Chapter 15 For Whom The Bell Tolls

Chapter 15 – For Whom The Bell Tolls

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“Well shit…” Jax murmured as Chibs was loading the second Mayan body into the truck.

The president nodded towards the shed.

“Ye wanna help? Are ye just gonna stand there?”

Jax shook his head but sort of laughed.

“Looks like you’ve been busy…”

“Aye and we’re short on time. Ava’s sure ta have me arse if I don’t get there in time. Not ta mention what they could end up dealin’ with on their own…” He hinted and Jax recoiled in thought.

The VP gestured for the others to help clean up. The Sons were thorough but fast in getting everything in order. They made certain each body was loaded and accounted for. During which, Chibs went over his new plans for staging the ‘aftermath’ with Jax. This had the VP looking to him in utter astonishment.

“Did you seriously just think that shit up?”

Chibs gathered smug grin and nodded.

“Well I’ll be damned. That’s pretty fucking ingenious!”

“I thought so.”

“Now how do we go about letting the others in on it?”

“That’ll be the hard part. We’ll have ta work that shite in there. I’ll figure out a way ta let Ava know. The rest is just aboot doin’ the best we can ta wing it. But if we play our cards just right, there shouldn’t be any issues.”

“I hope so, brother.”

Jax shook his head as Happy was loading up the all too familiar Mayan.

“Shit… Think Alvarez was behind this? Or was this just his cousin’s way of fucking everyone over?”

“Either way… They just declared war whether that was Alvarez’s intention or not.”

Jax nodded in agreement.

“I’ll have a couple of the prospects pick up the truck.”

“Aye… Ye just let them know the protocol. We can’t have this shite backfirin’.”

“Got it.”

Ava drew back a breath as she adjusted the gown over the bullet proof vest.


(Second dress is Bella’s)

“It’s a good thing you didn’t go with something strapless.” Gemma remarked and Ava laughed.


Gemma smiled and handed Ava her garter. Ava placed her gun into the connected holster.


“Not too heavy?” Gemma questioned as Ava tested it out.

“No actually, it’s perfect.”

“Good deal.”

Ava looked to Cherry and Michaela as they were getting ready as well.

“What if is this turns out to be a horrible mistake?”

“Too little too late, considering you’ve done said your vows.” Gemma witted.

The young woman sort of laughed but looked to be in thought.

“My ‘brilliant’ idea could get everyone killed. That or it could turn out to be an epic failure when they never show.”

“Well either of those is possible…”

“So that’s it?”

Gemma stopped what she was doing and regarded Ava in the mirror.

“Where’s my fucking pep talk?”

“My bad… Everything’s going to work out just fine! You’ll see!”

“That’s better.” Ava said but with this restless mien about her.

Michaela entered the room, walked on over, and handed Ava a shot. Gemma cocked a brow as Ava downed it.

“It’s like you read my mind.”

Michaela smiled on this.

“You’re welcome. Would you like another?!”

“She needs a clear head!”

“Well she won’t have much of one if she’s all nerves, now will she? A couple shots will put her at ease.”

Ava sighed as the two went back to eyeing one another down.

“Ugh… Ladies, put those invisible cocks away and help me!”

When they looked over Ava was fanning herself and looking awfully pale. Cherry was quick to grab her as she was closest. She brought Ava to the floor and checked her over.

“What was that?” Cherry questioned with concern.

“Got too hot I think. It doesn’t help that this vest is sucking the life out of me. Oh and there’s that itsy bitsy part where all of this could go to shit and everyone DIES!”

“Jesus, Ava! Calm the fuck down!”


“Here…” Cherry murmured and went on to lift Ava’s dress.

“Take me out to dinner first… geez.”

Cherry blushed but laughed in response.

“Why, when I can go straight for the dessert? Oh and look! Bridal panties! Now that’s hot!”

This had Gemma and Michaela looking over. Cherry went on to loosen the straps to the vest. They snapped their heads Gemma’s direction however as they caught a flash. Gemma smiled and showed them the picture on her cellphone. Their jaws dropped once they realized just how bad it looked. Cherry was straddled over Ava and in nothing but her bra and panties. She had Ava’s wedding gown lifted and the post itself looked incredibly sexual.

“Tell me you’re not keeping that!” Ava hissed.

“Well I’m not deleting it, if that’s what you’re asking. I’ve got the perfect blackmail – if ever needed. This is waaay too intimate of a setting. No one’s going to believe the actual story behind it.”

“You got problems.” Ava said as Cherry helped her to her feet.

“Nope just keeping all my bases covered.”

“And how do we know you’re not keeping that for your personal entertainment?” Ava cruelly hinted and Gemma shrugged.

“You don’t…”

“Well that’s disturbing…” Cherry said with a frown.

“How you feeling now?” She questioned once she got Ava seated.

“Much better.”  Gemma handed a bottle of water over.

“Thanks…” Ava said and went on to down the entire thing.

“You sure you’re alright?” Cherry asked looking a little green herself.

“Um yeah… But you don’t look so good…”

“It comes and goes…” Cherry murmured whilst closing her eyes for a moment.

“Jesus, look at you two. You had better get your shit together and fast. We can’t very well carry you down the aisle.”

“Thanks for your concern.” Ava sarcastically threw out.

The women grimaced however as Cherry clamped a hand over her mouth and was quick to dart on out of the room.

“I got it.” Michaela said with a nod towards Gemma and Ava.

“Don’t tell me you’re both pregnant…” Gemma remarked once they had the room to themselves.

“Highly unlikely considering I’m on birth control.”



“And when was your last one?”

“Really, Gemma?”

“I’m just sayin’. You might want to look into that.”

“I’m not pregnant and I’m still good on that shot.” Ava murmured but looked to be in thought.

“Well if you say so.”

“Yep.” She said and downed that second shot.

“Proof enough for you?”

“I suppose, unless you condone underage drinking.”


“Not really, unless you want a retarded baby.”

“Yeah… you can stop that now…”

Ava came to her feet and finished getting ready.

Jax tossed Chibs’s gun over and he placed his shoulder holster on afterward. They hadn’t a choice but to stop by Cara Cara’s and get ready. It was the closest stop to the area they were heading.

“I can’t believe this is what Ava wanted…” The VP mumbled in thought.

Chibs couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Aye… she’s different, that one.” But he said this with full on pride.

“No doubt about that. Most women are all about the fairy tale.”

“Ava’s a little more down-ta-earth. It’s the simple things in life that make her happy. She’s never concerned herself with such things.”

“Simple, huh?” Jax taunted with a snide grin.

“Aye now… watch yerself, Jackie boy.”

“Mom told me what you did.”

“And what would that be?” Chibs questioned but with a frown as he was adjusting his tie.


That was the only part of Ava’s plan he didn’t care for. The whole suit and tie bit. It just wasn’t him but he understood her reasoning. If they were going to play the part they had to go all out and make it believable.

“Getting that house you mentioned once before. You know… the one by the school Abel will be going to. Ava told her that you wanted your kids going to that same school.”

Chibs gave a dismissive shrug.

“You plan on popping them out that soon?” Jax teased.

He raised his brows however as Chibs didn’t really comment.

Holy shit… You’re ready to knock her up, aren’t you?”

“What’s ta say I haven’t?” Chibs taunted in return.

“Wait what?

This had the president laughing in response.

“Ye make it too easy, kid.”

Jax shook his but chuckled. The Scot cleared his throat as it just occurred to him… Here they were – fucking like rabbits. Yet he hadn’t thought to ask if she was on some sort of birth control. Then again… he hadn’t gone out his way to use condoms either. He laughed amongst himself.

“What?” Jax questioned taking notice.


He felt somewhat foolish considering his old field of work. Chibs Telford of all people should know better. But when it came to Ava and their sex life all he could think about was getting to it. All common sense went right out the door. But the way he saw it? If she ended up pregnant then so be it. They planned on having children anyhow. Now was he ready to dive into all that, this soon? Not even a little. The president had hopes of handling this deal with the IRA first. He didn’t like the idea of bringing a child into all this mess, especially after what happened with Fi and Kerrianne. But if it happened, it happened. Thankfully, their dealings were handled in the states and if a situation like THAT came about. It would be a lot easier to deal with. The Irish were on this HIS turf now.”

Ava had this uneasy presence about her as twelve minutes had passed and the boys were still a no show. Bobby leaned into her ear.

“Just give them time.”

“Time isn’t something we really got.” She hissed while looking to what little wedding guests they had.

All she could think about was those agents showing up, before the rest of the Sons. Her plans would go to shit and they’d drive up on a complete massacre. She’d be responsible for everyone here. Gemma, Cherry, Michaela, Bobby, Piney, and a few prospects. Every now and then she’d look to their ‘guests’ and kept expecting to see Toric sitting amongst them with that smug grin, ready to haul her ass in. She hadn’t a clue what to really expect. But Chibs had made it clear that the Sons had found a way of spreading word of this private wedding ceremony that was RSVP only. The place was a few miles outside of Charming and out in the middle of nowhere, by one of the lakes. This was her reason for laying now in the first place. She couldn’t run the risk of them finding her and ruining her and Chibs’s plans of taking care of this, once and for all. In fact she had counted on this so much… that she was starting to have her doubts. This could wind up being a complete waste of time and this fake wedding didn’t’ come cheap. She thought of the irony on that. The one time she actually went all out and it wasn’t because it was the wedding she wanted. No, it had to do with wanting to see the look on Toric’s face when everything was finally revealed. She went out her way to make certain everything was ‘perfect’. She wanted to sell this for everything it was. Now what she and Chibs had back at the clubhouse was her definition of perfection. It was simple, to the point, and very them. This? Well it felt like something she would’ve seen if she had married into the Cullen family instead. She hated the idea of Chibs in a suit and tie. She preferred him in that cut and those boots. That’s the man she fell for and married. She knew this without even seeing what he looked like yet. Bobby and Piney looked way out of character. Bobby kept reaching to his tie and rolling his head about his shoulders. Even the prospects looked uncomfortable. A solid minute passed, before she heard the familiar roaring of the bikes. She let out a sigh of relief and Piney motioned for the prospects to get everything going.

“Don’t you pass out on me.” Bobby whispered and Ava sort of laughed.

“I’ll do my best.”

She looked to Bobby in alarm as the agents pulled up, right behind the Sons.

“Shit…” She whispered and Bobby gave her arm a slight squeeze.

“Don’t you freak out just yet…”

The agents were quick to surround the Sons. Chibs kept his eyes on Ava the entire time. Due to them running late her plans weren’t exactly on cue. They had no choice but to improvise. Chibs signaled for his boys to keep cool as the agents had their guns aimed their direction. Ava swallowed back as Toric was last to make an appearance. The moment he spotted her he laughed and shook his head.

“Am I interrupting something?”

“Just a bit…” Ava said with a scowl.

It took all restraint on Chibs’s part as Toric strutted on over. He got right in Ava’s face and placed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Well hell… Even I gotta admit you make one hell of a bride. Look at you! Dazzling… Daddy issues and all…” He cruelly hinted with a nod towards Chibs.

“I would’ve been your daddy if you had asked nicely.”

Jax placed a hand along Chibs’s shoulder and squeezed the hell out of it.

“Don’t…” He whispered knowing that look all too well.

Toric looked to their wedding guests then back to Ava.

“Tell you what… Being the perfect gentleman I am. I’ll let you walk on down that aisle and say your I dos, before taking you into custody. But if anyone and I do mean ANYONE tries to stop me, I’ll have my boys take out your guests. And before you even go on about how I can’t do that…” He flashed her his badge as a reminder.

