laughter.

“Did you just spank me?!”

“Ye bet yer sweet arse I did. And I’ll do it again if ye don’t watch it.”
“Need some help?” Tig offered and Jax elbowed him.
“I’d watch what you say with that one.” Jax warned.

“But look at that ass… Sweet baby Jesus. Look. At. That. Tight. Little. Ass.”

Jax nodded in agreement. Chibs walked past and Bella was squirming about in his hold. He headed back into the bedroom where he tossed her onto the bed.
“Woman ye had better stay put. I’m gettin’ tired of chasin’ ye down!”

“I already told you this was a mistake.”

She started to rise and Chibs stopped her by planting his hands along the mattress.

“Chibs!” She grunted as she was pushing against his chest.


“Over my dead body. Ye hear me. Yer stayin’ right here. In fact ye just think of this as witness protection. So ye had better get comfy darlin’ and fuckin’ deal. Ye aren’t going anywhere. Not until I personally release you. Got it?!”
She growled out and hit him with a pillow.

“That the best ye got?”

“Do you really want to go there?”

He cocked a brow as she had her knee up against his crotch.

“Now that’s just downright cruel. Don’t ye even think about it.”

Bella laughed but it was quick to fade. She covered her face and started to cry. Chibs swallowed back and he rolled on over. He said nothing as he pulled her into his chest and let her cry it out.

“I got ye… Yer safe now.”

“I can’t believe he’s gone.”

Chibs nodded wishing he knew what to say or do even.

“Charlie… he was all I had.”
“I know it’s not the same but ye got me. Don’t ye ever feel like yer alone. But more than anything, ye gotta trust that I can help ye with whatever’s goin’ on.”

“Chibs this is bigger than the both of us, hell the club even. These guys… I’ve every reason to believe that they work for the government.”
“Why do ye think that?”

“You should’ve heard the shit they were saying when they assumed I was dead. Chibs, I was meant to be brought in for questioning. Whoever shot me was doing his best to cover it up. He mentioned something about his boss not going to like this. I must’ve startled them because he didn’t hesitate when he shot me. But I heard him freaking out afterward. The two guys he was with were helping him stage the area and were quick to haul ass. But not before setting the house on fire. I think that’s what pushed me to act so fast. I used my father’s knife to dig the bullet out and used the only thing that came to mind. And that was the iron my father was using when they shot him. He was ironing his uniform that day. I barely made it out before the entire house went up in flames. She lifted her pant leg revealing where the fire had caught her; when she wrapped her father’s comforter around her and leaped on out of the window.

“Jaysus…” Chibs said as he ran a finger over the area.

“It’s healing… Better than I thought it would. The scarring shouldn’t be too bad.”

Chibs nodded but looked to be in thought.

“Chibs, I never came here in plans of sticking around. I…”

He shushed her by putting his finger to her lips.

“The club has dealt with stickier situations. The government? That’s a fuckin’ cakewalk in comparison.”
“Chibs, it’s the government…”

“Aye and we’re the fuckin’ Sons of Anarchy. It might be government affiliated whatever they’re doing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ‘approved’. They killed a cop and his daughter or at least that’s what they assume. That right there is grounds for all kinds of trouble and something ye know damn well they don’t want gettin’ out ta the public. If they happen ta find yet then we’ll be more than happy ta give them a proper welcome. So ye just go on and make yourself right at home, darlin’. Yer not goin’ anywhere. I won’t let ye. I’ll get ye set up with a new ID and anything else ye need. And it might be best if ye were to change yer appearance.” But as he said this he was running his fingers through her hair.

Bella was quick to slap his hand away. She hopped on out of the bed.

“You have a wife… Girlfriend…. Whatever she is.” She whispered rather accusingly but with a flushed face.

“I do?” He said with this innocent state of mockery.

She nodded then backed herself into a corner.

“We have to watch how we act, Chibs. You could hurt her!”

He had to fight the urge to laugh. Same old Isabel… So damn innocent, at times it just fucking killed him.

“Something tells me she don’t care if she’s halfway down Tiggy’s pants.”

“Wait… What?!”

Chibs shook his head and chuckled.

“Ye have a lot to learn when it comes ta club business. Those women are nothing more than entertainers of sorts aka Crow Eaters.”

“Crow Eaters?!”

He nodded.

