Chapter 14 #copsandrobbers

Chapter 14 – #copsandrobbers

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Ava rolled over and patted the empty side of the bed. She let out a sigh of disappointment and buried her face into Chibs’s pillow. The young woman shot up however as she remembered what he’d said about visiting Juice. She darted into the bathroom and was quick to shower and dress. When she exited the room, Bobby was sitting at the bar with his glasses on and reading the paper. She walked on over and sat beside him.

“Well someone smells good.” He murmured and sipped at his cup of coffee.

“Is that vanilla?”

“Well I didn’t bathe in bacon grease if that’s what you’re asking.”

He lifted his eyes her direction and shook his head as if disappointed.

“Every man’s wet dream…”


“They headed on out by the way…”

Ava looked over with slight confusion.


Bobby nodded and hopped on down. He pecked her on the cheek then poured the rest of his coffee down the sink.

“I’ll be in the garage if you need anything.”

Chibs pulled into the station and gassed up the bike. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get Juice’s betrayal out of his head. As to his reason for not going through with that visit like planned. The mere idea of paying their respects felt like a slap in the face. He wanted to call or text his wife and let her know why he never showed, but he was too ashamed. What messed with his head the most was how they had left her ALONE with him. Not that he blamed Jax. It was an honest mistake anyone could’ve made. But now he found himself wondering if Juice would’ve done something to Ava, if Tig hadn’t beat him to the punch. The more the Scot thought on everything, the more he was certain it was Juice that gave Ava’s whereabouts away. How else did those agents find Tig so easily? There were so many questions and ones he knew he’d never have the answers for. It wasn’t like he could dig Juice up and start interrogating his sorry ass. Though part of him felt like pissing on his grave. There was a time he thought the world of Juice, as to his reason for letting him stay at his place. Chibs was angry with himself for not seeing the signs. He should’ve straightened his ass out a long time ago. The Sons were meant to protect this town and its inhabitants. They were supposed to keep trouble OUT of Charming, yet they were the very ones bringing it. That wasn’t the vision Jax’s father had set out. Chibs had grown tired of the games. This wasn’t a brotherhood and it hadn’t been for quite some time. Brothers didn’t go out their way to fuck one another over. The club was in for a rude awakening. Things were about to be ran a lot differently. Things such as these prospects and who they voted in, etc… But on that same note… It was time to treat this as an actual MC and not that of a fucking ‘motorcycle gang’. There was a big difference and the Sons needed to see that. It wouldn’t happen overnight, but he was going to do his dammest to make certain he got them right where they needed to be.

“You’re a gem, Gemma!” Ava said with a sly grin as they were unloading the wedding supplies.

Gemma stopped what she was doing and shook her head upon Ava.


“You think you’re so cute, don’t you?”

“No, but Chibs does!”

This had Michaela dying of laughter. Gemma sighed and went back to unloading.

“Well he does…” Ava muttered.

“You’re on a roll.”

“Gemma doesn’t think so.”

“Eh, she’s in a ‘mood’.” Michaela warned.

Oh?” Ava whispered as Gemma was inside the clubhouse.

“She thinks I’m stealing her baby boy and grandson away…” Michaela whispered in return.

“Wait… she said that shit?”

“You should’ve heard her… She’s ten kinds of crazy.”

Ava snorted on this.

“You’ll get used to it. Just stand your ground and she’ll respect you in the end.”

“Oh, I not backing down… she can kiss my skinny little “whore” ass.”

“Now that’s the spirit!”

Ava stopped however and regarded Michaela with a wide grin.


“Does this mean you’re not fuck buddies anymore?!”

“Hell, if she doesn’t watch it I’ll marry his ass, pop out a couple kids, and get a huge ass dog that marks his territory every time she visits!”

Ava laughed as Michaela made certain Gemma heard this. She sighed however as the two were staring one another down.

“Be nice… Don’t make me get the hose.”

“She started it.” Gemma taunted and Ava picked Abel up from his car seat.

“Listen to grandma acting her age and all. Isn’t she just adorable?!” Ava teased and pecked him on the cheek.

He giggled and Ava turned him around so that he was facing his grandma and Michaela.

“You two behave!” She mocked in a baby voice and had Abel pointing their direction.

“Not fair… You can’t use Abel in order to get us in a better mood.” Michaela witted.

“Sure I can. You’re smiling, aren’t you?”

Gemma and Michaela looked to one another then back to Abel. Ava laughed and went on to change Abel in the backroom. Gemma followed and pulled the door to.

“Is there a reason behind you barricading the door over there?”

“He saved your ass and this is the thanks he gets?”

Ava narrowed her eyes as she was wiping Abel down.

“I’m afraid you’ve lost me.”

“Don’t you pull that innocent front with me…” Gemma hissed and Ava reared back.

“First of all, I don’t care for your tone and second, I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re referring to.”

Gemma nodded and waited until Ava was done with Abel. She picked him up and gestured towards Ava.

“Stay put.”

Ava sort of laughed and watched as Gemma exited the room. She handed Abel over to Michaela and was quick to reenter the room. She shut the door, yet again, and stared Ava down.

“You think you’re top shit now that you’re “queen”.”

“Queen?!” Ava murmured with a snort.

“The old man’s king now, baby. That makes you queen. However… you just keep in mind of the one who carried that title and years before you even came into the picture. There’s some respect to be paid and you’ve hardly ‘earned’ your way in and when I say that I don’t mean into the family. You might as well be blood when it comes to that, but the title itself. You have a long ways to go. You’re young and foolish and if you’re not careful… it’ll eat you alive. You’re letting it go to your head and it hasn’t been a week!”

“You done?!”

Gemma raised her brows on this.

“Look, I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. And I don’t appreciate the accusations, on something you apparently know nothing about. I haven’t made ANY calls or done ANYTHING under Chibs’s patch.”

“So you hadn’t anything to do with your man going all Darth Vader on Tig?”

“Darth Vader?!”

“He took his hand, sweetheart. Now, I don’t mean that in a metaphoric sense. I mean he literally took his hand.”

The young woman staggered back in disbelief.

“He what?!”

Gemma tilted her head on this.

“So you didn’t know…”

“Of course not! And even at that… You of all people should know that old ladies don’t have much say in what happens!”

“To an extent. I’m sure if you would’ve begged and cried your pretty little head off that Scot of yours would’ve shown him some mercy.”

This had Ava’s blood boiling. She marched on over and got right in Gemma’s face.