“No one’s going to question why we gunned down a motorcycle gang.”

“Fine… But two things…”

Toric raised his brows on this.

“SAMCRO isn’t a ‘gang’, two lower your guns. This is a wedding.”

Toric had a good laugh at this. He nodded towards his guys.

“Well you heard the lady. Lower those guns. It’s a fucking wedding for crying out loud, you insensitive bastards!”

The agents lowered their guns but stood their ground. Toric leaned into Ava’s ear.

“From here on…. I own you, Swan. You’re to do what I say and when I say it. If you don’t… I’ll come back to Charming and take out EVERYONE you hold dear. So… back to business I thought we’d start off with those Quileute friends of yours. You can show me where they’re hiding and we’ll go from there. It’s time we cleaned house and you’re going to help us. You’re part of the team now.”

Ava looked to Chibs and gave a mere nod.

“Such a good girl… Making your new daddy proud. Now go on… I’d hate to ruin your big day.”

“You already have…” She said behind gritted teeth.

Toric jerked her out of Bobby’s hold. Bobby sent him a look of utter hell as Toric gestured for him to have a seat with the other guests.

“Do you want me to change my mind about giving you away?! I could…”

The young woman recoiled and Toric nodded.

“That’s about what I thought.”

Toric looked to everyone else.

“Well go on! Cue the music. Let’s have us a wedding!” Toric announced.

Let the show begin…” Jax whispered and Chibs nodded.

Chibs locked eyes with Toric as he passed on by. Toric sent him a menacing wink and kissed Ava’s hand.

“Ironic isn’t it?” He said as one of the prospects started the wedding march.

Ava looked to Toric in question.

“Taking your father’s place… But someone has to. I figure it might as well be me.”

Ava’s entire body heated over and it took everything within her not to end his sorry ass, right there. Chibs let out a low growl as Toric walked her down the aisle. He nodded towards the priest Chibs had personally hired. This particular priest and Chibs went back. In fact, he was there on the nights that Chibs would light a candle in ‘Bella’s’ honor. He didn’t know ‘everything’ but he knew enough to offer his services in whatever way he could. That and he owed Chibs a favor.

“Well go on… Ask me.” Toric

The priest looked to Chibs and the Scot sighed whilst giving him the go ahead.

“And who gives this bride away?”

Toric gathered this egotistical smile.

“I do.” He said and went on to peck her on the cheek.

He looked to Chibs afterward.

“Take care of her. At least for what little time you have.”

Chibs gritted his teeth to the point where you could hear his jaw popping. Toric chuckled and handed Ava over. From there he went and joined the other guests.

The priest went about the ceremony and before long it came time to do their ‘vows’. They kept it traditional, considering they’d already said their actual vows to one another. They exchanged rings and Chibs looked to his in somewhat surprise. He hadn’t seen it yet and took no part in picking it out. Ava let him know she wanted to do that part. So he let her take care of it. The ring matched her set with the Celtic knot, only the center was white gold and it was lined with rose. He caught the engraving just as she went to put the ring on his finger. Reaper of my heart… He couldn’t help but to find himself rather stunned. He thought it rather perfect. Whereas some might find it a bit dark and read into it wrong. He knew what she was going for. Reapers were often mistaken with Death himself. But reapers were nothing more than ‘gatherers’ aka ‘collectors’. So he thought it an honor to be the one that possessed her heart. Once they exchanged rings the priest asked if anyone objected to the wedding. Toric looked upon their guests as if daring someone to say something. He smiled when no one came forth. He gestured for the priest to carry on. After announcing them as husband and wife, the priest gave Chibs the go ahead on kissing his bride.




Chibs’s eyes locked with hers. He caressed her cheek then went on to kiss her. The Scot dipped her back just as he did back at the clubhouse. Only this time she reached into his jacket.

“Go on, love. Let’s put an end ta this shite.” He whispered and Ava pulled the trigger, taking out the nearest agent.

Toric shot to his feet and watched in horror. The ‘guests’ reached under the chairs and each of them retrieved a gun. The Sons ripped off their jackets and tossed them onto the ground, revealing their SAMCRO cuts. Chibs grabbed Ava and shoved her back behind him. He shot at a couple more but one managed to slip on by. He turned just in time to see Ava lift her dress. She took that gun out from it’s holster and fired, without so much as batting an eye. Chibs couldn’t help but to look on in awe. Never more than at this moment was she a true biker queen. She shoved the priest out of harm’s way and shot at another agent. Chibs forced himself out of it as he was gawking like that of a babbling idiot. But he couldn’t help it… He’d never seen anything more beautiful, yet so disturbing. What seemed like forever ended in the matter of seconds. The Sons looked to the bodies then to one another. Thanks to Ava, they’d managed to get the upperhand. This helped them take out most of the agents, before they even had the chance to react.

“Ye alright?” Chibs called out as Jax was holding his arm.

“Oh yeah…” He said with a chuckle and while kicking at one of the dead agents.

Everyone there looked to Toric. He had his gun aimed at Ava.

“I’ll do it!” He threatened with sheer on desperation.

This had Chibs rolling his eyes. With one swift motion, he shot the gun right out from Toric’s hand. Toric just stood there wide-eyed. Chibs marched on over and grabbed Toric by the collar of his shirt. He dragged him towards Ava.

“Are ye certain this is what ye want?” The Scot questioned feeling rather stupid considering she’d already taken out three of his men.

Ava put her gun away and nodded. Chibs brought Toric to his knees. He grabbed a fistful of his hair and forced him to look upon Ava. Chibs leaned into his ear.

“Look yer reaper in the eyes…”

Ava narrowed hers as Toric started to cry and was begging for mercy. As if reading her mind, Jax took off his Sons rings and handed them over. He gave a mere nod and stepped aside. Ava placed the rings on then went to town on Toric’s face. Blood splattered all along her dress, her neck, and face. By the time she finished he was missing a few teeth. His mouth and nose hardly had anything left to them. Ava cupped his chin and squeezed until her fingers went through his flesh. Ava placed her foot along his shoulder and removed a knife from another holster. He let out a surprised gurgle like gasp as she took that knife and rammed right through the bottom of his chin. She promptly ripped it right back out. Chibs brought Toric back to his feet then took his own knife and jabbed it into one of his kidneys. He twisted the blade directly after.


“Ye just keep lookin’ inta those big brown eyes cause that’s the last thing ye’ll ever see.”

Chibs ran that knife on up his spine. Ava reached into the top portion of her dress and brought out a grenade. She forced it into what was left of Toric’s mouth. The president signaled for everyone to take cover. As if in silent conversation Ava nodded upon her husband and pulled the pin. He was quick to grab her and they took cover as the grenade went off. Chunks of Toric rained throughout the area.

Chibs came to his feet and was quick to help Ava to hers. He checked her over then pecked her on the lips.

“Ye alright?”

She nodded and he hugged her.

“We gotta act fast, love. We’re nowhere near done. Just follow my lead and be quick.”

Chibs dropped his hold then looked to everyone else.

“Leave the bodies. Clean up everything else. Leave NOTHING of the wedding behind.”

He looked to one of the prospects.

“I want ye ta take him on home.” He said whilst pointing to the priest.

Chibs kissed the priest’s cheeks and thanked him profusely. He smiled and hugged him in return. The man of God took Ava by the hand.

“Godspeed, my dear.” He said then he kissed her forehead.

The young woman sent the man a bewildered look as he simply walked away. The Sons were quick to start picking up. They were throwing things into a couple of vans and hauling ass. The women followed their example and helped out the best they could. Ava reared back however as Happy and Opie were dragging a few bodies out from a black truck. Out of curiosity she made her way over. They went on to lay the bodies amongst that of the agents. Ava laughed in realization.

“Brilliant… Who came up with that one?” She asked knowing that wasn’t HER part of the plan.

Opie pointed to Chibs as he was setting up the scene and planting whatever evidence he could.

“I should’ve known…” She murmured.

Once they finished getting everything in order, Jax and Chibs did a walk through and made certain everything was ready to go.

“Alright let’s get the hell out of dodge. Everyone’s ta shower, dress up, and meet us at the pavilion. We got another weddin’ ta attend.”

Ava looked to Chibs in question. He gave no explanation and rushed her into one of the vans. He knew it wouldn’t be long before someone reported gunshots. They had a good nine minutes to get back to Charming. He pointed to the prospect at the wheel.

“Guard my girl with yer life, got it?”

The prospect nodded and Chibs shut the door. He hopped on his bike and followed them to the clubhouse. Just as soon as they got there Chibs herded Ava to the backroom. He started the shower.

“Scrub down and leave nothin’ behind. But be quick aboot it.”

Ava nodded and did as Chibs requested. Once she finished he hopped in. She reared back however as he already had something set out on the bed. It was a simple white dress with laced sleeves.

She put it on then got herself dolled up.

“A bit short…” she murmured whilst looking in the mirror.

“Nah… if anything it’s not short enough.”


She jumped as she caught Chibs’s reflection in the mirror. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. He kissed her on the cheek then went on to get dressed. Ava looked to her wedding shoes with a frown. She was heading to the bathroom in attempts to clean them up when Chibs pointed to her black Harley’s.

“Just wear those…” He said with a shrug.

“In my skimpy wedding dress?”

“Aye…” He said whilst wiggling his brows.

“Besides… we gotta burn those, along with all the other weddin’ clothes.”

Ava nodded in understanding and bagged them up along with the rest.

“Good. I hated those fucking things anyhow.”

Chibs had a good laugh at this. She never was keen on wearing heels.

“I prefer ye in those boots anyhow.”

Ava went to throw the garter with the holster away as well but he stopped her. He lifted her leg, removed the holster then placed the garter back on. He tilted his head as he gave her the once over.

“Ye remember what I said about playin’ cops and robbers?” He murmured whilst running a hand up along her thigh.

He backed her up against the wall then hiked her leg up. The Scot pressed himself against her and kissed along her neck. He let out a frustrated growl as he put his forehead to hers. He lowered her leg then looked her in the eyes.

“I want ye ta go on. Michaela and Jax are waitin’ fur ye outside. I’ll meet ye there.”

“Um okay…” She said looking somewhat confused.

He watched as she exited the room. The man shook his head and was quick to finish getting dressed.


When they got to the pavilion, Gemma was herding everyone about and snapping picture after picture. Ava had never been so confused but just went with it. It wasn’t long before Chibs arrived and Gemma was snapping pictures of the two of them. It was then that it finally dawned on Ava as to what they were doing. They were staging the pictures as ‘evidence’. They even went as far as to have a cake in which she and Chibs cut and fed one another. Chibs flipped through the pictures and nodded in approval as Gemma managed to set them to the allotted time in which the wedding was ‘supposed’ to take place. Thus taking place during the massacre between the agents and the ‘Mayans’. Once Chibs was satisfied with everything, they set up the ‘after’ party. They turned the pavilion into a dance floor. Happy wheeled a keg into the room and one of the prospects acted as the DJ. Chibs took Ava by the hand and led her to the dance floor. He twirled her about then brought her against his chest. He leaned into her ear as they danced to Never My Love (By Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers SOA soundtrack).

“Ye just play along with whatever I say and do, Ava darlin’.”

She nodded.

“How ye holdin’ up?” He questioned as he twirled her about once again.

“Okay… Just a tad confused.”

“Aye… But ye did good. Got us right where we needed ta be.”

He hummed along with the lyrics as they continued to dance. Little was Ava aware that he’d personally picked this song out. The Scot found it a little too fitting for them and he wanted to give her a little something considering how hectic everything was.