“Yer damn near cute with how innocent ye are…”

“CUTE?!” She scoffed looking highly offended and he nodded once again.

“Like I said, darlin’. Ye got a lot to learn.”
“No woman wants to be referred to as fuckin’ cute, you Irish douchebag! And are you admitting that you and that other pervert are sharing women?! That’s so fucking GROSS!”
Chibs recoiled realizing how that sounded but it was true, in a way. The club just didn’t think on it.

“Actually… I’m Scottish, but I was raised in Ireland.”

“I know what ye fuckin’ are!” She mocked causing him to rear back.

“And does being Scottish make you immune to crotch rot?”

“Asks the virgin…” He teased in return.

“Or so you assume.”

Chibs cocked a brow on this.

“Are ye sayin’ ye got ye finally got yer cherry plucked?”

She didn’t answer and Chibs nodded amongst himself.

“So who’s the lucky bastard? Was his name Doc Johnson?”
“You are such an ass!”

“On that we can agree. But yer also still a virgin…”

“How can you be so sure?!”

“I just know…”

“Well you’re wrong…”

Chibs froze.


She nodded looking rather peeved.

“You think that just because you moved on that I didn’t?”

“Aye now… This is turning a whole other direction. Ye know I’m just givin’ ye hell, darlin’. And if ye think that’s my way of movin’ on than ye haven’t a clue. And if ye got with someone else then it’s really none of my business. I wasn’t meanin’ ta start somethin’. But if ye did, it might be best if ye don’t tell me much else…” Chibs cleared his throat. “Look, why don’t ye get showered? I’ll talk to some of the girls and see what we can do about gettin’ ye some clothes and whatever else ye need.”

He didn’t give her time to respond as he was quick to leave the room.

When Bella exited the bathroom she jumped, then let out surprised gasp.

“Sorry…” The brunette voiced as she was sitting at the edge of the bed.

“The girls and I gathered a few things you might need. They’re yours to keep.”

Bella looked over and saw the clothes, feminine and bathroom products scattered about the bed.

“I appreciate the thought but this is too much. I can’t accept all this.”

“He said you’d say something along those lines. But he also said not to take no for an answer.

“Chibs…” Bella uttered with a groan.

“I think we’re about the same size!” The woman exclaimed as she held up one of the dresses.

“Anyhow… I’ll leave you to it.”
“Thank you.”

“If you need anything else, please just let me know. I’m Cherry by the way.”

“Thank you, Cherry.”

The young woman smiled.

“No problem, sweetheart. We should have a drink sometime.” She said before exiting the room.

Bella skimmed through the clothes and drew back the deepest of breaths.

“So it’s stripper wear or Daisy Duke… Awesome.” She muttered but felt a twinge of guilt the moment she had.

These women didn’t have to offer their clothes, but they did. And here she was… Acting like an ungrateful bitch because they weren’t quite ‘her’. She grabbed a pair of denim shorts, a black tank top, and some black boots. She figured these to be Cherry’s since she had on something similar. Once she tried them on, she realized they weren’t near as bad as she thought. Sure the shorts were a little shorter than she was used to but she didn’t think she looked too bad… She pulled her hair into a ponytail and did her best to find a place for everything. From the looks of things this was to be her sleeping quarters for a bit, which felt incredibly awkward. She wasn’t sure how she felt about sleeping on club grounds. When Bella exited the room someone whistled in a catcall like fashion. It was the man by the name of Tig Trager aka the perv. He nodded upon her and walked on over. The man circled her like a vulture would a carcass.

“You done?” She questioned, but with a rosy face.
“Far from it…”

Bella rolled her eyes and started to walk away.
“Ah now, don’t be like that… We were just getting to know one another.”
“Getting to know me is a very bad idea. Trust me.”

“Why don’t you let me be the judge of that?”

“Trager is it?”
“You can call me Tig, dollface.”
“Well Tig… How do you feel about genital warts?”

He reared back and Bella sighed.

“Yeah… They’re pretty bad. I shouldn’t have fucked that jock back in my heyday.”

Tig tilted his head and stole a glance towards her shorts.

“Imma thinkin’…”

After a few seconds passed he smiled.

“Nah… I’m willing to bet you’re perfect and bald. Prove me wrong. Show me those warts.”
Bella’s hand flew over her mouth as Chibs had Tig by the cut and was socking the shit out of him. He got right in his face afterward.

