Chapter 13 Take Me To Church

Chapter 13 Take Me To Church

I do not own Twilight or SOA.  The house mentioned… is not the one Bella and Charlie were living in. You’ll see in later chapters. Sorry for any confusion!

“Yer not fallin’ asleep on me, are ye?”

“I could…” Ava admitted as she sitting in Chibs’s lap and snuggling up against him.

Chibs waved one of the prospects over.

“Get us a couple beers.”

The prospect nodded and hurried off.

“I thought you were going to have me working the bar?”

“On our weddin’ night?!” Chibs taunted and Ava laughed.

“No, I mean you said something awhile back about Jax owing you a favor and how I was going to work the bar.”

Chibs frowned on this.


“Yes you did.”

“I changed my mind.”

“So what am I going to do about a job?”

“Do ye really need one?”

“Well yeah…”

“Nah… I got it covered.”


“If ye want ta work, go fur it. I ain’t stoppin’ ye. I’m just lettin’ ye know ye don’t need one. I will tell ye ta wait until we get everythin’ sorted out first.”

“I can’t imagine just sitting at home every day. I’d go stir crazy.”

He nodded in understanding.

“Well ye have more than yer fair share of work, fur now.” He hinted as to the house itself.

The prospect handed their beers over.

“And what do ye have in mind?”

“What do you mean?”

“Fur a job?”

“I thought about filling out an application with Cara Cara.”

“Ah… Did I not tell ye that I was the cast and director?”

“Are you now?”

He nodded.

“I’ll have ta take ye to the sofa room. Test ye out and see what ye got.”

“You already know what I got.”

“Aye, but there’s some moves we haven’t gone over and I need ta make certain ye got that shite down.”


“Oh yeah… There’s a lot ta go over. We should get that squared away and we need ta talk about yer wardrobe fur the interview itself.”


“Aye… I was thinkin’ somethin’ plaid and short. Maybe some of those knee high stockings. Oh and I broke my last ruler… So, I’m gonna need ye ta bring one of those along as well.”

“Ruler?! So… teacher?!”

Chibs cocked a brow and pointed to his president patch.

“Try principal.”

“But I’ve never been sent to the principal’s office before.” She said in this kittenish manner, one that had Chibs bucking off the chair a bit.

The Scot looked around the room. Donna had taken the kids home and Abel was with Gemma. Since this was technically the wedding/presidential party it was just the Sons along with a few Crow Eaters/old ladies. Once he saw that the coast was clear, he ran a hand up along her skirt. He gave a few teasing rubs against her panties. The scent of her arousal had his eyes rolling back and those panties of hers were soaked.

“… fuck Ava…” He whispered in longing.

He cleared his throat and kept an eye out as he went on to finger her. Chibs leaned into her ear.

“I want ye ta cum, right here, Ava darlin’.”

The young woman sent him a bashful glance.

“No one’s payin’ us any attention.” He murmured whilst slipping another finger inside.

He had her straddling him as he pumped them back and forth. Ava came so hard she left a puddle, right on the area of his crotch.

“Jaysus…” Chibs whispered as he removed his fingers.

“Hold on…” He muttered as he wrapped her arms around his neck.

He shot to his feet, and darted into the nearest room. Ava looked to him in surprise as it was the ‘meeting room aka the chapel’. Chibs laid her down on the table and lifted her skirt. He shook his head as he gawked upon those white panties of hers. She was so wet he could see right through them. Ava went to comment about the room they were in, but covered her mouth in a gasp as he was licking her panties. He breathed her in and let out a heady moan.

“Good God, that pussy…” He murmured whilst taking her panties off.

He propped her legs up then spread her further apart. He took a moment to appreciate the view then went on to tease her. He gave a few licks here and there and rubbed his fingers along her slit.

“Chibs…” She pleaded.

“Hm?” He hummed while watching her every move.

Before long, he had her humping the air and squirming about the table.

“Something wrong?” He taunted with a touch of a smirk.

She bit down on that lower lip and arched that back of hers.

“If ye want somethin’ then ye had better tell me…”

The Scot raised his brows as Ava went on to pleasure herself and with this sly grin. He nodded and unbuckled his belt.

“Keep goin’…,” he encouraged as he brought his cock out and played along.

Ava was so turned on by what she was seeing that she coming nonstop. Chibs gritted his teeth and came across her pussy. He shook his head directly after.

“I’m gonna need more than that.” He uttered and went on to give her a thorough fucking.

By the time they finished, they were covered in sweat and could barely breathe. Chibs chuckled as Ava just lay there. He retrieved a couple cigarettes from his cut. He started one for her then handed it over. He went on to light his own and it was then he realized what ‘room’ they were in. “Ah hell… I done took yer arse ta church.” He said as he took a drag off that cigarette and sort of laughed.

“Not a word of this ta anyone, it’s more of an unspoken rule. Ye don’t fuck where ye preach.”

But as the Scot said this, he thought of the irony. He couldn’t count how many times he’d fantasized about sitting behind that gavel and having his old lady down on her knees sucking him off. In fact, many of fantasies were brought on by this very room and each of them involved his sweet Ava and her succumbing to him. He couldn’t explain his reason behind it, but it was there and even BEFORE he became president. Ava brought out that dominating side and it seemed to be heightened with that president patch of his. He offered Ava a hand. They had no words as they smoked their cigarettes and eyed one another off and on. Chibs finished his cigarette then dropped into a nearby ashtray.

“So ye feel any different?”

Ava regarded him in question.

“Bein’ hitched and all.”

“Not really, you?”

“Nah… I think we were pretty much there anyhow, if ye get my drift. Guess I should’ve proposed the day ye came ta the shop.”

Ava snorted on this.

“Oh, I could just imagine…”

“Right? I think I had ye corrupted enough that ye were already a Telford when I left.”