“Last I checked… Chibs Telford was the one wearing that patch, NOT ME. I might be young and I can even admit to being foolish at times. But I’m not exactly ignorant as to how this works. Whatever punishment he received… I stand behind my husband, one hundred ten percent! I trust whatever decision he makes, because THAT’S what an old lady does. She doesn’t sit there and whine like a little bitch and if I have a problem with something he does… Then we talk about it like adults, because that’s just the way of the real world. But in the end, it’s HIS decision, not mine, and it always will be. If you want me to apologize for my husband making your and Tig’s little fuckup of an affair more difficult, well you’ll be sorely disappointed. I respect Tig for what he did and owning up to his shit. However, I haven’t quite forgiven him for shooting Chibs, whether it was an accident, or not! And I gotta say, I’m not a bit surprised to see him caving into you. With Clay pretty much out of the picture, he needs someone to succumb to. It might as well be you. Hell, I’m beginning to wonder why you and Clay never invited him into your bed in the first place! He’s the perfect little lap dog.”

Gemma hauled off and slapped her. Ava wasted no time in returning the blow only with a balled up fist. Gemma regarded Ava in absolute shock and Ava gave a mere nod.

“Disrespect me or my husband again and I’ll take that ice pick from the bar and ram it right down your throat. I don’t care WHO you are. You talk about respect. Well it’s a two way street, sister. Now back the fuck up and think about WHO YOU’RE dealing with. I’ve gone through fucking HELL and back and I haven’t any issues in putting you in your place. Now, I’m going to exit this room and forget this even happened. I suggest you do the same. Making me your enemy… Well that wouldn’t be very wise, now would it?”

Chibs signaled for the boys to watch their backs as they were entering Mayan territory. This was something they had to be very cautious about. They could find themselves surrounded and in the matter of minutes, if they weren’t careful. The Sons were to keep out of their territory and vice versa. Only the Mayans hadn’t followed through with that as of late, as to the reason for this particular visit. Chibs made a gesture towards the usual route they took when making their gun runs. Normally, they would take the back roads and pray they weren’t spotted, before driving on through. They’d been lucky so far. Only now it was about finding the Mayan’s prez and having a little meeting between him and Chibs. He hoped they could come into some sort of agreement, one that didn’t end in bloodshed. That would be no easy task, considering he was still bitter about the Mayans going after Ava. Then again, they tortured one of their guys. Chibs figured they should be about even. But that all depended on Alvarez and how he saw it. If he didn’t agree… He’d get a taste of that Scottish rage Chibs was known for.

Chibs went off their usual course and was heading towards a more secluded area. When he got to the desired location the Sons parked their bikes. They took off their helmets and looked to one another.

“Now what?” Opie questioned as Chibs was using his teeth to take off one of his leather gloves.

“We get ahold of Alvarez and set up a spot fur just the two of us. I’ll meet him there and ye get ta babysit his boys.”

“Oh goodie…” Jax uttered and Chibs sent him a playful wink.

“Ye should be used ta takin’ care of babies now.”

“Yeah but Abel isn’t a momma’s boy!” Jax fired back and Chibs chuckled.

“Now Jackie, in their defense once ye get some tit it’s hard ta pull away.”

“Does your momma still feed ya?” Happy called out and Jax chucked his helmet at his face.

“I’d let her feed me…” Half-Sack murmured as if in a dreamlike state.

This had each of the Sons rearing back. Chibs reached over and smacked him in the back of the head.

“Yer engaged and that’s Jackie’s momma yer talkin’ aboot.”

Half-Sack had this look like he couldn’t believe he’d said that and out loud.

“Dude, you can’t tell Cherry I said that shit!”

Chibs narrowed his eyes on this.

“Then ye had better think twice before referrin’ ta me as ‘dude’ again.”

“Come on, man…”

The boys had a good laugh at this.

“Hey man, whatever happens on the road stays on the road.” Jax said with a suggestive grin, one that had Chibs shaking his head.

“But if you ever say that shit about my mother again, I’ll have your tongue.”

“What?” Jax questioned seeing the odd look Chibs was giving him.

The president drew back a breath. That comment about the road… That was the same shit Clay used to say when he’d fuck around on Gemma.

“Aye well, ye just keep in mind that it never goes away and ye have ta face that shite when ye get home.”

“You going soft on us, old man?”

“Nah, just puttin’ the facts out there. It’s yer life, ye do whatever ye want, but ye just keep in mind that karma’s a bitch and she’s usually right around the corner.”

“Alvarez agreed to meet you, but on a couple conditions.” Opie called out.

“Those bein’?

“He gets ta bring his VP and he chooses where ta meet.

“Then I’m bringin’ mine and I aint’ fallen fur that shite. I’m chosen the place. I’ll text him the address once we get there. But he’s gotta send the rest of his boys here or I ain’t budgin’ and I want them all accounted fur!”

“You hear that?” Opie called out as he was holding the phone towards Chibs.

He put the phone back to his ear and nodded. Once he got everything squared away he hung up.

“Meeting’s on.”

Chibs nodded then went on to rub his hands. He placed his gloves back on and adjusted his sunglasses. Jax reached into his cut and retrieved his cellphone as it was vibrating.

“What?” Chibs questioned as Jax had this wide grin about him.

“Ava sent me this…”

It was a picture of her and Abel sticking their tongues out. Chibs chuckled a bit and shook his head.

“The wee little shite is stealin’ me girl away!”

“What can I say? He’s got that Teller charm about him.”

Chibs couldn’t help but to notice that Jax had a picture of Michaela on his background. Something he’d never seen him do with Tara. Chibs’s had Ava on his and in one of his SAMCRO hoodies, nothing else. That was a favorite of his. He couldn’t help but to think it a little ironic.

They could hear the bikes off to the distance and each of them prepared, just in case. Chibs waited until each Mayan was present and accounted for. He sent a menacing nod towards the one he’d personally tortured. The Mayan shook his head and Chibs chuckled. The Scot looked to Jax afterward.

“Ye ready, kid?”

“What’s this?” Gemma questioned as Ava slide a photo album over and while they were in the middle of sorting out wedding details.

“I figured you might want to hold on that.” Ava said but with a touch of resentment to her voice.

She hadn’t quite cooled off from their earlier debacle. Chibs had warned her about Gemma back in Forks. But she wasn’t too pleased to get a taste of her full on bitch side. The older woman narrowed her eyes and flipped through the album. She sent Ava a bewildered look afterward.

“This is the one you were showing dad.”

Ava nodded.

“Where’d you find it?”

“In the bedroom Chibs and I were staying in. I take it that was your old bedroom?”

Gemma nodded and ran her fingers over one of the pictures.

“I thought she threw these away…”


“My mother. These are the pictures I would send her every once in a while. I don’t even know why.”

“Yes you do…”

Gemma cocked a brow on this.

“You wanted to show her what she was missing out on.”

“Would you stop that shit?”

“Stop what?”

“You know what…”

“You mean being right?”

Gemma rolled her eyes on this. Ava placed Abel’s bottle onto the table and went on to burp him.