“I was afraid I jumped the gun…”

“Not even. Ye were perfect. Hell… a little too perfect.” He said with a touch of seriousness.

There were times it put him a bit on edge… Just how quick she’d go from that shy small town girl to that fucking badass from hell. They danced to a couple more songs and before long a few of the others joined in. Ava was about to say something on Half-Sack and Cherry making amends as they were dancing as well. But froze once she saw the sheriff, his deputy, and a slew of squad cars pulling up to the pavilion.

“Filip…” She whispered in a panic.

The Scot hated doing this to her but he needed that element of surprise in order to sell this.

“Keep yer cool and what I said in mind.” He said as the sheriff had the prospect stop the music.

“Everyone down and hands behind your back!”

Ava’s heart was going ninety to nothing. As for Chibs? He sighed as if merely annoyed. He nodded upon the sheriff.

“Ye wanna tell me what this is aboot?”

Ava’s jaw dropped as Wayne took out his gun and had it aimed Chibs’s direction.

“Like I said… Everyone down. Hands behind your back and I do mean EVERYONE!”

The Sons looked to one another and Chibs gave a mere nod. They dropped down as each of them had a gun aimed their direction. Chibs kept his eyes on Ava as she lay beside him. She was cuffed alongside of everyone else. Jax was doing his best to ignore the pain behind the gunshot wound. He couldn’t afford to let that one slip. Michaela had done a quick patch up back at the clubhouse. Just enough to get the bullet out and keep it from bleeding out. The deputy brought Ava to her feet.

“Not much of a dress.” He ridiculed.

Chibs overheard this and he spat on the deputy’s shoes.

“Ye just keep that gob of yers shut and mind yer business, ye pigheaded arse!”

Hale curled that lip of his and he eyed Chibs down as he took his wife and shoved her up against the wall.

“HEY!!!” He and the other Sons hollered.

Chibs broke out of the other man’s hold and socked Hale across the face.

“There’s no need fur that and ye know it!”

Ava let out a yelp as Hale put his gun to Chibs’s chin.

“Ye don’t have fuckin’ the balls!”

“What in the hell is going on over there?!” Wayne called out as he caught the tail end of this.

“Your deputy was roughing up one of our girls!” Jax defended.

“That true?” Wayne questioned and Hale lowered his gun.

“You gonna believe that?” He scoffed.

The sheriff didn’t comment and went on to check on Ava. She had a fresh mark along her cheek where she’d hit the wall.

“He do that?”

Ava nodded and Wayne cut the deputy a ‘look’.

“Was that really necessary?”

“She was disorderly!”

“Don’t ye even feed him that shite! Ye did it just ta piss me off and ye know it!”

The sheriff pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Read them their rights and take them in. We’ll discuss this back at the station.”

The deputy went to place Ava in his car but Wayne intervened.

“I got this one. You take care of that one.” He pointed to Chibs and with a bit of a challenging smirk.

Hale reared back on this.

“Well go on… We haven’t got all night.”

When the Sons arrived at the sheriff’s station they saw that a few Mayans had been brought in as well, one of those being Alvarez. He looked to Chibs but the Scot didn’t so much as react. He had to play dumb and go with the flow. Now was not the time to be cocky and let that vengeful side leak out.

Chibs narrowed his eyes however as he could hear Ava being brought in.

“This had better be good!”

Thatta girl… he thought as she was playing the part perfectly. When the sheriff and she passed by she had genuine tears streaming down her face. Wayne struggled in keeping her under control.

“Assholes! You ruined our wedding!” Ava shouted and Chibs fought in order to keep from laughing.

She flung her legs about and kicked a bunch of stuff off Wayne’s desk. The sheriff sighed and sat her down.

“Everything’s ruined!” She sobbed and Wayne handed her a tissue.

Jax cocked a brow Chibs’s direction as she blew her nose and handed the tissue back. Wayne had this disgusted look about him as he threw it away. Ava grabbed another tissue and dabbed at her eyes. Chibs and the other Sons were divided up into up into two cells. They had the women in a separate one to themselves. The president narrowed his eyes wondering why Ava was singled out. She sat there for a little over ten minutes talking to Wayne. Once he finished with Ava, he locked her up with the other women. It was a long night, as each one of them was brought in for questioning. Each shared the same story on how it was Chibs and Ava’s wedding day and they even went as far as to offer ‘proof’ – such as the pictures, the cake, and décor. Chibs had everything set up perfectly as he’d rented the pavilion out for the allotted time in which they were dealing with the agents.

“But the word was out as to this being the location of the wedding…” Wayne said as he was pointing to the location in which the agents and Mayans bodies were found.

Chibs shrugged on this.

“I’m not sure how that rumor came aboot, considerin’ I made this reservation a few weeks ago.” Chibs went on to show Wayne the receipt.

“So you were at the pavilion the entire time?”

“Aye… We had this planned fur sometime.” He added.

“Well I suppose you couldn’t be two places at once…”

The president nodded.

“So you’re saying that SAMCRO hadn’t anything to do with what went down between the Mayans and those agents?”

“Like ye said… We can’t be two places at once.”

Wayne nodded and took Chibs’s cuffs off. The Scot lit up a cigarette and the two sat in silence. The sheriff reared back however as they could hear Ava and Deputy Hale next door.




“Jesus Christ…” Wayne muttered and was quick to his feet.

He headed on out and just in time to see Hale dragging Ava into the interrogation room. The deputy slammed the door shut behind him.

“Shit…” Wayne whispered and went on to open the door but it was locked.

The sheriff couldn’t make out anything that was being said and he pounded on the door in desperation.

“KNOCK IT OFF, HALE!” He shouted but jumped once he saw Chibs making his way over.

“What’s goin’ on?”

Wayne shook his head but didn’t answer as he took out his gun and shot at the doorknob. He kicked the door in and darted into the room. He aimed his gun the deputy’s direction as he had Ava up against the wall and with his hand wrapped around her throat. Ava had this fearful look in her eyes and that’s when Chibs took notice of the gun pressed up against her abdomen.

“David…” Wayne called out and Chibs shook his head while doing his best to come up with a plan and quick.


Wayne inched his way over.

“Then we’ll sit her down and question her, together…” Wayne said as calmly as possible.

Chibs kept out of sight as he worked his way around. Wayne didn’t react knowing he needed all the help he could get. He could smell the alcohol from where he stood. That and Hale’s words were slurring together. The man had tears streaming down his face and he was staring Ava down.

“You killed her, didn’t you?!”

“ADMIT IT!” He shouted causing her to jump and he dug that gun in even deeper.

Hale closed his eyes as he felt Unser’s gun against the back of his head.

“Drop the gun, son…”

Chibs took advantage of this by lunging on over. He tackled the deputy to the ground and knocked the gun out his hand. The sheriff was quick to kick it out of reach.

“Ye fuckin’ bastard! Ye think ye can attack and put a gun ta me wife?!” The Scot roared with his accent thicker than ever.

He was officially pushed past his limit.

“NOOOO!” Ava screamed as Chibs lit into him.

Wayne locked eyes with Ava as he held her off, just long enough to let Chibs have his way with Hale. But just as soon as he heard the others making their way, he reacted by separating the two. He held them both at gunpoint and motioned for his men to cuff and lock them both away. Wayne paced the area a bit and sighed. He put his gun away then wrapped his arm around Ava.

“Let’s get you fixed up, sweetheart.” He murmured in full on shame.

Her eyes were bloodshot and there were bruises already forming from where Hale had choked her.

“Jesus.” Gemma whispered as they exited the room

This had Michaela and Cherry looking over as well. They gasped back in shock.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Jax barked and the other Sons reacted as well.

Wayne shook his head but kept walking. Jax kicked at the cell and paced the area like that of a caged animal. The sheriff’s department had to put the Sons in one cell so Hale could have one to himself, knowing they’d kill him otherwise.

Chibs didn’t so much as blink and eyed Hale from across the way.

“He did that shit?” Jax asked and Chibs nodded but didn’t break eye contact.

“And we’re supposed to be the bad guys?!” Jax shouted the sheriff’s direction.

Wayne didn’t comment but slid over the papers for Ava to file a report against Deputy Hale and he slid over a restraining order as well. She looked to the papers as he handed her a pen.

“I’ll take you to the ER afterward and get you looked over.”

“I’m fine.”

Wayne tapped his fingers along the restraining order.

“It will help with this…”

Ava sighed and glanced Chibs’s direction. He hadn’t taken notice as he had his eyes on Hale still.

The young woman nodded amongst herself and went on to fill everything out.


She looked to the sheriff in question. Wayne pointed to her last name.

“It’d be Telford now. Not Fey.”

Ava blushed in response. She hadn’t signed anything since she’d married Chibs. That felt a bit strange, yet there was a sense of pride all the same. Wayne placed the papers into a nearby shredder and handed her some new ones.

“Telford this time…”

Ava nodded and started over.

“And make sure you add in the part where he broke into your home back in Seattle.” He whispered.

She stopped what she was doing and lifted her eyes on this. Wayne gave a mere nod and looked around the room.

“Follow me…”

She followed Wayne into his office where he shut the door and locked it behind him.

“Have a seat.”

With much hesitance she took a seat and Wayne went on to close the blinds. He sat at his desk and looked upon Ava as if piecing a puzzle together.

“Just hold off on that paper work for a moment… Whatever’s said stays between us and off the record.”

“You assume I have something to say…”

Wayne couldn’t help but to smile on this.

“You would’ve made one hell of an officer, Mrs. Telford.”

Ava swallowed back and Wayne gave a mere nod. He pulled out one of the drawers to his desk. He brought out a folder and tossed it on over. Ava laughed in recognition.


“You could say that. Not by choice… Now when I say that I mean his. It was like pulling teeth but I got him to talk and this is what came of it.”

Ava recoiled and Wayne leaned back in his seat.

“And how did you go about getting him to talk?”

The sheriff nodded.

“Like I said… You should’ve taken that cop route.” He said as he held up a finger and got on his phone.

He requested that all his calls be put on hold and that he not be interrupted. Ava regarded the man in question as he came to his feet. He headed to the office closet and retrieved a couple folders from a safe. He handed one over and kept the other in hand. He said nothing as Ava flipped through the first one.

“What is this?” The young woman whispered looking rather ill.

The sheriff sat at the edge of his desk.

“I’ll tell you… IF you promise to think like that of a fellow officer and not that of the president’s old lady.”

Ava raised her brows on this.

“That’s rather hard considering I’m not the first but the second, through and through.”

Wayne nodded and held his hand out for the folder.

“Then I’m afraid I can’t go into detail after all.”

Ava sort of laughed.

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“Not even a little. The other could get us BOTH into a LOT of trouble. As for that report… I’d leave that part about Seattle out after all. Best to leave Bella Swan out of it…”

“Do you have any idea what you’re asking of me?!”

“And what am I asking of you exactly?” He asked out of mere curiosity.

“To turn my back to my husband and the club.”

“Not even a little. Besides, you wouldn’t. No matter what I threaten you with. All I’m asking is that you don’t turn your back to yourself.”

“Okay… you had me, but now you’ve lost me.”

“I’m not asking you to rat. What I’m asking for is a partner…”


“As of now… You and I are the only ones to know of these and their existence. If you help me solve this little mystery and shut it down once and for all. Then I’ll hand over something that’ll prove to be somewhat beneficial to you. If not so much you… Then to a small town girl on the verge of starting over. But she’s going to need help in order to do so.”

He waved the other folder about.