“So you’re admitting to leaving a wife behind?!” She mocked with a fake gasp.

“Well ye know what they say?”

“And what’s that.”

“If ye love somethin’, set it free. If it comes back it yers, if not, it was never was.” But he said this with Fiona in mind as well.

She hadn’t any intentions of coming back. Even with him going out his way to figure out a plan.She’d let it known that she was staying in Ireland and with no plans of leaving Jimmy. But Ava… she wasn’t one to back down. Chibs knew she’d stick it out till the very end, just as he would. Chibs handed Ava’s panties over and she slipped them back on. He brought her down then helped to get her clothes ‘adjusted’.

“Ye reek of sex…” He murmured with a smirk.

“So do you.”

“Hell, I’d bathe in it if I could.” He said with a wink.

“Let me make certain the coast is clear and I’ll let ye head out first.”

Ava nodded as he cracked the door open then motioned her over.

“Just head on out and wait fur me by the Harley.”

Normally, he wouldn’t care what anyone thought. But it was his first day as president, first day of marriage (at least to Ava), and he’d done fucked his old lady in the chapel. He chuckled amongst himself. He had no shame in what he’d done, but he didn’t wish to dishonor his boys by shoving it in their faces either. Chibs cleaned up a bit and gave it a few minutes before he exited the room.

“Ye ready?” Chibs questioned once he got to the bike.

“Where we going?”

“Well I doubt ye wanna go back ta the house and the other isn’t ready yet. Thought we’d just grab a hotel fur the night, considerin’ Jax and Michaela are back ta fuckin’.”


“Aye, I saw them headin’ that way just as I exited the clubhouse.”

Ava snorted on this. Chibs placed his helmet on her.

“Just kept skirt of yers intact. Ye don’t wanna lose it on the road.” He uttered while wiggling his brows.

“You’d enjoy that a little too much.”

“Oh yeah…” He admitted with a wide grin.

“We got a tail…” Chibs called out about halfway to the hotel.

Ava looked back seeing it to be the deputy.

“We don’t have much choice…”

“Aye…” He said with much hesitance and pulled on over.

The deputy parked right behind them and exited the car. He flashed his light in their faces and circled the bike.

“Ye wanna tell me what this is aboot?” Chibs questioned with sheer on annoyance.

“I need to ask your old lady a few questions.”


“That’s between us.”

He made the gesture for Ava to follow him. The young woman sighed, but followed him to the car. Once he had her inside, he leaned back and looked to be in thought.

“Would you mind getting to those questions? We have plans…”

“Where’d you run off to?”

“Excuse me?”

“I came by the clubhouse a few days ago. You weren’t around and when I asked where you were Jackson said you’d left town for a little while.”

“That’s really none of your business, now is it deputy?”

“Actually it is. You see I came by for a reason.”

“That being?”

“Tara Knowles…”

Ava’s heart skipped a beat, but she kept her cool.

“What about her?”

“Well for starters, she’s missing.”

“I thought she moved…” Ava said with a dismissive shrug.

“She did, but her coworkers say she hasn’t been to work in nearly two weeks.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, but I don’t see what this has to do with me.”

“Well you two weren’t exactly on ‘friendly’ terms.”

“So? Is that a crime?”

“Her sudden disappearance doesn’t look very good on you, considering it wasn’t very long ago she had a restraining order against you. And for whatever reason it was lifted… with no real explanation. Then she up and moved and now she’s missing… You see where I’m going with this?”

“Yep. You’re making allegations!”

“Not exactly… I’m just putting the facts out there.”

“Well if you were smart, you’d realize that Tara acted first on each of those claims of hers. She’s nowhere near the angel you make her out to be.”

The deputy nodded and reached back. He grabbed a folder and set it in her lap.

“Neither are you… Isabella Swan.”

Ava swallowed back on this and opened the folder. She laughed as she read it over and saw that her old birth certificate, driver’s license, and transcripts from Forks High School, etc… were in that folder.

“So how many rules did you break in order to get ahold of these? You do realize that house is under my name? I don’t remember seeing a warrant, so that’s breaking and entering right there.”

“So you think you know the law since ‘daddy’ was cop?”

“Cute… Look, buddy, you don’t have shit and you know it. You’re grasping at straws and need somewhere to point the finger. Well you can point all you want, but it doesn’t make it right. So I’m going to step out of this car now and go about my night.”

Ava placed her hand along the handle. He reached over, stopping her.

“You wanna move your hand there?”

He sighed, but stayed put.

“Do they know?”

“Does who know what?” She spat with sheer on annoyance.

“That you were supposed to show up for police academy back in Seattle?”

Ava glanced towards Chibs and recoiled. The deputy nodded.

“How would they feel about that?”

“I wouldn’t know and that was at a different time in my life.”

“Before or after that one came into the picture?”

“Once again, that’s none of your business. I’m sorry about your little girlfriend coming up missing, but this hasn’t anything to do with me and I don’t appreciate the harassment. I know my rights and I could have your badge for this.”

“You’ve taken on another alias and illegally…”

“And I have my reasons. And if I were you… I’d drop this conversation and move along.”

“Is that a threat?”

“Now why would I go and threaten a cop?” Ava said with a touch of mockery.

“Because you have the means to back it up.” He said with a gesture towards Chibs.

“I see that he’s president now. That raises the bar when it comes to being an old lady, now doesn’t it? You’ll have the entire club wrapped around your little finger; just another Gemma in the works.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing…” Ava said with a touch of a demonic smile.

This had the deputy rearing back.

“Jesus…” He uttered and Ava gave a mere nod as she went on to open the door.

“Do have yourself a wondrous night, Deputy Hale.”

He shook his head as she slammed the door and strutted back towards the bike. Just as soon as she hopped on, Chibs revved the engine and hauled ass out of there.