“Been around kids a lot?”

“Not really… Comes naturally I guess.”

Truth of the matter? Abel was helping Ava keep her mind off things. So she was hogging him up whenever she had the chance.

“Hmmm. I suppose you’re expecting a thank you?”

“Now Gemma, I wouldn’t want to ruin your running streak of being insufferable.”

“I’m not that bad.”

“You have your moments… Maybe you should think about laying off Michaela a bit. She’s been through a great deal as it is.”

“Haven’t we all?”

“Yes well a little kindness can go a long ways. Besides, you may be dealing with your future daughter-in-law.”

“I don’t think so…”

Ava couldn’t help but to smile.

“I don’t know… She makes Jax happy and it seems as if Abel’s taking a liking to her as well.”

“Why couldn’t you have met Jax first?”

“Excuse me?”

You I like… It’s these other fake bitches that get on my nerves.”

“Well thanks for the compliment… I think. Hard to tell considering our previous encounter…”

“Trust me it was.”

Ava snorted on this.

“Well if you’d give her a chance you’d see that Michaela and I are a lot alike.”

“Hardly… She gets on my nerves. You piss me off from time to time but you’re one of the few I can honestly say I fully respect and believe me, that’s a rarity.”

The young woman couldn’t help but to laugh, considering Gemma was holding an ice pack over her lip and nose where Ava had struck her.

“Something tells me if things were the other way around and I was Jax’s old lady instead, you wouldn’t like me either.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“That you’re OVERLY protective of Jax and Abel and you’re very judgmental of any woman that comes into their lives.”


“There’s nothing wrong with being protective, Gemma. But there is such thing as taking it TOO far and if you don’t watch it… it’ll wind up biting you in the ass and you’ll end up pushing those boys away.”

“And what makes you the expert?”

“Let’s just say I pay attention. You mean well but you come across as a bit much at times. Now Tara… I’ll give you that one. She was fucking Looney Tunes. But Michaela… well she hasn’t done anything to warrant your hatred. Just give her a chance.”

Fine… but just so you know I’m blaming you if she turns out to be another Tara, or Wendy for that matter.”

“If she turns out to be another Tara I’ll end her myself.”

Gemma held her hand out on this.


Ava laughed as they shook on it.

“That was my cousin you tortured and nearly killed.” Alvarez spat about halfway through the meeting.

Chibs gave a mere nod and put his cigarette out.

“And what would ye have done if it was yer old lady?”

Alvarez sighed on this.

“We didn’t know she was your old lady.”

“It doesn’t matter. You gave the orders and sent them onto our turf and in attempts to kidnap someone under OUR protection.” Jax made clear.

“He’s right and that’s not somethin’ we can merely turn our backs ta. Ye should’ve known that would backfire. And we would’ve been even, if ye hadn’t decided on getting’ revenge. That shite ye have yer boys pullin’ with settin’ MINE up. It’s gonna stop and now. I don’t know how ye do things in yer town but in Charming, we want our residents ta feel safe. All yer doin’ is makin’ it hard fur us ta do our jobs. Yer spreadin’ fear about and word spreads like wildfire. If ye don’t watch it ALL MC’s will end up payin’ fur it.”

“Fear can go a long ways, my friend, and it can get you far.”

Chibs cocked a brow at this.

“Is that the Mayan motto?”

Jax had a good laugh at this.

“Sounds about right…” He uttered afterward.

Chibs sighed.

“Look ye and I have different views on how things should be ran. So why don’t ye let me run my club and I’ll let ye run yers. Keep yer boys in line and I’ll do the same, but yer not to step foot in Charming. Not without my knowledge and it had better be fur a good damn reason. Ye go and stir up trouble again and ye won’t like the aftermath.”

“Not very wise…”

“And that would be?”

“Making threats, on our turf.”

Chibs nodded and leaned back in his chair. He tapped his fingers along the table then pointed Alvarez’s direction.

“Like I said… I tend ta do things differently. I came here in peace, so we could sort this shite out, whereas ye hide behind yer boys and have them sneakin’ onta our territory and makin’ matters worse. So ye can call it a threat all ye want, but that’s not what this is. Nah, it’s a promise. One more slip up and that’s it and this is all on ye. Yer the one that broke the alliance. Ye did that when ye made those deals with Toric and Clay.”

Alvarez’s got this uncomfortable look about him and Chibs gave a mere nod.

“That’s right… I know.”

“I don’t know about no Toric but Clay…. That was back when HE was running the show.”

“Don’t ye fuckin’ sit there and lie ta my face! Ye had a deal goin’ with them fuckin’ agents and ye know it. They went after MY GIRL!”

Jax placed a hand along his shoulder.

“Easy…,” he whispered and Chibs drew back the deepest of breaths.

“I’m sorry about your old lady. If we had known…”

“I don’t wanna hear yer excuses. Just take heed ta my warnin’ and clean this shite up.”

Chibs cleared his throat and waved one of the waitresses over. He ordered a round for the table. The men sat in silence until those drinks were served. Chibs smiled upon the waitress and pointed to Alvarez.

“It’s on him.”

Alvarez sent Chibs a go to hell look but signaled for the okay. Just as soon as she walked away, Chibs leaned in.

“So tell me aboot this deal ye and Clay had goin’ and no dancin’. I want the truth.”

The Mayan prez looked to his VP then back to Chibs. The waitress made her way back with the drinks and Jax nodded upon her.

“Thanks darlin’.” She sent him a flirtatious smile and went about her way.

“Clay just wanted to scare her a bit nothing major…”

This had Jax and Chibs rearing back in question. The Mayan VP sighed.

“He wanted to ‘wake her up’ and make realize she was better off, IF she took his deal. We haven’t a clue what that ‘deal’ was. He didn’t let us in on it.”

“That makes no sense…” Jax uttered while shaking his head.

“I thought yer boys were handin’ her off ta the agents.”

“That’s what Clay wanted the agents to think. But he had plans of intervening so we didn’t break our end of the deal and still got our due. And that was on top of what Clay was offering, which was a lot more than the agents. That was in return for our silence and to play along.”

“Are you saying what I think you are?!” Jax questioned looking baffled.

“Sounds like Clay wanted ta set everythin’ up, so HE looked like the hero in Ava’s eyes.”

“Sure sounds like it…” Jax murmured looking rather nauseas.

“That was the plan, wasn’t it? Clay wanted ye ta hand her off ta these agents and he was gonna bust in like the white knight and save the day.”

“I suppose so…” Alvarez said with a shrug.

His VP leaned into his ear and whispered something. Alvarez nodded in return.


“He was just reminding me of something Clay had said.”

“That bein’?”

