Chapter 10 Housecall

Chapter 10

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“That’s strange…” Gemma remarked as there was no answer at the door.

She dug through her purse and retrieved the key to the house. Once she got the door open, they stepped inside. Gemma did a walk through and shrugged as she made her way back.

“Well I suppose the house is ours… for now.”

Chibs nodded and looked upon Ava in thought.

“Ye got a room she can rest up in?”


They followed Gemma down the hallway, to a spare bedroom in the far back. She opened the door and stepped aside.

“Make yourselves at home.”

Just as soon as she left, Chibs pulled the door to. He removed his shades and cut then set them on the dresser. Then man looked beat as he headed for the bathroom. Ava ran her fingers along the quilted comforter and looked around the room. She couldn’t believe that Gemma had grown up here. Everything was just so opposite of whom she was. Ava picked up a picture from the nightstand and smiled. It was Gemma as a child. She looked no older than eight maybe nine.

“This must’ve been her room…” Ava thought amongst herself.

Before long she heard the toilet flush and the sink going. The young woman placed the picture back down then sat at the edge of the bed. She undid the wrap around her ribcage and lay down but with a grimace. Her body was still pretty tender. When Chibs exited the bathroom he nodded upon her.

“Ye alright?”


The Scot walked on over and lay beside her. He needed to ice that area down and hit a hospital or something along those lines for more supplies. But the man was so tired he couldn’t keep his eyes open or even muster up the words. When Ava looked over he was sound asleep. She pecked him on the lips and curled up beside him.

“What are you doing?” Gemma questioned as she entered the dining area and saw that Tig was turning all her mother’s old dolls around.

“They were staring at me…”

The woman narrowed her eyes and cut him a baffled look.

“Dolls…,” he scoffed with a frown.

“Have something against my mother’s collection, Tiggy?”

He shook his head but didn’t answer.

“Can’t be any worse than what I found in that duffle bag…”

Tig looked towards the duffle bag across the way. Gemma reached over and pushed it towards him. He opened it and nearly fell out of his chair.

“Jesus! So that’s what she’s been hauling around, her ex’s head?!”

Gemma regarded Tig in disbelief.

“Surely you don’t mean the schoolgirl?”

“Oh yeah… she’s not near as sweet as she seems. She’s fucking demonic, that one. So when are you going to adopt her?” Tig taunted and Gemma smiled.

“Cute. I tell you what… If I adopt her, I’ll let you become her fucked up step daddy.”

Tig looked to Gemma with hope in his eyes. “Really?!” He wrapped a hand around his arm and Gemma walked on over. She took his shirt off and gazed upon the area she herself stitched up.

“Not bad, even if I say so myself.”

He smiled and kissed her hand.

“Ya did good, sweetheart.”

“You need something for the pain?” She asked whilst pointing to a bottle of Jack.

Tig put a hand over the area of his heart.

“Thought you’d never ask.”

Gemma laughed in response and brought the whiskey down from the fridge.

“Must be the little Gaudi’s, Dad was never much of a drinker.” She murmured as if in thought.

“So what’s the story behind that anyhow?”

Gemma poured them both a glass. She handed his over and took a sip before answering.

“You mean the Reverend?”

Tig regarded the woman in surprise.

“You mean…”

“Oh yeah, Daddy was a Reverend. I’m the daughter of a bona fide man of God. He lived and breathed it.”

“Now I’ve known you for how many years? And I never knew that…”

“You were too busy eye fucking me to even think about the personal stuff.” She uttered with a smirk.

Tig sort of laughed but nodded in agreement as he downed his whiskey. Gemma refilled his glass then lit up a smoke.

“And your mother?”

Gemma shrugged.

“I take it the two of you weren’t very close.”

“Let’s just say she died not too long ago and I had other plans the day of her funeral…”


Gemma nodded.

“I was pretty much the black sheep when it came to my family, even more so when I married JT. But when Clay entered the picture I was cast aside. I traded one Son for another as my mother put it. She hadn’t any issue in letting me know that I was nothing more than a biker whore.”