Chibs gritted his teeth and shook his head once Ava explained what the deputy was pulling. Only she left out the part about the police academy. She didn’t see the point in diving into all that. There was a time she thought about following in her father’s footsteps and that was around the time Chibs had left Forks. She thought she’d never see him again and that’s when she decided on giving the academy a whirl. Only the week of… was the very week the agents killed her father and she headed to Charming.

“Ye ain’t takin’ the blame fur somethin’ I did.”

“Just slow down there… He’s firing with no ammo. That’s what they do. He wants to shake things up and scare us into letting something slip.”

Chibs paced the area and combed his hair back with his fingers.

“Chibs, seriously everything’s fine. He’s just rattling the cage.”

“I can’t believe he went as far as ta break inta yer old house!”

“Like I said he’s desperate. If he truly had something; I’d be behind bars about now. Why do you think he kept it between us, instead of bringing me to the station? He already knows that he fucked up in pulling what he did. And you know he acted alone. I seriously doubt Wayne was involved.”

“He had better hope not.” The Scot murmured.

“Look, just promise me if something happens and I do get brought in, that you’ll keep your cool.”

Chibs pulled a face on this and Ava sighed.

“Dammit, Chibs… I’m going to need that promise. I can’t have you busting down the doors and giving your confession. We gotta play this right. So I just need you to trust that if it comes to that… that I know what I’m doing and will find a way out of it. I know the system and how things are ran.”

“And if something happens and ye end up doin’ time fur somethin’ I did?!”

“I won’t… They might toss me in a cell for a couple days, just long enough to ruffle some feathers. But they have nothing and we both know that. Prison? That’s a long shot, even for you. I cleaned up whatever was left myself and we rid of the watch. There’s nothing left.”

“And wasn’t it ye that said there’s no such thing as riddin’ all evidence?” He uttered with a smirk.

“Don’t be a smartass…”

“Hmm” he hummed as he ran his hand along her ass.

“Ye might wanna go and shower before I end up wreckin that all over again.”

“Is that supposed to entice me?”

“Ava….,” he warned.

The Scot wasn’t kidding. He knew he’d end up leaving that pussy of hers raw. She had him too riled up and part of it had to do with her being his wife now. There was this strong sense of pride and along with that came this animalistic side. He felt the need to mark what was his and all he could think about was fucking her over and over again, until he was shooting nothing, but blanks. Ava laughed and headed into the bathroom. Chibs looked down and shook his head as he was rocking another hard on. He pinched his eyes shut and did his best to talk it down.

The sheriff pulled up to the hotel room and Chibs gave a mere nod as he was already waiting outside. He flicked his cigarette bud onto the ground then stomped it out directly after. He walked on over as the sheriff stepped out of the car.

“Hotel? In Charming?” The sheriff questioned and Chibs gave a mere shrug.

He wasn’t about to dive into all that and with the sheriff of all people. It was none of his business to begin with. And this was going to be a hard sell as it was. The Scot knew his old lady would kick his ass, if she had any inkling of what he was about to do. But he hadn’t much choice. He had to explain the situation, best he could, and win over the sheriff’s side somehow. Part of him wished he would’ve come clean to Jax first, but the deputy was already on Ava’s case. So he felt the need to amp things up a bit. He’d never forgive himself if Ava ended up paying for what HE did.

“First off, whatever I say stays off the record and between us.”

The sheriff sighed on this.

“I’m not so sure I can promise that.”

“Then you and I don’t have business after all.”

“That’s not how this works and you know it. Tara Knowles is missing and the last person she was associated with… was you.”

Chibs nodded and looked to be in thought.

“All she wanted was to be free…”


“Tara wasn’t cut out for this and she knew that. That was her only reason behind the abortion.”

“The doc knew what she was gettin’ herself inta. She took Jackie back knowin’ he lived fur the club and what was expected out of him and her as well. Ye can’t have one foot in and one foot out. It’s a shite or get off the pot situation and she went as far as ta accept his proposal. So don’t ye even stand there and try ta get me ta feel sorry fur the poor ole doc. She ripped my boy’s heart out then came after my old lady.”

“Is that why you killed her?”

“Did I?”

The sheriff sighed.

“Last I knew that took actual evidence.”

“I heard the gunshot and you were the one that picked up the phone.”

“That doesn’t necessarily say that I killed her.”

“But she hasn’t been seen or heard from since.”

“Aye… I don’t know what ta tell ye.”

“How about the truth? Like why she was with YOU in the first place?”

“Like I said… I don’t know what ta tell ye.”

“So that’s what you called me here for? To avoid my questions?”

Chibs had planned on telling him the truth, but he could see it in his eyes. The sheriff was taking Tara’s side already and there was no selling this like he’d hoped. So he had to go about this another way.

“I called ye here because I done told ye that I’d talk ta ye whenever I got back. Annnd I called ye here because ye need ta know that yer little deputy is harassing my old lady, over this Tara nonsense. He’s gone as far as to break inta her old home and steal a few of her belongings. He pulled us over last night and brought her inta the squad car and gave her the one on one.”

“He what?”

“Aye… and it needs ta stop. Whatever this is… My old lady hadn’t anythin’ ta do with it and I won’t have her bein’ harassed. Deputy or not, I’ll fuck his shite up if he pulls somethin’ like that again. Ava’s been through enough as it is.”

“I’ll talk to him and see what’s going on.”

“That would be wise.”

The sheriff nodded, but looked Chibs in the eyes.

“I’m just going to flat out ask you. Do you or do you not have anything to do with Tara Knowles missing?”

“If Tara’s missin’ it’s of her own doin’ and not mine.”

The sheriff gave a mere nod and headed back to the car. Chibs watched as he pulled on out of the parking lot and headed off. He heard the door to the hotel open and Ava stepped out in one of his SAMCRO shirts.

“Everything alright?”

He nodded and headed back inside.