“To rough her up a bit… Whatever it took to open her eyes, but he made it clear we were not to go overboard. He let us know if she wound up dead, there would be consequences.”

Jax cocked a brow on this and observed Chibs’s reaction.

“It’s like I told you…” Jax hinted as to what Clay had pulled with his mother.

“He wanted ye ta rough her up so he could take care of her afterward. Jaysus…” Chibs uttered while pinching his eyes shut.

He was piecing it all together now. Clay wanted the Mayans involved so it didn’t backfire on him.

He was counting on the Mayans to hand Ava over to the agents, so he could go in and save the day and all in attempts to win her over. Chibs couldn’t think of anything more vile.

“Sadistic bastard…” he whispered amongst himself.

The meeting ended with Alvarez and Chibs shaking hands. Alvarez made it clear that they hadn’t anything to worry about. They were on even terms now and there would be no further nuisance. And on this note the Mayans escorted the Sons out of town…

“I’m hoping to get everything done before he gets back, at least the majority of it.”

“Well that certainly explains the movers you had bustling about.”

“Just thought it’d be one last thing he’d have to worry about.” Ava said with a shrug.

“I can save the painting for later on but I thought we’d go ahead and pick out the colors and have them ready.”

Ava looked to the furniture in thought.

“What if he hates it?”

Gemma raised her brows on this.

“Honey, you got the man Harley Davidson furniture…”

“Yeah, but the plants?”

“Just gives it a woman’s touch. Trust me, he’ll probably die of shock when he enters this room. And I gotta say I love the fifties diner look you got going in the kitchen and dining room.” Gemma said in full on envy.

“Makes me wanna redo mine.”

Ava smiled on this. Gemma reached over and gave her hand a bit of a squeeze.

“You’re doing great. You need to relax and have fun with it.”

“I am. It’s just…”


“I really want him to feel at ‘home’. This isn’t Chibs’s thing…”

“What isn’t?”

“The whole settling down scene.”

This had Gemma rearing back in bewilderment.

“But he’s been down this road before.”

“Yeah and it wasn’t long after they had Kerrianne that Jimmy came into the picture and ripped it all away from him and his bitch of a wife didn’t fight it. It’s like she…” Ava got this guilt-ridden expression about her.


“Nevermind… It’s not my place and I shouldn’t have said that.”

“He’s YOUR husband now. So you better believe it’s your place.”

“He blames himself… But I swear to GOD, that Fiona had something going with Jimmy, even before Kerrianne came into the picture. Just some of the things he’s let me in on. Something about it doesn’t add up. It’s like Fiona was playing his ass all along and for her to toy with his head and bring a child into the picture?! Ugh! It’s a good thing she’s already dead!”

Gemma couldn’t help but to smile.


“And you were going on about ME being overly protective. Look, at you going on about a dead bitch.”

Ava wrinkled her nose and lit up a cigarette.

“It’s because of her that I’m second guessing myself. I don’t want him to have any regrets.”

“He won’t.”

“Gemma, he’s put a lot of thought into this. He even went as far as to mention Abel and OUR child going to the same school.”

“Wow…” Gemma said looking somewhat impressed.

“Well whatever it is… that’s all you, sweetheart. So you just keep that in mind.”

Ava looked over to see that Michaela and Abel had fallen asleep on the couch.

“What’s his mother like?”

“You mean the junkie?”

Ava nodded.

“That’s a bit of loaded question.”

“Well is she like Tara or…”

“Exact opposite actually. I took a liking to her, when she was clean that is.”

“So Jax went from a druggie to a doctor?”

“Actually Jax went from his high school sweetheart, to a junkie, then the doc. Tara played the first and third role.”

Ava frowned on this and Gemma nodded.

“Chibs told me that Abel almost died…”

Gemma nodded.

“You should’ve seen Jax during Abel’s time in NICU. I’d never seen him…” Gemma trailed off and Ava drew back a breath.

“I can only imagine…”

“Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about…” Happy said as they entered the strip club.

Chibs looked over seeing the ‘schoolgirls’ dancing onstage. He thought of the irony and laughed amongst himself. Ava could give them all a run for their money… The man found himself thinking. What he wouldn’t give to see his old lady in one of those outfits and twirling about that pole. The mere idea had him stiff below the belt. The boys gathered at one of the tables. They ordered a couple rounds and something to eat. Half-Sack was on his phone and arguing with his old lady about something. Chibs wondered if it had anything to do with where they were. He could just imagine the look on Ava’s face if she knew. He downed a shot and lit up a smoke in thought. Chibs had a new rule, at least for himself… Look… but don’t you fucking touch. And it wasn’t like Ava wasn’t aware of what they did when on the road. Chibs had made that perfectly clear, back in Forks. He lifted his eyes however as Half-Sack slammed his phone down. He downed a couple of shots and the rest of his beer. Chibs motioned the waitress over and ordered him another round.

“Ye alright there?”

Half-Sack nodded but looked as though he were struggling to keep his shit together. Chibs flicked his ashes into the ashtray. Before long, Half-Sack shot up and darted into the bathroom. The Scot put his cigarette out and headed that way as well. When he entered the room, Half-Sack was letting loose on one of the bathroom stalls. Chibs inched his way over and placed a hand along his shoulder.

“Ye don’t hafta be here if it’s causin’ ye trouble. There’s a hotel not far…” He hinted.

“It’s not that…”

Chibs went on to lock the bathroom door. He leaned against it then folded his arms about his chest.

“Ye can talk ta me. Whatever’s said stays between us…”

“She called off the engagement.”

Chibs recoiled.

“Look, why don’t ye head on back and get yer shite sorted out.”

“I can’t do that.”

“And why not?”

“Because I worked too hard to get where I am now. If I head back and on my very first outing as an actual Son… The others… They’ll…”

“Oh, they’re gonna give ye hell, no doubt. But ye don’t have ta answer ta them. And I’m tellin’ ye if ye need ta get home then go. I got ye covered. Now I will say this much… Ye and Cherry need ta get this shite sorted out. We’re shorthanded as it is and I need someone I can depend on. Ye gotta balance the club and yer private life. Ye can’t say yay or nay ta the other. There’s gotta be some sort of middle ground. So go home. Sit yer old lady down and ye need ta decide on where you two stand.”

“I appreciate it but I’m not going anywhere. I need this and Cherry…”

“I’m not askin’ ye. I’m tellin’ ye ta get yer arse back home.”

Half-Sack closed his eyes and looked to the ground.

“I can’t…” He said as if a pleading manner.

“I haven’t been home in the last couple days and for a good reason.”

“That bein’?”

“I hit her…”

Chibs reared back on this.

“Ye what?!”