“Ye had better apologize to the lass and now.”
“What the…” Tig grunted and Chibs forced him back around so that he was facing her.

“Fine! I’m sorry you have genital warts!”

Bella couldn’t help but to cover her mouth in laughter. Chibs sighed then shoved him towards the club doors.

“Not this one…” He hinted with a cold stare.

Tig rolled his eyes and headed on out.

“Wasn’t that the VP?!” Bella whispered with a touch of fear in her eyes.

“More like the PB…”

“Prez’s Bitch…” He muttered with a wink.

Bella managed to laugh and Chibs seated her at the bar.

“Jackson’s the VP. Tig’s the Sergeant.” He clarified.


“Are ye hungry?”
“Yes actually.”

He nodded and made his way back behind the counter. He dug through the fridge and went on to make them both a sandwich. He tossed over a bag of chips and slid a soda her way.


Chibs thought on the irony. Bella had never realized it but she was the one taking care of HIM back in Forks. It was because of her that he ate regularly and didn’t drown himself in alcohol. His only reason for winding up in Forks in the first place was because he’d gone Nomad for a bit. He needed time to clear his head. It wasn’t just about him and Clay not seeing eye to eye, which seemed to be the constant as of late. But he’d gotten word of his wife and daughter’s brutal murder; through fault of Jimmy O’ and some sort of bad deal he had going. This was the very man that left Filip Telford those scars (hence the nickname Chibs). He had taken Chibs’s wife and daughter and made them his own. Even now Chibs had mixed feelings on what all took place. Part of him would always feel a twinge of resentment towards his estranged wife. It wasn’t long after his forced departure from Ireland that she admitted to having feelings for Jimmy. She even went as far as to say that he took good care of her and Kerrianne. She went on to say that he was a wonderful husband and father to THEIR daughter. That he always supplied them with everything they needed. It was like she’d forgotten what had happened in the first place. That or she just no longer cared. What hurt the most was losing a daughter he never got to know. He ran his fingers along the area of his heart where he’d had his daughter’s name tattooed.


He lifted his eyes and they locked onto the young woman that saved him a couple years back. It was because of her that he began to appreciate life all over again. And if it hadn’t been for her age and innocence, he’d have stolen her right out from her old man’s arms. Chibs was smitten and had been since she first walked into that garage and asked about those bikes he’d junked. She’d mentioned something about fixing them with a friend of hers. Only the two got to talking and it came so naturally, that they ended up fixing up the bikes themselves. It was he that taught her how to ride and they spent damn near everyday together. He remembered just how disappointed he had been on days where she didn’t show. Those days would drag and all he could focused on was work. Bella was never one to judge Chibs when he’d told her the truth behind who he was and what he did for a living. If anything, she seemed rather curious and kept asking him questions about his past, the club, and all about his tattoos. She was a sweet little thing with a bit of an edge. And that’s what had the man so smitten. She could be the most heartwarming person on earth. But if you pissed that girl off she’d take her claws to you and she wouldn’t let up until she had you begging for forgiveness. He’d seen this with Edward and Jacob. And yes, he knew the truth behind them as well. That only earned more of Chibs’s respect. She wasn’t afraid of them, not by any means. So much so she hadn’t any issues in decking the shit out of a shifter aka wolf and nearly breaking her hand in the process. And she damn near ran that vampire kid over when he came back asking if they could start over. If Chibs had his way he’d have killed them both. Little shites was what they were. HIS GIRL was way out of their league and they hadn’t a clue. She needed a real man. Someone that could keep up with HER! Not the other way around. She was a little pistol but with just enough innocence to drive a man to his knees. Those pouty lips of hers didn’t help. That made it all the worse when he had to leave. He knew he was an idiot for leaving a girl like that. What he wouldn’t give to go back and place her onto that fucking bike and haul ass out of there. He should’ve. But the girl was only 18 at the time. Chibs felt like a dirty old bastard as it was. She hadn’t even lived yet. The girl was still a god damn virgin. And she hadn’t a real clue when it came to how crazy his life was. He lived for the club. That’s all he knew. And to make matters worse. He was a criminal and her father was a PIG. The chief hated Chibs with a passion. Not that Chibs could blame him. As a father himself, he knew Charlie had every reason to shoot his sorry ass. Chibs was damn near his age. Charlie had grown suspicious as to his daughter’s whereabouts and followed her to the garage one day, while Chibs was working. And on the very day Chibs was about to deflower his precious ‘angel’. The sound of a shotgun had his dick crawling right on up his ass. At first it was a warning shot. But the moment Chibs spun around and Charlie saw that his little girl’s pants were down and past her knees, another shot was fired.