Tig chuckled on this.

“If only…”

Gemma cocked a brow on this and flicked her ashes into a nearby ashtray.

“That would mean I actually have a chance…”

“You and that dick of yours.”

Gemma glanced towards the room where Chibs and Ava were.

“So where do you stand on the whole schoolgirl fantasy?”

Tig took the cigarette from her hold and took a drag before handing it back.

“How do you mean?”

“Well, are you aching to hit that, like all the others?”

Tig got this uncomfortable presence about him and Gemma nodded.

“That’s about what I figured. Hell, if I had a dick I’d want a piece myself.”

“Now that would be hot as fuck!”

He cleared his throat however as Gemma gathered this teary eyed countenance. She pinched the bridge of her nose and drew back a quivery breath. Tig swallowed back on this.

“Come on now… Can’t you see it?”

“See what?” She snapped as the tears were making their escape.

“The reason HE’S so drawn to her. And it’s the same reason I was… It’s the looks, her mannerisms, and even the shit she says. She’s you, just a younger and little more naïve version, before the whole Clay corruption.”

“Corruption?” She scoffed with a snort.

“Oh yeah… You were a sweet little thing with an edge. But by the time he was done… You became this hardcore bitch with nothing but… And I gotta say as much as I love the sweet little thing… The bitch is what gets my dick hard and I’ll chase ya to the ends of this earth. I don’t care how much I annoy you. I know what I want, even if it’s not mutual.”

She finished her cigarette then leaned against his shoulder. Tig kissed the top of her head.

“You’ll get through this. It’s who you are. But I’m here, whenever you need.”

Tig drew back a breath however.

“You wouldn’t know what happened to my bike now, would you?”

Ava woke to Chibs caressing her cheek.


“Hey yourself…” she tiredly murmured.

“How ye feelin’?”

“A little stiff and sore but nowhere near as bad.”

He nodded and kissed her.

“We gotta get some ice on those ribs of yers. And I gotta make a run here soon.”


“We need some supplies…”

“Think you can find me a toothbrush?”

He chuckled on this.

“That concerned with yer oral hygiene, huh?”

“Well it is important. Do you want to kiss me with stink breath?”

“I’d kiss ye.”


“I’d just hold my breath…”

Ava popped him on the shoulder but winced directly after.

“See yer abuse is backfirin’.”


“Aye… Yer always hittin’ me, callin’ me names, and…”

Ava covered his mouth and rolled her eyes.

“I wasn’t aware of your whiny bitch side…”

Chibs’s looked to Ava in disbelief.

“Just ye wait… Ye won’t be covered in bruises fur forever. Payback’s a bitch.”

“And apparently so are you!”

“And ye got rot mouth!” He fired back and her jaw dropped.

He let out a good laugh as she tested this against the palm her hand and frowned.

“Ye make it too easy. And if ye ever call me a bitch again, I’ll tan yer little hide. I don’t care how sore ye are.”

She chewed on that bottom lip and he shook his head.

“Ye got problems. Ye know that, right?” But as he said this, he himself was growing hard in thought.

Chibs rolled on over and planted his hands along the mattress as he hovered over her. He kissed her and gave her a bit of a ‘teaser’ as he rubbed himself against her.

“I need ye ta get better so I can punish ye.”

Oh, do you now?”

He nodded as he took her wrists and pinned them down. He kissed along her neck then leaned into her ear.

“It’s that or I hafta kill ye.”

“Kill me?!” She mocked.

He nodded and went back to his trail of kisses.

“No one calls this Scot a bitch and lives ta tell aboot it.”

She giggled on this.

“So ye leave me no choice. I hafta find a way ta shut that yap of yers. I figure a good arse beatin’ and face fuckin’ should do the trick. I’ll keep yer mouth so busy, ye won’t know what hit ye. Not until yer havin’ yer dessert.”