“So what was that about?” Ava questioned as he pulled the door to.

“Just needed ta get somethin’s squared away, love.”

Ava wrapped her arms around him and he kissed her.

“Thought we’d eat some breakfast then I gotta head ta the shop and help get the boys caught up.”

“And I gotta make ‘wedding’ plans.”

“Aye, the boys and I are workin’ on gettin’ the ‘word’ out. So we got that part taken care of. Ye just worry aboot the minor details.”

“You got it.”

Gemma nodded in agreement as Ava went over what she and Chibs wanted for their wedding.

“Now I have to lay low for a bit. So if you ladies wouldn’t mind getting these items for me, I’d be forever grateful.”

“We got you covered, sweetheart.”

“Yep just name it and we got it.” Cherry said in agreement.

“Thank you.”

“I don’t know much about what’s going on, but I’ll help in whatever way I can.” Michaela offered and Ava smiled.

“I’ll explain over that drink, maybe tonight?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Ava looked over as Abel was reaching for Michaela. Gemma raised her brows and handed him over. Ava smiled as he put his tiny hand over Michaela’s mouth.

“I think he likes the sound of your voice.” Gemma said as Abel was gawking at her.

“That or he has his daddy’s taste in women.” Ava teased and Gemma laughed.

“Sounds about right…”

Cherry hopped up and with this rather green appearance. She headed to the sink at the bar and promptly upchucked. Ava was quick to her feet and went to help her.

“Easy…,” she whispered as she held her hair back.

Ava grabbed a nearby washcloth and wet it down. She wrapped it around Cherry’s neck and helped her to the couch. Once she got her situated, she ran a soothing hand along her back.

“Breathe…” Ava whispered as Cherry struggled in catching her breath.

“There you go… nice and slow.”

Cherry locked her arms around Ava and started to cry.

“Cherry?” Ava called with concern.

“I can’t do this. I…”

The young woman glanced Gemma’s direction however and Ava took notice of the offbeat look in Cherry’s eyes. She took her by the hand and led her outside.

“What’s going on?”

Cherry looked towards the garage where the boys were working.

“There’s a reason behind Kip and I getting married so soon.”

Ava sort of laughed.

“I think I’m aware of that already.”

Cherry recoiled however and Ava reared back in wonder.

“I’m further along than expected…” Cherry did her best to hint.

“Okay… How far we talking?”

Cherry glanced towards Half-Sack as he was helping a customer.

“As in there’s no way it’s his…”

Ava tilted her head and thought back to the way Cherry was looking to Gemma.

“Nooo…” Ava gravely whispered and Cherry nodded.



“We used a condom, but it busted… and well there you go.”

“Does Kip know?”

“He thinks it’s his…”

Ava staggered back on this.

“Cherry… Girl, you have to tell him. You…”

“I can’t.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“If he finds out I’m carrying Clay’s baby we’re done.”

“And just what do you think will happen if you go through with the wedding and then he finds out?!”

“He won’t.”

“Come on, Cherry. Kip might be a bit slow at times, but he’s not exactly ignorant either. He’s going to do the math and figure it out. Besides, he already knows about you and Clay. So it’s not like you went behind his back or anything.”

“Do you honestly believe that he’ll stick around and help me raise another man’s child?”

Ava sighed, but looked to Half-Sack in thought.

“Actually yes, I do. He loves you, Cherry. If anything he might not even see it that way. Hell, it’s Clay you gotta worry about.”

“He’ll never know and I mean it. I don’t want that son of a bitch having any part…” Ava was quick to clear her throat and nodded towards Gemma who was making her way out of the clubhouse.

She had Abel in hand and was waving them off as she headed to the car. Ava forced a smile and waved in return. They watched as she got Abel into his car seat. It wasn’t long before she drove away. Ava pinched the bridge of her nose and paced the area.

“I can understand your reasoning behind that part and will support you one hundred percent in keeping this from getting out. HOWEVER… You are going to come clean to Kip.”

Cherry shook her head in disagreement.

“Dammit, Cherry. He’s in the need to know. You cannot marry him based on a lie.”

“I shouldn’t have told you.” Cherry said and went to storm off.

Ava gritted her teeth and marched on after her.

“I’m only saying this as a friend!”

This had the boys looking over and Ava sighed realizing she was yelling. She blocked Cherry’s attempt in getting into her car.

Go. Be a grown ass woman and own up to that shit. Tell him and I promise… He might be upset at first, but this is Kip we’re talking about. He’ll understand and find a way to make it work.”

“You do realize that the only reason I’m in this mess in the first place is because I took YOUR place. It should be you carrying his bastard child, not me!”

Ava’s jaw dropped and Cherry shoved her out of the way. She got into the car and Ava had this baffled presence about her as Cherry sped on out of there. Something else had Ava’s attention however. She marched on up to the car parked across the way. She reached into the open window and smashed the man’s head up against the steering wheel. Chibs and Half-Sack caught wind of this as they were on their way over wondering what was going on between her and Cherry. Ava opened the car door and jerked the camera out of the man’s hand. She took out the film and stomped on it. The man looked to Ava in shock.

“Who are you working for?!” She demanded and the man shook his head.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, lady!”

“Bullshit. I saw you taking pictures of me!”

Chibs gritted his teeth on this and yanked the man on out of the car.

“She asked ye a question! I suggest ye get ta answerin’ it!”

“I’m a bird watcher! I was taking pictures of…”

Chibs socked him in the gut then got right in his face.

“Try again!”

Half-Sack retrieved a few items from the car and sighed.

“I think he’s telling the truth.”

Ava recoiled as Kip went on to show her the pictures and a few books on bird watching itself.

“Jesus…” Ava whispered while sending Chibs this apologetic glance.