Bella screamed bloody murder. She was crying and letting her father have it as she went to help on to help him. That was one of the few times Chibs knew he couldn’t be mad, not at Charlie. He’d have done the same thing if he were in his shoes. Hell, he’d have done worse. Bella called her father every name in the book as Chibs walked her through saving his worthless hide. Charlie didn’t utter a word. He just stared him down and watched Chibs’s every move. But even after all that… Chibs couldn’t seem to stay away. All the more reason he decided it was time to head on back before Charlie put him out of his misery. He told Bella that the club needed him, which was partially true. But it had more to do with knowing that if he didn’t leave, he’d have ended up fucking her and turning her entire world upside down. No amount of bullets could keep him away. He had it bad.

“Is something wrong?”

Chibs shook his head and bit into his sandwich.

“Eat…” He ordered after chewing and swallowing.

Bella sighed and took a bite. It was his turn to take care of her now. Only this time… He wasn’t so sure he could let her go. Not this time round. It damn near killed him the last. Just the mere idea, had his gut twisted up in knots. And his heart had that funny dropping feeling. He chewed and swallowed that sandwich down knowing he was sooo fucking fucked. He wanted to kill Tig just for coming on to her. And that was just the beginning… Bella was sex on legs and she was sure to have every other brothers’ attention as well. Meaning he had to prepare for some fights, because he wasn’t about to let her become some fucking Crow Eater. He’d much rather die. But he thought back to what she must’ve seen when she came looking for him and recoiled yet again. He was on that couch getting his fucking dick sucked. Of all the times THAT’S when she decides to pay him a visit?! He let out a miserable laugh not realizing he’d done this out loud.

“You’re starting to worry me…” Bella uttered.

“Aye now, I’m fine…”

“Are you sure? Because you’ve been staring at that wall for like five minutes straight. I don’t think you’ve even blinked.”
Bella turned however as she heard what sounded to be a baby crying. Her jaw dropped as Jax had this little bundle in his arms.

“Jax has a baby?!”

Chibs smiled and nodded.

“Since when?!”

Jax had overheard this and chuckled. Sure, they’d hadn’t ‘officially’ met before all this. But Jax and Bella felt as if they’d known each other for years, thanks to Chibs. Jax was the only one Chibs had confided in about his time in Forks. Something Jax loved giving him hell over. Jax walked on over and showed his son off.

“He looks just like you! He’s freaking adorable, Jax!”

“Would you like to hold him?” Jax offered.
She nodded and he handed him over.

“His name is Abel.”

Bella would never comment on it. But she couldn’t help but to find Jax somewhat attractive. Okay… more than somewhat. She thought as Jax kissed the top of his son’s forehead. Something about that only made him seem sexier. However, he just wasn’t Chibs. No man would ever come close.

“Well hello there, Abel…” She said as she held him and breathed in that sweet baby smell.

“How old is he?”

“Going on 4 months now.”

Bella smiled in response.
“He’s so little… And look at those deep blue eyes.”

Jax retrieved a couple bottles of pills out from his cut and slid them on over. She looked to him in question.

“One of those is the antibiotics. Tara figured you might want something for the pain as well.”

“Please let her know I said thank you.”
“Will do.”

“How are you feeling by the way?”
“A lot better actually. The pain is still there but nowhere near as bad.”
“Good deal.”

Jax chuckled however as Abel wrapped his tiny hand around Bella’s finger.

“I think he likes you.”

“Well the feeling is mutual. Sorry Chibs, but I believe I’ve fallen for another.” She teased.

He sighed as if he were truly disappointed, but was somewhat taken back by her flirtatious vibe.

“Fraid I can’t blame ye…”

“There you are!” They heard and Bella looked over seeing an older yet knock out of a woman at the door.

She took off her shades and was marched on over.

“Mom…” Jax scolded looking somewhat embarrassed as she took Abel right out from Bella’s arms.

“He doesn’t know that woman and neither do I!”

“Sorry…” Jax groaned.

Bella managed to smile however as Chibs had already given her the play by play on Mrs. Morrow. Chibs cleared his throat and said the first thing that came to mind.