“We were fighting and HIS name kept popping up over and over. Next thing I know… She’s got her hand over her face and looking to me, in a way I never dreamed… I… Well I’ve never hit a woman and Cherry?! I’d never hurt her or so I thought. I hadn’t a clue what to say or do so I hightailed it out of there and I haven’t been home since. How do I even face her? Only a piece of shit hits a woman and a pregnant one?! What the FUCK is wrong with me?!”

The Scot nodded and without any warning whatsoever he decked Half-Sack across the face. Hard enough to knock him back against the wall. Chibs grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and got right in his face.

“Feel better?!”

Half-Sack nodded and wiped the blood off his lip. Chibs hugged him then leaned into his ear.

“That wasn’t Cherry ye were hittin’ and we both know that… I can’t even imagine what yer goin’ through, but that’s no excuse. Ye hit the little lass again and I’ll beat the ever livin’ shite out of ye. If ye need ta let it out then ye face me in the ring. I know ye got the shite ta back it up, so it’d be one hell of a match. But yer not aboot ta knock yer old lady around. I mean it, kid. In fact it might be best if ye spent more time on the road. Yer gonna need the money anyhow. This will give ye time ta think and let loose a bit and it’ll give yer old lady a break as well. So here’s what yer gonna do. Yer gonna head back ta Charming. Get that girl some fuckin’ roses and be her slave fur the rest of the week. Whatever she wants ye had better fuckin’ do it. The two of ye need ta talk this over and let her know how the mention of Clay gets under yer skin. The both of ye need ta go aboot this as if he doesn’t exist. Write his sorry arse off! And I say this not just fur yer sakes, but the child’s. That wee one she’s carryin’ didn’t ask fur this shite. Ye need ta work it out, BEFORE that baby comes inta the picture. Give that kid the parents it deserves and don’t ye even focus on that other shite. As for Clay… He was nothing more than a sperm donor. So go on. If yer too tired or drunk get yerself a hotel but yer ta head out ASAP!”

The boys cut Chibs an odd look as Half-Sack headed on out. Chibs took his seat and downed what was left of Half-Sack’s drinks.

“Everything alright?” Jax questioned.

“Aye… He’s got some business ta take care of back home.”

“Well that fast…” Jax murmured looking disappointed.

“Aye now, Jackie… We’ve all been there.”

The boys finished their food and had a few more drinks, before heading closer to the stage. Chibs was kicked back when a couple of strippers made their way over. One crawled into Jax’s lap, the other into his. Chibs smiled but shook his head.

“Easy there, darlin’…” He took a couple bills out from his cut then pointed them Happy’s direction.

“He’s our newest addition. Why don’t ye go and give him the proper welcome?”

She smiled and placed the money into her little schoolgirl top. Chibs lit a cigarette and watched as she headed that way. Happy had a massive grin about him. The Scot chuckled and nodded his direction. Opie was doing just as Chibs – redirecting the women towards the others. Chibs hadn’t taken the time to notice things like that before. But with Ava in the picture? He found himself paying more attention. It wasn’t long before Jax got ‘propositioned’, which was no surprise. The stripper headed into the VIP room. It was never discussed but the Sons knew which strip joints offered ‘special’, yet highly illegal services. It depended on the stripper and the one running the place. Chibs had his fair share from time to time. He shook his head in disappointment however as Jax followed. It wasn’t his place to say anything, but he knew that would come back to bite him in the ass. Opie said his goodbyes and headed to the hotel. Chibs was just about to call it a night as well. Only when he looked up he saw Jax exiting the backroom and the stripper was hitting him with one of her shoes. Jax rolled his eyes but kept walking. The stripper gritted her teeth and threw the shoe down. She grabbed a chair instead and went to hit him in the back of the head. Chibs was quick to intervene. He jerked the chair out of her hold then backed her up against the wall.

“I don’t think so, lass. Chill or I’ll get yer little arse fired.”

Her jaw dropped and he sent her a menacing wink.

“Everything alright?” One of the managers called out from behind the bar.

Chibs took out a twenty and handed it over.

“Oh yeah…” He murmured as the woman stuffed the money into her bra.

Chibs backed off and she went about her way. The Scot headed on out and saw Jax leaning against his bike, laughing.

“What’s with ye?”

“You are! Why’d you have to go and put that whole spiel about karma in my head?!”

Chibs couldn’t help but to smile.

“Because it’s what ye needed, kid.”

Jax sighed looking highly annoyed.

“Fuck…” he grumbled and ran his fingers through his hair.

Chibs joined him on the other side.

“She’s not my old lady…” The VP murmured in misery.

Chibs had a good laugh at this.

“Aye… But ye respect her all the same.”

“I don’t get it…”

“What’s that?”

“I never had that happen with Tara…” He hinted and Chibs recoiled.

“I mean yeah… I felt bad, but it was sex, nothing more. Or that’s what I’d tell myself.”

Jax looked towards the building and had this rather embarrassed look about him.

“You ever gone soft?” He whispered looking as if he wanted to die.

Chibs raised his brows on this.

“That bitch was sucking my dick and…”

“The little lass back home came ta mind?”

Jax nodded and Chibs couldn’t help but to laugh.

“And ye were blamin’ me?!”

“It isn’t funny. I don’t do that shit.”

“And what are ye referrin’ ta exactly?”

“Losing my game.” Jax grumbled with downright humiliation.

“Well whatever it is, ye had better get yer head out of yer arse and pay attention. As ta yer question… Nah, I ain’t never had that shite happen, ye pussy.” Chibs taunted with a playful grin and Jax dead-legged him.

Chibs laughed but grew serious for a moment.

“I know what yer talkin’ aboot when ye mention Tara. I felt the same way aboot Fi, but fur obvious reasons. I can honestly say I haven’t been tempted when it comes ta Ava. So if yer havin’ those feelings towards Michaela then maybe it’s time ye listen.”

“Now when you say you’ve never been tempted…”

“Meaning I don’t let my dick call all the shots.”

“Says the man fucking someone half his age.” Jax taunted.

“All the more reason…” Chibs said with full on sincerity.

“The little lass was a virgin when she came ta me. Now I’ve done a lot of shite in my lifetime, but I’m not aboot ta dishonor that, by dippin’ inta some other pussy. It’s like I said, it’s yer life, ye live it however ye want. But in the meantime, I’m gonna live mine the way I want. And fur once, I’d like ta look back on somethin’ and be proud.”

And on this note, Chibs climbed onto his bike and headed off.

“Hello?” Ava tiredly answered.

“And I woke ye…” He said feeling like a jackass as it was three in the morning.

For whatever reason, he wasn’t thinking about the time. He just wanted to hear her voice and make certain everything was alright.

“Chibs?” She questioned as if surprised that he’d even called.

“Aye… Look darlin’, ye go back ta sleep. I’ll call ye later on.”