Chibs shook his head and dropped his hold. He adjusted the man’s clothes and took his wallet out. Half-Sack retrieved his as well and together they handed him a little over five hundred dollars in return for his silence and forgiveness. The man seemed satisfied and was quick to haul ass afterward. Ava looked to the boys and shook her head.

“I am so sorry. Fuck, what is wrong with me?!”

“Aye now, lass. Any of us could’ve made that very mistake. Ye have every right ta be on guard.”

“But I attacked a fucking bird watcher? That’s gotta be the lowest of lows.”

The boys had a good laugh at this. Ava reached into her pocket and retrieved her cellphone.


“Ava… I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I said that. I…”

                Ava sighed.

“Look just calm down and…”

                Ava froze as she heard the squealing of tires and Cherry screaming. This was followed by a loud crash. Ava’s heart sank to the bit of her stomach and she placed a hand over the area of her heart.

“Cherry?!” She called looking grim.

She could hear the car alarm going off and it was then she realized she could hear that same alarm from where she was. The boys reared back as Ava took off that direction. She ran a good five blocks, before spotting Cherry’s car. The entire front end was slammed into a power pole.

“SHIT!” Half-Sack shouted and he took off running as well.

Ava was first to the scene so she opened the door and went to unfasten Cherry’s seatbelt, but it wouldn’t budge. One of the lines to the pole had come down and it was shooting sparks every now and then.

“I smell gas!” Chibs hollered in warning.

Ava reached into her boot and grabbed the knife Chibs had given her. She cut Cherry free and dragged her out of the car.

“GET DOWN!” Chibs shouted as he brought Half-Sack to the ground and shield his body with his own.

Ava was hovered over Cherry when the blast sent them rolling towards an oncoming car. The car slammed on it’s brakes and just in time. The boys shot to their feet and darted on over.

“Jaysus!” Chibs said as he was helping Ava to her feet and checking her over.

“Ye alright?”

“I’m fine. Cherry?”’

Chibs and Ava looked over as Half-Sack had Cherry in his hold.

“She’s fine… just a little banged up.” He said looking to be a nervous wreck.

Ava let out a sigh of relief. It wasn’t long before the paramedics came to the scene. They loaded Cherry up and Half-Sack went with her.

“I need to be there.”

Chibs nodded in understanding and they rushed on back.

Ava let out a breath of relief as Half-Sack entered the room with Cherry. She had a couple of stitches along her forehead, but nothing major. She gave a simple nod indicating that the baby was alright as well. Ava sighed and hugged her.

“I’m so sorry.” Cherry cried and Ava hugged her even closer.

“Don’t. We’re good. I’m just thankful that you’re alright.”

“I told him…” Cherry hinted and Ava glanced Half-Sack’s direction.

He looked somewhere between pissed, but understanding all the same.

“Are you two going to be okay?” Ava asked with concern.

Half-Sack nodded. He didn’t take kindly to Cherry lying to him in the first place. But what hurt even more was that she didn’t trust him enough to come clean about this herself. It took Ava to point it out and that had him feeling somewhat bitter. The three of them agreed in keeping this a secret. As far as anyone else was concerned, the child was Half-Sack’s. Ava however let Chibs in on the secret. She felt as if he were in the need to know, considering he was president now. Her husband sympathized with their situation and even mentioned how that could’ve been them, if Clay had gotten his way. Chibs shook Half-Sack’s hand and offered to help in whatever way he could.

“What I said… About it being your fault. I didn’t mean it, I…”

“Stop. I mean it. Like I said, we’re good. Just go home and get some rest.”

Ava nodded as Half-Sack helped Cherry onto the bike. Chibs wrapped his arms around Ava’s waist and pecked her on the neck.

“Ye gonna be alright there, darlin’?”

“Yeah… just a lot to take in.”

“Aye, but we’ll help them through it.” He said with full on sincerity.

Chibs looked over as Michaela and Ava were drinking at the bar. He glanced upon Jax knowing now was as good as time as any. The rest of the Sons were currently distracted and Jax was heading to the rooftop, where he usually wrote in that journal of his. Chibs grabbed a couple beers and headed that direction as well.

“Heard about Cherry… Is she going to be alright?”

“Yeah, she’ll be fine.” Ava said as she handed Michaela a shot.

“And what about you? You seem a little shaken up.”

“Just one of those days.” Ava murmured as she poured herself a shot as well then promptly downed it.

“I hear ya.”

Ava nodded and lit up a cigarette.

“So we gonna play that truth for truth game?”

“I’m game if you are.”

“Alright… Do we flip a coin or…”

Michaela laughed and dug into her pant pocket. Ava smiled as she handed a quarter over.

“Well then… I call heads since that’s what the old man likes.”

“Oh nice!”

“I thought so!” Ava said with playful grin.

“Well Jax likes some tail so…”

“You got it.”

Ava flipped the coin then pointed to Michaela.

“You’re on, sister.”

Michaela looked to the coin and sighed.

“Alright, but I’m gonna need another one of those.”

“On it!”

“Why do I get the feeling that you’re not out here to merely ‘catch up’ as you put it?”

Chibs looked to the sunset and downed the rest of his beer. Jax closed his journal.

“So what is it?”

“Ye should know that Ava had a bit of an incident back at your grandfather’s place.”

“Incident?” Jax questioned and Chibs nodded.

“They did a real number on her, Jackie boy. Her face was all jacked up, her entire body was covered in cuts and bruises, and her ribs were broken.”

Jax recoiled in thought. Chibs went on to tell Jax about his grandfather and how he assumed Ava was Gemma, etc… He explained how Ava ended up puncturing a lung. From there, he drew back the deepest of breaths.

“We hadn’t a choice… We had ta get ahold of someone that could do the surgery.”

“Meaning Tara…” Jax uttered as if piecing it all together.

Chibs nodded.

“And now she’s missing.”


Jax dropped his journal and pinched his eyes shut.