“Gem, this is Ava – my cousin from Ireland.”

Bella snapped him a look and he sent her a certain glare. As for Jax he had this stupefied look about him, but didn’t comment.

“Ava Rhiannon Fey.”

“I didn’t know you had family visiting!” Mrs. Morrow said with a smile.

Chibs nodded.

“So ye bought that?” He went on to say and Mrs. Morrow narrowed her eyes.

“Good!” Chibs announced with a shrug.

“Think we can get Clay to set up a meeting?”

Jax nodded in response.


“Don’t see why not.”
“The sooner the better. If we’re gonna help the little lass we got some things ta cover.”

“Help?” Mrs. Morrow nosily inquired.

“Mom…” Jax warned whilst shaking his head.

“Well if she needs help then let me help!”

Bella looked to Jax’s mother in surprise.

“Let me guess… New look? Clothes, haircut… the works?”

Chibs nodded and Bella had this deer caught in headlights appearance. Mrs. Morrow smiled with a touch of mischief behind it.

“I figured this much… Why don’t we let the boys play and you come with me? We’ll get you all set up, sweetheart.”

“Gem…” Chibs called out with a touch of desperation.

“She may or may not have some men looking for her. Keep on your toes and have a couple of the prospects go with you.”

“Got it…”

“As for you… Don’t you so much as go to the bathroom alone. You stay with Gem or the boys we’ll be sending.”
“Chibs…” Bella whispered and with that guilt-ridden expression.

“I can’t put her out like that or anyone else for that matter.”
“My mother won’t take no for an answer. And we’ll make certain you and my mother are safe.” Jax assured.

“This is wrong… Someone could get hurt or worse and it’ll be my fault.”
Chibs sighed and he dusted the breadcrumbs off his hands.

“Do ye mind givin’ us a minute?”
“Sure.” Mrs. Morrow said as she and Jax headed on out.

“Ye can’t keep runnin’. Ye need a place ye can call home. A place ye can keep hidden but in plain sight, if ye get my drift.”

“That’s impossible and you know it. I’d be putting everyone’s life at risk!”

“We’re a real MC… Meaning our lives are always at risk and ye know it. So does Gem. Everyone around here knows the potential price. But it’s like Jax said. We won’t let any harm come ta either of ye. I just need ye ta believe that. So ye go get yourself prettied up. Think of this as a new transition. Get that hair ye always wanted and whatever else ye lasses desire. And I went ye ta have fun with it. Don’t spend the entire time lookin’ over ye shoulder and actin’ paranoid. We got that part covered. I also have someone workin’ on those docs ye needed.”

“Is my name really going to be Ava?”

Chibs nodded.

“Who came up with that?”

“I thought it suited ye…” He murmured with a shrug.

“And cousin, really?!”

“Aye… I needed a way to explain yer sudden appearance in Charming.”
“Great, so we were kissing cousins…”
“Everyone has that one…”
“Um no, they don’t.”
“Okay. So would ye have felt better if I said ye were my sister?”

“Jesus, Chibs!”

He chuckled and took out his wallet. He threw down a couple of hundreds and a fifty.

“What’s that for?”

“Yer beauty day.” He said with a shrug.

“How much money do you think it takes to get your hair done?”

“Hell if know… But ye got a lot of it. And I figured ye might want some clothes that are of yer own pickin’… I’d keep the shorts though.” He said with a flirtatious wink.

“Perv…” Bella uttered.

“Biker…” He reminded.

Bella slid the money back over.

“It’s too much.”

Chibs rolled his eyes and her jaw dropped as he stuffed it into her bra.

“Aye now… It’s not like ye have a G-string ta stuff it in…”

“Is that what you want?” She taunted as he watched her walk away.


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    “Aye Lass come on you know you wanted to be rescued from work.” Chibs declared as he looked at me as I glared at the two bikers who had stormed into my work and declared an emergency and promptly escorted from the premises. “Jackie boy tell her.”

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    “I know Harley started it and I will read but if Juice who you I can’t believe you left to do my job I am going to get fired,” I stated as I sat down on the couch in the center of the clubhouse.

    “We won’t let that happen,” Jax said as he sat down beside her and handed her the laptop from the side table. “Why don’t you sit back relax and read for a little while you have 3 lovely chapters to review.”

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