“No. Don’t just…” She let out a yawn he shook his head.

“Ava, this can wait.”

“But I don’t wanna wait…” She said in that pouty like manner, the one that drove the Scot nuts.

He looked down and shook his head wondering how THAT made him hard. He leaned back and was scrolling through the channels on the TV.

“I’d ask what yer wearin’ but if yer in bed then I already have the answer.” He teased.

“Well Mr. Telford, I’ll have you know that I’m in a pair of shorts and one of yer shirts.”

“Hmmm. I prefer ye in the buff.”

“Well you’re not here, now are you?”

“Nah, I’m back at the hotel with a couple whores.”

“Oh, well you had better make certain they earn their pay.”

“Ye know it!”

Ava laughed and Chibs found himself smiling.

“And what about ye?”

“Well I couldn’t find any whores, so I figured Michaela was my next best bet.”

“Ah… Did ye set up the camcorder?”

“Damn. I knew I was forgetting something.”

Chibs sighed as if truly disappointed. He grabbed a cigarette off the nightstand and popped it into his mouth.

“Other than you getting a taste of Jax’s old lady… How’d yer day go?”

“Alright… Except for the part where you failed to show up this morning, after making it clear that we were going to visit Juice. Oh and the part where you didn’t tell me about Tig.”

He nodded and took a drag off his cigarette.

“Did ye see Trager or what?”

“Nope. But Gemma had more than her fair share to say about it.”

“Did she now?”

“Yes, but I got it handled.”

“Took it out on ye, did she?”

“You know how Gemma is.”

“Aye… Sorry aboot that.”



“What are YOU wearing?”

He had a good laugh at this but looked to his clothes.

“My cut, boots, the usual…”

“At three in the morning?!”


“Those are going to be some very disappointed women.”

“They’re whores for a reason, Ava darlin’.”

“Well you be sure to take that cut off first. I’m the only one that gets that privilege!”

“But of course…”

He cleared his throat and thought back to Kip and everything he’d said.

“Look, I won’t keep ye, darlin’. But I thought you might wanna check on Cherry in the morning.”

“Did something happen?”

“Aye… but just let her know that Kip is on his way back. It’ll take him a bit but he should arrive sometime around noon.”

“Is it the baby?” Ava questioned with slight alarm.

“Aye, but not the way yer thinkin’.”

Chibs went on to tell Ava about Kip and what he’d admitted to. He knew he promised to keep it between them, but Chibs knew Ava wouldn’t say anything if he asked her not to.

“Dammit…” Ava murmured afterward.

“I was hoping I got through to him…”

“How do ye mean?”

“He came by the clubhouse last night. He was drunk and all beat up…” She told him what all took place and what was said.

Chibs let out a sigh and shook his head.

“She’s right, you know…”

“Who is?”

“Cherry… They’re in this situation because of me!”

This had the Scot sitting up and grinding those teeth of his.

“Now ye had better listen here, lass. It’s all on Clay and ye know it. As fur Cherry? She was a Crow Eater at the time and she knew what was expected of her.” But just as the words left his mouth he regretted them.

He sounded just like Clay and it made him sick to his stomach.

“Crow Eater or not, she had just as much say in WHO fucked her! Jesus, Chibs!” Ava fired back.

“This isn’t right. God, what I wouldn’t give to sneak into that fucking prison and KILL HIM myself! He hasn’t a clue what he’s done. Hell, it could’ve been me…”

“And I’d have ripped his motherfuckin’ cock off and shoved it right up his arse!” Chibs roared surprising even himself.

But he couldn’t help it… Just the mere idea of someone touching his Ava like that had him feeling murderous. He closed his eyes and focused on taking nice long breaths. But truth of the matter? He’d already put himself in Half-Sack’s shoes and knew it could’ve been them. Only it would’ve been full on rape when it came to Ava. She would’ve never given into Clay.

“She was in love with Kip and had to fuck Clay in order to keep him off me!” Chibs recoiled as she broke into sobs.

He came to his feet and paced the area.

“And what if it were me carrying his child?!”

Chibs stopped in his tracks.

“Are ye really gonna dive inta all that mess?!”

Ava sighed.

“You’re right… I’m sorry.”

Chibs pinched his eyes shut.

“Ye know I’d NEVER turn my back ta ye…” He did his best to hint, but he hadn’t the stomach to go on about it.

“Now I love ye and want ye ta get some sleep.”

“I love you too.”

“I got a couple more things ta take care of, but I should be there in plenty time. So go on and get everythin’ set up, darlin’.”

“Got it.”

Chibs hung up the phone and just stood there for a moment. He had a million one things running through his mind and he knew he wasn’t getting any sleep tonight. He undressed and decided on taking a shower. But it was during this shower something else came to mind. The Scot found himself thinking back to what Ava had said about Deputy Hale breaking into her home and stealing that evidence against her. But how was that possible when the agents burned the place down? She mentioned the house being under her name. But how and why? Why would Charlie put the house under Bella’s name. Did he know he was going to die?! Nothing about that part made sense. His will? Sure. That made perfect sense. So what was left for Deputy Hale to search in the first place?

“You want me to look up property under your old lady’s name?”

“Aye… But it would be under Isabella Marie Swan.”


Chibs sighed and looked to the boys as they were getting ready to head out.

“Look, can ye get me the information or not?”

“I’m looking it up just give me a moment. Though I’m rather curious…”


“Why you aren’t asking her about this yourself?”

“Not sure…” Chibs admitted.



“Well I haven’t gotten to the property yet. But I see where she was signed up for the academy back in Seattle. Oh wait… here’s an address.”

“Ta the academy?! What academy?”

“I meant to the residence in Seattle.”


“It’s the only property listed under that particular name, well besides an old Chevy.”

“So she’s got a place back in Seattle?!”

“Looks like it – two bedroom, one bath. Not far from where the academy was being held. Guess she was following in her father’s footsteps.”

Chibs froze on the sheriff’s words.

“Ye mean like police academy?!”

“Yep. Only she was a no show. Ruins her chances of ever getting in, that’s for sure. They frown upon things like that.”

“And when was this?”

“Why do I get the feeling I shouldn’t be telling you all this? You do realize this is against her rights? Not to mention I could lose my job over this.”

Chibs rolled his eyes.

“Save me the spiel and answer the question.”

Wayne sighed once again.

“So I’m guessing the whole kissing cousin from Ireland bit was a cover?”

“Who said it was? Now would ye quit dancin’, I don’t have time fur that shite.”

“Looks like she was supposed to show up around…”

There was a moment of silence.

“Jesus…” He heard the sheriff mutter.


“The date was set for the day AFTER her father was murdered.”

Chibs staggered back and looked to Jax.

“Something wrong?” He questioned.