“And that’s where THIS comes into hand. This… well it could end Deputy David Hale and I’m talking permanently.”

“And just how do you expect me to do that?”

“Well all of this seems to circle around you, does it not? And YOU of all people should be dying to know what this is exactly. I’m sure you saw some rather familiar faces in there…”

Ava didn’t comment but he could see it in her eyes.

“Come on now… You’re the ONLY one close enough to figure this shit out and without raising any real suspicion. I on the other hand, not so much. I need you and you need me. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”

Ava closed her eyes and shook her head.

“I know you want to put this shit behind you. That’s the whole point, isn’t it? But you can’t very well do that with this on your conscience. Those agents might be out of the picture. But this is still out there and if I’m right about you… These are the very ones you were fighting for, yet here they are… And whatever they’re having done to them. You and I both know this is off the books and highly illegal. Your friends… they need our help. Now I could go about this differently… Such as informing this whole department and getting the FBI involved. But that would put YOU and SAMCRO right in the spot light. And that’s something neither of us want.”

Ava drew back the deepest of breaths and opened the folder once again. He tilted his head as she eyed a particular picture.

“Friend of yours?” He asked but with concern.

Ava wiped a tear off her cheek and nodded.

“Then we’re not exactly done, now are we?”

Ava threw the folder across the room. She came to her feet and paced the area. Wayne cleared his throat.

“So do we have a deal?”

“Fine, but if I sense any sort of foul play…”

“Nothing of the such. I just want to help you take these guys down, once and for all.”

Ava looked to the ring on her finger. Wayne took notice and reached over giving her hand a slight squeeze.

“You’re not doing anything wrong. You know that right?”

“But it feels wrong…”

“If you’re that concerned… then maybe this isn’t something we should do.” He said with full on sincerity.

Ava sighed.

“I’ll help but on MY terms.”

“Your terms?!” He uttered in a mocking manner.

“It’s that or I go about this alone. Because you’re right… Either way I’m shutting this shit down and fast, with or without your help.”

“And why do I have the feeling that you’re going to get the Sons involved?”

“Look, I’ll make you a deal.”

“I thought we were doing that already.”

“Another one… If I look into this and it’s something you and I can’t take care of. Then I’ll get the boys involved. If not… Then we keep it on the down low. But either way… I’m not keeping my husband in the dark.”


“Just hear me out…”

He shook his head but gestured for her to continue.

“I know my husband and if I tell him something in strictest confidence you can be rest assured that he’ll take it to the grave.”

“I hope so… for BOTH our sakes.”

“I know so. But I won’t dive into that until I have all the proof I need. Then I’ll decide from there.”

“Fair enough…”

“And FYI… I already know what this is and where it came from. But that’s all I’m going to say.”

Wayne sort of smiled.

“I figured this much…”

“Bad timing… I’m sure. But this is something you should be aware of.” He said and handed the other folder over.

“As promised…”

Ava opened the folder and staggered back.

“If he betrays me… THAT will put him away for life. If he rats out Bella Swan. Then I will put him away for life. Even if that means I lose my badge over it. Understood?”

The young woman flipped through all the pictures and the sheriff was quick to sit her down.

“Look at me…”

Ava lifted her eyes and he rather grimaced.

“We’re far from done… But you’re not alone. I’m in your corner, sweetheart.”

He cleared his throat and looked to be in thought.

“Tell me something… How do you go from this…” He flashed her a pamphlet from the academy in Seattle.

“To this…” He waved his hand her direction.

“Long story…”

“All ears.”

Ava rubbed at her temples and her hands were shaking.

“Why don’t we start with why you changed your name in the first place?”

“My father was murdered… Why do you think I changed my name?!”

“I’m going to need you to dive in a little deeper…”

“Fine. Have it your way…”

Ava came to her feet and lifted her dress. Wayne got this uncomfortable look about him. Ava pointed to the old scar where she was shot.

“This good enough answer for you?”

Wayne drew back a breath and Ava lowered her dress back down.

“So I’m guessing you walked in on it?”

She nodded and the sheriff shook his head.

“And the ones responsible?”

“I’m afraid I can’t dive in that deep.”

The sheriff folded his arms about his chest.

“Hmmm. You wanna know I think?”

“Not really.” She murmured with a touch of apprehension.

Wayne couldn’t help but to smile.

“Like I said… Everything that’s said stays between us. I think that whoever you were running from must’ve been pretty high in ranking, or so they claimed to be. High enough that you ran, instead of turning to the police but even at that… You should’ve.”

Ava narrowed her eyes on this.

“Did you know that you were a suspect? Or should I say Isabella Swan was? You know… for the murder of her father?”

Ava regarded Wayne in disbelief.

“Didn’t look so good… Running the way she did, even more so when she didn’t make it to the funeral. In fact, if she hadn’t came in as “Ava Fey” that one day. I would’ve had no choice but to process her and hand her over to county in Forks. She would’ve gone to jail, court, then prison – if found guilty. Lucky for her… They did a thorough enough investigation and knew it couldn’t have been the chief’s daughter…”

He reached back and handed her something off his desk. Ava had that heart sinking feeling as it was the property (aka shop) that Chibs owned back in Forks. Wayne tapped his finger along Chibs Telford’s name.

“I’ll get back to that part… But I’m guessing she got in touch with an old friend. And he’s the reason behind Ava Fey’s existence. Or I should say Ava Telford now?”

“Chibs hadn’t anything to do with that.”

Right… but of course.”

“I came to Charming in hopes of rebuilding a new life.”

“Well you certainly got that part accomplished.”

“The Sons played no part in…”

“You can stop that…”

Ava tilted her head on this.

“I get it. You’ve made it abundantly clear. You’re no rat and you haven’t any plans in letting me in on what really happened.”

Ava nodded.

“I thought so.”

Wayne took something out of the folder. Something he had concealed in black plastic wrap. He used a letter opener to open it and handed it over.

“As I was saying… They knew it couldn’t be the chief’s daughter…”

She retrieved the documents from inside and that’s when she realized she was holding not only that of Charlie Swan’s but Isabella Swan’s death certificates.

“They were buried side by side. I thought you might like to know that in case you ever visit. There was no body discovered of course… but there was enough evidence to prove that Isabella Swan bled out and died in that fire. As you can see there are speculations as to what happened to her remains. But they are nothing more than speculations. I suppose that part is a bit of a cold case.”

Ava flipped through the contents of the folder and her eyes locked with his.

“What’s this?” She questioned as there was a check for seventy-five grand and under Ava Fey’s name.

“The property went up for auction not long after Hale’s little visit. That’s what it sold for. There are no ties to you or the property itself. The check is legit and yours to keep.”

“I don’t understand… How and why are you doing this?”

Wayne drew back a breath.

“It doesn’t matter how… And why? Because I look at you and I don’t see SAMCRO, or a biker’s girl, or even that of a ‘queen’. I see the chief’s daughter and she’s come a long ways in doing whatever she can to survive, just as the chief taught her. Survive. No matter the lengths you must go to in order to do so. He’d want you to live, Ava. But he’d want you happy as well. If Chibs Telford and the MC do that for you then so be it. As a father and cop myself I don’t necessarily agree and I doubt the chief would. But in the end… it’s YOUR decision to make. Not his and most certainly not mine. You gotta do whatever’s best for you.”

“And what about Hale?”

Wayne reached over and grabbed a tissue. He handed it over then placed a comforting hand along her shoulder.

“You just let me worry on that. Now I gotta take you to the ER and get you looked at. Then I have no choice but to lock you up. At least until I get everything squared away. You should be fine to go in a few hours.”

“And the others?”

“Likewise. But I’ll have to keep the hubby a little longer.”

“Just how long we talking?”

“Could be a few days.”

Ava recoiled and Wayne sighed.

“I’m doing what I can…” He hinted and Ava nodded.

“I promise to send him your way just as soon as I can. That’s the best I can do.”

“What are you doing?!” Hale barked once Wayne and Ava returned from the ER.

The sheriff rolled his eyes as he was placing Ava inside the cell with the Sons. Chibs was quick to wrap his arms around her and went on to check her over. He kissed the bruised area long her neck then put his forehead to hers.

“In the same cell, really?!” Hale scoffed and Wayne snapped a look his direction.

“Mind your business… I’m not separating them on their wedding day.”

“So you’re going to cater to a murderer?!”

This had Wayne stopping in his tracks. He peered back over and saw that Hale was shooting Ava daggers. Hale pointed her direction.

“What makes you think your life is of more value than hers! Tara had purpose and saved lives. She meant something! I mean look at you and look at the ones you’re sharing a cell with. You’re nothing, just another God Damn Crow Eating Whore!”

Ava’s eyes went wild and she rushed over to the cell bars and wrapped her hands around them.

“I’d be a Crow Eater any day over a baby killing, backstabbing, BITCH!”

“Tara was no such thing!”


Ava froze on her own words. Her entire face flushed over and she looked to Chibs apologetically. He had those brows of his raised and the Sons were laughing. Chibs looked to the others.

“Boys, show the little lass what we think of her.”

They joined Chibs in a golf clap and Hale shook his head in sheer annoyance. Gemma sent Ava a respectful nod. Ava drew back a breath of relief and leaned against the bars. She closed her eyes and focused on slowing down that heart rate of hers. That and her mind was going ninety to nothing.

“If only the boys weren’t here…” She heard and could feel the warmth of his breath against her ear.

Ava giggled as he pressed himself against her.

“Think they’d look away if we ask nicely?”

“Doubt it.”

Chibs let out a frustrated sigh then kissed her.

“I thought you were taking me to Scotland, not jail.” She taunted afterward.

“Aye well, they’re aboot the same dependin’ on where ye go.” He witted.

“Sounds romantic.”

“I thought so. Only the best fur my girl.”

Chibs was quick to move Ava away from the bars and just in time as the Mayans were being brought through. One of them reached right through the bars, in attempts to grab her. The president pushed her towards his VP and he and the other Sons kept her guarded as they eyed the Mayans down. Chibs grabbed the one responsible and jerked him up against the bars.

“HEY!” Wayne shouted and rushed on over from his desk.

“Ye try somethin’ like that again and I’ll pluck out yer eyes with me bare hands!”

Wayne and another deputy pried the two apart. The Mayan laughed and sent Chibs a cocky grin afterward.

Alvarez was last to be processed and brought on through. Because of this, the other women were brought into the cell with the rest of the Sons. Wayne shook his head knowing they were breaking protocol but they were out of room. He couldn’t put the Mayans with the Sons and he couldn’t put either MC with Hale, he’d wind up dead.

“Shit…” Opie muttered and they saw Donna marching her way over.

“I told. Didn’t I?”

Ava raised her brows but didn’t comment as Opie headed towards the bars.

“Donna…,” he whispered almost pleadingly.

“No. Not this time. You told me you were ‘done’ with this shit. So what brought you in this time?!”

Donna looked over realizing the girls were there as well now. She reared back and got a better look at their clothes.

“What is this…?” She whispered looking lost.

“Didn’t we just…”

Opie sent his wife a glance of warning.

“The wedding was today, remember?” He did his best to hint.

“Right… I must’ve forgotten.” She uttered somewhat bitterly.

“Look, just go home and we’ll discuss this later.”

“There’s nothing to discuss… We won’t be there.”

“Come on, Donna…”

“I told you… one more time and here we are. I’m taking the kids and we’re leaving Charming.”

“Now is not the time…” he hissed and Donna let out a laugh of mockery.

“Please just…”

“JUST WHAT?! Wait for you to get home, so you can make some more ‘promises’? I don’t have the time or patience!”