Chibs cocked a brow as she let out a bit of a moan. He loved getting her that riled up. He was discovering all sorts of things when it came to his sweet Ava Fey. As for his reason for picking that particular name, it just rolled right off the tongue and it fit her too perfectly.

“Ava…” He whispered in full on lust.

He shook his head then put his forehead to hers.

“Nice and slow…,” he hinted as he unfastened his jeans.

He pulled her shorts and panties down. He paused once he was inside.

“That hurt?”

She shook her head no.

“Don’t ye let me hurt ye. I mean it. I’ll do all the work but if gets ta be too much…”

“Chibs… I love you but could you talk less and get to fucking?”

Chibs got this wide ass grin about him.

“Ask and ye shall receive…,” he uttered as he began to thrust.

He kept it nice and slow, just as he said he would. Something about it felt so good. He kissed whatever he could reach and took his time worshipping her. The Scot didn’t comment when she got somewhat emotional. She wrapped her arms around him and had her face buried into his shoulder. If anything, he understood. They’d been put through the ringer as of late and it seemed as if everyone and everything was out to destroy what they had. But the way he saw it? It only proved just how fucking stubborn they were. Nothing was getting in their way. He kissed her and the kissing only grew more intense. Chibs let out a bit of a grunt as he blew his load. The door to the bedroom flew open and the sound of a gun being fired had Chibs rolling on off the bed. He had Ava in his hold and shield her body with his own.

Get off my daughter you son of a…”

“NO!” Gemma hollered from down the hall.

Another shot was fired and it barely missed Chibs’s head. Ava gasped back and struggled beneath him. But he wouldn’t let up.

“Dad! What are you doing?”

When Chibs peered over his shoulder and saw that Gemma, an older man, and Tig were standing at the doorway. He sighed but stayed put, not wanting Ava exposed.

“Do ye mind?” He called out and Gemma sent him an apologetic glance.

“I’m so sorry.”

She had the shotgun in hand and was ushering her father on out of the room.”

“Did you see what that bastard was doing to my little girl?!”

Chibs narrowed his eyes on this. Once the door was pulled to, he came to his feet. He helped Ava to hers. Her eyes were watering and she was wheezing in attempts to catch her breath.

“Ahhhh hell.” The Scot murmured.

He laid her on the bed and went on to examine her.

“…shite…” He whispered whilst shaking his head.

WHEN DOES IT STOP?! He shouted in that mind of his. Chibs was quick to get her dressed and he tucked himself away. He knew it was the fall that did it. And adding his weight didn’t help matters.

“I need ye ta keep calm and focus. Nice, steady, breaths… Ye got it?”

She nodded but had this panicked look about her. Chibs was quick to scoop her up and he rushed on out the door.

“What’s wrong?!” Gemma and Tig chorused.

“She’s done punctured a lung!”

“SHIT!” Gemma uttered.

He nodded and Gemma was struggling to keep her father calm as well. The older man regarded Ava and Gemma in confusion.

“What have I done?! I hurt my little girl!”

Chibs wanted to be mad but couldn’t. He saw it for what it was. It wasn’t his fault. The man was suffering from a bad case of Alzheimer’s. He truly believed Ava to be Gemma. And Chibs could see it in Gemma’s eyes. It was killing her. But he couldn’t focus on that now.

“I haven’t a choice… I gotta take her in.”

“But she’ll end up in their database and they’ll find her.”

“I know but if I don’t…” He trailed off and went back to showing Ava how to breathe.

“Keep it steady… I can’t have ye hyperventilating on me.” Chibs reminded.

Gemma looked to her father’s caretaker then back to Chibs.

“Does that require surgery?”

“More than likely…” He uttered and went to grab Gemma’s keys.

“And if you and our little nurse friend team up…?”

The nurse had this frightful mien about her and shook her head.

“Nah… she needs a doc.”

Gemma sighed.

“I was afraid you’d say that… How much time we talking?”

Chibs laid Ava down and checked on her vitals.

“Hard ta tell…”

“Look, just give me an hour and I’ll get you that doctor.”