“I hadn’t a choice, Jackie. If I hadn’t… she would’ve ratted Ava out and those agents would’ve caught on ta her whereabouts and my girl would be no more.”

“And how do you know she was going to rat her out?”

“She was on the phone with Wayne and in the process of telling him where we were.”

“So you killed her?”


Jax nodded, but had this offbeat look about him. Chibs wasn’t sure how to read into that. So he kept silent gave it a moment to truly process. Before long, Chibs let out a grunt. His eyes widened as Jax suddenly had him by the collar of his cut and towards the edge of the roof.

“YOU KILLED TARA?!” He roared and Chibs wrapped his hands around his wrists.

Jax went on to violently shake him and Chibs gritted his teeth and flung his entire body forward. He socked his VP across the face then tackled him to the ground.

“I hadn’t a choice, Jackie, and deep down ye know that!” He said as he had his boot to his sternum.

Jax took his knee to Chibs’s crotch and Chibs let out a painful grunt.

“How’s that for your fucking wedding week, YOU PRICK! You didn’t have to kill her. You should’ve called me! I would’ve gotten it under control.”

Chibs head-butted him and rolled about the rooftop. With Jax beneath him, he got right in his face.

“If ye had that woman under control, she’d have never left ye ta begin with! She went out her way ta fuck ye over, kid! So don’t even start with me about control. Now I love ye, but that woman of yers was a righteous pain in the arse and in the worst of ways. She only looked out fur number one. And yer a god damn fool if ye believe she ever loved ye. She was incapable of that. She used ye in order ta seek protection from that fuckin’ fed ye told me aboot. Once he was out of the picture, so were ye. It was just a matter of time.”

Chibs was the only one Jax had ever confided in about the fed. This had him recoiling and Chibs gave a mere nod as he helped Jax to his feet.

“Besides, why are ye cryin’ over that whore; when ye got someone else lined up and ready ta choke on it?”

“That’s messed up, you fucking bastard.”

“Aye, but it’s true and ye know it. And I bet ye’ll be knee deep in that in years ta come. I’ve seen how ye look at this one and she’s no Tara Knowles. Ye actually smile when yer around this one. With the doc? Well it always seemed a bit of a stretch if ye ask me.”

“Well I didn’t!”

“Well that’s just too damn bad! And just so ye know… Everyone else saw it too. Ye came from two different worlds. Ye need someone that can keep up with ye and this club!”

“You mean someone like Ava…” Jax said with a smirk.

“Aye, but she’s already got me whale of a sperm drippin’ out of her.”

Jax frowned.

“Now there’s an image…”

Chibs chuckled and shook his head.

“So now what?”

“Hell if I fuckin’ know, but I’m yer president and you’re MY VP so I’d think twice aboot throwin’ me arse off this fuckin’ roof!”

“I was thinking about getting another beer…”

Michaela went on to tell Ava about that day. Her ex-fiancé had broken into the house while Michaela and her mother were in the back room talking. Michaela heard him and was quick to get her and her mother into the crawlspace of the bedroom. And it was just as Ava had assumed. He found them and held them at gunpoint. He dragged Michaela out of the crawlspace and her mother was crying and begging for him not to take her. But the more she carried on, the angrier he became. Michaela was doing her best to shut her up, but her mother just wouldn’t listen. She was in literal hysterics. The ex lost his cool and he smashed Michaela’s head up against the hallway where she blacked out. She woke to find her mother’s body in the kitchen. Her ex was standing over her and using his pant let go wipe the blood off his blade. He pointed that knife her direction and told Michaela this was all her fault. If she had gone with him when he told her to, her mother would still be alive. From there, Michaela was in and out of it as she suffered from a concussion. All she could remember was him taking her from the house and it went on to Jax’s assumptions. He’d taken her to one of the prostitution rings. He’d plans of tricking her out… But that wasn’t the part that messed with Ava the most. No. This guy wanted to trick her out, but demanded that they go on with their wedding plans. Jax had gotten to her just in time as they had her drugged up and ready for a ‘client’. Jax (in disguise) however beat that client’s price and it was him waiting in the VIP room. He was quick to get her out of there and had the other Sons waiting for them in the alleyway. Jax got her to the clubhouse and went on to look for the son of a bitch, but he was long gone and they hadn’t been able to find him since.

“Damn…” Ava murmured as she poured them both another shot.

Michaela nodded and was in attempts to light a cigarette, but her hand was unsteady. Ava grabbed her SAMCRO zippo and lit it for her.

“Thanks…” Michaela said with a quivery voice.

“No prob… So Jax has unlimited blow job privileges now?”

Michaela managed to laugh and Ava sent her a playful wink.

“That’s for damn sure.”

“Oh I imagine so.”

Ava took her shot and cleared her throat. She told her story as well as to the agents killing her father and how Tig had kidnapped her, etc… Michaela let out a sympathetic sigh. They lifted their beers and clanked the bottles together. They said nothing as they downed them and tossed the empty bottles into the trashcan. Ava held up a hand however as her cellphone rang.

“I’ll be right back.” She said seeing as how it was Half-Sack.

Michaela nodded as Ava took the phone call outside.



“Everything alright?” Ava asked hearing the anxiety in his voice.

“If you mean Cherry, then yes. Me? Not so much…”

“What’s up?”

                Ava froze however as he entered the gate with the phone in hand. He gave a mere nod and hung up directly after.

“Kip?” Ava murmured with a gasp as he was all beat up.

“What the hell?”

She rushed over and cupped his chin, examining the damage.

“Stop that…” He uttered and knocked her hand away.

“What happened?!”

“Had a bit of a disagreement at one of the bars.”

“Jesus, Kip…”

“I can’t do this…” He uttered in a drunken matter and was stumbling about the area.

He took his cut off and handed it over.

“What are you doing?”