Opie let out a low growl as she turned her back to him and was walking away.

“Donna! Don’t you do this!” He hollered with desperation.

She flipped him off and headed on out the door.

“…shit…” Ava whispered.


He looked over as he was on the phone with someone.

“I need you to let me out real quick.”

He reared back and sort of laughed.

“Jesus Christ! Look, you can fucking hogtie me if you want! Just hurry it up!”

The sheriff shook his head no and went back to his conversation.


He looked over once again and hung up the phone. The sheriff darted on over and unlocked the cell. There were no words as he motioned her over. Just as soon as she was within reach he cuffed her and got a good hold. She practically dragged him outside.

“FUCK!” Ava shouted as Donna was in the truck and already heading out of the parking lot.

This had the sheriff rolling his eyes.

“I’m not doing that. Let’s just head back inside. We’ve got a long night ahead of us.”

“Yeah well, Opie’s night is about to get a lot longer if we let her finish that trip back home!”

He sighed and looked to be in thought.

“Jesus… Let’s just hurry this shit up.” He bitched and placed her into his car.

Wayne turned on the lights and flagged Donna down. She pulled over and Ava looked to Wayne.

“I need you to trust that I’m not up to anything, other than helping a husband get his wife back. I’m not running. Hell, if it makes you feel better keep a gun on me. But I have to do this and I have to do it alone.”

He sighed but escorted her on out of the car and to the passenger side of Donna’s truck. He shut the door but took a few steps back; just enough to keep an eye out but give them their privacy.

“What are you doing?” Ava asked and Donna had this baffled look about her.

“I should be asking you that. I mean seriously… What is this?!”

“Call it an intervention of sorts. A woman to woman even if you will.”

Donna didn’t comment and looked straight ahead.

“Look, I don’t have a lot of time. So I’m just going straight to the point.”

Ava drew back a breath.

“Wasn’t Opie a part of SAMCRO when you first got married?”

Donna nodded.

“And he’s been a part of the MC since, right?”

“Yep.” She replied with that bitter tone again.

“So you and Gemma have been around the longest when it comes to old ladies.” Ava said but more to herself.

“I suppose so…” Donna said but as if the thought just occurred to her as well.

“So was Opie a Son when you were first dating?”

“Look, no offense. But I hardly know you and this is really none of your business.”

Ava laughed and adjusted the cuffs around her wrists.

“I think we both know that when it comes to the club, your business is everyone else’s business. It’s a club for a reason. Everyone’s tightly knit. This isn’t just an MC… It’s a family and that’s why I’m here. I know I’m new to all this. But I’ve learned a lot through Chibs and that’s before I ever came to Charming. I knew what to expect, not everything but to a certain degree. Now when I say this… that doesn’t mean that Chibs and I haven’t locked horns ourselves. Believe me, we have. Some of it over petty little shit, other’s… not so much. But we have one rule about that. And we stick to that rule, no matter what. We don’t turn our backs to one another. We don’t get to call it quits. Divorce… that’s just a cop-out and the typical direction people take nowadays. No one takes their vow seriously anymore. I know my parents sure didn’t. That alone was part of my fear in commitment itself. I don’t wish to become a part of the statistic. It seems like that’s all I ever knew growing up. My friends parents were getting divorced, mine already were, or so and so’s mother or father left. You know the drill. And that right there is what we’re teaching these kids. That it’s okay to give up, that there isn’t anything wrong with turning your back to a loved one, because you don’t exactly see eye to eye. No one talks anymore. No one’s willing to put themselves out there and make that sacrifice. We don’t want to come off as vulnerable or needy. But that’s the problem. We need to know that we’re needed. You and Opie… seem to be at that point. He needs you, not only that but he loves you. And whether you wish to admit it or not, you need him. But he needs the club as well. You need him to keep his word. The kids need more of his time, as do you. When was the last time you went on a date?”

Donna had a good laugh at this.

“That’s about what I thought. And that there… is a my bad on BOTH your parts. It’s things as simple as that as to why it’s soooo easy to call it quits. The both of you have put up this wall and neither is willing to take it down. You’re too stubborn and set in your ways. Break that fucking wall down. Make time for one another, that includes family time. But in that same respect… Donna, you gotta respect the club because that’s WHO Opie is. You can talk about his empty promises all youo want. And I’m guessing a lot of those have to do with the club itself. But I can guarantee he’s only making those promises to shut you up. Like you, he’s tired of arguing. And in his heart… He knows he could never chose one or the other. He loves you Donna but he loves those boys too. You can’t sit there and give that man an ultimatum. He’ll only wind up resenting you, especially because THIS is the man you married. And you can’t take that back, not after so many years. You made that decision, just as he had. You knew you were marrying into the club and you can’t take the biker out of that man, no more than I can when it comes to Chibs. But that’s just it… I don’t want to. Sure, I worry on things like when I’m going to find him in a body bag or when he’ll end up doing life in prison. Those things… they’re only natural. But I married him with those things in mind. I made that sacrifice because that’s how much he means to me. I am willing to accept Chibs for all that he is. That includes his flaws and all. I don’t want to change him. I want to be his partner. To let him know I have his back, always, no matter the circumstances. That’s what marriage is. It’s work. It’s never easy and it never will be. But if you accept the things you cannot change, you will find a way to make peace. Then you’ll feel sooo much better. But only you can do that. Not Opie, the kids, or the club even. You are holding yourself prisoner and to the point of suffocation. You want so badly to control the situation. Control your kids, control your husband, and the club. I don’t mean that to be ugly. It’s just something I’ve noticed. Now everyone has that desire from time to time. You want that in order to keep you and your loved ones from getting hurt. But there is no such thing as control, at least not to that degree. Shit happens. But you gotta plow right on through it and move on. Believe me you’ll feel so much better when you do. The trick… is realizing you’re NOT alone. But if you leave… That means you’re turning back not just to Opie but to your family. And THAT’S what you’re teaching those kids. That it’s okay to run when things get a little dirty. Now I don’t know about you… But I’d much rather they learn how to fight and know that you didn’t give up. You fight and you keep fighting until your six feet under and you have a fucking smile planted on your face because you went out knowing you gave it your all.”

Donna ran her hand along the steering wheel.

“No offense, but I thought you were just some sort of midlife crisis.”

Ava narrowed her eyes on this and Donna laughed.

“After losing his wife and daughter I mean… You coming into the picture, it seemed so out of left field. It didn’t quite fit, or so I thought. But I was wrong. It makes sense now… You and Chibs. You share the same values. When Opie first told me that Chibs proposed, I laughed and told him he’d end up regretting that one. I didn’t understand the reason behind Opie taking such offense, not until now. You’re young and well let’s face it… hot. And I truly thought that’s all the guys were focused on. I’m sorry. Looks can be deceiving, especially in your case. I had you pegged for another SAMCRO pass around.”


Donna let out an uncomfortable laugh.

“I judged you before giving you a real chance. And yet you went out your way to help my daughter. Still, I made that assumption. Perhaps a part of me was envious.”

“I’m nothing worth envying.”

“Annnd you’re full of shit.”

Ava raised her brows on this.

“I’ve seen the way they look at you, even that of my husband and son. Of course Opie denies it. But that doesn’t stop him from taking a gander.”

Ava blushed in response.

“He loves you…”

“I know he does and I know he’s not messing around. But he’s not blind, neither am I.”

“I get that. Trust me I do. Michaela is a fine example.”

“Jax’s new girl?”

“Yep… Chibs does this thing of snapping his head another direction and ‘acting’ all innocent. But I’m not exactly ignorant either. But just because he looks from time to time, doesn’t mean he wants to fuck her. She’s a knock out. Of course he’s going to look. I’ve done it myself a time or two.”

Donna had a good laugh at this.

“Me and you both.”

“See? It’s human nature. And if you think I didn’t drool over Jax the first time I met him, you’d be out of your mind.”

Right?” Donna said but with a guilt-ridden expression.

“Ah… see?! The best friend… Hell, I got you beat. Chibs sees Jax as the son he’s never had. Imagine how awkward that shit is. I’m the stepmom in the ‘spiritual’ sense.”

Donna covered her mouth in laughter.

“Oh my…”

Ava nodded and laughed as well.

“But I look at Jax and think damn. But it’s nowhere near what I feel for my husband. Chibs will always have my love and lust. No one’s taking that from him and deep down I know he feels the same for me. So that man can look all he wants, as long as he’s respectful, and keeps his dick where it belongs.”

“With you?”

“Exactly! And FYI… you’re a total MILF. So knock that shit off. You have a teenage boy and daughter but look at you. You’re still young and beautiful. Opie’s not straying from that.”

“I don’t worry about him straying…”

“I know… You’re worried about the ending.”

Donna nodded.

“You and me both… I can’t bear the thought of losing Chibs. But I know the chances are out there, even more so since he’s become president. The way I see it? You’re only given one chance and I’d like to live that to the fullest. Turning my back to Chibs, because of my fears, that’s the easy way out. Now putting your heart on the line and seeing what comes of it, that’s the challenge. If he dies or ends up doing life in prison one day… At least I can say that I never gave up and I fought in order to keep what we have, even if for a short time. Now, I saw the way you looked at Opie and I know that’s what was on your mind. The possibilities… All I can say is IF and WHEN that time comes. I’ll be there for you just as the rest of the club and I’d like to think that you’d do the same for me. So what’s it going to be? Are you going to pack up the kids and run? Or will you stay and face those fears, knowing you’re not alone and we’re going through this as a whole?”

Ava swallowed back as Donna covered her face and broke into literal sobs.

“I’d hug you but…” Donna continued to cry but laughed as Ava jiggled those cuffs about.

“Think he’ll let me keep these? It could be fun! Did you know that Chibs has a bit of a dominating side to him?” Ava teased hoping to break the tension a bit.

“You’re going to be fine, I promise. So don’t be so quick to call it quits. You’ve been married for what… fourteen? Fifteen years?”

“Fifteen next month.”

Ava nodded.

“That’s a lot to piss away. You wouldn’t have lasted this long if there wasn’t something there. Just think about that before making your final decision.”

Ava motioned the sheriff over.

“Drive safe. Get home to your kids. Opie shouldn’t be long…”

Wayne opened the door and just as he was to escort Ava back to the car…

“Thank you.” Donna called out and Ava smiled.


“Everything alright?” Chibs asked once she was back in the cell.

“Yep.” She said but with her eyes locked onto Opie’s.

“I suggest you get home after this.”

“Gotcha…” He said with a miserable sigh.

“Chin up. You’ll work it out.”

Gemma looked on rather impressed. Chibs took notice of this and Gemma sent him a respectful nod. He nodded in return and sat beside Ava on the cot. He said nothing and merely wrapped his arm around her. A couple hours passed before Wayne made his way back and released them, everyone, aside from Chibs Telford. He had no choice but to keep him after his and Hale’s little encounter. But as promised… he was doing everything he could to get him home, ASAP.

The way he saw it? The department could be held accountable for what Hale did to Ava. And any judge in their right mind would have Chibs’s side on him defending his wife. Especially considering how this all took place on their wedding day – a wedding in which THEY interrupted and ruined. This entire ordeal didn’t look so good on the sheriff’s department. Hale would lose his job and he was facing prison time. That had the sheriff on edge. If Hale was pushed too far… he could wind up revealing the truth behind Ava Fey and Bella Swan. Then again… That proof he had set aside for Ava was big enough to put Hale away, for good, and Hale knew that. What Hale didn’t know was that Wayne had let Ava in on it as well. But Wayne felt the need to keep all bases covered, just in case.