Chibs looked to Ava and took her by the hand.

“Ye think ye can hold on that long, darlin’?”

She nodded and he brushed her hair back.

“Alright. But ye had better hurry. If yer not back within the hour I’m takin’ her in. Even if that means I have ta hold an entire hospital hostage in order ta do so. I ain’t riskin’ her life, Gem.”


Chibs jotted down a list of things they would need such as a portable oxygen tank etc… But the caretaker looked over and pointed to a few of the items on the list.

“I have some of those, right here.”

Chibs regarded the woman in surprise.

“Alright… Well mark off whatever ye already have.”

The woman nodded and checked the list over. She was able to mark out at least half the list.

“Yer sure ye got all that?”

“Yes. I can show you if you’d like…”

Chibs made the gesture and she led him into the basement where she kept everything. He nodded looking rather stunned.

“Ye use all this?!”

“When needed…”

“Huh… Well, alright then.” He uttered and checked on a couple of the tanks. He wanted to make a hundred percent sure everything was on the up and up.

Once they returned from the basement, Gemma looked to her father’s caretaker.

“You’re not to let him out of your sight. I can’t believe you let him near a gun in the first place. You and I will be having words…” Gemma grabbed her purse and darted on out the door.

They could hear the tires squealing as she hauled ass out of there.

Tig stayed quiet but brought Chibs a chair. Chibs gave a simple nod as he sat down and took Ava’s hand. He kissed it then brought it to his forehead as he looked to the ground. It was literally one thing after another. And his old lady was getting the worst of it. She couldn’t catch a break. He’d much rather it be him. That he could deal with. But this… was eating him alive. The whole point of bringing her here in the first place was so she could have a place to recover. Yet here she was… Death’s bitch. Something Chibs had always felt bitter about. It’s like the motherfucker was playing games with her… And he had been since she was first born. He gritted his teeth in thought. It wasn’t right. And he feared the day the reaper came to finish the job and had the last laugh. What he wouldn’t give to take the bastard on. One reaper against another…He wasn’t taking his girl. Not a chance in HELL!

“I told you not to get mixed up with them. This is what killed your mother!” Gemma’s father called out and with tears in his eyes.

Chibs peered back and lifted his head the Reverend’s direction.

“Can’t you just leave her be?! Why do you insist on taking EVERYTHING away from me? Can’t you see… she’s just a kid!”

The nurse sent Chibs this apologetic glance and escorted Mr. Madock to another room.

The Scot swallowed back as the chief came to mind. And even with the knowledge of it being the Alzheimer’s talking, it rubbed Chibs wrong. It took all will not to punch him in the face. He forced that anger back and glanced upon Ava once again. Charlie had made it perfectly clear… He hated Chibs Telford and if he ever came across him in a darkened alley, he wouldn’t think twice about killing his sorry ass. He’d make up whatever story he had to when it came to his daughter. Then again, Charlie had it all wrong. But as a father… Chibs couldn’t blame him. He knew what it looked like. A man his age… And it was then something else dawned on him. Chibs pinched his eyes shut and gathered this rather grave expression.

“What?!” Tig called out in alarm.

“Taday’s her birthday…”

Tig reared back on this. Chibs regarded Ava with a sigh.

“I’ll make it up ta ye, lass. I promise.”

It wasn’t like him to EVER forget, even during those few years apart. He found himself at the church on the 13th of every September. He’d light a candle and spend a good hour or two just sitting in one of the pews thinking about her and wondering how she was.

Ava shook her head.

“Don’t…” She scolded and he sighed yet again.

“I can’t help it… This isn’t how ye should be spendin’ it. I’d other plans…” He hinted and he truly meant it.

But with everything going on it literally slipped his mind. He was so focused on keeping her safe and thinking about the wedding, he hadn’t the chance to even think about her birthday. Not that it mattered with them being on the run. Still, this wasn’t the way he wished to acknowledge it.

“If it makes you feel any better I forgot too.”

Chibs raised his brows on this.