“I love her, Ava, but raising HIS kid? How do I look that little bastard in the eyes, knowing he’s not even mine, but the son of a bitch that FUCKED MY GIRL?!”

“You’re drunk. I need you to really think about what you’re saying and doing. This is the booze talking and not you.”

“Don’t tell me what I feel!”

“You think she was willing to all this? The two of you are in the same boat, Kip! I know she’d much rather it be yours.”

“Are you sure about that?”

Ava reared back on this.

“Come on, sweetness… Look at me?! This is all I got to offer! I’m stuck, right here. Your old man is president. Do you honestly see me ever getting THAT far ahead?! I just barely made it as a prospect and I know a large part of this promotion has to do with YOU!”

“You getting patched in hasn’t ANYTHING to do with me. That was all Jax and Chibs! I don’t have reign when it comes to that. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and realize that you fucking earned that patch. As to climbing up that totem pole, that’s all up to you. But if you give up and turn your back to all this then you haven’t anyone to blame, other than yourself. Say you turn in your cut… then what? Where will you go? And what about Cherry?!”

Ava swallowed back as Half-Sack grabbed ahold of her and let it out.

“Shhh…” She whispered and was quick to get him into the garage and out of sight.

She wouldn’t run the risk of another Son seeing this. It would ruin him.

“I fucking HATE HIM!”

Ava nodded in complete understanding, but said nothing as she held him.

“How do I raise the child of someone I wish was dead? It’s too late for an abortion and Cherry doesn’t believe in that sort of thing anyhow.”

Ava planted both hands along his face and looked him in the eyes.

“That child IS yours. Blood only goes so far. If you turn your back to her now, it will kill her and despite what you think… It’ll kill you as well. You drop your old lady and the Sons… what have you, Kip? This is the only family we got.”

Half-Sack let out a sigh and shook his head.

“And if he finds out…?” He hinted.

“He won’t…” Ava made clear.

“But IF he does?!”

“Then we take him out of the picture, before he even has the chance to act.”

“And Gemma?”

“She’s written his sorry ass off. So I doubt you have anything to worry about. Besides, it’s like you said Chibs is president now. He’s not about to let ANYTHING happen to you, Cherry, or that baby. We made it clear back at the hospital and we meant every word. We got your back. So here’s what I want you to do. Go home. Sober up and make up!” Ava put his cut back on and gave him a playful slap on the cheek.

“And if you ever think about turning your back to my old man’s club again; I’ll gun you down myself.”

Half-Sack managed to laugh.

“Why do I believe that?”

“Because you know I would.”

He nodded in agreement and hugged her once again.


“Don’t mention it. We all have our moments… Just take a deep breath and realize that you’re not alone, you never will be. This is a family, Kip, and you need to realize that. No one’s turning their back to anyone. As far as that baby is concerned, you are the father. Got it?”

Ava called him a cab and made certain he got home safe and sound.

When Ava entered the clubhouse, Michaela was getting a tattoo by one of the newest additions to the Sons. Ava looked over seeing the butterfly on her hip.

“Lame…”Ava teased and Michaela’s jaw dropped.


“It’s a freaking butterfly…”

The man giving Michaela the tattoo laughed and shook his head.

“Dude… is your name really Happy?!” Ava questioned as to the name on his patch and he nodded.

“That’s awesome! So…”

“So…?” He retorted as he was finishing the tattoo.

“Are you really happy?!”

“All the time!”


“Ya want a butterfly too?” The man taunted.

“No, but if you’re offering I’ve something else in mind.”

The man stopped what he was doing and looked over.


She nodded and went on to tell him what and where.

Chibs and Jax were talking when they entered the room and saw that Happy working on Ava. Chibs reared back and walked on over. When he saw the nearly finished tattoo between his old lady’s shoulder blades, he couldn’t help but to find himself taken back. It was the Scottish symbol for love and it was a little too fitting as it had the king’s crown. He swallowed back and cleared his throat.


“So ye done got yerself a tattoo?”


“Hmmm…” Chibs hummed and went on to retrieve a cigarette from his cut.

He watched as Happy finished up.

“Well what do you think?”

Chibs tilted his head and gave it a thorough look over. He nodded afterward.


“Aye? That’s all you’ve got to say? Aye?!”

“Aye…” He taunted with a smirk.

Ava grabbed one of the pillows off the couch and chucked it at him. He laughed and Happy went on to pat the area down and covered it up. He gave her instructions on how to properly care for it, etc… considering it was her first.

“Thank you, Happy!”

He gave a mere nod and headed off.

Ava crawled into Chibs’s lap and took a drag off his cigarette then handed it back.

“You don’t like it…”

“I love it, mo ghaol.” He murmured and pecked her on the lips.

Ava narrowed her eyes however as he seemed rather distracted.

“Are you sure?”

“Aye, it’s perfect.”

“Then what is it?”

“I told Jackie about Tara…” He whispered and Ava grimaced.

“How’d that go?”

“Aboot as expected…”

“Is he alright?”

“He will be… He just needs some time.”

“You did the right thing… telling him I mean.”

“I hope so… So how’s yer night goin’?”

“It’s a going.”

Chibs put out his cigarette. He caressed her cheek and kissed her yet again. He leaned into her ear afterward.

“How about we find us a more private area and ye put those sexy lips of yers ta work?”

Ava smiled and they headed outside. Yeah his balls were still stinging from that kick his VP gave but it wasn’t enough to keep the pervy thoughts at bay. They made their way behind one of the junkers. Chibs wasted no time and was quick to whip it out. He brought Ava to her knees and grabbed a fistful of her hair. The moment her mouth came into contact, he threw his head back. He gritted those teeth and fucked that mouth of hers.

“Swallow.” He demanded once he filled her mouth.