“I’ll be home before ye know it…” Chibs assured after kissing Ava goodbye.

She frowned and he shook his head.

“Aye now… None of that.”

Bobby wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“Let’s go, sweetheart. There’s a beer with your name on it somewhere.”

Chibs smiled on this.

“See?! There ye go! Now go on, lass.”

Wayne locked up the cell as the others headed out. He sent Chibs an apologetic look as he was the last one there. It didn’t help that he had over a dozen Mayan’s staring him down. The Scot kicked back on the cot and laughed amongst himself. Alvarez kept an eye out and inched his way over. He leaned against the bars but kept his back to Chibs. He kept his voice to a whisper as he spoke.

“Just what game are you playin’ at, homes? I thought we were square.”

“And we are… We’re in here because of somethin’ yer boys did and considerin’ mine are free ta go and yers aren’t. That’s not lookin’ so good fur ye, now is it?”

“We played no part in what went down.” Alvarez hissed in return.

“That’s not what I heard.” Chibs said with a shrug.

“What’s with the clothes? Were you guys at a wedding or something?”

“Yeah. Ours.” Chibs murmured as he twirled his wedding ring about his finger.

Alvarez recoiled on this. “You mean…”

“Oh yeah… Whatever you and yer boys got goin’ was bad enough ta get my boys involved and mine and the old lady’s weddin’ plans got fucked over. So ye’ll have ta excuse my bitter attitude considerin’ we just made amends with ye and yer boys. Yet here we are…”

Wayne leaned back and shook his head. He was in attempts to watch the footage to the interrogation room, only to find that it had been turned off. In fact it was just before Hale dragged Ava in there and did what he did. Meaning this was preplanned. The sheriff pinched the bridge of his nose and this wave of nausea hit him. Had he gone THAT far off the deep end?! He drew back a breath and came to his feet.

Chibs looked over as Wayne dragged the deputy out of his cell. He shoved him into the interrogation room then shut the door behind them. He forced Hale into the chair and sat across from him. Hale shook his head and laughed. This had the sheriff raising his brows.

“You think this is funny? Being on the receiving end?”

Hale leaned back and shrugged.

“You do realize that you lost your badge? Now when I say that… I’m not talking about your spot as my deputy. I’m talking… done. As in you just kissed your entire career goodbye.”

“We’ll just see about that in court…”

This had the sheriff raising his brows.


Hale nodded.

“It’s like I said already. I know she’s behind whatever happened to Tara.”

“Even if that were the case, which I highly doubt. No judge in their right mind is going to let you back on the field. You attacked and put a gun on a civilian!”

“Civilian?! She’s a god damn suspect and we both know that!”

“Innocent until proven guilty, remember? They were brought in for mere questioning, that’s all. We had nothing to go on! Everything points to that of the Mayans. Besides, you’re forgetting one minor detail.”

“And what would that be?” Hale spat.

“This case had nothing to do with Tara! We already questioned Mrs. Telford about that. You broke a million-one rules today, one of those includes drinking while on the job.”

Wayne slammed down the bottle of vodka he’d find in Hale’s office.

“So how long has this been going on?”

Hale rolled his eyes and Unser shook his head.

“Answer the question.”

“I’m not one of your suspects!”

“The hell you aren’t! You attacked a…”

“BIKER WHORE! GOT IT!” Hale drunkenly hollered.

“No, son. You attacked the daughter of a cop, a young woman that would’ve taken that same route if shit hadn’t hit the fan. You know just as much as I do, yet you insist on making her the enemy and putting her through twice as much hell as she’s already gone through.”

“She made her life what it is…”

“Oh, so it’s her fault… Is that what you’re saying?”

“That’s the way I see it.”

“So she deserves whatever she has coming.”

Hale nodded.

“Hm… That’s interesting considering your history.”

“That’s different and you know it!”

“That it is… I don’t see this young woman stalking other young women…”

Hale gritted his teeth and looked towards the interrogation doors.

“And you already know the reason behind all that.” He harshly whispered.

“Tell me something… What would Tara do if she ever found out?”

“I suppose it doesn’t matter now, considering she’s obviously dead.”

“Humor me. Let’s just say that it was Tara that stumbled across what I did that day…”

Hale recoiled and Wayne nodded.

“That’s about what I thought… That makes you just as much of a suspect in her disappearance. So here’s the thing. You’re going to plead guilty on all charges pressed against you today. That includes whatever Ava Telford filed against you and this department. You’re going to do whatever time you’re given and with whatever dignity you have left, which isn’t much. If you even THINK about pressing ANY kind of charges against Ava Telford, the Sons, this department, or myself in return… I’ll gather all the evidence I have against you and make certain that time is TRIPLED.”

“And you’d lose your badge as well considering you withheld information. You’d be considered…”

“I already know and that’s something I’m willing to face. So that’s something you should take into consideration if you wish to take matters that far. If I were you… I’d let this little grudge of yours go and fast. Bottom line… You screwed up and you haven’t anyone one to blame, other than yourself. So I’m going to put you back in that cell and you’re going to practice that right to remain silent. We’ll be dealing with the big boys tomorrow. Hope you’re ready…”

“Alright so here’s the deal… You’re going home tonight and I strongly advice that’s WHERE you go. You and the others are going to be red flagged for a bit. Meaning every move you make will be under this department’s radar. So warn the others and keep that in mind.”

“Great…” Chibs sarcastically threw out.

“You know how these things go. If we can prove the Mayans guilty however things should die down and soon. We got enough evidence to hold them. Not much else we can do. Only time will tell. I do apologize on David’s behalf however. What he did… it wasn’t right and he knows that. Depending on how that trial goes….. you could be called in for further questioning, or you may be asked to appear in court. Then again, that all depends on Hale and how far he decides on taking things. If he’s smart, he’ll do his time and keep that mouth of his shut. Of course he hasn’t proved himself much as of late, which is a shame. He used to be one of my top men.”

The sheriff handed Chibs his things and had him fill out whatever paperwork was left. He shook his hand on the way out then congratulated him on his marriage and presidency.

When Chibs arrived at the clubhouse the boys were drinking and having themselves a little party. There were Crow Eaters and a few Cara Cara girls about. He narrowed his eyes however wondering where his wife was. Once the boys took notice of his presence, they hooted and hollered, whilst raising their beers to him. Chibs chuckled and shook his head.

“Ye couldn’t wait, ye lousy bastards!” He called out in return.

Jax smiled and handed him a beer.

“Now why would we do that?” He taunted then pecked him on the cheek.

“Hmmm… So where is she?”

“She went on home. I let her take the truck.”

“Home?” Chibs questioned.

“Yep. To the new place. She’s a free woman now.” Jax hinted and Chibs nodded.

“That she is.”

“About time…”


Chibs reared back and pointed to one of the pole dancers.

“Ain’t that yer old lady?!”

“Yep… She was a stripper at one time or another.”

Chibs choked back on his beer and Jax chuckled as he patted him on the back.

“A stripper, eh?”

“Okay… try not to sound that surprised.”

Chibs smiled and sipped at his beer.

“And yer alright with her puttin’ on that little show?”

Jax downed the rest of his beer and shrugged.

“I’m the one taking her home…”

“Aye…” Chibs uttered in understanding.

“You should’ve seen the little lap dance she gave your old lady earlier.”

Chibs snapped a look Jax’s direction and Jax died of laughter.

Kidding… I just wanted to see the look on your face. Missing out on something like that. That’s gotta be painful.”

Chibs rolled his eyes and punched Jax in the arm. The Scot finished his beer then tossed the bottle into the trashcan behind the bar.

“I’m gonna head on home.”

Jax nodded but looked Chibs in the eyes.

“So we’re good…?” He hinted.

“Aye… everything’s goin’ just as I’d hoped. With a few obstacles we didn’t plan but we got there nevertheless.”

“I can’t believe that shit with Hale.”

“That makes two of us and he had better watch his back or he’s gonna realize Eric Clapton had it wrong after all. He hasn’t a fuckin’ clue.”

“Got your back, brother.”

Chibs hugged him and headed on out.

The president pulled into the drive and just sat there for a solid minute. This alone felt strange to him. This was soon to be the new norm. Only he hadn’t realized just how ‘soon’, until he entered the house.

The man cut on the lights and staggered back.

“Someone’s been awfully busy…” He murmured but in damn near awe.

He walked over to the orange and black Harley Davidson recliner. He took a seat and looked to the TV that was lined up just right. The Scot couldn’t help but to chuckle as there was a table beside the chair and it had his favorite ashtray sitting on top. He lit a cigarette and leaned back, taking it all in. He couldn’t believe she’d gone all out like this. But he couldn’t help but to find it rather perfect, which was something he hadn’t expected. Once he finished that cigarette, he came to his feet and did a once over of the house. The more he saw, the more taken back he was.

chibss-chair thlueciz0c

“Damn…” He murmured amongst himself.

The only room he hadn’t seen yet was their bedroom, where she was obviously sleeping. Chibs cut off the other lights and headed that direction. He used the light to his cellphone to find his way around the bedroom. He walked over to the nightstand and turned on the lamp. The man froze as she was the first thing he took notice of. She was lying under those black bed sheets and with one of her legs hiked up. She was hugging his side of the bed. He swallowed back thinking something along the lines of being married to the most beautiful woman that’s ever walked this earth. He reached over and ran his fingers through her hair. He ran those fingers on down her arm and to her wedding finger. He tilted his head as he gawked upon their rings. Ava opened her eyes and the Scot gave a mere nod.

“Filip…?” She whispered in surprise.

He went on to move that hand along her thigh and lifted the covers. He drew back a breath as she was in nothing but a pair of panties. This had the man shaking his head and he slipped that hand right into her panties and grabbed that perfect little round ass of hers. When he looked over she was chewing on that bottom lip and had this kittenish grin going. The Scot didn’t utter a word as he got undressed. He joined her beneath the covers and decided on christening their new home.

The following morning:

Chibs woke to find his wife riding him like there was no tomorrow. Every now and then she’d let out a moan and was pulling at her hair. Her hands traveled all along that sexy body of hers. Part of him wish he’d hidden a camcorder about the room. He thought back to that little virgin back in that small town. And now here she was… a fucking vixen riding his cock. She was going about it so hard, she had beads of sweat running down along her neck and breasts. Chibs brought her against him and gave that ass a firm slap.

“My Little Swan’s turnin’ inta a little nympho… Didn’t I tell ye once ye had a taste ye’d never wanna stop?!”

His eyes rolled back as this had her flooding his cock. Little Swan… that was something he called her often back in Forks. But even then… He let it known that she was HIS Little Swan and he hadn’t any issues in saying this in front of Edward or Jacob. If anything, he loved getting under their skin. A mere human – a biker at that, getting their girl all riled up and far more than either of them ever could. Even then Chibs knew he had a way with her that no other man had; hence his reason for the nickname in the first place. Deep down a part of him always knew that she was his. Just the way she looked at him in comparison to anyone else… said it all. And even now as his wife… she’d that same look in her eyes. The Scot threw his head back in a finish. Ava crawled off him and used her tongue to lick him clean.

“Damn…” He murmured while holding her hair back so he could get a better look.

She started to rise only to have him stop her. He shook his head and went on to fully fuck her mouth.