Chibs didn’t comment and went back to his conversation.

“So ye mean ta tell me that she had herself a place back in Seattle and was goin’ inta police academy and the only thing stoppin’ her was the death of her father?” He whispered into the phone.

“From the looks of things.”

“So she was buildin’ herself a whole new life…” He uttered not realizing he’d said this out loud.

“Different from the one she’s living now… That much is certain.” The sheriff added as if he were ridiculing Chibs.

Chibs had no words as he hung up the phone.

“Hey…” Jax called out once again.

“What’s up?”

“Why don’t ye and the boys head on out. I’ll be right behind ye.”


“Just go on we got a deadline ta meet.”

“Alright…” Jax said but with concern as Chibs was looked like he was stunned beyond disbelief.

Chibs waited until the boys were out of sight, before getting on his cellphone yet again.

Missing me already?”

What are we doin’?”


Ye heard me… I want ta know what all this is aboot.”

Chibs, what are you talking about?”

I’m talkin’ about ye livin’ a whole other life. One I never knew aboot and ye sure went out yer way ta hide it from me. Now when I say whole other life that’s exactly what I mean.”

“What the fuck? Are you perhaps drunk or HIGH even?!”

When were ye goin’ ta tell me about ye wantin’ ta be a cop and aboot the house ye have in Seattle?!”

Chibs shook his head when she wouldn’t answer.

Dammit Ava, I thought I knew everythin’ aboot ye. Ye got all out of sorts about the porn biz, yet ye won’t even bother with yer own shite!”

This was Hale’s doing, wasn’t it?!”

It doesn’t matter where I got the information. What matters is ye went all out in order ta keep it from me. Do you have ANY idea on how this reflects on me as prez? If the boys find out MY WIFE was set out to become a fuckin’ cop?!”

I can’t believe this… You’re totally flipping out, over nothing!”

“NOTHING?! If it was nothing ye’d have told me, now wouldn’t ye? I can’t believe ye! Ye had this whole other life planned, one where I clearly was never ta take part of! A fuckin’ cop and a god damn criminal. Jaysus, Ava!”

I’m not going to sit here and have you fucking drill me on something I decided when YOU weren’t even around. We BOTH agreed on going our separate ways, because we thought that was the only option at the time. And I don’t see how this affects your patch!”

It’s a pretty big deal, if ye ask me. Sure changes the way ye look at things!”


Because if yer old man hadn’t died… Ye’d have never come ta Charming and I’d have gone aboot my criminal ways and ye’d be on the other side arresting scumbag animals like me! That’s how!”

Well I seriously doubt you had any plans of returning to Forks. Two way street, buddy! And what’s to say we wouldn’t have met up again?!”

How? With ye arrestin’ me and shovin’ that badge of yers in my face?”

Why does this bother you sooo much?!”

Because that’s NOT the Ava I left behind. She never said a thing aboot wantin’ ta be a cop!”




Ava let out a frustrated sigh.

Look, I signed up for the academy to keep from making a fool of myself and showing up HERE, like some stupid lovesick pup! It’s all I ever thought about. So I figured taking the OPPOSITE route would help get my mind off it. As for the house… it was something my mother set up in her will, before she died. I was going to talk to you about selling it, but knew I couldn’t under the Ava alias. The agents would’ve looked for me there, first thing. So it was a lost cause! THERE! I hope you’re fucking satisfied with my answer! Oh and the next time you wanna dig up some information on me, be a fucking man and ask me yourself! The wedding is at 7 sharp, don’t be late!”

Chibs shook his head as she hung up the phone.

“Woman’s a God damn pain in me arse…” He uttered but found himself imagining her in a sexy little police uniform and he grew even madder. The Scot hopped onto his bike and retrieved his cellphone once again. He wasn’t sure what came over him…

I’d have used your own cuffs against you, spanked your tight little arse then gave it a good fucking! #copsandrobbers

Did you just seriously use a hashtag?!

That’s what you focus on?

Well yeah… you are kind of old and stuff…

That just means I’m more experienced. I’ll prove just how much later.


Chibs chuckled and pocketed the phone. He revved that engine and headed on out.

“Is wrong to want to kill your husband after just 48 hours of marriage?” Ava said with a scowl and pocketed her cellphone.

Cherry laughed.

“Hell, I’m already there and I’m not even married yet.”

“Wait… you wanna kill my husband too?!” Ava teased.

“Depends on your reasoning.”

“Being a dick…”

“I’m afraid that’s all men.”

“Well shit.”

“Besides, you should at least wait until you get some sort of life insurance… Then we can plot.”

“Oh good thinking!”

Ava handed Cherry a cup of coffee then sat beside her.

“I like your place. It’s cozy.”

“But small…” Cherry said with a frown.

Ava reached over and took the cigarette from Cherry’s mouth.

“Um no…”

Cherry reared back looking somewhat offended.

“You’re not doing that to your baby.”

Cherry grimaced and Ava nodded as she put the cigarette out.

“Sorry, I wasn’t thinking… I had stopped, honest. I just…”

“Why don’t I make us some breakfast and you can tell me what’s going on between you and Kip?”

“Don’t you need some sort of 24 hour bodyguard?” Cherry questioned and Ava pointed towards the front door.

“Bobby’s out front getting his flirt on with your next door neighbor.”

“Oh great!”

“I thought so.” Ava said with a playful smile.

She came to her feet and scanned the kitchen for something to fix.

“Why don’t you come with me after breakfast? I could use the help and it would get you out of the house. Besides, you’ve yet to see the new place!”

“New place?”

“You’ll see…”

Chibs tilted his head as he was gazing through the side mirror. He heard the bikes off to the distance, but thought nothing of it at first. They were getting a little too close for comfort. He counted four, alongside of a truck. He shook his head and sped things up a bit. The bikes forked off creating a barrier and the truck was right on his tail. One of them signaled for Chibs to pull over. He sighed wondering what this was about, considering they were Mayans. The Scot pulled on over and took his helmet off.

“Ye wanna tell me what this is aboot?” He asked just before getting clocked in the head.

Jax looked to the time and tried yet again to get ahold of Chibs.

“Think he decided on heading straight back?” Opie questioned as they were ordering their food.

“Maybe…” The VP uttered but with a look of concern as it wasn’t like Chibs to keep them waiting.

“Guess it’s just us, darlin’.” Jax told the waitress.

She nodded and took the rest of their orders.

“Bobby would be pissed…” Opie remarked as he was pointing to one of the well-stacked Hooter girls, not just any Hooter girl but Munson’s favorite.

Jax had a good laugh at this.

“Oh yeah… Better keep this between us.”

“Right? Or…” Opie reached over grabbing Jax’s cellphone.

He snapped a picture of the girl then sent it to Bobby’s cellphone. He handed the phone to Jax directly after.