“Ye forgot yer own birthday?”

“Well yeah…” She uttered behind a painful wheeze.

He shook his head and gave her hand a bit of a squeeze.

“What are ye feelin’ right now?”

“Like I have a knife in me…”

Tig grimaced and Chibs was doing his best to keep his cool.

“It’s best if ye don’t talk. Just focus on those nice steady breaths.” He said as he caressed her cheek.

“We’ll get ye squared away.”

Ava nodded but Chibs could see the fear in her eyes. And he knew he wasn’t masking his own very well. This could turn out to be a total disaster, if they weren’t careful. He hadn’t a clue about the doctor Gemma had in mind. But one thing was certain… If she didn’t show, he wasn’t lying about holding one of the local clinics or hospitals hostage. He looked to the time in thought. He knew that was the only alternative, if it came to that. Otherwise, the agents would get word of her arrival and they’d be there within the matter of minutes. If he went to prison, then so be it. He’d do whatever it took to keep her alive and kicking.

Chibs paced the area as Ava who was struggling to breathe became worse. The pain was written all over her face. He glanced at the clock.

“Can ye get me one of those oxygen tanks and I need a room prepped up for surgery.”

The caretaker reared back on this.

“You want me to prep?!”

“Aye and ASAP…”

“Look, whatever this is… I don’t want any part of it. I offered you supplies that’s as far as my involvement goes. I’m here to take care of Mr. Madock and that’s it.”

Chibs gave a mere nod. He took the nurse by the arm and dragged her into the kitchen. He backed her up against the fridge then leaned into her ear.

“If my girl dies… I’m burying TWO bodies tonight.”

The caretaker’s jaw dropped.

“Did you just threaten me?!”

“No lass, that’s a promise. So I’d do whatever I tell ye!”

Once she left the room, Chibs returned to the living room and regarded Mr. Madock with concern. He was sitting in his recliner, looking utterly lost. There was just too much going on and all at once. The Scot found it hard to focus.

“Keep an eye on him…” Chibs said as he glanced Tig’s direction.

Tig nodded as Chibs scooped Ava up and went to get her prepared.

Chibs draped a single white bed sheet across Ava as all he had her in was a bra and panties.

“I’m gonna be right there. They won’t make a move without my knowledge or say so.”

“This is crazy…” Ava said behind a shiver.

“Ava, if ye want ta go ta the hospital. We can do that. Hell, I’m startin’ ta think I should’ve taken that route after all. Yer right…” He sighed and adjusted the oxygen tank.

He showed her how to breathe by making an example of himself. But the more he looked around the room and back to Ava, the more doubtful he became. He shook his head.

“Fuck it… I’m takin’ ye in.”

“You can’t.”

“What choice do we have? You yerself said this was crazy and yer right. Look around ye?! What the fuck are we doin’? Ava darlin’, I can’t play with yer life like this! And even at that… Ye deserve better than this shite!”

He gritted his teeth and lifted her off the bed.

“Please… Don’t.” Ava pleaded as he was handing the tank to the nurse.

He ignored this and was about to head on out when the door to the room they were in opened. He reared back as it was Gemma but it was WHO she was with that had the Scot flabbergasted.

“What’s she doin’ here?!” He spat.

“You needed a surgeon so I went and got the best one I know.”

“Yer shite’n me! Ye think I’m gonna let that backstabbin’ bitch touch my Ava?! Yer out of yer motherfuckin’ mind!”

“Well it’s either that or you get in that car and drive two hours in order to get her the proper care she needs!” Gemma fired back.

“Two hours?!”

“That’s the closest hospital! And it just so happens to be the one Tara works at. She lives just a little over half an hour from here and she has to drive an hour and half in order to get to and from work. I had to break a million laws in order to get her here as fast as I did!”


“So as you can see. This bitch is our only hope. And rest assure I already gave her the rundown. She knows what’s to come of her if something happens to Ava, while under her care.”

Gemma nudged Tara after she said this.

“Don’t you?!”