The Scot stretched his arms about and looked to the time. He hadn’t realized that he’d fallen back asleep. He breathed in the air around him. Pussy, bacon, and coffee… the man thought with a grin. He popped a cigarette into his mouth then crawled on out of bed. He slipped his boxers on and headed into the kitchen. The man said nothing as he grabbed his favorite ashtray and sat at the dining room table. He watched as Ava was in nothing but a t-shirt and panties, cooking breakfast. The Scot kept quiet as she had her headphones on and was singing to herself. Every now and then she’d shake that little ass of hers and used the spatula a as a ‘mic’. Before long, Ava let out a yelp and jumped back. He gave a mere nod and flicked his ashes into the ashtray.

“Hey there, darlin’…” He murmured with a smirk.

She had this wide-eyed deer caught in headlights appearance and Chibs chuckled.

“Don’t let me interrupt ye… Ye just go back ta that sexy little dance number ye had goin’, mo ghaol.”

Ava threw the spatula at him and he dodged it.

“Aye now… watch it. Yer on the verge of domestic abuse.”

“Oh, I’ll abuse you alright…” She muttered under her breath and went back to finishing breakfast.

Once she finished, she brought Chibs his plate. He pulled her into his lap then pecked her on the lips.

“Ye didn’t hafta do that…”

“I’m your wife… I want to do these things.”

“Well alright then… I got some shirts that need ironin’ and I couldn’t help but ta notice that the house is lookin’ a bit dusty. So ye might wanna get ta that as well.” Ava frowned and popped him on the chest. Chibs laughed then stuffed a piece of bacon into his mouth.

“You can be such a dick.”

He nodded in agreement and sipped at his coffee.

“But ye like me nice hard cock! Ye proved that this mornin’.”

“Big difference between a “DICK” and a “COCK”.” Ava witted and crawled on out of his lap.

Ava grabbed her plate and sat beside him. They sat in silence as they ate. Chibs couldn’t remember the last home cooked meal he had. He figured it must’ve been at one of Gemma’s gatherings. Gemma loved cooking for the boys but it had been awhile. Breakfast however? He hadn’t had a meal like that in ages. Fiona cooked but nothing like this and most certainly not for breakfast. In fact, he couldn’t remember a time where they actually sat and had breakfast together. They had coffee every now and then.

Chibs grew somewhat angry with himself. Here he was with his new wife and he was thinking of the past. That wasn’t particularly fair to Ava. She was new to all this and he had to take that into consideration. Sadly, she was doing a much better job than that of Fi. She was never one to go all out like this. Most certainly not in the house they lived in. Everything was so chaotic and out of place. He never felt quite at ‘home’. Fi was usually off in her own world or too busy for such things. He remembered how unwelcoming Kerrianne’s room felt. Most mothers would go out their way to fix up their first child’s baby room. Chibs had built the crib and matching rocking chair himself. But other than that… The room was pretty bare. There were no frilly little girl things about, no pink on the walls, and Kerrianne didn’t have her name above the crib like most children did. The more he thought on everything, the more the guilt weighed upon him. He should’ve taken it upon himself to give Kerrianne those things. Sure, she was just a wee baby but it was the thought behind it. There were a lot of things he looked back on and rather cringed. He wished he’d have been a better father to Kerrianne and pointed out the error of Fiona’s ways when it came to raising a child. Chibs. He’d never forgive himself when it came to Kerrianne. Her life was cut so short and she never knew just how much he loved her.  He loved her from the moment he first laid eyes on her. He couldn’t explain it. But even now… He remembered that baby smell and the way her tiny hand wrapped around his finger. Those big brown eyes looking into his … He just never imagined that he would’ve failed her… not like this. He ran his fingers along his scars and was staring off into space.

“Filip…?” Ava called with concern as he looked to be on the verge of tears.

He cleared his throat and forced himself to snap out of it. He said nothing as he came to his feet and headed to the sink; where he poured the rest of his coffee out and rinsed off his plate.

“Did I do something…?”

Chibs walked on over and caressed her cheek.

“Nah…” he whispered and headed to the shower.

When he exited the bathroom, the bed was made, Ava was dressed, and the dishes were done. She was sitting on the couch and talking to Michaela on the phone. He heard her mention something about a road trip with just the two of them but he didn’t comment. Chibs kissed her cheek and let her know that he was heading out. That look of concern returned but she gave a simple nod as he grabbed his wallet and keys then promptly left.

Chibs was on his way to the shop when he veered off and headed to the cemetery instead. It wasn’t to visit Juice, or have one of his ‘talks’ with JT. No. It was just as Ava had pointed out… about needing that closure with his wife and daughter. Leave it to the little lass to be right. He thought as his heart felt like it were caving in and he found it hard to breathe. It hadn’t anything to do with Ava though. If anything, he’d never been happier. No. This had to do with being a complete failure as a father. And there was the guilt on just the mere idea of bringing another child into this world. Not that he didn’t want to. He wanted that second chance. But part of him felt as if he were doing wrong by Kerrianne. He couldn’t take care of her, not the way she needed. So what business did he have in taking that route all over again? His daughter wasn’t some pet that needed replacing. The man parked at Juice’s grave. He hopped off the bike. He took his helmet and threw it at Juice’s tombstone. The man hadn’t known it would hit him THIS hard. But he was in the midst of a full blown panic attack. He came to his knees and took off his gloves. Chibs placed a hand over his heart and let out a cry on Kerrianne’s behalf.

“Dear God, what have I done? I’m so sorry, baby.”


The man lifted his eyes and swallowed back. The woman said nothing as she brought his head against her stomach. She reached down and took his shades off.

“Jesus…” She whispered and went on to wipe his tears.

“Something tells me this isn’t about Juice… Not unless you two had something no one knew about.” She uttered with a touch of a smile.

Chibs came to his feet and nodded upon her.

“Why are ye here?” He asked looking somewhat embarrassed.

She gestured towards Thomas’s grave (Jax’s brother) and he nodded. Both shared a moment of uncomfortable silence. Chibs drew back a breath then picked up his helmet and gloves. He put them back on and was about to head out.

“That was about Kerrianne, wasn’t it?”

He narrowed his eyes and put on his shades. He gave a simple nod. Gemma walked on over and kissed his cheek.

“Let me guess. First night in the new house, with your new little wife, and everything came crashing down, at once. So you had to get the hell out of there. But not because of anything Ava did. You feel undeserving and you blame yourself for what went down in the past. Annnd… you’re afraid of being a letdown all over again.”

Chibs reared back on this and Gemma nodded.

“Been there. Done that, sweetheart. You gotta move on and make peace with yourself and do it soon, or it’ll eat you alive. You deserve some happiness don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise. That little schoolgirl of yours… She needs you. You gotta think about what you’re doing. If you focus on the sins of the past… They’ll become your sins of the future. You’re making yourself pay and those you hold dear will end up paying for it right alongside of you. You married her, baby. You’ve got this whole life mapped out, for the both of you. And now you gotta own up to that shit. The past… It’s said and done. There’s no going back. You wanna make up for it? Do it through Ava and those boys!”

Gemma drew back a breath and looked to JT’s grave.

“Wish I’d have taken my own advice. But here I am… Same boat as you, dead husband, dead kid… Only you have someone to come home to. My husband’s in prison, he lost rights to the gavel, I lost my spot as queen, and I got this fuck buddy relationship with his best friend. Things don’t get more awkward than that.”

Chibs sort of laughed. He took her hand into his own and gave it a slight squeeze. Gemma watched as he hauled ass out of there.


Ava hung up the phone and looked to the house in thought. She couldn’t help but to think that she’d done something wrong. Did he not like how she fixed it up after all? Or did she say or do something “Fiona” like? Her stomach churned in thought. Something was wrong… She could see it in his eyes. But she felt as if he was trying to keep from hurting her feelings, which drove her crazy. She’d much rather he tell her, so she could fix whatever it was. Ava grabbed another cigarette realizing this was her fourth, since he’d left the house. He’d have her ass for that. She frowned and put the cigarette back. The young woman came to her feet and paced the area. There was this urge to call and nag him to death about what was wrong. This had her shaking her head in thought.

“Yeah that’ll earn you some points, first official day and all.” She muttered whilst imagining the look on his face if she pulled some shit like that.

Ava thought it best if she got out of the house. She grabbed Jax’s keys and her purse. She’d two things in mind as she headed into town. The first… was finding a vehicle of her own. Second? A job. Ava glanced towards the check Wayne had given her and she nodded amongst herself. She decided on depositing the check first. She recoiled however realizing she hadn’t told Chibs about that money yet. She kept in mind to let him know later on. The more she thought on everything… The more she realized they hadn’t really talked about the ‘wedding’, or anything that happened after. She found that a bit odd, at least for them. Then again, he was quick to be off this morning.

“Hey…” Jax called out looking rather stunned.

Chibs gave a mere nod and hopped off the bike.

“Thought you’d take a few days off…” Jax hinted.


“Oh? Honeymoon over already?” He teased and Chibs cocked a brow at this.

“Ye take a good look at my wife and ye tell me if that’s even possible.”

Jax had a good laugh at this and patted Chibs on the back.

“Fraid you got me there.”

Chibs removed his gloves and picked up one of the clipboards. He was heading towards a customer when Jax stopped him.

“Why are you here?”

“We got a lot ta catch up on… And we’re havin’ church tonight.” Chibs uttered with a shrug and went about his way.

Jax sighed and went back to work.

Ava ran her fingers along the truck and smiled. A salesman was making his way over and he made a gesture towards Jax’s truck.

“You interested in a trade in?”

The young woman had a good laugh at this and the salesman cut her an odd glance.

“Oh, he’d love that…” She murmured amongst herself.

“Um no. I was thinking buying it off the lot.”

The man regarded Ava in surprise. He adjusted his tie.

“Well we could certainly do that.”

Ava nodded.

“How about a test drive and thought we could pop that hood and see what we’ve got going on under there?”

“Sure! Just let me make a copy of your license and we’ll get that set up.”

Ava dug through her purse and handed her license over. She kept in mind to get that switched over to Telford with her new address. The man headed to his office and she waited by the truck. She took a gander at some of the others but this one felt more ‘her’. Before long the salesman returned and he handed Ava her license back. He handed Ava the keys to the truck as well.

“Well, I’m ready when you are.”

Ava nodded but went on to check the hood and everything else before she even attempted that test drive. The salesman had this rather irritable presence as she was very thorough. Ava laughed amongst herself realizing Chibs had rubbed off on her, a little too much.

“Is there a reason you have this listed for a little over three grand more than what it’s actually worth? The year and mileage alone knock a good chunk off the value.”

The man regarded Ava in surprise as she asked this while driving throughout town. He swallowed back.

“Well it’s one of a kind, Miss. Fey.”

She came to a stop at a red light. She looked to the man and shook her head.

“Try again… And that’s Mrs. Telford.” She said and shifted gears as the light turned green.

“I mean you’re already making waaay over the commission you should be. And let’s be honest… I’m guessing this has been on the lot for quite some time. That being because of the price and the mileage itself. People want top of the line and whatever’s newest on the market.”

“I see you know your stuff.”

“Stuff?” Ava uttered and the man sighed.

“So what is it you’re willing to offer?”

Ava smiled and pulled into the lot leading back to the car dealer’s.

“Thought you’d never ask!”



“Whatcha need?” The man asked as he was looking to his clipboard.

“Well I could use a tune up… Maybe an oil change?”

“Aye. If ye’ll pull up behind the Toyota. I’ll get ta ye next.”

“Is there anything I can do to get service faster?”

The man lifted his eyes to the knock out in the black ball cap and aviator sunglasses.

Anything?” She did her best to hint and the man chuckled as she had a good amount of cleavage showing.

He cleared his throat and flashed the woman his wedding ring.