“That’s fucked up, brother.”

Opie chuckled and shrugged as he sipped at his beer.

“Fucking bastards…” Bobby uttered and this had the girls looking over in question.

“I’m stuck here babysitting while they have all the fun.”

“We can hear you…” Ava said in response.

Bobby muttered a slew of curse words and tossed his beer bottle into the trash.

“Hurry up with that shit. I’m bored out of my fucking mind.”

“You could help…” Ava spat in return as she was hanging a picture on the wall.

Bobby had a good laugh at this.

“Now THAT was funny.” He murmured and stepped outside.

When Chibs came to his vision was blurry and his head was pounding. He blinked a few times and was trying to decipher where he was.

“Ah… you’re awake!”

The all too familiar man hunkered down before him. Chibs’s wrists and ankles were bond with cable ties and they had him lying in what looked to be a shed.

“You remember me?”

“Oh yeah…” Chibs replied and spat in the man’s face.

The man gave a mere nod and used the sleeve of his shirt to wipe the spit off his face. He socked Chibs across his then grabbed a fistful of his hair. He brought the president to his knees and shoved the hand with two missing fingers in his face.

“I’ve gone through LITERAL HELL because of YOU!” The man peered back and nodded towards the others.

“Leave us.”

The others were quick to head out and were waiting outside. He cupped Chibs’s face and squeezed until his fingernails were cutting into his flesh. It was then that Chibs took notice of the sergeant in arms patch. He wondered how he earned his way after screwing up so badly.

“How’d you get them fugly scars anyhow? Did someone finally get tired of hearing that phony accent of yours? You do realize that NOBODY can understand a word you fucking say?”

Chibs raised his brows on this but didn’t comment. The man lowered his hand then went on to unbuckle his pants. He whipped his cock and balls (or lack thereof) out. His balls were all deformed and the tip of his dick was misshapen as well.

“Taking a piss felt like I was taking a match to my dick and to top it off. My wife left me because I couldn’t preform to her expectations. Oh and I couldn’t give her children!”

The man tucked himself away and paced the area.

“So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m returning the favor. Only being the generous man I am, I’m willing to go even FURTHER!”

Chibs swallowed back as the man had his cellphone and showed him the picture of Ava.

“Got yourself a sweet young thing. It would be a shame if you ended up in the same boat. Young lady like that… has her needs. That VP of yours looks like he’d make a great candidate for a replacement. Think he’d take care of her for you?”

The Mayan took out his knife and traced it along Chibs’s scars.

“I bet he’d like that… Balls deep in his president’s pussy. Knowing he can give her EVERYTHING you can’t. I know I would if I was in his position. If anything… I’m doing the old lady a favor. Look at you! Not so tough without your boys…”

Chibs gathered this rather demonic grin and started laughing. The man reared back and looked upon the Scot as if he were crazy.

“So you think this is funny?”

“Aye…” Chibs stated with a simple nod.

The Mayan gritted his teeth and grabbed Chibs by the collar of his cut. Only he was quick to gasp out as Chibs had those arms of his wrapped around his neck. The Mayan went to stab him with his blade but Chibs pivoted about and just in time as the knife went through the wall directly behind them. Chibs slammed his forehead against his then tightened that grip with the cable pressed right up against the Mayan’s jugular. He kept his hold until the man ran out of breath. Chibs kept an eye on that shed door and brought the Mayan to the floor. He was quick to lift his arms up and with one swift motion he broke free of the cable ties. Chibs used the knife to free his ankles. He retrieved his cellphone, weapons, and he grabbed the Mayan’s as well. He took his boot to his neck then snapped it.

“There. Out of yer misery, ye sack of shite.” Chibs muttered and went on to find a good hiding place.

Chibs called Jax and let him know to look for his bike out on the highway and to keep an eye out for a nearby shed. He hung up directly after. It wasn’t long before the others reentered the area. They were checking on their friend when Chibs fired the first shot. The others looked the direction in which it came and were quick to respond with a few bullets of their own. Chibs took cover and laid low. He kept count of each bullet fired and the pattern in which they were reloading. Just as soon as he estimated a free shot, he took it.

“SHIT!” One of the Mayans hollered as Chibs took out another one of their boys.

His cellphone rang and Chibs saw that it was Ava.

“Bad timin’, love.”

He murmured but answered it anyhow.

“Are you busy?”

“Nah… Whatcha need?” He muttered while looking for the other three men.

“Well I was wondering if you wanted black or red trimming in the bedroom.”

“Well it depends on what yer puttin’ on the walls.”

“I was thinking we would do opposing colors actually.”

Another bullet flew by and Chibs shook his head looking slightly annoyed.

“Wait… are you being shot at?!”

“Just tell me what’s goin’ on the walls, Ava darlin’.” He said firing in return.

“Um… okay. Either red or black… depending on what you chose for the trimming.”

“So ye called ta ask me what color to put on the trimmin’ and whatever color I don’t pick goes on the walls?”

“Well… yeah.” Ava replied feeling rather stupid now.

Chibs had a good laugh at this. But snuck up on one of the other Mayan’s and slit their throat.

“Hold on…” He whispered and ducked down as one of the others were passing by.

He ankle-swiped them then used the blunt of his gun to knock them out. He was quick to bring their body against his and used it as a human shield, as the last Mayan was standing before him taking shots. Once he heard that ‘last’ click, he rolled out from under the body then emptied his gun. He came to his feet and did a once over before putting the phone back to his ear.

“Ye there?”

“Please tell me you’re still standing and whole!”


“I shouldn’t have called. I could’ve gotten you killed!”

“Ye should go with the red walls and black trimmin’.”


“Ye were askin’ about the walls in the bedroom.”

Right… I was a little distracted.”

“Did ye need anythin’ else?”

“You mean other than NOT making me a widow?”

“Yeah besides that.”

“Well I guess not.”

“Alright then…”

“That’s all you gotta say? Alright then?”


“Ugh… I swear to God, Chibs.”

“Aye well… ye just make sure ta say yer hail marys. By the way I might be runnin’ a little late.”

“Gee, you think?!”


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13 thoughts on “Chapter 14 #copsandrobbers”

  1. Omgolly sack calling Chibs dude was hilarious!! Loved it. And I wanna smack him and Gemma and Jax around a bit for their actions. And maybe Chibs for yelling at ava but she probably shoulda told him about that before hand. Meh. And so much humor and sarcasm in this whole chapter. Freaking love it. And up! Awesome job love!

  2. I loved how Bella stood up to Gemma…that was awesome…and the last part as they talked about room design as Chibs fought out in a war like battle…cool as hell. I’m loving this story and what a great update. I can’t wait to read more…thanks, until next time…bigg huggs.

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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