Tara rolled her eyes but nodded. Chibs placed Ava back onto the bed. But shocked everyone in the room as he walked on over and backhanded Tara.

“Don’t ye go and roll yer eyes. Ye haven’t a clue. I thought of ye as family and ye done ripped my boy’s heart out. Then ye just had ta go and mess with my girl! So I had better not see ye roll them eyes again. If ye go as far as ta sass ANYONE in this room. I’ll slap ye like the little wench ye are. Do we have an understandin’?”

She nodded.

“Good. Now I’ve got her prepped so she’s ready ta go. If I pick up ANYTHING fishy from yer end, ye had better pray ta GOD that I let ye live when I’m done with ye.”

Chibs observed as Tara finished. He was relieved to know that Ava’s lung hadn’t fully collapsed. They got to it just in the nick of time. Chibs reached over and cut the thread to the last stitch. He and the caretaker served as Tara’s aids the entire time. And just as promised, he watched her every move. Tara took off her gloves and headed into the bathroom. Chibs took it upon himself to check over Ava’s vitals.

“That’s strange…” The caretaker whispered as she had just washed up and was patting herself down.

Chibs regarded the woman in question.

“My cellphone… I could’ve sworn I had it…”

The Scot cranked his head towards the bathroom where Tara had gone. He stopped what he was doing and took off. Chibs put his head up against the bathroom door. He nodded amongst himself and took a couple steps back. He kicked at the doorknob then flung his entire body up against the door. Tara let out a gasp as the door came crashing down. Without another thought, Chibs took out his gun and fired. The bullet hit the wall and with a bloody show.

Tara?! Hello?!”

Chibs shook his head upon the all too familiar voice. Just as he bent down to pick up the phone. Someone screamed out but it was quickly silenced by another bullet. Chibs peered back and Tig gave a mere nod as the caretaker’s body lay amongst the floor as well now. The Scot drew back a breath and put the phone to his ear.

It would be wise if ye’d just pretend this phone call never happened…”


Aye… I just need ye to go aboot yer day.”

What did you do…?”

Chibs regarded Tara and the caretaker’s bodies then looked to Tig.

What had ta be done. Now yer gonna hang up the phone and we’ll discuss this face ta face whenever I get back.”

Jesus Christ… Please tell me you didn’t…”

Chibs hung up the phone. He dropped it then smashed it into a million pieces with his boot. He paced the area a bit then punched at a nearby cabinet. Tig swallowed back as his entire fist went through it. He ripped it out then looked to Tig with full on desperation.

“I just killed Jackie!”

Tig recoiled.

“JAYSUS!” Chibs shouted as he glanced towards the doc’s body.

“You didn’t have a choice.”

“I know that and so do you. But he won’t! GOD DAMMIT!”

Chibs kicked at the doc’s body.

“Ye fuckin’ bitch why’d ye hafta go and pull that shite! Ye would’ve been free ta go!”

Gemma peered into the bathroom wondering what all the fuss was about. She shook her head and let out a sigh.

“I need a drink…” She murmured.

But the moment she saw Chibs she winced. The man was broken as he just stood there staring at Tara’s lifeless body. They jumped as Chibs fired his gun yet again. He unloaded every shell he had into her body. When he finished he looked to Tig.

“Call the cleaner. Let him know we got two…”

Tig nodded but regarded Chibs with utmost concern. Just as Chibs was to exit the bathroom Mr. Madock was about to enter the room. Chibs was quick to slam the door and he stopped the Reverend.

“What’s going on?! What have you done to my little girl?!”

Chibs backed the older man into a corner and he grabbed him by the collar.

“I’m takin’ care of it, just as I always do! As fur yer little girl… I’ve been takin’ care of her. Just as I told ye I always would!”

“Chibs…” Gemma called out and he looked over.

She inched her way over and put a hand along his shoulder. Once he realized what he was doing he dropped his hold. He wasn’t talking to Mr. Madock. No. He was talking to the chief.