He brought Ava back to her feet then spun her around. The Scot bent her over and went on to give her a more thorough fucking. He did this knowing he and the boys would be leaving town for a couple days. They hadn’t much choice. Things with the Mayans were getting out of hand. That and they needed to know there was a new Prez and things were about to get down and dirty if they didn’t change their way of doing things; things such as setting up the Sons around Charming and giving the MC a bad name. Jax and Chibs made plans for the girls to stay at the clubhouse. Piney and Bobby were staying behind so they could keep the garage going and keep an eye on the girls. By the time they got back it would be time to set up that ‘wedding’.

Chibs was zipping his pants when his cellphone sounded. He lifted his eyes upon Ava as she adjusted her skirt.


“Tig just arrived.”

“On my way.” He replied and hung up.

“Ye got yer fill, fur now?”

Ava giggled a bit and nodded.

“Good. Look, I gotta take care of this. And ye should know that the boys and I are headin’ out tomorrow morning, but I wanted us ta pay our respects ta Juice first. So yer comin’ with us but ye’ll be riddin’ back with Bobby. You and Michaela are NOT to leave Piney or Bobby’s side. Both yer lives are at risk. So I want ye right here at the clubhouse. If ye go anywhere yer ta have Bobby and a couple of prospects with ye. I mean it, Ava. Every time I head out it’s somethin’ and I need ta know that yer in good hands.”

“But what if I fall madly in love with Bobby and run away with him?!”

“Ye’d come closer ta runnin’ off with a prospect. We both know that Bobby doesn’t run.”

Ava had a good laugh at this and Chibs sent her a wink.

“Alright, I better get ta this. I want ye ta get ye somethin’ ta eat and get some rest. Michaela’s stayin’ at Jax’s place tonight. They got the back room cleaned up. So ye’ll be stayin there. I say this because I don’t want ye waitin’ up on me. There’s no tellin’ how late I’ll be. I got ye some smokes and cash in the bottom drawer fur whenever ye need. These road trips can go either way and have been known to last longer than expected. But ye go on with the wedding date we set up, if I can’t make it fur whatever reason, I’ll call. But I’m gonna try my dammest ta make it work. We need these agents right where we got them and changing anything at this point runs too much risk.”

Tig tossed a folder over and Chibs put on his glasses as he read the information over. He saw where Carlos Ortez aka Juice had signed off on a deal made through an Agent Toric. Chibs closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head.

“Where’d you get this information?”

“I saw it when I was brought in for questioning about the drug allegations against Clay. I saw Juice’s name on the file and swiped it just as I was heading out. I showed Clay the information and he ordered the hit not long after the second betrayal.”

“Ye mean when Juice recorded the footage with Ava.”


“So you and Clay knew about this, yet ye failed in bringing it to our attention. And Juice is the real reason behind Toric finding Ava? When we thought it to be the Mayans…”

Tig drew back a breath on this and nodded.

“Toric was playing both sides. He was blackmailing Juice and offering the Mayans a deal they couldn’t refuse. Clay didn’t want word of this getting out. So he handled it himself and said he would deal with Juice. Only he wasn’t expecting the allegations against him and I had to take matters into my own hands instead. But on HIS orders back when HE was president.”

“On something that should’ve been brought ta the club’s attention and voted on as a whole. Do ye see where I’m goin’ with this? Clay was a one man show and wanted ta run this club on his own. That’s goin’ ta change. I’m tired of the backstabbin’, the lies, and all that other bullshite! And whether Juice was blackmailed, or not… He betrayed us Sons by ratting an old lady out!”

“Agreed.” Jax stated and Opie nodded in agreement.

“Now ye brought us the proof as promised and I’m takin’ that inta consideration, but that hand…” Chibs pointed to his right one.

“Is mine – as promised. So I hope ye got some good use out of it.”

Chibs nodded towards Jax and Opie. They got Tig situated and Chibs turned on the radio in the garage. He turned up the volume and set up everything he needed, along with a few ‘extras’. Opie gagged Tig’s mouth and Jax bound him to a chair. Tig looked to Chibs in absolute fear as he took off his cut and drape some plastic over his clothes.

“Things are aboot ta get very messy. Ye should’ve taken heed ta my warnin’, Trager. Let this be a lesson… When I say hands off, that’s exactly what I mean. No one harms my old lady, especially that of a fellow brother! Ye do it again and I’ll hand ye the shovel and let ye dig yer own grave with that one hand ye got left. I’ll put a bullet in yer dick and let ye bleed out while I bury yer arse alive. That’s not a threat or even a joke… That’s a motherfuckin’ promise.”

And on this note…

Chibs grabbed the chainsaw.

(Be a good sport by leaving your comment/review or a simple ‘like’, if you dug the chapter.)

I have seen where a few of you think Chibs’s punishment was rather harsh. Please keep in mind this is a real MC and the typical punishment for something like what Tig pulled would’ve been death. Not only did he harm an old lady but he shot and nearly killed Chibs. (Even if by accident) Amongst other things in order to appease Clay.

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  1. I think taking his hand literally is a bit much but I loved the chapter and can’t wait for more. Thank you very much for the update.

  2. Wow, that was a little much, but I guess he made his point. I loved the the update hon as always, and can’t wait to read more of it…thanks, huggs.

  3. Ow ow ow……just ow.

    Ok so Cherry knocked up with Clay’Clay’s baby is just Gah! Lol but I understand. Poor Sack though. And Jax reacted better than I thought, though I was holding my breath when he had Chibs on the edge of the roof. Dangle Hale, or even Unser at this point. They deserve it.

    Ya know I honestly didn’t think he would really take Tig’s hand. Like really. But there ya go! So maybe he can find hands like Chucky’s fingers lol.

    Awesome as always, can’t wait for more!!

  4. Ok something must be wrong with me, because I think Chibs taking his hand is actually pretty fair as punishments go. He could have taken his life as things go. 😉 Can’t wait till you get the chance to update, because I am loving this story now that I am all caught up.

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