“Sorry lass, but I’m afraid yer gonna hafta wait, just like any other customer.”

“That’s a shame…” The woman said while taking her hat and sunglasses off.

She couldn’t help but to laugh at his reaction. Chibs staggered back and did a double take.


“You didn’t recognize my voice?!” She taunted in a scolding manner.

He let out an uncomfortable laugh and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Well I guess I should’ve accepted that offer!”

“Too late now, buddy! You had your chance. I’ll ask someone else!”

“The hell ye well.”

“Hey, you had your chance and blew it.”

Chibs nodded and went on to open the door. He climbed on up the step, reached over, and unbuckled her seatbelt. He scoped her up then flipped her over his shoulder. Jax reared back as he’d caught the tail end of this. He didn’t recognize the woman to be Ava since she had HIS truck last. That and he was being her from the rear end point of view. He narrowed his eyes and followed as they headed into the office. The moment he got up to the door he could hear the woman giggling and Chibs getting his flirt on. Jax gritted his teeth as he looked to his phone and saw a text from Ava and it was sent not long ago. She was asking him to call her. He opened the door and flung it back.

“What in the fuck…” Jax froze however as Chibs had the ‘woman’ bent over the desk and was spanking her.

Jax pinched the bridge of his nose.

“What’s with ye?!” Chibs snapped looking slightly pissed.

“I thought…” Jax closed his eyes and sort of laughed.

“Never mind…”

Ava covered her mouth in realization and Jax grimaced.


It took a moment but Chibs finally gathered what Jax was thinking.

“See?! Even he didn’t recognize ye!” Chibs fired back.

Jax raised his brows and looked to the door as it was hanging off the hinge now. He hadn’t expected his own reaction.

“And yer gonna fix that shite.” Chibs ordered and Jax chuckled.


“Just one more thing.”

Chibs sent Jax an impatient look.

“Where’s my truck?”

“How do you think I got the truck in the first place?” Ava teased.

“Oh, I’d kick your little ass. Not even Chibs could save you.”

“But you came to my defense when you thought he was playing with someone else.”

Jax smiled on this.

“Yeah well, if it’s a choice between you or the truck…”

Ava’s jaw dropped and she chucked a pen at him. “I had Michaela pick it up for you, asshole!” Jax chuckled and pulled the door to as he headed out. He nodded upon his mother as she was exiting her car and heading that way.

“I’d give it about a half hour or so…” Jax hinted with a wave towards the office.

Gemma regarded her son in question.

“Chibs is ‘punishing’ his old lady…”

Gemma sighed on this.

“Jesus, do they even take the time to air out? Better make it an hour, tops.”

Jax chuckled and offered his mom a cigarette.

“Least we could do is have a smoke on their behalf.”



“So those agent fuckers have been taken care of and the Mayan’s are facin’ some hard time fur it. Two birds with one stone.” Chibs announced.

Jax banged his fist about the table in celebration and the others joined in.

“It’s about time!” Jax hollered with a wide grin.

Chibs nodded and took a drag off his cigarette.


“I bet your old lady’s on cloud nine about now.” Opie said looking to be in thought.

“Oh yeah… She can come and go as she pleases now. Last night made the first she’d had ta herself in a long time.”

“I can’t believe she fired the first shot…” Bobby murmured in awe.

Chibs flicked his ashes into the ashtray and chuckled.

“That’s Ava fur ye. She acts and thinks on it later. That’s saved her arse more times than I can count.”

“Question…” Jax uttered and Chibs peered over.


“Was that her first kill?”

Chibs narrowed his eyes and the others looked to be just as curious now.

“Aye…” Chibs said as if the thought hadn’t quite occurred to him.

He was so caught up in everything; he hadn’t taken the time to think on it. That only added to his guilt on how he’d left things this morning. But he had to get out of there, before having a nervous breakdown in front of Ava. Leave it to Jackie to make him realize that he and Ava hadn’t even talked about what all went down. This was still new to him – new as in sharing THIS life with someone else. He’d grown used to blowing and going and not concerning himself with such things. He drew back a breath on this.

“How’s she taking it?” Opie asked.

“Not sure…” Chibs answered honestly.

“We haven’t dived inta all that mess yet…”

“Three…” Happy randomly put out there.

This had everyone regarding him in question.

“She took out three. Four, if you include Toric.” He said with a shrug.

“Damn…” Piney muttered.

“She really went all out, considerin’ it was her first time and all.” Happy said with a smirk.

Chibs twirled that wedding band about his finger and leaned back in thought. His sweet Little Swan took not one, but four lives… He knew she hadn’t much choice considering what all was taking place, but still. He did worry on how it would affect her. And now he found himself wishing that he would’ve waited a couple more days before returning. His wife needed him and here he was running straight on out the door and getting right to business. He knew this could’ve waited. But he was making excuses to get out of that house, so he didn’t have to deal with his own issues. He didn’t understand why he was acting this way and he could see it in Ava’s eyes when he left. She was disappointed that he hadn’t stuck around. But she didn’t argue against it. That was Ava for you. She’d much rather let it go then to fight about it. Part of him wished she’d have called him on it. The other figured it best she hadn’t. Then man had never felt so torn.

“You alright there?” Jax called out interrupting his odd train of thought.

“Aye…” he said as if snapping out of it.

“Ava might not see it the way we do. Ye gotta take inta consideration that these were the men that killed her father and had been givin’ her hell since. She’s got a literal scar ta prove it. Besides, she didn’t seem too distraught last night…” Chibs murmured with a touch of a smirk.

The guys chuckled on this.

“Really?” Jax murmured in mere amusement.

“Oh yeah. She seemed A-Okay.” He said with a wink his direction.

“Well… you have been a busy man. You spend the day in jail and manage to get laid, all in the same night.”

“It takes skill, Jackie Boy. I’ll teach ye all aboot it one day.”

“I got you all topped off!” Happy called out.

Oh?” Chibs challenged.

“I got sucked off while in prison – female guard.” Happy made a gesture hinting that she had huge breasts.

“Best blow job I ever had.”

“Female guard?!” Bobby spat in disbelief.


“Did she have man hands or did you even think to check?” Jax questioned with a sly grin.

“Does it matter? I was getting my dick sucked…”

“Now ye sound like Trager!” Chibs threw out there and the guys laughed.

“True… you do!” Opie agreed.

Happy shrugged on this.

“You guys be jealous, that’s all.”

Bobby laughed and patted Happy on the shoulder.

“Hell, you can have all the man-handed blow jobs you want. I won’t fight you on it.”

They snapped their heads towards the door as it cracked open. Half-Sack poked his head inside. He sent Chibs an apologetic look as he entered the room. The guys covered their noses as he had vomit all over his shirt.

“Jaysus!” Chibs called out.

Half-Sack took a seat but sighed.

“Cherry’s been pretty sick…” He hinted and Chibs recoiled.

“She can’t keep anything down. This happened on the way over…”

The guys grimaced as they could hear her outside the chapel. Chibs looked out the blinds and saw that Ava was taking care of her. He reared back however seeing as how she was doing this and with Abel in her arms. For whatever reason, this struck a chord within him. She was rocking Abel and holding Cherry’s hair back as she puked into the sink at the bar. He wasn’t the only one to take notice. Jax had as well.

“Well if you were ever concerned about what kind of mother she’d be…” He whispered while nudging Chibs.

“Aye…” Chibs murmured in agreement.

Half-Sack looked on with this miserable presence about him.

“Go on… I’ll get ye caught up later on…”

He looked to Chibs in disbelief. Clay would’ve chewed his left arm off, before letting a Son out of a meeting, before he called it adjourned.


“Aye now… Get on out of here. Yer old lady needs ya, more than we do at the moment. Besides, yer stinkin’ up the chapel and we can’t have that shite.”

They watched as Half-Sack left the room and took over in helping Cherry. Ava hugged him and made a gesture towards the back bedroom. He headed that way as Ava headed outside with Abel. Chibs nodded amongst himself.

“Alright… now that we got that shite with the agents and the Mayans taken care of. It’s time we moved on ta other matters.” He nodded upon Jax and Opie as they already knew what was coming.

Chibs leaned back and ran his fingers along the gavel.

“There was a reason behind me havin’ ye read JT’s manuscripts. And if ye truly paid attention and read each and every word, ye’d see what we saw. When I say we… I mean the VP and Sergeant. But yer ta keep in mind that this was BEFORE I was voted in as prez. The ONLY reason behind the rest of ye bein’ left out was due ta Clay and his little minion. We couldn’t run the risk of this gettin’ out if Clay was still president. He’d have never agreed. And I’m sure a few of ye won’t, even with the knowledge ye have now.”

The president looked to his VP as if in silent conversation. Jax gave a mere nod and Chibs looked to the others once again.

“There was a reason behind Jax’s motives when it came ta gettin’ me behind this gavel. Truth of the matter? JT and I share the same vision when it comes ta this club. And I gotta admit that over the years I’ve been somewhat heartbroken as ta where we stand now. I will say this much… With Clay out of the picture, things have been flowin’ a lot smoother and there’s less of that shite goin’ on. We’ve ta keepin mind why the Sons existed in the first place. Brotherhood. Plain and simple. The original nine got together with ONE vision. A true MC, not just any MC. But one they considered family. A family that had each other’s back, no matter. But as the years went by the nine lost their ways. That ONE vision became multiple…” Chibs took notice of Piney nodding in agreement.

“They became greedy and money hungry. So much so that they were sinnin’ against one another. The very ones they’d sworn an oath ta. The ones they called brother and claimed they’d take a bullet fur. And it all started with this cartel with the Irish. Now this is something we’ve all taken a part in and we ourselves are just as guilty. Like the nine… All we’re seein’ is them dollar signs. And even I gotta admit it’s fuckin’ nice… rakin’ that shite in. We’ve never had it so good. But this is also one of the WORST deals we could be a part in, aside from drugs alone. If we get caught we’re facin’ life. Not ta mention what it could do ta our loved ones. Now I don’t know about ye, but I’d much rather live ta see how my future turns out with my family and all ye crazy arse bastards then ta keep concernin’ myself with them dollar signs. We got the shop and Cara Cara, along with whatever side work we got goin’ and ye knew there will be more. I don’t see any need in keepin’ somethin’ as dangerous as this cartel goin’. And if I’m ta be honest… I of all people haven’t any business in dealin’ with the Irish. I can only imagine how they’ll react once they see me at the helm.”

“O’Phelan especially.” Jax said with a snide grin.

“Aye… all the more reason. I can’t have my wife and the rest of ye payin’ for whatever Jimmy and I have goin’. We gotta nip this in the bud and fast.”

The Sons looked to one another in thought.

“It’s time we start treatin’ SAMCRO like a real MC. There’s a reason behind us gettin’ a bad rap as of late. All those rumors about us being a ‘gang’… Well there’s some truth behind that if ye truly think aboot it. Only ‘gangs’ deal with drugs and guns and that was not the vision behind SAMCRO. We have a responsibility, to ALL SONS. We come from the Redwood Original Nine and that means somethin’. It’s time fur us ta show it. Let’s bring back our roots. So I’m gonna slam down this gavel and call fur a vote. Yay if yer aboot puttin’ this shite ta an end and startin’ where SAMCRO first originated. Or Nay if ye feel we should keep dealin’ with the cartel and makin’ bank off the Irish.”

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 15 For Whom The Bell Tolls”

  1. one hell of a chapter awesome job as always. hope Ava and Flip get some time to talk about what happened and the deal she made as well the plan to deal with the Irish 🙂 will be here looking forward to reading what happens next.

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