“I’m sorry…” he said as he promptly exited the area.

Tig and Chibs watched as the cleaner measured the two women and was getting everything set up. He named a few things he needed and Chibs showed him that they were already within the room. The cleaner looked to the items in the basement and nodded.

“I’m in the mood for some music, 80s preferably.”

Tig nodded.

“You got it.”

The boys got the man situated then left him to his work. Gemma had gotten her father down for the night and pulled the door to. Chibs nodded upon her.

“Everything alright?”

She smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Everything’s just fine… And he’ll be fine. He doesn’t remember a thing.”

Chibs nodded and leaned against the wall. He retrieved a couple cigarettes from his cut and handed one over. He lit hers up then got his started as well.


“But how are ye doin’?” He hinted with a wave towards her father’s bedroom.

“He seems to think Ava’s still his daughter and I’m his new caretaker… But other than that? Just peachy as your little schoolgirl would say.”

Chibs sort of laughed.

“So ye picked up on that too.”

“Oh yeah… I might start using that one myself.”

The Scot glanced towards the room Ava was in.

“I’d better get in there. I don’t want her wakin’ up alone…”

“It’ll get better… You know that, right?”

Chibs regarded the woman in thought.

“I suppose I should be sayin’ the same ta ye…”

“But we’re too stubborn for that shit.”

Chibs smiled but said nothing as he headed into the room.

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    Back to Gemma. So hiding out at Gemma’s childhood home yeah that is a crazy one. *snorts* Tig so scared of dolls. Ava’s bag for the head. Ava would take over from Gemma. Preachers kid! I knew there was a reason Gemma is SOOO out there. Yeah you should have kicked Clay to the curb a way long time ago. But you just couldn’t give up that power could you Gemma. Oh yeah! Chibs and Ava back to light hearted banter. *blinks* oh bossy Ava…NSFW scene…yeah can’t comment on that here since I am doing the look all busy while working. Talk about cockblocking! DON’t Shoot CHIBS! *Read faster Jax!!* Surgery this will not be good. Punctured lung. OH NO tell me you aren’t going to bring HER… No Jax you can skim that for me do I really need to bring her back into this. I think Ava has been sharing my bad luck fairy. Goodness I just had an image in my head of Chibs standing off against a reaper from Supernatural. He would sooo win that battle. Her birthday….dang Harley…what are you trying to do cruse the girl for life?? I want to forget mine too. I now have anniversaries of my 30th birthday! Sounds better to me. Oh man didn’t they make a movie about that desperate father taking over hospital to get his son surgery? Searching IMDB. *Wait Jax you know I have to know everything! OH Yeah I remember JOHN Q…okay you may read again*. Oh yeah lady the Scotman’s promises are sometimes very scary. Oh fuckity fuck you did it. You better have a good reason! How the heck did Gemma convince her to do that? Never mind I don’t even want to know. Can I have a picture of HER face after those threats!! REALLY? Wait back up read that again. You. SHE. OH YES!!!! Party! She did it she did it. By by Witchface. *happy dance on the table* I am glad that one is gone. *oh I am sorry Jax let me give you a hug to make you feel better. That had to hurt you. No I will not sniff you like I did last time. Jax raised his eyebrow at her. Okay we all know that is a lie so we know we would all sniff Jax cause he has to smell dreamy. Wonder what it would be. Okay FOCUS. Back to reading* Crud she was on the phone who was she talking to? Is Deputy Doright still alive? Yeah Jackie boy is going to either go well or really bad. Oh man the psycho looking cleaner dude. The stories he could tell. Oh that is such a short chapter. I love them all each and every word that you craft together for us into such beautiful words! *Don’t I look all nice and efficient at work just sitting here typing away I am sure that they think I am really mad at someone as I do the angry fast typing*

    1. *snorts* I adore you and your reviews. Always puts a smile on my face. Annnnd now I have that image in my head Chibs taking on a reaper. Reaper against reaper and he would so easily win. Don’t piss off a Scotsman! LOL

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